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A.I. Script

IMSDb opinion
  Very good.

IMSDb rating
   (8 out of 10)
Average user rating
   (8.19 out of 10)

  Ian Watson
  Brian Aldiss
  Steven Spielberg


Script Date : January 2001

User Comments for A.I.

Limey (4 out of 10 )
Just as I love to see Leo 'wet rag' Dicaprio sucked into the mirky depths of the ocean in Titanic, so I can only dream about seeing David, the boy robot, smashed into oblivion. I hated this film to an extent that I can barely explain, despite being a huge fan of both Spielberg and Kubrick - who collaborated in a telepathic fashion from either side of the afterlife, to complete the film. It's just that despite it's melancholic tones and it's brooding, synthetic image of a dark morally skewered future, it's Disney at the end of the day, pure Disney.

David (10 out of 10 )
When I saw this film for the first time in the theater I thought, like everyone else, that the ending was just too long. And overall (I suppose as a result) the movie failed. Certainly, my brother's extreme negative reaction seemed to suggest that. Yet, over time I've found myself thinking about the movie and have come to think the movie maybe overlooked. I can't say I have a concrete argument for this just a suspicion that the many remarkable sequences of the film added up to more than what is generally thought about it.

Rob (7 out of 10 )
Although the epilogue uses the alien-archaeologist idea that Kubrick had originally planned for Dr Strangelove (studying a post-Doomsday Earth), which is nice to see in a film buff kinda way, this movie should have avoided this deus ex machina ending and concluded at the bottom of the ocean. The little robot boy wants to be human and ends up wishing for something that will never come true. There's nothing more human than that. As it is, this is further evidence that Spielberg has forgotten how to end a movie. The Ark gets hidden in a US government warehouse - The End. We don't want an extra twenty minutes about how the ark gets used as a coffee table by two cleaning contractors called Wayne and Earl.

Xgenei (10 out of 10 )
Had to watch AI again yesterday in the Gym theater. Wow it is much more impressive in 5 years hindsight. I wasn't nearly as critical of the spirit ending. That is just typical of a 4-act, but compared with Close Encounter I bet the timing was off, sort of a 30-60-30-30 thing which was a fool ya. It really was bleak, but the end demonstrated the outcome and gave this creature David some slack. Also interesting as to the "recording all events in the fabric of space-time itself". And the deal with Monica for a day - I'd like to see that script. Maybe will. Also it was so unlike convention not to have a clue already as to the "magic rope". Junk convention, but I'll bet it costs a fortune.

Alan (9 out of 10 )
Like others, I had to watch A.I. a couple of times before I truly appreciated it. A.I. is primarily a story about evolution. It's a story about the overwhelming genius and ultimate downfall of our species, and it's a story about what it means to be human. The film opens with the introduction to the world of tomorrow. A post-holocaust environment in which the world of humanity has already half destroyed itself by raising the ocean waters over the majority of our cities. Yet the world we glimpse is not one of renewed vigor and industry. It is a world swimming in excess, a self-indulgent society without guidance or goals as it has always been. But a spark is lit. Mankind creates a new species. Made of plastic and steel, but into it is poured all of the knowledge and creativity of our species and through the purity of design, it lives up to the Pinocchio styled ideals of what it means to be human even while humanity itself always falls short of the goal. And like Jude Law says in the movie, humanity hates the mirror image of perfection it sees. Humanity feels the revulsion of knowing that what it has created is superior to ourselves and will long outlast the creators. And that is what ACT 4 of the film shows us. The descendents of our A.I. creations excavate the remains of our human cities. They seek the answers to the ultimate questions and look to our long since dead species in futility. The machines we've created to exceed us have outlasted us in the end. And as humanity evolved from the biological muck to achieve a greater ideal, it is our mechanical descendents who perhaps achieve it.

Another Alan (1 out of 10 )
One of the most pretentious, long-winded films I've ever had the misfortune to see. It is definitely Spielberg's unfinest hour (actually three tedious hours). Most annoying was the fact that the first segment had fooled me into thinking the story might go somewhere halfway interesting. Boy was I wrong. The film has about ten points at which you think it's about to end, but each time it just keeps on going interminably. When it eventually does finish it does so in the most appallingly sentimental way I have ever seen. Leaving the cinema I felt like someone had dunked my head in mucus.

Limey (1 out of 10 )
Ha ha- nicely said Another Alan!

Louxx (10 out of 10 )
I adore this film! It is beautiful graphics with a great storyline. I love all the characters. It is very sad though. Teddy rocks!

LKatz (10 out of 10 )
A story about loving someone with every fiber of your being, and the way, sometimes, it just isn't enough. Quick note here: if this crush-slash-swooning stuff is hard for you to stomach, if youíve never had a similar experience, then you should come to grips with the fact that youíve got a TV dinner for a heart and might want to consider climbing inside a microwave and turning it on high for at least an hour, which if you do consider only goes to show what kind of idiot you truly are because microwaves are way too small for anyone, let alone you, to climb into.

Amol Ghadigaonkar (9 out of 10 )
The finest and most realistic scientific movie ever to be made ever in the world. Only a guy/gal who has studied Artificial Intelligence at Post-Graduate Level (like me) can feel and experience the richness of this movie's technical and emotional levels. There's no exaggeration and definitely no Disney here. Anyone who thinks this movie is worth anything less than 9/10 is simply an illiterate (especially in scientific matters) and suffering from depression and is only trying to prove his self-importance and ego.

Dan (10 out of 10 )
"A.I." is one of those movies that's like "Eyes Wide Shut": either you "get it" and you realize that it is a truly awesome story (very much like Pinocchio) or you don't get it, and then you say something asinine like "this movie sucks." Well I get it, and the movie is extraordinary. Open your mind and get into it; it's awesome.

Todd Craig (10 out of 10 )
This is by far one of the best movies of all time! I don't see how you couldn't like it. I think that this movie was so out of the modern Hollywood style that people didn't like it. I'm sorry but if all you want to see is blood and guts with no storyline then just go watch the news. The concept of this movie is amazing! It's like twisting a fairy tail and putting it into an adult and modern form. Spielberg and Kubrick are amazing directors but I think they are even better screenplay writers. I admit there were some design flaws in the movie but to me they are easily overlooked. There is just something so beautiful about an inanimate object trying to become human. This movie was like Film Poetry and I adore it. Thank You Kubrick and may you rest in peace...

Amol Ghadigaonkar (10 out of 10 )
I am a Main-frame Engineer and have done majors in Artificial Intelligence. And I say This movie is the 'The Most Realistic Non-Exaggerated Scientific Movie eve Made'. If you are a fan expecting that a sci-fi movie ONLY means black leather, Ray-Bans, bullets, guns, explosions, ruthless man-killing robots and mind-boggling action scenes, this is not the movie for you. Sorry, but ordinary life situations in a realistic sci-fi movie do not demand fireworks. (I do love the Terminator / The Matrix series but they are a LOT futuristic and contain Time warping events.) 'AI' is a LOT PRACTICAL and talks of only practical near-future life of any ordinary human being / Robot. Ironically, this is movie has not been made keeping the ordinary non-technical movie loving public in mind even though it IS concerned with the near-future of all human beings. Perhaps this is the ONLY perfect example of any masterpiece voted down by some people NOT because they did not like it BUT because they did not like it since they did NOT understand it in the first place. It is the various Technical Theories in this masterpiece that some people could not properly interpret and digest. Terminator / Matrix Series get a 9/ 10. 'Artificial Intelligence' gets a complete 10 / 10. An Out-of-the-world series of 'Star Wars' - anyone can make - A whole series of it. But It requires GUMPTION to create a single Masterpiece like 'Artificial Intelligence'. Anyone who Rates this movie Less than 10/10 should ask himself/herself some Questions: Did I Really understand this movie in the first place ? If not, then why I am Exercising this power of giving ratings to movie related to pure Science that I don't understand ? Is this movie hurting my ego because I did not understand it and that's why I am rating it DOWN? My Straight suggestion: If you have not studied Artificial Intelligence as a subject anytime in your life and so you don't appreciate this movie and all you love is those Star-Wars in the name of Science, PLEASE DON'T VOTE AT ALL. Anyone whose has rated this movie less than 10, has merely given the reason that they did not understand AI in the first place and that's why they are rating it so. How ridiculous. If You can analyze the contents of this movie and then are able to explain the shortcomings of the script then only rate it below 10. Because only then you are worthy of rating it. But I don't think anyone in the fields other than artificial Intelligence(me), Software, robotics has the capability to understand this movie. Otherwise don't bother.

Katie (10 out of 10 )
Anyone who says this movie sucks. Is absolutely, 100% wrong. This movie is simply, absolutely, incredible. I have seen it a total of 16 times now since I first stumbled across it last year, and the ending still has me in tears. This movie is about family, love, and evolution. Haley-Joel Osment is an amazing actor who can bring even a robot to life. There are hardly any words to describe the love I feel for this movie. I can only think of one- though I am sure there are more- and thats: Woah. And Joe. Oh my Joe. Hey Joe whadya know? He's one of my favorite characters- after Haley-Joel of course- who also just brings this movie to life. I can't even think any more of what do say. This movie is just AMAZING.

Josiah (10 out of 10 )
The script for this film is amazing. It's pretty well done for its time. I bet if it had been made today it would be even better. Some of the darker scenes could've used a bit more realistic grit over the sheen spielsberg liked to put into his movies. Other than that this movie has a lot of elements working together quite well. The actors pull off some great performances and the ideas and themes it touches on are done very well.

Giljonnys Dias da Silva (10 out of 10 )
Really a good movie which portraits technological reality. I have already watched this movie many times.

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