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                         PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST 

                                        Written by

                              Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio

                                      Transcript by

               Nikki M, Dorothy/silentpawz, Jerome S, Tobias K & Courtney VP.

               [view looking straight down at rolling swells, sound of wind 
               and thunder, then a low heartbeat]

               PORT ROYAL

               [teacups on a table in the rain]

               [sheet music on music stands in the rain]

               [bouquet of white orchids, Elizabeth sitting in the rain holding 
               the bouquet]
               [men rowing, men on horseback, to the sound of thunder]

               [EITC logo on flag blowing in the wind]

               [many rowboats are entering the harbor]

               [Elizabeth sitting alone, at a distance]

               [marines running, kick a door in] 

               [a mule is seen on the left in the barn where the marines enter]
               [Liz looking over her shoulder]

               [Elizabeth drops her bouquet]

               [Will is in manacles, being escorted by red coats]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

               [Elizabeth runs to Will]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Why is this happening? 

                                     WILL TURNER
                         I don't know. You look beautiful.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         I think it's bad luck for the groom 
                         to see the bride before the wedding.
               [marines cross their long axes to bar Governor from entering]
               [Beckett, in white hair and curls, is standing with Mercer]
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Governor Weatherby Swann, it's been 
                         too long.
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         His Lord now... actually.

                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         In fact, I *do*. Mister Mercer! The 
                         warrant for the arrest of one William 
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Oh, is it? That's annoying. My mistake. 
                         Arrest her.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         On what charges?

                                     WILL TURNER

               [Beckett takes another document from Mercer, who is standing 
               with Beckett, craggy face and pony tail]
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Ah-ha! Here's the one for William Turner. 
                         And I have another one for a Mister 
                         James Norrington. Is he present?
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         *What are the charges?*

                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         I don't believe that's the answer to 
                         the question I asked.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Lord Beckett! In the category of questions 
                         *not* answered...
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         We are under the jurisdiction of the 
                         King's governor of Port Royal, and you 
                         will tell us what we are charged with. 
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         For which the punishment, regrettably, 
                         is *also* death. Perhaps you remember 
                         a certain pirate named Jack Sparrow.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         *Captain* Jack Sparrow.

                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Captain Jack Sparrow. Yes, I thought 
                         you might.

               BLACK PEARL

               [views of rigging ropes and blocks aboard a ship at night] 
               [Gibbs walks the deck alone at night, singing and drinking from 
               a bottle]
                          Fifteen men on a dead man's chest. 
                         Yo ho ho, and a *bottle* of rum. Drink 
                         and the devil had done for the rest. 
                         Yo ho ho, and a *bottle* of rum. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! 
               [a bell tolls, Gibbs is interrupted from his drinking by the 
               [Gibbs looks up to see a flock of crows flying in the foggy night 

               TURKISH PRISON

               [tolling of bells, camera pans to show the crows flying toward 
               a coastal island] 
               [pinnacle-like island off the coast at night, connected to the 
               mainland by thin, lighted bridge]
               [cages with men inside line the bridge]

               [prisoners are being marched across the bridge]

               [a male prisoner with bloody legs is muttering, and is dragged 
               across the bridge by guards]
               [a crow is seen reflected in the eye of one male prisoner in 
               a cage, the crow attacks and pecks his eye out, he screams]
               [the prisoner who was being dragged is taken down a hatch-like 
               door in the ground, he also screams]
               [rocky shoreline, lit with torches]

               [men toss caskets into the sea]

               [numerous caskets are floating out to sea, vertical streaks in 
               the distant clouds are seen]
               [a crow lands on one casket, begins pecking at the top] 

               [sudden gunblast from inside the casket blows the crow away, 
               along with much wood]
               [hand holding flintlock pistol emerges, pans about, points it 
               at audience for a moment]
               [Jack breaks out of the top of the casket, puts his captain's 
               hat on]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Sorry, mate.

               [Jack breaks the skeleton's leg off]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Mind if we make a little side trip? 
                          I didn't think so.
               [Jack uses the skeleton leg as an oar, rows toward the full moon 
               and a waiting ship in the distance to the right of the moon]
               BLACK PEARL

               [Jack arrives at the Black Pearl in his coffin rowboat]

               [Gibbs holds out his hand to help Jack aboard, Jack puts the 
               skeleton leg in Gibbs' hand]
               [Cotton drapes a coat onto Jack's back]

                         Not *quite* according to plan.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Complications arose, ensued, were overcome.
                         You got what you went in for, then?
                                     JACK SPARROW

                         Captain, I think the crew, meaning me 
                         as well, were expecting something a 
                         bit more... *shiny*. What with the Isla 
                         de Muerta going all pear shaped, reclaimed 
                         by the sea, and the treasure with it. 
                         And the Royal Navy chasing us all around 
                         the Atlantic. 
                         And the hurricane!




                         All in all, it's seems some time since 
                         we did a speck of honest pirating.
                                     JACK SPARROW

                         Aye, shiny.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Is that how you're all feeling, then? 
                         Perhaps dear old Jack is not serving 
                         your best interests as captain?
                                     COTTON'S PARROT
                         Awk! Walk the plank!  

               [Jack grabs his pistol and points it at the bird]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         What did the bird say?

                         Do not blame the bird. Show us what 
                         is on that piece of cloth there. 
               [the monkey snarls, seizes the cloth, scampers off with it]
                                     JACK SPARROW

               [Jack attempts to shoot the monkey with his pistol, his pistol 
               [Jack grabs a pistol from another crewman and blasts the monkey 
               while it's on the deck]
               [the monkey drops the cloth, but is unharmed, and scurries into 
               the rigging]
                         Know that don't do no good.  

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         It does me.

               [Marty picks up the cloth that the monkey dropped]

                         It's a key!

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         No! Much more better. It is a *drawing* 
                         of a key. 
               [Jack holds up the cloth, the crew crowd forward]

               [Among the crew:
                 Chinese man, black man with a black 
                 beard, white bearded man with large 
                 black hat]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Gentlemen, what do keys do?

                         Keys... unlock... *things*? 

                         And whatever this key unlocks, *inside* 
                         there's something valuable. So, we're 
                         setting out to find whatever this key 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         No! If we don't have the key, we can't 
                         open whatever it is we don't have that 
                         it unlocks. So what purpose would be 
                         served in finding whatever need be unlocked, 
                         which we don't have, without first having 
                         found the key what unlocks it?
                         So - We're going after this key!

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         You're not making any sense at all. 
                         Any more questions?
                         So... Do we have a heading?

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Hah! A heading. Set sail in a... mmm... 
                          a general... in *that* way - direction. 

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Come on, snap to and make sail, you 
                         know how this works. Come on, ?oy/?quick, 
                         ?oy/?quick, hey!
               [Marty and Gibbs gather alone by the railing]

                         Have you noticed lately... The captain 
                         seems to be actin' a bit strange... 
                         Settin' sail without knowing his own 
                         headin'? Somethin's got Jack vexed. 
                         Mark my words, what bodes ill for Jack 
                         Sparrow bodes ill for us all.
               [the Black Pearl is shown at night in a thunderstorm]


               [a painter is painting a detail on a mural of a world map]

               [a guard brings Will in manacles into Beckett's office]

                         Lord Beckett. The prisoner as ordered, 
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Those won't be necessary.

               [Will's manacles are removed]

               [Beckett pours some liquor] 

                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         The East India Trading Company has need 
                         of your services.  We wish for you to 
                         act as our agent in a business transaction 
                         with our mutual friend: Captain Sparrow.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         More acquaintance than friend. How do 
                         you know him?
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         We've had dealings in the past.  And 
                         we've each left our mark... on the other. 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         What mark did he leave on you? 

                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         By your efforts Jack Sparrow was set 
                         free. I would like you to go to him, 
                         and recover a certain property in his 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Recover. At the point of a sword?

                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT

               [Beckett goes over to a wooden box on a table and opens it]
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Letters of Marque. You will offer what 
                         amounts to a full pardon. Jack will 
                         be free, a privateer in the employ of 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Somehow I doubt Jack will consider employment 
                         the same as being free.
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                          Freedom.  Jack Sparrow is a dying breed. 
                          The world is shrinking, the blank pages 
                         of the map filled in. Jack must find 
                         his place in the new world or perish. 
                         Not unlike you, Mister Turner. You and 
                         your fiancée face the hangman's noose. 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         So you get both Jack *and* the Black 
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         The Black Pearl?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         The property you want that he possesses.
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         A ship? Hardly. The item in question's 
                         considerably smaller and far more valuable. 
                         Something Sparrow keeps on his person 
                         at all times. A compass.  Ah, you know 
                         it. Bring back that Compass, or there's 
                         no deal.

               BLACK PEARL

               [Jack is using calipers on a map, using his left hand, a "P" 
               brand mark is seen on his right arm]
               [an hourglass is in the background, Jack taps the Compass]

               [Jack looks in his bottle, turns the bottle upside-down, only 
               a few drops spill out]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Why is the rum always gone?

               [Jack rises to his feet, staggers]

               [Jack picks up his hat off the top of a globe]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Oh! *That's* why.

               [Jack walks past the crew sleeping on hammocks, Jack is carrying 
               a lantern]
               [some of the crew are snoring, and Cotton is among those sleeping]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         As you were, gents.

               [Jack goes downstairs to the hold, an animal bleats, Jack unlocks 
               the door, goes in]
               [Jack sees eerie filter feeder creatures festooning a beam of 
               [Jack spots a rack of bottles, with the bottles stored sideways 
               like in a wine rack]
                                     JACK SPARROW

               [Jack pulls a sideways bottle from the rack]

               [Jack pours sand out of the bottle] 

               [Jack drops bottle of rum in fright, the bottle breaks on the 
               [Jack walks over to see who spoke]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Bootstrap. Bill Turner.

               [Bootstrap looks up from where he's sitting on a barrel, crabs 
               scuttle across his face]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Is this a dream?

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I thought not. If it were, there'd be 
               [Bootstrap immediately hands Jack a bottle of rum]

               [Jack pries the bottle from Bootstrap's hand with a crackling 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I had some help retrieving the Pearl, 
                         by the way.
               [Jack tinks the lip of the bottle with his fingers, then blows 
               across the top of the bottle]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Your son.

               [Jack takes a drink from the bottle]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         And to what do I owe the pleasure of 
                         your carbuncle? 
                                     JACK SPARROW

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Ah. So it's you, then.  He shanghaied 
                         you into service, eh? 
               [a small hermit crab scuttles by Bootstrap, on top of the barrel 
               where Bootstrap sits]
               [Bootstrap grabs the hermit crab, pops it into his mouth, and 
               crunches on it]
               [Jack moves his mouth, jaw, and tongue around in revulsion while 
               [Jack hands the bottle back to Bootstrap]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         It's funny what a man will do to forestall 
                         his final judgment -
               [Jack starts to walk off, but Bootstrap stands up at the same 
               time and intercepts Jack, blocking him]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Technic -

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Yes, but the Flying Dutchman already 
                         *has* a captain, so there's re -
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Any idea when Jones might release said 
                         terrible beastie? 
               [Jack looks at the palm of his left hand, where a black spot 
               boils into view]
               [Jack looks up, but Bootstrap has disappeared]

               BLACK PEARL: ON DECK

               [Jack runs across a wooden deck that has a shallow covering of 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         On deck all hands! Make fast the bunt 
                         gasket! On deck! Scurry! ?Scurry-on/?Marty, 
                         I want movement!
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         *I want movement!* 

                         Lift the skin up! 

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         All on deck! Run! And keep running! 
                         Run as if the devil himself and itself 
                         is upon us!  
                          Do we have a heading?

                                     JACK SPARROW
                          Ah! Ooh! Run! Land.

               [Jack rises from where he was ducked behind the base of the mast, 
               sees Gibbs again]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                          Oh! Euh!

                         Which port?

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Didn't say port. I said land. Any land.
               [the monkey in skeleton form swings down, grabs Jack's hat]
                                     JACK SPARROW

               [the monkey snarls at Jack, Jack snarls back at the monkey, in 
               [the monkey throws Jack's hat overboard

                         Jack's hat! Bring 'er about! 

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         No no! Leave it! Run! 

                         Back to your stations! The lot o' ya!
               [Jack stands stiffly in the shadows under some steps, between 
               two lighted windows]
               [Gibbs walks up to Jack]


                                     JACK SPARROW

                         For the love of mother and child, Jack, 
                         what's coming after us? 
                                     JACK SPARROW

               small fishing vessel

               [Jack's hat floats toward a small fishing vessel around sunrise]
               [a Turkish crewmember pulls Jack's hat out of the water with 
               a hook] 
               [the first sailor tries the hat on, jokingly pretending to be 
               a captain]
                                     TURKISH FISHERMAN
                         Heh-heh-heh.?tupayHey! ?Fo 
                         ?pes ?sa ?kapazun kapitan ?de ?la ?mezande, 
                                     GREEK FISHERMAN

               ?Fetsoran ?ipitos. ?Ferinte.

              arrive, huh?

               [the Greek sailor takes the hat, tries it on next]

                                     GREEK FISHERMAN
                         Ah! ?Vangas ?da ?eroro ###

               [a large object is seeing moving underwater toward their vessel, 
               creating a disturbance on the ocean surface as it moves]
              kapitan ###


               [a loud thumping sound occurs, the two sailors freeze in fright]
               [a third sailor sleeps on deck]

               [one sailor presses the hat against the other's chest, indicating 
               he doesn't want it anymore]

               Port Royal prison

               [Will and the governor rapidly descend stone steps into the prison]
               [the guard at the bottom of the steps holds a long gun with a 
               bayonette on the end]
                         Here now. He can't be here.

                         Mister Swann, -

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Jack's Compass. What does Beckett want 
                         with that?
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Does it matter? I'm to find Jack and 
                         convince him to return to Port Royal. 
                         In exchange the charges against us will 
                         be dropped.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Is that lack of faith in Jack, or in 
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         I have faith in you. Both of you. Where 
                         will you find him? 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Tortuga. I'll start there, and I won't 
                         stop searching 'til I find him. And 
                         then I intend to return here, to marry 
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Eagerly, if you'll still have me.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         If it weren't for these bars I'd have 
                         you already. 
               [the governor accidentally knocks a candleholder off the wall]
               [the governor tosses the candleholder aside, onto the floor]
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         I'll wait for you.

                                     WILL TURNER
                          Keep a weather eye on the horizon.
               [Will walks back up the prison steps]


                                     WEATHERED SAILOR
                         *Captain* Jack Sparrow? Owes me four 
                         dubloons. Heard he was dead. 
                                     HALF-BLIND FISHERMAN
                         Singapore. That's what I heard. Drunk 
                         with a smile on his face. Sure as the 
                         tide, Jack Sparrow... will turn up in 
               [Scarlett is a redhead, Giselle is a blonde, both are standing 
               together, answering Will's questions]
                         Jack Sparrow!

                         I haven't seen 'im in a month.

                         When you find him, will you give him 
                         a message? 
               [Giselle slaps Will in the face]

               [a black man who is a shrimper is sitting on a dock, mending 
               his nets]
               [in the background is a bunch of bananas on the dock, and a goat 
               being loaded aboard a ship]
                         Cannot say about Jack Sparrow. But dere's 
                         a island, just south of de straits, 
                         where I trade spice for... mmm... delicious 
                         long pork. Cannot say about Jack. But 
                         you find a ship dere. A ship wit' black 
                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND

               [Black Pearl seen stranded on a beach, through a spyglass]

                         My brother will take you ashore. 

               [the shrimper's brother is rowing Will toward the shore]

               [the rower stops rowing]

                                     WILL TURNER
                         What's wrong? The beach is right there.
                                     SHRIMPER'S BROTHER
                         ?: Ne bougeais pas, c'est trop dangereux. 
                                     WILL TURNER

                                     SHRIMPER'S BROTHER
                         ?: Je ne peux, c'est trop dangereux, 
                         j'avais le dit. Bon voyage, monsieur.
               [Will jumps off the rowboat, swims ashore, wearing his sword]
               [aerial view, flying over jungle toward beach, showing Will wading 
               [Will walks alongside the Black Pearl, which is tied with ropes 
               to stakes in the sand]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Jack! Jack Sparrow!

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Marty! Cotton! Anybody? 

               [Will wanders into the palm jungle bordering the beach]

               [Cotton's parrot flutters up and lands atop a palm stump]

                                     COTTON'S PARROT

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Ah! A familiar face!

                                     COTTON'S PARROT
                         Rawk! Don't eat me!

                                     WILL TURNER
                         I'm not gonna eat you.

                                     COTTON'S PARROT
                         Don't eat me! No! Don't eat me! Akkk!
               [Will finds Gibbs' husk canteen hanging on a plant, trailing 
               a long string]
                                     WILL TURNER

               [Will follows the string attached to the canteen, over toward 
               a large tree]
               [human eyes open in the background, from a man camouflaged against 
               a nearby tree]
               [the camouflaged cannibal shouts and jumps out from the tree 
               at Will]
               [Will is yanked back by a snare, and dangles upside-down from 
               a rope]
               [cannibals charge out of the bushes from all directions, Will 
               keeps them at bay with his sword]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Euh! Unh! Ya! Come on! Let's go! Euh! 
                         Ya! Come on! Who wants it? Unh! I could 
                         do this all day! Euh! Euh! Hah!
               [a cannibal with a bone through his nose uses a blowgun to shoot 
               a dart into Will's neck]
               [Will drops his sword to the ground]

                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND

               [aerial view of flying over the island's mountaintops, toward 
               hilltop throne area]
               [Will is carried while hung from a bamboo pole, his head hanging 
               [human skulls line the path along which Will is taken]

               [Will is carried over a roap bridge]

               [one cannibal is wearing an English white wig and using a Western 
               style fan]
                         Hurry-hurry tan daga! 

               [Will is brought before Jack, who sits on a throne]

               [the music stops, Jack pops his eyes open, revealing that his 
               closed eyelids were painted to look like open eyes]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Jack? Jack Sparrow! I can honestly say 
                         I'm glad to see you!
               [Jack says nothing, arises from his throne, walks over to Will]
               [Jack pushes one finger into Will's shoulder, as if testing how 
               much meat Will has on him]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Jack! It's me! Will Turner!

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         ?: Wa-say kohn. 

                         Een dah-lah. Eeseepi. 

                                     CANNIBAL CROWD

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Tell 'em to let me down.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Kay-lay lam. Lam piki-piki. Lam eensy 
                         weensy. Lam say-say... eunuchy. Snip-snip. 
                                     CANNIBAL CROWD
                         Ahhh... eunuchy!

               [Jack begins to walk away, as if disinterested, his Compass hangs 
               from his waist]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Jack! The Compass! That's all I need, 
                         Elizabeth is in danger. We were arrested 
                         for trying to help *you*. She faces 
                         the gallows!
               [Jack halts, pauses, turns around and casually walks back]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Say-say lam shoop-shoop sha smalay-lama 
                         shoo-koo. Savvy? Ball licky-licky.  
               Ball licky-licky!

                                     CANNIBAL CROWD
                         Ball licky-licky!

               [the cannibals begin chanting, repetitiously]

                                     CANNIBAL CROWD
                         ?Boom-shoo-boom, ?boom-shoo-boom, ?boom-shoo-boom...
                                     JACK SPARROW
                          Save me! 

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Jack, what did you tell them? No! What 
                         about Elizabeth? *Jack...!*
               [Will is carried across a rope bridge, still hanging underneath 
               the bamboo pole]
               Port Royal

               [Elizabeth sits alone in her prison cell, male prisoners in the 
               next cell whistle and beckon her]
                         ...we don't bite...Come on...

                         ] Prisoners: Where you goin'...?)

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Why don't you tell me what's happening? 
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         No! Will has gone to find Jack!

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         He's a better man than you give him 
                         credit for. 
               [a horse and carriage are waiting, the governor opens the door 
               to the carriage for Elizabeth]
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         A fair trial for Will ends in a hanging.
               [the horse and carriage quickly ride off]

               [the horse and carriage arrive at a dock]

               [Captain Hawkins stands silently on the dock facing out to sea]
               [the captain's body soon falls, revealing Mercer, who was standing 
               behind the body, long knife in hand]
                         Evening, Governor.  Shame, huh? He was 
                         carryin' this. It's a letter to the 
                         King. It's from *you*. 
               [horses and soldiers arrive to cut off the governor from fleeing 
               from the dock]
               [the carriage door is opened, but the carriage is empty, Elizabeth 
               is gone]
                         Where is she?

               [Mercer grabs the governor by the lapels, pushes him up against 
               the side of the carriage]
                                     PORT ROYAL
                         EITC headquarters

               [darkened room]

               [Beckett walks in from the balcony, carrying a lantern]

               [Beckett walks to a table, opens a wooden box, finds the Letters 
               of Marque missing]
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                          No doubt you've discovered that loyalty 
                         is no longer the currency of the realm, 
                         as your father believes.
               [Elizabeth slips into the dark room from an interior door, hands 
               held behind her]
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Then what is?

                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         I'm afraid that *currency* is the currency 
                         of the realm.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         I expect then that we can come to some 
                         sort of understanding. I'm here to negotiate.
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         I'm listening.

               [Elizabeth pulls a pistol, points it at Beckett's head]

                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         I'm listening *intently*.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         These Letters of Marque, they are signed 
                         by the King?
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Yes, and they're not valid until they 
                         bear my signature and my seal.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Or else I would not still be here. You 
                         sent Will to get you the Compass owned 
                         by Jack Sparrow. It will do you no good. 
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Do explain.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         I have been to Isla de Muerta, I have 
                         seen the treasure myself. There is something 
                         you need to know.
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Ah, I see. *You* think the Compass leads 
                         only to the Isla de Muerta, and so you 
                         hope to *save* me from an evil fate. 
                         But you mustn't worry. I care not for 
                         cursed Aztec gold. My desires are not 
                         so provincial. There's more than one 
                         chest of value in these waters. So perhaps 
                         you may wish to enhance your offer. 
               [Elizabeth cocks her pistol]

               [Beckett signs the document]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Consider into your calculations that 
                         you robbed me of my wedding night.
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         So I did. A marriage interrupted.  Or 
                         fate intervenes. You make great efforts 
                         to ensure Jack Sparrow's freedom.  
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         These aren't going to Jack.

                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Oh really. To ensure Mister Turner's 
                         freedom, then? I'll still want that 
                         Compass. Consider that in your calculations.

               [Ragetti appears to be reading a Bible in the back of the longboat, 
               but the Bible is upside-down]
                         Well I say it was divine providence 
                         what escaped us from jail.
                         And I say... it was me bein' *clever*. 
                         Ain't that right, poochie?
               [the dog goes to the bow, looking forward, keys in its mouth] 
                         ?: Well how'dya know it ?weren't/?wasn't 
                         divine providence what inspired you 
                         to *be* clever? Anyways, I ain't stealin' 
                         no ship. 
                         It ain't stealin'. It's *salvagin'*! 
                         And since when did you care? 
                         Since we're not immortal no more. We 
                         gotta take care of our immortal souls. 
                         You know you can't read.

                         It's the Bible. You get credit for trying. 
                         Pretendin' to read the Bible's a *lie*! 
                         *That's* a mark against ya!  Look! There 
                         it is! 
               [the dog jumps overboard and swims toward shore]

                         What's got into *'im*? 

                         Must've seen a catfish. Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh.
               [both laugh, the dog reaches shore and looks back at them]

                         Stupid mongrel!

               [the dog on shore shakes off water, looks back at them, still 
               holding keys in its mouth] 
               [their boat capsizes in a wave, they wade ashore]

                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND


                         Come on! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha-ha... 
                         It's ours for the taking! 

                         Tide's comin', that should help. Well, 
                         salvagin' is saving, in a manner of 
                         There's the truth of *it*! ###

               [cannibal drums sound]

                         Suppose we be'er... save it as soon 
                         as we can. What with our souls in such 
                         a vulnerable state, and all.
                         Amen to that.

               [the dog barks]

                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND

               [cannibal drums are pounding]

               [Jack is on the throne, a cannibal hands Jack a necklace of human 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Thank you.

               [Jack looks at the toe, bites off part of the nail to trim it]
               [Jack spits out the piece of nail, reexamines the toe]

                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND

               [two spherical cages of six Black Pearl crewmen apiece hang from 
               ropes over a deep chasm] 

               [Will is in the same cage with Gibbs, Cotton, Marty, and two 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Why would he do this to us? If Jack 
                         is their chief.
                         Aye, the Pelegostos made Jack their 
                         chief. But he only remains chief as 
                         long as he *acts* like a chief. 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         So he had no choice. He's a captive 
                         then as much as the rest of us.
                         Worse... as it turns out. See, the Pelegostos 
                         believe that Jack is a *god* in human 
                         form, and they intend to do him the 
                         honor of releasing him from his fleshy 
               [Cotton bites Gibbs' fingers to illustrate]

                         ?Argh! They'll roast him and eat him.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Where's the rest of the crew?

                         These cages we're in... weren't built 
                         'til *after* we got here.
               [Will was gripping the bars made of human bones, but quickly 
               pulls his hand away]
                         The feast is about to begin. Jack's 
                         life will end... when the drums stop.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Well, we can't just sit here and wait 
                         then, can we?
                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND

               [cannibal drums are pounding]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         ?No/?Oup! No no! ?Oy!/?Wait! No no! 
                         More wood! Big fire! *Big* fire! I am 
                         chief! Want big fire! Come on!
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         ?Oy!/?Boy! Maboogie snickel-snickel. 
                         Tout de suite! Come on! More wood!
               [the cannibal standing next to Jack leaves to put more wood on 
               the fire]
               [the cannibals put large pieces of wood on the fire]

               [the cannibals turn around to find that Jack is gone]

                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND

               [Jack is running across a foot bridge]

               [Jack runs up to a cliff edge, totters at the edge, looking down]
               [Jack examines a length of bamboo pole he finds lying there]
               [Jack goes into a hut, sees various supplies, the sound of buzzing 
               flies is heard]
               [Jack picks up a rope, starts to exit, halts, looks back inside]
               [Jack goes back in, picks up a can of paprika with the EITC logo 
               on the bottom]
               [Jack walks outside the hut, the entire tribe is waiting silently 
               outside, staring at him] 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Oh bugger.

               [Jack drops his coil of rope, sprinkles paprika on his armpits]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Little seasoning. Eh?

               [Jack is now tied up to a bamboo pole and hanging face down over 
               a pile of wood]
               [cannibals are dancing wildly]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Well done.

                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND

               [the men begin swinging the cages with increasingly wide arcs]
               [both cages finally come within reach of the cliff, they grab 
               vines and hang on to the cliff]
                         Put your legs through, start to climb! 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Come on men! It'll take all ?of-us/?the-rest 
                         to crew the Black Pearl!
                         Actually, you won't need everyone. 'Bout 
                         six would do!  Ohhh... dear. 
               [Gibbs nods]

                                     WILL TURNER

               [each cage group begins racing against each other up the cliff]
               Come on! Go! Go! Go!

               Come on! Give it all you got!

               [a cannibal crosses the rope bridge]

               Hey! Hey ###

                                     WILL TURNER

               Stop! Stop!

               Shhh! Shhh!

               [the cannibal crosses rope bridge]


               [one cage group decides to take the risk of climbing, despite 
               the nearby cannibal]
               What's he doing?



               [one of the men in the climbing cage grabs a coral snake from 
               the cliff instead of a vine] [p. 50] 
               [when the man holding the snake lets go, their cage falls, the 
               rope breaks, and their cage falls to the bottom]
                                     ?WILL TURNER

                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND

               [drums pounding, a cannibal crosses a bridge to the bonfire area]
               Ahhh! Fye-fye!

                                     CANNIBAL CROWD
                         Ahhh! Fye-fye!

               [the cannibal from the bridge arrives to tell the tribe of the 
               men in cages escaping]
               ?Da ?latazo! ?Da ?litozo! Hay la paka say-say.

               [the crowd stands silently, not knowing whether to stay or to 
               chase the escapees]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Well, go on! Go get them! Hay ala!
                                     CANNIBAL CROWD
                         Hay ala!

               Ala, ala!

               [cannibals run off to chase after men who escaped from cages]
               [in their haste one cannibal drops a lighted torch need the pile 
               of wood under Jack]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         No! No no! Oy! No no!

               [the edges of the wood begin to catch fire]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Not good.

               [Jack blows futilely at the igniting wood]

                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND

               [the remaining cage reaches the top of the cliff]

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Cut it loose! Find a rock!

               [Will manages to sever the cage's cable by hammering it with 
               a rock]
               [the men in Will's cage are unable to the cage open in time before 
               the cannibals will reach them]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Roll the cage!

               [the cage rolls down the hill]

               [the cage falls over the edge of a tiny cliff]

               [the cage rolls down the hill, rolls up a coconut palm trunk, 
               crashes to the ground, unbroken]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Lift the cage! Hurry!

                         Come on, men! Lift it like a lady's 
               [the men begin running with their legs protruding from the cage, 
               holding up the cage]
               [Marty's short legs make a running motion but are unable to reach 
               the ground]
               Come on!

                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND


               [Jack is running off with the bamboo pole tied to his back]
               [Jack encounters the cannibal boy, standing silently with a fork 
               and a knife, one in each hand]
               [Jack grabs the knife from the boy, and begins cutting his rope 
               [two cannibal women appear]

               [Jack charges, but the bamboo pole on his back spears a coconut 
               in a pile near the cliff edge]
               [Jack turns suddenly, which flings the coconut off the end of 
               the pole into a cannibal's face]
               [the cannibal slowly lifts the dripping coconut off his face, 
               scowling at Jack]
                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND

               [the cage rolls over a ledge into a small chasm holding a river]
               [cannibals throw spears and shoot arrows at the men in the water, 
               the men swim underwater]

                         This way, lads! 


                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND

               [the two cannibal women throw numerous fruits at Jack while the 
               pole is still on his back]
               [several of the fruits become impaled along the pole, making 
               Jack look like he's part of a shish-ka-bob]
                                     ?CANNIBAL BOY
                         Da litozo! Da litozo!



               [Jack pole vaults across the chasm, barely lands on the other 
               edge safely]
               [but the fruit slides down to the end of his pole, putting weight 
               on the end over the chasm]
               [Jack falls into the chasm, screaming]

               [Jack's pole catches between the two walls of a chasm]

               [two native women watch Jack fall into the chasm, with disinterest]
                                     CANNIBAL WOMAN
                         ?A-geev-nee. Uh-boogie?

               [the two cannibal women walk off, disinterested]

                                     JACK SPARROW

               [Jack's pole slips loose, he falls into the chasm, screaming]
               [As Jack falls through the first rope bridge, the rope comes 
               undone but is still attached to the bamboo pole and to Jack]
               [Jack is hung upside-down in the chasm when the bamboo pole catches]
               [Jack falls through a total of six rope bridges]

               [Jack lands on his back on grass]

               [bamboo pole comes down at him, spears the ground near his head]
               [fruits tumble down afterwards]

                                     CANNIBAL ISLAND

               [only Ragetti and Cotton's parrot are aboard the Black Pearl, 
               Pintel is on the beach below]
                         ?Pull-loose/?Unloose the mooring lines! 
                         The mooring lines!
               [the monkey chatters, grabs Ragetti's wooden eye] 

                         ?Thief/?Thing! Little hairy ?thief/?thing! 
                         Give it back!  Don't bite it!
                         ?Unloose the mooring lines!

                         He's got me eye! He won't give it back!
                         Well, how'd you get it back last time?
                         Excellent work! Work's half done!

                         We done it for you! Knowin' you'd be 
                         comin' back for us.
                         ?Make/?Making ?ready ?to?sail/?cast-off 
                         ###, boy.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         What about Jack? I won't leave without 
                                     JACK SPARROW

               [Jack appears at a distance, running down the beach toward the 
               crew and ship]
               [a crowd of cannibals suddenly run down on the beach behind Jack, 
               pursuing him]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Time to go. 

                         *Cast off those lines!*

               [Jack screams while running down the beach]

               Make ready to cast off! ###!

               [the dog is down the beach with Jack, barking at him]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Good doggie! ?Doggie. 

               [Jack grabs ahold of rigging on the side of the departing ship]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         *Alas*, my children! This is the day 
                         you shall always remember as the day 
                         that you almost -
               [big wave splashes Jack from behind]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         ...Captain Jack... Sparrow.

               [the crowd of cannibals falls silent as the ship leaves]

               [the dog barks excitedly at the departing ship]

               [all heads in the crowd of cannibals turn toward the dog]

               [the dog falls silent, whimpers, then flees back down the beach]
               [the cannibals chase the dog, shouting] 

               Black Pearl

                         Let's put some distance between us and 
                         this island, and head out to open sea.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Yes to the first, yes to the second, 
                         but only insofar as we keep to the shallows 
                         as much as possible.
                         Uh, that seems a bit contradictory, 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I have every faith in your reconciliatory 
                         navigational skills, Master Gibbs, now 
                         where is that monkey? I want to shoot 
               [the monkey screams, drops Ragetti's eye, Ragetti grabs his eye, 
               spits on it, rubs the spit around on it]
               [the monkey chatters and climbs into the rigging]

               [Jack is ready to shoot the monkey with his pistol]

                                     WILL TURNER

                                     JACK SPARROW

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Elizabeth is in danger.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Have you considered keeping a more watchful 
                         eye on 'er? Maybe just lock her up somewhere. 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         She *is* locked up, in a prison, bound 
                         to hang for helping *you*!
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         There comes a time when one must take 
                         responsibility for one's mistakes.
               [Will pulls a sword from the waistband of a pirate who is turned 
               around, points it at Jack] 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         I need that Compass of yours, Jack. 
                         I must trade it for her freedom.
               [Jack pushes Will's sword aside]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Mister Gibbs!


                                     JACK SPARROW
                         We have a need to travel upriver.

                         By need, d'you mean a... trifling need, 
                         ?uh/?a... fleeting, as in say in a passing 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         No, a... resolute and unyielding need.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         What we need to do is make sail for 
                         Port Royal with all haste.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         William... I shall trade you the Compass, 
                         if you will help me... to find *this*. 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         You want me to find this?

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         No. *You* want you to find this. Because 
                         the finding this finds you incapacitorially 
                         finding and/or locating and your discovering 
                         the detecting of a way to save your 
                         ?dolly/?dotty belle ol'... what's-her-face. 
                                     WILL TURNER
                          This... is going to save Elizabeth?
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         How much do you know about Davy Jones?
                                     WILL TURNER
                          Not much.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Yeah, it's gonna save Elizabeth.

               Edinburgh Trader

               [a crewman swabbing the deck happens to notice a white dress 
               tucked in a corner, pulls it out]
               [the crewmen are arguing loudly about the newfound dress]

                         What's all this? If you both fancy the 
                         dress, you'll just have to share, and 
                         wear it one after the other. 
                         It's not like that, Sir. This ship is 
                         Is it now? 'N' you? 

                         The... female presence... amongst us, 
                         yes... all the men... they can feel 
               The ghost of a lady, widowed before her marriage, I figure it. 
               Searching for her husband, lost at sea. 
               A virgin, too, likely as not.

               And that bodes ill by all accounts.

                         I say... that we throw the dress overboard, 
                         and we hope the spirit finds it. 
                         No! That - that will just anger the 
                         spirit, Sir. What we need to do is find 
                         out what the spirit needs, and then 
                         just get it back! 
                         Enough! Enough! You're a pair of superstitious 
                         goats and it's got the best of you. 
                         Now this appears to be no more as we 
                         have a stowaway aboard. A young woman, 
                         by the look of it. I want you to search 
                         the ship and find 'er. Oh, and uh... 
                         she's probably naked. 
               [the crew enthusiastically rushes off in search of the stowaway]
               Pantano River

               [aerial view of the mouth of the Pantano River, two longboats 
               are beginning their way up the river]
               [the longboats are in a swampy area with twisted roots]

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Why is Jack afraid of the open ocean?
                         Well, if you believe such things, there's 
                         a beast does the bidding of Davy Jones. 
                         A fearsome creature with giant tentacles 
                         that suction your face clean off. And 
                         drag an entire ship past the crushing 
                         darkness. The Kraken!
               [Marty turns around at mention of the word, Pintel and Ragetti 
               look at each other]
                         They say the stench of its breath is 
                         like - ooh! Imagine: The last thing 
                         you know on God's green earth is the 
                         roar of the Kraken, and the reeking 
                         odor of a thousand rotting corpses. 
                         If you believe such things.  
                                     WILL TURNER
                         And the key will spare him that?

                         Now that's the very question Jack wants 
                         answered. Bad enough even to go visit... 
                                     WILL TURNER


                         Tia's shack

               [bayou with fireflies, and an iguana on a tree trunk on the left]
               [the iguana eats a firefly with a quick slurping sound]

               [people are occasionally seen standing quietly in the darkness 
               among the trees]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         No worries, mates. Tia Dalma and I go 
                         way back. Thick as thieves. Nigh inseparable 
                         we are. Were. Have been. Before. 
                         I'll watch your back.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         It's me front I'm worried about. Mind 
                         the boat.
                         Mind the boat.

                                     ?WILL TURNER
                         Mind the boat.

                         Mind the boat.

                         Mind the boat.

                                     COTTON'S PARROT
                         Awk! Mind the boat! 

               [Cotton is left alone in the longboat]

               [Jack cautiously enter's Tia's shack, pushing the door open slowly]
               [near the inside of the shack door hangs a live snake, moving 
               [Tia is sitting at a table, looks up from her crab claws, sees 
               Jack in the doorway]
                                     TIA DALMA
                         Jack Sparrow! 

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Tia Dalma!

                                     TIA DALMA
                         I always know de wind was goin' blow 
                         you back to me one day. 
               [Tia sees Will standing in the doorway, goes up to him]

                                     TIA DALMA
                         You. You have a touch of... destiny 
                         about *you*, William Turner.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         You know me?

                                     TIA DALMA
                         You want to know *me*.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         There'll be no knowing here. We've come 
                         for help and we're not leaving without 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                          I thought *I* knew you.

                                     TIA DALMA
                         Not so well as I had hoped. Come.

                                     JACK SPARROW

                                     TIA DALMA
                         What... service... may I do you? Hmmm? 
                          You know I demand payment.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I brought payment.

               [Jack whistles once, a crewmember brings in the monkey in a cage]
                                     JACK SPARROW

               [Jack cocks his pistol, shoots the monkey, the bullet has no 
               effect, but the monkey chatters in fright]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         An undead monkey! Top that!

               [Tia lifts the cage door, the monkey scampers off]

                         No! You've no idea how long it took 
                         us to catch that. 
                                     TIA DALMA
                         The payment is fair.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         We're looking for this.  And what it 
                         goes to.
                                     TIA DALMA
                         The Compass you bartered from me. It 
                         cannot lead you to dis? 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Maybe. Why?

                                     TIA DALMA
                         Ayeee... Jack Sparrow does not know 
                         what he wants! Or... do know, but are 
                         loathe to claim it as your own. Your 
                         key go to a chest, and it is what lay 
                         inside the chest you seek, don't it? 
                         What *is* inside?

                         Gold! Jewels? Unclaimed properties of 
                         a valuable nature? 
                         Nothing... bad, I hope.

               [a jar of eyeballs is hanging next to Ragetti's face as he speaks] 
                                     TIA DALMA
                         You know of... Davy Jones, yes? A man 
                         of de sea. A great sailor, until he 
                         ran afoul of dat which vex all men.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         What vexes all men?

                                     TIA DALMA
                         What, indeed.

                         The sea?


                         Dichotomy of good and evil.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         A *woman*.

                                     TIA DALMA
                         A wo-*man*. He fell in love.

                         No-no-no-no, I heard it was the *sea* 
                         he fell in love with.
                                     TIA DALMA
                         Same story, different versions, and 
                         all are true. See, it was a *woman*, 
                         as changing, and harsh, and untamable 
                         as the sea. Him never stopped loving 
                         her. But the pain it cause 'im was too 
                         much to live wid. But not enough to 
                         cause him to die.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         What... exactly did he put into the 
                                     TIA DALMA
                         Him heart.

                         Literally, or figuratively?

                         He couldn't li'erally put his heart 
                         in a chest!  Could he?
                                     TIA DALMA
                         It was not wort' feeling what... small 
                         fleeting joy life brings, and so... 
                         he carved out him heart, lock it away 
                         in a chest, and hide de chest from de 
                         world. De keys, he keep wid him at all 
                                     WILL TURNER
                          You knew this.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I did not. I didn't know where the key 
                         was. But now we do. So all that's left 
                         is to climb aboard the Flying Dutchman, 
                         grab the key, you go back to Port Royal 
                         and save your bonnie lass, hey!
                                     TIA DALMA
                          Let me see your hand.

               [Jack shows his right hand is untouched, but Tia unwraps the 
               bandage on his left hand]
               [the black spot on Jack's left hand is revealed]

                         Uhhh! The black spot!

               [Gibbs quickly wipes his hands on his chest, spins around once 
               to the left, and spits]
               Black spot!

               Black spot!

               [Pintel and Ragetti copy Gibbs' ritual, in synchrony]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         My eyesight's as good as ever, just 
                         so you know. 
               [pushing aside cloth door beads, Tia goes into a back room, and 
               searches for something]
                                     TIA DALMA
                          I am justMy little ###, where 
                         are you? ###
               [Jack steals a ring off of one of Tia's tables, beside the ring 
               is a silver locket] 
               [Tia comes back with an object from the back room]

                                     TIA DALMA
                         Davy Jones cannot make port. Cannot 
                         step on land but once every ten years. 
                         Land is where you are safe, Jack Sparrow. 
                         And so you will carry land wid you... 
               [Tia hands Jack a jar of dirt]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Dirt. This is a jar of dirt.

                                     TIA DALMA

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Is the... jar of dirt going to help?
                                     TIA DALMA
                         If you don' want it, give it back.
                                     JACK SPARROW

                                     TIA DALMA
                         Den it helps.

                                     WILL TURNER
                         It seems... we have a need to find the 
                         Flying Dutchman.
               [Tia is sitting, she holds several crab shells between her cupped 
               hands and closes her eyes]
                                     TIA DALMA
                         A touch... of destiny!

               [Tia throws the crab claws down on the table to see how they 
               [fade to aerial view of rocky islands whose positions match the 
               positions of the crab claws]
               Black Pearl

               [pan beyond the rocks to the Black Pearl just offshore, in stormy 
               [the Black Pearl crew look at the scuttled ship on the rocks]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         That's the Flying Dutchman? She doesn't 
                         look like much.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Neither do you. Do *not* underestimate 
               [Jack gives Gibbs a meaningful glance, elbows Gibbs]

                          Must've run afoul of the reef.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         So what's your plan, then?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         I row over, search the ship until I 
                         find your bloody key. 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         And if there are crewmen?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         I cut down anyone in my path.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I like it. Simple, easy to remember.
                         Your chariot awaits you, sire! Ha, ha-ha-ha, 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Hey! If you *do* happen to get captured, 
                         just say Jack Sparrow sent you to settle 
                         his debt! Might save your life!
                         Bon voyage! Ha-ha-ha!

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Douse the lamps.

               [Marty douses a lamp, then Cotton douses a lamp, then Pintel 
               douses a lamp]
               [Will sets off in a rowboat, alone, toward the scuttled ship]
                                     SCUTTLED SHIP
                         before attack

               [Will goes aboard the ship, lantern in hand]

               [Will passes one dead crewman at deck level, proped up behind 
               net-like rigging]
               [Will comes across a wounded sailor, who seems to be in shock]
               [the wounded sailor is pulling on a pulley desperately, muttering 
               to himself]
                                     WOUNDED SAILOR
                         ...up the...

                                     WILL TURNER

                                     WOUNDED SAILOR
                         ...the stench...capsized...

                                     WILL TURNER

                                     WOUNDED SAILOR
                         ...bring a...

                                     WILL TURNER
                         There's no use. You've run aground.
                                     WOUNDED SAILOR
                         No! Beneath us! Foul breath!

               [behind Will, a crewmember's body falls from a height, splashing 
               into the water]
               [Will goes to investigate]

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Hey! Hey!

               [Will turns the man's body over to see his face]

               [the man's face is gone, his face is just a puckered piece of 
               skin, which bulges outward]
               [the real Flying Dutchman suddenly rises from the sea, nearby 
               the scuttled ship]
               [the sea creature-like crew emerge from the surfaces of the Flying 
               [crewmembers from the Flying Dutchman attack the remaining crew 
               of the scuttled ship]
                         Down on your marrowbones, and pray. 
               [Will engages in a swordfight against several invaders]

               [Will dips his sword in oil, causing it to flame, and waves it 
               at the men surrounding him]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Get back! Back!

               [Will slices open the stomach of one of the invaders, fish spill 
               out of it onto the deck]
               [Will battles the invading crewmembers, but one of them knocks 
               Will unconscious]

                                     SCUTTLED SHIP
                         after attack

               [the prisoners of the scuttled ship cower in fear, lined up, 
               sitting in a row on deck along the railing]
               [Jack is at the end of the row of five survivors total, on the 
               right-side when facing the survivors]
               [Davy Jones stomps aboard with his peg leg, underwater view of 
               his departing feet]
               [Maccus is on deck, turned so that his back is shown, showing 
               lobster legs on his back]
                         Five men still alive. The rest have 
                         moved on. 
               [Jones pauses to clench his left hand, which is a large lobster 
               [Jones casually lights a pipe in front of one of the cowering 
                                     DAVY JONES
                         Do you fear death?  Do you fear that 
                         dark abyss? All your deeds laid bare. 
                         All your sins punished.  I can offer 
                         you... an escape-uh.
                         Don't listen to him!  

               [Jones walks over to the chaplain, takes the chaplain's head 
               in his claw]
                                     DAVY JONES
                         Do you not fear death? 

                         I'll take my chances, Sir.

                                     DAVY JONES
                          To the depths.

               [the chaplain's throat is slit, two crewmembers throw his body 
               Ah, ha-ha-ha...!

               [unidentified crewman] Cold blooded - !

                                     DAVY JONES
                         Life is cruel.  Why should the afterlife 
                         be any *different*? I offer you a choice. 
                         Join my crew, and postpone the judgment. 
                         One hundred years before the mast. Will 
                         ye serve?
                         I - I will, serve.  

                                     DAVY JONES

               [Jones looks pleased, then sees Will at the end of the line of 
               [Jones stomps over to Will]

                                     DAVY JONES
                          *You* are neither dead nor dying. What 
                         is your purpose here?
                                     WILL TURNER
                          Jack Sparrow sent me to settle his 
                                     DAVY JONES
                          What is your purpose here?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Jack Sparrow. He sent me to settle his 
                                     DAVY JONES
                         Huh! Did he, now? I'm sorely tempted 
                         to accept that offer. 
               [through a spyglass, Jack sees Jones turn to look directly at 
               Black Pearl

               [suddenly Jones is standing aboard the Black Pearl, directly 
               in front of Jack and his spyglass]
               [Cotton and Gibbs have knives to their throats from other Flying 
               Dutchman crewmembers who teleported over]
                                     JACK SPARROW

                                     DAVY JONES
                         You have a debt to pay. You've been 
                         captain of the Black Pearl for thirteen 
                         years. *That* was our agreement.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Technically, I was only captain for 
                         two years, then I was viciously mutinied 
                                     DAVY JONES
                         Then you were a poor captain, but a 
                         *captain* nonetheless! Have you not 
                         introduced yourself all these years 
                         as *Captain* Jack Sparrow? 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         You have my payment. One soul to serve 
                         on your ship is already over there.
                                     DAVY JONES
                         One soul is not equal to another.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Aha! So we've established my proposal 
                         is sound in principle, now we're just 
                         haggling over price. 
                                     DAVY JONES
                         Price? Pttt!

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Just how many souls do you think my 
                         soul is worth?
                                     DAVY JONES
                         One hundred souls, three days-uh.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         You're a diamond, mate. Send me back 
                         the boy, I'll get started right off. 
               [Maccus blocks Jack from exiting]

                                     DAVY JONES
                         I keep the boy. A good-faith payment. 
                         That leaves you only ninety-nine more 
                         to go. Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Have you not met Will Turner? He's noble, 
                         heroic, *terrific* soprano. Worth at 
                         least four... maybe three and a half. 
                         And did I happen to mention... he's 
                         in love. With a girl. Due to be married. 
                         Betrothed.  Dividing him from her and 
                         her from him... would only be half as 
                         cruel as actually allowing them be joined 
                         in holy matrimony. Aye?
                                     DAVY JONES
                         I keep the boy. Ninety-nine souls-uh. 
                         But I wonder, Sparrow, can you live 
                         with this? Can you condemn an innocent 
                         man - a friend-uh - to a lifetime of 
                         servitude, in your name while you roam 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                          Yep! I'm good with it. Should we seal 
                         it in blood? I mean... mm-mm - ink?
               [Jones grabs Jack's hand, resulting in a squishy sound]

                                     JACK SPARROW

                                     DAVY JONES
                         Three days.  Three days.

               [Pintel whimpers, with a knife held to his neck from a crewmember 
               of Jones' ship]
               [Jack looks at his hand, it's covered with slime, but the black 
               spot disappears under the effect of the slime]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Oh, Mr. Gibbs.


                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Uh, I feel sullied and unusual. 

                         And how do you intend to harvest these 
                         ninety-nine souls in three days?
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Fortunately, he was mum as the condition 
                         in which these souls need be.
                         Ah... Tortuga!

                                     JACK SPARROW

               Edinburgh Trader

               [inside a cabin aboard the Edinburgh Trader, Captain Bellamy 
               is throwing documents down on the table]
                         It's an outrage. Port tariffs, berthing 
                         fees, *wharf* handling, and heaven help 
                         us, pilotage. Are we all to work for 
                         the East India Trading Company, then? 
                         I'm afraid, Sir... Tortuga is the only 
                         free port left in these waters.
                         A *pirate* port is what you mean. Well, 
                         I'm sorry. An honest sailor is what 
                         I am. I make my living fair, and I sleep 
                         well each night, thank you.
               [a white dress floats by the cabin window, outside]


               [they all rush to the window of the cabin and look out]

               [they all see the dress float by the cabin window, on its second 
               [one crewman gasps]

               [the men go outside to see the dress that was floating by the 
               [the dress floats like a ghost, its left arm raised as if pointing]
                         She wants you to... do something. 
                         She's tryna give a sign. 

               [the dress sweeps over a lantern, knocking it over and part of 
               the deck ignites]
                         Over there! Look for a sign! 

               [the crew rush to the railing and look out at the sea]

               [Elizabeth, up on the mast overhead, sighs in exasperation]
                         Look there! There it is. There's the 
                         That's seaweed. 

                         S-Seaweed can be a sign.

                         Looks like entrails. 

               ?That ?would be a bad sign.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         What's that over there?

               [Elizabeth is now sitting on a platform on the deck behind the 
               men, pointing at the deck where the lantern fell]
               [the men at the railing turn around and look where Elizabeth 
               is pointing]
               [the fire burning on the desk spells out "Tortuga" in fiery letters]

               [men are tied up with ropes alongside a well, camera pans past 
               the well]
               [a man is tied up and being dunked in the well, and is spouting 
               water from his mouth]
               [crowded tavern, glass bottles are being shot off of people's 
               heads for entertainment]
               [a duo of musicians is playing a guitar and accordion]

                         And what makes you think you're worthy 
                         to crew the Black Pearl?
                                     ELDERLY MAN
                         Truth be told, I never sailed a day 
                         in me life. I figure I should get out 
                         and see the world while I'm still young.
                         You'll do. Make your mark. Next!

                                     JILTED MAN
                         My wife ran off with my dog. And I'm 
                         drunk for a month. And I don't give 
                         a ass rat's if I live or die.
                         Perfect! Next!

                                     ONE-ARMED MAN
                         Me have one arm, 'n' a bum leg. 

                         It's the crow's nest for you.

               [Jack is sitting alongside a wall, within earshot of Gibbs' table, 
               trying to make his Compass work]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I know what I want.


                                     ROMANTIC MAN
                         Ever since I was a little lad, I've 
                         always wanted to sail the seas. Forever.
                         Sooner than you think. Sign the roster.
                                     ROMANTIC MAN
                         Thanks very much.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         How we going?

                         Including those four? That gives us 
                         - four!
               [to the next candidate in line]

                         And what's *your* story?

                         My story... it's exactly the same as 
                         your story, just one chapter behind. 
                         I chased a man across the Seven Seas. 
                         The pursuit cost me my crew, my commission, 
                         and my life. 

                         No, not anymore, weren't you *listening*? 
                         I nearly had you all, off Tripoli. I 
                         would have, if not for the... hurricane. 
                         Lord. You didn't try to sail through 
                         So do I make your crew, or not? You 
                         haven't said where you're going. Somewhere 
               [unidentified woman] Oh!

               [the music stops, everyone stares at the altercation]

               [Jack grabs a branch from a vase, carries it in front of his 
               face, attempts to walk out unseen] 
                         So am I *worthy* to serve under Captain 
                         Jack Sparrow?
               [Norrington spots Jack sneaking off behind him, points a pistol 
               at Jack]
                         Or should I just kill you now?

               [Jack ducks back and forth behind both sides of a large post, 
               as Norrington points his pistol at Jack]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         You're hired.

                         Sorry. Old habits and all that.

               [unidentifed man, to Norrington] Easy, sonny!

               [someone deflects Norrington's pistol upwards as it fires]

               [the ball richochets off the chandelier, breaking a man's bottle 
               as he's drinking from it]
               [the man whose bottle broke slugs a man next to him]

               [the music starts back up as a brawl ensues]

               [one man swings from chandelier, women fight, bottles are thrown 
               against the wall, etc.]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Time to go?


               [a swordfight is going on]

               [someone throws a bottle against the wall above the stairs, Jack 
               ducks as it smashes above his head]
               [Jack makes his way upstairs, trading hats a few times along 
               the way]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                          Thanks, mate.

               [Jack slaps him on the shoulder, the man falls backwards off 
               the balcony]
               [Jack halts to let two men carrying another man proceed towards 
               the edge of the balcony]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Carry on.


               [the two men throw the carried man off the balcony, then Jack 
               continues on his way]
               [the music stops, Norrington threateningly holds a bottle in 
               his left hand]
                         Come on, men! Who wants some? Form an 
                         orderly line, I'll have you all one 
                         by one. Come on, who's first?
               [from behind, Elizabeth grabs the bottle from Norrington, smashes 
               it over his head, knocking him out]
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         I just wanted the pleasure of doing 
                         that myself! 
               [the crowd cheers, and everyone holds up their mugs in a toast]
               [men throw Norrington into the mud with some pigs, the crowd 
               leaves except for Elizabeth]
               [Elizabeth turns Norrington over, onto his back]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         James Norrington.  What has the world 
                         done to you?
               [Mercer observes Elizabeth and Norrington from the doorway of 
               the tavern]
               Flying Dutchman

               [Jones plays his pipe organ with his tentacles, steam coming 
               from pipes]
               [the crew are on desk, slaving away, pulling rhythmically on 
               a rope]
               Heave! Heave! Heave! Heave! Heave! Heave!


                         Secure the mast tackle, Mister Turner!
                         Step ?to-it/?tight!

               [Will goes to grab a rope]

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Step aside!


               [Bootstrap sees that the other man at the rope is his son, Bootstrap 
               is stunned]
               [Bootstrap lets go of the rope, Will attempts to grab the sliding 
               [the cannon's rope drags Will across the deck]

               [the hoisted cannon crashes to the deck, and the organ music 
                         Haul that weevil to his feet! 

               [the crew haul Will to his feet]

                         Five lashes to remind you... to stay 
                         on 'em! 
                         Impeding me in my duties. You'll share 
                         the punishment.
                                     DAVY JONES
                         Will you now? And what would prompt 
                         such an act of charity?
                                     DAVY JONES
                         Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha! What fortuitous 
                         circumstance be this! Five lashes be 
                         owed. I believe it is.
               [Jones hands the whip to Bootstrap, Jones' tentacle curls around 
               the shaft of it]
                                     DAVY JONES
                         The cat's out of the bag, Mister Turner. 
                         Your issue will feel its sting be it 
                         the Bo'sun's hand, by your own.  
                                     DAVY JONES

               [Bootstrap reluctantly takes the whip]

               [two crewmen tear Will's shirt off, exposing his bare back]
               [Bootstrap whips Will's back five times]

               [Will is tossed into a lower part of the deck, partially filled 
               with water]
               [Will stands up, wearing an intact white shirt]

                         You had it easy, boy! Ha ha ha!

                                     WILL TURNER
                         I don't need your help!

                                     WILL TURNER
                         So I'm to understand what *you* did 
                         was an act of compassion?
                                     FLYING DUTCHMAN
                         below deck

               [Bootstrap and Will enter the interior of the ship together]
               [crewmember Wyvern is seen to their right, encrusted into the 
               interior side of the hull, standing up]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         I've sworn no oath.

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Not until I find this. The key.

               [Wyvern's eyes open in the coral-encrusted wall at the mention 
               of the key]
               [Wyvern, who is part of the wall, breaks his head away from the 
               wall, leaving his brains behind]
                         The deadman's chest.

                                     WILL TURNER
                         What do you know of this?

                         Open the chest with the key, and stab 
                         the heart. No-no-no-no. Don't stab the 
                         heart. The Dutchman needs a living heart, 
                         or there'll be no captain. And if there's 
                         no captain, there's no one to have the 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         So the captain has the key.

               [Wyvern retracts his head back into the wall, having said too 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Where *is* the key?


                                     WILL TURNER
                         Where is the chest?


               [Wyvern closes his eyes, and falls silent]

               Black Pearl

               [the Black Pearl is at a dock, loading fruits and livestock]
               [Jack and Gibbs are walking together, Elizabeth approaches from 
               behind, still dressed as a man]
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Captain Sparrow!

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Come to join me crew, lad? Welcome aboard.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         I'm here to find the man I love.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I'm deeply flattered, son, but my first 
                         and only love is the sea.
               [Norrington vomits over the side] 

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Meaning William Turner, Captain Sparrow.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Elizabeth.  Hide the rum.

               [Gibbs takes the bottle that Jack hands to him, and walks up 
               the boarding plank in the background]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         You know, these clothes do not flatter 
                         you at all. It should be a dress or 
                         nothing. I happen to have no dress in 
                         my cabin.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Jack. I know Will came to find you. 
                         Where is he?
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Darling, I am truly unhappy to have 
                         to tell you this but... through an unfortunate 
                         and *entirely* unforeseeable series 
                         of circumstances that have nothing whatsoever 
                         to do with me, poor William has been 
                         press-ganged into Davy Jones' crew.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Davy Jones?

               [Norrington vomits over the side, then spits]

                         Oh, please. The captain of the Flying 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                          You look bloody awful. What are you 
                         doing here?
                         You *hired* me. I can't help it if your 
                         standards are lax.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         You *smell* funny.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Jack. All I want is to find Will.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Are you certain? Is that what you really 
                         want most?
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Because I would think, you'd want to 
                         find a way to *save* Will the most.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         And you have a way of doing that?

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Well, there is a chest...

                         Oh, dear.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         A chest of unknown size and origin.
               [Pintel & Ragetti walk by, together carrying a crate of bottles, 
               and overhearing the conversation]
                         What contains the still-beating heart 
                         o' Davy Jones.
                          Unh-unh... unh-unh... unh-unh...

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         And whoever possesses that chest possesses 
                         the leverage to command Jones to do 
                         whatever it is he or she wants, including... 
                         saving brave William from his grim fate.
                         You don't actually believe him, do you?
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         How do we find it?

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         With this. My Compass... is unique.
                         "Unique" here having the meaning of 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         True enough. This Compass does not point 
               [Norrington vomits over the side]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Where does it point?

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         It points to the thing you want most 
                         in this world.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Oh Jack! Are you telling the truth?
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Every word, love. And what you want 
                         most in this world is to find the chest 
                         of Davy Jones, is it not?
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         To save Will?

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         By finding the chest of Davy Jones.
               [Jack hands the compass to Elizabeth, then draws away quickly 
               so as not to influence the compass]
               [Elizabeth consults the compass, for her the dial clearly points 
               in a specific direction]
               [Jack slowly rises up to peer at the face of the compass]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Mister Gibbs!


                                     JACK SPARROW
                         We have our heading.

                         Finally! Cast off those lines, weigh 
                         anchor, and prow that canvas!
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Miss Swann.


                         Welcome to the crew, former Commodore! 
               [the goat neighs]

                                     PORT ROYAL
                         EITC headquarters

               [Beckett and Mercer are in a room with the governor, whose hands 
               are in shackles]
               [Mercer is looking through a mounted telescope to outside the 
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         There's something to knowing the exact 
                         shape of the world and one's place in 
                         it, don't you agree?
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         I had you brought here because I thought 
                         you'd be interested in the whereabouts 
                         of your daughter.
                         Most recently seen on the island of 
                         Tortuga, then left, in the company of 
                         a known pirate, Jack Sparrow. *And* 
                         other fugitives from justice.
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Including the previous owner of this 
                         sword...  I believe. Our ships are in 
                         pursuit. and justice will be dispensed 
                         by cannonade and cutlass,  and all manner 
                         of remorseless pieces of metal. I personally 
                         find it distasteful to even contemplate 
                         the horror facing all those on board. 
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Your authority as governor, your influence 
                         in London, and your loyalty to the East 
                         India Trading Company.
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Shall I remove these shackles?

                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         So you see, Mercer, every man has a 
                         price he will willingly accept. Even 
                         for what he hopes never to sell.
                                     FLYING DUTCHMAN

               [slow motion scene of falling dice]

               [three crewman are playing Liar's Dice] 

               [organ music is heard in the background]

                         I wager... ten years.

                         I'll match ten years.


                                     WILL TURNER
                         I understand.


                                     WILL TURNER
                         It's a game of deception. Your bet includes 
                         all the dice, not just your own.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         What are they wagering?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         So any crewman can be challenged?

                                     WILL TURNER
                          I challenge Davy Jones.

               [immediately the organ music ceases, immediately Jones' peg leg 
               is heard thumping in approach]
               [with each thump of his footstep, gooseneck barnacles retract]
               [someone laughs]

                                     DAVY JONES
                         I accept ?that-uh.

               [Jones sits down at the gambling table]

                                     DAVY JONES
                         The stakes?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         My soul. An eternity of servitude.
                                     DAVY JONES

                                     WILL TURNER
                         I want this.

               [Jack shows Jones the picture of the key]

                                     DAVY JONES
                         How do you know of the key?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         That's not part of the game, is it? 
                         You can still walk away.
               [One of Jones' tentacles pulls out the key from his vest to display 
               [the tentacle puts the key back]

               [Bootstrap sits down at the table]

                                     DAVY JONES
                         What's this?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         No! Don't do this.

                                     DAVY JONES
                         Four fours.

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Four fives.

                                     DAVY JONES
                          Seven fives-uh.

                                     WILL TURNER
                          Eight fives.

                                     DAVY JONES
                         Huh huh huh. Welcome to the crew, liar. 
                                     DAVY JONES
                         And be called a liar myself for my trouble? 
                         Bootstrap Bill, you're a liar and you 
                         will spend an eternity on this ship! 
                         Master Turner, feel free to go ashore... 
                          the very next time we make port!   
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Fool. Why did you do that?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         It was never about winning, or losing.
                                     FLYING DUTCHMAN
                         organ room

               [nighttime on deck of the Flying Dutchman]

               [Will emerges from a hatch on deck]

               [Will sneaks past one one the crew on deck, who is sleeping with 
               a bottle in his hand]
               [Jones is asleep at his organ, snoring]

               [Will sneaks into his room, behind him]

               [Will grabs a nearby quill pen, uses it to lift one of Jones' 
               [one tentacle accidentally falls on an organ key, almost waking 
               up Jones]
               [the falling tentacle also sets off a locket on top of the organ, 
               that plays a song]
               [Will holds one of the staves in his mouth while lifting the 
               [Will finally removes the key, replaces it with his drawing of 
               the key]
                                     FLYING DUTCHMAN

                                     WILL TURNER
                         It's not a fate you had to choose for 
                         yourself, either.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         They'll know you helped me.

                                     WILL TURNER
                         I take this with a promise. I'll find 
                         a way to sever Jones' hold on you. And 
                         not rest until this blade pierces his 
                         heart. I will not abandon you. I promise.
               [Will sets out alone on a longboat]

               Black Pearl

               [crewmen are scrubbing the deck of the Black Pearl]


                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Yes, they're signed, Lord Cutler Beckett 
                         of the East India Trading Company.
                                     JACK SPARROW

                         Will was working for Beckett, and never 
                         said a word.
                                     JACK SPARROW

                         Beckett wants the Compass. Only one 
                         reason for that.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Of course. He wants the chest.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Yes, he did say something about a chest.
                         If the company controls the chest, they 
                         controls the sea.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         A truly discomforting notion, love.
                         And bad. Bad for every mother's son 
                         what calls himself a pirate. I think 
                         there's a bit more speed to be coaxed 
                         from these sails. Brace the foreyard!
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Might I inquire how as to how you came 
                         by these? 
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

                                     JACK SPARROW

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Decidedly not.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Will strikes a deal for these and upholds 
                         it with honor. Yet you're the one standing 
                         here with the prize. Full pardon, commission 
                         as a privateer on behalf of England 
                         and the East India Trading Company. 
                         As if I could be bought for such a low 
               [Jack tucks the Letters into his coat and begins to walk away]
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Jack, the Letters, give them back.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         No. Persuade me.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         You do know Will taught me how handle 
                         a sword. 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         As I said... Persuade me.

               [Elizabeth walks away frustrated, leans on the ship's railing]
               [Jack makes an odd grunting noise]

               [Norrington walks up to Elizabeth at the railing]

                         It's a curious thing. There was a time 
                         when I would've given anything for you 
                         to look like that while thinking about 
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         I don't know what you mean.

                         Oh, I think you do.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Oh, don't be absurd. I trust him, that's 
                          So you never wondered how your *latest* 
                         fiancé ended up on the Flying Dutchman 
                         in the first place? 
               Edinburgh Trader

                         Strange thing to come upon a longboat 
                         so far out in open waters. 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Just put as many leagues behind us as 
                         you can. As fast as you can.
                         And what are we running from?

               [Will sees Elizabeth's white wedding dress on a chair in the 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         That dress. Where did you get it?

                         It was found aboard the ship. The crew 
                         it thought it was a spirit bringing 
                         some omen of ill fate.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         That's foolish.

                         Oh, yes. ?Proceededly foolish.

                         It brought good fortune! The spirit 
                         told us... Put in at Tortuga. And we 
                         made a nice bit of profit there.
                         Off the books, of course. 

                                     WILL TURNER
                         I imagine... some of your crew may have 
                         jumped ship there.
                         Why do you ask?

                                     MESSENGER SAILOR
                         Captain, a ship's been spotted. 


                                     MESSENGER SAILOR
                         She isn't flyin' any.


                                     WILL TURNER
                         Or worse.

                                     FLYING DUTCHMAN

               [Jones is on deck, having found the cloth that Will swapped for 
               the key]
               [Bootstrap is held at knife point on board the Flying Dutchman]
               [one crewman holds a sawfish sword as a restraining weapon in 
               front of Bootstrap] 
                                     DAVY JONES
                          You will watch this.

               [crewmen are whipped, in order to turn a large screw that raises 
               the Kraken summoning device]
                                     DAVY JONES
                         Let no joyful voice be heard! Let no 
                         man look up at the sky with hope! And 
                         let this day be cursed by we who ready 
                         to wake... the *Kraken*!
               [the Kraken calling device thumps heavily against the sea]

               Edinburgh Trader

               [crewmen on board the Edinburgh Trader rush to the railing, chattering, 
               to see the Flying Dutchman]
               [Will is on top of the mast]

                                     WILL TURNER
                          I've doomed us all.  It's the Flying 
               [a loud thumping sound resonates throughout the ship]

                         Oh, Mother Cary's chickens. What happened? 
                         Must've hit a reef.

               [the crew look overboard, see bubbles rising up alongside the 
                         Free the rudder! Hard to port, then 
                         hard to starboard!
               Clear the rudder!

               Hard to port!

               [a Kraken tentacle silently seizes one crewman while other crewmembers 
               have their backs turned]
               [the Kraken tentacle surfaces in the distance, holding the crewman 
               who was just seized, he screams]

               [crewman rings the ship's bell wildly]


               [music stops, slow motion scene, a huge tentacle rises high over 
               the ship]
               [the tentacle comes down on deck, breaking the ship in two, bouncing 
               men off the deck]
               [slow motion scene, men slide off of tilted deck]

               [Will is flung underwater, sees the body of the Kraken in the 
               distance underwater]
               [Will surfaces, climbs aboard a floating board of ship debris]
               [the Flying Dutchman comes near Will, Will slides off his board 
               to swim towards the ship]
               [view from the bow of the Flying Dutchman, looking at the floating 
               debris, including a face-down corpse]
               [Elizabeth's wedding dress is also debris, and floats on the 
               surface of the sea]
                                     FLYING DUTCHMAN

                         The boy's not here. He must've been 
                         claimed by the sea.
                                     DAVY JONES
                         *I* am the sea.

               [Jones stomps over to Bootstrap]

                                     DAVY JONES
                          You need time alone with your thoughts.
              What of the survivors?

                                     DAVY JONES
                         There are no survivors.

               [the remaining crewmen are simultanenously axed from behind]
               [Will witnesses the axing, ducks behind a beam]

               [Jones turns around, sensing Will, but sees nothing]

                                     DAVY JONES
                         The chest is no longer safe. Chart a 
                         course to Isla Cruces. Get me there 
                         first, or there'll be the devil to pay. 

                                     DAVY JONES
                         Who sent that thieving charlatan onto 
                         my ship? Who told them of the key? Jack 
               [camera shows Will hitching a ride on the front of the Flying 
               Dutchman, between the jaw formations]
               [Elizabeth's wedding dress is shown underwater, sinking into 
               the depths of the sea]
               Black Pearl

               [Elizabeth is sitting on some steps on deck of the Black Pearl]
               [Jack walks over to her, holding a bottle of rum]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         My tremendous intuitive sense of the 
                         female creature informs me that you 
                         are troubled.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         I just thought I'd be married by now. 
                         I'm so ready to be married. 
               [Jack offers Elizabeth a drink from his bottle]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         You know...  Lizzy... I *am*... captain 
                         of a ship. And *being* captain of a 
                         ship, I could in fact perform a... marriage. 
                         Right here. Right on this deck. Right... 
               [Elizabeth recoils at Jack's breath on the word "now"]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         No, thank you.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Why not? We *are* very much alike, you 
                         and I. I and you. Us.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Oh. Except for a sense of honor, and 
                         decency and-and a moral center. And 
                         personal hygiene.
               [Jack smells his armpits]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Trifles. You *will* come over to my 
                         side, I know it.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         You seem very certain.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         One word love: curiosity. You long for 
                         freedom. You long to do what you want 
                         to do because you want it. To act on 
                         selfish impulse. You want to see what 
                         it's like. One day, you won't be able 
                         to resist.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Why doesn't your Compass work? 

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Uh my Compass works fine.  

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Because you and I *are* alike, and there 
                         will come a moment when you have a chance 
                         to show it. To do the right thing.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I *love* those moments. I like to wave 
                         at them as they pass by.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         You'll have the chance to do something... 
                         something courageous. And when you do, 
                         you'll discover something: that you're 
                         a good man.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         All evidence to the contrary.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         I have faith in you. Want to know why?
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Do tell, dearie.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Curiosity. You're going to want it. 
                         A chance to be admired. And gain the 
                         rewards that follow. You won't be able 
                         to resist. You're going to want to know... 
                         what it tastes like.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I *do* want to know what it tastes like.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         But - seeing as you're a good man I 
                         know you will *never* put me in a position 
                         that would compromise my honor.
               [Jack stares in horror as the black spot boils back into view 
               on his hand, Elizabeth doesn't notice]
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         I'm proud of you, Jack.

                         Land ho!

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I want my jar of dirt. 


               [Pintel and Ragetti are rowing a longboat with key members of 
               the crew inside]
               [Jack in the bow, Elizabeth and Norrington are in the back]
                         You're pullin' too fast.

                         You're pulling too slow. We don't want 
                         the Kraken to catch us.
                         I'm savin' me strength for when it comes. 
                         And I don't think it's Krack-en, anyways. 
                         I always heard it said Kray-kin. 
                         What, with a long A? 


                         No-no-no-no-no-no-no. Krock-en's how 
                         it's pronounced in the original Scandinavian, 
                         and Krack-en's closer to that. 
                         Well we ain't original Scandinavians, 
                         are we? Kray-ken!
                         It's a mythological creature, I can 
                         calls it what I wants.
                                     ISLA CRUCES

               [their longboat arrives at the beach, Jack disembarks and begins 
               to walk off]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Guard the boat, mind the tide... Don't 
                         touch my dirt.
               [Elizabeth is walking in some sand dunes near the beach, using 
               the compass]
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         This doesn't work. And it *certainly* 
                         doesn't show you what you want most.
               [Elizabeth sits down on the sand, and sets the compass down on 
               the sand, the needle points to her]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                          Yes it *does*. You're sitting on it! 
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Beg your pardon?

                                     JACK SPARROW

               [they start digging under where Elizabeth was sitting]

               [Pintel and Ragetti are by the boat, clowning around, Ragetti 
               is balancing a shovel on one hand]
                         "Mind the tide." 

                         I ?can/?may join the circus!

                         ?Don't ?mind ?if I shine your shoes, 
                                     FLYING DUTCHMAN

               [Jones is watching Pintel and Ragetti on the beach through a 
                                     DAVY JONES
                         They're here. And I cannot step foot 
                         on land again for near of a decade. 
                         Then trust us to act in your stead.
                                     DAVY JONES
                         I'll trust you know what awaits should 
                         you *fail*! Down, then!
               [ugly, nondescript crewmember] Down!


               [view from the deck of the Flying Dutchman as it submerges, some 
               underwater footage]
               [Pintel and Ragetti are astounded to see the ship submerge in 
               the distance, Ragetti's balanced shovel falls]
               [Pintel and Ragetti run off to warn the others]


                                     ISLA CRUCES

               [Norrington is digging in the sand, Jack sits in a lotus position 
               nearby on a sandy slope] 
               [while digging, Norrington's shovel hits something hard, they 
               brush off sand to reveal a chest]
               [they remove the chest from the sand]

               [the chest contains a pearl necklace, documents, and a smaller 
               chest, among other things]
               [Elizabeth opens up a letter with a wax seal, and reads it to 
               [they all bend near to put their ears to the small chest, and 
               they hear a heartbeat]
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         It's real!

                         You actually *were* telling the truth.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I do that quite a lot. Yet people are 
                         always surprised.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         With good reason!

               [Will has unexpectedly appeared on the beach, walking up toward 
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Will! You're alright! Thank God! I came 
                         to find you!
               [Will and Elizabeth kiss]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         How did you get here?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Sea turtles, mate. A pair of them, strapped 
                         to my feet.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Not so easy, is it?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         But I do owe you thanks, Jack.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         You do?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         After you tricked me onto that ship 
                         to square your debt with Jones.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

                                     JACK SPARROW

                                     WILL TURNER
                         I was reunited with my father.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Oh! Well... you're welcome, then.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                          Everything you said to me... every 
                         word, was a lie!
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Pretty much. Time and tide, love.  
               [Will stoops down with the key to open the chest]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Oy! What're you doing?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         I'm gonna kill Jones.

               [Jack draws his sword, points it at Will]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Can't let you do that, William. 'Cause 
                         if Jones is dead, who's to call his 
                         terrible beastie off the hunt, eh? Now. 
                         If you please: The key.
               [Will backs up slowly, then suddenly draws Elizabeth's sword, 
               points it at Jack]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         I keep the promises I make, Jack. I 
                         intend to free my father. I hope you're 
                         here to see it.
               [Norrington draws his sword, points it at Will]

                         I can't let you do that, either. So 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                          I knew you'd warm up to me eventually.
               [Norrington points his sword at Jack]

                         Lord Beckett desires the contents of 
                         that chest. I deliver it, and get my 
                         life back.
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Ah. The dark side of ambition.

                         Oh, I prefer to see it as the promise 
                         of redemption.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Stop it!

               Be careful!

               [various dueling interjections]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Guard the chest!

               [duel halts for a second]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

               [duel resumes]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         This is bar-*baric*! This is *no* way 
                         for grown men to settle - ! Oh! Fine! 
                         Let's just - *pull* out our swords and 
                         start *banging* away at each other! 
                         *This will solve everything!* I've had 
                         it! I've had enough! Wobbly-legged, 
                         rum-soaked... *pirates*! 
               [Elizabeth throws a rock at the duelists, but the rock goes far 
               to the left of them]
                         How'd this go all screwy?


                         Well, each wants the chest for hisself, 
                         don't 'e? Mister Norrington, I think 
                         he's tryna regain a bit of honor. Old 
                         Jack's lookin' to trade it, save his 
                         own skin. And Turner there - I figure 
                         'e's tryna... settle some unresolved 
                         business 'twixt him and his twice-cursed 
                         pirate father. 
                         Sad. That chest must be worth more 'n 
                         a shiny penny. 
                         Oh! Tsk-tsk-tsk. Terrible temptation.
                         If we was any kind of *decent*, we'd 
                         remove temptation from their path.
               [Pintel and Ragetti giggle and run off to steal the small chest]
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Will! *Enough!*

               [Elizabeth is panting from exasperation and exhaustion]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Oh! Oh...! The heat!

               [Elizabeth pretends to faint, which knocks off her hat]

               [Elizabeth watches sideways as the duelists continue fighting, 
               oblivious to her]
               [Elizabeth soon sits up, puts on her hat]

               [Pintel & Ragetti run by in the distance behind her, with the 
               [Elizabeth sees Pintel & Ragetti, and goes to chase them]

               [various duel scenes on the beach]


               [Norrington kicks sand in Will's face]

                         By your leave, Mister Turner.

               [Norrington runs off to chase Jack up the hill]

               [the crew of Flying Dutchman emerge from the shallows]

               [one crewmember holds chain shot as a weapon]

                                     ISLA CRUCES

               [Jack and Norrington run through bushes on the beach, then up 
               to a dilapidated stone church on the hill] [P2] 
               [Norrington chases Jack up steps inside the building, Jack kicks 
               Norrington back down with his foot] 
               [Jack and Norrington have a swordfight on the inside steps]
               [Jack grabs hold of the bell rope, which carries him downward, 
               and carries Will upward, who just arrived]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         By *your* leave, Mister Norrington.
               [the Flying Dutchman crew on shore are at the large chest and 
               look up to the ringing bell in the building on the hill]
               [while Norrington and Will are dueling on top of the roof, Jack 
               deftly grabs the dangling key away from Norrington's hand]
               [noticing the key gone, Norrington then turns and duels with 
               [soon Norrington knocks Jack's sword from Jack's hand, the sword 
               is flung onto the ground below]
                          Do excuse me while I kill the man who 
                         ruined my life.
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Be my guest.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Let us examine that claim for a moment, 
                         former Commodore, shall we? Who was 
                         it, who at the very moment you had a 
                         notorious pirate safely behind bars, 
                         saw fit to *free* said pirate, and take 
                         your dearly beloved all to hisself, 
                         hey? So who's fault is it, *really*, 
                         that you've ended up a rum-pot deckhand 
                         what takes orders from pirates?

               [Jack somersaults off the roof to escape, Norrington turns to 
                         Unfortunately, Mister Turner... He's 
               [Norrington and Will resume their part of the rooftop duel]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Still rooting for you, mate!

               [Jack picks up his sword from the ground, and puts the key around 
               his neck]
               [Jack walks through a graveyard, falls into an open grave] 
                                     JACK SPARROW

               [Jack stands up in the bottom of the hole]

                                     JACK SPARROW

               [Norrington backs Will onto the top of the mill's waterwheel]
               [the axle of the wheel breaks off with Norrington and Jack dueling 
               on top]
               [Jack is facing the other direction, so is unaware of the freed 
               wheel rolling behind him]
               [the wheel crashes through a small fence, turns, and rolls directly 
               towards Jack]
               [the waterwheel rolls over Jack, and Jack is pulled into the 
               inside of the wheel]
                                     JACK SPARROW

               [the key that Jack had around his neck falls off into the wheel]
               [Jack struggles to grab the key, which is caught and dangling 
               inside the rolling wheel]
               [Jack finally grabs the key, but hits his head on a metal bar 
               inside the wheel, and falls off the wheel] 
               [Pintel & Ragetti are running off with the small chest, each 
               holding one side, giggling]
               [Elizabeth steps in front Pintel & Ragetti, confronting them, 
               halts, panting]
               [Pintel & Ragetti drop the chest, pull their swords on Elizabeth]
               [Elizabeth reaches for her sword, but it's gone] 

                         'Ello, Poppet.

               [Pintel & Ragetti slowly advance on Elizabeth, she slowly retreats 
               while facing them]
               [they all pause for a moment to watch the wheel roll by with 
               the duel on top]
               [Jack is running behind the wheel, trying to catch up and get 
               the key that is still inside]
               [Pintel shrugs, Pintel and Ragetti resume advancing on Elizabeth]
               [suddenly a thrown axe embeds itself in a coconut palm next to 
               [all three turn to see Jones' crew crashing through the bushes 
               toward them]
               [swordfight ensues with the Flying Dutchmen crew and Pintel and 
               [Norrington and Will continue fighting atop the rolling wheel]
               [Jack grabs hold of a palm frond on a coconut palm while at the 
               top of the wheel]
               [the wheel continues on, Jack hangs from the frond, then drops 
               to the ground]


                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

               [a sword is thrown to Elizabeth, just in time]


               [a sword is thrown to Pintel, just in time]


               [a sword is thrown to Ragetti, just in time]

               [Jack sees Hadrus running alone through the palms, carrying the 
               small chest]
               [Jack picks up a coconut, whirls it a moment, then throws it 
               at Hadrus]
               [Hadrus' (conch shell) head is knocked off by the coconut]

               [Hadrus' head lies on the ground, attempting to give orders to 
               the rest of his body to find the head]
                         Aya! Uh ?seech!  Aunido! Aunido! Follow 
                         my voice! Follow my voice! To the left, 
                         uh... No, to the right... Go to the 
               [Hadrus' headless body walks into a coconut palm]

                         No... That's a tree.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Oh, shut it.

               [Jack unlocks the small chest with the key, square security bolts 
               suddenly protrude when opened]
               [the heart is inside, beating]

               [crewmen of the Flying Dutchman approach, Jack tucks the heart 
               into his vest]
               [Elizabeth uses two swords together, one in each hand, to stab 
               backwards and kill two attacking crewmen]
                                     ISLA CRUCES

               [Jack is the first to arrive back at the longboat on the beach]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                          Jar of dirt!

               [Jack opens his jar of dirt, dumps out some dirt, puts the heart 
               in the jar, scoops handfuls of dirt back into the jar]
               [a Flying Dutchman crewmember arrives at the boat, Jack fights 
               him using an oar]
               [the swordfight is carried to the beach as the Black Pearl crew 
               attempts to escape by longboat]
               [Norrington arrives at the longboat, while others are fighting 
               he takes the heart from the jar, puts it under his vest]
               [the rolling waterwheel reaches the beach, rolls out into the 
               shallows, falls on its side]
               [Norrington and Will walk away from it, wobbling from dizziness]
                                     WILL TURNER

               [Pintel & Ragetti attempt to escape by longboat, but Will blocks 
               their progress]
               [Pintel & Ragetti reach for their swords, to find their swords 
               [Pintel & Ragetti grab a fishnet and oar as weapons against Will]
                         Come on, Turner!

               [Jack fights with Koleniko, using an oar, subdues him]

               [Will sees the key in the chest, Jack notices Will looking at 
               the key and chest]
               [Jack hits Will on the head with the our, which knocks him out]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                          Leave him lie! Unless you plan on using 
                         him to hit something with.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         We're not getting out of this.

                         Not with the chest. Into the boat. 
               [Norrington takes the chest]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         You're mad.

                         Don't wait for me.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Uh, I say we respect his final wish.

               [the remaining Black Pearl crew escape by longboat]

               [Hadrus is holding his conch shell head under one arm, the head 
               speaks to Norrington]
                          Your bravery is wasted. I shall pry 
                         the chest away from your cold... dead... 
               [Norrington pauses, looks around]

                         Here you go! 


               [Norrington flees, Hadrus drops his head onto the ground when 
               catching the chest]
               [Hadrus' crewmates laugh and walk off with Hadrus' body, ignoring 
               Hadrus' head]
                         Uh! ?Ando! Aunido! Aunido!  Pirates!
               [the face inside Hadrus' head turns around, turns into a hermit 
               crab, extends its legs]
               [the hermit crab head crawls after its departing body and crew]
                          ?Vengo ?kowmpenay ?lachay. Hey! ?Hovaya!
               Black Pearl

               [Will, lying flat on the deck, head over a grate, returns to 
               consciousness aboard the Black Pearl]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         What happened to the chest?

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Norrington took it to draw them off.
                         You're pulling too hard!

                         You're not pulling hard enough!

                         Where's the Commodore?

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         He fell behind.

                         My prayers be with him. Best not wallow 
                         in our grief. The bright side is: You're 
                         back. And made it off free and clear.
               [the Flying Dutchman suddenly surfaces alongside them]

                         Lord almighty.?us.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         I'll handle this, mate.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Hey! Fishface! Lose something? Hey? 
               [Jack falls down the stairs of the Pearl, crew says "Ooh!"]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Got it! 

               [Jack stands up, struts across the deck, holding his jar of dirt]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Come to negotiate, eh, have you, you 
                         slimy git? Look what I got.  I got a 
                         jar of dirt! I got a jar of dirt! And 
                         guess what's inside it?
                                     DAVY JONES

               [the Flying Dutchman's cannon covers slide down, cannons emerge 
               from the holes]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                          Hard to starboard.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         *Hard to starboard!*

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Brace up the foreyard! 

                         Hard to starboard!

                                     DAVY JONES
                         Send his beloved Pearl back to the depths!

               [a heavy cannonade fires from the Flying Dutchman, blowing large 
               holes in the Black Pearl]
               [Pintel and Ragetti look through the gaping hole in the stern, 
               see the Flying Dutchman following them]
                         She's on us! She's on us!

                                     DAVY JONES
                         Let them taste the triple guns.

               [cage-faced crewmember] Aye, Captain.

               [triple-barreled cannon fires, barrel rotates after each blast] 

               Come on, ###!

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         She's falling behind!

                         Aye, and we've got her!

                                     WILL TURNER
                         We're the faster?

                         Against the wind the Dutchman beats 
                         us. That's how she takes her prey. But 
                         *with* the wind...
                                     WILL TURNER
                         We rob her advantage.


                                     FLYING DUTCHMAN

                                     DAVY JONES
                         They're out of range! ?Break ?out
                         ?run ###
               ?We giving up, Sir?

               [crewmen of the Flying Dutchman are whipped to raise the Kraken 
               calling device]

               BLACK PEARL

                         They're giving up! Yay!

               [crew cheers]

                                     WILL TURNER
                          My father is *on* that ship. If we 
                         can outrun her, we can take her. We 
                         should turn and fight. 
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Why fight when you can negotiate? All 
                         one needs... is the proper leverage.
               [suddenly the Black Pearl is badly jarred]

               [Jack's jar of dirt falls to the deck, breaks open, spills all 
               the dirt]
               [Jack runs down to the spilled dirt, searches frantically for 
               the heart, which is gone]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Where is it? Where is the thump-thump?
               We must've hit the reef! 

                                     WILL TURNER
                         No. It's not a reef! Get away from the 
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         What is it?

                                     WILL TURNER
                         The Kraken. To arms!

                         All guns, defend the masts! 

                                     WILL TURNER
                         ?It'll ?attack the starboard. I've seen 
                         it before. ?Break out the cannons and 
                         hold for my signal. 
               [with a deep rumbling sound, the Kraken's tentacles slowly crawl 
               up the hull]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Easy, boys!

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

               [the tentacles rise higher]

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Steady! Steady.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

               [the tentacles start feeling around the ship]

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Hold. Hold...

                         I think we've held fire long enough.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

                                     WILL TURNER

               [the crew fire the cannons, hitting the tentacles and nearly 
               severing some]
               [the Kraken sinks into the sea, some tentacles glowing from the 
               [the crew cheers]

                                     WILL TURNER
                         It'll be back. We have to get off the 
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         There's no boats.

               [Will sees the wrecked boats, then sets his eyes on the barrels 
               of gunpowder]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Pull the grates! Get all the gunpowder 
                         onto the net in the cargo hold.
               [hands Elizabeth a long gun]

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Whatever you do, don't miss.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         As soon as you're clear.

               [the crew is busy loading barrels of gunpowder from the hold]
               We are short stocked on gunpowder. Six ?barrel/?below.

               Bring it up!

                         There's only half a dozen kegs of powder!
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Then load the rum!

               [Gibbs seems shocked, then turns to see the entire crew halted, 
               staring at him in shocked silence]
                          Aye! The rum, too!

               [the crew continues loading]

               [aerial view approaching Black Pearl, zooming through the rigging 
               to the other side]
               [Jack is in a rowboat alone, rowing away from the Black Pearl]
               [Jack stops rowing, sees the Kraken with tentacles around Black 
               Pearl in the distance]
               [Jack looks back into the direction he's headed, then consults 
               his Compass]
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Step to!

               [Elizabeth runs to the railing, sees Jack rowing away]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                          Oh you coward!

               [another heavy thud hits the ship, crewmen shout]

                         Not good.

               [the Kraken attacks again]

                                     WILL TURNER
                         ?Pull ?away!

                         Heave! Heave like you're being paid 
                         for it!

               [Pintel & Ragetti stand to one side of a cannon port as a tentacle 
               pulls one crewmember through sideways]

               [Will hangs onto the side of the net of gunpowder barrels, attempting 
               to attract the Kraken's attention]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Euh! Come on!I'm over here! Come 
               [Will slashes at tentacles with his sword]

                                     WILL TURNER
                         Shoot! Elizabeth, shoot!

               [Elizabeth hesitates, waiting for Will to fall free]

               [one of the Kraken's tentacles wrap around her leg and drag her 
               backwards, she screams]
               [Ragetti chops off the end of the tentacle holding Elizabeth]
               [Another crewmember picks up the rifle and attempts to shoot, 
               only to be grabbed by the Kraken and flung around]
               [the rifle drops onto the deck above Elizabeth]

               [Elizabeth tries to pick up the fallen rifle, but someone's foot 
               holds it down]
               [she sees that it's Jack's foot, that he has returned to the 
               [Jack picks up the rifle and takes aim at the gunpowder]

               [slow motion scene of Jack firing a ball into the gunpowder]
               [ball whistles through the air, strikes the gunpowder, which 
               [the Kraken releases its hold, burned tentacles withdraw into 
               the ocean, groaning sound]
                         Did we kill it?

                         No. We just made it angry. We're not 
                         out of this yet. Captain! Orders!
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Abandon ship. Into the longboat.

                         Jack! The Pearl!

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         She's only a ship, mate.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         He's right, we have to head for land.
                         'S a lot o' open wa'er.

                         That's a lot o' wa'er.

                                     WILL TURNER
                         We have to try. We can get away as it 
                         takes down the Pearl.
                         Abandon ship. Abandon ship or abandon 
               [the crew get ready to leave the Pearl, loading supplies and 
               [Elizabeth approaches Jack]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         Thank you, Jack.

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         We're not free yet, love.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         You came back. I always knew you were 
                         a good man.
               [Elizabeth passionately kisses Jack] 

               [Will sees the kiss from the longboat, falters]

                         Prepare to cast off! There's no time 
                         to lose! Come on, Will, step to!
               [the kiss is inturrupted by the sound of shackles, Elizabeth 
               has chained Jack to the main mast]
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         It's after you, not the ship. It's not 
                         us. This is the only way, don't you 
                         see? I'm not sorry.
               [Elizabeth leans in as if to kiss him again.]

                                     JACK SPARROW

               [Elizabeth leaves Jack and climbs down into the long boat]

                                     WILL TURNER
                          Where's Jack?

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         He elected to stay behind to give us 
                         a chance.
               [the crew look uncertain]

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

               [the longboat casts off]

               [Jack struggles with his manacles]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger, 
               [a coconut and cannonball roll by, on the tilted deck]

               [Jack spots a fallen lantern, picks it up with the tip of his 
               [Jack breaks the lantern against the mast, pours oil over his 
               [Jack struggles with slipping his hand out]

                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Come on... Come on...

               [Jack finally manages to slip his hands out]

               [the Kraken rises up behind him]

               [Jack halts, turns around, faces the Kraken]

               [music and sound stop momentarily]

               [the Kraken roars, spraying Jack with slime and flinging his 
               earlier-eaten hat to the deck]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Not so bad.

               [Jack spots his old hat lying next to his feet]

                                     JACK SPARROW

               [Jack spots his hat, picks it up, puts it on, wipes slime from 
               his face]
                                     JACK SPARROW
                         Hello, beastie.

               [slow motion scene of Jack boldy charging toward the Kraken's 
               mouth, sword drawn] [Q3] 
                                     FLYING DUTCHMAN

                                     DAVY JONES
                         Jack Sparrow. Our debt is settled.  
                         The captain goes down with his ship.
                         Turns out not even Jack Sparrow can 
                         best the devil.
                                     DAVY JONES
                         Open the chest. Open the chest, I need 
                         to see it!
               [the chest is opened, side view as Jones looks in, his face quivers]
               [downwards view, showing that the chest is empty, Jones tilts 
               his head back and shouts]
                                     DAVY JONES
                         Damn you, Jack Spar-*row*!

                                     PORT ROYAL
                         EITC headquarters

                         The last of our ships has returned.
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         Is there any news on the chest?

                         None. But... one of the ships did pick 
                         up a man adrift at sea. He had these.
               [Mercer drops the Letters of Marque on Beckett's desk]

               [Beckett opens the letter to look at it before looking up at 
               Norrington, who has been standing in the office] 
                         I took the liberty of filling in my 
               [from his desk, Beckett beckons Norrington with two fingers]
                                     LORD CUTLER BECKETT
                         If you intend to claim these, then you 
                         must have something to trade. D'you 
                         have the Compass?
                          Better.  The heart of Davy Jones.
                         Tia's shack

               [the remaining crew paddles through the waters to Tia Dalma's 
               [many natives stand in the waters surrounding the shack, holding 
               candles, mourning Jack Sparrow]
               [inside the shack, Will absent-mindedly keeps throwing his father's 
               knife into the table top]
               [Tia carries a tray around to all of them, offers the mugs to 
                                     TIA DALMA
                         Against de cold... and de sorrow.

               [Elizabeth takes a mug but doesn't drink] 

                                     TIA DALMA
                         It's a shame. I know you're t'inking 
                         that wid the Pearl, you coulda captured 
                         the devil and set free your fadder's 
                                     WILL TURNER
                         Doesn't matter now. The Pearl's gone. 
                         Along with its captain.
               [Gibbs is standing in the doorway on the side of the shack]
                         Aye. And already the world seems a bit 
                         less bright. He fooled us all right 
                         to the end. But I guess that honest 
                         streak finally won out. To Jack Sparrow!
                         Never another like Captain Jack.

                         He was a gentleman of fortune, he was.
                                     ELIZABETH SWANN
                         He was a good man.

               [they all take a drink out of their mugs, except Elizabeth]
                                     WILL TURNER
                         If there was anything could be done 
                         to bring him back...  Elizabeth...
                                     TIA DALMA
                         Would you do it? Hmmm?  What... would 
                         you? Hmmm? What would *any* of you be 
                         willing to do? Hmmm? Would you sail 
                         to the ends of the eart', and beyond, 
                         to fetch back ?witty Jack and 'im precious 



                                     COTTON'S PARROT
                         Awk! Aye.

                                     ELIZABETH SWANN

                                     WILL TURNER

                                     TIA DALMA
                         Alright. But if you're goin' brave de 
                         weird, and haunted shores, at world's 
                         end, den... you will need a captain 
                         who knows dose waters. 
               [a man wearing boots descends the stairs into the room]

                         So tell me, what's become of my ship? 
               [Barbossa bites into a green apple, juice dripples down his chin]
               [Jack the monkey on Barbossa's left shoulder faces the camera 
               and snarls]

                                     END CREDITS

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Writers :   Ted Elliott  Terry Rossio
Genres :   Action  Adventure  Comedy  Fantasy

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