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                                  "Confidence Man"          

                                     Written by
                                   Damon Lindelof   


          1   EXT. BEACH - SECLUDED AREA - DAY (DAY 9)                       1    
              A LONE FIGURE walks down the beach. We're nowhere near the
              WRECK. This is straight up PRISTINE. And the figure is --
              -- KATE. Carrying canvas bags overflowing with BANANAS as
              she comes upon A PILE OF CLOTHES, folded neatly beside A PACK
              Curious, Kate kneels to examine the book -- then, a SHOUT --
                                   SAWYER (O.S.)
                         Helluva book.                                            
              Kate stiffens, turns to the WATER. Finds SAWYER, bare-
              chested as he wades back to land. Smiles --
                                   SAWYER (CONT'D)
                         It's about bunnies.                                      
              Sawyer emerges from the water, walking toward her. The look
              on Kate's face says it all as he steps into frame to reveal --
              -- he's BARE-ASS NAKED... and yeah, he could put his clothes
              on, but nope, he's gonna stand here, waiting for a reaction.
              Kate just looks at him -- and he just looks at her.   Daring
              her eyes to drop. Finally:
                         Water's cold, huh?
              Ouch.   But Sawyer GRINS --
                         You bet. How `bout you come a
                         little closer and warm me up?
              Okay, she reviles the guy, but damn if there isn't chemistry
              here. Not that she'd ever cop to it.
                         Does this ever actually work?
                         Depends on what you mean by "this?"
                 LOST       "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04       2.
          1   (CO NT'D):                                                        1
              This.   This macho...                -- "Macho?" Ain't heard that
                                                   one in awhile. Makes me
                                                   wanna grow a mustache.
              Kate just shakes her head.       Why fucking bother?
                           You sure know how to make a girl
                           feel special, Sawyer.
              We PUSH IN TIGHT ON SAWYER as Kate walks off --
          2                                                                     2
              -- and, in LOUD, vocal response to Kate's comment --
                           OH YEAH, BABY, YEAH--!!!
              -- a SILHOUETTED COUPLE in the throes of passion: it's SAWYER
              and JESSICA (32), as attractive as she is acrobatic --
                           -- I LOVE YOU --!!!
              -- and we avoid most Standards and Practices issues with this
              GOLDEN AFTERNOON BACKLIGHT: we barely see them at all. But
              gimme a break -- it's clear what's up. So to speak.
              DRESS. A PAPER-WRAPPED BOUQUET      OF FLOWERS (From Sawyer?
              Wow, that's unlike him...) And      that's when we HEAR A BLOODY-
              MURDER-SCREAM of female ecstasy     --
              -- and they both collapse, breathless, sweaty, and HAPPY.
                           ...boy oh boy...
                           ...Boy oh boy is right...
              He laughs, kissing her hand. Still catching their breath, he
              looks at her. Touches her face. Uncharacteristically sweet.
                                     SAWYER (CONT'D)
                           ...look at you.
                               (then, with a smile)
                           What do you want? Right now.
                 LOST       "Confidence Man"     (NETWORK DRAFT)          9/8/04       3.
          2   (CO NT'D):                                                           2
              Staring at him, her eyes actually fill up.       Quietly:
                           How could I want anything else...?
              Sawyer hugs her. Kisses her. Holds her tight. She
              obviously means a great deal to him. But she sees something:
                     JESSICA (CONT'D)                          SAWYER
              Uh-oh, Baby--
                     JESSICA (CONT'D)                          SAWYER
              I thought you had a meeting--
                                                Yeah, it's not until six-
                                     JESSICA (CONT'D)
                           Baby, it's six-twenty-eight.
              And Sawyer bolts back -- sees the time --
                           Are you --? Oh, damnit -- damnit --
                           Honey, listen to me--
              Jessica smiles: post-coital bliss.
                           Go, you go, I'll stay here, watch
                           TV, order room service, get fat--
              Sawyer kisses her stomach -- then bounds for the closet,
              pulling up his pants.
                           You order a chocolate sundae. When
                           I get back I'll use you as a dish.
              Jessica laughs, sitting up, sheets covering her breasts as
              Sawyer pulls down a SUITCASE, which FALLS, SPILLS OPEN --
              Jessica looks over to see the case... FILLED WITH CASH.
              Awkward. Sawyer freezes. Jessica is shocked. Sawyer stands
              there, motionless and guilty. He avoids her gaze - but
              finally his eyes meet hers. And all he can muster is:
                                     SAWYER (CONT'D)
                           ...You, uh... weren't exactly
                           supposed to see that.
              And on the shock and oddity of the moment, we're BACK ON:
                LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)    9/8/04       4.
          3   EXT. JUNGLE - DAY                                             3
              SAWYER -- hair still wet and a smile on his face.
              He walks through the jungle. Off the beaten path. It's             
              dark. SECLUDED. Hears a NOISE up ahead and he tenses up.
              The sound has triggered an alarm. ANIMAL INSTINCT takes
              over. Sawyer RUNS -- bursting through the BRUSH to find --
              A fellow CASTAWAY (RICHARD, 50's.) Rifling through some
              SUITCASES - tossing aside booze, cigarettes, sunscreen...
              ...this is a CACHE OF BOOTY from the plane crash.
              there's no doubt it belongs to --
                        What're you doing in my stuff, son?
              Richard JUMPS at the sound of Sawyer's voice from behind him.
              A SHARP INTAKE OF BREATH PRE-LAPS into --
                                  JACK (O.S.)
                        This is gonna hurt.
          4                                                                 4
              A small amount of PEROXIDE spills onto a cloth in the hands
              of JACK. Sitting outside what we'll call THE INFIRMARY CAVE,
              Jack cleans a nasty HEAD WOUND on --
                        I can do this myself...
                        You ready to tell me what happened?                      
              SAYID remains focused, denying himself the pain. We stay
              CLOSE -- this conversation feels private, CONSPIRATORIAL.
                        We were trying to triangulate the                        
                        transmission. The French woman.                          
                            (OW; but talks on)                                   
                        I saw the flare from the beach --
                        Then the flare from Sawyer's
                        position in the jungle. I turned
                        on my antenna, activated the
                        transceiver, then -- darkness.
                        Whoever hit me came from behind.
                 LOST       "Confidence Man"        (NETWORK DRAFT)       9/8/04       5.
          4   (CO NT'D):                                                           4
                           They destroyed the equipment?
                                  (that motherfucker)
                           JACK                                   SAYID
              Any idea who it...?
                                                   -- A coward.
                           We'll figure this out, man.    Don't
                           do anything that...
              And when Sayid looks at Jack, there is an ANGER -- a FIRE
              that we have not seen in his eyes before.
                           I will do what I need to do to find
                           the man responsible.
              ON JACK as that sinks in for a moment before -- A SHOUT
              echoes through the caves --
                                     WOMAN'S VOICE (O.S.)
                           Where's the doctor?! Help us!
              Jack rushes out to see a frantic WOMAN hobbling in.         Her name
              is MARYBETH (40's, pretty.)
              Marybeth breathes heavily -- the result of supporting her
              beaten and bloody husband, whom we recognize as Richard: last
              seen pillaging Sawyer's stash.
              Jack ducks under Richard's arm and helps him to the cave:
                           Who did this to you?
              And with fierce determination, the man manages a single word--
              And OFF JACK --                                                           
                                                                  CUT TO BLACK:
                                         END OF TEASER
                LOST     "Confidence Man"         (NETWORK DRAFT)   9/8/04       6.
                                        ACT ONE
          5   INT. THE VALLEY - INFIRMARY CAVE - DAY                         5
              Sitting on a ledge, Jack dabs another cloth infused with
              peroxide on a cut over Richard's eye. Richard winces:
                        I'm fine.    It's just a scrape.                          
                        Lots of scrapes today.     I'm running
                        out of peroxide.
                        I should've been able to take him.
                        Sonofabitch fights dirty.
                        -- yeah, I've seen that -- so you                         
                        wanna tell me what happened?
              Richard points out MARYBETH, at the stream with HURLEY.
                        Marybeth's - my wife's - asthma.
                            (off Jack's look)
                        I packed a few inhalers for our                           
                        trip. Marybeth said put them in my                        
                        carry-on, but I said - hey -
                        vacation's over, we're on the
                        plane, she can't need more than the
                        one - right?
                        The one ran out yesterday. So I'm
                        scouring the wreckage - Marybeth's
                        freaking - and then I see that
                        bastard Sawyer just sitting there                         
                        reading "Watership Down."
                        You're losing me...
                        "Watership Down." It's a book. It                         
                        was in our luggage -- the stuff we                        
                        checked. Looked for the last week,                        
                        but we couldn't find it.                                  
                            (before Jack can ask)
                        If he's got my book, then he's got                        
                        my suitcase. He's got my suitcase,
                        he's got the inhalers. If she has                         
                        an attack...                                              
                 LOST       "Confidence Man"     (NETWORK DRAFT)    9/8/04        7.
          5   (CO NT'D):                                                     5
              Richard STOPS.    Looks up at Jack, complete desperation in his      
                                     RICHARD (CONT'D)
                           It'll be bad, man.                                      
              And we're TIGHT ON JACK -- The look in his eyes makes it
              clear that he is ready to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT --                   
          6                                                                   6
              EXT. BEACH - DAY
              WAVES CRASH as we find a more sparsely-populated BEACH.    Many
              of the castaways have moved to the caves...
              ...but not CLAIRE, who wears her FLOPPY HAT and sits in her
              disembodied PLANE SEAT as she writes in her JOURNAL. So
              engrossed, she doesn't see --
                                     CHARLIE (O.S.)
                           Morning delivery!
              CHARLIE, offering TWO BOTTLES OF WATER. She smiles. There's          
              a nascent connection between these two, and yeah, even hints
              of ROMANCE.
                           You're sweet.                                           
                           Figured in your condition, y'know
                           with the extra "baggage"...
                           I can still walk, you know.
                           Barely. Anyway, I worry about you.                      
                           Out here. It's very... sunny.
                           Thus my hat.
                           Right. Hat. Sun hat. Brilliant.                         
                           Lots of hats at the caves. And hey
                           -- we've got a doctor, too.
                           That'll come in handy, eh?
                               (giggles; but)
                           I like the beach, Charlie.
                 LOST       "Confidence Man"         (NETWORK DRAFT)    9/8/04        8.
          6   (CO NT'D):                                                         6
              Claire smacks her leg.        Something just BIT her.
                           Yeah. Who wouldn't want to spend
                           their day with sand fleas?
                           I want to be here, Charlie.
                               (serious; believing)
                           For when we get rescued.
                           Right.   For when we get rescued.
              And OFF CHARLIE, knowing full well that ain't gonna happen...
          7                                                                       7
              EXT. BEACH - SAWYER'S TENT - DAY
              Sawyer sits and smokes just outside his TENT on the beach,               
              doing something we haven't seen him do since the PILOT --                
              Reading his LETTER.
              Worn. Creased. A mystery. But whatever it says, it
              provokes a strong, emotional reaction in Sawyer - and it
              looks a lot like PAIN. But Sawyer's reverie is broken as he              
              hears a question -- posed more as a guttural threat:
                                     JACK (O.S.)
                           Where is it.
              Sawyer quickly folds up the letter, but he does not get up.
                           Hey, Doc.      Long time, no see.
                           Where is it?
                           Where's what?
                           The woman's asthma medication.
                           Her inhalers.
                           Oh.   That.
                           You attacked a man because he was
                           trying to help his sick wife.
                 LOST       "Confidence Man"           (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04       9.
          7   (CO NT'D):                                                            7
                           No -- I whooped a thief `cause he
                           was going through my stuff--                                  
                           Yours? What makes it yours, man?
                           You think because you take it out
                           of a suitcase --                                              
                           Look -- I don't know what kinda
                           Commie sharefest you're runnin'
                           over in Cave Town -- but down here,                           
                           possession's nine tenths and a
                           man's got a right to protect his
              Jack's had just about enough of this shit.
                           Get up.
                           Why?    You wanna see who's taller?
                           Get.    Up.
                           You sure you wanna make this your
                           problem, Doc?
                           Yeah.   I'm sure.
              And so, Sawyer gets up. Jack takes a step toward him -- so
              ready to fucking rumble that he misses the arrival of --
                                     KATE (O.S.)
                           What's going on.
              -- Sawyer turns to see KATE.
                           We were just exchangin' recipes.                              
              Jack REACTS to Kate's presence. FUCK. Doesn't want to kick                 
              Sawyer's ass in front of her. Eager to take advantage of                   
              this, Sawyer flashes that GRIN --                                          
                LOST     "Confidence Man"      (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04        10.
          7   (CO NT'D): (2)                                                7
                                  SAWYER (CONT'D)                                 
                        Sorry we couldn't work things out,                        
              And as Kate wonders what she just stepped into, we STAY WITH        
              SAWYER as he walks off -- CLOSING in and once we're TIGHT,          
              PAN DOWN to see his fist closed tightly around THAT LETTER.
              And off that image we SMASH INTO:
          8                                                                  8
              The SUITCASE FULL OF CASH.    Over this we HEAR:
                      JESSICA (O.S.)                    SAWYER (O.S.)
              You told me you were going to     I am -- Jess, this isn't
              Baton Rouge to close a deal --    exactly the kind of thing
              you said it was "too boring       that's easy to describe--
              to explain"--
              And we see SAWYER AND JESSICA -- she's in a bra and panties,
              he's in his jeans, shirtless:
                        Just trust me. There isn't time to
                        explain. I'm already late and if I
                        don't make this meeting, this whole
                        thing's a bust, all right?
              SILENCE. The two just stare. Sawyer feels guilty... and
              then -- because he likes her -- he reluctantly decides "fine
              at the risk of losing it all, here it is:"
                                  SAWYER (CONT'D)
                        Ever heard of Incentive Law?
              Of course not.   He sighs, and then, in a kind, quiet voice:
                                  SAWYER (CONT'D)
                        Encourages foreign business here in
                        New Orleans -- Tax breaks. Shared
                        investments. The government sets
                        up these private funds. To
                        supplement foreign trade.
                        Do I need an Economics degree to
                        understand why you have a suitcase
                        full of cash?
                LOST     "Confidence Man"     (NETWORK DRAFT)      9/8/04       11.
          8   (CO NT'D):                                                    8
                         You're looking at everything.
                         Everything I got. Hundred and
                         forty thousand dollars.
              She watches him. Though that's a lot of money, her reaction,
              her lack of shock at that number, tells us a lot. She's
              familiar with money. Sawyer's almost sad as he speaks:
                                    SAWYER (CONT'D)
                         There's an oil mining operation in
                         the Gulf of Mexico -- drilling
                         platforms. Three-hundred thousand
                         dollars buys you one share.
                         But as soon as you make that
                         investment, that fund kicks in and
                         triples your investment in two
                         weeks. Triples it.
                         Three-hundred thousand.
                             (off his look)
                         You got a hundred and forty.
                         That would explain my meeting,
                         wouldn't it?
                         You're meeting with someone who has
                         the rest of the money?
                             (a sigh, then)
                         There's this Canadian guy, wants in
                         fifty-fifty. Two weeks - we'll be
                         splitting almost a million bucks.
                         Is it shady? Yeah. A little.
                             (beat, a slow smile)
                         But I gotta. All right? I meet
                         the Canuck and make this deal
                         happen -- I can pay for a lot more
                         hotel rooms, lemme tell you.
              A beat.   Jessica's wheels turning.   Then, ALL BUSINESS:
                         There's another option.
                         ...what's that?
                LOST     "Confidence Man"         (NETWORK DRAFT)        9/8/04        12.
          8   (CO NT'D): (2)                                                      8
                          That you don't go to the meeting.
                          That you stay here. That we make
                          love again. And that I give you
                          the hundred-and-sixty thousand.
                          And we split it.
              Sawyer stares at her -- a smile creeping up on his face.
                          How the hell you gonna scare up a
                          hundred-and-sixty thousand bucks?
              Now it's her turn to smile.
                          My husband.
              OFF SAWYER, CLOSE ENOUGH to get the sense that he is most
              definitely running some kind of GAME here --
                                    JACK (PRE-LAP)
                          I'm gonna kill him.
              EXT. BEACH - DAY
          9                                                                        9
                                                                       Kate trails.     
              Jack storms down the beach, fucking FRUSTRATED.
                          That won't get us the medicine.
                          Maybe not.     But it'll feel good.
                          Okay.   So what's stopping you?                               
                                                                       He thinks        
              Jack looks at Kate -- SURPRISED.      She's serious.
              about it. Shakes his head --                                              
                          We're not savages yet, Kate.                                  
              She nods.   Then --                                                       
                           KATE                                 JACK
              Let me talk to Sawyer.
                                                  -- What?
                          I can reason with him.                                        
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04        13.
          9    (CO NT'D):                                                     9
                         This guy doesn't know reason.
                         Maybe not. But my plan is still
                         better than yours.
               Jack looks at her. Fortunately, he likes Kate more than he
               hates Sawyer. Smiles despite himself.
                         What makes you think he'll listen?
                         He says we have a connection.                              
               And although he's probably not aware of this consciously,
               Jack might just be a little JEALOUS when he says:
                         Do you?
               And as we can't help but notice that wasn't exactly a
               INT. THE VALLEY - LOCKE'S AREA - DAY
          10                                                                  10
               LOCKE stands in front of his "cave cubby," weaving palm
               fronds between bamboo poles to make a wall that will provide
               him with some privacy from the others.
                                    SAYID (O.S.)
               Locke turns to see Sayid approaching him, a man on a mission.
                                   SAYID (CONT'D)
                         Where were you last night?
                             (off Locke's look)
                         Last night. Around sunset.
               Locke narrows his eyes at him, getting the gist.
                         Oh, yes. You were attacked.      Heard
                         about that.
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)   9/8/04     14.
          10   (CO NT'D):                                                10
                         And I heard you were in the jungle.
                         Alone. Not terribly far from where
                         it happened.
               Locke squints at him --
                         Well, I'm afraid the only witness
                         to my whereabouts is the boar I was
                         skinning for our dinner.
               Sayid glares at the ground.   Locke studies him, then...
                                   LOCKE (CONT'D)
                         You were attempting to boost the
                         signal on the transceiver. Send
                         out a distress call.
                         More or less.
                         So it would seem whoever attacked
                         you has reasons for not wanting to
                         get off the island.
                         Maybe someone who is... profiting
                         from our current circumstances?
               Sayid eyes him for a long beat.    Understanding.               
                         Is there someone you're meaning in                    
                         Oh, you know who I'm meaning.                         
                         And from what I've seen... you and                    
                         Mr. Sawyer do share a certain                         
                         He has an alibi. Just before I
                         was... struck... he set off a
                         bottle rocket, a signal we'd worked
                         out, two kilometers away... he
                         could not have had the time to --
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"      (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04      15.
          10   (CO NT'D): (2)                                             10
                         Unless he'd found a way to time
                         delay the fuse on his rocket.
               Sayid looks at him --
                         How could he possibly--
                         Anyone with basic military training                     
                         knows how to improvise a slow fuse.                     
                         Use a cigarette.                                        
               As Sayid loses himself in this thought, Locke reaches into
               his gear, pulls out a large KNIFE, and holds it out to Sayid.
                                   LOCKE (CONT'D)
                         In case there's a next time.
               Sayid stares at the knife, then at Locke, deciding it may not
               be a bad idea to be prepared. As Sayid takes the knife...
          11                                                               11
               EXT. BEACH - CLEARING - DAY
               An AXE slams down into a piece of WOOD, splitting it in half.
               REVEAL SAWYER, sweating as he tosses the pieces into a PILE.
               He reaches for another piece of DRIFTWOOD AS --
                                   KATE (O.S.)
                         So what do you want?
               Sawyer glances to see KATE, but just keeps on chopping:
                         `Scuse me?
                         What do you want, Sawyer?
                         Freckles, I got so many answers to                      
                         that question I wouldn't even know
                         where to start.
                         What do you want for the inhalers?
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"        (NETWORK DRAFT)      9/8/04     16.
          11   (CO NT'D):                                                    11
                          Huh. Good question. Hang on a
                          tick. What do I want?
               CRACK.   Splits another piece of wood.    Then, turns to Kate.
                                    SAWYER (CONT'D)
                          A kiss ought to do it.
                          A kiss.   From you.    Right now.
               Kate just stares. He can't possibly... but he stares back.
               Yeah. He's serious. Kate shakes her head, ANGRY now --
                            KATE                              SAWYER
               I don't buy it.
                                                  -- Buy what?
                          The act. You try too hard, Sawyer.
                          I ask you to help a sick woman and
                          you want me to kiss you? No one
                          can be that disgusting.
               ON SAWYER, getting pissed. Why? Because maybe Kate's a
               little close to the mark here. And she's not done --
                                    KATE (CONT'D)
                          I've seen you, y'know.
                          Seen me what?
                          With that piece of paper. The one
                          you keep in your wallet. I've seen
                          your face when you read it. And
                          the way you fold it up so
                          carefully. It means something to
                          you. So play your games all you
                          want -- but I know there's a human
                          being in there somewhere.
                              (beat: compassionate)
                          Give me the medication. Please.
               And that just sits there for a few beats.      Just let it sink
               in. Did she actually get through to him?       Then:
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)         9/8/04     17.
          11   (CO NT'D): (2)                                                  11
                          You think you understand me?
                             KATE                               SAWYER
               Yeah.   I think I --
                                                 -- Shut up.
               Kate recoils. The pure VENOM in Sawyer -- not the playful
               rogue we're used to. No. This is serious.
                                    SAWYER (CONT'D)
                          Wanna know what kind of human being
                          I am?
               And he reaches into his pocket.    Removes the ENVELOPE.
                                      SAWYER (CONT'D)
                          Read it.
               Kate takes a few steps back -- scared -- but he grabs her
               wrist. TIGHT. Stuffs the letter into her other hand.
                                      SAWYER (CONT'D)
                          Read it.
               He lets go of her, but doesn't step back. Let there be no
               misunderstanding here -- Kate better fucking do what he says.
               So she unfolds the letter.    A beat.    Then:                        
                          "Dear Mr. Sawyer. You don't know
                          who I am. But I know who you are.                          
                          And I know what you done. You                              
                          slept with my mother...
                              (beat; slower now)
                          And then you stole my dad's money
                          all away. So he got angry and he
                          killed my mother. And then he
                          killed himself, too."
                          Don't stop now. You're gettin' to
                          the good part.
               Kate looks at him. Trying to process all this.        Not wanting
               to continue, but not really having a choice.
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"    (NETWORK DRAFT)       9/8/04     18.
          11   (CO NT'D): (3)                                             11
                         "All I know is your name. But one
                         of these days I am gonna find you
                         and I am going to give you this
                         letter so you'll remember what you
                         done to me.
                         You killed my parents, Mr. Sawyer."
               And that's it. Sawyer waits a moment.    Hoping Kate's eyes
               will come back up to meet his...
               ...but she can't. He reaches out, snatches the letter and
               gets in real close -- his voice part whisper, part GROWL --
                             (more a vitriolic "fuck                            
                              you" than any real                                
                         Now how `bout that kiss.
               But of course Kate is just frozen -- stunned -- and so, after    
               a long beat.
                                   SAWYER (CONT'D)                              
                         ...I didn't think so.                                  
               And Sawyer turns and walks away.   But we're settling into an    
               ECU OF KATE -- stricken.
               And as her eyes finally come up to him go...
                                                              CUT TO BLACK:
                                    END OF ACT ONE
                LOST     "Confidence Man"     (NETWORK DRAFT)           9/8/04        19.
                                       ACT TWO
          12   INT. THE VALLEY - OUTSIDE THE INFIRMARY CAVE - NIGHT              12    
               C.U. on MARYBETH. On a blanket against the outside of the
               INFIRMARY CAVE. Jack tends to her. Richard looks on.
                         You need to try to relax.
                         How often do you get these attacks?
                         At home... maybe once a week...
                         She's been getting them almost
                         every day since the crash.
               Marybeth is suddenly struck by a COUGHING FIT. Jack helps
               her sit up. The coughing calms, replaced by a DRY WHEEZE --
                         Marybeth. Just hang in there,
                         okay? I'll get you through this.
               -- and OFF JACK, his eyes betraying his words...
          13                                                                     13
               We find SUN, watching. She then crosses to JIN, filling up a
               bottle of water at the SPRING. She speaks to him in Korean:
                         That woman... She's very ill.
                         The doctor is taking care of her.
                         I think I can help her.                                       
                         Leave it to the doctor.     This is
                         not our problem.
                            SUN                                   JIN
                                                  -- Let it go.
               And OFF SUN, not willing to let it go at all...
                LOST     "Confidence Man"        (NETWORK DRAFT)    9/8/04        20.
          14   RESUME ON JACK                                                14
               Going through his MEDS. Looking for anything that could help        
               -- and then he senses something -- even before he sees it --        
               Jack looks across the valley to find:
               SAWYER. Striding in like he owns the place, he crosses to
               the STREAM to refill his bottles.
               Jack is BUMBLEFUCKED: he can't believe this guy...
                                                                   Jack moves
               ...but that quickly wears off. Playtime's over.
               STRAIGHT TOWARD SAWYER. Sawyer sees him coming.     Rises to        
               meet the welcome party as --
                         What are you doing here?
                         Getting water. That a problem?
                         Give me the inhalers.    Now.
                         Hell -- I was wonderin' when you                          
                         were gonna stop asking nice.
               Sawyer SMILES, raises the bottle to his mouth -- and Jack's         
               fist moves so fucking fast we barely register it -- WHAM!           
               Sawyer stumbles back -- hand goes to his BUSTED LIP.   Looks        
               at his own blood. Then back up to Jack --                           
                                   SAWYER (CONT'D)
                         Well it's about time, cowboy.                             
                         Didn't think you had it in...                             
                                              Sawyer's head whips around...        
               WHAM! Jack POUNDS HIM again.
               drops to ONE KNEE.                                                  
               And by now some of the OTHERS have gathered around. Notably,  
               SAYID and RICHARD. Sawyer looks up, revels in the attention--  
                                   SAWYER (CONT'D)
                         Whoo! That's it! I've been
                         telling you since day one that
                         we're in the wild.                                        
               And Jack draws his fist back to give him some more... but           
               it's CLEAR that Sawyer has no intention of fighting back.           
               He's just WAITING FOR IT.                                           
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"    (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04       21.
          14   (CO NT'D):                                               14
               And maybe it's his awareness that the others are watching        
               him... or maybe it's the fact that Sawyer is just begging for
               it -- that he wants Jack to hit him again --                     
               But Jack lowers his fist. Not calm, but CONTROLLING it --        
               And knowing that if he lets this go any further, he won't be
               able to STOP.
               So with an almost inhuman display of self-control, Jack
               STRIDES OFF --
               -- and as we settle CLOSE ON SAWYER, his eyes flickering with
               the defeat of a man whose bait has not been taken...
                                   DAVID (PRE-LAP)
                         The money comes from -- what?
          16                                                             16
               A dive -- a place for shady deals. Jessica sits beside DAVID
               (36), her good-looking husband. David leafs through a thick
               PROSPECTUS on the oil-drilling operation.
               SAWYER looks up from across their shared booth. He's sharp.
               Suit, designer glasses: this guy cleans up good -- and it's
               clear that David likes Sawyer, wants to believe him.
                         Incentives from a foreign
                         investment. Listen -- David, I'm
                         not sure this is a good idea--
                         Why not?
                         `Cause business between friends is
                         always a little sticky.
                             (to David)
                         I don't know you well, but I know                      
                         your wife. Working with her at the
                         bank, I'm not sure I'm comfortable--
                             (back to the Prospectus)
                         -- Louisiana will invest two-thirds
                         of the drilling cost? What is                          
                         this... a loophole?
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04     22.
          16   (CO NT'D):                                                  16
                         Look, David -- you're reluctant and                     
                         I get it. You got your car
                         dealership, you don't need this--                       
                          JESSICA                            DAVID
               We should do this --
                                                 -- Jess, I don't even know            
                                                 this guy--
                             (to Sawyer)
                         Show him the cash.                                      
                         You have it with you?
               Sawyer looks around. Pulls out a briefcase. Spins it toward
               David. David pauses, opens it slightly. Peeks. Holy shit.
                                   DAVID (CONT'D)
                         ...How do I know this is real?
                         The money? Hell --
                             (smiles, friendly)
                         -- Take it, check it out, I don't
                         care. I know where your wife
                         works, you aren't going anywhere.                       
               Sawyer watches David, pondering -- until Sawyer unexpectedly
               gets up, grabs his briefcase and slaps down a twenty for          
               their food:
                                   SAWYER (CONT'D)
                         Listen. Don't worry, I got other
                         investors lined up --
                         -- David--
                             (shakes hands with David)
                         Great to meet you --
                             (to Jessica)
                         -- And I'll see you Monday.                             
               Sawyer heads out. David and Jessica recede as we stay tight
               on Sawyer - walking - and JUST AS HE GETS TO THE DOOR:
                  LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)    9/8/04      23.
          16    (CO NT'D): (2)                                             16
                Sawyer allows himself a snide little smile. He owns these
                people now. Sawyer takes his time walking back --
                                    DAVID (CONT'D)
                          You said we could... take the
                          money... check it out?
                          I need to know in twenty-four                           
                          hours. You're in? Great. You're
                          out. Great.
                Sawyer puts down the briefcase, patting it like a child, then
                turns and goes... and as he walks away, the hook baited, we
                CLOSE IN ON HIS cold, sharklike intensity...
          A17                                                              A17    
                EXT. BEACH - MORNING - ESTABLISHING (DAY 10)
                The sun rises on another DAY.   Those remaining on the beach      
                doing their morning routines.   And we find --                    
                EXT. BEACH - MORNING
          17                                                                17    
                Charlie and Claire, hanging WET CLOTHES on a makeshift            
                CLOTHESLINE strung between two pieces of wreckage --              
                          Warm, clean towels. Like when they
                          first come out of the dryer.
                          Your turn.
                          Banoffi pie.
                          You said that already.
                              (can taste it)
                          The toffee and cream.    And crumbled
                          Is food the only thing you miss?
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"        (NETWORK DRAFT)    9/8/04        24.
          17   (CO NT'D):                                                  17
                         Forgive me if the practicality of a
                         clean towel eludes me. For God's
                         sake, you're a pregnant woman!
                         Don't you crave anything? Pickles?
                         Ice Cream? Fried Chocolate -
                         - Peanut butter. I'm the only
                         Australian who loves peanut butter.
               Charlie processes this for a moment.     Then, with a smile:
                         I can get you peanut butter.
                         Right.   Sure you can.
                         Indeed... and when I provide you
                         with your revered peanut butter,
                         you must vacate this sandy strip of
                         depression and move to the caves.
                             (puts out his hand)
               Claire laughs. Doesn't quite think he'll get any peanut
               butter, but still likes this guy. Puts her hand in his.
                         You're on.
               And OFF CHARLIE, wondering where the hell he is going to find
               fucking PEANUT BUTTER, we drop right into the middle of:
          18   INT. THE VALLEY - INFIRMARY CAVE - DAY                         18
                                                   This is how LOST does E.R.
                         HELP!    SHE'S NOT -- HELP!
               A FRANTIC Richard leans over MARYBETH as LOUD RASPS emerge
               from her throat -- trying to get AIR. Jack rushes over:
                                   RICHARD (CONT'D)
                         It's an attack -- she needs her...
               Jack pushes Richard aside -- his emergency training kicking
               in -- Marybeth tries to rise, but Jack holds her down --
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"         (NETWORK DRAFT)        9/8/04       25.
          18   (CO NT'D):                                                       18
                           Marybeth?     Listen to me.   Look at
                           me, okay?
               -- GASP.    GROAN.   She SUCKS at the air.    Shit.     It's scary.
                                     JACK (CONT'D)
                               (stern, but gentle)
                           You need to listen now. This isn't
                           just your asthma. It's anxiety.
                           It's in your head.
                           N... No...
               A SMALL GROUP has gathered, including Sayid and Hurley... but
               Jack is focused on Marybeth -- his eyes never leave hers --
               his only option is to TALK HER DOWN --
                           You know you're out of medicine, so
                           you're panicking. But we can fight
                           this. Together. Okay?
                               (no response)
                           Nod your head, Marybeth.
               She nods.   More RASPY ATTEMPTS at breath.
                                     JACK (CONT'D)
                           Breathe in through your nose.
               She tries to suck in air through her mouth.
                                      JACK (CONT'D)
                           No.   Through the nose. Like this.
               He demonstrates. She tries to copy him.        Her breaths are
               shaky. It's like she's convulsing.
                                     JACK (CONT'D)
                           Now hold one of my arms and squeeze
                           as hard as you can. Squeeze my
                           arm, Marybeth.                                               
                               (as she does)
               She digs her fingernails into his forearm.          Practically draws
               blood. But Jack can't feel it.
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"        (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04     26.
          18   (CO NT'D): (2)                                               18
                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                         Good. Good. Now again... In
                         through the nose.
               She looks over at Richard.
                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                         Don't look at him. Look at me! In
                         through the nose. Slow. Now --
                         loosen your grip. Let go...
               She lets go, relaxing... finally breathing.
                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                         Okay. You're getting air.       Your                     
                         color's coming back.
               He's lying.   But her eyes flash with hope.
                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                         See? I knew you could do this.
                         It's passing. Can you feel it?
                         Now.    Again.
               He draws a deep breath through his nose. She does the same --
               draws a full, deep breath and exhales. AFTER A FEW MOMENTS
               OF CONSISTENT BREATHS -- Jack looks up at Richard, beckons
               him to come take over. As he does, Jack stands and says in a
               hushed tone, so only Richard can hear --
                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                         Try to get her to sleep.
               Richard nods as he tends to his wife, and Jack heads for the
               cave entrance, fuming. Sayid and Hurley are there.
                         Wow, man. That was awesome.       That
                         was like a... Jedi moment.                               
               But Jack just walks on -- and Sayid falls in beside him.
                         What will happen if she doesn't get                      
                         her medicine?                                            
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)       9/8/04     27.
          18   (CO NT'D): (3)                                                18
               Jack answers that one with a LOOK.     Sayid understands.           
                                    SAYID (CONT'D)                                 
                          Then we must make Sawyer hand it                         
                          That's what I'm gonna do--                               
                          No: not you. Me.
                              (off Jack's stare)
                          I served five years in the
                          Republican Guard.
                          I thought you were a communications                      
               Beat.   Sayid doesn't like to talk about this.      But --
                          Yes. And part of my training
                          entailed getting the enemy to
               PUSH IN on JACK, getting his meaning --
                                     SAYID (CONT'D)
                          Give me ten minutes with him.
                          He'll give us the medicine.
                               (beat, wanting Jack's                               
               ON JACK -- wrestling with his ethics. Seconds hand like
               hours -- until he finally looks hard at Sayid and says,             
                                                              CUT TO BLACK:        
                                     END OF ACT TWO
                LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04        28.
                                      ACT THREE
          19   INT. SAWYER'S TENT - DAY                                      19
               TIGHT ON Sawyer, napping in his tent. NOISES. Something
               coming INSIDE. Sawyer's eyes FLY OPEN -- SEES --
               Sayid standing over him with a crowbar-sized PIECE OF
               WRECKAGE --
                         Good morning.
               And as the wreckage SWINGS TOWARDS CAMERA... BANG!
               EXT. BEACH - DAY
          20                                                                 20
               HANDHELD. INTENSE. Jack & Sayid, fierce determination,
               literally DRAGGING an unconscious Sawyer off the beach.
               FIND KATE riding in their wake --
                         What are you doing?
                         We're solving a problem.    Do not
                         concern yourself.
                             (catching on)
                         You're going to torture him?
               Jack's eyes FLASH. But he says nothing. Ain't happy about
               it, but COMMITTED to it. He and Sayid have now reached the
               TREE LINE. Kate reaches out, grabs him by the arm --
                                    KATE (CONT'D)
                         Jack -- if you do this...
                         You're no better than he is.
                         This was his choice.    Not mine.
               And with that, he gently pulls his arm out of her grasp and
               disappears into the JUNGLE. OFF KATE --
          21                                                                 21
               MICHAEL, sitting near the entrance to the caves,
               frustratingly trying to GUT A FISH -- and it's a MESS. He
               tries to scoop out guts and spatters himself in the face.
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"         (NETWORK DRAFT)      9/8/04     29.
          21   (CO NT'D):                                                     21
                         Damn stupid --                                             
               Michael reacts with a start to find SUN standing just outside
               the caves, looking around nervously.
                         Oh.    Hey.                                                
               He puts his fish down, brushes himself off as best as he can
               and joins her behind a stone wall just outside the caves.
                         The sick woman...
               Sun simulates RASPY BREATHING.      Michael gets it --               
                         Yeah.   Asthma.                                            
                         Yes.  Asthma.
                         I think I can help her.
               And OFF MICHAEL, wondering just what she needs HIM for --            
          22                                                                  22    
               EXT. THE VALLEY - DAY
               We find CHARLIE, man on a mission, nipping at HURLEY's heels.        
                         All the food from the plane's been
                         gone over a week, dude.
                         No secret stash for "emergencies?"                         
                         You and Jack have all sorts of crap
                         in that cave...
                         Sorry, man. There's no peanut
                         butter, no peanuts, no nothing.
                         There's got to be something.       I
                         mean -- look at you...
               Hurley stops dead in his tracks.      Turns back.
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)          9/8/04     30.
          22   (CO NT'D):                                                       22
                           HURLEY                               CHARLIE
               Look at what?                                                                
                                                 -- Nonono, listen--
                          Fat guy hoarding the food.     That                         
                          what you think?
               That's exactly what he thinks.    Tries to find the response.          
               It's complicated:                                                      
                          --Well no, that's not what I think--                        
                          no -- I... we have been here two                            
                          weeks and you haven't really, uh...                         
                          Slimmed down much?                                          
                          All I need's a bag of peanuts---                            
                          I have no food, okay? And for that                          
                          record, I'm down a notch on my                              
                          belt! All right? I'm a big guy,                             
                          okay? It'll probably be a while                             
                          before you'll wanna give me a                               
                          piggyback ride.                                             
               Hurley shakes his head, starts walking again.       Charlie
               follows, feeling like quite the shit --
                          Sorry.    I shouldn't've... Bad form.                       
                              (beat; forgiving)
                          Yeah. I'm used to it.                                       
               A beat.   They walk on.   Another beat.   Then --
                          So, not even a single bag of...?
                          Okay.    Sorry.                                             
               And OFF CHARLIE, bummed about letting Claire down, we go to:
                LOST     "Confidence Man"     (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04        31.
          23   EXT. JUNGLE - DARK CLEARING - DAY                           23
               SAWYER, his lip bleeding -- ROUSED AWAKE with a blast of
               water to the face. COMING TO -- sputtering, spitting - gets
               his bearings and sees...
               SAYID, standing over him, tossing aside the empty plastic
               pail that held the water.
               BACK ON SAWYER, recognizing, as he pulls at them, his HANDS
               are tied behind his back, around the trunk of a tree. He
               shakes his head and glares at Sayid.
                         Well, ain't you the brave one?
                         Jumping a guy when he's nappin'--
               Sayid crosses away, revealing -- JACK, standing a short
               distance behind him, his arms crossed.
                                   SAWYER (CONT'D)
                         Huh. Well now we got ourselves a
                         party. Couple more fellas, we can
                         deal a little stud.
               Jack doesn't say a word, just stares at Sawyer.
               SNAP -- a dry CRACK brings Sawyer's attention back to Sayid
               who has just BROKEN OFF A BAMBOO STALK.
                                   SAWYER (CONT'D)
                             (faux frown)
                         Uh oh. I'm in trouble, ain't I?
                         We gave you every chance to do the
                         right thing, Sawyer. All we wanted
                         was the asthma medicine. Just tell
                         me where your stash is. Where the
                         medicine is. And we'll stop.
                         Stop what, Chico?
               SNAP! Jack looks over as Sayid breaks off another piece of
               BAMBOO. Turns back to Sawyer --
                         It doesn't have to be this way.
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"    (NETWORK DRAFT)          9/8/04      32.
          23   (CO NT'D):                                                    23
               Sawyer's smirk is gone, replaced by STEELY RESOLVE --
                         Yeah.   It does.
               Jack and Sawyer stare at each other, then...
               CLOSE as Sayid kneels down beside Sawyer, just behind him,
               close enough to speak into his ear. Begins to strip CHUTES
               from the bamboo --
                         We do not have bamboo in   Iraq,
                         though we have something   similar.
                         Reeds. But their effect    is the
                         same when the chutes are   inserted
                         under the fingernails.
               Sawyer turns his head a bit to face Sayid --
                         Know what I think, Ali? I think
                         you've never actually tortured
                         anybody in your life.
               Sayid takes that in, then...
               HE GRABS Sawyer's hand on the other side of the tree.      BENDS
               THE FINGERS BACK.
               ON SAWYER, chuckling, despite himself...
                         Unfortunately for us both, you're
               And this all happens mercifully BELOW FRAME as --
               Sayid JAMS A CHUTE under one of Sawyer's fingernails.
               GRUNTS -- let's out a sharp hiss of PAIN.
               ON JACK, standing by, averts his eyes.    Conflicted.    And
                         That's it? S'all you got?
                         Splinters? No wonder we kicked
                         your ass in the Gulf War.
               And Sayid pushes the chute in deeper...
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)   9/8/04        33.
          23   (CO NT'D): (2)                                            23
               PUSH IN ON JACK, an agonized expression on his face, as
               Sawyer SCREAMS OUT in pain...
          24                                                                24
               EXT. BEACH - MEANWHILE
               The CAMERA pans off various beach dwellers, reacting to the
               DISTANT SCREAMING coming from the jungle, looking at each
               other, perplexed... We HEAR a couple ad-libs -- "Oh my god."
               and "It's about time someone did something about him." as we--
               PAN OVER to CLOSE-UP ON KATE, staring off into the jungle
               knowing all too well what that sound it...                         
          25                                                                25
               ON JACK, still suffering through this as he hears SAWYER'S
               SCREAMS. Finally, he moves towards them --
                             (not hearing him)
               ON SAYID as he looks up at JACK --
                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                         Let him catch his breath.                                
               ON SAWYER, his head lolls, exhausted from his punishment as
               his screams...
                         Don't... Don't stop now... Think my
                         sinuses are finally clearin'...
               And Jack's had enough -- lunges at Sawyer -- GRABS his head        
               and holds it face to face with him as he demands:
                         What the hell is wrong with you?!
                         Why are you making us do this?!
                         Just tell us where the medicine is.
                         More bamboo! Let's go!     C'mon!
                         Enough of this --
               And Sayid slides up next to Jack -- and he's got LOCKE'S
               HUNTING KNIFE. Brings it within an inch of Sawyer's eye --
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"          (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04       34.
          25   (CO NT'D):                                                     25
                                    SAYID (CONT'D)
                          Perhaps losing an eye will loosen
                          your tongue...
                           SAWYER                                JACK
               Man, you're just a big,
               walking cliche, ain't you?           -- Sayid, this isn't--                  
               But Sayid is moving the knife even CLOSER.       MACRO-CLOSE.   And
               he's actually gonna fucking do it --
                          Okay!    Okay, you win.
               Sayid holds the knife steady --
                          Where is it?
               A beat.   Then --
                          Only person I'll tell --
                              (directly to Jack)
                          Is her.
               Jack knows exactly who "her" is. Sayid looks at Jack, his
               knife still poised at Sawyer's eye.
                          He's stalling...
                          That's the deal.                                            
                          Take it or leave it.
               ON JACK, actually considering Sawyer's offer as we hear a
               GRAVELLY VOICE --
                                    KILEY (PRE-LAP)
                          Tell me, Sawyer - do you want to
          26                                                                   26
               Dark. Smoky. Decked out in deep red and nicotine yellow.
               SAWYER sits on a stool, smiling, looking straight ahead at --
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"    (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04       35.
          26   (CO NT'D):                                               26
               KILEY (late 40's) - a bull-necked J.T. Walsh type in rolled
               up shirtsleeves and a tie - knocking pool balls into their
               pockets without looking away from Sawyer.
                         `Cause when a man walks into my
                         place and tells me he left a
                         hundred and sixty thousand of my
                         hard-won dollars in the care of a
                         civilian, I gotta ask myself if
                         what I'm hearing isn't a desperate
                         cry for the sweet release of death.
               Kiley sinks the second to last ball on the table... then with
               a FLICK of his wrist, has his cue against Sawyer's throat.
                         That's why you're an accountant and
                         I'm a genius, Mr. Kiley.
               Sawyer's smirk remains firmly planted on his face as he
               maneuvers his Zippo around the cue to light a cigarette --
                                    SAWYER (CONT'D)
                         I closed a deal today. Big one.
                             (off Kiley's look)
                         See, women are easy. A few cosmos
                         and a couple of stunts they haven't
                         seen between the sheets and they
                         think the scam is their idea. The
                         husbands -
               Sawyer sticks up his index finger, uses it to move the cue
               away as he speaks.
                                    SAWYER (CONT'D)
                         - They need to touch the money.
                         Smell it. Believe that if they had
                         the brass to put that suitcase in
                         the trunk of their Ford Taurus and
                         speed away they might just have a
                         chance at being an honest-to-gosh
                         outlaw. They need the rock-hard
                         conviction that I handed them the
                         chance to screw me.
                                    (MO RE)
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)      9/8/04     36.
          26   (CO NT'D): (2)                                               26
                                     SA WYER (CONT'D)
                          That kind of trust don't come
                          cheap, but by the time Ken n'
                          Barbie realize I blew out of town
                          with their life savings, she'll be
                          too ashamed to call the cops and be
                          shown up as a whore and he'll be
                          too afraid to call the cops and be
                          shown up as a sap.
                          Thing of beauty.
               Kiley's impressed, but not TOO impressed --
                         Okay, Tex -- You've got your grift
                         so pat, what'd you need my money
                         for? Where's your seed from the
                         last couple you roped?
                         What can I say? I like earning it
                         as much as I like spending it.
                         No, Sawyer -- That's not why.
               And Kiley's laughter abruptly stops as he bores into Sawyer
               with a stare so intense it could freeze vodka.
                                   KILEY (CONT'D)
                         The reason you can't hold on to
                         money is you aren't in it for
                         money. You're in it to make people
                         suffer, and in this "accountant's"
                         mind, that makes you a liability.
               And for the first time, Sawyer's grin falters.      Kiley just
               nailed him. A beat. Then --
                         You got your baggage, I got mine.
                         Be that as it may, I know a thing
                         or two about making people suffer
                             (leans in; scary)
                         You have my money -- plus fifty
                         percent by noon tomorrow -- and
                         I'll tell you all about it.
               And OFF SAWYER, completely at this man's mercy...
                LOST     "Confidence Man"        (NETWORK DRAFT)   9/8/04        37.
          27   EXT. JUNGLE - DARK CLEARING - DAY                            27
               We came back OUT OF SAWYER'S HEAD to find --
               JACK standing, looking down at Sawyer -- arms still trussed
               behind the tree. His eyes come up, full of VENOM for Jack.
               But what Jack offers in return is CURIOSITY --
                         What's your problem, Sawyer?
               And that just hangs there for a few moments. And we're
               anticipating Sawyer's response when -- NOISE from the
               surrounding jungle. Jack turns to see --
               SAYID returning. Behind him, KATE. And as soon as she sees
               Sawyer tied up like an animal -- no matter what she thinks of
               the guy -- There's a flash of VULNERABILITY.
                         Okay.   She's here.   Now tell us.
                         Uh uh. No.
                         I want to talk to her alone.
               Jack uncrosses his arms -- PISSED -- Sayid already moving
               back towards Sawyer --
                         You are through making requests...
                         I'll be okay. Just go.     Let's get
                         this over with.
                         You heard the lady.   Scram.
               Man... Jack want to YANK this guy's head off, but --
                         Jack --
                             (he looks at her)
                         I've got it.
               A BEAT. Jack turns his look to Sawyer, who offers up this
               shit-eating GRIN. Back to Kate --
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"     (NETWORK DRAFT)       9/8/04       38.
          27   (CO NT'D):                                                  27
                         We'll be close.
               And as Jack and Sayid (grudgingly so) walk off into the
               jungle, CAMERA DROPS DOWN on the OTHER SIDE OF THE TREE to
               find --
               SAWYER twisting his wrists around inside the bungee rope            
               binding them -- starting to working himself free.
               Kate oblivious to this as she approaches him.     Matter-of-fact
               tone undercut by concern --
                         What did they do to you?
                         Nothin'.   Just got a manicure.
                             (shakes her head; then)
                         So I'm here. Where is it?
                         Happy to tell you...
                         Soon as I get that kiss.
                         What? -- Are you serious?
                         Baby, I'm tied to tree in the
                         Jungle of Mystery and I just got
                         tortured by a damn spinal surgeon
                         and a genuine I-raqi.                                     
                         `Course I'm serious.
               Kate just looks at him.   Not knowing quite WHAT to think.
                                   SAWYER (CONT'D)
                         You're not seeing the big picture
                         here, Freckles. You really gonna
                         let that woman suffocate `cause you
                         can't bring yourself to give me a
                         little kiss? Hell -- it's only
                         first base... lucky for you I ain't
                         greedy. I'm making it real simple
                         here -- you wanna be a hero or not?
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04     39.
          27   (CO NT'D): (2)                                              27
               ON KATE. Yeah. It's fucking ridiculous... But dammit if he
               doesn't make a compelling argument. And dammit if there
               isn't a strong contingent of women out there watching this
               show who WANT her to do it.
               And we can see the moment in which she makes up her mind.
               Kate approaches him. Squats down on her haunches.     Gets
               close. Looks into his eyes. He looks back.
               And her is the first kiss on LOST.
               What makes it interesting is that even though it starts out
               as a chore -- a necessity -- somewhere about three or four
               seconds in, it becomes something ELSE. And just before it
               actually goes from something else to REAL...
               Kate pulls away.
               And we milk this delicious moment afterward for all it's
               worth. And despite the insanity of the circumstances under
               which it happened, both of them felt something. Finally --        
               and when Sawyer talks to her now, it's softer -- that kiss
               did something to him -- some of his swagger is gone -- he's
               just a man now --                                                 
                                    SAWYER (CONT'D)
                          I don't have it.
                          The medicine. I don't have it.
                          Never did.
               WHAT?   Kate's head is spinning --
                          Your book -- they said you got it
                          out of their suitcase...
                          Went in the drink with the rest of
                          the damn luggage from the tail.
                          Book washed up on shore.
                                    (MO RE)
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"      (NETWORK DRAFT)       9/8/04      40.
          27   (CO NT'D): (3)                                               27
                                    SA WYER (CONT'D)
                          Had to dry it out, but it's still a
                          damn good read. You'd like --                            
               SLAP! We didn't even see Kate's hand move. Sawyer's face
               rocks to the side. Damn -- she hit him hard. Sawyer turns
               back to her, blood trickling from his lip --
               But she's already walking away.
          28                                                                 28
               EXT. JUNGLE - NOT FAR AWAY - DAY
               Kate strides up to JACK AND SAYID --
                         He doesn't have it.
                         He's lying. He...
                         No.    He's not. Not about this.
               Jack can't believe it.   It makes no fucking sense.    But while
               he's stymied...
               Sayid is fucking INCENSED. And he UNSHEATHES his KNIFE as he
               heads back the way Kate came as we CUT BACK TO --
          29                                                                 29
               EXT. JUNGLE - DARK CLEARING - DAY
               SAWYER. Working through the pain, he keeps his eyes on the
               prize - loosening the bonds around his wrists.
               -- and they're coming free - not a moment too soon - as             
               Sawyer looks up to see -
               SAYID arriving at the clearing - knife in hand - just as the
               cord finally comes undone-- Sawyer pulls his arms out and he--  
               Throws himself at Sayid, holding out his arm to block Sayid's
               knife. Sayid twists, THUMPS Sawyer in the KIDNEY but --
               - Sawyer LUNGES for Sayid's KNIFE HAND, grabs his wrist --          
               the two in close quarters -- GRAPPLING as --                        
               JACK arrives at the clearing, Kate right behind him -
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"         (NETWORK DRAFT)      9/8/04     41.
          29   (CO NT'D):                                                     29
               HAND-HELD -- DIRTY as Sayid and Sawyer ROLL ON THE GROUND,           
               PLAYING FOR FUCKING KEEPS and suddenly --                            
               Sayid instantly freezes -- looks down to see his white shirt         
               STAINED WITH BLOOD --                                                
               But Jack is here and he's pushing Sayid aside because -              
               The knife is literally STICKING OUT OF SAWYER'S ARM -- lodged        
               deep in his BICEP -- and it is fucking GUSHING BLOOD --              
                           SAYID                                JACK
               -- He... he got loose --                                                   
               attacked me --                      -- You hit an artery -
               Sawyer in PAIN, but in some degree of SHOCK too.        KATE         
               arrives, sees the knife impaling Sawyer's arm --                     
               And Jack, medical instincts kicking in, wraps his head around        
               the hilt and --                                                      
               PULLS THE KNIFE RIGHT OUT!                                           
               Sawyer CRIS OUT IN PAIN - clenches down his teeth as Jack
               sticks his hand into the wound - trying to find the artery as
               Sawyer reflexively SQUIRMS --                                        
                         Stay still, dammit!
               Sawyer's fist clench around the earth - his fingernails
               digging into the ground as Jack does his grim duty -- SHIT --        
               Jack's hand -- already SOAKED with Sawyer's blood...                 
                         Can you stop it?                                           
               Jack just looks at her. Then at SAYID. And this is not               
               exactly a look of CONFIDENCE. Sawyer registers it...                 
               And off these two men -- one literally holding the other's           
               life in his HAND..                                                   
                                   END OF ACT THREE                                 
                LOST     "Confidence Man"     (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04         42.
                                       ACT FOUR
          30   INT. THE VALLEY - INFIRMARY CAVE - DAY                       30
               RICHARD holds Marybeth's hand as she gasps for air. SAYID
               blasts in. Richard brightens, releases his wife's hand -
                         Where's Jack? Is he with you?                            
               - but Sayid is a freight train - madly rifling through a
               knapsack, to no avail.
                                   RICHARD (CONT'D)
                         He said he'd be back with my wife's
                         medicine. He promised to --                              
                         You're bleeding.                                         
               Sayid wipes his forehead - notices the spray of Sawyer's
               blood - but has no time to explain. Finally spots Jack's
               SUPPLY BAG - does a quick inventory. GAUZE. SCISSORS.
               SUTURE KIT. He grabs the bag and heads out - then STOPS.
               Sayid looks at Richard, whose fear for Marybeth's health
               hangs over him like a pall. Sayid's expression softens -
                         I'm... I'm very sorry. The doctor
                         will be here as soon as he can.
               Sayid hurries out the Cave's Entrance, a flash of something        
               crossing his face. SHAME? No time to know as he exits to -
          31                                                                31
               Sayid races out - almost knocking down Michael, who passes by
               with hands full of EUCALYPTUS LEAVES.
               But Sayid is long gone as Michael spots Sun, walks over --
                                   MICHAEL (CONT'D)
                         Are these the right ones? I think
                         I got the right tree but --
               Sun speaks low, under her breath.   Hurriedly --
                         Let me see.
                             (examining the leaves)
                                   (MO RE)
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04         43.
          31   (CO NT'D):                                                  31
                                     SU N (CONT'D)
                          Yes. Good. I need some... I need                           
                          to boil --
               But Sun's interrupted by a SHOUT in Korean. OH SHIT. Did he
               hear her speaking English? Jin strides forward. PISSED.
                         What are you doing with him?
               Sun stares at her husband - a deer caught in headlights.
                                   JIN (CONT'D)
                         Why are you sneaking around with
                         this man? What's going on?
               And there it is - Sun has no choice. Take the time to explain
               that she went behind Jin's back to help the sick lady or
               disobey again and save Marybeth's life.
               Sun steps forward. DETERMINED.      She takes the leaves from
               Michael. And walks away.
               Jin watches in DISBELIEF as she heads off. Openly DEFYING
               HIS AUTHORITY -- HIS MANHOOD. His shock dissolves to anger
               as he turns to face Michael.
               They hold an intense look.    Things could get ugly --                
                         Don't, man.                                                 
                             (means this)                                            
                         Just. Don't.                                                
               OFF JIN, not getting the words, but getting the sentiment...          
               EXT. JUNGLE - DARK CLEARING - DAY
          32                                                                   32
               Sawyer GRITS HIS TEETH -- SEVERE FUCKING PAIN.                        
               Kate is here, but it's JACK who's holding Sawyer's artery
               closed with his bare hand -- Sawyer completely dependent on
               Jack and hating every fucking second of it.
                         Let go. Just -- leave it.
                             (hisses through his pain)
                         -- I know you want to.
                         Shut up.   Stop moving.
               And the blood loss is making Sawyer a little light-headed.
               Almost plays DRUNK --
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"        (NETWORK DRAFT)      9/8/04     44.
          32   (CO NT'D):                                                    32
                          You've been waiting for this,
                          haven't you? Yeah -- I'll bet you
                          have. You get to be a hero again
                          `cause that's what you do. You fix
                          everything up all nice.
                              (looks to Kate)
                          Tell him to let go, Freckles. We
                          already made out -- what I got left
                          to live for?
               Jack REACTS to this. Looks to Kate -- her adverted gaze
               answer enough that Sawyer isn't completely full of shit.            
                                    SAWYER (CONT'D)
                          Hey, Jack? You should know                               
                          something -- Right now? Tables
                          were turned?
                              (blinking to stay
                          I'd watch you die.
               And Sawyer barely manages a smile as his eyes finally CLOSE.
               And after a moment of COMPLETE DARKNESS --
          33                                                                 33
                          Allrighty. Looks like we're in the
                          oil business.
               PULL BACK to find Sawyer with David & Jessica in their LIVING
               ROOM. Nice. Upper Middle Class. Before them --
               Sawyer's BRIEFCASE. Neatly packed with stacks of HUNDRED
               DOLLAR BILLS. It's a beautiful sight. Especially since --
               There's ANOTHER SUITCASE STACKED WITH CASH right beside it.
                          We're cool?
               Sawyer CLOSES the case --
                          Oh, we're cool.
                      The fish has been hooked.    David is most certainly IN.
                           DAVID                              SAWYER
               We get the money back...?
                                                  -- Week from tomorrow.           
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"      (NETWORK DRAFT)    9/8/04      45.
          33   (CO NT'D):                                                33
                         You're not gonna skip town, are
                         David, for godssake -- He left all
                         his money with us. We could've
                         skipped town.
                         You got a smart woman there, David.
                         Don't let go of her.
               And that's when --
                                     CHILD'S VOICE (O.S.)
               Sawyer's attention instantly drawn to the HALLWAY -- an EIGHT
               YEAR-OLD BOY stands there, bleary-eyed. Blonde curly hair.
               Flannel PJs. Rosy cheeks. Too adorable.
               And Sawyer freezes.   HE CANNOT TAKE HIS EYES OFF THE KID.       
                         Hi, baby.    What are you doing up?
                         Will you read to me?
                         In a minute, sweetheart.   We have
                         company right now.
               BACK ON SAWYER. Just FIXATED on this kid. All the charm --
               all the swagger -- instantly GONE. And it hits us -- This
               must be the boy who's going to write the letter to Sawyer.
               That's why we've been watching this entire story. And Sawyer     
               stares at this boy -- shocked -- for an odd, long moment...      
                         ...You okay?                                           
               But Sawyer can't take his eyes off the boy... it's like
               seeing a GHOST for Sawyer... his eyes practically fill...        
                             (finally, quietly)                                 
                         ...Deal's off.                                         
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)      9/8/04     46.
          33   (CO NT'D): (2)                                               33
                         Excuse me?
                         Deal's off. Forget it.
               He reaches for his briefcase.    Jessica distressed -- this
               wasn't part of the plan --
                          JESSICA                            DAVID
               What are you doing?               -- Hold on -- You're not
                                                 walking out of here, man...
                                   SAWYER (CONT'D)                                
                         I'm calling it off. Walking away.
                         No harm, no foul.
               And this isn't making any sense -- why is he bailing? Why
               the sudden change of heart? But Sawyer has his briefcase           
               now, ready to head for the door when -- David's hand clamps
               down on his WRIST.
                         Jessica, call the police.
                         Take your hand off me, boy.
               And Sawyer would DECK this fucking guy, but again his
               attention is drawn to THE BOY...
                         Call the police, Jessica!
               And this is going South real fucking fast -- TENSION --
               Jessica not knowing what to do. Betrayed. Confused --
               And David's no dummy -- can hear it in her voice just as well
               as we can, turns back to Sawyer, REALIZATION --
                         What's going on here?
                           JESSICA                           DAVID
                  (to Sawyer)
               This isn't how it's supposed
               to work! You said --              -- What he said?    What'd he          
                                                 say, Jessica?
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"     (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04        47.
          33   (CO NT'D): (3)                                            33
               And Sawyer is still looking at the kid. And we are EXTREMELY
               CLOSE ON HIM. Close enough to see him make the decision.
               Sawyer LETS GO OF THE BRIEFCASE.   Pushes David back --            
                         Keep the money.
               And Sawyer walks right out of the living room and into --          
          34                                                                34    
               TIGHT ON SAWYER, striding for the front door. Blank look in        
               his eyes. Pulling open the FRONT DOOR. David and Jessica in        
               the b.g. doorway, SHOUTING, their words muted because we're
               IN SAWYER'S HEAD -- CLOSING ON HIS EYES.                           
               And as we wonder what could possibly have happened to make
               him leave HIS money behind guaranteeing certain PUNISHMENT...
               Sawyer BLINKS, bringing us into --
          35                                                                35
               Sawyer's eyes FLUTTER OPEN. Groggy. And the first thing he
               feels is PAIN. Looks down at his ARM. THICK BANDAGE AROUND         
               IT. Tries to move it -- WINCES as we --                            
               WIDEN to find him propped up in his makeshift BED, back in
               his TENT on the beach. And he's not alone --
                         You're lucky to be alive.
               Find Kate, literally sitting by his "bedside." We should
               note something about Sawyer here -- He is real.
                         The doctor -- ?
                         Ignored you and saved your life
                         Where is he?
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"     (NETWORK DRAFT)       9/8/04     48.
          35   (CO NT'D):                                                  35
                         He headed back to the caves to
                         check on that woman.
               And that's when Sawyer notices Kate's holding something.    An
               ENVELOPE. His letter. And she SEES him notice it --
                                   KATE (CONT'D)
                         I read it again. And then again.
                         Last couple hours -- I don't know                       
                         how many times.                                         
               Sawyer a little vulnerable here.    A little guarded --
                         Why would you -- ?
                             (simple; straight)
                         Because I'm trying to figure out
                         why you made me read it.                                
                         Why you beat up that man instead of
                         just telling him you didn't have
                         his wife's medication. Why you                          
                         pretended to have it anyway.                            
                         Why you let yourself get tortured.                      
                         And the thing I kept coming up with
                         was -- it was that you want to be
                         hated. And maybe that's why you
                         made me read this letter.
                             (opens it up; reads)
                         "You killed my parents, Mr.
               And now Kate SIGHS.   Almost like she SHES IT.    Then --
                                   KATE (CONT'D)
                         And then I looked at the envelope.
               Kate turns over the envelope and we see A COMMEMORATIVE
               EMBOSSED SEAL. ON SAWYER, feeling totally NAKED...
                                   KATE (CONT'D)
                         "America's Bicentennial --
                         Knoxville Tennessee. 1976."
               We let that sink in for a second.    Then --
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"      (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04      49.
          35   (CO NT'D): (2)                                             35
                                    KATE (CONT'D)
                         You were a kid in 1976.                                 
                         Eight, maybe nine years old.
                         -- Kate...
                         This letter wasn't written to you.
                             (long beat)                                         
                         You wrote this letter.                                  
               Sawyer's eyes DROP -- holding them in a real TIGHT TWO-SHOT --
               the pure INTIMACY of the moment impossible to avoid --
                                   KATE (CONT'D)
                         Sawyer isn't your name, is it?
               And a LONG beat passes before --
                         ...It was his name.                                     
               And he starts speaking slowly at first, in his own head...
                                    SAWYER (CONT'D)
                         First heard it at my momma's wake.
                         My daddy didn't get one -- You
                         don't get a wake when you kill
                         Was my Uncle Doug who pulled me
                         aside. Told me it was a confidence
                         man who killed them. Told me how
                         he rolled into town, marked my
                         folks. Romanced my momma, used her
                         to get to their money. Wiped `em                        
                         out clean, left the mess behind.                        
                         Only thing the cops had was his                         
                         name on a bogus business card.
                         So I wrote that letter. Wrote it
                         knowing I'd find him one day.
                         You want all the sad parts? `Cause                      
                         I spent the next ten years getting                      
                         passed off from one place to                            
                         another. Lady from the State wrote                      
                         me off -- "adjustment problems."                        
                         Don't that just say it all?                             
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"     (NETWORK DRAFT)         9/8/04     50.
          35   (CO NT'D): (3)                                                35
               CAMERA STARTING TO PUSH IN on him now as he tells this story.
               A story he has probably never told out loud --
                                    SAWYER (CONT'D)
                          And then I was nineteen -- needed                        
                          six grand to pay off some guys I                         
                          was in trouble with. So I found a                        
                          pretty lady with a dumb husband who                      
                          had some money.                                          
                              (owning it)
                          And I got them to give it to me.
                              (shakes his head;
                          How you like that for tragedy?
                          Became the man I was hunting.                            
                              (a long beat; then)
                          Became Sawyer.
               And finally, he's done.   LOOKS to Kate --
               And she is empathetic. Vulnerable. Something about this guy
               is so wounded, so HURT she can identify with it. It is an           
               intense moment because it is so TRUE...
               But Sawyer quickly becomes self-aware -- doesn't like the way
               she's looking at him. And as RAW as he just was, it only
               takes a second for him to transform back into a WILD ANIMAL --
                                    SAWYER (CONT'D)
                          Don't you feel sorry for me...                           
                              KATE                            SAWYER
               What?   I...
                                                  -- Get the hell out.
               Sawyer PULLS the letter from her hand.      Kate surprised --
                                     SAWYER (CONT'D)
                          Get out.
               And Kate's eyes narrow. Can't believe she almost actually
               just cried for this fucker. And now, her own walls going up,
               she stands. Looks down at him for a moment...
               But there's nothing left to say.    So she goes.
               Once she's gone, SETTLE ON SAWYER.      Watching her walk away.
               Clutching that letter.
                                     END OF ACT FOUR                               
                LOST     "Confidence Man"       (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04        51.
                                         ACT FIVE
          36   INT. THE VALLEY - LATE AFTERNOON                              36
               ON SUN, rubbing salve from a small bowl onto the upper chest
               of Marybeth, who seems to be breathing easier, her face
               flush. As we WIDEN, we find JACK and an elated RICHARD
               standing over them as Richard explains...
                         ...I dunno... It was like this...
                         miracle. She just showed up with
                         that... mixture. Rubbed it on
                         Marybeth's chest and ten minutes                          
                         later she was breathing again.                            
               Jack reaches into the bowl, takes a dab of the SALVE, rubbing
               it between his fingers. He brings it to his nose and smells.
                             (recognizing it)
                             (upset he didn't think of                             
                         Smart, Jack. Real smart.                                  
               Jack shakes it off -- looks at Sun and smiles --                    
                                      JACK (CONT'D)
                         Thank you.     Very much.
               Sun accepts his gratitude with a smile and a nod, until she
               JIN standing against a wall some distance away, glaring at
               her, intensely.
               ON SUN, as her smile fades, and she defiantly goes back to          
               tending to Marybeth.                                                
          37                                                                 37
               EXT. BEACH - LATE AFTERNOON
               CLAIRE dozes. Peaceful. Lovely. Astrology Book by her
               side. Charlie arrives. Trying not to wake her, he starts to
               fold and pack her clothing. As she does, Claire wakes up --
                         What... what're you doing?
                         Packing your stuff.
               He reaches for her Astrology Book.
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"     (NETWORK DRAFT)       9/8/04      52.
          37   (CO NT'D):                                                  37
                                   CHARLIE (CONT'D)
                         I'm guessing you'll be taking this
                         The caves.
                             (off her look)
                         You're moving.
                             (a beat; gets it)
                         You didn't -- Peanut butter?
               Charlie nods.
                                   CLAIRE (CONT'D)
                         No way.
                         Just like you ordered.
               Charlie reaches into his bag.   Before pulling his hand out --
                                   CHARLIE (CONT'D)
                         There's one thing, though. It's
                         extra smooth.
                         That's okay.
               And finally, Charlie produces... An EMPTY GLASS JAR.
                                   CLAIRE (CONT'D)
                         It's... it's empty.
               He unscrews the cap, digs his fingers in, swirls them around.
                         What? No it's not. It's full,
                         see? Full to the top with stick to
                         the roof of your mouth, god, it
                         makes you want a glass of milk so
                         bad, extra smooth...
               Lifting his fingers out, popping them in his mouth.    Ecstasy.
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"        (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04      53.
          37   (CO NT'D): (2)                                               37
                                   CHARLIE (CONT'D)
                         Best sodding peanut butter I've
                         ever tasted. Want some?
               She's looking at him like he's crazy (so are we.) Doesn't
               want to play along. But the sheer brilliance of Charlie's
               ploy can't be denied. Claire dips her fingers in. Takes a
                                   CHARLIE (CONT'D)
                         Good, isn't it?
               Claire considers. Then, despite her reluctance, just plain
               CHARMED with Charlie's gesture, plays along --
                         No.    It's great.
                             (re: Astrology book)
                         So... you'll be wanting this with
                         you? In the caves?
               Claire NODS.    Ready to leave the beach.   OFF that, we go to:
          38                                                                 38
               Kate sits alone - her mind still spinning from the events of
               the day - when a shadow falls upon her. She turns to see -
               - SAYID, walking over, head downcast, a bag slung over his
               shoulder, loaded with supplies.
               Sayid looks at Kate for a moment, then:
                         I can't be here.
                         What do you -- ?
                         I'm going off.                                            
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"    (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04      54.
          38   (CO NT'D):                                               38
                         I'm leavin. I don't know for how                      
                         Sayid, you can't -- we don't know                     
                         what's out--                                          
                             (turns, strong)                                   
                         -- What, it's too dangerous?                          
                         No more than staying here.
                         I have worse things to fear than
                         what's in the jungle.
                             (off her look)
                         What I did today - what I almost
                         did... I swore never again. Never
                             (almost to himself)
                         If I can't keep that promise, I
                         have no right to be here.
                         But there's nowhere to go.
                         Someone has to walk the shore. Map
                         the island. See what else there
                         is. Find a means of escape.
                         I can't think of a better person to
                         do it then the only one I trust.
               Kate looks at Sayid - she knows better than to try to talk
               him out of it, so she merely nods -
               - and Sayid returns the nod.
                                   SAYID (CONT'D)
                         I hope we meed again. Under...                        
                         happier circumstances.
               And with that he's gone. Kate turns back to the beach, takes
               a deep breath, and that's how long it takes for her to
               realize that a tear is dragging down her cheek.
               Off the moment, as Sayid moves farther and farther away down
               the beach...
               MUSIC COMES UP --
                 LOST     "Confidence Man"      (NETWORK DRAFT)     9/8/04        55.
          38   (CO NT'D): (2)                                             38
               LOST MONTAGE
          39                                                                 39
               INT. THE VALLEY - SUNSET
               CHARLIE brings CLAIRE into the valley...
          40                                                                 40
               JIN looks over at his wife, then RACK FOCUS to him looking
               across the valley at Michael. Sensing something...
          41                                                                 41
               RICHARD brings MARYBETH some water... smiles, relieved that
               she's pulled through.
               And back at...
          42                                                                 42
               EXT. BEACH - SUNSET
               SAWYER sits on the beach, off in the distance, ALONE. Holds
               up his LIGHTER to the letter -- But he can't bring himself to
               burn it. Can't let it go. So he folds it up and places it
               back in his pocket...
               And we END the MONTAGE as --
               EXT. BEACH - SUNSET
          43                                                                 43
               Sayid looks back over his shoulder, far, FAR down the beach,
               the skeleton of the fuselage almost lost in the distance.
               And as he keeps going...
                                                             CUT TO BLACK:
                                     END OF EPISODE

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