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Crow Salvation, The Script

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  Chip Johannessen


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User Comments for Crow Salvation, The

Indie Brit (1 out of 10 )
This film never happened, you are all imagining it! The script here is a cruel joke and a slur on the legacy of one Brandon Lee.

NitemarE (1 out of 10 )
What are you some kinda moron? It happened, it was the 2nd sequel and it sucked big time and was direct-to-video thats why you never caught it. Trust me thats a gud thing. Eric Mabius, the dude from resident evil plays the crow. They shouldn't have revived the series but a whole load of braindead goths believe these are the movies they should base their lovelife on.

lily (3 out of 10 )
It was the 3rd movie, the second one was City of Angels.

Katie (3 out of 10 )
They should have ended the series with just the first movie. Well maybe the second. The first one was so awesome, a true romantic/vengeance story. My friend Thomas and I are huge friends of it and yes we are gothic but no we don't base our love lives off of the movie. We both adored the first one and equally cried. Some of the others had their moments but in all honesty, they just sucked. Long live Brandon Lee!

chea (10 out of 10 )
Ok so you are all saying that the third one sucked? Well that's probably because 1) You want to say that because everyone else is *cough*conformist*cough*. 2) You say this because brandon lee died and we all know all the fantasies you had with him in them and you just can't get over that. 3) You watched these movies at different times and never just took a day off to watch all of them at once. Now personally I haven't seen the fourth one but am planning on it. I watched all three in order all at once to see how I liked them and to compare them without having time to contemplate what should and shouldn't be in the next one. And I liked the first one considering that it was the first one and that it rocked, I couldn't see it good because of all the fog but hey! Adds to the excitement. The second one was real good, I just can't see why they messed up the makeup? But that's besides the point, I liked the whole concept of someone coming back for someone other than a chick! His son! Who would have thunk! So that was a real good storyline and I can't seem to get that one line out of my head "lady luck's a bitch". The third movie was my favorite actually, eric mabius does a great crow and who, if they found out was invincible, wouldn't go around shooting themselves in the mouth or stabbing themselves? I know I would. But! Yes they messed up the makeup again but it was for the better, I like the whole red thing and the fact that it comes down past his lip "line" and crosses it. And that it doesn't stop directly after the line starts. The first one, lee's makeup was good, the second one perez's makeup sucked, and the third one mabius's was sweet. So but anyway the plot line was almost the same as the first one so don't be all pissy about it not being brandon lee and accept the fact that it is better, it has better action scenes, better effects and a better "flow" from scene to scene. It doesn't just jump around. And it's just an overall better film. Not to get me wrong, the first crow was great! But don't say "ohhh but the third and second. And fourth copied" because if you say that I will literally kill you because then you know nothing, this whole movie series and show series was made from the comic book, 10 issues. So shut up. You have nothing and the show I have no idea I haven't seen it. But it's supposed to be bad along with the fourth but those opinions are from the same dumbshits saying that the second and third movie sucks. Yet they know nothing and again are pissed off that brandon lee died. I think it brought the movies some credit! Now! Even if lee was alive I doubt they would put him in these movies. And so then you probably wouldn't even like any of these because you chose to make a big ass deal over these movies because lee died. So shut up.

Amber K (6 out of 10 )
I've seen all four crow movies, and this is a good one. Eric does a decent job as the crow and it is just as violent as the first two but some of the story is lost. But the story part is made up for in the fourth one starring Edward Furlong. We all know that the crow is about the scorned lover and a violent act. If you're going to hate the whole series just because Brandon died (may he RIP) then why even watch the series if you can't do it without comparing it to the first one. Yes all films are going to be compared to the original but Brandon (RIP) probably wasn't going to be in a second one anyway because they always get new actors to be the crow each time. Each film is meant to stand alone as well as work in the series, hence the reiteration of "the crow" for all who haven't seen the rest. Get over your preconceived qualms and watch each movie for itself either in the series or alone but give it the chance it deserves.

Matt (6 out of 10 )
This movie is decent. I honestly think most people can't get over brandon dying and him not being able to be in any sequels. Not that he could be, anyway. On the other hand, the soundtrack to this was pretty sweet. Especially the remix of Stabbing Westward's Waking Up Beside You.

Mark (10 out of 10 )
This movie brought the series back to a believable tone. City of Angels had too much of the supernatural element, and was just way too hard to believe. Sure it had Kirsten Dunst which is just. Bad, but Mabius was great. Everyone else did a great job acting. I thought the way the baddie was revealed to know about the crow powers was kind of lame, but he was still a believable baddie. The supporting cast did a great job, and this movie made up for Stairway to Heaven. Brutal. The 4th movie was, well, bad, but for production reasons. There wasn't nearly enough money for good props or costumes, and you can tell that they wanted to do more takes of some scenes, but the budget wouldn't allow. Back on this movie. I thought the execution scene, the reawakening scene, and the escape from prison were expertly done. It was an excellent way for people to get their beloved crow makeup, without using some overplayed method, it was actually cut and burned into his skin from the cast-iron mask. The actor did a great job with his reawakening scene and the writers putting in him ripping off his old face to reveal the "face of vengeance" had more symbolism that the whole first movie. I know purists hate it when I say that, but that's how I feel and no mentioning of Brandon Lee's name/legacy/"talent"/whatever will change that. To me, this was the definitive Crow movie. To be totally honest, I didn't love the first one, I hated the second, LOVED the third, and was bored with the fourth.

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"Crow Salvation, The" Script

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