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                   Ronald Roose

                   Revisions by

                  Nicholas Meyer

       David Griffiths and Peter Griffiths

                   Terry George

               Current revisions by

                 Channing Gibson

No portion of this script may be performed, reproduced,
or used by any means, or quoted or published in any
medium without the prior written consent of Warner Bros.

                                      PRODUCTION DRAFT

                                      April 14, 2000
WARNER BROS.                           2000
4000 Warner Boulevard                 WARNER BROS.
Burbank, California 91522             All Rights Reserved

     FADE IN:


     One A.M. on a hellish summer night in Spanish Harlem.

1B   FIREFIGHTER                                                     1B

     snores like a chainsaw in the upstairs sleeping quarters.

1C   INT. LIVING AREA                                                1C

     A FAN WHINES as a firefighter channel surfs.

1D   TRUCK BAY                                                       1D

     A rookie firefighter shines chrome on the pumper.

1E   BAY'S OPEN DOORWAY                                              1E

     A firefighter plays chess with a neighborhood kid.     SALSA
     BLASTS from somewhere.

1F   OLD FIREHOUSE                                                   1F

     spills light onto a street of aging, neglected buildings
     as people beat the heat in open windows, on stoops and
     street corners.

1G   FIREHOUSE DALMATION                                             1G

     laps water from a dripping hydrant.

2    INT. FIREHOUSE - KITCHEN - NIGHT                                2

     NYFD Lt. GORDY PITT strains as he works the handle of an
     old-time, hand-cranked ice cream maker. It's a tough job
     requiring strength, patience and determination. In a
     nutshell, that's Gordy.

     Firefighter JUNIOR MONTINE, black Panamanian descent,
     watches Gordy crank away.

                 Hear the big news, Lieutenant?
                 It's the twenty-first century.   We
                 got electricity now.

     Gordy keeps cranking.



2   CONTINUED:                                                      2

                 Got these supermarkets, too.   Big
                 places, freezers full o' ice

    Gordy stops.    Pops the lid.   Spoons out a dollop.

                 Open up.

    He sticks the spoon in Junior's mouth.      Junior eats.
    Junior loves it. Gordy smiles.

                 Screw the twenty-first century.


3   INT. FIREHOUSE - VARIOUS SHOTS                                  3

    Everyone scrambles. The choreography's practiced,
    automatic. It's achieved without conversation.

    The channel surfer slides down the fire pole.     He's
    followed by the man who was upstairs snoring.

    Junior rips a sheet from the teleprinter. He hands the
    printout to the snorer, the company's "chauffeur."

    Feet jam into boots. Yellow trousers are hauled up and
    hitched with suspenders.

    Yellow jackets are whipped on.

    The chauffeur TURNS OVER the PUMPER'S huge MOTOR.

    Firefighters take their stations on the truck. Headsets
    go on. As the fire company's lieutenant, Gordy rides
    shotgun. The chauffeur hands him the printout. As the
    engine moves out under lights and SIREN, Gordy speaks to
    the men over the headsets --

                 Second alarm. Multiple dwelling
                 between Third and Lex.

4   EXT. SPANISH HARLEM - STREETS - NIGHT                           4

    The ENGINE SCREAMS and HONKS through the city.


5   EXT. SPANISH HARLEM - TENEMENT - NIGHT                          5

    FLAMES ROAR from the upper stories of this slumlord's
    shitbox. An engine and ladder company are on-scene
    attacking the fire with hoses. Neighbors gawk. Gordy's
    engine company arrives. Gordy hits the ground, moves to
    a battalion chief. The chief's terse orders are drowned
    out by the NOISE of the EQUIPMENT, fire and men. Gordy
    moves back to his company, who have already hooked the
    engine up to water.

              Top story's fully involved. We're
              supporting inside. Two lines up
              the stairs.

    He points to Junior and then to the channel surfer, MIKE
    SHEA, a veteran firefighter of Irish descent.

              Junior and Mike --

    He points to the chess player, SAL DIBIASE, another FD
    veteran, Mediterranean descent, and then to the rookie,
    RONNIE BOOK, a New York melting pot mutt.

              -- Sal and Ronnie.

    The chauffeur, ART WESTPHAL, German-Irish, stays with the
    engine as Gordy grabs a fire axe and leads his two two-
    man hose teams into...

6   INT. TENEMENT                                                   6

    Gordy and his men charge the stairs dragging the heavy
    hoses. Rats head past in the opposite direction,
    deserting the burning building.

7   THIRD FLOOR                                                     7

    They meet fire on the third floor. On goes the water.
    Gordy quickly checks rooms on the floor for occupants,
    using the axe to open locked doors, then taps Junior and
    Mike, indicates "up." Begins leading the hose team up
    the stairwell. Sees something and yells a warning --

              Stairs're screwed. Hug the wall.

8   FOURTH FLOOR                                                    8

    They reach the fourth floor.    There's fire everywhere.
    And then...


8    CONTINUED:                                                    8

     They see a FIREFIGHTER from the other company. He has
     fallen through a gaping hole in the floor of the hallway
     above. He's pinned under a large section of heavy
     debris, coughing and screaming for help as fire rages
     around him. To Junior and Mike --

                  Knock it back!

     They turn the hose on the flames as Gordy moves to the
     trapped firefighter. Gordy tries lifting the debris,
     can't budge it. He starts chopping at it with the axe.

     Chunks of plaster fly as the axe bites again and again.

     Gordy hacks off a large piece of debris. He levers his
     axe under the portion still trapping the firefighter.
     Mike moves to help. Gordy heaves up on the axe. The
     debris lifts. He heaves harder. It lifts more,

     Mike slides the firefighter out. Gordy yanks his axe
     free. The debris collapses. Gordy moves to the

                                FIREFIGHTER #1
                  Two floors up. I heard
                  screaming... Couldn't get there.


                                FIREFIGHTER #1
                  End of the hall.

9    GORDY                                                         9

     takes off. Charges the next flight of stairs. Reaches
     the fifth floor. Tries to reach six, but there's too
     much fire. He's beaten back... but not before he hears
     the FAINT sound of SCREAMING.

10   NEW ANGLE                                                     10

     Gordy looks down the fifth floor hallway to an apartment
     door at the end. Between him and the door is the gaping
     hole in the floor. It's too big to jump. He starts
     running. He's gonna jump it.

     Gordy reaches the edge of the hole. Leaps with all he's
     got. At the same time, he swings the axe, point-first.
     Slams it into a spot high on the wall, and...



10   CONTINUED:                                                     10

     Gordy swings over the hole on the axe handle.

     He hits the other side running. Drives a shoulder into
     the door at the end of the hall.

11   INT. TENEMENT APARTMENT                                        11

     Gordy bursts in. It's an inferno. He looks up. Knocks
     his axe on the ceiling. Hears desperate POUNDING back.

     Gordy climbs a table. Starts whacking upward with the
     axe, attacking the peeling, crumbled plaster overhead.

     Gordy is trying to hack a hole into the room above, but
     he's not doing it fast enough. He won't beat the fire.

12   INT. TENEMENT - HALLWAY                                        12

     Gordy calls down to his men.

                  Give me the hose!

                  This place is gone! It could
                  flashover any second!

                  Give me the goddamn hose!

     Beat.   Mike and Junior pass the hose up.

13   INT. TENEMENT APARTMENT                                        13

     Gordy aims the nozzle at the hole he started in the
     ceiling. Turns it on full jet.

     Gordy's barely able to hold the hose as the high-pressure
     stream bites into old, decayed plaster.

     Bit by bit the ceiling falls away.       Gordy's almost
     through to the room above, when...

     Falling debris severs the hose. Gordy's lost pressure.
     He hasn't broken through. The building's coming down.
     He's gotta get outta there.

     Gordy's not going anywhere. Picks up the axe.       Attacks
     the hole again furiously, until finally...


14   GORDY                                                         14

     breaks through! A small hole, which he quickly widens,
     to reveal... a terrified Latino family gaping down at
     him, their room ablaze around them. Gordy reaches up.
     Speaks to them in Spanglish --

               It's okay... Esta bien, esta
               bien... Come with me... Con mio...

15   INT. TENEMENT HALLWAY                                         15

     Gordy lowers the family through the floor hole.

16   EXT. TENEMENT                                                 16

     Gordy carries the family's small child outside. He
     passes the child to its grateful parents, while...

     The rescued Firefighter sits on a curb looking at a hero
     and shaking his head in disbelief and admiration.


     ANNE PITT, thirties, reaches out and KILLS the ALARM.
     She rolls over. The other half of the bed's empty. We
     hear a CHILD'S VOICE from another room.

18   INT. MATT'S BEDROOM                                           18

     Anne opens the door to find an exhausted Gordy sitting on
     the floor with their four-year-old son, MATT. They're
     building a K'nex spaceship.

               Look what we made!

               Nice rocket... That took a while.

               He was awake when I got home.   His
               throat still hurts.


               That's a bad word.

               You're right.


18   CONTINUED:                                                        18


     She feels Matt's forehead.    Gordy's done it already.

                  No fever.

                         (to Matt)
                  You better see Dr. Bob.
                         (to Gordy)
                  And this time, no opening fire
                  hydrants to play in till he's
                  completely well.

                  Yes, ma'am.

     She leans down and kisses him.      There's passion in it.

                  How was your shift?

                  The usual.

     She yawns.    Starts heading out.

                  Dreamed I did a triple axel in an
                  ice skating championship.

                         (beat; calls after
                  Come back and let me see those
                  legs again.

19   INT. BATHROOM - DAY                                               19

     Gordy holds Matt in his arms as water pours over them.
     It's the second child he's held in the last few hours.
     This one is his, this one is safe at home and unafraid:
     what a father wants for his child. We see the deep
     affection Gordy has for his son. He holds Matt tightly,
     skin to skin, and kisses the boy's wet head...

     Anne opens the shower door.       She's on the phone.



19   CONTINUED:                                                      19

                  Dr. Bob can squeeze him in at
                  twelve. I have a patient
                  relations meeting at twelve-
                  fifteen. Can you take him?

                  I have a game. But yeah, if we do
                  the handoff at the doctor's.

                         (into phone)
                  Yes, he'll be there... Thanks.
                         (hangs up; to Gordy)
                  Five-of in front of Dr. Bob's.
                  Don't be late.
                         (to Matt)
                  Let's get you out, sweetie. Your
                  father just can't keep you dry.

     She leads Matt out. Closes the shower door. Gordy
     sticks his face into the water. Looks back, finds...

     Two bare butts, Anne's and Matt's, are pressed against
     the shower door's foggy glass. OFF Gordy, laughing --

20   EXT. SPANISH HARLEM - BASKETBALL COURT - DAY                    20

     It appears the entire neighborhood's crammed against the
     chain-link fence around the court, yelling and cheering
     as a team of local kids from the NYFD Athletic League
     plays a team of local kids from the NYPD Athletic League.

     Gordy's an NYFD coach, exhorts his team at the top of his

     The rivalry's intense. The game close.       The noise
     deafening. Bets are going down.

     NYFD goes up by one in the final minute.

     Gordy disses a cop coaching the opposing team.

     LUIS is one of Gordy's kids. A small but talented
     fifteen-year-old. Luis steals the ball. Drives for an
     unguarded lay-up to put the team up by three... And
     misses. An opponent recovers the ball. The flow shifts
     toward the other end, but Luis is slow adjusting,
     devastated at missing the easy "two." Gordy yells at him
     to defend.

                  Luis, get back! Pick up your man!



20   CONTINUED:                                                  20

     Luis shakes it off. Hustles back on "D" as his man gets
     the ball. The opponent's a step ahead. Goes up... And
     Luis gets there to reject him. The crowd loves it. The

21   SAME SCENE - GORDY AND LUIS - MOMENTS LATER                 21

     In the game's immediate aftermath. NYFD celebrating
     around them. Gordy's proud of Luis.

                  We lose, win, whatever. But one
                  thing we never do. We never, ever
                  give up. Right?

     OFF Gordy, smiling at Luis...

22   SAME SCENE - LATER                                          22

     The crowds are gone. Gordy checks his watch and starts
     off, when a SOUND draws his attention.

23   GORDY'S POV                                                 23

     Luis walks along the inside of the chain-link fence
     around the court. A neighborhood gangbanger and his crew
     match Luis step for step outside the fence, rattling the
     fence, clearly trying to intimidate him.

24   BACK TO SCENE                                               24

     Gordy stalks walking toward them.    Calls --


     Seeing Gordy approach, the gangbanger and crew drift off.
     Reaching Luis --

                  What was that about?

                  Told 'em I wouldn't play with 'em

     But Gordy sees Luis is scared. And he sees the
     gangbanger and crew hovering nearby waiting for Gordy to


25   EXT. SPANISH HARLEM - BODEGA - DAY                                25

     THROUGH the window, we see Gordy delivering Luis to a
     Latin man, clearly Luis's father and the bodega's owner.
     We don't hear the words, but we can tell Gordy's
     complimenting the boy to his dad.

     Gordy emerges.    Checks his watch.   Whistles up a taxi.

26   INT. TAXI - DAY                                                   26

     Traffic jam on Park Avenue South. Gordy's anxious.
     Checks his watch. He's late. To the cabbie --

               Try Fifth.

27   EXT. 68TH AND MADISON - DAY                                       27

     Anne waits on the corner with Matt, playing with his
     spaceship. She checks her watch. It's five of twelve.

28   INT. TAXI - DAY                                                   28

     Fifth Avenue's also a parking lot.


     He jams money in the pay dish.

               I'm getting outta here.

29   EXT. FIFTH AVENUE                                                 29

     Gordy exits the cab and takes off running.

30   ANNE                                                              30

     checks her watch again.   She's pissed now.

     In b.g., a cop leaves his police cart to write a ticket.

     A caravan of Lincoln Navigators passes Anne and turns
     east on 68th.

31   GORDY                                                             31

     turns onto 68th. As he runs, he jumps, trying to see
     Anne and Matt over other pedestrians.


32   ANNE                                                           32

     In b.g., the Navigators pull up at a building flying the
     Colombian flag. Latin and American men in suits get out
     of the Navigators.

33   EXT. 68TH - BETWEEN FIFTH AND MADISON                          33

     Gordy dodges pedestrians.     Still trying to get a glimpse
     of Anne and Matt.

     The cop we saw writing tickets earlier is walking the
     other way. Gordy nearly collides with him. At the last
     moment, the traffic cop shuffles Gordy aside.


     Gordy reaches the corner. Sees Anne and Matt. Whistles.
     In b.g., behind Gordy, we see the cop get into a brown

34   ANNE AND MATT                                                  34

     hear the WHISTLE.     Matt sees Gordy.

                  There he is.

     Matt waves.

35   GORDY                                                          35

     waves back, shrugs an apology to Anne as he starts across
     the street, when...

36   INTENSE FLASH                                                  36

     suddenly lights up the intersection.


37   SHOCK WAVE                                                     37

     wave rolls up 68th past Madison...

38   HUGE BALL OF FLAME                                             38

     erupts behind Anne and Matt...

     We hear the ENORMOUS BANG of the explosion...


39   WINDOWS                                                       39

     are sucked into millions of fragments, a hailstorm of

40   GREAT CHUNK OF METAL                                          40

     -- an engine block -- flies from the ball of flame...

41   ANNE                                                          41

     instinctively pulls her child to her...

42   GORDY                                                         42

     sees the engine block tumbling through the air toward his
     wife and son.

     His scream is lost in the thunderous ROAR all around.

43   GORDY'S POV - IN SLOW MOTION                                  43

     The engine block is about to hit Anne and Matt, when...

     A FedEx TRUCK, WINDOWS SHATTERED, SKIDS past, wiping out
     Gordy's line of sight. When the truck clears...

     Anne and Matt are gone. The corner's empty.   Just Matt's
     spaceship, slowly falling to the ground...

44   BACK TO SCENE                                                 44

     There's a horrible SCREECH. A TAXI SKIDS sideways to
     avoid the FedEx truck and hits Gordy. He's in the air,
     tumbling, then smacks to the ground.

     Gordy looks up, through the smoke and falling debris.
     Then struggles to his hands and knees.


     He tries to stand, then falls down, screaming in pain, a
     large shard of glass embedded in his leg.

     People come to help him, but Gordy only cares about
     finding Anne and Matt. He looks around desperately but
     can't see them, when...

     His eyes go to the spaceship, in pieces on the pavement.



44   CONTINUED:                                                     44

     Gordy screams out his agony --


45   EXT. COLOMBIAN CONSULATE                                       45

     The blast detonated here. Some men from the Navigators
     are dead. MIKE BRANDT is not. Rises from the
     devastation, gun in hand, as SIRENS wail in the distance.

46   EXT. 68TH AND MADISON - LATER                                  46

     Emergency personnel - EMS, NYPD, NYFD -- swarm the area.

     Two white plastic sheets cover two bodies.

     Across the street, PARAMEDICS work on Gordy's leg.

                                PARAMEDIC #1
                  We're gonna give you a shot.

     Gordy's oblivious to the pain.     Shoves him away.

                  I need to see them!

                                PARAMEDIC #1
                  We gotta help you right now.

                                PARAMEDIC #2
                  We've done all we can for 'em,

47   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                  47

     FBI agent JOE PHIPPS ducks under the police tape.     REGGIE
     DRAY, a young agent, meets him. As they walk --

                  Device functioned in front of the
                  Colombian Consulate just as a
                  motorcade full of brass arrived.

                  Who were the brass, and why were
                  they here?



47   CONTINUED:                                                     47

                  No one's talking yet, but it
                  smells high-level. There were
                  Colombians and Americans in the
                  cars. Three of 'em ate it. Guy
                  on the phone --

     He indicates Brandt, talking on a cell phone.

                  -- is one of the survivors.
                  Name's Brandt. C.I.A.

     That gets Phipps' interest momentarily. Then, as they
     continue toward the consulate, he notices security
     cameras on the building.

                  Check the surveillance cameras?

                  We're pulling up the video now.

                         (stops; looks around)
                  Where's N.Y.P.D. on this?

                  They know it's ours. They're
                  helping with shoe-leather.

     Phipps' eyes go to the white sheets up the street.

                  We got two dead bystanders, a
                  mother and four-year-old son. The
                  father's over there with a leg
                         (indicates Gordy)
                  Guy's a lieutenant with the New
                  York F.D.

                  Anybody talk to him yet?

                  We've been giving him room.

48   BACK TO GORDY                                                  48

     In b.g., Mike, the veteran firefighter in Gordy's engine
     company, looks under the sheets with a cop.



48   CONTINUED:                                                     48

     Junior puts a gentle hand on Gordy's shoulder.


     Gordy looks up him, meets his eyes.

                  Me and Mike are here.

                  ... I was late... They shouldn't
                  have been there...

                  It's not your fault.

                  I need to see them.

     Mike has walked up, lays a comforting hand on Gordy.

                  No. You don't need to see 'em
                  that way, Gordo.

     Junior spots a news camera crew focusing on Gordy's
     grief, calls at a cop.

                  Get those goddamn people outta

     Phipps, approaching with Dray, addresses the same cop.

                  Put that tape out fifty more

     The cop begins moving the camera crew back.     Phipps
     continues to Gordy.

     A Paramedic looks up at Mike.

                                PARAMEDIC #1
                  He needs to go to the hospital.
                  We can't take that glass out.

                  If he's not bleeding to death,
                  leave him. He's not moving till
                  they do.



48   CONTINUED:    (2)                                             48

     Phipps has heard and understands.      To Dray, re:
     bodies --

                  Chalk 'em and move 'em.

     Dray goes. Phipps turns to Gordy and the two
     firefighters standing with him. Addresses Mike --

                  We gotta get on this quick.   I
                  need to talk to him.

     Beat.   Mike nods.   To Gordy --

                  Mr. Pitt, if you can you tell
                  me... What'd you see?

                         (looks up; beat)
                  What'd I see? I saw my family

     Mike puts a restraining hand on Gordy.

                  This guy didn't do the bombing,
                  Gordo. He's just trying to get
                  the people who did.

     Beat.   Gordy eases up.   Then, after a moment, defeated --

                  I didn't see anything except the

     Beat.   Phipps sees that's all he's gonna get.

                  I know this is hard. I'm sorry I
                  had to bother you.

     Phipps goes. Gordy looks over as the bodies of Anne and
     Matt are placed on gurneys and rolled away. Chalk
     outlines are all that remain of his family. Beat.

                  We're gonna roll you to the
                  hospital now and get that glass


49   ANGLE - PHIPPS                                                  49

     Walking back to the consulate.    He approaches Brandt.

               Joe Phipps. F.B.I. Counter-
               terrorism task force.

               Mike Brandt.

               What got this place blown up?

               We'll have this discussion
               somewhere else more secure, after
               I get your clearance.

               Whatever it takes. But I got a
               bomber in the wind. I need
               everything you can give me, and I
               need it now.

50   INT. HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM - NIGHT                            50

     Gordy's on a gurney on an I.V., his thigh heavily
     bandaged. Junior and the rookie, Ronnie, are with him,
     but there's no chatter -- Gordy's shut down, oblivious to
     everyone around him.


     Mike is on a cell phone nearby as Sal, the other veteran
     from the engine company, enters and approaches him. Into
     the phone --

               Hang on.

     Mike turns his attention to Sal, who's clearly blown away
     by the bad news that brought him here --


               Tell me about it.

               How's he holding up?



50   CONTINUED:                                                         50

                  He's shut down... We were hoping
                  they'd keep him here, and he
                  wouldn't have to go home right
                  away, but they're cutting him

                  Want me to stay at home with him?

                  Rookie's taking the first shift.
                  I'm just getting the schedule at
                  the firehouse rearranged now.

     Mike goes back to the phone, and Sal crosses to Gordy.
     He puts a hand on Gordy's shoulder, grips it firmly.

                  Hey.   Got here as fast as I could.

     Gordy sees him, but says nothing.

                  I know it sucks... It really

     Gordy can't go there.     Beat.     Sal releases his grip.

                  How's the leg?

                  Cut's deep, but no major vessels
                  were severed. He's got a load 'o
                  silk holding it all together.

     Junior, who stepped off to talk to a cop, now comes back.

                  Just came over the police radio...
                  Consulate surveillance cameras
                  caught the bomber in the act. He
                  was disguised as a cop.

     Gordy looks over.     What Junior just said has triggered

                  ... I saw him... I saw a cop.

     Gordy yanks out his I.V., and starts to get up.



50   CONTINUED:    (2)                                               50

                  Christ.    Gordy...

     But Gordy's already on his feet, already moving.

                  I gotta help 'em get the bastard.


     A well-lit, sectioned-off area of the garage secured by a
     chain-link fence.

     Phipps enters.      As he passes Dray, already there --

                  How long before we have a secure
                  computer network?

                  An hour.   They're building it now.

     Phipps moves to a FORENSIC EXPERT hovering over a table
     of small fragments.

                  What do you got?

                                FORENSIC EXPERT #1
                  Pieces of a pager oxidized with
                  trace elements of Semtex.
                  Probably the triggering device.
                  They dial it up, probably from a
                  cell phone, and boom...

     He picks up a microchip.

                                FORENSIC EXPERT #1
                  ... This is the memory chip. I
                  can build it into a working pager
                  and maybe get a number readout.

                  Do it.

     Phipps moves to the next work area, where another
     FORENSIC EXPERT studies video from a consulate
     surveillance camera.


52   ON SCREEN                                                     52

     in super slow-mo, we see a cop -- the one who later
     bumped into Gordy -- in front of the consulate. His hat
     is pulled down over his eyes, almost concealing his
     tinted glasses. As the cop faces more toward the camera,
     the expert freeze-frames. To Phipps --

53   FORENSIC EXPERT #2                                            53

                               FORENSIC EXPERT #2
                 That's as much face as we get. He
                 was careful to duck the camera.

                 Run a total analysis. I want to
                 know if this asshole's right or
                 left-handed. I want everything
                 you can get outta this film.

     Phipps keeps moving, enters an eerie recreation of the
     blast site. Streets, buildings, etc. are marked out on
     the garage floor. Pieces of the Navigators rest in front
     of the area marked "consulate;" parts of an NYPD traffic
     scooter rest in front of the Navigators; "X's" mark where
     Anne and Matt were standing.

     Phipps crosses to another AGENT.

                 Any helpful information coming
                 outta Colombia?

                 Not yet. Sat-Intel hasn't picked
                 up any related data-traffic,

     Dray walks up.

                 Gordon Pitt's here. He says he
                 saw a cop at the scene.

54   SAME SCENE - LATER                                            54

     Gordy, accompanied by Mike and Ronnie, sits in front of a
     video monitor. Phipps and Dray look on.

55   ON SCREEN                                                     55

     a police cart pulls up outside the consulate.



55   CONTINUED:                                                      55

                  The cart was stolen from the
                  Central Park Precinct yesterday.

     The cop gets out of the scooter.

                  That's him. That's the son of a
                  bitch I bumped into.

     The cop tickets a vehicle, then walks west out of frame.

                  The bomb's in the cart.

56   PHIPPS                                                          56

     reverses the video, freeze-frames on the cop.

                  We think the bomb was triggered by
                  a cell phone. The guy doesn't
                  have one in his hands here. Did
                  you see a cell phone when you ran
                  into him?

                  ... No.

                  How much time passed between then
                  and the explosion?

                  ... Seconds... Five, ten...

                  We think maybe he got into the
                  brown Ford. You see him then?

                  All I cared about was getting to
                  my wife and boy.

                         (to Phipps)
                  Guy still had enough time to get
                  out a phone and dial it in.



56   CONTINUED:                                                      56

                         (beat, then, by way
                          of ending it)
                  We might need to call you in again
                  to look at some photos.

     Beat.   Gordy looks back at the grainy image of the cop.

                  ... I touched him...

57   EXT. CEMETERY - DAY                                             57

     A bagpiper plays "Amazing Grace."

     REVEAL Gordy holding Matt's small coffin as Anne's is
     lowered into the ground. Gordy's men are around him,
     along with many other NYFD personnel, family and friends.

     A second bagpiper farther away in the cemetery, picks up
     the song, begins playing it in a round with the first.

     Matt's coffin is taken from Gordy.    As it is lowered...

     A third bagpiper, farther away still, begins playing the
     song with the other two. One by one the first and second
     bagpipers finish their rounds, until there is just the
     third -- a haunting, mournful wail off into the distance.
     And then...

     There's only silence.

58   INT. GORDY'S APARTMENT - MATT'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                 58

     Gordy stands at an open closet door. He leans in, buries
     his face in Matt's clothes and smells them. Smells his

59   INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                        59

     The TV is ON LOW, tuned to the NEWS.    Gordy is alone,
     slumped in a chair.

60   NEWS ANCHOR                                                     60

                                NEWS ANCHOR (V.O.)
                  ... The bombing that left a mother
                  and son dead and New York City
                  numb took on a new dimension today
                  when a notorious Latin American
                  terrorist took credit for the


61   GORDY                                                         61

     has roused from his despondency, TURNS UP the VOLUME as
     the report (containing visuals) continues --

62   NEWS ANCHOR                                                   62

                             NEWS ANCHOR (V.O.)
               In an e-mail to the New York
               Times, a Marxist extremist known
               only as 'The Wolf,' states that
               the bombing was, quote, 'not an
               act of terror but an act of war,
               aimed at stopping your C.I.A.
               murderers and their fascist puppets
               from committing further acts of
               repression against the people of
               Colombia,' unquote... Two
               Colombian officials and an
               American military officer died
               in last Thursday's blast. Also
               killed were Anne Pitt, wife of a
               New York City firefighter, and
               their only child, four-year-old
               Matt... The President has vowed
               that the United States will avenge
               what he called 'this monstrous act
               of barbarism and cowardice'...
               Intelligence sources say the
               identity and whereabouts of The
               Wolf remain a mystery. They
               believe he has worked closely with
               radical elements in Latin America
               for more than twenty years and
               have linked him to numerous
               terrorist bombings, including the
               1983 downing of a Peruvian
               airliner, which killed forty-two
               people, eleven of them
               Americans... The head of the Latin
               America Indigenous People's
               Committee, a group known to be
               sympathetic to the radicals in
               Colombia, talked to News Six in

63   GORDY                                                         63

     watches as Ephraim Ortiz-Dominguez a Latin man in his
     forties, comes on the screen.


64   ORTIZ-DOMINGUEZ                                               64

                             ORTIZ-DOMINGUEZ (V.O.)
               I cannot speak for The Wolf or his
               actions. I would only repeat that
               the leftist guerrillas in Colombia
               are not terrorists but freedom
               fighters in a war being waged
               against them by the U.S. and
               Colombian governments.
               Governments who wish only to
               protect a system that lines the
               pockets of corrupt politicians and
               multi-national profiteers.
                      (jump cut)
               The deaths of the woman and little
               boy are regrettable, but your
               government inflicts them all the
               time. Yugoslavia, Iraq... You
               call it 'collateral damage'...


     An FBI SURVEILLANCE TEAM has taken over the office.
     Three agents work video and audio recording devices.

     A camera points out the window to a line of storefronts
     across the street. The lights are on in one building
     with a sign reading "IPC" (Indigenous People's Committee).

     The FBI agents listen to live audio from the IPC office.

                             ORTIZ-DOMINGUEZ (V.O.)
               Rosetta, I said mustard on the
               side. You'll have to go back.

                             FBI SURVEILLANCE AGENT
               Know what cracks me up about
               commies? They're all 'equality
               this, equality that,' and they're
               all chauvinists. Listen to that
               fucking guy.

     What they hear, however, is ROSETTA SCREAM as a DOOR
     CRASHES open.

                             ORTIZ-DOMINGUEZ (V.O.)
               What do you want?


66   VIDEO MONITORS                                                66

     The video monitors show Gordy wrecking the IPC office
     with a baseball bat.


67   INT. IPC OFFICE - NIGHT                                         67

     Gordy smashes office equipment left and right. ORTIZ-
     DOMINGUEZ and ROSETTA cower as Gordy vents his pent-up,
     end-of-the-world rage using the bat the way we saw him
     use a fire axe.

     Gordy approaches Ortiz-Dominguez with the bat.      Backs him
     up against a desk.


     The FBI agents crash in.

                                FBI SURVEILLANCE AGENT
                Mr. Pitt!

     Gordy just stares down at Ortiz-Dominguez.

                              FBI SURVEILLANCE AGENT
                This isn't the way to do things.

     Gordy still doesn't move.

                              FBI SURVEILLANCE AGENT
                These guys're only mouthpieces.

     Beat.   Then Gordy swings the bat.   Hard.   And...

     Destroys the computer monitor next to Ortiz-Dominguez.

     Gordy tosses the bat aside.    To the shaking Latin --

                How's that for collateral damage?

68   INT. FBI (NEW YORK) - PHIPPS' OFFICE - NIGHT                    68

     Gordy sits across from Phipps.    Dray is present.

                Mr. Ortiz-Dominguez has agreed not
                to press charges if you make full

                I've already paid. With my

     Beat.   Phipps sees it's pointless to insist.   To Dray --

                Take care of it.



68   CONTINUED:                                                    68

     Dray heads out, passing Mike Brandt, who enters.

                  Gordy, this is Mike Brandt.

                  Mr. Pitt.

     Gordy just looks at him.

                  I'm very sorry for your loss... I
                  lost people, too.

                  ... Mike was in the motorcade that
                  day... He's the chief U.S.
                  intelligence officer overseeing

                  Don't worry, Mr. Pitt, we're gonna
                  get the son-of-a-bitch.

                  You know where he is?

                  We believe The Wolf's in hiding
                  in an area of Colombia controlled
                  by the E.L.C., extreme Marxist
                  guerrillas... He thinks he's in
                  a safe haven.

     Brandt lets "thinks" sink in.

                  I know it's hard for you right
                  now, Mr. Pitt. We're all sorry.
                  But why don't you go home.
                  We're taking care of things.

     Beat.   Brandt proffers a business card.

                  Here's my card. Call me any time.

     Gordy takes it.    Just sits there a long moment, then --

                  What kind of twisted people do
                  things like this?

     Beat.   Brandt and Phipps don't have an answer.


69   INT. NEW YORK TIMES - BULLPEN - DAY                        69

     Gordy talks to a Latin reporter, ERNIE OROSCO.

               You interested in the big picture
               or all the unpleasant details?

               My family died because of what's
               going on down there. I want to
               know all I can.

     Orosco searches for a starting point.   Then --

               Well, basically, the situation in
               Colombia sucks...

     As Orosco continues...

70   MONTAGE - DAY/NIGHT                                        70

     Over the course of a week:

     1. Gordy takes pictures, etc., off a wall in his home.
     He pins up photos of Anne and Matt at the top of the
     wall. Beneath them he pins up a large map of Colombia.

                             OROSCO (V.O.)
               ... The government's been fighting
               different Marxists factions for
               over thirty-five years. For most
               of that time, it was winning...

71   NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY                                    71

     2. At the New York Public Library, Gordy uses microfilm
     files and computer access to the web to search out
     information on Colombia and The Wolf.

                             OROSCO (V.O.)
               ... Suddenly the guerrillas began
               chopping 'em up. High-tech
               weapons and equipment, well-
               trained troops, aggressive hit-
               and-run tactics, all financed by
               extortion, kidnapping and
               collecting taxes from dope
               growers. It's big money, and they
               put it to use...


72   GORDY                                                          72

     3. Gordy pins up various Colombia-related articles and
     pictures on the wall, including the surveillance camera still of
     The Wolf from the front page of The New York Post.

                              OROSCO (V.O.)
                ... The government got scared. In
                1998, to jump start peace talks,
                it gave a coalition of guerrilla
                groups temporary control over much
                of southern Colombia... The first
                communist stronghold on an
                American continent...

73   GORDY                                                          73

     4.   Gordy draws a line around the guerrilla zone.

                              OROSCO (V.O.)
                ... But there've been few talks
                and no peace. And the Colombian
                military can't get near the
                guerrilla zone, especially around
                the town of Caguan, where the
                E.L.C. kicks ass and takes no

74   GORDY                                                          74

     5.   Gordy circles and labels the ELC-controlled area.

                              OROSCO (V.O.)
                ... And that's where we come in.
                Supposedly, to help eliminate
                narcos operating in the guerrilla
                zone. But some well-informed
                people think that's just an excuse
                to hit the guerrillas themselves,
                since they're wrapped around the
                drug trade... We're there, we're
                involved... If we stay, the only
                real question is which Vietnam War
                we're gonna have. The one some
                feel we could've won or the one we

75   GORDY                                                          75

     6. Gordy watches a documentary about Colombia which
     shows rebels, army troops, death squads, firefights, and with
     atrocities and bodies on both sides.



75   CONTINUED:                                                         75

                                OROSCO (V.O.)
                  ... Bottom line? The place is as
                  dangerous as a snakepit. You've
                  got the different guerrilla groups,
                  C.I.A., F.B.I., D.E.A., Colombian
                  military, U.S. military, right-
                  wing death squads -- and the only
                  thing they've all managed to do is
                  destroy a beautiful country and
                  inflict suffering on the real
                  people... Hey, I'm Colombian, and
                  I'll never go back...

     OFF Gordy's packed wall...

76   SAME SCENE - ANOTHER DAY                                           76

     As Gordy closes the front door, REVEAL Mike, the
     firefighter, who's just come in and now stands staring at
     the wall, clearly whelmed by the level of compulsion this
     must have required.

                  Haven't heard from you in a couple

                  Been busy.

                  Yeah.   I can see that.

     Gordy's obsessed, totally consumed by his project.      He
     points at a picture of heavily-armed guerrillas.

                  E.L.C. attack platoon... These
                  assholes kill innocent people all
                  the time in Colombia.

     Gordy indicates a newspaper article.

                  Thirteen dead in a bus.
                          (indicates another)
                  A market. Twenty-seven dead.
                  A whole family... Anne and Matt
                  didn't mean shit to them.
                          (indicates The Wolf)
                  Or him.

     Mike interrupts, trying to divert him to something else.



76   CONTINUED:                                                           76

                  Hey, we never turned down free
                  beer, and rookie's buying, you
                  believe that? He certified today,
                  he's off probation.

                         (still looking at
                  Ronnie couldn't find a fire with
                  both hands.

                  Yeah.   Let's go tell him that.

     Gordy doesn't react.     Beat.      More serious now --

                  C'mon, Gordo.

     Gordy hears the tone. Looks over and meets Mike's eyes,
     seeing the genuine concern there.

                  We aren't gonna let 'em drink all
                  the beer, are we?

     OFF Gordy...

77   INT. BAR - DAY                                                       77

     TV ON in b.g. Gordy's with Mike, Sal, Junior and Ronnie.
     They've emptied a few pitchers.

                  Low on beer, Ronnie.

                  Yeah.   I'll get more.

     He gets up and heads for the bar.        To Gordy --

                  I'll tell you what'll be great:
                  when you get back to work with us.

                  Yeah, how long is it?

                  Week, two weeks?



77   CONTINUED:                                                           77

                  Shrinks say ten more days.

                  Like I said.

                  Fucking doorknob they put in
                  temporary command...

                  Morgan, the guy from 23, right?

                  What a jerkoff.

                  Even makes you look good, Gordo.

     Ronnie yells over from the bar --

                  Hey, Gordy --

     The guys look over as the bartender TURNS UP the VOLUME
     on the TV.

78   ON SCREEN                                                            78

     we see the President's National Security Advisor step up
     to a podium to give a statement.

                                NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR (V.O.)
                  Today, at 0700 hours Eastern
                  Daylight Time, a joint United
                  States/Colombian strike force
                  launched a full-scale assault at a
                  base camp of the Army of Colombian
                  Liberation, or E.L.C., in Southern
                  Colombia. The purpose of the
                  mission was to punish the people
                  behind the brutal bombing in New
                  York City ten days ago... We are
                  presently evaluating after-action
                  reports from Special Operations
                  Group, but feel confident that we
                  have accomplished our mission...

     Cheers throughout the bar.         Mike quiets them.



78   CONTINUED:                                                     78

                                NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR (V.O.)
                  ... At this time, we believe the
                  man responsible for carrying out
                  the New York bombing, the
                  terrorist known as The Wolf, is
                  among the enemy dead.

79   NEW ANGLE                                                      79

     Big cheers now. Toasts all around. Everyone in the
     place is happy for Gordy, who sits there a moment trying
     to absorb the news, then buries his face in his hands.

80   INT. FIREHOUSE - TRUCK BAY - NIGHT                             80

     The Dalmatian whizzes on the hydrant outside.

     Sal plays chess in the open door with the neighbor kid.

     Ronnie polishes chrome on the truck.

     Gordy holds up the broken remains of his ice cream maker
     as Junior looks on.

                  I'm gone three weeks and this
                  place falls apart.

                  The temp lieutenant put it out
                  back, and Art hit it with his

                         (calls to Gordy)
                  We're having problems with the
                  portable pump again, too.

                  Who backed over that?... My tools
                  still here?

                  Upstairs in your locker.

                  Figured you guys would've sold my
                  stuff at a yard sale by now.


81   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS - NIGHT                                81

     Art's sleeping. Gordy opens his locker. There are old
     pictures of Anne and Matt still taped inside. He glances
     at them quickly, then pulls out his tools.

82   INT. LIVING AREA - NIGHT                                      82

     Mike's channel-surfing again. Gordy goes by the door,
     carrying his tools and looks in.

                 You ever stay on one channel long
                 enough to hear what they're

     Whereupon Mike lands on CNN.

                               CNN ANCHOR (V.O.)
                 -- a surprise today --

     And then we're on another channel.

                 Go back!   Go back!


     But Gordy has charged in and grabs the remote from Mike,
     switches channels back to CNN.

83   ON SCREEN                                                     83

     we see a CNN anchor with an over-the-shoulder graphic
     showing the still of the cop from the consulate
     surveillance camera with "The Wolf" superimposed.

                               CNN ANCHOR (V.O.)
                 ... videotape from the terrorist
                 who calls himself The Wolf...

     On screen, we now see a homemade video of a masked figure
     wearing a camo floppy hat and a hunter's mesh face mask
     with a strange-smiling face painted on it in camo earth
     tones. The Wolf's body is hidden shadow, the voice
     digitally altered to a deep bass growl.

                               THE WOLF (V.O.)
                 You thought you killed me. You
                 didn't. I'm still here...

     We see Gordy's demeanor shift, retreating to the
     obsessive, seething hatred he showed before.



83    CONTINUED:                                                      83

                                 THE WOLF (V.O.)
                   ... I swear that for every freedom
                   fighter you killed, ten Americans
                   will die. And I will pick the
                   time and the place. And I will
                   enjoy it...

      The Wolf slaps his palm for emphasis.

                                 THE WOLF (V.O.)
                   ... Venceremos.

      The tape ends.    Mike shakes his head.

                   This guy, Quaddafi, that Bin
                   Laden... We never get these

      OFF Gordy, his spark of life suddenly extinguished...

83A   EXT. ROW OF TOWNHOUSES (WASHINGTON, D.C.) - DAY                 83A

      The four connected townhouses sit behind gates on a tree-
      lined street in Georgetown. A sign reads: Latin
      American Institute.


      Brandt's on the phone.    He's pissed.

                   ... Senator, the failure of one
                   operation shouldn't cause your
                   committee to question financing
                   everything else we're doing down

      DONALD UPDEGRAF, Brandt's number two, enters.

                   ... I know it looks bad, and I
                   appreciate your support.
                   Together we'll get it done...
                   Yeah. 'bye.
                          (hangs up; to
                   Without his father's money, that
                   asshole'd be keeping bees for a
                   living... What?



83B   CONTINUED:                                                         83B

                   Gordy Pitt's on the phone.


                   He's called every day.

                   I don't need it.

      Beat.   Updegraf picks up the phone.

                   Mr. Pitt, Mr. Brandt'll have to
                   get back to you.

84    INT. GORDY'S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - DAY                         84

      Gordy's mood is dark. It's not improved by hearing the
      bullshit in Updegraf's reply.

                   Tell him not to bother.

      He slams down the phone. Rips up Brandt's business card.
      He's alone with his frustration, with his rekindled
      hatred and rage. OFF Gordy, glaring at the photo of The
      Wolf on his wall...


      Armed police lead Rottweilers through the newly-arrived
      passengers. FIND Gordy in line. He wears jeans, polo
      shirt, Timberlands, carries a backpack.

      Gordy advances to an IMMIGRATION OFFICER, hands over his
      documents. The agent studies Gordy's passport.

                                 IMMIGRATION OFFICER
                   Business or pleasure, senor?

                   ... Pleasure.

      The agent looks up at Gordy.         Looks back at the passport.



85   CONTINUED:                                                         85

                                IMMIGRATION OFFICER
                  One moment, senor.

     The agent gets the attention of an IMMIGRATION SUPERIOR,
     and the two of them confer out of earshot a moment. The
     Superior looks over at Gordy. Then approaches.

                                IMMIGRATION SUPERIOR
                  If you would come with me,

86   INT. IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS - OFFICE - DAY                        86

                  Is there a problem?

     The customs Superior closes the door.      Beat.

                                IMMIGRATION SUPERIOR
                  We know who you are, Mr. Pitt.

                  Says so right there in my

                                IMMIGRATION SUPERIOR
                  We're aware your wife and child
                  were killed in the bombing in New
                         (off Gordy's look)
                  We have C.N.N. here, too.
                  It's better for you to visit
                  another country. For your own

                  ... You giving me a choice?

                               IMMIGRATION SUPERIOR
                  Yes. But not about staying in

     He opens the door, addresses two armed policemen in
     Spanish. Turning back to Gordy --

                                IMMIGRATION SUPERIOR
                  These men will escort you onto
                  whatever flight you wish.

     He holds out Gordy's passport.     Beat.   Gordy takes it,
     starts out. As he goes --



86   CONTINUED:                                                        86

                                IMMIGRATION SUPERIOR
                  It's The Wolf you're after, yes?

     Gordy stops, turns back. He says nothing, but the look
     on his face speaks volumes.

                                IMMIGRATION SUPERIOR
                  ... Then I've just done you a
                  bigger favor than you know.

     Gordy doesn't respond.    Just turns and goes.


     Gordy's flanked by the armed policemen, one with a
     Rottweiler. As they walk, a PA announcement in Spanish
     is repeated in English...

                                PA ANNOUNCEMENT (V.O.)
                  ... Avianco flight 42 to Panama
                  City is now open for boarding...
                  Avianca flight 42 to Panama City
                  is now open for boarding.

     OFF Gordy, having heard the announcement --

88   EXT. PAN AMERICAN HIGHWAY (PANAMA) - DAY                          88

     The highway terminates here, far short of Colombia. The
     idea is to inhibit the northbound migration of people and
     drugs. From this point south lies the Darien Gap, a
     thick rain forest traversed only by rough trail.

     A cab with a Panama City logo pulls up at road's end.
     Gordy gets out with the Panamanian CAB DRIVER. The Cab
     Driver indicates a Panamanian man waiting there with a
     .9mm on his hip.

                                CAB DRIVER
                  My cousin, Ever.

     Ever and Gordy exchange nods.

                  How far's Colombia?

     The Cab Driver indicates distant mountains.



88   CONTINUED:                                                    88

                                CAB DRIVER
                  Beyond those mountains... The
                  trail is very dangerous, but do
                  not worry, Ever will get you
                  there... You can pay him then...
                  You can pay me now.

     Gordy pulls out his wallet, pays the Cabbie.

                                CAB DRIVER
                  Gracias, senor.

     The Driver gets back inside the cab.    Out the window --

                                CAB DRIVER
                  Que la vaya bien.

     He drives off. Gordy looks to Ever. Ever smiles,
     motions him to follow, then turns south and starts
     walking. As Gordy falls in behind...

89   EXT. DARIEN GAP - VARIOUS SHOTS - DAY                         89

     Gordy and Ever pass through pristine tropical rain

90   NEAR STREAM                                                   90

     rushing fiercely through the jungle, Ever uses his
     machete to cut two lengths of bamboo. He hands one to
     Gordy and indicates how they'll ford the stream. Gordy
     nods, then follows Ever's lead into the perilous, belly-
     deep water. They struggle to maintain their balance,
     even with the sticks. When they reach the opposite bank,
     Ever signs okay to Gordy and smiles.

91   HELICOPTER CARCASS                                            91

     They pass the carcass of a crashed and burned-out
     helicopter, when...

     Two dangerous-looking men armed with assault rifles step
     out of nowhere onto the path ahead of Gordy and Ever.
     Gordy and Ever stop. Gordy glances at Ever. Ever's
     focused on the men and clearly doesn't like what he sees.
     Gordy looks back. The armed men advance toward them
     carefully, rifles in the ready position. Gordy watches
     them approach, wondering who they are and what they're
     going to do. Ever, frightened, takes a half-step back,
     then swings the length of bamboo fast and hard, and...



91    CONTINUED:                                                       91

      He smashes it into the base of Gordy's head, knocking
      Gordy out.

      The men run up. One man covers Gordy, while Ever and the
      other man rifle his pack and toss his pockets. They take
      his passport, wallet, and an NYFD T-shirt. And then
      they're gone.

92    CLOSE ON HUMMINGBIRD                                             92

      Hovering over Gordy as he comes to.     As it flies off...

92A   GORDY                                                            92A

      sits up. Feels the bloody lump on his head. It hurts,
      but it's not serious. He searches his pockets and
      backpack, realizes the passport and wallet are missing.

      Gordy stands. Looks around. He's alone.      He's in the
      jungle... He keeps heading south.

93    EXT. DARIEN GAP - VARIOUS SHOTS - DAY                            93

      Gordy trudges on. The thick jungle's hot and humid,
      full of STRANGE SOUNDS and shadowy animal movements.

      Gordy's going uphill, when he rounds a bend in the trail,

      He meets a man coming the other way. Alarm gives way to
      the realization that the man is followed by a number of
      people, including women and children. As they pass
      Gordy, it's apparent they're refugees from their haunted
      expressions and crude backpacks heavy with possessions...

      Gordy addresses the passing people.     Indicates where he's

                   Aqui?   Colombia?...

      No one replies. Then a small COLOMBIAN GIRL comes up and
      gets his attention. She runs back up the trail a short
      distance and stops. She draws a line in the dirt.

                                  COLOMBIAN GIRL

      She jumps backward over the line.



93   CONTINUED:                                                     93

                                COLOMBIAN GIRL

     She does it again.

                                COLOMBIAN GIRL
                  Panama... Colombia.

     She smiles. At the sound of a sharp WHISTLE, however,
     she runs back quickly, passing Gordy and rejoining her
     family. Her father hands her a machete and a Zippo
     lighter, says something to her. Whereupon the little
     girl returns to Gordy and holds the items out to him.
     Beat. Gordy takes them.


     The little girl runs back again, and Gordy watches the
     refugees disappear around the bend. Then turns back
     uphill and approaches the line the little girl drew in
     the dirt. Looks down at it. Crossing over means he
     walks into a world dangerous enough to cause these people
     to flee for their lives, and...

     Just as Gordy charged into the fire-engulfed tenement
     past a tide of more sensible rats going the other way, he
     now steps over the line and advances into Colombia.


     Where the rain forest of Darien continues in Colombia.

     Darkness sets in as Gordy follows the trail downhill.    At
     night, the JUNGLE'S EVEN NOISIER. When...

     EVERYTHING GOES QUIET. Gordy slows. And suddenly,
     AUTOMATIC WEAPONS begin to POP somewhere. Not close, but
     not far, either. A FEW BURSTS, some SINGLE SHOTS -- the
     call and response of an ambush -- and then SILENCE. And
     then the nighttime JUNGLE NOISES return.

     As Gordy walks on...

95   EXT. PARQUE NACIONAL LOS KATIOS - MORNING                      95

     The sun is already cooking the jungle as Gordy reaches a
     break in the trees, sees a small town ahead.


96    NEARBY - MOMENTS LATER                                         96

      Gordy has left the trail. He lowers his pants just
      enough to expose his injured thigh. A bandage covers the
      wound made by the glass shard. Gordy unwraps the
      bandage, revealing...

      A wad of cash is hidden inside, along with a photo of
      Anne and Matt. A long, livid scar marks the wound.

      Gordy studies the photo of Anne and Matt a moment, then
      removes some cash from the wad and re-wraps the money and
      photo inside the bandage.

97    BACK ON TRAIL                                                  97

      Gordy heads into the town.

98    EXT./INT. CHIVA - NIGHT                                        98

      One of the colorful, wretchedly overcrowded buses that
      ply Colombia's back-country roads.

      As the chiva jolts and shudders over the dirt road, Gordy
      sleeps. He's an object of some curiosity -- not only a
      gringo, but a virtual Gulliver in comparison to the
      small-statured Colombians pressed in around him.

99    EXT. FINCA (COLOMBIA) - DAY                                    99

      A sprawling farm/estate deep in the countryside. Beyond
      the hacienda, we see a military compound containing tents
      and three heavily camouflaged helicopter shelters. A
      recently arrived Light Observation Helicopter (LOH) sits
      on a chopper pad with its rotors still turning.

100   INT. HACIENDA - DAY                                            100

      Full of manned hi-tech command-and-control and
      surveillance equipment. A Colombian military operations
      officer, ROCHA, waits with an aide.

      Brandt arrives with Updegraf.

                Find your fucking leak?

                Not yet. And it could be your
                fucking leak.



100   CONTINUED:                                                      100

                   All due respect, Noel, it's not
                   likely... And we don't need the
                   whole world looking into what
                   we're doing down here... We find
                   the son-of-a-bitch again, we're
                   bypassing protocols...

      Updegraf has had papers handed to him and interrupts --

                   Check this out.

      He hands a paper to Brandt.    Brandt reads it.

                   Jesus Christ...

                          (to Rocha)
                   The man whose wife and son died in
                   New York. One of your units found
                   his passport and credit cards on
                   some gunrunners near Panama.
                   Gunrunners say they left him

                   What, he thinks he can get The
                   Wolf himself?

                   We have too much time and too many
                   people invested to have a loose
                   cannon walking around.

                          (beat; hands papers
                           to Rocha)
                   Throw out the net. Have him
                   picked up... Just make sure no one
                   kills him.

                                                        FLASH-CUT TO:

101   EXPLOSION                                                       101

      Boom!   An ENORMOUS EXPLOSION.      And...


102   EXT./INT. CHIVA - NIGHT                                         102

      Gordy bolts awake from the nightmare with a scream. He
      looks around at the startled faces in the crowded bus,
      unsure where he is for a moment before he gets his
      bearings. The dream lingers, depressing him.

103   ANGLE - AHEAD OF CHIVA                                          103

      An oncoming bus flashes its headlights. As the buses
      pass, the ONCOMING DRIVER yells to Gordy's chiva driver.

                              ONCOMING DRIVER
                Inspecion militar. Chequeo de

104   SECOND CHIVA                                                    104

      keeps going. Gordy's chiva slows to a crawl, and the
      Driver calls back.

                              GORDY'S CHIVA DRIVER
                Inspecion militar. Chequeo de

      Various passengers gather their things and begin to
      disembark in a hurry. To anyone who'll answer --

                Habla Ingles?... Que pasa?

      A MAN IN A YANKEES CAP is among the people getting off.
      He answers in accented English.

                              MAN IN YANKEES CAP
                There is a military checkpoint up
                the road. They inspect everyone's

105   BUS                                                             105

      starts to pick up speed again. Gordy gets off just in
      time. To the Man in the Yankees Cap --

                Where are all of you going?

                              MAN IN YANKEES CAP
                We walk around.

      The man heads into the forest.   Beat.   Gordy follows.


106   EXT. FOREST - NIGHT                                           106

      To the Man in the Yankees Cap as they walk --

                None of these people have papers?

                              MAN IN YANKEES CAP
                Some have the wrong papers. Some
                have none...

      The man puts a finger to his lips, hushing Gordy.
      They've come abreast of the checkpoint, which can be seen
      in the distance through the trees. Colombian soldiers
      have the chiva blocked as they perform their inspection.
      The chiva's DIESEL GROWLS loudly. When suddenly...

107   FIGURES                                                       107

      We see figures moving in the forest between the group and
      the checkpoint. And then...

      The forest erupts in a deafening fusillade of AUTOMATIC
      WEAPONS FIRE being directed at the soldiers at the
      checkpoint. In the same instant, an RPG takes out a
      Colombian Army humvee in a bright, fiery EXPLOSION.

                                MAN IN YANKEES CAP

108   MAN                                                           108

      The man pulls Gordy down as the group hits the dirt.   The
      GUNFIRE continues. On the ground, to Gordy --

                                MAN IN YANKEES CAP

      The attack rages furiously for twenty seconds, then wanes
      to sporadic GUNFIRE. Other WEAPONS are FIRING now,
      too -- clearly the Army is finally mounting a defense.
      And then...

109   FOREST                                                        109

      We hear the sound of PEOPLE CRASHING through the forest.
      They're running toward Gordy and the group. The CRASHING
      GETS CLOSER. And now Gordy begins to hear the BREATHLESS
      PANTING of the guerrillas in retreat. BOOTS THUD past
      Gordy's head. When suddenly...



109   CONTINUED:                                                    109

      One of the running guerrillas trips over Gordy and goes
      sprawling. The guerrilla, wearing the motley uniform of
      an irregular soldier, whips a look back, and...

      Gordy finds himself staring into the battle-hardened eyes
      of a fierce young woman. In a heartbeat...

      The woman jumps back to her feet, and   joins her comrades
      laying down a suppressing FIRE at the   soldiers. Spent
      cartridges rain down around Gordy, as   the AK-47 ON FULL
      AUTO chops loudly over his head. And    then...

110   NEW ANGLE                                                     110

      The guerrillas are gone.

      The Man in the Yankees hat hauls Gordy up, yells --

                                 MAN IN YANKEES CAP

      The group is in the greatest danger now -- caught between
      the fleeing guerrillas and the soldiers, who are giving
      chase and will shoot anyone or thing in front of them.
      Everyone in the group scrambles to his or her feet and
      begins to run. And...

      Soldiers do notice them and begin to FIRE.

111   FOLIAGE                                                       111

      BULLETS SHRED the foliage around Gordy, whipping past his
      head... He and others keep running. A man goes down when
      a BULLET BITES into his leg. Gordy slows, but the Man in
      Yankees Cap won't let him stop to help. Slams him hard
      on his back. Keeps pushing Gordy forward. A few moments
      later, we hear M-16's on FULL AUTO back where they left
      the man.

                                 MAN IN YANKEES CAP
                   His trouble is over.

112   EXT. SMALL RIVER                                              112

      The powerful TORRENT ROARS through the forest.

      Gordy and the others reach the near bank, where the path
      drops into the water to reappear on the opposite bank.
      The Man in the Yankees Cap is in the lead. He plunges
      into the fast water up to his waist. Gordy and the rest
      splash in behind, struggling to cross against the swift
      current. The Man in the Yankees Cap reaches the far
      bank. Takes two steps, and...


113   EXPLOSION                                                    113

      BOOM!   An EXPLOSION rips into him.

114   GORDY AND OTHERS                                             114

      stop mid-stream, but one of the group, a young woman,
      believing the blast was caused by the pursuing military,
      continues struggling to cross. An OLDER MAN looks, sees
      the blast-hole.

                                OLDER MAN

      Gordy realizes the old man's saying "land mine."   To the
      young woman --


      Gordy moves to catch her.   Just manages to stop her as
      she reaches the far bank.   Gordy points to where the land
      mine detonated.

                  Mina... Mina...

      Beat. Slowly, the terrified young woman responds to the
      strong, calm tone of command in Gordy's voice and the
      unpanicked, reassuring look on his face.

      Gordy brings her back to the group, which fights to stand
      in the rushing river. He indicates for them to hold
      hands for stability. Motions for them to stay.


115   GORDY                                                        115

      leaves the group in the middle of the river. The GUNFIRE
      is now FAR-OFF AND SPORADIC. He crosses to the water's
      edge on the far bank. Pulls the Zippo from his pack and
      leans over. Uses the flame to illuminate the mud and
      rock immediately in front of him. Scratches lightly at
      the ground with the machete, searching for mines. Finds nothing
      in that spot. And steps onto it.

      Searching the ground and scratching at it with the
      machete before each step, Gordy inches toward the Man in
      the Yankees Cap. Three steps from the river...



115   CONTINUED:                                                     115

      He finds a small, round anti-personnel mine the size of a
      hockey puck. He inches past it. Moves past another.
      And another. To the writhing Man in the Yankees Cap --

                   Don't move... Don't move...

116   NEW ANGLE                                                      116

      Finally, Gordy reaches him. One of the man's legs is
      missing below the knee. He's bleeding from various other
      wounds as well. Gordy uses the Zippo to inspect the area
      for more mines. Then kneels in a footprint.

                   You'll be okay... You'll be okay.

      He takes a bandanna from the man and ties a tourniquet
      around his thigh. By way of distracting him --

                   Guerrilla bastards.

                                 MAN IN YANKEES CAP
                   No... Military... To stop

      Beat.   Gordy finishes the tourniquet, when he sees...

117   YOUNG MAN                                                      117

      has left the group and emerged from the river in a
      different place to avoid the mines.

      Gordy's eyes go to something glistening in front of the
      young man -- a taut nylon line ten inches off the ground.
      The kid's about to hit it. Gordy shouts --

                   No!   Alto!

      The young man hears the alarm in Gordy's voice and
      stops... But not before he plants his next step, and...

      The trip wire bows against his shin, and...

      Gordy ducks, covers the Man in the Yankees Cap, and...

      Nothing happens. The young man just stands there, frozen
      in position, his leg still bowing the line.



117   CONTINUED:                                                    117

      Using the Zippo again to light his way, Gordy advances to
      the young man. He follows the trip wire to where a Coca-
      Cola can hangs from a nearby tree. On closer inspection,
      Gordy can see the can is sleeved around a grenade.
      There's no pin in the grenade. The can keeps the
      grenade's arming spoon in place. The trip wire's
      designed to yank the can off, allowing the grenade to
      explode at chest level... And the can's almost off.

      Gordy burns through the monofilament trip wire. Then
      carefully slides the Coke can back over the grenade.

118   MAN IN YANKEES CAP - MOMENTS LATER                            118

      When Gordy returns, the man's dead.    OFF Gordy, looking
      down at the NY logo on the cap...

119   EXT./INT. ANOTHER CHIVA - DAY                                 119

      Gordy sees a sign for a town as the chiva rumbles along.

      He pulls out his map.

120   INSERT - MAP                                                  120

      Gordy finds the town, which lies along a river. He
      traces a road from the town. The road runs south through
      the town of Mompos, and eventually reaches Caguan, the
      ELC capital.

121   BACK TO SCENE                                                 121

      A COLOMBIAN WOMAN is looking over Gordy's shoulder.

                                 COLOMBIAN WOMAN
                   No autobusses para este lugar.
                   Solamente el barco en el rio.

      She leans over, traces the river, which also runs to

                                 COLOMBIAN WOMAN
                   El rio.

122   EXT. FERRY DOCK - DAY                                         122

      The FERRY'S WHISTLE TOOTS.    Lines are cast off.



122   CONTINUED:                                                      122

      Two plainclothes federales have been watching the ferry
      load and now relax their vigil. One man holds a Xerox of
      Gordy's passport photo. The other bites into an
      empanada, which breaks open and spills its contents down
      the front of his shirt. His partner finds it funny. He
      doesn't. And while their attention's occupied...

      Gordy hurries by, oblivious to the federales' presence,
      and just manages to hop onto the ferry as it pulls away.

123   EXT. FERRY - DAY                                                123

      The ferry's the only means of travel south, and it's
      packed. Gordy picks his way through. The only other
      gringo on the boat is a geek in a plaid shirt and gimme
      hat that says "Deerborn." The geek, PHILIP ARMSTRONG,
      looks like a talker, and Gordy tries to avoid eye
      contact. He's too late.

                   Hey, yo, dude, here's a seat, man!

                   No, that's okay --

      But Armstrong's already throwing a bag off the bench.

                   I was hoping for someone I could
                   communicate with.

      He sees Gordy hasn't moved.

                   Only room's at the back near the
                   bano, and I'd advise against it,
                   unless you like poop.

      Beat.   Gordy sits.   Immediately --

                   Philip Armstrong. Assiniboia,
                   Sasketchewan, Canada.
                          (indicates his hat)
                   Deerborn Heavy Equipment.

                   ... Gordy Pitt.

                   Hey, howya doing? I love Germany.



123   CONTINUED:                                                     123

                   Austria.   American now.

                   I love America. Never been to
                   Austria. Where from in America
                   would that be?

                   New York City.

                   I don't like New York City.
                   Buildings're too big. What kinda
                   work you in?

                          (hesitates, then)
                   Coffee. I buy beans.

                   Can't drink caffeine. Makes my
                   stomach do the rumba. I like that
                   commercial guy with the sombrero
                   and the mule, though. Headed
                   upstream, eh? Where to?


                   ... You've never been to Caguan,

                   How do you know?

                   'Cause no one in their right mind
                   would ever go back. Caguan's in
                   the guerrilla zone run by the
                   E.L.C. E.L.C. as in 'Extra
                   Loathsome Communists.' They don't
                   care, and they kill. I'm going
                   there myself. But I have a 'get
                   outta jail free' card.

      Armstrong doffs his cap, undoes a safety pin securing a
      card inside the crown. Shows it to Gordy. Sotto --



123   CONTINUED:    (2)                                           123

                   E.L.C. travel pass. I can go
                   anywhere I want.
                          (by way of
                   Everyone needs equipment fixed.

      Armstrong carefully returns the card to the hat. And now
      his voice takes on a noticeably more measured tone --

                   If you don't have one of these,
                   you don't want to be up there,

      Beat. Gordy's contemplating the warning, when his eyes
      go to a small, sleepy boy standing nearby on the cramped
      deck, leaning against his father. Gordy reaches over and
      taps the boy. The boy looks over. Shrinks away at the
      sight of the large gringo. The father notices and looks
      at Gordy, who stands, indicates his seat.

                   Por favor.

      The father's also apprehensive, doesn't move.

                   Con mucho gusto.

      Finally, the father accepts, sits down with the sleepy
      boy on his lap. Nods his thanks at Gordy, who then gazes
      down at the son. A kid about Matt's age. Armstrong
      recognizes the look of a caring dad.

                   Got kids, eh?

      OFF Armstrong, as Gordy walks away...

124   EXT. JUNGLE - DAY                                           124

      Two Colombian armed man wearing guerrilla uniforms
      bearing a distinctive ELC patch are walking a trail, when
      the man in front notices something odd. He stops. Leads
      the other man back a few steps. Looks into the foliage
      along the trail. Something doesn't seem right. He
      extends his AK-47. Prods a hump of greenery with the
      rifle butt, and in a flash...

      The greenery suddenly transforms into two men wearing
      face-paint and full-body military camouflage gear and
      pointing twin cocked-and-locked CAR-15 assault rifles at
      the heads of the startled guerrillas.


125   EXT. CIA HACIENDA - DAY                                         125

      Brandt stubs a butt as a Colombian SOG group does killer
      training nearby. Updegraf opens the door. To Brandt --

                One of Rocha's infiltration teams
                just radioed in... We got our big

126   EXT. FERRY - DAY                                                126

      Gordy stands along the rail looking out at the lush,
      beautiful countryside sliding past.

      Armstrong joins him.

                That little kid and I had a nice,
                long snooze... We're almost to
                        (gazing out)
                Beautiful country.

                It better be.    A lotta people're
                dying for it.

                       (looks overboard)
                Y'know, I haven't noticed one
                darn body floating downstream
                this whole trip, have you?

      Gordy doesn't respond.    Beat.

                I was thinking... Maybe we could
                travel together into Caguan. You
                could show me around.

                       (shakes his head)
                Pass is only good for one person,
                if that's your idea, which I think
                it is... Besides, I can't risk
                traveling around up there in the
                company of a big gringo with a
                dumb-ass cover story about coffee

      Gordy looks over.   Armstrong smiles back.     Beat.



126   CONTINUED:                                                 126

                   I've got money. I'll buy the pass
                   from you.

                   I've worked too hard for it. And
                   you don't have that kind of money
                   on you.

                   I'll be getting some life
                   insurance money --

                          (shaking his head)
                   It's all cash and carry down here,


                   Mompos... You want to have some
                   fun, we'll hook up later. I
                   always schedule a stopover. To
                   sample the local wares and such.
                   Life can be what you make it here
                   on the frontier.

                   No, thanks.

                   Gotta get off the boat anyway.
                   Mompos is the last stop. From
                   here into the guerrilla zone you
                   can only travel by panga... If you
                   change your mind, I'll be at the
                   Tropicale later. It's a gringo
                   bar. Just follow the cockroaches.

127   NEW ANGLE                                                  127

      They see the beginnings of Mompos. Two 4x4 trucks are
      parked on the riverbank. Lean, clean-cut men in jeans,
      tight shirts, cowboy boots and sunglasses lean on the
      truck and watch the ferry pass.

                   Sicarios. Death squads. Avoid
                   those dudes at all costs.


128   SAME SCENE - FEW MOMENTS LATER                              128

      The ferry pulls up to the dock. The dock street is a
      culture clash of shanty bars and Amazon Indian traders,
      of big-wheel SUVs and mule carts. There's a definite air
      of menace.

                Federales are looking for someone.

      Gordy follows Armstrong's look to two plain-clothes
      federales, one fat and one thin, standing near the dock
      watching the boat pull up.

      When Gordy glances back, Armstrong is gone.

129   EXT. MOMPOS FERRY DOCK - DAY                                129

      Gordy disembarks amid the throng of passengers, when the
      FAT FEDERALE confronts him.

                              FAT FEDERALE
                Senor Pitt?

      Gordy looks up in surprise at him and the thin federale
      backing him up.

                              FAT FEDERALE
                You'll have to come with us.


                              FAT FEDERALE
                Come with us, please.

      He clamps a hand on Gordy's arm. Gordy shakes it off and
      starts running. Almost immediately, he's tackled to the
      ground by the thin federale. Two more federales join in.

      Gordy's not gonna go down easy, though.

      Even as only one against four, Gordy's a formidable
      challenge. He's strong, and he's committed all the way.
      He's not getting kicked out of this country again. It's
      not a clean or artful fight. There's no karate. It's
      four men trying to tackle a bull, and...

      The bull gets away.

130   EXT./INT. MOMPOS - VARIOUS SHOTS - DAY                      130

      Gordy sprints down streets with the federales in pursuit.


131   GORDY                                                          131

      jukes into a local bar.

132   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                  132

      Gordy pounds out the back of the bar into a littered
      courtyard, where he's surrounded by ten-foot walls.

133   FEDERALES                                                      133

      blast through the bar.

134   GORDY                                                          134

      runs, jumps, launches off a beer keg, and...

135   TOP OF WALL                                                    135

      He reaches the top of the wall and pulls himself up.
      He's looking out across a block-long run of corrugated
      tin roofs. Takes off across the roofs, each step
      thundering, as...

136   FEDERALES                                                      136

      burst into the courtyard. Two men hastily build a stack
      of boxes, etc., against the wall.

137   GORDY                                                          137

      runs as fast as he can across the rooftops, when...

      A section of roof gives way beneath his feet, just as...

138   NEW ANGLE                                                      138

      One of the federales finally mounts the wall, looks
      across the rooftops... and Gordy's gone.

139   GORDY                                                          139

      lands inside a warehouse room amid sacks of rice, beans
      and coffee. The building is dark and dusty. He lies
      still and listens. FOOTSTEPS approach across the tin
      roof overhead. Gordy burrows into the bags of rice,
      pulls them over him.


140   FEDERALE                                                      140

      on the roof peers down through the hole. Scans the
      warehouse room below with a mini-Mag-Lite.

141   GORDY                                                         141

      sees the flashlight beam move past. He holds his breath.
      Beat. Then the FOOTSTEPS pass on, RECEDE down the roof.
      And Gordy can breathe again.

142   EXT. MOMPOS STREET - NIGHT                                    142

      Gordy makes his way along the main drag of the frontier
      town. A noisy, neon-lit strip of bars and brothels.
      Everyone's packing a gun. A new Dodge City, where death
      squad sicarios cruise past in 4x4's BLARING SALSA.

143   INT. TROPICALE - NIGHT                                        143

      In here, the MUSIC'S LOUD ROCK 'N' ROLL. Gringo music
      for a gringo bar. The place is busy, with plenty of
      local "hostesses" for the men. Even Armstrong, standing
      half-crocked at the bar, is flanked by two scantily-clad
      women. He's got a spoon hanging off his nose. So does one
      of the girls. Armstrong's trying to hang a spoon on the

      Gordy slips into the bar. Spots Armstrong through the
      crowd. Sees Armstrong's not wearing his cap, when...

      The girl with the spoon on her nose turns slightly,
      revealing she's wearing the cap. It's on backwards, but
      now Gordy can see the "Deerborn" logo clearly.

      Gordy wants the guerrilla travel pass inside the cap.
      It's a desperate move, but he's got no choice. Starts
      toward the girl, when...

      Gordy sees the thin federale enter the front door. The
      thin federale sees him at the same time. Begins moving
      in on him.

      Gordy moves faster toward the girl.   And...

      The girl unwittingly does him a favor by taking off the
      cap and setting it on the bar, where it's easier to grab,
      and then turns her attention to Armstrong's antics.

      The thin detective fights through the crowd after Gordy.

      Gordy's almost to the hat.



143   CONTINUED:                                                    143

      Armstrong's still having trouble with the second girl's

                   I never met a nose I couldn't hang
                   a spoon on.

      Gordy reaches the bar, snags the cap. Glances back, sees
      the thin federale closing in, turns to run out the back,

      A strong hand stops him. The hand belongs to the Fat
      Federale. And now the thin federale's there, too,
      wielding a stun gun where Gordy can see it. People in
      the bar fall silent. Everyone but Armstrong, who's
      finally hung the spoon on the second girl's nose.


      And now Armstong also realizes something's up. Turns and
      sees Gordy. Sees the cap in Gordy's hand as the Fat
      Federale addresses Gordy --

                                 FAT FEDERALE
                   Come along, Mr. Pitt.

      Whereupon Armstrong shouts drunkenly at Gordy --

                   Police catch you trying to steal
                   my hat, you asshole?!

      He staggers toward Gordy.    Grabs the hat.

                   Fucking hat thief!

      Armstrong takes a drunken swing at Gordy, but...

      Instead of hitting Gordy, Armstrong accidentally-on-
      purpose clocks the fat detective. Then hisses into
      Gordy's ear, clearly not that drunk --

                   Get outta here --

      But then Armstrong's legs won't work as the thin federale
      jams the stun gun against his neck, and 10,000 volts
      surprise the Armstrong neural network.

      Gordy moves against the thin federale in anger, when...

      The Fat Federale ZAPS him with another STUN GUN, just
      behind the ear... And Gordy gets to know the floor, too.


144   EXT. MOMPOS JAIL - NIGHT                                          144

      The building's ancient, constructed of wood and adobe.

145   INT. MOMPOS JAIL - CELL - NIGHT                                   145

      The jail might be old, but the cells are secure enough.
      They're also unsanitary and thoroughly unpleasant.

      Gordy and Armstrong are led in by the federales. The Fat
      Federale has Armstrong's hat. He looks it over,
      wondering why Gordy wanted it. Then decides he could
      give a fuck and tosses it to Armstrong. Clangs the cell
      door shut and locks it. Leaves shaking his head.

                                 FAT FEDERALE

      Armstrong's still unsteady on his feet and sits down on
      the metal bunk.

                 That stun gun wasn't cool.

      Armstrong looks down at himself.

                 Haven't peed my pants in a real
                 long time.

                 You shouldn't have helped me.

                 Yeah, well, I guess all these
                 assholes down here are just
                 starting on my nerves.

      Gordy's silent.   It's over.   He's come up short.   He's
      going home.

                 So what the hell did you do to
                 land us in here? And don't jerk
                 me around, eh?

      Beat.   Gordy sits.

                 The Wolf killed my wife and son
                 in New York.



145   CONTINUED:                                                      145

                   ... Oh, you're that guy, eh? I'm
                   sorry, man... And what, you came
                   down here to even things out?

      Gordy just looks at him.

                   Did you even have a plan?

                   Yeah. Go to Caguan, find The Wolf
                   and kill him.

      Armstrong just shakes his head.    Beat.

146   DOOR TO CELL AREA                                               146

      BANGS open. Federales lead in two men -- the two
      guerrillas surprised earlier by the heavy-camouflaged
      infiltrators. The federales are armed with batons and
      stun guns, taking no chances. It's clear the rebels
      weren't brought here without a struggle, either -- both
      are cut and bruised. The tougher-looking of the two has
      taken a real beating. This beaten man is jammed face-
      first against the bars of Gordy's cell. He makes eye
      contact with Gordy while the other rebel is unbound and
      put into a cell. Then the beaten man is shoved into the
      cell. A solid, brick wall separates them from Gordy and
      Armstrong. Armstrong's seen the patches on their
      uniforms. To Gordy, sotto --


      Beat. Armstrong sees the look on Gordy's face.      By way
      of a warning --

                   If you can't kill them, don't even
                   talk to them.

      The GUERRILLAS are MURMURING in the other cell. One of
      them LAUGHS. OFF Gordy, listening to the LAUGHING...

147   INT. GORDY AND ARMSTRONG'S CELL - NIGHT                         147

      Two or three A.M. Armstrong's dozing. Gordy's still
      listening to the MURMURING of the REBELS on the other
      side of the wall, when...



147   CONTINUED:                                                    147

      There's a flurry of activity outside the cell area.   The
      door opens. Soldiers enter with some federales.

      Gordy watches the soldiers move past his cell.    Rocha is
      with them. And then...

      Brandt appears at the bars, looks in at Gordy.

                   Enjoy your trip?

      Gordy stands, approaches.

                   We asked you to leave it to us.

                   And you guys still haven't got

                   It's not over yet... The guys next
                   door are in The Wolf's elite
                   bodyguard unit. Where he goes,
                   they go. We're gonna ask
                   questions. And we're gonna get
                   answers... And you're staying
                   right here till our bomber's dead.

      Brandt goes. Moments later, a TORTURED SCREAM is heard
      on the other side of the brick wall, waking Armstrong
      with a start.

148   EXT. MOMPOS - VARIOUS SHOTS - NIGHT                           148

      In a field near Mompos, a canopied truck backs into
      position. Men in guerrilla uniforms with ELC patches get
      out and pull back the canopy, revealing mortar tubes
      pointing skyward on a bed of sand.

149   ELC GUERRILLA                                                 149

      unit armed with AK-47s and Light Anti-Tank Weapons
      (LAWs) infiltrates the town.

150   ANOTHER TWO-MAN ELC GUERRILLA TEAM                            150

      sets up a single mortar position overlooking the town.
      One of the men checks his watch. Beat. He signals. The
      other man drops a MORTAR down the tube. WHUMP.


151   TWO MORTARS                                                    151

      go in the tubes on the truck.   WHUMP, WHUMP.

152   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                  152

      BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! A water tower, the Mompos fire
      station and the town's power supply are direct hits.


153   INT. JAIL - CELLS                                              153

      People react to the sounds of the MORTAR ATTACK on the
      town. The lights go out. Brandt, Rocha and their men
      quickly lock the guerrillas in their cell and head out.

154   EXT. JAIL                                                      154

      As MORTARS CONTINUE to fall on the rest of the town, the
      unit of guerrilla infiltrators open up on the front of
      the jail with LAW ROCKETS.

155   EXT./INT. JAIL                                                 155

      KA-BOOM! The front door and wall of the jail
      disintegrate under the multiple LAW attack.

156   NEW ANGLE                                                      156

      Brandt, Rocha and the soldiers, approaching the front
      door inside, are hammered by the massive concussion of
      the BLAST and flung across the room, apparently dead.

157   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                  157

      The powerful, concussive shock-wave channels into the
      cell area. Gordy's slightly protected by a wall.
      Armstrong, standing at the bars, is thrown into the
      opposite wall and knocked unconscious.

158   GUERRILLAS                                                     158

      charge inside with AKs BLAZING.   Surviving soldiers and
      federales SHOOT back.

      The blasts have caused fires in the building. Severed
      wires spark, creating more fire. Flames begin to spread
      through the tinder-dry structure.



158   CONTINUED:                                                      158

      The guerrillas take out the soldiers and federales, with
      few casualties to themselves. They make their way toward
      the cell area.

      EXPLODING AMMO and stored FUEL CANS accelerate the fire.

159   NEW ANGLE                                                       159

      The guerrillas reach the cells. Two men see Gordy and
      draw down on him. The others move to the next cell.

      Guerrillas plant small explosive charges on the hinges of
      the cell containing their two captured comrades. Beat.
      The HINGES BLOW. The beaten man and the rebel with him
      are freed, and the guerrillas quickly retreat the way
      they came.

      Gordy sees flames spreading into the cell area.

160   GUERRILLAS                                                      160

      exit the fiery jail past Brandt.    We see Brandt's not

161   EXT. MOMPOS STREET - OUTSIDE JAIL                               161

      A truck pulls up. The guerrillas get in.    The TRUCK
      SCREECHES OUT as...

162   4X4                                                             162

      full of sicarios SKIDS onto the street, far ahead of the
      truck. The sicario driving punches it, and...

163   TWO TRUCKS                                                      163

      ROAR toward each other. A game of chicken. With GUNS.
      Men in both vehicles OPEN UP -- the sicarios with magnums
      and Uzis, the guerrillas with AKs. SLUGS RIP through
      automotive steel. Casualties are taken. When...

164   SICARIO                                                         164

      driving the 4x4 receives a round in the forehead, cranks
      over the steering wheel, and...


165   SPEEDING 4X4                                                          165

      does a Paris-to-Dakar road rally flip, twisting and
      somersaulting, and...

166   NEW ANGLE                                                             166

      The 4x4 catapults completely over the guerrillas' truck,
      disintegrating into spare parts and dead occupants, as...

167   GUERRILLAS                                                            167

      ROAR off.

168   EXT./INT. JAIL                                                        168

      A severely-dazed Brandt, bleeding from the nose and ears,
      slowly gets to his knees, crawls out of the burning
      building and collapses outside.

169   INT. GORDY AND ARMSTRONG'S CELL                                       169

      There's fire and smoke everywhere. Gordy picks up the
      metal bunk and slams it against a wall. Slams it again.
      Breaks the metal apart. Then levers a long side rail in
      the cell door. He heaves. Heaves again. The fire's
      licking at him, but Gordy's undeterred. He heaves again,

      This time, the door gives. Gordy picks up Armstrong's
      cap, then picks up Armstrong, who's starting to come
      around. Puts Armstrong over his shoulders in a fireman's

                   Don't breathe.

                   You're not running through the
                   fire, eh?

                   Close your mouth.

      Because running through the fire is just what Gordy's
      gonna do. As he disappears into the flames...

170   EXT. JAIL - NIGHT                                                     170

      The town's in complete chaos.         There are fires


170   CONTINUED:                                                     170

      Still stunned and bleeding, Brandt looks from where he
      lies on the ground as...

      Gordy bursts out of the inferno carrying Armstrong.
      They're singed and smoking, but they're alive. Gordy
      drops Armstrong, pats himself and Armstrong down,
      knocking out the burning embers on their clothes and
      hair, when...

      Gordy's eyes meet Brandt's. The two men hold the look
      for a moment. If Brandt could speak, he'd be yelling at
      Gordy to stop, not to go on. And Gordy knows it. But
      Gordy's not stopping. Picks up Armstrong again and moves
      off toward the waterfront.

171   EXT. MOMPOS WATERFRONT - NIGHT                                 171

      There's less chaos here.    The fires are in the distance.

      Gordy arrives carrying Armstrong.    Sets him down.

                   I'll find a boat to take us

      He starts to go.    Armstrong stops him.

                   No. I told you. The pass is only
                   good for one person. And you're
                   too dangerous to travel with.

      Beat. Gordy reaches over and takes Armstrong's cap.     He
      looks inside. There's no pass.

                   It hasn't been there since we

      Gordy's at a loss. He tosses the cap back.      Just looks
      at Armstrong. Beat. Armstrong sighs.

                   Aw, hell... I was through with
                   this place anyway...

      He takes off a boot. Shakes out some money and the pass.
      He hands the pass to Gordy.



171   CONTINUED:                                                       171

                   I'll call ahead and tell Felix I'm
                   not coming, and you're my
                   replacement. He'll meet you in
                   Caguan and take you to the
                   plantation... What do you know
                   about diesel engines?

                   All the fire trucks are diesels.

                   You'll have to be Austrian, eh?
                   They hate Americans. Name's gotta
                   change, too, in case they're
                   watching the news.
                   It'll buy you a little time to
                   look around Caguan. But you'll
                   never find The Wolf.

      Beat.   Gordy sticks out his hand.

                   Heinrich Beckmann.


                   My Austrian name.

      Armstrong shakes hands with Gordy.     Armstrong doesn't
      let loose right away. Beat.

                   Luck got you this far. But up
                   there, luck doesn't make it.
                   I hope you know you're gonna die.

      OFF Gordy, about to step over another line...

172   EXT. RIVER - VARIOUS SHOTS - DAY                                 172

      As dawn breaks over the river, FIND Gordy sitting in a
      motored panga being steered by a local BOATMAN. Gordy
      reaches into a pocket and pulls out the photo of Anne and
      Matt. He looks at it for a few moments. Then pockets it

173   SAME SCENE - LATER                                               173

      The panga passes a dead body floating downstream.


174   SAME SCENE - LATER                                             174

      The panga passes revolutionary banners and signs lining
      the riverbank.

                La zona guerrillera.

175   SAME SCENE - MOMENTS LATER                                     175

      The panga rounds a bend, and...

      Two souped-up bass boats filled with heavily-armed ELC
      guerrillas move to intercept it.

      The Boatman slows, puts the panga in neutral and keeps
      his hands in sight.

      One boat of guerrillas pulls alongside. The other sheers
      off and stops a short distance away, ready to open fire.

      Gordy shows the guerrillas his travel pass. One of them
      takes it. Reads. Looks Gordy over. Then starts to rip
      the pass in half, when...

      He stops. Grins. It's a big joke. He hands back the
      pass, searches the boat quickly and waves the panga on.

      OFF Gordy's relief as the panga heads on...

176   EXT. CAGUAN TOWN DOCK - DAY                                    176

      The panga arrives, and Gordy gets out. He's met by
      FELIX. Felix has a 9mm in a shoulder holster. Felix
      doesn't look the least bit happy.



                Come with me.

      Felix leads him towards a Land Cruiser.

                Armstrong should have called
                sooner. We don't like changes
                here... If I didn't need the
                equipment fixed, I'd send you



176   CONTINUED:                                                      176

      They reach the Land Cruiser.

                   But now we have to see the E.L.C.
                   Supervisor for Caguan.

      It's a prospect that seems to concern Felix almost as
      much as Gordy. Off which, as they get into the Toyota...

177   INT. ELC SUPERVISOR'S OFFICE - DAY                              177

      The ELC SUPERVISOR for Caguan may be a Marxist, but the
      clean, well-ordered office is nicely appointed, with a
      big-screen Sony and leather furniture. The TV's TUNED TO
      CNN. A photo on the wall depicts him as a younger man
      wearing guerrilla cammies bearing with an ELC patch and
      holding an AK-47. A brass nameplate reading "Supervisor"
      rests on a neat desk, behind which stands the man himself
      -- a hardened, former guerrilla fighter proud of his
      position. He's not in cammies now -- his uniform now
      consists of casual but nice tropical clothing and a fat

      Felix is a subordinate here. He and Gordy stand across
      the desk as the Supervisor examines Gordy's travel pass.
      Gordy's nervous about what could appear on the TV in the
      b.g., but tries not to show it.

                                 ELC SUPERVISOR
                   Your passport was stolen.

                   In Mompos.

                                 ELC SUPERVISOR
                   ... Mompos is a shithole. Not
                   like Caguan... Why didn't
                   Armstrong come?

                   He was arrested in Ecuador. He
                   got drunk and fooled around with a
                   police officer's wife.

      The Supervisor just looks at him, assessing Gordy's face
      for signs he's lying. Gordy's expression stays the same.

      Felix respectfully interjects.     It's almost a plea.

                          (in Spanish)
                   We need to fix the equipment. We
                   have delivery deadlines to meet.



177   CONTINUED:                                                    177

      A long beat. The ELC Supervisor hands the travel pass
      back to Gordy. In a hard tone to Felix --

                                 ELC SUPERVISOR
                          (in Spanish)
                   He's your responsibility. Don't
                   let him out of your sight.

                   Si.   Gracias.

      As Felix leads Gordy away...

178   INT./EXT. LAND CRUISER (CAGUAN) - DAY                         178

      Gordy and Felix pull away from the Supervisor's H.Q.
      Felix resumes his former tone of command.

                   The Supervisor made you my
                   responsibility... You don't go
                   anywhere without me, you

                   No problemo.

      Gordy peers out the window intently as they drive,
      looking for a lucky break, looking for The Wolf,
      searching the face of every man. He doesn't see The
      Wolf, but what he does see surprises him. The ELC
      Supervisor was right: Caguan's no Mompos. It's a third-
      world town, armed troops are visible, and there's a lot
      of bad shit behind Colombia's revolutionaries, but here
      the streets are calm and orderly. It's quiet, almost
      eerie, as people go about their business. OFF Gordy,
      seeing another side of the guerrillas...

179   INT./EXT. LAND CRUISER/COUNTRY ROAD - DAY                     179

      Felix turns off at the entrance to a lane leading to the
      plantation. The entrance is guarded by a 4X4 "Rat
      Patrol" assault truck and four heavily armed ELC

                   The E.L.C. guards your coffee

      Felix thinks he's joking. Until he looks over and sees
      Gordy's actually being sincere.



179   CONTINUED:                                                  179

                   ... Coffee beans? Shit.
                   Armstrong didn't tell you much...

180   INT./EXT. LAND CRUISER - PLANTATION - DAY                   180

      They approach a hacienda and outbuildings. The
      accoutrements of agriculture are present -- tractors,
      sheds, cats, etc. -- but clearly, this is no family farm.
      There are lots of serious-looking men around. More ELC
      guerrillas stand guard.

181   FELIX                                                       181

      stops the car. He and Gordy get out. Felix begins
      leading Gordy toward two rows of long, open-walled sheds.

                   The problem's with the diesel
                   generators. The sons-of-bitches
                   keep breaking down.

182   NEW ANGLE                                                   182

      They pass four very large pits, where green leaves steep
      in a thick, foul-smelling liquid.

                   We're using portables to keep
                   production going, but they don't
                   supply enough power to the heat
                   lamps, and we have to dry a lot
                   of... 'coffee beans.'

183   ANOTHER ANGLE                                               183

      They're now walking between the two rows of sheds, where
      portable gas GENERATORS THRUM, and...

      Gordy can see long, wide platforms inside. Above the
      platforms are multiple arrays of powerful heat lamps.
      Spread out and drying beneath them is a half-acre or two
      of converted cocaine.

184   IN ANOTHER SHED                                             184

      workers pack and wrap one-kilo bricks of coke for


185   GORDY AND FELIX                                                185

      approach the two giant diesel generators.

                We can fix anything, but these
                keep dying on us... You'll start
                now. I'll have tools brought to
                Armstrong's a magician with them.
                Let's hope you have his skill.

      Felix walks over to a guerrilla with an AK-47 and speaks
      to him. Then goes. Whereupon the guerrilla crosses to
      Gordy and takes up a sentry position over him.

186   SAME SCENE - LATER                                             186

      Gordy has the diesels partially dismantled. The
      guerrilla sentry is still right there. Felix returns.


      Gordy has to think of something fast.    Beat.   He throws a
      machine part against a wall angrily.

                I can't work with these pieces of

                Junk? These generators cost a

                Then treat them that way.

                       (beat, then)
                Armstrong always fixes them.

                Armstrong wants your money. He
                makes them work, but he doesn't
                fix them... To do this right, we
                gotta order parts from Europe.
                In the meantime, I can make
                something temporary. There must
                be a machine shop in town.

                ... Yes.



186   CONTINUED:                                                          186

      Gordy stands.

                   Let's go.

      OFF Felix, forced to acquiesce...

187   INT./EXT. LAND CRUISER (CAGUAN) - VARIOUS SHOTS - DAY               187

      Felix is driving. Again, Gordy uses the opportunity to
      look for The Wolf. It's a long-shot, and he knows it.
      But it's all he can do.

188   EMPTY STOREFRONT                                                    188

      They pass an empty storefront. A sign on the large,
      front plate glass window says "Cine" and "Sabado."

189   BAR                                                                 189

      They pass a bar. Felix watches it go by with something
      like a look of desire. Gordy registers the look and the
      connection to the bar.

190   INT. MACHINE SHOP - VARIOUS SHOTS - DAY                             190

      Gordy selects spare parts.

      A clerk wraps the parts in an old newspaper, and...

      Gordy realizes his picture is on the paper.       He smears
      grease from his hands over it.

191   EXT. MACHINE SHOP - DAY                                             191

      Gordy finishes loading the parts into the Land Cruiser.

                   Let's get moving.

                   I'm thirsty. How about you?   Want
                   to get something to drink?

      Felix pauses. We see the look of desire again. Gordy's
      definitely struck a chord. But Felix quickly stifles it.

                   We have to get back.



191   CONTINUED:                                                     191

                   I've been working all day out in
                   the sun. I need a drink... nice
                   cold beer? How about it? I saw a
                   bar in town.

      Felix really wants to, but still hesitates.

                   With the spare parts, I'll have
                   the generators running in two
                   hours... We have time for a
                   couple beers.

      Beat.   Finally --

                   Okay.   Just a beer. Maybe two.

192   INT. BAR - NIGHT                                               192

      They've had a lot more than two beers. Felix has,
      anyway. He's drunk. He's also in love with a waitress
      on his lap, a cute gordita named BERTA. He pats her.

                   This is mine. This is the reason
                   I come here... right, Berta? Me

                          (playing along)
                   Si, amor.

      Somebody whistles for a drink, and Berta goes.

                   ... She's hot, isn't she?


      Long beat.    Gordy makes the play he's been contemplating.

                   Armstrong said to watch my butt
                   around here. I guess the fucking
                   Americans come down and shoot
                   everyone all the time.

                   Especially now, since the bomb in
                   New York.



192   CONTINUED:                                                       192

                   Yeah, I heard about it.   Who did

      Felix is just loose enough.

                   The Wolf, and they'll never catch

                   Ever see him?



                          (beat; eyes Gordy)
                   If you know too much around here,
                   it can get you killed.

      Gordy's gotten all he'll get from Felix.     He feigns
      nonchalance, smiles.

                   Tell me what doesn't get you
                   killed around here.

      Gordy takes a swig of beer.      When...

      Gordy sees the Beaten Man from the jail in Mompos.       The
      man has just walked in with another guerrilla.

      Gordy barely avoids being seen as the guerrillas cross
      the room. At the bar, the bartender puts out two crates
      of beer. The guerrillas take the beer and head out. No
      money's changed hands. When they're gone, to Felix --

                   We'd better get back, huh?

                          (checks his watch)
                   ... Shit. It's late.

193   EXT. BAR - NIGHT                                                 193

      The two guerrillas are just driving away in a big-
      wheeled, high ground-clearance Suburban as Gordy and
      Felix emerge. Felix is weaving.



193   CONTINUED:                                                       193

      Gordy keeps his eyes on the Suburban's tail lights and
      opens the Land Cruiser's passenger door for Felix.

                   You're too drunk. I'll drive.

194   EXT./INT. LAND CRUISER                                           194

      Gordy gets in. Felix hands Gordy the keys.        Then slumps
      against his door and closes his eyes.

                   One day, I'm going to screw Berta.

      Gordy STARTS the CAR and drives after the Suburban.

195   EXT./INT. LAND CRUISER (CAGUAN) - NIGHT                          195

      Gordy follows the Suburban as Felix rambles --

                   ... I'll take her to a small
                   restaurant... We'll have lobster
                   and drink lots of wine... I'll get
                   her drunk... We'll drive home...
                   I'll carry her inside... I'll kiss
                   her... And then, I'll screw her in
                   my bed...

      The Suburban pulls up next to a house.       There are armed
      guerrilla guards outside.

                   ... And when I am done screwing
                   her, she'll never want to look at
                   another man again...

      Gordy drives past the house as the Beaten Man and the
      guerrilla with him get out of the Suburban and start
      carrying the beer inside. And a moment later...

      Felix comes around with a start.

                   What the fuck are you doing?!

      He unholsters the 9mm and points it at Gordy.

                   Hey, easy... What's the problem?



195   CONTINUED:                                                      195

                   You're going the wrong goddamn

                   I am?... Looks different in the

                   Turn around!

      Gordy turns the car around.     Felix keeps the gun on him.

                   You drive where I say... Or the
                   Supervisor will have us both shot.

      Gordy drives back. They approach the Suburban and the
      house once more. This time it's on Felix' side. Felix
      gives the guerrilla guards a wave as they go by, and...

      Gordy's eyes go to something he couldn't see coming the
      other way: a large propane tank next to the house.

196   EXT. PLANTATION - VARIOUS SHOTS - NIGHT                         196

      The work in the sheds continues.    Heat lamps dry down the
      long tables of coke.

197   GUERRILLA GUARDS                                                197

      are more vigilant at night, patrolling the grounds with
      posted teams.

198   WORK LIGHTS                                                     198

      illuminate the two big diesel generators as Gordy
      continues his overhaul. He has two sentries now. One
      wears a combat vest, and as Gordy works, his eyes go to
      the grenades hanging on the vest's front.

199   EXT. PLANTATION - DIESEL GENERATORS - DAY                       199

      The sun's over the yardarm now, blazing hot, and Gordy's
      still working under the watchful eyes of the guards.

      Nearby, a group of guerrillas is playing soccer, when...



199   CONTINUED:                                                    199

      A man is injured, and his teammates call for one of
      Gordy's guards to substitute. The man in the combat vest
      responds. The game is shirts and skins, and he's joining
      the skins. Puts down his AK, strips off his combat vest
      and shirt, and runs in.

      Gordy's eyes go to the vest and the attached grenades.
      With the other guard still watching him closely, however,
      there's nothing Gordy can do.

200   SAME SCENE - LATER                                            200

      The soccer game rages back and forth. Suddenly, an open
      man gets the ball. Breaks toward the goal.

      Gordy sees the player about to go one-on-one with the
      goalie. He cheers the action loudly, whereupon...

      Gordy's guard turns to see what's happening, and...

      Gordy grabs a grenade.    Almost gets it into a tool box,

      The player kicks wide, the guard looks back, and...

      Gordy covers the clattering of the grenade's dropping
      into the tool box by picking up a large wrench... But the
      grenade's still visible as now...

      Felix comes around the corner. He's sleepy and hungover.
      And pissed by Gordy's lack of progress.

                   It's afternoon. Yesterday, you
                   said it would only take two more

      Gordy wipes his hands on a rag, throws it on the grenade.

                   I have this one ready to go.

      Gordy reaches up and hits the start button on the
      GENERATOR. It SPUTTERS, but won't catch. Felix just
      looks at him. Gordy makes an adjustment, and...

      This time,   the ENGINE TURNS OVER. PURRS like new. The
      heat lamps   brighten in a row of sheds. Felix winces as
      the DIESEL   ROAR makes the hangover hammers in his head
      pound even   harder.

                   What about the other one?



200   CONTINUED:                                                            200

                   I just need another part from
                   town, and it's five more minutes.

                   ... Shit.     Fine. Let's go.

      Gordy grabs the tool box.

                   Why're you bringing the tool box?

                   The old part's in there. I need
                   to match it, and it's all greasy.

      Felix buys it and heads off.          As Gordy follows him...

201   EXT./INT. LAND CRUISER (CAGUAN) - VARIOUS SHOTS - DAY                 201

      They pass the "Cine" in the storefront. The ELC
      Supervisor's big-screen TV is being wheeled in.

202   GORDY                                                                 202

      sees an attractive woman playing with some children.

203   GORDY AND FELIX                                                       203

      drive past the bar.        Gordy notices Felix doesn't even
      glance at it.

                   Berta working today?

                   Ha!   Puta!

      We see that, whatever this means, it's an unexpected
      complication for Gordy.

204   INT. MACHINE SHOP - VARIOUS SHOTS - DAY                               204

      Gordy chooses the spare part.

      The clerk wraps the part in newspaper.


205   EXT. MACHINE SHOP - DAY                                          205

      Gordy loads the part into the Land Cruiser.   To Felix --

                You as thirsty as I am?


      Felix gets into the Land Cruiser.

206   EXT./INT. LAND CRUISER (CAGUAN) - DAY                            206

      Gordy climbs in.   Felix starts driving.   Gordy's down to
      final straws.

                We can't stop for one beer?

                There's beer at the plantation.

                       (thinking fast)
                There's no Berta at the
                plantation. I like drinking beer
                around pretty girls, not a bunch
                of guys with automatic rifles.

                To hell with Berta.

                What happened? Last night you
                were in love with her.

      There's a beat. Felix glances at Gordy.     Decides it's
      safe to confide.

                ... I had a dream... I fed her
                lobster, got her drunk, and she
                rejected me for another man.
                       (off Gordy's look)
                Dreams tell the future.

                ... That wasn't a dream, that was
                the alcohol talking... You saying
                two men can't go have a beer and
                look at women's breasts because
                of pink elephants?... Nothing
                makes any sense down here.



206   CONTINUED:                                                       206

      Felix pulls out his .9mm.    Gordy doesn't blink an eye.

                   Go ahead and shoot me, and you
                   fix the goddamn generator. Part's
                   in the back.

      Beat.   OFF Felix, thinking it all over...

207   INT. BAR - NIGHT                                                 207

      A replay of last night. Felix is pretty wasted.    Berta's
      in his lap again. In Spanish --

                   You know I'm your man, baby.

      Someone whistles for a drink. Berta starts to stand.
      Gordy slips her twenty US dollars to stay. She does.

                   I have to piss.

      Gordy crosses, exits into the bano.

208   EXT. BAR - BACK - MOMENTS LATER                                  208

      Gordy drops out the bathroom window.

209   EXT./INT. LAND CRUISER - MOMENTS LATER                           209

      Gordy gets the grenade from the tool box. He slides it
      just inside the top of his pants, with the spoon hooked
      over the waistband. He finds some wire. Then searches
      for something else. Finds a piece of string and checks
      its length. From Gordy's reaction, we understand it's
      too short.

      Gordy opens doors and checks seat pockets. Nothing. He
      checks the glove box. No long string there, either. But
      he does find two rubber bands. Gordy studies them a
      moment, thinking. Tests their elasticity. Then pulls
      out the Zippo and thumbs it. The lighter still works.

      As Gordy pockets everything and walks off...

210   EXT. CAGUAN - VARIOUS SHOTS - NIGHT                              210

      Gordy steals through town, hiding when he sees someone
      coming. He's re-tracing the route he took the night
      before, when he followed the Beaten Man's Suburban.


211   "CINE"                                                         211

      He passes the "Cine" in the storefront. A movie's
      beginning to play on the supervisor's big-screen TV.   The
      place is packed. No one sees Gordy, who moves on.

212   GORDY                                                          212

      continues to make his way through Caguan, when...

      He rounds a corner, and there's a four-man ELC patrol,
      two in a truck and two out. Gordy turns, starts heading
      back, when...

      One of the GUERRILLAS calls to him.


      Gordy stops. The two standing men walk toward him. The
      other two men get out of the truck to provide backup.

      One guerrilla approaching Gordy stops short and stands
      off, cocked-and-locked, as the other comes up. Gordy
      carefully produces the travel pass. The guerrilla looks
      it over. In butchered Spanish --

                Yo trabajo con Felix. Felix --
                -- la cantina. Con Berta.

      The attractive woman we saw earlier playing with the
      children now walks up holding the hand of a small boy.    A
      guerrilla waves them on. The woman and boy hustle by,
      glancing at the face of this big gringo in trouble as
      they pass. They hurry on toward the nearby "Cine."

      OFF Gordy, as the guerrilla indicates for him to start
      walking to the truck...

213   INT. BAR - NIGHT                                               213

      The guerrilla patrol has taken Gordy to Felix, still
      sitting with Berta in his lap.

                Are you trying to get us both

                I went for a walk. I figured you
                wanted to be alone with Berta.



213   CONTINUED:                                                  213

                          (to the guerrillas;
                           in Spanish)
                   I'll make sure he's on a shorter

      The patrol leader looks at Felix hard. Then nods. The
      guerrillas go. Felix dumps Berta onto her feet, stands.
      Felix looks at Gordy, shakes his head.


214   INT. LAND CRUISER - NIGHT                                   214

      Gordy and Felix get in.

                   You're working all night,
                   Beckmann. That generator gets
                   fixed, and you're out of my hair
                   in the morning.

      Felix jams the car in drive.

      Gordy looks down, sees the spoon of the grenade exposed.
      As he readjusts his shirt to cover the spoon...

215   EXT. PLANTATION - DIESEL GENERATORS - NIGHT                 215

      Felix is right there supervising for himself as Gordy
      finishes working. Gordy stands. He stares hopefully at
      the MACHINE. Then pushes the starter, and... VRROOM!
      The heat lights in the second row of sheds brighten.

      Gordy turns to Felix.

                   That make you happy?

      No response.

                   Where's my money?

                   You'll get it in the morning.


216   INT. HACIENDA - STOREROOM - NIGHT                              216

      Felix yanks the dangling cord and turns on the lights.
      The room's a mess. All kinds of rubbish. There's a
      washtub sink. There's a cot.

                This where Armstrong stays?

                This is where you stay... A boat
                will take you down river at seven.

      Felix closes the door. We hear a LOCK TURNING. Gordy
      moves to the door and tries it. It's definitely locked.
      Through a small window, he can see the lights in the
      sheds and the ever-vigilant nighttime ELC sentries
      patrolling the grounds. The DIESELS ROAR in the b.g.

      Gordy turns back. Readjusts the grenade digging into his
      belly, then hooks it back inside his pants. He turns off
      the light. Moves to the adobe wall opposite the door.
      THROUGH another small window, he can see it's dark in
      this direction.

      Gordy rummages through the refuse lying around the room.
      We see some rubber tubing. We see some rope. Gordy
      finally finds a piece of sharp metal. He moves to the
      wall with the window. With the DIESELS covering the
      noise, Gordy starts chiseling away at the adobe.

217   EXT. PLANTATION - NIGHT                                        217

      The big-wheeled guerrilla Suburban drives in.

218   INT. STOREROOM                                                 218

      Gordy is making slow progress through the wall, when he
      hears the VEHICLE arrive. He moves to the window by the
      door and looks out. Sees the Suburban. Four guerrillas
      are getting out, including the Beaten Man. Felix meets
      them. The Beaten Man exchanges words with Felix. Felix
      indicates Gordy's room. As the Beaten Man continues to
      question Felix...

      Gordy realizes he's fucked. He can't get through the
      wall fast enough. His eyes go to water dripping from a
      pipe leading to the washtub sink. He moves to it. Finds
      the water pipe underneath that feeds the tap. Cranks
      shut the master valve on the pipe. Wraps his hands
      around the pipe and pulls. Nothing. Jams his feet
      against the wall for leverage and pulls harder... And
      this time, he yanks the pipe free from the sink. He
      finds the rubber hose. Fits an end over the pipe.



218   CONTINUED:                                                         218

      Quickly lashes it on with some wire. Then cranks on the
      master valve. High-pressure water streams from the hose.

      Gordy sneaks a peek out the window. The Beaten Man's
      still questioning Felix. The sound of the hose water is
      being covered by the DIESELS.

      Gordy crosses the room, extending the hose to the hole
      he's made in the wall. He aims the stream at the hole.
      Thumbs the end of the hose to make the water jet even
      harder... And watches the jet begin eating away at the
      old adobe and brick, just as it ate through the crumbling
      plaster in the Spanish Harlem tenement.

219   EXT. PLANTATION                                                    219

      The Beaten Man finishes with Felix. Felix begins leading
      the guerrillas toward the storeroom.

220   INT. STOREROOM                                                     220

      Gordy's made progress, but hasn't broken through yet.
      And he won't, not in enough time. Under his breath --

                   Come on, baby... come on, baby...

      And just then...

221   EXT. PLANTATION                                                    221

      WHAM-WHAM-WHAM, one of the DIESELS Gordy repaired suffers
      a spectacularly loud internal breakdown. The heat lights
      dim in a row of sheds. Felix and the guerrillas stop to
      see what's happening. At which point, the generator now
      BURSTS into FLAMES.

222   BACK TO GORDY                                                      222

      He smiles.

                   Just in time...

      And we realize that he'd planned on the diversion, as...

      The water jet breaks through.      The hole's still small.
      Gordy begins to widen it.


223   EXT. PLANTATION                                               223

      Felix, the Beaten Man and the other guerrillas resume
      their march toward the storeroom.

      They reach the storeroom. Water's pouring out under the
      door. Felix unlocks the door and opens it to find...

224   INT. STOREROOM                                                224

      Gordy's gone. The Beaten Man signals two men to go out
      the hole. To the other man --

                              BEATEN MAN
                       (in Spanish)
                Organize the others. Find him.

      The man goes. Outside, we hear him SHOUT orders to the
      guerrillas guarding the plantation. The Beaten Man turns
      to Felix. Felix is terrified. In a pleading tone --

                       (in Spanish)
                He can't be far. You'll catch --

      BANG! The Beaten Man SHOOTS Felix in the head. Then
      exits. OFF Felix, dead, his blood mixing with the water
      still streaming across the floor...

225   EXT. PLANTATION - MOMENTS LATER                               225

      The guerrillas report to the Beaten Man. They can't find
      Gordy. To the men guarding the plantation --

                              BEATEN MAN
                       (in Spanish)
                Keep looking.

      He signals his men to come with him.   They get into the
      Suburban. Whereupon we FIND...

226   UNDER SUBURBAN                                                226

      Gordy's hanging onto the chassis. With the large tires
      and high ground-clearance, there's just enough room to
      get his legs over the rear axle. He's just finishing
      rigging up a rope he took from the store room -- the
      rope's slung from one side of the chassis to the other,
      to support Gordy's back. He hears the ENGINE START,
      grabs the transfer case, and...


227   SUBURBAN                                                     227

      ROARS off with Gordy suspended below.

      The rear DRIVE SHAFT WHIRS madly, inches from Gordy's
      face. And, with each bump in the road, even with heavy-
      duty off-road shocks and springs, the undercarriage of
      the Suburban comes within inches of crushing Gordy's
      legs. ROCKS are PINGING everywhere. The dirt and the
      dust are choking. Even for a short distance, it's going
      to be a long, dangerous ride.

228   EXT. SUBURBAN (CAGUAN) - NIGHT                               228

      As the TRUCK BLASTS down back roads and through the
      darkened town...

229   GORDY                                                        229

      continues to suffer underneath. Even with the rope
      supporting him, he has to hold on with two hands.

      A vicious jolt suddenly loosens a grenade. It starts to
      slip free. Gordy can't stop it without letting go. The
      grenade falls, and...

      Gordy shoots out a hand and grabs it. Barely. The spoon
      just hanging on the end of his fingertips. Gordy can't
      use his other hand to get it. He needs the hand to hold
      onto the car. The grenade begins to slip. He's going to
      lose it. And just as it falls...

      Gordy does the only thing left. He slips a finger
      through the loops of the grenade pin. Just barely snags
      the grenade before it drops to the road. And then...

      Carefully, slowly -- praying that each bump doesn't jar
      the grenade off the pin -- with his other arm shaking and
      screaming in pain as he maintains a grip on the transfer
      case -- Gordy eases the grenade back onto his stomach,
      where he gets a better grip. Jams the grenade back.
      Then grabs onto the undercarriage once more, in time to
      relieve the muscle-tearing strain on his arm.

230   ABOVE GORDY'S WORLD                                          230

      the Suburban passes the "Cine."   The movie's over, just
      letting out.

231   EXT. GUERRILLA HOUSE - NIGHT                                 231

      The Suburban pulls up to the well-guarded house Gordy saw
      the night before. The men get out and go inside, leaving
      the SUBURBAN RUNNING, clearly planning to leave again
      right away.


232   GORDY                                                          232

      carefully lowers himself to the ground. Slides out on
      the side away from the house. Hides behind a large
      wheel. The brightly-lit house is surrounded by coconut
      trees. Gordy watches the guards. When the guards aren't
      looking, he runs to the nearest tree. The sounds of the
      SUBURBAN'S ENGINE covers his footsteps.

233   TREES                                                          233

      Gordy moves from tree to tree when the guards aren't
      looking, when he reaches one tree, and...

234   NEW ANGLE                                                      234

      THUNK!   A coconut hits the ground next to him, and...

      One of the guards comes to investigate.

      The guard gets closer. Gordy inches around the tree. He
      can't get away without being seen. He nudges the coconut
      with his toe. Nudges it harder, causing it slowly to
      roll away, and...

      The guard picks it up. Never sees Gordy in the shadow of
      the tree, pressed against the trunk. The guard shows the
      coconut to a guard near the house, then walks back.

235   GORDY                                                          235

      sneaks to another tree. Then reaches the house. He
      moves to a window. Peers into a room. No one's there.
      But we hear the sound of VOICES. Gordy creeps along the
      wall. Looks into another room, and...

236   INSIDE                                                         236

      is a group of ELC guerrillas, including the Beaten Man,
      packing suitcases, etc. Leaving in a hurry.

237   GORDY                                                          237

      scans the faces. Except for the Beaten Man, no face is
      familiar. A man with his BACK TO us stands, and there's
      nothing familiar about him, either. When...

238   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                  238

      Directly in front of us, another man emerges from a room.
      He's also in ELC guerrilla camo.


238   CONTINUED:                                                   238

      OFF Gordy, looking intently at the man.

239   FLASHBACK - SURVEILLANCE TAPE                                239

      The face of the cop outside the consulate.

240   MAN (PRESENT)                                                240

      in the room.    His face looms larger as he ADVANCES
      TOWARDS us.

241   FLASHBACK - COP'S FACE                                       241

      when he bumped into Gordy on E. 64th Street.

242   CLOSE ON MAN (PRESENT)                                       242

      in the room.    It's the same face.

243   BACK TO GORDY                                                243

      He's found The Wolf, when...

      Suddenly, a guard appears, and...

      Gordy freezes. Eases into the shadows. His dirty face
      and clothes blend in just enough. The guard moves past.

244   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                244

      When the coast is clear, Gordy moves to the large propane
      tank. He takes out the grenade. Puts the rubber bands
      around it, spoon and all. Grips the grenade in his hand,
      holding the spoon down, and yanks the pin. And then...

      Slowly, slowly, Gordy begins releasing his grip, allowing
      the rubber bands to take on the pressure of the spring-
      loaded spoon. If they'll do it... if the spoon goes now,
      Gordy's going up in the blast.

      Gordy continues to relax his grip. The rubber bands
      stretch. Stretch more. Keep stretching until they're
      barely holding the spoon... but they're holding it.

      Gordy quickly, carefully wires the grenade to the propane
      tank. Then takes out the Zippo, pulls it apart and
      removes the lighter fluid-soaked cotton. Holds the
      cotton just above the grenade and squeezes with his
      fingers. And...


244   CONTINUED:                                                     244

      Lighter fluid drops onto the rubber bands.    Gordy
      squeezes out as much as he can onto them.

      Then Gordy gets the hell out of there.   He finds cover.
      Ducks down. And waits.

245   CLOSEUP - GRENADE                                              245

      The lighter fluid is dissolving the rubber bands.

246   BACK TO SCENE                                                  246

      Gordy suddenly hears a woman's gentle SINGING.    He looks
      in the direction of the sound, and...

      Gordy sees the attractive Woman and the boy approaching
      on the road. She's singing a gentle song in Spanish.

      Gordy's eyes flash with alarm.   He glances at the house.

247   CLOSEUP - GRENADE                                              247

      The lighter fluid continues dissolving the rubber bands,
      which are now beginning to lose their elasticity and
      stretch from the pressure of the spoon.

248   BACK TO SCENE                                                  248

      Gordy looks back at the Woman and boy, closer now,
      walking toward the house.

249   FLASHBACK - NEW YORK                                           249

      Anne and Matt wave to him across Madison Avenue.

250   BACK TO SCENE (PRESENT)                                        250

      Gordy sees the Woman pull the boy close to her, lovingly.

251   FLASHBACK - NEW YORK                                           251

      The BOMB EXPLODES, and Anne moves to protect Matt.

252   CLOSE ON GORDY (PRESENT)                                       252

      He realizes the horror of what will happen.   And...



252   CONTINUED:                                                       252


      Gordy bursts from his hiding place.

                   No!    Stop!   Alto!

      The Woman and Boy look over in alarm, see Gordy running
      toward them and yelling.

                   Get back!

253   INSERT - GRENADE                                                 253

      The rubber bands are about to break.

254   BACK TO SCENE                                                    254

      The Woman sees Gordy.       Screams toward the house --


255   GUARDS                                                           255

      see Gordy running.       They OPEN FIRE.

256   MEN                                                              256

      pile out of the house.

257   GUARDS                                                           257

      STOP FIRING.       Gordy's too close to the Woman and Boy now.

258   GORDY                                                            258

      reaches the Woman and Boy now. Pulls them down.       Covers
      them protectively with his body, when...

259   NEW ANGLE                                                        259

      KA-BOOM! A gigantic EXPLOSION lights up the night and
      utterly destroys the house.


260   DEBRIS                                                         260

      rains down for what seems like forever.    Dust fills the

261   GORDY                                                          261

      opens his eyes. Gets to his hands and knees.     Sees the
      Woman and Boy are safe, when...

      A vicious kick in the ribs lifts Gordy off the ground,
      rolling him away from the Woman and child.

                               THE WOLF
                You bastard!

      The Wolf's alive and unhurt.     Angrily punts Gordy again.

                              THE WOLF
                You think you can kill The Wolf?!

      A boot in the face this time.

                              THE WOLF
                You think you can kill The Wolf?!

      A piece of paper has fallen from one of Gordy's pockets
      and fluttered to the ground nearby. The woman picks it
      up, and we see...

      It's the photo of Anne and Matt.

      The woman stares at the photo a moment, as...

      Gordy absorbs another blow.    He tries to stand.

                You killed my wife and son --

      Whack! The Wolf slams the butt of an AK-47 against
      Gordy's skull. Gordy drops hard. The Wolf reverses the
      AK. Points it at Gordy's head, about to pull the
      trigger, when...

      The Woman lays a hand on The Wolf's arm.


      The Wolf doesn't take his eyes off Gordy.    The Woman
      squeezes his arm. Implores him --




261   CONTINUED:                                                     261

      The Wolf glances over. Meets her eyes a moment. Sees
      the photo in her hand. Glances up into her eyes again.
      They hold the look. A whole conversation exchanged
      without words. Then The Wolf turns back to Gordy, lying
      in a pile on the ground. Beat. To Gordy --

                                 THE WOLF
                   You were just saved by your
                   guardian angel.

262   INT. UNDERGROUND BUNKER - DAY                                  262

      Dark and dank. Excavated clay walls and floor. Heavy
      door. A bare overhead bulb provides some light.

      Gordy lies on a metal bed frame. One of his legs is
      chained to the bed. He's in pain from being kicked --
      but the physical aches are nothing compared to the
      anguish he feels for having failed.

      The door's unlocked and opens. Daylight streams in from
      above as The Wolf enters with two guerrilla bodyguards.
      He moves to the middle of the room. Looks at Gordy.

                                 THE WOLF
                   One of the men in the jail with
                   you in Mompos is dying. He was
                   burned in your explosion.

      Gordy just looks at him.

      The Wolf signals a bodyguard, who crosses to Gordy and
      frees his leg from the chain.

                                 THE WOLF
                   You want to kill me? Come and
                   kill me.

      The bodyguards are smiling. Gordy hesitates, then
      springs for The Wolf, and...

      The Wolf immediately fells him with a choppy-looking
      karate combination. The Wolf's no Jet Li -- his style's
      a throwback, even ugly, but it's well-practiced and
      brutally effective. Even still, Gordy springs back right
      away... and The Wolf drops him again.

                                 THE WOLF
                   You Americans think you have all
                   the answers. And really, you're
                   so naive...



262   CONTINUED:                                                       262

      Gordy comes up swinging. Gordy's a barroom fighter. If
      he can touch you, you're in trouble. He never gets
      close. A vicious front kick folds him, and a fist drives
      him to the floor. The Wolf stands over him.

                                 THE WOLF
                   ... You see one peasant with a
                   gun, and you never ask why he has
                   to have it. You just run to give
                   your billions to the nearest
                   soldiers, no matter how merciless
                   or corrupt they are.

      The last kick really hurt Gordy.    He's slow rising.

                                 THE WOLF
                   That's why I'm teaching America a
                   lesson... that's why there'll be
                   more bombs... and more families
                   like yours will pay the price.

      The Wolf wants to pique him, but this is pouring gasoline
      onto fire. Gordy explodes off the ground. The
      suddenness and fury of the rush catch The Wolf off guard.
      Gordy drives him backward. Slams him against a wall.
      Then hooks an arm around the back of The Wolf's neck and
      drives the other fist like a piston into his abdomen.
      All his weight behind the punches. Trying to break ribs
      and crush them into The Wolf's heart, when...

      A bodyguard slams the butt of an AK into Gordy's kidneys.
      Gordy takes the blow standing. The guard delivers a
      second, much harder shot, and Gordy drops to his knees in
      agony. Beat. The Wolf recovers from the hammer-blows to
      his midsection. And then...

      He makes Gordy pay for the punches. Lands blow after
      blow on Gordy's face. Beats the living shit out of
      him... and leaves him unconscious on the dirt floor.

263   BLACK                                                            263

      we hear a gentle CLACKING sound.    It's unidentifiable.

264   GORDY'S POV                                                      264

      The black becomes a BLUR. The BLUR becomes a hazy
      glimpse of Selena. She's sitting on the metal bed frame
      nursing Gordy's wounds. The CLACKING sound CONTINUES --
      it's made by SEA SHELLS that dangle from a bracelet on
      Selena's wrist. The shells knock together as she washes
      Gordy's wounds.



264   CONTINUED:                                                           264

                   Are you alright?

265   INT. UNDERGROUND BUNKER - NIGHT                                      265

      Gordy's still in a deep fog from the beating, barely
      there at all.

                   ... Who are you?

                   My name is Selena.

                   ... His wife?


      Beat. The sea shells clack. Gordy loses consciousness
      again, and everything goes...

266   BLACK                                                                266

      The CLACKING sound CONTINUES.         And...

267   GORDY'S POV                                                          267

      This time, when Gordy opens his eyes, there's no
      blurriness. It's a new day. He's better. Selena's
      walking to him with a tray. The SHELL BRACELET CLACKS as
      she approaches.

                   I brought you food.

268   INT. UNDERGROUND BUNKER - DAY                                        268

      Gordy slowly sits up.       Beat.

                   Why feed me?    Why not just kill

                   Are you so anxious to die?

      Gordy doesn't have an answer.         Beat.    He tastes the meal.



268   CONTINUED:                                                       268

                   ... Thanks.

      Selena watches him a moment, troubled by something.

                   The men in jail with you in
                   Mompos... They say you talked to a
                   man from the C.I.A.

                   I'm not one of them.   I'm here for
                   my own reasons.

      Selena watches him another moment. Decides he's telling
      the truth. She reaches into a skirt pocket, then extends
      her hand toward Gordy. He looks up. She's holding the
      photo of Anne and Matt. Beat. Gordy takes the photo.
      Looks at his wife and son. Selena sits next to him.
      Another beat. Then, off the photo...

                   Claudio used to be a teacher. I
                   was a medical aid worker. We met
                   in Guatemala, in an Indian village
                   called Guamaunco. We were married
                   there. Sophia, our daughter was
                   born there. Claudio was kind and
                   loving, and we were happy... We
                   were there four years when the
                   civil war broke out... The
                   guerrillas were all around us, but
                   left us alone... Then they made an
                   attack on the army nearby. The
                   next night, soldiers came to our
                   village. They were led by
                   American 'advisors'... They
                   accused us of helping the rebels.
                   Our women were raped. Our men
                   were tortured. Our homes were
                   burned... We crawled out into the
                   fields, but they threw grenades,
                   and Sophia...

      Selena hesitates, choking back her emotions.

                   ... my baby girl was hit by
                   shrapnel... she bled to death in
                   Claudio's arms.

      She looks into Gordy's eyes. The look says she
      understands and shares Gordy's pain because she's
      suffered her own painful loss. She looks away again.



268    CONTINUED:    (2)                                               268

                    Claudio joined the guerrillas.
                    When that war ended, we moved to
                    the next war, and the next... Each
                    fight has only deepened his
                    hatred. And poisoned his soul.
                    He's unable to love anything

                    Why are you still here?

                    Because I know he was a good man,
                    who's been consumed by rage
                    because of what he lost... Just
                    like you.

                    I'm not like him.

                    Not yet.

                    He kills innocent people.
                    He's planning to kill more.

       Beat. Selena suddenly stands, uncomfortable, not wanting
       to discuss it. She goes to the door and knocks. OFF
       Gordy, as the door opens, and Selena exits...

269    CLOSEUP - SATELLITE IMAGE                                       269

       A laser pointer indicates the photo.

                                  UPDEGRAF (O.S.)
                    This is a satellite shot of the
                    Caguan region last night.

       The laser indicates an area of the photo.

                                  UPDEGRAF (O.S.)
                    Here's Caguan town.

       FOLLOW the laser TO:

269A   SECOND IMAGE                                                    269A

       the same night shot with a bright spot in the town area.



269A   CONTINUED:                                                     269A

                                  UPDEGRAF (O.S.)
                    At 2250, we get a large heat-and-
                    light anomaly consistent with an

       FOLLOW the laser TO:

269B   THIRD SATELLITE IMAGE                                          269B

       a high-resolution, infrared enlargement.

                                  UPDEGRAF (O.S.)
                    This is the explosive area two
                    minutes later. We got a house
                    blown to shit and burning. We got
                    Colombians in cammies, a gringo
                    down, a woman and kid, and some
                    bodies. This guy --

       The laser indicates The Wolf.

                                  UPDEGRAF (O.S.)
                    -- is giving all the orders.

                                  BRANDT (O.S.)
                    ... I don't fucking believe it.
                    That lucky son-of-a-bitch found
                    The Wolf.

                                  UPDEGRAF (O.S.)
                    ... He's paying for it now.

       FOLLOW the laser TO:

269C   FOURTH SATELLITE IMAGE                                         269C

       an infrared shot of people and vehicles near the burning

                                  UPDEGRAF (O.S.)
                    A little later, an E.L.C. convoy
                    arrives, and everyone loads up...
                    The convoy travels thirty-two
                    minutes upriver and stops here...

       FOLLOW the laser TO:

269D   FIFTH SATELLITE IMAGE                                          269D

       an infrared night shot of parked vehicles, buildings,
       people, etc.



269D   CONTINUED:                                                      269D

                                  BRANDT (O.S.)
                    An E.L.C. compound...

                                  UPDEGRAF (O.S.)
                    More like a small village. It's
                    mobile, and it's not just
                    guerrillas -- it's women and kids,
                    too. Here it is by day...

       FOLLOW the laser TO:

269E   SEVENTH SATELLITE IMAGE                                         269E

       a day shot of the jungle village.     The laser indicates:

                                  UPDEGRAF (O.S.)
                    Houses, barracks, school for the
                    kids, cooking sheds, H.Q.,
                    latrines, gun pits...

                                  BRANDT (O.S.)
                    They're not just hiding The Wolf.

                                  UPDEGRAF (O.S.)
                    Here it is on the map...

       PULL BACK to reveal:

270    INT. CIA HACIENDA - DAY                                         270

       Updegraf highlights a map for Brandt, who thinks aloud --

                    It's well-sited... can't surprise
                    'em, so you gotta outgun 'em...
                    So that's what we're gonna do.

                    We're gonna hit it?

                    We're not just gonna hit it, we're
                    gonna wipe if off the globe.
                    Cats, rats, dogs and mice. If
                    it's moving, it's dead.

                    Hitting the whole village could
                    make for a P.R. problem.



270   CONTINUED:                                                    270

                   I don't care what the Puerto
                   Ricans say.
                          (then, off Updegraf's
                   Which part of the word 'war' don't
                   you understand? Our mission down
                   here isn't just about catching The

                   ... What about Gordy Pitt?

                   He was told not to be here... The
                   first choppers'll hit it at 2200.

271   EXT. ELC JUNGLE VILLAGE - NIGHT                               271

      It's RAINING buckets. Most of the people inhabiting the
      village have been driven under roofs or indoors.

      Guerrillas drag Gordy roughly up out of the bunker into
      the tropical DOWNPOUR. They march him out into the open.
      Throw him to the ground. A man draws his pistol as Gordy
      gets to his hands and knees. The GUERRILLA puts the
      pistol to Gordy's forehead.

                   It's time, gringo.

      Beat.   He extends a bar of soap with his other hand.

                   Bath time... You stink, gringo.

      The guerrillas laugh. Gordy throws the soap in the mud.
      Gets to his feet. Points his face up into the soothing
      rain... When he hears ARGUING and looks over to see...

272   WOLF AND SELENA                                               272

      are inside a small house nearby, obviously fighting about
      something. Selena emphasizes her argument by slapping
      her hand. The Wolf storms off, and we hear a DOOR SLAM.
      Selena is left alone, disconsolate, framed in the window.
      She looks up and sees Gordy outside. Her eyes meet his.
      OFF their look...


273   EXT. CIA HACIENDA - FRONT PORCH - NIGHT                       273

      It's POURING here, too. In b.g., assault preparations
      are underway in spite of the rain. Brandt checks his
      watch. Then lights another butt from the one he just
      smoked. Stares off into the distance, his thoughts
      intense and far away. Updegraf emerges, crosses.

                The weather system's intensifying.

                        (distracted; beat)

                The storm's gonna be real bad for
                at least twelve hours. Here's the

      He hands a paper to Brandt. Cops a puff off Brandt's
      cigarette while Brandt reads.

                Air ops says it's too heavy for
                the Blackhawks. Also, Sat-Intel
                is saying the clouds're too thick,
                and we're blind.

                       (beat; pissed)
                Got any good news?

                Yeah. The creeks are rivers
                around Caguan. Unless The Wolf's
                a fish, he's not moving... And
                there's fresh coffee.

                Only good thing down here... Put
                everyone on red till tomorrow
                night. And then, I don't care if
                there's a typhoon, I want those
                fucking rotors turning.

      Beat. Updegraf goes. Brandt crumples the fax and
      pitches it. Then sees he got fax ink on his hands. OFF
      Brandt, holding his mitts out in the rain, trying to wash
      off the stains...

274   INT. UNDERGROUND BUNKER - DAY                                 274

      Selena brings Gordy food. She's extremely subdued.
      Leaves the tray and starts back to the door.



274   CONTINUED:                                                        274

      Then stops.     Turns back to Gordy.

                   I tried to stop him.

      She holds Gordy's eyes a moment.       Her look is grim,

                   He's gone back.

                          (beat; realizes)
                   The United States? Another bomb?



      She doesn't answer.


                   ... Washington D.C.

                   Where in Washington?

                   ... He had pictures of a

                   Which building?

                   I don't know.

                   We can't let it happen.

                   It's too late.     No one can stop
                   him now.

                   We'd never make it.

                   I got down here from New York...



274   CONTINUED:    (2)                                             274

      Beat.   She just looks at him, weighing her chances.

                   How many more kids have to die?
                   And for what?

                   ... I'm his wife...

                   If you don't stop it, you're as
                   much to blame as he is.


                   I can't.

      She moves to the door and knocks. The door opens.
      Selena's gone. OFF Gordy, sagging...

275   INT. AIRPORT (QUITO, ECUADOR) - DAY                           275

      Passengers are lined up to board a flight to Mexico City.
      FIND a man in line wearing a crisp business suit and tie.
      The clothes, a haircut and horn-rims have made The Wolf
      nearly unrecognizable.

276   EXT. SKY - NIGHT                                              276

      The front's moved through.    The night is clear.

277   EXT. ELC JUNGLE VILLAGE - NIGHT                               277

      Water drips from jungle leaves and the eaves of
      buildings. We see the bustling life of the place, the
      families, the women and children who live with and
      support the well-organized and high-tech guerrilla
      military. The village is simple but decidedly not
      primitive. These people have generators, a satellite
      dish and a school with a computer. At night, the school
      is a TV room. Right now on the tube Daffy's getting his
      beak blown off.

278   SOLDIER                                                       278

      pets his child and kisses his wife as he goes off to
      guard duty.


279   ELC OFFICER                                                     279

      talks on satellite phone inside camp headquarters.

280   MAURO                                                           280

      sits next to Selena on the porch of a house. He plays
      with the shells of her bracelet as she stares off into
      the night.

281   EXT. CIA FINCA - NIGHT                                          281

      The Blackhawks, black and menacing, sit on an illuminated
      tarmac as:

      Heavily armed troops in black uniforms and assault vests
      load up.

      Door gunners check mini-guns.

      Ground crews yank arming ribbons on rocket pods.

      A co-pilot in a specially rigged helmet tests his forward
      mini-gun: wherever he looks, the gun points.

      Pilots finish checklists, and...

      Chopper ENGINES start WHINING. ROTORS begin to TURN.
      The noise mounts to an incredible ROAR.

282   ANGLE - L.O.H.                                                  282

      The small helicopter's rotors are also turning. Brandt
      stands at the chopper door with Updegraf. Slams the
      magazine on a Glock .45, making sure it's in solid, then
      slides the pistol into his shoulder holster. He checks
      his watch. Loud, to Updegraf --

                   It's time to make The Wolf howl.

      He takes a last drag on his cigarette, passes the butt to
      Updegraf to finish and gets in the rear of the L.O.H. as
      Updegraf scoots clear.

283   L.O.H.                                                          283

      THROTTLES UP and SCREAMS away.

284   BLACKHAWKS                                                      284

      one by one in quick succession, lift off the deck and
      follow the L.O.H. into the night sky.


285   INT. UNDERGROUND BUNKER - NIGHT                                 285

      Gordy's on the bed. The guard lets Selena in. She
      crosses toward the food tray near Gordy... but she's not
      there for the tray. Moves past it to Gordy's leg and, to
      Gordy's surprise, begins unlocking the shackle.

                We're going with you.

      When Gordy's free --

                How do we get out?

      She hands Gordy a length of pipe secreted in her dress.

                The guard is the only one close.
                When we're past him, we can slip
                into the jungle. Mauro's waiting
                for us there.

286   EXT. SKY - HELICOPTERS - NIGHT                                  286

      The Blackhawks and L.O.H. fly map-of-the-earth, a few
      feet over triple-canopy rain forest.

287   INT. L.O.H. - NIGHT                                             287

      Brandt's in the rear seat wearing a headset. The L.O.H.
      PILOT, wearing night-vision goggles, checks his GPS,
      speaks to Brandt via headset --

                              L.O.H. PILOT
                Lead chops are twenty seconds out.

288   INT. UNDERGROUND BUNKER - NIGHT                                 288

      Selena whispers to Gordy at the door.

                He's on the right... No needless

      Gordy moves to the right side of the door. Selena
      knocks. The door swings inward to the left. Selena
      exits with the tray. The guard reaches to close the
      door, and Gordy brings the pipe down hard on his head,
      knocking him out. Gordy retrieves the guard's AK-47.


289   EXT. ELC JUNGLE VILLAGE - NIGHT                                 289

      Gordy and Selena ascend the bunker steps. They stop at
      the top and peer into the village. An armed guerrilla
      approaches, unaware of their presence. Gordy fumbles
      with the AK-47, looking for the safety switch on the
      strange weapon. Selena reaches over and expertly flicks
      it off. When...

      They hear the sound of the CHOPPERS.

      The guerrilla approaching them stops and looks up.

290   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                   290

      WHOOM! The first wave of BLACKHAWKS FLASHES OVER the
      village. Selena and Gordy barely have time to duck as
      ROCKETS EXPLODE into ground targets, and front and door
      STRUCTURES. And then the first wave's past.

291   GUERRILLAS                                                      291

      In the momentary lull after the first wave, guerrillas
      run to pre-arranged fighting positions. Women and
      children are screaming.

292   SELENA                                                          292

      pulls Gordy from the steps. They start to run. But not
      far. Just seconds after the first wave of Blackhawks has
      left, the second wave hits.

293   BLACKHAWK CO-PILOT'S POV (NIGHT-VISION)                         293

      The village and all its details are visible as different
      shades of green.

      We see rockets streak toward parked guerrilla vehicles.

      We see rockets trail fire toward the TV in the school,
      which is then obliterated in a FIERY EXPLOSION.

      Wherever the co-pilot looks, the forward MINI-GUN aims
      its hellish RAIN OF BULLETS. We TRACK WITH a running
      guerrilla and see him chopped down, then SWIVEL TO a gun
      pit and watch the men there eat lead.

294   GORDY                                                           294

      He sees the burning school. Watches the continuing
      slaughter caused by the ROCKETS and MINI-GUNS.


295   INT. L.O.H.                                                    295

      Circling over the action. Brandt listens to RADIO
      CHATTER from the Blackhawks. The village is being
      decimated. Brandt's dream come true.

296   GUERRILLA                                                      296

      He LAUNCHES a shoulder-fired SURFACE-TO-AIR-MISSILE (SAM)
      at the L.O.H., just before a MINI-GUN GETS him.

297   INT. L.O.H.                                                    297

      The Pilot sees the SAM launch.

                                 L.O.H. PILOT
                   SAM coming.

      He hits a button, and...

298   EXT. L.O.H.                                                    298

      Two thermite parachute FLARES SHOOT from rocket tubes and
      IGNITE. Immediately after, the L.O.H. banks. And...

      The SAM ZIPS past the hot, bright flares.

299   EXT. ELC JUNGLE VILLAGE                                        299

      The second wave's gone. Gordy and Selena start to run
      again. Buildings burn. The SCREAMING's endless. Gordy
      almost trips over the burned body of a child. And now...

300   THIRD WAVE                                                     300

      BLASTS in over the treetops. These are the Blackhawks
      carrying the assault troops. They use a "skid 'n' git"
      maneuver to insert the men, coming in hot, MINI-GUNS
      BLAZING, barely touching down as the soldiers spill out,
      then tipping forward to gain speed and quick peeling out
      in a hard right turn.

      Gordy and Selena hit the dirt again as the choppers come
      in and land the troops, and the ground BATTLE ERUPTS.

      The assault team's GROUND COMMANDER, an American Army
      Captain, radios his men via comm-link --

                                 GROUND COMMANDER
                   We're going for body count.


301   GORDY AND SELENA                                                  301

      There's a break in the fighting nearest them. They jump
      up and start running for the trees edging the compound.

302   SOLDIER ON GROUND'S POV (NIGHT-VISION)                            302

      Gordy and Selena sprout from the ground and run.     The

303   BACK TO GORDY AND SELENA                                          303

      BULLETS TWITCH the smoke around them. A SLUG PLUCKS the
      AK from Gordy's hand. They're almost to the trees.

304   SOLDIER ON GROUND'S POV (NIGHT-VISION)                            304

      Gordy and Selena are in his sights.     They'll never make
      the trees. When...

      The Soldier's head WHIPS AROUND TO FACE a guerrilla
      FIRING at him. He KILLS the guerrilla. Then looks back
      at Gordy and Selena, and...

      They're gone.   Into his comm-link --

                              SOLDIER (O.S.)
                Two in the jungle.

                                 GROUND COMMANDER (V.O.)
                Hunt 'em.

305   EXT. JUNGLE                                                       305

      Sounds of GUNFIRE. EXPLOSIONS in the compound flicker
      light through the dense foliage. Selena leads Gordy to
      a bush and pulls back leaves, revealing Mauro, cowering
      fearfully, clutching an old leather doll to his chest.
      Selena takes Mauro's hand, grabs a small pack lying next
      to him, then leads Gordy off through the jungle.

306   SOLDIER'S POV (NIGHT-VISION)                                      306

      He SEARCHES the jungle. Up ahead, Selena, Mauro and
      Gordy are visible for a split second when they run
      through a gap between in the foliage. The Soldier moves
      after them.


307   EXT. RIVER                                                        307

      Selena, Mauro and Gordy reach the fast-flowing water.

                   We have to swim.

      Gordy spies two empty fuel cans nearby. He gets the
      cans, throws them in. Then picks up Mauro.


      Selena jumps in. Gordy and Mauro follow. They swim for
      the fuel cans. Gordy, with Mauro clinging to his neck
      and still clutching the doll, gets an arm over one can.
      Selena just manages to grab the other.

308   SOLDIER'S POV (NIGHT-VISION)                                      308

      He REACHES the river. Sees Gordy, Mauro and Selena
      bobbing downstream hanging onto the cans. OPENS FIRE.

309   EXT. RIVER                                                        309

      BULLETS WHIP the water around Gordy, Mauro and Selena.
      They hide behind the cans. BULLETS PING OFF the METAL.

      They're swept through some rocks, blocking them from the
      Soldier, who FIRES anyway. BULLETS CHIP the STONE.

      There's one more clear shot after the rocks. They're
      almost around a bend. The Soldier aims. BANGS! And...

      Selena's hit.      Gasps.   Gordy looks over, calls.

                   You okay?

      Selena endures the pain.      Hides it behind iron eyes.

                   Your hired soldiers can't shoot.

310   EXT. ELC JUNGLE VILLAGE                                           310

      The village is a silent, smoking ruin. Everyone who
      lived there is dead. Troops check the faces of the
      bodies of the men against the freeze-frame of The Wolf
      outside the Colombian consulate in New York.

      The L.O.H. lands.     Brandt's met by the Ground Commander.



310   CONTINUED:                                                     310

                                 GROUND COMMANDER
                   No sign of The Wolf. Two people,
                   possibly a third, got away.
                   They're in the river.

      Brandt moves back to the L.O.H., gets in.   A moment
      later, the chopper's up and away.

311   EXT. RIVER                                                     311

      Gordy, Mauro and Selena are still floating, hanging onto
      the cans, when they hear the sound of a HELICOPTER.
      Gordy looks, sees the L.O.H. flying downstream ten feet
      off the river.

                   Under the water!
                          (to Mauro)
                   Uno, dos, tres...

      He takes a big breath and holds it. Mauro understands
      and does the same. They go under. So does Selena.

312   INT. L.O.H.                                                    312

      The Pilot scans the river with his night-vision goggles.
      Brandt studies the night-vision monitor in front of him.
      There's nothing but river.

      They zoom by the two fuel cans, but see nothing.

313   EXT. RIVER                                                     313

      Gordy, Mauro and Selena surface, gasping for air.

314   INT. L.O.H.                                                    314

      The chopper rounds a bend in the river... And there are
      the two armed guerrilla "customs" boats. The boats open
      up, and the L.O.H. Pilot banks away.

315   EXT. RIVER                                                     315

      The L.O.H. sweeps back in on the customs boats. ROCKETS
      LAUNCH from the pods. One customs BOAT goes up in a
      massive EXPLOSION. The other boat scoots.


316   INT. L.O.H.                                                            316

      The Pilot sees the second boat go.

                                    L.O.H. PILOT
                   Not tonight.

      He sweeps in again. Triggers more missiles. We watch
      the second customs boat go the way of the first.

      Brandt only cares about the primary target.

                   They couldn't have made it this
                   far. Go back upstream.

      As the chopper banks...

317   EXT. RIVER                                                             317

      Gordy hears the L.O.H. again.          The three of them duck
      again, and...

      WHOOM! The CHOPPER ZIPS by just overhead. And continues
      on. A moment later, Gordy, Mauro and Selena re-surface.
      OFF them, as the copper recedes upriver...

318   EXT. RIVER - DAWN                                                      318

      Gordy and Selena float side-by-side, still holding onto
      the cans. Mauro's asleep on Gordy's back, his arms
      around Gordy's neck. Weakened by her wound, Selena keeps
      bobbing below the surface. Gordy pulls her up.

                   Hang on. We just have to keep
                   floating a little bit more...

      Suddenly, in the growing light, Gordy sees Selena's blood
      in the water and realizes she's wounded.

                   You were shot.

                   ... I'm okay.

                   We gotta get you outta the river.

319   GORDY                                                                  319

      kicks them all to shore.



319   CONTINUED:                                                     319

      He climbs out of the river carrying Mauro. As Gordy
      ascends the bank, Mauro wakes up, terrified. Gordy
      tries to soothe him.

                   Esta bien.   Esta bien.

      But Mauro squirms free, and immediately, Mauro runs back
      to his mother. Selena uses sign language to tell him
      everything's okay. OFF Gordy's surprised look --

                   He can't hear or speak.

      Gordy just looks at them a moment. Then moves to Selena.
      Re: Mauro, as Gordy examines her arm --

                   He's a war orphan. I adopted him.

      Beat.   Gordy finishes checking the bullet wound.

                   You're lucky.

      He uses part of his shirt to make a pressure bandage.   As
      he ties it around Selena's arm, she looks around.

                   I know where we are. There's a
                   secret trail nearby that leads
                   toward Mompos.

                   Can you walk?

                   It's just my arm.

      Gordy admires this woman's bravery. Selena stands.
      Mauro's clutching her skirt. Gordy looks at him.

                   How do you say 'hello'?

      Selena looks at Gordy a moment. She signs "hello" for
      him, her seashells clacking as she does it.

      Gordy taps Mauro to get his attention. Tries out the sign
      for "hello." The boy just looks at him... then reaches
      out and takes Gordy's hand, shows him the correct way to
      do it. Gordy tries again. Mauro nods "yes" and smiles.
      Gordy smiles back.


320   EXT. JUNGLE - DAY                                               320

      Selena, Mauro and Gordy follow the secret trail, which
      ends below a large waterfall. Gordy wonders what they do
      now, when Selena keeps walking, suddenly disappears behind
      the ROARING CASCADE. Beat. Gordy follows.

321   BEHIND WATERFALL                                                321

      The trail continues, curtained by the falls. Gordy joins
      Selena and Mauro. Mauro's excited by the experience of
      being inside the waterfall. Gordy holds him, lets him
      touch the sheet of water flowing past.

      They walk to the other side of the waterfall.   Gordy
      follows Selena and Mauro through.

322   EXT. JUNGLE                                                     322

      Gordy emerges from the waterfall, and...

      He's surrounded by Colombian soldiers with guns. More
      soldiers point guns at Selena and Mauro. Gordy raises
      his arms.

                Yo soy Americano... Gordy Pitt...
                Gordy Pitt...

323   INT./EXT. TAXI (WASHINGTON D.C.) - DAY                          323

      Claudio, The Wolf, rides into the capital from Dulles.

324   EXT. JUNGLE CLEARING - DAY                                      324

      A Blackhawk lands in the clearing. The Colombian
      soldiers escort Gordy, Selena and Mauro to the chopper.
      The chopper door opens. Brandt's inside.

325   INT. BLACKHAWK - MOMENTS LATER                                  325

      Everyone's aboard and buckled in. Everyone's tired. The
      chopper lifts off. Selena's glaring at Brandt, who
      pushes a headset at her, shouts over the ENGINE WHINE --

                F.B.I.'s on the radio.     Tell 'em
                everything you know.

      Gordy's her protector, intervenes.    Grabs Brandt's arm.



325   CONTINUED:                                                      325

                   They both get asylum.    And she
                   needs a medic.

                   On the plane.

                   What about the asylum?

                   They'll get it. But she's in my
                   custody till we're done with her.

      Beat. Gordy hates going along with Brandt, but has no
      choice, nods to Selena. She takes the headset. As she
      puts it on, Brandt sees her pack. Takes it and opens it.
      He inspects it, then hands it back. Gordy glares at him.
      Brandt meets his eyes. A long beat. Then --

                   He wasn't even there.

      Brandt doesn't reply. Just holds the look a moment
      longer. Then looks out the window and ignores Gordy.


      The daily tide of humanity flows through the railway
      terminal. We see people in business suits, tourists,
      families, a group of kids on a field trip. And standing
      in the middle of it all, we FIND...


      Now in casual clothes. He's looking over the beautiful
      and busy station. Contemplating the devastation and
      death that a bomb planted here would wreak.

327   EXT. ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE (MARYLAND) - DAWN                   327

      A Lear stops by a convoy of black government Suburbans
      parked on the tarmac. FBI agents Joe Phipps and Reggie
      Dray are among those waiting by the cars. The Lear's
      door pops, and Gordy, carrying a sleeping Mauro, emerges
      with Selena. Brandt and a medic follow.

328   INT. GOVERNMENT SUBURBAN - MOMENTS LATER                        328



328   CONTINUED:                                                       328

      Mauro, still sleeping, is buckled up in the far back
      seat between Gordy and Selena. Phipps, Dray and Brandt
      crowd the second row. Phipps extends photos to Selena.

                   These buildings best match what
                   you described to us.

      Selena leafs through the photos of various Washington
      monuments, government buildings, etc. She reaches the
      last photo.

                   I don't recognize anything... I
                   saw only parts of the building...
                   I'm sorry.

      Phipps wants to keep her positive and willing.

                   That's okay.   We'll keep trying.

                   I think   it's a public place. He
                   said he   wanted the people of
                   America   to feel the terror.
                   'Terror   is all they understand.'
                   He said   it over and over...

                          (to Dray)
                   Double up on public venues:
                   museums, theaters, transport...
                   Put in all the extra undercover we

      Selena looks over at her son sleeping in Gordy's arms.
      She lovingly brushes the hair off his forehead, rattling
      her seashells. The leather doll is about to fall from
      Mauro's fingers. Selena takes the doll and puts it into
      her bag. Then looks out at the passing scenery. OFF
      Selena, in the land of her husband's enemy --

329   EXT. GEORGETOWN STREET - DAY                                     329

      The convoy slows outside the Latin American Institute.
      An attached garage opens.

330   INT. GOVERNMENT SUBURBAN                                         330

      As the Suburban turns into the garage --



330   CONTINUED:                                                       330

                   Where're we going?

                   Inter-agency headquarters for our
                   efforts in Latin America.

                   It's secure, and we can coordinate
                   all departments here.

      OFF which, as they're swallowed up by the dark garage --


      Brandt, Phipps, Dray, Selena and Gordy -- along with the
      rest of the entourage -- walk through the interagency
      nerve center. Gordy carries Mauro, still asleep.

      They stop at the door to a large conference room.
      Selena's ushered in. Gordy starts to follow. Phipps
      stops him.

                   My people will debrief you in
                   another room... We'll take the boy
                   to a safe house across the
                   street... He'll be well cared for.

      Gordy exchanges a look with Selena. Beat. She nods her
      reluctant approval. Gordy hands the boy to an agent.

332   INT./EXT. LOCKUP GARAGE - DAY                                    332

      Claudio opens the door of a cheap rental garage in an old
      commercial strip. He steps inside. There's a rental van
      and a big Ducati motorbike against a wall. Claudio
      straps a black bag onto the bike, then rolls it out and
      shuts the garage. Pulls on helmet and STARTS the BIKE.
      As Claudio speeds into traffic --


      Selena is seated at a table covered with photographs,
      Washington, D.C. coffee table books, guide books, etc.
      Brandt, Phipps, et al stand around her. Phipps flips
      through the pages of a large coffee table book for Selena
      to see.



333   CONTINUED:                                                        333

                   No... No... No...

      That book's done.

                   I'm sorry.

                   That's okay.

      He grabs another.    Opens it to the first photo.



      A small conference room devoted to everything having to
      do with the interagency interest in The Wolf. Photos of
      evidence, time lines, charts, etc. cover the walls.

      Gordy's tired, being debriefed by two FBI AGENTS.

                                 FBI AGENT #1
                   ... Did Claudio leave with anyone

                   I was underground. I couldn't see

                                 FBI AGENT #1
                   Did you hear anything about his
                   contacts in the United States?


335   INT./EXT. WASHINGTON LOCATIONS - MONTAGE - DAY                    335

      Security tightens all over the city.    Among the images we

      A forklift places huge planters -- really decorative
      barricades -- to re-route traffic near vital buildings.

336   UNDERCOVER PEOPLE                                                 336

      with earpieces patrol public structures.       Some lead dogs
      that sniff for explosives.


336A   EXT. WASHINGTON, D.C. - STREETS - DAY                                336A

       Claudio weaves the Ducati through heavy traffic.

       - DAY

       Phipps flips to the last photo in the book.

                 ... No...

       He reaches for another book. As he does, he topples a
       stack. Selena's eyes fix on one book cover.

                 He had that book! Let me see it!

       Phipps hands it to her. It's a guidebook to Washington.
       Selena flips through it. Stops at a photo.

338    CLOSE ON PHOTO                                                       338

       It's of the redesigned lobby of Union Station.

339    BACK TO SCENE                                                        339

       Selena glances up.

                 That's it!

                 Union Station.

                        (to Dray)
                 Put it under total surveillance.
                 Get a bomb team in there with
                 dogs. Make 'em seeing-eye dogs if
                 you have to. And pull whatever
                 security video they have for the
                 last two days.

                 Why not just shut it down?

                 If we spook him, we don't know
                 what his secondary target'll be.

       Dray gets on the horn.   Beat.      To Brandt and Phipps --

                 Please don't kill him.


340   EXT. UNION STATION - DAY                                       340

      A man sits on a bench. He's wearing sunglasses and a
      baseball cap. He puts a shoulder bag on the bench, takes
      something out, then gets up and walks away, when...

      Suddenly, two tourists and a hot dog vendor are right on
      him. One of 'em jams a concealed gun jammed into his
      ribs, while the other two hustle him forcefully to a van.
      He's shoved inside. His bag's tossed in. The van drives

341   INT. VAN                                                       341

      Agents press the man hard to the floorboards. His bag's
      tossed. It's empty. The guy's clean. It's not Claudio.
      OFF the agents, holding an innocent man...

342   OMITTED                                                        342

      - DAY

      Selena watches as Phipps plays a surveillance video of
      Union Station. Phipps suddenly freezes the image. Zooms
      in on a man in the middle of the crowd. Claudio.

                 That's him, isn't it?

                        (hesitates, then)

                 He was there yesterday. Just
                 stood there and left... So far,
                 the dogs haven't found anything,
                 so maybe we're ahead of him.

                 What's he waiting for?

                 He takes his time. Like he told
                 you, he enjoys it.

      Beat. Selena's overwhelmed by the experience of seeing
      her husband on the tape, by her betrayal of him. She
      grows queasy. Leans on the table for support.

                 Are you okay?



343   CONTINUED:                                                       343

                   I'm sorry... I think I'm going to
                   be sick.

      Brandt opens a door to a bathroom.

                   In here.

      Selena grabs her pack and rushes in. When the door's
      closed, Phipps turns to Dray, indicates monitor.

                   Get copies of this freeze frame to
                   all the undercover people and the
                   sniper teams.

                   You got it.

                   And nobody caps him until we get
                   that bomb tagged. After that, I
                   don't give a shit what happens to

      Dray goes. There's a long beat.     Brandt looks at the
      freeze frame.

                   He always hid his face. Why's he
                   giving us a clear picture now?

      Beat.   The bathroom TOILET FLUSHES.   Selena emerges.

                   Feeling better?

                   I think I'd feel better if I could
                   rest a little and see my son.

      Phipps nods to Brandt, who turns to two of his agents,
      one a female.

                   Escort her.


      Gordy's on his feet, looking at The Wolf evidence, etc.,
      on the walls. He can't keep his eyes off it. It's
      reminiscent of what he constructed on his wall at home.
      The second Agent's not in the room.


344   CONTINUED:                                                        344

                                 FBI AGENT #1
                   ... Let's go through it again, Mr.

                   I've told you all I know.

                                 FBI AGENT #1
                   We gotta be sure.

      Gordy's eyes go to numbered evidence photo.       It's a
      picture of a seashell. He points to it.

                   What's that?

                                 FBI AGENT #1
                   What's the number on it?


      The Agent refers to an index sheet as the Second Agent
      returns. He's holding a document. To Gordy --

                                 FBI AGENT #2
                   Mr. Pitt, you said Selena told you
                   she had a daughter.

                   She was killed in Guatemala.

                                  FBI AGENT #2
                   According to tests on the blood
                   we drew on the plane, Selena's
                   Rhesus F-six. She's genetically
                   barren. She couldn't possibly
                   have had kids.

      Gordy doesn't understand.     Why would she have lied?

      The first Agent finds what he's looking for in the index.

                                 FBI AGENT #1
                   Number eleven, small seashell with
                   a hole in it... That was found in
                   the getaway car used in the
                   bombing in New York.

      OFF Gordy's face...

345   FLASHBACK - SELENA'S SEASHELL BRACELET                            345

      There's a gap where one of the shells is missing.


346   BACK TO SCENE (PRESENT)                                        346



      Gordy blasts through the building.    As he runs...

348   FLASHBACK - ELC JUNGLE VILLAGE                                 348

      Selena expertly flicks the safety off on the AK-47.

349   FLASHBACK - FBI INCIDENT CENTER                                349

      Phipps addresses Gordy.

                We think the bomb was triggered by
                a cell phone.

                                                      JUMP CUT:

350   CONTINUE FLASHBACK                                             350

                Did you see a cell phone when you
                ran into him?


351   FLASHBACK - ELC JUNGLE VILLAGE                                 351

      Selena and Claudio argue inside the house. Selena slaps
      the back of one hand into the palm of the other.

352   FLASHBACK - THE WOLF'S VIDEO TAPE                              352

      The Wolf does the same hand slap.

353   EXT. LATIN AMERICAN INSTITUTE - DAY                            353

      Selena emerges with the two CIA agents.

354   ANGLE - DOWN BLOCK                                             354

      Claudio sits on his parked motorcycle. He sees Selena
      emerge. Drops his helmet visor and STARTS the BIKE.


      - DAY

      Gordy bursts in, sees Selena's not there.

                Where's Selena?!

                She went to see her son.

                She's lying!   She's The Wolf!

      Gordy runs out.   Phipps and others follow.      OFF Brandt...

356   INT. BATHROOM                                                     356

      Brandt bursts in. He searches. Finds Mauro's leather
      doll behind the toilet. The head's detached. Brandt
      looks inside, and...

      We see a block of reddish Semtex plastic explosive and a
      chemical fuse.

                Everybody out!     Clear this floor!

357   INT. STAIRWELL                                                    357

      Gordy jumps downstairs, four steps at a time.

358   INT. CORRIDORS                                                    358

      Institute personnel evacuate offices.


      Selena and the agents cross the street toward the safe

      Claudio GUNS the BIKE toward them.

      Selena hears the BIKE. Sees Claudio coming. Uses the
      front edge of her hand to strike the female agent hard in
      the throat. The agent falls to her knees trying to suck
      air through a crushed windpipe. Selena whip-kicks the
      other agent to the ground.

      Claudio brakes hard next to Selena, who takes the female
      agent's pistol and spare magazines as...


360   GORDY                                                        360

      bursts outside, followed by Phipps et al.

      Claudio OPENS FIRE with a MACHINE PISTOL, hitting two
      agents and scattering Gordy, Phipps and the rest. Selena
      SHOOTS the two escort people dead, then BLASTS away at
      the other people pouring out of the institute as she
      straddles the Ducati behind Claudio, and the powerful
      BIKE SCREAMS off down the street.

      Gordy jumps to his feet and runs after them.

361   EXT. BUILDING'S TOP FLOOR                                    361

      BOOM! A MASSIVE EXPLOSION spits flame out of the windows
      of the building's top floor.

362   PEOPLE                                                       362

      dive for cover.   Debris showers the street.

363   GORDY                                                        363

      keeps moving.

364   STREET IN FRONT OF INSTITUTE                                 364

      runs one way in the direction the Ducati's headed. Far
      down the block, the bike turns right onto another one-way

365   GORDY                                                        365

      spots an alley on his right and turns into it.

366   EXT. ALLEY                                                   366

      Gordy's now moving parallel to Claudio and Selena,
      sprinting hard toward another one-way street, which
      crosses the alley ahead. He doesn't know if he'll
      intercept the bike, but it's his only shot.

367   EXT. STREET                                                  367

      Claudio GUNS the BIKE down the second street, parallel to
      Gordy's alley. He and Selena reach an intersection with
      the one-way street. A right turn will complete the "U"
      and take them back toward Gordy. Straight ahead, the
      street they're on is one-way in the opposite direction.
      Claudio hangs right and cranks on the speed.


368   EXT. ALLEY                                                      368

      Gordy's almost to the next street. He can hear the WHINE
      of the DUCATI growing closer. When...

      A truck stops ahead of him and blocks the alley.

      Gordy veers into a walkway between buildings.

369   EXT. STREET                                                     369

      A parked   car suddenly pulls out in front of the speeding
      Ducati.    Claudio can't swerve around it. SLAMS ON the
      BRAKES.    The car's driver, frightened and flustered by
      the near   collision, is slow moving out of the way.

370   EXT. TOWN HOUSE - BACK YARD                                     370

      Gordy bursts through a gate. Sees back steps leading to
      the open door of a second-story over a garage and charges
      the steps.

371   EXT. STREET                                                     371

      The driver of the car finally backs up. Claudio aims the
      DUCATI through a narrow gap and ZOOMS on.

372   INT. TOWN HOUSE GARAGE                                          372

      Gordy blows into the second story of the garage, a
      converted old-time carriage barn. He's in the old
      hayloft. On the opposite side of the loft, a double
      door built for loading in hay is open above the street.
      Gordy sprints for the opening, and...

373   EXT. STREET                                                     373

      The Ducati tears around traffic, when...

      Gordy leaps out of the hayloft, launches himself off a
      parked car as the DUCATI SCREAMS past, and...

      He just manages to grab Selena and yank her off the bike.

      Selena's arms are wrapped around Claudio -- when Gordy
      rips her out of the saddle, Claudio goes, too. The three
      of them tumble to the ground as the speeding Ducati
      spins, flips and disintegrates.


374   CLAUDIO                                                        374

      in leathers and a helmet. He takes the fall better than
      Selena. Gets to his feet. Looks for the guns they
      dropped. Before Claudio can get to a gun, Gordy's on
      him. They grapple. Gordy pounds Claudio hard. Once.
      Twice. When...

375   SELENA                                                         375

      side-kicks Gordy. He sags. She front-kicks a heel into
      his spine and between his shoulder blades. Gordy lets go
      of Claudio and drops. Selena's relentless, kicks Gordy
      repeatedly as...

376   CLAUDIO                                                        376

      gets the pistol. Turns.   Aims the gun two-handed at
      Gordy's head, and BANG!

377   DRAY                                                           377

      SHOOTS Claudio dead from the mouth of the alleyway down
      the block. The first SHOT CRACKS the back of Claudio's
      helmet. The second SHOT punches through and exits his
      visor in a bright red mist of blood.

378   SELENA                                                         378


379   GORDY                                                          379

      goes after her.

380   DRAY                                                           380

      EMPTIES a CLIP at Selena, but he doesn't have a clear
      shot and misses.

381   SELENA                                                         381

      sees a walkway between houses and turns in.

382   SAME SCENE - BEAT LATER                                        382

      Gordy turns in behind her.


383   EXT. WALKWAY                                                  383

      Selena has ten yards on Gordy, but he's closing. She
      knows she can't outrun him in a straight line. Jukes
      through a gate into...

384   EXT. ANOTHER TOWN HOUSE - BACK YARD                           384

      A shovel lies in the grass. Selena scoops it up and in
      one motion, spins back toward the gate, launches it
      blade-first with all her strength, timing it perfectly,
      as Gordy runs through the gate, and...

385   GORDY                                                         385

      just barely evades the sharp shovel edge headed for his
      face. It doesn't hurt him, but it stops him, and Selena
      breaks toward an open door of the house.

386   INT. TOWN HOUSE - VARIOUS SHOTS                               386

      Selena blasts into the bottom floor, runs through a
      playroom. Gordy's right behind her.

387   SELENA                                                        387

      mounts a stairwell. A girl's descending. Selena grabs a
      pigtail and flings her down the stairs, and...

388   GORDY                                                         388

      gets there just in time to keep the screaming girl from
      falling all the way to the bottom. He sits the uninjured
      girl down and continues on.

389   SELENA                                                        389

      runs toward the living room, which is undergoing a
      renovation. Without stopping, she tears through the
      plastic covering the doorway to seal in dust from the
      rest of the house. She topples what she can into
      Gordy's way. Throws nails down behind her. Grabs a
      circular saw and hurls it back at Gordy, just missing him
      and shattering a large wall mirror.

      Selena's a soldier, taught to pick up and use whatever
      weapons she finds as she moves through a battlefield --
      this battlefield gives her a crowbar, which she keeps as
      she runs out through plastic covering the other doorway.


390    ARCHWAY                                                       390

       leads into the dining room. Selena runs in. Gordy's
       right on her heels. Selena pulls down dining room chairs
       in front of Gordy. He vaults one but trips over the
       second and falls.

391    SELENA                                                        391

       blows through a swinging door into the kitchen, slamming
       into a Hispanic maid, who's coming to investigate all
       the noise. Both women tumble. Selena gets right back
       on her feet. She breaks out a window with the crowbar
       and exits onto a fire escape as Gordy blasts in from the
       dining room.

392    OMITTED                                                       392
thru                                                                 thru
394                                                                  394

395    EXT. TOWN HOUSE - FIRE ESCAPE                                 395

       The window Selena slipped through easily is small for
       Gordy. He gets hung up on the glass, losing precious
       seconds. Selena's already halfway up when Gordy hits the
       fire escape steps.

       The fire escape ends at a top floor window. Selena
       BREAKS out the GLASS with the crowbar and goes in.

396    INT. TOWN HOUSE - VARIOUS SHOTS                               396

       Selena's in a teenager's bedroom. The teenager's got
       headphones on, oblivious to everything. Selena darts
       through a bathroom into a second bedroom.

396A   GORDY                                                         396A

       enters the first bedroom behind her.

397    WOMAN                                                         397

       IN GARDENING CLOTHES and holding a digging tool stands on
       a stairwell landing, alarmed and confused by the chaos
       she hears in her house. She had started down the stairs
       but now has turned back at the sound of the WINDOW
       BREAKING on the top floor. Calls.

                               WOMAN IN GARDENING CLOTHES
                 What's going on?


398   SELENA                                                         398

      runs into the hallway at the top of the stairs, above the

                               WOMAN IN GARDENING CLOTHES
                Who are you?   What are you doing
                in here?

399   SELENA                                                         399

      sees an open rooftop door at the top of a flight of
      stairs and charges upward without answering.

400   GORDY'S                                                        400

      in the hallway a second later. Meets the Woman In
      Gardening Clothes, who's now come up the stairs. She
      screams. Swipes at him with the digging tool, making
      three deep scratches in his face. Gordy doesn't stop.

401   OMITTED                                                        401

402   EXT. TOWN HOUSE - ROOF/ADJOINING ROOFTOPS                      402

      This is where the woman was gardening, tending a rooftop
      flower bed. Selena emerges, crushes plants as she runs
      to the next town house roof.

      Gordy hits the roof behind her.

403   SELENA                                                         403

      As Selena runs from rooftop to rooftop along the row of
      town houses, we see her warrior determination and
      discipline. She's thinking ahead and she never
      hesitates. Her big problem is she's being pursued by an equally
      well-trained and determined firefighter. And
      he's not far back. One tumble, and he'll catch her.
      Selena strains harder.

404   SELENA                                                         404

      vaults a gap.   Moments later, Gordy vaults it.

405   SELENA                                                         405

      finally runs out of roof. She looks down. A fire escape
      ladder leads down to an interior, ground-level courtyard
      of a small foreign embassy. Still holding the crowbar,
      Selena takes the ladder down.


405A   MOMENTS LATER                                                 405A

       Gordy reaches the ladder. Selena's ahead of him by a
       floor, hurrying down two rungs at a time. Gordy doesn't
       fuck with the rungs. Just swings over the edge of the
       roof, grabs the side-rails lightly with his hands,
       squeezes the rails with the insides of his boots and lets
       gravity take over.

406    EXT. EMBASSY - COURTYARD                                      406

       The fire escape leads down to a second-story balcony
       running around the inside wall of the courtyard. Twin
       staircases lead from the balcony to ground level, where,
       across the slate-paved car court, a wrought-iron gate
       opens onto the street.

       Gordy hits the balcony a half-second after Selena. He
       grabs her. Selena swings the crowbar to break his arm.
       Gordy has to let go. Selena heads for the stairs leading
       to the ground.

407    GORDY'S                                                       407

       got one chance to intercept Selena. The balcony's too
       high for him to jump, but the courtyard's ringed with
       trees -- they're not close, but they're not far, either.
       Not for a man craving revenge for the deaths of his wife
       and son, a man who also slides down fire poles for a

       Gordy runs down the balcony. Gains speed. Jumps.
       Launches off the balcony railing. And hurtles himself at
       the trunk of a medium-sized tree. He hits the trunk.
       Hangs on. And slides to the ground. And now...

408    ANOTHER ANGLE                                                 408

       He's between Selena and the only way out.   And there's no
       way she's getting past him.

       But that's not what Selena's thinking. She attacks with
       the crowbar, and Gordy can only retreat in the face of
       the vicious onslaught. He finds a nearby garbage can.
       It's full, heavy, but he manages to lift it, spilling
       garbage as he uses the can to block the blows from the
       crowbar. The CROWBAR THWOCKS into the can over and over,
       the sound ECHOING LOUDLY in the small courtyard.

       Selena swings again, and Gordy moves to block the hit.
       It's a feint. She swings under the can and hits a leg.
       It hurts like hell, he stumbles, but he stays on his
       feet, still holding the can. Selena goes for his head.



408   CONTINUED:                                                       408

      Gordy raises the can. Thwock! Thwock! The can's all
      dents. There's garbage everywhere. She feints high and
      then swings low again, a wicked blow to the knee. Gordy
      stumbles badly this time. Selena breaks for the gate.
      Gordy sees her and, with all his might slings the can
      across the slate pavers, and...

      The can takes Selena's legs out from under her. She
      falls hard. Gets back to her feet quickly and starts to
      run, when...

      Gordy hits her like a linebacker. Slams Selena against a
      brick wall. Gets behind her and slips a mighty arm
      around her thin neck. Selena squirms hard, kicks
      backward, going for the balls, kneecaps, insteps, doing
      whatever she can to hurt Gordy and get free. But she's
      not in a position to do a lot of damage -- and she'd have
      to kill him before he'd let go.

      Gordy's got his arm locked in a police chokehold around
      Selena's neck. Uses his weight to force the smaller
      woman down onto her knees. Presses her harder, till
      she's sitting back on her legs. Selena can't drop out of
      the hold, and her legs are immobilized. All she can do
      is scratch. But Gordy's oblivious. They're alone in the
      courtyard. Body to body. Head to head. He's pumped
      with fury and hatred. He tightens the chokehold. Hisses
      in her ear --

                   You killed them.

                          (beat; with
                   One woman, one boy -- they mean
                   nothing next to the thousands
                   who've been slain.

      Gordy hears it.    It only drives him to a deeper fury.

                   They were my family.

      Gordy's blind with rage. Chokes her neck hard.
      Summoning all the power in him, first to shut off her air
      and blood, and then to continue squeezing, relishing her
      every dying moment, until he's snuffed out the life of
      the person who took Anne and Matt from him. And...



408   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                   408

      He can't... it's all he's wanted since he saw Anne and
      Matt die, but now he can't do it. He's a firefighter.
      He saves lives. If he kills Selena, Gordy crosses into
      her world, into Brandt's world, into the brutal nightmare
      destroying Colombia and all the places like it, and becomes
      part of that sadness and death... And...

      Gordy relaxes the chokehold enough so she can breathe.
      Selena gasps for air. The impulse to murder has left
      Gordy. There's a new resolve...

                   The killing ends here.

      Beat.   Selena pants.

                   It will never end.

409   NEW ANGLE                                                           409

      Under which an EMBASSY SECURITY GUARD emerges from the
      building. He sees Gordy and Selena -- a large man
      holding a smaller woman in a chokehold. Draws his gun.

                                   EMBASSY SECURITY GUARD
                   Let her go!

      Gordy looks up at the nervous guard pointing his gun.
      Selena screams.

                   Please help me!

                                   EMBASSY SECURITY GUARD
                   Let her go!

                   No.    You don't understand.

                   He's trying to kill me!

                                 EMBASSY SECURITY GUARD
                   Let her go, or you're dead!

      He's going to shoot. Gordy has no choice.       As he lets
      Selena go and stands --

                   Hold us both till the police get


410   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                   410

      It's too late. Selena stomps a heel into the Guard's
      knee, crushing it, then twists the gun from his hands.
      She points it at him and pulls the trigger, and...

      In his agitation, the guard never took the safety off.
      Selena glances quickly at the gun to find the safety.

411   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                   41

      In the same moment, Gordy grabs the crowbar from the

412   SELENA                                                          412

      flicks off the safety and points the gun again.

413   GORDY                                                           413

      hurls the crowbar with all his might, and...

414   NEW ANGLE                                                       414

      The GUN FIRES, just as the crowbar hits Selena, spoiling
      her aim. The bullet creases the guard's arm. Selena
      recovers. And the next BULLET...

415   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                   415

      Isn't hers. It's from Phipps' GUN. It takes Selena in
      the middle of the back and explodes her heart on its way
      through her body. She's dead on her feet. Her body
      crumples to the ground and empties its blood in a large
      pool that quickly spreads over the slate.

416   OTHER AGENTS                                                    416

      move in to help the guard as Phipps holsters his pistol.
      He walks to Gordy. The two men share a long, silent
      look. It's over. Gordy looks again at Selena's body in
      its pool of blood. Then turns and goes.

417   BRANDT'S                                                        417

      entering the courtyard as Gordy walks out.   Brandt's seen
      Selena. He's smiling.



417   CONTINUED:                                                     417

                   We got the bitch.

      Gordy hits him. One of the jackhammer blows he slammed
      into Claudio in the bunker. A hard fist deep in the gut
      that drives all the wind from Brandt and drops him to his
      knees. Beat. Gordy's voice is cold and hard --

                   You're no better than she is.

      And Gordy goes.

418   INT. FIREHOUSE - KITCHEN - DAY                                 418

      Gordy cranks away on the repaired ice cream maker. He's
      wearing civvies. He stops cranking, spoons out a huge
      dollop into a bowl.

419   INT. FIREHOUSE - TRUCK BAY                                     419

      Gordy hands the bowl to Mauro, who's playing in the front
      seat of the pumper. Mauro tastes it. Thumbs up. Gordy

      Mike and the other men on Gordy's old shift are watching.
      To Gordy --

                   It'll be good to get you back.

      Gordy turns to them. Looks into the faces of these men,
      the people closest to him in the world. Beat. Then --

                   It's good to be home.

      Gordy's still in pain, still missing the wife and son
      he'll never see again. But Gordy's gonna be alright.

      Mauro's gonna be with him. There'll be fires to put out
      and lives to save and basketball games and the multitude
      of miseries and joys the firefighters in Spanish Harlem
      see each and every day.

      As we PULL BACK, OUT and AWAY from the old brick edifice
      from which the big red truck will come, bringing help...

                                                    FADE OUT.

                                 THE END

Collateral Damage

Writers :   Ronald Roose
Genres :   Action  Thriller

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