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Shrek Script

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   (10.00 out of 10)

  William Steig
  Ted Elliott


Movie Release Date : May 2001

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User Comments for Shrek

Dead J. (10 out of 10 )
Very very nice!! I Love IT! Cooll!

ashleigh (10 out of 10 )
Love it! I love you Eddie Murphy.

danny (10 out of 10 )
I love the film I will give it ten.

Vikucha (10 out of 10 )
Awesome movie! Though I prefer the second one. Anyway I LOVED the movie, one of the funniest. Finally a movie with humour and sense!

Missy (10 out of 10 )
I love 'Shrek' and this script is very good! Now I'm waiting for the second movie script :D

milan (10 out of 10 )
Fantastic! I really liked it. I like Fiona because she is a good fighter and I like Donkey he is so funny!

karlos spencer (10 out of 10 )
It was a great movie. Eddie Murphy as donkey was the perfect choice. Excellent, it was really funny!

zoe (10 out of 10 )
Shrek is my favorite movie, I love it. It's very well written and I can't help but to love all the characters, especially donkey!

kitty (10 out of 10 )
Shrek, I can not get enough of it. I love it to death. I watch it as much as I can. I mostly like Donkey because of his heroic qualities. I think I am Donkey because he is funny and so am I!

parham (10 out of 10 )
Excellent work.

Meeee (10 out of 10 )
This movie rocks! Donkey is my favourite character because he's really funny. I especially like the part where Donkey and Shrek were talking about onions and cakes. Totally hilarious!

AJ (10 out of 10 )
This movie was really great. Although I am a big fan of Disney and this movie bashed it a bit, I still think this was excellent work. There should be more movies like this!

Sayuri Chan (10 out of 10 )
I really liked this movie a lot. My only problem was that it was gross in some parts but very funny. I like Cameron Diaz, Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy so seeing, or rather hearing them in a movie was great. So, I'm giving it a 10/10 because I think the actors were excellent, besides some of the crude humor.

Shannen (10 out of 10 )
This is a great movie. I love it and I know every word to it, it is awesome.

VossMan (10 out of 10 )
I thought the movie was solid throughout and they didn't forget the adult who takes their kid to the movies. It was a fantastic ALL ROUND film and it covered from joy to sorrow so easily and took you on the wonderful ride. All the characters are excellent. It's fantastic to see a film where every character fulfills you in it's own way. I'd love it if these guys did their own version of Pinocchio coz he's my favourite character from the film. It'd be an awesome movie if they did a version of it.

Scotughj (10 out of 10 )
Was the greatet movie I ever saw!

Freya (10 out of 10 )
The movie was brill. Wonderfully funny and cool, my favorite is Donkey.

omkar (10 out of 10 )
This movie was excellent! Eddy Murphy was excellent in this and as mushu from mulan, although I have not seen the whole thing. I wonder what's going to happen in shrek 3.

ANTONIO MAGGIO (10 out of 10 )
Fantastic screenplay and excellent humour. I relaxed very much because this movie is the expression of the magic of words and colours. I'm studying its script in order to learn a lot of english expressions as I'm italian and I study english. Everybody who worked for this movie is a genius.

Rhino (10 out of 10 )
I've seen all the Shrek movies and I love them. I laugh at the jokes everytime, it never gets tiresome. The songs are amzaing-especially on the credits of Shrek. Relly relaxing. Must have watched it over 20 times. I know every word and every expression. One for all the family.

lulu (10 out of 10 )
I love these movies, they're really funny and the first has to be my favorite but I love them all. Overall some of the bets movies I've ever seen.

shrekslover (10 out of 10 )
Shrek is the single greatest piece of cinema I have ever seen. Shrek, like an onion, has so many layers that hit home to me and platypus. I have seen this movie 6969 times. Donkeys silly antics awoke something in me I thought I lost in 97. To all my Shrek lovers, happy kwanzaa.

Sgt. Pepper 420 (10 out of 10 )
Memes aside, this movie truly is an animated classic, what with it's timeless messages and great characters. Jokes still slap even in 2020, and overall I had a good time watching.

Brit Brit (10 out of 10 )
I loveeee Shrek. I swear I have the biggest crush on him. UGHHH he is so hot. I love Fiona, she is the most powerful princess. Donkey is by far the best character he is very funny.

buffy (10 out of 10 )
I love Shrek! No one can top him. I want to find my shrek to my Fiona! I love their relationship, they are gaols. I would turn ugly just for him. My true love Shrek.

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"Shrek" Script

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