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Batman Script

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   (6.80 out of 10)

  Sam Hamm
  Warren Skaaren


Script Date : October 1988

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User Comments for Batman

Omkar (8 out of 10 )
GREAT! I just love the way how Jack Nicholson played The Joker. The Joker is after all my favorite Batman villain.

Brett (10 out of 10 )
I loved it. I think this would have made a darker and better movie.

lewis (9 out of 10 )
Brilliant a much better version than the original! Although the original was still brilliant!

Marquise (8 out of 10 )
Michael Keaton IS THE GREATEST BATMAN/BRUCE WAYNE EVER! If you don't like that opinion, or if you don't agree with me, too bad. It's MY opinion on the subject- so the only thing you can do is DEAL WITH IT! Michael Keaton brought a new life into this role, and people finally saw Batman portrayed RIGHT, unlike "Adam Friggin' West"! Jack Nicholson IS THE JOKER. You can tell this by watching him in this flick. He is just simply the man, and he plays the Joker better than anybody I have seen, or anybody I will ever see in my lifetime. Now, with that in mind, some people say that Nicholson played Nicholson with make-up. NO! He played the Joker a whole lot better than anybody else could have, especially the people with no life who get on the internet to complain that he didn't do it right! Tim Burton definitely has a masterpiece here, and he definitely had one to be proud of. Without a doubt, the best of the Batman franchise, by far.

Devin (8 out of 10 )
This is an interesting idea and a very interesting direction that they could have taken Batman in. Very good but the movie was WAY better.

johnny (1 out of 10 )
What the hell? This film is terrible. Michael Keaton was the worst actor and was having way too much sex with Kim Basinger. The worst film of all time, and I counted on it to be good because Batman is the BOMB!

Judson (6 out of 10 )
This looks to be a pretty early draft. I'm pretty sure another writer came on to help with the finished product. The scenes between Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale are pretty hokey, as is Batman/Bruce Wayne's dialog. The action is way better in this script than in the shooting script, and it's awesome to see Robin was originally involved. The shooting script is obviously way better, but still an interesting read. The action is good and the descriptions are spot on.

Ulissia (3 out of 10 )
I didn't really care for the draft - the movie was much better. This could have been cut up into several movies, and had they've made it, it would have been far too much of a mouthful for the public to handle at one time. I'm glad that this script didn't evolve into a movie.

Chris (1 out of 10 )
You guys must be those suckers who loves the movies, but don't give a shit about the comics or whatever medium it is based on? Well, let me tell you this. I never saw the Batman movie until I heard from guys like you how wonderful it is. And me, who love comics couln't stop thinking of the movie. When I saw it... It was like hell! Jack Nicholson is one of the greatest actors I know of, but this preformance was tourture! A living nightmare! The screenwriter himself warned Burton of doing this movie. Hell, I'm going back to the comic books and Heath Ledger.

Kyle (4 out of 10 )
I've just recently discovered imsdb and this was one of the first scripts I read because I had heard that there was a much different draft of the Batman script floating out there. In reading this script, it made me realize how much Tim Burton had saved this Batman movie. I thought the dialogue was awful, especially Batman's dialogue. The beauty of Batman in this movie was that he hardly spoke at all. It made him a stronger character and a darker Batman. But in this script, his dialogue is hoaky and cheesy. Also, the plot of this script is everywhere. If they had made this script into a movie it probably would have been about 3 hours. And Robin? Dear God! I'm so glad they cut him from the finished product. I can understand that the movie studios and probably the fans would have really wanted the Dynamic Duo together in this movie but you can't just throw him in during the last ten minutes of a movie and expect the fans to be pleased. Robin's story is a dark drama that needs space to grow. Not a side note. Overall, there were some interesting ideas in this script that I enjoyed reading. But in the end I feel we need to thank Tim Burton for seeing the potential in this script and cutting out the rest of the cheesy dialogue, the choppy action, and the brief and underdeveloped Robin.

DanThe(Bat)Man (9 out of 10 )
I love this film. It's my second favourite Batman movie to date. I'll be honest and say, as a child, I didn't like it mainly because I didn't understand it. Much of the dialogue I didn't get. Not just that I thought Batman had too little screen time and The Joker had too much screen time. But I learned later that Batman was meant to be dark and mysterious and that's why he wasn't on screen for too long. But now that understand it more I love it a lot more.

Richard (8 out of 10 )
Very interesting. Of course being a first draft you should expect it to be different from the final film. I swear I saw the storyboarding of Batman on horseback as a special feature on a Batman DVD with Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprising their "Batman: The Animated Series" roles for the storyboarding. With how different this is from '89's "Batman" it might be interesting to actually see them use this draft as the final script for an animated Batman movie with Conroy and Hamill in their roles. Towards the end I really was hearing them in the roles while at the beginning I was hearing Micheal Keaton and Jack Nicholson. I'd say about the first third of this plays out along the same lines as the final movie, but after that it's drastically different. Makes for interesting reading. And thankfully there were very few errors, I think I saw all of two to four errors and those were just one wrong letter.

The Truth (9 out of 10 )
By far the best Batman movie. Michael Keaton is the best Batman and Bruce Wayne. Alfred, Commissioner Gordor, Chier O'hara, the entire cast brings you back to the original Batman TV series and takes you on a new adventure and shines a light on how Batman became Batman and Hamm does an excellent job tying the beginning of the movie with the conclusion. A true Batman story and adventure with the just the right amount of sensuality.

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"Batman" Script

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