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Batman 2 Script

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   (6.92 out of 10)

  Sam Hamm


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User Comments for Batman 2

Danaldinho (10 out of 10 )
This would be the best Batman film ever. When reading it I imagined the cast as they were in Returns, and in Vickys case 89, why on earth didn't Burton choose this script over Returns? What a fool.

Don (8 out of 10 )
Yes, this is a MUCH better script than the mess they eventually used for Batman Returns.

Kirk (3 out of 10 )
The decision to pass on this script was the right one. Vicki has no place outside of the first film, Selina and Penguin are two-dimensional, and Robin's time still had not come. Also, the screenplay just isn't that interesting or exciting.

jason holborn (8 out of 10 )
Not perfect, and Penguin and Catwoman ARE a bit two-dimensional. But a flipping HUGE score better than Returns. Vicki NEEDS to be in Batman 2/Batman Returns. Her absence badly scarred the film - Bruce should be tempted by Catwoman outside, and kept honest by Vicki back home. Waters ruined Batman with his Returns script - which is a weird, Frankenstein-like mish mash of all the best parts of this script, done in a kindergarten fashion with giant rubber ducks and grenade-toting poodles. Hamm and Skaaren did a bang-up job on Hamm's first Batman script - this one isn't great, but it's getting there, and could have made a wonderful, wonderful movie that built on the first one. I've been wanting to read this script for a looong time - and while it needs some work, it's got great legs. I give it an 8 for the potential it shows - it's headed in a great direction. Burton yet again displays his no-clue-at-all sense about story and writing. What a fricking idiot.

Brandon (9 out of 10 )
After reading this script, I have come to the conclusion that they should have used this storyline for Batman Returns. Catwoman, although two dimensional, was far more evil than what she turned out to be in the film. I think had they made several more drafts they would have been able to fit in a backstory for the two villains and a simple backstory for Robin. I think that this script could have potentially made a better film than what we finally got in 1992.

Chris (2 out of 10 )
How anyone can think that this would make a better film than the one made is just off their rocker.

Timmy (2 out of 10 )
This script is hideous. Vicki Vale was awful in the first film, and subjecting us to "Gotham Barbie" a second time round would have had me vomiting blood. Waters has a gift for both clever dialogue and gallows humour, and Hamm comes off looking ham-fisted, no pun intended, by comparison. Batman Returns was sheer brilliance, and though McDonald's didn't get to sell loads of Happy Meals due to the outrage from "concerned parents", the film was a success nevertheless. Sure, it was dark, it was grim and in places it was surreal, but then Gotham City is not Metropolis, and the Dark Knight is not Captain America. He's messed up, and his struggle to protect a city beset by homicidal lunatics isn't about to make for family-friendly viewing. When Leonard Maltin described Batman Returns as a "nasty, nihilistic nightmare movie" he was right, but for some fans, that is what made the film so much better than its predecessor. Kudos to Waters for a great screenplay, and to Burton for having the courage and fortitude to remain true to his vision.

Anthony Williams (7 out of 10 )
A good script that could've been polished into a very good or great one. 'Returns' is so gut-wrenchingly awful that it makes this script read that much better.

Reece (7 out of 10 )
I thought this was good, the only things that annoyed me were Batman being so media friendly and the Penguin's real name not being Oswald Cobblepot like in the comics, and I liked Returns I wouldn't have minded if he went with this script though because Robin was handled well in this

Batman (10 out of 10 )
I like this script better than the one that was made. Robin was done very well and added a whole new layer to the movie. Viki's return made this a direct sequel and Batman refusing to kill Catwoman because of Dick was awesome!

Kyle (7 out of 10 )
I really didn't like Hamm's Batman script so I wasn't expecting much from his Batman 2 script. But I am glad to say that I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. Of course, once again, I thought the dialogue was not done very well but the action and plot seemed to flow better. Except for Dick, whose story didn't get resolved. But I have a suspicion that it might have been explained in the two missing sections. I still think that Batman Returns was still a good movie and I am conflicted in trying to picture if this script would have made a better movie. On one hand, this script presented more of a sequel to Batman. The continuity was connected and it was placed in the same plot-line of the first film (even though Harvey Dent is still forgotten. Sad.). But then again, I thought the Penguin was a very dull character in this script and it made me appreciate the depth that Tim Burton gave the Penguin in Batman Returns. And I enjoyed the MUCH different interpretation of Catwoman. Wow. I was not expecting that! S&M Super Villain. Interesting. But at the same time, I enjoy the more sincere relationship that Batman and Catwoman had in Batman Returns. I think it comes down to this: while the story of this script was good, Returns had a better overall theme. It exposed the duality of the heroes and the villains alike. Which brings up the interesting concept in comic books: the villains and the heroes are really not that different from each other. But I liked the plot of this script (especially the hidden treasure and the 5 families). But I'm glad that they did what they did with Batman Returns. In a perfect world I would have liked more of a mash-up of the two scripts.

James Chatterton (10 out of 10 )
Wow! What a shame that this script wasn't used for Batman 2. Batman Returns had its moments, but it was a chaotic mess for the most part. Every second of screen time we were forced to endure with the Penguin was sheer agony. Hamm had the right idea. A Batman movie may have a large cast of characters to deal with, but Batman should be the main protagonist. Who needs a Penguin or Catwoman (or worse, Max Shreck) film featuring Batman? I think Hamm does an admirable job here with story construction and character balance. A lot of good choices here: 1. Limiting Penguin's screen-time and influence as compared to Batman Returns, actually makes him a scarier villain. 2. Removing the ambiguity from Catwoman's morality is much more interesting. As an out-and-out villain, she's actually even less predictable, and more fun. 3. Keeping Vicki is the wise choice. Batman isn't James Bond, and doesn't need a new leading lady for every film. Getting rid of Vicki only serves to invalidate the first film. Sure, it's a little more challenging to make a deepening relationship work for a sequel, but that's a writers job. The Bruce/Vicki/Selina triangle is much more interesting than Bure/Selina in Batman Returns. 4. Dick Grayson is portrayed here as a brave, capable teenager. The story here works fine even without Dick's back-story. It adds a nice layer of mystique, and would've made audiences really look forward to uncovering that back-story in a third film. Contrast that with the whiny, irresponsible 20-something Robin we got form Shumacher and O'Donnell. Frankly, I'd rather see Burt Ward back than O'Donnell any day. 5. As I said before, Batman should be the protagonist. Not the villains. Chris Nolan finally got that right after the Returns/Shumacher travesties. But it sure took long enough. The whole plot device of the five families robbing Gotham blind, culminating in the treasure in the batcave, and the final conflict on Bruce Wayne's turf works beautifully. Did Burton even read this script before he canned it? What an idiot.

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"Batman 2" Script

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