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Rambo: First Blood II: The Mission Script

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   (8.18 out of 10)

  James Cameron


Script Date : December 1983

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User Comments for Rambo: First Blood II: The Mission

paras skye (10 out of 10 )
the film rambo 2 is the beginning for stallone to show that rambo is more than a broken man of war . stallone is rambo as much as rambo is stallone , rambo is the soul nature ofstallone . gods warrior is another way of seeing rambo a man who finds budhas in a jungle in vietnam who finds that his own people betray him hence why the rambo instinct of single mindedness is how rambo reflects himself in each situation. rambo is a man a soul who has been tortured in past life as well as this life hence why the back and shoulders are covered in scars which symbolises the past life and the chest which symbolises the future has just as many scars. rambo is a soul who is destined to transcend his past life karma of dependance on the outside world , hence why his first blood film reflects a mans journey / karma being shown to him that the futility of surviving in hostile territory as america considering the attitude of his own people left rambo in a no win situation of hunting the town until he had got his revenge on the police force and showing his true self. rambo the mission is the beginning of stallones new life as a freedom fighter without the attachment to material support or dependance on others as in the army or fellow soldiers hence why his army friend in first blood was killed by cancer. this is why rambo was put in a prison just to balance him so that he could find his stabilityof mind and emotion , thus the few years he spent on his own taught him about self reliance and the true nature of his own nature . when he gets the mission to vietnam naturally this is rambos final test as he rescues the pows naturaly this makes rambo realise that there is nothing left in america , for they still do not respect their own people even in a war zone . this leaves rambo in a position of being dependant on his own instincts and god . hence why rambo walks away from thailand into the jungles and meets monks who give him shelter so he can build a new life rambos life of hell in first blood was to give him the final understanding of letting go of the past physically and attaching to himself hence the mission in rambo 2 .

jesse (10 out of 10 )
Took the words right out of my mouth Skye, a great film and Stallone shows us why he is the money. Made before the days of CGI so there wasn't a lazy filmmaker within 500 miles of that shoot. Real choppers! Real muscles! Real stuntmen falling and exploding! The scene in which John's partner succumbs to her wounds and dies in his arms is one of the most powerful on film ever! When he hides in the mud slide and begins to take out the bad guys! It's like you can feel the rage and pain. Not many action films make you feel anything, this one has a clear good guy and clear bad guys. It's about a man who makes the right choice no matter the conseqences. A perfect role model and a perfect movie. Way underated by the mainstream. And hey, the line "to survive war, you must become war" is delivered so great that you will shudder at the scenes to follow and be riveted.

Zetto (10 out of 10 )
Great script, I loved it's a work of art by James Cameron. One of the best Rambo scripts so far. I agree perfectly with Jesse. Stallone's finest acting so far, and I love Trautman.

huskies (10 out of 10 )
I love the idea of making war with bow and arrows. The idea is genuinely brilliant. The prevalent mindset of the American military in the Vietnam war was to pit the mighty superiority of the American weapons and technology against the less equipped enemies. Lure the enemies into pitch battles and the American weapons would easily annihilate them. History tells us this mindset was wrong. Here is the chance for Rambo, the expert in the unconventional guerilla-styled warfare, to show how to fight the Cong correctly. Rambo's distrust in the high-tech stuffs is clearly evident from the beginning. He scoffs at the expensive gadgets. He hates the idea of desk-bound warriors, or what commonly called “the rear-echelon motherf**kers” by the grunts in Vietnam. He always thinks mind is the best weapon. He landed on the ground after a disastrous bailout from the plane with nothing more than a humongous knife, a bow and arrows. Stealth and speed are critical. Fight simple and ruthless. Noone is to be left behind. And this time, he fights on his own terms (“Will they let me win this time?”) and not by the rule of engagements dictated by politicians in Washinton. Rambo is the embodiment of all those elements. Sure, everyone knows the fighting is unreal and the idea of Rambo singlehandedly eludes hundreds of Congs and Russian special forces to bring back POWs is a pipe dream. Critics call it bombastic and ridicule it. But Rambo tries to give America an alternative to fight the unconventional warfare. He challenges the prevailing mood of the Americans that bringing back POWs is too costly and too difficult. For him, bringing back POWs at whatever costs is a matter of will, not accounting.

Tommy Charles (8 out of 10 )
I think that this script is brilliant. I wish they had gone with this script instead of the swill they did go with. They made rambo into a mindless killing machine, for which the franchise has received a great deal of critism. I guess they 'dumbed it down' for movie goers. Especially by exchanging the Vet hospital scene to the 'rock breaking' scene. Having him fall out of the plane in a random location was interesting, but IMO the resulting deletion of his partner was a mistake. Brewer complimented Rambo's professionalism and made him look a whole lot better. As it is, Rambo 2 is just a slasher movie with the hero as the slasher.

Goodfella (1 out of 10 )
Are you all kidding? Because I really hope so. This film is just awful, James Cameron is the worst movie-maker around (as I watched Titanic I felt as if I was losing 3 hours of my life I could never get back). This script actually won the golden raspberry for worst screenplay when it came out. But it is Stallone's finest acting, it's his only performance not to win a RAZZIE!

peter avery (7 out of 10 )
Just read the script of rambo, part 2. Nothing like the film at all. I can understand the script changes from this draft to the shooting draft. One thing I picked up from reading the script is that rambo has a lot of lines. He is a man of action, not words. It surprises me that someone like james cameron has completely gone against the rambo image and made him into an interlect. And I don't mean that in a bad way. Rambo is a loner, and saddle him up with a "bubby" was never going to work. I like the movie, it is action packed and stallone is convincing again as rambo. I'm glad they changed the script. I get the feeling the movie would have tanked if this draft made it to the screen.

Big Black Balls (10 out of 10 )
Wrong. Stallone's shitty REWRITE of this excellent action script won a Golden Raspberry, full of patriotic bilge. Cameron had nothing to do with this film apart from this early script, and if he had directed THIS script it would have been one of the finest action movies ever made, because he's the best of the best. Stallone's monosyllabic 'acting' was GARBAGE; he should have been awarded the golden turkey, never mind the golden raspberry.

Tim kaiser (6 out of 10 )
I think the Stallone re-write is the better script. The new characters (Brewer and De Favrio among others) add nothing to the script. The ending is good. Co's death is good. The opening in the psychiatric hospital is okay. Cameron humanizes some of the Vietnamese soldiers so that they're not all just random cannon fodder. But I think the patriotic messages in Rambo 2 are what made that movie. The final fight against the Russian helicopter works better in the Rambo 2 script. Maybe some stuff other stuff would've been better if this movie was made but we'll never know.

AN (10 out of 10 )
This script is a draft written by James Cameron before the release of his first "real" feature film: The Terminator (Piranha II: The Spawning, was more a movie by its producer, Cameron just work 15 days on it before being sacked but his name remain because of different reasons). The Terminator was in production but, they have to wait until Schwarzenegger was free of commitment before start shooting. Cameron ask his agent to find him writing work in the meantime, and he wrote simultaneously this script and a draft for a sequel of Ridley Scott's movie "Alien" (which is the script that will become Aliens couple of years later directed by Cameron himself). This script of course has been re-written by Stalone to become the movie that we all know today. This script is interesting on many point, even if the movie differ from it, the overall idea (looking for Americans still prisoner in Vietnam) remains, the "action" part of the movie also are mainly Cameron's idea, the political part comes more from Stalone. Some of the ideas that haven't been used have been re-utilized in Cameron's other movie such as the mental hospital part (which made his way in Terminator II). This was more like an "exercise" for Cameron in those days, a statement for the studios that is here, in business, and that they can count on him. At that time, once again, he was not the big deal he is today. And since he was not involved in making this sequel to "First blood" he has no problem with the re-write and never complained or try to erase his name from the credit. In the end I would not say that the "Stalone" vision of the movie was in a over-patriotic way, I see it more like anti-establishment (CIA/government people= bad because they try to hide the truth bla bla bla), Rambo III on that point is way way worse.

Joel Champ (8 out of 10 )
James Cameron wrote the first draft which they didn't really use, Stallone didn't like the direction of it.

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"Rambo: First Blood II: The Mission" Script

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