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Chasing Amy Script

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   (9.62 out of 10)

  Kevin Smith


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User Comments for Chasing Amy

tony mc neilly (9 out of 10 )
this was an exellent my only judment was the amount of sexual diologe in the film

jason ivie (9 out of 10 )
the movie and the script are great!! very funny!

Indie Brit (10 out of 10 )
I mean brilliant doesn't do this justice! I mean this is Kevin Smith so obviously it doesn't look good lol! But seriously - the script is genius and the speach Holden McNeil gives to Alyssa in the car in the rain is the stuff dreams are made of. You can't get a better written Kevin Smith script then this - its just pure genius. The man is a script writing God in the world of whoever wrote BioDome!

Nikki (10 out of 10 )
One of the most emotionally funny movies ever. Kevin Smith knows what he's doing. Reminded me that I, too, have the same insecurities as Holden. And i love Silent Bob's Chasing Amy speel. Way to go again, Kevin!

chelsa (10 out of 10 )
Chasing amy was the best movie i have ever seen, it was totaly amazing and i love how silent bob said he would never talk again until he found amy LoveLoveLoveit.

sazaichi (10 out of 10 )
i dated a lesbian for 2 months i lived the movie hahahahaha who else can say that

Daniel (10 out of 10 )
This film is important to me. Chasing Amy - A personal review. I became a fan of Kevin Smith's work a year ago. And I of course dug up every film he ever made. And this was the last one I found. It took me a while to find it. I had heard from some obscure sources that it was the worst of all of Kevin Smith's films. Now that I have seen it it becomes clear to me that the people who said that were probably teenagers who have never been in love. In this one Kevin shows his true skills as a writer. No scene is taken lightly, no line delivered wrong. It's a more serious movie. I mean the same basic humor is still there, Jay is loud mouthed as usual in the one scene they were in and Brodie is still rude to everyone. But it was the one scene with Jay and Silent Bob which moved me the most. When Bob tells his story about chasing Amy I found that I could really relate to the movie. My first girlfriend, or at least she was on my part, who's name I will not mention here out of respect for her. I'll call her Janine. I am probably exactly like you. I like Tarantino, I'm in to pop culture, I watch way too many movies. People like us are led to believe that there are no girls like that. We're wrong. I first came in contact with Janine in connection with Tarantino's unfinished My Best Friend's Birthday. She wanted to see it and I helped her with getting it. We fell in love over a small period of time. She was, by definition, the dream girl. She was good looking, she was sweet and easy to get along with and she was a Tarantino fan. And as time went along I found out that she was bi-sexual. I was 15 when I met her. She was 15 too. And as I got to know her I got to know a bit too much. In Chasing Amy Alyssa was a lot more experienced than Holden... sexually. So was Janine. The two has basically the same personality. And almost the same background. Janine had been around, she had had experience. I hadn't. I had no experience. It's basically the same situation with Holden except he had had some experience but not as much as her. It's basically the same thing. So I started to feel a bit guilty that I didn't have any experience and started to feel like I wasn't worthy of her or something. I also started to feel a bit disgusted by her. Thinking about the people she had been with before. But I later found out that I shouldn't compare myself to the one I'm with like that and just enjoy the time we had together. Regretfully I realized that too late. Ending it with her was hard because even after we broke up I still loved her. And I knew that she still loved me. She taught me an important thing: Tolerance. I no longer look down on gays or lesbians or people different from me. Frankly I don't think I ever did but at least I'm aware of it now. She taught me to be open minded to other and different things. And if you asked me if I could go back and not meet Janine because I knew that it wouldn't work. You know what I'd say? I'd say: "I wouldn't give up the two months we had together for one single minute of talking face to face with Quentin Tarantino." I couldn't stop thinking about her during this entire movie. And I think that this is something Kevin Smith was trying to do. He was trying to make us identify with the story. And I sure did.

Isaac (10 out of 10 )
I'm living the movie right now and it's curious how you get addicted by dating a Lesbian girl. It's like heroine. I really hate it but I can't stop loving her.

dudu (10 out of 10 )
This film was maybe the best film I have ever watched. The script was excellent and the actors were proper buff. However, my girlfriend thought it was crap, so I dumped her.

Mitch45 (8 out of 10 )
This is a great love story, funny and sad at the same time. You end up hating Holden for being stupid enough to lose Alyssa. I really hoped that they would get back together by the end. Not as wickedly funny as Clerks, but still very good.

Stacey (10 out of 10 )
Just finished watching this movie, my friend who I've always had some sort of connection with asked me to watch it and I'm speechless. It was like watching the life I've been living. Minus Banky. When he asked me to watch it before-hand he told me he was Holden and I was Amy and it couldn't have been more spot on. I just fell in love with Kevin Smith on an entire new level for making such an amazing film. Kudos to him!

Alyssa (9 out of 10 )
Wow, that's me! I'm Alyssa and I'm bi and I have definitely seen my fair share of sexual relationships, and had a few not so mentionable experiences with both sexes. I'm an actor so I've chosen to do Alyssa's monologue for acting class, the one outside the skating rink.. very powerful grabbing piece. It's going on my show reel so hopefully it will get me the jobs! So great that I found a movie that I can relate to, I like Holden have fallen love with two guys that were both first bi then turned completely gay, so I can relate from both sides of this story. Was a great movie, loved it and was totally involved the whole time.

Unscripted1 (10 out of 10 )
This film not only amused me but convinced me that film making is an option on any budget. For a mere $250,000 and lots of friendships, Scott Mosier was able to put together Kevin Smith's definitive vision of this movie. Still stands as my favorite movie and helped me mature in loving relationships as a result. A true triumph in teaching a traditionally immature male population how a love story can be appreciated.

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"Chasing Amy" Script

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