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                                             "Made" -- by Jon Favreau                                             
               MADE               INT. SPORTSMAN'S LODGE - SAN FERNANDO VALLEY - DAY               A large crowd has gathered to watch two WHITE BOXERS square               off in a temporary ring in the center of a converted banquet               hall. One is BOBBY, the other is RICKY. They are drawn               together to start the bout by a bell and a hand gesture as               the REFEREE backs away. Immediately the two fighters unload               a relentless barrage of POWER PUNCHES. Neither man is               holding back, and the punches all find purchase in the               swelling faces of their opponent. The crowd rises to its               feet in appreciation of this rare level of competition in               the lower strata of the heavyweight division.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. BOBBY'S CAR - COLDWATER CANYON - LOS ANGELES - SUNSET               Bobby drives Ricky home through the winding twists of LA's               landmark canyon. Both their faces are swollen, verging on               the grotesque. Bobby drives a black Special Edition 1979               Trans Am with the gold Firebird stenciled across the hood.               The car is not in great shape, but in its day ruled the               road. A Hawaiian mini warrior mask hangs from the rear view.               The T-top is out, and Ricky struggles to light his               cigarette in the wind. He finally ignites the whole book of               matches in frustration, lights up, then tosses it out.               It lands, still flaming, at the base of a 'No Smoking in               the Canyon' sign. They drive down the palm tree lined               stretch of road bordering Beverly Hills. They turn East on               Sunset Boulevard. The Strip lights are first flickering to               life.               EXT. RICKY'S APARTMENT - YUCCA CORRIDOR - NIGHT               The opening SCORE dies away as Ricky sits beside Bobby. The               neighborhood is awful. The light of the corner liquor store               and a menthol cigarette billboard make up for the broken               street lamps. Ricky smooths out his running suit and steals               an instinctive cautionary look, scanning all the blind spots               for predators. The swelling has now truly set in. He's a               mess.                                     RICKY                         Did Max mention anything about any                         jobs?                                     BOBBY                         What about boxing?                                     RICKY                         What about it?                                     BOBBY                         What are you saying?                                     RICKY                         You said if you didn't have a                         winning record after eleven fights,                         you'd talk to Max.                                     BOBBY                         So?                                     RICKY                         So, it was a draw.                                     BOBBY                         Yeah, I'm 5-5 and 1.                                     RICKY                         So, it's not a winning record.                                     BOBBY                         It's not losing record.                                     RICKY                         That's not what you said. You said                         if you didn't have a winning record-                                     BOBBY                         Don't be shitty.                                     RICKY                         How am I being shitty?                                     BOBBY                         Don't be shitty.                                     RICKY                         I wouldn't keep bugging you, but                         you said he said he would have a job                         for us.                                     BOBBY                         I'm not gonna bring it up to him.                                     RICKY                         Of course I don't want you to bring                         it up to him... But if it comes up...                                     BOBBY                         I'll page you.                                     RICKY                         Yeah. Page me. You know the number?                                     BOBBY                         Yeah. I know the number.                                     RICKY                         Cause if you don't know the number,                         I can page you with the number so                         you'll have the number.                                     BOBBY                         I know the number.                                     RICKY                         I'll page you with the number. I'll                         see you later. What time you done?                                     BOBBY                         I got no idea.                                     RICKY                         Ask if he said anything to her.                                     BOBBY                         I will.                                     RICKY                         I'll page you with the number.                                     BOBBY                         Bye.               He drives off. Ricky checks his pager, still furtively               scanning the street.               EXT. JESSICA'S HOUSE - BLACKBURN - LOS ANGELES - NIGHT               Bobby pulls up in front of the quaint Spanish Colonial               two-flat. He bounds up the stairs to the upper unit.               INT. JESSICA'S HOUSE - CONTINUOUS               He lets himself in, searching for his girlfriend. The               apartment is Z-Gallery, with a few accents of Bobby's               HAWAIIANA.                                     BOBBY                         Honey?                                     JESS (O.S.) (O.S.)                         Where were you?               He finds her in the bedroom. JESSICA is a knockout. Too               pretty. The pretty that makes a woman a full-time job.               What's worse is she's decked out like a whore. She's wearing               slutty lingerie covered by a bland terry cloth bathrobe. Her               ridiculously long legs are garnished with candy-apple porn               star sky high heels.  Bobby watches with cultivated patience               as she applies tasteless amounts of make-up from a Mac case               the size of a tackle box. She's in a hurry.                                     BOBBY                              (swallowing utter                              contempt)                         So, what kind of gig is this?                                     JESS                         Easy night. Bachelor party. Can we                         give Wendy a ride?                                     BOBBY                         No. What kind of bachelor party?                                     JESS                         The easy kind. They're young and                         rich and well mannered.               She turns to look at him and reacts to his horrifying               appearance.                                     JESS (continues) (CONT'D)                         Oh my god. What happened?                                     BOBBY                         A draw. What makes you think                         they're well mannered?                                     JESS                         Bobby, this is a plumb gig. It's a                         bunch of young agents and it's at a                         restaurant. It's gonna be easy and                         we'll make a lot of money.                                     BOBBY                         I don't like you working with                         Wendy. Why are you working with                         Wendy?                                     JESS                         They requested her. It was her gig.                         Max put me on as a favor.                                     BOBBY                         Some favor. I hope they know you're                         not like Wendy.                                     JESS                         Oh, please.                                     BOBBY                         If they asked for her, they're                         probably expecting blowjobs all                         around.                                     JESS                         Will you cut it out! Get ready,                         we're already late.                                     BOBBY                         Who's watching the baby?                                     JESS                         She's downstairs with Ruth. Get                         ready.                                     BOBBY                         I'm ready.                                     JESS                         Bullshit. These are classy                         customers. You can't show up all                         fucked up with a Fila running suit                         on.                                     BOBBY                         They're not too classy to have tits                         rubbed in their face.               She rises and swaps her robe for a floor length overcoat.               God, is she hot.                                     JESS                         Stop. I love you.               She leans in for a kiss. He lets his anger melt. He leans               in to kiss her. She gives him last minute cheek to save the               perfection of her sparkling twenty minute lips.                                     JESS (continues) (CONT'D)                         Let's go.               He follows, slightly slighted.               EXT. JESSICA'S HOUSE - BLACKBURN - LOS ANGELES               As the couple hurries down the stairs, The face of a SMALL               GIRL peeks out the first floor window. This is CHLOE, Jess'               daughter. Her age is somewhere between Paper Moon and Jerry               Maguire. She watches without expression as her mom leaves               for work.               EXT. HAVANA ROOM - BEVERLY HILLS - NIGHT               They valet the car and approach the members only cigar               lounge. Bobby opens the door for her.               INT. HAVANA ROOM - LOWER LOBBY - NIGHT               An attractive female HOSTESS sees Bobby's undesirable               appearance.                                     HOSTESS                         May I help..?               She then sees Jessica and guesses her occupation.                                     HOSTESS (continues) (CONT'D)                         Oh, hi. They've been expecting you.                         Take the elevator upstairs. You can                         change in the card room.               INT. ELEVATOR - HAVANA ROOM - NIGHT               They stand side by side in silence as the lift rises. Jess               adjusts her bosom. Bobby continues to percolate. His pager               goes off. He recognizes the number.                                     BOBBY                         You talk to Max today?                                     JESS                         I'm not gonna mention Ricky to him.                                     BOBBY                         Don't expect you to mention it to                         him. I'm just saying, if-                                     JESS                         The only way he'll go with Ricky is                         if you're in too.                                     BOBBY                         Well, that's not gonna happen.                                     JESS                         Fine. You want to help Ricky, talk                         to Maxie yourself.                                     BOBBY                         I feel weird asking him.                                     JESS                         You shouldn't. He likes you.                                     BOBBY                         I just wish he never brought it up.                         Ricky won't shut up about it.                                     JESS                         Forget Ricky. You should be glad                         Max got you driving for me.                                     BOBBY                              (then)                         No coke tonight.                              (no answer)                         Right?                                     JESS                         Leave me alone. I haven't touched                         anything in months.               The elevator door opens, and a room full of horny young               AGENTS and EXECUTIVES see Jessica and cheer. She smiles and               drops her coat. The crowd can't believe their luck when they               see how hot she is. Bobby's heart sinks. He picks up her               coat and walks to the bar as the men wave bills at the love               of his life.               INT. BAR - HAVANA ROOM - UPSTAIRS - CONTINUOUS               Bobby settles into a bar stool, watching the action from a               distance. WENDY, a slutty Pam Anderson pre-tit-removal               wannabe, is already bouncing her ass ghetto-style in a young               agent's face. The crowd gravitates to the new meat like a               pack of ravenous dingoes. A beautiful young BARTENDER with               her hair tied back drops a cocktail napkin in front of               Bobby. She sees his bruises.                                     BARTENDER                         Did you get the license plate of                         the truck?                                     BOBBY                              (unamused and                              preoccupied)                         Johnny Red rocks.               A BLACK MAN in his late twenties slithers up beside him.               His name is HORRACE and he seems to like gold. He puts down               his empty highball glass.                                     HORRACE                         Martel's and coke. One ice cube. In                         a snifter this time.                                     BARTENDER                         Snifter are for warm drinks-                                     HORRACE                         Yeah, snifters are for cognac-                                     BARTENDER                         When served warm-                                     HORRACE                         What's the matter? You ain't got no                         snifters in this motherfucker?                                     BARTENDER                         We have snifters                                     HORRACE                         Then put my Martel's in a snifter.               She walks away to get him his snifter.                                     HORRACE (continues) (CONT'D)                         Like I'm gonna break her goddamn                         snifter.               Bobby downs his drink as he watches Jess give a HORNY GUY               in a suit a lap dance. He gets a little frisky, grabbing her               ass cheeks. Bobby begins to RISE. Jess circumvents any               confrontation by smiling and twisting away his wrists. She               throws Bobby the 'Don't worry, I got it' look. He sits.               Horrace pokes his nugget encrusted fingers into his sock,               counting a stack of bills.                                     HORRACE (continues) (CONT'D)                         It's already been a hell of a                         night. Where you been?                                     BOBBY                         I had a fight up at Sportsman's.                                     HORRACE                         Well, you look it. You win?                                     BOBBY                         Draw.                                     HORRACE                         What's your record at?                                     BOBBY                         5-5-1.                                     HORRACE                         Yeah, well you let me know when you                         wanna start makin the real money.                                     BOBBY                         Yeah, sure.                                     HORRACE                         I'm serious. Humping sheetrock and                         driving on weekends got to get to                         you after a while. Might be nice to                         buy your lady something. All it                         takes is one fight.               Wendy is now being dry humped by two guys. Jessica looks               over at her, and is concerned. Lines of protocol are               definitely being crossed. Jess' horny guy makes a bold move,               jamming his face in her cleavage.  In a split second, Bobby               has crossed the room and has him by a wrist. The guy is               surprised by Bobby's presence and grotesque appearance.                                     HORNY GUY                         Whu-                                     BOBBY                         There's no touching.                                     HORNY GUY                         But what about them?                                     BOBBY                         I don't give a shit. I work for                         her. No touching.               She hands Bobby a stack of sweaty bills. He walks away,               zipping the roll into his pocket. When he arrives at the               bar, a drunk EXECUTIVE is having a quiet conversation with               Horrace. Horrace looks around, answers, and the executive               picks quite a few hundreds out of his wallet. Horrace walks               him back to Wendy. Bobby grinds his teeth and points to his               empty glass. The bartender pours and watches the interaction               as Wendy walks off with the executive. The party howls as               they leave the room for some privacy.                                     BARTENDER                              (sarcastic)                         That's not allowed.               Bobby downs another drink. Things are now heating up for               Jess as mob mentality takes hold. She squirms. We TRACK BACK               with Bobby's face as he bee lines for the feisty horny guy,               who holds Jess' hips as he grinds her.                                     BOBBY                         I said no touching.                                     HORNY GUY                         Look, man, I'm the bachelor,                         alright? I gave her a hundred bucks                         in tips alone-                                     BOBBY                         Get your hands off of her.                                     HORNY GUY                         Dude, listen, man. I'm cool. How                         much for the treatment?                                     BOBBY                         Your dance is over.                                     HORNY GUY                         Come on, dude. The other chick's                         giving my best man a blow job in the                         toilet. I know the drill, I'll wear                         a rubber-               Bobby cracks his face apart with an uppercut. Another guy               rises in protest and is on his ass with a broken nose before               he can speak.                                     JESS                         God damn it...               Bobby drags his girl by the arm to the men's room. He kicks               open the door and grabs Wendy, who is doing coke off a               mirror with her john. He drags the women out. Horrace               disappears. A PARTIER calls to the bartender.                                     PARTIER                         Call the police.               She picks up the phone, but doesn't dial. She hides a               smile. Bobby drags the women down the staircase.               INT. BOBBY'S CAR - LOS ANGELES - NIGHT               Bobby drives, eyes locked on the road. Jess is beside him,               Wendy's in the back.                                     WENDY                         What the fuck was that about?                                     BOBBY                         You wanna get us busted? If Max                         found out you were turning tricks-                                     WENDY                         I got news for you, Bobby, he don't                         give a shit.                                     BOBBY                         Bullshit.                                     WENDY                         You think he don't know? I give him                         his cut of seventeen hundred, I                         think he knows I can't make that lap                         dancing.                                     BOBBY                         No more.                                     JESS                         Bobby...                                     WENDY                         Fuck you! No more for you. You                         won't be Jess' driver for shit when                         Maxie hears this shit happened again.                                     BOBBY                         Nobody's fuckin talking to you.                                     WENDY                         And how could you fucking leave                         Horrace hanging?                                     BOBBY                         I got news for you, Horrace got his                         ass out of there before you did.                                     WENDY                         Bullshit.                                     BOBBY                         What? You don't think Horrace would                         leave your white ass in there to                         hang?                                     JESS                         Alright. Enough already. Let's get                         some food. I better call Maxie and                         tell him what happened before he                         hears it on his own.               EXT. JOB SITE - PACIFIC PALISADES - DAY               ESTABLISHING SHOT of the upscale renovation.               INT. JOB SITE - PACIFIC PALISADES - DAY               Bobby is part of a large CREW OF PLASTERERS midway through               an Amalfi Drive renovation. He trowels a thin coat of               plaster on a kitchen wall. Ricky drags his ass as he sweeps               up dust and diamond wire scraps. The two of them are swollen               to hell as they work side by side in the upscale remodel.                                     RICKY                         So I'm like, 'Maybe I'm not on the                         list cause I'm not a fuckin Persian.'                                     BOBBY                         I thought you hate that club.                                     RICKY                         I do. It's a fuckin Persian Palace.                                     BOBBY                         Then why do you try to get in?                                     RICKY                         Fuck them.                                     BOBBY                              (hears something)                         Shhh...               The DECORATOR walks in with a YOUNG COUPLE and their six               year old KID. The decorator is irritating. The husband is a               shlubby Jew. His wife is a hot shiksa.               The kid looks like he might already be gay. The guys work               diligently and quietly.                                     DECORATOR                         And as you can see, we're a little                         behind in here. We always knew the                         kitchen would be the trouble spot.                                     HUSBAND                         When will it be ready? Are we still                         shooting for Christmas? I really                         want Christmas in the new house.                                     DECORATOR                         We're trying. Unfortunately the                         trades are stacking a bit. But look                         at this Italian plaster job. The                         color skim-coat will go on next.                                     WIFE                         It looks great.               Ricky sneaks some eye contact to the wife. She almost               smiles as he peers at her with his battle scarred face. The               little boy pokes his finger into the wet plaster. Bobby               throws him a look. The kid just stares back like he owns him.                                     DECORATOR                         Did you see the stove yet?                                     HUSBAND                         The Viking was delivered?                                     DECORATOR                         Yes, of course. It's in the garage.               They leave. Bobby repairs the plaster damage.                                     RICKY                         You see that, bro? She wants to                         fuck me.               Ricky's pager goes off.                                     RICKY (continues) (CONT'D)                         You see that? My shit's blowing up.               He looks around and grabs the wall phone and dials.                                     BOBBY                         Come on, man. Not with the owners                         here.                                     RICKY                              (phone)                         Hey, baby... Nothing.  What are you                         doing..? Yeah, I'll probably cut out                         early...               In walks ARTHUR, the plastering contractor and their boss.                                     ARTHUR                         Watch out, the fag's here.                              (seeing Ricky)                         Get off the fucking phone. Then he                         wants to know why he's still                         sweeping floors. Bobby, you got a                         minute?               Bobby looks concerned. Something's wrong.               EXT. JOB SITE - PACIFIC PALISADES - DAY               Bobby and Arthur stand by a gravel pile outside the huge               remodel. Arthur looks around and they duck into his Suburban.                                     ARTHUR                         Look, Bobby, I don't know what                         happened, and I don't want to know                         what happened, but something's up.                                     BOBBY                         What are you talking about?                                     ARTHUR                         Maxie wants me to replace you on                         the job tomorrow. He wants you to                         come by the office today.                                     BOBBY                         They were grabbing her fucking ass-                                     ARTHUR                         Hey. I don't know, I don't want to                         know. Far as I'm concerned, you're a                         good kid. I got news, though,                         without you here I can't keep on                         your friend. I got enough people                         pretending to sweep.                                     BOBBY                         Do me a favor, Arthur, keep him on                         til I see what's happening.                                     ARTHUR                         Good luck.               EXT. MAX'S OFFICE - VAN NUYS - DAY               Bobby parks his car in the off street lot of Max's run-down               industrial complex. Bobby walks past the many businesses               that share the structure in tandem.               MEN working in an auto BODY SHOP go about their business,               but discreetly watch as the unfamiliar man passes. Bobby               carries himself with the proper amount of ambivalence. He               then passes a loading dock, which also has a secretive               stench.               Finally, he arrives at a STEEL DOOR, above which is mounted               a video camera, several generations past its prime.               A steel sign reads simply: 'M and M Contracting'.               Bobby rings the bell and looks up to the surveillance               camera. He is buzzed in.               INT. M AND M CONSTRUCTION OFFICES - VAN NUYS - CONTINUOUS               Bobby walks into an anticlimactically mundane office. The               decor is sixties industrial gray. There is a waiting area               next to a flimsy lucite partition/reception window, behind               which is a desk. Behind the desk is AUDREY, the sixty-plus               receptionist whose hair was recently 'set' and colored by               her beautician. Security seems quite lax.                                     BOBBY                         Hi, uh, excuse me. I'm here to see                         Mr. Reuben.                                     AUDREY                         You're Bobby, right?                                     BOBBY                         Yeah.                                     AUDREY                         Good afternoon, Bobby. I'll let Max                         know you're here.               She fiddles with her phone. Bobby sits at the kidney shaped               coffee table. He thumbs through a copy of Redbook.                                     AUDREY (continues) (CONT'D)                         He'll be a minute, hon. You want                         some coffee?                                     BOBBY                         No thank you.                                     AUDREY                         You sure? I just made it.                                     BOBBY                         No, thank you. I'm good. Thanks.               He calms his nerves by staring at a recipe for Strawberries               Devonshire.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. MAX'S OFFICE - VAN NUYS - DAY               Bobby walks in. He doesn't seem like he's been there               before. The first thing that hits you is all the               thoroughbred racing shit all over the place.  Brass table               top statues, pictures of jockeys with wreaths,               hand-painted(!) portraits of horses faces. The second thing               you notice is MAX REUBEN. He's an off-the-rack East Coast               Jew.               He's got deep-set eyes and Abe Vigoda brows. He wears a               golf shirt with a little penguin on it, and oversized               reading glasses are perched on his balding head. His nose               was broken in '63. He smiles broadly as Bobby enters. Bobby               forces a relaxed smile.                                     MAX                              (on phone)                         Will ya calm down. Just calm down                         for a minute, Nadeleh. The money                         will be there. How do I know? I just                         know... Yes. Yes, that's exactly                         what I'm saying... You got my word.               He hangs up his rotary phone and looks up to Bobby, who               stands looking at the painting with his ears closed.                                     MAX (continues) (CONT'D)                         You like the ponies?                                     BOBBY                         Sure. Yeah.                                     MAX                         You bet the ponies?                                     BOBBY                         Me? No. Not really.                                     MAX                         Smart. Hard as hell to handicap.                         You know what I like? Hai Alai. Fast                         game. You know why I like it?                                     BOBBY                         Why?                                     MAX                         It's fixed. That's the only way to                         win. A sure thing. See that horse.                         The blaze.                                     BOBBY                         This one?                                     MAX                         Yeah. The blaze. I bought her in                         '66. Hired a trainer, stall,                         whatever it was. That horse made me                         over a hundred grand. In 'sixties'                         dollars. You know what that is today?                                     BOBBY                         Pshhh...                                     MAX                         A million. Easy.                                     BOBBY                         She was fast, huh?                                     MAX                         Never won a race. But it got me in                         with the trainer. We'd have a thing,                         I don't remember, some fucking                         thing. The jockey would raise his                         whip, it meant the fix was in, we'd                         all go running. People get greedy.                         First they bet small, they keep                         their mouth shut. Within a month's                         time, everyone and their brother was                         in on it. The odds would drop, I                         mean you could watch the goddamn                         board. It looked like a fuckin                         stopwatch, the odds would drop so                         fast.                                     BOBBY                         That's why they call it the smart                         money.               Maxie laughs a genuine laugh.                                     MAX                         I like you, kid. Why do you gotta                         make it so hard for me to take care                         of you?                                     BOBBY                         Mr. Reuben, I swear to God, they                         were out of line.                                     MAX                         Last time, maybe, with the Puerto                         Ricans, but these were nice Jewish                         boys.                                     BOBBY                         They were out of line-                                     MAX                         They're fucking yeshiva buchas. You                         didn't have to tear up the goddamn                         place. You knocked out a guys teeth.                                     BOBBY                         That prick tried to get Jessica to                         blow him in the bathroom-                                     MAX                         Bobby, I love Jessica like she's my                         own daughter.  I would kill anyone                         so much as lays a finger on her or                         her beautiful daughter, but that                         fucking pisher you socked in the                         mouth has the most expensive dentist                         in Beverly Hills and wants I should                         buy him an implant. Your silverback                         horseshit's gonna cost me eight                         grand.                                     BOBBY                         I'll work it off.                                     MAX                         Not driving Jess, you won't.                                     BOBBY                         What?                                     MAX                         You're not driving Jess no more.                         Two strikes, Bobby, and this last                         one was big. The bachelor's father                         goes to my schul.                                     BOBBY                         So, that's it. I'm out?                                     MAX                         I didn't say that.                                     BOBBY                         Then what are you saying?                                     MAX                         Bobby. You're a bull terrier and I                         got you herding sheep.                                     BOBBY                         I don't understand.                                     MAX                         It's my fault.  I send you out to                         watch scum drool all over the love                         of your life, then I wonder why you                         seered. It's my fault. The tooth is                         on me. But no more. I'm                         'reassigning' you.                                     BOBBY                         Don't want to drive another girl,                         Max. The only reason I'm -                                     MAX                         Who the fuck do you think you're                         talking to? This ain't a fucking                         democracy. You want out?                                     BOBBY                         No.                                     MAX                         Don't I put food on you're table? I                         sponsor your training, I take care                         of your girl and her little baby. I                         even pay that deadbeat friend of                         yours to push a goddamn broom.                                     BOBBY                         I know.                                     MAX                         Now you wanna shut up and listen                         and hear what I got to say?                                     BOBBY                         Yeah. Sorry.                                     MAX                         I got a way we make everybody happy.                                     BOBBY                         Yeah.                                     MAX                         We try something out. There's                         someone I'm in business with named                         Ruiz. I want you to accompany him on                         a drop.                              (off Bobby's look)                         Just as scenery. Ruiz has his boys.                         I just want a big guinea with a                         busted up face to give him a deep                         bench. As a deterrent.                                     BOBBY                         Ruiz knows about this?                                     MAX                         Ruiz wants to go alone, but it's                         not up to Ruiz. It's up to me, and I                         like a sure thing. Just go and we're                         square on the tooth.                                     BOBBY                         What about Ricky? He'd jump at the                         opportunity.                                     MAX                         Ricky? Ricky 'I lost the truck'                         Ricky?                                     BOBBY                         You told him you liked him.                                     MAX                         That was before he lost my carpet                         cleaning van.                                     BOBBY                         He'll work it off.                                     MAX                         I don't know the kid, and what                         little I do scares me.                                     BOBBY                         He's good people, Mr. Reuben. I                         swear.                                     MAX                         You vouch for him?               The exchange has taken on a gravity.                                     BOBBY                         Yeah. Sure.                                     MAX                              (lighter)                         How 'bout this. If you're in, he's                         in.                                     BOBBY                         I gotta tell you, Mr. Reuben, I'm                         not comfortable getting in any                         deeper. It's one thing to look after                         Jess...                                     MAX                         You're ready to move up. Christ,                         the way you busted up the place,                         you're doing worse already. May as                         well get paid instead of punished.                                     BOBBY                         It's not that I don't appreciate                         the offer...                                     MAX                         Do me a favor. Think about it. Is                         that too much too ask?                                     BOBBY                         No. Okay. I'll think about it.               EXT. SPORTS FIELD - HOLLYWOOD HIGH SCHOOL - DAY               ESTABLISHING SHOT of the mural for the HOLLYWOOD SHEIKS               football team. Bobby and Ricky walk past the empty stands               watching the HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM practice.  Ricky               drinks from a brown paper bag.                                     RICKY                         We need guns.                                     BOBBY                         We don't need guns.                                     RICKY                         I think we might.                                     BOBBY                         He didn't say we need guns.                                     RICKY                         He implied it.                                     BOBBY                         You don't imply about something                         like that. You lay it out on the                         table. Besides, I'm not taking the                         job.               TIME CUT. Ricky and Bobby watch the field from behind the               concrete stairwell.                                     RICKY                         This is the opportunity of a                         lifetime. What are you? Nuts? You've                         been waiting for this kind of                         opportunity.                                     BOBBY                         No. You've been waiting for this                         kind of opportunity.                                     RICKY                              (sparking up)                         Damn right, I have. You think I                         like living on fucking Yucca? We do                         a good job on this, we're in.                                     BOBBY                         What happened to boxing? I thought                         we made a vow.                                     RICKY                         Shit. Who we kidding? I know I                         suck, and I held you up for ten                         rounds-                                     BOBBY                         Bullshit...                                     RICKY                         Please. I got three inches on you.                         You wouldn't have landed a punch if                         I didn't let you.                                     BOBBY                         You wanna go right now?                                     RICKY                         I'll beat your ass-               They slap-box in the empty stairs. This attracts the               attention of the team and the COACH, who has walked up to               the bottom of the stands. He calls out to them.                                     COACH                         Ricky! Bobby! Cut that shit out!               They stop.                                     RICKY                         Sorry coach.                                     BOBBY                         Sorry coach.                                     COACH                         How's the boxing going?                                     BOBBY                         Great.                                     RICKY                              (shitty)                         He's 5-5-1.                                     COACH                         It takes time, Bobby. You always                         had the heart.                                     RICKY                         What about me coach? Did I have                         heart?               The coach throws a look and walks back to practice, blowing               his whistle.                                     BOBBY                         We look good this year.                                     RICKY                         We'll kill Fairfax this year.                                     BOBBY                         I still can't believe you missed                         the fucking team bus.                                     RICKY                         Fuck him.                                     BOBBY                         Your first start at DB, it's                         against Fairfax, and you miss the                         fucking bus.                                     RICKY                         What are we delivering?                                     BOBBY                         We're not delivering shit. Ruiz is                         delivering something, and whatever                         it is is his business.                                     RICKY                         Who is this fucking Ruiz?                                     BOBBY                         Maxie says he runs a tight ship. I                         wouldn't fuck with him.                                     RICKY                         Some Mexican? How much could he                         weigh? A buck fifty, tops? I'd kick                         his fucking ass.                                     BOBBY                              (looks at watch)                         I gotta pick up the baby.                                     RICKY                         Why do you always get stuck taking                         care of the kid.                                     BOBBY                         I like it.                                     RICKY                         It's not even yours.                                     BOBBY                         I like it.               Bobby pulls into a RTA bus stop in front of...               EXT. THE LITTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE - LA BREA - CONTINUOUS               Bobby's Trans Am is parked in the bus stop in front of the               school. Ricky is on the phone, oblivious, as a black METER               MAID gives the car a ticket. Bobby walks down the walkway               with Chloe, Jessica's daughter, and takes the ticket.               INT. BOBBY'S CAR - PARKED ON HIGHLAND - CONTINUOUS               He helps Chloe into the back. Chloe is silent and clutches               dried macaroni glued to a paper plate and spray-painted               silver.                                     BOBBY                              (re: ticket)                         Nice work.                                     RICKY                         Shhh...                              (on cell phone)                         Yeah, yeah... No. No. I'll be there.                              (hangs up)                         You gotta get me to the Magic                         Castle at four.                                     BOBBY                         How'd you unlock my phone?                                     RICKY                         I tried your ATM PIN. I gotta kill                         an hour. Let's grab a beer.                                     BOBBY                              (to Chloe)                         Seat belt.                                     CHLOE                         Ricky's not wearing one.                                     BOBBY                         Ricky, can you put on a seat belt?                                     RICKY                         No, man. It wrinkles my shit. Let's                         grab a fuckin beer-                                     BOBBY                         C'mon, man, not in front of the                         baby. Put on your seat belt before I                         get another ticket.                                     RICKY                              (clipping in)                         Jesus Christ, fine. Alright?                                     BOBBY                         See? Now everyone's got one on.                              (re: macaroni plate)                         What do you got there?                                     CHLOE                         A elephant seal. Where's mommy?                                     BOBBY                         She's, uh, sleeping.                                     CHLOE                         It's daytime.                                     BOBBY                         Mommy works hard so you can have                         all your pretty clothes. Don't you                         like your pretty clothes?                                     CHLOE                         No.                                     BOBBY                         Show uncle Ricky what you made.                                     RICKY                         Let's grab a beer.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. COLOR ME MINE - LA BREA - DAY               ESTABLISHING SHOT of the storefront ceramics workshop.               INT. COLOR ME MINE - LA BREA - DAY               Bobby paints a CERAMIC PLATE as Chloe does the best she can               painting a frog in this do-it-yourself crafts store. Ricky               looks out of place as he lights a Marlboro and bitches.                                     RICKY                         Why can't we just grab a goddamn                         beer.                                     BOBBY                         I promised Chloe we'd come here.                                     RICKY                         Oh, give me a break. Look at her.                         She don't even know where the hell                         she is. She'd have more fun at                         Bordner's.                                     BOBBY                         I'm not taking her to a bar.                                     RICKY                         Why not? I grew up in bars. It's                         fun for a kid.               A YOUNG FEMALE SALESPERSON approaches Ricky.                                     SALESPERSON                         Excuse me, there's no smoking in                         the store.                                     RICKY                         Why? You serve food?                                     SALESPERSON                         No. Store policy. And you can't sit                         at a station without purchasing a                         ceramic.                                     RICKY                         Could you believe this shit? Fine.                         Give me an ashtray.               She brings him an unpainted ceramic ashtray from a display.                                     SALESPERSON                         What color paints would you like?                                     RICKY                         Surprise me.               He SNUFFS the CIGARETTE out in the ashtray in the palm of               her hand. She puts it down and leaves in a huff.                                     RICKY (continues) (CONT'D)                         I'm telling you, bro, we're on the                         verge. He's reaching out to us.               Chloe stops painting.                                     BOBBY                         What's wrong, baby?                                     CHLOE                         He's not doing it.                                     RICKY                         What? Did she say something?                                     BOBBY                         She wants you to paint the ashtray.                                     RICKY                         I'm not painting the fu-, I'm not                         painting the ashtray. And frogs                         aren't purple.                                     CHLOE                         It's a poison arrow tree frog.                                     BOBBY                         Will you paint the damn thing. Why                         do you gotta be such a baby.                                     RICKY                         Fine. Here, look. I'm painting.               He haphazardly paints. Chloe resumes her task.                                     BOBBY                         Max won't let me drive Jess to                         dance anymore.                                     RICKY                         Who's driving her?                                     BOBBY                         I don't know.                                     RICKY                         This paint sucks. The white shows                         through.               EXT. MAGIC CASTLE MOTEL - FRANKLIN - DAY               Bobby pulls up. The WIFE of the Amalfi homeowner is               precariously waiting and smoking.               INT. BOBBY'S CAR - MAGIC CASTLE MOTEL - CONTINUOUS                                     RICKY                         Right here's fine.                                     BOBBY                         Is that the woman from..?                                     RICKY                              (smiles)                         She really liked the kitchen.               He pops out, and the woman corrals him into a room. Bobby               pulls away.               INT. JESSICA'S HOUSE - BLACKBURN - LOS ANGELES - NIGHT               Jessica is half made up and half dressed. Little Chloe sits               at the kitchen table twirling a spoon around her head. Her               mom is haphazardly cooking a rushed supper. Bobby sits               watching TV in his sweats in the adjoining living room.                                     JESS                         Here, sweety, mommy's in a hurry.                                     CHLOE                         I don't want grilled cheese.                                     JESS                         Mommy has to work.                                     CHLOE                         I hate cheese.                                     JESS                         Here, sweety. Don't be a little                         shit.               Bobby approaches and takes the pan. He kisses Jess.                                     BOBBY                         Go finish getting ready. I'll take                         care of dinner.                                     JESS                         Yeah? You sure?                                     BOBBY                         Go.               She shuffles off. Bobby puts up some water and heats a pan,               adding oil. Garlic.                                     CHLOE                         You're not my daddy.                                     BOBBY                         You gonna bust my horns, or you                         want spaghetti                                     CHLOE                         I want spaghettis.               He pours in a can of sliced olives in with the capers.                                     BOBBY                         You better watch everything I'm                         doing. You know why? Because that's                         how you learn to cook. I watched my                         grandma cook every night. That's how                         I learned. If you can't cook, then                         you gotta go out to eat every night,                         then you spend all your money on                         food. And when you eat in                         restaurants, the cooks scratch their                         ass and touch the food.               There's a knock on the door.                                     JESS (O.S.) (O.S.)                         Could you get that, baby?               He does. It's Horrace. Bobby's surprised.                                     HORRACE                         What's up? Jess ready?                                     BOBBY                         You driving her?                                     HORRACE                         Yeah.                                     BOBBY                         She'll be out in a minute.               Horrace tries to walk in. Bobby stands in the door.                                     BOBBY (continues) (CONT'D)                              (firm)                         She'll be out in a minute.               Jess hurries in, clipping earrings.                                     JESS                         Hiya Ho. Come in. I'll just be a                         minute.               He throws Bobby a look as he slides by.                                     HORRACE                         Some shit smells good in this                         motherfucker.                                     JESS                         Bobby's cooking. He's the best.                         Whip him up something.                                     HORRACE                         Yeah. Whip me up something. I'm                         hungry as a motherfucker.               Jess hurries out, brushing her hair.                                     BOBBY                         Watch your mouth in front of the                         baby.               Bobby joins Jess in the back.               INT. BEDROOM - JESSICA'S HOUSE - CONTINUOUS               Bobby enters, boiling over with opinions.                                     BOBBY                         No way that cocksucker's driving                         you.                                     JESS                         Maybe if you didn't go Rambo every                         time I did a lapdance, you'd still                         be doing it yourself. Meantime, I                         gotta feed my little girl.                                     BOBBY                         Maxie's fucking with me. He put you                         with the spook to get under my skin.                                     JESS                         Ho's a good guy-                                     BOBBY                         Ho's a fucking pimp! He encourages                         Wendy to turn tricks. And she's his                         fucking wife!                                     JESS                         Shhh. He'll hear you.                                     BOBBY                         Good! It'll save me the trouble of                         repeating myself. He's not fucking                         driving you!                                     JESS                         Listen to me, Bobby. This is my                         job. It puts a roof over me and my                         daughter and you for as long as you                         want to stay.                                     BOBBY                         I want you to quit.                                     JESS                         Look at the bills. I can't. I'm not                         gonna put my daughter through what I                         went through.                                     BOBBY                         I'll support you.                                     JESS                         With what?                                     BOBBY                         Max offered to stake me.                                     JESS                         Yeah, well Max offers a lot of                         things. And I got news for you. He's                         not the sweet old man you think he                         is.               She crosses to the door, abruptly ending the discussion.               Bobby grabs her.                                     BOBBY                         She needs a family. A dad. I'll                         give her what you never had.                                     JESS                         Don't get my hopes up. If I quit,                         what then? I can't go through this                         again.               She leaves the bedroom.               INT. FRONT ROOM - JESSICA'S HOUSE - CONTINUOUS               Bobby enters to find Horrace eating the pasta and feeding               Chloe the grilled cheese.                                     HORRACE                         C'mon girl. Eat up.                                     BOBBY                         Get away from her.                                     HORRACE                              (not backing down)                         Excuse--                                     JESS                              (interrupts the                              conflict)                         C'mon, Ho. We're late.                                     HORRACE                         Yeah. We got money to make. See you                         around, Bobby. You make a good                         puttanesca. Mmmmm-mmmm. You should                         make that shit for a living.               They leave. Bobby looks at Chloe, who spits out the cheese               sandwich.                                                                  FADE OUT.               The DIALOGUE PRELAPS over a BLACK SCREEN...                                     MAX                         This is the last time I speak to                         either of you in person about work                         related matters. All of our                         interactions in the future will be                         social. If you have any questions                         about anything work related, you                         will direct them to Ruiz. He has my                         full confidence.               FADE UP on...               INT. MAX'S OFFICE - VAN NUYS - DAY               Max sits behind his desk as he briefs Bobby and Ricky.               Bobby wears sweats. Ricky wears a suit. Max speaks with a               directness suggesting gravity. He lays down two MANILA               ENVELOPES. The two guys pick them up.                                     MAX                         Everything you need or need to know                         is in these envelopes. Do not-               Ricky starts to tear his envelope open.                                     MAX (continues) (CONT'D)                         open the envelopes until you have                         left this office.               Ricky sheepishly draws a length of scotch tape from Max's               desk set dispenser.               Mid-pull, he becomes self-conscious and asks for permission.                                     RICKY                         Can I borrow a piece of-                                     MAX                         Go ahead. Open the fuckin things.                         You should each find fifteen hundred-               They tear open the envelopes. Ricky's flies apart, sending               a stack of crisp new Franklin HUNDREDS falling from the air               like a New England autumn morning.                                     MAX (continues) (CONT'D)                         dollars in c-notes, a numeric                         pager, a double-A battery, and a                         first class round-trip ticket to JFK.                                     RICKY                         We're going to New York?                                     MAX                              (with detectable                              condescension)                         Yes. You're going to New York.                                     RICKY                         And the money. Where do we bring                         the money?                                     MAX                         That money is your per diem.                                     RICKY                         And where do we bring it?                                     BOBBY                         It's ours.                                     RICKY                         To keep?                                     MAX                         Yes, for expenses and such. Now,                         you'll be contacted on your pager as                         to where you should go. You each                         have been given an extra battery, so                         there is absolutely no excuse as to                         why a page would not be immediately                         returned. Am I making myself                         abundantly clear?                                     BOBBY                         Yeah.                                     RICKY                         Yeah.                                     MAX                         You will not carry any other pagers                         with you. You will not carry                         anything, for that matter, that I                         have not just given you.                                     RICKY                         Keys.                                     MAX                         What?                                     RICKY                         What about my keys?                                     MAX                         You can carry your keys. You will                         not mention my name or imply that                         you are in my employ. You will not                         speak to anyone while you are                         working. When you are not working,                         you are considered to be 'on call'                         and available twenty-four hours a                         day. This means you will not get                         drunk or do anything that will                         prevent you from operating in a                         professional manner. There is                         already a number in your pager's                         memory. It is a car service. When                         they ask you what account, you will                         respond: 'Cardiff Giant.' They will                         pick you up and take you anywhere                         you need to go. In other words,                         there is no reason why you should                         not reach any destination that you                         will be called upon to reach within                         fifteen minutes. Do you see a                         pattern forming?                                     RICKY                         Yes.                                     BOBBY                         Yes.                                     MAX                         What is it?                                     BOBBY                         You want-                                     MAX                         Not you. I want Ricky to answer.                                     RICKY                         I get it.                                     MAX                         Tell me.                                     RICKY                         Don't worry. I get it.                                     MAX                         So tell me how it is.                                     RICKY                         You want... Why are you picking on                         me?                                     MAX                         Because you lost my fucking carpet                         cleaning van and I don't like you.                                     BOBBY                         Already told you, I parked it for                         five minutes and I locked it with                         the club-                                     BOBBY (CONT'D)                              (interrupts)                         You want us to be wherever you want                         us to be, ASAP, no questions asked.                                     MAX                         Yes. Goodbye.                                     RICKY                         So, wait, what are we dropping off?                                     MAX                         Goodbye.               INT. LAX - DAY               One of those cool over cranked tracking shots of the two               guys walking purposefully that means we're really getting               down to business now. A cool song is playing. Ricky and               Bobby each hold a manila envelope.               INT. SECURITY CHECK - LAX - DAY               Bobby lays his envelope on the x-ray conveyor belt. He               walks through the metal detector. He passes the check.               Ricky does the same. The ALARM goes off. Bobby looks               concerned. Ricky pulls a ring of KEYS and drops it in the               tray with a look to Bobby. Bobby looks relieved. Ricky is               dressed to the nines: Dark blazer over a dark sweater.               Bobby, more casual, wears dark slacks, a dark shirt and a               gold horn around his neck.               INT. FIRST CLASS CABIN - UNITED AIRLINES 777 - DAY               They check their boarding stubs and sit in the plush first               class seats in the almost empty cabin.                                     RICKY                         Holy shit. Can you believe this?                                     BOBBY                         Pretty nice.                                     RICKY                         See, man. Maxie fuckin takes care                         of you when you're in. Beats                         cleaning carpets.                                     BOBBY                         What's the movie?                                     RICKY                         I'll get the girl.                                     BOBBY                         Nah, don't bother-               Ricky rings the service chime. An attractive young FLIGHT               ATTENDANT arrives. She has a tray of champagne and orange               juice.                                     FLIGHT ATTENDANT                              (turning off the                              service light)                         Champagne or orange juice?               Ricky takes a champagne. She smiles and walks away. He               stops mid-gulp and rings the bell again. She turns with a               smile.                                     FLIGHT ATTENDANT (continues) (CONT'D)                              (turning off the                              service light)                         Yes?                                     RICKY                         Yeah, uh, what's the movie?                                     FLIGHT ATTENDANT                         It's in your copy of Hemispheres. I                         believe it's Mickey Blue Eyes.                                     RICKY                         Ugh...                                     FLIGHT ATTENDANT                         I'll get you the list of videos, if                         you don't mind, I'll offer the other                         passengers a beverage.                                     RICKY                         Yeah, sure. How much are they?                                     FLIGHT ATTENDANT                         How much is what?                                     RICKY                         The videos.                                     FLIGHT ATTENDANT                         You're up front. Everything's free                         up here.               She smiles. He smiles. She walks away. He rings the bell               again. She returns with a strained smile.                                     FLIGHT ATTENDANT (continues) (CONT'D)                              (turning off the                              service light)                         Yes?                                     RICKY                         Drinks are free, right?                                     FLIGHT ATTENDANT                         Yes.                              (waits)                         Would you care for another one?                                     RICKY                         Yes.               He takes another champagne and she crosses to leave. He               calls after her.                                     RICKY (continues) (CONT'D)                         I'll have a Cutty on the rocks.               She smiles and walks away.                                     RICKY (continues) (CONT'D)                         You hear that? You can drink as                         much as you want up here.                                     BOBBY                         We're not supposed to get drunk.                         We're on call.                                     RICKY                         Unless we're supposed to whack out                         the fuckin' pilot, I don't think                         we're gonna have to work in the next                         five hours.                                     BOBBY                         I don't want to show up hammered.                         We're supposed to be representing                         Max.                                     RICKY                         Oh, I'll represent alright.               He rings the bell.                                     BOBBY                         Cut that shit out.               She returns.                                     FLIGHT ATTENDANT                         Yes.                                     RICKY                         Where do you live?                                     FLIGHT ATTENDANT                              (strained politeness)                         Excuse me.                                     RICKY                         Where do you live?                                     FLIGHT ATTENDANT                         I operate out of the Chicago O'Hare                         hub. Can I help you with anything                         else?                                     RICKY                         Yeah. Me and my boy here are gonna                         be in New York overnight. I want you                         to pass the word around to the                         honeys back in business class that                         you all got plans for tonight. I'm                         talkin' a California style, Tupac,                         gangster pool party back at the                         hotel. And make that drink a double.               She stares at him for a BEAT.                                     FLIGHT ATTENDANT                         Listen, asshole, I don't care if                         you're the Sultan of Brunei, no man                         talks to me like that. Now you can                         either learn some manners or I can                         make a formal complaint to the                         airport authorities and we can sort                         this out while you're waiting                         stand-by for the next flight to                         Kennedy.               She walks away. He turns off the bell light.               INT. JFK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - NEW YORK - DAY               The PASSENGERS file off the plane and out of the gate.               Bobby walks out purposefully. Ricky staggers slightly. He               got his money's worth. Bobby checks his pager and Ricky               scans the crowd through his buzz.                                     BOBBY                         Shit. No new pages. I don't even                         know where the fuck we're supposed                         to go.                                     RICKY                         Maybe we should call for a cab.                                     BOBBY                         No. Look. There.               A hulking Italian DRIVER holds up a sign reading 'CARDIFF               GIANT.'                                     BOBBY (continues) (CONT'D)                         'Cardiff Giant.' That's us.                                     RICKY                         You sure?                                     BOBBY                         Yeah. He said that's our account                         with the car service.               They approach the driver.                                     BOBBY (continues) (CONT'D)                         Hi. I, uh, think that's us.                                     JIMMY                         Hi. I'm Jimmy.                                     BOBBY                         Bobby.                                     RICKY                         Ricky.                                     JIMMY                         Soho Grand, right?                                     BOBBY                         What's that?                                     JIMMY                         You're going to the Soho Grand                         hotel, right?                                     BOBBY                         I'm not sure. All I know is the                         account is Cardiff Giant.                                     JIMMY                              (smiles)                         Yeah. You're staying at the Soho                         Grand. You got anything checked?                                     BOBBY                         Nah.                                     JIMMY                         Travelling light. I like that.                                     RICKY                         Is it nice?                                     JIMMY                         The Soho Grand?                                     RICKY                         Yeah.                                     JIMMY                         You're from LA, right?                                     RICKY                         Yeah.                                     JIMMY                         You'll love it.               EXT. LIVERY STAND - JFK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - DAY -               CONTINUOUS               Jimmy walks them out and up to a black STRETCH LIMO. He               opens the door. Ricky's eyes light up.                                     RICKY                         Holy shit.               The flight attendant who told Ricky off rolls her overnight               bag past them. Ricky can't help himself. He calls after               her...                                     RICKY (continues) (CONT'D)                         You missed out, lady! We're staying                         at the Soho Grand! I'd give you a                         ride in my limo, but I gotta stretch                         my shit out.               She ignores him.               INT. LIMOSINE - QUEENS - DAY               They ride in the back. Ricky fucks with the buttons.                                     RICKY                         So whenever we want...                                     JIMMY                         Yeah. Grab one of the cards behind                         you. Call that number. It's my cell.                                     RICKY                         So you're our own private guy?                                     JIMMY                         I handle most of Cardiff Giant's                         stuff.                                     RICKY                         You know my pager number?                                     JIMMY                         No. What is it?                                     RICKY                         I don't know. I thought you might.                         Any idea what the job is?                                     JIMMY                         The 'job?' Alls I know is I'm                         taking you to the Soho Grand.                                     BOBBY                         Where is the Soho Grand?                                     JIMMY                         Soho.               EXT. LIMOSINE - QUEENS - MONTAGE - DAY               The LIMO drives past a vista of the luminescent SKYLINE.               The lights twinkle through the highway emissions. The               SOUNDTRACK takes a decidedly carnivorous, urban turn.               EXT. NEW YORK CITY - STREETS MONTAGE(CONT.) - DAY INTO DUSK               The limo drives through the streets of the city. Steam               comes out of a manhole cover (if we can afford it).               EXT. SOHO GRAND HOTEL - SOHO - GOLDEN HOUR - DUSK               ESTABLISHING SHOT of the trendy architectural hotel. The               limo pulls up.               INT. SOHO GRAND HOTEL - SOHO - NIGHT               Nice lobby.               INT. BOBBY'S SUITE - SOHO GRAND HOTEL - SAME               A young black BELLMAN walks Bobby into his suite. They are               followed by Ricky. The room is beautiful. Blonde wood               paneling is offset by black and white photos of New York's               past.  Modern furniture and a mirrored wet bar give the               suite a luxurious feel.                                     BELLMAN                         ... And here is the key to the                         mini-bar. Room and tax has been                         picked up by Cardiff Giant, as well                         as one fifty in incidentals.                                     RICKY                         What's 'incidentals?'                                     BELLMAN                         Phone, room service, mini-bar. Any                         additional expense. If you need                         anything you can push the button                         marked 'Concierge', and they'll be                         able to help you.                                     BOBBY                         Thanks.               He hands the bellman a tip. He then pulls out a card key               and beckons Ricky.               Bobby dials phone.                                     BELLMAN                         Now, Mr. Slade, you're in room 315.                                     RICKY                         Just give me the key. I'm gonna                         stay here.                                     BELLMAN                         Yes, sir.                                     RICKY                         Is it a good room?                                     BELLMAN                         I can take you down there.                                     RICKY                         Just tell me. Wait, here... Do you                         have change of a hundred?                                     BELLMAN                         Not on me, sir.                                     RICKY                         Here. Take it. Bring me back eighty.                                     BELLMAN                         Are you sure?                                     RICKY                         Yeah. Take it.                                     BELLMAN                         Thank you very much, sir.                                     RICKY                         So?                                     BELLMAN                         What, sir?                                     RICKY                         Is it the good room?                                     BELLMAN                         All the suites are about the same.                                     RICKY                         Come on. Just tell me. It'll save                         all the trouble of you showing me                         all the rooms.                                     BELLMAN                         Honestly, the suites are all about                         the same.                                     RICKY                         What if I gave you forty?                                     BELLMAN                         It's as good a suite as we have,                         unless you want two bedrooms.                                     RICKY                         No. That's cool. Bring me back                         eighty.                                     BELLMAN                         Thank you, sir.                                     RICKY                         Where's the place to go tonight?                                     BELLMAN                         As far as..?                                     RICKY                         Nightlife. Where's the hot ass?                                     BELLMAN                         Women?                                     RICKY                         Yeah 'women.' If I was a fag I                         could get laid in a subway.                                     BELLMAN                         I don't know, Forum's pretty hot                         tonight. It might be hard to get in,                         though.                                     RICKY                         Don't worry about me getting in.                         Just tell me where it is.                                     BELLMAN                         It's on West Broadway.                                     RICKY                         See you later.                                     BOBBY                         Yeah, take care.                                     BELLMAN                         Thanks again. I'll bring up your                         change.               The bellman leaves.                                     BOBBY                         Hi girls, It's Bobby. I'm here safe                         and sound. I'm just calling to say I                         love you. I'd leave my number, but                         you know you can't call me here, so                         I'll try you later. Uncle Ricky                         wants to say hi...                              (he won't)                         He says hi. Be home soon. Love you.                         Bye bye.                              (hangs up)                         Why don't you want to say hi? She                         likes you.               Ricky dials the phone.                                     BOBBY (continues) (CONT'D)                         Who you calling?                                     RICKY                         Shhh... Hello, room service?                                     BOBBY                         C'mon, man...                                     RICKY                         Yeah, bring up two burgers and a                         couple of Heinekens.  I'm in room...                         How'd you know? Oh. Yeah. How long?                         Cool.                                     BOBBY                         How much is it?                                     RICKY                         How much? Okay. Make it fifteen                         minutes and you can add on a ten                         dollar tip. Bye.                                     BOBBY                         How much was it?                                     RICKY                         Forty-six.                                     BOBBY                         Jesus, man. Plus ten?                                     RICKY                         Yeah, I guess.                                     BOBBY                         Great. On my fucking room.                                     RICKY                         Relax. You got one-fifty. You heard                         the guy.                                     BOBBY                         Ricky, who knows how long we're                         gonna have to be here. We gotta make                         it last.                                     RICKY                         Fine. I'll put it on my room. Okay?                                     BOBBY                         Don't worry about it. Just be smart.                                     RICKY                         But let me tell you, man, I don't                         like your attitude already.                                     BOBBY                         Oh really. Why's that?                                     RICKY                         We just got moved up in the world.                         You gotta let go of that blue collar                         mentality that was drummed into your                         head. You gotta start owning it man,                         or they'll smell you a mile away                         like a cheap suit.                                     BOBBY                         Who's gonna smell me a mile away?                                     RICKY                         Don't play dumb. You know what I'm                         talking about.               He picks up the phone and pulls out Jimmy's card. Bobby               hangs up.                                     BOBBY                         What are you doing?                                     RICKY                         What are you doing?                                     BOBBY                         I know you're not calling Jimmy.                                     RICKY                         As a matter of fact I was. You got                         a problem with that?                                     BOBBY                         We're here representing Max. You're                         acting like a Puerto Rican on the                         fifteenth of the month.                                     RICKY                         You think Maxie doesn't want us to                         roll hard? Why do you think he gave                         us all this bread? Or the number on                         the pager? We gotta represent him by                         showing some class. The man's got an                         operation. How does it reflect on                         him if we nickel and dime it?               He dials. Bobby hangs up.                                     BOBBY                         It's on West Broadway. We can walk.                                     RICKY                         Well, I don't want to walk.               Ricky starts to dial. Bobby takes the CARD and RIPS IT UP.                                     RICKY (continues) (CONT'D)                         Motherfucker!               Ricky DIVES on Bobby, and a huge ugly BRAWL begins.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. FORUM - SOHO - MANHATTAN - NIGHT               Ricky and Bobby stand side by side at the front of the line               as Ricky tries to talk his way past the velvet rope. They               look horrible. All their cuts have reopened, their faces are               swollen, and their only set of clothes are now disheveled               and torn. Ricky talks a steady stream of bullshit, but the               DOORMAN will have none of it.                                     RICKY                         ... How 'bout Jimmy? You know Jimmy                         the driver? Cardiff Giant? You ever                         deal with them? Cardiff Giant?                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. THE CUPPING ROOM - SOHO - NIGHT               Ricky and Bobby are poured tea by a frilly SERVER. A LONG               BEAT of SILENCE.                                     RICKY                         Horseshit. 'Try the China Club.                         'Fuck you, asshole. I think it was a                         fag bar. Didn't it look like a fag                         bar.                                     BEEBEEBEEBEEP                         .....They look at each other. BOTH                         of their PAGERS are going off                         simultaneously...                                                              MATCH CUT TO:               EXT. STREET PAYPHONE - ACROSS THE STREET - NIGHT -               CONTINUOUS               They run up to a phone stand. An HISPANIC KID is on it.               They wait and listen as he talks baby-talk with his woman.                                     BOBBY                         Hello? Shit...               Taptaptap ... No dial tone. He lifts the receiver higher.               The wires have been RIPPED OUT of the base. They look at the               next phone. An HISPANIC KID is on it. They wait and listen               as he talks baby-talk with his woman.                                     HISPANIC KID                         Yeah... Mmmm, that sounds good...                         Uhu...                                     BOBBY                         Excuse me, we need to make a call.                                     HISPANIC KID                         I'm on the phone.                                     BOBBY                         It's important.                                     HISPANIC KID                         So's this.                              (in phone)                         Hey baby... Oh, nothing. What were                         you saying?                                     BOBBY                         Listen, man, we really gotta...                                     HISPANIC KID                         I be off in a minute.                              (phone)                         Say again..?               Ricky GRABS THE RECEIVER and BEATS HIM across the head with               it. The poor kid falls out of frame, and Ricky yells into               the phone...                                     RICKY                         He'll call back!               He hangs up and they both fumble with their pagers and               pockets. Bobby puts in a quarter...                                     BOBBY                         Shit. It's thirty-five cents. You                         got a dime?                                     RICKY                         Fuck...               He looks down to the kid out of frame.                                     RICKY (continues) (CONT'D)                         You got a dime, bro?               INT. LIMOSINE - MANHATTAN - NIGHT               The two banged-up Angelenos clean themselves up in the               fold-down vanity mirrors. Jimmy is their driver.                                     BOBBY                         So, Jimmy, you know where this                         address is?                                     JIMMY                         Yeah. I'll find it. It's in Harlem.                                     BOBBY                         Harlem? What is it, a restaurant?                                     JIMMY                         You don't know where you're going?                                     BOBBY                         No. Just the cross streets.                                     JIMMY                         Well, this is the corner.               The limo settles on a desolate street in Harlem. There is               nothing going on.                                     JIMMY (continues) (CONT'D)                         I can wait around if you want.                                     BOBBY                         No. That's cool, man.               They get out and the limo leaves.               EXT. STREET CORNER - HARLEM - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS               They stand outside. They look awful. They look with               curiosity as cars pass. Ricky lights a cigarette.                                     RICKY                         What exactly did they say?                                     BOBBY                         They said a hundred thirty-fifth                         and Twelfth.                                     RICKY                         They didn't say an address?                                     BOBBY                         I told you what they said.                                     RICKY                         Nothing else.                                     BOBBY                         Nothing.                                     RICKY                         How'd they know who you were?                                     BOBBY                         They asked who it was.                                     RICKY                         So they said more than the address.                                     BOBBY                         No. They asked who I was, then told                         me what corner.                                     RICKY                         This is bullshit, man.                                     BOBBY                         What the fuck do you...               A BROUGHAM slowly passes. They pause. It goes.                                     BOBBY (continues) (CONT'D)                         What the fuck do you have to                         complain about?                                     RICKY                         Don't even start.                                     BOBBY                         No. Tell me. What's so fucking                         horrible about this gig? You've been                         crawling up my ass for six months to                         get your name on Maxie's list, and                         here we are.                                     RICKY                         Look, man, I never met Ruiz, okay?                         I don't know what the fuck I'm                         picking up, what the fuck I'm                         dropping off, who the fuck I'm                         meeting. All I know is Maxie's still                         pissed at me cause I sold his                         fucking van.                                     BOBBY                         You sold it? I thought they stole                         it.                                     RICKY                         Sold it, stole it, whatever...                                     BOBBY                         Motherfucker...                                     RICKY                         Oh, give me a break. Don't tell me                         you feel bad for the guy.                                     BOBBY                         You gotta be kidding me. I vouched                         for you.                                     RICKY                         Relax. I'll do right by him. You                         know that.                                     BOBBY                         You just don't fucking get it, do                         you?                                     RICKY                         You know he fucks all his girls,                         don't you?                                     BOBBY                         What the fuck is that supposed-                                     RICKY                         Mean, that's what I heard-                                     BOBBY                         You got something to say-               Bobby grabs him, and is about to start another scrap, when               the distant roar of a fleet of JAPANESE SUPER BIKES draws               near. The pack screams up to the duo.               There are a dozen black men, on Ninjas, and they all wear               black Nazi-style helmets.               The two men freeze, and the bikes settle in around them.               One BIKER pulls up to Bobby.                                     BIKER                         They flew you all the way out here                         to cook me up some fuckin puttanesca?               Bobby recognizes the biker is Horrace, from LA. He is               relieved, but not pleased.                                     RICKY                         You know this guy?                                     BOBBY                         His names Horrace. Horrace, this is                         Ricky Slade.                                     HORRACE                         What's up. You all ready to meet                         Ruiz?                                     BOBBY                         Yeah. Where is he?               Horrace throws him a helmet.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. HARLEM STREETS - MANHATTAN - NIGHT               Bobby now rides bitch behind Ho, and Ricky clutches the               back of a buff shirtless BROTHER. The bikes rip down the               uptown streets with a ferocity that scares pedestrians. An               urban drum track rattles the SOUNDTRACK.               EXT. LITTLE ITALY - MANHATTAN - NIGHT               The horde of bikers rumble under a red, white, and green               banner strung from street lamps marking the start of Italian               turf. The businesses are all closed or closing.               Looks are drawn from locals as the outsiders chug by at a               respectful trawl.               EXT. LUNA RESTAURANT - LITTLE ITALY - NIGHT               The pack pulls away leaving only Bobby, Ricky, and Horrace.               Ho leans his Ninja to rest next to a custom Buell               Harley-Davidson cafe racer.               Bobby can't help but stare at the rare piece of machinery.               They enter.               INT. LUNA RESTAURANT - LITTLE ITALY - CONTINUOUS               The restaurant is now closed, but RUIZ sits in a rear booth               on a Nokia. He is a slim, young black man with a tight round               fro. He wears a rolex, but, other than that, nothing flashy.               He's wearing dark Gucci slacks, a black pullover crew-neck               shirt, and a black, red and orange racing leather jacket. He               must have pull here, because 'Between the Sheets' is playing               over the stereo of this bare-bones, Italian eatery.                                     RUIZ                              (on cell)                         Nah, man. Nah. Too risky. I don't                         like it... I want out... It's too                         risky... Listen, man, we made a lot                         of money together on this one, but                         it's over. Shit's gonna come down...                         Well, then, you got my blessing. I'm                         selling my end. This internet shit's                         too volatile. I'll keep my block of                         Microsoft, but I'm taking profits on                         Yahoo and all the portal stocks. The                         bubble's gonna pop, man... Alright,                         peace.               The three men approach Ruiz's table.                                     RUIZ (continues) (CONT'D)                         That's it? This is Maxie's cavalry?                         Who the fuck swole you up like that?               Bobby and Ricky both point to each other.                                     RUIZ (continues) (CONT'D)                         Shit. If that shit don't beat all.                         Maxie sent me two fuckin broke ass                         swole up guineas from the West side.                         I coulda signed up some hard local                         guineas for beer money. Ain't that                         right, Leo?               LEO, the white-haired Italian waiter nods in agreement.                                     LEO                         Sure. You boys want anything?                                     RUIZ                         Yeah, bring us four fernet.                                     LEO                         Four fernet.                                     RICKY                         No. I'll take a strega.                                     RUIZ                         What, motherfucker? You drinking                         'the witch' after dinner?                                     RICKY                         Yeah. That fernet tastes like tar.                         My grandfather tried to give me that.                                     RUIZ                         Some fuckin guineas he sent me.                         It's midnight and the motherfucker's                         ordering an apertif.                                     RICKY                         It's a digestif.                                     LEO                         Strega's an apertif.                                     RICKY                         Fine. Bring me a Cynar.                                     RUIZ                         Nigger, please. Don't even order                         that artichoke shit. West side                         guineas. Forget the drinks, Leo. We                         gotta roll. What do I owe you?                                     LEO                         We're square.                                     RUIZ                         Thanks, man. You need anything, you                         call.                                     LEO                         Thanks.                                     RUIZ                         You rode?                                     HORRACE                         Yeah.                                     RUIZ                              (hits speed dial)                         Jimmy? Ruiz. Pick up Maxie's                         guineas at LUNA and bring them to                         Spa.                              (hangs up)                         Jimmy's bringing the car around. Me                         and Ho rode sleds. We'll meet you at                         Spa in the VIP room.                                     RICKY                         Where's Spa.                                     HORRACE                         Jimmy knows. 13th Street. We'll                         meet you there.               They leave. Ricky and Bobby sit and wait. Ricky addresses               Leo after they kick their bikes.                                     RICKY                         How do you like that fucking                         moulinyan?                                     LEO                         Maybe you two should wait out front.               INT. LIMOSINE - MANHATTAN - NIGHT               Ricky and Bobby sit in the back as Jimmy drives them.                                     RICKY                         This shit's sketchy. Why do they                         drop us in the middle of nowhere to                         have the guy we're supposed to meet                         come meet us just to tell us we have                         to meet the same guy somewhere else?                                     BOBBY                         I don't know.                                     RICKY                         Well, I thought you understood and                         I was just missing it.                                     BOBBY                         Missing what? He didn't say shit.                                     RICKY                         Yeah, but you know Horrace. What                         did you get off him?                                     BOBBY                         What did I 'get?'                                     RICKY                         Yeah. What vibe?                                     BOBBY                         I detected no vibe other than that                         Ruiz thinks you're a fucking idiot.                                     RICKY                         Yo, fuck him, man. Calling us                         guineas...                                     BOBBY                         What do you give a shit what he                         calls us? He's not our friend. Let's                         just get this shit over with and go                         home. What's this place we're going                         to, Jimmy?                                     JIMMY                         Spa?                                     BOBBY                         Yeah.                                     JIMMY                         Depends what night.                                     RICKY                         A lot of Persians?                                     JIMMY                         Not usually. Mostly Trustafarians.                                     BOBBY                         'Trustafarians?'                                     JIMMY                         You know, white kids with trust                         funds acting like they're poor.                         Keeping it real. Know what I mean?                                     RICKY                         I call 'em wiggers.                                     JIMMY                         Different.                                     BOBBY                         This Ruiz guy, what's his deal?                                     JIMMY                         Don't know much. I hear he runs a                         tight ship.                                     BOBBY                         Yeah?                                     JIMMY                         Understand me?                                     BOBBY                         Yeah.                                     RICKY                              (quiet)                         So is this the drop?                                     BOBBY                         Like I said, I don't know.                                     RICKY                         He woulda told us right?                                     BOBBY                         You would think.               EXT. SPA - 13TH STREET - NIGHT               A horrifying line has formed as New York's best and               beautiful primp and peck their way to the door. The rope is               three-deep and three DOORMEN coordinate the traffic               patterns. The limo settles in and a HOMELESS MAN opens the               door in hope of a tip. Jimmy steps in his way as Bobby and               Ricky, in tattered clothes, move toward a big white DOORMAN               in an oversized hat. They fight their way past the other               people who are fighting their way past the line.                                     RICKY                              (responding to                              irritated looks)                         Watch out, man. Sorry. I'm on the                         list, man.                              (to the doorman)                         Hey, bro.                                     DOORMAN                         The line's over there.                                     RICKY                         Yeah, but, we're good. You know                         what I mean?                                     DOORMAN                         How is it you're good? You on a                         list?                                     RICKY                         Yeah. Ricky Slade.                                     DOORMAN                              (to doorman with                              clipboard)                         You see a Ricky Slade?               The doorman with a clipboard checks and shakes his head.                                     RICKY                         Cardiff Giant?                                     DOORMAN                         What?                                     RICKY                         Cardiff Giant. Just check.                                     DOORMAN                         Maybe you wanna try the China Club.                                     RICKY                         Again with the fucking China Club!                         What do I look like a fucking                         Persian to you?                                     DOORMAN                              (firm)                         Hey. I'm half Lebanese.                                     BOBBY                         We're with Ruiz.                                     DOORMAN                         Ruiz isn't here.                                     BOBBY                         We're supposed to meet him here. Is                         Ruiz on the list?                                     DOORMAN                         Ruiz is always on the list. He just                         ain't here, though.                                     BOBBY                         Can you check?                                     DOORMAN                         He's not here.               While they're waiting, the actor who played SCREECH on               'Saved By the Bell', now in his twenties, walks by and is               let through the rope with a handshake.                                     DOORMAN (continues) (CONT'D)                         What's up, man.                                     SCREECH                         S'up.                                     DOORMAN                         You look big, man. Diesel. You been                         lifting?                                     SCREECH                         A little.                                     DOORMAN                         You look good, man.                                     SCREECH                         Cool. See you later.                                     DOORMAN                         Cool.               Ricky can't believe his eyes.                                     RICKY                         Did you see that shit? Motherfucker.                              (to doorman)                         You let in fucking Screech, dude?                         I'm waiting and you let in Screech?                                     DOORMAN                         He's on the list.                                     RICKY                              (hot)                         Show me. Show me where it says                         Screech on the fucking list.               This altercation is cut short by the arrival of Ruiz and               Horrace. The Red Sea parts as they approach the door.                                     DOORMAN                         What's up, bro? You look big, man,                         you been lifting?                                     RUIZ                         A little. How's it going tonight?                                     DOORMAN                         Shit's off the chain. These two say                         they're with you.                                     RUIZ                         Yeah.                                     DOORMAN                         Alright. These two are good.               He opens the rope. Bobby shakes his hand.                                     DOORMAN (continues) (CONT'D)                         Sorry, man, but...                                     BOBBY                         Thanks a lot. Don't worry about it.                                     DOORMAN                         Any time, bro.                                     BOBBY                         Thanks.               Ricky walks by and throws him a look like he just stuck it               in.               INT. SPA - 13TH STREET - CONTINUOUS               Bobby and Ricky are lead into the club and past a window               and another set of ropes.               Their hands are stamped several times representing the               highest level of security clearance. They file down a               staircase and into one common area where hip-hop plays and               people dance. Ruiz and Horrace touch hands with an endless               stream of ACQUAINTANCES. They pass a myriad of rooms and               seating areas, then down a narrow corridor where they               encounter yet another DOORMAN who waves them past a CLUMP of               VIP hopefuls. They trot down a short bank of stairs and               into...               INT. VIP AREA - SPA - CONTINUOUS               ... a series of passageways furnished like a French parlor.               Lithe MODELS sit amongst Dreadlocked white boys. After yet               another bar, the crowd vomits into a cavernous bomb shelter.               A pulsing dance floor is surrounded by a series of couches               and coffee tables, representing the private seating areas.               At the far end of the room is an elevated stage with a DJ               and a banner reading 'GRANDMASTER FLASH'. The party is               greeted by a male club PROMOTER. He hugs Ruiz. With the               slightest of nods, the party is lead to the prime table with               a table tent marked 'RESERVED.' They sit down as a beautiful               MODEL/WAITRESS brings two buckets of champagne and fluted               glasses. Bobby and Ricky try to hide how impressed they are               as they look at each other. GIRLS on the dance floor throw               priceless looks toward their table. Ricky raises a glass to               one. Ruiz finally looks at them and leans in. He's spotted               someone.                                     RUIZ                         That's him. Now you all know the                         drill, right?                                     BOBBY                         What drill?                                     RICKY                         We don't know any drill. Nobody                         told us anything.                                     RUIZ                         Maxie told you to keep your mouth                         shut while you're working, right?                                     BOBBY                         Yeah.                                     RICKY                         So we're working?                                     RUIZ                         What the fuck you think, I wanna                         'hang' with you motherfuckers? Yeah                         you're working. And put down the                         champagne.                                     RICKY                         She poured it for-                                     RUIZ                         Far as she knows you're John Gotti.                         Now put the shit down and act like                         you got some ass.               Ruiz gets up and crosses to a BRITISH looking GUY across               the room. They watch.                                     BOBBY                         He making the drop?                                     HORRACE                         Nah, man. He's just making contact.                         That's our man. The Welsh guy.                                     BOBBY                         What's his name?                                     HORRACE                         Ruiz don't like using names on cell                         phones. He refers to him as the Red                         Dragon.                                     BOBBY                         So, when's the drop.                                     HORRACE                         To be honest, man, I don't know                         shit either. All I know is it ain't                         drugs and it ain't now.                                     RICKY                         How do you know it's not drugs?                                     HORRACE                         Maxie knows I don't go near drugs.                         I did a minute in Quentin for                         possession with intent. And it ain't                         now cause he woulda told me.                                     RICKY                         You strapped?                                     HORRACE                              (confused)                         'Strapped?'                                     RICKY                         It means you got a gun?                                     HORRACE                         I know what 'strapped' means,                         motherfucker. What the fuck you                         think this shit is? '21 Jump Street?'                              (notices)                         Cool out, they're coming back. Just                         throw up your screw face and don't                         speak unless spoken to.               They settle in and Ruiz comes back with the WELSHMAN.               They're both laughing.                                     RUIZ                         Here, man, sit down.                                     WELSHMAN                              (breaking the                              tension)                         I see you brought along the rogues                         gallery.                                     RUIZ                         Not really. Just some friends from                         out West. This is Ho, Bobby, and                         Rick.               He shakes their hands, keeping it light.                                     WELSHMAN                         And here I thought you flew in some                         out of town muscle. How's it going,                         men?                                     RICKY                         So, you must be the Red Dragon.               This draws GLARES from Ruiz, Ho, and especially Bobby.               After an uncomfortable pause, the Welshman breaks the               tension with laughter.                                     WELSHMAN                         Well, that's news to me. The name's                         Tom.                                     RICKY                         Mmmm-hmm. Where's the, uh,                         'Dragon's lair?' Where do you live?                                     WELSHMAN                         Edinburgh.                                     RICKY                         And where might that be?                                     WELSHMAN                         Scotland.                                     RICKY                         Well, word on the street is you're                         Welsh.                                     WELSHMAN                         I am.                                     RICKY                         A rose by any other name would--                                     RUIZ                              (changing the                              subject)                         Come here, there's someone I want                         you to meet. You like big tiddies?                                     WELSHMAN                         Well, who doesn't?               They walk off. Ruiz sneaks a glare.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. LIMOSINE - IN FRONT OF SPA - 13TH STREET - NIGHT               Ricky and Bobby are being lectured by Ruiz, who sits across               from them next to Horrace.                                     RUIZ                         What the fuck was you told? Don't                         talk, right?                                     RICKY                         Unless spoken to, ain't that right,                         Horrace. Didn't you say that?                                     HORRACE                         Don't drag my ass into this-                                     RICKY                         He spoke to me. You want me to dis                         him?                                     RUIZ                         'Dis?' 'Dis?' You're not in a                         position to 'dis', or 'give props',                         or whatever your Real World sense of                         fucking decorum tells you to do.                         You're nothing. You're wallpaper.                         You're not here to make fucking                         friends. Asking a motherfucker where                         he lives. And who the fuck told you                         'Red Dragon'?.                                     BOBBY                         We get it. We're sorry.                                     RUIZ                         Now that Limey motherfucker's jumpy                         and wants to change shit around on                         me. Maxie's gonna shit a Nokia when                         he hears about... Aw, shit, I better                         call him before he hears.               Ruiz pulls out his cell phone and steps out, slamming the               door.                                     HORRACE                         I'm not saying shit to neither of                         you.                                     RICKY                         Why? What I say bad?                                     HORRACE                         What the fuck, 'Red Dragon?'                                     RICKY                         What? Why am I bad?                                     BOBBY                         How bad is it?                                     HORRACE                         It's bad. Before you even showed                         up, he said you were Maxie's 'token                         goons', and not to be trusted. He                         wanted to TCB alone. I was gonna                         ride shotgun to keep the English                         dude above board. Now he's spooked.                         This shit's snowballing.                                     BOBBY                         When's it going down?                                     HORRACE                         Was gonna be tomorrow morning. Now,                         who knows?                                     BOBBY                         Shit.               Outside, Ruiz starts his bike. Horrace slides out.                                     HORRACE                         See you later.                                     RICKY                         You really in trouble?                                     HORRACE                         Stop.                                     RICKY                         I'll tell him someone else told me.                                     HORRACE                         Just don't ask me no more shit.               Horrace closes the door and starts his bike. They ride off.                                     BOBBY                         You happy?                                     RICKY                         About what?                                     BOBBY                         Why you gotta make everything                         difficult?                                     RICKY                         You too?                                     BOBBY                         Yeah, me too. You're a fucking bull                         in a china shop.                                     RICKY                         Fuck this.               He opens the door.                                     BOBBY                         Where do you think you're going?                                     RICKY                         Back in.                                     BOBBY                         You fucking nuts?                                     RICKY                         Work's over. I'm gonna party.                                     BOBBY                         You can't go in there. They know                         you're with Ruiz.                                     RICKY                         You got that right.                                     BOBBY                         Fuck you. Go then. I'm taking the                         car.                                     RICKY                         Fine.               Ricky walks past the line with a handshake. Bobby sits,               staring forward.                                     JIMMY                         Where to?                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. VIP AREA - SPA - NIGHT               Ricky sits in their booth surrounded by young hot GOLD               DIGGERS. Two WOMEN are already part of the fun: BIANCA and               CYNTHIA, who we will get to later. They are dressed               Manhattan fabulous. Bobby approaches, a wet blanket on two               legs.                                     RICKY                         Look who's back? Want some                         champagne?                                     BOBBY                              (to waitress)                         Do not put this on Ruiz's tab.                         Start a new one.                                     RICKY                         Damn right. Bring us two bottles of                         Dom Champs and here, take fifty in                         case I call you bitch later when I'm                         drunk.                              (she goes)                         Siddown, motherfucker.                              (he pours him a                              glass and toasts)                         'Sex and paychecks.'               They all clink.               EXT. DOWNTOWN NEW YORK - MONTAGE - NIGHT               Shots at the bar. With chicks.                                     RICKY                         So, wait, you're from where?                                     BIANCA                         Manhattan.                                     RICKY                         You girls aren't from Brooklyn or                         anything?                                     BIANCA                         No.                                     CYNTHIA                         I swear to God, we live in                         Manhattan.               EXT. DOWNTOWN NEW YORK - NIGHT               Staggering through the streets of downtown with a string of               WOMEN in tow, including Bianca and Cynthia. Laughs and               cigarettes. A bottle snuck out of a bar.               INT. NEW YORK BAR - NIGHT               Another BAR. A magnum of champagne empty and jammed               nose-down into an ice bucket.                                     RICKY                         I don't get it. What do you do?                                     BIANCA                         We're in Fashion.                                     RICKY                         So you're models?                                     CYNTHIA                         We rep lines? You know? Fashion?                                     RICKY                         And you grew up in Manhattan?                                     CYNTHIA                         Kinda. Yeah.                                     RICKY                         What do you mean 'kinda?'                                     BIANCA                         You ever heard of Whitestone?               EXT. STREET - NEAR SOHO GRAND - NIGHT               A new bevy of LADIES, but still Bianca and Cynthia. Drunk.               Drinking more. Vampires watch the sun rise. They skulk               into...               EXT. SOHO GRAND HOTEL - SOHO - DAWN               Ricky and Bobby are hammered and lead Bianca, Cynthia and               an EXOTIC GIRL into their hotel.               INT. RICKY'S SUITE - SOHO GRAND HOTEL - DAWN               CLOSE on a FISHBOWL as the group of partiers are seen               through the glass playing grabass.               INT. RICKY'S SUITE - SOHO GRAND HOTEL - SOHO - DAWN               The place is a mess. Room service is all over the place.               Bianca, Cynthia, the Asian coat check girl, and Bobby sit               in the squalid living area as Ricky enters from the toilet               zipping his fly.                                     RICKY                         I don't know about you guys, but                         I'm starting to feel a really sexual                         vibe here.                                     BIANCA                         What happened? I thought we were                         playing Truth or Dare.                                     RICKY                         Look at, ladies. I could sit here                         and take turns throwing skittles at                         your ass all night. But I feel what                         you guys are putting out there. I'm                         only a mirror reflecting what I'm                         getting from you. And I'm saying yes                         to it. I'm shaking hands with it. I                         see the road that you're pointing                         down and I'm saying I'll ride                         shotgun. And when your foot slams on                         the accelerator, I won't get scared.                         I'll stand up and let the wind blow                         through my long blonde hair. With my                         summer dress clinging to my bosom                         yelling 'Faster, Billy! Faster!                         Drive faster! Faster yet-!'               Ricky is CUT OFF by Bianca's CELL PHONE blowing up. She               answers.                                     BIANCA                         Hello... She doesn't want to talk                         to you... No... I don't have to ask                         her. Let it go, Sean.               Cynthia grabs the phone.                                     CYNTHIA                         Will you leave me alone, already..?                         No, Sean, it's over... I don't                         care.... As a matter of fact, I                         am... Yeah. In his hotel room...                                     BIANCA                              (can't believe she                              said it)                         Holy shit.                                     CYNTHIA                         I'm having fun , Sean. Can you                         handle that..? Yeah. He doesn't                         judge me.                                     RICKY                         I don't wear a white wig, I don't                         carry a gavel.                                     CYNTHIA                         That's a good idea, maybe I will!                                     BIANCA                         Are you alright.               She hangs up.                                     RICKY                         Now you girls wait here. I got a                         special surprise.               The girls are all waiting with Bobby as Ricky leaves the               room. Bobby does not make any attempt to keep the ball               rolling.               Cynthia whispers too loud and drunk.                                     CYNTHIA                         Is he cute?                                     BIANCA                         He's okay.                                     CYNTHIA                         Should I fuck him?                                     BIANCA                         I don't know. Do whatever you want.                                     CYNTHIA                         He's great, right. Is he great?                                     BIANCA                         He's alright.                                     CYNTHIA                              (disappointed)                         I know.                                     BIANCA                              (cheerleader)                         But maybe that's okay. Maybe that's                         just what you need.                                     BOBBY                         Can you excuse me for a minute?               Bobby leaves the room. He finds Ricky in a hotel robe               filling the BATHTUB.                                     BOBBY (continues) (CONT'D)                         What the fuck's going on?                                     RICKY                         Dude, get back out there. You gotta                         help me get them in the hot tub.                              (shouts)                         Hang on girls! Just get out there.                         I'll be right out. You know how I do.                                     BOBBY                         Yeah, I know how you do. I know how                         you do. I've heard your kibbles and                         bits all fucking night. You've been                         shaking your ass like an unemployed                         clown. How the room's a boiling pot                         of sugar water. How you're gonna dip                         a string into it and make rockcandy.                         Who wants to play 'Just the tip?'                         Dancing around like a smacked ass.                         Oh, and that coat check girl you've                         been dragging around as 'insurance'                         doesn't even speak English.                              (leaves)               Ricky checks the water and comes out talking.                                     RICKY                         Okay. We got a lot happening here.                         Here comes the good part... Okay...                                     BIANCA                              (re: robe)                         Somebody's getting comfortable.                                     CYNTHIA                         Where's the surprise?                                     RICKY                         You want your surprise?                                     CYNTHIA                         Yeah. I want it.                                     RICKY                         Well, come on then. It's back here.               Cynthia leaves with Ricky. Bobby is left with Bianca and               the Asian coat check girl. Bianca and he are uncomfortable.               After a long pause...                                     BIANCA                         You mind if I roll a joint?               Ricky sits in the BATHTUB with a glass of champagne.                                     RICKY                         You want to come splash around.                                     CYNTHIA                         I'm just warning you, I can't swim.               Then... Bianca sparks up. She offers to Bobby, who refuses.                                     BIANCA                         I'm not like her, you know. I mean,                         I'm not judging, but I'm more about                         my dogs. Do you have dogs? Are you a                         dog guy?                                                                    CUT TO:               Cynthia lets her towel drop. She dips her toe into the               water. Out of nowhere she begins to wail. Back in the main               room Bobby, Bianca, and the Asian girl react to the               off-screen crying. Cynthia comes rushing out in a bathrobe,               bursting with tears. Ricky follows in a towel.                                     CYNTHIA                         I want to leave right now.                                     RICKY                         I didn't do anything--                                     BOBBY                         What the hell did you do?                                     RICKY                         I swear to God, I didn't do                         anything.                                     BIANCA                         Oh no. What is it this time.                                     CYNTHIA                         We used to take baths together.                                     BIANCA                         Come on. Let's go.               Cynthia calls her boyfriend on the cell phone.                                     CYNTHIA                         Sean? I want you to pick me up... I                         know. I'm sorry too.               They leave.                                     BOBBY                         What the fuck was that about?                                     RICKY                         She was jonesing for me.               They notice the Asian girl still sitting there in the room.               Bobby hands her cab fare and escorts her out.                                     BOBBY                         Here you go, darling. Get home safe.               BEEBEEP... BEEBEEP...Both their pagers go off.                                     BOBBY (continues) (CONT'D)                         Fuck.               He reaches for the phone. Dials.                                     BOBBY (continues) (CONT'D)                         Hi.                              (mouthes to Ricky)                         It's Ruiz.                              (phone)                         Yeah. So the driver knows where to                         go? When? We'll be down in five. No,                         I'll tell him. He's right there. Bye.                                     RICKY                         What's up?                                     BOBBY                         He wants to see us now.                                     RICKY                         Where?                                     BOBBY                         He said it's being arranged. He                         said Jimmy will know.                                     RICKY                         We're getting whacked.                                     BOBBY                         We're not getting whacked.                                     RICKY                         Why else you think he won't tell us                         where the sit down is?                                     BOBBY                         It's not a 'sit down.' He said he's                         telling us the plan.               Ricky is waving around a STEAK KNIFE from a room service               tray, testing the weight and balance.                                     BOBBY (continues) (CONT'D)                         What are you doing.                                     RICKY                         I got a bad feeling, man. I don't                         want to go in naked.                                     BOBBY                         You gonna shank him in the shower?                                     RICKY                         Is it so unrealistic to think Ruiz,                         who doesn't even want us here, is                         throwing us to the wolves? As an                         apology? And I don't even know what                         we're dropping off or picking up -                                     BOBBY                         We're getting ahead of ourselves.                         We haven't gotten any sleep. Let's                         just keep our mouthes shut and not                         make any mistakes. Now hurry up and                         get your shit on so we're not late                         and make things worse.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. LIMOSINE - MANHATTAN - MORNING               Ricky and Bobby look awful. They have bags under their               swollen eyes, gorged stomachs, bruised faces, tattered               clothes, and yolk on their chin. Ricky lights a smoke.                                     BOBBY                         Put that shit out...                                     RICKY                         C'mon, man...                                     BOBBY                         I swear to God, I'll fucking puke.                                     RICKY                              (obliging)                         Hey, Jimmy, where they taking us?                                     BOBBY                         Yeah. Where they gonna whack us?               Ricky looks at him without an ounce of humor. Jimmy laughs.                                     JIMMY                         If they're whacking you, they're                         doing it in style.               The limo pulls up to...               EXT. TAVERN ON THE GREEN - CENTRAL PARK - MORNING -               CONTINUOUS               Jimmy lets them out.               INT. TAVERN ON THE GREEN - CENTRAL PARK - MOMENTS LATER               The MAITRE D' leads them past an orgy of a BUFFET.               Everything looks sickening to our bloated drunks. The head               of a whitefish in particular makes an impression on the               boys.               They are lead to a table joining Ruiz and Horrace, who are               both dressed appropriately for a society brunch.                                     RUIZ                         Jesus Christ, where the fuck you                         been all night? You look like you                         got shit out in the gorilla house.                                     BOBBY                         Good morning.                                     HORRACE                              (laughs)                         Good morning.                                     RUIZ                         You think this shit's funny, Ho?                                     HORRACE                         Nah, man...                                     RUIZ                         You think it's funny, motherfucker?                                     BOBBY                         Easy, Ruiz.               A WAITER shows up.                                     RUIZ                         Don't 'easy Ruiz' me. Y'all turned                         a Easter egg hunt into a                         butt-fuck-a-thon.                              (to waiter)                         Bring me four eggs Benedict and a                         mimosa. You all want mimosas?                                     BOBBY                              (ill)                         Nah, man...                                     RICKY                         No...                                     RUIZ                         Four mimosas.                              (to guys)                         You'll love them. So here's the                         plan. I didn't say shit to Maxie,                         cause the man has acute angina, and                         I don't want to get him all worked                         up.                                     RICKY                         He has a cute what..?                                     BOBBY                         A bad heart.                                     RUIZ                         I didn't tell him shit. He worries                         too much. I love that old Jew, but                         he's gonna kill himself worrying. We                         started this shit, and we're gonna                         finish it.                                     RICKY                         Who's gonna outfit us?                                     RUIZ                         Outfit? What's he talking about?                                     BOBBY                         Nothing, man.                                     RICKY                         You want us strapped, don't you?                                     RUIZ                         Last thing I want is you with a gun.                                     HORRACE                         Word.                                     BOBBY                         What's the plan?                                     RUIZ                         Tom, the Welsh dude-                                     RICKY                         The Red Dragon.                                     RUIZ                         Shut it, man. Shut it. Tom is a                         square. He don't but dabble in shit.                         Maxie had me hook up a loan-back                         with him, through an Austrian                         passbook account.                                     RICKY                         So, we're talking money                         laundering...                                     RUIZ                         Will you tell Peter Jennings to                         shut up and fucking listen. The                         shit's as routine as you get. I                         coulda turned it over offshore in a                         week, but Maxie likes to do it all                         his way. Safe. I coulda dropped the                         bag alone. It's only two hundred                         G's. But he sent you all. So I can                         either send you home and tell Maxie,                         or we can flush the toilet one more                         time and hope it all goes down.                                     BOBBY                         Let's do it.                                     RICKY                         I'm your soldier.                                     RUIZ                         Now listen. The gig couldn't be                         simpler. You carry the money to the                         Welshman, he checks it, hands you                         his marker, you're done. The washed                         money goes directly to Maxie. Long                         as you hand off the bag, you're                         tight.                                     BOBBY                         Where's the drop?                                     RUIZ                         You three are gonna meet him for                         dinner. Find out if and where. Now                         any of you motherfuckers got                         anything else to say?                                     RICKY                         Yeah.                                     RUIZ                         What?                                     RICKY                         When all this is over and we're not                         working for Maxie, I'd love to run                         into you on the street.                              (beat of silence)                         Why aren't you coming?                                     RUIZ                         That's none of your fucking                         business.               INT. HALLWAY - TAVERN ON THE GREEN - CENTRAL PARK - DAY               Bobby tries to hold his shit together as he wanders down a               mirrored hallway. He arrives at a DOOR. He opens the door to               find a...               INT. DINING ROOM - TAVERN ON THE GREEN - CONTINUOUS               ...windowless dining room, painted with grotesque greenery.               He quickly ducks out.               INT. BATHROOM - TAVERN ON THE GREEN - CENTRAL PARK               Bobby splashes water on his face.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. CENTRAL PARK ZOO - POLAR BEAR TANK - DAY               Horrace, Bobby and Ricky walk and talk through the               picturesque park. Ricky picks at a tuft of cotton candy.                                     BOBBY                         Why isn't Ruiz coming?                                     HORRACE                         This Welsh dude is tripping on Ruiz                         cause he's a Shot Caller.                                     BOBBY                         What's that?                                     HORRACE                         A Shot Caller. A boss, a Capo. He's                         running shit.                                     BOBBY                         Yeah.               CUT TO another view of the bears.                                     HORRACE                         The Welsh dude, sees all these                         niggers in perms and diamonds and                         shit, he gets nervous. But you                         motherfuckers, he just laughs. All                         beat up in your babaloo suit like                         Fruitpie the magician.                                     RICKY                         So we just go eat with him and                         that's gonna solve everything?                                     HORRACE                         Dude, you just gotta settle your                         shit down. You gotta go and say all                         that 'Red Dragon' shit. Make him                         think he's on Barretta.                                     RICKY                         Like you were doing any better                         shucking and jiving like you were                         waiting for wings outside the Quick                         and Split.               CUT TO another view of the bears.                                     BOBBY                         So what do we do?                                     HORRACE                         We go and hang out with the dude,                         make him happy, drink some tea,                         whatever it takes, until he feels                         comfortable enough to bring it up on                         his own. We make the drop, go home                         to California.                                     BOBBY                         Where is this happening?                                     HORRACE                              (hands him matchbook)                         We meet at the Globe on Park Avenue                         at six forty-five. I'll see you then.               Horrace walks away, leaving Bobby and Ricky.                                     RICKY                         Let's check out the penguins.                                     BOBBY                         The what?                                     RICKY                         The penguin house.                                     BOBBY                         Wait a minute. You want to look at                         fucking penguins now?                                     RICKY                         Yeah. Let's look at the penguins.                                     BOBBY                         Did you hear what he just said?                                     RICKY                         Whatever. We're here. We may as                         well go to the penguin house.                                     BOBBY                         I'm tired and I'm scared, and I'm                         not looking at fucking penguins.                                                              SMASH CUT TO:               INT. PENGUIN HOUSE - CENTRAL PARK - DAY               Bobby and Ricky watch the PENGUINS frolic in their arctic               habitat. The silence is broken by...                                     RICKY                         We need guns.                                     BOBBY                         We don't need guns.                                     RICKY                         I'm pretty sure we do.                                     BOBBY                         I listened extremely carefully.                         Nothing was even vaguely implied. He                         even laughed in your face when you                         asked him                                     RICKY                         All the more reason.                                     BOBBY                         You wouldn't even know where to get                         one.                                     RICKY                         Wanna bet?                                     BOBBY                         You couldn't even get a hand job                         from bridge and tunnel posse, how                         you gonna get a gun?                                     RICKY                         That's cause you decided to get all                         tired all of a sudden.                                     BOBBY                         It was six in the fucking morning.                                     RICKY                         Float me a hundred bucks.                                     BOBBY                         Why?                                     RICKY                         You wanna see how fast I get a gun?                                     BOBBY                         You're out of money?                                     RICKY                         No.                                     BOBBY                         What do you have left?                                     RICKY                         Eighty.                                     BOBBY                         Eighty bucks?!?                                     RICKY                         Eighty five.                                     BOBBY                         What happened to the fifteen                         hundred?                                     RICKY                         You coulda picked up a tab every                         once in a while.                                     BOBBY                         I did! I paid for half the fuckin                         drinks!                                     RICKY                         You did?                                     BOBBY                         Yes I did. You asshole! What about                         the room?                                     RICKY                         What about it?                                     BOBBY                         They only cover one fifty in                         incidentals. You've been ordering                         fucking... Motherfucker...               He starts to count out his cash.                                     RICKY                         Calm down.                                     BOBBY                         I fucking vouched for you. I                         vouched for you and you fucked me.                                     RICKY                         This shit's peanuts compared to                         what we're gonna make with Maxie.                                     BOBBY                         Ricky. I'm trying to save this                         money. Understand? I'm trying to                         make it so my girlfriend doesn't                         have to grind her ass into other                         men's erections so her daughter can                         go to private school.                                     RICKY                         I'm sorry...                                     BOBBY                         This is horseshit. It coulda been                         so easy.                                     RICKY                         It's gonna be fine.                                     BOBBY                         No more, man.                                     RICKY                         Let's get some sleep. That's what                         we need, man. Sleep.                                     BOBBY                         How we gonna sleep? We only got a                         few hours til dinner.                                     RICKY                         So what do we do?                                     BOBBY                         Let's just go now and wait.                                     RICKY                         Three and a half hours?                                     BOBBY                         I don't want to take any more                         chances.                                     RICKY                         Let's just go get guns, I'd feel                         better.                                     BOBBY                         Don't fuck around. You're gonna get                         us all killed.                                     RICKY                         Think about it: You knocked out                         that Jewish kid's tooth, cost him                         eight grand, maybe more. Maybe lost                         his whole line of clientele? He                         knows you're fucking up Jess'                         dancing, and I got a feeling he                         knows I stole his carpet cleaning                         van by the way he looks at me. He                         can't kill us in LA cause that leads                         to too many questions. So he flies                         us out here first class for a 'drop'                         that's turned into whatever? He can                         make us disappear out here real                         nice...                                     BOBBY                         Where do you get this shit?                                     RICKY                         Scenario B. I think I'm getting                         under Ruiz's skin. I'm no dummy. He                         doesn't like how it went down with                         the Red Drag- Welshman, whatever.                         Now I got Fruitpie the Magician                         telling me I can't call my man Max?                         And that Welshman's sketchy.                         Whatever, I don't know where it's                         coming, which way it's coming from,                         I'm telling you one thing right now,                         I'm not gonna be late for the dance.                                     BOBBY                         You're not getting a gun.               INT. LIMOSINE - MANHATTAN - DAY               Bobby is on the CAR PHONE beside Ricky. He leaves a message.                                     BOBBY                         Hi girls. It's Bobby. Can't seem to                         get a hold of you. Gonna be home                         soon. I miss you. Chloe, Uncle                         Ricky's here. He wants to say hello.                         Say hi to Chloe.               Ricky fights with him in whispers, then finally takes the               phone.                                     RICKY                         Hi Princess. It's Ricky. I hope                         you're doing good sweety. Everyone's                         okay. Nobody's hurt... Talk to you                         soon. Bye.               INT. GLOBE - MANHATTAN - DAY               Ricky and Bobby look horrible. They stare in silence               drinking coffee.               INT. GLOBE - MANHATTAN - DAY               TIME LAPSE of the two guys shifting and resting.               INT. GLOBE - MANHATTAN - DAY               Horrace arrives with the Welshman.                                     RICKY                         Look. They're together. You telling                         me this ain't a set-up?                                     BOBBY                         Easy...               They arrive.                                     WELSHMAN                         Hey, boys.                                     BOBBY                         Tom. How's it going?                                     WELSHMAN                         Fine, fine. And you were..?                                     BOBBY                         Bobby and Ricky.                                     WELSHMAN                         Right, right. The 'thugs.'               They share a laugh. The tension is slowly dissipating.                                     WELSHMAN (continues) (CONT'D)                         And where is..?                                     HORRACE                         Ruiz? Oh, he ain't here.                                     WELSHMAN                         No?                                     HORRACE                         Nah, see, Maxie just asked him to                         set that shit up as a favor. He, you                         know, he tied in with the club. Set                         us up so, you know, you feel at home.                                     WELSHMAN                         Well, I didn't care for the club                         much. And, I must say, I didn't care                         for him either.                                     HORRACE                         Well, he ain't gonna be around no                         more.                                     WELSHMAN                         Pity. What's say we have a drink?                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. LOT 61 - MANHATTAN - NIGHT               Ricky and Bobby can barely keep they're eyes open. Horrace               seems equally irritated as the Welshman drains what appears               to be his fifth pint of ale. Ricky is preoccupied by a               projected image on the wall.                                     WELSHMAN                         This is the greatest fucking                         country in the world. I love this                         fucking place. I mean the food, the                         women, the fucking curbs. This                         country has the highest fucking                         curbs in the world. It's fucking                         brilliant. You know what I love                         most? This shit.               He pulls out a can of SKOAL chewing tobacco and pinches off               a chew.                                     RICKY                         Dip?                                     WELSHMAN                         Yeah. This shit's fucking                         brilliant. I just fucking love the                         fact that you have kids driving                         around in pickup trucks with a                         mouthful of this shit, speeding                         their brains out. I gotta bring a                         case of it home to my mates. It's                         illegal back home, you know.                                     HORRACE                         No shit?                                     WELSHMAN                         Does anyone want another?                                     HORRACE                         You want another drink?                                     RICKY                         I'll get it.                                     WELSHMAN                         Who's up for a night on the town.               This is the worst possible thing he could've said as far as               Bobby is concerned. He is exhausted. The guys play the host.                                     HORRACE                         Sure. Anyplace in particular?                                     WELSHMAN                         I hear the China Club is a laugh.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. THE CHINA CLUB - MANHATTAN - NIGHT               They sit in a booth. Loud club music bombards their growing               impatience. Bobby and Ricky strain to stay awake. The               Welshman drains a cocktail, watching a table-hopping               MAGICIAN relishing his enthusiastic audience of one as he               presents him with the Queen of diamonds.                                     WELSHMAN                         Bloody hell! Brilliant! Did you see                         that?               Horrace slips the performer a bill and he trots off.                                     WELSHMAN (continues) (CONT'D)                         Now, about the business at hand...               They all perk up and lean in. Tom drains his glass.                                     WELSHMAN (continues) (CONT'D)                         Anyone have any drugs.               A wave of dread.                                     HORRACE                         What do you want?                                     WELSHMAN                         A little Charlie, perhaps.                                     HORRACE                         Coke?                                     WELSHMAN                         I've heard you've got the best coke                         in the States. The shit back home is                         pants.                                     HORRACE                              (slipping Ricky some                              bills)                         That shouldn't be a problem.               Ricky looks to Bobby, who shrugs. Ricky reluctantly goes               off to find drugs. Tom smiles and hugs Bobby and Horrace.                                     WELSHMAN                         You guys are the fucking best.  I                         swear, I didn't know about this                         whole thing, but you guys are okay.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. BATHROOM STALL - CHINA CLUB - LATER - NIGHT               Horrace, Ricky, Tom, and Bobby are all packed like sardines               in the toilet stall. Ricky hands Tom a glassine envelope               full of coke.                                     WELSHMAN                              (slurring)                         God love you...               He opens it with drunken abruptness, sending part of it's               contents onto Bobby's jacket.                                     WELSHMAN (continues) (CONT'D)                         Aw, fuck me. Sorry...               He starts rubbing the spillage from Bobby's lapel onto his               gums. Horrace prevents any more waste by taking the envelope               away.                                     WELSHMAN (continues) (CONT'D)                         Sorry, mates. Now there isn't even                         enough to go around...                                     HORRACE                         Don't worry, man. It's all for you.                                     WELSHMAN                              (touched)                         No, really, mate?                                     HORRACE                         Here...               Horrace positions himself so that the Welshman can sniff               from his hand. The four large men all reposition themselves               in the tiny stall, inevitably stepping on each other and               banging heads.                                     RICKY                         Ow, shit...                                     HORRACE                         Watch it...                                     BOBBY                         C'mon...                                     WELSHMAN                         Fuck...               OUTSIDE THE STALL, the attendant watches the feet shuffle               as they curse from within. INSIDE, Tom snorts a pile of               cocaine from Horrace's outstretched hand.                                     WELSHMAN (continues) (CONT'D)                         Fuck, that's good shit. So, what's                         say we make a go of this and you                         drop off the cash tomorrow?               Finally.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. LIMOSINE - MANHATTAN - LATER - NIGHT               The limo settles to a STOP to drop off Horrace.                                     HORRACE                         Now, here's what worries me. He                         said he wants to meet up at a bar in                         Red Hook. You know where that is?                                     BOBBY                         No.                                     HORRACE                         Brooklyn.                                     BOBBY                         Yeah?                                     HORRACE                         He must have that shit troughed.                                     BOBBY                         What do you mean 'troughed?'                                     HORRACE                         Troughed off. Protected. Like, you                         know, like he got a moat around it.                                     BOBBY                         Ruiz tied in out there?                                     HORRACE                         Nah, man. No one is. They got some                         Puerto Ricans and a new crop of                         fuckin Irish immigrants.                                     RICKY                         I'm half Irish.                                     HORRACE                         I don't fuck with those crazy,                         off-the-boat fuckin Irish. You heard                         of the Westies?.                                     BOBBY                         Heard of them.                                     HORRACE                         They ran shit back in the Eighties.                         Used to cut motherfuckers heads off                         and sit them on the bar. That's back                         when the Irish was making a play                         against the Italians. I don't know                         if they still around, but I don't                         fuck with those motherfuckers just                         in case.                                     BOBBY                         It sounds to me like everybody's                         just a little jumpy. And since all                         it is is a drop, the Welshman's got                         nothing at stake. I say we go to his                         'troughed off' bar. It'll calm his                         nerves, we drop the bag, and we all                         get back to our lives.                                     HORRACE                         And not a word to Maxie. He'll shit                         if he knew we crossed a bridge.               They all nod. Horrace gets out.               INT. LIMOSINE - MANHATTAN - DAY               They pull up to the Soho Grand. Ricky wakes Bobby, who               begins to doze.                                     RICKY                         Get up brother. We're home. Go up                         and get some sleep.               INT. BOBBY'S SUITE - SOHO GRAND HOTEL - DAY               Bobby drags himself into his suite. He drops his drawers               and lays down. Instead of sleeping, he picks up the phone               and dials.                                     CHLOE (V.O.) (V.O.)                         Hello.                                     BOBBY                         Chloe?                                     CHLOE (V.O.) (V.O.)                         Uncle Bobby?                                     BOBBY                         Hi, baby. What are you doing awake?                         Where's mommy?                                     CHLOE (V.O.) (V.O.)                         I don't know.                                     BOBBY                              (concerned, checking                              watch)                         Mommy's not home?                                     CHLOE (V.O.) (V.O.)                         No.                                     BOBBY                         What time is it there?                                     CHLOE (V.O.) (V.O.)                         Can you take me to Color Me Mine?                                     BOBBY                         Yeah. Are you sure mommy's not                         home? It's very late.               BEEBEEP... BEEBEEP...Shit. The pager.                                     BOBBY (continues) (CONT'D)                         I gotta go, baby. I love you. Tell                         mommy I called. You be a big girl                         and be careful when you're alone.                                     CHLOE (V.O.) (V.O.)                         I love you. Come home.               He hangs up, then dials.                                     BOBBY                         Yeah..? Now..? Did Ricky call                         yet..? See you in a minute.               He sits up, hunched over. He motivates reluctantly. He               claws his way into the bathroom and rinses his face in a               meagre attempt to wash away the cobwebs. He looks awful. The               COLORS are beginning to INTENSIFY as sleep deprivation sets               in.               INT. LIMOSINE - MANHATTAN - DAY - MOMENTS LATER               Bobby sits into the car once again. Jimmy pulls away.                                     BOBBY                         Aren't we waiting for Ricky?                                     JIMMY                         Ricky's taken care of.                                     BOBBY                         Taken care of?                                     JIMMY                         Yeah, he's getting there on his own.               Bobby fights to clear his head and think.               EXT. CITY STREET - MANHATTAN - DAY               The limo pulls up, and Horrace steps in, talking on the               phone. Horrace carries a BRIEFCASE.               INT. LIMOSINE - MANHATTAN - CONTINUOUS               The car pulls away. Bobby has the no-sleep-sweats. He looks               awful. No one greets anyone. There is a tension. Horrace is               on the phone.                                     HORRACE                              (phone)                         Yeah... Yeah... Uhu... I can't                         really talk now, but it's all going                         as planned. If things change, I'll                         call.               He hangs up. PAUSE.                                     BOBBY                         Where we going?                                     HORRACE                         Quick drop. In and out.                                     BOBBY                         Where's Ricky?                                     HORRACE                         Ricky's taken care of.                                     BOBBY                         How so?                                     HORRACE                         He was uptown when I paged him. I                         gave him the address. He's meeting                         us there.                                     BOBBY                              (re: briefcase)                         That it?                                     HORRACE                         That's it.               PAUSE.               EXT. LIMOSINE - BROOKLYN - DAY               The car crosses the Brooklyn Bridge and drives through               Brooklyn.               INT. LIMOSINE - BROOKLYN - SAME               Bobby is watching and thinking as Brooklyn goes by. Horrace               seems distant.               EXT. ICARUS TAVERN - RED HOOK - BROOKLYN - DAY               The limo passes the corner and settles in front of the time               worn Icarus Tavern.               A young IRISH MAN stands out front smoking a fag. The place               is open, but the neon 'OPEN' sign is off.               INT. LIMOSINE - IN FRONT OF THE ICARUS - CONTINUOUS               They pop the doors.                                     HORRACE                         This is it.                                     BOBBY                         Where's Ricky.                                     HORRACE                         I guess inside. Or he never made                         it. Either way, I don't give a shit.                         Let's get this over with.               EXT. ICARUS TAVERN - RED HOOK - CONTINUOUS               The two guys get out and enter the pub. Horrace carries the               case of cash. The guy at the door watches them enter and               snuffs out his smoke.               INT. ICARUS TAVERN - RED HOOK - CONTINUOUS               They enter the old world gin mill. It's dark. There's a               long, aged wooden bar and oak booths. The floor boards are               faded and bowed. A middle-aged BARTENDER reads the Post by               the oversized beer taps. He looks up over his reading               glasses without expression. Two young Irish TOUGHS stand up               from a booth and lead the men into the back room. There is a               silent tension. No sign of Ricky.               INT. BACK ROOM - ICARUS TAVERN - CONTINUOUS               Even darker. They slowly walk in, sending cautious looks to               every corner. A simple round table sits in the center of               this sparse dining room. Three ROGUES sit around it, all               facing the door.  Tom, the Welshman, sits with his back to               the door. They all have pints before them. A muted               conversation ends as Tom follows their stares over his               shoulder to see Bobby and Horrace enter. Silence for a BEAT,               then...                                     WELSHMAN                         Here they are, then.                                     HORRACE                              (falsely relaxed)                         How's it going?                                     WELSHMAN                         Brilliantly. Care for a pint?                                     HORRACE                         No, thanks, man. We got to head out.                                     WELSHMAN                         Come, now. You just got here.                                     HORRACE                         That's alright, man. It's a little                         early for me to drink.               This draws an uncomfortably bass chuckle from the seven               dark characters now surrounding them.                                     WELSHMAN                         Nonsense. We'll have three half                         pints of lager.               One Irishman goes to fetch the drinks. Two of the Irishmen               pat them down for guns.                                     WELSHMAN (continues) (CONT'D)                         Sorry about that. Where's your mate?                                     HORRACE                         Couldn't make it. Here's the money.               Horrace places the case on the table. Its weight makes a               loud thunk as it hits the hardwood. He pops the catch and               lifts the lid. Wow. That's a lot of money. The toughs lose               their poker faces as their knees weaken from the sight of               it. Even Bobby has to swallow as the Devil blows on his               nape. Tom fingers the stacks.                                     HORRACE (continues) (CONT'D)                              (anxious)                         Give me your marker, and we'll be                         on our way.               Tom begins to write out a receipt.                                     WELSHMAN                         I can't yet vouch for the amount,                         unless you want me to sit here and                         count.                                     HORRACE                         No, man, that's fine. Just put that                         you took delivery.               Then, in what takes only a matter of seconds, Bobby has a               LOCKBLADE to his THROAT and Horrace takes a truncheon to the               gut, flooring him.                                     HORRACE (continues) (CONT'D)                         What the fuck, man? Why? The                         money's in your hand. Why you                         pulling this shit?               Tom is scared shit. He's more surprised than any of them.                                     WELSHMAN                         I... I just hired these guys to                         watch my back...                                     HORRACE                         Motherfucker, we're handing you                         money. What the hell we gonna pull?                                     ROGUE                         Shut your goddamn mouth! As far as                         any of you are concerned, a gang of                         spics took the bag. Understood? Grab                         their wallets. I'll know where to                         find each and every one of you.                                     WELSHMAN                         didn't know, I swear to God, I-               WHACK. He takes one in the gut, violently losing his wind.                                     HORRACE                              (to Bobby)                         If you and your boy set this up,                         you're way out of your league.                                     ROGUE                         Shut up!                                     VOICE (O.S.) (O.S.)                         Maybe you're the one who better                         shut up.               They all turn to see RICKY standing tall with a PISTOL to               the head of a tough with two beers. Ricky sips the third               lager.                                     ROGUE                         He's only got six shots, he's bound                         to miss.                                     RICKY                         Or maybe I'm real lucky. I'll tell                         you one thing, I'll waste every                         bullet making sure you're dead if                         you don't take that knife away from                         my friends throat.               The thug removes the blade from Bobby's neck. His eyes               narrow as he looks at the gun. He notices something...                                     THUG                         That's a starter pistol.                                     RICKY                              (covering)                         What?                                     THUG                         His gun's a starter pistol. I can                         see the red plug in the barrel.               The toughs begin to relax and converge...                                     RICKY                              (nervous)                         Are you willing to risk your life                         over-               But the moment proves enough of a distraction for Bobby to               unload a damaging COMBINATION to his captor. He may not have               what it takes to cut it as a professional boxer, but these               untrained goons are way outclassed. He drops one like a lead               weight. It's about to get ugly as weapons are raised.               Then... The melee is cut short by a resounding VOICE calling               from the door.                                     JIMMY                         That's enough.               Jimmy the driver stands in the door aiming a Glock 45 at               the crowd.               They all freeze.                                     JIMMY (continues) (CONT'D)                         You guys, over in the corner. Leave                         the hardware and your wallets on the                         table.                              (to bartender)                         Make out an invoice on damages. You                         got e-mail?                              (nods. Jimmy hands                              him a card.)                         E-mail it to me. A check will                         arrive. Call the number at the                         bottom and tell them the Rook is                         code four. Then destroy the card.                              (to Bobby)                         Nice. I'll let Maxie know you're                         good in the pocket.                              (to Ricky)                         Staduch.                              (to the guys)                         Go. I'll take care of this.               Things are about to get ugly. Bobby grabs the case. They               split.               EXT. ICARUS TAVERN - RED HOOK - MOMENTS LATER               They get in. The limo pulls out.               INT. LIMOSINE - IN FRONT OF THE ICARUS - CONTINUOUS               Horrace peels out and Bobby, Ricky, Horrace, and the Red               Dragon all sit in silence catching their breath. Bobby holds               the case. Looks are exchanged.                                     RICKY                         Holy shit. Get me back to Manhattan.                                     BOBBY                              (interrupts)                         Take us right to Kennedy. Now.               Horrace nods.                                                                  FADE OUT.               FADE UP ON:               INT. MAX'S OFFICE - VAN NUYS - DAY               Bobby and Ricky sit before Max. They look the worst we've               ever seen them. They've obviously not slept or changed yet               and flew right out after the melee.               Maxie looks at the open case of cash.               A long, tense BEAT of unclear reaction. Is Maxie mad or               happy. Finally...                                     MAX                         You did good.               He throws them each a bundle off the top of the pile of               bills. Ten grand stacks?                                     MAX (continues) (CONT'D)                         I never intended to test you two to                         that extent, but you both came                         through. I should've been informed                         there was a flag on the play, but                         I'll take that up with Ruiz. I made                         a few calls back East. Those punks                         weren't tied in with anyone. As for                         the Welshman, he wasn't in on it. He                         was just plain dumb. As for you,                         Ricky, your draw will go towards a                         new carpet cleaning van.                                     RICKY                         But, Max-                                     MAX                         We're square.                                     RICKY                         Yes, sir.                                     MAX                         And, as for you, Bobby, you just                         moved up a notch. Your days of                         fighting for crumbs is through. Take                         a week off, come back, and we'll                         talk about the next thing.                                     BOBBY                         There won't be a next thing.                                     MAX                         Take a few days-                                     BOBBY                         I don't need a few days. I'm gonna                         settle down with Jess. She's through                         dancing. We're opening a restaurant.                                     MAX                         Hate to ruin your fairy tale, but                         I've been paying Jess' rent for six                         months. She's got to keep dancing-               Bobby throws his stack of cash at Maxie. Ricky grimaces.                                     BOBBY                         She's through too. Thank you for                         the opportunity, Max. We'll see you                         around.               They rise to leave.                                     MAX                              (smiling)                         You got a lot to learn, kid. Say hi                         to Jess for me.               EXT. JESSICA'S HOUSE - BLACKBURN - LOS ANGELES - CONTINUOUS               - NIGHT               The Trans Am pulls up in front of Jess' house. Bobby and               Ricky both pop out. We catch the end of a conversation.                                     RICKY                         Dude, we were practically made...                                     BOBBY                         I'll drop you off in a minute. I                         want to see if the baby's up. You                         wanna come in?                                     RICKY                         No. I'll wait here.                                     BOBBY                         I'll be a minute.               Bobby trots up the stairs. Ricky lights a smoke and watches               him go. We linger on his look.               INT. JESSICA'S HOUSE - BLACKBURN - LOS ANGELES - NIGHT               The door opens. The living room looks like a disaster area.               The sink is full of dishes, stacked high above the counter.               Dirty clothes are strewn all over. Half eaten plates of food               are on the coffee table and bags of carry-out containers and               pizza boxes lie about. In the center of it all, Chloe sits               alone watching a Hollywood Hills brushfire on the news.  She               looks up with the solemnity of one much older.                                     BOBBY                         Where's mommy? Did she leave you                         alone again?               Chloe looks to the back room as she sips from her juice               box. Bobby sees a MIRROR and COKE laid out on the table. He               grits his teeth and goes for the bedroom door.               INT. BEDROOM - JESSICA'S HOUSE - CONTINUOUS               Bobby bursts in to find Jess in bed with the HORNY BACHELOR               whose nose he broke the week before. The guy jumps in fear.               Jess is startled and coked out of her mind.                                     HORNY GUY                         I-I-I... Don't...                                     BOBBY                         I don't get it.                                     JESS                         I never promised you anything.                                     BOBBY                         How could you let her see this?                                     JESS                         Goodbye, Bobby.                                     BOBBY                         Just so you know, I bought you out                         with Maxie. I suggest you leave                         while you can.                                     JESS                         Don't you get it? I don't want to                         leave. This is who I am.                                     BOBBY                         Tell you the truth, I don't give a                         shit for me. But that little girl is                         so special, and you're gonna fuck                         her up.               He crosses to go, but is interrupted by...                                     JESS                              (quietly)                         Take her.                                     BOBBY                         What'd you say?                                     JESS                         I want you to take her with you.               Off Bobby's look we...                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. FRONT ROOM - JESSICA'S HOUSE - NIGHT               Bobby walks in. Chloe looks up at him. A tense silence.                                     BOBBY                         I, uh ... Listen, hon. Mommy thinks                         it's a good idea if, just for a                         while, if you and me go on a trip-               Before he can finish, his stammering is cut short by her               bolting across the room and into his arms.               She squeezes him with all her might.               We see Bobby's relief and happiness over her shoulder.                                                                   FADE TO:               EXT. BOBBY'S CAR - SMALL DESERT HIGHWAY - OUTSIDE LOS               ANGELES - NEXT MORNING               We FADE UP on a beautiful sunny morning travelling on an               empty desert road. The only car visible is Bobby's Trans Am               in the deep background, leaving the mountains behind. The               CAMERA TRACKS BACKWARDS along the road as the car closes               slowly. We hear Chloe's angelic voice as she sings a melody.               As the car draws closer, we see Bobby, still in the clothes               from the trip, driving. There is luggage packed for a               journey. Bobby looks content. When the car finally settles               into a TWO-SHOT through the windshield, we notice SMOKE               coming from the back seat. A moment later, Ricky sits up               behind them. He is half awake and cranky.                                     RICKY                         Baby, you got the sweetest voice I                         ever heard, but Uncle Ricky's gotta                         sleep. I've been driving all night,                         Princess.               She ignores him.                                     RICKY (continues) (CONT'D)                         Shhh, c'mon, baby. It's quiet time.                         Isn't it quiet time, Bobby? Bobby?                         Tell her it's quiet time Bobby.                         Please tell her it's quiet time...               Bobby smirks and accelerates, passing CAMERA, which PANS to               watch them speed off into the big sky horizon.                                                             FADE TO BLACK.               


Writers :   Jon Favreau
Genres :   Comedy  Crime  Drama

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