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Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2 Script

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   (8.73 out of 10)

  Quentin Tarantino


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User Comments for Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2

Lucci (10 out of 10 )
This is a movie that will most likely go down in history as classic. Brilliant work by Tarrantino. Uma Thurman displays true acting prowess.

Daisy (10 out of 10 )
Tarantino takes eliments from the some of the all time best films of many, almost forgotten, genres and smacks todays mtv generation with it in the face. With classic Tarantino dialoge, explosive action and stunts, brilliantly choroegraphed fight scenes and good old fashioned gore this film never fails to please. There is truly nothing better than a good, gory, samaurai revenge film. (N.B. - I particularly enjoyed the reference to one of my all time fav. films, Shougun Assassin)

jesse (6 out of 10 )
Uma Thurman is worth the admission price alone! Sadly it's just a big violence fest with a predictable storyline. Bill is disappointing once you finally meet him and I blame casting. Carradine just blows. A wonderful sequence "the sadistic tutalege of pei mei" is wonderful as hell. The swordfights are great, bad bad bad ending!

matt (9 out of 10 )
Pure brilliance in entertainment with an ending that in retrospect you kick yourself for not seeing sooner. Perfectly enigmatic performance from David Carradine, and Michael Madsen on lovably mean form.

jesse (10 out of 10 )
Yes, a bad ending and very slow second half. I came to see sadistic violence ninja style and for the most part Tarantino delivered. David Carradine's Bill was underused, I wanted a big epic battle between them in the end and then have the bride unload that 5 fingers of death on him. But it's a ten no matter what. This film had fire. Bottom line, I could watch Uma Thurman fight all the live long day.

anonymous (10 out of 10 )
Great. They should have a "Kill Bill" DVD where there's not Volume 1 and no Volume 2. They're both combined into one movie. I'd love that.

indramn (9 out of 10 )
Generally I don't like heroine movies. However this is the only one that I really like, so far.

Luke (1 out of 10 )
Pulp Fiction is a classic. This is a classic piece of shit.

Travis (9 out of 10 )
It's quite good. Predictable but good. I sort of expected a little more from the director and some of the acting fom Uma was a slighty tacky and irrelevant.

Michael (10 out of 10 )
Brilliant piece of art. Witty and classic script.

Varun (10 out of 10 )
Brilliant, simply brilliant. Though David Carradine's character was severely underused.

Jane_x99 (3 out of 10 )
Once again Tarantino hacks his way through another script. He tries to be so cool in this film that he fails so badly. It does not matter though because Tarantino fans would eat anything he handed them. He could make a film and cast every B grade actor from the 70s [even then they sucked] and just make nothing but tribute films. His next project is a WW2 movie a tribute to "guys on a mission films" and that's great. But it's not 1973 when those types of films were popular. People dont go see a Tarantino film because they actually care if the film is good. They just want to seem cool to their friends. Because it's all about how you are perceived by others, rather than how you actually are. This film was not too bad and should have been one part not 2 volumes. That's just silly Quentin. As for the actual plot I won't mention what this is a rip off of, however it is a good rip off. I congratulate Quentin. Most of the film however does suck because of the constant zamfir flute songs. Now every fanboy who dissed mom and dad for playing that crap can now run upstairs and grab the zamfir and pretend they are gettin it on with uma thurman. Hey Quentin, next movie you do, can you play "oh mein papa" by Roger Whitaker in your opening ww2 battle sequence? That way all the fanboys can rush out and buy oh my papa and have geek parties. I so did love the fight between uma and fox or whatever her name is. Great scene, and the parts with Mai Pei and the fight with the broad with the eye patch were superb. The rest of it sucks and ends with the silliest ending ever in which after a horrible parable about superman [no doubt the fanboys just about went into a state of zen over it] Uma the bride plays finger touchy on the bad guy acted by the grasshopper himself and looking like he has one foot in the grave. Yup I'm talking about the mighty David Carradine of the series kung fu. I can't wait til the parodies start coming in and some director like Zemikis makes a Quentin Tarantino film. That will be great! Uma was great in this film and deserved an oscar inspite of the material. Keep on truckin Qurentin, don't forget to cast people no one else would cast in a ww2 movie like say Adam Sandler and Anthony Hopkins as Hitler I heard? I look forward to "inglorious bastards".

Jon (9 out of 10 )
A couple of good films right here. I liked the second one a bit more than the first. A lot less violent and a lot more story/character driven. But both are more than worth watching. Fight scenes in both films are top notch and keep you on edge, dialogue is great stuff, especially in Volume 2. Wholeheartedly reccomended to anyone who cares enough to be reading this. This is the first time I saw a Quentin Tarantino film by the way. I have seen one other since (Pulp Fiction), and judging by these, I must say, he is a great director. Also worth noting: my 55 year old mom loved both these movies as well as Pulp Fiction, and she normally tends to go for those campy Lifetime Originals on the W.E. channel!

BENNIE (10 out of 10 )
This will go down as one of my fave all-time action movies. I'm a big Tarantino fan and I specifically liked Uma Thurman's powerful performance, pity the Academy awards failed to notice her talents for the 2nd instalment. Let's not forget Lucy Lui, Darryll Hannah and Vivica A. Fox. The male cast is really a bit overshadowed by the predominantly female prescence, which is good for a change. No doubt the magnificent femme-fatale inspired Roberto Rodriguez's Sin City.

Vader (10 out of 10 )
When I sit down to watch a film I can usually tell if it's going to be a a piece of shit or not. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that "shit movies" are actually bad, only that they're not meant to be taken seriously. There's good shit (ex. Terminator 2), and there's bad shit (ex: Constantine). Tarantino is a MASTER of good shit. And he knows this. His movies contain dialogue found in comics ("That's right. I killed your masta', and now, I'm going to kill you!") and outrageous situations, but he directs in such a way that it's all very enjoyable and fun to watch, and more importantly, he's got very good casting in his films. Some may argue he directs in an "artistic" way - all I say is he knows how to take a shit and mould it in a way pleasurable to the eye, which is not easy: he's got syle. The point is, Kill Bill vol. 1&2 are great pieces of shit. And I give a score of 10 out of 10 for the films being great crap.

Yim Skogman (10 out of 10 )
QT is a god, his passion is undeniable, paying homage to the classics of all time whilst still maintaning an oscar winning storyline. One of the best films ever.

Aykut (10 out of 10 )
Seriously the best movie ever! I'm not a Tarantino fan, but this movie was just done brilliantly. Every inch is perfect, from the characters, the setting and even the bad sound effects and the so fake deaths act as a plus for me! It's great.

Mick (9 out of 10 )
Great movie, the best bit by far was Kiddo's training with Pai Mei.

Julia/Prime (10 out of 10 )
This is the greatest movie of all time, but there are things I wish QT would have included in the finished movie, such as the Yuki Yubari sequence, the alternate "trailer fight", and the final showdown between Bea and Bill. But still my favorite movie and now my favorite script. It's one I'm sure i'll read until I've got it memorized- and then some. All who think this film is a pile of crap, I'm ignoring you because your opinions certainly don't matter to me, and you don't know what you're missing .-(although it's obvious you think it's not much).

ethan (10 out of 10 )
That dude who said these movies sucked is a douche bag. People actually say that they like something because they like it. I'm sure there are those individuals who are shaped and molded by the thoughts of others but then there are some actual people with real opinions that they made in their own head. In my opinion Quentin did a great job because he puts more thought into a 2 second clip in his movie than you do in a whole day. When you make a movie equal to a Tarantino then you can bitch about his work. Until then I say good day.

nate (10 out of 10 )
Ok jane you are so DUMB and jealous of Quentin. You think people watch his films to try and be cool? I can't believe what I'm hearing, I feel like I have been taking CRAZY PILLS! Oh by the way. The film is seriously the best of this decade. It also portrays the best character in a film I have ever seen. GO UMA!

Dweezil (10 out of 10 )
This film is fantastic. It is destined to become a cult classic like Pulp Fiction and Resevoir dogs. The fact that three out of four Tarantino films have become cult classics surely proves what an amazing writer and director he is. The plot is brilliant, the characterisation is brilliant, script is brilliant, the acting is brilliant (special mentions to Uma, Carradine, Madsen and Liu), and the soundtrack is simply awesome. Quentin could have so easily made Vol. 2 frenetic and violent like Vol. 1, but instead creates greater depth by making it different in both tone and style, delving more into the characters. I recognise that some people don't like it (not very many), and they are entitled to their opinions. However Jesse, yours sucks. David Carradine does not blow- he was amazing, and eveything Bill should have been and more. He gave a nuanced performance that portrayed Bill not as the epitome of evil, but as someone altogether more complex. What did you expect? A stereotypical evil-to-the-core villain? Now that would have been predictable. Jane, you just dig at Tarantino without actually making any coherant points. There was only one Zamfir flute track (it's not a song) in Vol. 1, and no, I didn't give this film 10 just to be cool. I did it because it is a genuinely good film. I always rate a film on the emotion that it leaves me with- and this was superb. You didn't even talk about emotion. Oh, and if the 'rip off' you referred to was from 'Lady Snowblood', Tarantino expicitly cites this as a big influence on the film. Anyway, this film is one instance where EVERYTHING comes together to create perfection, and if you haven't got anything good to say (or at the very least coherant), then kindly shut your noise.

Rainie (10 out of 10 )
Genius! Pure Genius! What more can I say?

christopher adams (7 out of 10 )
The first kill bill was the most gruesome movie I ever saw, but I loved it none the less. The second one had a lot less action in it. I didn't like the second more than the first, but it still makes my top 50 movies list. The main reason I gave this movie a 7 instead of a 9 or a 10, because the movie sure as hell deserved it (the directing, writing, and acting were good and all that) but I felt like I was getting screwed over having to pay for two movies when in truth I should have payed for one. When you tried making two movies out of one you put in a couple of totally bullshit scenes that are not necessary. But the bullshit scenes were pretty cool, at least you didn't totally mess it up like oliver stone did to your script natural born killers.

pablo (10 out of 10 )
It's a month not a week, that takes Hanzo to make the sword.

Nekorin (10 out of 10 )
The script is different than the movie. Not surprising I guess, but I was looking for Bill's monologue about Superman for a school project and it's not in the script.

OK (10 out of 10 )
Humans love revenge. Getting even, is something that almost everyone can agree is a fulfilling experience. Kill Bill fulfills our need for revenge and we love it! Well. I love it. It's an awesome movie! I loved Volume I's ending, I seriously didn't see that coming. The music was absolutely fabulous in both volumes, highly effective and fun too. The dialogue was brilliant. The violence was projected in an exaggerated almost comic manner that made it bearable for the audience. For the big fight scenes absurd amounts of blood was spraying out, keeping it all in good fun. The actors in the films were all fantastic! The only thing I'd say about Volume II is that I didn't really dig the huge conversation with Bill, sure he had a lot to say. A LOT to say, but I would have cut it down a bit. Still, Bill was awesome. Kill Bill rocks.

Nina (10 out of 10 )
TNT recently did a Kill Bill Vols. 1& 2 Marathon, and, uh, um, no, but thanks anyways. This is NOT the way to watch these movies, and do NOT judge these movies if you've only seen them on regular cable TV. To fully appreciate the cinematic genius of Tarantino, you really should stick to watching the unedited DVD's, or at least on premium cable TV, where every scene is shown including the blood and gore. The casting is brilliant (as was/is "Pulp Fiction"'s), especially Sonny Chibo as Hatori Hanzo. The music is phenomenal; the story is fascinating. Absolutely 10 out of 10 stars goes to both volumes of "Kill Bill".

emily (9 out of 10 )
1st one was better than the 2nd, although the second one had deeper insight into the characters and their lives. Awesome fighting scenes, and very good camera angles/work with colours.

Susan (10 out of 10 )
Oh, I have plenty to say. What the heck are some of you thinking?!? CARRADINE was poorly cast as Bill?!? The ending was bad?!? Bad actors, WTH? Are you crazy? Carradine WAS Bill. He was one of the most outstanding actors I have ever seen. And if you think Carradine was bad, you truly don't understand what Bill is. He's not the deepest form of evil to walk the Earth, he's a complex, intelligent man who had his heart broken and reacted as a man of his position in power would react, only to regret it later. He is an AMAZING character, played by an actor who brought that home so strongly I truly believe, in my heart of hearts, that no other actor could have done Bill justice. In that movie, he was truly and utterly Bill (ha ha, reference any true fan would get). The ending was perfect. Anything else would have been inappropriate (like a real gorey fight. Ugh, that would have been shameful to the Bride's character and Bill. It would have totally lowered her in my eyes.) As far as the other actors, Uma was amazing, Carradine was amazing, Hannah, Madsen, Chiba, heck, even Perla Haney-Jardine (B. B.!) was amazing! EVERYONE WAS PERFECTLY CAST! And really, if you can't appreciate, the fault and blame for that is yours, not Tarantino's. I almost pity you.

Phemyda (9 out of 10 )
I read the script before I saw the movie. It FASCINATED me! I had never read anything like it before, and I couldn't put it down. All the bloodshed in the film does get a little old, but I love the premise. Read it/see it continuously as ONE FILM! It's all about one woman and her long, winding journey to revenge, so that when you reach the end it takes your breath away.

Stefan (9 out of 10 )
Pure brilliance. Tarantino does it again, much to the displeasure of those who just don't understand. Cultural references and popular nods heighten a great cinema experience and thanks to Rodriguez for helping with another awesome soundtrack. A western and a kung-fu flick rolled into one adrenaline rush of a film (or two). Showed my girlfriend the first part and she had to stay up to watch the second one she loved it so much. Q and U, hats off to you both.

qt_fan (9 out of 10 )
Tarantino's 21st century film! With his spaghetti western and kung fu style gives it that extra touch making it an amazing script. A downright classic. I mean david carridine and uma thurman, the best of their career.

Lady Xev (9 out of 10 )
This movie is not meant to be realistic! It is a story. A piece of art. Pulp Fiction was more real. More like everyday life, everyday problems. But in unusual peoples lives. It was great. Don't confuse Kill Bill with that! Flying upside down is not something I learned in TaeKwonDo. This is like a Dream Beatrix (the bride) has. This is a "what if anything was possible" type of movie. It is not meant to be realistic. I LOVE every second of both of the films. 1 and 2. They both are the same tale, yet they tell the story in 2 different ways. That is why you get some liking the way part one is told and some only liking part 2. Either way you walk away inspired. You will walk away thinking you saw something that made you feel stronger about life. Even if you hate the movie, you may watch it again because of the strangeness of it all. Kill Bill is art. It is not supposed to be like real life. That is the one thing that I love about it. And yet as a woman that is also the one thing that I wish was different. It would be nice to see a Female hero actually have a REALISTIC role where she does not have to walk on a ceiling or turn invisible or be an Xmen or have special powers in order to KICK some serious A##. I know that in taekwondo it was not that hard to fight males. I wish hollywood understood that we do believe it can be done and that if they show us how it is done they will inspire young girls a lot more than teaching them that they must have special powers in order to realistically WIN. I love the Films though. Its a step in the right direction. Oren-Ishi is amazing. The Bride is very believable and tugs real emotions in a harsh way. When she is not flying by a wire.

qt_fan (10 out of 10 )
There are consequences to breaking the heart of a murdering bastard ."-Bill Yeah, well there are similiar consequences to shooting the world's greatest assassin in the head at her wedding rehearsal without finishing the job, as Bill and his crew of murderers find out. Finally we get the real uncut, spruced up, reconfigured, and awesome martial arts masterwork from Quentin Tarantino as it oughtta be seen. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the original cut(s) of the films and nobody does out-of-sequence storytelling better than Tarantino, but seeing the saga's two parts melded into one cohesive, linear story promises to be a real treat for those of us who can't get enough of Uma Thurman as a murderous assassin (known by many names but usually referred to as "The Bride") and her gore-filled quest for vengeance. "Kill Bill: Volume 1" was an awesomely gory extravaganza of excess, action, violence, and homages to Japanese cinema. "Volume 2" was an entirely different creature, favoring acting over action and fleshing out the world and the characters living in it with scenes straight out of westerns, a discussion about comics, the madatory strip club, a suprisingly low-key final confrontation, and plenty of the kind of dialogue you only hear in a Tarantino flick. Fusing the two into a single entity is something I've pondered with much excitement since the day I last walked out of the theater when "Volume 2" opened. Due to certain "problems" with Miramax's parent company, this cut was shelved for years and the planned theatrical run was killed. What makes "Kill Bill" such a one-of-a-kind experience is the unique blending of all of the things we film geeks love: samurai swords, gallows humor, yakuza gangs (namely the "Crazy 88's", named not because there are 88 of them, but because it sounds cool), kung-fu masters with long beards, stark horror (check out the burial scene straight out of a Wes Craven flick), femme fatales, pimps, and Samuel L Jackson (as a blind pianist) for starters. There is even an anime segment that is so brutal and harsh that it makes the stylized live-action violence that follows seem cartoonish by comparison. Then, of course, there is the vengeance; sweet, sweet revenge. All that is just a sampling of what this film offers. And let us not forget the soundtrack, a cornerstone of any Tarantino product. Where else could Uma Thurman cut down scores of yakuza ninja to the sounds of Motown after calling out their leader as a Native-American war chant sounds? There's also Johnny Cash (always in style), a Japanese all-girl rockabilly trio, and a whistled ditty that will stick in your head for weeks. Tarantino even lifted the theme song from the film he pilfered the most from (the legendary "Lady Snowblood") to really put us into the genre. The RZA, who has since become THE name in Asian-American crossover film scoring, proves an excellent collaberator and treats us to the best theme song this side of "Shaft" for yakuza boss O-Ren Ishii. No expense was spared to put us into the world of the genres Tarantino loves; and you can tell he wants us to love them as well. Nobody does soundtracks better, period. The standout performances are too numerous to mention, but major cred points to Quentin for bringing in the legendary Sonny Chiba for a brillaint role as a swordmaker, and Chiaki Kuriyama of "Battle Royale" fame who engages Uma Thurman in one of the greatest duels I've ever witnessed.

relentlesspaul (10 out of 10 )
All of those who dare grapple with the writing of a script are to be put on a pedestal by that act alone. Never mind directing the screenplay,that is a bear with wolverine claws all by itself. I say Kill Bill delivers exactly that what Tarantino said it would. Writing is easy, all you have to do is sit in front of your type writer or PC or what ever you fancy and sit till you sweat blood from your forehead. It is literally that easy. If any of the ones above have ever wrote a script worth reading, never mind worth producing, put it out there and let us see what happens. When something that personally creative from one of a handful of original auters puts out there it has a right to be praised by an audience that feels neglected and under estimated by the Hollywood studios and their preconceived notion of what a selling screenplay reads like. It is not hard to see who really carries a production once you get to know the system, which makes it easier to understand the mind that has been working on a project for that long with that amount of passion. Choose your words carefully if you do not know the procedures involved in bringing a production together and keep it in good condition through all five phases (development, pre-production, production, post-production and marketing and distribution for those of you who do not know). Please keep your ''uninformed'' opinions to yourself and maybe next time research and compare the amount of effort and creativity that needs to be provoked (by yourself) in order to even comprehend the dynamics involved when making a film.

Tina (1 out of 10 )
Every Tarantino film is loaded with predictable storylines, unworthy violence, and laughable sequences, especially this one, the worst and most childish of all his films, it gives women a sense of weakness, and Bill's just an old miser serial rapist who is stupid enough to make the film even worse.

Leah (2 out of 10 )
I HATE this movie. It's so stupid. The only part I like is when Vivica A. Fox and Uma have a showdown, the animation at the beginning, when O'Ren slices a guys head off, and when that Go Go kicks Uma's a#$. Other than that, this movie is dumb, and Quentin Tarrantino is an idiot (he put an unrealistic amount of blood in every scene).

crystyn (10 out of 10 )
GoGo kicks's Bea's A$$?? Who dies in that scene? One of my favorite parts is when Bea steps on Elle's eye (yeah!!) but I guess leah didn't see that part because you only criticized the first movie and didn't bother to watch the second to get the whole kill bill experience (corny as it sounds) and obviously you didn't watch the first movie either. Oren does more than just slice a head off, (I actually don't think she slices it off at all, but I could be wrong, it's been a while). Either way, great movie, see it (all) at least once.

BobTheSailer (6 out of 10 )
This is the film that marked Tarantino's fall from grace. This is where it all went downhill. Deathproof, From dusk til dawn, Kill Bill, Jackie Brown are all awful disappointing films. The only films truly worth watching now are Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, True Romance and NBK. Possibly Inglourious basterds, we'll have to wait and see.

Benny H (10 out of 10 )
Carradine's voice portrayed across a screen filled with a battered and bruised Thurman at the beginning just sets up what was to an absolute gem of filmography. Absolute genius!

QT FAN (10 out of 10 )
Tarantino's new film is just the bomb. The action in it is incredible. LEAH obviously does not understand that entertainment can be portrayed in many different ways. the objective of entertainment is to entertain the audience. Saying that having too much blood in a scene is outrageous, he done that because the main objective of making the movie was to create a tribute to old Japanese Samurai movies, and old Japanese Sumaai movies contain more blood than in real life, merrily to entertain the audience.

Sk8ter274 (10 out of 10 )
My only beef with this series is the fact Quentin decided to cut out the final fight scene between the Bride and Bil, but considering Quentin knack for the unexpected and pleasing, not a bad way to end it.

Jeff (10 out of 10 )
Got to pull the the dumbass card on the people who are bashing this film. This is a spin off of unrealistic Japanese films and the spaghetti western films of the 70's. There is suppose to be an unrealistic amount of blood. Nobody talks the way the characters do in this film. We know this. Tarantino is a master of dialog. This is a great script. And to all you who don't think so, I would love to see you go out into the world and actually DO, instead of just SAY. There's a big difference. And that's the key word, DIFFERENCE. Get off your computer, out of your parents basement, and into the real world. That's how you make a DIFFERENCE. Something Tarantino has done for modern film. Oh, by the way I'm aloud to poke fun at the virgin ass clowns bashing Tarantino. I'm researching for a script. That's why I'm reading this genius screenplay.

Steph (1 out of 10 )
This is NOT the final script from the film. Grrrr so frustrating! You're much better off watching and transcribing the script yourself.

Mike (10 out of 10 )
I'm with Jeff. Reservior Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Kill Bill are my favorites. I haven't seen Jackie Brown from start to finish but I'll pick it up when I get the chance. Quentin Tarantino knows what he's doing. He's been doing it for at least 21 years. I was 6 when Reservoir Dogs came out. I was almost about to turn 9 when Pulp Fiction came out. I was 16 when started writing a bunch of scripts of my own. Some of which I scratched and some of which I'm still working on. I'm 26 & 1/2. I've been looking up scripts to my favorite movies because of my own scripts. Please remember to distinguish between reality and entertainment.

Cameron rice (10 out of 10 )
Kill bill part 1 was awesome, kill bill part 2 was crap.

Cameron (10 out of 10 )
The 10 stars is just for volume 1, volume 2 was utter crap.

John Smith (9 out of 10 )
Its funny to see people giving these two movies a poor rating, or simply rating it based on the fact that that the first one was better than the second one. Only people who don't perceive movies as art would call these crap because of the colors and the line and the massive amount of switching between both deep, flat, and limited space when filming. Personally, I believe the 2nd was better than the 1st because of the character development. When a normal viewer goes to see a movie, they only want to see the action or what they think makes a movie good, such as story line, or fight scenes. The fact is, everyone will have different opinions, but overall these movies are a piece of art and I am glad that Quentin based these movies on the comics. They were brilliant and should go down as some of the best movies from 2000-2010.

T.Crown (9 out of 10 )
Janexx99, Q doesn't do ANYTHING like anyone else. He writes differently, he casts differently, that's what makes him great. If you've seen Punch Drunk Love then you know Adam Sandler can act. Anthony Hopkins is one of the best actors alive, why can't he play Hitler?

gj boxy (10 out of 10 )
So, what are we talking about here, blood and guts, death and dismemberment, bodies burning in the street. Hang on though are we talking about a Tarantino movie or the 6o'clock news? What the news media is slowly introducing their audience to is the dead hand of a traffic accident victim, the arm of a person killed in a plane that crashed to earth after being blown from the sky by a soldier who fired a rocket at a civilian aircraft murdering all on board, their bodies blown to bits, scattered over the countryside. This is real life, these are real people, sons, wives, babies who could be our relatives, our son, our wife, our baby. This is the real horror of death, of anguish, of sorrow that leaves us grieving for the rest of our life. This is not for public viewing, you should never want to see this, if you do, if you want to show it, then here is the real problem. We all have the worry of catastrophe in our mind, death, violence, dying, loss, outrageous war, and, one of the ways we manage our fears is to escape into a fantasy world to release our stress, even for a little while, and over and over again. What we do is we go and see a Quentin Tarantino movie. Thank you Quentin, you are a fantastic person in a real world.

"Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2" Script

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