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   "Training Day" -- by David Ayer   
                             TRAINING DAY                                  by                              David Ayer                                              REVISED DRAFT                                              August 18, 1999        FADE IN:        INT. BEDROOM - PREDAWN        In a Simi Valley housing tract.  It's dark.        CLOSE ON ALARM CLOCK        4:59 AM.        WIDER ANGLE:  Eyes glisten in the clock's shine,        patiently watching the time.        BZZZZ!  The ALARM SOUNDS.  A hand that's been hovering        over the clock drops.  Silence.  JAKE HOYT, a fit young        man, rolls over, throws an arm over his sleeping wife --                                JAKE                  It's time.        -- she's not there, just empty blankets.  He sits up.        HIS POV        LISA, his wife, in a rocking chair in the corner.        BACK TO SCENE        Jake is surprised.  How'd she sneak off?                                JAKE                  What are you doing up?        She pulls back the blanket, she breast-feeds their infant        daughter.                                LISA                  Mooooo.        She lavishes kisses on her baby.                                                   CUT TO:        CLOSEUP - BRASSO        is squirted on terry cloth.  A badge is rubbed against it        in precise circles.        WIDEN TO:        INT. KITCHEN - DAWN        Jake, scrubbed, shaved, in T-shirt and jeans, studies the        gleaming badge, snaps it in its case, clips it to his        belt.  He tosses a duffle on the counter.  Searches        through the police gear.  Lisa taps a police baton on his        shoulder.  He takes it.                                JAKE                  Thanks.                                LISA                  Wrong day to forget stuff.        He shoves it in the bag.  Zips it.                                JAKE                  She go back to sleep?                                LISA                  Mmm-hmm.  Ate like a pig.        She grabs a pack of English muffins.                                LISA                  Want some eggs for the road?                                JAKE                  I gotta roll.  Gotta beat the traffic.        He grabs his duffle and pressed uniform off a chair.  He        kisses Lisa's cheek, her neck, her lips.  Heads to the        door.  The PHONE RINGS.  Jake stops.  Lisa answers.                                LISA                  Hello?                         (beat, laughs)                  Hi!  How nice, thank you.                         (beat, giggles)                  Yes, sir.  He's right here.                         (to Jake)                  Jake.  It's Alonzo.        Jake takes the phone.                                JAKE                  Hello?                                ALONZO (V.O.)                         (filtered)                  Hoyt?                                JAKE                  Yessir.                                ALONZO (V.O.)                         (filtered)                  Meet the Lieutenant yesterday?                  Get the welcome aboard speech and                  all that?                                JAKE                  Yessir.                                ALONZO (V.O.)                         (filtered)                  He's a good guy.  Backs his boys.                  You all checked in?  Your sheet                  signed off?                                JAKE                  Yessir.                                ALONZO (V.O.)                         (filtered)                  You're not on the squad until I                  sign it.  And that depends on how                  you do today.                                JAKE                  Yessir.  I know.                                ALONZO (V.O.)                         (filtered)                  On your way to roll call?                                JAKE                  Yessir.  I'm not out the door                  right now.                                ALONZO (V.O.)                         (filtered)                  Hoyt.                                JAKE                  Yessir?                                ALONZO (V.O.)                         (filtered)                  Patrol fairies go to roll call.                  We don't go to roll call.                                JAKE                  Yessir.                                ALONZO (V.O.)                         (filtered)                  There's a coffee shop at Virgil                  and Raymond.  See you there at                  ten.  Be in civvies.  Comfortable                  shoes.  Got a back-up gun?                  Something pocket-sized?                                JAKE                  Yessir.  I have a three eighty                  stainless with nine rounds of                  silver tips.                                ALONZO (V.O.)                         (filtered)                  Bring it.  Cuffs, too.  We're                  gonna be in the office all day,                  but who knows, maybe we'll do some                  business.  Told you, we're an                  aggressive unit.                                JAKE                  I know, sir.  That's why I signed                  up.  I want to thank you for                  giving me the oppor --        -- CLICK!  Alonzo hangs up.  Jake too.  He stands there.        Nervous.  Grabs his stomach.                                LISA                  What's wrong?                                JAKE                  Feel like it's football tryouts.                  Wish it was tomorrow so I'd                  already know if I was on his squad                  or not.                                LISA                  It's not tomorrow.  It's today.                  And it's gonna work out.  I know                  it will.                                JAKE                  I gotta relax.                         (snuggles against her)                  Don't have to show up until ten.        She breaks the embrace -- sore breasts -- Ouch!                                JAKE                  Soon they'll be mine again.        Jake chases them with cupped hands as she retreats,        giggling.  Their game.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. COFFEE SHOP - DAY        Jake struts through the door, confidently looks around.        JAKE'S POV        DETECTIVE SERGEANT ALONZO, in a flannel shirt, reading        the paper in a booth.  The gun leather tough LAPD vet is        a hands-on, blue collar cop who can kick your ass with a        look.        BACK TO SCENE        Jake walks over.  Slides in across.  Alonzo's eyes will        never leave his newspaper.                                JAKE                  Good morning, sir.        A young waitress pours Jake coffee, offers a menu.  Jake        waves it away.                                JAKE                  I'm okay, ma'am.  Thank you.                                ALONZO                  Have some chow before we hit the                  office.  Go ahead.  It's my                  dollar.                                JAKE                  No, thank you, sir.  I ate.                                ALONZO                  Fine.  Don't.        Alonzo turns the page.  A long beat.  Then:                                JAKE                  It's nice here.                                ALONZO                  May I read my paper?                                JAKE                  I'm sorry, sir... I'll get some                  food.                                ALONZO                  No.  You won't.  You fucked that                  up.  Please.  I'm reading.  Shut                  up.        Jake does -- Jeeez, sorry.  Pours a ton of sugar in his        coffee.                                                   TIME CUT TO:        INT. COFFEE SHOP - DAY        The waitress pours refills.  Alonzo reads.  Jake fidgets.                                JAKE                  Where's the office, sir?  Back at                  Division?        No response.                                JAKE                  Gonna be nice not roasting all                  summer in a hot black and white.        Alonzo sighs, carefully folds his paper.  Glares at Jake.                                ALONZO                  Tell me a story, Hoyt.                                JAKE                  My story?                                ALONZO                  Not your story.  A story.  You                  can't keep your mouth shut long                  enough to let me finish my paper.                  So tell me a story.                                JAKE                  I don't think I know any stories.        Alonzo waves the paper in Jake's face.                                ALONZO                  This is a newspaper.  And I know                  it's ninety percent bullshit but                  it's entertaining.  That's why I                  read it.  Because it entertains                  me.  If you won't let me read my                  paper, then entertain me with your                  bullshit.  Tell me a story.                                JAKE                  A real one or should I make one up?                                ALONZO                         (sighs)                  Where'd you do your probation?                                JAKE                  Van Nuys.                                ALONZO                  Right.  The Valley.  No cute                  little anecdotes about your time                  on the mean streets of Van Nuys?                  Writing underage smoking cites at                  the shopping mall?        Jake thinks.  Bingo!  He's got it.                                JAKE                  There was this D.U.I. stop.                                ALONZO                  A D.U.I. stop.  Wow.  Go on.                                JAKE                  We were on the mid-watch.                                ALONZO                  We?  You and...?                                JAKE                  Debbie.                                ALONZO                  Debbie?  The fuck's Debbie?                                JAKE                  My training officer.  Debbie                  Maxwell --                                ALONZO                  -- You're T.O. was female?                                JAKE                  Yessir.                                ALONZO                  She white?  Black?                                JAKE                  White.                                ALONZO                  She dyked out or she any good?                                JAKE                  She's pretty good.                                ALONZO                  So you and Debbie are pullin' a                  mid-watch?                                JAKE                  Right.  It's a real quiet night.                  A yawner.  We're rolling on                  Vanowen.  I'm driving.  And this                  Acura, just a beautiful car, comes                  out a side street.  In excess.                  All over the median.  So I light                  it up and hit the wailer.  Guy                  drives on like I'm invisible for                  ten blocks before he pulls over.                  Plates ran clean.  I approach.                  Debbie covers.  Driver's this huge                  white guy.  Can barely keep his                  eyes open.  I field test and                  arrest and I'm belting him in our                  unit.  Debbie's tossing his car.                  She calls me to the vehicle and                  shows me a snubbed .38 and two                  shotguns, all loaded and locked.                                ALONZO                  No shit?                                JAKE                  No shit.  She calls our supervisor                  and I keep searching.  I find five                  hundred grams of meth in the dash.                  Turns out our D.U.I. was on bail                  for distribution.  He was on his                  way to smoke his ex-partner before                  trial.                         (proudly)                  We prevented a murder.        Alonzo is astonished.                                ALONZO                  ... amazing...        Jake beams -- some story, huh?                                ALONZO                  You're driving around the Valley                  with a fine bitch in your car for                  a year and the most entertaining                  story you got is a D.U.I. stop?                  Never hit her up for some Code X                  in the back seat?                                JAKE                  I have a wife.                                ALONZO                  You also have a dick.        Alonzo shakes his head in disgust.  Jake is crushed.                                ALONZO                  Let's go.        Alonzo tosses a twenty on the table.  OFF his heavy        wedding band we:                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. PARKING LOT - DAY        Jake and Alonzo crossing.  Alonzo sizes Jake up, smirks        at his dorky running shoes.                                ALONZO                  You look, walk and talk like a                  cop.  Grow your hair out.        Alonzo stops at:        G-RIDE        A narc-machine supreme.  A tired, candy blue 1978 Monte        Carlo with mismatched rims, curb feelers, window tint.                                ALONZO                  Gimme that menu.        Jake pulls a Chinese menu from under the wiper.  Hands it        to Alonzo, who folds and pockets it.                                ALONZO                  Get in.  S'un1ocked.        Jake's turn to smirk as he climbs in.        INT. G-RIDE - CONTINUOUS ACTION - DAY        Jake buries his shoes in beer cans and coffee cups.  He        notes a car seat in back.  Alonzo twists a screwdriver in        the shattered ignition, pumps the hell out of the gas.        After forever, the ENGINE CATCHES -- VROOM!                                JAKE                  This is a piece'a shit.                                ALONZO                  Don't worry.  My baby puts out                  when she has to.        Alonzo rubs the dash lovingly and backs out.                                JAKE                  Where's the office?                                ALONZO                  You're in it.        Jake reacts.  Then smiles -- This is kind'a cool.                                ALONZO                  Rover's in the glove box.  Wanna                  ten-eight us?                                JAKE                  Yessir.                                ALONZO                  Shitcan the sirs.  I'm not your                  domestic violence awareness                  instructor.        Jake takes a Motorola radio from the glove box.                                JAKE                  What's our I.D.?                                ALONZO                  Nora fifteen.                                JAKE                         (into Motorola)                  Nora fifteen, ten-eight.                                DISPATCH (V.O.)                  Nora fifteen, ten-twenty.        Jake checks the street signs -- Virgil and Raymond.        Before he can tell Dispatch, Alonzo snatches the        Motorola.                                ALONZO                         (into rover)                  Nora fifteen, South on Rampart at                  6th.                                DISPATCH (V.O.)                  Ten four.        Alonzo SQUEALS out of the lot, tosses Jake the rover.                                ALONZO                  Bad guys are listening.  Don't                  trust the radios.  Never let                  anyone know where you're really                  at.  Ever.        Jake nods and smiles -- makes sense.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - DAY        Heading South on Alvarado, passing MacArthur Park.  It        could be San Salvador or Guatemala City.  Jake is        mesmerized by the crowds.                                JAKE                  This looks like the Third World.                                ALONZO                  It's my world.        Alonzo lights a smoke.  Settles in his seat.                                ALONZO                  Today's a training day.  Gonna                  show you around, give you a feel                  for the business.  I have thirty-                  eight cases pending trial.  I have                  sixty-three active investigations.                  There's another three hundred and                  fifty cases on the log I can't                  clear.  I'm supervising five                  officers.  That's five different                  personalities, five different sets                  of problems.  You, Officer Hoyt,                  if you got the guts to succeed,                  will be number six.  I don't have                  time to baby-sit or hold hands.                  You have one day to show me who                  you are and what you can or cannot                  handle.  You can't hack narcotics,                  feel free to work a pussy desk                  pinching check kiters.  Hear me,                  Officer Hoyt?                                JAKE                  I hear you.                                ALONZO                  Good.  Gonna show you reality.                  Think you can handle it?                                JAKE                  Yeah.                                ALONZO                  Why you wanna be a narc?                                JAKE                  I want to serve my community by                  ridding it of dangerous drugs.        Alonzo gives him a look -- Don't b.s. me.                                JAKE                  I wanna make detective.        The boy is ambitious.  Alonzo likes that.                                ALONZO                  Stick with me and you will.  If                  you can unlearn the bullshit                  they've filled your head with.                  You gonna be passing out baseball                  cards and carrying old ladies'                  groceries like the rest of the                  newfucks Washington's flooded the                  streets with?                                JAKE                  Sergeant, I'll do anything you                  want me to do.                                ALONZO                  Stand by, because narcotics ain't                  about staying in the car and                  looking good.  I bet you write                  great paper, Hoyt.                         (before Jake can answer)                  You do.  I checked it out.  Cover                  your area, cover your ass, but not                  necessarily in that order, right?                                JAKE                  Right.  Are you going to teach me                  that old school hard-charging beat                  up everything that moves Rodney                  King shit?                                ALONZO                  That's not police work either.                  We're the new breed.  We use                  this...                         (taps his head)                  This is our tool.        Alonzo stops at a light.  A shiny new police cruiser        pulls alongside.  The driver sips a Big Gulp, his female        partner writes a report.  They look more like co-eds than        cops.        Jake eyes the driver.  Who gives him a smile.  Then        Alonzo looks at the driver.  When their eyes meet, the        Driver looks away, intimidated, and makes a right turn.        Alonzo grins at Jake, his point underscored.                                ALONZO                  How long you been married?                                JAKE                  A year.                                ALONZO                  Gotta kid, right?                                JAKE                         (smiles)                  A nine-month-old girl.                                ALONZO                  I got four kids.  All boys.  You                  want a son, lemme know.  I'll do                  your old lady up.  I can't miss.        Jake angers, though he knows he is being tested.                                JAKE                  Let's not talk about my family.                                ALONZO                  It's cool.  I can respect that.                  I'm married.  I have my queen,                  too.  I remember what it's like to                  have a pretty young bride.  Bet                  you still fuck her face-to-face.                                JAKE                         (clenched teeth)                  Can we not talk about my wife?                                ALONZO                  Kick back, kid... You're so in                  love it's comin' out your eyes.                  The day you bring the old lady to                  the office is the day you don't go                  home.  If you don't hide your love                  deep inside, the maggots are gonna                  find it and chew on it.        Jake realizes Alonzo is right.  Alonzo hands him a card.                                ALONZO                  That's our Chaplain, Lieutenant                  Hayes.  Give him a call.  Invite                  him and his wife over for dinner.                  He's a good guy and no dumbshit.                  You and your woman need any kind'a help,                  call him.  I'm serious.        Jake takes the card.  Kind of smiles.                                JAKE                  Thanks.  I will.        They cruise a beat.                                JAKE                  Who's Mr. Clean?        Alonzo nails him with surprised look.                                ALONZO                  Where the hell you hear that?                                JAKE                  From a Van Nuys Robbery Detective.                  Told me to ask you that.                                ALONZO                         (smiles, shakes his head)                  Asshole.        Alonzo pulls onto a street of dense apartments.  Parks        along the curb.                                JAKE                  What's here?                                ALONZO                  Transactions...  See the                  Salvatrucha one-cut on the fence,                  trying not to look like he's                  slangin'?        Jake looks, sees a young, bald cholo, Neto, just hanging        out.                                ALONZO                  That's Neto.  Works for me.                                JAKE                  Informant?                                ALONZO                  I got eyes everywhere.  He gets to                  peddle reefer, make a little cash                  for the family.  I get a heads up                  when shit goes down.  The barrio                  on-line.                                JAKE                  And you trust him?                                ALONZO                  Fuckin' right I trust him.  Sprung                  his mom from I.N.S. detention.        Alonzo watches his mirror, perks up.                                ALONZO                  Here we go.        INSERT - MIRROR        A new VW Beetle pulls onto the street, moving slow.        BACK TO SCENE        The VW passes the G-Ride.  Jake glimpses three people        inside, two guys in front, a girl in back.  Hipster        university students.                                ALONZO                  Shit's going down.        JAKE'S POV        The VW stops.  Neto looks around, crosses to the driver's        window, a drink cup in hand.  Neto plucks a foil pack        from the cup.  Trades it for the driver's ten.  Neto        walks away.        BACK TO SCENE                                ALONZO                  See the hand-to-hand?                                JAKE                  I saw it.        The VW drives off, fast.  Alonzo pulls out.  Follows it.                                ALONZO                  When was your last felony stop?                                JAKE                  Couple weeks ago.                                ALONZO                  You need practice.                                JAKE                  They look like college kids.                                ALONZO                  They need a lesson.  I want these                  hemorrhoids grabbing glass.  I got                  front.  You got back.        Alonzo pulls his gun.  Jake reaches for the Motorola.                                ALONZO                  Stay off the rover.        Jake puts it away, pulls his gun.        Alonzo stomps the gas.  The G-Ride HOWLS.        The VW is at the corner, about to turn --        SCREEEEEECH! -- Alonzo slaloms to a stop, blocking its        path.  His pistol aimed through Jake's window at the        DRIVER.                                ALONZO                  Police!  Lemme see your hands!        Jake draws a bead on the girl in back.                                JAKE                  Police officers!  Your hands!        The kids gawk at the two narcs for a stunned beat.                                JAKE                  Don't look at us!  Look straight                  ahead!                                ALONZO                  Driver and right front passenger!                  Palms on the windshield!                                JAKE                  You in the back!  Palms on the                  side window!  Look straight ahead!                                ALONZO                  Driver!  Use your left hand, put                  the vehicle in park.        The Driver is mortified because:                                DRIVER                  ... it's a stickshift...                                ALONZO                  Shut up, dickhead!  I'll shoot                  your face off!  Take the keys out                  of the ignition.  Throw 'em out                  the window!        The Driver does, quickly, as Alonzo jumps from the car        charges the Driver, shoves the gun in his face.  These        are just scared kids.  The girl tries not to cry.                                ALONZO                  Fork it over, smartman.                                DRIVER                  What, sir?        Alonzo grabs his ear, tugs violently.                                ALONZO                  The fuckin' marijuana I just                  watched you purchase!        The Driver hands over the foil pack.                                PASSENGER                  I'm very sorry, sir.  I didn't                  know he was bringing me here.                                ALONZO                  Shut up, dumbass.  You're here                  now!  Gimme that pipe!        There's a pot pipe on the floor mat.  The PASSENGER picks        it up.  Reluctantly hands it to Alonzo.                                PASSENGER                  My mom gave me that pipe.                                ALONZO                  What else you got?                                DRIVER                  Cigarettes...?                                ALONZO                  Gimme those too.        He gives him a squished packed of Marlboro reds.  The        girl lowers her hands -- bad move.                                ALONZO                  Control your suspect, Hoyt!                                JAKE                  Miss!  Palms on the glass!        Alonzo sees her lip quiver.                                ALONZO                  Cry and I slap the eyes outta your                  face!        Back to the Driver.                                ALONZO                  You aware this is a gang                  neighborhood?        That gives him pause -- no kidding -- Alonzo grabs his        ear again, shakes.                                ALONZO                  I see you here again, I take your                  car.  You can walk home while your                  girlfriend pulls a homeboy                  train... Hear me, reefer addict?                                DRIVER                  Yes, sir.                                ALONZO                  Thank you for your cooperation --                  Safe your iron.        Jake holsters his gun.  Follows Alonzo to the G-Ride.        ON VW        The kids trade shell-shocked looks, grabbing glass.  Then        lower their hands.        ON G-RIDE        Alonzo and Jake climb in.  As they drive away, the gir1        nails Jake with a look of revulsion.  Jake reacts.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - DAY        Alonzo laughing.  Jake didn't like what happened.  It        shows.                                JAKE                  Was that training?  How to roust                  students for dime bags?                                ALONZO                  They have no business being here.                  Sooner or later that little smart-                  ass white boy college puke is                  gonna get jacked.  I saved his                  life.                                JAKE                  Taught him a real lesson.                                ALONZO                  Sure did, buy your shit on campus.                         (beat)                  I like your moves.  Someone                  trained you well.        Jake smiles to himself.  Alonzo opens the foil, sniffs --                                ALONZO                  Shitty dime.  Check it out.        -- hands it to Jake.  Who takes out a bud.                                ALONZO                  See the small hairs?  The                  undeveloped seeds.  How it's all                  stems?        Jake nods.                                ALONZO                  It was picked immature.  See how                  flat it is?  Classic brick-pack                  Mexican.  See how brittle it is?                  It's not bud season.  It's from                  last year.        Jake is amazed.  Alonzo snatches the bud, crumbles it in        the pipe, tosses aside seeds.                                ALONZO                  To be truly effective, a narcotics                  detective must know and love                  narcotics.  A good narcotics                  detective should have narcotics in                  his blood.                                JAKE                  You going to smoke that?        Alonzo smiles devilishly, offers Jake the pipe.                                ALONZO                  You are.                                JAKE                  Hell if I am.                                ALONZO                  What?  You a Mormon?  A Jesus freak?                                JAKE                  No.  I'm not losing my job.                                ALONZO                         (re: the pipe)                  This is your job.                                JAKE                  I can't do it.                                ALONZO                  This isn't some kind of test.                  Take a fuckin' hit.                                JAKE                  I became a cop to keep people from                  using that poison.                                ALONZO                         (laughs)                  This ain't a review board.  We                  ain't doing rails.  Just leafy                  green bud.        Jake stands firm, shaking his head.        SCREECH!  Alonzo stops in the middle of the street, pulls        his gun, jams it in Jake's ear.  CARS behind them HONK.                                ALONZO                  If I was a dealer, you'd be dead.                  Turn shit down on the street and                  the Chief hands your wife a                  crisply folded flag.        Jake stares stubbornly at Alonzo.  Alonzo pockets the        gun.  Lights the lighter.  And takes a huge hit, blows        smoke in Jake's face.                                ALONZO                  I don't want you in my unit.  Not                  even my division.  Go back to                  Valley.  Get the fuck out of my                  car.        A staring contest.  Jake decides to play the game.                                JAKE                  ... Okay...        He takes the pipe, takes an absolutely huge hit --                                ALONZO                  Alright.  That's how it's done,                  son.        -- And is racked with a spasm of coughing.                                ALONZO                  Betrayed by your virgin lungs.        Jake takes another hit -- a passing driver watches --        blows the smoke in Alonzo's face.        Alonzo laughs, resumes driving, takes a hit.  They pass        the pipe around a few times before Alonzo tosses it on        the dash.                                ALONZO                  It's cashed.        They cruise in a strange otherworldly silence.  Jake is        clearly messed up, his head lolls from side to side.                                ALONZO                  Shit, you took some mansized hits.                  You gonna be okay?  When's the                  last time you smoked out?                                JAKE                  ... Twelfth grade...                                ALONZO                  Left that out of your service                  jacket.  Knew you had secrets,                  everyone does.  Didn't know you                  dig dusters.                                JAKE                  What are dusters?                                ALONZO                  You know, dusted bud.  Dippers?                  C'mon, dipped in P.C.P.  Primos.                  Sherm, Kool, P-dog, Angel dust...                  Didn't you smell it?  Taste it?                                JAKE                         (horrified)                  ... I've never done it...                                ALONZO                  Now you have.  Remember the smell                  for next time.  Think I'd inhale                  that shit?        Jake is scared as hell, pale, sweaty.                                JAKE                  Oh, no.  No.  No.  No.                                ALONZO                  Gonna kick the shit out of Neto.                  Motherfucker's lacing crappy bud                  to get that unsuspecting return                  client.  Hell with his mom, I'm                  deporting the bitch.                                JAKE                  I'm gonna get piss tested.  I'm                  gonna get fired.                                ALONZO                  I told you, Lieutenant's got our                  backs.  We know a week before we                  piss.                                JAKE                         (panicking)                  Shit.  How could you do this to                  me?  Shit.  Shit.  Shit!        Alonzo slams an elbow across Jake's throat.                                ALONZO                  Fuckin' chill and ride the high.                  You're an adult.  You chose to                  smoke.  Live with your decisions.                  You cool?                                JAKE                  I'm cool.                                ALONZO                  Besides, no one put a gun to your                  head.        Jake shoots him a look.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. HOUSE - DAY        A well-tended craftsman on a steep hill of fixer-uppers        in Echo Park.  The G-Ride parks out front.                                ALONZO                  Get your shit together.        Alonzo and Jake cross to the door.  The steepness of the        hill is disorientating to Jake.  Alonzo knocks.                                ALONZO                  This is my Road Dog's pad.  Wanna                  see what he thinks of you.                                JAKE                  What do I say?                                ALONZO                  You'll think of something stupid.        Someone peeps through the peephole.  A tall, heavy man in        a bathrobe with long, grey hair answers.  This is ROGER,        old before his time, a little sick.  Happy to see Alonzo.                                ROGER                  Hey, brother, get your ass in                  here.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. ROGER'S LIVING ROOM - DAY        Roger and Alonzo hug.                                ALONZO                  Did I wake you?                                ROGER                  No.  C'mon in.  Please have a seat.        Alonzo and Jake sit in big chairs.  Three beepers, three        cell phones on the coffee table.  Roger sits, takes a        bottle of whisky, three tumblers from a liquor cart.        Pours booze.        Jake looks around at the modest traditional furniture.        The Hummel figurines.  Photos on the wall.                                ALONZO                  Alright.  Time to get my swerve                  on.        Roger gives Alonzo a concerned look.                                ROGER                  Heard you had a beef in Vegas.                                ALONZO                  I'm cool.  People talk shit.                                ROGER                  You know I got your back.                                ALONZO                  I know.  Thanks.        They clink glasses, chug booze.  Jake doesn't.  He stares        into the liquid, enraptured by its smoky patterns.                                ALONZO                  C'mon.  Be polite.        Jake takes his tumbler, sniffs, sips.  Winces.  Roger        runs a finger up Jake's crew-cut.  Jake recoils.                                ROGER                  Went and got yourself a daisy-                  fresh scuzz-headed rookie.        Roger leans back in the couch.  Jake is looking around        the room again.  A BEEPER BEEPS.  Roger checks it.  Dials        a cell phone.  Alonzo gesturing for Jake to drink.  He        almost empties his glass.                                ROGER                  Wassup?                         (beat)                  Collect first.  Step to that cat                  with something to flash.  He'll                  lay you down.                         (beat)                  Righteous.  Later, dude.        Roger hangs up.  Studies Jake.                                ROGER                  Jesus, Alonzo.  He's high as a                  motherfucker.  The hell you give                  him?        Alonzo tosses the foil pack on the table.  Roger takes        it, smells the PCP and shakes his head.                                ROGER                  Where'd you grow up?                                JAKE                  North Hollywood.                                ROGER                  What's your last name?                                JAKE                  Hoyt.                                ROGER                         (it clicks)                  You play strong safety for North                  Hollywood High?                                JAKE                  Yessir.  How'd you know?                                ROGER                  I follow all the good players.        His BEEPER BEEPS.  He checks it, sighs.  Dials a cell        phone.                                ROGER                  It's me.  Whassup?                         (beat)                  Can't do a thing for you.  Your                  mess.  You clean it up.  Don't be                  callin' me.        He hangs up.  Freshens the drinks.                                ROGER                         (to Jake)                  Here's a joke, boy.  One day this                  man walks out of his house to go                  to work.  He sees this snail on                  his porch.  So he picks it up and                  chucks it over his roof, into the                  back yard.  Snail bounces off a                  rock, cracks its shell all to                  shit, and lands in the grass.                  Snail lies there dying.        A BEEPER BEEPS.  Roger checks and ignores it.                                ROGER                  But it doesn't die.  It eats some                  grass.  Slowly heals.  Grows a new                  shell.  And after a while it can                  crawl again.  One day the snail up                  and heads back to the front of the                  house.  Finally, after a year, the                  little guy crawls back on the                  porch.  Right then, the man walks                  out to go to work and sees this                  snail again.  So he says to it,                  'What the fuck's your problem?'        Jake stares at Roger a beat.  Then starts laughing.        Really laughing.  Maybe too much.  He wipes his eyes.                                JAKE                  That's messed up.  That wasn't                  funny.                                ALONZO                  Then why are you cackling like a                  jackal?                                JAKE                  I dunno.                                ROGER                  Figure that joke out and you'll                  figure the streets out.                                ALONZO                  Don't listen to him.  There's                  nothing to figure out.  The                  street's nothing more than                  senseless bullshit.                                JAKE                  Uh-uh.  I got 'em figured out.                                ROGER                  You got the streets figured out?                                JAKE                  Yeah.  It's all smiles and cries.                                ALONZO                  Give up.  You're too high, space                  captain.                                ROGER                  Hold on -- smiles and cries.  I                  hear you.                                JAKE                  You gotta control your smiles and                  cries.  No one can take them away                  so... they're all we really have.        Roger and Alonzo trade looks -- sharp kid.  Alonzo pats        Jake's shoulder.  To Roger:                                ALONZO                  Think this greenhorn can handle                  undercover?        Roger scrutinizes Jake a beat.  Smiles and nods:  yes.                                ROGER                  You were just like him.                                ALONZO                         (laughs)                  Fuck you.                                ROGER                  Same silly-ass look and                  everything.  Saving the fuckin'                  world.                                ALONZO                  That lasted a week.        Alonzo stands, shakes with Roger.                                ALONZO                  Brother, I gotta get back in my                  office.  Thanks for the snort,                  dog.  What're you up to today?        Roger gestures at the phones and beepers.                                ROGER                  Think I get out of the house?        A BEEPER BEEPS.  Roger shakes with Jake.                                ROGER                  Take care, Hoyt.  You're gonna do                  okay.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - DAY        South on Rampart.  Jake senses he passed a test.  Alonzo        smiling at him.                                JAKE                  What?                                ALONZO                  He liked you.                                JAKE                  Who is he?  One of your snitches?                                ALONZO                  He's no snitch.  He's a good man                  to know.  C'mon, let's find some                  action in Niggertown.                         (off Jake's look)                  N-wordtown.  What are you, Hoyt?                  You ain't pure whiteboy.  You                  mixed?                                JAKE                  Italian, Irish and Mexican.                                ALONZO                  No shit?  You're all fucked up.                  How's the Espanol?                                JAKE                  Mas o menos.                                ALONZO                  Work on it.  People'll be plotting                  the worst kind of shit behind your                  back.        Alonzo parks in front of a liquor store.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. LIQUOR STORE - DAY        Alonzo crosses to the G-ride with a sixer of beer --        INT. G-RIDE - CONTINUOUS ACTION - DAY        -- Climbs in.  Sees Jakes's eyes are closed.                                ALONZO                  C'mon, man.  Open your eyes.                  You'll make it worse.        Nothing.                                ALONZO                  Sit your ass up.  Hoyt!        Jake locks bleary red eyes on Alonzo, jokingly:                                JAKE                  Who're you?                                ALONZO                  The fuckin' zig-zag man.                                JAKE                  Cool.  I'm a cop.                                ALONZO                  You're a little bitty boot.        Alonzo cracks beers for him and Jake.                                ALONZO                  C'mon.  It helps.  Believe me.        Jake takes one.  Swigs.  Alonzo lights a smoke, pulls        onto Normandie.  Does a doubletake.                                ALONZO                  Oh, damn!        Jake looking around wildly.                                JAKE                  Oh, shit!  What?  What?  What?                                ALONZO                  Relax.  See that savory Mexican mama?                                        JAKE'S POV        A beautiful Mexican woman pushing a baby carriage.        CAMERA PLAYING OVER her in luscious SLOW MOTION.        BACK TO SCENE        Jake stares, mouth open.  Alonzo points out more        beautiful Latinas gracing the sidewalks.                                ALONZO                  Mmmm-mmmm.  The brown woman is the                  fine woman.  Give her ten more                  babies to push around.  Thick and                  tasty.  Love to get up in that...                  Your old lady white?  Fuckin'                  Nordic cheerleader, right?                                JACK                  Wrong.  She's Chicana.  Light-                  skinned.                                ALONZO                  I like my meat dark.  C'mon, pound                  that beer.  Have another.  Gives                  you ballast.        Alonzo tosses his empty out the window.  Jake too.        Alonzo cracks two fresh beers -- Jake takes one, drops        it, soaking his leg.                                ALONZO                  Dumbass.  Don't spill it.  You                  gotta learn how to party.                                JAKE                  I'm fine.                                ALONZO                  You gotta be able to handle a                  high.  It's a necessary job skill.                  I'm not kidding.  It's an alcohol                  world down here.  You gotta be                  able to hang.  To get fucked up                  and talk shit with sketchy                  sociopathic dumbasses and not pass                  out and get your shoes stolen.                                JAKE                  I'm fine.  Just a little dizzy.        But Jake looks decidedly green.  He sips beer.  HICCUPS        mightily.  Alonzo brakes, flings open Jake's door.                                ALONZO                  Not in my car!        Jake leans out, vomits onto the street.  He hangs there a        beat, dry heaving.                                ALONZO                  Okay, okay.  Well's dry, kid.        He yanks Jake in by the collar.  Keeps driving.                                JAKE                  Sorry.                                ALONZO                  Wipe your chin.        Jake does, rinses his mouth with beer, spits out the        window.                                JAKE                  I'm cool now.  Had to unload the                  groceries.        He leans his head on the window pillar.        Jakes's eye absorb the street's tableau of unworldly        gliding by.  Palm trees and sunshine.  Paradise and hell        in one.        His lids begin to drift shut.        Then Jake sees a flash of movement in an alley.  Suddenly        alert, he paws at the doorhandle.                                JAKE                  Activity on the right?  Stop the                  car!                                ALONZO                  Siddown, Hoyt.  Everything's fine.                                JAKE                  Stop the fucking car!                                ALONZO                  C'mon, relax.  You're trippin' --        Jake grabs the gearshift, throws it in reverse.  The        transmission GRINDS, tires SCREECH.  The engine stalls.        Jake is out like a shot --        EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS ACTION - DAY        -- He dodges an oncoming car.                                ALONZO                  Get the fuck back here!        Jake into the alley.        ON G-RIDE        Alonzo pulling to the curb.                                ALONZO                  Dumb-ass kid.        ON JAKE        Running like a deer.  He enters the alley.  Sees a book        bag on the ground -- A dumpster ahead.  Jake rounds it.        Fast.        HIS POV        A devastatingly beautiful Latina SCHOOLGIRL, pinned        against the wall by a tall CRACKHEAD.  Her nose dots        blood on her uniform blouse.        BACK TO SCENE        The Crackhead hauls back to smack her.  Jake Charging.                                JAKE                  Police officer!  You're under                  arrest!        The Crackhead punches Jake's throat.  Stops him cold.        Jake realizes how huge this guy is.  Gulp.                                CRACKHEAD                  Gonna fuck you too, cop.        ANOTHER CRACKHEAD dives from the shadows and tackles        Jake.  Both go down hard.        Crackhead #1 stomps Jake's head.  Jake gets his arm        around Crackhead #2's neck, squeezes -- the forbidden        choke hold.        Alonzo enters the alley.  And just stands there,        watching.        Jake rides out Crackhead #I's vicious kicks as Crackhead        #2 convulses from hypoxia.  And finally goes limp.        Jake lets go, sweeps Crackhead #I's legs out from under        him and hops to his feet.  Crackhead #1 stands too.        The Schoolgirl looks on, stunned.                                CRACKHEAD #1                  You're ass is doomed.        Jake growls, snatches him up like a rag doll, spins him,        slams him hard.  In a flash, Jake twists him into a        pretzel, drops a knee on his neck, grinds his head into        the asphalt.  Clicks on the cuffs.                                CRACKHEAD #1                  We didn't do shit.  Bitch is crazy                  and shit.        Crackhead #2 coming to, starting to stand.  Jake crosses        to him, pins his head with his knee.  Slips a pair of        flexicuffs from his sock, zips them on the man's wrists.                                CRACKHEAD #2                  Man, you fuckin' up, slick.                  Homegirl tradin' her ass for                  cookies.                                JAKE                  Shut the fuck up, sir!        ANGLE ON ALONZO        Smiling, impressed by his raw skill.                                JAKE                  Thanks for the help.                                ALONZO                  Should'a shot 'em.        Jake crosses to the Schoolgirl.                                JAKE                  We're police officers.  You okay?                  You hurt?                                SCHOOLGIRL                         (to the Crackheads,                          shaken but tough)                  You fucked up!  My cousins are                  from White Fence.  They're gonna                  blast you fools!  Pinchi mayates!                                ALONZO                  Miss!  Relax!  Are you okay?                                SCHOOLGIRL                  What?  No.  No, I'm not okay.                  Lookit my nose... My mom's gonna                  trip out.        Alonzo gingerly examines her nose.                                ALONZO                  Honey, it's just a nosebleed.  Put                  ice on it.  Don't be walkin'                  around here alone.  Tell your                  cousins to get your back.  You                  know what those pieces'a shit were                  gonna do.  Probably got AIDS.  Why                  aren't you in school?                                SCHOOLGIRL                  I was going to a ditch party.                                ALONZO                  You almost became a ditch party.                  Go home.  Go home.  Now.        She grabs her book bag and gets out of there.                                JAKE                  I gotta get her statement.                                ALONZO                  Unhook em'.  We're not racking up                  arrests.                                JAKE                         (shocked)                  Kick 'em loose?                                ALONZO                  No.  Get some shots in first.                                JAKE                  I have a punching bag at home.  I                  want them off the street.        Alonzo squats by Crackhead #1.  Searches him.                                ALONZO                  Hear that, bro?  My dog, here,                  wants to lock you up.  Been to the                  bootyhouse?  Grabbin' ankles for                  the big boys?                                CRACKHEAD #1                  Suck my dick, bitch.  I know                  people.                                ALONZO                  Kick back, who's-who.        Alonzo finds rocks in one sock.  Some twenties in the        other.  He pockets the cash and crack.  Searches        Crackhead #2.                                ALONZO                  Where's your horn?                                CRACKHEAD #2                  Ain't got no horn.        Alonzo finds a glass pipe.                                ALONZO                  So what's this, chief?  Gonna make                  you eat it.        Instead, he grinds it underfoot.                                ALONZO                  Ya'll lucky I got pressing                  business today -- You, stand up.        Alonzo hauls Crackhead #1 to his feet.  Unlocks the        cuffs, tosses them to Jake.  Crackhead #2 strains against        the flexicuffs.                                ALONZO                         (to Crackhead #2)                  You get to keep those.        He steers Crackhead #1 to a wall -- cocks his fist.                                ALONZO                  Ain't the first honey ya'll pinned                  to a wall, huh?  Close your eyes.        Crackhead does.  Alonzo knees his groin -- oof! -- He        falls to the ground, whimpers in the fetal position.                                ALONZO                  Next time I cut your dick off and                  shove it up your ass.                         (pats Jake's back, winks)                  I'll leave you three alone.  Gonna                  grab some beer.        Alonzo exits the alley.  Jake watches Crackhead #1        whimper, Crackhead #2 writhe in the gutter.  It's futi1e        to beat these men.  Jake takes pity, walks away.                                CRACKHEAD #2                  Pussy motherfucker.  Gonna see                  your ass again.  Gonna fuck you                  up, bitch.  Won't see shit coming.                  Creep like a ninja and crack your                  head open.  Blow your house up.                  Punk-ass white boy.  Now you in my                  world, motherfucker.        Jake stops and turns around.  He stoops to pick up a pink        Hello Kitty change purse.        INSIDE CHANGE PURSE        The Schoolgirl's MIA bus pass and her freshman ID from        Immaculate Heart High School.        BACK TO SCENE        Jake glares at the Crackheads.                                JAKE                  You assholes!  She's fifteen!                                CRACKHEAD #2                         (grins)                  She all woman.  Tax that ass for                  days.        Man!  Jake could kick his brains out.  Somehow, he turns        and walks away.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - DAY        Jake steams.  Alonzo offers a beer from a new sixer.        Jake refuses.  Alonzo counts and pockets the money he        took.  Notes Jake's stare.                                ALONZO                  Wanna book sixty bucks?  Where're                  the suspects?                                JAKE                         (ice)                  You let them go.                                ALONZO                  Get over it.  You wanna go runnin'                  and gunnin', stay in patrol.  This                  is Investigations.  Leave the                  garbage for the garbage men.                  We're professional anglers.  We                  reel in the big ones.  Should'a                  dished out some shoe leather.                  You'd have a big 'ol smile on your                  face.                                JAKE                  I get my shits and grins booking                  bad guys, not beating them.                                ALONZO                  Man... The fuck you doing running                  alone into an alley full'a                  cracked-out monkey-strong                  motherfuckers?  Those hemorrhoids                  wouldta killed you without mercy                  or hesitation.                                JAKE                  That's why they belong in prison.                                ALONZO                  They lost their money, their rock,                  got beat down and now the eses                  from White Fence are gonna smoke                  'em.  Jesus, what more do you want?                                JAKE                  Justice.                                ALONZO                  Is that not justice?                                JAKE                  That's street justice.                                ALONZO                  What's wrong with street justice?                                JAKE                  Let the animals wipe themselves                  out, right?                                ALONZO                  If only they would.  But it don't                  work like that.  They wipe out the                  good folks.  Notice how it's                  always school kids, mommies and                  ass-bustin' family men catching                  stray slugs in their noodles.  You                  protect the sheep by catching the                  wolves.  It takes a wolf to catch                  a wolf.                                JAKE                  What?                                ALONZO                  You protect --                                JAKE                  I heard you.  Whatever.        A beat.                                JAKE                  When do you lock anyone up?  Seems                  like you're too busy keeping people                  out.        Bad mistake.  Alonzo slaps him.  Glares at him.                                ALONZO                  Shut up, boot!  Nothin' but shit                  'tween your ears.  They build                  prisons cause'a me!  Judges have                  handed out fifteen thousand man                  years of incarceration time based                  on my investigations.  My record                  speaks for itself.  How many                  felons have you collared?                  Dickhead.        Now that it's clear who's the boss, they drive in tense        silence for a long beat.  Alonzo digs in his pocket --                                ALONZO                  Here...        -- hands Jake the rocks he found.  A beat.                                JAKE                  I'm not smoking crack.                                ALONZO                  Good.  I'm glad to hear that.                  Toss 'em in the glove box.        Jake does, sees several more rocks under some papers.                                ALONZO                  Comes in handy.  Like a debit                  card.                         (offers Jake a beer)                  You earned it.  C'mon.        Jake refuses.                                ALONZO                  No matter what I say, I want you                  to know, you did the right thing.                  Reminds me of when I could chase                  down anyone and fuck them up.                  You're a good cop.  You got fire.                  That was some amazing shit back                  there.                                JAKE                  Thanks.                                ALONZO                  That the choke hold I saw you                  applying?  Isn't that a big no-no,                  procedure-boy?                                JAKE                  Well... I was getting my ass                  kicked.                                ALONZO                  You did what you had to do.        Alonzo gives Jake a beer and grins at him like a proud        dad.                                ALONZO                  You got a magic eye, Hoyt.  You                  have a magic fucking eye.  Up your                  street I.Q. and you'll do some                  damage, crime fighter.        They clink cans.  Jake smiles.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. NORMANDIE AND VERNON - DAY        The G-Ride rolls through the intersection.  If you don't        know the neighborhood, stay the hell out.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - DAY        The area fills Alonzo's eyes with memories.                                ALONZO                  This is Southwest Div.  Did my                  probation here.  Learned a lot                  here.  Good things.  Bad things.                  Kicked some ass.  Had my ass                  kicked.                                JAKE                  Back in the days.                                ALONZO                  Yeah, back in the days.  Today's                  my date of employment.  Know how                  long I been a cop?                         (as Jake shakes his head)                  Thirteen years.  Seven more and I                  cash outta the game.                                JAKE                  No shit.  Happy anniversary.        Jake holds out his hand.  Alonzo shakes it.  Kills his        beer, cracks another.                                ALONZO                  Thanks.  Thirteen's an unlucky                  number but the seven to go cancel                  it out.        Alonzo turns on Adams.  He reaches over, digs in the        glove box.  Pulls out a photograph and hands it to Jake.        INSERT - PHOTO        A spit-and-polish, young cop in crisp blues, white        gloves, holding his Beretta at inspection arms.        BACK TO SCENE        Jake looks at the photo, then at Alonzo.  Realizing:                                JAKE                  You're Mr. Clean.                                ALONZO                  I had a few misconceptions when I                  started out.                         (points out a house)                  On the left.  See that house?                  Dude named Spooky lived there.                  Mean old vato loco.  Mexican                  Mafia.  No one fucked with Spooky.                  Even got respect from the cops.                  We'd keep an eye on his house.                  You like dogs?                                JAKE                  Gotta six-year-old Rottweiler.                  Not too bright, but I can trust                  him with my kid.                                ALONZO                  Rotties are good dogs.  Dobermans                  are better.  Spooky raised                  Dobermans.  On my second week of                  patrol, when I was not knowin'                  shit, we roll by Spooky's one                  night.  I observe this old, black                  fool, named Too Fine, all drunk,                  beating the shit out of this                  female Doberman.  Beautiful dog,                  seven months old.  Too Fine's                  whoopin' her with a garden hose.                  This dog's just crying, shaking.                  I grew up with Dobermans.  I was                  pissed.  I tell my T.O. 'I'm gonna                  take him.'  And my T.O. is like:                  'No, no.  It's cool.'  He fuckin'                  waves to Too Fine and this                  motherfucker smiles and waves back                  and keeps hitting the dog.                  Thought I lost my damn mind.                  Tells me Spooky gave him twenty                  bucks to beat the shit out of it.                  My T.O., this good 'ol boy, looks                  me in the eye and says:  'Teaches                  'em to hate niggers.'  Almost quit                  right there.  Almost got out of                  the fuckin' black and white and                  took the bus home.        Jake looks at Alonzo.                                JAKE                  That's fucked up.  That's one of                  the most fucked up things I ever                  heard.                                ALONZO                  Just remembered that.  Every time                  I'd seen it all, the street'd show                  me something even more fucked up.                  I know you didn't see no shit like                  that in the Valley.                                JAKE                  No, I haven't.        Jake takes a last look at the photograph of young Alonzo        and replaces it in the glove box.        Alonzo enters an alley cutting through several blocks.                                ALONZO                  Double-nickel Crips control shit                  here.  They come up hard.  Come in                  here running undercover shit and                  get made as a narc, the O.G.s'll                  booty-bust you then some thirteen-                  year-old wannabe'll curbstone you.                  Feed your dead ass to a pit bull.                  Youngins here fight for the right                  to dump a cop.  Everyone wants a                  name.                                JAKE                  That really happen?                                ALONZO                  No, Hoyt, I'm pullin' your dick.                  Anything can happen.  It's loony                  tunes here.  Keep an eye out for                  rock stars.        Alonzo pulls on a side street where PEANUT, a young        gangster, is ready to serve them.                                ALONZO                  There's one.  Don't let him see                  your face.  And don't let anyone                  run up on us with a shotgun.        Alonzo pulls out a twenty, stops near Peanut, who crosses        to his window.                                PEANUT                  What you want, homie?                                ALONZO                         (flashes twenty)                  Twenty.  Gimme a big-ass chip.        Peanut takes a rock from his pocket, gives it to Alonzo,        reaches for the twenty -- CLICK-CLICK!  Alonzo cuffs him        to the steering wheel --                                ALONZO                  Let's take a ride, asshole.        -- Stomps the gas, SCREECH!  Peanut runs to keep up.        Alonzo stops at the end of the alley.                                ALONZO                  You from double nickel?                                PEANUT                  Ain't from shit.                                ALONZO                  Again:  Where you from?                                PEANUT                  My mom.                                ALONZO                  Your mom?  From her ass?  You a                  butt baby?                                PEANUT                  Fuck you --        -- SCREECH!  Alonzo races in reverse down the alley.        Peanut is yanked off his feet.  His legs drag in the        dirt.  Alonzo stops, lights a squished Marlboro.  He has        Peanut's attention.                                ALONZO                  What do they call you?                                PEANUT                  Peanut.                                ALONZO                  You in double nickel, Peanut?        Peanut nods.                                ALONZO                  See, respect me, I respect you.                  Talk shit, I fuck you up.  Ah'ite,                  homie.                                PEANUT                  Ah'ite.                                ALONZO                  Who's the boss?                                PEANUT                  You.                                ALONZO                  No, dumbass.  Who you slangin'                  for?        Peanut clams up.  Alonzo grabs the gearshift.                                ALONZO                  Gimme a name or your hand.  Choose                  now.        Peanut stares at his hand, flexes it.  Alonzo revs the        engine.                                PEANUT                  Mr. Mighty.        Alonzo shoves forty bucks in Peanut's hand, unlocks        him --                                ALONZO                  Back to work, poo-butt.        -- and drives away.  Peanut flips him off.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - DAY        Jake adds Peanut's rock to the glovebox.                                JAKE                  He was just a kid.                                ALONZO                  Kids or not, gotta make 'em sing.                                JAKE                  Who's Mr. Mighty?  Let's get him.                                ALONZO                  Nope... can't catch that fish.                                JAKE                  Why not?                                ALONZO                  Lives in the unincorporated part                  of Lynwood.  We don't wanna deal                  with County Sheriffs.  Fuck that                  headache.  Wastin' our time here.                  Let's head East.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - DAY        The G-Ride cruising through an even worse area.  Alonzo        scans the urban wasteland for prey.  Sees a gaunt DEALER        on a corner.  Hands Jake a twenty.                                ALONZO                  Your turn.                                JAKE                  What do I say?                                ALONZO                  Adlib, dumbfuck.        He pulls over.  The Dealer crosses to Jake.                                DEALER                  What you want, homie?                                JAKE                  Crack.  Twenty dollars' worth.                                DEALER                  Fuck you, rookie.        He quickly walks away.  Alonzo smiles.                                ALONZO                  Fetch, boy.  Fetch.        Jake bolts from the car.        EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD - ON DEALER - CONTINUOUS ACTION - DAY        walking.  He sees Jake, starts running.        Jake gaining, tackles him.  Gets the Dealer in a        compliance hold and cuffs him.  Alonzo pulls up, sees        Jake grinning.                                ALONZO                  Love doing that, huh?                         (searches Dealer)                  Who you work for, fuckstain?                                DEALER                  Can't work.  I'm on disability.                                ALONZO                  Bullshit.  You crackin'.        Jake finishes searching.                                ALONZO                  No rocks?                                JAKE                  No rocks.                                DEALER                         (laughing)                  Aw, dang.  See?  Ya'll ain't got                  shit.  The man comin' up short                  again.        Alonzo exits the car.  Glares.                                ALONZO                  I never come up short, fool.                         (to Dealer)                  Open your mouth.        The Dealer does.  Sensing to not play with Alonzo.                                ALONZO                  Lift your tongue.        He does.                                DEALER                  See.  I ain't be gottin' shit.                                ALONZO                  Gimme a pen.        Jakes does.  Alonzo grabs the Dealer's neck.  Forces the        pen in his mouth.  Down his throat.  He gags -- Urgh!        Vomits.                                DEALER                  Motherfucker!        Jake is stunned.  Alonzo inspects the spattered sidewalk.        Sees Saran-wrapped rocks.                                ALONZO                  Lookie those.                                DEALER                  That's corn.                                ALONZO                  That's Jimmy crack corn... One,                  two, three, four, five... six.                  How'd you swallow that shit                  without water?                                DEALER                  Fuckin' bullshit!  Fuck you, civil                  rights violatin' motherfuckers.        Alonzo slaps him.                                ALONZO                  Gonna act like a man or a bitch?!                  Got you cold.  Gimme a name and                  stay on the streets.        The Dealer mulls it over.                                DEALER                  He in County.                                ALONZO                  Who?                                DEALER                  Sandman.  He's shot callin'.                                ALONZO                  Unhook him, Hoyt.        Jake unlocks the cuffs.  Alonzo steps over the vomit.                                ALONZO                  And collect the evidence.                                JAKE                  Fuck you.                                ALONZO                  You're learning.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - DAY        Jake keeps looking at Alonzo, half impressed, half        appalled.                                ALONZO                  What?                                JAKE                  You don't give a fuck.        Alonzo grins, dials a cell phone.                                ALONZO                  Afternoon, Bob.  It's Alonzo,                  Rampart Narcs.                         (beat)                  Good, and you?                         (beat)                  Great.                         (beat)                  Yeah, that's right.  I made it.                  The big one three.                         (beat; laughs)                  'Course I'm on the street.  Hey,                  partner, got your gang book?                         (beat)                  Okay, I need a res.  Alias is                  Sandman.  If he's not in Ghetto                  Boys, try the Mobsters... might be                  in custody.                         (beat)                  No, I'll hold.                         (to Jake)                  Bob Ramirez.  Intel coordinator                  for Seventy-Seventh Div Crash.                         (into phone)                  -- Yeah, Bob, still here.  Shoot.        Alonzo jots the information on a notepad.                                ALONZO                  Okay... Thank you, sir.  That's                  gonna do it.  Have a good one.        Alonzo hangs up.                                JAKE                  We go after the Sandman?                                ALONZO                  We go after the Sandman.        Jake smiles.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. RESIDENTIAL STREET - DAY        Graffiti on a wall:  GHETTO BOYS HOOD -- SANDMAN        The G-Ride glides INTO FRAME and OUT.        ANGLE        The G-Ride parks in front of a house.  Alonzo and Jake        exit.  Alonzo pops the trunk.  Inside is a microwave box,        toaster, a boombox, a TV.                                JAKE                  Gonna open a Circuit City?                                ALONZO                  It's unclaimed shit from property.                  I pass it out to informants,                  victims, witnesses.  Help their                  families out.        Alonzo fishes out an assault vest, tosses it to Jake and        dons an LAPD windbreaker, POLICE across the back.                                ALONZO                  Intel says his mom's in the                  residence with two female                  juveniles and a possible male                  juvenile.                                JAKE                  If he's not here, why are we here?        Alonzo pulls a paper out of his pocket, unfolds it.                                ALONZO                  We gotta serve this search                  warrant.        It's the Chinese take-out menu Jake handed him earlier.                                JAKE                  We can't do that.                                ALONZO                  Yes we can, supercop.  Ding-ding,                  that's the schoolbell.        He slams the trunk.  Pulls his gun.  They cross to the        door.                                JAKE                  Get a real warrant.                                ALONZO                  I wanna get shit done.        They step onto the porch.  Take sides by the front door.                                ALONZO                  Don't get me killed, new guy.        He knocks on the security screen.                                ALONZO                  Police!  Search warrant!        Silence.  Alonzo knocks again.  Nods at Jake.                                JAKE                  L.A.P.D.!  Open the door.        Nothing.  Then:                                WOMAN (O.S.)                  Kevin ain't here.  He up at the                  Honor Ranch.                                ALONZO                  L.A.P.D.!  Please open the door or                  we kick it in!  Ma'am?!        CLICKING.  The door is unlocked, opened.  An attractive        black WOMAN stands on the other side of the security        screen.  Alonzo waves the menu.                                ALONZO                  Search Warrant.  Unlock the door                  and back away.        She does, Alonzo snaps it open, rushes in, Jake follows.        INT. LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS ACTION - DAY        Jake and Alonzo swinging guns around the room.  There's        two scared toddlers in a play pen.  The Woman on the        couch, pissed.                                JAKE                  Stand up, ma'am.        He searches the couch for a weapon.                                ALONZO                  Anyone else in the house, ma'am?                                WOMAN                  My nephew, Dimitri.  He in the                  bedroom.  The boy is ten.                                ALONZO                  Cover her.  Gonna clear the house.                                JAKE                  You can sit.  Please keep your                  hands on your knees.        Alonzo exits through a doorway into the kitchen.                                ALONZO (O.S.)                  Kitchen's clear!        We HEAR Alonzo moving through the bedrooms.                                ALONZO (O.S.)                  Bedrooms're clear!  Bringing out                  the kid!        Alonzo marches Dimitri, 10, into the living room.  The        youngster trembles.                                ALONZO                  S'okay, son, we're the good guys.                  Go sit on the couch with your                  aunt -- House is code-four.  Gonna                  start my search.        Alonzo exits.  The Woman glares at Jake.                                WOMAN                  I wanna read the warrant.                                JAKE                         (reacts)                  My partner has it.        She looks out the window at the empty street.                                WOMAN                  Where's your back-up?                                JAKE                  Ma'am, please be quiet while we                  conduct our investigation.                                WOMAN                  You got the gun, boss.                         (sotto)                  Crooked-ass motherfuckers.        The kids stare at Jake like an occupying soldier.  He        crosses to Dimitri, smiles.                                JAKE                  Hey, little man.  How's it going?        Jake tries to shake.  Dimitri crosses his arms, looks        away.  The Woman smirks.        O.S., the SOUNDS of Alonzo tearing apart the bedrooms        like a hurricane.  Making a hell of a mess.        The Woman stands.                                JAKE                  Ma'am.  Stay seated.                                WOMAN                  Who you be thinkin'?  Comin' in                  like you pay the rent.                                JAKE                  Ma'am, sit down.                                WOMAN                  Both ya'lls stink.  Drinkin' all                  day.  Gotta get liquored up to do                  business?        Alonzo is suddenly quiet.  Jake backs to the doorway,        peeks around it.  Sees a dresser with a mirror.        IN MIRROR        Alonzo shoves something big down his raidjacket.        BACK TO SCENE                                JAKE                  Siddown.                                WOMAN                  Gonna shoot me, boss?  Kids, don't                  look.  The drunk policeman gonna                  shoot me now.        Alonzo enters, excited, grinning.                                ALONZO                  Didn't find shit.  Let's go --                  Sorry about the inconvenience,                  ma'am.  Thank you for your                  cooperation.        He and Jake head for the door.                                WOMAN                  I wanna see the warrant.                                ALONZO                  Here.        He hands her the menu as they exit.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD - DAY        At the end of the block, three big GANGSTERS buy        popsicles from a Mexican vendor.        ANOTHER ANGLE        The Woman bursts out of the house, screams at Jake and        Alonzo as they climb in the G-Ride.                                WOMAN                  Fuckin' jackers!  You ain't no                  fuckin' police!  Get the fuck back                  here with my money!        She sees the gangsters.                                WOMAN                  Why ya'll standin' there lookin'                  pretty?!  Blast them fools!        The gangsters trade looks.  Start running towards --        G-RIDE        Alonzo sees the gangsters.  Tries STARTING the CAR.  The        engine won't catch.                                ALONZO                  C'mon, baby.  Don't do me like                  that.        The gangsters getting closer.                                ALONZO                  Fuckin' bitch!  Start!        Nothing.  Alonzo piles out.  Raises the hood, taps the        carb with the butt of his gun.                                ALONZO                  Start it!        Jake twists the screwdriver.  No dice.  He sees a Glock        pulled from a waistband.  Alonzo tapping.                                JAKE                  Gun!  Gun!  Gun!                                ALONZO                  Start it!        VAROOM!  Alonzo slams the hood.  Climbs in.  SQUEALS from        the driveway.        The armed gangster drops to one knee.        The G-Ride tear-asses away in Glock's sights.        POP!-POP!-POP!-POP!-POP!        A ROUND SHATTERS a taillight.        ANOTHER pierces the trunk --        INT. G-RIDE - CONTINUOUS ACTION - DAY        -- the back seat -- the front seat -- the six pack -- and        finally the dash.        Jake reacting to beer spray.  Alonzo rounds the corner,        tosses the wounded cans out the window.                                ALONZO                  Shit... Let's hit a liquor store.        Jake fingers the hole in the dash.                                ALONZO                  Gun!  Gun!  Gun!        Jake startles, Alonzo laughing.                                ALONZO                  First time you been shot at?                                JAKE                         (lies)                  No.                                ALONZO                  Yeah, it is.                                JAKE                  That wasn't cool.  That wasn't                  cool at all.  What the fuck were                  you doing in there?                                ALONZO                  Looking for narcotics activity.                  Scales.  Baggies.  Guns.  Coke.                  Bud.  Etcetera.                                JAKE                  Cash...?                                ALONZO                  Say it, motherfucker.                                JAKE                  She was screaming about money.                                ALONZO                  Bitch was talking shit.  Trying to                  get us blasted by her homies.        Jake's eyes fall to a brick-shaped bulge under Alonzo's        raid jacket.                                ALONZO                  What?                                JAKE                  I dunno.  I'm just a new guy.  A                  daisy-fresh scuzz-head boot.  You                  tell me what.                                ALONZO                  I don't deny my shit stinks.  I                  will never deny that.  So why do I                  got the best arrest and conviction                  record in the county.  Why?                  'Cause I don't handicap myself                  with bullshit.                                JAKE                  I thought that bullshit served a                  purpose.                                ALONZO                  You thought wrong.  There's                  hemorrhoids walking free on the                  streets right now who've killed                  fuckin' three, four, five people.                  I know it, they know it, every                  detective on payroll knows it.                  Why do these turds still float                  around?  The rules.  I take down                  the duly deserving.  I'm not                  locking up Mr. Nine-to-five, Mr.                  Family Provider.        Jake shaking his head angrily.                                ALONZO                  C'mon, communicate.  What aren't                  you saying?  Talk to me.        A beat.  Then Jake fixes Alonzo with a stare.                                JAKE                  I think... I think you're a rogue                  cop.        Alonzo laughs his ass off.  Wipes his eyes, he laughs so        hard.                                ALONZO                  Fuckin' Hoyt, man.  Know what?                  You're alright.  You are alright.        Jake gives him an "I'm not stupid" look.                                ALONZO                  You're in a privileged position to                  learn a thing or two if you can                  keep your mouth shut and your eyes                  open.  If you're serious about                  doing good out in the real world,                  this is the place to learn how.                  If this shit shakes you up, go                  back to Division and cry to the                  Watch Commander.  He'll find you a                  nice job lighting flares and                  measuring wrecks.  Decide now if                  you want to be a wolf or a sheep.                  If you want on my squad, I'll sign                  your card.        Alonzo stops the car.  Reaches over and opens Jake's        door.                                ALONZO                  If not, get out of my car.        Jake looks at Alonzo, he turns away and reacts.        JAKE'S POV        They are parked in front of a police station, steps lead        up to a pair of glass doors.        BACK TO SCENE        Jake sits there a beat.  He gives Alonzo a final look.        Then gets out of the car.        EXT. POLICE STATION - CONTINUOUS ACTION - DAY        Jake stiffly marches up the steps.  Then stops.  And        turns.  Alonzo staring at him.  Waiting for him to change        his mind.        A beat.  Jake shakes his head:  no.        SCREECH!  Alonzo is gone.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. POLICE STATION LOBBY - DAY        Jake badges the elderly sergeant desk and is buzzed into        the offices.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. POLICE STATION OFFICES - DAY        Jake stands just inside the door.  Taking in station        life.        HIS POV        Station queens of all sorts.  Overweight cops talk on the        phones.  Pension jockeys tap away at keyboards.  This is        about as far from the action as you can get.        BACK TO SCENE        Jake looks at a sign over a door:  "WATCH COMMANDER".        Instead of crossing to it.  Jake looks at his hands,        dirty and scraped from fighting.  Jake turns around and        exits.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. POLICE STATION - DAY        As Jake descends the steps, the G-Ride pulls up.  The        passenger door opens.  Jake climbs in.  Shuts the door.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - DAY        Alonzo holds out his hand.  Solemn.                                ALONZO                  Welcome to Narcotics, Officer                  Hoyt.        Jake beams, shakes his hand.                                JAKE                  I'm going to do my best.                                ALONZO                  You do and you'll run the unit                  someday.                         (a beat)                  You hungry?  Let's code seven.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. CENTRAL AVENUE - DAY        The G-Ride pulls onto a side street then winds its way        through a maze of shabby streets.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - DAY        Jake nervously glances around one of the toughest parts        of the city.  A strong point adorned with wrought iron        and concertina wire.                                JAKE                  What are you doing?  We'll be                  killed coming in here.                                ALONZO                  Oh, you've heard about this neck                  of the woods?                                JAKE                  No man's land.                         (points)                  You got Broadway there, dividing                  the eastside-westside Hispanic                  gangs.  And Adams Boulevard there                  is the only thing separating the                  Rolling Twenties Bloods from the                  Hoover Crips.  They said never                  come in here with anything less                  than a platoon.                                ALONZO                         (impressed)                  On top of that, area's an                  administrative nightmare.  Four                  L.A.P.D. Division boundaries meet                  here.  Rampart, Central, Southwest                  and Newton.  That makes everything                  that happens here the other guy's                  problem.        Jake is really uncomfortable.                                JAKE                  I thought we were going to eat.        Alonzo gives him a reassuring look and stops in front of        a cul-de-sac of run down houses and apartments.  He        HONKS.        A little kid runs out of the corner house.  He eyes        Alonzo then hops on his bike and rides OUT OF VIEW into        the cul-de-sac.  A beat.        The little kid returns.  Waves Alonzo into the cul-de-        sac.  Alonzo turns onto the dangerous dead-end, driving        around a poorly parked van.                                JAKE                  That little kid's a lookout.                                ALONZO                  Lots of eyes on us right now.                  Never come up in here without me.                  For your safety.  I'm serious.                                JAKE                  Okay.  Why do you have a golden                  pass?                                ALONZO                  Because I'm square with 'em.  But                  they know if the line is crossed,                  I'm leading the platoon in here.        Alonzo parks in front of some apartments.  Jake and        Alonzo get out.        An old woman sweeps her doorstep and glares at Jake.                                ALONZO                  Buenas tardes, Dona Lucila.        The old woman smiles, nods.        Jake and Alonzo pass a long driveway as they cross to        some stairs.        JAKE'S POV        At the far end of the driveway, gangsters work out and        drink.  One of them is benching over 300 pounds.        BACK TO SCENE                                ALONZO                  Don't look at them.        Alonzo and Jake climb the steps.                                ALONZO                  See that dude benching?                                JAKE                  Yeah, Jesus.                                ALONZO                  Exactly, you run into him; you                  pray.  Real quick hands for a big                  guy.  Used to make money boxing                  but he fucked that up.        Alonzo knocks on a door.                                JAKE                  What's here?                                ALONZO                  A loving touch.                                WOMAN (O.S.)                  Quien...?                                ALONZO                  Policia, senorita.        The door opens, there stands SARA, a ravishing Salvadoran        in a housedress.  She hugs Alonzo, plants a big kiss on        him --                                SARA                  Hi, papi.        -- then notices Jake and backs off.                                ALONZO                  He's just my new guy.        She holds out her hand.  They shake.                                SARA                  Hi.  How are you?                                JAKE                  Good, thank you.                                SARA                  Come in, come in.  Welcome to my                  house.        Alonzo enters, Jake follows.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. APARTMENT - DAY        The living room is filled with Salvadoran kitsch.  A 2-        year-old boy on the couch watches cartoons.  Alonzo        motions for Jake to sit.                                ALONZO                  You had a rough morning.  Relax                  and let her hook you up.        He disappears into the bedroom.  Sara hands Jake the        remote.                                SARA                  Here.  Take this.  I have cable.                  You watch what you want.  This is                  your house.  Don't be shy.        She crosses to the kitchen.  Sounds of POTS, DISHES.        Jake is about to change the channel.  The kid gives him a        look.  He puts away the remote.        Sara returns with a massive tray of food, chicken stew,        beans, rice, salad, tortillas, the works.  She sets the        mouth-watering spread before Jake.                                SARA                  This is El Salvador food.  I hope                  you like it.                                JAKE                  Thank you.  This is great.  I'm                  starving.        She hangs a beat, eabarrassed.                                SARA                  I'm sorry.  I have too...        Jake knows.  She runs off.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. BEDROOM - DAY        Sara hands Alonzo a beer.  Alonzo lays back on the bed        with a huge grin.  She surveys him, smiles.                                SARA                  Wow.  That's something different.                  You're smiling.                                ALONZO                  Wassup, woman?  Lookin' good                  today.                                SARA                         (unties his shoes)                  Well, happy man:  you didn't say                  'hi' to your son.  He's been                  asking for you.                                ALONZO                  Yeah, well... I will.        She removes his shoes, massages his feet.                                SARA                  How's your wife?                                ALONZO                  Why the fuck you comin' at me with                  all this shit?  Don't you have a                  brain?  I'm in a good fuckin' mood                  for the first time in who knows                  how the fuck long and you start                  talkin' shit.  Man.  Just shut the                  fuck up.  Take that shit off and                  get your ass in bed.                                SARA                         (crosses her arms, glares)                  I'm not a piece of something for                  you to bark at, mister.                                ALONZO                  I'm sorry.  Please get your ass in                  bed.  I gotta get back to work.        She thinks it over.  Slips off her dress -- Wow!                                SARA                  This is because I want to.  Not                  because you tell me to.                                ALONZO                  Whatever.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. LIVING ROOM - DAY (LATER)        Jake dozes, his plate wiped clean, an arm around the        little kid, still watching cartoons.  Alonzo enters,        invigorated, he kicks Jake's foot.                                ALONZO                  Let's go.  We're rollin'.  Gotta                  meeting in fifteen.        Jake stirs, stretches.  Stands.  Alonzo shows him the        door.                                ALONZO                  Go to the car.                                JAKE                  I wanna thank her for the food.                  It was great.                                ALONZO                  I'll tell her, don't worry.        Jake tussles the kid's hair.                                JAKE                  See you later, little man.        Jake exits.  Alonzo picks up his son.  Hugs him tight.        Kisses him.                                ALONZO                  Hey.  How you been?  Been good?                  Gettin' heavy, mister.  Mama says                  you miss me.        Sara watches from the bedroom doorway.  Seeing Alonzo        like this rips her apart more than anything he says.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - DAY        Near downtown.  The noon sun high and bright.                                JAKE                  What about your queen?                                ALONZO                  Sara's my princess.                                JAKE                  I like her.  She's a really cool                  lady.                                ALONZO                  So are her two sisters.  They look                  fuckin' good and they party.                  How'd you like to be in the middle                  of a bitch sandwich?  Come to                  Vegas with us.                                JAKE                  No, thanks.  I get mine at home.                                ALONZO                  You're missing out.  I should                  know.                                JAKE                  Her kid looks just like you.  He's                  number five.                                ALONZO                  Number six.                                JAKE                  Six kids.  That's all?  Or you                  holding royal court in a few more                  houses?                                ALONZO                  I'm only aware of six.                                JAKE                  It's easy to make a baby --                                ALONZO                  -- And hard to take care of one.                  Fuck you, okay?  No one's going                  hungry.  Everyone gets plenty of                  what they need:  toys, shoes,                  clothes.                                JAKE                  Love?        Alonzo shoots a look at Jake.                                ALONZO                  Let's not talk about my family.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. LA GOLONDRINA - DAY        A great place for lunch and cocktails.  Alonzo and Jake        cross to the entrance.  Alonzo, his raidjacket tucked        underarm, hands Jake some Visine.                                ALONZO                  Use it.        Jake does.  Alonzo opens the door.                                JAKE                  Who's here?                                ALONZO                  Don't speak unless spoken to.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. LA GOLONDRINA - DAY        A lunchtime business crowd dines in burgundy leather        booths amidst a forest of wrought úron.  Alonzo leads        Jake into:        INT. CORTEZ ROOM - CONTINUOUS ACTION - DAY        Empty.  Save for the back table.  Three scary 40ish        bruisers in nice suits, DOUG, STAN, AND LOU, share a        pitcher of beer.        Doug and Stan see Alonzo, react like they've seen a        ghost.  So Lou turns around, sees Alonzo.  And quickly        stands.        It's tense.  Like there could be a gunfight.  Jake's hand        creeps near his gun.        Alonzo and Lou converge, trading serious questions and        answers with their eyes.        Jake watches Stan and Doug.  They watch him.  Alonzo and        Lou grab hands grimly.                                LOU                         (softly)                  I don't know why I'm meeting you.                  I don't talk to dead men.                                ALONZO                         (smiles, winks)                  Ain't dead yet, you prick.        They shake vigorously, smile big.  Everyone relaxes.                                LOU                         (claps his back)                  Fuckin' Alonzo.  Heard you just                  tucked lucky number thirteen under                  your belt.  Hey, man.                  Congratulations.                                ALONZO                  Thanks, Lou.  What, marked your                  calendar?        Lou smiles, taps his temple.  Doug and Stan shake with        Alonzo.  It's clear he makes them uncomfortable.                                DOUG                  Congratulations.  Good to see you.                                STAN                  Congratulations.  You made it                  through another year of this                  madness.                                LOU                  Who the fuck is Ricky Rookie?        Alonzo grabs Jake's shoulder, pulls him into the huddle.                                ALONZO                  This is Jake Hoyt, first day on                  the squad.        Jake shakes Lou's hand.  Sees an LAPD Captain's badge on        his belt.  Jake realizes these guys are police        administrators.                                ALONZO                  Jake, this is Lou Jacobs,                  interagency task-force                  coordinator.  You ever have to                  talk to a fed, talk to this man                  first.  He'll get your back.                                JAKE                  Pleased to meet you, sir.                                ALONZO                  This is Stan Gursky, senior                  investigator for the L.A. County                  officer involved shooting team.                  Think about him before you pull a                  trigger, okay?  Stan will rock                  your world if you make a bad call.                                JAKE                         (shaking with Stan)                  Pleased to meet you, sir.                                ALONZO                  And this is Doug Marcab, Metro                  Burglary.  Does high-dollar cases                  for the Poodle crowd.  Your Van                  Gogh takes a trip.  Doug'll find                  it.                                JAKE                  Pleased to meet you, sir.        Lou takes Alonzo's arm.                                LOU                  Have a seat, guy.        Alonzo slides into the booth after Lou.                                ALONZO                         (to Jake)                  Shoo, boy.  Shoo.        He points out the adjacent booth.  Jake crosses, sits,        his back to their table.                                LOU                  Seems like a good kid.        An attractive tall blonde waitress, JULIE, brings a fresh        pitcher of beer.                                ALONZO                  Fuckin' elbow benders read my                  mind.                                LOU                  Look's like you're way ahead of us.                                ALONZO                  I'm always a step ahead of you                  guys.        Julie smiles at Alonzo.                                JULIE                  There's the mystery man.  Thought                  you gave up on us.  What've you                  been up to?                                ALONZO                  Been good.                                JULIE                  More bad than good, right?                                ALONZO                  You know it.                                JULIE                  Mmmm-hmmm.  You need to eat.                  Combo plate?                                ALONZO                  No.  I'm good.  Toss the kid,                  there, a taco and a beer.        Alonzo grabs the pitcher, starts pouring.  Julie walks        away.                                ALONZO                  Why the long face, Doug?  Feds                  seize your house or something?        Chuckles from Lou and Stan.                                DOUG                  Fuck you, Alonzo.                                STAN                  Doug had a bad day in court                  today -- Tell him what happened.                                DOUG                  You tell him, think it's so funny.                                STAN                  He went to a sentencing hearing.                  On a three strikes case against a                  silk-suit catburglar type.                  Fuckwad pulled fifteen Encino                  burglaries.                                DOUG                  Spent twelve months trying to                  catch the suspect, a real                  slickster, gave up nothing.                  Captain rode my ass the entire                  time.  What broke it?  Luck.                  Caught in the act by a fuckin'                  patrolman.  We had him.                  It was the prosecutor's first                  serial burglary case but he slam-                  dunked it from a stepladder.                  Clockwork trial.  Jury deliberates                  half a day.  Comes back guilty on                  ten out of eleven counts.  The                  fuckbag was looking at a twenty-                  five mininum.                                STAN                  Mininum.  Bye-bye, toilet-licker.                                DOUG                  Sentencing was today --                                LOU                  -- Judge is female.                                DOUG                  Right.  Female judge.                                ALONZO                  Who?                                DOUG                  Landers.  The stress-case                  brunette.                                ALONZO                  I know her.  Sharp lady.                                DOUG                  Before this guy goes to the                  hearing, he gets a hold of some                  peanut butter and packs his ass                  crack with it.  So there he is,                  standing tall before the bench to                  give his statement and he shoves                  his hand down his pants and comes                  out with a gob of fuckin' extra-                  chunky Jiff.  Could'a heard a pin                  drop.  Bailiffs wouldn't come near                  him.  He looks the judge right in                  her eyes and licks his fingers                  clean.  Holy shit.  The judge, she                  screams.  All these homeowners are                  there to read statements, they run                  out of screaming.        Alonzo is breaking up.  Stan and Lou, too.        ON JAKE        laughing too.  Julie returns with a beer and a taco        plate.  And walks away with a flirty smile.        BACK TO STAN                                STAN                  No, wait, here's the punchline...                                DOUG                  Judge Landers, she says:                         (falsetto)                  Oh, this poor man's insane, he                  can't go to prison.                         (himself, grim)                  She ordered him to psychiatric.                                ALONZO                         (floored)                  You are fucking kidding.  She fell                  for it?                                DOUG                  Time she found out it was sandwich                  spread, the order was signed and                  he'd been transferred.                                ALONZO                  Proceedings closed.                                DOUG                  Proceedings closed.                                STAN                  Fucker'll do six months in the                  puzzle factory before they say                  he's normal and kick him loose.                                DOUG                  So a maggot gnaws on a                  wrinkleneck.  Real or not, lock                  him up.  He's repulsive not                  insane.                                LOU                  Little kids eat their own shit.                                STAN                  Not my kids, Lou.                                ALONZO                  It's called coprolagnia.  People                  do it for sex kicks.                                STAN                  Bullshit.  How do you know?                                ALONZO                  Had a case when I worked vice.                                LOU                  Only in America.                                ALONZO                  If the asshole's clever enough to                  play the system like that, I say                  he earned his freedom.                                DOUG                  I see him on the street, I'm gonna                  fuckin' do him.                                ALONZO                  Take his bullets, Stan.        Laughs.  Alonzo pours a fresh round.                                ALONZO                  Hey, listen to this, my new guy,                  right?  Been showing him around                  town.  Scored some reefer for him                  to smoke.  But he wouldn't.  So I                  run through the whole bit, the gun                  to the head.  Everything.  'Okay,'                  he says.  I light up and it stinks                  like burnt rubber, right?  I pass                  it to him anyway.        The detectives grin knowingly.                                STAN                  You're an asshole.                                DOUG                  Kid's gotta learn.                                ALONZO                  He sucks the shit down.  Showing                  me he can hang.  We're in                  MacArthur Park and he starts                  screaming and jumps out of the                  fuckin' car.  And runs down the                  street.  Omigod.  I thought he                  lost it.        The detectives are hooked.  So is...        JAKE        Listening, sipping beer.                                ALONZO                  So I chase him down this alley                  and, holy shit, he's jamming two                  huge crackheads and there's this                  pretty girl with a bloody nose.                  Kid stopped a rape.                                STAN                  No shit.                                ALONZO                  No shit.                                LOU                  Kid's got a magic eye.                                ALONZO                  That's what I told him.  Kid's a                  prince.        Jake beams with beer-buzzed pride.        ON DETECTIVES                                ALONZO                  His first day on the squad and                  know what he tells me?                         (pathetic voice)                  'You're a rogue cop.'        Roars of laughter from the Detectives.  Lou refills        beers, holds up his glass for a toast.                                LOU                  Okay.  Okay, ladies... Here's to                  the craziest, most bounce back,                  nine lives cop to darken the                  streets of this fine city.                  Congratulations for -- ahem --                  honorably completing thirteen                  years in the most fickle job a man                  could be married to.        Glasses clink.  The men drink.  Lou turns to Alonzo,        quiet, serious.                                LOU                  You should be at Division hiding                  under a desk.                                ALONZO                  Best way to fix a problem is to                  look it in the eye.                                LOU                  I'm not the problem.        ON JAKE        He turns, sees it's a serious pow-wow.  Overhears:                                STAN                  Heard you had an expensive weekend                  in Vegas.  How'd you fuck up so                  bad?                                ALONZO                  How could I know?  Vegas ain't my                  town.  I'm not omniscient.                                LOU                  You should hop a jet outta here.                                ALONZO                  Why?  It's an easy fix.                                LOU                         (laughs)                  How?                                ALONZO                  I can cash out an account.                                STAN                  Whose?                                ALONZO                  One of mine.  My first.        The three suits shudder, trade looks.                                LOU                  You're fucked up.                                ALONZO                  Someone steps on his tail, he'll                  cry like a coyote.  I can't keep                  him off the radar forever.  He's a                  security risk.                                LOU                  Do your job and no one steps on                  his tail.                                ALONZO                  Fuck him.  I'm taxing him.        A beat.  Lou acquiesces.                                LOU                  It's your call.        Alonzo smiles.  And the men speak in hushed tones.  Jake        turns to look.        JAKE'S POV        Lou, Doug, Stan and Alonzo stare back at him.        BACK TO SCENE        Jake snaps his eyes to his plate.  The men murmur.  Julie        arrives with a fresh beer.  Softly:                                JULIE                  You should know when not to                  listen.        She quickly exits.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. LA GOLONDRINA - DAY        Alonzo and Jake exit.  It's obvious something big is        going down.  Alonzo is excited, happy, the raid jacket        underarm.  He crosses to the valet --                                ALONZO                  Gimme the keys for the grey one.        -- receives a key ring.  Alonzo crosses to one of three        plush unmarked Crown Victorias in the lot.  Jake watches        him open the trunk and empty his jacket inside.  Alonzo        returns the keys to the valet.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - DAY        Alonzo drives away.  Dials his cell phone.                                ALONZO                  It's me.  We gotta green light.                  Fax the warrant to the clerk and                  tell her to get the judge to sign                  it.  I want you and Paul to bring                  it to the van.  And bring some                  picks and shovels.  Sign 'em out                  from maintenance.  Copy that?                         (beat)                  Good.  Hurry the fuck up.        He hangs up.                                JAKE                  How much was in your jacket?                                ALONZO                  Forty G's.                                JAKE                  What for?                                ALONZO                  You wanna know?                                JAKE                  I wanna know.                                ALONZO                  Nothing's free in this world.  Not                  even an arrest warrant.        Jake didn't want to know.                                JAKE                  Who's it for?                                ALONZO                  A real bag of shit.  A genuine bad                  guy.  Been investigating this vile                  bastard for ten years.  He's a big                  fish in a big pond.  Today I fry                  him.  The squad's gonna get some                  glory.  Talkin' name-making shit.                  We'll be getting handshakes from                  the Chief and Mayor.  Wanna piece,                  new guy?        A beat.  Jake smiles.  Sounds good.                                JAKE                  Hell, yeah.  I wanna piece.                                ALONZO                  Knew you would.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. ALLEY - DAY        In an old, hilly L.A. neighborhood near downtown.  The G-        Ride parks.  Alonzo and Jake exit.  Cross to a Pacific        Bell repair van that Alonzo knocks on.                                VOICE                  Go away.                                ALONZO                  Daddy's home.  Open up.        The door opens.  Alonzo and Jake climb in.        INT. STAKEOUT VAN - CONTINUOUS ACTION - DAY        Crammed with surveillance gear.  Monitors show        neighborhood streets, houses.  TIM and JEFF, late 2O's,        dressed in jeans but obviously cops, play Streetfighter        II.  The stubbly pair has been holed up for two days.        Jeff knocks Tim out.                                TIM                  Jerk.                                JEFF                  The chick always wins.        Jake and Alonzo sit on milk crates.  Jake examines the        fascinating gear.  Tim opens the cooler he sits on,        tosses beers to Alonzo and Jake.                                ALONZO                  Guess what, guys.  Jake's joined                  the team.                                TIM                  Great.                         (shakes)                  Here's my official welcome to the                  squad handshake.                                JAKE                  Thanks.        Jeff and Jake shake next.                                JEFF                  Welcome aboard.  How's the first                  day?  Don't worry.  Gets worse.        Tim hits PLAY on a VCR.                                TIM                  Check this out.        ON VIDEO MONITOR        Two amorphous human heat signatures hump with compeling        intensity on infrared surveillance video.        BACK TO SCENE                                ALONZO                  What's this shit?                                TIM                  Infrared.  Trained a thermal scope                  on a house down the street.                                JEFF                  Some Asian chick.  Lives alone.                  Everyday some asshole from work                  follows her home, throws in some                  pumps and bails.                                TIM                  This was too good to pass up.  You                  know we love yellow-tail.  Check                  this out.        ON MONITOR        Same couple, same intensity, clearly seen through a        window via a camera atop a phone pole.                                TIM                  I threw on the climbing irons and                  got a camera on her window.                                JEFF                  This afternoon we're spiking her                  wall for sound.        Tim and Jeff beam proudly.                                ALONZO                  No.  You're not.  Erase that shit.        They trade looks.                                ALONZO                  I'm not fuckin' kidding!  Erase                  that shit.  And any other horny                  housewife tapes you made.  Right                  fuckin' now!        Alonzo smacks the back of Tim's head.  Tim hits the VTR        buttons.                                TIM                  Ow, man.  I'm erasing.  Jesus.        Alonzo studies a clipboard.  Hurls it at Jeff.                                ALONZO                  What's this?  Day camp sign-in?                  Redo the logs.  Neatly.                         (taps a blank monitor)                  Why isn't this on?                                TIM                  Respect.  I don't wanna watch the                  dude in his living room.        Alonzo CLICKS it ON.  Rewinds the tape of the VTR it's        connected to.                                JEFF                  Why are you being a dick?  What's                  wrong?                                ALONZO                  What's wrong?  All you've done for                  two days is jerk off and play                  sega.  You pinheads even see me in                  there this morning?                                JEFF                  No one went in there this morning.                                ALONZO                  I should snap your neck.        Instead, he hits play.        INSERT - MONITOR        A living room.  A familiar one -- Three beepers, three        cell phones on the coffee table.  Roger in his bathrobe,        having a drink with Jake and Alonzo.        BACK TO SCENE        Jake stares at the screen, stunned to see himself.  Jake        gives Alonzo a confused look.                                JEFF                  Okay.  I'm sorry.  We haven't been                  diligent.  How can we take this                  gig seriously?  Who's gonna fuck                  with him?                                ALONZO                  We're gonna fuck with him.  We're                  serving an arrest warrant.        Tim and Jeff trade serious looks.                                JEFF                  We can't arrest Roger.        Alonzo ejects the tape.  Tosses it to Tim.                                ALONZO                  Erase it.        Alonzo notices an unmarked police sedan pull up to the        van.                                ALONZO                  Here we go.  Least someone on the                  squad has their shit squared away.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. ALLEY - DAY        The sedan parks by th G-Ride.  Out steps MARK, a black        clothes horse in Italian silk.  And PAUL, a steely-eyed,        clean-cut chicano in a turtleneck.  The van doors open.        Jeff and Tim climb out.                                JEFF                  Nice suit, Mark.                                TIM                  Beautiful suit.        Now Alonzo and Jake get out.  Six cops huddled in an        alley.  Jake fits right in with the motley bunch.  Paul        hands Alonzo the warrant.                                ALONZO                  Thanks.  My picks and shovels?                                MARK                  In the trunk.  Gonna dig a ditch?                                ALONZO                  You are.  Great suit.                                MARK                  Fuck you.                                ALONZO                         (shakes with Paul)                  Howdy, killer.                                PAUL                  Alonzo, what the fuck's going on?                                ALONZO                  Don't worry.  I talked to the                  three wise men.  It's all good.        His men trade looks, they have total trust in him.  Jake        is a little nervous.                                PAUL                  If we can get away with it, let's                  go for it.  Fuck Roger.                         (re:  Jake)                  Who's this?                                JAKE                  Jake Hoyt.  First day in the unit.                  I'm coming from Van Nuys patrol.        He holds out his hand.  Paul scoffs.                                PAUL                  Why's he in on this shit?                                ALONZO                  Gotta pop his cherry sometime.                                PAUL                         (to Jake)                  Stay outta my way, boot.        Alonzo notes Jake's unease, shows him the warrant.                                ALONZO                  It's the real deal.  Signed by the                  judge.  Thank the Sandman.                                PAUL                  Roger's not gonna be too keen on                  going back to the pokey.                                ALONZO                  I don't care what Roger thinks.                         (addresses everyone)                  Our safety comes first.  He gives                  us shit, we give him lead.  Let's                  do this right so everyone can go                  home and do the wife and girl                  friend thing tonight.                         (checks his watch)                  Suit up, ladies.  Time to punch in.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. ROGER'S HOUSE - DAY        Five cops crouch outside the door with shotguns, machine        pistols.  Assault vests and helmets worn over civvies.        Jake and Jeff to one side.  Paul, Mark and Tim to the        other.        Paul and Mark give the door several quick, powerful        kicks.  Wood splits, hinges tear.  It falls open.  The        five cops surge into:        INT. ROGER'S HOUSE - CONTINUOUS ACTION - DAY        Roger reads on the couch, the morning paper.  He's non-        plussed to find himself surrounded by police, weapons.                                MARK                  Freeze up!  You need to not move,                  breath, think or blink.                                ROGER                  What are you clowns doing here?                                PAUL                  Shut up! -- New guy!  His hands                  move, blast him.        Jake aiming his shotgun at Roger's head.                                JAKE                  I'm on him.        Roger, holding his newspaper, recognizes Jake.                                ROGER                  You know what you're doing, son?        Jake nods:  yes.                                PAUL                  Drop what's in your hands.  Before                  zero.  Five.  Four.  Three.  Two.        CLUNK-CLUNK!  Two tiny derringers hit the coffee table.        Roger had been palming them.  Paul sweeps them aside with        his foot.  The cops relax a little.        Roger folds his paper.  Sets it down, takes off his        reading glasses.  A principal besieged by truants.                                ROGER                  Alonzo's gonna kill you guys.        Alonzo enters the shattered door.  Holding picks,        shovels.  He drops the tools.  They crash to the floor.        Roger crosses his arms and glares at his friend.                                ROGER                  What's going down, Alonzo?                                ALONZO                  I had lunch with the three wise                  men.  You gotta render unto                  Caesar.        Roger sees the tools and knows exactly what they are for.                                ROGER                  Those goddamn vampires want my                  pension.                                ALONZO                  No, man, it's not like that.                  You're just getting taxed.  They                  got their boat payments and God                  knows what.  I'm sorry.  They're                  makin' me do it.  I'm just a lowly                  civil servant.                                ROGER                  Fuck you.  You're their bitch.                  What happens with me?                                ALONZO                  Don't worry, bro.  I promised                  you'd never go back to prison.  I                  got your back.  You won't even                  miss what I'm gonna take.  I hate                  doing this.  Orders is orders.                  Sorry, dog.                                ROGER                  No, you ain't.  Cop.                                ALONZO                         (to Tim and Jeff)                  You guys are gonna work.  Get the                  tools.                         (grabs Jake's shotgun)                  Gimme the boomer.        Tim and Jeff gather the tools.  Alonzo hands Jake a pick        and leads the three men to a bedroom door.  Roger pours a        slug of Crown Royal as Paul and Mark guard him.                                ROGER                  Who's paying for my floor?                                ALONZO                  The city.        INT. BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS ACTION - DAY        Alonzo flips the bed.  Taps the floor with his toe.                                ALONZO                  Open the floor.  Right here.        Jake, Tim and Jeff begin chopping.  It's quick work to        tear a large hole in the wood.                                ALONZO                  Hop in, Hoyt.  Couple'a of feet                  down, there's a locker.        Jake jumps in.  Attacking dirt with his pick.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. BEDROOM - DAY (10 MINUTES LATER)        Jake, Tim and Jeff haul a trash-bag-wrapped footlocker        out of the hole.                                JAKE                  What's in it?                                ALONZO                  Open it.        Jake tears away trash bags.  Alonzo takes a pick and        snaps the lock.  Jake opens the lid -- taped bundles        inside.                                JAKE                  It's coke?                                ALONZO                  Go ahead.  It won't bite.        Jake grabs a bundle.  Hefts it in his hand.                                JAKE                  Hmmm.  A good five kilos.        Alonzo hands him a penknife.  Jake pokes a hole --        nothing pours out.                                ALONZO                  Cut the damn thing open.        Jake does -- it is a brick of fifty dollar bills.  Alonzo        is relieved to see the money.  Jake likes its heft.                                JAKE                  This is sweet.                                ALONZO                  That's a hundred grand in your hot                  little hands.  There's four                  million bucks in there.        Alonzo slaps Jack's back.                                ALONZO                  First day on the job and you're in                  on a three million dollar seizure.                                JAKE                  You said four.                                ALONZO                  Told you, nothing's for free.                  Gotta grease the rails to make the                  big moves.        Alonzo grabs a pillowcase.  Tosses bricks of fifties in        it.  Hands it to Jake.                                ALONZO                  Here.  Lucky to get this, day-one-                  motherfucker.                                JAKE                  What's this?                                ALONZO                  Sweet green clean legal tender.                  Start the kid's college fund                  early.  Get the old lady a                  minivan.        However pleasant the heft, Jake could never accept.  He        returns the pillowcase to Alonzo.                                JAKE                  No way.  Only checks I cash say                  City of L.A. on 'em.                                JEFF                  Someone didn't sleep through Ethics.                                ALONZO                  You said you wanted a piece.                                JAKE                  Not like this.                                ALONZO                  I understand.  I'II hold on to it                  for you.  Not everyone's                  comfortable the first time --                  Let's wrap up.        Alonzo drops the pillowcase in the locker.  Exits.  Jake,        Tim and Jeff follow.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. LIVING ROOM - DAY        Roger reads a Vegas odds paper.  Alonzo, Tim, Jeff and        Jake enter.  Roger glares at Alonzo.                                ROGER                  What have I done to those guys?                  Are they nuts?  Am I supposed to                  stand still and let them horsefuck                  me?                                ALONZO                  No.  We can put you out of your                  misery.        Alonzo tosses Jake the shotgun.                                ALONZO                  Lemme tell you a secret, Hoyt.  If                  you kill someone on duty, they                  have to be your slave in the                  afterlife.                         (points to Roger)                  There you go.  Start an entourage.                                JAKE                  You want me to shoot him?        Paul, Mark, Tim and Jeff snicker, crack smiles.  Roger        too.  Jake plays along, points the shotgun at Roger.                                ROGER                  You'd be doin' me a favor, kid.                                JAKE                  Bang -- There.        He lowers the weapon.                                ALONZO                  Not gonna to do it?                                JAKE                  Of course not.  This isn't funny.        Alonzo smiles.  Takes the shotgun from him.                                ALONZO                  Man, youngsters these days.  Can't                  get shit done unless you do it                  yourself.        Alonzo aims at Roger...        BOOM!  Roger is punched ragged with BUCKSHOT, lifted off        his couch, knocked into the wall.        Jake jumps back.        A peal of laughter from Tim.  Contagious giggles from the        others.  Roger gurgles.  Jake stares wide-eyed at Alonzo.                                JAKE                  Holy shit!        Jake's shock elicits more giggles from the squad.                                PAUL                  Finish him.        Jake watches Alonzo cross to Roger, blindly gasping.                                ALONZO                  He's finished.        Alonzo takes one of Roger's derringers from the floor.        Slaps it in the dying man's hand.                                ALONZO                  C'mere, Jeff.  You took fire                  coming through the door.        Jeff smiles, gets in position so Alonzo can shoot him.                                JEFF                  Alright.  Gonna get some time off.        He braces himself.  Alonzo aims Roger's hand.  Pop!  A        BULLET THWACKS harmlessly into Jeff's vest.  He removes        his sunglasses from a pocket.                                JEFF                  Watch my Oakleys.        Jake looking at Roger, it's hard watching him die.        Again Jeff braces.  Pop!  The THWACK of another BULLET.                                ALONZO                  How's that?        Jeff probing his hand under the vest.                                JEFF                  Fine.        Alonzo drops the gun in an envelope marked:  EVIDENCE        HANDGUN.  Jake can't believe what he just saw.                                ALONZO                  Listen up.  This is the scenario.                  Mark and Paul kick the door.  Jeff                  is first through.  Roger opens                  fire.  Hits Jeff twice.        Jeff coughs -- bright foamy blood in his hand.                                JEFF                  Oh, shit.                                ALONZO                  One go through?        Jeff answers by coughing more blood.  Tim runs to him.                                TIM                  Siddown, dude.        Jeff does.  Tim opens the vest -- a hole in a seam on the        edge.  Underneath, bruised puckered flesh drools blood.                                TIM                  You shot him!                                JEFF                  You fuckin' shot me!                                TIM                  Call a rescue.                                ALONZO                  You're fine.  You'll get a medal.                                JEFF                  Call the R.A.!                                ALONZO                  Let me run the scenario and I                  will.  Okay -- Mark and Paul kick                  the door.  First through is Jeff.                  Bang.  Bang.  Gets hit.  Wounded.                  Second through is our new guy,                  Hoyt.  He drops the suspect with                  some fine shotgun work.                         (points at Mark)                  Who shot Roger?                                MARK                  The new guy.  Came in spraying.                                ALONZO                  Paul?                                PAUL                  The boot shot him.                                ALONZO                  What'd you guys see?                                TIM                  Hoyt blasted him.                                JEFF                  Hoyt went for it -- Now will you                  get me a fucking rescue ambulance?        Jake looks at these guys.  They look back, smiling,        smirking.  He feels dizzy, sick as the nightmare sinks        in.        Jeff coughs blood.  Alonzo tosses his rover to Paul.                                PAUL                         (into rover)                  Eleven forty-nine.  Nine-nine-                  eight.  Shots fired.  Shots fired.                  Man down.  Fifty-nine fifty-one                  Baxter Street.                                ALONZO                         (slaps Jake's back)                  Good job, son.  Congratulations.                  Gonna get a medal of valor.                                JAKE                  ... I didn't shoot him...                                ALONZO                  Roomful of cops says you did.                                JAKE                  Fuck you.  I don't care.  I didn't                  shoot him.  You did.        Alonzo pulls his gun.  Aims at Jake's face.                                ALONZO                         (as a newscaster)                  A Los Angeles Police Department                  narcotics officer was killed                  serving a high risk warrant in                  Echo Park today.  An L.A.P.D.                  spokesperson said the young                  officer was survived by his wife                  and infant child.                         (himself)                  Shit gets deeper.  Get the picture?                                JAKE                  I got the picture.        Jake strikes -- twists back Alonzo's gun sharply --        sweeps away his legs with a kick.        Alonzo finds himself on his back, Jake's knee on his        neck, staring down the maw of his own pistol.                                JAKE                  That's the second time you've                  stuck a gun in my face.  Won't be                  a third.        Paul presses his Beretta against Jake's temple.                                PAUL                  Be my pleasure putting a                  hydrashock in your melon.        Tim, Jeff, Mark gawk at the Mexican standoff.                                PAUL                  But I'm gonna be cool.  Open your                  hand slowly.  Drop the weapon.        Jake's free hand inches to his holstered gun --                                JAKE                         (super-calm)                  Hey, sorry, man.  Relax, okay7        -- and snatches it -- He swings on Tim -- who swings his        .45 on Jake.  A three-way standoff.                                JAKE                  Wanna shoot me, Paul?  Go ahead.                  Because these two are gonna be                  wiping my ass in the netherworld.        A beat.  Then:                                TIM                  Alonzo.  This is bad.                                PAUL                  This dude's a fuckin' fed.                                ALONZO                  He's no fed.  Just a choirboy with                  heart who got the drop on you                  fools.  Everyone, let's take a                  deep breath and defuse this --                  Jake?  You hear me?                                JAKE                  You can't just spring this shit on                  me.  I never signed up for this.                                ALONZO                  I hear you.  I know you're                  angry -- Paul, Tim, please put                  down your guns.                                TIM                  Hell no.                                PAUL                  Choirboy first.        SIRENS approach.  Lots of them.                                ALONZO                  Both of you:  guns down.  Now.        Paul and Tim reluctantly lower their weapons.  Jake lifts        his knee off Alonzo's neck, stands and backs away, aiming        both pistols at Alonzo, who climbs to his feet.                                ALONZO                  Jake, use your ears and listen.                  Sometimes we take shit all the                  way.  That's the nature of the                  game.  We don't do this every day.                  No one will ever again ask you to                  pull a trigger you don't want to                  -- Mark, where're you                  transferring to?                                MARK                  Westside Homicide.                                ALONZO                  Westside Homicide -- Only made                  detective last test.  Jake, give                  me eighteen months and I'll give                  you a career.  We make the big                  arrests.  We make the big                  seizures.  When someone's in my                  unit they're in all the way or not                  at all.  I thought you were man                  enough to handle this shit.        Alonzo calmly pours himself a whisky.                                ALONZO                  Five proven, decorated officers                  say you were the shooter.                  Investigators are gonna pull a                  tube of your blood and test for                  intoxicants.  Remember all the                  P.C.P. you smoked today?        Jake does, wincing at his stupidity.                                JAKE                  You've been planning this all day.                                ALONZO                  I've been planning this all week.                  You start talking crazy shit, I                  will make sure the right sample                  goes to the lab.                  Still wanna talk your babynuts                  around the block?  You won't make                  it to the corner.  But if you're                  cool.  You're a hero.  A virgin                  shooter above suspicion.        Jake looks at Roger, gasping like a beached carp.  The        SIRENS are getting closer.  Alonzo gulps his drink and --        Pfffffst!  Spits the booze in Jake's face.        Jake is blinded.  Paul seizes Jake's wrists and aims the        pistols at the ceiling.  Alonzo wrenches the pistols from        his hands.        Jake wipes his eyes, looks at the roomful of crazy cops,        scared.  Paul points at Roger's other derringer, laying        on the carpet.                                PAUL                  Alonzo, there's two shots in that                  stinger.  Let's kill your boy                  right now and say Roger dumped him                  coming through the door.        Mark, Tim, Jeff like the idea.  Jake doesn't.  And lucky        for him, neither does Alonzo.  He stands protectively in        front of Jake.                                ALONZO                  No.  We're not killing him.  He's                  a good guy.  Man's got the magic.                  Just having a little freakout is                  all.  We've all been there.  I say                  he's cool.  No one's gonna hurt                  him.        Jake and Alonzo trade a look.  The SIRENS are close.        Alonzo returns Jake his gun.                                ALONZO                  Hoyt, you gotta decision to make.                  In thirty seconds, this place will                  be overrun with patrolmen.  Go                  outside and clear your head.  Or                  shoot me now.        Jake is only too happy to get out of there.  Jake crosses        to exit, pauses, an afterthought?                                JAKE                  Hey, Paul.        Crack!  Jake nails his jaw.  Paul staggers, almost falls.        To Jake as he exits:                                PAUL                  You're dead!  I'm takin' you out.                  I don't care.                                ALONZO                  Kick back, Wyatt Earp.  Gotta                  respect a motherfucker who puts                  you on queer street with one                  punch.        Alonzo catches his men trading looks.                                ALONZO                  Kid's got more balls than all you                  faggots combined.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. ROGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD - LONG SHOT - ROGER'S HOUSE        - DAY        from a distant hilltop.  The ambulances and black and        whites out front shimmer in golden afternoon heat.  OVER:                                PARAMEDIC (V.O.)                         (filtered)                  Patient is a white male                  approximately forty years old, six                  one, two hundred fifty pounds.                  Eight buckshot wounds in the                  torso.  First wound:  left chest                  wall, fourth intercostal space,                  anterior axillary line.  Second                  and third wounds:  eighth                  intercostal space, mid-clavicular                  line.  Fourth and fifth wounds:                  right chest wall.  Tenth                  intercostal space.  Posterior                  axillary line.        Two distance-distorted LAPD paramedics wheel out Roger on        a stretcher.                                PARAMEDIC (V.O.)                         (filtered)                  Sixth wound:  left lower quadrant,                  mid-clavicular line.  Seventh                  wound:  left lower quadrant,                  anterior axillary line.                  Eighth wound is an exit wound.                  Left lower quadrant posterior                  axillary line.        ZOOM IN --        Amidst the heat mirages, Alonzo talks to a uniformed        sergeant.  Two more paramedics wheel Jeff outside on a        stretcher.  Mark, Tim and Paul following.                                PARAMEDIC (V.O.)                         (filtered)                  There is a sucking wound at the                  first woundsite.  Superclavicular                  in-drawing.  Abdomen is rigid.                  Stand by for skin signs.                  Patient's skin is pale and cool                  and diaphoretic.  Here's the                  vitals:  B.P. sixty and                  palpitated.  Respiration thirty-                  one, decreased on the left with                  hyper-resonance.        Roger is lifted into an ambulance.  Alonzo dismisses        Jeff's paramedics and huddles with his men.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. ALLEY - DAY        Alonzo crosses to the G-ride with an armload of gear.        Pops the trunk. Dumps everything inside.  He shuts the        trunk.  Dials his cell phone and gets in the car.        ANGLE ON JAKE        leaning against a phone pole.  Watching as Alonzo pulls a        clipboard from under his seat and puts on reading        glasses.  Alonzo begins writing a major incident report        as he talks on his cell.  A beat.        Alonzo STARTS the G-RIDE.  Motions for Jake to get in.        INT. G-RIDE - CONTINUOUS ACTION - DAY        Jake gets in.  Alonzo with his reading glasses, the        clipboard on his steering wheel, filling in the report,        talking on his cell phone, laughing.                                ALONZO                  -- you're gonna be scrubbing the                  bathtub, homie.  Later.        Alonzo hangs up.  Preoccupied with filling in little        boxes on the report as he drives slowly down the alley.                                ALONZO                  Why didn't you take off?                                JAKE                  There's nowhere to run.                                ALONZO                  Roger was D.O.A. at Good                  Samaritan.  Let's get the paper                  rolling now.        Alonzo looks at Jake, sees his torment.                                ALONZO                  Justifiable homicide in the line                  of duty.  Anyone'd be proud to                  have that in their jacket.                                JAKE                  Not this way.  Say I don't play                  along?                                ALONZO                  At this point it behooves you not                  to fuck around.        That's the truth.  And Jake knows it.  We can almost hear        his heart breaking.  Jake stares out the window a beat,        clenching his jaw, finally he looks at Alonzo, stares at        Alonzo's scary, empty eyes.  Amazed to be utterly trapped        by them.                                JAKE                  It can't be like this.        A beat.                                ALONZO                  It is like this.        Jake has a lump in his throat as they drive in silence        for a long beat.                                ALONZO                  Look, the money I gave you, keep                  it.                                JAKE                  Told you, I don't want it.                                ALONZO                  Just take it.  Throw it in the                  ocean.  Barbecue it.  Just take                  it.  It would make the boys feel                  better.                                JAKE                  Fuck their feelings.                                ALONZO                  Jake, they're worried.                                JAKE                  About what?                                ALONZO                  About you.  You didn't make anyone                  feel you were on the team back                  there.                                JAKE                  Fuck the team.  You guys are                  insane.  I'll go back to Valley                  and cut parking tickets.  And tell                  Paul:  he comes near me again,                  I'll shoot him.                                ALONZO                  I'm really sorry I exposed you to                  that today.  It was ugly but it                  was necessary.  Roger sold dope to                  kids.  World's a better place                  because he's gone.  Never seen no                  one die before?  You're too damn                  soft.  Bet you never missed a meal                  in your life.                                JAKE                         (glares at Alonzo)                  Missed a lot of meals growing up.                  Why?                         (pantomimes shooting up)                  Because the folks had to do their                  shit.        OFF Alonzo's amazed look:                                JAKE                  That's right.  I'm in the cop                  business to lock up the criminals                  and poisoners.  Not be one.        Alonzo sizes up Jake anew, laments not knowing that        earlier.                                ALONZO                  What happened today was --                                JAKE                  -- was murder and armed robbery.                  Wait.  We had badges, it's                  different.                                ALONZO                  Dammit, boy!  Why can't you open                  your eyes and see?        Jake can see.  Too clearly.  Softly:                                JAKE                  That man was your friend and you                  killed him like a fly.                                ALONZO                         (ice)                  We weren't friends.                         (consoling)                  All the shit you're feeling now,                  it's going to go away.  I know                  you're scared.                                JAKE                  I'm not scared.                                ALONZO                  You're terrified.  I know you are.                  Because I went through the same                  shit.  Everyone has.  Jake,                  there's gotta be dirt on you if                  anyone's gonna trust you.  After                  this is behind you, a whole new                  world will open up.  I walk a                  higher path.  I can give you the                  keys to all doors.                                JAKE                  What are you talking about?                                ALONZO                  I'm not the asskicker I once was,                  but you are.  Want to run my unit?                  My guys are good but not one of                  those clowns is a leader.  You                  are.  Want my job?  You got it.                  Wanna lock up criminals?                  This is the best place to do it.                  Do your time and make detective.                  Play the game, grow wise and                  change things from the inside.        Jake looks at him.  And realizes Alonzo is right.                                ALONZO                  Let's get to the hospital and talk                  to Stan.  He'll tell you what to                  say to the D.A.'s guys.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. STREET - SUNSET        A large hospital near downtown looms in the distance.        TILT DOWN --        to reveal the tough old barrios below it.  Cholos drink        on the sidewalk.  Play grab-ass and listen to MUSIC.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. G-RIDE - MOVING - STREET        Alonzo parks near the gangsters.                                JAKE                  What's here?        Alonzo points out a well-tended, quiet, quaint house near        the Cholos.                                ALONZO                  Informant of mine's in Chino.                  Promised I'd help out his family.        Alonzo gets out.  Opens the trunk.  Loads up his arms        with appliances.                                ALONZO                  Sometimes I bring food.  Believe                  it or not, I like to help out the                  community whenever I can.                         (a box falls)                  Shit.  Hoyt, help me with this.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. STREET - SUNSET        Jake gets out, takes some boxes.  And they cross to the        house.  With Jake following.  Past staring Cholos.  A        drunk PeeWee maddogs Jake.  Jake maddogs back.                                PEEWEE                  You know where you're at, fool?        A VETERANO shoves the PeeWee aside.                                VETERANO                  The fuck outta the way, punk.                  It's business.        He shakes with Alonzo.                                VETERANO                  'Sup, dog.  Thought you were                  missing in action.                                ALONZO                  'Sup, man.  You know I'm never                  lost.        Jake and Alonzo cross to the house.  AD LIBS of "Those're        cops," spread through the Cholos.        At the house's door, Alonzo knocks.  A beat.  A little        girl cracks it.                                ALONZO                  Hi.  Got some stuff for your                  family.        She closes it.  A beat.  The door opens to reveal SMILEY,        a huge, drunk Veterano sleeved with prison tattoos.  He        looks at the two cops.  Massive, impassive.  Smiley never        smiles.                                SMILEY                  Kitchen's this way.        Alonzo enters.  Jake hesitates.  Then follows.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - SUNSET        The little girl does homework.  Two fine Cholas watch the        Spanish newscast.  An old man dozes in a chair.        Family photos on the wall -- A proud line of warfighters,        lots of military uniforms.        Alonzo and Jake follow Smiley into:        INT. HOUSE - KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS ACTION - SUNSET        SNIPER and MORENO, big and intimidating like Smiley, have        been playing poker around a beer-bottle covered table.        Smiley, Alonzo and Jake enter.                                SMILEY                  Put it on the counter.        Alonzo and Jake place the boxes on the counter.  Sniper,        Moreno, ignore Alonzo.  And vice versa.                                ALONZO                  Can I use the head?                                SMILEY                  Go for it.                                ALONZO                         (to Jake)                  I'll be two seconds.  We're                  already late.        Alonzo exits to a hallway.  Smiley opens a box.  Pulls        out a nice CD player.                                MORENO                  That's nice.  Lemme get that.                                SMILEY                  You get the Osterizer.  This is                  mine.        Smiley opens a microwave box.  Jake reacts.        JAKE'S POV        The box is crammed with cash from Roger's locker.        BACK TO SCENE                                SMILEY                  Dreamer!  Got your bony ass in                  here!        DREAMER, 19, an attractive young lady, enters.  Smiley        stacks the heavy packages in her arms.  He tops it off        with the pillowcase of Jake's money.                                SMILEY                  Count that shit in the bedroom.                                DREAMER                  Thanks, eh.  I was doing stuff.                  Learn to count, math whiz.                                SMILEY                  Wait up.        Smiley pulls a small electric money counter from a        drawer.  Dreamer's hands are full.  So he balances it on        her head.                                SMILEY                  Don't drop it.        She gives him a dirty look and exits.  Smiley takes his        seat and picks up his cards.  He eyes Moreno.                                SNIPER                  You looked at 'em.                                MORENO                  No I didn't.        Smiley tosses them to Sniper.                                SMILEY                  Deal again.                                SNIPER                  Play cards, cop?                                JAKE                  Not really.                                MORENO                  Beer?        Moreno offers one.  Sniper deals in Jake.                                JAKE                  No thanks.                                SNIPER                  C'mon and play a hand.                                MORENO                  Don't be rude, dude.  One hand.                                SMILEY                  Don't sweat it.  We ain't playin'                  for money.                                JAKE                  We gotta go.                                SMILEY                  Alonzo's probably taking a dump --                  Go ahead and have a seat.        Sniper finishes dealing.  Jake looks at the cards        intended for him.                                JAKE                  Okay.  One hand.        Jake sits.  Now he can see a shotgun against the wall by        Moreno.  The three Cholos check their hands, signal for        more cards.  Jake checks his cards.                                MORENO                  How long you been a cop?  You look                  like you're in high school.                                JAKE                  Nineteen months.                                MORENO                  Like it?                                JAKE                  I should'a been a fireman.                                MORENO                  My cousin's a fireman.  And his                  kid's a Police Explorer.  Gonna be                  our man on the inside.                                SNIPER                  I'd love to be a jura.  Drive                  around all day getting fucked up.                  Talkin' to the ladies.  Any heads                  that talk shit, fuck 'em up.                                SMILEY                  Listen to your bullshit.  You                  couldn't hack takin' orders --                  They order you around all the                  time.  You gotta do everything                  they say, huh?                                JAKE                  Yeah, it's pretty strict.                  Especially when you're just                  starting out.                                SMILEY                  Sounds like the service.  You                  serve?                                JAKE                  No.  Never been in the military.                  But half the guys I work with                  were.                                SMILEY                  I was in the Army.  Ranger Alert                  Battalion.  Carried a machine gun.                                SNIPER                  Kick back, Rambo -- Waddaya got,                  dog?                                JAKE                  Huh?                                SNIPER                  Your hand, homes.        Oh -- Jake lays down his cards.                                JAKE                  Three of a kind.                                SMILEY                  Man... didn't get squat.        He tosses away his hand, Moreno, too.  Sniper shows his        cards with a grin.                                SNIPER                  Two pair.        Sniper collects the cards.  Shuffles.                                SMILEY                  What are you doing?  The cop won.                                SNIPER                  I got two pair.                                SMILEY                  Three of a kind beats two pair,                  dumbass.                                MORENO                  See why we don't play for money?        Smiley slides the deck to Jake.                                SMILEY                  Your deal.        Jake looks down the hall.  Getting up:                                JAKE                  We have to go.  I'm gonna get                  Alonzo.                                SMILEY                  Kick back and party.        Smiley pulls aside the curtain.        JAKE'S POV        An empty street.  The G-Ride is gone.                                SMILEY (O.S.)                  Ain't nobody out there for you.        ON JAKE        He feels like a toddler lost in a department store.  He        sits back down.  Moreno laughs.                                MORENO                  Alonzo played you like a booger.                                SMILEY                  Deal.        Jake shuffles.  Smiley lights a joint.  Offers it to him.                                SMILEY                  It's P.C.P.  Wanna hit?                                JAKE                  No thanks.  I already smoked out                  today.                                SNIPER                  Shit.  I'll step on that P-dog.        Sniper takes it, inhales.  Jake dealing cards.  The joint        rounds the table.                                MORENO                  Lemme see your cohete.                                SNIPER                  Your gun, dude.  Let him see your                  gun.  Under your shirt.        Jake is outnumbered, outsized, outgunned.  All he can do        is take the pistol from his holster and show Moreno.                                MORENO                  That's down.  What is it?  A three                  eighty?                                JAKE                  Three eighty stainless.  Double                  action.  Nine round mag.                                MORENO                  Lemme see it.  Ain't gonna blast                  no one.        Jake hands it over.  Moreno examines it with skilled        hands.                                MORENO                  Fuck a vat up with this.        He hands it back.  To Jake's relief.                                SNIPER                  Gimme two cards.        Jake does.  Dreamer enters.                                DREAMER                  There's extra.                                SMILEY                  I know.  That's ours.  Set it                  aside.  Sure about the count?                                DREAMER                  You count it if you don't believe                  me.                                SMILEY                  Okay.  Thanks -- Gimme three.        Dreamer grabs a beer and exits.  Jake deals three.                                SMILEY                  Alonzo pulled off a miracle, huh?                  Times are tight.  That's a lotta                  cash.                                SNIPER                  Who'd he jack?                                JAKE                         (dealing cards)                  I dunno.                                SMILEY                  He jacked Roger.  Blasted the                  dude.        Moreno guffaws.  Sniper chuckles.                                MORENO                  Damnnnn.  Alonzo's scandalous.                                SNIPER                  That's some cold shit.  Vato'll                  jack anyone.                                MORENO                  Alonzo's a low-down dirty ruthless                  vato.                                SMILEY                  That's why I never shake his hand.                  He don't respect shit.                         (to Jake)                  Know what all the money's for?                                JAKE                  No.                                SMILEY                  Alonzo's a hothead.  Last week in                  Vegas some dude was talking shit                  so Alonzo beat his ass and killed                  him.  Turns out the dude was                  somebody.  He ran a big game and                  owed big money.  Now Alonzo owes                  the money.                                JAKE                  How do you know?                                SMILEY                  I'm the man in the middle.  I hear                  shit.  They gave Alonzo till today                  to pay up.  His name's already on                  a list.  There's a crew up from                  Sinaloa to do the mission.                  They're gonna blast him.  No one                  thought he could get cash like                  that.                                SNIPER                  Dude made a pact with the devil or                  some shit 'cause only a miracle                  could'a saved his ass.                                JAKE                  It's no miracle.                                SNIPER                  Alonzo takes care of business.                                SMILEY                  Cops get crafty in a clinch.                                MORENO                  And get away with it -- Been to                  jail, cop?                                SNIPER                  That's a stupid question.  If he's                  been to jail, he wouldn't be cop.                                JAKE                  You can be a cop as long as you've                  never been convicted of a felony.                                MORENO                  There goes my chance.  I got like                  eighty strikes.                                SNIPER                  Fuck cops.  Cops turned out my                  little brother.        That went over Jake's head.                                SNIPER                  You hear me?                                JAKE                  What?  He got arrested?                                SNIPER                  No.  Two fuckin' juras turned him                  out.  They took his manhood.  They                  booty-tagged him in the back of a                  black and white.                                JAKE                  That can't be true.                                SNIPER                  Do I look like I'm lyin',                  motherfucker?                                JAKE                  I didn't say you were lying.  I                  just haven't ever heard anything                  like that.                                SMILEY                  'Cause you're a rookie.  Put in a                  few years' work and you'll know                  what's up.                                MORENO                  Makes me wanna turn out a cop --                  Ever had your shit pushed in?                                JAKE                  What?                                MORENO                  I had my shit pushed in.                                SNIPER                  Me too.  My shit's been pushed in.                  Smiley?                                SMILEY                         (grins)                  I'm always gettin' love from the                  homies.        Smiley caresses Jake's thigh under the table.  He almost        leaps from his chair.  Everyone laughs.                                SMILEY                  Jumpy motherfucker.                                SNIPER                         (disgusted)                  He's a fuckin' buster.                                MORENO                  You never been booty-busted?        Jake tries to laugh.  But it's getting weird.                                SMILEY                  Hey, cop.  Win this hand and we                  won't bust you out.                                MORENO                  Unless you want us to.        Laughs.  Sniper reveals his cards.                                SNIPER                  I got two pair again.                                MORENO                         (tossing his cards)                  Didn't get shit.                                SMILEY                         (grins)                  Gotta straight.                                SNIPER                  Uh-oh.  This jura's gonna be                  wearin' a dress.        Everyone looks at Jake -- well?  He lays down his cards.                                JAKE                  Full house.                                SMILEY                  Lucky fucker.                                SNIPER                  You won.  Deal again.        Smiley taps the deck.  Jake looks at it.  At them.                                MORENO                  Deal, homie.        Jake picks up the deck.  Starts dealing.                                SNIPER                  There's a new chick in the                  neighborhood.                                SMILEY                  Oh yeah?  What's her name?                                MORENO                  Vanessa... Vanessa Salguero.        Everyone but Jake laughs.                                SMILEY                  I seen her around.  Think she's a                  good girl or a bad girl?                                SNIPER                  She's a good girl.  Innocent.                  Easy to play.                                MORENO                  How's she like the neighborhood?                                SNIPER                  Dunno.                         (to Jake)                  How you like the neighborhood?        Jake realizes he's Vanessa.  Laughter.  Jake finishes        dealing.  Sets down the deck.  Smiley arranges his hand.                                SMILEY                  Gimme three.                                MORENO                  Fuck this buster.  Let's get this                  shit over with.        Looks of agreement are traded.  Moreno grins at his        shotgun.  Sniper shifts his weight.  Smiley        whiteknuckling his beer.                                SMILEY                  Hurry up, cop.  Gimme three.        Jake reaches for the deck.        This happens fast:        Jake flings the deck in Sniper's face.        Smack!  Cards scatter.        Jumps up from the chair, flips the table into Moreno.        Smiley SMASHES a beer BOTTLE on Jake's head.        Moreno grabbing the shotgun.        Crack!  Jake socks Smiley's jaw.  He goes down, amazed to        find himself on his ass.        Crack!  Sniper uppercuts Jake.        Smiley grabs Jake's legs, yanks him to the deck --        kerchack!        JAKE'S POV        The bore of a 12 gauge and Moreno's leering face.        BACK TO SCENE        Jake gives up, his broken scalp gushing blood.                                JAKE                  ... uncle...        Dreamer pops her head in.                                DREAMER                  Dang!  You guys fucked him up.                                MORENO                  Get outta here.  Take the girls                  next door.  Or you're next.        She gives him the finger, pops out.  Smiley pats Jake        down.  Pockets the gun.                                SMILEY                  You fucked up, fool.  You know                  that.        He finds Jake's handcuffs -- clicks his wrists together        behind his back.  He takes his badge, clips it on his        belt.                                SMILEY                  Look.  I'm a cop.  Gonna start                  taxing.        Smiley commences kicking the hell out of Jake:                                SMILEY                  You're under arrest.  For being a                  cop.  For being a buster.  For                  dogging me in the mouth in my own                  pad.  And for bleeding on my clean                  kitchen floor.  You have the right                  to be kicked.  And the right to be                  slapped.        Smack!  He slaps him.  Everyone laughs.  Smiley finishes,        panting.                                SMILEY                  There.  Get him in the bathtub.        Moreno grabs Jake's hair, Sniper grabs an arm, they jerk        him to his feet.                                SMILEY                  Gotta fuck this vato up.        They run him out of the kitchen, Smiley follows.        INT. BATHROOM        Pink carpet and porcelain kitties.  They throw Jake into        the tub -- shove his face in the drain.  Smiley turns on        the water -- Jake's blood whirlpooling away.        Smiley grabs the shotgun from Moreno.  Thumps the butt        against Jake's head, flips it, shoves the muzzle in his        ear.  Snicks the shower curtain shut to catch the        spatter.                                SNIPER                  Fuckin' do it, eh.                                SMILEY                  It's gonna be loud.  Close the                  door.        Moreno does.  Sniper plugs his ears.  Smiley braces for        the recoil.        Jake is dazed, like steer in a slaughterhouse chute.                                MORENO                  Wait.  Lemme get his money first.        Smiley nods.  Moreno searches Jake's pockets, takes his        wallet.  Pockets forty bucks.  Finds the Schoolgirl's        pink change purse.  Opens it, reacts.                                MORENO                  ... dang...        He hands it to Smiley.                                MORENO                  Here, ese... You are gonna trip                  the fuck out.        Smiley opens it.  His face goes dead blank.  He hands        Moreno the shotgun.  Whips aside the shower curtain.        Starts slugging Jake.  Emphasizes each word with a kidney        punch.                                SMILEY                  Pinchi... game... playing...                  cop... where'... you... get...                  this?                                JAKE                  Get what?  Get what?  Oh, God.        Smiley slaps him with the change purse.                                SMILEY                  This, stupid.  Alonzo give it to                  you?                                JAKE                  No!  I found it!                                SMILEY                  Where?                                JAKE                  MacArthur Park!                                SMILEY                  What?  Bullshit!        Snick!  The curtain closes.  Smiley take the shotgun.        Holds it to Jake's temple.  Moreno angles for a peek.                                MORENO                  Wait up.  I can't see.                                SMILEY                  If you're religious, go ahead and                  get in that last prayer.                                JAKE                         (sobs)                  Omigod... she was going to be                  raped.  I was driving with Alonzo.                  These two crackheads were gonna                  rape her.  I saw them hit her.  I                  stopped them.  They were gonna                  rape her.  I swear to God.  I                  stopped it... I gotta kid --                                SMILEY                  -- Shut up, faggot!        Smiley opens the curtain -- stomps Jake's back -- closes        it.                                SNIPER                  Fuck the fool.  Blast him.        Smiley aims, braces for the recoil.  Jake croaks:                                JAKE                  ... I gotta little girl...        Smiley pauses.  He eases off the trigger.  Pulls a cell        phone.  Dials.                                SMILEY                  We're gonna get to the bottom of                  your bullshit.  She's my cousin.                  She's a civilian.  Ain't right                  involving her.        He sits on the toilet.  Still holding the shotgun to        Jake's head, he waits for an answer.        INTERCUT:        INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT        The Schoolgirl works out Algebra II proofs on a "Hello        Kitty" bedspread in a pink T-shirt.  She grabs her        RINGING PHONE.                                SCHOOLGIRL                  Hello?                                SMILEY                  Wassup, Letty.  Whatc'cha don'?                                LETTY (SCHOOLGIRL)                  Hey, Smiley!  Just here doing                  homework.  Wanna talk to Tony?                                SMILEY                  No.  I wanna talk to you.  Go to                  school today?                                LETTY                  Yep.                                SMILEY                  All day?  You didn't ditch?                                LETTY                  I went to every class... Why?                                SMILEY                  I heard different.                                LETTY                  Nuh-uh.                                SMILEY                  Cops talk to you today?                                LETTY                         (beat)                  No.        A beat.  Smiley sighs.                                SMILEY                  Tell me what happened.  Don't                  bullshit me.                                LETTY                  I got jumped by two niggers.                                SMILEY                  You got jumped?                                LETTY                  Well... I think they wanted to                  rape me.  I kinda got hit.  I mean                  he just slapped me.  But nothing                  happened, okay?  'Cause this cop                  came and kicked their butts.  They                  almost killed him but he kicked                  their asses.        A beat.                                SMILEY                  What did this cop look like?                                LETTY                  He was a white boy.  Brown hair.                  Tall.  He looked young.        Smiley looks at Jake.  That's him.                                SMILEY                  Sure you're okay?                                LETTY                  I'm fine.  Nothing happened.                                SMILEY                  That don't sound like nothing.                  Wanna go to the doctor?                                LETTY                  No.  I said I'm fine.                                SMILEY                  Letty.                                LETTY                  Yeah?                                SMILEY                  What the fuck were you doing in                  MacArthur Park?                                LETTY                  I was just kicking back at my                  friend's pad.  There weren't no                  guys or nothing.  I swear to God.                                SMILEY                  Letty.                                LETTY                  Yeah?                                SMILEY                  You go there again, I'm gonna beat                  your ass.  I got your bus pass and                  I.D.  Gonna send 'em over.  And                  we're gonna talk more about this.        He hangs up.  Looks at Jake a long beat.  Soaked, bloody,        shivering.  Click.  He safeties the shotgun.  Tosses it        to a disappointed Moreno.                                MORENO                  Ain't you gonna blast him?                                SMILEY                  The vato was tellin' the truth.                  Life's a fuckin' trip, huh?                                SNIPER                  This is some trippy-ass shit.        Smiley hands the change purse to Sniper.                                SMILEY                  Get this to Letty.        Smiley stands, turns off the water.  He helps Jake to his        feet.  Unlocks the handcuffs as Jake sways, woozy.                                SMILEY                  Thanks for getting my cousin's                  back.        Jake half-smiles, not really sure if he's alive or not.        Smiley tosses him a towel.                                SMILEY                  Put that on your head.  You're                  gonna stain the carpet.  Where the                  fuckers at?  Where'd you book                  them?                                JAKE                  I didn't.                                SMILEY                  Why the fuck not?                                JAKE                  Alonzo let them go.        OFF Smiley's scowl, we:                                                   CUT TO:        INT. HOUSE - KITCHEN - NIGHT (LATER)        Moreno and Sniper help Dreamer pick up broken glass.        Jake sits in a chair holding a bloody towel on his head.        Smiley returns his badgecase and gun.                                JAKE                  Thanks.                                SMILEY                  You know this shit was just                  business.                                JAKE                  I know.                                DREAMER                  Want some coffee?                                JAKE                  No, thank you.        Smiley tosses the pillowcase of Jake's money on the        table.                                SMILEY                  Alonzo gave me that to take care                  of you.  To burn you up on the                  freeway by your house.  I don't                  want his blood money.  So... I                  don't know.  I just don't want it.                                JAKE                  I'll take it.        Jake picks up the pillowcase and hugs it.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. HOUSE - NIGHT        Smiley walks Jake past the Cholos, staring at the beaten,        wet cop.  Jake hugs the pillowcase.  Out in the street:                                SMILEY                  I know Alonzo paid off his debt,                  but I'm gonna wait till tomorrow                  to make the call.  His magic ran                  out.        Jake and Smiley shake hands.                                SMILEY                  Sure you don't wanna ride?                                JAKE                  I'm sure.        As Jake walks away:                                SMILEY                  You went Sega today, rookie.                  You're at that next level.  Just                  play their games and do what you                  gotta do and you'll be cool.                  They'll make you Chief.                         (beat)                  Hey, cop!        Jake stops, turns.  Smiley smiles.  The first time.                                SMILEY                  Remember me.                                JAKE                         (smiles)                  I will.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. BOULEVARD - NIGHT        Jake boards an MTA bus.  Flashes his badge to the driver        and plunks into a seat.  Passengers gawk.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. MTA BUS - NIGHT        Jake thousand-yard-stares out the window.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. STREET - NIGHT        The MTA bus FILLS FRAME.  A beat.  It rolls out to reveal        Jake and his pillowcase.  Just standing there on the        curb.        JAKE'S POV        The cul-de-sac.  No man's land.  And very dark, the        streetlights have been shot out.  Deceptively quiet,        except for the little kid riding away on his bike.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. CUL-DE-SAC - NIGHT        Jake enters, wary.  He rounds the misparked van.  And        sees the street is quiet.  The glow of a cigarette on the        roof of an apartment building catches his eye.        He looks at a building across the street.  Sees movement,        a shadow, like someone taking cover.        ON HOUSE        A light turns off.  The curtain in the window moves.        Jake swallows hard and keeps walking toward Sara's        apartment.  The G-Ride parked out front.        ON DRIVEWAY        Thirteen men pour out like hornets from a hive.  They are        the gangsters he saw earlier.  The bench presser leads        the way, like a cat that has found a spider to play with.        Jake stares unwaveringly into the man's eyes.        Bench presser looks at the pillowcase curiously --        Smack!        -- Jake threw a roundhouse at his throat, solidly        connecting.        Bench presser drops on one knee. He struggles for a        breath.  Clutches his throat.  His homies stare in        disbelief.        ON JAKE        He takes a deep breath.        TILT DOWN --        Jake's police handcuffs orbit his fist like brass        knuckles.        The gangsters stare at him.                                JAKE                  I have business with Alonzo.        It's in his eyes, he will not back down.  A gangster with        intelligent eyes, obviously next in the chain of command,        sizes up Jake.  A beat.        He gestures for Jake to go ahead.  Jake steps around the        bench presser, only now getting air through his windpipe.        Jake walks into their midst.        Their faces follow him.  They are behind him, around him.        He is outnumbered by these hardened streetfighters.  Jake        prays he isn't bum-rushed.        Now past them, he continues walking toward Sara's        building.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. SARA'S APARTMENT - NIGHT        Sara sits on the couch, clutching her son.  Watching TV        in the dark.  Something is wrong, she's almost catatonic.        We hear MOANS and GIGGLING O.S.        ANGLE        to see Sara has a black eye.        BANG!  The FRONT DOOR flies open.  It's Jake, his gun        out.        Jake and Sara look at each other a long beat.  Two        battered faces in a dead TV glow.  She points at the        bedroom.        Jake crosses, opens the door.  Enters.        INT. SARA'S BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS ACTION - NIGHT        It's a bitch sandwich and Alonzo's in the middle.  Jake        crosses to the foot of the bed.  Stands there.  From        inside the writhing flesh pile:                                ALONZO                  'Bout time you changed your mind                  and joined in.        The two women stare at Jake, naked and immodest.  It        takes a beat for Alonzo to recognize the ghost before        him.        Jake dumps the money on the blankets.                                JAKE                  Smiley didn't want the job.        Alonzo's eyes bug in horror at the mountain of cash.  He        ages a hundred years in a second.  A man who knows he        will soon be dead.        ON JAKE        with eyes colder and blacker than a shark's.  Alonzo can        fool him no more.                                JAKE                  Know what I learned today?  It's                  not about money.        He turns, about to walk away.  And turns back around.        The women shriek, dive out of the line of fire.  Alonzo        braces for bullets and instead hears:                                JAKE                  It's about respect.        Jake leaves.  As he crosses the --        INT. LIVING ROOM                                ALONZO (O.S.)                  ... Oh, God...        Jake exits the apartment.        ON SARA        A smile slowly spreads across her face.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. CUL-DE-SAC - NIGHT        As Jake descends the stairs, the porch lights of a house        come on.  Then the lights of another house.        Steel doors open.  People tentatively step outside.        Women and children, mothers with babies on their hips.        Blue-collar fathers in shop uniforms.        More porch lights come on.  More doors open.        JAKE'S POV        The cul-de-sac has come to life.  The homes are lit,        their occupants filling the street, ready to bear        witness.        BACK TO SCENE        All eyes on Jake as he walks down the street.  Three        young boys follow him.        The old woman comes out of her house to watch Jake pass.        As do two pretty girls.        Jake nearing the gangsters.  They block the street.  The        bench presser stands there, arms crossed, Jake will have        to go through him again.        Curious eyes wonder what will happen.        The bench presser gives Jake a slight nod of respect.        The gangsters part for Jake and he leaves the cul-de-sac.        ON JAKE        As he walks, his innocence is gone, a heavy burden on his        shoulders, but there is much strength in his gait.        Jake walks past the aloof little kid, riding his bicycle        in tight circles.  He smiles at Jake.  Jake smiles back.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. JAKE'S HOUSE - NIGHT        Lisa watches TV on the couch, snuggling with a cup of        tea, worried.  Headlights sweep the curtains.  A car        pulls into the driveway.        Lisa smiles, sets down her tea, sprawls on the couch like        she's sleeping, opens her robe provocatively, arranges it        just right.        We hear the front DOOR OPEN O.S.  FOOTSTEPS as Jake moves        through the house.  Lisa peeks, sees him enter the baby's        room in silhouette.                                LISA                         (sotto)                  Guess I'm second in line tonight.        She rises, crosses to the bedroom and enters.        INT. BEDROOM - LISA'S POV        Jake's back is to her, holding his daughter tight.        BACK TO SCENE        Lisa lays a hand on his shoulder.  He turns slowly,        reveals his broken, swollen face.  And a look in his eyes        that says he will never be the same.        Lisa sees this and starts crying.  She holds him tightly        in her arms.        He holds onto his wife and child for dear life.        PULL BACK, OUT OF the room, HANDHELD THROUGH the house        to:        TELEVISION        Breaking news.  A helicopter shot of the G-Ride.  Crashed        into a light pole.  Alonzo lies dead under a sheet,        hanging out of his beloved car.  An utterly impossible        river of blood flows from his head, into a gutter.                                NEWSCOPTER REPORTER (V.O.)                  -- has not been identified by name                  but a police spokesman said the                  thirteen-year L.A.P.D. veteran was                  the victim of a failed carjacking                  attempt near Los Angeles                  International Airport.  Gunfire                  was exchanged with the suspects,                  now being sought in an extensive                  countywide manhunt, described as                  four hispanic males in their mid-                  twenties, with shaved heads,                  wearing white T-shirts and driving                  a dark late model sedan --                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. JAKE'S HOUSE - NIGHT        An unmarked police sedan pulls up.  We recognize the        silhouettes of the Three Wise Men inside.                                                   CUT TO:        INT. JAKE'S HOUSE - NIGHT        Jake and his wife embracing.  The SEDAN HONKS.  Jake        steps back from her.  Her eyes search his.                                JAKE                  We served a warrant.  I shot a                  man.        Lisa reacts.                                                   CUT TO:        EXT. JAKE'S HOUSE - ON FRONT DOOR - NIGHT        Jake opens it and exits his house, ready for absolutely        anything.        WIDER        He crosses to the sedan.  The back door opens, and Jake        gets in.                                                   FADE OUT.                                THE END   

Training Day

Writers :   David Ayer
Genres :   Action  Drama  Thriller

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