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Magnolia Script

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   (9.25 out of 10)

  Paul Thomas Anderson


Script Date : November 1998

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User Comments for Magnolia

bryan (10 out of 10 )

filippo (9 out of 10 )
just stunning.

Tim (10 out of 10 )
After you watch the movie, go to its IMDB trivia page and look at all the things you definitely don't notice after one time watching it. Hands down my favorite movie ever.

Javier Ródenas (10 out of 10 )
A masterpiece. The best script of the 90's.

charming (10 out of 10 )
Breathtakingly awesome.

YANNIS (10 out of 10 )
I point the first of my criteria to choose my best movies, to be how many times I see and watch and talk about each movie. Magnolia is my best proposal for any person who wants/needs to explore the whole world of feelings. I believe that this work (Magnolia) is made by gifted people. God has given the Gift to them to speak for him.

Brandon (10 out of 10 )
Absolutely the best movie ever. And that is said with much thought and consideration for other masterpieces.

kika (10 out of 10 )
This is still the best American movie of the past 20 years, for me. It's incredible how young p.t. anderson was when he wrote this.

Mike (5 out of 10 )
You guy's need to watch more movies, seriously. This movie is mediocre at best. The camera work is great, the art direction is great, the acting is incredible, however this movie lacks a unified theme and message. I mean, cmon' when the writer himself can barely tell an audience what the movie is about in an interview, how can all of you say that this movie is a 10 out of 10? Go watch Barry Lyndon( by Stanley Kubrick). Now THAT is an incredible movie with a unified theme and message. At the end of the film you aren't left saying "what the hell?" "I don't get it" or "what was that all about?". Magnolia is a perfect example of a movie that tried to say TOO much. Oh, and for the person who said that this was the best American movie of the past 20 years. American History X, Saving Private Ryan. I could go on forever. Was Magnolia the only movie you watched in the past 20 years?

Jessica (10 out of 10 )
The movie didn't try to say too much. What it tried to say is just simply hard to put into words. It's about struggling in life. It's about forgiveness. It's about surrendering to the helplessness of situations (because life isn't perfect) so that you can move on with your life. There are references to Exodus 8:2 (But if you refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite your whole territory with frogs) all over the movie. To condense the movie to it's most simple meaning, it is about letting go and moving on. You just have to pay more attention to it and think about it. This movie doesn't spoon feed its meaning to you, but the meaning does exist and it is a very powerful meaning. That is why I have to disagree with your comment, my favourite thing about the movie is that I was left thinking "what the hell?", because it challenged me to think about what I just seen. The moral of this movie is the best thing about it, not the camera work, and the acting.

Julio (10 out of 10 )
Mike, you're entitled to your opinion, but that doesn't justify Magnolia is mediocre. Magnolia is and has been one of the few movies nowadays that can stand out as a reference. Or as my professor in Movie Business class would say, write a "sticky movie" so that every time you mention the title everyone would know what you're actually talking about (Titanic, for example). You should watch Magnolia again and understand the movie tells you how difficult life is and how we struggle to go on. If everyone here had rated Magnolia 5 stars less than 5, I wouldn't be writing this. But maybe you didn't understand the movie or this movie is simply not for you. I love Magnolia and as Kika said, "I'm also surprised how PT Anderson was so young when he wrote one of the best American movies ever. Watch and learn.

scott the engineer (10 out of 10 )
Magnolia is the single greatest piece of American cinema ever created (in my opinion). P.T.Anderson is hands down the best writer/director there is, my top 5 favorite films ever have 3 of his films in it (Magnolia, punch drunk love, there will be blood). If you have watched his other films and have liked them but weren't completely astounded by them then you should watch them again because i think punch drunk love was very much under rated, i think it was one of the most original, beautiful love stories ever written. P.t.A also does the best kiss scenes in films 1st being magnolia the john c reilly kiss 2nd being punch drunk love, the build up and the emotion that he puts into it is just incredible, the most beautiful films I've ever seen. It seems odd how many people are commenting on how "magnolia" is about struggle or biblical references, to me it was about the power of coincidence and chance the frogs to me were the divine intervention of it, the point in the story when every person was connected by chance and that's when they changed, they escaped or forgave or chose redemption or mended a broken bond. Paul Thomas Anderson is the greatest writer and director as far as im concerned not to say that there aren't other amazing writers/directors out there i mean charlie kaufman is brilliant, the coen brothers are amazing, there are others out there that still show me things ive never seen but pta is in a place all his own and to me that place couldn't get any better. Does anyone know when he is planning on doing another project and what it is?

powerfull (10 out of 10 )
One of my favourite movies. But I always felt that it was somehow as a movie a failure. Scene after scene blew me away but the totality was somehow off or missing something. I often find myself thinking about the cop talking to himself in the car - possibly the funniest and most poignant soliloquy ever. If greatness relates to how something sticks with you emotionally. Definitely ten stars. I have similar feelings about AI - which may be Spielberg's greatest work.

Dylan (10 out of 10 )
Man it's so great to hear other people saying this is the greatest film ever, of the last 20 years, etc, I thought I was alone in thinking that. I saw it for the first time when I was 15, and even then I knew it was an absolutely amazing film. Ive seen most of the movies considered to be the best ever, and plenty of other great films, but still nothing is quite like Magnolia. It truly is the greatest, most beautiful, most original film ever made, and like Brandon said, that's said with much thought and consideration for other masterpieces.

Bayar (10 out of 10 )
Great movie. I found why people live when I saw the movie. Man happiness root on help to each others. Exactly this movie 10 stars. Thank you for give ever never seen good feeling.

martin (10 out of 10 )
AMAZING. I love how PTA has already filmed the movie on paper and then makes the magic occur in front of the camera. This movie changed my life. The rhythm flows like a sustained emotion. LOVE IT. Long live Mr. Anderson and cheers to all Magnolia fans. Take that Mr. Smith.

birk (10 out of 10 )
What can I say, PTA was able to tell us smt we can't tell or describe, smt we can only feel deep inside. He successfully and beautifully revealed the trap we put our selves into. 10q PTA.

milehidesert (1 out of 10 )
I agree with Mike, except I wouldn't even say mediocre. I saw the author interviewed on the Today Show shortly after the movie was released and he was asked "So what is this movie about?" he said "I don't really know." As WC Fields said, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit." This is exactly what happened. I think it's the artistic snobbery that if it can't be understood it must be outstanding. Paul Thomas Anderson made a mint of gullibility. Props to him.

Nathan (10 out of 10 )
This film is one of my favourites, and one of the top two of PTA's filmography. It's messy and delightful, and has two fantastic sequences that unify all the characters in beautifully touching moments. Some say this movie isn't about anything; really, it's about everything.

Ajanania (10 out of 10 )
What an ambitious script for a 29 year old kid after making boogie nights at 27 and writing it at 24. My next script is going to be very influenced by Magnolia. Check out my last 4th of July rease on Google "Semper Fight" and review if you have the time. More marines died from suicide last year than died fighting. 99% of the script is TRUE. He'll support the troops. Only when things are conscious can we start to make change, all feedback is appreciated as humbly as I can ask that, thanks. You won't be disappointed. Raised the money privately and did every aspect of the crafting solo.

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"Magnolia" Script

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