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Juno Script

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   (6.83 out of 10)

  Diablo Cody


Script Date : February 2007
Movie Release Date : December 2007

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User Comments for Juno

Tara (9 out of 10 )
Juno was an excellent movie as was the script. It was written like it actually did happen. I should know because I'm going through that right now. Not only was it creative, but it shows that sometimes teenagers can be lost in a moment of lust. It's true, it does happen. I love this movie as well as the script.

Randi (6 out of 10 )
(notice how the script's named after my internet service) Juno, is a mildly entertaining script for me, but then again I'm quite persnickety when it comes to scripts. I skimmed through it and found some bits to be curiously funny. I also liked the mention of Stillwater, I used to live right next to that town & take walks there. I know a bit about the writer, since I read in the Twin Cities paper, that she's from Minneapolis and used to strip, but not anymore & took it to herself to write. For a first timer, she's mediocre, to be honest... but like I said, if you pay attention to her own sense of humor, then you'll find a chuckle or too. Her writing's very honest and from the heart. The style's pretty bold. It reads fast so it doesn't take a crapload of patience to suffer through. There's a lot of slang in this one and sometimes she makes her character's out to be too corny for my taste. However the end of the script, started to take a more serious note, and that's part I actually paid attention to. There's a little bit of wisdom, in this script if only you look. The concepts a repeated one, but not the lines. I wont waste anymore of my time discussing it. You might as well check it out yourself, for your own take on it.

Daniel (1 out of 10 )
Corny is putting it lightly. This was quite possibly the worst movie ever. EVER. Somehow, Napoleon Dynamite was created and everyone found it more amusing to quote than to watch. It's not a very good movie at all. So then Cody, a no-talent hack, creates a flat story and throws slang no one has ever heard before all over it and calls it a film that "kids" can relate to. It was a sad attempt to get the movie noticed. What's worse? IT DID. She made a main character who would be completely unlikable in reality (give up your baby to someone in a pennysaver?! Who would even do that?!), pairs them with characters that could never even smell of truth (like a father who's surprisingly ok with his daughter being pregnant) and hands it over to some out-of-touch, middle-aged jackass who gets it made. And it won an Oscar. Damn the academy. And damn anyone who found this more than ok at points.

Il Scrittore (8 out of 10 )
As someone who reads scripts for a living, let me say that this is a great example of good screenwriting. While I am generally not a fan of voice over (and can't say that I loved it in this script), it wasn't a distraction, nor did it reveal too much plot, so it didn't bother me. Juno, Bren, Vanessa, Mac, Paulie, and Mark, all have very distinct voices, speech patterns, colloquialisms, and overall vernacular. The story is very solid, and if you just look at how it reads, you'll notice that it has a lot in common with the format of great scripts, I look to CHINATOWN (not to say they're anything alike) as another example of how scenes are described on the page. The dialogue is succinct and tender when it has to be long, and the action is brief yet descriptive. It's an easy read, and that is the best thing anyone could ever say about it, did it deserve an Oscar, probably not, but it's a very good piece of work.

Shae-Lynn (10 out of 10 )
Juno was a witty and delicately funny treat. The characters are unique and add well balanced enjoyment for this movie. Diablo Cody, ah, what can I say? She has created a light and humorous piece of writing. Thank god, someone who knows what screenwriting is! The movie begins as we enter the world of Juno MacGruff, a struggling teen trying to figure out what to do with her unloved baby. Who's the father? Paulie Bleeker, a bony track star. Finding out how Juno will cope is addicting and an interesting thing. This film is absolutely wonderful and I would definitely see it again!

b.c.-benson (7 out of 10 )
I really like this movie, always have. I just watched it while reading the script which was very interesting. I know movies rarely follow dialog verbatim, but I was surprised to find that there was a lot of ad-libbing by the actors, and there were a lot of lines that got cut. That kind of makes me feel like the Oscar may have been undeserved, and that 'Michael Clayton' may have been snubbed. Overall the script has good structure and Diablo Cody has a unique voice for dialog. It's well written script, the characters are there, but I think Cody benefited from some great acting that made the script seem even better than it is.

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"Juno" Script

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