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Batman and Robin Script

IMSDb opinion
  Honestly the worst film I've ever seen.

IMSDb rating
   (1 out of 10)
Average user rating
   (4.68 out of 10)

  Bob Kane
  Akiva Goldsman


Script Date : December 1997

User Comments for Batman and Robin

Jesse (1 out of 10 )
Shame on all who were involved in this film.

Ihatecritics (5 out of 10 )
Well it is true, the movie wasn't all that great. But the villains were very evil and Poison Ivy was a babe. I give this flick about 5 outta 10, for a mediocre film with a great idea. It just didn't really pull it off.

Omkar (4 out of 10 )
This was a pretty good movie. I would like to give it another shot. One stupid thing about it is that Mr. Freeze is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (1 out of 10 )
I'll come back to the theater from the future as the Terminator and kill the people who think it's good and created it.

Prime (9 out of 10 )
I didn't like this movie much a long time ago. It used to be the least watched Batman movie in my house but sometime last year I started watching it again. Guess I only liked it for Uma, but whatever I still think it's great. Shame to those that mock it!

Trevor Hensley (10 out of 10 )
Poison Ivy was the best part of the movie! But the script should've commented on her butt, chest, lips, legs, belly button, curves, hips and voice.

Omkar (10 out of 10 )
This was the greatest Batman movie ever, all because of George Clooney. He deserves a great gift. Mr Freeze is a great villain and it is not stupid that Arnold Schwarzenegger is Mr Freeze. Compared to the other Batman movies, I would give it a ten. But only compared to the other Batman movies.

Richard (1 out of 10 )
Pretty much the only thing you can gain by watching this Batman movie is information on how incredibly homosexual its director Joel Schumacher is. Now I don't have a problem with homosexuality unless it's in a Batman film. Perhaps Batman was aiming to stop criminals by creeping them out with the disturbing rubber nipples Joel decided to put on his suit. The only thing they didnt add from the campy old tv show was the pow! and zook! sound bubbles. Oh the silly sounds WERE there just not the bubbles. Why didn't anyone on the crew attempt to assassinate Joel Schumacher during filming when they found out his creepy gay vision for Batman? Shame on Tim Burton for letting this happen and shame on everyone involved in this unwatchable pile of dung disguised as a movie. In my opinion the film Xanadu (1980) was a better Batman film!

Marquise (1 out of 10 )
Do you remember in my Batman Forever review when I said that it only got worse folks? Well, here is the exact proof that I was right in that review. I have been a Batman fan all of my life, and I will always be a Batman fan-- they'll probably have to bury me in a Batman suit-- but this is just a mockery of my beliefs, this is just a mockery of my childhood hero, and this is just a mockery of the Batman franchise as a whole. Joel Schumacher, or however you spell his name, considering that I don't care, should be extremely ashamed of himself for even trying to pull a film off with a script like this-- let alone with the actors he chose to play the roles! I mean, the Terminator for Mr. Freeze? That girl off Clueless for Batgirl? That same idiot for Robin? Come on! See, normally I can try to pinpoint SOME good in the movie, even if it does suck. But if there IS no good in the movie, then you can not find the good of it to pinpoint.

Andy (9 out of 10 )
Best part of the movie is the extreme sexiness of Poision Ivy. For that, I give it an eight.

Hwin (10 out of 10 )
This is the only Batman movie that focuses on the heartwarming relationship between Bruce Wayne and Alfred. And, personally, I think this Batman is the one with most human emotions, and the only one we don't have to watch how he finds his One True Love. Mr. Freeze is a complicated and somewhat likable villain, and I like how the film deals with him at the end. To me, this will always be the best Batman movie.

Amol (1 out of 10 )
ANYBODY who is a true Batfan will never ever give this movie anything more than 1 out of 10. And 'Richard' and 'Marquise' above are (just like me). This is my usual way to find out true Batman fans. Anybody who rates this crap anything above 1 is not a true Batman Fan. In the DVD Special Cut, even the director himself of this movie took the blame for destroying the Batman franchise (or whatever crap was present in the movies before this one) and apologized for it.

Ben Sherlock (8 out of 10 )
This movie is extreme, but some of the sequences (such as the motorcycle chase through a nuclear industrial park) are almost impossible to succeed survival. I mean when it comes to an end, there is a 700 feet drop and Robin grabs on to the edge by his foot. That's then where they stay, with Robin grasping Batgirl's hand.

MovieFan (3 out of 10 )
Everybody is saying how terrible this film is, but in comparison to many other T.V. shows and films, it is actually not so bad. Batman and Robin is one of the two weaker Batman films, (and it is the weaker of the two), but it had its moments although it was nowhere near good as "The Dark Knight" or "Batman". Did you know that a fifth film of the series was in production, but it was cancelled? It was going to be called "Batman Triumphant".

Chris (1 out of 10 )
How on Earth can you even like the movie? Amol wrote: Everyone who is a true Batfan will never love the movie. And he is right. This movie sucks. Batman is a homo and Arnold said that he was sorry for being in that movie. Do you know people make jokes about how bad this movie is. I was in Sweden and people knew what the movie was and some said; "Please, can't we talk about something else?". This is one of two worst movies I've seen!

senorashish (10 out of 10 )
Never has a movie enthralled the audience with so much spectacle, sheer delight and awe. “Batman and Robin” has done so, but in a relatively low, almost subdued way. This movie was labeled as a “bomb” by the media and many movie-goers when it came out in June of 1997. The truth of the matter is that this movie is the epitome of fine, artistic film making. It not only transcends the crafts of writing and acting, it transcends the medium of film itself. The movie is about the trial and tribulations of a partnership, in this case Batman and his lover, Robin, but it also examines the impact of fatherly figures on our lives, in this case the paternalistic thirst for Mr. Freeze to cure his cryogenically frozen wife, and Batman’s paternalistic thirst to be the surrogate father to not only Robin, but to Batgirl, and also Alfred’s paternalistic thirst to act as a surrogate father to Bruce, not only relieving Bruce of his misgivings, but also quenching his thirst for thirst. Damn. I'm thirsty! This movie uses these paternalistic archetypes to paint a picture of solace and acceptance by one’s elders. The movie is only accentuated by it's lavish sets, memorable dialogue, great action sequences, and ground-breaking special effects. I especially was a fan of Mr. Freeze and his obsession with phallic shaped items such as his giant missile, his giant gun, his giant cigar, his giant snow cone and his massive, thick popsicle. All in all, this movie has the underlying message of pleasing one’s self with an orgasmic rush of fatherly/manly mannerisms that is lacking in life today. Batman and Robin are not the “gay lovers” that the media and many people on the internet have made them out to be. In fact they are fierce warriors that are reminiscent of fierce Roman soldiers of ancient times past. This is evident in their Roman soldier inspired chest plates, complete with sculpted tits/pecs, abs, navel, and half-dollar sized nipples. There is also a nice touch of adding sculpted asses and crotch parts. This not only enhances the manliness of the two characters, but also gives rise to a new class of Heroes – the Super-Heroes! Overall, this is a masterpiece of great filmmaking and wonderful to behold. NOTE TO CHRISTOPHER NOLAN: Add nipples to the bat-suit. Trust me, it will work. Just make them into something lethal, like poisonous darts that shoot out when Batman twitches his hips or something.

Lee (1 out of 10 )
I absolutely loved the Batman from 1989 with Jack Nicholson as the joker. Since then I was a true Batman fan, I also used to watch the show on television growing up, I must of seen every episode about twenty times. Batman Returns from 1992 was good when I saw it in theaters at a younger age but even then there seemed to be something missing with it. I loved Tim Burton's vision, but then came Batman Forever in 1995 which to me was incredibly silly and cartoonish. I somewhat enjoyed it when it came out mostly due to its cast, but I hate Robin he is totally stupid. Then the real treat came. Batman and Robin which was and is one of the worst movies I ever saw. Director Joel Schumacher RUINED the Batman series, I could of made a better movie in my sleep. I could care less on to anything that was going on in this movie, it was totally boring, uncreative, and so gay. Right now just seeing Batman and Robin on cable TV just inspires me on making my own parody on it, big time. I just piss my pants watching any part of it when its on, I guess because its a parody of its own already. Thank god for director Christopher Nolan who saved Batman and brought him back to life. Batman Begins was a great way to bring Batman back, it was real and so entertaining. Then The Dark Knight came and topped them all. The Dark Knight is a five star epic, with a lot of thanks to Heath Ledger and the film just being so creative and wonderfully entertaining. I wish every movie was made as well as The Dark Knight was made. For those out there who like Batman and Robin in any form or way, you're not a true film or Batman fan. You guys just stick to your cartoons and video games, because you know nothing about movies.

DanThe(Bat)Man (7 out of 10 )
I loved this movie as a kid, but as I was growing up I didn't like it as much as I did but I still consider it enjoyable. George Clooney was OK as Batman not as good as Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer, but he is certainly good enough to beat Christian Bale. Chris O'Donnell was not as good as he was in the previous movie but he was still good aside the complaining all the time. Alicia Silverstone was hot as Barbara Wilson (Gordon in the comics but in this she isn't Commisioner Gordon's daughter, she is Alfred's niece) and also as Batgirl (by the way she did have bat-nipples but her's were suppler and not as noticeable as Batman and Robin's. I only know this from the 2-Disc Edition of the DVD.) But she was nowhere as near as hot as Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, she has the most tempting legs i've ever seen. And how much I just want to squeeze that hot cute little butt of her's. I thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was OK as Mr. Freeze, but I agree that he had way too many ice puns. Jeep (Robert) Swenson as Bane also makes an appearence but doesn't have too much dialogue. He only growls and says a few words. This was his last role before he died. The thing I hate most about people's reactions to this movie is that they all point the finger at Joel Schumacher. IT WASN'T HIS FAULT! He wanted to do an adaption of Frank Miller's Batman: Year 1 and that would have been as edgy and dark as the Tim Burton movies. I point my finger at the studio because they didn't want a prequel, they wanted Batman Forever and this one. GIVE JOEL SCHUMACHER A BREAK! Besides that it was only trying once again to be kid-friendly. And the studio gave Tim Burton creative freedom and no offense to Tim or the studio but if he hadn't had creative control, Batman Returns wouldn't have been as dark as it was and it wouldn't have failed (sort of, it didn't really fail in the first place. Not financially anyway, but KIND OF critically and by that I mean PARENTAL backlash.) So really it's because of Batman Returns' darkness and the parents criticism we got Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Over I think it's very underrated.

Forensic_Teen (1 out of 10 )
I am a huge Batman fan, and I have to say anyone that doesn't have his head up his bum would see what a piece of crap this is. The reason "Ahnold" didn't "Come Back" was because of this work of "Cinematic Brilliance".(seriously?) Batman: Dude had nipples on his suit?! and made sex jokes about Ivy Robin: Gay as all get out. Mr. Freeze: The Governator Poison Ivy: Hot, but not enough to distract from the "toxic" sludge spewng from her beautiful lips. Batgirl: Uhm. Yea. Harley Quinn is my favorite character and was even going to have her own movie but then this piece of crap came out and made it impossible to be made. ERRRRRR.

Nathan (1 out of 10 )
SO cheesy and two-dimensional. One of the absolute worst, most uncreative, most boring, script ever written. A sick attempt to cross emotion with the corniness of the 60's show. Note to people who are posting that they only loved it because of Poison Ivy: STOP boosting the rating of this pitiful film because you like an actress. The actress has nothing to do with the script, and she should not be a reason for changing the rating.

Jay (8 out of 10 )
Dude, am I really the only one that thought that Batman and Robin was good. Yes, it wasn't the best Batman movie and it is the least good, but its not bad. Its not a disgrace. It doesn't suck. Its just not as good as the other Batman movies. And a lot of the people commenting before me are just rude. I mean, its cool to have an opinion, but don't tell somebody else that their opinion is wrong. Its just an opinion. No need pretty much calling somebody stupid over it.

bruce wayne (1 out of 10 )
This movie is an absolute disaster. I am amazed how anybody in this movie still has a career. George Clooney brought shame to Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and even Val Kilmer. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the worst casting choice of the whole movie. If there was a zero choice on here I definitely would have picked it. This was overall the biggest crime in cinema history.

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