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Twilight Script

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  Melissa Rosenberg


Script Date : February 2008
Movie Release Date : November 2008

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User Comments for Twilight

Toasty (8 out of 10 )
I personally think that the movie was FANTASTIC! But if you are comparing the book to the movie, the movie was a bad representation of the book. As a movie itself the movie was terrific - but as a representation of the book it was horrible. There were some parts that were added of course and some parts that were left out that I really wanted to see. The baseball scene was terrific BUT I know they can't do everything like the book. OVERALL the book and movie were great SEPARATELY.

Libby (10 out of 10 )
Twilight is amazing! And I actually can't get over it, I feel drawn to the movie and books. It's made me want to be an actress. This might sound weird but I now am into vampires! I have posters all over my room, and trust me I'm not the sort of girl to do that. I just think that Edward is amazing and it would be mint to meet him, but I live in Christchurch haha.

Jen (10 out of 10 )
I LOVE twilight, the BEST movie I've ever watched so far! In one week of watching it I got all the books, the DVD, the twilight soundtrack as well as a book about Rob Pattinson. I am a HUGE fan! They did a great job! But I agree, I wish the movie was more like the book. The book was much more romantic.

Michelle (6 out of 10 )
No. Just a big no. I know the movie was made on a smaller budget but still no excuse for horrible lines. "This is the skin of a killer!" Please tell me I'm not the only person that found this line outrageously funny during what was supposed to be one of the most serious and pivotel moments of series? I give this movie a 6 and thats only because Jackson, Kellan and the humans made the movie worth watching.

Pixie (1 out of 10 )
Twilight is just an awful movie, and it's not because I dislike the fandom. Movie's based on books are required to be up to par with some sort or standard, and I for one don't think that twilight was anything like the book (the book had poor plot and character develpoment to begin with). I honestly can say it's one of the worst things I've ever seen. The plot is bland, the characters are the best example of a lacking mary-sue and I for one don't see why I spent my money going to see this horrid film. The acting was, just horrible, as was the casting. I don't know why or how this movie made so much money, but I believe it has to do with the already budding fandom that has preteen girls all in a mess. The book is poorly written and lacks plot and the movie is a sure reflection of that. I wish I could un-see it. Fangirls might have a different opinion on this, but I ask you, if Edward wasn't 'hot' (he's not at all, greasy ugh...) would you still like the movie? Or the other team whatever characters, Jacob or whatever his name was. I'm just saying that the plot could have been, well decent, and not the trash that it was. I strongly suggest you vampire fangirls to watch Nosferatu, as Count Orlok is a prime example of a great vampire film. Twilight, I'm sorry, but there's no place for you in my movie loving heart. I'm sorry, but there's only so much mary-sue one can take and Harry Potter's girlfriend is the only kind of mary-sue I can handle. Twilight, you can continue to be teenage girls' fantasies, but you cannot be a good movie.

Alex (4 out of 10 )
Twilight was an awfully scripted movie and visually a pain to watch. I have not read the book but from the comments that have been posted reading the book would have only added to my misery as it did not follow the book's plot as a fan of the series would have anticipated. The actors did the best with the monstrosity of a tween film script they were given and towards the end, notably after a certain character is triumphed over, the script becomes tolerable. I would say that overall the film sucked because it seemed as every fiber of the movie was directed at portraying the struggles of teen relationships, especially one involving supernatural powers, and the dynamic of being in a small town to such a nauseating point when the movie got really gimmicky. The movie is intended for tween and teen audiences who might not know or care about the aspects that make a movie at least decent. However, for those who do pay attention to such detail it made me wish I was a vampire so that I could end the pain of watching this movie and the memories of it by exposing my flesh to sunlight and dying or expose my true identity to a village in southeast Texas and have them drive a knife in my heart of burn me or something.

EW (1 out of 10 )
To tell you the truth, this is just another teen cult. First of all, the book really wasn't that great. I ventured to read it and found the literature to be terrible. No one really puts interest into the quality of the book, I'm guessing. The book was just another dull fantasy read, and only preteens love the movie because of Robert Pattinson. He's all the sudden a decided God. I think he's quite strange and bland, everything about him being dry and boring. Plus, the message isn't appropriate. It says to young girls, hey, let's be sluts for random vampires and devote our life to them instead of choosing a solid career and taking interest in our future! Bella will probably end up with three kids in a trailer home in Ohio. The movie is choppy and awkward, with bad timing. I hope this Twilight rage will pass, it's making me sick. Well, at least teens are actually reading, although they're reading garbage. Whatever happened to real books? Gone With The Wind? Anne of Green Gables? C'mon!

Kaya (10 out of 10 )
I LOVE twilight, it's an amazing movie, after I have watched it I feel depressed because it's such an amazing love story, and it makes me think that I want it to happen to me, I want to be a vampire now, and marry edward cullen, he is so romantic, and to be honest I think robert pattison was the perfect role for Edward's part, because he is so gorgeous! I can't wait for the next film to come out. Stephanie Meyer, you're a fantastic writer with a brilliant imagination.

aussie_sheila (10 out of 10 )
Twilight was perfect. They couldn't really fit the whole book into a movie so I was really shocked about how much was left out. But when I went to see it I was extremely bewdy! And after, I went to the barossa near the lifts by the chemist’s with my mates Tasha, Aden, Cadence, Abbey, and Austin. There were some hoons there but no worries we left and saw Twilight again.

sugar vampire (10 out of 10 )
I agree with Libby. I just can't get over the books. My heart aches at times and the only thing that can make it better is putting one of the books over it. I so wish that it was real! :{ I broke down crying at aftercare because it wasn't. I love vampires and if they were real, I would hunt down the Cullens, and ask Carlisle to change me.

Nikita (10 out of 10 )
For over half a year people told me to read the books and watch the movie, I didn't understand why. I didn't see much media attention for either of them in my country (the Netherlands) or maybe I somehow missed but I doubt that as I always been a vampire lover (sounds bad). But not long ago someone pointed me to the site of Graboid and I took a one month free membership couldn't think of any movie so I choose Twilight. It's Saturday today last Tuesday I bought the first book and picked up the 2nd from the library and read them in one day in that same day I also read the manuscript of Midnight of the Sun (book 1 from Edwards point of view) a day later I bought Eclipse and read it and today I went out and bought Breaking dawn, in English because a Dutch copy isn't available yet, tried to get the DVD but isn't released here. So I think it's safe to say that both the movie and the books grabbed hold of me. Sure the movie made some changes if you did everything the book described it would be a 5 hour long movie, I would have gladly sat it out but doubt many would. Generally I wont even watch a movie when I have seen the movie and vice versa in this case I cant wait for either one of them. For over a decade I have been toying with the idea of writing a book or even a movie, today I started with the background of my main character, Twilight and Stephenie Meyer inspired me, better try and not succeed then never try at all. I am an action/thriller movie kind of girl and Twilight is mostly about love, trust and hope but it grabbed me and never let go. Go watch it if ya haven't already and read the books.

Wade (1 out of 10 )
Regardless of how much you like this movie, it NEVER deserves a place above Pulp Fiction, Pulp Fiction is timeless, it will always be seen as one of the best gangster movies of all time, this is a crap vampire movie with a mediocre love story, let's see how many people remember this in 20 or 30 years? I'm gonna say not very many people, honestly.

Solo (10 out of 10 )
Excellent film, spectacular book. I've been an actor for 11 years and during that time I've always watched movies 2 or 3 times minimum. Once for the enjoyment of the film and story. The second time I watch a film it is for the acting and I dissect the acting. The third, if there is a third, I break down the technical parts of the movie. I've seen this movie well over 20 times and on each category I rate it a 10.

Ashleigh (10 out of 10 )
Oh my god I love the movie so much especially Edward he is so cute and I love Alice's hair, it's a well good style. I love the people who they chose as the characters, they acted great especially Kristen Stewart - she was amazing. I can't wait for new moon to come out.

Alli (6 out of 10 )
I think that they could've done a better job with the movie. In the book they gradually fell in a love but in the movie they take one look at each other and are immediately in love. The book is 100 times better than the movie. I hope New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn are going to be true to the books. I also hope Stephenie Meyer continues to write Midnight Sun! I'm a true Twilight Saga fan, and to all of you "Twilight- bandwaggoners" sucks to you all for just reading the books because the movie came out. I've been a fan of Twilight since 2005, and nobody even knew what the books were.

Denny (3 out of 10 )
And now a review for someone that is not a fan of the Twilight book series or the movie. The movie as with the book I really tried to like it and give it a fair unbiased read/view but I couldn't even make it half way through either. Everything from the acting to the overall story was very below average even in this day and age when it seems like we are returning to the Hollywood view that it doesn't need to be good it just has to be on my desk in a week. As for my comparison to the overall history of cinema I really don't even have to say it you can guess my thoughts. But I will give this 3/10 because I have seen much worse sadly.

Kiesten (10 out of 10 )
This is one of the best movies ever made. I read all the books like two weeks after I read the movie. The Movie is GREAT but is a HORRIBLE representation of the book. The Book is way more romantic and just overall better. Catherine Hardewicke did a bad job, but I think for new moon the new director Chris has done much better (seen Comic-Con clips & the trailer). Bottom line, I love this movie.

Johnny (3 out of 10 )
I really don't get the whole Twilight phenomenon. And don't say 'oh, that's just because you're a guy...', because I'm actually very open minded. All the books (and the film) make a huge deal over little things. It's not a very creative or well thought out story. I read the script to se if it was ANY better than the book or film. It was not. So again, I don't know why people are so obsessed with these books and this really very mediocre movie, but obviously obsession has clouded their judgement.

Cheyenne (10 out of 10 )
I loved the movie and the book, but I thought the book was better because it had more detail and romance in it. All the actors did a great job playing their parts especially kristen stewart and robert pattinson. After I saw the movie it made me want to start acting so I am hoping I can try out for breaking dawn and play one of the vampires.

morgan (10 out of 10 )
I just want to say that Twilight is one of the best movies I have ever seen, and I'm so excited for New Moon! It is going to be amazing!!!! (no joke!) I have read the books about 8 times each and I'm reading New Moon again, now! I have an awesome problem.. when you're reading the books, do you kind of "feel" what Bella feels? Like When James bit her, and she was writhing in pain.. from my finger tips to my mid-arm, was burning and felt sore! It hurt so bad I was about to cry. I don't know if anyone else has felt that, but man, am I freaked. It happens every time.

Kneevuh (1 out of 10 )
Alright, the movie and the movie script sucked. Both could have been so much better, that it's ridiculous. My friends and I went to the premiere and I'm sad to say, it was dreadful to watch. Not only was it the frustrating humor of a romance story but also the completely ridiculous actors that portrayed Stephanie's characters. The whole thing could have been made perfect, by all means, without the scriptwriter, director, and the cast director that was chosen for Twilight's production. I loved the books, but again, the movie was horrible.

B (3 out of 10 )
...No... I felt my brain being eaten as I watched this movie and the ONLY reason I saw it was because I have friend whose in it...for all of 15 seconds. **hangs head in shame** I suppose if the love affair was a little more realistic but...that's not saying much.

KO (8 out of 10 )
I love Stephenie Meyers series and enjoyed the movie as well. I could watch it everyday, however, instead of trying to keep it within the 90 minute mark I wish they would have used more from the book. I especially love that parts where you learn more about the Cullen family, especially the coincidental relationship between James and Alice. To me the blossoming love between Edward and Bella was so much stronger in the book, I jsut wish more time was spent on that rather than unnecessary scenes that were added into the movie (ie. scene at Bella's house in the kitchen--what was the point in that?)

Beth (3 out of 10 )
This is an blog quote by my sister that I whole heartedly agree with. "I can't tell you how amazed, no, shocked, I am that people out there love the movie! People LOVE it!!! I watched the midnight showing the day it came out. I was excited to see it, though a bit apprehensive too since the previews looked a bit 'iffy' to me. Within the first 10 minutes I felt like either laughing or crying at how BAD it was! I felt a tinge of embarrassment and by the time it was over the only adjective I could give it was 'painful'. There were a couple of places I liked, I'll admit...or maybe a few. But all in all...can the acting get any worse? 1-Edward is supposed to be 'perfect', 'beautiful' and sorry, but that guy they got to play Edward is only handsome at certain angles and always has a brooding face. 2- The gal they got to play Bella...oh darn, don't get me started. She looks like she'd be okay, but then she acts...or should I say...she doesn't!!! She's got no expression, she mumbles or something, she's bland and boring and has a deep voice that could be a boy or a girl when listened to. The only time she 'acts' is at the end in the hospital and it's so bad I want her to go back to being bland again, thank you very much. (not to mention the nasal canula that keeps sticking her in the eye!) ah! 3-what's with the blue-ish hughe coloring all the through the movie!? 4- The music...the strange metallic music playing several times in the movie is all out WHAT!? 5- The writing...yeah, some of it is straight from the book, fine, but oh, man! Cheesy! Not everywhere, but in a lot of places. 6- The camera was out of CONTROL....I got dizzy with both showings and just had to look down until those parts were over! ah! Okay, so I thought with all the great reviews it got that I must have been sleepy that night or something and overly critical, so I watched it again...this time in my cozy house, completely awake and ready for it with all my that I knew what to expect I was ready to watch it. Andy joined me (a bit reluctantly, but he's a great husband so of course he saw it with me). Well, it was a tad better, I'll admit. It wasn't AS painful because I knew what to expect. But it still wasn't nearly what I keep hearing from adoring's not a great movie. It's not a good movie. It's not a movie that's any more (to me) than humorously entertaining."

Book fan, movie hater (4 out of 10 )
Ughh... That's the only sane and polite reaction my mind can garner after enduring that pot of cold rubbish. Being a total fan of the hard copies, the AV version royally sucked. Anyone who watched just the movie wouldn't want to read the book because the movie is bizarre, and those who (like me) have read and re-read the books and then proceeded to watch the movie were very sadly disappointed! The casting was almost perfect (barring Rosalie.. Nikki Reed was too out of shape to play the slim and perfect Rose). Rob, Kristen and Taylor are amazing actors, and it's sorry to see that Catherine Hardwicke hasn't done their acting talents justice with this mish-mash of sorts. Also, the script ruined almost everything for Summit. How could such drastic changes be allowed? Didn't Summit learn from HP how to stick to the book as far as possible to make the screen version a success?? After all, the crowds only swarm in hoards because of their liking for what's on paper! All in all, a very poor representation of very well thought of and written books. The inked black and white surely claimed the interest of readers far better than the on screen mumbo-jumbo.

Midori (8 out of 10 )
You really can't compare the book to the movie. The book was so much better! The blood typing in the book was eliminated in the movie. Also, I believe that the movie was rushed a bit.. you don't actually see Bella and Edward falling in love in the movie, like you do in the book. In the movie, it was like "presto" they're in love. At least in the book there were intimate moments that led to their falling in love. I guess due to budgetary shortfalls, the movie suffered.

Dillion (7 out of 10 )
I first saw Twilight (before reading the amazing book) and I really liked it. The book was better for me. I thought some little details were needed in the movie, and they just weren't. Sorry!

serena (9 out of 10 )
I'll be honest, I really liked Twilight. Like a lot of people first I thought that it will be another annoyed, stupid movie. I never read the book and I don't think start doing it now,of course I can understand that a movie will never be the same like a book, when you read a book you have the freedom of imagine things, scenes maybe even the way that the characters feels, but in the movies itīs a little more hard, just like you see a script before listening going out from some actor's mouth in the screen, it's not the same, you imagination is limited. But going back why I enjoyed this well, first at all, I'm one of those persons who takes a lot consideration and care to the soundtracks. And in this movie all the songs were just perfect. Every song you listen marked the essence of scene, the photography, the color of the screen was great too, who bothers me and I found it lost and unnecessary was that guy Jacob, I don't know WTF he was he doing there, maybe in the second part he will do something. Another thing I loved was the way they showed the "falling in love" part was very kind of metaphorical, scary but sweet at the same time. I just loved I wish I could say more but I'm gonna wait the second part of the movie to share my opinion with you.

Han (total twilight fan) (10 out of 10 )
When I first saw the movie (after reading the totally amazing books of course) I understood it all! It made me go TOTALLY TWILIGHT BONKERZ!

amandaTaylor x (6 out of 10 )
Twilight the movie was OK, unfortunately it was nothing like the books which was a bit disappointing. If it was like the books then the movie would have been amazing. It annoys me that teenage girls that drool over robert pattinson only watch twilight because he plays the part of edward cullen, you watch the film because you like it. Not because the lead role is played by "Rpatz", don't get me wrong he's a good looking man but c'mon grow up! All in all I give the movie & script a 6, my reasons for that is, the music that catherin chose was good, the casting I suppose was good, but the downfall was- it could have been more like the romantic and descriptive book in my opinion.

casey (10 out of 10 )
Twilight is the best film in the world. The best actors/actresses as well. I am the biggest fan in the world I am going to personally meet the whole cast of twilight.

yazzi (10 out of 10 )
Whoever said it was horrible, I hate you! It was the best movie ever, same as new moon. I love the books. I have your t- shirts and everything. I love edwar d (robert pattinson), jacob (taylor lautner), and bella (kristen stewert) I loved it!

Nicky (10 out of 10 )
I'm not a young teen, I'm a mum with three children and I absolutely loved it. Can't wait for eclipse.

Mensenn (6 out of 10 )
I give the movie a 6. There are a number of reasons why. Firstly, THE BAD:- Acting: Sometimes, it was good, other times, it had me cringing, especially the scene where Bella leaves Charlie. That could've been SO much better. I don't know WHAT the hell Hardwicke was thinking when she was directing that scene. -Visual Mis-Wonders: Firstly, I read the book, and in it, I read that the vampires have golden eyes (well, the Cullens, at least, anyway). When I saw the movie, I couldn't see the golden until the shot was an extreme closeup of the eyes. Every other scene, the gold was so obscured it looked black. I think they did a MUCH better job with that in "New Moon." Then, there's the actual Special FX. First of all, the wirework was unimpressive and cheesy looking, it really looked like the actor was being hoisted along by a wire rather than jumping twenty feet in the air of their own accord (that was just an example). Then, there's vampire speed. WAY too much slow motion for my tastes. Where's the feel of walking twenty miles an hour? And if not at twenty miles per hour, what about gracefully? And then it wasn't fast enough for my tastes when it wasn't slow motion. -Looks(Makeup/Wardrobe, etc.): First off, the vampires are supposed to be PALE looking. When they first walked into the cafeteria, they looked- ORDINARY. I remember going what?. in my head at that moment. And then when I saw Alice, I remember think, "Yeesh. She looks too OLD." But, there are things in THE GOOD: -Cinematography: There were some scenes that. Just. Were so. BEAUTIFUL. Breathtaking aerial shots, well thought-out camera angles, and brilliant editing (some slow motion shots I did like). I found it just lovely. -Script: The Script stayed very true to the book, it kept the important aspects of the novel in line, in check, and though some things were changed, taken out, or added to the story, it worked. -Chemistry: Oh yes, Kristen and Rob certainly had it working to their advantage here. You could feel the tension and emotions when they kissed, when they were together. -SOUNDTRACK/SCORE: UGH. I could go on FOREVER about the Soundtrack, and more importantly, the SCORE for this film. I love it. Carter Burwell's Compositions really, really fit the piece, the really got the feelings over well to the audience, especially with Bella's Lullaby. Tribal drums when Bella is on the beach with Jacob and he's telling her the Quileute Legend of the cold ones, the distorted guitar sounds for James and his coven of nomads, and the eerie female voice in the ballet studio- GAH. I could go on forever, but I really don't want to waste anyone's time.

me xx (10 out of 10 )
Wow twilight is the best and for all you twihards out there! I love it so much- team jacob xx.

Kevin (6 out of 10 )
At first, I didn't know what twilight was when it first came out. I was 5 at that time. Well 5 years later my older sister finished the first and then she borrowed the next 3 books. Then I borrowed the first book from my other sister. At the end, I didn't really know what it was really about. Was it about Bella falling in love with the vampire boy Edward or a bad vampire coming after Bella. So I aggre with some people but atleast it was worth it. I'm planning on reading the second soon. I've really only read the first two chapters. My rate is based on the book not the movie.

DakoTre (1 out of 10 )
I read the first ten pages and wanted to carve my brain out. This is some of the worst tripe I've ever read in a produced screenplay. The dialogue is laughably cliche and it's coupled with ghastly pretentious melodramatic nonsense: ("But as Rene hugs Bella, we see the truth on BELLA'S FACE dread, doubt, regret. Off Bella, struggling to keep her facade up as she climbs into the back seat of the car."). Additionally characters are as one-dimensional as a cardboard cutout and they tell instead of show in the action lines. You'd have to be a lobotomized orangutan to like this merde.

twilight sucks (1 out of 10 )
I'd rather burrow my face in a skunks ass than watch this movie ever again. All of you preteen girls who rate this thing at anything above a 2 need to start getting a life and move on from this crap that you call a movie. This movie is hysterically awful, and going to see it in theaters was without a doubt one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I went into this not knowing anything about the books or what it was about, and within ten minutes, I found out quickly that I had made a huge mistake, and I was mortified to be sitting there in the theater watching it. I decided to make the best of a bad situation and I began watching this as a comedy- laughing out loud at the embarrassing, god-awful dialog and the razzie worthy performances. Kristen Stewart reminds of Keanu Reeves- her expression never changes and she shows no passion in the part that she is playing. She just talks her way through the scenes, hoping that Robert Pattinson's presence will allow the scene to get by. The two main characters end up because they are good looking, not because of any chemistry between them or some riveting story that brings them together. This movie is nothing more than showing off how good looking these actors are. It's 100% hair, makeup, and dramatic looks, and 0% effort in acting. All this movie needs to solidify the preteens obsession are cameos from the Jonas brothers and Justin Bieber. Seriously, all you brainwashed twelve year old girls who bounce up and down in your seats with uncontrollable excitement when you see two characters leaning in to kiss for the first time are going to grow up one day and regret obsessing over this stale, limp, dull piece of crap. I remember being amazed when I saw the star wars prequels because I was 13 at the time. Now that I've matured and have discovered what actually makes a good film, I can look back and regret the obsession I felt when watching those movies. I wish I could rate twilight below a zero, but I guess I'll just have to settle for a 1, which is more than it deserves. I think deep down, most of these girls know that the story and the characters are terrible but don't want to admit it because they only want to obsess over how good looking the actors are. If that's the case, go out and buy one of the fifty different magazines on the shelf that are packed full of pictures of these untalented people, showing off the same dramatic expressions that they show in the movie and then write your own quotations above them- and you'll have a movie that's probably more creative than this abomination. This horrendous piece of crap is an embarrassment to humanity. It shows just how stupid the people of this world are becoming.

lulu (9 out of 10 )
Love this movie but I don't get the whole biting thing that's going around, it's stupid and idiotic and people will see that when somebody gets seriously hurt. Twilight is an awesome movie no matter what any idiot says, you have your comments and I have mine and I'm sure if you asked around people would agree and not only preteen girls like this movie. I bet all these actors are better looking than you(twilight sucks who by the way is an embarrassment to humanity).

Emily (10 out of 10 )
Twilight was the best movie in the world. I even became addicted to it. I love it so much. I've even started to get really fast and I was pretty slow, I've gotten amazingly strong+ I'm starting to sparkle in the sun. It's really weird but awesome.

katie (10 out of 10 )
The twilight book is awesome. I love it. I definitely recommend it to anybody. The movie is so cool it makes me love the book that much more.

Lauren (7 out of 10 )
Well I think that the books are better than the movies. But I have to say, I still like the movies. I mean summit Entertainment made Twilight and it's a very crappy movie thing. But they get better as they go, but I do think Eclipse was not all that great, I mean the wolves in new moon were way better. But I'm still a fan. I'll just be a book fan if BD is crappy. Oh and TEAM EDWARD 4-EVA.

Aniah (2 out of 10 )
I would like Twilight if it had better main actors/actresses, plot, dialogue, and characters. Kristen Stewart is a stiff, dull woman who, frankly, needs to get a different job. I've seen a few of her movies, and in each of them I literally cringe every time she speaks. It's so wooden and impersonal. Robert Pattinson is alright, I suppose. As is Taylor Lautner, but their performances leave much to be desired. What I really can't stand, however, are the fans of this franchise. The preteens who only like this stuff because of Pattinson's and Lautner's 'good looks'. It's infuriating. Especially when idiots start believing that they've "gotten faster", become "amazingly strong", and are "starting to sparkle in the sun" (Emily). Get real. You're fooling yourself. As for the plot; A creepy girl's choice between necrophilia and beastiality. Wow. That's disturbing. The dialogue is too over-thought and the writer tried to be too "creative" with it. I would like this movie if it was completely different, basically.

ezme (7 out of 10 )
Look, it certainly wasn't bad like some pretentious idiots on here are making out (but then pretentious idiots always make out badly I seem to recall ho-ho) i.e. It's popular amongst teens therefore it must be BAD BAD BAD. It's beautifully shot and captures the genuine tension between the stars well. It's cheesy in a modern and appropriate way. And hell it is way more faithful to the book then many, many other movies are to theirs. Books are books and movies are movies people. And the haters can just slide right back up inside themselves like snails and stay there until they stop being so predictable and vacuous.

LaurennJ (10 out of 10 )
I love twilight, so much, can't wait until breaking dawn. Team Edward!

Cookie (10 out of 10 )
I think Twilight was a great book and a wonderful movie, no matter how many times people say it has a "poor plot" I mean really? Why are you hating on the books? Obviously they must be good to be getting teachers, teens, adults, just about anyone from any gender to any age becoming a twilight fan. Seriously this movie was wonderful and so was the book!

potterfan (1 out of 10 )
Personally I think that twilight is a hyped up love movie that portrays a truly horrible creature as sweet, nice and not evil. I am a true harry potter fan and I think it has a stupid plot and Robert Pattinson (or whatever) was best in harry potter.

twiheart (10 out of 10 )
Twilight is the best movie & I wish they had put some scenes from the books into the movie. That would have been perfect. Anyway I loved it. Made me think of becoming an actress. No joke. Personally Cathy and Mellisa did a great job. Steph you are the best. Wish I could write like you. Right now I'm re-reading the series for the 4th time. I'm reading eclipse- the instructions chapter. Oohh I also love the host. Got a copy. I really wish to be in that movie.

melanie93 (2 out of 10 )
This movie disappointed me even worse than My Sister's Keeper. Because My Sister's Keeper strayed away from the book pretty dang badly, but at least there is somewhat decent acting in it. Twilight was not only ALL WRONG but most of the actors they chose were horrible. Taylor Lautner was decent and he was how I pictured Jacob. Robert Pattinson is an ok actor but the farthest thing from beautiful and perfect [Though he was cuter back when he was Cedric on Harry Potter 4]. Kristen Stewart LOOKS like I imagined Bella but she couldn't act if her life depended on it. These were AMAZING books. The only really thick books I've ever reread, other than the last Harry Potter. So the movies should really do them more justice. Sorry, but anyone who has read the books and yet still likes the movies is a moron who obviously didn't pay much attention to what was actually written in the books.

twilight fan (10 out of 10 )
Twilight is the best film I have ever watched and I have watched a million movies and I still think it is amazing so if you are going to say anything bad about twilight keep it to yourself.

traci williams (10 out of 10 )
This movie was awesome and so was breaking dawn part 1. It still scared the heck of me when I saw Bella's eyes open and she was a vampire. Renesmee is so cute. All fans out there guess what Jacob is hotter than ever in breaking dawn. And he cries when Bella almost dies, he thought she was dead.

Brookelle (10 out of 10 )
I love this movie. It's my favorite out of all 4! All the other twilight movies are just drama! There's nothing better than the original.

"Twilight" Script

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