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Village, The Script

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   (7.83 out of 10)

  M. Night Shyamalan


Movie Release Date : July 2004

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User Comments for Village, The

catherine (9 out of 10 )
the movie rocked but the ending sucked what wimps to run away from life

chris (9 out of 10 )
this movie reminds me of a place were our parents would like to keep us,and maybe a place we'd like to keep our kids.The ending is justified, the fairytale is yours to choose.

Marchpane (5 out of 10 )
Extremely promising throughout the beginning and the middle of the film with enough fascinating elements to keep the audience hooked. however ending is extremely disappointing, simultaneously illogical and extremely pointless. The director tries very hard to surprise the audience with a twisted ending - so hard, in fact, that it is no longer surprising, but instead somewhat absurd.

chrisz (10 out of 10 )
wow, the movie was extremly well maid. the concept of the movie was to stand up to what you fear and the acting rely maid you belife what you were watching was real. sure the things we donot speak of wear, "shall i say lame " M Night rely maid me scared, then maid me think wich many directors dont make you do. if you liked this you should see Signs, Unbrekable, and The Sixth Sence.

Ryan (10 out of 10 )
The best movie ive ever seen. So much emotion and depth. Ive never seen anything like The Village. It really makes any other movie released in recent years look lame. And i mean EVERY single movie. Between three twists, a fairy-tale love story, and a feeling of dark suspence, this movie is amazing and extremely original. M. Night has out done himself. The Village makes The Sixth Sense seem extremely stupid (it was). But now, M. Night is world-class. I wish i could live in a society like The Village. All the stupidity of decadent news and music media would all go away. No more trendy gothic/ghetto/punk/any music trend idoicy that infests high schools across the America. No more crime or other bullshit we put up with as a society. Just a classic 19th century peaceful lifestyle. It couldnt get better. The Village was amazing.

dogstar (10 out of 10 )
Hey you people who didn't get the ending! Do you know something? You're buffoons, since the ending tied up every loose end and gave an explanation to every odd occurrence throughout the movie. "Simultaneously illogical and extremely pointless," is what your comment is. The Village is Night's best movie yet. He deals with love, a beautiful concept, and handles it beautifully

Mysteriouswriter (10 out of 10 )
The writer M. Night Shyamalan creats a chiling atmosphere in this tale of a remote villiage haunted by a deal made with creatures beyond their border. Not only is this a creepy story but also a romantic one between Village members Lucius Hunt, only son of elder member Alice Hunt, and Ivy Walker, second daughter of an important elder member. You also have comic relief with Noah Percy, a mentally challanged adult who acts just like akid but is also a key player. This movie is one of the best M Night movies out there. The ending is fantastic because there was suppposed to be, or so I've heard, a second part but that was cut out.

ShyamalanManiac (10 out of 10 )
This is one of the greatest screenplays of all time. It's very beautifully written and I get emotional every time I watch it. Mr. Shyamalan is one of the only screen play writers out there that makes me feel emotion when I watch his films.

Villiage Lover (10 out of 10 )
Omg I love this movie! I watched it at my friend's place at night and we were all screaming and having so much fun! I think that Ivy is very pretty and it was good having Noah in it to add a bit of humour. It was a bit confusing but do you know why the Elders decided to make that community in the first place? I'd tell you but I dont wanna wreck it for the other people who haven't seen it! sorry! I recommend it to everyone!

Jesse (6 out of 10 )
This was a silly movie but I still enjoyed it for some reason. Yes the ending was cheap but that's ok, I was entertained. Good acting on the part of Ms Howard. As always Joaquin is not much of an actor and Brody over does it to the max. I look forward to the films of M Night.

fanny (10 out of 10 )
It was an interesting movie for me. I never expected that there was a story about an Amish society in Pennsylvania nowadays. I just wanna say that I salute to M. Night Shyamalan because he is very a talented person. I have been using the movie as the subject of my thesis. My lecturers really love this movie because it gives a new perspective on Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak as what she called an Epistemic Violence. Actually there is an epistemic violence in actions of what the elders do to gain their ambition of having live in peace. I hope it will give me A score because I have given new theories in our literature.

russianrock (9 out of 10 )
This movie was really creepy - but really good at the same time. The ending was kind of pointless, but the beginning and the middle fill in that crevice.

vikas (4 out of 10 )
I think that the whole story was nothing but a big hype of nothing. It is like a bigger version of the story we used to discuss in India among friends and Mr. Shyamalan portrayed this movie based on that. There is no originality to it. I would give him the credit of the way he directed the movie but this doesn't impress me, maybe it does to ordinary people.

Sam (10 out of 10 )
I really enjoyed the beginning, the ending was a good twist.

kk (1 out of 10 )
The absolute worst movie ever done by M.Shyamalan. Signs beats this movie butt black. Man, stinking Bambi was better than the village. There was no purpose for anything that was in the movie, maybe they had a really really really low budget, I don't know.

Ivy Walker (7 out of 10 )
This movie was rather strange but it was still good. The thing I like about M. Night is that he really makes you think at the end of his films. The Village was well acted and had a very original plot, but seemed to be lacking a good ending. I won't give out any spoilers, but I really didn't understand the end! So, it was a good movie but not my favorite Shyamalan film. I would recommend Lady in the Water or Signs instead of this.

skeeter boy (7 out of 10 )
This movie was fair. It could be hard for those of you who can't understand what their type of living style is.

Maddles (7 out of 10 )
It was an okay movie. Not the best twist and a bit hard to understand but, once it had been explained to me, seemed okay. Good directing and acting. Moving with lots of emotion but I found it, like many others, a bit hard to follow.

Rohan (10 out of 10 )
The Village is a timeless classic. A perfect written screenplay by M. Night shyamalan. It is the third time reading this script. I love it. I have learned a lot from M. Night how to be confident and honest with your characters. Rohan.

Natedigitty (10 out of 10 )
I am an avid movie-goer, and a picky movie-watcher. My own personal movie collection contains just over 800 of my favorite films. So, without being overzealous - I can say for certain that I know my movies. For me, The Village ranks as one of the best movies I've ever seen. Full stop. The imagery, atmosphere, emotion, and story were all handled very delicately, and blended together quite seamlessly. It is the best film M. Night Shyamamlan has directed to date. I also would like to add that I strongly believe that The Village really isn't a film for the horror buffs, nor the main-stream audience. This has its place in a category of emotional and romantic independant films. I feel this is true because you find, after watching the movie for the first time, that the film becomes more and more of a love story than a nail-biting horror flick. I think this fact throws people off. Many movie-goers have a prefer to have a certain expectation of the movie they are about to see. I believe M. Night has been type-cast as a director - people automatically assume certain things about his films before they see then. However, it seems that M. Night likes to throw curveballs, and many people have a hard time stepping up to bat. The ending to this village is not confusing, nor is it incomplete, or a "let-down." I ask myself when thinking of people who find the ending less than satisfying, just what did they expect. I'm trying not to give too much away here - but the decision that was chosen by the elders was a logical, and understandable choice. Added to this, the movie is a theory - it is an idea. It is fiction. Not every film needs to make complete logical sense to work, nor does every film need to have the perfect Hollywood ending. Sometimes, making people leave the theater uncomfortable, or feeling the story isn't complete, is the best way to go. It inspires thought, and wonder, and (hopefully) future creativity in the minds of the audience members. So, in short, if you watch this movie in a quiet room, by yourself, with no preset expectations as to how the movie should play out or how you should feel about the film based on other viewer's limited opinions; you may find this film to make sense, and have an emotional underscore unlike any movie you have ever seen before - or possibly ever will.

Michelle Karman (5 out of 10 )
Pretty boring. I've seen it once, probably won't ever watch it again. I liked Signs better, as well as The Sixth Sense.

Craig D (3 out of 10 )
Unfortunately, because of the directors predilection for both putting himself in all his movies AND having twist endings I figured out what was going on within the first minute of the film (let's see, how could a Hindi have a bit part in this movie?). Giving a mundane explanation for the supposedly supernatural occurrences way before the end of the movie eliminated a lot of the suspense. And, for that matter, why dress up as a monster to fool a blind girl? I'm sorry, but this was Shyamalans worst movie when it was released. He's since made worst ones, but whatever happened to the genius who created "The Sixth Sense"?

Dalton (7 out of 10 )
Even though the theme of this movie was very much at the top of my level when it comes to mystery, this wasn't my all favorite film by M Night. But I really did like the plot theme, the ending was well okay I should say even though it left you at a cliff hanger making you wonder if he plans a second release for the film. This film also obtains some bits and pieces of his previous film "Lady in The Water" Considering the same actress that played Story I in this film as well which blew me away. However this story with Those We Don't Speak Of is a really creepy concept, it always makes me stop and think what might be in my backyard at night, or in the small cluster of trees out on the western slope of my town. All in all I loved the film and the acting, as well as the visuals very well made.

Michael Bennett (9 out of 10 )
A great movie. I'm glad I didn't wait for the book to come out or I'd still be missing out. :D Although the ending did feel a little weak, maybe it was written more to make a statement than to entertain. Either way, I've rarely enjoyed a movie more than this one.

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"Village, The" Script

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