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                                      THE SURFER KING

                                         Written by

                                      Bernard Murray Jr


             Page 1 of 81

               THE SURFER KING

       1       EXT. EARLY MORNING. - CUSTOMER SERVICE KIOSK                          1

               JAFFA, a Jamaican looking fellow in his early 20's, arrives
               at Water World, carrying a dusty cardboard box.

               There are a few workers milling about, setting up the park
               for opening. He passes EDDIE, a 25-something grounds worker
               with Down's Syndrome.


                             (smiling, nodding)

               They do a hand slap maneuver that they have obviously worked
               out some time in the past. JAFFA proceeds up to the Customer
               Relations Kiosk, plops the box on the counter, and enters the
               kiosk. We see him open the box, it is full of CD's.

               He pulls winter covers off of an overhead area to reveal a CD
               player and amplifiers. He starts pushing buttons he's pushed
               a thousand times, and lights come on. He pulls down a
               microphone, and clicks a button to see if it works.

               He reaches into the box of CDs and pulls one out. We see it
               is Sheryl Crow. He gets the CD, examines it, and pops it
               into the CD player.

               He once again picks the microphone and flips the switch as he
               pushes the "play" button on the CD player.

               His voice echoes through the park.         "Soak up the Sun" begins

                         Ladies and Gentlemen, Water World will be
                         open in
                             (checking his watch)
                         twenty-six hours and forty-three minutes.


       2       EXT EARLY MORNING - THUNDER BAY                                    2

               BIG MIKE, the park's owner/manager - a 50-something man who
               is portly and bald, and RICHARD THOMPSON, head lifeguard and
               another GUARD are on the east side of Thunder Bay.

               There is a post with a box on top of it that has a winter
               cover on it. The GUARD is standing there with a garden hose

                                                                   Page 2 of 81

               holding it so the water goes into Thunder Bay.

               He is obviously tired, and has been standing there a long
               time. We look back at the massive size of the pool and get
               the joke.

               BIG MIKE and RICHARD pull off the winter cover. The GUARD
               turns to look and the hose turns with him, getting BIG MIKE
               wet. They object and he turns back to filling Thunder Bay.
               RICHARD moves the GUARD to a safe distance.

               BIG MIKE blows the dust off of the box at the top of the
               post, and we see it is a large push button. BIG MIKE looks
               at RICHARD who nods "go ahead" and then pushes the button.

               They both draw back as if something big should happen, but
               nothing. They look at each other and BIG MIKE motions for
               RICHARD to go over to the wall housing the wave tank for the

               RICHARD waves OK, and BIG MIKE pushes the button again. When
               nothing happens, RICHARD whacks the side of the tank with his
               closed fist. Suddenly a huge wave rolls out.

               Nodding his approval, BIG MIKE checks off an item in his

       3       EXT. EARLY MORNING. - DAY   SURFS UP AREA                       3

               We see people working to open the park. The VAIL PRECISION
               LAWN CHAIR DRILL TEAM dressed in Water World uniforms is
               setting and arranging chairs in time to the music. They
               perform precision maneuvers with the chairs, as if rifles,
               and cross each other in a timed march to the music.

       4       EXT. EARLY MORNING. - DAY   FUN HOUSE AREA                      4

               BIG MIKE is standing under the Fun House structure with a
               clipboard. He is talking to RICHARD.

               After talking to BIG MIKE, RICHARD shakes his head
               affirmatively and walks off. He glances up to the two guards
               above, and grins. BIG MIKE is looking at his clipboard. We
               see quickly the large water tank above is spilling water a
               bit, indicating it is full.

               The water tank spills over BIG MIKE drenching him. He stands
               there still, angry for a moment, then thinks better of it
               shaking his head and smiling, takes his pen and checks OK on
               his wet clipboard for the fun house water tank.


               Two guards are looking down at BIG MIKE below. One guard
               begins motioning as if guiding a crane into place. The other
               guard has his hand poised on a large switch lever.

               GUARD ONE is gesturing more emphatically now, closing his
               hands to indicate "almost there". He closes his hands, and
               GUARD TWO pulls the lever.

Page 3 of 81

       6       EXT. LATER THAT MORNING - DAY   2001 VW BUG                     6

               We are on the road to Water World in Federal Heights,
               Colorado. ROBBIE ZIRPOLLO is riding with his mother CONNIE

                        Yeah. This is great. I love this plan.
                        Drag me kicking and screaming from my
                        happy home in California to some weird
                        place in Colorado, and say hey, this'll
                        be fun Robbie. Maybe we can go

                         Look, I know you're not happy about this.
                         But it wasn't my idea for your father to
                         have some kind of mid-life crisis and
                         disappear with his secretary to Mexico
                         with our life savings.

                         "Administrative Assistant." There's no
                         such thing as a secretary anymore.

                        Fine. Administrative Assistant. We
                        couldn't afford to sit around waiting any
                        longer to see if he was coming back. I
                        was able to land a good job here. And
                        now thanks to Uncle Bernie you have this
                        job at the Water Park...

                             (shaking his head)
                         Grounds crew. What kind of job is that?
                         It sound like the guy who cleans out the
                         coffee pots.

                        Bernie says you help keep the park clean,
                        sweep up, that sort of thing.
                        I'm sure it won't be so bad. Besides, a
                        lot of the kids who work at this park go
                        to the same high school you'll be going
                        to. You can start the school year with
                        some ready-made friends.

                         I had friends in Oceanside. I had
                         something to do for the summer.

               They pass the main Water World sign.    Hanging below it is a
               banner that says Opening Tomorrow!.

                        Hanging out at the beach surfing with
                        your friends is not my idea of something

Page 4 of 81

                         to do. This way you'll make some money
                         and meet people here. You'd best get
                         used to it. This is where we live now.
                         We're staying.

                         All thanks to Dad and his secretary.

                         Administrative Assistant.

                         Whatever.    Some summer....

               They have arrived at the front gates of Water World, Kids
               are in a line leading to a check-in canopy kiosk that has a
               sign saying Employee Check In.

                         Promise me you'll give it a

                             (giving in to the inevitable)
                         I will. I promise. See you later

               He shuts the car door and walks over to the end of the line.

       7       EXT. EARLY MORNING. - DAY FRONT GATES OF WATER WORLD            7

               There are about 40-50 teenagers in various default street
               clothes, shorts and tees mostly. Robbie takes his place in
               line behind an older, taller boy, ALEX, who seems to know
               almost everyone, and has made it his personal mission to
               greet them.

                             (back still to ROBBIE)
                         ...and so SHE says I'll have the filet
                         AND the lobster". I had to borrow twenty
                         bucks from Fitzgerald just to get out of
                         the restaurant.

               Two guys in front of Alex are laughing now.     Further down the
               line however, another voice pops up.

                             (waving to ALEX)
                         By the way. Where is that twenty bucks?

                        Ohhh, hey Dougie. I'll catch up with you
                            (turning around to ROBBIE as
                             not to continue the
                        Hey, how you doin'? Haven't seen you

Page 5 of 81

               ALEX looks in his wallet, as do we.    It is empty.

                         I'm Robbie. Robbie Zirpollo.

                        I'm Alex.     Where you workin'?

                         I believe it's with the Grounds Crew?

                        What's the matter, can't swim?

                         I can swim. Why?

                         Well, you look old enough to be a guard.

                        Almost 16.     I get my license in

                        It's just that most of the guys on
                        grounds are a little younger than you.
                        Most guys your age that can swim are

                        Well, I just moved here. I guess I
                        missed guard tryouts. You're a guard

                        Oh, no no no. I work
                        Aokee's Surf and Snack Shack. It's just
                        as well. The guards are mostly stuck up
                        anyway. The rest of us are the ones who
                        know how to have fun.

                         Can't swim, huh?


                            (listening to speaker on post
                        What is that?

                            (mimicking his perception of
                        Surf tunes, dude!

Page 6 of 81

                            (back to his own voice)
                        You'll get used to it. You'll get to
                        where you miss it. I had to buy two CD's
                        just to get through the winter.

               They are now at the front of the line. A teenage girl
               MELISSA is sitting at the table with papers and a clipboard.

                                  ALEX (CONT'D)
                        Ahh. And here we have the fair Melissa,
                        time clerk extraordinaire...

                            (shaking her head no)
                        Oh, Alex. Am I going to have to put up
                        with your crap for another entire summer?

                            (looking upward toward the sky)
                        Dear Melissa.
                        There's nothing about our relationship
                        that couldn't be fixed by us spending a
                        few moments together in the pumphouse
                        behind Thunder Bay.

                         Yeah, well from what I hear, it would be
                         a BRIEF few moments.


                            (not missing a beat)
                        My dear, you cut me to the quick. Check
                        off my name and that of my amigo here,
                        Mr. Robbie Zirpollo.

                            (handing them cards)
                        Fill out these emergency cards, and turn
                        them in when you pick up your
                        over there. And Alex?

                             (to ROBBIE)
                         She wants me.
                             (turning back to MELISSA)

                            (finger pointing)
                        This year, let's clock in only our OWN
                        time card, shall we?


  Page 7 of 81

                             (head shaking, to ROBBIE,
                              walking together)
                         Some people have no sense of humor.


               ROBBIE and ALEX walk up to yet another line of about 4 or 5
               teens. At the front a teenage girl and a teenage guy are
               behind a counter and handing out uniforms based on a
               clipboard list.

               As ROBBIE and ALEX reach the back of the line, TIFFANY, a
               blond beauty and two other girls brush past them to the front
               of the line.

                             (taken aback, breathing in
                              through his nose)
                         Whoa....who was that?

                             (unimpressed, putting his hand
                              on ROBBIE's shoulder as if to
                              hold him back, like a horse
                              that is riled up)
                         Eeeaasy there, big fella. Not in your
                             (wistfully, glancing over)
                         Or mine.

                         So who is she?

                         Miss Tiffany Maxwell, daughter of Big
                         Mike Maxwell, owner and operator of this
                         here fine water park.

               WE SEE TIFFANY and her two friends are quickly given their
               uniforms by the attendants, as they ignore the kids who have
               waited in line.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         See, Princess Tiffany and her friends
                         pretty much have the run of the park.
                         Her boyfriend is Dan Peterson, a guy we
                         all call Cowboy, one of the lifeguards.
                         Pretty decent guy from what I can tell.
                         But she's a piece of work. Your best
                         strategy is to steer clear of her and she
                         won't cause you any trouble.

                         Cowboy, huh. Big guy?

                         Big. Guy.

                             (takes in a deep breath)

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               They are now at the front of the line.

                                   MALE UNIFORM GUY
                         Hey Alex.
                             (calling back to FEMALE UNIFORM
                         Aokee's. Large.
                             (to ROBBIE)

                                   MALE UNIFORM GUY (CONT'D)

               Female Uniform Person has brought a blue Hawaiian shirt on a

                         Rob Zirpollo. Uh, Robert Zirpollo

                                   MALE UNIFORM GUY
                             (looks on clipboard)
                             (looks at FEMALE UNIFORM

                                   MALE UNIFORM GUY (CONT'D)
                             (and FEMALE UNIFORM PERSON,
                              together, ominously)

               She disappears to the back.

                             (to ALEX)
                         So what is this grounds thing, anyway?

                         Let's just are critical and
                         indispensable to the ongoing operation...
                         and....flow of things here at the park.
                             (he and MALE UNIFORM GUY
                              exchange a knowing glance)

                                  FEMALE UNIFORM PERSON
                        Here you go, tiger. One grounds.
                        Medium. You have a pair of green shorts
                        at home?

               ROBBIE shakes his head "no".

                                   FEMALE UNIFORM PERSON (CONT'D)
                         Buy some. Tonight. Wear them tomorrow
                         along with this shirt. You need to
                         report to the area just south of Surf's
                         Up. Look for a guy wearing Army pants
                         and glasses.

                         I'll show him. I'm going in that

  Page 9 of 81

                             (to ROBBIE with feigned
                         You get to meet The Colonel!

               They walk off.   As they walk off we can hear ALEX in the

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         Left. Left. Left right left.


               Aokee's is a restaurant near Thunder Bay. It seats about 50
               and is lavishly decorated in a Hawaiian Surf and Ocean motif,
               with surf memorabilia, fish nets, surfboards, and the like.

               AOKEE is a large 375 pound plus apparently Hawaiian man, late
               twenties, early thirties, wearing a purple Hawaiian shirt,
               blue shorts and a white chef's apron that says KISS THE COOK.

               WE SEE him on a pay phone behind the counter.

                            (to person on the line)
               you do this to me? I have
                        full staff with you. I save your spot.
                        I was counting on you.
                            (listens, nods)
                        Yes, yes....but The Gap? What you think
                        you do there? Are there girls in
                        swimming suits? Have you forgotten?
                            (listens, shaking head)
                        Tips. Do you get tips? Cash money?
                            (listens some more)

               ALEX walks up.   AOKEE waves to him.   He is obviously upset.

                                   AOKEE (CONT'D)
                         Well, come see us this summer, eh?
                         You're a good kid...a good worker.     Yeah,
                         you too.

               AOKEE hangs up the phone.


                         David. Seems to think there is future in
                         retail. Now what I do? I'm one person
                         short. Park opens tomorrow.

               AOKEE buries his head in his hands on the counter.

                         You know...I just met a guy that's old

 Page 10 of 81

                         enough to work here, but he's stuck in

                             (perking up)
                         Good guy?

                         Seemed like our kind of people.

               AOKEE thinks for a moment. He glances up towards Surf's Up.
               It hits both he and ALEX at the same time...

                        We need to get him before he get his

               They take off running.


               AOKEE and ALEX are running together. They get about 50 feet
               before AOKEE, large man that he is, runs out of breath.
               ALEX, like a boxer in training, sort of runs in place,
               keeping loose, ready for AOKEE to catch his wind. Off they
               go again, get another 50 feet, and the same thing happens.

                             (out of breath)
                got to go ahead...
                         ...stall 'til I get there.

                               (nodding, running in place)

               ALEX takes off, and AOKEE runs again....


               WE SEE several rolling trash cans lined up in a row, along
               with several janitorial carts filled with cleaning utensils
               and supplies.

               THE COLONEL is standing, dressed in army fatigue pants and a
               Water World golf shirt, with a green Water World baseball
               cap. He is wearing black horn-rim glasses, thick lenses, and
               carrying a clipboard.

               Lined up as if an army unit are ten grounds kids, including
               ROBBIE, who is sixth furthest from THE COLONEL. They are all
               younger than ROBBIE except one, EDDIE, whom we met at the
               beginning of the film.

               EDDIE is standing tall and straight, proud to be there.      He
               is nearest THE COLONEL

    Page 11 of 81

                                   THE COLONEL
                             (looking up from clipboard)
                         Well, it looks like we have a good staff
                         here. Yes...yes a good staff. It will be
                         an excellent summer. Remember as we go
                         through training today, our park is
                         judged by the work WE do. If we do it
                         well, the people come back.
                             (walking up and down the line)
                         We have a little tradition here on the
                         grounds crew. Rather than having to
                         learn a lot of names, many of which I can
                         never hope to pronounce properly, each
                         grounds crew member gets a grounds crew
                         nickname. You will be known by that
                         nickname in every way except, of course,
                         your paycheck and employee records.

               THE COLONEL looks over his paperwork.

                                   THE COLONEL    (CONT'D)
                         Let's see, what do we    have? Hmm...yes.
                         OK, first up is Eddie    Cochran. Your
                         grounds crew nickname    will be.....Eddie!

               EDDIE smiles knowingly. This has been his grounds crew
               nickname for the last 8 years, mostly because he would never
               answer to anything else, and THE COLONEL gave up trying.

                                   THE COLONEL (CONT'D)
                         Now crewmembers, listen up. Eddie here
                         has eight years experience on the grounds
                         crew. Why, I'd like to think there isn't
                         anything, any situation that Eddie hasn't
                         faced. Listen to him. Learn from him.
                         Watch what he does. This man is the
                         finest, most conscientious grounds
                         crewman we've ever had.

               EDDIE is beaming with pride now. THE COLONEL pulls a brand
               new toilet plunger from the cart nearby and hands it to
               EDDIE. EDDIE shoulders it as if it were a rifle.

               THE COLONEL walks down the line.

                                   THE COLONEL (CONT'D)
                         Let's see...Clark? Hmmm. Your grounds
                         crew nickname will be....Sparky.

               It is all ROBBIE can do not to laugh. THE COLONEL goes on to
               the next kid, SKEETER who is tall, skinny and goofy-looking.
               SKEETER'S eyes are faced forward, but something catches them.
               His eyes follow an unseen object as we begin to hear a small
               mosquito. Finally his eyes follow it until he looks, cross
               eyed at his own nose.

               THE COLONEL has taken note of this and is following it too.
               SKEETER can take no more, and brushes it off his nose as he
               makes a face.

    Page 12 of 81

                         Sorry, sir. Mosquito.

                                   THE COLONEL
                         Hmmm.....your grounds crew nickname will

               THE COLONEL steps over the cart and gets another new plunger
               and hands it to SKEETER who follows EDDIE's lead.

               Next in line is a short, chubby lad, SNITCH. As THE COLONEL
               approaches him, a quick sound of passing gas is heard.

               THE COLONEL is startled, and SNITCH makes a quick finger
               motion indicating the culprit is SKEETER, next to him.

                                   THE COLONEL (CONT'D)
                             (looking at the clipboard)
                         Bradley, is it? OK, Mr. Bradley.....your
                         grounds crew nickname will be Snitch.

               SNITCH shows his dismay with a frown. THE COLONEL has run
               out of new plungers already and is forced to move to one of
               last year's leftovers, which look somewhat depressing.

               He gets one and give it to SNITCH, who looks at it, makes a
               face, and decides not to shoulder it. ROBBIE is so depressed
               he looks like he's about to pass out.

               His worst fears have been realized.    His summer is passing
               before his eyes.

               There's only one more person, a young 14 year-old girl, to go
               before ROBBIE. THE COLONEL addresses her.

                                   THE COLONEL (CONT'D)
                         Melinda Tally. Hmmm... your grounds crew
                         nickname will be...

               Suddenly ALEX bursts onto the scene, and even he, at this
               point, is somewhat out of breath.

                         Hello, Colonel!

                                   THE COLONEL
                             (thinking, staring)
                         Alex, isn't it?

                         Yes sir, Colonel. And what a fine staff
                         you've assembled this year. Have you
                         told them yet about your army background?

                                   THE COLONEL
                         Well, no, I didn't think it was..


    Page 13 of 81

                            (interrupting, to the grounds
                        The Colonel here is very modest. Did you
                        know that he reorganized the entire
                        process of cleaning and sanitizing an
                        army barracks and its latrines?

                                   THE COLONEL
                         Well, it really wasn't much of a...

                             (interrupting again)
                         Wasn't much?
                             (again, to grounds kids)
                         Can you just imagine for a moment the
                         germs and bacteria our American soldiers
                         could pick up in an unsanitised army
                         latrine? It's impossible to determine
                         just how many lives have been saved
                         thanks to the efforts of this one humble
                         Army Colonel.

                                   THE COLONEL
                         Well, I suppose when you put it that

                             (to the grounds kids)
                         I, too, came up through the ranks when at
                         age 14, I began my service here at Water
                         World learning from this great man.

                                  THE COLONEL
                        Yes....I remember now.....what was your
                        grounds nickname...?

                        Not even sure I remember it myself, sir.
                        But I remember much more. Did you tell
                        them about the film?

                                   THE COLONEL

                            (to THE COLONEL)
                        "Hygiene Makes You Happy"
                            (to the grounds kids)
                        Every enlisted man in the army has seen
                        it. Some by choice. All from the mind
                        of The Colonel here...

                                   THE COLONEL
                             (to himself)
                         I never forget a grounds nickname....

               AOKEE has finally made it now, but is, of course, out of
               breath again.

                                   THE COLONEL (CONT'D)

    Page 14 of 81

                        Aokee, good God, man...are you OK?

               AOKEE gestures he is fine, and does a combination of charades
               and Hawaiian pantomime before he finally speaks.

                         Colonel....terrible mistake...

               ALEX gets behind AOKEE, deciding he needs some help, feeding
               him words.

                             (quietly behind AOKEE)
                         Bureaucratic bumble...

                         Bureaucratic bumble....

                         Lost paperwork....

                         Lost paperwork....

                         An error in the front office...

                         Error in front office....

                         Spiced applesauce....


               AOKEE stops, turn and glares at ALEX, who merely smiles and

                                   THE COLONEL
                         Good God, man, what are you trying to

               ALEX comes around from behind AOKEE.

                        It's Robbie sir. He was supposed to work
                        at Aokee's and through some crazy mix-up,
                        he ended up here.

                                   THE COLONEL
                             (looking at clipboard)
                         Zirpollo? Well this is highly

               He is flipping though the papers, confused.

                             (can't pass this up)

    Page 15 of 81

                         Most annoying....

                                   THE COLONEL
                         Most annoying....

                         Never happened before....

                                   THE COLONEL
                         Never happened before....

                         Spaghetti marinara...

                                  THE COLONEL
                        Well, if he was supposed to be assigned
                        to you, we'll just have to let him go...

               ROBBIE has caught on and is quick to step out of line, and
               pick up his shirt to be ready to go.

                            (to THE COLONEL)
                        I was confused myself, sir. I had heard
                        I was working for some Hawaiian guy.

                        I promise, we go straight to personnel,
                        straighten the whole thing out. You
                        won't need to worry.

                                      THE COLONEL
                         Very well.     We'll just have to make-do.

               THE COLONEL goes back to the girl MELINDA he was about to
               nickname before the interruption, but is staring after ALEX,
               AOKEE and ROBBIE as they walk off. He looks at MELINDA. He
               looks back at ALEX & company. It hits him.

                                   THE COLONEL (CONT'D)


                                   THE COLONEL
                         His grounds crew nickname.     I remember it
                         now. Snafu.

     12        EXT -DAY - HILL AREA ABOVE THUNDER BAY                         12

               The entire staff of Water World is assembled for a pre
               opening pep talk from owner BIG MIKE MAXWELL. He wears a
               Water World Golf shirt, shorts and a crew-style marine hat.
               Standing next to him is RICHARD THOMPSON, head lifeguard.
               The workers are sitting on the hill.

    Page 16 of 81

               AOKEE, THE COLONEL and other "management" types are standing
               off to the side. TIFFANY and her friends are sitting up

               ALEX and ROBBIE are sitting together towards the back, and
               ROBBIE's grounds t-shirt is no longer in his hand, but has
               been replaced by a folded AOKEE'S blue Hawaiian shirt.

               There is a lot of noise from everyone talking.

                                   BIG MIKE
                             (motioning to get everyone to
                              settle down)
                         Okay, everybody, let's quiet down for a
                             (they do, and he looks down at
                              his clipboard)
                         For those who don't know me, my name is
                         Michael Maxwell, and I...sort of run
                         things around here.

               A chant starts up, with affection...

                                   EVERYONE TOGETHER
                         Big Mike! Big Mike! Big Mike!

               BIG MIKE smiles, this has happened before, probably a

                                   BIG MIKE
                            (again motioning to settle
                        Okay, yeah thanks. Now, I want go over a
                        few basic things. First of all, make
                        sure you've all filled out your paperwork
                        with personnel, cause nobody gets paid
                        unless they do. Come to think of it, I
                        suppose it's better for me that you don't
                        fill out your paperwork, then I don't
                        have to pay you. I'll make it optional.
                        If you want to get paid, fill out your
                            (looking at clipboard)
                        Let's remember, the people who come here
                        are our guests, and your job is to see
                        they have a safe and fun experience here.
                        Let's work together to keep the park
                        clean and safe, and we'll have a great
                        summer together. Now with a few words is
                        our head lifeguard, Richard Thompson.

               Another cheer starts up, smaller this time, which ALEX

                                   SMALLER GROUP
                         Big Dick! Big Dick Big Dick!

                            (wincing some, but not

    Page 17 of 81

                              surprised, motioning to settle
                         Yeah, yeah, very funny, we're all very
                         amused. Okay, many of you have been in
                         training for some time, and some of you
                         still have a ways to go...

               WE SEE a quick shot of some geeky younger guards wearing
               water wings, sharky goggles and noseplugs and looking less
               than confident...

                                   RICHARD (CONT'D)
                             (glancing at the water wing
                              group wistfully, almost to
                         ...a long ways to go...

               He looks down at his clipboard.

                                  RICHARD (CONT'D)
                        ...but I'd like to take a moment to
                        speak, mostly to the guards, but
                        certainly everyone has a role in this.
                        We can take everything we've learned and
                        distill it down to two simple rules.
                        Rule number one:

               He pauses, thoughtful for a moment, but building into a near
               rage for effect to impress on everyone...

                                   RICHARD (CONT'D)
                             (loudly, emphatically, angry at
                              the thought that anybody
                         Don't drown!

               He stops, composing himself.

                                   RICHARD (CONT'D)
                             (almost quietly)
                         Rule number two:

               Again, thoughtful but building to a rage at the thought that
               this could happen...

                                   RICHARD (CONT'D)
                             (loudly, emphatically)
                         Don't let anyone else drown!

               He stops again, and regains his composure.

                                   RICHARD (CONT'D)
                             (almost quietly to the stunned
                         Thank you. Have a great summer!

               There is stunned silence for a moment.    They're not sure how
               to react.


    Page 18 of 81

                             (breaking the silence)
                         Alright! Whoo whoo!

               ALEX, then everyone begins applauding. ROBBIE looks at ALEX
               quizzically, ALEX just shrugs. The meeting breaks up.

     13        INT - MORNING - THE NEXT DAY - AOKEE'S SURF & SNACK SHACK      13

               Everyone is hurrying around, getting ready for opening day.
               ROBBIE, wearing his new blue Hawaiian shirt, is cutting
               pineapple. AOKEE is busy hovering over everyone, and cooking
               chicken on the grill. ALEX walks in.

                             (to ROBBIE)
                         Hey, hey lookin' good. Blue is your
                         color. Beats that stupid t-shirt, huh?

                              (unhappy, stressed)
                         Alex! You are late. Come on, is opening

               ROBBIE finishes the pineapple and hands the tray to AOKEE,
               almost spilling it.

                                   AOKEE (CONT'D)
                             (to ROBBIE and ALEX)
                         You two start setting tables.

               ALEX takes a pile of silverware wrapped in napkins, and
               points to ROBBIE to grab a box of sugar packets to refill the
               dispensers. ROBBIE grabs it quickly, enthusiastically, but
               loses his grip and spills the packets on the floor.

               At that moment, AUDREY a girl in her teens who works at
               AOKEE'S and is stacking plastic cups on the counter,
               accidentally knocks a stack of cups to the ground.

               RAMON, a teenage boy who works there is behind the counter.
               He bends over, disappearing, and we hear a crash of pots and
               pans. His head peers up from below the counter sheepishly.

               AOKEE turns from the grill looking at all this, and has a
               worried look, but smiles and shrugs weakly.

                                   AOKEE (CONT'D)
                             (to ALEX, gesturing)
                         Alex. Come here a minute.

               ALEX comes up close next to him at the grill so they can

                                   AOKEE (CONT'D)
                             (with intensity)
                         Alex, look. We falling apart. I made
                         you assistant manager this year. Go
                         assistant manage.


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                         No problem.

               ALEX pops a CD out of the rack above the sound system, and
               puts it in the CD player, stopping the standard pastoral
               Hawaiian music that has been playing.

               He turns up the volume some on the amp, and goes over to
               SARAH, a teenage girl working there, and grabs her grass
               skirt by the Velcro, removing it with a Velcro rip.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         Sorry, Sarah, but I need to borrow this.

                         Hey! How did you know I wear shorts
                         under that?

                             (mock surprise, rolling his
                         Oh, Puh-leeaase.

               ALEX walks back out to the dining area, everyone is still

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                             (to all)
                         Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your
                         attention, please?

               Everyone stops and looks at ALEX.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         In exactly 30 minutes, hundreds of
                         dripping wet customers with fistfuls of
                         money smelling of chlorine and suntan
                         lotion will be walking in here.
                         And what will they be looking for?
                             (as if directing a choir)

                                   EVERYONE TOGETHER
                             (except ROBBIE, who doesn't
                              know any better)
                         The best teriyaki east of the pacific!!!


                                   EVERYONE TOGETHER
                             (Again except ROBBIE, who
                              doesn't know any better)
                         The finest smoothies in the state!!!

                         Now, everyone's a little tense, except
                         me, of course. So to help you get in the
                         proper frame of mind and relax, we need

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                         the right soundtrack.
                             (to AOKEE)

               AOKEE hits the play button on the CD player.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         This is little tune I like to call the
                         Paradise Slide.
                             (mouthing with the song as it
                         One, two, a one two three.

               The music starts and ALEX, now wearing SARAH's grass skirt,
               launches into his version of the electric slide, Hawaiian

               EVERYONE ELSE gets the beat and begins working to the music.
               AOKEE is using his spatulas as drum sticks on the overhanging
               kitchen tools.

               RAMON has inverted an empty pot and is beating it conga-drum

               ROBBIE has picked up the sugar packets and ALEX is dancing
               and quickly (almost casually) tossing silverware/napkin rolls
               to ROBBIE as ROBBIE catches them (at first with some
               difficulty) and puts them on the tables.

               SARAH has re-stacked the cups, and is juggling salt & pepper
               shakers, placing them on the tables. AUDREY chops onions to
               the beat.

                                   EVERYONE TOGETHER
                             (on the chorus)
                         Don Ho, Don Ho, Don Ho. Don Ho, Don Ho,
                         Don Ho.

               AOKEE has now taken all the chicken off the grill and comes
               out from behind the counter, dancing. The others form a
               CONGA LINE behind him.

                                   EVERYONE TOGETHER (CONT'D)
                             (on the chorus)
                         Don Ho, Don Ho, Don Ho. Don Ho, Don Ho,
                         Don Ho.

               As they go by the tables they put on any missing items. They
               get into it more and more, AOKEE especially, swinging his
               huge, 375 pound guy hips.

                                   EVERYONE TOGETHER (CONT'D)
                             (on the chorus)
                         Don Ho, Don Ho, Don Ho. Don Ho, Don Ho,
                         Don Ho.

               As the song ends (abruptly), AOKEE bumps a surfboard (part of
               the restaurant's decoration) with his hip, knocking it and
               another one to the ground.

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               There is a loud crash and everyone pauses and looks at AOKEE,
               waiting to see if he gets mad.

               AOKEE looks down at his hip, and makes a puppy-dog face like
               "I didn't know my hips were that big...." Everyone claps,
               laughing. AOKEE takes a bow.

     14        INT -LATER THAT DAY - AOKEE'S SURF & SNACK SHACK               14

               ROBBIE and ALEX are carrying bus tubs loaded with dirty
               dishes back toward the kitchen from the dining area.

               AOKEE is sipping on a smoothie and leaning back on a counter.
               There are only a few customers in the eating area.

               They set the tubs down on a counter that passes to the back
               area. An unseen person takes them into the dishwashing area.

                             (to ALEX and ROBBIE)
                         You did good work today.
                         Here. I made you some of my special
                         Power Smoothies. More customers later
                         wanting dinner before park closes. I
                         can't have you falling asleep on me.

                                   AOKEE (CONT'D)
                             (to ALEX)
                         Alex, we are completely out of table
                         stretchers and left-handed coffee pots.
                         Take Robbie and go find some. I think
                         some at the first-aid station near Surf's
                         Up pool.

                             (nodding knowingly)
                         Right. See you in a little while.

               They walk off carrying their smoothies.

     15        EXT - MOMENTS LATER - THUNDER BAY CONCESSIONS AREA             15

               ROBBIE and ALEX are walking past Thunder Bay concessions area
               toward THE WAVE carrying and drinking their smoothies.

                         So that was a typical lunch crowd?

                         Well, it's early in the season yet.
                         We'll get busier.


                         Don't worry. You'll get used to it.      And
                         tips were good, right?

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                         There's nothing like cash money in your
                         pocket. What's that over there?

               They are coming up on THE WAVE area.

                         Oh, you'll find this ride interesting.

     16        EXT - MOMENTS LATER - DAY - THE WAVE AREA                      16

               The walk up to THE WAVE attraction, where kids are surfing in
               a high-water pressure river/ sheet of water. Surf music
               plays loudly here, and kids are doing all kinds of tricks.
               Some riders are good, some are not, and fall quickly.

               We also see SKEETER and SNITCH, the tall skinny and short
               chubby grounds kids we met earlier. They are cleaning up
               around the exit area of THE WAVE.

                             (as a rider falls)
                         It's a lot harder than it looks.

                         I can't imagine it's that difficult.
                             (to himself)
                rudder on the board...

                         Now this is a place of many wonders.     See
                         those guys in line over there?

               WE SEE some guys that look a little stoned with unusual hair
               laughing and talking to each other.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         We call them "Wave Bums". They all have
                         season passes, and do little more than
                         ride the wave all day long. Some of them
                         get pretty good.

               Alex points up to a fence, behind which some smoke appears to
               be drifting up.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         That's where they hang out when they're
                         not riding the wave. Don't get too close
                         to them.


                         Contact high.

               ROBBIE nods, understanding. ALEX points back to THE WAVE.

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                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         And there, my friend, is another one of
                         The Wave's features.

               WE SEE a pretty girl in line to ride.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         We call them "Wave Babes". And there's a
                         special secret to this ride.

               With that ALEX walks over to BOB, a guy in his late teens,
               wearing a Security Golf Shirt. He is standing and looking
               off in a different direction.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         Hey, Bob....can I borrow your radio a


               He hands him the radio, and ALEX is back with ROBBIE.

                             (into radio)
                         Hey Frank, it's Alex.

               ALEX waves and FRANK, the guard watching THE WAVE waves back.

                                   FRANK VO
                             (heard through the radio)
                         Yo, Alex.

                             (into radio)
                         Listen you have a possible code 4.
                             (to ROBBIE)
                         Means a "hottie".

                                  ALEX (CONT'D)
                            (to radio)
                        She's up next. A free chicken sandwich
                        and a smoothie if you bounce up the
                        pressure a bit.

                                   FRANK VO
                             (heard through radio)
                         You got it bud. But two smoothies.

                            (to ROBBIE)
                        He knows my weak spot.
                            (to radio)
                        Two Volcanos and a chicken sandwich.

                                   FRANK VO
                             (heard through radio)
                         Time to go to ludicrous speed!

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               WE SEE FRANK push forward on a handle next to him that seems
               to resemble the throttle on a speedboat. The ambient noise
               from the wave is noticeably higher.

               The WAVE BABE jumps into the water with the board.      SKEETER
               and SNITCH are still cleaning near the exit.

                             (to ROBBIE, still holding the
                         Watch, and wait....

               THEY LOOK intently at the WAVE BABE, who is pretty good, even
               with the increased water flow. But, after a few deft moves,
               she falls. ALEX looks, and sees what he is looking for.
               ROBBIE smiles.

                                    ALEX (CONT'D)

               We look back at the WAVE BABE, but the water is obscuring our
               view. We then see a medium shot of SKEETER and SNITCH. The
               WAVE BABE walks past them carrying a board, but we don't see
               below her waist, the board obscures our view.

               SNITCH sees, and freezes, dumbstruck. SKEETER is looking
               down at the grate where THE WAVE water drains. He reaches
               down and pulls something out, and turns to the WAVE BABE
               walking away.

                         Excuse me... Miss?
                         Hello...excuse me...?

               Finally she turns. We see her, but just a flash of her from
               the back, as the board covers her waist area. She is puzzled
               by this grounds kid.

                                   SKEETER (CONT'D)
                             (holding up the bottom to her
                         Is this yours?

               She looks down behind the board and reacts.     She bites her
               lower lip, winces and nods yes.

               SKEETER hands her her swimsuit, and she looks around and
               backs away towards a towel hanging from the fence nearby.
               SNITCH is still frozen, stunned by what he's just seen, mouth
               wide open. SKEETER waves his hand in front of SNITCH's face.

               No reaction.   He's never seen a naked girl before.

               We're back to ALEX and ROBBIE.

                             (looking at ALEX)
                         You were right. I was interested in

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                         Well, sometime bring your swimsuit.
                         We'll come back on break. I'll show you
                         how to do it. Surf's is this way. And
                         keep an eye out for Frank over there. We
                         owe him.

               ROBBIE nods in agreement, and they walk off.

     17        EXT MOMENTS LATER - DAY - NEAR SURF'S UP POOL                  17

               ROBBIE and ALEX are walking past the SURF'S UP wave pool.

                         The First Aid station is over there. Just
                         ask the guard. I just want to say hello
                         to this girl I know.


               ROBBIE walks over to the First Aid Station. DOUG FITZGERALD,
               the guy we heard in line on the first day is there, he's a

                                   ROBBIE (CONT'D)
                         Hey. I've been sent to find some table
                         stretchers and left-handed coffee pots.

                         Oh, you must be the new guy at Aokee's.

                         Yeah, how'd you know?

                         Lucky guess. Saw some at the top of
                         River Country. Just ask one of the
                         guards over there.


                         And hey...tell that wienie Alex he still
                         owes me twenty bucks!

                             (looking back and waving as he
                              walks away)
                         Got it.

     18        EXT - MOMENTS LATER - CUSTOMER SERVICE KIOSK                   18

               ALEX and ROBBIE are walking to RIVER COUNTRY and walk past
               JAFFA in the CUSTOMER SERVICE KIOSK.

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                             (calling out)

               They turn and walk over.

                         Jama...I mean...Jaffa the Jamaican...what
                         shakes, it mon?

                         Jus' the same old this's and that's, mon.

                         Jaffa, meet Robbie Zirpollo.
                             (to ROBBIE)
                         Jaffa plays the tunes and talks the talk.

               The PHONE RINGS, and Jaffa turns to answer.

                             (into phone)
                         What? No way.
                             (hangs up phone, to ALEX &
                         Check it out...

               JAFFA smiles and picks up a radio.

                                    JAFFA (CONT'D)
                             (into radio)
                         Attention Lost River guards. We have a
                         report that some huge fat bald guy has
                         abandoned his swimsuit and is slidin'
                         down Lost River with nothin' on but a
                         smile. Be watchin' for a great white
                         whale now.

     19        EXT - DAY - TOP OF LOST RIVER RIDE                             19

               WE SEE two female life guards, both with a surprised look on
               their faces. One has just reached into the water and picks it
               up to display a HUGE pair of swim trunks. Both girls make an
               Eeeew face.

     20        EXT - DAY - CUSTOMER SERVICE KIOSK                             20

                             (on PA system now, into mike)
                         Attention please. Will Mr. John Big
                         Bootay report to Lost River Splashdown.
                         John Big-Bootay to Lost River Splashdown.

                            (to ROBBIE)
                        He's calling for security.

               ALEX wanders off a moment, looking at something going on in
               the distance.

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                             (to JAFFA)
                         Wow. Jamaica. I thought I was far from

                            (dropping the accent a bit)
                        I'll let you in on a little secret.
                        Perception is, Jamal
                        from Aurora, he's probably over with
                        those guys...

               WE SEE SKEETER and SNITCH walking into the men's room,
               looking suspiciously around.

                                   JAFFA (CONT'D)
                             (back to the accent)
                the rest rooms. But Jaffa
                         from Jamaica, he's in customer service,
                         wearin' the nice shirt and playing the
                         music. Perception and atmosphere. You
                         get it?

               ROBBIE smiles and nods, and waves goodbye to catch up with

     21        INT - MOMENTS LATER - IN MEN'S CHANGING/REST ROOM              21

               SNITCH is filling up a water balloon, while SKEETER is tying
               a piece of fishing line to the hook on the inside of the
               stall door. SKEETER climbs up on top of the stall.

               SNITCH is tying off the water balloon and grabs the other end
               of the fishing line, and ties it to the fill end of the
               balloon. He shuts the stall door, tosses the balloon up to
               SKEETER, who places it strategically on the beam above the
               toilet. SKEETER then jumps down, and they head for the door.

               Eddie Enters. We see EDDIE cautiously checking out the
               restroom. He reaches up over the closed stall door and feels
               gingerly the fishing line. He smiles and shakes his head,
               and heads for the door.


               EDDIE is now pushing his cart and making his way toward the
               MEN's RESTROOM. He stops to talk to two concessions girls
               and show them a magic trick that apparently involves a deck
               of cards, which he pulls from a place on his cart. We see
               him holding the cards so one girl can pick one.


               SKEETER pops his head out and looks around. He sees Eddie in
               the distance about 5 minutes away, and putting a plastic
               liner in a trash can. He nods and disappears into the men's

               SKEETER and SNITCH appear at the door, look out, and see
               EDDIE finishing his card trick. He presents a card for the

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               girls to see, and the both nod encouragingly, but as they
               walk off, they look at each other and shrug.

               SKEETER and SNITCH take off, barely containing their
               laughter. But EDDIE notices them leaving. All of this has
               happened under the watchful though distant eye of ALEX.

               EDDIE goes into the restroom.

               EDDIE exits the restroom and goes to his cart.     At this point
               ALEX and ROBBIE walk up to him.

                         Hey Eddie.     What have you got?

                         Water balloon.

               EDDIE reached onto his cart and pulls out a pair of scissors,
               eyeing them.

                         You got this?

                         Yeah.   Rookies!

               ALEX and ROBBIE walk away as EDDIE places a "RESTROOM CLOSED"
               sandwich board in front of the door. Just then BIG MIKE
               rushes up.

                                  BIG MIKE
                            (big hurry-potty emergency)
                        Oh Eddie. Listen, I know you're working
                        but you hold on for just a minute. I've
                        been so busy, and I really gotta go.

               EDDIE motions and tries to find the words....


               But BIG MIKE is already in. Eddies waits for it, wincing,
               and there is a loud splash...

                                   BIG MIKE (O.S.)
                             (echoing through the door)
                         Yeahhhah that's cold!

               EDDIE just shrugs and puts away his scissors.

     24        EXT -MOMENTS LATER - TOP OF RIVER COUNTRY                      24

               Two young women guards, KATIE and AMY are loading kids into
               tubes and pushing them onto the slide. AMY is a little older
               than KATIE.

               then he just disappeared.      I had to
                        call my Dad to come pick me up.

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               KATIE just shakes her head in amazement. ROBBIE and ALEX
               walk up to them. AMY is out of earshot, loading a kid.
               ALEX hangs back a bit.

                            (to KATIE)
                        Hi. We're looking for some table
                        stretchers and left-handed coffee pots.

                         What? Amy, this guy is looking for a
                         table stretcher?

                             (coming over)
                         Aokee's huh?

                         Uh, yes...

                             (to ROBBIE, seeing ALEX in the
                        They're all down at Big Mike's last I
                             (to ALEX)
                        When you gonna tell him?

                         Hi, Amy.   Who's this?

                         Katie, this is Alex and...

                            (taken with KATIE)
                        Robbie. Ummm, Rob Zirpollo.

                         Well, anyway, Big Mike's is where they


               ALEX and ROBBIE walk off.

                        What a couple of losers.

                        I don't know...I thought Robbie was kind
                        of cute...

                        Listen, you're new, so let me tell you
                        how things are. First those guys were
                        wearing blue shorts. That means

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                              (uses her fingers to explain)
                          The Water World social structure is
                          organized on three levels. At the bottom
                          are the Trash Rats.

                          Trash rats?

                          Bottom feeders. Grounds kids. Babies.
                          They clean the toilets and empty the
                          trash. Most are only 14 years old. It's
                          the only job younger kids can do here.
                          Next up is concessions. They're our
                          "middle class". We don't hang with them
                          and they don't much hang with us. At the
                          top of heap are the guards. You are a
                          guard. Girl, if you want to go out with
                          someone, stick with your own kind.

                              (looking off at ROBBIE and ALEX
                               walking away)
                          Aw, that's just silly. I think he's


               This in an area where riders splash down from riding a tube
               down the River Country slides. ROBBIE and ALEX are walking
               past the splashdown area.

                          What did that girl Amy mean?

                          About what?

                          When she said, when are you going to tell

                          I'll tell you over a hamburger at Big

               ROBBIE and ALEX proceed to BIG MIKE's out of frame.

               SUDDENLY in the background we see a tube splashdown from a
               slide and the 7 year-old girl riding in it falls out.

               Realizing she is no longer safely in a tube she screams and
               begins splashing as if drowning. A guard nearby blows a
               single tweet of her whistle.

               IN SLOW MOTION we see four other guards throughout the area
               turn and react to the whistle. They begin running, BAYWATCH
               style towards the scene.

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               Two guards are running and carrying a backboard. They
               converge in another BAYWATCH style slow-mo shot and line up
               along the edge of the splashdown pool.

               One guard in the middle has a rescue tube, and, still in slow
               motion, squats down slowly as if to jump in and rescue the

               At the low end of the jump crouch, however he stops.      WE SEE
               his face in close-up as he says.

                                   RESCUE GUARD
                             (slow-motion, voice distorted,
                              to the girl)
                         Staaaannnd Uuuuuuuupppp!

               The drowning girl stops splashing wildly, and realizes she
               can indeed stand up. She looks at all the guards lined up,
               smiles sheepishly, and walks out of the pool.

     26        EXT - MOMENTS LATER - BIG MIKE'S                               26

               ALEX is standing outside of BIG MIKE's.    ROBBIE is walking
               out of the restaurant.

                             (Shaking his head)
                         Aokee's not going to be happy. Nobody
                         seems to know where these things are...

                                (now laughing)


                         There's no such thing as a table
                         stretcher or a left-handed coffee pot.

                        What a dirty trick.

                         It's just Aokee's way of giving you a
                         tour of the park without having to be
                         there. Consider it a rookie initiation.

                             (still mad)

                         Time to make it up to you.    Come on.

     27        EXT. DAY - BACK OF BIG MIKE'S                                  27

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               ALEX knocks loudly on the door.

               A teenage boy, DAVE in a BIG MIKE's uniform answers.


                         Hey 'bout two for two?


                             (looks at ROBBIE)
                             (ROBBIE nods)

               DAVE disappears for moment.

                                  ALEX (CONT'D)
                        Now, if he ever shows up at our back
                        door, we owe him chicken and smoothies.

                         But...don't we get an employee discount?
                         Shouldn't we go in the front?

                         Well...the discount is larger this way.

               ROBBIE is getting out money from his pocket, counting through
               DAVE shows up with two burgers and two malts, and hands them
               to ALEX, disappears and shuts the door quickly. ROBBIE is
               still staring at his money.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         Come on...let's go eat!

               They walk out of frame.

     28        INT -DAY AOKEE'S SURF AND SNACK SHACK                          28

               ALEX and ROBBIE are cleaning tables after another busy lunch.
               WE SEE that AOKEE is filling up a bucket, and getting a scrub
               brush, and heads out the doorway.

                         Oh boy.   Here we go.

                         What now?

                         Aokee. The pigeons have been taking
                         target practice on his trophy pedestal.
                         Come on.

               They exit out the same doorway as AOKEE.

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     29        EXT -   DAY - AOKEE'S SURF AND SNACK SHACK                        29

               AOKEE is busily cleaning and cursing the pigeons.

                              (speaking Hawaiian)
                          Stupid Pigeons. They should all die!

                              (to ROBBIE)
                          Happens every week.

                             (to AOKEE)
                         What is this thing for anyway?

                          Someday, Robbie.   Someday.

               He keeps cleaning.

                             (to ROBBIE)
                         That stand is to display the coveted
                         Surfer King trophy.
                         Aokee seems to think that one day some
                         concessions kid with more courage than
                         brains is going to beat the lifeguards in
                         the annual Employee Olympics.

                          And what would this concessions kid have
                          to do?

                          Nothing, really. Just out surf the
                          strongest guard of them all in the
                          surfing competition. No big deal.

                          Has it ever happened?

                          A guard always wins the surf competition.
                          Know why?

                              (ROBBIE and ALEX)
                          Because concessions kids can't swim!

                              (still cleaning)

               They go back into AOKEE'S SURF AND SNACK SHACK.


               ROBBIE is now behind the counter making smoothies.      He puts

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               them up and the two kids waiting take them and walk away.

               In walk AMY and KATIE.

                             (to ROBBIE)
                         Hi there.

                             (blinking, smiling)
                         Hello. On break?

                         Yeah.   Two Blue Crushes please.

                         Coming up.

               He shakes a mix container, blends it for about 5 seconds and
               pours it out into two cups. He then puts in two umbrellas
               with pineapple.

                         Oooh. Umbrellas.       I've never gotten
                         umbrellas before.

                         These are only for VIP guests.

               AMY looks over to KATIE and rolls her eyes.

               ALEX arrives at this point, and decides to provide a

                        Amy. Have you ever seen the fabulous
                        Cummings and Robbins 2000-B?

                             (shaking her head)
                         I don't think so.

               As he leads her back into the kitchen...

                         It's incredible.      It washes 2000 plates
                         an hour....

                             (to ROBBIE)
                         So... you're not from around here, huh?

                         California. I just moved here at the
                         beginning of the summer.

                         I'll bet California's nice.      I've never
                         been west of the mountains.

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                         You'd love the ocean. And the sunsets
                         are incredible. You can almost hear the
                         sizzle as the sun drops into the ocean...
                             (daydreaming a bit)
                         Of course, we all know it doesn't drop
                         into the ocean.

                        I'm surprised you're not a guard, coming
                        from the ocean and all.

                        Let's just say I missed my chance, and
                        Alex saved me from a death worse than
                        fate. I was very nearly a trash rat.

                         Oh. Good save.

               ALEX has distracted AMY all he could and they return from the

                         Well. That was exciting. Maybe next
                         time you can show me how to scrub the
                         grill. Come on, Katie.

               They leave.

                            (to ROBBIE, interested)
              'd you do?

                         Mmmm. I told her how beautiful the
                         California sunsets are.

                         Good job. You work fast. Hey it's time
                         for our break. Bring your swimsuit?

                         Yeah.   The Wave?

                         The Wave.    I love that water.

               ROBBIE looks confused.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         Can't swim. It's only three inches deep.

                             (grabbing his suit and a towel)
                         Ah ha! Let's go.

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     31        EXT -MOMENTS LATER - THE WAVE AREA                             31

               ROBBIE and ALEX have their swimsuits on, and are in line to
               get on THE WAVE. ALEX is coaching ROBBIE.

                         Now, just take it easy, and don't expect
                         too much at first. When you wipe out,
                         your ride is done.

               ALEX is up now, and he grabs the board and jumps in. He is
               pretty good, but not nearly as good as the WAVE BUMS. He
               does a few tricks and wipes out. He gets up and walks up to
               the line to watch ROBBIE.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         Just ease into it.

               ROBBIE takes the board and looks around. He jumps full force
               onto the wave. It takes him just a moment to get the feel of
               the board, and then he is all over it, making the WAVE BUMS
               look like rookies. Spins, rolls, everything that can be done
               he does. Finally, the guard blows a whistle indicating that
               his time is up.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                             (meeting him at the exit)
                         Gees. Where did you learn to do that?

                         I'm from Oceanside, California.    I was
                         born on a surfboard.

               They start walking back.

               They stop for a moment to look at Thunder Bay. Just then a
               wave spews out, and kids on tubes are screaming as they
               always do.

                         Think you could ride that?

                             (looking right into ALEX's
                         In my sleep.

               ALEX just smiles.

     32        INT - LATER THAT DAY - AOKEE'S SURF & SNACK SHACK              32

               AOKEE is cleaning up behind the counter.    ALEX is grinning
               like the cat that ate the canary.

                         What you so happy about?


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                            (shaking his head)
                        You're not gonna believe it...

                        Listen. Some guy came in today and try
                        to buy a sandwich and pay with a phone
                        card. Today I believe anything.

                         I took Robbie to The Wave today.

                             (looking around)
                         What? He drown?

                        No. It turns out that he's from
                        Oceanside. California. You know, where
                        they always hold those surf competitions?

                         Yeah.   So?

                        It turns out that he placed second in the
                        state high school finals for the
                        shortboard competition. As a Sophomore.

                            (laughing in disbelief,
                             dismissive, then serious)
                        Robbie barely walk without help.

                         I saw it myself.      You wouldn't believe

               We hear a loud CRASH from the kitchen.      AOKEE winces and
               gestures toward the kitchen.

                         I don' believe it.      Our Robbie?

                         Our Robbie.

                        If this true....this could be da year.

                         That's what I was thinking.

                        Well, go get him. We need to make ready.
                        He not just walk in and win this thing.

                         You heard it. He's in the kitchen...

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               ALEX goes into the back. AOKEE sits at a table. Robbie
               comes out of the kitchen wearing a dishwasher apron.

                        Robbie, sit down. Alex, make up a
                        Volcano. This boy in training.

                            (sitting down, worried)
                        What did I spill now?

               WE HEAR the whine of a blender as ALEX is working on the
               Volcano Smoothie.

                        Robbie, Alex tell me you are some kind of
                        surfer. This true?

                        I dunno. Yeah, surfing is usually how I
                        spend my summers.

                         You know about Employee Olympics?

                         Yeah.   Some kind of trophy.

                         Surfer King trophy. Very big.     Very
                             (looking down)
                         Concessions never win.

               ALEX arrives with the Volcano Smoothie. He turns a chair
               around and sits. They will gang up on him.

                         I dunno...seems kind of silly to me.

                        It's a big deal. Every girl     wants to date
                        you. Every guy wants to BE      you.
                        Special privileges...we all     wear standard
                        uniforms.   The Surfer King     gets to be
                        creative. You ever see the      cowboy hat
                        Cowboy wears?

                        It shouldn't be that good
                        could this Cowboy be?

                        He very good. His family go to Hawaii
                        every year, two, three weeks. Good
                        surfer. If you do this, you need to see


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                         He's a myth.

                        Oh, no. Pipeman very real. Works here
                        in park. Low profile. You must find him
                        and convince him to teach you the secrets
                        of the Thunder Bay wave. This not the
                        ocean, surf boy.

                         Pipeman. The Banzai Pipeline. I get it.
                         Some kind of legendary surf champ. Where
                         do we find him?

                        I only see him once, maybe twice. Stay
                        behind scenes. But here he is and find
                        him you must.
                            (to ROBBIE)
                        So. You do this?

               Robbie looks at them, thinking for a moment.

                                                                        CUT TO:

     33        INT -MOMENTS LATER - AOKEE'S SURF & SNACK SHACK                33

               WE SEE quarters going ding ding ding into the pay phone on
               AOKEE'S wall. The shot widens to reveal AOKEE is dumping
               quarters and ROBBIE is holding the phone. He puts it up to
               his ear.

                            (into phone)
                        Hello, Grandma? No, I'm fine. Listen,
                        Grandma...I need you to send me a few of
                        my things...

               AOKEE and ALEX are huddled around smiling.

     34        INT - DAY - BIG MIKE'S OFFICE                                  34

               BIG MIKE is standing, walking around as he speaks, TIFFANY is
               sitting. Clearly she is being scolded.

                                  BIG MIKE
                        ....why you wouldn't believe the things
                        I've heard. Just stupid things. Cutting
                        in line. Demanding special treatment.
                        Oh, and how about this one:
                            (mimicking her)
                        Princesses don't carry trash.
                            (back to his voice)
                        I've often thought it was a mistake to
                        have you work here. Maybe I was right.

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                             (trying to dance out of it)
                        Oh, daddy. You know how jealous people

                                  BIG MIKE
                        I'd almost believe that. But I was behind
                        the First Aid station when you said the
                        "princess" line. This park exists
                        because the kids here work hard. They
                        need to be treated fairly. They need to
                        see you are just another lifeguard.

                         But I'm not just another lifeguard.

                                  BIG MIKE
                            (mad again)
                        You won't even be that if this continues.
                        If you want to keep coming here every day
                        and driving that little convertible of
                        yours, I need to see real, concrete
                        changes in your attitude.

                         All right.     What do you expect me to do?

                                  BIG MIKE
                        For one thing, start mingling with "the
                        commoners". You'd be amazed at how nice
                        some of the people who work here are.
                        Make some friends outside that little
                        group of yours. It's the work of the
                        average teenager here that puts food on
                        our table. Show some gratitude.

                             (thinking a moment)
                         Fine. I'll work it.

                                   BIG MIKE
                             (softening, but firm)
                         Good. Work on it. Please?

                             (nodding, but we don't believe
                         Oh, Daddy. Don't worry about a thing.

     35        EXT MORNING - THE NEXT DAY - TIME SHACK                        35

               ROBBIE and ALEX hook up and grab their time cards. There is
               a banner hanging that says, "Employee Luau Tonight", and
               SKEETER and SNITCH have taken a 5 gallon bucket and are using
               it as a stepladder to attach something.

               SKEETER is on the bucket with a stapler in his hand. SNITCH
               hands up the hand-lettered magic marker addition, which

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               SKEETER staples on to the bottom of the banner while SNITCH
               keeps a lookout.

               The addition says, "COME GET LEI'D".     They scamper off,

                             (looking up at the sign)
                         This will be good. Aokee throws a great

                         I don't how much fun it will be.     With
                         Aokee hosting, we'll be working.

                         There'll still be time for fun. Most of
                         the work is setting up. Besides, we get
                         paid, too. When was the last time you
                         got paid to party?

               With that, ALEX punches in, as if to punctuate the line.

     36        EXT - NIGHT -   OUTSIDE AOKEE'S SURF & SNACK SHACK             36

               It is dark, but the place is lit up by little lights
               everywhere, Christmas lights in the fake palm trees, TIKI
               lights around AOKEE's, and lights lighting a stage where a
               band is playing, what else, surf music.

               Buffet tables line the area, and there is SMOOTHIE BAR set
               up. BIG MIKE himself is behind the bar making smoothies,
               while RICHARD is playing bass in the band. AOKEE is running
               around making sure all the buffet items are full. Everyone
               is wearing Leis, but the cheap plastic ones, except AOKEE and
               his staff, who have real ones flown in from Hawaii.

                             (pouring out four smoothies to
                              ROBBIE and ALEX)
                         OK. You work hard, and we fine now.
                         Your time to party. Here they are.
                         Special Love Smoothies. Be careful!

                             (to ROBBIE)
                         These never fail.

               ALEX picks up two Leis from a box behind the counter. He and
               Robbie walk over to AMY and KATIE who are standing over near
               the buffet.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                             (to ROBBIE, but if front of AMY
                              and Katie)
                         Now this will never do.

                         I'm afraid you're right.     Something must

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                         be done.

               ALEX and ROBBIE set the smoothies on a nearby table. They
               remove the cheap plastic Leis the girls are wearing. Then
               they put on the real ones they carried over. ALEX steps back
               to admire his work.

                         Oh, yes,    yes....

                         Perfect.    A work of art.

               The girls look at each other and smile. ALEX and ROBBIE grab
               the smoothies and hand two to the girls. AMY sips hers right

                         I don't remember anything like this on
                         Aokee's menu.


                         ..special smoothies. Fortunately, you
                         know people on the inside.

               Onstage, the band had finished a tune before the dialog began
               above. Now JAFFA steps up to the mike.

                         We'd like thank Aokee and his crew for
                         hosting this evening's Luau.

               Everyone applauds, AOKEE waves. Alex raises a hand and waves
               off the accolade. ROBBIE nods and smiles as the AMY and
               KATIE clap as well.

                                   JAFFA (CONT'D)
                         We'd also like to bring Aokee up to sing
                         one of his Hawaiian specialties.

               Again, everyone claps and cheers him on.    AOKEE goes on

                         You girls want to dance?

                             (grabbing ROBBIE's hand and
                              leading out to the dance

               AMY shrugs yes and goes out with ALEX.


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                        Mahalo and Aloha. This song is sung on
                        my island for all young people in
                        love...or about to be. Is called E
                        O'Mai, or, You Are Mine.

               AOKEE begins singing the Hawaiian love song, "E O'Mai".      Many
               couples are dancing; it is a slow song.

               ALEX, of course, is a goof. He dances slow, but every once
               in a while executes a deep dip, much to AMY's terror.

               EDDIE is off to the edge of the dance floor, watching,
               longingly, and kind of swaying to the music. A couple of
               girls walk by and he does a magic trick for them.

               He holds both hands up, palms open to show he has nothing in
               his hands. He also gestures that he has no sleeves (he is
               wearing a tuxedo t-shirt). He reaches behind his back and
               pulls out a trick bouquet of flowers, but they don't quite
               open right, and are still unfolding as he holds them.

               EDDIE smiles weakly, he knows that isn't quite how it was
               supposed to go. The girls appear encouraging, but as they
               leave look at each other and giggle.

               We pick up ROBBIE and KATIE dancing.

                         So. How are things working out at

                         Oh, he's great. Alex too. I thought
                         this summer was going to be a train
                         wreck, but it's not turning out too bad.

                         Well, of course this isn't California...

                        No, but it looks like I will get a chance
                        to do some surfing anyway.


                         Apparently there's some kind of surfing
                         contest and Aokee is all over me to

                         You mean the Surfer King?

                         You've heard of it?

                        It's all the other girls seem to talk
                        about. This is my first year, but

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                         apparently it's a pretty big deal. Being
                         from Oceanside, you should have a good

                         We'll see. It seems kind of stupid to
                         me. A surfing contest in Colorado.

                        My friends back home would never believe

               They continue to dance. WE SEE BIG MIKE talking to TIFFANY
               and gesturing broadly. TIFFANY is clearly not agreeing with
               what he is saying. COWBOY is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly she
               throws up her hands and marches over to the dance floor where
               EDDIE is standing alone, swaying a bit to the music.

               She whispers something in his ear, and EDDIE'S eyes get real
               big as she leads him by the hand to the middle of the dance
               floor. She wraps her arms around EDDIE and they dance, all
               the while glaring at her father.

               EDDIE knows a good thing when he sees it, and quickly settles
               in, Big Man on Campus. TIFFANY is taller than he is, so he
               happily puts his head on HER shoulder.

               BIG MIKE looks back at them, not happy with the way it
               happened, but satisfied.

               DOUG FITZGERALD (twenty bucks DOUG) is dancing with a girl
               when ALEX, doing some kind of fancy spin to AMY, bumps into

                             (to ALEX)
                         Alex. Got my twenty bucks?

                        Oh, Dougie. You know, I left my wallet
                        over in my locker. I'll see you before
                        we leave and get it to you then.

                         Yeah, sure.

                         You know, you could always come by
                         Aokee's and I could give it to you in

                         Cash money, Alex.   Cash money.

                         No problem.

               ALEX grabs AMY and swings her into another fancy move that
               leads them away from DOUG.

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               The song ends, and everybody claps.     AOKEE bows.

                            (to KATIE)
                        Hey, listen. Alex told me about this
                        great spot on the other side of Thunder
                        Bay that looks down on the party, but
                        it's a little more quiet. Want to go for
                        a walk?


               They pick up their smoothies and walk off into the night.


               ROBBIE is walking on the seawall that separates the bay from
               the sunning area, tightrope style. KATIE walks next to him.

                         So...what made your folks pick up from
                         beautiful southern California and move to

                         Not both my folks.   Just my Mom.

                         Aha...trouble in paradise?

                         Let's just say my father had an eye for
                         his administrative assistant, and now
                         they're both somewhere in Mexico. Mom
                         got a job here, some of her family's
                         here, so they said "Colorady is the place
                         you outta be".

                         It could be worse.

                         Well, I must admit, I've met some very
                         nice people.
                             (looking down and smiling)
                         In California, the attitude's a little
                         different. Here, not everyone is out to
                         prove something. Seem's like everyone
                         just wants to have fun.

                        I have a theory. Sometimes it snows here
                        so hard, that it's a challenge just to
                        get to work or to school. Everything
                        shuts down for a day or so. If your car
                        gets stuck, people appear from nowhere to
                        help pull you out and get you back on the
                        road. Most people here don't just look
                        out for themselves. A lot of times,

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                         they're looking out for you, too.

     38        EXT. MOMENTS LATER - NIGHT - CUSTOMER SERVICE KIOSK             38

               ALEX and AMY are inside the KIOSK.    ALEX is showing her how
               everything works.

                         All these switches feed sound throughout
                         the park. Which reminds me.

               He pulls out a CD and pops it into the CD Player and presses
               PLAY. He sees a flyswatter and begins waving it around like
               a sword.

                                   ALEX (CONT'D)
                         And this is for bad little girls who
                         don't know how to have fun.

               He begins swishing it around, AMY is giggling.

                                    ALEX (CONT'D)
                         Oops.   There....almost got you.

               AMY is dodging and laughing. ALEX closes in and seems like
               he will kiss her, but just starts gumming her neck, tickling
               her. AMY leans back laughing and WE SEE her back hits the
               volume knob on the amplifier.

     39        EXT. NIGHT - MOMENTS LATER GRAND PAVILION                       39

               They have reached   the area to the west of Thunder Bay. It is
               simply a concrete   pad that overlooks the party below. We
               hear "Paradise is   in Your Eyes" by Michael Peace, which
               begins with a lot   of jungle sound effects.

                             (looking down at the party)
                         You were right. This is nice.
                             (reacting to the jungle noises)
                         But not necessarily quieter.

                         Just a sec.

               He walks away slightly and gets on the radio.

                                   ROBBIE (CONT'D)
                         Hey, Alex. Give us break down here.
                         Turn down the sound effects.

     40        EXT. NIGHT - CUSTOMER SERVICE KIOSK                             40

               ALEX and AMY are kissing; she is up on the counter of the

                             (interrupting, but to AMY)
                         Uh oh. Sorry. Hold that thought.

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               He grabs the radio.

                                    ALEX (CONT'D)
                             (into the radio)
                         I'm on it.

               He turns down the volume back to normal. He also flips a
               switch. They hear the tune now, and AMY jumps off the
               counter, stands there and smiles. ALEX does an over-the-top
               mambo moving to her and they start to slow dance.

     41        EXT. NIGHT - GRAND PAVILION                                    41

               ROBBIE has set down the radio, and is walking back to KATIE
               now, who is swaying to the music. He doesn't get too close
               to her, and actually stands off to her left.

               Since she has the room and is momentarily inspired, she
               begins a few dance moves, ballet, and then ballroom style.

               ROBBIE has seen this sort of thing before, and instinctively,
               almost without thinking steps in and becomes her dance
               partner. They proceed in a beautiful dance that almost seems
               rehearsed. Finally it occurs to them both.

                         So where did you learn to dance like

                         Eight years at Miss Vickie's Studio of
                         Dance. What surprises me is you.

                             (somewhat embarrassed, keeps
                         Can you keep my deepest, darkest secret?

                         Of course.

                        When you grow up within spitting distance
                        of Hollywood, every mother seems to think
                        her child is the next Harrison Ford. So
                        when I was about 12, my Mom started
                        taking me to all these auditions for

                        So are you the next Harrison Ford?

                         Some days I'm not even the next Robbie

               They continue to dance.    After a few moments...

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               They stop and walk over to the railing overlooking the party.

                        Turns out I get this part. They're
                        selling some dish soap or something, and
                        they think it will be magical to have
                        two twelve year old kids dancing ballroom
                        on this fantasy set with clouds and
                        everything. They lock this girl and I
                        into a dance studio with a choreographer
                        for two weeks, and then they shoot the

                         Doesn't sound so terrible.     You certainly
                         learned how to dance.

                         Yeah, but when it came out everyone in
                         school saw it. I couldn't go anywhere
                         for six months without everyone in the
                         room laughing their heads off.

                             (touched, drawing closer)
                         I'm not laughing.

               They kiss, then return to dancing.

               SHACK - SURF MUSIC BED

               WE SEE ALEX and ROBBIE discussing something; forming a plan.
               They are going to look for Pipeman. ALEX gestures in one
               direction, and ROBBIE takes off. ALEX goes in another.

     43        EXT. MORNING - MOMENTS LATER - DAY     FIRST AID SHACK NEAR         43
               FUNHOUSE - SURF MUSIC BED

               ALEX walks up to the Guard, appears to ask a question.        The
               guard shakes his head "no".

               ALEX walks off.

     44        EXT. MORNING - MOMENTS LATER - GIFT SHOP - SURF MUSIC BED           44

               ROBBIE is talking to a cashier in the store.     She shakes her
               head 'no'. Robbie walks out hurriedly.

               MUSIC BED

               ALEX is talking to Jaffa. JAFFA gestures wildly, as if
               telling some big mythical story, but at the end throws up his
               hands as if to say, "I don't know".

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               SURF MUSIC BED

               We are in pitch darkness. We hear the sound of heavy
               scraping metal. Lights shine and we are looking up through a
               manhole cover being removed. ROBBIE bends over the hole and
               hollers "PIPEMAN" and peers in. He shakes his head
               negatively and moves on.


               We are at the back door to Big Mike's. ALEX knocks, and the
               same kid as before, DAVE, pops his head out. ALEX appears to
               ask a question, DAVE goes back in as ALEX waits. DAVE comes
               out again and gestures, "no one knows". ALEX starts to leave,
               but turns back and asks something else. DAVE disappears and
               comes back with a burger. ALEX shrugs, and walks away
               unwrapping and eating the burger.

     48        EXT. MORNING - MOMENTS LATER - BACK OF SOME BUILDING           48

               ROBBIE sees a door marked, "EMPLOYEES ONLY". He looks down
               at his employee ID and shrugs and goes in. As he enters we
               see he is pushed out by some unknown force. Out the open
               door comes "Wally" the Water World mascot, who walks off.
               Robbie has been knocked to the ground and looks up, shaking
               his head. He gets up and walks off.

               MUSIC BED

               Now it is ALEX who has separately come upon the same door,
               not knowing ROBBIE has already been there. He enters, and
               the door remains open. We hear girls screaming and he exits
               quickly, followed by a volley of thrown girl's underwear,
               swimsuits and towels.

               MUSIC BED

               This room is creepy. It is full of loud pumps and large
               pipes. ROBBIE is making his way through a labyrinth of
               piping and gauges and the like. He peers and sees a head
               with a red scarf, but it moves out of view.  Surf music

               There is a constant whine of the pumps. ROBBIE moves further
               in and finally comes across a man holding a large pipewrench,
               with his back to him. He is working to tame a small leak.


               No reaction.

                                   ROBBIE (CONT'D)
                             (loudly this time)

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               This startles and kind of angers PIPEMAN.

                        Hey.   You're not supposed to be in here.

                         Yeah, sorry. Are you Pipeman?

                             (recovering from the startle)
                         Not on purpose.
                         I guess some people call me Pipeman.
                         'Spose it's better than Carl.

                         So you're real name's Carl?

                        No. I just said Pipeman was a better
                        name than Carl.

                        Oh. Well, my name's Robbie.      I work at

                         Oh. OK.   What the hell you doin' down

                         I need your help.

                         That scrubsink at Aokee's leakin' again?
                         Gees, I knew we shoudda replaced...

                        It's not the scrub sink. I need your
                        help. I'm competing in the Employee
                        Olympics. With your advanced surfing
                        experience, Aokee thought you might be
                        able to help me.

                             (to himself)
                         Everybody wants to be the Surfer King.
                             (to ROBBIE)
                         What advanced surfing experience?

                         Well, you know. "Pipeman"? Hawaii's
                         North Shore? Surfing the pipeline?

                        Ohhh. Bad news, kid. I hate to
                        disappoint you, but this is the reason
                        they call me Pipeman. I'm the plumber
                        around here.

               PIPEMAN holds up the large wrench.

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                        Oh, boy. See, I'm from California, and
                        I can surf, I just don't know what to
                        expect from the wave on Thunder Bay.
                        I...I was just hoping you could help, I
                        really am sorry for bothering you.

               ROBBIE begins walking out, dejected.    PIPEMAN looks at him,
               and feels sorry for him.

                        Wait a minute, kid. I do know a little
                        about surfing. I also know a lot about
                        the wave here. What exactly are you
                        looking for from me?

                             (perking up)
                        I need a mentor; you know like in Karate

                        Karate Kid. He works at Big Mike's
                        doesn't he?

                         No, no it's a movie.

                        Never seen it. Don't know much about
                        this mentor thing. How's it work?

                        Generally, you, as mentor, draw on some
                        personal religious philosophy to first
                        intimidate, and then later inspire me.
                        What religion are you?

                         I'm Norman.

                         Ah, Brigham Young and all that.

                        No, no NNNNORM-AN. We follow the big fat
                        guy on Cheers reruns.

                        Okay...and your belief structure....

                        Usually involves a lot of beer and corn
                        nuts, but I don't think that's gonna work
                        Tell you what.
                        Meet me at Thunder Bay tomorrow morning,

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                        eight a.m., bring your board and we'll
                        work something out.

                        Great, perfect. Thanks. I won't let you
                            (walking away, muttering to
                        What the heck is a corn-nut?

     51        EXT. MORNING - THE NEXT DAY - THUNDER BAY                      51

               WE SEE Thunder Bay looking east. AOKEE and ALEX are setting
               up lawn chairs. AOKEE is lathering on suntan lotion, and
               puts on a large straw hat. ALEX puts sun block cream on his
               nose, and they both sit on the lawn chairs. They both have
               large smoothies.

               ROBBIE appears with his surfboard, and lays it up against the
               east fence at Thunder Bay. PIPEMAN arrives carrying a small
               device in a plastic ziplock bag.

               ROBBIE approaches PIPEMAN.

                         Hi!  Glad you could make it.
                             (pointing to PIPEMAN's hand)
                         What's that?

                         This is how I trigger the wave.

                         With that?     A garage door clicker?

                        What did you think? Waves just happen?
                        This is Colorado, kid. Now get your
                        board and get in the water.

               Robbie gets his board and jumps into Thunder Bay, paddling
               over to the narrow side where the wave begins.

               PIPEMAN goes down the stairs leading to near where ROBBIE has
               positioned himself.

                                   PIPEMAN (CONT'D)
                         You sure that's where you want to be?

                         Should be about right. Aren't you
                         getting in? Where's your board?

                         Mentors don't get wet. I looked it up.
                             (pressing the clicker)
                         Get ready.

               A wave comes and ROBBIE begins paddling.     He misses it,

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               splashes the water angrily and turns back to paddle to
               position again. AOKEE and ALEX look at each other nervously.

                                   PIPEMAN (CONT'D)
                         Want to know what you did wrong?

                        Just gimme another wave.

                         Oakey doakey.

               Another wave comes. ROBBIE paddles furiously and misses it
               again. Now he's really angry.

                        Okay. Please. Tell me what I did wrong.

                         You're in the wrong position. The wave
                         doesn't crest that soon. Move ten feet
                         further away from the back wall.

                             (to himself)
                         The ocean never had a back wall.
                             (to Pipeman)
                         Thank you.

               ROBBIE paddles over to the spot suggested by PIPEMAN. AOKEE
               and ALEX are now sitting on the edge of the lawn chairs
               anxiously awaiting the next wave. It comes and ROBBIE
               catches it easily and begins riding it aggressively. He has
               a good run and kicks out at the end.

               AOKEE and ALEX high-five.

                                   ALEX AND AOKEE

               They settle back into their chairs to absorb some sun.

     52        INT. DAY AOKEE'S SURF AND SNACK SHACK - DAY                    52

               AOKEE is behind the counter finishing up making a smoothie.
               RICHARD, head lifeguard is on the other side; he will get the

                         So. I hear he's pretty good.     Haven't
                         seen him myself yet.

                             (concerned, covering)
                         Good? Good at what? Who you mean?

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                        Come on. Your ringer from California.
                        Everyone says he's gonna give Cowboy a
                        run for his money.

                         Robbie?    Robbie barely walk without help.

               We hear a loud CRASH from the kitchen.



               AOKEE gestures back towards the kitchen.

                                   AOKEE (CONT'D)
                         Your Surfer King. We just make a good
                         show. Your boy have nothing to worry

                         You know I'd feel a lot better if you
                         hadn't taken most of my money in that
                         poker game last Friday night.

                         Poker? Not an island game.     I no good.

                        Right. Tell you what. Sight unseen even
                        money, twenty dollars on Cowboy.

                         You want to bet with me? Take my twenty
                         dollars, just like that? Humph. Not
                         worth the trouble, twenty dollars. Now,
                         maybe a hundred...

                         A hundred bucks...

               ANOTHER CRASH from the kitchen, this time pots & pans.

                             (to kitchen)

                         OK, a hundred bucks.

               They slap hands to seal the deal.    RICHARD leaves, grinning
               and shaking his head.

                               (to kitchen)

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                         Robbie?   That you?   Come out here.

                            (entering from kitchen)
                        Sorry, dude, that tray was way off

                        Robbie, our secret getting out.     You
                        practice too good.

                         I'm really getting the hang of that wave.

                         Fall more.     Make good show.

                        I'll try to remember to look and see
                        who's watching.

                             (pours the rest of RICHARD's
                         Good. Here, have a smoothie. You too
                         skinny to surf good.

               ROBBIE smiles and takes the smoothie back to the kitchen.

     53        EXT EARLY MORNING. - THUNDER BAY                               53

               ROBBIE and PIPEMAN are in the middle of a practice session.
               PIPEMAN is at the side, ROBBIE is in the water on his board.

                         OK, now this time, get up on the board
                         more quickly. This is a wave pool and
                         this wave dissipates quickly. You only
                         have a little time to show your stuff.

                         How will the judging work?

                        You get a possible ten points. Three for
                        your surfing, three for your style and
                        four for the judge's overall impression
                        of your ride. No one's ever gotten a
                        ten...I'm not really sure why.

                         You've seen the competition.     What does
                         everybody do?

                         Everybody just surfs, man and tries not
                         to fall. The big reason Cowboy's done so

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                         well is he goes to Hawaii for a couple
                         weeks every year. But there he's mostly
                         a longboarder. Your job is to figure out
                         how to make the most outta this little

                         OK.   I'm ready.

               The wave comes and ROBBIE catches it and surfs it hard,
               kicking up high at the end.


               WE SEE COWBOY and TIFFANY standing overlooking Thunder Bay.
               COWBOY has binoculars and is looking through them.

                         He's pretty good, I'll give him that.

                         How good?

                        If I have an off day, he could win.

                             (really concerned)
                         That's terrible. You're the Surfer King.

                         Well, some days you get the wave, and
                         some days the wave gets you.

                         This can't happen.   What are we gonna do?

                         I don't know what you're going to do, but
                         as me for me, I'm gonna schedule some
                         practice time of my own.

                         This may take a lot more than extra

                         Well, I don't know what else you expect.
                         I'll go out and do my best. If that's
                         not enough, it's not enough.

               TIFFANY grabs the binoculars and stares down at Thunder Bay.
               WE SEE gears turning in her head.

     55        EXT. MORNING - THE NEXT DAY - CUSTOMER SERVICE KIOSK           55

               ROBBIE and Alex are walking by.   JAFFA sees them.


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                         Hey, surfer boy! I got fifty bucks at
                         three to one! Don't let me down, mon.

                            (to JAFFA)
                        Hey Jaffa. NO worries.
                            (to ALEX, shocked)
                        People are betting on me?

                        Just a little friendly pool. No big
                        deal. Helps make this more interesting.
                        Concessions never had a chance before...

                         I've seen this Cowboy practice. His
                         style is more longboard, and this is a
                         shortboard wave, but he's still pretty
                         good. I could lose you know.

               Two concessions girls are walking by them.

                                    CONCESSIONS GIRLS
                         Hi Robbie!

                         How ya doin'
                              (to Alex after they have gone
                         See. How come everyone knows me by sight

                        Ah, you're the next big thing. You'll
                        survive it. The Employee Olympics are
                        only a week away. What happens is we
                        have this big opening ceremony where each
                        team chooses a theme and we're judged on
                        our spirit. Then different teams compete
                        in contests that test their Water World
                        skills. The next morning it all ends
                        with the surf contest. You ready?

               Another group of concession girls calls ROBBIE from one of
               the snack bars. He waves.

                         I suppose. I've been working out a
                         strategy to use if Cowboy has a real good
                         day. It's risky...

               Just then they both nearly run headlong into TIFFANY.

                         Well, hello Robbie.

                         You know me?

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                         Of course I know you. It's my father's
                         park, I try get to know everyone.

                             (interrupting, eager)
                         I'm Alex!

                        Yes, I'm sure you are.
                            (ignoring ALEX, back to Robbie)
                        It's been a while since I've been to
                        Aokee's. Do you suppose if I come down
                        in a little while you could make some of
                        that special chicken, what is it?

                         The best teriyaki east of the Pacific.

                        Yes...and one those smoothies I hear so
                        much about?

                         Well, sure. I'll be working all

                        It's a date then.    See you later!

               She walks off. ROBBIE just stands there. ALEX starts
               walking, then comes back. Finally ALEX pushes him on the

                         Come on, we gotta get back.

                             (still shocked)
                         Yes. Yes we do.

     56        INT. DAY AOKEE'S SURF AND SNACK SHACK                          56

               AOKEE is wiping the counter alone.    HE turns toward the

                         Alex! We need more large smoothie cups
                         out here!

               AOKEE continues cleaning up. ALEX shows up with a load of
               cups, AOKEE takes them and starts placing then.

                                  AOKEE (CONT'D)
                            (to ALEX)
                        Look at that.

               WE SEE in a far corner of AOKEE's TIFFANY and ROBBIE in an

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               animated, engaging conversation.

                                   AOKEE (CONT'D)
                         Second time this week. Our boy Big Man
                         on Campus, huh?

                         Big something. I hope he knows how to
                         work without a net.

                         Well. We all grow up sometime. He not
                         drop a tray of dishes in days. Something
                         going right.   You think he ready?

                         I guess we'll both find out on Sunday.     I
                         sure hope so.

               WE SEE TIFFANY and ROBBIE again, and TIFFANY is laughing
               loudly at some joke ROBBIE has made.

     57        EXT NEAR SUNSET - TIME SHACK                                   57

               ROBBIE, ALEX, AMY and KATIE are clocking out for the day.
               ROBBIE clocks out first. TIFFANY drives up in her

                             (waving him over)

               ROBBIE goes over to talk to her.    WE SEE him go around to the
               passenger side.

                         Alex! I won't need a ride tonight after
                         all. Tiff's taking me home!

               ROBBIE jumps in and they drive away. ALEX, AMY and KATIE are
               still standing on the porch of the TIME SHACK, shocked at
               what they've seen.


                             (grossed out)

                             (forlorn, stunned)

               WE SEE ROBBIE and TIFFANY drive out the gate.     We see KATIE
               walk slowly out of the park alone.

               As she is walking, we flash back to scenes of KATIE and

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               ROBBIE together, dancing and laughing. This time the dance
               moves to the song of Allison Krause's "New Favorite".

               We take a final look at KATIE with the setting sun at her
               back and see she is crying.

     58        EXT. EARLY MORNING. - SURF'S UP WAVE POOL EAST SIDE            58

               We see the rising sun behind AOKEE's head as he raises a
               conch shell and blows it like a horn. He is dressed like a
               Hawaiian prince.

               As the shot widens it reveals six males and two females
               dressed in Hawaiian native garb. ROBBIE And ALEX are among
               several drummers with bamboos sticks in their hands that
               provide percussion for the Hawaiian war dance.

                          Aie, noka moka kei kai ke alo.

               The drums begin and the male dancers, carrying spears begin
               the Hawaiian war dance. The drummers sing the Hawaiian folk
               tune "No ka moku Kiakahi Ke Aloha".

               There are about 100 concessions kids in regular uniform
               sitting cross-legged behind them, clapping the beat in

               The MALE DANCERS circle each other in time to the beat,
               gesturing a story the seems to involve some invading army.
               The war dance progresses until the invading warriors are
               defeated and the folk song ends. At the end, the kids
               sitting behind raise their hand and shout.

                                    CONCESSIONS GIRLS AND BOYS
                          Concessions! Concessions! Concessions!

               Looking to the south side of the pool, we see about 50
               grounds kids sitting in rows. In our foreground there are
               six large trash cans, with toilet plungers arranged next to
               them, 2 each.

               To our left are a line of six grounds kids in army fatigues
               carrying brooms as if rifles. The lead kid shouts:

                                     LEAD MARCHER
                          Company!   Forward, march.

               THE DRILL team marches into full view. The grounds kids
               behind clap the march beat. The marchers stop in front of
               the line of trash cans.

                                     LEAD MARCHER (CONT'D)
                          Company!   Halt!

               They do.

                                    LEAD MARCHER (CONT'D)
                          Present Arms!

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               The brooms come off their shoulders and are held forward.

                                         LEAD MARCHER (CONT'D)

                            Yes sir.

                                      LEAD MARCHER
                            Order arms.

               They begin a routine practiced with brooms, in a cadence,
               clapped by the grounds kids behind them.

                                   LEAD MARCHER (CONT'D)
                         What do you do if it's wet and not yours?

                                (in cadence)
                            Don't touch it! Don't touch it!

                                      LEAD MARCHER
                            How do you deal with a full can of trash?

                            We empty!     We empty!

                                         LEAD MARCHER
                            Sound off!

                            Trash Rats!

                                         LEAD MARCHER

                            Trash Rats!

                                      LEAD MARCHER
                            Sound off, Trash Rats.

                            Trash rats! Trash Rats!

               They stop.     Their brooms are raised over their heads.

                                         LEAD MARCHER
                            Company!     Brooms Ho!

               They allow their brooms to fall to their right side and march
               to the trash cans. They pull out bright blue ski masks, a la
               BLUE MAN GROUP, and pick up the toilet plungers. The lead
               marcher holds his plunger high and shouts.

                                         LEAD MARCHER (CONT'D)
                            Company!     Begin!

               He counts a four beat rhythm and they begin a BLUE MAN/STOMP
               like drum routine with the trash cans.

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               Two grounds kids in regular grounds uniforms approach holding
               steel trash can lids by the handles (with gloves). These
               become drums as well as two of the drummers switch from trash
               can to can lids using the stick side of the toilet plunger as
               the drumstick.

               A competition erupts from the left and right sides of the
               line as they each set a beat and then the other matches.

               Finally, a show of unity as both sides join back into the
               beat for an ending flourish.

               They pick up their brooms and turn their attention to the
               kids behind them. They begin to march in place and the seated
               grounds kids clap for the tempo.

                                   LEAD MARCHER (CONT'D)
                             (to the seated GROUNDS KIDS)
                         What do you do when the table's a mess?

                                   GROUNDS KIDS
                         We wipe it! We wipe it!

                                   LEAD MARCHER
                         What do you do when a toilet's stopped

                                   GROUNDS KIDS
                         We plunge it! We plunge it!

                                      LEAD MARCHER
                         Sound off!

                                   GROUNDS KIDS
                         Trash rats!

                                      LEAD MARCHER
                         Sound off!

                                   GROUNDS KIDS
                         Trash rats!

                                   LEAD MARCHER
                         Sound off trash rats!

                                   GROUNDS KIDS
                         Trash rats! Trash rats!

               They clap and cheer, and settle back down to sit.

               All is quiet now. WE SEE concessions kids sitting, grounds
               kids sitting and we look to the west side of the pool and see
               lifeguards sitting. Everyone is looking around.

               Suddenly two lifeguards dressed as Roman Soldiers appear with
               horns. They bellow a Roman Call to Action, and two Roman
               drummers lead a column of other lifeguards.

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               First we see female guards dressed in togas filing in. Behind
               them are six gladiators with swords and shields, marching.

               They are followed by one female lifeguard with a basket of
               rose petals. She is throwing them into the path of the next
               group to enter.

               Next we see six more guards dressed as slaves carrying
               COWBOY, who is sitting up on a First Aid backboard. HE is
               wearing laurel leaves and a toga, he is obviously Cesar. On
               the backboard is also the surfer king trophy.

               They all approach the area in front of the seated guards, and
               rearrange themselves so that COWBOY has a good view of the
               gladiators. The drummers count a cadence that sets the pace
               for a simulated battle between the gladiators.

               The simulated battle rages until three of the gladiators are
               on their knees before the three victorious gladiators. The
               victorious gladiators hold their swords over the fallen ones,
               and look to COWBOY for a yea or nay.

               COWBOY generously waves and makes a thumbs up signal, and the
               swords are put away. The seated lifeguards all raise their
               fists and shout.

                         Lifeguards! Lifeguards!     Lifeguards!

               The guards holding COWBOY set him down in front of an
               elevated platform that has a microphone..

               COWBOY picks up the surfer king trophy and walks to the
               platform. He sets the trophy on a table next to the
               microphone, arranging it carefully.

               We see now there is a large banner hanging at the back of the
               wave pool that says "WATER WORLD WELCOMES EMPLOYEE

               COWBOY moves to the microphone and raises his arm in a regal
               manner and speaks.

                             (to all)
                         Let the games...begin!

               The seated crowd now stands and cheers loudly. We see a
               group of three people, two male and one female, adults we
               will later identify as JUDGES. They nod approvingly and
               write something down on their clipboards. We see BIG MIKE
               near them, smiling broadly.

     59        EXT. LATER THAT DAY - SURF'S UP WAVE POOL EAST SIDE            59

               We see that the lounge chairs have been removed and the area
               is clear. There are scattered squashed up pieces of white
               paper lying about.

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               We look to the south and see that there are three boy/girl
               teams with one of their legs tied together, like a three
               legged race.

               The rub here is one team member has the dustpan and the other
               team member has the broom. A JUDGE triggers a starter pistol
               and they are off.

               The lifeguard team falls almost immediately, and the grounds
               team takes a early lead over the concessions team, who are
               trying to figure the dustpan/broom operation out. The two
               grounds people work tightly together and quickly advance.

               The lifeguards have gotten back up and are hobbling up to
               their first piece of trash. Concessions has figured out the
               dustpan, but are still well behind the grounds kids.

               Finally, the grounds kids win, with concessions up second,
               and lifeguards trailing in third. The judges note the finish
               on their clipboards.

     60        EXT. LATER THAT DAY - THUNDER BAY                              60

               We see three male participants standing in the shallow end of
               Thunder Bay, One red suit (lifeguard) one blue suit
               (concessions) and one green suit (grounds)

               A JUDGE on the rise to the west of Thunder Bay blows an air
               horn to start the race. They all rush into the bay and begin
               swimming furiously.

               The guard takes the lead quickly, followed not far behind by
               the grounds kid. The concessions kid is working hard and
               splashing a lot but not getting very far.

               As the guard reaches the back wall, he does an underwater
               racing turn and swims back toward the point where they
               started. Right behind him, the smaller grounds kid does the
               same thing.

               As they are returning, they pass the concessions kid, who
               still is splashing a lot but not going fast. After they pass
               him he stops, as he is tired out.

               Momentarily he can't even tread water any more, and a guard
               watching from the sidelines jumps in and pulls him out. The
               swimming guard has beaten the grounds kid, the concessions
               kid never finishes.

     61        EXT LATER THAT DAY - SURF'S UP WAVE POOL SOUTH SIDE            61

               There are three lines set up with several participants. It
               is a relay race, with the baton replaced by a tray full of
               drinks in paper cups, water. The colors indicate again
               concessions, guards and grounds.

               The race is already in full swing, with concessions in the
               lead. The last group of relayers are now getting their
               trays, and concessions is way ahead.

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               Everyone is cheering their team on. The final pass is made
               to SARAH who works for AOKEE's. She takes the tray and moves
               gracefully to the final stop. There is a small table on
               which the drinks must be placed.

               She is clearly going to win when she suddenly stops.

               All concessions kids are shocked and plead her to go on.

               She does a nifty and graceful around the back maneuver with
               the tray, proceeds to the table, and sets down the drinks,
               tipping the tray sideways to show no water has been spilled.

               The JUDGES scribble furiously.

     62        EXT. LATER THAT DAY - AOKEE'S SURF & SNACK SHACK               62

               Three picnic tables are set up in front of AOKEE's. WE dolly
               past each one to see that they are cluttered indentically
               with what appears to be the leftovers from lunch for four.
               Behind each table is a team of two guards, concessions and
               grounds kids.

               A JUDGE blows a whistle and we begin by looking at the
               lifeguard team.

               It is a boy and a girl and the girl is not too keen on this.
               They bring a trash can with them and begin gingerly clearing
               the table, acting as if they are afraid to get their hands

               We dolly left to see the concessions team a little ahead of
               the guard team.

               We dolly further left to reveal a grounds kid in a full rain
               suit with a face shield.

               A tremendous force of water is clearing the table into the
               trash can which the rain-suited grounds kid is holding at
               it's end.

               We dolly further left to see EDDIE in full army fatigues with
               safety goggles on and wearing the biggest super-soaker water
               gun in the history of man.

               The table is quickly cleared, and at the same time washed.
               EDDIE holds up the business end of the Super-Soaker gun and
               blows imaginary smoke from it's barrel, like an old Western

               The JUDGES take notes.

     63        EXT. LATER THAT DAY - SURF'S UP WAVE POOL                      63

               The three different teams are gathered in groups waiting for
               the next challenge. One of each team is in full sweats,
               color coordinated by team.

               ALEX is the one in the sweats for concessions. Slowly the
               sweats people walk into the pool about waist deep and lay

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               The grounds kid is the littlest guy of all.

               A JUDGE blows a whistle and four members of each team run
               into the water and drag their now soaked sweat suited
               teammate out of the water. They lie them down on a clear
               area and begin CPR.

               The guards have a nifty little plastic device that lets them
               blow air into the mouth of their victim, and they roll him
               quickly on his side to clear water and back to begin CPR.
               They are fast and efficient, and clearly expertly trained.

               We move left to see the grounds kids, knowledgeable but
               inexperienced. One girl is using her hands to provide a
               seals over the mouth of her "victim" and another is clumsily
               pumping his chest while the others try to keep a count while
               reading some kind of instruction card..

               We move again to see the concessions kids, who are in
               trouble. ALEX is lying there dying, and they are arguing
               about who has to breathe into his mouth. They form a circle
               over him, pointing and arguing.

               Finally they all just walk off and ALEX is still lying on the
               ground, eyes rolled back and twitching convulsively in a
               hilarious death scene.

               The JUDGES take their notes.


               Once again three teams representing the three competing
               factions. Large stainless steel pots are bubbling on three
               propane cooking stands in front of the concession.

               The teams each have three members in cooking aprons, again,
               color coded. One from each team is stirring the team's chili
               while the others watch the JUDGES anxiously.

               Lines are forming in front of each pot, with people in line
               each carrying a paper chili bowl, but holding back, deferring
               to the JUDGES. The JUDGES are each carrying three styro cups
               in which to receive the chili.

               They each get a portion from the guard team and take a sip.
               They smile politely to the cooks, but turn around and spit
               the chili back into the cup as delicately as possible, almost
               as if throwing up. A concessions kid is there with a tray of
               waters, which they quickly take advantage of.

               They move on to the grounds team. They get their portions
               and taste the chili and nod, not bad.

               They take another sip of water to clear their palate and move
               on to the concessions team. The portions are proudly

               They take a taste, smile and take some more.     They huddle for

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               a moment and then place a blue ribbon on the concessions pot.
               The lines quickly rearrange and merge themselves so that
               everyone is in line for the concessions pot.

     65        EXT LATER THAT DAY - SURF'S UP WAVE POOL EAST SIDE             65

               An obstacle course has been set up, and the event provides a
               background to the dialogue that follows. AOKEE has some
               papers, and is talking to ALEX and ROBBIE.

                            (looking through the papers)
                        This isn't good.
                            (looking at ALEX and ROBBIE)
                        It's the same as every year. Pretty much
                        a dead heat going into the surf
                        championship tomorrow morning.

                         I can't believe those guys screwed up the

                         Hard to blame them. No one told them
                         they had to put their mouth on yours
                         until the last minute. Yuck.

                         Bunch of babies.

                             (to ROBBIE)
                         It's going to be up to you. We slip a
                         little. You have to make up. That
                         trophy need a new home.

               They look over at the obstacle course where a tiny grounds
               kid is jumping up and down and raising his arms ROCKY-style.

                                   AOKEE (CONT'D)
                         You need to make up. You ready? Tomorrow
                         morning last event. You our last hope.

               ROBBIE just looks at both of them nods and sighs heavily as
               the other grounds kids surround our winner in the background.
               AOKEE and ALEX walk off. Suddenly TIFFANY appears.

                         Hi Robbie.

                            (shy but still very much
                         Oh. Hey.

                         How's your team doing?

                        Uh.   OK, I guess.      Kind of a tie.

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                        Well, I think you're going to take care
                        of that tomorrow morning. In fact, I've
                        planned a little celebration in advance.
                        We're going to this incredible party up
                        in the foothills at some friends of mine.

                        Party, huh? That sounds like fun.       I
                        have to work until nine tonight.

                        That's perfect. I'll come back here and
                        pick you up.

               She starts to walk off.

                                   TIFFANY (CONT'D)
                         Oh, and your mom and tell
                         her you're spending the night at Alex's
                         or something. It's going to be a very
                         special night.


               She walks away. ROBBIE stands there a moment before waking
               up and leaving also.

     66        INT. EVENING - AOKEE'S SURF & SNACK SHACK                      66

               It is dark. We see ALEX and AOKEE cleaning up from the day's
               food service. ALEX Is wiping down the smoothie area, AOKEE
               is sweeping on the other side of the counter.

                             (voice somewhat hushed)
                         I'm telling you we need to talk him.
                         Something's going on.

                             (shaking his head no)
                         Robbie know the right thing to do.     He's
                         a good boy.

                        So how about this? He tells me I've got
                        to cover for him if his mother calls. He
                        told her he's spending the night at my

                        He say that?

                         Yes. Tiffany's got something up her
                         sleeve and Robbie's too messed up to

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                        Spending the night at your house.      This
                        very bad. Very bad.

                                  AOKEE (CONT'D)
                        He should be done with the dishes by now.
                        Tell him we want to talk.

               ALEX disappears back into the kitchen. AOKEE goes to an
               empty table under the one light on in the dining area and
               sits down.

               ALEX comes back and ROBBIE follows.

                         Hey. I'm done with the pots and pans.
                         It's almost nine. Can I take off now?

                         Robbie, please, sit.

               ROBBIE sits down.   So does ALEX.   Robbie looks at both and
               gets suspicious.

                         Everything OK?

                         That's what we gonna ask you.    What you
                         plan tonight?

                         Well, Tiffany invited me to a little
                         party up in the mountains.

                         Robbie, you athlete. Big day tomorrow.
                         You need sleep, not party.

                         It's no big deal.   I'll be fine.

                        Is big deal. Robbie. You good boy,
                        smart, everybody like you, but....


                         Face it. Only one reason Tiffany
                         interested in you. She want to make you
                         so tired and so crazy you lose tomorrow.

                         Aw, come on...

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                        Robbie. She's still going out with
                        Cowboy. I saw them together at the
                        movies two nights ago.

                        Maybe she's just letting him down easy.

                        Robbie...things...things are not always
                        what they seem to be.

                        Like what?

                         In this case, she acts like she likes you
                         when really she wants Cowboy to win.

                        Naw. You guys are nuts.      She's not like

                         She is like that.

                        Look, I know what to believe and what not
                        to. I'm not that easily fooled.


                            (shaking his head)
                        Go ahead. Tell him. I trust him.

                        OK. Take Aokee for instance.      Gentle,
                        genial Hawaiian guy, right?

                        Sure. He's great. I love working here.
                        Aokee, you've been real good to me...

                        Then let me introduce you properly.
                        Robbie Zirpollo, meet Manuel Ramirez.

               AOKEE'S head is down in his hands. Robbie looks stunned.

                                  ALEX (CONT'D)
                        Manuel's family snuck across the border
                        ten years ago through Juarez, Mexico.

                             (accent gone)
                         My father refused to work for a drug lord
                         who ran our town. They tried to kill

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                         him.     We barely got out with our lives.


                             (accent now Mexican)
                         A name I picked up reading an obituary in
                         the paper. I sent away to Hawaii and got
                         his birth records and social security
                         number. This way, I never have to worry
                         about immigration. I spent weeks
                         watching tapes of Hawaii Five-O just to
                         get the accent right. "Book 'em Danno".
                         Huh. What's that all about?

                             (to Alex)
                         And you knew?

               ALEX nods yes.

                         I burnt my hand on the grill one day and
                         started swearing in Spanish...

                         And I said, boy, you speak Spanish like a
                         native....uh oh. It's been our little
                         secret. Now it's your secret, too.

                             (looking at his watch)
                         I need to think about all this.

                         You do.

                         Sleep tonight. Sleep well.

                             (gets up, dazed)
                         Right. Goodnight.

               ROBBIE leaves.     ALEX and AOKEE just sit, looking at each

     67        EXT. EARLY MORNING. - THUNDER BAY                              67

               Hundreds of people are gathering on bleachers to watch the
               surfing competition.

               A large highway construction type signboard has been erected
               and says "Grounds   93", "Concessions 93" and "Lifeguards

               It is almost a festival atmosphere.     The JUDGES are standing

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               in a group, conferring, near a table that has the controls
               for the sign. The sign can be viewed easily from the

               WE look over to the front of AOKEE's and see AOKEE and ALEX
               standing outside the restaurant.


                             (to Alex)
                         Have you seen him?

                         Not yet.

               They are looking to the north towards the crowd, but ROBBIE
               appears behind them.

                             (looking in the same direction)
                         What you lookin' at?

                        We looking for you.        How you sleep?

                         I slept fine.
                             (pause as AOKEE and ALEX wait)
                         I decided I'm not my father. I don't run
                         out on the people I care about just
                         because some blond shakes her ta-ta's at

                         We go then.

               ROBBIE picks up his board, and they begin walking toward the
               bleachers. ALEX stops and turns suddenly.

                         She shook her ta-tas? No one said
                         anything about shaking ta-tas.
                         This puts a whole new light on things!

               He is in ROBBIE's way.        ROBBIE pushes him with his board.

                         Get going!

     69        EXT. EARLY MORNING - THUNDER BAY                                  69

               ROBBIE, COWBOY and MELINDA from grounds, who we met earlier
               and was conned into the contest because she said she surfed
               once on vacation, are all standing in front of the JUDGES.

               One JUDGE explains the rules.

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                                   HEAD JUDGE
                             (looking down at clipboard)
                         Alright, here's the deal. You get three
                         tries; three heats. We judge each run
                         and only your high score counts. If you
                         fall you get no score for the run. Your
                         score will be added to the total for your
                         team, and the winner gets the Surfer King
                         Trophy. Any questions?

               They all shake their head no.

                                  HEAD JUDGE (CONT'D)
                        Then let's begin. Grounds is up first.

               MELINDA grabs her board and begins paddling out. The wave
               comes and it's all she can do to stay on her board. She
               struggles and falls at the end. She will clearly not be a
               factor. The big screen shows a 0 in a column after the
               grounds score.

               We look back to the bleachers to polite applause, but the
               COLONEL and the grounds kids are clearly disappointed.

               COWBOY is out there now, the wave comes and he catches it
               easily. He rides the wave gracefully and well, and kicks out
               at the end. The big screen shows an 8 in the lifeguard row.
               The lifeguards and RICHARD are cheering now.

               ROBBIE is next. He catches the wave and rides it more
               aggressively than COWBOY, but nearly falls at the end of his
               run. The big screen shows an 8. The concessions kids and
               AOKEE are very enthusiastic. They can see they have a chance
               with ROBBIE. PIPEMAN is watching from a far corner.

               MELINDA begins her second run. She is a little more
               confident this time, but still seems barely able to stand and
               ride the wave. More polite applause, and the big screen
               shows a 5.

               COWBOY catches his wave, and tries to imitate ROBBIE'S more
               aggressive style, but falls midway through the run. We hear
               a large gasp from the crowd as this happens.

               The crowd applauds politely, and the guards are supportive
               but disappointed. We see the JUDGES confer and the big screen
               shows a 0.

               ROBBIE gets his wave, and surfs it aggressively again, this
               time not nearly falling at all. The JUDGES nod approvingly
               and confer. The big screen shows a 9. The crowd goes wild,
               especially the concessions kids.

               Melinda begins her final run. She does better than the past
               two, but not significantly. The JUDGES confer and the screen
               shows a 5. The ground kids are very disappointed, they know
               they are out of it now. THE COLONEL shakes MELINDA'S hand
               and thanks her for her efforts.

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               COWBOY gets his wave, and has clearly decided to go back to
               his original style; he rides the wave gracefully, but takes
               no chances.

               He kicks out at the end with a wave and a smile. The guards
               applaud, hoping to make it seem better than it was, and the
               JUDGES confer and the screen shows an 8.

               ROBBIE snags his wave and rides it aggressively again, but
               loses his balance momentarily. It costs him; the JUDGES
               confer and the screen shows a 7.

               The concessions kids applaud, and the point totals show
               "Grounds   98", "Concessions 102" and "Lifeguards 102".

               EVERYONE is confused, there has never been a tie before. THE
               JUDGES Are flipping through papers, and BIG MIKE steps up to
               the microphone.

                                  BIG MIKE
                            (clearing his throat,
                        It looks like we have a tie. This has
                        never happened before, but I seem to
                        remember we provided for this possibility
                        in the rules. Hopefully our judges can
                        help us figure out what to do!

               The HEAD JUDGE is reading to the other JUDGES out loud, slaps
               his hand on one of the papers and comes up to the mike.

                                  HEAD JUDGE
                        Reading from the rules, " the event
                        of a tie at the end of three heats in the
                        surf competition, the teams who are tied
                        will participate in a sudden-death surf
                        off. Additional heats will be run until
                        a winner can be declared."
                            (looking up at the crowd)
                        The "Sudden Death" heat will begin in
                        five minutes.

               Everybody cheers...they're going to see some more great

               The JUDGES signal COWBOY and ROBBIE to come over. The head
               JUDGE takes a quarter out of his pocket and points to COWBOY
               to call it. It lands and the JUDGE looks at it. HE points
               to ROBBIE.

                                   HEAD JUDGE (CONT'D)
                         You want to go first or second?


                                  HEAD JUDGE
                        Be ready in five minutes.

     70        EXT -MOMENTS LATER - AOKEE'S SURF & SNACK SHACK                70

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               ROBBIE, ALEX, AOKEE and PIPEMAN have gathered in front of
               AOKEE's to strategize.

                         So what you do?   Wait for him to go crazy
                         and fall?

                         Don't want to win with him falling.

                         You could always go out and do your very
                         best, take a lot of chances and maybe win
                         this thing on merit.

                         Don't be silly. That only works in the

                             (shakes his head)
                         Actually, that's exactly what I'm
                         thinking. It's the reason we're in a
                         tie. I've been too conservative. I've
                         got to do everything I can, or just
                         forget about it. It's all or nothing.
                         We gotta pull the fin.

                         Pull da fin?

                         You think you can hold it?

                        One time, these tourists from Japan on
                        the beach at La Jolla offered me a
                        hundred bucks to do a full spin at the
                        top of the wave, and then slide down and
                        cut back and do a full back flip. I
                        pulled it off. A friend of mine had a
                        tricks board with just a single fin and
                        foot pockets.

                         We gotta pull the fin. What do we do
                         about the foot pockets?

                         You got duct tape?

               PIPEMAN reaches into his tool belt and pulls out a roll.

                        What kind of plumber would I be if I
                        didn't have duct tape? Water World

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                         Platinum!   Where do you want them?

               They place the board on a table. ROBBIE pulls off two small
               pieces of tape and places them on the board.

                         Here and here.

               PIPEMAN gets his screw gun out of his tool belt and begins
               removing the two outer fins of the board. He then begins
               looping duct tap around the board to create two foot pockets.

               This provides a background to the dialog below.

                         So, help me understand.      What you do now?

                         Pipeman is taking the extra fins off my
                         board. I only need one to make a deep
                         cut back. He is also putting some
                         pockets to slip my feet into so when I
                         flip upside down, I don't lose the board.

                         Flip upside down?

                         A back flip. You guys see it on
                         snowboarders here all the time, I'm sure.

                         Oh yeah, I'm sure I did that last winter.
                         But not on purpose! Dude. You're either
                         gonna win this thing or you're gonna die.

                             (quickly, eagerly)
                         It would be better if you won.

                         Yeah, well, a tie is like kissing your

                             (mock anger)
                         You stay away from my sister.

               We hear an air horn blast.      They are ready to start.


                             (to PIPEMAN)
                         I'll need the biggest wave you can give

                             (imitating Mr. Scott on Star

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                         I'll give 'er all she's got, Cap'n!

               He hands Robbie the board. ALEX heads back to the bleachers
               area, PIPEMAN goes to the pumphouse in back of Thunder Bay.

               AOKEE hangs back with ROBBIE and speaks to him alone.

                             (dropping his Hawaiian accent)
                         Robbie. When you do this, do this mostly
                         for Robbie Zirpollo. But do it just a
                         little bit for Manny Ramirez, eh?

               AOKEE smiles and pats him on the back.    Robbie nods.    They
               head for the bay.

     71        EXT. MORNING - MOMENTS LATER - THUNDER BAY                       71

               COWBOY is in the water paddling out to get his wave. It
               comes and he has apparently decided to stay with what has
               gotten him this far; a conservative style that keeps him
               looking good without falling. His ride is similar to the
               last one, but even more graceful and lyrical and he gets a 9.

                             (to ROBBIE)
                         Looks like he's waiting for you to make a
                         mistake. You sure you know what you're

                         I'm just making this up as I go along.

                         Works for me! Go get 'em.

               ROBBIE appears on the seawall holding his board and looking
               out first at the bay, then at the crowd. His mom, CONNIE
               waves, and he smiles weakly.

               HE sees KATIE and she looks hopeful. She hasn't given up on
               him completely. He smiles at her and gets into the water.

               He begins paddling. It seems to take forever for him to get
               out to the spot where he catches the wave, but he finally

               He sits there for a moment, collecting himself, then raises
               his hand to signal he is ready.

               The CONCESSIONS KIDS have started to chant, ROBBIE! ROBBIE!
               The guards are anxious, but even they can't help moving to
               the cadence of the chant.

               The wave comes and he catches it quickly, and slips his feet
               into the duct tape pockets. He misses one pocket at first,
               then gets it in.

               He rides it carefully and at the right moment slides up to

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               the top and executes a full 360 degree turn out of the water.

               On landing back on the downside of the wave, he slides down
               it quickly, and then turns around with a deep cut and heads
               straight into the wave. At the top he bounces and does a
               complete back flip in slow motion.

               We see the crowd also in slow motion. AOKEE Is covering his
               eyes, he can't watch. ALEX's face is contorted with
               disbelief. Various faces in the crowd are in open-mouthed
               disbelief. THE JUDGES are staring intently, focussed so as
               not to miss anything.

               ROBBIE lands the flip, and rides the rest of the wave.      He
               waves to the crowd, and kicks off, exhausted.

               The place goes nuts. No one here has ever seen anything like
               this before. AOKEE and ALEX run into the water and help him
               out. People are still cheering.

               COWBOY knows he's in trouble.

               THE JUDGES confer only momentarily and the score 10 appears,
               and the word concessions starts flashing along with the word
               winner. COWBOY nods in agreement.

               TIFFANY says something to him, and he appears angry.      We can
               only hear part of his response, something like:

                         You did WHAT?

               AOKEE and ALEX lead him up to the grandstand. COWBOY also
               makes his way up there, and we see him talking to BIG MIKE.
               BIG MIKE nods in agreement and COWBOY goes to the mike as the
               crowd settles down.

                                   COWBOY (CONT'D)
                         As last year's Surfer King, it's my
                         privilege to present this year's trophy
                         to the most amazing surfer on the water
                         today. Robbie! Congratulations.

               COWBOY shakes ROBBIE's hand, and ROBBIE speaks at the mike.

                             (holding trophy)
                         I just want to thank Aokee, Alex and
                         Katie for all their support.

               We see KATIE clapping, crying.   AOKEE and ALEX are clapping
               and smiling.

                                   ROBBIE (CONT'D)
                         And I have just one thing to say to
                         everyone in concessions. WE DID IT!

               ROBBIE holds the trophy high as everyone cheers.

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                                                                FADE TO BLACK.

     72        EXT. EARLY EVENING SURFS WAVE POOL                              72

               Grounds kids are stacking chairs in preparation for final
               closing. Tarps are being thrown over everything and tied

               Awnings are being taken down.     Chairs and tables are being

               We see JAFFA packing up his CD's into that cardboard box.       HE
               also snaps the winter covers for the sound equipment into

     73        EXT. MOMENTS LATER - EVENING TIME OUT SHACK                     73

               A banner hangs over the time shack, "Thanks for another great
               year". ALEX, ROBBIE, KATIE and AMY are clocking out for the
               final time this summer.

               They all stop and look around one final time.     Suddenly
               TIFFANY drives up in her convertible.

                         Another summer gone. How about it
                         Robbie? You gonna guard next year?      They
                         could use your help.

               They all walk closer to her car.

                         I don't know...we have a pretty good time
                         at AOKEE's.

                         You know, that's what I hear. Maybe I
                         should work there next summer.

               ALEX, ROBBIE, KATIE and AMY all say these lines pretty much
               at the same time.

                         You wouldn't like it...

                         That's a bad idea...

                         And you're such a good guard...

                         You'd be miserable...

                         Maybe you're right.    See you around...

               EDDIE appears out of the time shack wearing his tuxedo t

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                             (almost singing)

               He walks up to her driver's side.

                             (feeling charitable, warmly)
                         Hello, Eddie.

               EDDIE shows there is nothing in his hands, then reaches into
               the car and from behind TIFFANY's ear pulls a plastic Easter
               Egg out. He hands it to her, and she opens it. A beautiful
               butterfly flies out and away. She is momentarily entranced.

                                    TIFFANY (CONT'D)
                         You know, that's one of the most
                         beautiful things I've ever seen.
                             (pause, thinking, what the
                         Hop in Eddie, let me give you a ride

               EDDIE waves his hand for HER to scoot over so he can drive.
               She is surprised, but does, almost reflexively. He gets in
               and he looks at ALEX, ROBBIE, KATIE and AMY grinning broadly
               as he pulls away.

               ALEX, ROBBIE, KATIE and AMY just watch in stunned silence as
               EDDIE and TIFFANY drive off.

                             (collecting himself)
                         Well. Just another summer at Water

               The group begins walking toward the exit gate, as we go wide
               and helicopter upward. They get smaller and smaller in the
               shot as we hear the conversation continue.

                         You know Katie, I really am sorry I was
                         such a jerk this summer.

                        We'll be going to the same high school.
                        You'll have plenty of chances to make it
                        up to me. Let's see, there's Homecoming,
                        the Christmas Dance, Valentines Day...and
                        of course, the prom...



                         I'm gonna need to borrow twenty bucks.

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               We helicopter up for a final shot over the whole park.


                                    THE END

Surfer King, The

Writers :   Bernard Murray Jr
Genres :   Comedy

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