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                                    DANCES WITH WOLVES

                                        Written by

                                       Michael Blake

                                                         MAY 23, 1989 
                                                         Final Draft



               A black screen.

               The sound of a knife cutting through boot leather.

               Fade in on the waists of two men (THE SURGEONS) hovering 
               around a crude operating table.

               In the extreme background, TWO STRETCHER BEARERS are just 

                                     SURGEON 1 (O.S.)
                         Is this the last one?

               One of the bearers stops and looks back. His face is numb. 
               And he nods hollowly.

               We cannot see the patient stretched out on the table. But we 
               do see that the first surgeon has succeeded in getting the 
               man's boot off.

                                     SURGEON 2 (O.S.)
                         God, what a mess... at least there's 
                         no gangrene.

                                     SURGEON 1 (O.S.)
                         There will be if it doesn't come 

                                     SURGEON 2 (O.S.)
                         Well I can't saw if I can't keep my 
                         eyes open.  Let's coffee up... he 
                         can wait a few more minutes.

               As the TWO SURGEONS duck through a tent flap in the background 
               we see a mangled foot, torn by shrapnel, it oozes blood from 
               a cut clear to the bone.

               LIEUTENANT JOHN J. DUNBAR'S eyes are now open. He's a young 
               man, his features sharp and handsome. With effort, he lifts 
               his head and searches the room.

               His eyes come to rest on the form of a legless man lying in 
               bloodsoaked sheets. He's whimpering like a child.

               Dunbar comes to a sitting position on the operating table. 
               As his eyes move around the room they come to rest on a crate 
               filled with the boots of men who have lost their legs.

               A cane travels through space and deftly hooks one of the 

               Lieutenant Dunbar brings the boot onto the operating table. 
               He tries to pull it on his mangled foot, but the pain makes 
               him cry out. Deliberately he breaks the cane and sticks a 
               piece of it between his teeth.

               Tears of pain are rolling down his face. A sweat has broken 
               out on his forehead and with great determination he pulls 
               the boot on.


               The two weary surgeons sip on steaming mugs of coffee, their 
               white coats spattered with blood. Their brief respite is 
               interrupted by the sound of a muffled scream.

               Together they turn and rush back into the tent.


               The operating table is empty save the broken cane and a small 
               pool of blood. Dunbar is gone.

               LEGEND: ST. DAVID'S FIELD, TENNESSEE - 1862

               EXT. CIVIL WAR HILL - DAY

               In a natural valley below is a peaceful field.  And on either 
               side of the field, seperated by a hundred yards of green, 
               are low rock walls.

               Several dairy cows are lying dead in the field.

               A group of MOUNTED UNION OFFICERS, ride onto the crest of 
               the hill and look down at the field. The distinguished man 
               with a long grey beard is GENERAL TIDE.

               EXT. CONFEDERATE WALL - DAY

               Ragged CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS crouch sullenly behind one of 
               the walls.

               EXT. UNION WALL - DAY

               And just behind the other wall are UNION MEN, better equipped 
               perhaps, but just as weary as their enemies.

               We hold on one man, an enlisted soldier, SERGEANT PEPPER. He 
               chances to glance behind and squints at a strange sight.

               A solitary officer is standing a few feet behind him. The 
               sun is at his back, giving him a ghostly feel. Eerily he 
               takes a step or two forward. He's limping badly.

               The sergeant recognizes him. It's Dunbar.

                         Lieutenant... izat you?

               Dunbar says nothing. He just stands and stares. It unnerves 
               the sergeant.

                         What're you doing here lieutenant?

                         This is where I belong... this is my 

               The sergeant stares at Dunbar's foot.

                         You went to hospital?

                         It was no good... what's going on 

               A ping of riflefire flies overhead and the sergeant dives 
               for the wall. He calls over his shoulder.

                         Better come to cover lieutenant... 
                         those boys are shooters.

               Dunbar settles next to the sergeant.

                         What's goin' on here... seems to be 
                         the question alright... you could 
                         ask the major but he don't know. 
                         He's busy tryin' to figger out how 
                         come the officer's mess run outta 
                         peach ice cream...

               The sergeant nods at the distant hill and Dunbar looks too.

                         General's come up to see the show 
                         but all he knows is there ain't no 

               Now he nods toward the trees behind them and the lieutenant 
               follows. Several union men are clustered around a huge hunk 
               of material attached to a gondola.

                         We started a balloon up but they 
                         shot her down fore she was ten feet 
                         off the ground... so nobody's made a 
                         run either way. It's been a stand-
                         off all damn day... and now... the 
                         major, he's lookin' at the general 
                         and he's thinkin' I better do 
                         somethin', and you know what that 

               More riflefire comes in and some of the union men answer 
               with a few rounds of their own. The sergeant watches the 
               confederate line across the field through a crack in the 

               Lieutenant Dunbar is not watching the enemy. He's looking at 
               some horses picketed in the trees behind the union lines. 
               There's a nice bay. There's a big roan.

                         They're 'sposed to be beat up just 
                         like us but everybody knows that 
                         Tucker's men are tough as cobs. I 
                         sure don't wanna die out there with 
                         them cows.

               Dunbar is still watching the horses. He's holding on a small, 
               well-muscled buckskin standing a little apart from the others. 

               Now he moves away from the wall, heading for the horses.

               The sergeant squeezes off a shot. Squinting across the field, 
               he sees a rifle with a hat on the tip of its bayonet waving 
               at him disrespectfully. The sergeant rolls on his side to 
               reload. He keeps on talking to the lieutenant, but the 
               lieutenant is gone.

                         Some of the boys are sayin' that if 
                         we ain't gonna fight we could just 
                         settle the whole business with a 
                         little high stakes poker. Wouldn't 
                         that be a sight... a bunch of fellas 
                         sittin' in the middle of this field 
                         drawin' cards...

               The sergeant's chatter is interrupted by a sound... the sound 
               of hoofbeats rushing in behind him. Men on either side are 
               scattering, but there's no time for the sergeant. He turns 
               to the sound and cringes against the wall as the buckskinned 
               belly of a horse soars over his head.

               Dunbar and his horse hit the ground with a thud and dig for 
               the confederate line.

               EXT. CONFEDERATE LINE - DAY

               Some of the confederate riflemen can see the wild rider headed 
               for their lines. A sharpshooter (RAY) calls over his shoulder.


               A man in a slouch hat crowned by a jaunty feather looks up 
               from an impromptu meeting. TUCKER.

               EXT. CIVIL WAR HILL - DAY

               Like the others, General Tide is absorbed with the spectacle 
               of a single horseman riding into the teeth of the enemy. He 
               holds out his hand and an AIDE slips a pocket telescope into 
               his palm. The general sights through his telescope.

                         What is it sir?

               Tide lowers the telescope, glances at the aide and peers 
               back down at the field.

                         Looks like a suicide.

               EXT. BATTLEFIELD - DAY

               Dunbar can see the confederate riflemen now. They're rising 
               up behind the wall to aim and fire.

               Fifty yards from the enemy line he's still unhit. He wheels 
               the buckskin into a sharp left turn and they streak parallel 
               to the confederate flank. The buckskin is charging hard, his 
               heels throwing out clumps of dirt.

               The firing is tremendous. The lieutenant's hat is torn away. 
               A slug lifts off one of the officer's epaulettes, but still 
               no bullet finds him.

               EXT. UNION WALL - DAY

               The entire union line is standing, strangely quiet in their 

               EXT. BATTLEFIELD - DAY

               The lieutenant passes the last of the riflemen and pulls the 
               buckskin up at the far end of the field. The little horse is 
               pitching and rearing, ready for another run.

               The lieutenant bows his head in exhaustion, but a sound coming 
               across the field brings his head up quickly. A great cheer 
               is rolling along the union line.

               EXT. HILL - DAY

               General Tide is furiously spurring his horse as he tears 
               down the hill. His aides are trying desperately to keep up.

               EXT. CONFEDERATE WALL - DAY

               There's action along the confederate line. The men Dunbar 
               passed are desperately trying to reload. Those at the end 
               are jeering, taunting the lieutenant to take another pass.

               Tucker is moving along the line. The battle ground has 
               suddenly taken on a festival atmosphere and Tucker doesn't 
               like it.

                         Come on you son of a bitch -- you 
                         won't make it a second time...

               EXT. BATTLEFIELD - DAY

                         Alright by me.

               Dunbar gazes down along his leg. Blood is pumping from his 

                         Forgive me Father.

               Again he digs his heels into the buckskin's flanks and they 
               fly down the line. The confederates are trying to reload. A 
               few are able to get off a hasty shot, but they're all too 

               EXT. BATTLEFIELD - DAY

               Dunbar swerves in a little closer to the wall as he approaches 
               the other half of the confederate ranks. They're standing 
               ready, like a firing squad.

               Tucker has just reached the side of Ray the sharpshooter.

               The lieutenant shuts; his eyes, lets the reins flop on the 
               buckskin's neck and spreads his arms as they thunder toward 
               the line of riflemen.

               Ray's finger squeezes the trigger, his keen eye sights down 
               the barrel of his gun. THUD... a rifle ball buries itself in 
               Ray's forehead.

               EXT. BATTLEFIELD - DAY

               The union trooper who fired the fatal shot gets up from a 
               kneeling position and scrambles after some of his comrades.

               EXT. UNION WALL - DAY

               With his aides coming behind, General Tide leaps his horse 
               over the wall at a dead run.

               The entire Union line pours after him, screaming a thunderous 
               battlecry in unison. Pepper is one of the last to scurry 
               over the wall.

               EXT. BATTLEFIELD - DAY

               The union troops have the rebels in full flight, chasing 
               them into the woods beyond the field.

               EXT. BATTLEFIELD - DAY

               Suddenly the field is quiet. There is rifle fire in the 
               distance but otherwise everything is still. The field is 
               almost empty. The three dead dairy cows are still there. And 
               at one end of the field is a solitary buckskin horse. His 
               rider lies on the ground, a foot hooked in one stirrup.

               The sound of men's voices is coming near. Suddenly, General 
               Tide is peering down at him. Dunbar stares back, glassy eyed.

                         Don't take off my foot.

               General Tide stares down into Dunbar's blank face. He kneels 
               next to the lieutenant and bends to whisper in his ear.

                                     GENERAL TIDE
                         You rest easy son... you'll keep 
                         you're foot. As God is my judge, 
                         you'll keep it.

               The general looks up at one of his aides.

                                     GENERAL TIDE
                         Bring up my ambulance...


                                     GENERAL TIDE
                         Bring up my ambulance. And bring my 
                         surgeon with it. We've got an officer 
                         who's worth something lying here.

               The aide dashes off to do what he's told, as General Tide 
               gently removes Dunbar's foot from the stirrup and lays it 
               carefully on the ground. The image fades out.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               The image of a boot fades in, pull back to see that a lone 
               rider is coming toward us. He has had a long and dusty trip. 
               It's Lieutenant Dunbar. He's still riding the little buckskin.

               LEGEND - FORT HAYS. KANSAS - 1863

               Dunbar pulls up short. He stares thoughtfully at something 
               in the distance.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         The strangeness of this life cannot 
                         be measured. In trying to produce my 
                         own death, I was elevated to the 
                         status of a living hero.

               Dunbar starts forward and the camera swings around to cover 
               his back. In the distance we can see an isolated and dreary 
               military post.

               The sky is very blue. The sun is bright. A rough-hewn, 
               unfenced fort is straight ahead.

               There are several miscellaneous stone structures, a well-
               stocked stable, barracks, officer's quarters and in the center 
               of it all, a headquarters building.

               Lieutenant Dunbar, riding straight and tall on his powerfully 
               built buckskin, Cisco, passes into view. He's headed for the 
               center of the fort.


               Silhouetted against the outside, Lieutenant Dunbar pauses in 
               the wide doorway of headquarters. We can hear the distant 
               sounds of work and life coming from the outside but in here 
               it's strangely quiet.

               A SERGEANT sits at a desk in the foyer. Across the way, at 
               another desk, is an enlisted CLERK. Both men glance from 
               their paperwork at the man in the doorway. But it's only a 
               glance and they go right on shuffling paper.

               Footfalls sound in a hallway and a blue-eyed officer with 
               slick, black hair swings into the foyer. He too has a 
               slackness that echoes the dreariness of this post.

               The blue-eyed officer, LIEUTENANT ELGIN, and Dunbar meet at 
               the doorway. Dunbar glances down at a scrap of paper in his 

                         Where can I find Major... Fambrough?

                         Turn right... all the way to the end 
                         of the hall.

               Being roughly the same age and rank these two might idle 
               awhile, but Dunbar is eager. He's already moving.

                                     FAMBROUGH (O.S.)
                         Lt. John J. Dunbar.


               Dunbar stops and turns, peering down the hallway. No one is 

               INT. FAMBROUGH'S OFFICE - DAY

               Sitting behind the desk, holding a set of orders is MAJOR 

                         Lt. John J. Dunbar.

               Lt. Dunbar is standing in front of the desk.

                         Yes sir?

                         Indian fighter, huh?

                         Excuse me?

                              (indicating paper)
                         Your orders say you are to be posted 
                         on the frontier. The frontier is 
                         Indian country. I quickly deduced 
                         that you are an Indian fighter.

               He arches an eyebrow, challenging the lieutenant. He has sad 
               swollen eyes. He is an army lifer passed over too many times 
               for promotion and right now does not look like a well man.

                         I did not ascend to this position by 
                         being stupid.

                         No sir.

               Fambrough returns to the order. Dunbar watches him in silence.

               The major's tunic is covered with food stains. Sweat has 
               broken out all over his head. His grooming is awful. His 
               hands are trembling slightly. Something is very wrong with 

               Now the major sees something on the official paper. He looks 
               quickly at the lieutenant, then back at the paper, moving 
               his lips but making no sound.

                         It says here you've been decorated.

                         Yes sir.

                         And they sent you out here to be 

                         Actually sir, I'm here at my own 
                         request... I want to see the frontier.

                         You want to see the frontier?

                         Yes sir... before it's gone.

               The major fixes Dunbar with a sly look.

                         Such a smart lad coming straight to 

               Still sly, Fambrough digs into a side drawer. There is the 
               distinct clink of glass on glass as he rummages. Now Fambrough 
               has what he wants, a blank official form. He begins to fill 
               it out, writing in a disturbingly childish way.

                         Sir Knight, I am sending you on a 
                         knight's errand. You will report to 
                         Captain Cargill at the furthermost 
                         outpost of the realm... Fort 

               He looks over his work with a schoolboy's excitement and 
               affixes his signature with a wild flourish.

                         My personal seal will assure you 
                         safe passage through many miles of 
                         wild hostile country.

               He folds the order and hands it to Dunbar.

                         I'm wondering sir, how will I be 
                         getting there?

                         You think I don't know?

                         No sir, it's just that I don't know.

                         Hold your tongue.

               The major turns in his chair to stare through a single, dusty 
               window. He can see a teamster outside, tying down canvas on 
               a heavily-loaded wagon.

                         I'm in a generous mood and will grant 
                         your boon. You see that peasant... 
                         he calls himself Timmons... he leaves 
                         this very afternoon for your Fort 
                         Sedgewick. Ride with him if you 
                         like... he knows the way. That is 

               Dunbar stands and salutes. Fambrough returns it snappily.

               The lieutenant starts for the door.

                                     FAMBROUGH (O.S.)
                         Sir Knight...

               Dunbar turns around. Fambrough is standing in front of his 
               desk. There's a large, dark splotch on the major's trouser 

               He jams both of his hands into the front of his pants and 

                         I just pissed in my pants... and 
                         nobody can do anything about it.

               EXT. FORT HAYS - DAY

               Lieutenant Dunbar skips down the steps, picks up Cisco's 
               reins and starts leading the buckskin along the front of the 
               building. He looks briefly at his orders, stops and turns 
               back towards Fambrough's office.

               And there is Fambrough with a full glass of booze in hand, 
               toasting the young lieutenant from the window. A wide grin 
               on his face.

               EXT. FORT HAYS - DAY

               A wagon is pulling slowly away from the lonely headquarters.

               EXT. FORT HAYS - DAY

               The insane face of Major Fambrough peeks around the corner 
               of a building. On his head is a ridiculous, plumed hat.

               Now he looks both ways, as if preparing to cross a busy 
               street. Seeing that the coast is clear, he minces into the 
               parade ground in front of headquarters. The plume is waving 
               in the breeze and the major carries something in each hand... 
               an officer's sword and a revolver.

               Except for these items, the unfortunate major is naked.

               As he trots onto the parade ground, Fambrough is startled to 
               find that Elgin is following him. He begins to run faster.

               Fambrough halts near the center of the parade ground and 
               turns back on the lieutenant and waves his pistol menacingly.

                         Noooo, noooo...

                         It's alright Major.

               Now Elgin sees a GRIZZLED SERGEANT approaching Fambrough 
               from the opposite direction.

                         Leave him alone lieutenant... he's 

               Fambrough turns on the voice behind him and waves his pistol 
               at the sergeant.

                         Nooo, nooo...

               But Fambrough finds himself staring at the barrel of the 
               sergeant's raised pistol.

                         Don't sergeant.

               In a panic Fambrough wheels back on Lieutenant Elgin.

                         Are you deaf fool. I said I'll have 
                         my crown this instant... this instant!

               Slowly and kindly, Elgin is walking toward him. He holds out 
               his hand.

                         Let's have the pistol.

                              (to Elgin)
                         Don't do it.

               But the lieutenant keeps his hand held out. Fambrough eyes 
               him silently. Then he screws up his face like a crybaby.

                         The king is dead... long live the 

               In one swift motion, Fambrough brings the revolver up, 
               swallows the barrel and pulls the trigger.

               EXT. WAGON - DAY

               At the sound of a single shot behind him, Dunbar twists around 
               on the wagon seat. Seeing nothing, he turns back to face the 
               front and takes stock of the driver, TIMMONS. He doesn't 
               like what he sees... or smells.

               Timmons, is not what would be called a credit to his race. 
               If all teamsters were greaseballs he would be their absolute 
               ruler. His stink must be incredible. He leans over the side 
               of the wagon and hocks out a disgusting stream of spittle.

               Afternoon shadows are slanting across the rolling ocean of 
               prairie. The wagon passes camera, headed towards an endless 
               expanse of prairie.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - NIGHT

               The sky is filled with stars. One suddenly catches fire and 
               shoots across the heavens.

               EXT. CAMPFIRE - NIGHT

               Dunbar sits at the fire watching the star burn out.

               Timmons is bending over the fire. He farts, then turns to 
               Dunbar with a smile "good one, huh?".

               He spits for good measure and for Dunbar, the moment is 
               broken, but not forgotten.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         Were it not for my companion I believe 
                         I would be having the time of my 
                         life. He is quite possibly the foulest 
                         person I have ever met.

               Looking over his shoulder at the journal, we see that this 
               latest entry is one of many and Dunbar is embellishing it 
               with a drawing of a star.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Dunbar is off the seat riding atop the mountain of supplies. 
               He is writing in his journal.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         We have been gone four days now and 
                         still we have seen no signs of life. 
                         Only earth and sky.

               Dunbar stops his writing.

                         How far do you make the fort?


                         How far?

                         Forty or fifty miles, maybe... what's 
                         the big hurry on Sedgewick?

                         It's going to be my post... my home.

                         You ain't hard to please, I'll say 

               Timmons slows the wagon and stops.  He has seen something.

                         Look yonder.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               A cluster of bones bleached white, are lying in the tall 
               grass. Human bones. Dunbar is squatting next to them. Timmons' 
               head dips into view over his shoulder and the teamster's 
               mouth splits into a toothless grin.

                         Somebody back east is sayin'... "why 
                         don't he write?" Stupid bastard.

               The teamster spits and starts for the wagon. Dunbar comes to 
               his feet and examines the burnt out remains of a wagon. Then, 
               he finds an arrow in the grassy wheel. Looking off he can 
               only guess at the drama here. The sun is sinking fast below 
               the great expanse of prairie.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK BLUFF - DAWN

               A hatless soldier in a tattered overcoat, CAPTAIN CARGILL, 
               is on the bluff staring morosely through his telescope. One 
               hand rubs a sore spot on his jaw. He sticks the telescope in 
               his overcoat pocket. He wedges a hand into his mouth and 
               wiggles a loose tooth. He gives it a tug but it is not ready 
               to come out.

               The breeze is coming up and Captain Cargill pulls his overcoat 
               closed. As he slips his last button through the hole, it 
               breaks off, bounces off of his foot and rolls a few feet 
               down the bluff.

               Captain Cargill watches the button forlornly, making no move 
               to go after it. He raises his head once more and looks to 
               the east. Nothing is out there.


               Cargill is walking along the base of the cut bank. He stops, 
               staring up at a series of holes dug into the bluff. Their 
               entrance covered with "found" draperies of all description. 
               He works up the courage to call out.

                         Corporal Guest... Corporal Guest... 
                         Corporal Guest. Corporal Guest, you 
                         don't have to talk to me... just 
                         please come out.

               At last there's some real movement behind one of the holes 
               and CORPORAL GUEST crawls through one of the curtains. He 
               neither salutes nor speaks. He blinks down at Cargill, looking 
               more like a hobo than a soldier.

                         It's the end... assemble the men in 
                         front of my quarters.

               EXT. CARGILL'S QUARTERS - DAY

               The "MEN" have lined up in front of Cargill's sad, sod hut; 
               pitiful men. Sick, moth-eaten, crushed in spirit. There are 
               nine of them. Just behind Cargill is a half-collapsed supply 
               house and a broken down corral holding two bony horses.

               Cargill has a brave face and a broken heart.

                         You hate me... but I feel none of 
                         the same for you... you men stayed. 
                         You stayed after they took all our 
                         horses. You stayed after all the 
                         others deserted. You stayed on the 
                         promise that the army would resupply 
                         us. I've looked for that wagon from 
                         Fort Hays just as you have... day 
                         after miserable day. All I can say 
                         is that I'm proud of you. Get your 
                         things men, we're leaving this place. 
                         The army... can go to hell.

               The zombie troops have already broken ranks, lurching back 
               to their holes and gear like a gang of drunks.

               Cargill walks out of frame to reveal the broken down sign 
               that hangs askew above his quarters: "Fort Sedgewick."

               EXT. SEDGEWICK BLUFF - DUSK

               A solitary WOLF trots along the top of a bluff overlooking 
               the river. He has two white socks running up his front legs. 
               An old jagged scar cuts across his muzzle. He's watching the 
               ruins of Fort Sedgewick.

               The little band of troops, all on foot, with their two lame 
               horses trailing behind are fading in the distance.

               EXT. WAGON CAMP - DAWN

               The wagon is parked in a shallow depression, its team 
               unhitched. Under the wagon the forms of two men lay curled 
               up in blankets.

               Dunbar is sleeping peacefully, his nose pressed against a 
               jacket. Now his nostrils begin to twitch. His face turns 
               sour and he wakes to find that he's been sleeping against 
               the stink of Timmons. Flies buzz about the teamster's sleeping 

               Dunbar quickly pulls away from the bad smell. He rolls out 
               from under the wagon and clambers to his feet.

               Lieutenant Dunbar looks out over the prairie. It's going to 
               be a spectacular day.

               In the far distance, a column of buzzards is circling. Dunbar 
               has paused to watch them. He ducks back under the wagon.

                         Timmons... Timmons.

               No response from the deep-sleeping driver. Dunbar starts to 
               move closer to shake him awake but the odor under there makes 
               him think twice. He snatches up the arrow and probes under 
               the wagon.


               The teamster comes awake with a squeal, he joins Dunbar 
               staring up at the circling birds.

                         Something's out there...

                         Somethin' dead.

                         Might have a look.

                         Might stay clear of whatever did the 

               Timmons' mood is different now. He begins to hitch the team 
               with a new sense of urgency.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               From a high point on the prairie we can see the wagon moving 
               west. And no more than half a mile away we can see Cargill's 
               column, moving east. Neither is aware of the other's presence.

               Several buzzards are settling on a half-butchered horse. 
               It's one of the animals that was with Cargill's command. We 
               can hear men singing. The shaky little column from Fort 
               Sedgewick is marching east for Fort Hays.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Dunbar is walking through a little valley of tall, rich grass. 
               The wagon is nowhere in sight.

               He looks back at Cisco who is also wandering by himself 
               searching for prime shoots.

               Timmons' wagon comes into view now.

                         How come we haven't seen any buffalo?

                         Can't figger the stinkin' buffalo. 
                         Sometimes you don't see 'em for days, 
                         sometimes they're thick as curls on 
                         a whore.

                         What about Indians?

                         Goddamn Indians you'd jus' as soon 
                         not see, lessen the bastards're dead. 
                         Nothing but thieves and beggars.

               Timmons, as usual, laughs at his own imagined wit.

               The wagon disappears over a ridge and again, Dunbar is alone.

               In gentle awe, he runs his palm over the top of the grass 
               swirling about his waist.

               A meadow lark's mournful call startles him. Dunbar brings 
               his head up at the sound and so does Cisco.

               Now there's a sudden lifting of the breeze. It sweeps through 
               the valley, making the grass roll with a life of its own.

               The lark's sad call and the sudden violent movement of the 
               wind sends a shudder through Lieutenant Dunbar. He scans the 
               horizon in all directions, aware all at once of his aloneness.

               He flips the reins over Cisco's neck and sticks a foot in 
               the stirrup.

               Dunbar heads for the ridge.

               EXT. BLUFF - DAY

               As Dunbar comes over the hill, he sees the wagon has ground 
               to a stop.

               The wagon has paused at the edge of a bluff. Dunbar and 
               Timmons are peering into the little valley below

                         Not what you'd call a going concern.

               The wagon lurches over the edge of the bluff and down. We 
               see the pathetic remains of Fort Sedgewick.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

               A full view of the deserted fort. Timmons sits on the wagon 
               by himself.

                         Ain't nothin' here lieutenant.

               Dunbar appears from Cargill's former quarters.

                                     TIMMONS (O.S.)
                         Everybody's run off... or got kilt.

               The lieutenant looks briefly at Timmons, and marches over to 
               the caved-in supply house. Again he ducks inside.

               Dunbar emerges from the supply house and stares up at the 
               wagon driver.

                         Alright...lets unload the wagon.

                         What, and leave it all here?

                         I'm staying too... we don't know 
                         what's happened.

               Dunbar moves around to the back of the wagon.

                         There ain't nothin' here lieutenant.

                         Not at the moment, no.

                         So things bein' the way they are we 
                         might as well turn around and get 
                         started back.

                         This is my post...

                         This is my... are you crazy boy?

               The lieutenant's eyes have gone absolutely black. The heel 
               of his hand is dropping lightly on the butt of a long revolver 
               at his hip.

                         This is my post! And these are the 
                         post's provisions. Now get your ass 
                         off that wagon and help me unload.

               Timmons leaps down.

               INT. SUPPLY HOUSE - DAY

               The half-caved in supply house bulges with supplies.

               INT. CARGILL'S QUARTERS - DAY

               Cargill's late quarters are also filled with new goods. 
               There's barely enough room to reach the little bunk.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DUSK

               Timmons is atop his wagon seat, reins in hand.

                         Well... I'll let 'em know where you 


                         Good luck lieutenant.

                         Thank you.

               Timmons clucks to his team and the wagon pulls out. The light 
               on the prairie is fading fast.


               The wolf with two socks is patrolling along the edge of the 

               INT. QUARTERS - NIGHT

               A lamp turns up, casting a glow over Dunbar's incredibly 
               cramped quarters.

               He adjusts the lamp and sits back on the bunk, his journal 
               on his lap. He begins an entry.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         Have arrived to find Fort Sedgewick 
                         deserted. Am now waiting for the 
                         garrison's return or word from 
                         headquarters. Post is in exceedingly 
                         poor condition. Have decided to assign 
                         myself clean-up duty beginning 
                         tomorrow. Supplies abundant. The 
                         country is everything I dreamed it 
                         would be. There can be no place like 
                         this on earth.

               Dunbar signs the entry, yawns contentedly and reaches to 
               turn down the lamp.

               A wolf howls somewhere outside. It's low at first but it 
               keeps on building. At its height, the howl sounds as though 
               it is coming from, something gigantic.

               Dunbar is still listening after it's gone. He hears wood 
               snap in the direction of the river then all is quiet again. 
               Without hesitating, he slips the big revolver out of its 
               holster and cradling it like a teddy bear, slips it under 
               his blanket.

               The light is left blazing.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAWN

               First light over the sad fort.

               INT. QUARTERS - DAWN

               Dunbar is sleeping quietly. He opens his eyes and rears his 
               head to get his bearings. Then he flops back down and shuts 
               his eyes, hoping for more sleep.

               He hears two heavy footfalls in rapid succession.

               Dunbar holds his breath staring at the doorway. Quietly, he 
               pulls his gun aiming it directly at the doorway.

               Silence. Suddenly, a shadow starts across the threshold, 
               followed quickly by Cisco's big buckskin head. The horse 
               watches Dunbar a moment, then looks curiously around the 

               EXT. CORRAL - DAY

               Dressed in pants, old boots, and a threadbare shirt, Dunbar 
               bangs home a nail on the sagging corral gate. He tests the 
               gate's swing and satisfied with this, he latches it leaving 
               Cisco inside.

               The lieutenant picks up a water bucket and we follow as he 
               walks the few, quick yards it takes to reach the bank 
               overlooking the river.

               When he sees what lies along the slope below, he stops. At 
               this spot just below the fort, a garbage dump falls away to 
               the stream. Old containers, sacks, rags, trash, bottles, and 
               a thousand other miscellaneous scraps.

               Dunbar hops over the steep lip of the bank and starts down 
               the gentle incline, eyeing the trash as he goes. Now he 
               reaches the stream and kneels, preparing to dip the bucket.

               He sniffs a bad odor, looks across the stagnant stream and 
               sees something sticking out of the water.

               It's a cloven hoof. And further out, another. And part of an 
               antler. There are decomposed antelope corpses everywhere.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               An antelope skeleton is being pulled from the muck.

               Dunbar is stripped to the waist as he drags the body through 
               deep water. Covering his face against the stink is a bandana. 
               His pants are soaked and he's sweating hard.

               At the stream's edge he heaves the antelope onto a pile 
               holding several others. Under the bodies is a huge bed of 
               trash which he has already collected.

               The body he tosses up slips and he has to right it. Now he 
               wades back into the river and searches the water with his 
               hands for more.

               EXT. RIVER BANK - DAY

               Dunbar fastens the last of the traces to a pile of garbage 
               spread out on a sheet of canvas. He picks up a set of long 
               reins, clucks to Cisco and they start up the steep bank with 
               the load.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               A distinct change has taken place with the water. It's 

               EXT. TRASH PILE - DAY

               Oil is pouring out of a jug and onto the great heap. Dunbar 
               empties the last of the oil and throws the empty jug onto 
               the pile. He takes the match he's been holding between his 
               teeth and flicks it to life with a fingernail. He flips it 
               onto the heap.

               The fire catches immediately and Dunbar has to back away a 
               few steps as the flames send a column of thick, black smoke 
               into the air.

               To Dunbar's horror, the smoke billows bigger and bigger... 
               climbing into the sky as a signal for anyone to see.

                         Damn... damn.

               He stoops for his rifle and we follow as he scrambles up the 
               slope. The lieutenant clambers over the lip and stops to 
               scan the horizon.

               But we continue, following the black smoke as it towers higher 
               and higher until it is just a wisp.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Four fantastic faces fill the screen, three together, one a 
               little apart. They are tired, frustrated faces, and also 
               very fierce. They are painted. Several wear their hair in 
               spiked roaches, one has brightly-colored eagle feathers 
               jutting out of his scalp at all angles. The FOUR WARRIORS 
               are naked from the waist up.

               They are Pawnee, the scariest of all the Plains Tribes. The 
               man a little apart looks THE TOUGHEST. The four men are 
               squatting on their haunches and four scrawny ponies stand 
               behind them. All the men are staring in the same direction 
               from a low rise on the prairie.

               It's smoke, a column much smaller than Dunbar's. The smoke 
               is drifting up from the furthest of a line of rolling gullies.

               We can see the whole Indian party now: the four men and their 
               ponies, two injured men on travois and two extra ponies.


                                     THE TOUGHEST
                         Only a white man would make a fire 
                         for everyone to see.

                                     1ST PAWNEE
                         Maybe there's more than one.

               The Toughest turns back to face the others. Without another 
               word, he jumps on his horse. Another silence as the three 
               warriors consider what to do.

                                     2ND PAWNEE
                         We have no rifles. White men are 
                         sure to have rifles.

                                     3RD PAWNEE
                         We should forget this and go home.

               The Toughest has listened all the while, growing more and 
               more disgusted. He pulls the blanket from his shoulders and 
               flings it angrily at his companions.

                         Then go. I for one, will not debate 
                         the merit of a single line of smoke 
                         in my own country.

               He starts his pony walking down the rise toward the smoke.

                                     1ST PAWNEE
                              (shaking his head)
                         He will not quit until we are all 

               The Third Pawnee starts after the Toughest. The other two 

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               We're dropping down through the smoke, right down to the 
               supper fire of Timmons the teamster. He's cooking slab bacon 
               in a pan. Risking the heat, he dips a finger into the pan 
               and sucks off the grease.

               There's a sudden swish of sound behind him and a split-second 
               later, an arrow goes deep into the wagon driver's ass knocking 
               him clear across the fire.

               Timmons screams like a half-butchered hog and starts into an 
               odd crippled run. He clears the gully where he's been camped 
               and struggles up the incline.

               Another swish and another scream, as another arrow catches 
               him high on the shoulder.

               Terrified with pain and fear, Timmons looks back as he 
               scrambles up the slope.

               Here comes the Toughest at a lazy gallop. He's riding only 
               with his legs. His hands are busy with bow and arrows. Casual 
               but blink quick, the Toughest snatches another arrow from 
               the quiver at his waist, strings it and fires. This arrow 
               catches Timmons in the gut. He falls squirming against the 

               The Toughest is still coming, his face like granite as he 
               fires arrow after arrow.

               The three warriors who came with the Toughest have reached 
               the wagon. Two of them are slicing away harness on the team 
               of nice army horses. The third is rifling through Timmons' 
               gear. This man unwittingly picks up Timmons' blanket. When 
               he gets a whiff of its stink, the warrior flings it far out 
               on the grass. Then he drops to one knee, scoops up some dirt 
               and rubs it between his soiled hands.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               A lone arrow remains in Timmons' dead body, jutting out of 
               his privates.

               Now the Pawnee warriors pass by, heading for home in no 
               particular hurry. The Toughest passes by with Timmons' scalp 
               hanging from his bow. None of the men give Timmons a parting 

               EXT. SEDGEWICK BLUFF - DAY

               We're close on Dunbar, his face is grimy with sweat and dirt. 
               He's working hard at something.

               We pull back and see that Dunbar is half-way up the bluff, 
               he's been filling up the pockmarks, the holes where Cargill's 
               men once lived.

               Exhausted, he stabs the shovel into the fresh earth and pauses 
               to look over his work, all of the holes have been filled.

               His eyes sweep over the prairie across the river. He sees 
               something moving, it's the wolf. Dunbar instinctively goes 
               for his rifle.

               Before he can bring it up to aim, he has second thoughts. He 
               lowers the gun and watches the wolf a moment longer, then 
               walks up the hill and disappears into the sky.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK BLUFF - DAY

               Fingers are playing with a button. It appears to be the same 
               one that came off Captain Cargill's coat. Dunbar stands atop 
               the hill, sighting across the prairie.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         No sign of Captain Cargill's command. 
                         I don't know what to do. Communication 
                         can only take place if I leave and I 
                         don't want to abandon my post.

               He sticks a hand in his overcoat, pulls out a piece of dried 
               meat and bites off a hunk.

               Dunbar starts down the hill toward the fort. He watches the 
               horizon as he goes.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         Made a short patrol yesterday p.m... 
                         discovered nothing. Will go further 

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DUSK

               His long day has drawn to a close. Dunbar sits on the stoop 
               of his quarters. His journal open in his lap. The sign over 
               the doorway has been straightened. Dunbar is staring at 

               One hundred yards away, sitting in the grass is the outline 
               of a wolf.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         There is a wolf who seems intent on 
                         the goings on here. He does not seem 
                         inclined to be a nuisance however 
                         and aside from Cisco has been my 
                         only company. He has appeared each 
                         afternoon for the past two days. He 
                         has milky white socks on both feet. 
                         If he comes calling tomorrow I will 
                         name him Two Socks.

               EXT. SUPPLY HOUSE - DAY

               With a grunt Dunbar lugs an army saddle out of the supply 
               house and starts for the door. He slows to a stop and stares 
               down at the saddle as if in a trance. In a moment he is 
               tossing the saddle back where he found it.

               EXT. HILLSIDE - DAY

               Dunbar is leading Cisco to the top of a low hill. He glances 
               over his shoulder and sees that he is being followed.

               The wolf with two socks stops when Dunbar looks back at him.

               Dunbar watches him curiously for a moment and continues 
               leading Cisco up the hill. But now he's glancing regularly 
               over his shoulder and discovers that as he moves, so does 
               the wolf.

               Reaching the top of the hill, Dunbar pauses. He pulls out 
               the pocket telescope and sweeps the prairie. There is nothing.

               Now Dunbar swings onto Cisco's bare back and with a last 
               glance back at the wolf starts down the rise and on to the 
               open prairie at an easy canter. We follow for a little 
               distance. Dunbar glances once more over his shoulder.

               The wolf is sitting on top of the hill watching. He has 
               decided to come no further.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

               Considerable time has passed. Dunbar, bundled warmly against 
               the chill of an oncoming storm, and Cisco are coming back 
               into camp from a hunting foray. A brace of grouse is slung 
               over Cisco's withers.

               INT. QUARTERS - DAY

               It's storming outside. Rain is pouring down, its patter broken 
               from time to time by spectacular flashes of lightning and 
               the boom of thunder.

               But inside it's cozy. The quarters are still crowded but 
               considerable order has been brought to bear on the place.

               He is just finishing up the grouse and a pile of bones sits 
               on the table. Open at his side is his journal.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         Almost a month and no one has come. 
                         The longer this condition persists, 
                         the less inclined I am to believe 
                         that anyone will. Rain has forced me 
                         indoors for most of two days. I have 
                         begun an awning. The work has ruined 
                         my hands, but I am excited about the 
                         improvement it will bring to this 

               A great bolt of lightning strikes outside, filling the room 
               with violent white light. Dunbar walks to the door and tosses 
               out a handful of bones. Two Socks scurries to collect the 
               bones and retreats under the shelter of a nearby tree.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         It is the loneliest of times... but 
                         I cannot say that I am unhappy.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Just as Dunbar did on his trip out with Timmons, someone is 
               running a palm over the tips of the tall prairie grass. This 
               hand, however, is red.

               A lone Indian is standing in the grass, his pony at his side. 
               He is a real Indian; tough, wild and free. He is a person of 
               special maturity. He radiates wisdom and is a man of 
               responsibility in his community. He is a Sioux medicine man. 
               He is KICKING BIRD.

               EXT. RIVER BANK - DAY

               Dunbar is squatting naked at the edge of the stream, pounding 
               the dirt out of his trousers on a little rock ledge. He rises, 
               wringing out the pants, and wades across the river.

               On the opposite bank he spreads the pants on a low bush. 
               Then he looks along the river. For some distance every bush 
               and shrub is draped with the lieutenant's laundry, all of it 
               drying in the sun.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

               The spectacular face of Kicking Bird is staring at something.

               He's looking thoughtfully at the "new" Fort Sedgewick; the 
               tidy grounds, the great awning, the repaired corral. The 
               beautiful, buckskin standing inside.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               Comfortable with his nakedness, Dunbar is meandering along 
               the stream in no particular hurry. He's very white. His skin 
               practically sparkles in the sun.

               Dunbar is making his way up the bluff. The steepest part is 
               at the lip and here he drops to all fours.

               Dunbar's face comes into view. He freezes.

               Someone is creeping under the shade of the awning... an 
               aboriginal man.

               Dunbar's head pops down behind the bluff.

               The lieutenant is down on his naked haunches. His heart is 
               pounding in his ears. Sweat has broken out on his face. His 
               mouth is dry as ash.

               He's playing back images in fragments. A deerskin shirt, 
               strands of hair sewn along each sleeve. Fringed leggins. A 
               dark, faded breechclout. Moccasins with beading. A single, 
               large feather drooping behind a head of shiny, black hair. 
               Braids wrapped in fur. A lethal stone club hanging from a 
               red hand. No eyebrows on a magnificent, primitive face.

               Dunbar stays in a crouch, trying to think on jellied legs. 
               His breathing has quickened. His mouth is open.

               A horses' whinny startles him.

               Ever so slowly, the lieutenant peers over the bluff.

               The aboriginal man is in the corral. He's walking slowly 
               toward Cisco. One hand is held out reassuringly, the other 
               is grasping a rope. He's making gentle, cooing sounds and is 
               only a step or two from being able to loop his line over the 
               horse's neck.

                         You there!

               Kicking Bird jumps straight into the air. As he lands he 
               whirls to meet the voice that startled him.

               Dunbar is coming. His hands are clenched and his arms are 
               swinging stiffly at his sides.

               Kicking Bird has turned to stone at the sight of this horror. 
               With a sharp intake of breath, he staggers back a few steps. 
               Then he turns and runs, tearing through the corral fence as 
               if it were made of twigs. He leaps onto his horse and quirts 
               the pony into full gallop.

               Dunbar is watching from the yard. His jaw is clenched, his 
               hands are still fisted.

               The great grassland is empty. Kicking Bird is gone.

               INT. SUPPLY HOUSE - DAY

               The first of three carbine boxes is lugged off the stack.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               The three boxes are stacked on the open prairie. Suddenly a 
               shovelful of dirt flies out of an unseen spot next to the 
               crates. Another flying shovelful. And another.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         Have made first contact with a wild 
                         Indian. One came to the fort and 
                         tried to steal my horse. Do not know 
                         how many more are in the vicinity 
                         but I am taking steps for another 
                         visitation. Am burying excess 
                         ordnance, lest it fall into enemy 

               The last square of sod is placed carefully on the surface of 
               the earth. Dunbar drives a bleached rib bone into the ground 
               at an angle just in front of his cache.

               Dunbar steps back from his work. The replaced sod is 
               invisible. The guns will not be found.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               The lieutenant sits atop Cisco scouting along the bluff. 
               Fort Sedgewick lies in the background.

               INT. QUARTERS - DAY

               Dunbar's journal lies open on his bunk. We hear a digging 
               sound in the background. The lieutenant is facing the wall 
               of his quarters. Using a bayonet as a cutting tool, he has 
               carved a window out of the sod. He's nearly finished and is 
               just tidying up.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         Have made all the preparations I can 
                         think of. I cannot mount an adequate 
                         defense but will try to make a big 
                         impression when they come. Waiting.

               Finished, he retreats to his bunk and sits staring across at 
               his new window. He glances at the journal by his side and 
               has a thought. He picks it up and starts to write.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         The man I encountered was a 
                         magnificent looking fellow.

               EXT. TEN BEARS' LODGE - DAY

               An old Indian man sits in the shade outside his lodge. His 
               skin is leathery, his hair grey and wispy but his eyes are 
               bright as diamonds. He is TEN BEARS, well past sixty, but 
               still strong enough to be the head man. He is, for the most 
               part, oblivious to the GRANDCHILD squirming in his lap.

               He's smoking a long-stemmed pipe, but the main object of his 
               interest is an old woman squatting next to him... PRETTY 
               SHIELD. She's pounding away at something in a bowl.

               Ten Bears looks up to notice Kicking Bird. The medicine man 
               is passing not far away and Ten Bears' eyes follow him 
               carefully, not glancing away until Kicking Bird has ducked 
               into his lodge.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Kicking Bird has been keeping to 
                         himself these last few days. I do 
                         not like to see our medicine man 
                         walking so alone.

               The old woman looks up from her pounding but does not respond.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         What does his wife say?

                                     PRETTY SHIELD
                         He is keeping to himself.

               Ten Bears gives his wife a challenging look and she bristles.

                                     PRETTY SHIELD
                         That's what she says.

               Ten Bears accepts this. Then he looks down at the bowl.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Make sure that meat is soft... my 
                         teeth hurt.

               Ten Bears looks once more at the entrance of Kicking Bird's 

               INT. KICKING BIRD'S LODGE - DAY

               Kicking Bird sits next to the fire playing with his son but 
               he is preoccupied with something.

               There is a rustle of movement at the tent flap, and Ten Bears 
               peers in.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         May I come in?

               The little boy races over to the old chief, Kicking Bird 
               makes a move to pull him back, but Ten Bears indicates the 
               boy should stay.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         No, no let him sit with me.

               There is silence as the two men settle themselves by the 
               fire, the little boy content in Ten Bears' lap.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Our country seems good this summer, 
                         but I have not been out to see it.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Yes... it is good. The grass is rich. 
                         The game is plenty and not running 

                                     TEN BEARS
                         I am glad to hear it. But the buffalo 
                         are late. I always worry about the 
                         bellies of our children.

               A brief silence.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         I was thinking of a dance.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Yes, a dance is always a good idea. 
                         It would be good to have a strong 

               Kicking Bird seems suddenly uncomfortable. The little boy 

                                     KICKING BIRD

                                     TEN BEARS
                         There's a funny thing about signs. 
                         They are always flying in our faces. 
                         We know when they are bad or good 
                         but sometimes they are strange and 
                         there is no way to understand them. 
                         Sometimes they make people crazy but 
                         a smart man will take such a sign 
                         into himself and let it run around 
                         for two or three days. If he is still 
                         confused he will tell somebody. He 
                         might come to you or to me and tell 
                         it. A smart man always does that.

               Ten Bears picks up the pipe and puffs away, seemingly without 

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         I have seen such a sign.

                                     TEN BEARS

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         I saw a man, a white man.

               Ten Bears' eyes get big for a moment. Then he thinks.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Just one?

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Just one. He was naked.

               Ten Bears thinks some more.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Are you sure it was a man?

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         I saw his sex.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Did you speak to him?

                                     KICKING BIRD

               Ten Bears rubs at his old eyes with both hands.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         We will council on this.

               EXT. TEN BEARS' LODGE - NIGHT

               A teenaged boy, SMILES A LOT and his two buddies OTTER and 
               WORM lie prone outside Ten Bears' home. They are peeking 
               under the tipi's rolled-up sides. Their eyes are wide, for 
               inside there's plenty to see and hear. The village's most 
               influential warriors have squeezed into the lodge for this 
               big and important meeting

               INT. TEN BEARS' LODGE - NIGHT

               The eldest and most respected men of the band, including Ten 
               Bears, his pal STONE CALF, an influential warrior named WIND 
               IN HIS HAIR, and Kicking Bird are seated around the fire.

               Crowded around them, in a high state of excitement, are the 
               village's leading warriors. The meeting is in progress.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         He might be a god or he might be a 
                         special chief -- that's why we are 
                         thinking of having a talk with him.

               There is a little murmuring around the fire, and it goes 
               silent. Wind In His Hair rises to speak.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         I do not care for this talk about a 
                         white man. Whatever kind of white 
                         man he is, he is not Sioux and that 
                         makes him less. We've camped here 
                         for ten days now and each day our 
                         scouts find nothing. One old bull 
                         with wolves tearing him apart, nothing 
                         more. We need meat -- not talk.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         You are right, we need meat today 
                         and tomorrow. But we must also have 
                         meat in ten years.

               Kicking Bird pauses here. Everyone is listening attentively.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         But the whites are coming. Our friends 
                         the Shoshone and the Kiowa, even our 
                         enemies, agree on this -- the whites 
                         are coming. More than can be counted.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         Kicking Bird is always looking ahead 
                         and that is good. But when I hear 
                         that more whites are coming -- more 
                         than can be counted I want to laugh. 
                         We took a hundred horses from these 
                         people, there was no honor in it. 
                         They don't ride well, they don't 
                         shoot well, they're dirty. They have 
                         no women, no children. They could 
                         not even make it through one winter 
                         in our country. And these people are 
                         said to flourish? I think they will 
                         all be dead in ten years.

               There is a surge of enthusiasm in the lodge and Wind In His 
               Hair is riding the crest of it.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         I think this white man is probably 

               This parting shot prompts a good-natured round of laughter.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Wind In His Hair has spoken straight, 
                         his words are strong and I have heard 
                         them. It's true the whites are a 
                         poor race and it's hard to understand 
                         them. But when I see one white man 
                         alone, without fear in our country, 
                         I do not think he is lost. I think 
                         he may have medicine. I see someone 
                         who might speak for all the white 
                         people who are coming. I think this 
                         is a person with which treaties might 
                         be struck.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         This white man cannot cover our 
                         lodges, or string our bows, or feed 
                         our children. I will take some good 
                         men... there are many here tonight. 
                         We will ride to the soldier fort, we 
                         will shoot some arrows into this 
                         white man. If he truly has medicine 
                         he will not be hurt. If he has no 
                         medicine he will be dead.

               This is the best idea so far and there is much talk around 
               the fire. They quiet down as Ten Bears prepares to speak.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         It is easy to become confused by 
                         these questions. It is hard to know 
                         what to do. No man can tell another 
                         how he will be. But I know this... 
                         killing a white man is a delicate 
                         matter. If you kill one, more are 
                         sure to come. We should talk about 
                         this some more.

               He drops his head, closes his eyes and starts to fall asleep. 
               The meeting is over.

               EXT. TEN BEARS' LODGE - NIGHT

               Inside the meeting is breaking up. But Smiles A Lot is no 
               longer watching. He's lost in thought, as if he has got 
               something on his mind.

               Now he comes out of it. With a last look into the lodge, he 
               sneaks off into the night.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - NIGHT

               Three boys Otter, Worm and their leader Smiles A Lot, are 
               riding to the fort.

               Smiles A Lot stops, just realizing that the other two have 
               fallen behind. He rides back to investigate.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         What's the matter now?

                         Otter doesn't want to go.

               Smiles a Lot trots his pony over to Otter.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         If we take the horse of a white god 
                         they will make up songs about us.


                                     SMILES A LOT
                         They will ask us to go on raids.

                         Who gets the white god horse?

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         I do... but we share... you and Worm 
                         can ride him too. Who can say this 
                         is not a great plan?

               Otter and Worm have blank expressions.

               INT. QUARTERS - NIGHT

               Dunbar is snoring. The lantern is turned down low. A horse 
               whinnies loudly and Dunbar arises.

               In the next instant there is a pounding of hooves and the 
               yelping of Indian boys.

               Reeling with sleep, Dunbar is up and moving. He grabs a rifle 
               and lurches for the door.

               As he runs through the door he forgets to duck under the 
               wooden cross beam. His skull cracks resoundingly against 
               the. overhang and Dunbar slumps onto his back... out cold.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - NIGHT

               The three boys are shrieking as they race across the prairie 
               with their prize. Otter has Cisco by a lead line. Smiles A 
               Lot gallops alongside.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         Let me take him Otter.

                         I have him.

               To Smiles A Lot's amazement, Otter is suddenly gone. He's 
               zooming backward in midair.

               Otter comes to ground a few yards back, throwing up a puff 
               of dust. Cisco has screeched to a halt. Now he rears up, 
               twisting until the rope is free of Otter. Then he sticks his 
               tail in the air and makes tracks in the direction of the 
               fort. Worm chases after Cisco as Smiles A Lot sees to Otter

               EXT. PRAIRIE - NIGHT

               Smiles A Lot pulls his pony up next to Otter and peers down 
               at the fallen boy.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         What happened?

                         I don't know. My arm doesn't work.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         You shouldn't have fallen down... 
                         now we'll get in trouble.

                         It was your idea.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         My idea was only to take the horse.

               This squabble is interrupted by Worm's return. He gallops up 
               and jumps off his pony.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         Otter hurt himself.

               Worm shakes his head in frustration. Otter grabs a handful 
               of dirt and flings it at Smiles A Lot and Worm.

                              (to Worm)
                         You're not hurt... I'm hurt.

                         I will be when my father finds out, 
                         his bow will be across my back.

               INT. QUARTERS - DAWN

               It's growing light and Dunbar is just coming to. He rolls to 
               one side and touches the egg that has risen on his forehead. 
               He hears movement in the yard and looks out.

               Cisco is pawing the ground. The Indian line still around his 

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               Dunbar is sitting naked in the shallow river below the fort. 
               He has worked up a good lather on his face and is shaving. 
               The big Navy revolver and his gunbelt are slung over his 
               shoulder. Dunbar glances at the far bluff.

               Two Socks is sitting quietly, watching the shaving ritual 

               The lieutenant is finishing shaving his moustache. He stares 
               onto the surface of the water trying to get it just right. 
               Once again he glances up at Two Socks.

               Two Socks' attention has been diverted. He's on guard, staring 
               intently across the river.

               Dunbar looks quickly at the bluff nearest the fort. Everything 
               is still. He looks back at Two Socks.

               The wolf is gone.

               The lieutenant hears something now. Hoofbeats. Hoofbeats 
               coming in a rush.

               He bursts from the water and scrambles up the incline.

               EXT. CORRAL - DAY

               They're streaming past him. FIVE MOUNTED WARRIORS bunched 
               around Cisco: raw, powerful men on painted, feathered ponies. 
               Wind In His Hair is one of them.

               Their faces are streaked with colorful designs, their weapons 
               slung around the shoulders, their nearly naked bodies all 
               sinew and bone. They are the full and breathtaking glory of 

               Dunbar is struck dumb. He stands still as the pageant passes 
               in front of him.

               The sight of Dunbar troubles Wind In His Hair, so much that 
               he pulls up a hundred yards away. He sits a moment on his 
               whirling pony, trying to decide if he should confront this 
               white god.

               He makes a warrior's choice. Wind In His Hair shouts to his 
               fellows to go on and charges down the slope... straight for 

               Dunbar's eyes are fixed on the closing horseman. He can't 

               Wind In His Hair is coming flat out, his lance extended. At 
               the last moment he pulls up so hard that the black pony skids 
               to a sit. The horse is up quickly and hard to manage. He 
               pitches back and forth only a few feet in front of Lieutenant 

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         I am Wind In His Hair. Do you not 
                         see that I am not afraid of you?... 
                         Do you see?

               Dunbar stares expressionlessly into the Sioux's eyes. He 
               doesn't blink.

               Wind In His Hair suddenly turns his pony and whips after his 
               comrades. A big smile breaks out across his face.

               Dunbar stares after the disappearing horse and rider. He 
               feels the weight of the gun and lets it drop to the ground.

               For two or three steps he staggers toward the quarters, but 
               his legs give way and he falls face first in a dead faint.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Wind In His Hair is riding hard and happy. He really fixed 
               that white god. But as he clears the brow of a rise, a 
               riderless horse blows past him, running in the opposite 

               Cisco's running back, to the fort at full speed, the lines 
               of two ropes flying behind him.

               The big warrior's smile is gone. He wheels his pony and 
               charges over the rise, nearly colliding with another warrior 
               who has been in hot pursuit of Cisco. The warrior pulls up 
               and looks helplessly at Wind In His Hair. But Wind In His 
               Hair's attention is focused on the rest of his party. The 
               three remaining warriors who rode with him are all on foot. 
               One is bending over a man lying unconscious on the ground. 
               The third is limping badly, trying to catch his horse.

               Wind In His Hair glances back in the direction of the fort, 
               but the buckskin is already gone.

               He starts down the incline to help his friends.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Wind In His Hair and his friends, two of them riding double, 
               are going slowly home when they see a COURIER coming in their 
               direction. They rein in waiting for the young man cantering 
               toward them.

               He speaks directly to Wind In His Hair.

                         The party that went against the Pawnee 
                         is coming in...

               Wind In His Hair says nothing.

                         There are many hearts on the ground.

               EXT. INDIAN CAMP - DUSK

               Several travois are parked in a clearing. It's a scene of 
               terrible woe. On the travois are dead bodies. Women members 
               of several families are grieving as they collect the dead 

               Some are shrieking, some are crying softly, and some are 
               beating themselves.

               One group is just beginning to hoist a body off its litter 
               when a strange looking woman appears in the clearing. She's 
               been running. Her light, cherry-colored hair is tangled.

               Her face is creased with pain and disbelief as she rushes 
               forward, crying out in Sioux. She pushes through the other 
               women and tackles the body, taking it to the ground.

               She climbs atop the dead man, cradles his head against her 
               face and says a single word softly.

               It is his name and she whispers it again.

               Of course there is no answer. With each saying of the name 
               she is more desperate, her voice growing louder and louder.

               She arches her back eerily and wails the name to the heavens 
               before flinging herself back at the lifeless face.

               At last the other mourners feel compelled to drag her away. 
               The little woman does not go easily.

               Her name is STANDS WITH A FIST.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - NIGHT

               The lieutenant rides, a silhouette against a harvest moon.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         I realize now that I have been wrong. 
                         All this time I have been waiting. 
                         Waiting for what? For someone to 
                         find me? For Indians to take my horse? 
                         To see a buffalo?

               INT. QUARTERS - NIGHT

               Lieutenant Dunbar has gotten a beautiful shine out of his 
               best boots. He's putting the finishing touches on one of the 

               Dunbar places the boot next to its mate and turns to inspect 
               a dress tunic laid out on the bunk. His open journal is lying 
               next to it. He picks at little pieces of lint and brushes at 
               the smudges.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         Since I arrived at this post I have 
                         been walking on eggs. It has become 
                         a bad habit and I am sick of it. 
                         Tomorrow morning I will ride out to 
                         the Indians. I do not know the outcome 
                         or the wisdom of this thinking. But 
                         I have become a target and a target 
                         makes a poor impression. I am through 

               EXT. CORRAL - DAY

               The buckskin's ears are pricked and his eyes are set. 
               Something has his complete attention.

               The "something" is Lieutenant John Dunbar. He looks like a 
               recruiting poster: full dress uniform, red sash, saber 
               clanking at his side, hair tied in a neat pony tail, knee-
               length riding boots. And all of it is gleaming... from the 
               brass buttons to the gold epaulettes to the army issue belt 

               The red sash flutters and Cisco shies to one side. Dunbar 
               slaps at the sash, calms his horse and jumps on.

               We stop with them at the supply house. Old Glory is standing 
               against one of the crumbling walls. The flag has been affixed 
               to a long willow branch. Dunbar sweeps it up and sticks the 
               staff into one of his boots.

               They start off at a jog, the flag popping in the stiff morning 
               breeze. Just as they are getting small in the distance, Two 
               Socks comes into view.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Lieutenant Dunbar has ridden deep into the prairie. Watching 
               the sky, he takes a drink out of his canteen. The lieutenant 
               hears something, he turns Cisco in that direction. He listens 
               harder. A weird sort of singing. Warily he goes ahead.

               EXT. KNOLL - DAY

               Stands With A Fist is sitting under a solitary cottonwood. 
               Her hands are folded on her lap. A blood-stained knife is 
               held between them. She has ritually slashed her arms. The 
               cuts are not deep -- but all are running with blood. Blood 
               pours from a deep cut in her thigh.

               She lets her song fade to nothing and bows her head. She 
               dabs at a large pool of blood spreading in the ground next 
               to her thigh. Suddenly she's alert. Stands With A Fist has 
               heard something too... a strange popping sound. She turns.

               The gleaming buckskin horse is standing thirty or forty feet 
               behind her on the top of the knoll. A white soldier is sitting 
               on the horse. A white soldier with a sword, a bright uniform 
               and a red sash. And most amazing of all, no face.

               A shift in the breeze has wrapped the popping red, white, 
               and blue flag around his head. One of the soldier's hands is 
               trying to claw it away from his face.

               Dunbar pulls the flag away.

               It's an Indian woman alright. But now that she is staring at 
               him open-mouthed and afraid, he can see that there is 
               something odd about her.

               Too late for further study. She's risen and has taken a slow 
               step backward from the knoll. She's covered with blood.

               Reflexively, he offers a helping hand and calls after her.


               She's still backing down the hill, her steps a little faster 
               now. He's following her at a walk.

                         Wait... you're hurt.

               She's reached the base of the knoll and has begun to run. 
               Dunbar is trotting after her.

                         Let me help you.

               She's too weak to run and falls face first in the grass. She 
               starts to crawl.

               Dunbar slips off Cisco and reaches down tentatively for her 
               shoulder. She screams at his touch and he pulls away. But he 
               follows on foot as she crawls.

                         You're hurt... you need help.

               He takes her again, this time holding her firmly. She 
               struggles mightily, twisting onto her back. She lashes out 
               at his face but he grabs her hands, holding them tight. 
               They're nose to nose.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

               He can't believe he heard it and she can't believe she said 

               She spits out a Stream of Sioux curses, throws her head back 
               and wails like a wolf. Then she passes out.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               She's lying in the same spot, still unconscious. The cuts on 
               her arms have been bandaged up with strips of Old Glory.

               Modestly, Dunbar lifts her dress to get at the bad thigh 
               wound. As he ties it off, the lieutenant notices how white 
               her skin is. He runs a finger over it. She is very still and 
               he presses an ear to her heart. She's still breathing.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Dunbar is on Cisco. His big impression is gone. The uniform, 
               and his hands and face are smeared with Stands With A Fist's 
               blood. The girl is slung in front of him.

               His arms are holding her. Her face is pressed against his 
               chest. They've come a good distance and are approaching a 
               smokey cloud.

               EXT. PONY HERD - DAY

               Smiles A Lot, Worm and Otter (who now sports a crude splint 
               on his arm) are occupying an open space in the midst of a 
               huge pony herd.

               They should be on guard against enemies but the three boys 
               are sitting on the ground, absorbed in a gambling game.

               EXT. PONY HERD - DAY

               Dunbar is skirting the edge of the herd. Leaving the horses 
               behind him, the lieutenant makes his way up a gentle slope.

               A powerful vision is upon him.

               Ten Bears' village is rising slowly, like a curtain going 
               up. The smoke from many fires, the willow poles fanning 
               against the sky, the conical houses covered with well-used 
               hides, the horses along the river, the children, the women, 
               the men. An ancient tableau, fully alive before his eyes.


               Dunbar has stopped on the slope leading down to the village, 
               taking it all in. No one has seen him. He can hear human 
               voices drifting up from the camp.

               Stands With A Fist coughs lightly against his tunic and the 
               lieutenant moves Cisco ahead at a walk.

               EXT. VILLAGE - DAY

               A woman and her children have come out of the breaks along 
               the river and are marching back to the village when one of 
               the kids sees him. With an ear-splitting shriek, the woman 
               grabs up her children and runs screaming for the safety of 
               the village.

               There's pandemonium amongst the lodges. Everyone seems to be 
               running everywhere at once.

               Dunbar pulls Cisco to a halt a hundred yards from the first 
               of the conical houses and slides off, taking the girl up in 
               his arms.

               The people of Ten Bear's village, realizing now that there 
               is only one white man and that he is carrying someone, are 
               massing with great curiosity on the outskirts of the town.

               Warriors, some of them mounted, have taken the front ranks. 
               The women and children and elderly are standing just behind.

               Initial panic has given way to a steady buzzing as everyone 
               jockeys for a better look.

               Still holding Stands With A Fist in his arms, Dunbar suddenly 
               stops on a familiar face... Wind In His Hair.

               He lifts the girl resting in his arms and holds her out... 
               as in offering.

                         She's hurt.

               The Sioux buzz is stronger now. The mounted warriors are 
               getting excited.

               Suddenly, Wind In His Hair breaks ranks and starts for Dunbar 
               at a determined walk. A nasty war club is held tightly in 

               Dunbar stands his ground.

               Wind In His Hair halts only a few steps in front of Dunbar. 
               He barks at the intruder as he takes another step or two.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         You are not welcome here.

               Another step and he is close enough to touch the white man.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         Go away from us...

               Dunbar doesn't flinch. And Wind In His Hair's harangue is 
               definitely part bluster. He's very curious about the woman 
               in Dunbar's arms and now he peers down at her face.

               The lieutenant looks down too and in a flash she is torn out 
               of his grasp.

               Holding her in one strong arm, Wind In His Hair backs a pace 
               or two and shouts once more at the lieutenant.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         Go away from us... go now.

               He raises his club and shakes it at Dunbar.

               Though he doesn't understand the words, Dunbar gets the 
               message. As he goes for his horse, Wind In His Hair marches 
               back to his people with Stands With A Fist.

               There is great commotion as the crowd surges in around Wind 
               In His Hair.

               With a look of profound disappointment, Dunbar walks away on 

               EXT. VILLAGE - DAY

               Otter, Worm and Smiles A Lot are riding in, drawn by the 
               ruckus in the village. They see the white soldier oh his 
               horse leaving the camp. They see the tumult in the village 
               and realize they are in trouble, again.

               Some of the young, mounted warriors are shouting taunts at 
               the departing soldier, calling for him to come back and fight. 
               They seem set to take out after him when Kicking Bird suddenly 
               appears in front of their ponies.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         The soldier did not come to fight -- 
                         he is going away and we will let 

               No one is going to argue with one of the band's leading men. 
               The young warriors shout a few more taunts and turn away.

               The medicine man glances after the boys who just came in. 
               Each boy, confronted now by an angry father or uncle, is 
               being jerked off his pony. There's going to be discipline.

               Kicking Bird looks back at the lieutenant.

               Dunbar's head is down and his shoulders are slumped. It is a 
               sight that makes the wheels in Kicking Bird's head turn.

               INT. TEN BEARS' LODGE - NIGHT

               Another council is in progress. As before, the leading men 
               are seated around Ten Bears' fire while the other warriors 
               stand packed in the shadows. Wind In His Hair is seated close 
               to the elders.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         I am in agreement with Kicking Bird. 
                         We will go down and talk to the white 
                         man and find out what kind of white 
                         man he is.

               Wind In His Hair jumps into the conversation.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         If this council decides to talk with 
                         the man at the soldier fort then it 
                         will be so. But in my mind it is not 
                         right that a Sioux chief, a chief as 
                         great as Ten Bears, goes to ask the 
                         business of a puny, trespassing white 
                         man... a white soldier who has only 
                         a smart horse and a few white man 

               There are many yeses in response to this. As is his custom, 
               Ten Bears lets the outburst subside, seeming unruffled all 
               the while. Casually, he pops a piece of meat into his mouth 
               and begins to chew.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         I will not go... you will go... you 
                         and Kicking Bird. That is all I have 
                         to say.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

               Dunbar is sitting cross-legged in the grass. His mouth is 
               occupied with chewing. In one hand is a knife, in the other 
               is a chunk of slab bacon. He saws off a slice and extends 
               it, waiting patiently.

               The wolf is sitting only a few feet away. He wants the offered 
               meat but cannot bring himself to eat from a human hand. 
               Finally, Dunbar flips the bacon into the grass and Two Socks 
               pounces on it. He takes his prize toward the river and out 
               of view.

               Dunbar starts for his quarters. He stops. The hair on the 
               back of his neck is standing straight up.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

               Six Sioux warriors, THE ESCORT, are sitting atop their ponies 
               high on the ridge.

               Dunbar buttons his tunic and casts a quick, backward glance 
               at the quarters. A rifle is standing near the door.

               Dunbar decides not to go after it. He straightens his bearings 
               and he watches the approaching riders. It's only two -- Wind 
               In His Hair and Kicking Bird. The lieutenant bows at the 

                              (gesturing at them)
                         Come... please... sit down.

               The two men slide off their ponies. Dunbar throws an 
               unreturned wave to the escort warriors.

               There is a moment or two of silence.

                         Would you like some coffee? Coffee?

               There is no response.

                         I'll get some cups.

               Dunbar disappears inside his quarters.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

               Wind In His Hair and Kicking Bird are sitting comfortably 
               under the awning, each holding steaming army-issue cups. 
               They are staring straight ahead with a curious expression.

               Dunbar is turning a handle on a machine. It is a coffee 

               The last of the beans goes down and Dunbar pauses for dramatic 
               effect. Then he pulls out the drawer containing the fresh 
               grounds and passes it to the medicine man. Kicking Bird and 
               Wind In His Hair both sniff the contents.

               Dunbar gestures at their still full mugs -- neither one of 
               them has taken a drink.

                         Is the coffee not good? Too strong 
                         maybe? Here...

               Dunbar reaches for a sack by the fire. Holding it in front 
               of him, Dunbar suggests that Wind In His Hair put some of 
               its contents into his mug.

               Wind In His Hair finally does, but his blank expression 
               indicates that he doesn't know what difference this could 

               Dunbar takes a lick at his fingers, suggesting that Wind In 
               His Hair should do the same. A smile creeps over his face as 
               the universal appeal of sugar is taking hold. Wind In His 
               Hair has licked every bit off each finger.

                              (to Kicking Bird)
                         Do you want some?

               Wind In His Hair doesn't wait for Kicking Bird's answer. He 
               reaches over and dumps a good amount in Kicking Bird's cup, 
               adding some more to his own for good measure.

                         So what are you guys doing? Looking 
                         for buffalo?

               There is no response. Wind In His Hair's attention is now on 

                         He's a good one... good horse. My 

               Wind In His Hair's interest borders on rude. Prompted by a 
               light tap on his leg from Kicking Bird, Wind In His Hair 
               turns his attention back to Dunbar.

                         Good horse.

               No argument from Wind In His Hair.

                         My horse. You see any buffalo?

               Kicking Bird and Wind In His Hair are baffled.

               The lieutenant is trying to jam a wadded blanket under the 
               back of his tunic.

                         Wait just a bit.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                              (to Kicking Bird)
                         His mind is gone.

               Kicking Bird doesn't respond. He's still intent on the 
               lieutenant. In wedging the blanket under his tunic, Dunbar 
               has become a hunchback. He bends over in a weird attitude, 
               and with a finger peeking over each side of his head, he 
               begins a bizarre display of dancing, punctuated with snorts 
               and bellows.

                                     KICKING BIRD

                              (incorrectly in Sioux)

                                     KICKING BIRD

                              (getting it right)

               Kicking Bird nods his assent and Dunbar flashes a pleased 


               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

               Dunbar is watching Kicking Bird and Wind In His Hair walk 
               their horses up the ridge to meet the waiting escort. Each 
               horse has a gift of coffee and sugar slung over its withers. 
               Occasionally, Wind In His Hair dips a hand into one of the 
               bags and carefully licks each finger.

               Dunbar waves up at them but there is no response.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         The sugar didn't figure to last at 
                         that rate any way. I don't believe 
                         I'd go too far in saying that a 
                         foundation for good relations is 
                         being laid.

               DISSOLVE INTO:

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         They have come again, as always the 
                         same two with an escort of six.

               Dunbar is standing in the same spot, it is a new day

               Leaving their ever present escort behind, Kicking Bird and 
               Wind In His Hair ride into the fort.

               Kicking Bird's pony is carrying something large and bulky on 
               his withers. A buffalo robe. Dunbar walks up to greet them. 
               Kicking Bird returns the welcome and signs to him as he 

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Have you seen any buffalo?

               Dunbar can only shake his head no.

               Kicking Bird accepts this and dismounts.

               Dunbar throws his customary wave but the escort remains 

               EXT. HILL - DUSK

               Dunbar is lying on his buffalo robe, his hand runs against 
               the grain of the thick fur. He begins writing in his journal.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         I believe I am dealing with Kiowa 
                         Indians as I have heard that word on 
                         several occasions.

               He rolls on his back, and lays aside the journal, practicing 
               the hand signals.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         I am learning the Kiowa words for 
                         head, hand, horse, fire, coffee, 
                         buffalo, hello and goodbye.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

               It's raining. High on a hill, the Indian escort waits 
               stoically, horses heads bowed in the drizzle. On the haunches 
               of one of the ponies is a single deer.

               Down below, Wind In His Hair and Kicking Bird are still 
               mounted and converse with Dunbar using sign talk.

                         No, I haven't seen any buffalo. Are 
                         you hungry? I have food... are you 

               Dunbar suggests they take some of his supplies but Kicking 
               Bird will not stand for this. He waves Dunbar off. The three 
               men say their goodbyes, and Dunbar as usual throws a wave to 
               the six men on the hill.

               Unexpectedly, one of them returns it and the other five react 
               with surprise.

                                     ESCORT 1
                         He waved.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         Nothing I have been told about these 
                         people is correct. They are not 
                         beggars and thieves. They are not 
                         the bogeymen they have been made out 
                         to be.

               Kicking Bird and Wind In His Hair disappear over the hill, 
               followed by their escort.

               Lightning bursts far out on the prairie.

               INT. QUARTERS - NIGHT

               Dunbar huddles beneath the warmth of his buffalo robe. He is 
               finishing up the second of two drawings. It is a portrait of 
               Wind In His Hair, he carefully titles it "The Fierce One." 
               He has already completed a likeness of Kicking Bird and 
               underneath it the words "The Quiet One."

               EXT. KICKING BIRD'S LODGE - DAY

               Several children are playing close-by as Stands With A Fist 
               works over a staked-out hide, scraping away the excess flesh. 
               Though her arms are lined with scabs her work is methodical 
               and unforced. She seems recovered.

                                     KICKING BIRD (O.S.)
                         Stands With A Fist.

               She looks up to see the medicine man looming over her.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         We will talk awhile.

               INT. KICKING BIRD'S LODGE - DAY

               Except for Kicking Bird and Stands With A Fist, the tipi is 
               empty. They are just seating themselves at the firepit in 
               the center of the lodge. A brief silence, during which Kicking 
               Bird studies the girl with the bowed head.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Your wounds are healing well?

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         You are happy here, with my family?

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         I am glad to be here. I am missing 
                         my husband.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Perhaps you will marry again when 
                         the time is right.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

               Kicking Bird is leading up to something and Stands With A 
               Fist fears it. She keeps her head bowed.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         We have word from many places that 
                         the whites are...

               Kicking Bird stops himself, he knows this must be hard. She 
               brings her green eyes to bear on the medicine man, waiting 
               to hear more.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         They are coming into everyone's 
                         country. They will soon be in ours I 
                         think. This white man who lives at 
                         the old soldier fort, the one who 
                         calls himself loo ten tant... I have 
                         visited him and I believe his heart 
                         is a good one. He knows things about 
                         the whites which we do not.

               He pauses letting this sink in.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         I am afraid of the man at the fort.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         He is only one man.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         I am afraid that he will tell some 
                         whites that I am here. I am afraid 
                         that they will try to take me away.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Every warrior in camp would fight 
                         them if they tried.

               She is not much reassured by this. In the way of a defeatist 
               she lowers her eyes once more.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         I cannot make the white man talk. 
                         Loo ten tant does not know Sioux.

               Kicking Bird waits. Still she does not raise her head.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         You have a certain medicine which no 
                         other Sioux -- man or woman -- has.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         It has been a long time since I made 
                         the talk.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         I do not ask this for myself... I 
                         ask this for all our people.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         It's dead in me.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         I want you to try and remember the 
                         the word.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         I don't know how.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         You don't want to know.

               This outburst shocks Stands With A Fist, she runs out of the 

               EXT. KICKING BIRD'S LODGE - DAY

               Stands With A Fist rushes past BLACK SHAWL, her face covered 
               with tears. Now Kicking Bird comes out. Black Shawl looks at 
               Kicking Bird, his face is not happy.

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         Will she make the white words?

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Perhaps I am asking too much.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               Stands With A Fist is tearing through the thick willows 
               growing alongside the river. She's crying her heart out.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               The big cry is over, but Stands With A Fist is still sniffling 
               as she emerges on a little patch of beach-next to the river. 
               She sits herself down under a cottonwood and looks hollowly 
               at the surface of the water in front of her.

               Somewhere in the distance is the sound of many drums, with a 
               sigh she drops her head.

               Then, as if shocked by some unseen force, her eyes spring 
               open. Wide and unblinking, her eyes stare deeply into space.

               Someone is calling. The voice is so faint at first that the 
               word can't be heard. But the calling grows and suddenly the 
               word is upon her.


               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY (FLASHBACK)

               A little girl of seven, CHRISTINE, is lying in the grass of 
               a sod roof. Next to her is ten year-old WILLIE. They are 
               planning their wedding and staring up at the sky.

               Like many youngsters she's not eager to heed the persistent 
               call of her mother.

                                     MOTHER (O.S.)
                         Christine... where are you?

               Reluctantly, the little girl gets up and looks over the edge 
               of the roof to see her mother holding yet another child. She 
               seems anxious.

                         I'm right here mother...

                         Get inside both of you.


                         Just do what I... oh God! Stay where 
                         you are. Keep down do you hear me?

               FOUR PAWNEE are riding up in the background. TWO MEN are 
               moving out to meet them.

                         Who is it Willie?

               Willie is peeking over the edge of the roof. An old muzzle-
               loading rifle is by his side. He whispers to her.

                         They look like Pawnee... my father 
                         and your father are talking to them.

               Down in the yard, out beyond a rough table set with the 
               leavings of a Sunday dinner, two white men on foot are talking 
               to the four mounted Pawnee warriors.

               It's an argument. As a baby cries somewhere inside the house 
               the two white men sign the Indians to go away. The Pawnee 
               make no move to go however, and with their patience at an 
               end, the two white men turn back to the house.

               One of the warriors brings his hatchet down and nails a white 
               man between the shoulder blades. The injured man grunts and 
               hops sideways. The other runs for the house but is cut down 
               by arrows.

               Women begin to scream.

               Willie is scooting down the roof, his face white with fear.

                         Run Christine...


                         Just run!

               He gives her a hard shove which sends her rolling down the 


               Christine runs past the point where the roof meets the natural 
               hillside and down into the draw. She's running toward us. In 
               the background we can see Willie on the edge of the roof, 
               aiming his squirrel gun into the yard. He fires once, then 
               grasping the gun like a club, he leaps off the roof and 

               Christine never looks back. She runs up the draw as fast as 
               her skinny young legs can carry her.

               EXT. HOLE - NIGHT (FLASHBACK)

               The moon is up. Christine is feebly clawing at the ground, 
               trying to pry herself out of a tiny hole. She gives up. Then, 
               from the burrow's dark entrance comes the thin, cracking 
               voice of a little girl.

                         Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray 
                         the lord my soul to keep. If I die 
                         before I wake, I pray the lord my 
                         soul to take.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               Stands With A Fist is still in shock. The drumming in the 
               village is very loud now. She rises unsteadily to her feet 
               and starts back to camp.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - NIGHT

               The moon is full. As we look down on the fort we can hear a 
               new sound coming off the prairie. A light rumbling.

               INT. QUARTERS - NIGHT

               Lieutenant Dunbar is asleep in the moonlight. The rumbling 
               is getting louder. It wakes him. He gropes about, lights the 
               lantern and listens to the strange, powerful sound.

               Something's in the air. He holds the lantern toward the 
               ceiling. Particles of dirt and dust are being shaken from 
               the roof. It's the earth that's trembling.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - NIGHT

               Dressed in only pants and boots, Dunbar walks along the bluff 
               above the river, his lantern held out in front of him. The 
               sound is tremendous now. Dunbar stops as a great wall of 
               dust rises before him.

               At the same time, he realizes something is alive behind the 
               wall of dust, he recognizes the sound... the sound of 
               thousands of hoofbeats.

               He sees one veer out. And now another. And another, darting 
               briefly from the great cloud of dust. The most powerful force 
               on the prairie now seems like the most powerful force on 
               earth as it thunders by.

               The buffalo.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - NIGHT

               Dunbar and Cisco are running flat out in the moonlight.

               EXT. INDIAN VILLAGE - NIGHT

               The village is coming up. A great fire is blazing at the far 
               end. Horse and rider speed past the first lodge.

               It's an important mission for the lieutenant. As he gallops 
               through the village, he says one word over and over, trying 
               to remember the correct pronunciation. It's the Sioux word 
               for buffalo.

               EXT. FIRE - NIGHT

               Everyone has gathered around the great blaze. In the center 
               of the circle close to the fire, the buffalo men are dancing. 
               Others are dancing too. The music is very loud.

               The little buckskin is out of his head with speed. He doesn't 
               answer the bit when Dunbar first tries to pull him up.

               People scatter in all directions, as Dunbar and Cisco charge 
               into their midst.

               Dunbar pulls back with all his might, and the buckskin sits 
               down. He's wet from his long ride, and Dunbar can't stay on 
               his back. As Cisco rears, he slides off and tumbles onto his 

               Angry warriors pile on top of him. Dunbar shouts out the 
               word for buffalo, yelling it over and over as the warriors 
               pummel him.

               So many men have rushed into the fray that none can deal the 
               lieutenant a decisive blow. They roll about in the dust. 
               Just as Dunbar's cries have begun to lose their strength, he 
               feels a sudden lessening of the weight upon him.

               As the men pile off, Dunbar is left flat on his back. His 
               lip is split and blood is streaming from his nose.

               He's looking into a familiar face. The man's head is covered 
               with the full skin and feathers of an eagle. Kicking Bird.


               Kicking Bird doesn't understand or can't hear. He brings his 
               face close to Dunbar's.

                              (making horns with 
                              his fingers)

                                     KICKING BIRD

                         Yes. Buffalo.

               Kicking Bird raises up and yells it out to his people.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         The buffalo have come.

               For a fleeting moment there is shocked silence. Then the 
               Sioux explode with excitement.

               Still dazed, Dunbar is pulled to his feet. The people are 
               surging in around him with yelps of joy.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               A wide stretch of prairie, falling away to nothing.

               The buffalo have left a trail in the form of a tremendous 
               swath of torn-up ground, several hundred yards from side to 

               Indians on horseback move into the picture.

               Most of Ten Bears' camp is moving out in a long, noisy column. 
               Spirits are high. First come the lead scouts, followed by 
               Ten Bears and his advisors, Kicking Bird and wind In His 
               Hair among them. A large body of warriors come next. Behind 
               these men are the women, children and elderly. Dunbar is 
               riding at the head of the last group.

               The attitudes of the people have changed significantly. People 
               who catch his eye are openly smiling at the lieutenant.

               An old woman comes alongside and offers him a piece of dried 
               meat, patting his hand as he takes it.

               Here comes Smiles A Lot, Worm and Otter, all on ponies, 
               galloping up beside him. They want to play.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         Loo ten tant...

               He motions for Dunbar to break ranks and while the lieutenant 
               is puzzling this out, a chorus of cries comes from the 
               column's front.

               Three far-ranging scouts are coming in at a run.

               EXT. COLUMN - DAY

               The scouts pull up in front of Ten Bears to make their report. 
               There's no way to know what's going on but something important 
               is happening.

               Wind In His Hair suddenly breaks ranks and rides back to the 
               main body of warriors. A dozen warriors strip off their shirts 
               and leggings. They're ready in moments. Then, with Wind In 
               His Hair leading them, the party breaks away from the column 
               and rides east at a gallop.

               The column resumes its southward march.

               EXT. COLUMN - DAY

               The day has grown hot as the column continues its march 
               through changing terrain.

               Dunbar is suffering some. The heat and dust are monstrous. 
               At the moment however, he's most concerned with Stands With 
               A Fist. She's riding closeby and he watches her with interest.

               It's easier to see now that she was once white.

               Suddenly she looks in his direction. The lieutenant quickly 
               tips his hat, but she turns her shy eyes away before he has 
               finished the motion.

               Kicking Bird is riding down the line. The medicine man 
               gestures Dunbar forward and the lieutenant guides Cisco out 
               of line.

               Through her tangled hair, Stands With A Fist watches the 
               soldier and the medicine man ride up the line.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Dunbar and Kicking Bird are riding together at the flank of 
               Ten Bears' entourage.

               Far in the distance, the lieutenant sees something strange 
               on the prairie... pink bumps are dotting the landscape up 
               ahead. And black specks are moving about on the bumps.

               EXT. KILLING GROUND - DAY

               Beneath droves of scavenging black birds lies the body of a 
               buffalo. His hide has been peeled off and his tongue has 
               been cut out. The rest of his body has been left to rot in 
               the sun.

               The column, so noisy and happy before, winds its way through 
               the killing ground in silence. There must be twenty-five 
               buffalo like the one we saw close up, all of them stripped 
               and rotting.

               Dunbar looks queasy. The lieutenant glances at the medicine 
               man riding next to him. Kicking Bird looks sick too. Dunbar 
               looks away. The entire column is stretched along the killing 
               ground, looking.

               A naked cow, covered with birds, lies on her side. Her new 
               born calf, doomed to death, cries for his dead mother. And 
               next to the calf, Dunbar sees something else. He sees wagon 
               tracks and the booted footprints of white men.

               EXT. KILLING GROUND - DAY

               The column is clear of the killing ground and heading deeper 
               into the prairie. They have left everything untouched.

               EXT. TEMPORARY CAMP - DAY

               While Kicking Bird's lodge rises behind her, Stands With A 
               Fist digs out a firepit. She looks up from her work.

               Watching bashfully from several yards away is Lieutenant 
               Dunbar. Now that she has seen him he starts forward, perhaps 
               to try some more talk.

                                     KICKING BIRD (O.S.)
                         Loo ten tant...

               Dunbar turns to find Kicking Bird sitting on a pony just 
               behind him. Two dozen mounted BUFFALO SCOUTS are gathered 
               around him. Kicking Bird points at Cisco, indicating that 
               Dunbar should join them.

               Tipping his hat to Stands With A Fist, Dunbar hustles away 
               to his horse.

               Stands With A Fist faces the pit she's digging, not bothering 
               to look up as hoofbeats drum their way out of the temporary 
               camp. She seems to have lost herself in her own hands... the 
               hands that are digging out the soft prairie earth.

               There is crying but when Stands With A Fist looks up there 
               is just one of Kicking Bird's children standing there smiling 
               at her. She goes back to her digging.

               INT. HOLE - DAY (FLASHBACK)

               The first light streaks through the burrow entrance.

               Christine is exerting herself mightily in an effort to move. 
               But she can't and again she begins to cry.

               More sounds from down below in the canyon. Hoofbeats. And a 
               whinny or two. No way to tell whether this is friend or foe. 
               But she can't stay in the burrow.


               She listens. The hoofbeats are gone.

                         Help me...
                         Please... I need to get out.

               Someone is coming up the slope.

               A moment later, hands are clawing at the walls of the burrow 
               and she is looking into three, surprised Sioux faces. The 
               face in the center is recognizable. A YOUNGER KICKING BIRD.

               EXT. BUFFALO DRAW - DUSK

               Two dozen riderless Indian ponies are tethered at the base 
               of the draw.

               EXT. BUFFALO DRAW - DUSK

               With Kicking Bird and the other buffalo scouts, Lieutenant 
               Dunbar is sneaking up one side of the draw. They all reach 
               the summit together and peer over.

               They are there by the thousands, grazing quietly in the 
               twilight. The buffalo.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - NIGHT

               The buffalo scouts, Dunbar included, are galloping back to 
               the temporary camp. It looms ahead of them, the hide-covered 
               lodges glowing like candles in the last light of day. A big 
               fire is blazing in the center of camp.

               Dunbar hangs back as the other riders go into the noisy camp. 
               A special event of some kind is taking place. As he looks 
               this scene over, Dunbar sees something remarkable.

               Back in the shadows, behind the fire, is a wagon.

               Dunbar and Cisco pace back and forth on the fringes of the 
               camp. The lieutenant searches for any sign of the white people 
               who came in the wagon, but finding none, he focuses on the 
               dancers moving in a circle around the big fire.

               One of the men waving his lance is Wind In His Hair. Dunbar's 
               eyes track up the lance and there he finds the white people. 
               Hanging from Wind In His Hair's lance tip is a fresh scalp, 
               blonde and wavy. Several of the other men have scalps too. 
               None of the hair is Indian.

               Dunbar can see into the wagonbed now. A couple of dozen fresh 
               buffalo hides are stacked in the wagonbed. It's all come 
               clear. The white men who killed the buffalo for hides and 
               tongues have themselves been killed.

               Dunbar slowly retreats into the shadows.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - NIGHT

               Cisco has been hobbled nearby, and with the temporary camp 
               glowing on the plains a half-mile away, Dunbar spreads his 
               blanket on the open plain.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAWN

               A huddled body lies covered by the army issue blanket. A 
               moccasined foot comes into view and prods the blanketed shape. 
               Lieutenant Dunbar's waking face pops out of the blanket.

               Standing over him is Wind In His Hair, stripped of all but 
               his breechclout. The barrel of his rifle is hanging downward, 
               swaying in front of the lieutenant's face.

               It is occurring to the lieutenant that his time may have run 

               The warrior swings his rifle into a shooting position, sights 
               after some imaginary game and imitates the rifle's recoil.

               He stares down at Dunbar with a smile, lifts his rifle 
               overhead and barks out a cry of victory.

               EXT. TEMPORARY CAMP - DAY

               The band's best hunters, two dozen of them, are making ready 
               to chase the buffalo. It's the big time, no event is more 
               important. The villagers -- mostly women, children, and 
               elderly -- have gathered around each of the hunters.

               The largest audience has gathered around Lieutenant Dunbar 
               and Wind In His Hair. Wind In His Hair's pony is ready. Great 
               bolts of yellow lightning adorn his shoulders and rump. Right 
               now the warrior is drawing the same design along Cisco's 

               Dunbar reads this correctly as a great honor and stands by 
               silently. Wind In His Hair is finished. He looks at Dunbar 
               and nods at the paint as if asking for a response.

                         I wish I knew what to say.

               A Sioux voice, using english words, sails out of the circle 
               of watchers.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         Say... thank you.

               Startled the men turn to the sound. The other Sioux are 
               stunned too.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                              (indicating the paint)
                         His speed... his power... you have.

                         Thank you.

               He takes the warrior's hand in his own and shakes it crisply.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               It's the first time we've seen the buffalo up close. They're 
               fantastic creatures, powerful, brutish, untameable animals 
               from another age. A great bull turns away from the others 
               and lifts his purple, horned head to sniff the breeze. He 
               can detect no sign of trouble and eventually returns to his 

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               The hunters are advancing across the prairie, spreading out 
               in a formation that will encircle part of the herd.

               The lightning bolts on Wind In His Hair's pony are in motion. 
               Cisco's bolts are moving too.

               There's a lump in Dunbar's throat. He knows nothing of what 
               is expected of him but he's doing it anyway. He glances to -- 
               his right at Wind In His Hair and to his left at Kicking 
               Bird. They're both concentrated on what lies ahead.

               From the corner of his eye, he sees Kicking Bird look back. 
               The lieutenant looks too.

               It's a minor flap. Three or four youngsters, eager to 
               distinguish themselves have trailed too close to the hunters 
               and are being turned back. Dunbar recognizes one of them as 
               the boy who took charge of Cisco at the village... Smiles A 

               Like Kicking Bird, Dunbar swings his face back to the front. 
               They're close enough now to hear the low bellowing of the 

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               A strike far up on the horned formation. Their ponies leap 
               forward. The mad dash is on.

               Dunbar's hat flies off at first spurt and now the lieutenant 
               and his horse are hurling over the prairie. The little 
               buckskin seems to know what is expected of him and has put 
               every ounce of his muscle to speed. They're burning up the 

               When Dunbar looks back over his shoulder, he's shocked to 
               find that the best buffalo ponies the Sioux's have are far 
               behind. He and Cisco are on their own.

               The herd is in full flight and the sound of their stampede 
               is overwhelming. The buffalo are very fast but Cisco is 
               gaining with every stride. They've formed a great running 
               wall in front of him and now Dunbar can see their rumps and 
               tails and flying hooves.

               Dunbar takes a solid grip on his rifle and shuts his eyes as 
               if in prayer. The sound of thousands of hooves is deafening.

               Dunbar and Cisco have caught the buffalo. A few more strides 
               and they'll be in.

               Dunbar and Cisco are running with the buffalo. A shaggy head 
               moves in and swipes at Cisco, but the little horse is too 
               quick and too smart. He dodges away, nearly dumping the 
               lieutenant in the process.

               Dunbar rights himself and fires. It's a wild shot, only 
               grazing the buffalo's shoulder. The report of the gun 
               instantly scatters the herd and Dunbar pulls up, dust swirling 
               all around him.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Sioux hunters stream past him, every man for himself zeroing 
               in on targets.

               Dunbar starts to dismount but something he sees stops him.

               A hundred yards away a small hunter is after a handful of 
               buffalo who have splintered off from the rest. It's Smiles A 
               Lot, trying to make a kill of his own. As Dunbar watches, 
               the boy's inexperienced horse shies away and bucks, pitching 
               the kid to the ground.

               A big bull breaks away from the splinter group, lowers his 
               head and charges.

               Dunbar kicks Cisco into a run, spits a spare bullet from his 
               mouth and rams it into the chamber.

               Smiles A Lot is picking himself off the ground. The bull is 
               in full charge.

               Dunbar is riding with his knees. Both hands are holding the 
               rifle. He'll never make it to the boy in time. He's got to 
               make the shot. He squeezes the trigger.

               The bullet plows home, exploding the bull's heart. The big 
               buffalo's legs collapse but the momentum of his charge puts 
               him into a skid. He comes to rest only a few yards away from 
               Smiles A Lot.

               The boy stands as the lieutenant rides up. Smiles A Lot is 
               dazed but he's okay.

               Dunbar hops off next to the dead buffalo. He's a huge one, a 
               real grandfather and the lieutenant loses himself for a few 
               moments in contemplation of this tremendous kill. Now he 
               looks back to check the boy.

               Smiles A Lot has caught his pony and is racing away from the 
               scene of his humiliation.

               The sounds of approaching riders turns Dunbar's attention in 
               a different direction.

               The entire village is streaming onto the plains for the 

               The riders bearing down on him are being lead by Wind In His 

               Wind In His Hair jumps off his pony and, smiling broadly, 
               slaps Dunbar's back with a good-natured blow of 

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               The buffalo has been split open and Wind In His Hair, kneeling 
               at the bull's side, is feeling around in the cavity. He finds 
               what he's looking for and gives it a jerk.

               It's the liver, still warm and steaming. He offers it to 
               Dunbar but the lieutenant, not having the faintest idea, 
               only looks at it blankly.

               A sizable crowd has gathered to watch this ritual.

               Wind In His Hair sticks the fresh liver in his mouth and 
               happily bites off a chunk, letting the juices run from the 
               edges of his mouth. Now he figures the lieutenant knows what 
               to do, and hands the liver back to him.

               Dunbar doesn't want to do this, but with the pressure of so 
               many eyes and so much good will, he has little choice. 
               Tentatively, he bites off a small piece and chews it 
               thoughtfully. It's good.

               Encouraged by this good taste, Dunbar takes a man-sized bite. 
               Shrill Sioux voices rise all around him as they cheer the 
               lieutenant. Dunbar holds the liver triumphantly over his 

               EXT. KILLING GROUND - DAY

               Little butchering parties cluster around each fallen buffalo.

               EXT. TEMPORARY CAMP - NIGHT

               Flame begins to lick at each of the bodies and we match 
               dissolve -- the clusters of people have become groups 
               surrounding fires at the temporary camp.

               EXT. FEASTING FIRE - NIGHT

               All over camp people are crowding around fires, feasting on 
               fresh meat. Children are playing everywhere, the dogs are 
               having a field day with scraps and the voices of the people 
               are happy.

               At a little distance, we see Lieutenant Dunbar and Wind In 
               His Hair excusing themselves from one of the fires. They 
               start toward us. Wind In His Hair is sucking on a rib bone 
               and seems to show no sign of slowing down his celebrating. 
               Dunbar, following a couple paces behind, is a different story. 
               He's had it. He spreads his hands to indicate an over-sized 

                         Look I'm full... I can't tell the 
                         story again.

               Wind In His Hair doesn't seem to hear. He points at the 
               epaulettes on Dunbar's tunic.

                         Go ahead.

               Wind In His Hair reaches out and fingers the gold lieutenant's 
               bars. He fingers a couple of the brass buttons as well. The 
               tunic is something he obviously puts much store in.

                         You want to try... put it on.

               He unbuttons the tunic.


               He sloughs off the tunic and hands it over. Wind In His Hair 
               slips out of the magnificent bone-pipe breastplate he's 
               wearing and gives it to Dunbar as he wriggles into the tunic. 
               The fit is too tight, the material too scratchy but those 
               things are of little consequence to Wind In His Hair. He 
               loves the tunic.

               With urging signs he asks the lieutenant to put on the 
               breastplate. Dunbar slips it over his head and Wind In His 
               Hair helps him with the ties.

               Now it's the lieutenant's turn to be amazed. The breastplate 
               as craftsmanship at its finest. He runs his fingers over the 
               ridges of bone now covering him from neck to waist. He looks 
               up at Wind In His Hair.

               The warrior nods approvingly, as though a good deal has heen 

                         This is too much... I can't take 

               But for Wind In His Hair it is already a trade.

               Wind In His Hair spots the next fireside and veers toward 
               it. Dunbar holds him back.

                         I can't... No more...

               Wind In His Hair grins. He holds up a single finger.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         One more... eat...

                         I can't, I'm full... very full...

               Still holding up the finger, he guides Dunbar into the 
               firelight of the next party.

               Immediately, men jump up to greet the celebrities. Women 
               begin to saw off more meat.

               EXT. FEASTING FIRE - NIGHT

               As Dunbar gnaws on a rib, he glances at the friendly faces 
               around the fire. His eyes suddenly stop their roving.

               A BIG WARRIOR is wearing the military hat he lost on the 
               hunt. It's a little too big. The brim touches the top of the 
               big warrior's ears.

               Now the Big Warrior notices that Dunbar is staring at him. 
               Their eyes meet.

                         That's my hat.

               At the sound of these words the cheerful talk around the 
               fire begins to fade.

               Dunbar touches the top of his head and points to his hat.

                         My hat.

                                     BIG WARRIOR
                         I found it on the prairie. It's mine.

               A silence falls between the two men. wind In His Hair speaks.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         That hat belongs to my friend here.

                                     BIG WARRIOR
                         He left it on the prairie. He didn't 
                         want it.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         You can see that he wants it now.

               The Big Warrior shakes his head. He won't budge.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         We all know that is a soldier hat. 
                         We all know who wears it. If you 
                         want to keep it that's alright. But 
                         give something for it.

               The other men around the fire murmur their assent. The Big 
               Warrior thinks for a moment then abruptly gets to his feet.

               He looks at his waist and unfastens a knife in a beautiful 
               worked scabbard. He tosses it across to Dunbar.

               The lieutenant examines the trade item a moment. Now he looks 
               back at the big warrior. A smile breaks slowly across his 
               face and Dunbar nods. At last he smiles back. It's a trade.

               And at that, the cheerful voices around the fire are at it 

               Dunbar takes his new knife out and as he watches the light 
               flicker off the blade a voice comes into his ear.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                              (pointing to his head)
                         Good trade.

               Dunbar looks into his smiling face. He laughs.

                         Yes, it's good. But, I have to sleep.

               He excuses himself and walks away from the light of the fire, 
               finds himself alone in the shadows, still marveling at his 

               EXT. TEMPORARY CAMP - NIGHT

               Wind In His Hair finishes sucking on the rib bone and tosses 
               it to a dog that's been trailing him. Kicking Bird is walking 
               toward him. He notices the new tunic and gives wind In His 
               Hair a dubious look.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Where is loo ten tant?

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         I ate him.

               Kicking Bird reaches out and feels the strange material on 
               either side of Wind In His Hair's chest.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         I traded for it.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Does it scratch the skin?

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         A little. But do you see how good it 
                         looks. Everyone says it looks good. 

               EXT. TEMPORARY CAMP - NIGHT

               Dunbar keeps to the shadows as he makes his way through camp. 
               Now he slows his step.

               Light from another fire is spilling into his path. There's 
               music too. And singing. The voices are high and feminine.

               Dunbar peers around a lodge. A group of young women are 
               dancing in a clockwise circle. Their steps are light-hearted. 
               This is dancing purely for the fun of it.

               One of the young women spots him standing behind the lodge 
               and there's a wave of shy giggling as news of "loo ten tant's" 
               presence is passed along. Embarrassed, Dunbar starts along 
               the fringe of the fires, nodding politely to the women as he 

               One has more courage than the others. She breaks out, takes 
               his hand and steers him gently into the dance circle. Whatever 
               resistance he might have is buried by the girl's insistent 
               encouragement. She keeps showing him the step and the 
               lieutenant tries to pick it up.

               The movement is simple and the music is mesmerizing. Awkward 
               at first, Dunbar quickly gets the hang of it. In short order, 
               he's keeping up with the others. And he's enjoying himself.

               Soon he has relaxed enough to shut his eyes, carried along 
               by the eternal sound of the drums. He doesn't notice that 
               the circle has begun to shrink. There is a touch of the devil 
               in their eyes.

               He bumps into somebody and the woman behind bumps into him. 
               But the girls just laugh and so does Dunbar. It was a pleasant 
               accident. But quickly there's another accident. And then all 
               their bodies are squeezing against his. The girls are 
               murmuring good things to him. Their hands are touching him 

               It's okay with Dunbar. Everybody's having a good time. The 
               drumming suddenly stops however, and the women scatter away 
               from the fire, leaving Dunbar suddenly alone. Kicking Bird 
               is standing not far off.

                         They asked me to dance...

               The medicine man says nothing.

                         I was just dancing...

               The lieutenant does a step or two, trying to explain. Finally, 
               that strange half-smile appears on Kicking Bird's face.


               Stands With A Fist has been watching everything from the 
               tipi flap. Now she ducks back inside.


               The fire is still burning in the center of the lodge. Dunbar 
               is sleeping soundly.

               It's not a moment later that we hear the soft sounds of 
               mumbling somewhere in the lodge. Then it's quiet. There's 
               that mumbling again. And now a woman's giggle.

               Dunbar stirs, waking and curious, sits up a little and looks 
               across the fire. There is movement on Kicking Bird's platform. 
               The medicine man's head and that of his wife come into view 
               for a second or two before they sink back down into shadow. 
               The movements and sound that follow become more forceful. 
               They're having sex.

               Embarrassed, the lieutenant averts his eyes, they happen 
               over the forms of Kicking Bird's deeply sleeping children, 
               the low-burning fire, and settle on Stands With A Fist's 

               Lieutenant Dunbar, the sounds of lovemaking floating over 
               him, peers again in that direction only to meet the smiling 
               eyes of Kicking Bird and his wife.

               Embarrassed again, he stares open-eyed at the ceiling. He 
               looks like a man who knows something is happening but doesn't 
               know what it is.

               Stands With A Fist's eyes are open too. She doesn't move.

               EXT. VILLAGE - DAWN

               The faintest seam of light is starting to glow on the eastern 


               The camera pans off the tipi to the eastern horizon.

               It's the pony herd. And Dunbar is walking in that direction. 
               His feet leave a trail in the wet grass.

               First one, then two, then whole groups of ponies lift their 
               heads and prick their ears at Dunbar's approach.

               Dunbar walks to the edge of this great sea of horses, he 
               stops and gives a long whistle.

               A figure, previously unseen, sits up on the back of a pony. 
               It's Smiles A Lot. He and Dunbar glance blankly at each other. 
               But in a moment, both are distracted by movement in the herd.

               Horses are being gently eased out of the way by Cisco who is 
               answering Dunbar's call. A moment later and they are reunited 
               at the edge of the herd.

               Grasping a hunk of Cisco's mane, Dunbar starts to lead him 
               back to the village. The temporary camp is starting to come 
               to life. And with Cisco at his side, Dunbar pauses to take 
               in the scene.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DUSK

               An escort of six warriors is galloping up the bluff to join 
               the rest of the column as they make their way back to camp. 
               Dunbar looks on, a travois of meat next to him and gives a 
               last wave.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         To stay any longer would've been 
                         useless. We had all the meat we could 
                         possibly carry. We had hunted for 
                         three days, losing half a dozen ponies 
                         and only three men injured. Many 
                         times I have felt alone but until 
                         this afternoon, I have never felt 
                         completely lonely.

               INT. QUARTERS - DAY

               The person we see from the waist up bears little resemblance 
               to the Lieutenant Dunbar we've known.

               His long hair hides his face on his slightly bent head. His 
               skin is not so white anymore, and the great bone-pipe 
               breastplate covers his torso.

               Dunbar starts to write and stops, he repeats this action. It 
               is clear that as Lieutenant Dunbar, he can find nothing to 
               say. He lays the pen down momentarily.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         Made a long patrol today. There is 
                         nothing to report. The truth is I am 

               There is the scurry of movement and the scratch of tiny paws. 
               His eyes roam to the place in the corner where sacks of flour 
               and hard biscuits and other provisions are stored. Watching 
               the sacks more closely, he sees that they are infested with 

               Restlessly, he walks to the doorway, gazing out onto the old 
               fort. The awning is beginning to tear at the corner. And 
               then he spots something.

               EXT. QUARTERS - DAY

               A large prairie chicken is lying in front of the quarters. 
               Dunbar squats next to it. It's neck carries punctures, and 
               when he dabs a finger on the wounds, he finds that the blood 
               is still wet. The lieutenant rises slowly, his sharp eyes 
               sweeping the fort.

               He's waiting patiently in his usual spot on the bluff 
               overlooking the river. Two Socks.

               Dunbar smiles and shakes his head. Watching his old friend, 
               he picks up the bird and begins to pluck with an ease that 
               suggests he's had some experience.

               EXT. QUARTERS - NIGHT

               Dunbar is gnawing happily at the last of the bird, still on 
               its skewer. After a couple of bites, he slips the carcass 
               off the stick and chucks it out to Two Socks. He licks his 
               fingers and gazes out into the night.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         Though only two days it seems like a 
                         week. I am missing the company of my 
                         new friends. I can see all of their 
                         faces, but somehow it is not enough. 
                         Tomorrow, I will make an unannounced 
                         visit. After all, they are my 
                         neighbors, what can it hurt?

               EXT. BLUFF - NIGHT

               Two Socks has taken his dinner and retreated to the shadows. 
               He munches contentedly until a strange sound jolts him to 

               At the fort is an odd sight. Dunbar is dancing around the 
               fire, occasionally singing out an energetic whoop.

               Two Socks is caught up in the scene and lets out a howl of 
               his own. It could be the stone age.

               EXT. BLUFF - NIGHT

               The silhouettes of three Indians are watching the strange 
               performance below. One of them is Wind In His Hair. Down 
               below Dunbar continues to dance.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               There is nothing for miles.

               Cisco and Dunbar are walking toward us. His boots are pretty 
               worn and his striped trousers have faded to almost nothing. 
               The breastplate shines in the sun. His rifle lies in the 
               crook of his arm, Indian style.

               Dunbar twists around on Cisco and looks back across the 
               prairie. He calls out.

                         Go home.

               Dunbar watches a moment to see if he's done any good, then 
               turns forward with a sour look.

                         Damn him.

               Dunbar makes his way through a small, grassy valley borders 
               by rolling slopes. He looks across the prairie. Two Socks is 
               about fifty yards out, trotting parallel to Cisco and Dunbar.

               Exasperated Dunbar pulls Cisco up and slides off. Two Socks 
               sits, waiting and watching.

               EXT. BLUFF - DAY

               Far down in the valley the figure of Lieutenant Dunbar is 
               striding through the grass. He looks angry. When he's within 
               a few feet of Two Socks, Dunbar waves his arms and stamps a 
               foot Two Socks scurries to one side but doesn't go far.

                         C'mon Two Socks... you can't go... 
                         so go home.

               Dunbar repeats his shooing motion and the wolf hops a few 

                         Alright then, don't go home. But 
                         stay... stay right here.

               Dunbar turns away and as he does a long, low and mournful 
               howl swells behind him. He looks back. Two Socks muzzle is 
               high in the air and one eye is trained on Dunbar hoping for 
               a good reaction.

               Like an angry father who's had too much, Dunbar charges Two 
               Sock with a roar.

                         You go home.

               The wolf races away this time and Dunbar immediately runs 
               for Cisco, hoping to reach his horse and ditch Two Socks. 
               But he's running long before the wolf comes bouncing 
               alongside. Dunbar weaves out at him, startling Two Socks. He 
               sidles away but as he does the lieutenant reaches out and 
               gives the base of his tail a good hard squeeze.

               It might as well be a firecracker. Tow Socks gives a yelp 
               and shoots off with his tail tucked. Dunbar laughs out loud. 
               He watches until the wolf has gone a fair distance without 
               sign of slowing down.

               Then still chuckling to himself, he turns once again and 
               starts for Cisco at a trot. But moments later, something 
               grabs at one of his ankles, the lieutenant's legs tangle and 
               he goes down face first into the grass.

               Dunbar's lying on his belly. Not knowing what hit him, he 
               rolls onto his side for a closer look. There's Two Socks, 
               sitting in the grass a few feet back. Dunbar sits up cross-
               legged and smiles at his old friend.

               Two Socks catches something suddenly, perhaps from a shift 
               in the wind, and starts to slink away. Dunbar peers over the 
               grass up at the bluff. It's Stone Calf, Kicking Bird and 
               Wind In His Hair.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               The Indian entourage is riding slowly toward Lieutenant 
               Dunbar. Stone Calf is at Kicking Bird's side.

                                     STONE CALF
                         You were right about loo ten tant -- 
                         he is a special white man.

               Kicking Bird watches Dunbar as he replies.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Yes, he is special... he should have 
                         a real name.

               EXT. INDIAN VILLAGE - DAY

               Lieutenant Dunbar's arrival this day is different from the 
               ones which have gone before.

               Young mounted warriors have ridden out to swarm around him, 
               but they're full of good cheer reserved for a special friend. 
               There's much backslapping and a few of them lean in to shake 
               hands as they have seen him do.

               But some of the men have chosen to remain in front of their 
               lodges. Their expressionless faces anything but friendly. 
               None of this is lost on Wind In His Hair. He has the look of 
               a secret service man watching a president, as the parade 
               moves through the village.

               EXT. KICKING BIRD'S LODGE - DAY

               The escorts dismount and so does the lieutenant. Smiles A 
               Lot suddenly comes forward and grasps Cisco's reins. There's 
               a brief tug of war. But before it gets out of hand, Kicking 
               Bird is reassuring Dunbar with calm words and a smile, with 
               the lieutenant watching, the boy takes Cisco's muzzle between 
               his hands and blows breath into each nostril. He too gives 
               Dunbar a reassuring smile.

               In the next moment, the lieutenant finds himself being gently 
               pushed into Kicking Bird's lodge.

               As Kicking Bird is about to duck in behind him, a hand on 
               his arm stops him. It is Wind In His Hair and his tone is 
               strong with friendly advice.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         Not everyone thinks it is a good 
                         idea that he is here.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         I know.

               Wind In His Hair turns to the people that have gathered about.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         Kicking Bird has business with the 
                         white man. Let him do it.

               INT. KICKING BIRD'S LODGE - DAY

               Kicking Bird's pipe is a beautiful piece of work. It's being 

               Kicking Bird puffs away a few times and hands the pipe to 
               Dunbar. The lieutenant, aware that the pipe is something 
               special, handles it with care.

               He looks to Kicking Bird for guidance as he puts his mouth 
               to the tip. The medicine man reassures him with a wave of 
               the hand and Dunbar begins to puff.

               Dunbar coughs lightly at the harsh tobacco but he smokes 
               well, watching the bowl pulse with life at each puff.

               He stops now and lowers the pipe. He stares down. The pipe 
               seems almost alive as it lays in his hands.

               Dunbar hands the pipe back, and as Kicking Bird takes it he 
               hears the light tinkling of bells.

               Dunbar hears it too. As he looks toward the sound, a shadow 
               falls across the arbor's entrance.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         We were waiting for you.

               Stands With A Fist ducks through the arbor's entrance and 
               seats herself between Dunbar and Kicking Bird.

               Stands With A Fist is wearing a band of bells around one 
               ankle. She has a pair of simple but pretty moccasins on her 
               feet. Her dress is old but well-cared for. Animal teeth are 
               sewn along her bodice. On her wrist is a solid brass bracelet. 
               Her hair is tied back loosely with a bret, accenting the 
               feminine in her face.

               Her whiteness seems to show more than ever. But it is not 
               dominant. The Sioux is dominant.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                              (to Dunbar)
                         Welcome. It is good that you are 

               Kicking Bird looks to Stands With A Fist. She takes her time 
               and the words are accented but they are close enough.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         Hullo. You here... good.

               The words are sweet music to the lieutenant. He replies with 
               a feeling of great relief.

                         Thank you... I feel good.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                              (to Kicking Bird)
                         He thanks you. It is good.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Ask him why he is at the soldier 

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                              (to Dunbar)
                         Uhh... you... come...

               Dunbar jumps in. There are things he wants to know, has waited 
               a long time to know.

                         Wait... what is your name?

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         Our... names?

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         What does he say?

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         He wants to know how we are called.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Ahhh... He's right. I'm sorry.

               The medicine man nods agreeably. He smiles at Dunbar, quite 
               right, introductions should come first.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         He... he... Kick...


                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

               She kicks at the ground with the toe of her moccasin. Dunbar 
               doesn't get it. She kicks a little harder.


                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         Kicking... yes... Kicking... Bird.

                              (to Kicking Bird)
                         Kicking Bird...
                              (to Stands With A 
                         What does he... is he a chief?

               Stands With A Fist has the word but it takes a few seconds 
               to make it come out of her mouth.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         Hul... hal... ho-lee... holy... holy 

                              (glancing at Kicking 

               A brief silence. Kicking Bird seems ready to speak but Dunbar 
               is too quick.

                              (to Stands With A 
                         Your name... you.

               She thinks. It's hard. She smiles thinly.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         I don't know.

               An idea comes to her. She stands up quickly.

                         Up? Get up?

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

               She repeats the movement again.


               Her smile is a little wider this time.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         Yes... Stands.

               Dunbar starts to speak but she cuts him off.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

               She draw something in the dirt. It's an "A".

                         Stands With A...

               Now she makes a fist and holds it close to Dunbar's face.


               She nods.

                         Stands With A Fist. I'm John... John 

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         John Dunbar.


               EXT. VILLAGE - DAY

               Kicking Bird and Dunbar are strolling through camp engaged 
               in a real conversation, Stands With A Fist is just behind 

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         I try to answer all of Kicking Bird's 
                         questions but I know he is frustrated 
                         with me. He always wants to know how 
                         many more white people are coming. I 
                         tell him that it is impossible for 
                         me to say. When he persists I tell 
                         him that the white people will most 
                         likely pass through this country and 
                         nothing more.

               Kicking Bird and Stands With A Fist are walking away from 
               Dunbar, who takes a few steps in the opposite direction before 
               pausing. Toward the end of the following speech he glances 
               back at them and Stands With A Fist glances back at him.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         But I am speaking to him in half-
                         truths. One day there will be too 
                         many, but I cannot bring myself to 
                         tell him that. I am sure that Stands 
                         With A Fist knows.

               INT. DUNBAR'S LODGE - NIGHT

               His surroundings are completely Indian, Dunbar is cleaning 
               the big navy revolver.

                                     DUNBAR (V.O.)
                         A war party is going against the 
                         Pawnee soon and I have asked to go. 
                         I sensed that I have made a mistake 
                         in doing so but I could not bring 
                         myself to take it back. They are my 
                         friends and from what little I gather 
                         the Pawnee have been very hard on 
                         these people. I hope I have not 
                         overstepped my bounds.

               The lodge flap rustles and in comes Stands With A Fist and 
               Kicking Bird. Dunbar stands to greet them.

                         I'm glad to see you... please sit.

               Kicking Bird speaks and Stands With A Fist translates.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         Kicking Bird wants to know why you 
                         want to make war on the Pawnee. They 
                         have done nothing to you.

                         They are Sioux enemies.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         Only Sioux warriors will go.

                         I asked that he would think about my 

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         He has.

                         Then tell him this. I have been a 
                         warrior for longer than many of the 
                         young men that will go on this war 
                         party. Tell him.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         He says that the Sioux way of being 
                         a warrior is not the white way. You 
                         are not ready.

                         I know, I understand. But I cannot 
                         learn these ways in camp.

               She translates this to Kicking Bird. The medicine man 
               hesitates then speaks once more.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         He asks that you watch over his family 
                         while he is gone.

               Dunbar looks to Kicking Bird then to Stands With A Fist unable 
               to mask his disappointment.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                              (on her own)
                         This thing he asks you... it is a 
                         great honor for you.

               Dunbar thinks a moment longer and speaks directly to Kicking 

                         I will be happy to watch over your 

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         He thanks Dances With Wolves for 

                         Who is Dances With Wolves?

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         It is the name which everyone is 
                         calling you now.

               He thinks and remembers the night with Two Socks.

                         Dances With Wolves... that's right.
                              (to Stands With A 
                         How do you say it?

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                              (in Sioux)
                         Dances With Wolves.

                              (in Sioux to Kicking 
                         Dances With Wolves.

               The medicine man smiles.


               Black Shawl is hurrying out of the lodge with her husband's 
               bow and arrows.

               A war party of twenty warriors is mounted and everyone except 
               sleeping children is out to say goodbye.

               Stands With A Fist is helping to load Kicking Bird's horse 
               with last minute preparations. Out of the tipi comes Kicking 
               Bird's eldest child. He is sleepy but almost on the verge of 
               tears as he knows what is happening.

               Kicking Bird picks up the boy. What is said is between father 
               and son. And it is just a look.

               He hands the child to Stands With A Fist, and pauses to speak 
               with his wife. She comes close to tears but there will be no 
               crying. None from Kicking Bird either. He steps back to his 

                                     KICKING BIRD
                              (to Stands With A 
                         Keep on with the white man talk if 
                         it pleases you.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         I like to make the white man talk.

               Dances With Wolves is standing alone in front of his lodge. 
               Wind In His Hair is riding past. He reaches down and shakes 
               Dances With Wolves' hand. The big warrior smiles.

               Dances With Wolves watches the warriors go by, but his eyes 
               begin to wander. He's looking for someone among the faces of 
               the women. Who ever it is, he can't find her.

               INT. ARBOR - DAY

               Dances With Wolves sits alone in the arbor. He's fidgety. 
               Now he hears a light tinkling of bells, the sounds he's been 
               waiting to hear.

               Her feet appear in the doorway.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST (O.S.)
                         Dances With Wolves?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I'm here.

               EXT. VILLAGE - DAY

               Dances with Wolves and Stands With A Fist are walking through 
               the village, talking and pointing things out to each other.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                              (slowly in english)
                         Grass grows on the prairie.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                              (not sure in Sioux)
                         Fire lives on the prairie.

               Stands With A Fist chuckles but politely checks herself.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

               She smiles and tries again.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                              (in english)
                         That man is a fighter.

               He really wants to get one right on the first try. His brows 
               come together as he concentrates.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES

               He listens hard.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         That man is a fighter.

               Dances With Wolves thinks some more. When he speaks it is 
               with quiet confidence.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                              (in english)
                         Alright... I have it...
                              (in Sioux)
                         That man...

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES

               Dances With Wolves' eyes get big. He leans forward for 
               emphasis his whole face lit with the joy of having the right 

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         A... bone!

               Stands With A Fist doubles up and falls onto her side, 
               laughing all the way.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         A bone... right?

               Stands With A Fist doesn't really hear. She's rocking back 
               and forth on the floor of the arbor, laughing so hard that 
               her eyes are tearing.

               Her laughter subsides to an occasional chuckle but Dances 
               With Wolves is quiet. He gazes at her face.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         What is the word for beautiful?

               Stands With A Fist hesitates in her answer, meeting his gaze. 
               A little boy pokes his head in.

                                     LITTLE BOY
                         What are you doing here?

               The moment is broken. Stands With A Fist brings herself to 

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         It is hot. We are sitting in the 

               This makes so much sense to the little boy that he trots in 
               and flings himself on Stands With a Fist's lap. Then a squirm 
               or two.

                                     LITTLE BOY
                         I'm hungry.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

               Stands With A Fist leads the little boy off to a lodge. Dances 
               With Wolves watches her walk away. From out of nowhere, Smiles 
               A Lot appears. He's been milling about the arbor 
               eavesdropping, and looks over to Dunbar with a teasing smile.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         ...a bone.


               Black Shawl is settling the youngest children in for bed, 
               Stands With A Fist is playing with the oldest of the children. 
               They're setting up a child's tipi.

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         How is Dances With Wolves?

               Stands With A Fist stares straight ahead as if she were 
               wondering the same thing. Which she was.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         What do you mean?

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         How is he learning?

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         He learns well... he is fast.

               Case closed, she goes back to playing and Black Shawl 
               continues putting the kids to bed.

               She looks again at Stands With A Fist wondering "what did 
               you think I meant?"

               EXT. KICKING BIRD'S LODGE - DAY

               Dunbar is sitting on Cisco. It's plain he's been waiting for 

               Stands With A Fist pulls aside the lodge flap, she's lugging 
               a couple water bags.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         You go for water?

               His Sioux is perfect, and she smiles.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Let us take you.

               EXT. RIVER TRAIL - DAY

               Cisco makes his way down the river trail, he shies at the 
               flurry of wings as a covey of quail fly up before them. Stands 
               With A Fist tightens her grip around Dances With Wolves waist.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               Stands With A Fist draws water into a set of bladder bags. 
               Dances With Wolves squats next to her, staring at the eddying 

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         How did you get your name?

               Stands With A Fist smiles to herself as she fills up the 
               last of the bags.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         I was not very old when I came to be 
                         with the people... I was made to 

               She lugs the filled bags onto shore and sits next to Dances 
               With Wolves.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         I worked every day... very hard... 
                         there was a woman who didn't like 
                         me. She called me bad names... 
                         sometimes she beat me. One day she 
                         was calling me these bad names, her 
                         face in my face, and I hit her. I 
                         was not very big, but she fell down. 
                         She fell hard and didn't move. I 
                         stood over her with my fist and asked 
                         if any other woman wanted to call me 
                         bad names...
                              (laughing at the 
                         No one bothered me after that day.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I would not think so.

               A little silence.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Show me where you hit her.

               He taps his jaw. She makes a fist and brushes very gently at 
               the point of his jaw. Dances With Wolves' eyes flutter. They 
               roll up in his head and he keels over backward... out cold.

               She goes with the joke. Bending over him she slaps lightly 
               at each side of his cheeks, until Dances With Wolves revives. 
               He sits up, rubbing his jaw.

               Neither one acknowledges the joke and, a sudden awkwardness 
               falls between them. Stands With A Fist fiddles shyly with 
               the ties on the water bags while Dances With Wolves draws 
               lines in the earth with a stick.

               Finally he works up the courage to ask a delicate question.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Why are you not married?

               The question comes as a jolt to Stands With A Fist. She stops 
               her fiddling. A visible stiffness overtakes her. She quickly 
               stands up.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         I must go.

               Dances With Wolves doesn't know what to do. He only knows 
               that he should not have asked the question. She slings the 
               heavy bags over her shoulders and starts back up the path. 
               Dances With Wolves jumps to his feet.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I'm sorry. Let me help...

               But the words are delivered to her back. She is already 
               hurrying up the path with her heavy load.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

               Five ponies have wondered into the middle of the path. She 
               kicks violently at the nearest innocent bystander. The horses 
               shy out of the way.

               He's left alone at the waters edge, frustrated and confused. 
               He watches her go for a moment. Then he lets the stick drop 
               from his hand. He stares at it for a second then gives it a 
               vicious little kick.

               INT. KICKING BIRD'S LODGE - DAY

               Stands With A Fist is sitting in the middle of the lodge, 
               she starts when Black Shawl walks in.

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         You are not talking today?

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         No, I'm not.

               Black Shawl gives her a deeper look, then lets it go.

               INT. ARBOR - DUSK

               The sun is setting and the village is settling in for the 


               Lying on his bed, Dances With Wolves looks sleepy as he stares-
               across at the small fire. Even, in his drowsiness, it is 
               easy to see he's concentrating... in this case on a certain 

               INT. ARBOR - DAY

               Again, Dances With Wolves is waiting. This time, not so 
               patiently. He gives up and leaves in search of something.

               EXT. INDIAN VILLAGE - DAY

               Dances With Wolves is wandering through the village, half-
               heartedly looking for Stands With A Fist. The day is very 
               hot and the village is quiet. Most of the people have gone 
               to shade.

               He sees Stone Calf sitting in the shade behind a lodge. A 
               newly made shield hangs from a tripod and he is painting a 
               design on it.

               EXT. STONE CALF'S LODGE - DAY

               Dances With Wolves sits in the shade with Stone Calf, watching 
               the older man paint.

                                     STONE CALF
                         Some of your words are wrong... but 
                         you are learning fast. That is good. 
                         What can I tell you today?

               Dances With Wolves is a little taken aback. The elder has 
               read his mind. He decides to speak it.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I want to know about Stands With A 

               For the first time, Stone Calf leaves his work. He gives his 
               visitor a quick and penetrating look. Then he goes back to 
               his shield.

                                     STONE CALF
                         What is your question?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         There is no man with her.

               Stone Calf considers before he speaks. It is not something 
               he wants to get into.

                                     STONE CALF
                         She is in mourning.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I do not understand "mourning".

                                     STONE CALF
                         She is crying for someone.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Crying for who?

                                     STONE CALF
                         It is not polite to speak of the 
                         dead... But I will tell you... you 
                         are new. She cries for her husband. 
                         He was killed not long ago.

               The blood has gone out of Dances With Wolves' face. He tries 
               to digest this.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         How long will she cry?

                                     STONE CALF
                         It is Kicking Bird's place to say 
                         when she is finished.

               INT. KICKING BIRD'S LODGE - DAY

               Stands With A Fist kneels before Black Shawl, the older woman 
               is combing out the tangles in her hair. Black Shawl senses a 
               tension in the girl and gently tries to pry it out of her.

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         People are talking about you...

               Stands With A Fist stiffens a bit.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         What are they saying?

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         They are proud of the medicine you 
                         are making with Dances With Wolves.

               Stands With A Fist is quiet.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         I have hurt him and I must go talk 
                         to him.

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         You can't, he is gone.

               Stands With A Fist bolts up, racing to the lodge flap -- she 
               pulls it aside and is stunned by the sight of Dances With 
               Wolves' abandoned lodge -- Cisco is nowhere to be seen.

               She turns away, tears coming to her eyes. Black Shawl is 
               beside her watching -- the girl's emotions have betrayed 

               Black Shawl takes the crying girl into her arms. A child 
               runs into the lodge but Black Shawl indicates "not now."

               The message is clearly understood, and the child digs in his 
               heels and heads the other way.

               EXT. FORT - DAY

               The breeze is up and the remaining shreds of canvas that 
               were once the awning are flying like tattered flags.

               Leading Cisco, Dances With Wolves walks into view. It will 
               be his last visit to his old home and he is taking his time.

               He watches the blowing canvas. The sound of it snapping is 
               all that can be heard.

               He steps over to the supply house. He starts to peer in, but 
               when he places a hand against the sod, part of the wall gives 

               INT. QUARTERS - PAY

               Part of the old bed has collapsed but some of it is still 
               strong enough for support and here Dances With Wolves is 
               sitting as he leafs through his beloved journal.

               He reads a little entry here and there, sometimes smiling at 
               the memory.

               A few blank pages remain at the back of the book. Reaching 
               these he closes the journal and holds it on his lap, letting 
               his mind run for a moment.

               Now he notices the old pen and ink. He picks them up and 
               opens the journal for one last entry.

               He writes: "I love Stands With A Fist" and signs himself 
               "Dances With Wolves."

               Something is moving outside and Dunbar stops, drawing his 
               gun out. He drops the book on the bed and carefully moves 

               EXT. QUARTERS - DAY

               Lying in the sun a few feet away is Two Socks. He looks up 
               hopefully at Dances With Wolves. The two partners stare at 
               each other for a moment.

               Then Dances With Wolves reaches into a little day pouch at 
               his side and pulls out a strip of jerky. He squats close to 
               the ground and offers the meat to the wolf.

               Two Socks is up now. He takes several tentative steps. His 
               nose sniffs at the meat and he opens his mouth. Teeth and 
               fingers touch as the wolf takes the meat delicately.

               Now, in his customary style, he moves away, heading out onto 
               the prairie with his prize.

               Dances With Wolves watches a moment longer. Then he vaults 
               onto Cisco's back and they canter off in the direction of 
               the village.

               EXT. RIVERSIDE - DAY

               Stands With A Fist is wading through the water, her mind is 
               far away.

               In a moment there is a shift in the wind. The rustling of 
               the trees alerts her to a presence she had not thought to 
               feel before.

               Gradually, she raises her eyes to see the figure of a man 
               moving through the trees... Dances With Wolves.

               Stands With A Fist walks slowly out of the water. He opens 
               his arms and she melts into them, letting her head rest 
               against his chest.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         I am in mourning.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I know... Stone Calf told me.

               She presses her body full against his, feeling all of him.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         No one can know... we must be careful.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         We must be careful.

               She climbs higher into his arms for a moment. Then, supporting 
               each other, the lovers move into the cover of the willow 
               breaks along the river.

               EXT. RIVER PATH - DAY

               The path leading to the river is deserted.

               Suddenly, a couple steps out of the cover of the willows 
               alongside the path. Stands With A Fist and Dances With Wolves 
               look up and down the path. They start for the village, holding 

               As they near the top of the trail their hands part. A few 
               steps later and someone calls from the bushes startling Dances 
               with Wolves.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         What are you doing?

               Smiles A Lot, Worm and Otter are sitting pathside. Worm is 
               holding a sack.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES

               Smiles A Lot looks to Stands With A Fist.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

               Worm opens the sack. A large, wriggling snake lies in the 

                         We got a snake.

                         We're gonna see if it can swim the 
                         river. You wanna come?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES

               The two parties split up and everyone says goodbye to Stands 
               With A Fist. She makes her way up to the village.

               Dances With Wolves watches her go. Turning back to head down 
               to the river, he is greeted by the open hissing mouth of 
               Worm's snake.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Don't do that!

               Worm and Otter laugh and race off down the path.

               Smiles A Lot and Dances With Wolves follow, Dances With Wolves 
               a little ahead. Something on his back, something curious, 
               has captured Smiles A Lot's attention.

               There's a strange coating of fuzz on Dances With Wolves' 

               Something occurs to Smiles A Lot. He stops and turns, his 
               eyes going up the trail.

               Stands With A Fist is walking toward the village, it's there 
               on her back too... cattail fuzz.

               Smiles A Lot laughs and runs to catch Dances With Wolves. 
               The boy slaps Dunbar with a knowing pat and a big grin.


               Dances with Wolves sits at his cozy fire, working on a pipe. 
               He follows a low rumble of thunder as it rolls overhead. 
               Thunder booms again and suddenly Stands With A Fist comes 
               through the lodge flap.

               Dances With Wolves comes to his feet. They stare across at 
               each other. Dances With Wolves walks slowly to her and they 
               embrace lightly. Stands With A Fist starts to slip out of 
               her dress.

               EXT. INDIAN VILLAGE - NIGHT

               Indian riders are coming into camp. There are three or four 
               of them. One man is slung over a pony's back. He's dead. All 
               of the others are wounded.


               Dances With Wolves and Stands With A Fist are having sex. 
               The sounds of their love-making are suddenly joined by more 
               insistent sounds from outside. Urgent yelling.

               The lovers freeze. Stands With A Fist props herself on an 
               elbow, listening.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

               EXT. INDIAN VILLAGE - NIGHT

               Dances With Wolves hurries through a light rain to the scene 
               of a commotion going on at Ten Bears' lodge. There's a real 
               sense of panic in the air by the time he reaches the fire 
               outside Ten Bears' lodge.

               It's a wild scene. Ten Bears is trying to huddle with his 
               advisors, the wounded men are trying to tend their injuries 
               and the rest of the warriors in camp are holding little skull 
               sessions amidst much shouting. Women are running to and fro, 
               rounding up their children.

               Dances With Wolves spots Stands With A Fist making her way 
               toward him. Her eyes are big with terror.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         Pawnee... a big party... thirty or 
                         forty men.
                              (indicating wounded)
                         The Kiowa hunters found them not far 
                         to the north. The Pawnee are coming 
                         his way. Soon they will find our 

               Stone Calf is just passing by. Dances With Wolves stops him.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Stone Calf... I follow you.

               The older man doesn't mince words.

                                     STONE CALF
                         The Pawnee do not come for horses, 
                         they come for blood... and with many 
                         men gone, we are few.

               Dances With Wolves nods.

                                     STONE CALF
                         Get your weapons and come to my lodge.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                              (to Dances With Wolves)
                         I will go.

               She rushes off and Dances With Wolves falls into step behind 
               Stone Calf. He hasn't gone two steps before a revelation 
               hits him.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Stone Calf... wait...

               The older warrior faces him.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I have guns... many far-shooting 

               EXT. TEN BEARS' LODGE - NIGHT

               Amid the pandemonium of the village, Dances With Wolves and 
               Ten Bears are talking. Stone Calf stands at Ten Bears' side, 

                                     TEN BEARS
                         No, the ride is long... the weather 
                         is bad. We can spare no men.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Guns would make one warrior like 

               The idea intrigues Ten Bears. As he thinks, he looks to Stone 
               Calf. But the elder warrior says nothing.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Take one man and go quickly.

               Dances With Wolves turns away now, hoping to make a quick 
               choice. But in their excitement all the warriors are busy 
               running to and fro. Only one person is standing resolutely. 
               He is staring straight at Dances With Wolves. It is Smiles A 
               Lot, and from the look on his face it's easy to see that he 
               wants to be chosen.

               Dances With Wolves returns the boy's stare, trying to make 
               up his mind. He turns to Ten Bears.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I will take Smiles A Lot.

               Ten Bears looks briefly at Smiles A Lot. He too can see 
               resolve in the boy's face. Now he looks once again at Dances 
               With Wolves. He nods.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - NIGHT

               Rain is pouring now. Thunder is still booming. A great fork 
               of lightning illuminates the ruins of the old fort. And 
               nearby, it reveals two riders out in the grass.

               Dances With Wolves and Smiles A Lot have brought a couple 
               extra horses with travois, but is is dark and in the rain 
               they've been reduced to looking for a needle in a haystack.

               Dances With Wolves' face is grim with frustration as it covers 
               the ground at Cisco's feet.

               Smiles A Lot and his pony are walking the soggy ground. Over 
               the tumult of the storm there is the faint but distinct sound 
               of a "snap".

               He's staring curiously at the ground beneath his pony's feet. 
               Smiles a Lot jumps off and, going on all fours, he paws over 
               the ground.

               His hand grasps something and he holds it up to his face. 
               It's a sliver of bone shattered at one end. Quickly he gropes 
               some more and finds the other half. Together they are a 
               buffalo rib.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                              (shouting over the 
                         Dances With Wolves... Dances With 

               EXT. PRAIRIE - NIGHT

               Frenzied hands claw away mud and sod. Something wooden is 
               uncovered; the lid of a rifle crate.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAWN

               The sky is still full of thunder and lightning but in the 
               breaking dawn the storm can be seen to be lifting.

               The village is just ahead down a long slope as the gun finders 
               come into view.

               A great bolt of lightning hits just as Dances With Wolves 
               starts down the slope. He sees something.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES

               Smiles A Lot stops. Dances With Wolves squints into the feeble 
               light. He can see the outline of the village below, but 
               upriver the light is still too murky to make anything out.

               Another bolt of lightning flashes. There they are. A long 
               line of horsemen crossing river a mile or so upstream from 
               the village. The Pawnee.

               EXT. INDIAN VILLAGE - DAWN

               In front of Ten Bears' lodge, Dances With Wolves is passing 
               out the last of the rifles. Warriors are grabbing handfuls 
               of bullets out of an open ammo box.

               Ten Bears is watching this procedure. And while he watches, 
               he thinks.

               The guns have been passed out and, except for a slight murmur 
               among the warriors, it's strangely quiet. The band's best 
               fighters are gone and many men don't know what to do next. 
               They're looking to Ten Bears for leadership.

               But the old man is looking at Dances With Wolves. He holds 
               up a hand for quiet.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Hear us now.
                              (to Dances With Wolves)
                         A white soldier with many far-shooting 
                         guns... how would he fight the Pawnee?

               Everyone is waiting.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I would hide in the village.

               The warriors send up a chorus of derisive cries but Ten Bears 
               angrily quiets them.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Dances With Wolves has not finished.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I would let the enemy think we are 
                         asleep... let him come close. Then 
                         we would shoot together and run to 
                         fight them, drive them into the river 
                         and kill so many that they would 
                         never trouble us again.

               Ten Bears smiles.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         I am of the same mind as Dances With 
                         Wolves... we should kill so many 
                         that they never trouble us again.

               EXT. RIVER - DAWN

               Two of the camp dogs are lapping water at the river's edge, 
               behind them lies the quiet village. Suddenly both heads jerk 


               Dances With Wolves steps into the lodge, followed by Smiles 
               A Lot. They both have rifles and Dances With Wolves' old 
               long-barreled revolver is holstered at his waist.

               Before him is a quiet, tense scene.

               The women are huddled together on a single sleeping platform. 
               Kicking Bird's three children nestled between them. Two of 
               the kids are crying softly.

               Black Shawl grips a hatchet and Stands With A Fist has a 
               rifle. They will both fight. But they are both scared. 
               Everyone in the village has a life at stake. In one glimpse, 
               Dances With Wolves understands what he will be fighting for.

               He looks once more at the women and children and ducks out 
               of the lodge.

               EXT. RIVER - DAWN

               The feet of the enemy are moving past the dogs, whose bodies 
               are still and riddled with arrows. In front of them the river 
               is full of Pawnee crossing over toward the village. There is 
               no sound.

               EXT. INDIAN VILLAGE - DAWN

               It has stopped raining but the ground is still soaked and an 
               early morning fog is swirling through the camp. Clumped in 
               groups of five or six, behind the lodges nearest the river, 
               are Sioux warriors with rifles. They're absolutely quiet as 
               they wait for the enemy.

               Dances With Wolves looks across a clearing that slopes down 
               to the breaks fronting the river. Nothing.

               Wait. A movement. And another. Another. The heads of men 
               lurking in the fog. He glances at the defenders.

               Most of the warriors are huddled behind the line of lodges 
               watching him. Ten Bears raises a hand.

               The Pawnee are visible now, a war party at its fiercest, 
               painted and feathered and armed to the teeth.

               Coming on foot, the first of them have reached the edge of 
               the clearing. They start into a stealthy trot, more and more 
               of them breaking into a run.

               A Pawnee war cry goes up and, as the others join in. Ten 
               Bears lowers his hand.

               EXT. BATTLEFIELD - DAWN

               In ragged formation, the Sioux pour from behind the lodges 
               and thirty rifles fire into the vanguard of the Pawnee charge.

               The smoke of many rifles mixes with the ground fog as the 
               Sioux run screaming down on the Pawnee. Dances With Wolves 
               screams too as he runs flat out down the slope.

               A Pawnee warrior suddenly looms out of the smoke and they 
               crash together violently.

               The two fighters tumble over the ground, each grappling for 
               an advantage. The hand to hand fighting all around them is 
               furious and, shrouded in smoke and fog, it has a surreal 

               Dances With Wolves works the Navy revolver from its holster 
               and shoots the Pawnee in the face.


               A child sticks his head out from under the edge of the lodge. 
               Momentarily he is jerked back into the lodge out of sight.


               Now there's a ripping at the lodge entrance. The flap is 
               being torn away. Black Shawl is desperately pulling the child 
               back from the edge of the lodge.

               Suddenly, there he is... a Pawnee warrior. But now it's his 
               turn to be surprised. He sees Stands with A Fist taking aim, 
               and it's too late. She fires the rifle and the Pawnee explodes 
               back out of the lodge.

               EXT. VILLAGE - DAWN

               Through the smoke, Dances With Wolves can just catch a glimpse 
               of Ten Bears. He is moving through the village at a trot, 
               loading his gun.

               He spots a Sioux warrior grappling with a Pawnee, sights and 
               shoots the Pawnee point blank. He trots off, reloading once 

               EXT. BATTLEFIELD - DAWN

               Dances With Wolves is bumped from behind and is knocked to 
               his knees. It's a frantic Pawnee war horse, loose on the 
               battlefield. Dances With Wolves grabs a hunk of mane and 
               swings onto his back.

               He has a real view now. The Pawnee are taking a terrible 
               licking. Already they are being beaten back to the river.

               A turbaned enemy is falling back to the river, firing arrows 
               as he goes. Dances With Wolves goes after him.

               EXT. TEN BEARS' LODGE - DAWN

               Still clutching his hatchet, a wounded Pawnee half staggers 
               toward Ten Bears' lodge. He is bleeding profusely and in a 
               very bad mood. He reaches the closed lodge flap.

               INT. TEN BEARS' LODGE - DAWN

               Pretty Shield stands in front of a group of children, ready 
               to defend them.

               The Pawnee is inside now. He has a wild desperate look and 
               in a moment his hatchet will be flailing its way through 
               these people.

               But he never takes a step. Instead he suddenly sinks to his 
               knees and we see another arrow join the one that is already 
               buried in his back. The warrior keels over and Pretty Shield 
               looks through the open flap to see the grinning face of Stone 

               Without hesitation, Pretty Shield snatches a half-burned log 
               from the fire and finishes the Pawnee.

               The children watch, their faces a mixture of horror and 

               EXT. BATTLEFIELD - DAWN

               Coming off the pony like a rodeo bulldogger, Dances With 
               Wolves crashes through the river taking the Pawnee in a 

               Somehow they both keep their feet and hurtle down the hill 
               at a weird run. A small cottonwood stops their momentum, the 
               Pawnee taking most of the blow.

               Dances With Wolves grabs either side of the man's head and 
               starts banging his skull against the tree trunk. Shortly, he 
               notices that the man's eyes are dead.

               The Pawnee was impaled on impact by the stub of a broken 
               branch low on the trunk.

               Dances With Wolves shrinks back from this gruesome sight and 
               staggers toward the village.

               EXT. VILLAGE - DAWN

               Stone Calf, his bow and arrow at the ready, is looking for 
               more enemies to kill.

               Suddenly from the corner of his eye the old man senses an 
               attack. But he is too late. A Pawnee war club crushes his 
               skull and the old man collapses.

               Now we can see his attacker. It is the fierce Pawnee warrior 
               who killed Timmons the wagon driver. He glowers down at the 
               body of Stone Calf and swings his club toward the old man's 
               head once again.

               EXT. BATTLEFIELD - DAWN

               Dances With Wolves squints toward the village just in time 
               to see the Toughest take another shot at the prostrate, white-
               headed form of Stone Calf.

               Dances With Wolves begins to run.

               EXT. VILLAGE - DAWN

               The Toughest has his knife to Stone Calf's forehead and is 
               preparing to scalp his victim when something strikes him in 
               the lower leg.

               He looks down to find a small arrow imbedded in his calf. He 
               looks up to see three boys, Otter, Worm, and Smiles A Lot, 
               huddled at the edge of the battlefield.

               He turns back to finish the job when another arrow hits him. 
               Enraged he breaks off the arrow, leaps onto a horse and 
               charges the kids.

               Their faces go ashen as the Toughest bears down on them.

               Otter's arrow flies weakly into the air. The boys turn and 
               run for their lives.

               The Toughest would catch them with ease but now, he sees 
               half a dozen howling Sioux warriors angling in to cut him 
               off. He knows in a glance that the fight has been lost. He 
               also knows that he can still escape if he changes direction. 
               He veers for the river.

               The Sioux are distraught. The Toughest will get away.

               But wait, Dances with Wolves is at full speed now. He is 
               streaking across the battlefield.

               Suddenly, the Pawnee himself is hurtling through space, driven 
               there by the full force impact of Dances With Wolves' shoulder 
               which has caught him rib high.

               Both men hit the ground grappling and rolling.

               A knife flashes in the Toughest's hand and Dances With Wolves 
               can only react quick enough to keep the knife from a vital 
               spot. As it is, the blade lays open a huge gash on his arm.

               They square off. The Toughest knows the advantage is his. He 
               smiles grimly at Dances With Wolves and grunts sadistically.

               But the sound from his throat is cut short by the simultaneous 
               arrival of five Sioux arrows. Before the Pawnee can fall, 
               six Sioux warriors are on him tearing him to pieces.

               EXT. BATTLEFIELD - DAY

               Dances With Wolves climbs to his feet and discovers that the 
               battlefield is no longer so. The fighting has stopped.

               It's a scene of carnage and joy. The Pawnee attackers lay 
               where they fell.

                                     SIOUX 1
                         I killed this one.

                                     SIOUX 2
                         This one still breathes.

               The Sioux victors are in high spirits as they hop around 
               finishing off the wounded and counting coup on the dead.

               Dances With Wolves looks down at himself. His body is streaked 
               with blood, much of it his own. His arm is bleeding freely 
               but he is too repulsed to move forward and too exhausted to 
               retreat into the breaks.

               Dances With Wolves now looks up to see the lifeless body of 
               Stone Calf. Ten Bears is hugging him. Pretty Shield starts 
               to kneel beside her mourning husband.

                                     SIOUX 3 (O.S.)
                         Dances With Wolves...

               Before he knows it, Sioux fighters are moving all around 
               him, chanting his name. Like ants rolling a pebble up a hill, 
               they push him into the middle of the battlefield. In a daze 
               he allows himself to be carried along.

               When he looks up again he can see women and children emerging 
               from the lodges.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES (V.O.)
                         It was hard to know how to feel. I 
                         had never been in a battle like this 
                         one. This had not been a fight for 
                         territory or riches or to make men 
                         free. This battle had no ego. It had 
                         been fought to preserve the food 
                         stores that would see us through 
                         winter, to protect the lives of women 
                         and children and loved ones only a 
                         few feet away. I felt a pride I had 
                         never felt before.

               Dances With Wolves looks down and recognizes the face of a 
               man he has just killed. Several warriors are crowding around 
               him now. Dances With Wolves points at the body.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I shot this one.

                                     1ST WARRIOR
                         Yes, I saw you shoot him.

                                     2ND WARRIOR
                         You killed that one too.

               As the sun breaks fully through the clouds, the little knot 
               of warriors, Dances With Wolves in their midst, continues 
               its triumphant tour of the battleground. The men are hugging 
               and slapping each other on the back.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES (V.O.)
                         I had never really known who John 
                         Dunbar was. Perhaps because the name 
                         itself had no meaning. But as I heard 
                         my Sioux name being called over and 
                         over, I knew for the first time who 
                         I really was.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               The war party with Kicking Bird and Wind In His Hair at its 
               head has halted in the middle of nowhere. The Sioux riders 
               are coming toward them at a run. They pull up, excited with 
               what they have to tell.

               The returning war party and the two riders who met them start 
               ahead at a gallop.


               Black Shawl and Stands With A Fist are clearing things away. 
               The medicine man has hosted a dinner party which is now 
               winding down.

               Wind In His Hair is there, Dances With Wolves and several 
               other prominent warriors. It's purely social and all the men 
               are enjoying themselves.

               Dances With Wolves sneaks a look of affection at Stands With 
               A Fist, and she returns it.

               Then, with more theatricality than is really necessary, he 
               stretches his arms and yawns. Wind In His Hair looks at his 
               friend with surprise.

               Dances With Wolves gets to his feet.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         There is gambling tonight... at Horse 
                         Back's lodge. Horse Back's games are 
                         always good.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I am tired... and Horse Back already 
                         has a good rifle of mine.
                              (to Kicking Bird)
                         thank you...
                              (to all)

               He slips out. In a few seconds, the men have pick up another 
               topic to jawbone.

               They pay no attention to Stands With A Fist's momentary exit, 
               But Black Shawl does, it doesn't bother her, but she notices.


               The medicine man's wife is already in bed as he slips under 
               the covers with a grunt.

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         How long will Stands With A Fist 

               Kicking Bird gives his wife an odd look.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         I don't know.

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         I hope it will not be too long.

               Kicking Bird rises on his elbows.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Something has happened? Well what?

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         She has found love again.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         With who?

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         Dances With Wolves.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Are you certain of this?

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         When you see them together you will 

               Kicking Bird stares wearily across the floor.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         What are people saying? They're not 

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         No. They like the match. It makes 
                         sense. They are both white.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         I suppose I will be the one to say 

               A brief silence.

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         She's your daughter now.

               Kicking Bird glances up frustrated with himself.

                                     BLACK SHAWL
                         You can't see everything coming.

               EXT. INDIAN VILLAGE - DAY

               Stands With A Fist is walking through the village with Kicking 
               Bird's youngest child. They're both carrying armloads of 

               Here comes Kicking Bird. He's out of breath.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Stands With A Fist.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         You are no longer a widow.

               Kicking Bird turns abruptly and stalks off, leaving Stands 
               With A Fist to ponder the meaning of his curt announcement. 
               A smile gradually works onto her face.


               Dances With Wolves sits waiting as a voice comes to him from 
               the outside.

               Wind In His Hair's face pokes through the entrance. He steps 
               inside, followed by Smiles A Lot.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         There's talk that you want to get 

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         To who?

               Wind In His Hair and Smiles A Lot share a smile.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         To Stands With A Fist.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         That's the one isn't it?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         She's in mourning.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         Not today.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         She has been released. Kicking Bird 
                         did it.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         He did?

               Wind In His Hair isn't really listening. He glances around 
               the lodge curiously.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         What are you doing?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Kicking Bird told me to wait.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         You might be waiting a long time. 
                         Smiles A Lot says he saw Kicking 
                         Bird riding on the prairie...

               Smiles A Lot whispers in the warrior's ear.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         He says he was talking to himself. 
                         When a medicine man is the last to 
                         know he can take it pretty hard.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         What do I do?

               Wind In His Hair looks around at the sparse furnishing.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         You are pretty poor my friend and a 
                         Sioux girl is not for free. I don't 
                         know if you can get married.

               A long silence. Dances With Wolves looks around his lodge. 
               Wind In His Hair is right. He really has nothing.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I have the buckskin...

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         That's too much medicine.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                              (to Smiles A Lot)
                         Do you think the buckskin is too 
                         much medicine?

               Smiles A Lot is on the hot seat. He looks to Wind In His 
               Hair, but no luck -- he's on his own.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         For a girl.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         Maybe we can help you... wait here 
                         for us.

               Wind In His Hair and Smiles A Lot leave.


               Wind In His Hair and Smiles A Lot are greeted by seven 
               chuckling warriors. They've been listening to the exchange 
               and move off with the two "helpers".


               Dances With Wolves is inspecting several new ponies which 
               are tied outside his tipi. Now he notices an old couple 

               The old couple leaves a gift along with others that have 
               already been brought. The old folks are shy and so is Dances 
               With Wolves. They glance at one another and smile but do not 

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES (V.O.)
                         I thought we had been discreet but 
                         apparently we fooled no one.

               EXT. VILLAGE - DUSK

               Dances With Wolves ties the last of the ponies in front of 
               Kicking Bird's lodge and starts back toward his own home.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES (V.O.)
                         Wind In His Hair said if the match 
                         was acccepted the ponies would be 
                         gone in the morning.

               Dances With Wolves looks over his shoulder at the standing 
               ponies then he continues on.


               Dances With Wolves tosses and turns in his bed. He slips out 
               of the covers and ducks his head through the lodge flap, 
               checking again on the ponies.

               EXT. KICKING BIRD'S LODGE - DAY

               The ponies are gone.


               Dances With Wolves' hair is shiny. His breastplate gleams, 
               the officer's pants have been dusted and his old boots have 
               something resembling a shine. The groom is ready.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         Turn around...

               Dances With Wolves does a three-sixty.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         Pretty good...

               A brief silence as Wind In His Hair contemplates something 
               he wants to say.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         You know, the man she mourned for 
                         was my best friend.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I didn't know that.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         He was a good man. It's been hard 
                         for me. I am not the thinker Kicking 
                         Bird is. But I think he went away 
                         from her because you were coming. 
                         That is how I see it now.

               The sound of music and people outside distracts both men.


               Kicking Bird is leading the wedding party. Stands With A 
               Fist by his side. She glows with the special beauty of a 

               Many people are standing about quietly, more like simple 
               observers than participants. The whole village is as peaceful 
               as we will ever see it.

               Kicking Bird steps forward, his wife and Stands With A Fist 
               following in his footsteps.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         This is a good day for me.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         And for me.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Stands With A Fist... if you want 
                         this man, take his hand in yours.

               Shyly, she holds out a slender, graceful hand. Dances with 
               Wolves meets it with one of his own.

               The medicine man looks Dances With Wolves in the eyes for 
               several seconds.

               Dances With Wolves also begins to speak... internally. At 
               first the volume of his voice and that of the medicine man 
               are nearly equal, but Kicking Bird's voice quickly begins to 

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES (V.O.)
                         I had never been married before. I 
                         don't know if all grooms have the 
                         same experience. But as Kicking Bird 
                         began to speak about what was expected 
                         of a Sioux husband, my mind began to 
                         swim in a way that shut out everything 
                         but her. The tiny details of her 
                         costume. The contours of her shape. 
                         The light in her eyes. The smallness 
                         of her feet. I knew that the love 
                         between us would be served.

               The medicine man's voice cuts back in. He's had to say it 

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Have you heard all that I have said?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Good, then take her inside... she is 
                         your wife.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Oh... good... thank you... goodbye...

               The newlyweds disappear into their new home. The flap is 
               dropped and there it stays. The light begins to change, 
               growing darker, the wind comes up, blowing leaves against 
               the door. In the distance there is thunder.

               EXT. INDIAN VILLAGE - DAY

               The lodge flap is still closed. But now it is covered in 

               Smiles A Lot, Worm and Otter are just across the way, bundled 
               now against the chill of oncoming winter. They're watching 
               too. Smiles A Lot is standing next to Worm, -- Otter is on 
               his haunches. Both are gnawing at a breakfast of dried meat 
               as they talk nonchalantly.

                         Dances With Wolves' door is closed 
                         alot these days.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         They're trying to make a baby.

               The two older boys look down at Otter.

                         I know that.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         You would think they could have made 
                         a baby by now.

                         Maybe they're having a hard time. 
                         Some people have a hard time.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         I don't think they're having a hard 

                         Me neither.

               A silence as the boys watch smoke curl out of the lodge. 
               Worm laughs to himself.

                         Maybe we should pull the smoke flap 
                         closed. Then they would come out.

               The boys look at each other for the first time, their eyes 
               brightening. What a great idea!

               The two boys are stalking toward Dances With Wolves' lodge 
               when they see something that makes them peel off in another 

               It's Kicking Bird, coming to call.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Dances With Wolves, are you in there?

               In a moment the lodge flap opens and Dances With Wolves steps 
               outside. He's fully dressed but a little disheveled.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         I am riding today to a far away place. 
                         It is a place I haven't seen for a 
                         long time. A sacred place. I would 
                         like you to come with me.

               Dances With Wolves ponders this.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Kicking Bird and Dances With Wolves are cantering side by 
               side across the open prairie.

               They pull their horses to a walk and Kicking Bird glances 
               Dances With Wolves' direction.

               Dances With Wolves' glances back and smiles.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         It's good to be out.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Yes it must be.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         We are trying for a baby.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         No waiting?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         No waiting.

               The medicine man keeps looking at his protege. There is 
               virtually no semblance of Lieutenant Dunbar left.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         I was just thinking that of all the 
                         trails in this life, there is one 
                         that matters more than all the others. 
                         It is the trail of a true human being. 
                         I think you are on this trail and it 
                         is good to see.

               Dances With Wolves doesn't reply, but he is blushing a little.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Dances With Wolves and Kicking Bird gallop their horses to 
               the crest of a steep hill and rein to a halt.

               Down below, miles distant, is the curving line of a river. 
               But there is a section of river, directly before them, that 
               cannot be seen. It is screened by a mammoth stand of trees, 
               some of them towering a hundred feet or more.

               He glances at Dances With Wolves but his companion doesn't 
               see. He's staring in wonder at the great forest before him.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         It is said that all the animals were 
                         born here... that from here they 
                         spread over the prairies to feed all 
                         the people. Even our enemies say 
                         this is a sacred place.

               They start toward the river at a walk.

               EXT. BROKEN FOREST - DAY

               The two riders come out of the sunlight and onto a shaded 
               path leading into the forest. They've only gone a few yards 
               when Kicking Bird pulls to a stop. The men sit on their horses 
               in complete silence. Dances With Wolves is still fully 

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         It's quiet.

               But Kicking Bird does not acknowledge his companion's words. 
               He seems to be concentrating on the quiet. The quiet is wrong 
               and Kicking Bird knows it. He moves forward slowly.

               Following behind Kicking Bird, Dances With Wolves' attention 
               is focused on the tree tops above him. A curious buzzing 
               sound has started up and is growing louder by the moment. 
               Perhaps there are bees swarming in the branches overhead.

               Now he is distracted by Cisco coming to a stop. Kicking Bird 
               too has stopped. Just ahead the forest opens into an 
               incredible cathedral-like expanse. Sunlight streams down 
               onto the floor in beautiful pools.

               But still there is a deathly quiet and Dances With Wolves 
               can see now that this remarkable place has been horribly 

               Trees have been felled everywhere, most of them left to rot 
               for no explicable reason.

               At the same time he sees this destruction Dances With Wolves 
               realizes that the strange buzzing sound is not coming from 
               overhead but from the forest floor.

               The insects are not bees. They are flies and they are swarming 
               over dozens of carcasses strewn over the ground. Badgers, 
               skunks, squirrels and other small animals, nearly all of 
               them killed merely for target practice.

               The men and their ponies move on. Deer carcasses are 
               everywhere, many of them horribly mutilated. A choice flank 
               portion is cut away here and there, while ninety-five percent 
               of the bodies have been left to rot.

               Heads and legs have been chopped off. Dances With Wolves 
               passes by a spot where several deer heads have been placed 
               nose to nose as if the heads were having a conversation. 
               Someone's perverted idea of humor.

               The men ride through the carnage in a sad daze.

               Now they reach the center of the cathedral and here they 
               find a few crude leantos, hewn from freshly cut wood. The 
               people who stayed here had bigger plans for all the felled 
               wood, but lost ambition and settled for these ugly hovels.

               A great pile of wild turkeys, perhaps twenty birds in all, 
               sit to one side. They haven't even been plucked. Just shot 
               and left to rot.

               Dances With Wolves notices half a dozen liquor bottles in a 
               heap of trash.

               He cannot bring himself to look at Kicking Bird. Any man 
               would be repulsed at these sights, but in Dances With Wolves' 
               case there is a feeling of shame as well.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         We must wait for these people...

               Kicking Bird says nothing for a long time.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         No, they've been gone a week maybe 
                         more... we will water the horses and 
                         go home.

               He turns his pony away.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Kicking Bird and Dances With Wolves are alone on a great sea 
               of prairie.

               There's a little fire going. A sage hen is being roasted, 
               but for some time we hear nothing but the light crackle of 
               the fire. Each man is preoccupied with his own thoughts, 
               thoughts of the broken forest.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         You have asked me many times about 
                         the white people... you always ask 
                         how many more are coming.

               Dances With Wolves looks at his friend and mentor.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         There will be a lot my friend... 
                         more than can be counted.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Help me to know how many.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Like the stars.

               This is what Kicking Bird wanted to know. And it hits him 
               like a rock.

               Kicking Bird bows his head in thought while Dances With Wolves 
               raises his. He never wanted to say this, he wishes it wasn't 

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         It makes me afraid for all the Sioux.

               INT. TEN BEARS' LODGE - DAY

               The old man puffs away at his trusty pipe. Now he lays it 
               down. Kicking Bird and Dances With Wolves are waiting 

                                     TEN BEARS
                         It's hard to know what to do.

               The old man gets up, walks to his bedside, reaches up into 
               the sacred rigging above an takes down a melon-sized rawhide 
               bundle. He brings this back to the fire and unwraps it slowly. 
               Inside is a rusted hunk of metal, the helmet of a Spanish 

                                     TEN BEARS
                         The men who wore this came in the 
                         time of my grandfather's grandfather. 
                         Eventually, we drove them out. Then 
                         the Mexicans came. In my own time 
                         the whites came... the Texans. They 
                         have been like all the others who 
                         find something they want in our 
                         country. They take it without asking. 
                         I have always been a peaceful man, 
                         happy to be in my own country and 
                         wanting nothing from the white people. 
                         Nothing at all. But I think you are 
                         right. I think they will keep coming. 
                         When I think of that, I look at this 
                         bundle. Our country is all that we 
                         want. We will fight to keep it.

               He picks up his pipe and puffs deeply.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Tomorrow morning we will strike the 
                         village and go to the winter camp.

               EXT. INDIAN VILLAGE - DAY

               The whole camp is being struck. There is activity everywhere.


               Stands With A Fist is packing and so is Dances With Wolves. 
               He is putting away the shield that Stone Calf once worked 
               on. She pauses to stroke her husband's leg tenderly.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         You have everything from the soldier 

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         No, there is nothing for me there.

               Stands with A Fist laughs as she starts out of the lodge.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         That's good.

               But as he tightens the leather thongs on the shield case, 
               Dances With Wolves' face begins to cloud.


               Dances With Wolves bolts out of the lodge and snatches up 
               Cisco's reins. He calls urgently to Stands with A Fist.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Stands With A Fist... wait...

               EXT. KICKING BIRD'S LODGE - DAY

               The village is about ready to move, just a few last minute 
               flurries of activity.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         The words in the book are like a 
                         trail for people to follow. It tells 
                         everything about my life here. I 
                         must get it.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         We cannot wait for you.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I will catch up.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Dances With Wolves and Cisco are cantering quickly over the 
               open prairie.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

               Old Fort Sedgewick is just beyond the next rise. Dances With 
               Wolves eases Cisco into a full run.

               They fly so quickly over the rise that Dances With Wolves 
               has no time to react.

               There must be forty or fifty of them; talking, walking, 
               working and playing. Old Fort Sedgewick is crawling with 
               them. Blue-coated soldiers.

               Just in front of him is a deep-bedded wagon carrying a cargo 
               of SOLDIERS. They've been out cutting wood. But now the men 
               in the wagon are scrambling for their rifles and screaming 
               out the alarm... "Indians!"

               Dances With Wolves puts everything he has into pulling Cisco 

               The soldiers in the wagon, a collection of pimply-faced teen-
               agers and middle-aged rabble, are aiming their rifles. Cisco 
               rears high in the air as the volley is fired from the wagon.

               Dances With Wolves is pitched off to one side, landing hard 
               on the ground. When he gets his senses back the first thing 
               he sees is Cisco. The buckskin is lying very still.

               Oblivious to the shouts of the soldiers racing toward him, 
               Dances With Wolves runs crab-like to his horse's side.

               Cisco's been shot several times, one bullet taking him in 
               the heart. He's dead.

               Dances With Wolves whirls to face the soldiers.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         You killed him...

               That's the last thing he says. A rifle stock slams into the 
               side of his face and as soldiers swarm over him, everything 
               goes black.

               EXT. COLUMN - DAY

               Ten Bears village is on the trail. Kicking Bird is riding 
               down the line. He notices Stands With A Fist. She is terribly 

               Kicking Bird glances at the sun. The day is more than half-
               over. He kicks his pony back up the line next to Wind In His 

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Something has happened... Dances 
                         With Wolves is not coming.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         He must have trouble.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         Pick two good men with fast ponies 
                         and send them back to the soldier 

               INT. SUPPLY HOUSE - DAY

               Dances With Wolves lies unconscious on the floor of the ruined 
               supply house. One side of his face is grotesquely swollen 
               from the blow he took. Blood still seeps from a long split 
               of the skin along his cheek.

               He groans. Voice are playing about his ears, the voices of 
               white men. He opens his eyes.

               A bearish, bearded SERGEANT BAUER, is squatting directly in 
               front of him. Behind the sergeant, peering over the crumbled 
               walls like visitors at a zoo, are a crowd of ordinary 


               A pitiful looking man, SPIVEY, who is a soldier by name only, 
               answers up.

                         Yessir sergeant...

                                     SERGEANT BAUER
                         Tell the major he's wakin' up... and 
                         move your worthless ass.

               The sergeant's smallish eyes are fixed on Dances With Wolves. 
               With some effort he manages to get himself into a sitting 
               position against the back wall.

                                     SERGEANT BAUER
                         Got yourself a helluva shiner, didn't 

               Dances With Wolves only blinks at him. His cheek is crushed 
               and so is his spirit.

               Someone calls attention and two officers walk into the 
               roofless supply house. One is a MAJOR, one is a young 
               lieutenant -- Lieutenant Elgin -- the officer Dances With 
               Wolves bumped into at Fort Hays. Neither one recognizes the 

                         Does he speak english?

                                     SERGEANT BAUER
                         Don't know sir... you speak english? 
                         Talk english?
                              (kicking at one of 
                              Dances With Wolves' 

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I speak english...

               Everyone is shocked at the clarity of the words.

                         Who are you?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Lieutenant John. J. Dunbar. This is 
                         my post.

                         Why are you dressed like this?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I came out from Fort Hays last April. 
                         But there was no one here.

               The major and the lieutenant exchange whispers.

                         You have proof of that?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         My journal is on the bunk in my 
                         quarters. My orders are in the 
                         journal. It will tell you everything.

                         Spivey, you and Edwards were here 
                         first. Did you find anything... a 

               Spivey shifts uncomfortably.

                         We didn't see nothin' sir.

                         Where's Edwards?

                         He's outside. But he didn't see 
                         nothin' either.

               Elgin indicates to the major that he will get to the bottom 
               of this and walks out the door -- the major follows.

               Dances With Wolves lets his head slump forward. The men 
               gathered around the supply house murmur among themselves, 
               commenting on the prisoner. They can't take their eyes off 
               him. Neither can Sergeant Bauer. He watches the prisoner 
               from a distance. Then he walks across the floor, squats in 
               front of him and whispers coarsely in his face.

                                     SERGEANT BAUER
                         You turned Injun, din'cha?

               Dances With Wolves lifts his head and stares at the sergeant.

                                     SERGEANT BAUER

               The major and the lieutenant suddenly reappear.

                         What is your name?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Dunbar... D.U.N.B.A.R... John.

                         You say you are an officer?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Did you read my orders?


                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         It was in my journal.

                         There are no orders and there is no 

               There is a silence as Dances With Wolves takes this in.

               Elgin tries again.

                         Why are you out of uniform?

               Dances With Wolves takes a long time to answer.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I have to relieve myself.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

               Surrounded by guards, Dances With Wolves is being walked 
               toward a clump of bushes.

               He glances out at the prairie. Cisco's body lies where it 
               fell. Black birds are pecking it.

                         Here you... eyes front.

               A rifle butt bangs him hard between the shoulder blades and 
               Dances With Wolves attacks. Before anyone else can move he 
               has taken the offending soldier to the ground and is 
               strangling him.

               Another rifle butt crashes against his skull and again 
               everything goes black.

               INT. SUPPLY HOUSE - DAY

               Water drips from Dances With Wolves' head and he comes to 
               again. As he moves he hears a jangling and discovers that 
               his hands and feet are in chains. Everyone has assembled.

                         Why are you out of uniform?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         What is the army doing out here?

               Sergeant Bauer shoves Dances With Wolves with his gun.

                         Lieutenant's askin' the questions 

               Elgin quickly steps in.

                         We are charged with apprehending 
                         hostiles, recovering stolen property 
                         and retrieving white captives taken 
                         in hostile raidings.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         There are no hostiles.

                         We will ascertain that for ourselves. 
                         Now if you guide us to these camps 
                         and serve as an interpreter, your 
                         conduct will be reevaluated.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         What conduct?

                         Your status as a traitor might improve 
                         should you choose to cooperate with 
                         the United States Army.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         There is nothing for you to do out 

               Elgin can see that the major's attitude and inexperience has 
               killed any chance of communication. He makes one last try on 
               his own.

                         Are you willing to cooperate or not?

                         Well, speak up...

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                              (lowly in Sioux)
                         I am Dances With Wolves...

                         What's that?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                              (loudly in Sioux)
                         I am Dances With Wolves... I have 
                         nothing to say to you. You are not 
                         worth talking to.

               The major is surprised. Elgin is not. The major turns on his 
               heel and walks out. Lieutenant Elgin stares at Dances With 

                         Sergeant... have a detail take him 
                         down to the river... let him clean 
                         up his face.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               Dances With Wolves kneels by the river, splashing water 
               lightly on his battered face. Half a dozen soldiers are 
               lounging around watching him.

               EXT. BUSHES - DAY

               Trooper Spivey is crapping in the bushes. Another soldier, 
               CRAPPER, is crapping not far away. Spivey can see Dances 
               With Wolves in the distance, still splashing water on his 

               Now he slips something out of his tunic. It's the journal. 
               He opens it and starts to tear out a page, trying hard not 
               to make noise.

                                     CRAPPER (O.S.)
                         You got paper over there Spivey?

                         What's it to you?

                         Well gimme some shitbird.

               Spivey thinks.

                         Can you read?

                         Naw, I can't read. What the hell do 
                         you care... you can't either.

               Spivey looks down at the stolen journal, thinking.

                         Alright... hold your horses.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

               Two Sioux scouts watch from the brow of a slope above the 
               fort. Having spotted Dances With Wolves, they withdraw.

               We see Dances With Wolves at a distance, being marched back 
               to his "cell" by the detail of soldiers. He's moving awkwardly 
               in his chains.

               INT. SUPPLY HOUSE - DAY

               Dances With Wolves is half-dozing against the wall when Spivey 
               walks in with a plate of army gruel. He's followed by Sergeant 
               Bauer. Spivey sets the plate in front of the prisoner. He 
               admires the breastplate and like a crow eyeing something 
               shiny, he thinks to grab for it.

               Suddenly a pair of manacled hands lock on his wrists. Dances 
               With Wolves face is inches away from Spiveys. Terrified, 
               Spivey pulls away, kicking over the plate of food as he 
               scrambles to safety across the room.

                                     SERGEANT BAUER
                         Lap it up Injun.

               Dances With Wolves sticks a toe under the lip of the plate 
               and flips it over. Most of it hits Spivey, a little splashes 
               on Bauer. Spivey moves to kick the prisoner, but Bauer 
               intercedes with his rifle.

                                     SERGEANT BAUER
                         Go on ahead Injun... You'll just get 
                         hungrier is all... but mebbe that 
                         don't matter. Word is they're gonna 
                         ship you back to Hays. And they'll 
                         hang you once you get there.

               Bauer and Spivey leave him and Dances With Wolves kicks out 
               viciously at the spilled plate.

               EXT. TEMPORARY CAMP - DAY

               There's a tremendous upheaval. Ten Bears' band has halted 
               its march. SIX PAINTED WARRIORS all heavily armed are jumping 
               onto their ponies and being handed the lines to spare mounts. 
               Wind In His Hair is their leader.

               The whole village is up to see them off.

               Smiles A Lot, painted and carrying a bow and quiver rides 
               into the midst of the group. Wind In His Hair studies the 
               resolute boy.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         You will hold our horses... nothing 

               Smiles A Lot nods.

               With a great whooping from the villagers, the rescue party 
               roars out of camp.

               EXT. SEDGEWICK - DAY

               The wagon is pulling out with an escort of SEVEN SOLDIERS.

               Dances With Wolves' spirits are very low as he sits in the 
               bed of the jolting wagon. Spivey is guarding him.  Elgin is 
               leading the detail.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY.

               Dances with Wolves watches a ridge in the distance for any 
               sign of riders.

                         I don't see nobody.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               Elgin and one of the escort soldiers are scouting far out on 
               the prairie. The lieutenant pauses and looks back at the 
               wagon. It is far behind in the distance, but still coming.

               EXT. WAGON - DAY

               Dances With Wolves is dozing as the wagon jolts across the 
               ground. Suddenly a shot rings out. Dances With Wolves opens 
               his eyes.

               The wagon driver is aiming his rifle out at something on the 
               prairie. He fires again.

               Dances With Wolves looks over the wagon bed and sees Two 
               Socks. He's standing still, fifty yards away. Staring in his 
               old inquisitive way at the wagon.

                         Lookit the stupid bastard... he ain't 
                         even runnin'.

               Two shots ring out in rapid succession.

                         Don't shoot, I seen 'em first... 
                         it's my shot.

               Sergeant Bauer fires his own round. Everyone has missed. 
               Bauer is jamming another cartridge into the chamber.

                         It's my shot goddamit.

               Now Spivey decides to get into the act. He rises up with his 
               rifle aiming.

                         You dumb sons a bitches.

               Before he can fire, there's a rattling of chains. And the 
               next moment, Spivey's feet are being pulled out from under 
               him by Dances With Wolves. His rifle fires harmlessly into 

               Bauer turns from the wagon seat and slams the back of the 
               prisoner's head with the gunstock. Dances With Wolves falls 
               back, letting go of the shaken Spivey.

               Bauer smiles at Spivey contemptuously.

                         He mighta killed you.

               In the next instant, Spivey gives Dances With Wolves a 
               resounding crack in the sternum with the butt of his rifle 
               and he goes down on his back.

               More shots are fired. Dazedly, Dances With Wolves looks out 
               and sees Two Socks still running parallel to the wagon.

               There's another shot and then shouting.

                                     SOLDIER 1
                         I got him...

                                     SOLDIER 2
                         The hell you did...

                                     SOLDIER 1
                         I got him... dead shot boys.

               Spivey is still poking Dances With Wolves.

                         You want more?... get up... get up.


               Elgin has ridden alongside the wagon.

                         I see you bash the prisoner once 
                         more and I'll put those shackles on 

               Elgin's men are headed up towards Two Socks when shots ring 

                         You men! Get back to your places.

               The camera continues over the hill to Two Socks' body, but 
               it is no where in sight. Instead the Indian war party of six 
               is waiting silently in ambush. Frustrated, they will try 

               EXT. RIVERBANK - DAY

               The wagon is making its way steadily down, toward the river. 
               Dances With Wolves watches the line of growth along the river 
               get closer, his eyes and ears and nose full alert.

               If they come this will be the place to do it. Dances With 
               Wolves will make the most of this hope.

               The wagon moves down a narrow pathway, not much more than a 
               game trail. The lieutenant raises his hand and the wagon 
               halts at the river's edge.

               A soldier rides back and forth in the water on the other 
               side of the river. He's checking for any signs of ambush. 
               The soldier starts back to them.

                         All clear lieutenant...

               Elgin starts into the water, followed by the wagon. The "all 
               clear" sign means nothing to Dances With Wolves. He's all 
               keyed up.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               Elgin and a soldier are leading the way. They're only a few 
               yards from the opposite bank when the lieutenant is taken. 
               Elgin is completely surprised to find an arrow buried in his 

               The outrider is about to pull up his gun when an arrow hits 
               him square in the gut. He brings his head up to see the full 
               force of Wind In His Hair, stringing up another arrow and 
               taking aim.

               Just as the outrider is struggling to raise his gun, Wind In 
               His Hair fires off another arrow deep into the man's heart. 
               The impact sends him flying out of the saddle, dead.

               Wind In His Hair comes on, leading five Sioux warriors.

               EXT. WAGON - DAY

               Dances With Wolves has looped the shackles around Spivey's 
               neck in a death grip when he sees Bauer leveling his rifle 
               at the approaching riders.

               Dances With Wolves aims a vicious kick at Bauer, sending the 
               rifle flying, and Bauer over the edge of the wagon. Bauer 
               flounders in the water, fumbling for his pistol. He sends 
               off a round taking one of the on rushing warriors in the 
               shoulder. The Sioux looses his seat and tumbles off the pony 
               into the water, wounded.

               EXT. WAGON - DAY

               Dances With Wolves snaps the loop around Spivey's neck as 
               hard as he can and bone breaks.

               Dances With Wolves is beating Spivey furiously with his 
               chains. He keeps whacking until the blood is spreading on 
               the surface of the water.

               The frantic driver is about to make a run for it when he is 
               impaled with a Sioux lance.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               The two soldiers in the back of the wagon have turned tail 
               and are splashing back across the river.

               As they scramble up the bank, two Sioux warriors meet them 
               and cut them down with hatchets.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               In the midst of the smoke and confusion of the battle, Bauer 
               has made his way to the cover of the weeds along the river 

               Crashing through the thicket, he comes to a clearing and 
               there in the shallows, comes face to face with Smiles A Lot. 
               The boy is standing in the shallows holding the extra horses.

               The boy is so frightened at the sudden sight of this white 
               soldier that he doesn't move. Bauer sticks his revolver into 
               Smiles A Lot's face and pulls the trigger. But the hammer 
               only clicks. The gun is empty.

               Bauer pistol-whips the boy, knocking him to the ground and 
               grabs for the closest of the horses. But the ponies are all 
               stirred up now and starting to run down the river.

               Bauer succeeds in grabbing a hunk of mane, but the horse 
               he's gotten hold of is moving too fast for him to get on. 
               But now Bauer hears a bone-chilling whoop. Wind In His Hair 
               is coming.

               His pony plows through the water at full speed. A skullcracker 
               dangles from one hand. The warrior begins to whirl it around.

               Terrified, Bauer turns to run. Before he can take a step, a 
               hatchet buries itself to the hilt. Smiles A Lot is at the 
               other end. But Bauer is not through.

               His hands are around the boy's neck, choking him with his 
               last seconds of life. A larger than life Wind In His Hair 
               draws even and swings his club. Bauer's head explodes, 
               covering Smiles A Lot in blood -- the sergeant's hands cannot 
               be seen.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               Still in chains, Dances With Wolves and Wind In His Hair are 
               dragging Elgin's body onto shore. Dances With Wolves rifles 
               through the dead man's pockets. He finds a set of keys and 
               plops down to unlock his shackles.

               The wounded Indian warrior is being tended to. Smiles A Lot 
               is downstream washing Bauer's blood off.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               A warrior is stripping down Spivey. He holds up the dead 
               man's tunic, but doesn't notice that something plops out.

               It's the journal. It floats off into the current, well out 
               of Dances With Wolves field of vision. It is lost forever.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               The journal continues its downstream journey. Suddenly a 
               small hand reaches down and scoops it out of the water.

               Smiles A Lot holds the book close to his face amazed at the 
               sight of words.

               EXT. RIVER - DAY

               The party is mounting. Smiles A Lot rides up next to Dances 
               With Wolves.

                                     SMILES A LOT
                         Dances With Wolves... look.

               He offers the book. Dances With Wolves takes it, regarding 
               the journal.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DUSK

               The rescue party is cantering across the prairie.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                              (to Wind In His Hair)
                         We go South?

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         We will ride South for two days... 
                         then turn East. No one must follow.

               This doesn't seem to bother Wind In His Hair. But it sets 
               Dances With Wolves to thinking.

               EXT. CANYON TRAIL - DAY

               The sound of a single drum calls attention to eight 
               silhouettes on horseback making their way down the ridge. 
               The entire village begins to rumble with excitement as the 
               news spreads.

               EXT. CANYON TRAIL - DAY

               The rescue party is walking down the trail single file. Dances 
               With Wolves is a few slots back. All the village is racing 
               up the canyon to greet them.

               Stands With A Fist leads them all. She runs to Dances With 
               Wolves. She jumps all over her husband and finally he lifts 
               her up on his pony.


               The couple we have come to know are sitting on their bed.

               Dances With Wolves is combing Stands With A Fist's hair. 
               It's something he is doing with care and affection. She is 
               loving it as much as he. They are together as two people can 
               be and yet it is a hard time.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         You have nothing to say?

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         What can I tell you?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         What ever is on your mind.

                                     STANDS WITH A FIST
                         We have decided. You are my husband. 
                         I am your wife. That is all I know.

               Dances With Wolves lays his forehead on her back. He sighs. 
               Then he pulls away, slips a robe around his shoulders and 
               walks out of the lodge.

               Sadly, she watches him go.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               We follow a pair of boots walking in the snow. Pan up to 
               find an ORDERLY bringing coffee to a MAJOR. He is surrounded 
               by other officers and in front of him a large column of men 
               is moving toward the snow covered mountains.

               The Major tosses the remaining coffee in a fire and he 
               prepares to mount.

               We pan up with the smoke and the steam.

               EXT. TEN BEARS' LODGE - DAY

               It's cold in the Sioux camp. A warm column of smoke is 
               spiraling out of Ten Bears' lodge.

               INT. TEN BEARS' LODGE - DAY

               Several men are gathered around Ten Bears' fire, including 
               Kicking Bird, Wind In His Hair and Dances With Wolves.

               All the men are draped with blankets. The wind is howling 
               outside. The men are engaged in small talk as the pipe goes 
               around the circle.

               The pipe comes around to Dances With Wolves, and the man 
               next to him must nudge him to attention. Dances With Wolves 
               takes the pipe and begins to smoke.

               Ten Bears watches him closely.

                                     TEN BEARS
                              (to Dances With Wolves)
                         Dances With Wolves is quiet these 

               He does not reply. He smokes a little more and passes the 

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Is his heart bad?

               Dances With Wolves glances at the men around the fire.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         Killing the soldiers at the river 
                         was a good thing. It made me free 
                         and my heart was big to see my friends 
                         coming to help me. I did not mind 
                         killing those men. I was glad to do 

               He searches for the right words.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         But the soldiers hate me now like 
                         they hate no other. I am more than 
                         an enemy to them, I am a traitor. 
                         They will hunt for me. They will not 
                         give up. And when they find me they 
                         find you and that cannot happen.

               Objections break out all around the fire. Wind In His Hair 
               jumps to his feet and even Kicking Bird is protesting.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Quiet!... sit down Wind In His Hair. 
                         You are hurting an old man's ears 
                         with your loud talk.

               EXT. FOREST - DAY

               The column of soldiers can be heard but not seen. They are 
               moving forward, singing the Battle Hymn of The Republic.


               Stands With A Fist is building up the fire in their cozy 
               home. Dances With Wolves works on a long-stemmed pipe which 
               is in the last stages of completion.

                                     TEN BEARS (O.S.)
                         Dances With Wolves?

               Dances With Wolves gets up, opens the flap and admits the 
               old chief. A few snowflakes cling to his wispy hair.

               He goes straight to the fire and sits.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Ahh... this is a nice fire... at my 
                         age a good fire is better than 

               Stands With A Fist brings two small bowls of food, places 
               them next to the men and busies herself with something else. 
               Though neither one is much interested they begin to eat.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         I wondered how your bad heart was 
                         doing and though I would come by and 
                         see for myself. This place doesn't 
                         look so bad-hearted.

               Dances With Wolves smiles.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         No, we are happy.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         But you are leaving anyway?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I have talked with Stands With a 
                         Fist and we will go together.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Have you told this to Kicking Bird 
                         or to Wind In His Hair.

               It's anguish for Dances with Wolves to think about his 
               friends. He shakes his head "no". Ten Bears thinks again in 

                                     TEN BEARS
                         You are the only white man I have 
                         ever known. I have thought about you 
                         alot. More than you know.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         That does not surprise me.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         You have always spoken with your 
                         heart. And like all of us, you are a 
                         free man and can do anything you 
                         like. When I look across this fire, 
                         I do not see a white soldier. I see 
                         only a Sioux named Dances With Wolves. 
                         And there is nothing they hate so 
                         much as a Sioux.

               Ten Bears words always have purpose and as always, he makes 
               his point.

               He pauses for a moment and notices Dances with Wolves' nearly 
               finished pipe.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         You are making a pipe?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES

               Ten Bears holds out a hand and Dances with Wolves hands the 
               pipe to him. Ten Bears inspects it briefly.

                                     TEN BEARS
                         This might be a pretty good pipe... 
                         how does it smoke?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I don't know, I haven't tried it 

                                     TEN BEARS
                         Let's smoke it awhile... it is good 
                         to pass the time this way.

               EXT. WINTER CAMP - DAWN

               From a little distance, Wind In His Hair is watching Dances 
               With Wolves' lodge. His face is full of uncertainty and a 
               kind of pain we have never seen before. He is in agony.

               He starts forward but after a few yards he stops to think. 
               He turns back but has only gone a few steps when he stops 
               and turns to face Dances With Wolves' lodge once more. He 
               starts for the tipi again, but he can't go thru with it. The 
               proud warrior turns away and walks quickly out of sight.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               The column is moving at a leisurely walk when the horses 
               start to bunch up. They're stopping.

               Everyone waits while far up ahead, a group of ten or twelve 
               men examine the ground. White officers sits atop their horses, 
               while their scouts scour the ground. They've found a 
               significant trail.

               The scouts are Indian, and by their distinctive dress, we 
               recognize them. They are Pawnee.

               The Pawnee scouts come racing up. Their horses are wet and 
               have come a good distance. The scouts are very excited.

               The men have dismounted. They prepare for battle, removing 
               any equipment that might rattle -- tin cups, plates, etc., 
               tossing the discards into a growing pile.


               Black Shawl watches as Kicking Bird slips a magnificent pipe 
               into its buckskin case. Now he looks at her. The medicine 
               man too is in a kind of pain we have not seen before.

               EXT. WINTER CAMP - DAWN

               Carrying the pipe he made, Dances With Wolves walks through 
               the village. Suddenly he stops. Kicking Bird is standing in 
               the middle of the empty avenue.

               Like gunfighters, the two men approach each other at a slow 
               and deliberate walk.

               Gradually they realize that each has selected the same parting 
               gift. It's heartbreaking. Kicking Bird tries to cover with a 
               casual question, but it's all fake.

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         You've finished your pipe? How does 
                         it smoke?

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         I'm told it smokes well.

               Dances With Wolves moves to make the exchange. Kicking Bird 
               does the same. From one hand to the other. Men couldn't be 

                                     KICKING BIRD
                         It doesn't seem possible that we 
                         could come this far.

                                     DANCES WITH WOLVES
                         You were the first man I ever wanted 
                         to be like. I will not forget you.

               Neither can speak. There is only goodbye.

               EXT. PRAIRIE - DAY

               The column of soldiers is not in a rush, but they're trotting 
               now to make better time.

               EXT. WINTER CAMP - DAY

               Stands With A Fist sits on a pony outside the lodge. Two 
               pack horses are loaded with their things.

               Dances With Wolves swings onto his pony's back and we follow 
               as they start out of the village. No one is standing in rose 
               to watch them leave. No one is crying. In fact, people are 
               making the motions of going about their regular work.

               But it's all fake too. The whole village is sad and the most 
               obvious sign is that there is no sound. In the awful quiet, 
               most people avert their eyes as the two pass by.

               EXT. CANYON TRAIL - DAY

               Dances With Wolves and Stands With A Fist have reached the 
               head of the trail leading out of the winter camp. They have 
               just begun to ascend when a voice, calling from afar, brings 
               them to a halt. The sound echoes through the canyons, through 
               the village.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR (O.S.)
                         Dances With Wolves...

               EXT. CANYON - DAY

               His pony is jacked up and, as always, Wind In His Hair looks 
               the perfect warrior. But now his face is full of stress as 
               he screams out the message he could not deliver in person.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR
                         I am Wind In His Hair...

               EXT. WINTER CAMP - DAY

               Everyone in the camp has stopped to listen.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR (O.S.)
                         Can you not see that I am your friend?

               EXT. CANYON TRAIL - DAY

               Dances With Wolves looks ready to crack.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR (O.S.)
                         Can you not see that you will always 
                         be my friend?

               Dances With Wolves lets the unhappy echo of these words fade 
               away before he starts his pony again. We follow for a few 
               yards. Then the call comes a second time. If anything, more 
               urgent than before.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR (O.S.)
                         Dances With Wolves...

               Dances With Wolves stops. He drops his head painfully as the 
               sound of his own name booms through his head.

               EXT. CANYON TRAIL - DUSK

               Troops are moving through the trees quietly, sabers drawn.

               EXT. CANYON RIM - DUSK

               The rest of the troops have moved to the edge. They too are 
               quiet. Down below, the Pawnee scouts are milling about looking 
               for sign.

               The soldiers from the canyon floor are silently arriving on 
               the scene. The Pawnee look to the lead scout on the canyon 
               rim. They have no answer, and the lead scout has none to 
               give the general at his side. Ten Bears' village is gone.

               EXT. CANYON RIM - DUSK

               Wind In His Hair and several other warriors are just drawing 
               back from unseen vantage points on the canyon rim. Wind In 
               His Hair glances back and hesitates, as though waiting for 
               someone. A great, yellow full moon has just appeared above 
               the opposite rim of the canyon. The yellow is brilliant, a 
               great spotlight of golden color.

               A wolf steps into the light on the opposite rim. He's walking 
               in the backdrop of the moon. The wolf suddenly arches his 
               back, sticks his muzzle in the air and produces a spine-
               tingling howl. The sound bounces all over the canyon.

               Dances With Wolves is at the canyon's rim. He listens a long 
               time, fully entranced by the wolf's howl. He is still 
               listening when it is gone. A whisper floats out of the night 
               behind him.

                                     WIND IN HIS HAIR (O.S.)
                         Dances With Wolves...

               Dances With Wolves shrinks back from the canyon's rim, turns 
               and trots off into the darkness, following his friends.

                                                              FADE TO BLACK

                                         THE END

Dances with Wolves

Writers :   Michael Blake
Genres :   Adventure  Drama  Western

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