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JFK Script

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   (8.67 out of 10)

  Jim Marrs
  Jim Garrison
  Oliver Stone
  Zachary Sklar


Script Date : December 1991

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User Comments for JFK

Marquise (9 out of 10 )
With myself being the JFK Assassination buff that I am this could, single handedly, be the most important film that has been made in US, if not World as a whole, history. I have always believed that Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate President Kennedy and now I am 100% SURE that he didn't commit the assassination. After watching this film, it opens your eyes to the entire fiasco, starting with the day and culminating with the Jim Garrison trial of Clay Shaw. With that in mind, this may not be the greatest movie in the world, but it is definitely the most important movie that has ever been made. And to any American who thinks that there WASN'T a conspiracy to kill JFK, or to any American that thinks that ONE person killed JFK, I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU WATCH THIS FILM. Trust me, you'll see exactly what I've said in my entire life- LEE HARVEY OSWALD IS NOT THE ASSASSIN! That is how important this film is to American history.

termi (8 out of 10 )
Marquise, you're quite right. This movie is a good one. Shows how wrong the Waren Committee had been or how strange it all looks. I'm sure there's some truth in the movie, although we'll never really know it all, I guess . But, marquise, you might be wrong about Oswald's innocent. What the movie shows very good is that Oswald was never the only one person shooting. Nevertheless there is still no proof that he wasn't involved in it in any way. In fact there are some interesting facts that link him to the shooting still. Yet, I absolutely agree: Oswald was not the only person, if one of them at all. We all have proof of this fact: he was not the only one.

peter (9 out of 10 )
Marquise, termi? JFK was written from the view point of Jim Garrison, and his view only. I'm not disagreeing with the finished product. Oliver Stone's film is brilliant, clever and powerful but I think Stone needed to go utilize other outlets to convey his story. Ironically, the part of Earl Warren is actually played by the real Garrison himself. Let me say this, I am a jkf nut, have been for years. Yes the warren commission was wrong, brutally so. How a government could convince a nation that a bullet could do what that magic bullet did is a travesty, and therein lies the cover up for me. As for Oswald? I think he was just as he said he was.. a patsy. He was told to do this, do that, go here, go there. Marquise, remember the line that Costner says at the end of the showing of the zapruder film? "back and to the left", "back and to the left" that film is the most damaging piece of evidence against the American government in saying that Oswald acted alone. Any one of those supposedly three shots from the school book depository building could not have made Kennedy's head go, "back and to the left" and the us government fed that to the American people. I'm an Australian, and I can tell you.. 1+1 should equal two, but it doesn't. If the government had to lie about something as horrific as that assassination, then if it smells like it, then it is. Yet, termi is correct also; there is no proof that Oswald acted alone. And here we are in 2009 and we still don't know who pulled the trigger. This would have to be the greatest cover up in recorded history. Great film, great cast.

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"JFK" Script

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