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Fifth Element, The Script

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   (9.00 out of 10)

  Luc Besson


Script Date : August 1995

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User Comments for Fifth Element, The

Dr. Gonzo (8 out of 10 )
Very Excellent film. Sci-fi at its best

jesse (9 out of 10 )
Excellent movie.

anonymous (7 out of 10 )
Excellent! Bruce willis is so damn cool. Milla is super hot. The theme is simple. Really really good.

Flaturtha (10 out of 10 )
A great, funny, action-packed and entertaining sci-fi film.

ina (10 out of 10 )
One of the best films written by one of the greatest directors.

Anthony P. (8 out of 10 )
Loved it, very funny. Bruce Willis was great, Milla Jovovich was SEXY, and Chris Tucker had an interesting role. Very good film.

Drake (9 out of 10 )
Bruce Willis at his best! Would be his very best if it hadn't been for Diehard. Some very funny scenes with Chris Tucker and other hilarious Hollywood stars. Some weird additions to the film but I guess that's what Sci-Fi's all about.

Mentos (10 out of 10 )
One of my favorite films, very interesting concepts projected through this movie. The actor's were amazing. Bruce Willis takes the part perfectly for Korben Dallas with his calm yet snappy attitude and cunning makes it the perfect role. Milla Jovovich extremely good job with the character Leeloo and the fluent "Divine Language" as well as one of the most interesting, and "beauiful" parts to play. Gary Oldman plays an amazing villian (Zorg) like always. With a southern accent like that, he really put the icing on the cake. Chris Tucker played one of the more entertaining roles as a very energetic pop icon (Ruby Rhod) with outrageous costumes which gave his character a really nice touch. Ian Holm playes the daring priest (Father Vito Cornelius) who's mission is to help Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) save the planet, his role is a main key in this story that helps pull loose ends together. And finally Luke Perry who plays father Cornelius' assistant Billy who is a very nervous character but helps the story along. The Movie's plot, in my opinion is awesome. The whole space era collides with mythical elements to form a masterpiece filled with guns and explosions, whats not to love? I rate this movie a solid 10 on my charts because of its cast, characters and plot. The movie is very action packed with a nice balance of comedy. I hope others enjoy the movie like I have.

Mentos (10 out of 10 )
The costumes that were created for this production were very fascinating with a sort of new age design that fit the part wonderfully. The special effects in the film were awesome especially for the 90's, Luc Besson did a great job with everything. After reading the script and comparing it to the movie. The sections that were cut out or changed were all for the better, I prefer the movie than the original script. The storyline was remarkable with out any contradictions with all loose ends pulled together. One of the best films of the 90's by far. One of Luc Besson's finest.

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"Fifth Element, The" Script

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