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                         NINJA ASSASSIN

                           Written by

              Matthew Sand & J. Michael Straczynski

                                      REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08

                                                        FADE IN:

    CLOSE ON a Horimono Tattoo as it is being drawn into
    flesh. The ink is needled into the surface of the skin,
    raw and bloody, the needled brush tapped with the
    precision of ritual.

    The tattoo is in the style of a Kuniyoshi print: Miyamoto
    Musashi thrusting his spear into the writhing dragon.
    The image has beauty but retains the violence required to
    saturate flesh with art.

    The skin canvas shifts uncomfortably with the needle-

              Fuck!   Fucking-shit-fuck-fucking-

    PULL BACK to reveal that we're in...

1   INT. TATTOO PARLOR - NIGHT                                      1

    A place of designer furniture, beautiful girls carrying
    towels, tea and cigarettes. Dozens of Yakuza look on as
    the process continues, sleeves rolled up or shirts off to
    expose the lavish tattoos that cover their torsos.

    HOLLYWOOD, the young Yakuza member, is getting his first
    tattoo, a relatively small one on his back.

    He grabs a bottle of sake and suckles it like a baby.

              Watch it, old man!

    The old tattoo artist continues tapping his brush.       Maybe
    a little harder.

                               HOLLYWOOD (CONT'D)
              What the fuck?     You're doing it

                            TATTOO ARTIST
              The needle is doing what the
              needle does.

              What's that supposed to mean?

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08        2.
1   CONTINUED:                                                        1

                               TATTOO MASTER
                 The irezumi does not hide the
                 skin, the tattoo reveals the
                 nature of the man and illuminates
                 the four noble professions in the
                 Book of Five Rings: the Warrior,
                 the Artist, the Merchant, and the
                 farmer. If there is a conflict
                 between the needle and the skin,
                 between the mark and the man, then
                 perhaps the path you have chosen
                 is not the path for which you are

                 What did you just say, old man?

    Hollywood whips his gun out and jams it under the old
    man's jaw.

                               HOLLYWOOD (CONT'D)
                 I know you didn't just disrespect
                 me, did you? You that fucking
                 stupid? You disrespect me, and
                 I'll tattoo this ceiling with your
                 fucking brains!

    The old man speaks with a kind of deference honed through
    years of service to men like Hollywood.

                                  TATTOO MASTER
                 No disrespect.

    Hollywood smiles.

                 You're lucky. I can't kill you
                 'til you finish this thing. Gimme
                 that mirror! How's it looking?

    Goons and girls all cluck their tongues in chorus.
    Hollywood peers at the new tat through the mirror.         He
    whistles approval as Yakuza One enters carrying an
    origami envelope.

                               HOLLYWOOD (CONT'D)
                 Not bad. Not bad. For an old fuck.

                               YAKUZA ONE
                 Hey, boss. This just came for you.

                 What is it?

                      GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08      3.
1   CONTINUED: (2)                                                1

                              YAKUZA ONE
              A letter.

              So open it, dumb ass.

    He opens the origami envelope, then hesitates at what he

                             HOLLYWOOD (CONT'D)
              What?   What is it?

    He pours the contents out into his hand.

                            YAKUZA ONE
              Looks like sand.

    He tastes it.

                            YAKUZA ONE (CONT'D)
              Yup. Sand. Black Sand.

    The tattoo master drops his brush.     It clatters to the

                              TATTOO MASTER

              You know what this is?

    The artist barely nods.

                            HOLLYWOOD (CONT'D)
              Wanna let us in on the joke?

                            TATTOO MASTER
              Years ago, I watched a man open an
              envelope like that one.

    His eyes pool with fury at the memory.

                            TATTOO MASTER (CONT'D)
              There were many with him and they
              laughed like you laugh now. Then
              it came from the shadows and their
              laughter was drowned in blood.
              You cannot bargain with what is
              coming. You cannot reason with it.
              Because it is not a human being.
              It is a demon sent straight from
              hell that will never stop until
              you are dead.

                     GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   4.
1   CONTINUED: (3)                                            1

              What came out of the shadows?

                            TATTOO MASTER
              I cannot say the word.

              What word?

    He pulls open his robe, revealing a hauntingly beautiful
    tattoo of a Shinobi demon thrusting its blade into a lump
    of scar tissue at the center of his heart.

                            TATTOO ARTIST
              That night, one of their blades
              struck here. I should have died,
              but for an accident of birth. My
              heart is here, on the other side.

    Hollywood peers closer at the dark figure of the demon.

              What the fuck is that?

                            YAKUZA ONE
              Looks like a Ninja, boss.

              A ninja? Are you kidding me?
              That's the word you're afraid to
              say? Ninja?

    As he starts to laugh.

                            HOLLYWOOD (CONT'D)

    His laughter is infectious.

                            HOLLYWOOD (CONT'D)
              You old fuck! You had me going!
              Ninja. That's some good shit.

    His Lieutenant laughs hard with him until the top of his
    head disappears, sliced off from his jaw up, leaving his
    tongue wagging in space.

    Lights shatter around the room.

    Chaos ensues. The panicked screams of the fleeing
    entourage co-mingle in chorus with gruesome death rattles
    of Hollywood's foot soldiers as one by one, they are

                     GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08    5.
1   CONTINUED: (4)                                             1

    There's a RUSH of movement, more felt than seen. The
    whistle of swords through the air. Cries and screams.
    Guns that fire suddenly and are just as suddenly stilled.

    STAY on the face of the Tattoo Master, barely visible in
    the thin trace of moonlight from a nearby window.
    Frozen. Immobile. As the killing continues around him.

    Then: silence, broken by the sound of heavy, desperate
    BREATHING, and a MATCH being struck by Hollywood who
    looks up --

    -- and sees a dark figures standing before him. Everyone
    else is dead. Only he and the Tattoo Master remain. The
    figure regards him with still silence. For perhaps the
    first time in his life, Hollywood is terrified.

                            HOLLYWOOD (CONT'D)
              Listen... you don't have to do
              this! Whatever you're getting
              paid, I'll triple it! You hear me!
              I'll pay you whatever you want!
              Just name your price!

    Their answer is silence. Hollywood sees his guns nearby.
    With a desperate scream, he THROWS the match in the air
    as he DIVES for his guns, grabbing one in each hand.

    There is a whistle of metal and suddenly his severed
    hands are tumbling gracefully through the air.

    The blade swings again, slicing through his body as if it
    were barely there, coming out the other side as --

    -- Hollywood's body erupts as it falls in two pieces,
    splattering the artist with blood.

    The match touches the floor and goes out.

    The Tattoo Master does not move, has not moved.    Frozen.

                            TATTOO ARTIST
              But you are real, aren't you?

    After a moment, the ninja emerges into the moonlight, the
    way a shadow coalesces into a panther gliding from the
    dark to inspect its kill.

    The artist doesn't move, but his eyes widen, his heart
    pounding in his ears.

                            TATTOO ARTIST (CONT'D)
              For fifty-seven-years, I've told
              your story...
                     GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08    6.
1   CONTINUED: (5)                                             1
                            TATTOO ARTIST (CONT'D)
              No one ever believed

    The ninja walks towards him, his steps soundless. He
    crouches down, his eyes taking in the old man's tattoo.

                            TATTOO ARTIST (CONT'D)
              But you are real, aren't you?

    There's the shing of a sword being unsheathed.    The
    artist closes his eyes, anticipating death.

    Silence. He waits for the death blow. It does not come.
    He finally forces himself to open his eyes.

    The ninja is gone, having departed as silently as he
    came, leaving death and blood in his wake.

                                                        CUT TO:

2   INT. ISTANBUL SUPERMARKET AISLE - DAY                      2

    A roll of toilet paper drops into a cart. PULL BACK to
    REVEAL RAIZO, 20s, slim and sinewy, his expression
    distant, almost haunted. He considers the toothpaste
    options for a moment, then drops in one of those too.
    Moves on to food.

    Turkish Muzak plays in the background, a Beatles song,
    "Helter Skelter" by way of Turkish musicians. Other
    SHOPPERS cruise past in their own private quests.

    Raizo gets quick, easy bachelor food: six eggs, a single
    stick of butter, several handfuls of noodle packages.


    Raizo waits while the CHECKER - a pretty young woman -
    tallies up his groceries.

              That's a lot of noodles.
              Are you a student? Tourist?   Here
              on business?

    Raizo shakes his head to all three.

                            CHECKER (CONT'D)
              When was the last time someone
              cooked you a real meal?
              I get off at seven.
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   7.
3   CONTINUED:                                                   3
                               CHECKER (CONT'D)
                 You could come by, let me make you
                 a proper dinner!

    She winks at him.       Very cute.

                 I don't think so. Sorry.

    No smile. No emotion in Raizo's face. He pays in cash.
    He picks up the bag and starts away when --

                 So if you're not a student, and
                 you're not a tourist, and you're
                 not here to work... what are you


                 For what?

                 For the wheel to turn.

    And he exits.

4   EXT. ISTANBUL, STREET - DAY                                  4

    Ancient gateway between Asia and Europe. Minarets thrust
    up from the tangled streets into the bright Aegean sky.

    The street is crowded with bicycles, cars and motorcycles
    as Raizo makes his way down a narrow sidewalk.

                               OZUNU (V.O.)
                 Wherever you are, wherever you may


    We're in a heavily shadowed room, lit with flickering
    candles as an older man, OZUNU -- hard-edged and
    unforgiving -- talks to his clan.

        must never, ever forget who
                 you are, how you came to be. You
                 are Ozunu. You are a part of me
                 as I am a part of you.

                           GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   8.
5    CONTINUED:                                                     5

     Beside him is a ten-year-old boy.       His expression has the
     weight of stone.

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  This is the truth of your lives
                  and it will remain true after

     He pushes the boy forward.

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  This is my new son. I have given
                  him the name Raizo. Welcome him
                  as your brother.

     The clan mummers "welcome Raizo", bowing their heads.

     One head remains upright, looking him in the eye.        A girl
     roughly his own age. Her name is Kiriko.

5A   INT. EUROPOL OFFICE - DAY                                     5A   *

     MIKA CORETTI, 30's, high-energy, a force of nature in              *
     human form. She enters EUROPOL AGENT RYAN MASLOW's                 *
     office carrying an armful of reports.                              *

                                MASLOW                                  *
                  What's all this for the Delgata                       *
                  case?                                                 *

                                  MIKA                                  *
                  No.    This is Delgata-                               *

     Sets her pile down and she hands him one folder from the           *
     ton.                                                               *

                                  MASLOW                                *
                  And the rest?                                         *

                                  MIKA                                  *
                  ...evidence.                                          *

                                  MASLOW                                *
                  For?                                                  *

     Her eyes tell him.                                                 *

                                  MASLOW (CONT'D)                       *
                  Oh no.    Not again.                                  *

                                MIKA                                    *
                  You said you'd take it serious                        *
                  when I had serious evidence.                          *

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   8A.
5A   CONTINUED:                                                   5A

                                MASLOW                                 *
                  Does that evidence include photos                    *
                  of the Loch Ness monster as well?                    *

     He chuckles.    She's not laughing.                               *

                                MIKA                                   *
                  You've trusted my research before,                   *
                  what's the problem now Ryan?                         *

                                MASLOW                                 *
                  What's the problem? Come on Mika,                    *
                  it's like one of those questions                     *
                  on an IQ test, which of these                        *
                  doesn't belong; laptops, space                       *
                  shuttles, nanotechnology, ninjas.                    *

                                MIKA                                   *
                  All I'm asking for is an hour.                       *
                  That's all. Give me an hour and                      *
                  if you still think I'm chasing                       *
                  UFO's, I'll walk out and you'll                      *
                  never hear another thing about                       *
                  them.                                                *

     He eyes her.                                                      *

                                MASLOW                                 *
                  Why do I think I'm going to regret                   *
                  this?                                                *

6    INT. ISTANBUL APARTMENT BUILDING - HALL                       6

     ON A DOOR LOCK as he inserts his key and HEARS:

                                LANDLADY (O.S.)
                  Oh, Mr. Nan, good, you're back.

     Raizo turns to his LANDLADY, an older woman who looks up
     at him from the top of the stairwell.

                                LANDLADY (CONT'D)
                  We had a heating problem, and I
                  had to go into your apartment.

     Raizo nods, his expression not betraying the sudden
     tightness in his chest at this information.

                  Is everything all right?

                      GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   8B.
6   CONTINUED:                                                  6

                 Yes, fine, it's all fixed. You
                 keep it very dark and spare in

                 Ms. Ali, my privacy is very
                 important to me. If you enter my
                 apartment again without my
                 permission, I will leave your

                 I just --

                     GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08    9.
6   CONTINUED: (2)                                             6

              Good day.

    He closes the door behind him.


    He stands on the other side of the door, surveying the
    room for a moment with severe, unforgiving eyes. The
    place is monastic, nothing decorative, or comfortable.

    Then, in a quick series of cuts, he checks all of the
    secret places he hides things.

    A drawer is flipped over and a hidden bottom opens
    revealing weapons. A panel in the oven reveals his chain
    and blade. A hidden compartment in his suitcase exposes
    inky folds of fabric. He sifts through them as we hear-

                            OZUNU (V.O.)
              You should have died.

8   FLASHBACK - INT. ORPHANAGE DOJO - DAY                      8

    Raizo, breathing hard, stands over another young boy that
    he has just defeated in a fight. Both are sweaty, dirty,
    scarred. The other children are lined up in perfect
    rows, watching silently. Most are boys, but a few are
    girls. One of them is KIRIKO, lithe and supple, a
    child's eyes haunted by an adult's sorrows and knowledge.

    Ozunu circles Raizo as he regards his fallen opponent.

              On the street. Abandoned by your
              parents. Without a home. Without
              people to care for you. You
              should have done as most children
              do, and gone quietly from this
              world, to the next.
              But, instead you fought. As you
              did here today. You fought. And
              you won.

    As we TRACK with Ozunu, we see that Raizo's body is
    covered in scars.

                            OZUNU (CONT'D)
              Scars are the calligraphy of
              violence, Raizo. They inscribe
              the story of one's life.
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   10.
8    CONTINUED:                                                   8
                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  You survived because you are
                  different. You are special. That
                  is why you are here. That is why
                  the Great Current, which flows
                  beneath all life, carried you to

     BACK TO:

9    EXT. BERLIN - DAY                                            9

     Mid-day traffic, tourists strolling down wide avenues
     past war monuments and street art.

10   EXT. EUROPOL - DAY                                          10

     Just long enough to ESTABLISH UNDER:

                                MIKA (V.O.)
                  It's a pattern, like the currents
                  of the ocean.

11   INT. EUROPOL OFFICE - HALLWAY - DAY                         11

     Close on a mound of bank records; rivers of numbers
     cascading neatly down perforated spread sheets.                  *

                  Some people see money as the root
                  of all evil, but to me it looks
                  like a fingerprint. Whether we're
                  talking about 19th century Korea,
                  or 21st century Iraq, the game is
                  the same. If you want to
                  understand why certain things are
                  happening, you have to understand
                  the flow of money.

                  You're excited, Mika. You know I
                  get nervous when you're excited.

     He would never admit it, but he enjoys watching her work,
     almost as much as he likes poking her about it.

                  You remember the Eulmi incident?                    *

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   11.
11   CONTINUED:                                                   11

                  Korean queen, late eighteen-                         *
                  hundred's. According to you, she
                  was off'd by one of these ninja

                  Ozunu. I think. I've been going
                  through some of the original
                  transcripts of the trial of
                  Kunitomo Shigeaki. The prosecutor
                  questioned him about a payment of
                  100 pounds of gold. Shigeaki
                  answered that he didn't know what
                  the prosecutor was talking about.
                  The question was never brought up
                  again. But what pinged for me was
                  the amount- the exact same amount
                  rumored to be paid to the Hattori
                  Clan for the assassination of Lord

                  So you start to wonder, in this
                  ever changing world, if the cost
                  of a man's life has remained

                  Exactly. I figure these clans are
                  like a thousand years old. They
                  probably don't change a lot.

     She begins flipping through huge reams of bank records.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                  I started looking at international
                  wire transfers, targeting banks in
                  the regions of several high-
                  profile assassinations and bingo-

     The proverbial needle in a haystack; a single wire
     transfer circled in red.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                  Minister Zhang. The day before
                  the assassination $1,555,999.90
                  was transferred from the bank of
                  Shanghai. The exact market value
                  of one hundred pounds of gold.

                  Highly circumstantial.                               *

                      GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08     12.
11   CONTINUED: (2)                                              11

               I thought you might say that so I
               checked how often this particular
               bank transferred that market
               equivalent to a hundred pounds of
               gold in the last three years.

               Let me guess.

               Not once.

     He sifts through the report.                                      *

               Okay you got me. This is                                *
               interesting.                                            *

               The clans are real, Ryan. They                          *
               steal children and turn them into                       *
               assassins. They've been doing it                        *
               for years and nobody's doing a                          *
               damn thing to stop them.                                *

               Look, no one's denying the
               historical record, Mika. But the
               whole idea just doesn't fit in
               with a modern world. It's like
               one of those questions on an IQ
               test: which of these doesn't
               belong in this sentence: laptops,
               space shuttles, nanotechnology,

               They're real Ryan. You can call
               them spooks, or assassins, or
               whatever you want if it makes you
               feel better, but they're out
               there. They're killing people and
               nobody is doing a damn thing to
               stop them.

                                                             CUT TO:
                     GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   13.

12    INT. ISTANBUL LAUNDROMAT - NIGHT                          12

      Close on tokens being rammed down the mechanical throat
      of a washing machine. Overhead, the fluorescent lights
      STROBE unevenly, the fixtures old and in need of new

      Raizo steps back as the washer begins to cycle loudly, a
      wheezbox instrument that rattles, gurgles and groans.

      As he looks at the machine we hear:

                Our enemies are everywhere.

12A   FLASHBACK - INT. ORPHANAGE - DAY                         12A

      Ozunu strides among his children who are bathing,
      scrubbing themselves with evergreens.

                You must move without trace or                       *

      Young Raizo pours water through evergreens onto clothes
      he is scrubbing.

                              OZUNU (CONT'D)
                You must become shadow; Your scent                   *
                nothing but wind through trees.                      *

                                                          BACK TO:

12B   INT. ISTANBUL LAUNDROMAT - NIGHT                         12B

      A pretty young Japanese woman, the only other customer,
      calls to Raizo as she stands beside one of the dryers.

                              PRETTY WOMAN
                Hi... excuse me...?
                          (catches his eye)
                Would you mind?


      She hands him one end of a freshly dried sheet.

                              PRETTY WOMAN
                If it's not too much trouble,
                could you help me with this?

      He smiles and nods.
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   13A.
12B   CONTINUED:                                                 12B

      They begin to fold, corner to corner, end to end.
      Silently. The fluorescent strobing above them.

      We sense a strange tension between them as we realize
      they are alone in the midnight cleaners. He looks at
      her. She smiles. The uneven strobing on either side of
      the Laundromat casts uneven shadows on her face... almost
      as though she had two faces. One light, one shadow. We
      EXTEND the silence for a long BEAT until he looks down at
      the sheet and says:

                   What clan are you from?

      She glances up sharply.

                                 PRETTY WOMAN
                   I... don't understand...

                   You came alone. The Ozunu clan
                   would never make such a mistake.

      Her eyes REACT as suddenly a blade flashes from beneath
      the sheet, reaching for Raizo's throat.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   14.
12B   CONTINUED: (2)                                           12B

      He catches the blade in the sheet, twisting it in her
      grip. She fights for control.

      A fury of slashes and the sheet is shredded.

13    INT. ISTANBUL LAUNDROMAT OFFICE - NIGHT.                  13

      The night manager is half-asleep, watching a Korean soap
      on Empress Min. When he hears a series of crashes, he
      gets up.

14    INT. ISTANBUL LAUNDROMAT - NIGHT                          14

      He throws open the office door, wielding a fire iron.

                What is going on-

      The space is empty, glowing with fluorescent glare.

      One machine is thumping loudly.    He crosses to it.

      As he nears it, bloody water begins bubbling up, flowing
      over the top.

15    EXT. CURRY-WURST STAND BERLIN - DAY                       15

      Ketchup splatters the chopped meat.

                And two cokes, please.

                How long have you been here? And
                you can't say "zwei cola bitte"?

                Course I can, but you tend to hear
                more interesting things if people
                don't know you can understand what
                they're saying.

                Do you ever stop being a cop?

                Not the way I was raised. My dad
                always said, being a cop has
                nothing to do with a clock. It's
                a consequence of consciousness
                often interpreted as desire.

                          GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   15.
15   CONTINUED:                                                    15


                  For justice. And doughnuts.

     He smiles as they move to one of the circular tables.

                                MASLOW (CONT'D)
                  So you got something else?

                  I think so. Same template as
                  before. The transfer was made the
                  day before a multiple homicide in
                  Osaka. The police and newspapers
                  are calling it a gangland slaying.

                  How do you know what the police
                  report says? You're not still
                  requisitioning evidence with my
                  clearance codes, are you?

     She shakes her head.       Lying.   Quickly sipping her coke.

                                  MASLOW (CONT'D)

                  What about the bank audit?

                  Denied.    It was a long shot at

                  But you said you found something.

                  A report. A friend of mine in
                  Moscow, tipped me to it.

     He slips an envelope from his briefcase and gives it to

                                MASLOW (CONT'D)
                  It was written during the height
                  of the Cold War by a high ranking
                  KGB agent named Aleksei Sabatin.
                  In it, he raises the possibility
                  that several political
                  assassinations were conducted by
                  an ancient but very sophisticated
                  network he calls the Nine Clans.
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   16.
15   CONTINUED: (2)                                              15
                                MASLOW (CONT'D)
                  Mind you, he doesn't call them

                  What happened to him?

                  Same thing that's going to happen
                  to me, if I keep hanging around
                  with you- booted out of the
                  service for mental instability.

                  Is he still alive?    We need to
                  find him.

                  Working on it.

                  You believe it now, don't you?

     He scoffs.

                  Ninjas?    Are you kidding?

                  Then why are you doing this?

                  No idea-

     He finishes his soda and takes his garbage to the can.

                                MASLOW (CONT'D)
                  But I can guarantee you that it
                  has nothing to do with the fact
                  that you're the most attractive
                  researcher that I've ever worked

     He smiles and turns before she flushes a bright shade of

16   INT. ISTANBUL RAIZO'S APARTMENT - DAY                       16

     A teapot begins to sing.

     Raizo pours the boiling water into a plastic bowl of
     noodles. He covers the bowl and waits a moment for the
     soup to cook.

     As he stares, we hear.
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   17.
16   CONTINUED:                                                   16

                                OZUNU (V.O.)
                  The body must obey the will.                         *


     Several of the younger members of the clan are sitting at
     the table, about to eat.

     Ozunu stands before them. He removes a small blade from
     inside his robe. Places the blade against his palm.

                  Hunger and thirst, your bowels and                   *
                  breath, even the blood in your                       *
                  veins, are the body's weaknesses.                    *

     The knife slices down along his palm, opening a split;
     the flesh parts, yet no blood flows.

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  Master them, and you master the

     He closes his fist.

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  This is the power of the Ozunu

     He concentrates, squeezing his hand tightly until he
     opens it revealing that the wound has closed.

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  This is the way of the ninja.

     The children look at each other, except for Raizo who
     stares at Ozunu.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  Eat tonight and you work twice as                    *
                  hard tomorrow.

     Ozunu leaves.

     The children look at the soup, their mouths watering.
     All around, the older Ozunu clan members eat noisily.
     One of the children can't resist any longer and begins
     scooping up the noodles. In short order, others do the

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   18.
17    CONTINUED:                                                  17

      All except for Raizo, who sets down his chopsticks.
      Willing himself not to be hungry.

17A   BACK TO SCENE                                              17A

      The grown Raizo looks at his soup.    We cannot tell if he
      is going to eat or not.

                   The world feeds on the weak.


      Young Raizo stands in the central chamber of the
      compound. The floor beneath his bare feet is made of
      thousands of carefully mitred pieces of gleaming wood
      laid down in an intricate pattern. They are not,
      however, glued down to the floor. The slightest wrong
      move will make them shift noisily.

      This is our first look at the Nightingale Floor.

                   Suffering exists only because                       *
                   weakness exists.

      Ozunu watches from the far side of the room as Raizo
      takes his first step. Carefully. Graceful as any

      He makes no sound.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   You must hate all weakness. Hate                    *
                   it in others, but most of hate it                   *
                   in yourself.

      He takes another step, and another.    Each soft as a
      falling feather.

      He is a third of the way across the floor - his body
      gleaming with sweat - when he steps wrong and the floor
      sings beneath him.

      Raizo stops, a flash of panic in his eyes. Then he
      subdues the emotion and obediently lifts the offending
      foot, holds it out as Ozunu rises and approaches.

      Ozunu lays open Raizo's foot with a bamboo rod.      Slashing
      blows that leave deep cuts.

                   GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   18A.
18   CONTINUED:                                              18

     Raizo's expression hardly changes. Ozunu returns to his
     place, and Raizo starts walking again, making no noise,
     and leaving no trace of his passage...

     ...except for a trail of small, bloody footprints.


     The same evening. Most of the children in this place
     sleep on mats in the same room. They are exhausted,
     silent, motionless.

                    GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08     19.
19   CONTINUED:                                                19

     We FIND Raizo and though he makes no sound, his eyes show
     silent tears of pain, his feet still bleeding and

     Kiriko looks on from her mat for a long, silent BEAT,
     knowing the agony he is in. Then, as if coming to an
     inner decision, she reaches under her mat for a leaf into
     which a thick salve has been folded. She crosses the few
     feet to Raizo's mat and, as he watches in silent agony,
     she puts her finger to her lips, then kneels down --

     -- and begins applying the salve to his feet. Within
     moments, we can see the pain leaving his eyes. Finishing
     quickly, she folds the remaining salve back into the
     leaf, exchanges a quick, furtive glance with Raizo, then
     heads back for her mat.

     He lays there for a BEAT, confused as to whether his
     diminishing pain is a good thing. Then he turns to look
     at Kiriko, but she lays with her back to him, apparently

     He regards her silently for a moment, then rolls over
     himself to sleep as we come around to --

     -- the other side of Kiriko, and see that she is very
     much awake, almost smiling. She closes her eyes.

                                                           CUT TO:

20   INT. MIKA'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                             20

     The apartment is dark as Mika ENTERS and turns on the
     lights. She looks the place over, then goes room to
     room, turning on every light in the place. The practiced
     way she does it makes it clear she does this every night.

     Satisfied she's alone, she goes into the bedroom to


     Mika is curled up in a chair and with KGB report.

     She turns a page and sees a photocopied drawing of a very
     intricate floor that we now recognize as the Nightingale
     Floor. She reads the caption beneath it.

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   20.
21    CONTINUED:                                                  21

                                 SABATIN (V.O.)
                              (Russian accent)
                   Historical evidence suggests that
                   Ibn-Battuta's journey through the
                   far east brought him into contact
                   with what might be one of the
                   oldest of the Nine Clans. He
                   travels with a group of orphans
                   that are being taken from a city
                   devastated by war to the Shido of
                   the Ozunu clan. The people of the
                   surrounding province refer to the
                   Shido as "The Orphanage."

22    FLASHBACK - INT. ORPHANAGE DOJO                             22

      We see Battuta, the 14th century Muslim explorer sitting
      among the original leaders of the Ozunu clan, watching
      two children fight.

                                 SABATIN (V.O.)
                   Battuta describes a ceremonial
                   dinner followed by a display of
                   martial skill. The combatants
                   were children neither beyond the
                   age of ten.

      Battuta masks his revulsion as the battle continues until
      one child beats the other to death. Small fists gleam
      with blood as one boy pummels the other.

                                 SABATIN (CONT'D)
                   His host explains that a man's
                   life must be made meaningless
                   compared to the life of the Clan.
                   Own the meaning of a man's life
                   and you own his heart.

22A   BACK TO SCENE                                              22A

      Slowly the light in the bedroom hallway goes OUT.

      She freezes, and the world seems to freeze with her.      She
      doesn't move, doesn't breathe.

      She forces herself to sit slowly up, reaching under her
      bed for a cricket bat. A car drives by outside. Could
      be nothing. Could be everything.

      Despite her fear, she edges toward the door. Slowly
      peers around it. The darkened hall is empty.

                     GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08      21.
22A   CONTINUED:                                                22A

      There is a ticking sound, like someone tapping at a
      window. Could be a tree in the wind. Could be something

      She moves slowly through her apartment.   Every shadow
      could conceal unseen eyes.

      She comes to the end of the hall, where the overhead
      light is out. She flicks the switch on and off.
      Nothing. She reaches carefully toward the light bulb.
      Taps it. The bulb rattles, it's just burned out. She
      breathes a sigh of relief. Then she notices --

      -- that the living room window is open, the blinds gently
      swaying from the wind, tapping against the sash.

      She closes it and locks it. Looks to her desk,
      concerned. Did she leave the window open? Or is
      something going on.

      She goes to her desk, anxious, to check on something.
      She opens a drawer, revealing a box of tampax. Pulls out
      the tampax to reveal a key... a place no guy would think
      to check.

      She unlocks a drawer and takes out an unmarked DVD in a
      slim plastic case. Relieved, she starts to put it
      away...then stops. Is it the same DVD? She moves OS.

      MOMENTS LATER... the TV is switched on, and an image
      begins to play, revealing a time coded security camera,
      recording an urban street corner in Japan. The tape is
      riddled with digital noise and artifacting.

      Then, slowly, the digital noise seems to coalesce, to
      grow shapes. The shadows come to life.

      Then with incredible speed two dark figures start
      battling it out, their blades striking sparks that are
      still descending after they've slipped back into the

      They emerge over and over, brief flashes of clarity like
      the perfect arc of a calligrapher's brush describing the
      wing of a bird. Fight. Retreat. Silence. Shadows.

      Mika hits the pause button and moves closer to the
      screen, examining the figures.

      One of the figures is wearing a mask, but the face of the
      other combatant is revealed, albeit somewhat obscured by
      the dim light and digital noise.

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   22.
22A    CONTINUED: (2)                                           22A

       As we PUSH IN, we see that it's Raizo.   But she doesn't
       know that name yet.

                 ...who are you?

       She stares at the fierce beauty of his face and touches
       the screen gently.

22Aa   INT. ISTANBUL RAIZO'S APARTMENT - DAY                   22Aa

       CLOSE on a bed of nails; sixteen penny nails arranged in
       perfect rows pointing up, the sharp tips catching the

       As we REVEAL Raizo his breathing is rhythmic and deep,
       but this is really the first time we have heard him sound
       like he is straining.

       As we continue to WIDEN, we discover the reason for this:
       he is doing handstand push-ups. On the nails. Over and
       over, with little apparent effort.

       The hard edges and lines of his body catch the light,
       like the tips of the nails, as we HEAR:

                               OZUNU (V.O.)
                 Strength is the only virtue that
                 nature respects.

22Ab   FLASHBACK - INT. ORPHANAGE - DAY                        22Ab

       Children are sharpening their weapons. Ozunu walks above

                 Hone your body. Sharpen your mind.
                 Become the weapon you will need to

       Young Raizo looks up and sees young Kiriko looking at
       him. She smiles. He looks back to his weapon.

22B    EXT. ISTANBUL - STREET - DAY                             22B

       Raizo walks down a street where repair work is being
       done. To keep cars from falling into the hole, they've
       covered the street with big steel plates. As the cars
       and trucks pass over the plates, they make a bump-thump
       sound. Bump-thump, bump-thump, bump-thump. We PUSH IN
       on Raizo under that sound.
                    GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   22A.


     Kiriko is working in the bonsai garden. Raizo watches
     her silently for a moment noticing that she is secretly
     loosening the wires, letting the branches ease back into
     their natural shape.

     He whispers.

               You shouldn't do that. It's
               against the rules. If they catch
               you --

               Then they catch me.

               They'll put you in the box.

               Yes, they will.

     She finishes releasing the branch.

                             KIRIKO (CONT'D)
               I believe the heart of the tree
               knows which way it needs to grow.

               Trees don't have hearts.

               Everything has a heart.

                          GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   23.
23   CONTINUED:                                                    23

                  I don't.

     There's sadness and bitterness in his eyes. He's closing
     off to the world, becoming what they want. She won't let
     that happen.

                  Really? Let me see.

     He hesitates, then approaches. Kneels down beside her.
     She reaches toward him. He flinches...a sword he can
     handle, but kindness has become something foreign...then
     allows her to undo the top button of his shirt. She
     presses her ear to his chest. Listens.

     Then she gently whispers to it.

                                KIRIKO (CONT'D)
                  Hello....hello, you in there.

     She listens again.

                                KIRIKO (CONT'D)
                  It's saying hello back. And that
                  it's happy to meet me...but it
                  misses you.

     Raizo smiles despite himself.


                  Listen to mine, I'm not lying.
                  I'll prove it.

     Again, he hesitates. Then he leans in, and listens to
     her heart. Bump-thump. Bump-thump. She smiles.

                                  KIRIKO (CONT'D)

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08     24.
23    CONTINUED: (2)                                               23

      He looks up at her, his ear still to her chest. And for
      the first time, his face softens. Bump-thump. Bump-
      thump. Bump-thump.

23A   BACK TO SCENE                                               23A

      In the present as the traffic bounces past Raizo.        Bump-
      thump. Bump-thump. Bump-thump.

      His eyes saddening with memory, he continues on his way.

24    INT. MIKA'S OFFICE - NIGHT                                   24

      Mika is at her computer doing what she does best:
      intuitively sifting through interconnected threads of

      Searching through what is known about Ibu-Battuta, she
      discovers information concerning the lost chapters of the
      "Rihla," supposedly destroyed sometime in the 15th

      She remains immersed until a sound grows louder and

      A vacuum cleaner. She checks the time. Very late. She
      looks up and finds two eyes watching her through the
      crack in her open door.

      Startled she gets up while the eyes quickly disappear.

      In the hallway, an older Asian man is pushing the vacuum

                Excuse me? Excuse me?

      He shuts it off, turns to her.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                Where's Jona?

      He seems not to understand her.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                Jona.    The usual cleaner. Jona.

                                ASIAN MAN
                Ahh, Jona.    Jona sick.

                Oh. Well, tell him I hope he
                feels better

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   25.
24   CONTINUED:                                                   24

                                 ASIAN MAN
                  Take care.   You should take care.


                                ASIAN MAN
                  Work so late. Not good for you.

     She smiles sheepishly.


25   EXT. BERLIN STREET - NIGHT.                                  25

     Mika walks down the empty street, the sound of her heels
     slap against the stone buildings.

     The shadows seem to stalk her.

     She hears a faint sound like metal claws against glass.

     She stops and listens trying to see into the dark.

         someone there?

26   INT. ISTANBUL RAIZO'S APARTMENT - DAY                        26

     Raizo is practicing his chain form.

     We begin to hear the sounds of another fight.
                      GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   26.

27   FLASHBACK - INT. ORPHANAGE DOJO - NIGHT                    27

     Raizo, is fighting with TAKESHI, a few years older, in a
     room lit by hundreds of hanging torches. Armed with
     katanas, the boys duck, dodge and weave around the
     burning obstacles as they fight.

     They are both extremely agile, their bodies moving with
     the impossible flexibility of youth.

     Kiriko watches along with the other members of the clan.
     If she feels anything as she watches the fight, we cannot

     They perform a vicious series of combinations, then
     Takeshi's sword cracks against Raizo's head, opening a
     huge gash.

     Raizo hits the ground hard, blood speckling the mats.

     Takeshi backs away as Ozunu steps in.

     As blood flows down the side of his face, Raizo looks
     like the young boy that he is. Pain throbs from the
     wound, and he begins to cry.

               Did Takeshi's blow hurt you?    You                   *
               think this is pain? You are                           *
               mistaken.                                             *

     He gouges three fingers into the boy's stomach and twists
     something inside of him.

     Raizo screams.

     His screams smear into uncontrollable sobbing.

                             OZUNU (CONT'D)
               That is true pain. You must learn                     *
               to live with it.

     He steps back, leaving Raizo writhing in agony.

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   27.
27   CONTINUED:                                                  27

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  This is your first test. Survive                    *
                  the night.

     He signals to the rest of the clan and they all begin to

     Kiriko is the last to turn away.

                                                          TIME CUT:

     Later.    Night.

     Raizo is still where we left him, a twisted knot of pain,
     his face stained with tears and crusted with snot.

     He is trying to control his breath, at first without
     success. Then slowly, finally, it begins to ease. His
     hand, twisted into a kind of rigor mortis, slowly begins
     to relax, opening like a lotus flower.

                                                          TIME CUT:

     Dawn breaks over the wall, as Ozunu returns to the dojo
     to find Raizo is sitting in a full lotus, completely
     calm, the wound already beginning to heal.

     Ozunu shows a hint of a smile.

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  Very good, Raizo. Very good.

28   OMITTED                                                     28

29   EXT. RIVERSIDE PARK - DAY                                   29

     They are walking. Maslow is nervous.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   28.
29   CONTINUED:                                                   29

                  Last night I'm working late and I
                  get a visit. Guy named Zabranski.
                  Works upstairs for Internal
                  Affairs. Just drops by. In the
                  neighborhood- cup a sugar- how ya
                  doin- kinda thing. Asks what I'm
                  working on. Oh, this and that,
                  usual blibbity blab, I tell him.
                  Then he smiles and says-

30   FLASHBACK - INT. MASLOW'S OFFICE - NIGHT                     30

     Zabranski is leaning against the door jam.

                  ...Very Good.

     His faint smile reminds us of Ozunu.

31   EXT. RIVERSIDE PARK - DAY                                    31

                  I don't understand what is really
                  going on, but I'm smart enough to
                  recognize a warning when I see

                  But why?

                  Why? It's obvious. If your little
                  fantasy has even slightest chance
                  of being real, then these Nine
                  Clans would have some pretty major
                  juice protecting them.

                  What are you going to do?

                  We are going to tip-toe, very
                  carefully from here on out. You
                  understand? You don't do anything
                  else without checking with me. Got

     She nods.

                  Did you find Sabatin yet?

                         GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   29.
31   CONTINUED:                                                   31

     Maslow isn't sure he wants to answer her.

                                  MIKA (CONT'D)
                  You did.

                  Yeah...he's dead.


                  Heart attack.

                  They killed him.

                  People die of heart attacks, Mika.

                  Was he married? Did he have a

                  God, you are relentless, aren't

                  I know you Ryan, you would have

                  A wife.

                  Still in Russia?



     He pulls a folded piece of paper from his jacket.

                  Explain something to me first.
                  Where is this obsession coming
                  from? What started this whole

     She thinks.

                      GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08     30.
31   CONTINUED: (2)                                                31

     We see Mika reaching out to touch Raizo's face.

     CUT BACK.

     She shrugs.

                 Like your father said...It's a
                 consequence of consciousness often
                 interpreted as desire.

                 Desire for what?

                 For the truth.

     He shakes his head, handing her the paper.

                               MIKA (CONT'D)
                 Potsdam. She's in Berlin.

     Mika shoots off as Maslow calls-

                 Mika! Tip-toe!

     She takes several exaggerated tip-toe steps.

                                                               CUT TO:

32   INT. ISTANBUL RAIZO'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                       32

     A shuriken blade grinds against a whetstone as Raizo
     sharpens the weapon with practiced grace...despite being

     Sunlight is held back by vertical blinds.

     When he finishes, he stands, a Rodin sculpted out of

     We realize there are wooden blocks placed around the

     In his palm, a single shuriken abruptly fans into many
     like a deck of cards.

     Suddenly his arm whips around as the shurikens crack and
     split the thick wooden targets.

     He stands alone, still blindfolded.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   31.
32   CONTINUED:                                                   32

                                OZUNU (V.O.)
                  These next five years will be the
                  most important of your training.


     One of the OLDER NINJAS is wrapping Raizo's eyes with a
     sticky gauze, like the tape used to wrap horse's legs.

                                MR. OZUNU
                  For an entire year, you shall live
                  without one of your senses,
                  beginning with the sense you rely
                  on the most: your sight.

34   FLASHBACK - INT. ORPHANAGE DOJO - NIGHT                      34

     Takeshi's sword slides from one position to another as
     Ozunu looks on.

     Raizo, blindfolded, reacts to the sound, matching his
     posture a fraction of a second later.

                  A true Shinobi lives in darkness.
                  The night is his weapon.                             *

     Takeshi attacks again. While Raizo eludes or blocks
     several blows, for every two he manages to block, another

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  You must see with more than your                     *
                  eyes.                                                *

     Raizo gets up, slowly releasing the tension in his jaw.

     He takes his position again, and this time the stance is
     easy, his expression softer. This time, as Takeshi comes
     at him, everything becomes clear.

     The whistle of the blade.

     The zip of the leg sweep against the tatami mat.

     The sound of his robe.

     Combined with Takeshi's unmistakable body odor Raizo has
     everything he needs to dodge, slip and counter.

                         GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   32.
34   CONTINUED:                                                   34

     His chain strikes, wrapping an ankle, throwing a stunned
     Takeshi to the wall.

     Kiriko tries to hide her smile.

     Ozunu nods in appreciation.

     Raizo nods back, as if he can see without eyes.


     Young Raizo, still blindfolded is in bed. Trying to
     sleep, but it's impossible. Takeshi's snoring doesn't

     He turns slightly towards Kiriko, as her chest rises and
     falls, her breath as rhythmic as and gentle as the lap of
     sea-water in a tidal pool. He begins to breathe in sync
     with her, perhaps in hopes it will relax him.

     Slowly, all the other sounds in the room go away, until
     only her breathing, and his, remains. There is the
     slight murmur of their hearts.

     Then she opens her eyes...and smiles at him because he
     cannot see her. But he hears her heart begin to beat
     faster and that brings a faint smile to his lips.

     They listen to each other's breathing growing heavier,
     the sound of their hearts beating faster and faster.

     Her lips part as she makes the tiniest movement...tilting
     her pelvis up, rubbing her hips ever so slightly against
     the blanket-

     It's like tectonic plates shifting for Raizo.

     Bump-thump, bump-thump, bump-thump their hearts growing
     louder and louder as they become-

36   EXT. POTSDAM - SABATIN HOME - DAY                            36

     Mika knocks.       The cold war widow opens the door.

                  Mrs. Sabatin?

                                  MRS. SABATIN

                  I'm with Europol. We spoke on the
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   33.
36   CONTINUED:                                                   36

     She nods.

                                MRS. SABATIN
                             (stepping aside)
                  Ah, sehr gut. Bitte...please.


     Mika enters.

37   INT. SABATIN HOME - DAY                                      37

     Sabatin and Mika sit across from each other. The house
     has the chill of loneliness. Tea has been set out
     between them.

                                MRS. SABATIN
                  You said you read my husband's
                  report, yes? What did you think?

                  I found it...illuminating.
                  Especially the references to the
                  Rihla. Your husband quotes
                  passages not found in Battuta's
                  present manuscript.

                                MRS. SABATIN
                  My husband journeyed all over the
                  world researching that report, but
                  when he was home, he never spoke
                  about it. He said it was safer
                  that way.

                  I understand the report caused
                  some problems for him inside the

                                MRS. SABATIN
                  The report caused "problems" for
                  Alexei's career the way Moses
                  caused problems for the Pharaoh,
                  you see? Very unpleasant.
                  Terrible people saying terrible

     She pours tea, the harsh memories still fresh.

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   34.
37    CONTINUED:                                                   37

                                 MRS. SABATIN (CONT'D)
                   After he retired...was asked to
                   retire...we moved, first to
                   Byelorussia and then here to
                   Berlin when the wall came down.
                   He said this will be a good place
                   to grow old together. And it was,
                   for a time.

                   What happened?

      She looks off, shakes her head.

                                 MRS. SABATIN
                   About two years ago...two? Yes,
                   after the assassination of Zhukov,
                   the report drew attention. After
                   that, everything was different.

38    FLASHBACK - EXT. SABATIN HOME - DAY                          38

      As Alexei supervises, workmen install locks, put in
      fencing material, hang lights and video cameras on the
      outside of the house.

                                 MRS. SABATIN (V.O.)
                   Alexei hired men to change all the
                   locks, and put in more of them.
                   Locks on the windows, locks on the
                   doors, locks on the locks. He put
                   in cameras and motion sensors and
                   lights...everywhere, lights.

      The lights SNAP on, illuminating the back of the house
      with brilliant klieg lights.

                                 MRS. SABATIN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                   "There can be no shadows," he
                   said. "No shadows."

38A   BACK TO SCENE                                               38A

      CLOSER on Mrs. Sabatin as she looks down at her tea.

                                 MRS. SABATIN
                   I will tell you a true thing, and
                   a hard thing. My husband was a
                   soldier. A member of Russian
                   intelligence. He had seen many
                   terrible things....
                   He was not a man to frighten
                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   35.
38A   CONTINUED:                                                  38A
                                 MRS. SABATIN (CONT'D)
                   But from that day on, when the sun
                   went down behind the
                   his eyes, I saw the fear a child
                   has of the dark.
                   Then, one day, a man came to the

39    FLASHBACK - INT/EXT. SABATIN HOUSE - DAY                     39

      We are over the shoulder of someone who could be Raizo or
      Takeshi as the door opens revealing Alexei.

      After a moment Alexi invites the man in. A security
      camera watches them enter the house.

                                 MRS. SABATIN (V.O.)
                   They talked in Alexei's study for
                   sometime. Then the young man

      Mrs. Sabatin watches the young man leave then hurries
      toward the study door.

                                 MRS. SABATIN (CONT'D)
                   It was unlike Alexei not to see
                   him out. I remember being very
                   scared. But when I opened the
                   door, he was just sitting there.
                   For a moment, he didn't even
                   notice me. Then he stood up and
                   kissed me and told me that he
                   loved me very much. He said I
                   should always remember that.

      We see Alexei looking shell-shocked, eyes hollowed, as he
      stands and kisses his wife. His eyes begin to shimmer
      with tears but before he cries, he leaves.

39A   BACK TO SCENE                                               39A

                   Do you know what they talked

                                 MRS. SABATIN
                   No. Alexei never spoke about it.
                   But two months later, he was dead.

                   Can I ask how he died?
                     GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08     36.

40    FLASHBACK - EXT. SABATIN HOUSE - NIGHT                      40

      The lights have come on outside his house. Alexei comes
      out, a gun in hand, shielding his eyes. Searching for
      whatever set off the automatic lights.

      Then, suddenly: darkness.

      And sudden MOVEMENT in the shadows that LUNGES toward

40A   As Mrs. Sabatin shakes her head, looks away.    Shrugs.    40A

                              MRS. SABATIN
                The lights went out.

      She looks to Mika.   That says it all.   She rises.

                              MRS. SABATIN (CONT'D)
                You are the first person who has
                taken my husband's work seriously.
                It would be good to know that he
                did not die without cause. Come
                with me.

      Mika follows her into --

      -- an adjoining room, where Mrs. Sabatin pulls the bottom
      drawer of a bureau out and sets it on the floor. From
      the darkness she removes a metal box.

                              MRS. SABATIN (CONT'D)
                He would want you to have this.

41    INT. ISTANBUL RAIZO'S APARTMENT - DAY                       41

      Raizo sits alone. Crossed-legged on the floor. Utterly

      There's an ocean of sound swirling around him.    The
      cacophony of Instanbul evening rush hour.

      Raizo starts to build a dam; auricular sandbags laid one
      by one, walling off the outside world.

      The traffic outside- horns, engines, squealing tires,
      rattling trucks chassis- all fade away.

      People shouting, singing. A couple next door making love.
      A baby wailing. Jackhammers pounding...

      Slowly, the world fades away, until there is only one
      sound. Faint, familiar, but almost too quiet to hear...

                     GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08     37.
41   CONTINUED:                                                 41

     Raizo's heartbeat.

     He listens to it.    Meditates on its simple rhythm...

     Until a sound explodes in the room, it is a sound we
     haven't heard in his apartment-

     A phone.

     He rises slowly as the phone continues to ring.   He
     answers it silently waiting for something-

     The line clicks and goes dead.

42   EXT. ISTANBUL STREET SOUK - DAY                            42

     Raizo walks through the crowded market. Shoppers,
     salesmen and tourists fill the narrow aisles between the

     FIVE CHILDREN- who we see only from the back- run past.
     Shouting laughing. The last one jostles against Raizo as
     he goes by.

     Raizo keeps walking, but he is holding an envelope in his
     hand. He slips it into his pocket.

43   EXT. ISTANBUL STREET - DAY                                 43

     Raizo opens the envelope as he crosses the street.
     There's a square of paper inside, and a photograph.

     On the paper is a street address in Berlin. The
     photograph is a close-up of a woman's face...


44   INT. MIKA'S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - DAY                  44

     Close on the box. It sits on her desk, calling as
     another box once called to Pandora.

     She opens it.

     Inside are a series of cataloged photographs taken in the
     style of 1970's archeologists (like those of the dead sea
     scrolls) of the lost chapter of Ibn-Battuta.

     The scrolls contain his 14th century Islamic writing and
     several sketches.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   38.
44   CONTINUED:                                                 44

     There is also a very rough map that suggests the location
     of The Orphanage.

     Images of the orphanage, of the children training and
     their ordeals, bloody combat, ritual bindings, beatings
     on the Nightingale floor.

     There is a scroll that she unrolls revealing the lineage
     tree of the Nine Clans.

     Also in the box is a single VHS tape.

     She pushes the tape into the player.

     It's a recording of a surveillance camera staring at the
     front of the Sabatin house.

     A man walks up to the house and rings's the bell. We
     cannot see his face. Sabatin opens the door. They
     exchange words. Sabatin seems wary but invites the man

     Mika doesn't understand why this is significant.

     She hits fast forward until she sees a flash as the man
     exits. She stops, rewinds and plays it again.                   *

     As he steps out of the shadow of the house, she sees his

     It is Raizo.

     She is startled when someone pounds on the door. It
     seems like it might rattle off its hinges as she hurries
     to open it revealing-

     Maslow and he's not happy.

                                MASLOW (O.S.)
                  You lied to me.

     He pushes into the room and slams the door behind him.

                  What're you --

                  I told you to stop using my
                  confirmation code.

                  I did --

                  Dammit, Mika --                                    *
                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   39.
44    CONTINUED: (2)                                               44

                   ...I'm sorry, it was the only way                    *
                   I could get the evidence.                            *


                   What happened?

                   What happened? Everything's
                   fucking happened.

      He tries to dial it down, succeeds, but only a little.

                                 MASLOW (CONT'D)
                   When you were slapping my code all
                   over town like some phone number
                   in a bathroom, did you happen to
                   notice the classification code on
                   the cases you were digging

      She knows.

                                 MASLOW (CONT'D)
                   What did it say?

                               (quietly) DNP.

                   That's right. DNP. DO NOT
                   FUCKING PURSUE!

                   Actually that would be DNFP --


      We SEE men and women in dark suits, their expressions
      deadly serious, tossing through everything he has in the

45A   BACK TO SCENE                                               45A

                   Right now there are people from
                   internal affairs, CIA, Homeland
                   Security and for all I know the
                   Martian Fucking Military in my
                   office tearing the place apart.
                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   40.
45A   CONTINUED:                                                  45A
                                 MASLOW (CONT'D)
                   I don't know what they're looking
                   for but I think you do.

      She shifts nervously, no poker face.    She turns and leads
      him into her home office.

      With the key from the tampax box she opens the drawer.

      Maslow watches as she pulls out the contents of Sabatin's
      box as well as the illegally requisitioned evidence.

                   Most of this is from Sabatin.
                   Copies of what I think are the
                   lost chapters of the Rihle. I
                   think it describes the original
                   location of the Ozunu Clan but my
                   14th century Arabic is a little

                   And this?

      Meaning the DVD.

                   That's how it started. I made a
                   mistake, mixed up the case code
                   and they sent me that.

      A moment later the DVD is playing, Raizo and the other
      ninja dancing through the shadows.


                   Yeah. I know. I don't understand
                   why they're fighting though. It
                   could be a clan war.

      Maslow starts to put it together.

                   So you requisitioned this by
                   accident. You used my code which
                   is why you didn't want to show me
                   this. Which is also why they're
                   tearing apart my office right now.

                   I'm sorry Ryan. You have to know
                   I didn't mean for you to get in
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   41.
45A   CONTINUED: (2)                                             45A
                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                  I just thought if this was real,
                  if these clans were killing
                  people, you know, it was our job
                  to try to stop them.

      He eyes her.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                  Isn't that what your dad would do?

                  Okay, that's low.

                  Look, I know I broke the rules.
                  I'll explain what I did and accept
                  the consequences.

                  Very noble of you but I've got the
                  feeling this isn't a slap-on-the
                  wrist kinda consequence. Let me
                  take this and try to make some
                  sense of this shitstorm you
                  started. In the meantime, you
                  will not say anything to anybody.

      She nods.

46    INT. PASSPORT CONTROL AIRPORT - DAY                         46

      Close on Raizo's fake passport.

                                PASSPORT OFFICIAL
                  Are you coming to Berlin for
                  business or pleasure Mr. Han

      Raizo smiles


47    INT. MIKA'S OFFICE - DAY                                    47

      She's at her computer, studying a topographical map of
      Japan, trying to relate the Ibu-Battuta's drawing to it.

      Suddenly she realizes she is not alone;

      Zabranski is leaning against the door jam. He smiles.

                          GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   42.
47   CONTINUED:                                                    47

                  Boy you're like a dog with a bone
                  on that computer aren't you?

                  Excuse me? Who are you?

     He reaches across her desk.

                  Agent Zabranski. Internal
                  affairs. Need to ask you a couple
                  of questions. You are Mika
                  Coretti, yeah?

     She nods, her gut clenching.        He pulls out a small

                                ZABRANSKI (CONT'D)
                  Forensic researcher. You work a
                  lot with an Agent...Maslow. That

                  ...A few cases.

                  You have something of a social


                  You had lunch with him on the 13th
                  and again on the 18th.

                  How do you know that?

                  Is it not true?

                  I...I'm not sure. We do have
                  lunch together sometimes, usually
                  when we're working-

                  Are you working on something with
                  him right now?

     A beat.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08     43.
47   CONTINUED: (2)                                                47

                  No...not right now.

                  Has Agent Maslow seemed different
                  lately, in any way? Has he done
                  or said anything that struck you
                  as unusual?

                  No why. Has Agent Maslow done

     He smiles in the way a piranha might smile if it could.

                  Just routine. The agency cares
                  about its field operatives. We
                  monitor for signs of stress,
                  fatigue, mental exhaustion. Agent
                  Maslow has a serious case load.
                  That much work can wear on a man.

     He leaves.

     She gets up and closes her door.    She grabs her phone and
     calls Maslow.

                                MASLOW (V.O.)
                  This is Ryan Maslow. Leave a

     She disconnects then texts.

     TEXT: 911. CALL ME. M

48   INT. PARKING GARAGE - NIGHT                                     48

     It is later. The garage is a gyre of shadows.       Mika
     walks towards her car.

     The fluorescent light flickers and goes out.      She stands
     in the dark.

                  Come're kidding me.

     It flickers back on.    She continues to her car.

49   INT. PARKING GARAGE CAR - NIGHT                                 49

     She gets in as a shadow leaps to life behind her.         She
     starts to scream when she realizes it's-
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   44.
49   CONTINUED:                                                   49


                  Ssssshhhhhh.   Sorry, Mika.

                  Fucking Christ, Ryan-

                  I couldn't talk earlier.   They're
                  watching me.

                  Zabranski came to my office.
                  Asking about you.

     He nods.

                  I know how Sabatin must have felt.

                  What happened?

                  I showed Jamison the materials.

                  What did he say?

50   INT. JAMISON'S OFFICE - DAY                                  50

     A typical autocrat.

                  This agency is subject to the
                  International laws and agreements
                  that govern the jurisdiction of
                  our authority. If a case is
                  marked DNP we must respect the
                  jurisprudence of the regional
                  government and act accordingly.

                  I understand that sir but-

                  Let me be clear, Agent Maslow. In
                  the eyes of the law these
                  materials do not exist. If so,
                  than there is no case and if there
                  is no case there is no reason for
                  this conversation to continue.
                    GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   45.

51   INT. PARKING GARAGE CAR - NIGHT                           51

               He took the materials?

               Come on Mika, how could he take
               something that didn't exist? He
               couldn't. Which means that I
               couldn't copy it either, and if I
               couldn't copy it than I can't be
               violating international laws and
               agreements by still having it.

     She likes this guy.

               What are we going to do?

               Your going to go home. Pack your
               bags and go on holiday.

               No way-

               Don't fucking argue with me, Mika.
               I trusted you. Now you've got to
               trust me.

               Ryan, I can't let you lose your
               job because of me-

               I'm not talking about my job,

     He hands her a Glock and two spare clips.

                            MASLOW (CONT'D)
               Take this. It's clean, no serial
               number. Untraceable.

               I've never even fired one of

               (pointing) This is the bad end.
               This is the end you hold. Point,
               shoot, run like hell.

     He also gives her a phone.
                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   46.
51   CONTINUED:                                                   51

                                MASLOW (CONT'D)
                  I'm going to try to find some
                  help. Until then, I need you gone.
                  Don't tell anyone where you're
                  going, just go. Use this phone to
                  text me when you get there, or if
                  you have any problems.


                  I know. It's unbelievable. I've
                  investigated, world bank
                  officials, drug cartels, arms
                  dealers, and I've never faced this
                  kind of heat. For ninjas. Fucking

     He shakes his head and slips out the door.

52   EXT. MIKA'S APARTMENT BUILDING - NIGHT                       52

     Mika parks her car around the corner from the apartment
     building, gets out and starts down the street when she
     sees --

     -- the apartment building and the one next door are dark.
     Candles and flashlights are visible in some of the
     apartment windows, a scattering of neighbors congregating
     outside. Mika approaches a NEIGHBOR.



                  What happened?

                  Power's out. Us, the building
                  behind us, that one across the
                  street. Seems like every few
                  months, boom, the lights out. I
                  call, I complain, they
                  listen...nothing gets done. So I
                  sit out here, at least it's cool.

     Mika looks up at the building, scared but not ready to
     believe that ninjas are responsible for everything. She
     pulls a tiny LED flashlight out of her bag and starts
     into the building.
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   47.
52   CONTINUED:                                                 52

                                NEIGHBOR (CONT'D)
                  Watch your step.

                  You're not the first person to
                  give me that advice today....

     And she continues into --


     -- where she climbs the steps, each creak adding to the
     possibility of attracting trouble. On the passing
     floors, we hear doors being opened and shut, footsteps,
     the distant murmur of voices. Could be nothing. Could
     be everything. She presses on.

54   INT. MIKA'S APARTMENT - MOMENTS LATER                      54

     She opens the door to her apartment, shining the tiny
     light ahead of her. Shadows chase each other across the
     room as she swings the light one way, then another.
     There seems to be no one else in the place. But as she
     hurries into her home office, we see --

     A shadow move behind her.

     As she packs she begins to hear something, a tapping.
     The same sound she heard before. She pulls the gun from
     her purse. With the flashlight spearing the darkness,
     she goes to her office.

     Again the window is open, the blinds gently blowing
     against the sash.

     She is certain the window had been locked.

     Now every shadow is alive.

     She rushes back to her bedroom aiming in every direction.
     Her flashlight finds her suitcase. On the top of her
     clothes she sees it: An envelope. Perfectly centered.

     Setting the gun down, she picks up the oragami-folded
     envelope. Opens it with a shaking finger.

     Black sand spills out.

     Terror steals her breath. Behind her, a shadow tilts and
     reveals the eyes of a ninja.

     Before she can even move, a blade flashes from the
     darkness, heading for her neck-
                         GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   48.
54   CONTINUED:                                                    54

     Another shadow blocks the blade, knocking Mika over the

     The sounds of a fight erupt all around her but the
     combatants are almost invisible in the surrounding

     Her flashlight catches glimpses. Impossibly fast, lethal
     predators trying to kill each other.

     She crawls towards the spilled contents of her suitcase,
     towards the gun. Another blow arcs for her and is again

     Her hand finds the handle of the gun.         She points into
     the dark, fires.

     The gun flash strobes the room, freezing the two ninjas
     in the blink of a flashbulb.

     They move towards her until a kick sends her gun flying.

     She can feel them fighting very close to her and when she
     finds them with her flashlight, a blade is struck deep-

     Blood erupts.       One shadow falls to the ground.

     The other turns towards her. Her flashlight shakes as
     the ninja reaches up and removes his mask.

     It is Raizo.

     He sees in her eyes that she knows him.

                  You know me?

     She nods.

                                  RAIZO (CONT'D)

         camera in New York.                        *
                  Recorded you of                         *
                  them.                                                  *

     She glances at the dead ninja.                                      *

                                RAIZO                                    *
                  You know about them?                                   *

                  A little.                                              *

                      GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   48A.
54   CONTINUED: (2)                                             54

     He waits.                                                       *

                               MIKA (CONT'D)                         *
                 Uhh-- Well, there are these                         *
                 clans...we're not sure how many.                    *

                                 RAIZO                               *
                 Nine.                                               *

                               MIKA                                  *
                 Okay. Nine. Nine clans. And                         *
                 they apparently have been                           *
                 supplying assassins to governments                  *
                 or anyone who happens to have one                   *
                 hundred pounds of gold lying                        *
                 around for the last thousand                        *
                 years. Give or take.                                *

     He nods faintly.    Then turns to his dead "Brother".           *

                               RAIZO                                 *
                 His name was Jin.                                   *

                                 MIKA                                *
                 You knew him?                                       *

                               RAIZO                                 *
                 He was not born an "Assassin".                      *

     She looks at the dead body.                                     *

                               MIKA                                  *
       're from his clan ?                           *

     His nod is almost imperceptible.                                *

                               MIKA (CONT'D)                         *
                 Then...why did you stop him?                        *

                               RAIZO                                 *
                 The clans have three kinds of                       *
                 people! People with power.                          *
                 People with money. Or people                        *
                 hunting them.                                       *

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   49.
54   CONTINUED: (3)                                             54

     He hears something she can't.    She starts to speak, and       *
     he stops her with a gesture.

                             RAIZO (CONT'D)                          *
               They're coming.


               The Hanta-Kirra.

               Does that mean what I think it

               They won't stop until you are                         *
               dead.                                                 *

               Oh god.                                               *

     She looks for her gun.

               The gun won't help you.

               I don't have a lot of options
               okay. I once took a Tae Bo class,
               but that's the extent of my Kung
               Fu abilities.

               I can help but you must tell me                       *
               something first.


               You saw Ms. Sabatin.                                  *

                             MIKA                                    *
               How did you know that?                                *

                             RAIZO                                   *
               I've been watching you, waiting                       *
               for them.                                             *

     She tries to compute the idea that he's been following          *
     her.                                                            *

                      GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   50.
54   CONTINUED: (4)                                            54

                             RAIZO (CONT'D)                         *
               Did she give you something?                          *

     She nods, Raizo's eyes lite up.

                                RAIZO (CONT'D)                      *
               You have them?

     Shakes her head "no."

               But I can get them.

     He hears something else.

               We need something black. Hurry!                      *

     She runs with the flashlight to a bureau. Inside is a
     black tablecloth. He pulls her shoes off.

                               RAIZO (CONT'D)
               Follow me.    Step where I step.


     He leads her down through the stairwell of the large walk
     up. She follows him step by step.

     Suddenly he pulls her into the corner of a doorway.
     Wrapping the tablecloth around them, they melt into

     Beneath the wrap, he puts his hand over her mouth and
     nose stopping her breath.

     Outside after a long beat a ninja's foot silently glides
     past, climbing the stairs.

     Inside he releases her nose. Before she can finish
     taking a breath he yanks her up and they quickly descend
     the remaining stairs.

56   INT. MIKA'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                             56

     The dead ninja lies in a pool of blood.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08     51.
56   CONTINUED:                                                   56

     The shadows come alive and four dark figures emerge, born
     from the black-

     The Hanta Kirra.

     Their leader drifts forward surveying the apartment, his
     dark eyes flashing that we recognize.

     Like snap-focus flashes taking in the myriad signs of the
     fight: the bullets in the wall, footprints, and shattered
     lights. One of the killers uses his sword to trace the
     line of a slashing cut in wall. Braille from the blow
     that Raizo used to cut the ninja.

     He removes his mask and we see it's Takeshi.


     Another Ninja leans forward and tastes the air with his
     nose. Eyes closed. Like a dog getting the scent, his
     inhalation a long, low whisper in the silent room.

                                DOG NINJA
                  He's taken the girl.

     Takeshi nods turning to the windows.      He smiles; A hunter
     who knows the hunt is almost over.

                                OZUNU (V.O.)
                  Weakness compels strength.

                                                              CUT TO:

57   EXT. WOODS - NIGHT                                           57

     A figure is running wildly through the thrashing


     Ozunu addresses the clan, his eyes like those of an

                  Betrayal begets blood.

     BACK TO:
                     GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08     52.

59   EXT. WOODS - NIGHT                                           59

     We are gaining on the figure who continues to bolt like a
     panicked horse.

     BACK TO:


                This is the law of the Nine Clans.
                This is the way of the ninja.

     BACK TO:

61   EXT. WOODS - NIGHT                                           61

     We rush up behind the figure who glances back.     It is
     Kiriko and she screams as we attack-

     The sound of the assault becomes-

62   EXT. STREET - NIGHT                                          62

     Mika's car rushing past us.

63   INT. CAR - NIGHT                                             63

     Raizo is silent.    Mika is driving.

                I'm going to have to make a phone
                call in order to get the

                Not now.   Just drive.


                Does not matter. Just get as far
                away from here as fast as you can
                without drawing attention.

                You think they're following us?

                I know they're following us.
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   53.
63   CONTINUED:                                                   63

     She watches in the mirror for a moment.

                  I don't see anything back there.

                  They have our scent.

                  Following our scent?    Like dogs?

                  No. Like Wolves.

     She swallows.

                  How do you know so much about

                  I was one of them.

                  You flunked out of ninja school or


64   FLASHBACK - INT. LIMOUSINE - NIGHT                           64

     Raizo is dressed in normal clothes his hair starting to
     grow back from the close shave he had in the Orphanage.
     He wears a silk blindfold.

     Ozunu sits in the leather gloom of the stuffed

                  You may remove the blindfold.

     Raizo does so. Looking around at the lights of Osaka, a
     city he has never seen before.

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  Your entire life has brought you
                  to this moment. Do not fail
                  yourself. Do not fail your

     Raizo nods faintly.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08      54.
64   CONTINUED:                                                      64

                                MR. OZUNU
                  He is wearing a black and gold
                  watch. Bring it to me.

     Raizo nods again, then opens the door and steps out.

65   INT. FIVE STAR HOTEL LOBBY - NIGHT                              65

     CLOSE ON the fat wrist of a large man as he strides
     across the lobby.

     He turns to his entourage which includes several
     bodyguards and a few arm pieces.

                  Wait here.   Gotta piss.

                  Want me to come with you, boss?

                  Why? So you can shake it for me?
                  You some kind of secret faggot?

     He laughs and the arm pieces cluck on cue.

     He heads into the bathroom.

66   INT. FIVE STAR HOTEL BATHROOM - NIGHT                           66

     Kingpin enters there is only one person in the bathroom-

     Raizo washing his hands. His eyes flash in the mirror,
     watching the Kingpin only after he has turned away.

     The enormous man steps into a stall. After a moment he
     begins to piss, moaning slightly as he does.

     Raizo hits the air dryer button.        The sound fills the

     A thin razor sharp blade flashes from his sleeve.

     The Kingpin continues to enjoy his piss but as we look at
     him we see the door behind him silently swing open,
     revealing Raizo.

     Raizo stares at the back of the man's head. He can
     almost see his jugular beating beneath the thick folds
     of his neck-

     But something prevents him from striking.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   55.
66   CONTINUED:                                                 66

     The dryer stops, the sound of the piss dribbling when the
     Kingpin suddenly looks back over his shoulder-

                  The fuck-?

     Raizo strikes but the kingpin is able to deflect the blow
     which sinks into his enormous body.

     He laughs.

                                KINGPIN (CONT'D)
                  That kinda tickled...

     He smashes a fist into Raizo that slams him backwards.

                                KINGPIN (CONT'D)
                  Gonna take more than a knitting
                  needle to fuck me up, boy.

     Raizo attacks and it is immediately apparent that this is
     not going to be easy.

     Several ferocious blows that would have broken the neck
     of a smaller man, only seem to make the Kingpin madder.

     Soon both are covered in blood, and gore.

     But it is not until Raizo slams the man's head against
     the lip of the urinal-

     The first time a font blood splashing up--

     The second time the porcelain shatters as the Kingpin's
     head opens, spilling black blood across the floor.

67   EXT. ROOF - NIGHT                                          67

     It is raining.

     Raizo, still wearing his bloody clothes, climbs up onto
     the roof, his clothes spattered with gore.

     He waits as the shadows around him come to life: Ozunu,
     Takeshi, and several other clan members surround him.
     All but Ozunu wear their masks.

     Raizo extends his hand, revealing the black and gold
     watch, smeared with fresh blood. He offers it to Mr.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08     56.
67   CONTINUED:                                                     67

                  Keep it. It will remind you that
                  every minute of your life is a
                  gift that I have given you.

     Ozunu smiles.

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  You have made me proud tonight,
                  Raizo. There are some who
                  believed you would fail, but I
                  knew you would not.

     His eyes narrow.

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  You have a strength inside you
                  Raizo. You must use that
                  strength, now to show me that you
                  are truly Ozunu.

     Several of the other ninjas step back. Revealing
     Takeshi. He pushes a small hooded figure forward.

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  Weakness compels strength.
                  Betrayal begets blood.

     Takeshi yanks the hood off revealing a young girl.         She
     is bloody, bound and gagged and for a flash-

     Raizo sees her as Kiriko.

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  A daughter that turned her back on
                  her family. She tried to run.
                  Takeshi hunted her down.

     He unsheathes his blade, offering the hilt to Raizo.

                                OZUNU (CONT'D)
                  It is the law of the Nine Clans.

     Raizo looks at the girl, her tears lost in the rain.

     We cannot tell if Raizo is crying as he takes the blade-

     He CRIES OUT, the light of madness in his eyes.

     He STRIKES, lashing out with the fury of a wild animal,
     at Ozunu --

     -- who bends back with impossible grace.       But not far

                      GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   57.
67   CONTINUED: (2)                                            67

     The point of Raizo's sword slashes across his face,
     opening an ugly wound that spills blood over his eye and

     He hasn't tasted his own blood in years, and the anger
     boils up in his eyes.

                              OZUNU (CONT'D)
               Kill him!

     Raizo meets their attack. Throwing himself into the fray
     as only a man who is no longer interested in living can.

     But the ninjas are everywhere. They hurl shuriken at him
     by the handful, a storm of jagged steel racing for
     Raizo's flesh.

     Raizo blocks some of the shuriken, misses many more. The
     shuriken strike muscles, tendons, flesh. He SWINGS
     around, still trying to attack, there are too many of

     He stumbles back towards the edge of the roof as Takeshi
     SWINGS what he believes will be the death blow as --

     -- Raizo half-falls, half-leaps backward, falling from
     the rooftop, tumbling through space, until he --

     -- Splashes into the canal below-

     Bubbles dancing between the ribbons of blood.

68   INT. CAR - NIGHT                                          68

     Mika speeds along the autobahn.

               Okay, if you're not going to say
               anything, do you mind if I talk?
               When I get nervous, it helps if I

     He says nothing.

                             MIKA (CONT'D)
               My name is Mika by the way.

               I know.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   58.
68   CONTINUED:                                                   68

                  Yeah, well usually if someone
                  introduces themselves it is a
                  convention that the other person
                  does likewise.

     He considers her.

         the name I was given.

                  So, you were an orphan?

     His head nods slightly.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                  Interesting nature verses nurture
                  case study I imagine.

     He cocks an eyebrow.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                  If it's okay with you, I'll try to
                  fill in some of the blanks. You
                  must have been taken by the Ozunu
                  clan, trained to be an assassin,
                  but something happened and you
                  decided to opt out of the program.
                  I don't imagine this went over so
                  well and since they're after me
                  for just peeking through the
                  keyhole, they must be after you in
                  a major way. But you are also
                  after them or you wouldn't have
                  bothered going to Sabatin. Which
                  I figure means you're searching
                  for the location of The Orphanage
                  because that's obviously the only
                  information Battatu's book would
                  have that you wouldn't already

     He looks at her impressed.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                  Yeah, I got some moves too. I'm
                  pretty lethal with the research

     He almost smiles.

                      GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08     59.
68   CONTINUED: (2)                                              68

                             MIKA (CONT'D)
               But here's a question I can't
               answer: since you didn't know I
               went to Sabatin's, why did you
               save me?

               Ninja only kill two kinds of
               people. The first kind has power
               and money. The other kind is
               trying to stop them.

     He nods, noticing shops out beyond the exit.

                                RAIZO (CONT'D)
               Exit here.

                                                             CUT TO:

69   EXT. SHOPPING MALL - NIGHT                                  69

     The shops are all closed, Mika's car crawls to a stop in
     the empty parking lot.

70   INT. CAR - NIGHT                                            70

     Raizo looks her over.

               I understand retail therapy as
               well as any girl but I think it's
               a little late.

               You are a size 36?

               What? No! Size 34...`cept certain
               times of the month.

     He starts to leave then stops-

               If you leave while I am gone they
               will catch you and kill you.

     He looks her in the eye.

                             RAIZO (CONT'D)
               Do you understand that?

     She nods. He opens his door and slips out.

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08    60.
70   CONTINUED:                                                    70

     She watches as he heads for the doors. He passes into
     the shadow of the building and disappears.

     She digs into her bag for the phone Maslow gave her.

     She TEXTS: 911. But situ stable. Guardian angel all in
     black. Need Battuta book soon. Will call. M

     She hits send. Looks out to the darkness surrounding
     her. After a moment one of the shadows comes to life.
     The door opens and Raizo gets in, his arm full of

                                RAIZO (CONT'D)
                  We need a hotel.

71   EXT. HIGHWAY MOTEL - NIGHT                                      71

     The car is parked around several others.

72   INT. HIGHWAY MOTEL ROOM/BATHROOM - NIGHT                        72

     Raizo goes into the bathroom, and turns on the shower.

                  Get undressed. Shower. Do not
                  use the hotel soap. Or any towel.
                  Do you smoke?


     He nods.

                  Put your clothes in here.

     He pulls the garbage bag from the wastepaper basket.
     Then leaves as she begins getting undressed.

73   EXT. HIGHWAY MOTEL - NIGHT                                      73

     Outside the hotel, Raizo finds a pine tree.       He cuts
     several branches from it.

74   INT. HIGHWAY MOTEL ROOM/BATHROOM - NIGHT                        74

     Back in the room, he enters the bathroom.        She is still
     in the shower.

                          GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   61.
74   CONTINUED:                                                    74



                  Don't you know how to knock?

                  I'm trying to save your life.

                  ...okay right.

     He hands her the tree branch.

                  Dry yourself with this.

     He starts taking off his clothes. He does it quickly
     without any sense of awkwardness; the world where he came
     from makes little distinction between male and female.
     She's not from the same world, keeping herself as covered
     as possible with a tree branch.

     He jumps in the shower while she tries to dry herself

                  ...I'm just a researcher. I'm
                  really not equipped to deal with

     He steps out and quickly wipes the dripping water off his
     body with the branch.

                  Get dressed.

     In the bedroom, Raizo is dressed in new clothes. He
     lights a cigarette as Mika come out struggling with the
     tightness of her new jeans.

                  These are a little tight.

                  You said 34.

                  European a little
                  small I guess.

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   62.
74    CONTINUED: (2)                                               74

      Raizo takes the cigarette and begins waving it all around

                                 MIKA (CONT'D)
                   This is for my "scent"?

      He nods.

                   Let's go.

75    EXT. HIGHWAY MOTEL PARKING LOT - NIGHT                       75

      CLOSE as he picks the lock of a different car trunk.

                   Wow. They teach you that at ninja

                   Most locks are not worth the metal
                   they're made of.

      The trunk pops open. Raizo tosses their bag of clothes
      under the lid of the tire compartment. Then closes the

      He leads her down the parking lot sizing up the cars,
      until he finds one he likes.

                   You're going to steal a car?

                   Just borrow it.

      The door opens.

                                 RAIZO (CONT'D)
                   Get in.

      She sighs.

                   In for a penny, in for a pounding.

75A   INT. CAR - NIGHT                                            75A

      Raizo takes out a small electrical device. He aims it at
      the dash and hits a button. The device finds the right
      frequency to start the car.

      She is impressed.
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   62A.
75A   CONTINUED:                                                75A

                   At ninja school I minored in
                   electrical engineering.

      His smile makes her smile.

76    EXT. AUTOBAHN - NIGHT                                      76

      A moment later the car flies back towards Berlin.

                   Now we have some time.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   63.
76   CONTINUED:                                                   76

                  How much time?

                  A day.    Maybe less.


                  Make your call.

     She nods, digs through her purse for the phone.

                                                       INTERCUT WITH:

77   INT. MASLOW'S OFFICE - NIGHT                                 77

                  Ryan, it's me.

                  Mika! For Christ sake I've been
                  calling for hours!

                  I know.   I'm in a bit of trouble-

                  Trouble? You miss jury duty
                  you're in trouble. You're in some
                  kind of bottomless pit of deep

                  Yeah. Least I'm not down here by

     She looks at Raizo.

                  Your guardian angel? Is it him?
                  The one from the tape?

                  He's on our side, Ryan.   I trust

                  Careful, Mika.

                  I promised him the Battuta pages.
                  Do you still have them?
                          GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   64.
77   CONTINUED:                                                    77

                  ...yeah, I got them.

                  Can you meet us? In three hours?


                  How bout the usual?

78   EXT. BERLIN WALL - NIGHT                                      78

     Maslow waits, the red-tip of his cigarette glowing in the
     middle of his silhouette.

     Mika is leading.

                  There he is.

     Raizo hesitates; an animal sensing danger.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                  He's a good man. It's all right.

     They approach Maslow.


     He embraces her.

                                MASLOW (CONT'D)
                  You're all right?

                  Thanks to him.

                  Why have you done this?

                  Done what?

                  Step back Mika.


                  People will die.
                          GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08     65.
78    CONTINUED:                                                     78

      Maslow takes hold of Mika as he shouts-


      An explosion of light; A firing line of kliegs all aimed
      at Raizo, each as bright as a slice of the sun.


      Twenty heavily armed men emerge from the wall of light.

                                 MILITARY MAN
                   Hands on your head! On your
                   knees! Do it now!

                   Raizo!   No!   This is wrong!

                   The clans have people everywhere.

      Raizo raises his hands slowly, a glance thrown like a
      shuriken at Maslow.

                   What are you doing?

                   Following orders.

      The men swarm over him, binding him with brutal
      efficiency, hauling him away.

                                                                 CUT TO:

78A   FLASHBACK - INT. ORPHANAGE DOJO - DAY                         78A

      Ozunu watches.      A faint look of disgust dangling from his

                   Cut him.

      Kiriko is panting, covered in sweat and blood, standing
      over a bloody, beaten Takeshi.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   All failure must be sown into the

      Kiriko is handed a razor sharp blade.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   65A.
78A   CONTINUED:                                                78A

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   Cut him!

      Takeshi prepares for the blow, but--

      Kiriko drops the blade.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)

      He marches up to her.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   You know the law!

      Her silence remains defiant, while he boils with
      suppressed rage, picking up the blade.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   You will wear this disgrace for
                   the rest of your life!

      He slashes her, slicing across her face.

                                                          TIME CUT:


      Raizo wakes up.

      There's a commotion on the other side of the shoji
      screens that comprise the inner wall of the dorm.
      Silhouettes limned against the paper.

      Raizo moves to the screens. Pulls them a half inch aside
      as the other children watch...

      Through the tiny gap, he sees ninjas dragging Kiriko down
      the hall. Gagged, arms twisted with shiburi, blood
      streaking her pale and terrified face.
                      GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   66.

80   INT. SAFE-HOUSE - VAULT - NIGHT                           80

     Raizo is chained to the walls of a vault. Spread-eagled,
     double-locked, and lit from all sides so there are no
     shadows anywhere in the room.

     Raizo's head sags.   Eyes closed.

     Cameras stare at him.

81   INT. SAFE-HOUSE GROUND FLOOR - NIGHT                      81

     Classic Berlin aesthetic. A modern office shoe-horned
     into an abandoned building: cubicles, computers and Aeron
     chairs amidst crumbling walls.

     Maslow's team are hanging out there, thirty agents, a
     fairly competent and well-armed bunch. Maslow is inside
     the control room which is like a small construction
     trailer. Several different monitors have images of

                             SECURITY GOON
               Prisoner is secure sir.

     For a moment it appears that Raizo looks up as Maslow
     looks at him, as if somehow Raizo could see through the
     lens watching him. Then his head drops again.


     He scans the different monitors.

                             MASLOW (CONT'D)
               Something's wrong with the
               infrared cam.

                             SECURITY GOON
               No sir, we checked it.

               Then why isn't he showing up?

                             SECURITY GOON
               We think he's able to lower the
               temperature of his body to remain

               Or maybe he's just cold-blooded.

                              SECURITY GOON #2
                      GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT      6/4/08   66A.
81   CONTINUED:                                                    81

     The goon struggles to stop Mika as she storms inside.

                  Ryan, you know this is wrong!   It
                  can't be legal! What is this
                  place? Your own private

                  It's an old GDR safehouse.
                  Jamison wants this off the grid.

                  Ryan you're making a huge mistake!

                  I don't think so. We got reports
                  from Washington, London, Osaka all
                  tagging your boy. Only problem we
                  have is where to extradite him

                  So two weeks ago, there's no such
                  thing as a ninja and now every
                  city in the world has a warrant
                  for one?

                  We must respect the jurisprudence
                  of the regional government and
                  corresponding law enforcement

                  He's not the enemy.

                  No? You ever heard of Stockholm
                  Syndrome I'm getting the feeling
                  I'm looking at a pretty serious
                  case of it.

                  I'm not crazy.     This is!

                      GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   67.
81   CONTINUED: (2)                                            81

               He's a killer, Mika. Weren't you
               the one telling me it was our job
               to stop him.

               You're not listening to me!

               You're not saying anything worth
               hearing. Look, if want to do the
               insubordination tango, let's go,
               but not in front of the kids okay?
               Boys, give us a minute.

     The security goons clear out, closing the door behind


     She wheels on him to let him have it.

               Damn it, Ryan, I --

     -- but he holds a finger to his lips, indicating be

               Listen to me, we don't have much
               time. Look, I don't know what
               you've stumbled into, but somebody
               is pulling some major strings

               They want him dead. He's been
               fighting them for years.

               I believe you.
               I believe you. I've been in this
               business too long not to smell a
               set-up. But we have to be careful
               how we handle this. And I can't
               risk you going AWOL on me again,
               because --
               -- because I don't want anything
               to happen to you.

     He glances up at her, and it's clear: he has affection
     for her.
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   68.
82   CONTINUED:                                                   82

     He presses a tracking device into her hands.

                                MASLOW (CONT'D)
                  If trouble comes, turn this on, no
                  matter where, and I'll find you.

83   INT. SAFE HOUSE VAULT - NIGHT                                83

     Raizo remains motionless, his eyes open when he hears
     someone coming.

                                RAIZO (V.O.)
                  You shouldn't do that they'll
                  catch you.

                                KIRIKO (V.O.)
                  Then they'll catch me.

                                RAIZO (V.O.)
                  They'll put you in the box.

                                KIRIKO (V.O.)
                  Yes. They will.


     It is the middle of the night. Raizo lies on a floor
     mat, unable to sleep. He looks over at Kiriko's empty
     mat. Quietly he gets up and makes his way outside.


     He moves to an upright bamboo box about the size of a
     coffin. Looking at --

     -- Kiriko, in the box. Dehydration has left Kiriko with
     barely the strength to breathe. Her lips are swollen and
     cracked, she sags against the tight walls of the box.

     He pulls a bamboo straw from his dark robe, then fills
     his mouth with water from a flask.

     Sticking the straw through the bamboo poles near her
     lips, he feeds her drop by drop, and in this way,
     separated by a cage they share a kind of kiss.

     Her eyes part, ever so slightly, and she manages a smile.

                  I told you.   I tried to warn you.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   69.
85   CONTINUED:                                                   85

                  ...yes, you did....

                  But you did it anyway.   Why?

                  Why am I in here for watering my
                  tree...or why are you out there...
                  watering me?

     She meets his eyes.

86   INT. SAFE-HOUSE - VAULT - NIGHT                              86

     Mika is standing behind the bars which slide open.

     She has a bottle of water, she looks at the two armed
     guards following her.

                  Could you give us a moment?

                  Negative.   Not safe ma'am.

                  If he wanted to hurt me he could
                  have done that a while ago.

                  Sorry ma'am. Maslow okayed the
                  water. That's it.

     They stand near the door as Mika crosses to Raizo.

         looked thirsty.

     She holds the water bottle to his lips, whispering.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                  I'm sorry...I didn't know about

                  I know.

                  You do?

     He nod's, swallowing another sip.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   70.
86   CONTINUED:                                                   86

                  The only time you lied to me was
                  when you told me your size.

                  How did you know that?

                  Your heart.   It is special.

                  You know about my heart?

                  Hearts speak truer than

     He is unlike anyone she has ever met.

                  Listen, Maslow is on our side.
                  He's going to try to help you.

                  It's too late. All that matters
                  is the Rihla. Get the manuscript
                  before they get here.

                  The Hanta Kirra?


87   INT. SAFE-HOUSE GROUND FLOOR - NIGHT                         87

     Mika rushes up to Maslow who is talking to the group of

                  Ryan, can I talk to you?

                  We have to do this again, Coretti?

                  No sir. I just...I have reason to
                  believe that a group of ninja may
                  be on their way here.

     The men chuckle.

                          GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   71.
87   CONTINUED:                                                    87

                  I think these gentlemen can handle
                  a few whack-jobs wearing pajamas.
                  Am I right?

     They ad-lib responses: Fucking' A sir... Locked, cocked
     and ready to rock.

                                  MASLOW (CONT'D)

                  But the situation we discussed-

                  I'm working on that. You have to
                  give me a little time.

                  We don't have time.

                  They're not here now.

                  They'll be here soon.

                  How soon-

88   INT. SAFE-HOUSE - VAULT - NIGHT                               88

     Raizo looks up.       His eyes narrow: they're here.

89   INT. SAFE-HOUSE GROUND FLOOR - NIGHT                          89

     The lights go out.

     Mika's eyes dart into the pitch, red emergency lights
     suddenly glowing ominously.


     Maslow spins as she sprints for the stairs.


     Maslow draws his firearm and hisses at one of the Special

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT      6/4/08   71A.
89    CONTINUED:                                                    89

                                 MASLOW (CONT'D)
                   Go with her! Secure the prisoner!

      Instantly, tiny LED flashlights and laser targeting
      systems light up on automatic weapons. Night vision
      goggles go up. Rather than panicking, the police are
      instantly in stealth-mode, communicating with quick,
      urgent hand gestures.

      A handful of men splinter off for the vault while the
      rest separate into teams with practiced precision, moving
      through the safe-house, ready for whatever comes.

89A   INT. SAFE-HOUSE - VAULT - NIGHT                              89A

      Mika charges into the holding area, the detail of men
      right at her heels.

                                 EUROPOL WATER GUARD
                   Hold your fire--

      Raizo's guards release their aim.

                                 EUROPOL GUARD

                                  EUROPOL WATER GUARD
                   Good way to get yourself killed,
                   Agent Coretti.

                                 EUROPOL #2
                   What the fuck's with the lights?

                                 EUROPOL GUARD
                   We got some guys in pajamas comin'
                   to play spin the bottle.

      One of them lifts a shotgun.

                                 EUROPOL #2
                   Huh huh. I got something they can
                   wrap their lips around.

                   I don't have time for this shit.
                   We have to move the prisoner.

      In the back of his cell, Raizo's head lifts at the sound
      of Mika's voice.


                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   71B.
89A   CONTINUED:                                                89A

                                 EUROPOL WATER GUARD
                   No ma'am. Those aren't our orders.

      Raizo calls from behind the reinforced door.

                   You've got to get out of here!

      She calls to his cell.

                   Not without you.

      Raizo's voice hangs in the gloom.

                   Then we all die together.

89B   INT. SAFE-HOUSE - GROUND FLOOR - NIGHT                    89B

      One of the teams edges through the decay of the
      dilapidated industrial cavern.

      Straining through the eyepiece of his goggles one of them

                                 EUROPOL AGENT 2
                   Don't see shit--

      Ahead the point man motions and the men take up defensive

      The point man creeps forward, a flicker of heat
      fluttering in his IR-Optic.

                                 POINT MAN
                   Is that..?

      Through the darkness we see that his infrared is actually
      picking up the slow exhale of a ninja poised like a cobra
      inches away just above him.

      His blades flash--

      And the detail of men recoil as their infrared sensors
      light up, the point man cleft open in hot volcanic gore.

      A cloud of shuriken spit out of the darkness and punch
      into necks, faces, eyes. Ten of them fall like wheat
      before a scythe. The rest fire hitting nothing.
                   GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   71C.

90   INT. SAFE-HOUSE - VAULT - NIGHT                           90

     The screams of dying men and gunfire shudder down the
     gullet of the old concrete building.

               Fuck me...

     She watches as the men position themselves, pressing into
     the black of the corridor. Thumbs flick safeties to hot.

     A shriek pierces the silence, one of the agents suddenly
     jerked from his feet like a puppet on a string.

     They watch in IR as the agent falls to the ground in
     several pieces.

                               EUROPOL #2
               What the fu--

     #2's exclamation gets caught in the oozing slit that
     opens in his throat.

     The man guarding Raizo's cell door screams.

                             EUROPOL GUARD
               They're not showing up on IR!

     He clicks his flashlight the beam glinting against a hail
     of shuriken that pound into him, wounds flowering in
     ribbons of red.

     Mika watches as he lands wetly at her feet.

     More screams and gunfire shake the shock from her.

     She dives for the guard, frantic fingers clawing at the
     key-chain clipped to his belt.

     The remaining Europol Agents cluster together,
     flashlights strobing spastically, while Mika slams
     through Raizo's cell door.

     She instantly goes to work on his leg irons.

               Come on--come on--

     Raizo's eyes narrow, the last of the Europol Agents
     butchered by shadows.


                          GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   71D.
90    CONTINUED:                                                    90


                   I don't want to sound critical--

      He can feel the rush of darkness.

                   Got it!

      The leg irons click open and Raizo springs forward the
      chain of his handcuffs catching a falling blade. He
      twists and the ring of metal on metal is followed by the
      dry snap of bone as Raizo breaks the ninja's neck.

      She releases his handcuffs and they move quickly through
      the glistening remains of the bodies, Raizo shielding her
      from the darkness.

90A   INT. SAFE-HOUSE - SUBLEVEL - NIGHT                           90A

      The two sprint from a stairwell into a concourse, Raizo
      stopping suddenly, sensing the presence of the Hanta-

      He pushes her toward another set of stairs.

                   Go. Find Maslow.

      He turns to facing the dark.

                                   RAIZO (CONT'D)
                   Go quick.

      She lurches up the stairs as the Hanta-Kirra descend on
      him like a murder of crows.

90B   INT. SAFE-HOUSE - STAIRWELL - NIGHT                          90B

      Mika flies up the stairs taking the steps two at a time
      rounding the next flight--

      A beam of light flashing weapons rattling suddenly
      trained on her.


      Her stomach finds its way into her throat.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   71E.
90B   CONTINUED:                                                90B

                   Jesus Ryan--

      Maslow rushes down to her, another agent scanning the
      stairs above them.

                   I thought you were--

      Mika's eyes widen as the agent on the flight above them
      is ripped into the air replaced by a squall of red.

      Maslow whirls as a blade suddenly pierces his side--

      But before it can continue its deadly cut, Maslow catches
      it in a bloody fist and fires into the shadows.

      One of the Hanta-Kirra falls tumbling past them down the

      Maslow grunts as he rips the chain blade from his side.

                   Are you ok?

      He nods, a bit woozy.

                   I hope that wasn't my liver. Gonna
                   need that soon.

                   Come on.

91    INT. SAFE-HOUSE - GROUND FLOOR                             91

      Sparks dance along the singing ringing blades, the melee
      escalating in the darkness.

                    GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   72-73.
91   CONTINUED:                                                 91

     Raizo meets the Hanta-Kirra in the air. Vaults from one
     wall and door to another, spinning in and out of view as
     he moves through the shadows.

     The ninjas move with him, matching his speed and ferocity
     and ability to disappear within the darkness.

     Swords clash against chains and sword and walls.      Sparks
     fly and blood falls.

     This is the first time we've seen Raizo turned loose.
     But it's three on one...and Takeshi isn't a pushover.

     Mika and Maslow slam through the exit into--

92   INT. GARAGE - NIGHT                                        92

     The building carpark.    Mika suddenly stops.


                          GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   74.
92   CONTINUED:                                                    92


                  The manuscript--

                  No Mika--

     He is about to argue but wilts at her resolve.

                                  MASLOW (CONT'D)

     He stuffs his car keys in her hand, trying not to let his
     voice crack.

                                  MASLOW (CONT'D)
                  Two minutes.    Keep it in gear.


     He turns.

                                  MIKA (CONT'D)

     He opens the door retracing their steps into the dark.

     Mika suddenly very alone manages a slow nervous pirouette
     in the crypt-like garage, before skittering for Maslow's

     She slides in pulling the door shut behind her as quietly
     as she can--

     And waits.

93   INT. SAFE-HOUSE - GROUND FLOOR - NIGHT                        93

     Maslow moves cautiously through the folds of midnight.
     He hears the fighting before he can see it.

     Raizo blocks a sword-thrust from Takeshi. Dodges around
     a hail of shuriken. Uses his chain to drive another
     Ninja back.

     Takeshi rips free his left arm. Draws a short, angled
     blade and brings it slashing down at Raizo's neck...

     Raizo blocks the knife with his elbow, twists, throws
     Takeshi twenty feet through the air. He recovers mid-
     flight like a cat and regains his balance.
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   75.
93   CONTINUED:                                                 93

     From the darkness a ninja fires a dozen shuriken at him,
     and at least three of the spinning blades find their

     Raizo grunts at the impact, but vaults up and over a
     counter and LEAPS through a window, crashing out to -

94   INT. GARAGE - NIGHT                                        94

     The surrounding shadows seem to press in on the car.

                  Come on, Ryan...

     A figure darts in her periphery and her head whips around
     craning all directions.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                  Hurry the fuck up!

     Ka-chunk-- she punches the lock.

     Click-- the headlights flash on--

     Ka-chick-- she chambers the Glock.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)

     She twists the ignition and as the motor turns over--

     The car's headlights explode, shattered by projectiles
     that seem to materialize from the void.

     Mika screams throwing the car into gear--

     Peeling out toward the down ramp.

     The car fishtails down level after level through the
     oscillating light/dark of the dimly lit exit ramp.

     Her eyes twitch from mirror to mirror when she sees up

     A shadow hanging in the corner of the tunnel like a

     She ducks just as the front of the sedan is shredded by a
     squall of stars.

     The sedan rebounds into the light. Its hood and
     windscreen looking as though it was gnawed on by a Great

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   76.
94   CONTINUED:                                                  94

     Mika cranks the wheel tearing around a dark bend as--

     Toom! Something lands on the roof of the car.

     Above her she sees the distinct tips of the tiger claws
     that have punctured the metal exterior of the car just as-

     She passes under a light--

     Revealing a crouching ninja staring right at her, through
     the sun roof.

     His blade whips from its sheath but before he can strike--

     She jams the barrel of the Glock between the two tips of
     one set of claws, right where his foot should be--

     And fires.

     A scream is followed by a gout of blood that washes over
     the sunroof--

     The ninja's body tumbling off the back of the car.

     Maslow's gnarled sedan bottoms out in a starburst of
     sparks as it corners into traffic.

     Mika breathing heavy digs into her bag for her cell


95   INT. SAFE HOUSE - NIGHT                                     95

     The lights are still dead. Maslow is with a team of
     Europols moving through the stairwell. He talks quietly.

                  Ryan- I had to leave!

                  Good, stay clear.

                  Do you have the map?

                  Not yet.   We're heading upstairs

                  Where's Raizo

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   77.
95   CONTINUED:                                                  95

                  He took off.   We think they went
                  after him.

     He looks into the surrounding shadows unsure.

96   EXT. ROOFTOPS - NIGHT                                         96

     Raizo parkours across the roofs, the Hanta Kirra close

     Shuriken sizzle past; some missing, some lashing open
     whip cuts across his flesh.

97   EXT. WINGED VICTORY ROUNDABOUT - NIGHT                        97

     Raizo pulls free the shuriken in his side. Drops them to
     the ground where they clatter back and forth like so much
     tossed change. He looks up at winged victory silhouetted
     against the moonlight.

     And suddenly the ninja are on him.

     Raizo blocks and parries. Counterattacks with a reverse
     cut - and throws himself sideways as a truck comes
     roaring down at him.

     The truck fills the screen with lights and horns and
     three tons of death.

     Raizo cartwheels over the hood, forcing the Scarred Ninja
     to leap the other way, and as he turns --

     -- Raizo comes down on him, slashing his shoulder.


     The fight is now two one against one, and one of them is
     Takeshi. Their swords crash back and forth, sending
     sparks flying.

     Raizo is tired, already wounded by the shuriken...

     With a cry, he hurls a second Ninja back and spins to
     face Takeshi...

     Too late. Takeshi's blade gets under his guard.       Opens
     up Raizo's side.

     His sword is ripped free from his hand, rebounds off a
     speeding sedan and clatters to the ground thirty feet
                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08    78.
98   CONTINUED:                                                   98

     Raizo stumbles backward. Life's blood dripping down and
     splattering on the concrete.

     Takeshi raises his sword high.       Smiles.

                  This is the end for you, brother.

     Mika's car slashes across the width of the street
     screeching to a stop next to Raizo. The door snaps open.


     Raizo gets into the car. Collapses into the seat, arms
     wrapped tight around the ugly wound in his side. She
     peels away before the others can stop her.

     Mika carves a path through the traffic, driving as fast
     as she can. Eager to get more miles between them and the

     Raizo lets out a gasp as the car goes over a bump.        His
     shirt is drenched with his own blood.

                                MIKA (CONT'D)
                  What were you doing in the

                  ...waiting for you...

                  You have to go to a hospital.

                  No. Not a hospital.     Another

     The car speeds into the night.

99   EXT. HERBALIST - NIGHT                                          99

     The sort of store where the owner lives above the shop.
     Mika pounds on the door as a LIGHT comes on in the floor
     above. A moment later, the door opens.

                  What is it?   What --

     He steps out of the way as Mika helps Raizo in, bloody
     and half-dead.
                     GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   79.

100   INT. HERBALIST - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS                     100

      Herbalist places herbs into a hand-grinder as Raizo
      staggers through the rows of bowls, grabbing what he
      needs and handing it to her.

                ...dong-xia leaves...three of the
                lo-chan...dragon root...

                You should not mix these.    Very

      Raizo ignores him. Gives her some more dried bits and
      pieces. The herbalist shakes his head.

                              HERBALIST (CONT'D)
                If you are in pain...if you wish
                to die...there are other ways,
                this will be agony --

       will save me....

                It will?  You're sure?
                Let me write this down.

      He goes to find a pen and paper as Mika grinds away.

                Hot water.

      She goes to a tea kettle, pours water into the bowl.   He
      reaches for it, and nearly collapses.

      She helps him raise the cup to his lips. Tilts it and
      watches him drink. Takes the empty cup away from him.

      Raizo shudders as the drugs course through him.

                              RAIZO (CONT'D)
                I have to sleep now...a day at

      His eyelids flutter.    She's holding him up now - muscles
      already loosening.

                A day?!?     What should I do?

                ...keep moving...
                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08     80.
100   CONTINUED:                                                    100

      He slumps over the counter like a child dropping into
      deepest sleep as --

      -- the herbalist comes back, pen and paper in hand. He
      pauses as he sees Mika standing over Raizo. She looks
      from him to Raizo and back again, then:

                   I'll have him to go.
                   Can me to the car?

                                                                 CUT TO:

101   EXT. AUTOBAHN - NIGHT                                         101

      Mika is the proverbial bat outta hell.

      Her phone is at her ear.


102   INT. SAFE-HOUSE - NIGHT                                       102

      The lights are back on but the place is trashed.

                   Mika, where are you?

                   Moving.   He told me to keep

                   He's still alive?

      She glances at his slumped body.

                   After a fashion.

                   Let us bring you in.

                   Not this time.

                   Mika, the situation's a little
                   different. Jurisprudence goes out
                   the fucking window when my men get

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08   81.
102   CONTINUED:                                                  102

                   Do you have the manuscript?

      He takes a breath.

                   ...negative. They got to my
                   office. Everything's gone.

      The news crushes her.

                                 MASLOW (CONT'D)
                   Mika, it's gonna be all right.
                   We'll find them.

                   ...but I promised...

                   We'll keep your promise. They're
                   too many people involved now.
                   It's just a matter of time.

                   I don't think we have much time...

                   Just tell me where you are.

      She hangs up.

                                 MASLOW (CONT'D)
                   Mika? Mika? Dammit.

103   EXT. HIGHWAY MOTEL PARKING LOT - NIGHT                      103

      The car is parked outside the same hotel that he took her

104   INT. HIGHWAY MOTEL ROOM/BATHROOM - NIGHT                    104

      She steps out of the shower and dries herself with an
      evergreen branch.

105   INT. HIGHWAY MOTEL ROOM - NIGHT                             105

      In the bedroom, Raizo is sprawled out on the bed.

      She is wearing new clothes. She takes a drag on a
      cigarette then passes the smoke over her body.

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   82.
105   CONTINUED:                                                 105

                   I know you can't hear me, so I'm
                   sure this doesn't matter, but I'm
                   going to say it anyway.

      She looks at him.

                                 MIKA (CONT'D)
                   I'm a forensic researcher, okay?
                   That's like a fancy way of saying
                   I'm a librarian. By myself I
                   can't do anything to help you.

      She opens her fist; inside is the tracking device Maslow
      gave her.

                                 MIKA (CONT'D)
                   I wanted to think you for saving
                   my life.

      Bending over him, she kisses him gently.

                                 MIKA (CONT'D)
                   And I hope you can forgive me for

106   INT. MASLOW'S OFFICE - NIGHT                               106

      There's a crowd of other OFFICIALS there, having turned
      the place into a makeshift command and control center.
      An AIDE rushes in from an adjoining room, goes to Maslow.

                   Agent Maslow, the tracking device--

                   You've got a lock?

                   Triangulating her position now.


      Mika watches from the trees as a shadow comes to life on
      the balcony outside their room. It pauses as if sensing

108   INT. HIGHWAY MOTEL ROOM - NIGHT                            108

      Raizo lies alone. The heavy shadows begin to undulate as
      the Hanta-Kirra emerge.

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT      6/4/08   83.
108   CONTINUED:                                                   108

      Takeshi's eyes gleam the way a blade gleams.

109   EXT. HIGHWAY MOTEL PARKING LOT - DAWN                        109

      Police and Europol cars scream up to the hotel.

110   EXT/INT. HIGHWAY MOTEL ROOM - DAWN                           110

      A moment later the door bursts open; Maslow and his men
      pour into the bedroom.

      The bed is empty. Raizo is gone.

      Mika is sitting in the chair.

                   They took him.     Ten minutes ago.
                   He's gone.

      Maslow embraces her.

111   FLASHBACK - INT ORPHANAGE DORMITORY - NIGHT                  111

      There is a furious storm raging outside       the thin
      screened walls.

      Raizo is watching Kiriko who seems to be sleeping.

      In a flash of lightning, her eyes open and she stares at
      him and he feels in hi heart what she is saying goodbye.

      The flashing ends and as the thunder booms, she is gone,
      melting quietly into the shadows.


112   EXT. ORPHANAGE COURTYARD/WALL - NIGHT                        112

      Two shadows race through sheets of rain, visible in
      flashes of lightning.

      He catches her near the base of the wall.

                   Kiriko!   You can't leave!

                   I have to.

                           GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   84.
112   CONTINUED:                                                   112


                   Because my heart is telling me

                   The Hanta Kirra will come for you.

                   Then they will come.

                   You know the law. He will cut your
                   heart from your chest.

      She smiles.

                   No...He can never touch my heart.

      She puts his hand on her chest, then leans in and kisses

                                   KIRIKO (CONT'D)
                   Come with me.

                   Where? What is out there?


      He cannot imagine what that life might be.

                   ...My life is here.

      She bows her head and turns.

                                 RAIZO (CONT'D)
                   Why are you doing this?

                   Because I can't watch you become
                   something you are not.

      She races for the wall.

      He watches her climb...And disappear.
                    GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   84A.

113   INT. METAL BOX - NIGHT                                  113

      Raizo drifts on the edge of consciousness. He can sense
      some light filtering through the edges and air holes.

      The air begins to smell familiar.

                              OZUNU (V.O.)
                We have been betrayed.


      The clan is gathered outside, the sun beats down on the
      Spartan courtyard.

      Kiriko's body is twisted, bound to a pole like one of the
      Bonsai trees.

      Ozunu delivers his eulogy.

                A child of mine, my daughter,
                betrayed us. She refused these
                gifts. Rejected our clan.

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08   85.
114   CONTINUED:                                                 114

      Raizo stands among the clan; his face a mask.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   Hers is a shame that can only be
                   purged with blood.

      He unsheathes the ancient Wakizashi, then offers the hilt
      to Takeshi.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   You who returned her shall have
                   this honor.

      Takeshi hides a smile as he takes the blade.

      Kiriko looks out into the clan and finds Raizo.      He can
      hear her heart pounding.

      Takeshi knows where she is looking as he prepares to

      Blood pounds in Raizo's ears.

      The sword plunges into her heart.    Raizo hears it die-

      And feels his own heart stop.

115   INT. ORPHANAGE COURTYARD - NIGHT                           115

      A bucket of water slaps Raizo awake.

      He's bound to a pole in the middle of the courtyard by
      thick rope that bites into his flesh.

      Ozunu stands before him, as well as the rest of the clan,
      down to the youngest of them. Watching silently.

      He looks the same as he has in the flashbacks - except
      that now an ugly scar runs diagonally across the length
      of his face. Trace of Raizo's blade from atop the
      building in Dubai.

      When he speaks, Ozunu is speaking for the benefit of the
      rest of the clan as to Raizo.

                   You are Ozunu. Your life is
                   meaningless compared to the
                   survival of the Clan. This is our
                   deepest truth. Because of it, we
                   have endured for hundreds of
                   years, and will endure for
                   hundreds more.

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT     6/4/08     86.
115   CONTINUED:                                                    115

      He looks to the rest, pounding the message home.       The
      message that says hope and escape are futile.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   Weakness compels strength.
                   Betrayal begets blood. This is
                   the way of the Nine Clans.
                   This is the way of the Ninja.

      He looks back at Raizo, approaching slowly.       Taking his

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   I have waited many years for this
                   moment. I have dreamed it, many

      He hits Raizo.    Hard.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   You will suffer for seven days,
                   one day for each year you defied

      He takes a knife, and very carefully cuts out a very
      small piece of Raizo's flesh, from the upper arm. Raizo
      doesn't cry out.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   For seven days, we
                   will...take...from you, as I have
                   just done. Everyone here will
                   take from you. Piece by piece.
                   You will live through it all, you
                   will feel through it all. You
                   will watch as the birds fight over
                   the pieces.

      He STRIKES Raizo as he did long ago, his hand jutting
      deep inside gut, flicking switches of nerves that cause
      instant agony. This time Raizo does cry out.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   You will know pain like no other
                   human being has ever known.

      He twists something in Raizo's belly and violent spasms
      wrack the young man's body. Blood burbles up through his
      mouth and flows down his chin.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   87.
115   CONTINUED: (2)                                           115

                              OZUNU (CONT'D)
                Your death will be remembered for
                a thousand years as a testament to
                the will and strength of the Ozunu

      One last gouge in Raizo's stomach sends a heaving shudder
      through him.

      Confident, victorious, Ozunu turns and walks a few steps
      away as --

      -- Raizo coughs up a bloody wad onto the clean floor.

      Takeshi smiles at this, then looks more closely, seeing
      something amidst the bile...


      Ozunu looks down and sees a tiny steel cylinder.    A
      single LED light blinking through the gore.

      He nudges it with his foot...and TIME SLOWS DOWN as he
      realizes what he's looking at. He slowly raises his eyes

      -- and meets Raizo's gaze as suddenly --

      -- EXPLOSIONS rock the orphanage's centuries-old gate.

      A reinforced military Humvee crashes through the cloud of
      splintering timber with a roar and an explosion of
      blinding lights.

      The Ozunu Clan scatters as the massive vehicle heaves
      into the courtyard, revealing behind it still more
      vehicles, all equipped with brilliant lights.

      The ninjas take to the shadows, trying to melt away, but
      the shadows are gone. There's no place for the ninjas to
      hide anymore. We FIND Mika and Maslow in one of the lead
      vehicles as --

      -- Takeshi draws his blade in a smooth arc, raising it
      over Raizo's helpless form.

      Maslow takes aim with his submachine gun and squeezes off
      a long burst.

      Takeshi blocks some of the slugs with his sword and
      dodges the others. He slides into one of the few
      remaining shadows.

                       GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   88.
115   CONTINUED: (3)                                           115

      One of the soldiers sees him making a break for it and
      fires an incendiary grenade.

      The explosion sends incandescent white phosphorous
      splashing through the courtyard, but Takeshi is gone.
      They prepare to fire another one when Maslow comes on the

                No more grenades, not until we get
                the children out!

      But some parts of the orphanage are already on fire, the
      flames spreading through the ancient timbers.

      The carnage continues.

      Maslow fires at the fleeing ninjas as Mika rushes for
      Raizo, pistol in hand.

      One of the MP's screams as a shuriken rips open his face
      as other Mps FIRE back at the ninja, tearing him apart
      with gunfire.

      Mika makes it to Raizo's side.

      He smiles at her as she saws through the rope with her

                What took you?

                You knew I'd come?

                Just because I was asleep doesn't
                mean I couldn't hear you.

      Mika finishes with the rope. Raizo pulls free and
      reaches for a fallen ninja's sword and chain.

                              RAIZO (CONT'D)
                And I forgive you.

      Mika looks back at the sound of GUNFIRE tearing apart
      another ninja. When she looks back --

      -- Raizo is gone.
                     GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08    89.


      The fires are ripping through the interior, leaping from
      bamboo furniture to paper shoji screens to polished
      wooden floors as --

      -- Raizo kicks down the burning wall of the empty dorm,
      the futons smoldering.

      Raizo continues into the next hall to find --

      -- Takeshi waiting for him. An apparition in the
      wavering blaze of heat, silhouetted against a wall of

                Come, little brother, let us play
                like old times

      They spring at other. Meeting in the middle of the
      hallway as the flames dance around them...recalling the
      lanterns they used to fight through, in the days of their

      Their weapons ring out a frenzied drum roll of steel on
      steel. Neither giving an inch. Evenly matched in skill
      and ferocity. Locking together for a moment Takeshi

                              TAKESHI (CONT'D)
                No death tasted as sweet as hers.

      Raizo's back glistens orange in the firelight, sweat
      pouring as he strains, attacks, defends and attacks

      Takeshi jumps over them, twists mid-air and ducks low
      beneath Raizo's swinging chain as --

      -- Raizo stumbles back on the polished floor, blocking
      Takeshi's attack, but --

      -- Takeshi catches his wrist in an iron grip. As he
      brings his sword around, Raizo gets a loop of chain
      around the blade and locks it tight.

      Both men spin in their sudden embrace.   Faces inches from
      each other.

                              TAKESHI (CONT'D)
                I watched you die when I pierced
                her heart. You have always been
                too weak to be Ozunu.

      Takeshi's finger trips a hidden button on the sword.
                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   90.
116   CONTINUED:                                                116

      The blade retracts back through the handle and a yard of
      steel jolts out from the hilt of Takeshi's sword.

      He moves to slam it into Raizo's side...but Raizo FLIPS
      over him, holding onto the hilt and as he lands he --

      -- DRIVES the steel into Takeshi's heart. He still
      stands for a BEAT, more by inertia than will, then
      slumps, dead, to the floor.

      Raizo stalks down the hall.    One last task ahead of him.


      Raizo walks across the Nightingale floor, his bloody
      footprints moving soundlessly.

      From the shadows he hears Ozunu's voice

                   You have not forgotten your
                   training. You will always be
                   mine, child.

      Raizo stops, considers this, then continues; his
      footsteps now bringing every sound possible.

      Ozunu steps out of the darkness, as though shrugging off
      a cloak of midnight.

                                 OZUNU (CONT'D)
                   Perhaps this is the best way for
                   you to die.

      His blade rises as like a Cobra's hood, while the chain
      blade begins to spin.

                   The breath I take after you are
                   dead, will be the first of my

      Raizo unleashes all his fury: The chain cutting with the
      power of an enormous buzz saw--

      Hacking timbers in half--

      Carving scars in the floors and walls--

      Braziers are thrown, fumes begin to spread but--

      Ozunu blocks or evades, absorbing the assault patiently

                           GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   91.
117   CONTINUED:                                                   117

      Waiting for Raizo to tire, waiting for an opening.

118   EXT. ORPHANAGE - COURTYARD - NIGHT                             118

      A portion of the Orphanage's wall burns through.        Mika
      spots Raizo through the flames.

      She runs for him.


      Raizo begins to weaken. An attack misses wrapping a beam
      and Ozunu has his opening-

      His assault is ferocious.

      Wounds begin opening like windows shears of blood
      billowing out.

      Raizo retreats, his chain just blocking, catching, or
      deflecting the whirlwind attack until--

      One sound cuts through the furious fight.

      Snap-zoom to Ozunu's ear as--

      The hammer is cocked, a cylinder spinning into place.

                   Die you fuck!

      She fires and Ozunu twists enough so that the bullet
      grazes him.


      A scatter shot of shurikens send her diving to the floor.
      But the distraction gives Raizo his chance.

      The blade whistles, the chain snaps and blood arcs out of

      Rage thunders the hall.

      Mika gets back up and aims but--

      Ozunu seems to pull the shadows and smoke around him as
      he disappears.


                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   92.
119   CONTINUED:                                                119

      She cannot see him.

      Ozunu's attack hits Raizo with the force of a bomb burst,
      his blade shatters through Raizo's chain--

      Hurling him back, petals of blood fluttering from his

      Raizo tries to recover, his chain now in two pieces.

                   Mika! Run!

                   Where is he?   I can't see him!

                   Get away!

      Ozunu emerges from the smoke behind her, a wraith. His
      eyes are as black as the sockets of a skull.

      She spins around but is too late.

      The ancient blade runs straight through her chest just as-

      Raizo finds them.

      He sees Kiriko, the same blade taking her life and howls--

      His pain a force of nature unleashed.

      The chain blades crackle in the air-

      Dual cyclones that batter Ozunu's parrying blade which-

      Finally shatters against Raizo's fury.

      And with a final scream, Raizo lunges at his master, the
      whistling blades lazering through his body until he
      separates, pieces hanging in mid-air, like an unstitched
      rag doll.

      Raizo throws down the blood slick blades and--

      --hurries to Mika's side. He picks Mika up and walks
      through the falling timbers and blazing shards to the

120   EXT. ORPHANAGE COURTYARD - NIGHT                          120

      The fighting is over now.     All the combatant ninjas dead
      or long gone.
                           GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08   93.
120   CONTINUED:                                                   120

      Maslow sees Raizo emerge from the smoke and flames,
      carrying Mika in his arms.


      He runs to her side as Raizo lays her gently on the

                                    MASLOW (CONT'D)
                   What happened?

                   She saved my life.

      Raizo puts his hand on her chest. Closes his eyes.          We
      can FEEL her heart-beat. Bump-thump. Bump-thump.

      Raizo opens his eyes.

                                 RAIZO (CONT'D)
                   She will be all right.

                   How can you be sure?

      Raizo touches her face as she takes in a sudden breath.
      He smiles distantly.

                   Her heart is special.

                   Medic!    Over here now!

      Several medics rush to them, Raizo gently laying her on
      the stretcher.

      As they immediately begin working on her, Raizo fades

      Maslow remains at her side.

      Her eyes flutter open.

                   Is she going to be okay?

                   I don't know...she's got a hole
                   right through the middle of her
                   heart...but shes not really
                   bleeding, that badly...

                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT   6/4/08     94.
120    CONTINUED: (2)                                             120

                 My heart...

       She points to the right side of her chest.

                               MIKA (CONT'D)
        over here.

        gotta be fucking kidding


                 He said you saved his life.

       She smiles.

                               MASLOW (CONT'D)
                 So you kept your promise. Can we
                 go home now?

121    EXT. ORPHANAGE BONSAI GARDEN - DAY                         121

       Raizo stands among the bound trees.

                               RAIZO (V.O.)
                 You shouldn't do that.


       Kiriko releases one of the trees.

                 I believe the heart of a tree
                 knows which way it needs to grow.

                                                               CUT TO:

122A   Raizo releases a tree.                                    122A

                 Trees don't have hearts.

                               KIRIKO (V.O.)
                 Everything has a heart.

                 I don't.

                                                               CUT TO:
                        GOLDENROD REVISED 2nd DRAFT    6/4/08     95.


      She listens to his heart.

                  Hello...hello in there. It said it
                  was happy to meet me and that it
                  missed you.

                                                                CUT TO:

124   EXT. ORPHANAGE COURTYARD/WALL - DAY                          124

      He stands and looks at the wall.


      The storm lashes against them.

                  Come with me!

                                                                CUT TO:

126   EXT. ORPHANAGE COURTYARD/WALL - DAY                          126

      He begins to climb.

                                                                CUT TO:

127   FLASHBACK - EXT. ORPHANAGE WALL - NIGHT                      127

      She kisses him.

                                                                CUT TO:

128   EXT. ORPHANAGE WALL - DAY                                    128

      We hear his heartbeat. Bump-thump Bump-thump.

      As he stands on the edge of the wall.

      In the next moment he is gone-

      And finally, free.

      FADE OUT.

Ninja Assassin

Writers :   Matthew Sand  J. Michael Straczynski
Genres :   Action  Crime  Drama  Thriller

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