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Monster's Ball Script

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   (5.74 out of 10)

  Milo Addica
  Will Rokos


Script Date : June 2001

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User Comments for Monster's Ball

jesse (1 out of 10 )
Way to go Halle, you got an oscar for a porn scene with satan himself. Now no one will even share a fork with you.

Limey (10 out of 10 )
Good God man, are you seriously complaining about Halle Berry appearing in a 'porn scene'. Is it Jesse, or Jessie?

biniyam (10 out of 10 )
It's the best movie I have ever seen, it's fantastic. I admire the character played by Halle Berry. She was tallented in the movie and she won the oscar nominated for her. She deserves that.

solomon (10 out of 10 )
It's proud for all africans to say Halle Berry is the most talented actress on this planet, because she diplayed that in the best nominated movie.

Dr.L.A (10 out of 10 )
It is the fourth best movie I saw in my life so far.

Shalimar (1 out of 10 )
I agree with Jesse. It did nothing but advance the stereotype that black women are whores. This movie is nothing more than voyeur porn for slave chootchie, where modern white men can relive the old days of slavery when they could have sex with any black woman whether they wanted to or not. She did not deserve an oscar for porn, and that shows how racist the oscars are. They skipped every DECENT movie made by real black actresses such as Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge, Cicely Tyson, etc. And waited until there was one with porn, sex & nudity. Shows how little respect white men have for black women after raping them for 200 years during slavery. She is the biggest black sellout of all time on film, and there have been many paid to make blacks look bad (Stephin Fetchit, amos & andy, other coons & buffoons). There are NO oscars for a white woman having sex with a black man like there is in Monster's Ball and never will be in this country. Therefore it needs to be boycotted along with Halle Berry. No wonder people like Imus call us Hoes, movies like Monster's Ball and most black videos give him the right to. This movie embarrassed me at work the next day when all the black women were asked what we thought about it. I guess I should have said, that slave gal f**ked master real good, just like the good ole days of slavery. This movie should be banned, just like they did Song of the South-- it does nothing to but advance a negative image of blacks. If she is proud of it, she should show this to her kids and make her watch all the sex scenes. Oh wait, the first white woman to win an oscar can do that, Halle Berry can't.

anonymous (1 out of 10 )
I didn't like the movie and I don't agree with Halle winning an oscar for this, but what I will say is that Halle is not a sellout. She is a great actress and although she won an oscar for a sh*tty movie she still deserves to win more oscars than that. Especially for her performance in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. So with that said, Shalimar stop being a hater and just let the woman enjoy her oscar.

helle beardy (1 out of 10 )
This was THE worst, most contrived film I have ever had the misfortune to see. I think Halle Berry is a great actress and deserved an Oscar regardless, but as for the script. Horrid, melodramatic bullcrap. I mean how much tragedy can one fit into a script? The fact that her husband was on death row and that she lived in an extremely racist and impoverished environment provided enough of a story. I actually like Billy Bob Thornton, he's a good actor and has nuts, but he's perplexing because then he goes and makes cheesy shit like The Astronaut Farmer. What?

Muse Sick (2 out of 10 )
Very well-stated arguments, folks. I'm actually not embarrassed (as I often find myself when reading comments such as these online). At any rate, Halle's a good actress... not the best... but she's done some great work with very mediocre roles. Billy Bob is pretty good too. But the bottom line is that all actors take crappy roles at some point in their careers. I think it's inevitable, based on the nature of the industry. But you're right on point with how derivative and contrived this movie was. It was overtly gratuitous and a real blow to the image of black women (and Halle) in Hollywood and beyond.

anonymous (8 out of 10 )
She is a disgrace to black women and women in general for doing the scene and accepting an award for pornography - is that a talent - every woman can do that. They don't put it on film and shove it down the throat of America's movie going public. The scene was disgusting. Only sick perverted, hard up men got on watching that scene - Billy is gross - who the heck wants to see that. I'd rather watch dogs mating.

fattony (8 out of 10 )
Ok, there are people who only seem to focus on the things that make them uncomfortable in movies. If you really watched to movie, you would have known that she and Billy Bob Thornton's character were both just looking for something to distract them from the crap going on in their lives. She lost her son right after her husband was killed by the electric chair. This all happens while she is working so hard just to survive with her son. Billy Bob Thornton, who's own dad practically raised him to hate everyone, just watched his son kill himself right after he told his son that he hated him. What do you think the sex scene was for? At the end of the whole scene, they say to each other, "I needed you." They were emphasizing their desperation. Shalimar, you are sounding just as racist as the Father of Billy Bob in this movie. How else would you, on reflex, see a similarity between this sex scene and times of slavery. This wasn't rape, she, the black woman, wanted it, and I can bet that no sex between slaver and slave was consensual. And there were the real scenes that Halle Berry did great in that she won the award for. She made her part very real. I don't know about you, but I could feel what she was feeling when she screamed and cried when they pulled the blanket over her sons body to show that he was dead. You can go ahead and miss the whole movie and focus on the one thing that makes you upset, or you can grow up and focus on the big picture. This was a movie about how everywhere there is racism, hatred, fear, desperation, and people who hate everyone else, and in the middle of that these people who seemed to have no reason to live, found each other and with each other, survived the crap of the world.

truthteller (10 out of 10 )
There is a lot of controversy surrounding what she did. Fact is, it really don't matter if the scene is real or not, that's their own sin to own up for on judgment day. However, what it shows is to what extent the devil is using media and even 'actors' to spreed his word. So much that its something that we are beginning to accept. For you guys who think its cool, imagine it's your wife, will it still be so cool knowing the whole world knows what you have in public shame; telling you the complete geographic structure of your wife with 6 grid reference to every feature?! Knowing that you forcefully share with the whole world what is rightfully, only meant for you?! She has been stripped naked in the public eye, a scare that will never be removed for the rest of your life time together!!! Not so cool now huh; if it still is, then man you really got to get praying. For the girls, what will you tell your kids? When they come home burdened with tears invoked by bullies at school. Fancy Pamela Anderson? like to be in her shoes. Here is a good one, "it was just a movie, it's nothing real!" good luck with that when they come home pregnant saying "I just wanted to act like mommy in 'a movie'?!" Oh what shame; again if it's still cool then I suggest prayer for you too. What I really trying to put across is lets be less oblivious of the things happening around us and most importantly the time we are living in. this may sound old fashioned to most of you but, Jesus IS coming soon. God bless and take care.

Jazzman (1 out of 10 )
Some people will say it was just a movie. Well, mammys, coons and every other disgraceful thing we have ever done on film were "just movies" too--and this was as bad and sad as it gets. No other ethnic group in the world would stoop so low and be patted on the head so well for such trash. You can't get around that. On top of all that it was a just stupid and wretchedly dumb movie.

Latitudinarian (6 out of 10 )
Truthteller, not only do you beat your wife and not have sex with her on the plastic coated furniture in your pathetic one bedroom apartment, but you also view this movie like a doucher. Halle Berry is an actor. She acts. She is not responsible for teenage pregnancy. I pinky promise. And if Jesus IS coming soon, I am willing to bet that after abolishing world hunger and establishing world peace, he is going to rent Monsters Ball and marvel at what a great job he did in creating such a beautiful specimen in Halle Berry. p.s. I am just kidding about the beat your wife thing. You're definitely single.

Diane (3 out of 10 )
I just don't understand how any of you were able to keep watching beyond the first 5-10 minutes! The movies opens with blatant pornography (Heath Ledger getting two minutes of physical release from a buck naked bleach blonde prostitute), then disgusting racism from Billy Bob's screen daddy, then cut to a man apparently saying his final goodbyes to his family on death row? Oh my god... I had to turn it off at that point. Talk about contrived negative sh*t I just didn't need to watch any further.

Logan (6 out of 10 )
Monster's ball was a good movie. The sex scene appeared to be a scene between two consenting adults. The woman appeared to initiate it so I don't see how rape is referenced. Rape is a horrible crime. Yes, white slave masters most likely did rape slaves. And black men rape white women (women of all colors) in present times (as well as guys of other colors who do the same thing). So, the history of slavery is a very weak comment as it relates to the movie. Nowadays I hear a lot more of my black brothers keeping the racist terms alive. My family has black, white, indian, mexican and others in it and we don't look at the colors. We just look at the fact we are family. You can use history to prove many a point. Just depends on how far back one wants to go. Concentrate on making it better now and enjoy the freaking movie for what it is. Entertainment that you can either chose to or not to watch.

Tim (10 out of 10 )
This movie is about a woman who happens to be black, falling in love with a man who happens to be white. I have done this as will with E., she enjoyed it and requested again many times afterward. Yes the sex appears to be rough and we did not choose to make love in this manner, but Halle's character appears not to strongly resist. Again, her choice. Two people electing this form of lovemaking in the post-racist South relationship.

confused by u guys (10 out of 10 )
I don't really understand why that after watching this movie most of you either had something to say about racism or sex. I understand she is black and he is white but you GROWN people act like you have never heard or either seen a interracial couple. And its just sex! I know most of you have done it and if you were offered the roll you would also do it on a movie like halle. If not then ok but I'm not sure if you are being honest with yourself. It seems like most of you are just looking for the down parts in the movie. And some one please explain to me why out of all the actors in this movie 99. 9 percent of you have to say that halle is the bad one when billy bob agreed to play the roll of her sex partner? Well in all the movie was semi good and I think BOTH played there parts well and just because halle choose to play that part does not mean that all black women act like her that's like saying just because billy played her sexual partner all white men are like him.

Satan (10 out of 10 )
Personaly I liked this movie BBT's Character was Over it Son was Over it clearly over it everyone was just tied down with problems and little moments making them push on, cep't the old Wheelchair Hate Machine (Peter Boyle) had the hardest part in this movie because of Ignorant RETARDS who can't tell a movie from real life hated him afterwards it's people like YOU we don't need, I feel like rubbing one out hearing Halle Berry say Make me feel good I'm going to have her on my phone as a Text message now. Jesus was most likely an ARAB, Majority of Arabs are of Islam so why is Christianity in existance with so many Christians hating Islam Jesus was of Muslim Tribes his mother was raped by another tribe they covered it up with lies, "Black hating Whites" "White hating Blacks" YOUR ALL LIKE FAT PEOPLE can't TAKE ANY BIT OF CRITICISM AND BREAK DOWN GET ANGRY LASH OUT BECAUSE that's ALL YOU KNOW, WHO what's A CHOCOLATE VANILLA MILKSHAKE YOUR MUMS DO FAT ARSE MOTHERS WANT YOUR MACDONALDS. And really what's with this whole Slavery deal you So called African Americans go on about blah blah excuse after excuse, Every other Race on this planet has been enslaved due to ignorance aswell your not tied up in chains now and the people your accusing today had nothing to do with it sins of the FATHER bah another way to perpetuate your little ideas created by insane people who apparently spoke with God, I've met a man that spoke Directly to God once he live near a Bus Stop in a stormwater drain also believed Goblins and the police were trying to steal his teeth because they hold gods secrets.

Hindsight 2020 (2 out of 10 )
Indeed, movies are just movies, and the actors are paid to act in them, but often higher agendas are pushed forward by the rich, and unsuspecting individuals sell out the souls and perceptions of many. Such betrayal is often very subtle, and recognized solely by those who are hurt by it. Indeed, the characters consented to have sex in the movie. Likewise and Halle Berry consented to do the sex scene, but the black race doesn't have any opportunity to consent to the pain that this movie insights on the highest levels of spirituality and morality. The lengthy sex scene was drawn out in a very spiteful way. Sure sex can be beautiful, but it can also be very spiteful in ways that go under the radar of most people. Indeed, getting an oscar for a fantastic performance is great, but maybe it is not the performance that is so troubling to many blacks but the way the movie is scripted to spiritually demean blacks. Maybe we hoped that we would break the oscar barrier with an uplifting theme, as opposed to a shameful exposť. Maybe for some, giving Halle Berry the oscar serves to bandage the wound of a story that brought so much pleasure to the populous, yet the fact that she won an oscar for that role is just an insult to injury to the spirit of black people. I admit that this comment is not completely objective, as I am a spiritually minded black person who cares about large scale portrayals and perceptions on the big screen. If you are offended by these comments, than maybe your perceptions are molded by a different cultural experience. Hopefully you escape an ethnocentric view and consider the viewpoints of others, or you can relish to being oblivious to your fellow man's pain.

RealityCheck (1 out of 10 )
It's not just about her having sex with a white man that's making so many people angry. It's that she has BEEN a great actress and has BEEN in many other award-worthy films, and it's a little suspect that the one she does win an award for is the one she has to screw a white man in. Whether you like it or not racism still exists in its most obvious forms. I hated this movie just for that reason alone. I don't care about how good or bad the plot and storyline are, this was extraordinarily racist, contrived and insensitive to a group of people who have been through HELL in this country. White people "speak out" on slavery and racism because of guilt. I won't entertain empathize, your ancestors were devils, you have to live with the legacy that YOUR fathers and mothers created for you no one else, so live with it and stop trying to downplay it.

Horrified (1 out of 10 )
I was literally disgusted with this movie. It is an absolute shame to black people in america. When you really think about it, I mean really think about the premise of the sory you cannot help but be disgusted. They could have made the sex scenes romantic and loving but instead they chose to make porn, and when you think about it you understand why. Uhh this is why I hate white people.

Fisher (10 out of 10 )
Tall get over it. Halle was so outside of the normal roles she plays that it completely showed her versatility and besides this was an indie film first. They always win( most of the time) She kicked ass. Her accent was convincing. Should another blacktress prior to her deserve to win? Yes! But she didn't. So that's it. That's the reality Boom.

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"Monster's Ball" Script

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