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Eyes Wide Shut Script

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   (8.14 out of 10)

  Stanley Kubrick
  Frederic Raphael


Movie Release Date : July 1999

User Comments for Eyes Wide Shut

Peter Avery (7 out of 10 )
Just read this script. It mirrors the movie almost word for word, except the ending is different. The script is strong, dialogue driven with narratives at exactly the right place. Kubrick was a master of setting a scene when looking for maximum visual effect. The performance of both Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise was, as usual, very flat. True , I am not a fan of either of them and despite my Australian heritage, I don't harbor the slightest desire for Nicole at all. As good as the script was, both the characters, Bill and Alice could have been played by character actors. I'm sure the movie would have had greater success had the lead roles been filled with quality actors. I'm sure the chance to work with a master such as Kubrick, ultimately for the last time, would have been priceless.

GDFace (7 out of 10 )
I disagree with most everything the previous poster wrote. 1. The script is not anywhere close to word-for-word. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a single scene or conversation that's written exactly as it is seen in the movie. 2. Part of what makes EWS so special is its hypnotic pacing and rhythmic, mechanical language. What you call flat performances, I call actors doing what their director (and the movie) demanded of them. It's not just Cruise and Kidman; the whole cast does it (and to great effect). 3. Character actors? Cruise and Kidman WERE Bill and Alice -- a seemingly perfect couple with a lot of skeletons in their closet. Kubrick saw this and chose them for that exact reason. Script: 7/10 | Movie: 10/10

natalia (7 out of 10 )
I must accept that I didn't actually see the movie, but with its plot was enough for me to agree with what the previous comment says at last. Any fan of such couple (as myself) would realize even without watching the movie, that they were trying to reflect on the screen their own experience. Facts are clear: they divorced almost a year later.

peter avery (7 out of 10 )
GDface; I don't mind you disagreeing with me. I have studied scripts and films for almost 30 years. For me, Tom cruise just doesn't do it for me in this film. I like a few of his films; a few good men, born on the fourth of july and collateral. Nicole Kidman is just a horrendous actress. I don't see anything about her that makes her quality. I'm an australian and I can tell you, there is a reason why Hugh Jackman didn't praise kidman's work on their film. Australia. I love the concept of the film. I still watch the film everytime it comes onto cable. The lure of working with kubrick would have been a great one since they spent almost 12 months on making the film. Personally for me I would have preferred johnny dep and jennifer jason leigh, two brilliant character actors. But this is a comment only and I have my opinion and you have yours. All the best.

Zlatan (9 out of 10 )
Well, one of the choices have been Woody Allen and Steve Martin! For me, Nicole is great for the role of Alice, and I like how Tom performs character of Bill. Also, 10/10 for the movie, I saw him at age 11 first time, and it's one of my TOP 5 movies. Wish he live enough to make A. I. And more excellent movies. My favorite director.

miklos harsszegi (10 out of 10 )
Such a great script and movie! It would have been interesting to see it with Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, it would be different for sure. As far as Tom And Nicole concern: They did an exellent job and no need to complain.

Keith (10 out of 10 )
Thus movie was very compelling and drew me in. I've loved Nicole since Days Of Thunder and if you think she's a terrible actress you need to see her in Rabbit Hole. As for Tom, he's the most underrated and disrespected actor out there. He should have a few Oscars on his mantle by now but no. Yet the real terrible actors like Nicolas cage do. I don't know if anyone noticed but tom and Nicole weren't the only ones who were flat. The entire cast was. Clearly the director was going for something. Remember its his film so to second guess a genius like him is disrespectful to his legacy. When I watched it I didn't see tom & Nicole, I saw Bill & Alice. Perhaps prejudices are inhibiting the ability to truly see the film in all its greatness. It certainly wouldn't have been as compelling had it been Woody & Mia or Jennifer & Johnny. Johnny would have played him as a goofy eccentric most likely and Jennifer would have played her as a snarky bitchy melancholy type. It was perfect as is.

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