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                                     Written by
                                     David Fury


              EXT. UNFAMILIAR BEACH - DAY                                          1
              XCU - A MAN'S BLOODSHOT EYE, as it scans something...
              WIDEN to find SAYID, sitting in the sand, alone -- staring at
              a photograph in his hand, running his fingers over it.
              HIS POV - It's one of the retrieved photos from the fuselage
              in "Walkabout" -- The mysterious ARAB WOMAN.
              EXTREME WIDE SHOT to see just how alone he is. The beach is
              empty as far as the eye can see as Sayid shoves the photo
              into his nearby backpack, and stands...
              CLOSER AGAIN as he stares down the lonely stretch of beach
              before him, then stops when something catches his eye:
              A SMALL LOOP OF CABLE, jutting out of the sand, the sun
              GLINTING off exposed metal wiring where the coating's eroded.
              Sayid moves to it, reaches down to pick it up. When he does -
              A STAGGERING LENGTH OF CABLE bursts out of the sand, running
              in a straight line from the ocean, running toward the jungle.
              ON SAYID -- he reacts, stunned. What the hell? He snatches
              up his bag and begins to track the wire into the jungle.
              CLOSE ON a bandaged arm as fingers slowly pry up the adhesive
              tape around the dressing.
                                  SAWYER (O.S.)
                        Ow! -- Easy, jackass!
              Widen to find JACK sitting next to a reclining SAWYER,
              removing his bandage. Fresh gauze and tape lie beside Jack.
                        You want it easy, quit moaning.                                   
                        I've got to change these bandages --
                        Yeah, well, try not taking my skin
                        off with `em.
          2   (CON T'D)                                                            2
                          Hold.   Still.
              Sawyer eyes Jack a beat as he continues easing off the tape.
                          So, considerin' we pretty much hate                               
                          each other, how'd I score the house                               
                          call, Dr. Quinn?                                                  
                              (then, baiting him)
                          Tryin' to ease your conscience?                                   
              And Jack does his best not to take that bait --                               
                          My conscience is fine, thanks.                                    
                           SAWYER                              JACK
                                                 -- Yeah.
                          `Course -- what you got to feel                                   
                          guilty about? You let that damn                                   
                          Arab torture me. Stood by and
                          watched. So now you just patch me                                 
                          up and you get your ticket into                                   
                          heaven. Only reason you're here                                   
                          I'm here --                                                       
                              (locks eyes with Sawyer;                                      
                          Because no one else wants anything                                
                          to do with you.
              Sawyer takes that in a moment, soberly.       Then...
                          She does.
              Jack glances up at him on that. Then, he stands and tosses
              the fresh bandaging and tape he brought onto Sawyer's lap.
                          Change your own damn bandages.
              He turns and goes.
              OFF SAWYER - glaring after him...
              EXT. BEACH - CONTINUOUS                                             3
              ON KATE, feeding wood into the signal fire Sayid created as
              she stares off down the beach, keeping a kind of vigil...
                                  JACK (O.S.)
                        Looking for someone...?
              Kate turns to see Jack coming up behind her.
                                  JACK (CONT'D)
                        -- Or just admiring the view?
              Still harboring anger, Kate turns back toward the beach.
                        It's been two days, Jack.
                        Two days since Sayid took off on                                 
                        his own.                                                         
                        I keep thinking I'm gonna look up                                
                        and see him coming back.                                         
              ON JACK, registering that, and feeling badly about it.
                        He'll come back when he finds what                               
                        he's looking for. The French                                     
                        He wasn't looking for anything --                                
                        He left because of what happened...                              
                        because of what he did.                                          
              Jack shakes his head.   Got it from Sawyer -- now her too?                 
                        It was an accident --                                            
                        -- Yeah, well, accidents happen
                        when you torture somebody, Jack.
              Jack can only look at her, feeling ashamed. Kate looks back
              at him for a beat, maybe feeling a little sorry --                         
                 LOST         "Solitary"           (PINK)      10/5/04                 4.
          3   (CON T'D)                                                        3
                                    KATE (CONT'D)
                          I'm worried about him. He's out
                          there. Alone.
                          Sayid's a trained soldier, Kate.
                          He can take care of himself.
              EXT. JUNGLE - DAY
              WITH SAYID as he tracks the cable deeper into the jungle,
              until he, suddenly, comes to an abrupt halt -- and slowly
              lowers himself to a crouch in order to get a good look at
              something at mid-calf level.
              REVERSE ON HIM as he leans in. RACK FOCUS to reveal... A
              TRIP WIRE - fishing line, stretched across his path. Clearly
              a booby-trap.
              ON SAYID - HOLY SHIT! Somebody is or was here. His head
              snaps around, scanning the area, then rises. After a beat,
              he, carefully, steps over the wire and takes another step.
              CLOSE ON HIS FOOT as -- CLICK!
              SAYID looks down, realizing he's stepped on a pressure
              trigger. What happens next happens instantly: he curses                   
              himself under his breath --                                               
                          Ya Allah--
              -- as a noose under his foot ensnares him and he's yanked off             
              his feet, into the air. As the rope goes taut, his body
              pendulums HARD into a tree. SLAM! --
              QUICK CLOSE UP of his thigh getting impaled on a broken
              branch jutting from the tree, causing him to cry out. As he
              swings away from the tree, he takes the branch with him...
              WIDE ON SAYID, hanging twenty feet off the ground, swinging               
              upside down, the broken branch protruding from his leg -- His
              SCREAMS piercing the quiet jungle...
                                                              BLACK OUT.
                                        END OF TEASER
                LOST        "Solitary"             (PINK)       10/5/04                 5.
                                         ACT ONE
              INT. THE VALLEY - EVENING                                           5
              CLOSE ON MEAT ON A SPIT, as a knife carves off slices. WIDEN
              to see LOCKE doing the butchering as he serves a few waiting
              people, including HURLEY, holding airplane trays and whatever
              else passes as a plate or bowl in this place.
              AN ESTABLISHING PAN ACROSS - We find the dozen denizens of
              the valley, including MICHAEL and CHARLIE, eating their
              dinners, tearing away the fatty grizzle. While some may sit                
              here quietly -- depressed -- others seem, considering                      
              everything, to be doing all right: some are talking.                       
              CHARLIE, still going through late stage withdrawal, puts down
              his barely touched food, clearly having no appetite as
              SHANNON walks by, holding an empty water bottle. We follow
              her as she crosses to the spring. We find WALT there,
              feeding pieces of meat to VINCENT who then starts lapping up
              water in the pool.
              ON SHANNON, as she sees that.
                            (to Walt)
                        Ew -- Get him out of there!
                        The dog, Webster! It's drinking
                        our water!
                                  MICHAEL (O.S.)
                        Hey --
              MICHAEL steps in
                                  MICHAEL (CONT'D)
                        Do not yell at my kid. What's the
                        My problem? I walked all the way
                        from the beach to get something to
                        drink... and your animal's drooling
                        in our water supply.
              Hurley passes by with two trays of boar meat.
                 LOST         "Solitary"         (PINK)           10/5/04                 6.
          5   (CON T'D)                                                           5
                          Y'know, dogs' mouths are cleaner
                          than humans'.
                          Nobody asked you.                                                
              HURLEY shakes his head and continues on as VINCENT suddenly
              hops into the pool, wading around to SHANNON's horror.
                                    SHANNON (CONT'D)
                          Oh my God -- DO SOMETHING!
              ON JACK, examining the side of a shirtless SULLIVAN (late
              forties, thin). SUN is there, too, mashing aloe leaves in a
              bowl, showing concern about all the yelling outside. Hurley
              enters with the food. Jack glances at him.
                          What's going on out there?
                          Ah, you know, the usual... People
                          yelling at each other over nothing.
                          So, what do you think, Doc? This
                          rash... It's bad, isn't it? Some
                          kinda jungle disease... or--
                          Hives. What is that, like, a
                          poison ivy--
                          It's a common rash, Sullivan.
                          Brought on by heat. And stress.
                          Just try to relax. It'll clear up.
                          You sure? I mean... It really
                          itches. And... burns a little.
                              (in Korean)
                          It's ready.
                 LOST            "Solitary"       (PINK)          10/5/04                 7.
          6   (CON T'D)                                                           6
              Jack turns to Sun who hands him the bowl. He nods gratefully
              to her and she goes. Jack passes the bowl to Sullivan.
                          Here. This should help with the
                          itching. And the burning. Just...
                          try to get your mind off it.
                          Uh... O-okay. Thanks.
              He turns and exits. After he's gone, Hurley hands Jack a
              tray of food. As they move to sit...
                          "Get your mind off it?" What else
                          is that dude gonna do but stress?
                          I've got enough on my plate without
                          having to treat hypochondriacs.
                          That's, like, my point, man. We're
                          all fried. I mean, have you taken
                          a look at those people out there?
                          Everybody's way tense... y'know,
                          since we were in a plane crash?
                          And Sayid splitting like that.
                          Plus... we got, like, no real plan
                          to get off this island...
              Jack looks wearily at Hurley, who backs off a little.
                                    HURLEY (CONT'D)
                          I'm just saying... It'd be sweet
                          to have something to, y'know... do.
                          Look, I sympathize. But we're
                          surviving. That's my main concern
                          right now. Keeping us alive.
                          Things could be worse.                                           
              Hurley considers that for a moment, then:
              EXT. JUNGLE - MEANWHILE                                             7
              WIDE ON SAYID, hanging upside down, impaled by the branch.
              Nothing but his labored breaths and the sounds of the jungle.
              CLOSER as he, with great effort and GRUNTING IN PAIN, pulls
              himself up, and tries to pry the branch from his leg.
              Failing, after several agonizing seconds, he falls back.
              WIDE AGAIN, as his screams echo through the jungle.
              ON SAYID, as the pain subsides, he closes his eyes and begins
              to mutter something. We realize he's praying in ARABIC --                  
                        There is no divinity except God.
                        What God has willed must be --
              Suddenly there's a noise. Twigs snapping. Sayid's head
              snaps around. He looks into the dense brush, seeing nothing.
              Then, another noise... A rhythmic rubbing sound...
                                  SAYID (CONT'D)                                         
              CLOSE ON the pulley rig responsible for suspending him. TILT
              DOWN to a GLOVED HAND cutting the taut rope with a machete.
              ON SAYID -- the   instant he realizes what's happening -- The
              rope is severed   and he plummets downward. WHAM! Sayid
              lands, his head   slamming hard into the ground. Barely                    
              conscious, head   bleeding, he looks and sees:
              HIS POV - BLURRY - A FIGURE standing in the shadows at the
              edge of the dense jungle, looking at him.
              SAYID registers that for a split second before he passes out.
              DISSOLVE TO WHITE... Under which we hear a VOICE -- sounding
              distant, distorted, almost as if underwater -- asking
              something... Gradually, the Voice becomes clearer and we
              realize it's speaking RUSSIAN. Then, PORTUGUESE...
          8   INT. HABITAT - LATER
              DISSOLVE IN CLOSE ON SAYID as his eyes flutter open,
              squinting against a BRIGHT LIGHT shining in his face.        His
              head's been carelessly bandaged. As he hears:
                            (in Italian)
                        Where is Alex?
          8   (CON T'D)                                                           8
                          Wha-- What...?
              WIDEN as Sayid tries to move, and discovers his hands are
              chained to a rusty metal cot, wires running from it.
                          Where is Alex?
              He peers past the light into the dark corner of the room.            We      
              see the FIGURE sitting there in the shadows.
                          Who-- Who are you?
                              (more demanding)
                          Where... is... Alex?
                          I... I don't-- I don't know what --                              
              ON THE FIGURE's HAND as it moves a wire to a METAL POST
              protruding from a bank of BATTERIES. The LIGHT DIMS as
              SAYID suddenly lurches -- a considerable voltage of
              electricity is pumped into the cot. We hear the HUM of the
              current accompanied by Sayid's grunts, until...
              ON FIGURE - as the wire is removed, the LIGHT brightens
              again. Sayid falls back onto the cot, short gasping breaths.
                          VOICE                              SAYID
              Where is Alex?                     -- Please -- Listen to me...
                                                 I don't know any Alex. I'm --
              The Figure touches the post with the wire. The LIGHT DIMS.
              SAYID again lurches. PUSH IN ON HIM as he shouts:                            
                                    SAYID (CONT'D)
                          STOP! -- SssTOP!!!
                                    PRISONER (PRE-LAP)
                              (in Arabic)
              INT. IRAQI BASE - INTERROGATION ROOM - DAY - FLASHBACK                9
              CLOSE ON AN IRAQI PRISONER, face bruised, lip bleeding --
              hands tied in front, his feet shackled to the legs of a chair
              in the middle of the room, muttering, shaking his head...
          9   (CON T'D)                                                            9
                              (in Arabic)
              POW!   He's punched across his jaw.   SWING around to reveal...
              SAYID, in Republican Guard uniform, shaking off the pain in
              his knuckles. Behind him, leaning on a wall, next to a desk,
              arms folded, an Iraqi officer -- OMAR, watches with interest.
                              (to Prisoner, in Arabic)
                          You want me to stop, Falah? Then                                  
                          start answering my questions,
                          because I can do this all day...
              PUSH IN as he puts his mouth right up to the Prisoner's ear.
                                    SAYID (CONT'D)
                          I assure you we already know the
                          truth. But I want you to admit it.
              CLOSE ON SAYID'S MOUTH NOW, as the dialogue turns to ENGLISH
              (Yes, the ol' "Hunt for Red October" bit), and we start to
              slowly PULL OUT again, as Sayid straightens.
                                    SAYID (CONT'D)
                          ...And all the pain will stop...
                          Your Shi'ite friends have already
                          implicated you in the bombing.
                          You're... you're lying.   They would                              
                          never --                                                          
                          They would and they have. You
                          planned the attack, Falah. You                                    
                          planted the device in Najaf -- the                                
                          Baathist headquarters. You killed                                 
                          two soldiers, yes?                                                
              FALAH stares up at him through swollen eyes.                                  
                         PRISONER                          SAYID
              I had nothing... nothing         -- Confess it. And perhaps
              to... do...                      it will only cost you your
                                               hands instead of your life.
              CLOSE ON FALAH - He opens his mouth to speak, but instead, he                 
              throws his head to the side and vomits BELOW FRAME.
          9    (CON T'D) (2)                                                        9
               ON SAYID, stepping back, looking a little unnerved.         PUSH              
               past him to see OMAR as a grin comes to his lips...
               EXT. IRAQI BASE - LATER - FLASHBACK                                  10
               OMAR and SAYID exit the building. An Iraqi GUARD stationed
               at the door salutes Omar. He returns the salute. As they
               walk, the CAMERA arcs around them, we see (through the magic
               of GREEN SCREEN) a desert landscape beyond the army camp.
                         He doesn't know anything.    Your
                         sources were wrong.
                             (with a shrug)
                         Perhaps. But that's really not the
                         point, is it? You handled yourself
                         well in there.
                         Did I?
                         I'll put in for your reassignment
                         to the Intelligence Division, if
                         you still wish it.
               Sayid halts, a big smile crosses his face.
                         Yes, sir.    Very much so.
                             (returning the smile)
                         Good... But stop calling me "sir"
                         when it's just the two of us.
                         You're my superior officer, Omar.
                         For now. Enjoy it while you can.
               Past them, we see TWO ARMED GUARDS, walking in their
               direction, escorting a FEMALE PRISONER.
                         That reminds me... a promotion is
                         commensurate with your move...
               As the FEMALE PRISONER passes, Sayid throws a glance at her.
          10   (CON T'D)                                                              10
               SLIGHT SLO-MO as she glances back at him and we may
               recognize... It's the woman in the photo Sayid carries.               But        
               Sayid appears only to register some small recognition.
                                     OMAR (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                           That is, if you won't miss being a
                           Communications Officer.
                           I'm willing to make that sacrifice.
               OFF SAYID, grinning...                                                           
               INT. THE VALLEY - NIGHT
               CLOSE ON BAGS - a long vinyl one and a canvas suitcase -
               dumped on the ground.
               WIDEN to see they've been dropped next to HURLEY sitting by a
               campfire. The rest of the camp is quiet, as everybody else
               has turned in. Hurley looks up at
               ETHAN (thirties, unassuming, oddly still) standing by him.
               Hurley peers up at him, unsurely.      Then, at the bags.
                           Yo.   What's this?
               LOCKE appears, dropping a third bag as Hurley stands.
                           These were in the jungle. Must
                           have fallen from the plane.                                          
                           Uh... What were you guys doing out
                           in the jungle at night?
                           Best time to hunt.                                                   
                           Ethan here's got some experience...
               ANGLE ON WALT, sitting up in his cubby, watching and
               listening. His father seemingly asleep next to him.
          11   (CON T'D)                                                              11
                                     LOCKE (CONT'D)
                           Spotted tracks we think might be
                           rabbit or some other rodent.
                           Rodent.   Yum.                                                       
                           Figured people are starting to get                                   
                           tired of eating boar meat.
                               (raises his eyebrows)                                            
                           Variety is the spice of life.                                        
                           Dude, you got that right.                                            
                           Okay. I'll check out the bags.
                           See if there's anything useful we
                           can... y'know... use. Thanks.
               Hurley grabs a suitcase and starts going through it.             ON              
               LOCKE and ETHAN moving out when they hear:
                                     WALT (O.S.)
                           Mr. Locke...
               Ethan moves on as Locke turns and sees Walt walking up,                          
               speaking quietly.
                                     WALT (CONT'D)
                           Are you going back out to hunt?
                           For a bit.
                           Well... Can I go with you?
                               (off Locke's look)
                           I mean, I wanna learn how to...                                      
                           Y'know, hunt and--                                                   
                                        MICHAEL (O.S.)
                           Walt -- !
               Walt, busted, looks back to see:
               MICHAEL, sitting up, looking at him.
                           I was just... I was talking to Mr.
                           Locke about--
                 LOST        "Solitary"        (PINK)            10/5/04                 14.
          11   (CON T'D) (2)                                                     11
                         I know what you're doing, man. Not
                         gonna happen. Get back to bed.                                    
               Walt glares at his dad, embarrassed and frustrated. He peers
               at Locke for a moment, then stalks to his cubby as Michael
               and Locke exchange a look. Then Locke and Ethan turn and go.
               ANGLE ON HURLEY, emptying the contents of the open suitcase.
               He holds up an impossibly ugly Hawaiian shirt, shakes his
               head and tosses it aside. Then he unzips the long vinyl bag.
               CLOSE ON HIM as he looks inside and reacts, eyes widening.
                         Oh... Duuude...
               He looks up and a smile comes to him as he registers an idea.
               INT. HABITAT - NIGHT
               CLOSE ON SAYID, his eyes clenched shut, his body TENSING as
               we hear the HUM of electricity. To escape the graphic nature
               of this, we illustrate it through the DIMMING of the BRIGHT
               LIGHT, still focused on Sayid.
               ON THE FIGURE in the dark, as the wire is moved away and the
               LIGHT BRIGHTENS.
                           FIGURE                             SAYID
               Where is Alex?
                                               -- I don't -- Please --
                         Where is Alex?
                             (summoning his energy)
                         -- PLEASE just listen... I'm-- I'm
                         a survivor of a plane crash -- I
                         found a wire at the beach...
                         followed it... Thought it might
                         have something to do with a
                         transmission we picked up on out
                 LOST         "Solitary"         (PINK)           10/5/04                 15.
          12   (CON T'D)                                                          12
                           A recording... a mayday -- a French
                           woman... Repeating on a loop... for
                           more than sixteen years...
               He stops talking `cause it's still so hard to do anyway...                   
               and after a long beat, he hears from the darkness:                           
                                     FIGURE (O.S.)
                           "Si n'importe qui peut entendre
                           ceci veullez nous aider... I' les a
                           tues. Il les a tues tous..."
               Sayid stares as the FIGURE rises, slowly steps toward him and                
               into the light. A WOMAN, early forties -- attractive despite
               lacking make-up; swimming in a stained, stretched out sweater
               that hangs off her shoulder. Oh yeah, and she's holding a
               serious looking RIFLE, looking somewhat dazed.
                                      FRENCH WOMAN
                               (almost to herself)
                           ... sixteen years...?                                            
                           Has it really been that long?
               SAYID stares, disbelievingly.   He's found her.     The French
               Woman. Alive.
               She looks hard at him now, with mounting anger...
                                     FRENCH WOMAN
                           You just... happened to hear my
                           distress call... Stumbled upon
                           it... LIES! No planes fly over
                           this island. I know what you are --
               She turns the rifle around in her hands.
                                     FRENCH WOMAN (CONT'D)
                           You're one of them!
               ON HER as she SLAMS Sayid in the jaw with the rifle butt,
               sending us into...
                                                                  BLACK OUT.
                                     END OF ACT ONE
                                        ACT TWO
               INT. FRENCH WOMAN'S HABITAT - MORNING                               13
               With sunlight streaming in through the top of the space, we
               finally get a look at the surroundings. A dug-out hole in
               the ground, dirt walls, mesh ceiling, a ladder leaning
               against one of the walls.
               CLOSE ON THE FRENCH WOMAN, manically rifling through Sayid's
               things on a desk: empty water bottle, fruit, a beat up copy
               of the Koran, an extra shirt; flashlight - which she turns on
               and off... then she comes to the envelope of photos, she
               looks through them seeing pictures of the Woman in Sayid's
               flashback. She compares that with the single photo she found
               -- the one Sayid had looked at in the teaser. She turns it
               over to see SOMETHING IS HANDWRITTEN on the back - in Arabic.
               PAN OVER to SAYID, his pant leg is ripped open, his thigh is
               bandaged, and there's dried blood on his chin from the rifle
               butt blow. ON HIS FACE as he slowly comes to and, hearing
               noises, looks over at... THE FRENCH WOMAN, her back to him,
               going through his things, unaware he's awake.
               SAYID's eyes scan across the room. It's a cluttered mess.
               Full of items salvaged from a ship. He catches sight of...
               HIS POV - A TORN, FADED JACKET hanging on a nail.       A FADED
               NAME is stenciled on it: ROUSSEAU.
                             (reading softly, aloud)
               Startled, ROUSSEAU whips around, glaring suspiciously.
                         How do you know my name?
                         I- I read it. There.     On the                                    
               Rousseau just STARES at him. An odd moment.   The two                        
               studying each other. Then --                                                 
                                   SAYID (CONT'D)                                           
                         What is this place?
                         Yes.   What is this place?
               She turns away from him again to examine more of his things.
                 LOST         "Solitary"             (PINK)       10/5/04                 17.
          13   (CON T'D)                                                          13
               ON SAYID, as he spots...
               HIS POV - A bank of four large batteries, wires from it
               running to his cot.
                           Those batteries... They wouldn't
                           produce enough power to transmit
                           your distress call all these years.
                           The transmission. It broadcasts...                               
                           from somewhere else.                                             
                               (long beat)                                                  
                           But they control it now...                                       
                               (turning and eyeing him)
                           You. And the others like you.
               ON SAYID as he gets it.      This woman is unbalanced, paranoid.
                           I... I don't know who you think I
                           am. But I told you... I'm not--
                           What?   How do you -- ?
                           My name is on a jacket. Yours is
                           on the envelope you carry.
                           Who is she?                                                      
               Rousseau suddenly thrusts out the PHOTO in her hand.
                                        ROUSSEAU (CONT'D)                                   
                           The woman.     In the photographs.
                           That's -- She's no one...
          13     (CON T'D) (2)                                                          13
                              You carry photos of her. She means                                  
                              something to you. Who is she?                                       
                                SAYID                            ROUSSEAU
                 I don't --
                                                     -- Tell me!
                 Sayid looks at her a moment, seeing some desperate need in
                 her to know. Then finally replies...
                              Nadia.    Her name is Nadia...
                 INT. IRAQI BASE - HALLWAY OUTSIDE DOOR - DAY - FLASHBACK                14
                 CLOSE ON THE PHOTO OF NADIA, clipped with some other photos
                 of her, to an open folder (the papers all in Arabic.)
                                         OMAR (O.S.)
                              We can't tie her directly to the
                 CUT OUT to see Sayid perusing the folder as Omar briefs him.
                                        OMAR (CONT'D)
                              But we know where her sympathies
                              lie. She's a known associate of
                              Kurdish and Shi'ite insurgents.
                              You think she knows who                                             
                              orchestrated the bombing.                                           
                              That, my friend, is exactly what                                    
                              you will find out.                                                  
                 Omar gives Sayid a friendly slap on the shoulder and moves
                 off as Sayid opens the door and enters...
                 INT. IRAQ - INTERROGATION ROOM - CONTINUOUS - FLASHBACK               A15
          A1 5
                 ON NADIA, her hands tied in front of her, her feet shackled
                 to a chair in the middle of the room. Her head is down.
                 Sayid crosses to a desk in the corner and leans against it,
                 staring at his prisoner.
          A15   (CON T'D)                                                      A15
                                (referring to file)
                            Noor Abed Jaseem... I'm going to
                            ask you some questions... And if
                            you refuse to cooperate, I am going                               
                            to hurt you. Do you under--
                She raises her head and looks at him, evenly.
                            Nobody calls me "Noor," Sayid. You
                            of all people should know that.
                Sayid stares at her a moment, stunned she knows his name.
                                      NADIA (CONT'D)
                            What, you don't remember me?
                                (then, almost wistfully)
                            Am I so different from the little                                 
                            girl in the schoolyard who used to                                
                            push you in the mud... send you
                            crying home to your mother...
                Sayid narrows his eyes, as it comes to him.
                            And your mother would tell my                                     
                            mother... And I would be in such
                            trouble -- "Why must you pick on                                  
                            little Sayid?" and I'd answer:
                            "Because he ignores me."                                          
                                (after a beat)
                            You had enough attention. With                                    
                            your family's wealth. And your...                                 
                            Such things matter little to                                      
                                (she looks at him warmly)
                            But then you were always older than
                            your years, weren't you, Sayid?                                   
                            Not old enough to understand that                                 
                            being pushed in the mud was a sign                                
                            of affection.                                                     
          A15   (CON T'D) (2)                                                A15
                They look at each other for a moment, before Sayid realizes
                his place, his responsibility. He breaks his gaze...
                                    SAYID (CONT'D)                                          
                          And now you're a traitor to your
                ON NADIA - disappointed with the turn in the conversation.
                          Traitor... Saddam is the traitor.
                          And you blindly serve him... like a                               
                          dog. He's betrayed his own people,
                          brutalized... murdered them --
                              (cutting her off, sharply)
                          Tell me what you know about the                                   
                          bombing in Najaf...
                She wearily shakes her head and he leans into her.
                                    SAYID (CONT'D)
                          You know who was behind it. Tell
                          me -- or I swear I will hurt you.
                She stares hard at him.
                          Oh, I know, Sayid. This isn't my                                  
                          first interrogation by the
                          Republican Guard...
                She reaches up with her bound hands and pulls away the open
                collar of her shirt revealing BURN SCARS near her chest.
                                    NADIA (CONT'D)
                          This is where they burned me with
                          acid... When I couldn't tell them
                          the whereabouts of a man I'd met                                  
                          only in passing...                                                
                She holds out her hands, revealing small SCARS on her palms.                
                                    NADIA (CONT'D)
                          They pierced my hands with a                                      
                          drill... because I couldn't                                       
                          remember his name... Would you                                    
                          like to see the soles of my feet?                                 
                          Where they flagged the skin off --
                              (glaring defiantly)
                                    (MOR E)
                  LOST        "Solitary"          (PINK)         10/5/04                 21.
          A15   (CON T'D) (3)                                                  A15
                                     NAD IA (CONT'D)
                           These are handiworks of your
                           "friends." The people you swear
                           allegiance to.
                Sayid stares at her wounds, shaken.    After a beat...
                          If you were innocent, I am sorry.
                              (then; hardening)
                          But this bombing is another matter.
                She looks away, not answering.
                                     SAYID (CONT'D)
                          Nadia --
                          Go on, Sayid. Do your work. I'm
                          not going to tell you anything.
                              (with less conviction)
                          I'm going to hurt you.
                ON NADIA -- she looks up at him with resigned sadness...
                          I know.
                OFF SAYID, registering regret and confusion.
          15    INT. THE VALLEY - DAY
                CLOSE ON A ROUGH SKETCH in progress... A series of
                interlocking poles attached to a braced funnel-type object.
                REVEAL MICHAEL, by the spring, sketching on a found writing
                pad with a broken pencil. A long SHAFT OF BAMBOO leaning
                against him. WALT is balancing on the edge of nearby rocks.
                          I'm bored...
                              (Michael doesn't reply)
                          Can I take Vincent down to the
                          Uh... I'll take you later, man.                                  
                          I'm in the middle of something...                                
                He tosses down the pad, grips the bamboo pole, and studies
                the end of it. He sticks the back end of the pencil into the
                nub of the shaft, scratching at it...
                 LOST         "Solitary"           (PINK)         10/5/04                 22.
          15   (CON T'D)                                                          15
                           But there's nothing to do around--
                           Well you gotta figure out stuff to                               
                           do. You know what I'm saying? You                                
                           gotta find a way to entertain                                    
               OFF WALT, looking perturbed.      Meanwhile, nearby...
               CLOSE ON HANDS, digging in a pile of various salvaged items.
               WIDEN to see it's HURLEY, on a mission.
                               (to himself)
                           C'mon, c'mon... I know I saw it...
               Behind him, JACK enters from the infirmary cave.       He sees
               Hurley in his flurry of activity.
                                        HURLEY (CONT'D)
                                  (finding it)
               He brings up a broken thermos and removes the chipped plastic
               cut on top. Jack steps toward him...
               But Hurley doesn't hear him as he spots
               HIS POV - Michael resting the bamboo pole against a wall as
               he picks up his pad to continue sketching.
               He gets up and hurries over to Michael as Jack continues to
               watch. Hurley grabs the bamboo pole and looks at Michael.
                      HURLEY (CONT'D)                         MICHAEL
               Dude, can I borrow this?
                                                   -- Uh... I'm trying to--
               -- Thanks, Man.
               Hurley starts heading out, Michael looking after him.
                           Hurley -- !
                LOST         "Solitary"       (PINK)   10/5/04                22A.
          15   (CON T'D) (2)                                            15
               Hurley stops and looks back at him.
                 LOST        "Solitary"        (GREEN)          10/7/04                 23.
          15   (CON T'D) (3)                                                    15
                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                         What are you doing?
               ON HURLEY as a big grin crosses his face and he gives Jack an
               enthusiastic "Wait'll you get a load of this" look. Then
               turns and continues out...
               OFF JACK, squinting, uncertainly, at him as he goes.
               ON ROUSSEAU sitting on the cot, next to SAYID, as she
               redresses his thigh wound.
                         There's no need to keep me chained
                         up. I can't very well run off with
                         a hole in my leg.
               Rousseau notices something else on his leg...
               HER POV - A SCAR just about his knee, below the bandage.
                         You have a bullet wound.
                         I was a soldier.
                         And are you still?                                               
               Sayid just looks at her.   A flash of shame?
                         It was a long time ago.                                          
                         Once a soldier, always a soldier.                                
                         Where did you fight?                                             
                 LOST         "Solitary"           (GREEN)           10/7/04                 24.
          16   (CON T'D)                                                             16
                           In the Gulf War.                                                    
               She looks at him oddly.
                           What's the Gulf War?                                                
                           A lot has happened in the world
                           since you... left.
               Rousseau ponders this. Of course it has. Then -- She shakes
               it off. Abruptly crosses to the desk and picks up Nadia's
               picture again, gazing at it. Sayid studying her...
                                      SAYID (CONT'D)
                           Alex.   Who is he -- ?
                               (ignoring him)
                           Tell me more about her.
                           woman. Nadia...
                           SAYID                              ROUSSEAU
               What is it you want--               -- You love her, don't you?
                                                   She's everything to you.
               Sayid stares a moment before answering, difficult to admit.
               Almost gratified to hear it, she turns the photo over.
                           This writing on the back.     What
                           does it mean?
                           It's... it's nothing.
               She hardens, irrationally frustrated.         She gets up, PACES --
                           Still lying.
                 LOST        "Solitary"           (PINK)           10/5/04                 25.
          16   (CON T'D) (2)                                                       16
                         I'm not lying -- it has nothing to
                         do with --
                          ROUSSEAU                            SAYID
               Lies... Like this "plane
               crash". That you survived...
               You claim there were others--
                                                 -- More than forty, yes --                  
               -- Then why are you alone?
               He looks at her.   After a beat...
                                   SAYID (CONT'D)
                         I left them.
                         There was a --
                         I did something.
               Rousseau eyes him, innately understanding, somehow.
                         Something you're ashamed of.
               Sayid looks at her a moment, before offering a small nod.
                                      ROUSSEAU (CONT'D)
                         And Nadia?     You left her, too?
                         She wasn't on the plane.
               Rousseau ponders that, then putting the pieces together...
                          ROUSSEAU                            SAYID
               So you heard my transmission -
               - Came looking for me -- for      -- I didn't know you were
               answers... Hoping to find         alive --
               some way to get back to her --    -- There is no way --
               -- But if she's waiting           -- I can't --
               somewhere for you --
                                                 -- She's dead!
               Rousseau reacts, stricken.
          16   (CON T'D) (3)                                                    16
                             (sitting on the cot)
                         How... How did--
                         Because of me.
               ON ROUSSEAU, looking at him with empathy as her eyes well up.
               She reaches over and brushes her hand against his cheek.
                         I'm so sorry.
               Then, inexplicably, she bends down and kisses him on the
               lips. Sayid reacts with wary surprise, as she sits up.
                                   ROUSSEAU (CONT'D)
                         I know what it's like to lose
                         someone you...
               She stops. Can't bring herself to say the word.      Pulls it
               together. Abruptly stands --
                                   ROUSSEAU (CONT'D)
                         I want to show you something.
               SAYID continues to eye Rousseau as she moves off frame...
               CLOSE ON MICHAEL'S SKETCH, fully worked out now.     As we hear:
                                   MICHAEL (O.S.)
                         ...See, this junction here reroutes
                         some of the spring's waterflow into
                         a couple of suspended basins...
               WIDEN to see Jack holding the pad, Michael next to him,
               pointing at the sketch as he explains:
                                   MICHAEL (CONT'D)
                         Pop in some holes, we got showers.                               
                         That way we keep our drinking water                              
                         This is... You drew this?
          17   (CON T'D)                                                             17
                           Yeah, well, I was an artist in a
                           previous life.
                           Thought you were in construction.
                           I am. I mean, I was.
                           Long story. Maybe I'll tell you                                     
                           when we've got some time to kill.                                   
               Jack smiles, a genuine moment between these two men before --                   
                                        CHARLIE (O.S.)
                           Hey, Jack!                                                          
               They look as CHARLIE runs in, winded...                                         
                           What's up?                                                          
                           Dunno... Hurley's all worked-up
                           over something. Says... Says we
                           need to come see it.
               JACK moves off, Michael and Charlie right behind him...
               ON HURLEY, standing by the bamboo shaft sticking out of the
               ground - the top of the pole sports a torn remnant of the
               ugly Hawaiian shirt tied to it. Like a flag. Hurley pulls a
               GOLD BAG into frame, next to him, and addresses someone.
                           Welcome to the first -- and,
                           hopefully last -- Island Open.
               REVERSE to see JACK, MICHAEL and CHARLIE, dumbfounded.
                           Dig it. Just two holes for now...
                           Three par and no waiting.
               Jack looks at the flag, the hole, trying to absorb this.
          18   (CON T'D)                                                             18
                           Hurley, you -- You built a... a
                           golf course?
                           Hey, rich idiots fly to tropical                                    
                           islands all the time to whack balls
                           around. Gotta be something to it.                                   
                               (to Hurley)
                           All the stuff we gotta be dealing
                           with, man... This is what you've
                           been wasting your time on?
               Hurley sees it's time for the hard sell.
                           Dudes... Listen... Our lives suck.
                           Everybody's nerves are stretched to
                           the max. We're lost on an                                           
                           island... running from boars,
                           monsters... Freakin' polar bears! --
                           Polar bears?
                           Didn't hear about the polar bear?
                           -- All I'm saying is... If we're
                           stuck here, just surviving's not
                           gonna cut it... People need some
                           kind of relief. We gotta find some
                           way to have... y'know, fun.
                               (off Jack's unsure look)
                           Yeah, fun. Or we're just gonna go
                           crazy waiting for the next bad
                           thing to happen to us.
               A moment passes as the others take his words in.          Not sure              
               what to make of all this. And then --                                           
                           It's bloody brilliant!                                              
               He runs up to Hurley who high-fives him, delighted that
               somebody gets it. Charlie grabs a club from the bag...
               ON JACK and MICHAEL sharing an incredulous look.
                LOST        "Solitary"         (PINK)           10/5/04                 29.
               INT. FRENCH WOMAN'S HABITAT - MEANWHILE                           19
               CLOSE ON A BEAT-UP, ANTIQUE MUSIC BOX, with a waltzing couple
               on top, frozen in place.
                                   ROUSSEAU (O.S.)
                         Beautiful, isn't it?
               PULL OUT to see it's held by ROUSSEAU, sitting next to SAYID.
                                   ROUSSEAU (CONT'D)
                         It was a gift from my love...
                         You mean Alex?
               Rousseau's eyes drift off for a moment.
                         He bought this for me in Singapore.
                         For our anniversary. It would play
                         I'd... like to hear it.
                         It's broken. Has been for... a                                   
                         long time.                                                       
                         It was such a comfort for me... the
                         first few years here.
               She gets lost in thought, Sayid eyeing her.   After a beat...
                         I could fix it for you.
               She turns and looks at him.
                                   SAYID (CONT'D)
                         I could take a look at it... if you                              
                         free my hands...
               She continues to eye him strangely, perhaps suspiciously,
               then gets up and crosses to the desk, her back to him.
                 LOST         "Solitary"         (PINK)           10/5/04                 30.
          19   (CON T'D)                                                          19
                                     SAYID (CONT'D)
                           I'm fairly food with mechanical
                           things... I'll need my hands to--
               CLOSE ON ROUSSEAU'S HANDS as she places the box down, slides
               a LEATHER POUCH to her and removes an old, rusty syringe and
               a corked vial of liquid.
                           What is written on the back of your
                           photograph? Did she write it, or
                           did you?
               ON SAYID, getting NERVOUS -- unable to see her actions.
                           What... What are you doing?
               She draws the liquid into the syringe, then takes a piece of
               sandpaper and rubs the rusty needle. She turns to face him.
                           Perhaps you won't tell me because
                           it causes too much pain.
               ON SAYID, seeing the old, weather-worn hypo in her hand, as                  
               she approaches him, continuing to sand the needle.
                               (fear rising)
                           Rousseau... You don't have to do
                           that. Whatever it is... I only
                           offered to fix your music box.
               She crosses back to the cot and sits, looking at him, sadly.
                           Some things cannot be fixed, Sayid.
               And she jabs him with the needle...
                                                                  BLACK OUT.
                                     END OF ACT TWO
                                        ACT THREE
               EXT. JUNGLE - CLEARING - DAY                                          20
               CLOSE ON MICHAEL and JACK, appearing concerned.
                         This is a problem, man.
                             (looking down)
                         I mean, I know what I'd do... But
                         this is your call.
                             (making his decision)
                             (looks up at Michael)
                         Gimme the seven-iron.
               CUT WIDE TO REVEAL they're talking about the lie of a GOLD
               BALL, stuck behind a mound of dirt. Michael removes the club
               from the golf bag beside him and hands it to Jack, who looks
               toward the hole.
                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                             (calling out)
                         Heads up over there.
               ON HURLEY and CHARLIE standing by the flagged "hole," a
               putter in Charlie's hand, as they step back.
               Jack chokes up on a club and lofts the ball into the air.
               And at that moment...
                                   SULLIVAN (O.S.)
                         Doc? -- Hey, Doc!
               SULLIVAN emerges from the brush, spotting them.
                                     SULLIVAN (CONT'D)
                         There you   are... Somebody said you
                         went this   way. Listen... I think
                         this rash   is spreading... I mean,                                  
                         it's like   the size of a grapefruit--
               He stops, noticing the club in Jack's hand.
                                   SULLIVAN (CONT'D)
                         What are you doing?
          20   (CON T'D)                                                              20
               ON JACK, looking a little chagrined, feeling caught.
               He peers at Michael, then back to Sullivan who sees Hurley
               and Charlie and the "flag."
                           Are you-- Are you playing golf?
               ON JACK, a little embarrassed, he finally admits:
                               (after a beat, brightly)
                           Can I play?
               ON JACK and MICHAEL - sharing a look and a shrug.
               CLOSE ON SAYID, lying face down on top of the cluttered desk,
               as his eyes flutter open. Raising himself up... WE WIDEN to
               see he's seated in a chair, his feet chained to the bottom of
               the desk, he registers his hands are free...
               ON SAYID as his eyes clear, the first thing he sees before
               him is the MUSIC BOX, and a plastic container with several
               tools. He also notices other items pushed to the side...
               HIS POV - various maps (some hand-drawn) and schematics, as
               well as a compass and other items.
               SAYID is about to reach toward the maps when he hears:
                                        ROUSSEAU (O.S.)
                           I'm sorry.     About the sedative...
               ON ROUSSEAU, sitting in a chair, her rifle across her lap.
                                     ROUSSEAU (CONT'D)
                           It was the only safe way for me to
                           move you.
               Sayid looks at her, nods wearily.      Almost resigned to it.                    
                 LOST         "Solitary"               (PINK)        10/5/04                 33.
          21   (CON T'D)                                                             21
                                     ROUSSEAU (CONT'D)
                           You offered to fix my music box...
                           After all I've done to you.
                           Striking you, shocking you... Why?
                           Why aren't you furious with me?
                           There's nothing you've done to me I
                           didn't already deserve.
                           Perhaps you aren't still a soldier
                           after all.
               Sayid eyes her, then takes a screwdriver from the container.
                           Do you want me to fix your music
                           box or don't you?
                           Yes.    Please.
                           Then I want to know your name.                                      
                           Your first name.                                                    
               She seems almost surprised by this.         By his interest in her.
               After a beat --
                           Danielle.        My name is Danielle.
               He begins dismantling the music box.         As he works...
                           And how did you come to be on this
                           island, Danielle?
                           We were part of a science team.
                           A science team armed with rifles.                                   
                           Was Robert on the team?                                             
                LOST         "Solitary"       (PINK)   10/5/04                33A.
          21   (CON T'D) (2)                                            21
                         And Alex -- was he --?
                 LOST        "Solitary"            (PINK)         10/5/04                 34.
          21   (CON T'D) (3)                                                      21
                               (ignores him)
                           Our vessel was three days out of
                           Tahiti when our instruments
                           malfunctioned... It was night -- a
                           storm... the sounds --
                           The ship slammed into rocks, ran
                           aground... The hull breached
                           beyond repair. So we made camp...
                           Dug out this temporary shelter...
                               (to herself, wryly)
                           Nearly two months we survived
                           here... Two months before...
               ...She trails off.
                           Your distress signal... the message
                           I heard. You said: "It killed them
                           all..." Did you mean that... thing
                           in the jungle?                                                   
                           What "thing"?                                                    
               ON Sayid.   How could she not...?
                           Then what -- ?
                           What killed them? Oh, what killed
                           them? Yes, I suppose that's the
                           question, isn't it?
               And now, PUSHING IN, any semblance of lucidity we found with
               Rousseau is replaced by something... well, ELSE --
                                      ROUSSEAU (CONT'D)
                           We were coming back from the black                               
                           rock. It was them.
                           They were the carriers...
                           What?   Who --?
                 LOST        "Solitary"           (PINK)          10/5/04                 35.
          21   (CON T'D) (4)                                                      21
                         The others.
                         What others? And what's the black                                  
                             (but she only stares off)                                      
                         Danielle -- Have you seen other                                    
                         people on this island?
                         But I hear them.   Out there in the
                         They whisper.                                                      
               Sayid eyes her, pityingly.   She senses it and looks at him.
                                   ROUSSEAU (CONT'D)
                         You think I'm insane.
               CLOSE ON SAYID, deciding how to answer that.      Then --
                         I think you've been alone.    For too                              
               INT. IRAQI BASE - CELL - DAY - FLASHBACK                            22
               DARKNESS, then the CLANGING of a steel door being unlocked
               and swung open. Light streaming in reveals NADIA, sitting on
               a metal bench, in the windowless cell, looking tired, thin.
               She squints up into the harsh light outside the cell to see
               SAYID, entering, holding a rolled up jacket.
                         Good morning, Nadia.
                         Is it morning already?
               Their manner now is casual, a comfortable routine they've
               fallen into. Sayid sits next to her and produces a small
               loaf of bread, which she tears into, hungrily.
                         I'm sorry... it's all I could find.
                         I'll try to bring you fruit, later.
                                   (MOR E)
               EXT. BEACH - DAY                                                        23
               ON BOONE, crossing away from a couple of other survivors, who
               trek off towards the jungle. We see others conferring
               animatedly, then moving off as well when Boone arrives by
               SHANNON, wearing sunglasses, sunning herself.
                         You're not gonna believe this...
                             (not looking up)
                         You learned to tie your own shoes?
                         Funny. Somebody at the caves built
                         a golf course in the jungle.
               SHANNON raises her glasses and finally looks up at him.
                         Are you high?
               PULL OUT to reveal KATE crossing by with wood for the signal
               fire as she overhears:
                         Seriously... A golf course.
                         Doctor's there now, playing with
                         some other--
               Kate stops and looks at him, disbelievingly.
                         Jack?    Is golfing?
                             (to Kate, amused)
                         S'what I hear. Don't know about
                         you, but I gotta check this out.
               He turns and starts off, as Shannon gets to her feet.
                         Well, wait for me, bonehead.
               She runs to catch up with him as Kate drops the wood where
               she stands and starts off toward the jungle path, herself...
                                   SAWYER (O.S.)
                         A doctor playing golf...
          23   (CON T'D)                                                            23
               Kate stops, looks over and sees SAWYER, sitting by his tent.
                                     SAWYER (CONT'D)
                           Boy-howdy, now I've heard
                           everything. What's next? A cop
                           eatin' a donut?
                               (a dare)                                                       
                           If you wanna come, you should just                                 
                           say so.                                                            
                           Think I'll pass on that, freckles.
                           Not big on crowds. And, face it,
                           crowd's not too hot on me, neither.
               Kate stares at him a moment.
                           Do you like being an outcast,                                      
                           Last I check, you weren't exactly                                  
                           runnin' the yearbook committee                                     
                           yourself, pumpkin...                                               
                           Last I checked, you had a knife                                    
                           sticking out of your arm.                                          
                           Hell -- misunderstandings happen.                                  
               Sawyer unleashes his grin.     Kate just shakes her head.                      
               Smiles despite herself --                                                      
                           So this is it, huh? Just...                                        
                           sitting around, pretending it's                                    
                           okay that they all hate you?                                       
                           Works for me.
                           No it doesn't. Because I know
               The reminder of this sobers Sawyer up.                                         
          23   (CON T'D) (2)                                                      23
                                    KATE (CONT'D)
                         One outcast to another?                                            
                         I'd think about making more of an                                  
                         Duly noted.
               KATE, realizing he's hopeless, turns and goes.      OFF SAWYER,              
               watching her, stewing on her words.
               CLOSE ON SAYID'S HANDS as he tightens a screw on the bottom
               of the music box. WIDEN ON HIM as he rights the box up, and                  
               turns the key on the side. MUSIC - a CHOPIN WALTZ emanates
               from it and the waltzing couple spin.
               ON ROUSSEAU, in her chair, as the sound reaches her. She
               looks at Sayid who smiles and holds out the box for her. Her
               face brightens as she stands and crosses to him to take it,
               putting NADIA's PHOTO down on the edge of the desk.                          
                                    Some things can be fixed.
                         You see?
               ROUSSEAU marvels at the waltzing couple atop the box,
               laughing. As she does ANGLE ON SAYID'S HAND, palming the                     
               small screwdriver.
                         Thank you. Oh, god... Thank you so
                         much. How long it's been since                                     
                         I've heard music. It is...                                         
                         Thank you.                                                         
               As she sways, dancing... Sayid watches her.   Then --                        
                         Danielle -- please let me go.                                      
               She slowly stops swaying as his request reaches her brain --                 
                         Go?   Go where?
                         Back to the people I told you
                 LOST         "Solitary"           (PINK)         10/5/04                 40.
          24   (CON T'D)                                                          24
                           The ones you left behind?
                           But you said -- you said you had to
                           leave them. That you were ashamed.
               A moment. He IS ashamed. But then he looks up, a sense of
               OWNERSHIP OF THAT SHAME in his eyes. And more importantly,
               the desire to absolve himself of it.
                           That is why I have to go back.
               Rousseau is getting UPSET.     Doesn't like this AT ALL --
                           -- You can't. You have to stay.
                           It's not safe...
                           Not safe?    What's not --
                          ROUSSEAU                            SAYID
               You need me. You can't
               leave.                             -- Danielle, please --
               Suddenly, the ROAR of a large animal -- Bear? Tiger?
               Mammoth? -- is heard from outside, close by. Most definitely
               NOT our monster. Their heads whip toward it.
                                     SAYID (CONT'D)
                           What -- What was --
               And BANG: wordlessly, ROUSSEAU's on the move... She quickly                  
               puts the music box down, sweeps the tools into the plastic
               container and crosses with it to a cabinet in the corner.
                                     SAYID (CONT'D)
                           What are you doing?
               She places the container out of the way and grabs her rifle.                 
                           If we're lucky, it's one of the
                           If we're lucky?                                                  
                 LOST        "Solitary"        (PINK)            10/5/04                 41.
          24   (CON T'D) (2)                                                     24
               She opens the cabinet revealing ANOTHER RIFLE, A HANDGUN, THE
               MACHETE and BOXES OF AMMO. She drapes an AMMO BELT across
               her shoulder, shoves the pistol into her waistband, the
               machete through a loop on the belt. She's a fucking warrior.                
                         Free me -- so I can come with you.                                
                         Help you --
                         No. You'll leave me -- Run off.
                         You have to stay --                                               
               Armed to the teeth, she moves to the ladder.
                         Danielle, listen to me... It might
                         be that thing out there. The                                      
               She stops climbing and looks back at him, with a tender,
               though almost patronizing look.
                         Poor Sayid... There are no such
                         things as monsters.
               She climbs to the top, pushes up the mesh and exits.        Sayid's
               eyes drift back to the cabinet, staring --
               HIS POV - SLOW PUSH IN on the OTHER RIFLE she left behind.
               PUSH IN on Sayid, weighing what has to be done, as we hear:
                                   OMAR (PRE-LAP)
                         You have to execute her...
               INT. IRAQI BASE - CORRIDOR - NIGHT - FLASHBACK                     25
               ON SAYID, confused.
                         What --?
               WIDEN to see OMAR, reiterating the order.
                         The Jaseem woman has given us
                         nothing. This will be a message to
                         others who will not talk --
          25   (CON T'D)                                                              25
                           I just need more time with her --
               And Omar says this like it's the most ordinary thing in the                      
               world to say --                                                                  
                           You've had more than a month.    You                                 
                           failed, Sayid. Now take her                                          
                           outside and shoot her.
                               (off Sayid's hesitation)
                           Is this a problem?                                                   
                           No.   It is not a problem.                                           
               OMAR nods and crosses off, leaving SAYID as the pain of his                      
               duty registers on his face.
               INT. IRAQI BASE - CELL - NIGHT - FLASHBACK                              26
               DARKNESS, again. Then the noise of the door being unbolted
               and swinging open. Light falling onto NADIA, who peers up at                     
               SAYID, in the doorway, holding something.
                           What did you bring me today --?
               Sayid takes a step in and Nadia sees an ARMED GUARD standing
               next to him. Before she can say another word...
               SAYID tosses a BLACK HOOD to her.
                           Put it on.
               NADIA stares at the hood, then looks back to Sayid.
                           Are you going to hurt me, Sayid?                                     
               CLOSE ON SAYID, stoic, but his eyes filled with regret.               And        
               after a long, PAINFUL beat...                                                    
               He nods.                                                                         
                                                                      BLACK OUT.
                                     END OF ACT THREE
                  LOST        "Solitary"          (YELLOW)       10/5/04                 43.
                                           ACT FOUR
                 INT. FRENCH WOMAN'S HABITAT - DAY                                27
                 CLOSE ON A SMALL SCREWDRIVER, being worked around inside a
                 PADLOCK, when we hear a -- CLICK --
                 WIDEN as SAYID pulls the lock open and frees his second leg,
                 the first already unshackled. With effort, he pushes himself
                 up to a standing position, and makes his way to the cabinet.
                 He takes the rifle, finds a box of ammo, then opens the gun
                 up to load...                                                             
                                                             INTERCUT WITH:                
                 EXT. JUNGLE - MEANWHILE
          A2 8
                 ON ROUSSEAU, as she moves into frame, her eyes scanning the               
                 surroundings. She stops and listens for a moment... Then, as              
                 if sensing something, she looks back toward the direction she             
                 came, lowers her rifle, and starts to walk back...                        
          B2 8
                 SAYID limps over to the ladder when something occurs to him.              
                 He turns back to the desk and hurriedly moves to it--                     
                 He grabs his backpack, then the maps, schematics, compass and             
                 other items, shoving them all into his bag. Then, he hoists               
                 the bag over his shoulder and struggles up the ladder...
                 LOW ANGLE - As he moves the mesh and climbs out... TILT DOWN
                 to see NADIA'S PHOTO lying on the ground where it has
                 fallen... Forgotten.
                 A CROWD has gathered to watch, including BOONE, SHANNON,
                 ETHAN, SULLIVAN, and KATE... We see WALT arrive... CHARLIE,
                 HURLEY, and MICHAEL are standing on the sidelines, waiting.
                           Dude.   I think you stuck it.
                 ON JACK, crossing to the golf bag, Kate joins him.
                           This thing have a ladies' tee?
                LOST         "Solitary"        (YELLOW)      10/5/04                43A.
          28   (CON T'D)                                                      28
                           Hey -- When did you --
                           Little while ago. Almost didn't
                           recognize you...
                               (off his look)
                           You're smiling.
                           Gotta watch that.
                           How'd you come up with --
                 LOST        "Solitary"           (PINK)         10/5/04                 44.
          28   (CON T'D) (2)                                                     28
                         Not me.   It was all Hurley...
               He looks over at HURLEY, about to tee off.     Charlie nearby.
                                   JACK (CONT'D)
                         I'm going crazy trying to make
                         everyone feel safe -- I'm not
                         sleeping because I want everyone to
                         feel safe. This guy builds a golf
                         course? Everyone feels safe.
                             (pure admiration)
               ON HURLEY as he muffs the shot and the ball dribbles a few
               feet away. The PEANUT GALLERY laughs, applauding.
                         Aw... Crap. Do-over!
                         Nice shot, Tiger. And it's called
                         a Mulligan.
               ANGLE ON MICHAEL, chuckling, standing off to the side.
                                    WALT (O.S.)
               Michael sees Walt approaching.     Michael's happy to see him.
                         Hey, Walt -- Check it out, man.
                         You left me alone at the caves...
                         What?   I left you with Claire...                                 
                         She's sleeping.
                         Oh. Oh, man... I'm sorry. I
                         just... I just got caught up --
                             (kneeling next to him)
                         I'm really sorry, Walt. I screwed
                         up. I'm make it up to you.
                         Hey -- You wanna play?
                LOST         "Solitary"           (PINK)         10/5/04                44A.
          28   (CON T'D) (3)                                                      28
               Walt eyes the other grabbing clubs, conversing, laughing.
                         Naw. That's okay.       There's other
                         people waiting.
                         They won't mind. C'mon, man, take
                         a swing.
               Walt shakes his head.      Before Michael can offer again...
               INT. IRAQI BASE - CORRIDORS - NIGHT - FLASHBACK                    30
               TRACKING WITH SAYID as he leads the ARMED GUARD and HOODED
               NADIA, her hands shackled, down a corridor. As they come to
               a connecting hallway, he halts and turns to the Guard.
                         I'll take it from here.
               They Guard eyes him for a beat, then offers a salute. Sayid
               returns it and the Guard goes. Sayid takes Nadia's arm and
               marches her down the other corridor.
               They eventually reach a steel door, Sayid stops again, and
               checks the coast. No one's around. He reaches up and pulls
               the hood off Nadia, who flinches, squinting from the light.
                         What -- What's happening?
               Sayid gets keys from his pocket and unlocks her restraints.
                                   NADIA (CONT'D)
                         What are you doing?
                         Forty meters out this door, there's                               
                         a supply truck that will be leaving
                         shortly. They don't check them on
                         the way out, only coming in... Get
                         inside, cover yourself any way you
                         can... They won't reach the city
                         for thirty minutes... plenty of
                         time for you to jump out and hide --
               Nadia REALIZES what this means.   Overwhelmed.    Then --                   
                         Come with me.                                                     
                         -- I can't. Desertion... they                                     
                         would kill my family. I'm sorry...                                
                         I don't have your courage.
                         You have more than you know.                                      
               A MOMENT. Under any other circumstance, it might lead to a                  
               kiss. But then --                                                           
          30   (CON T'D)                                                             30
               NADIA SEES IT - HER PHOTO, protruding from the top of Sayid's                   
               shirt pocket. A pen is clipped there, as well. She reaches                      
               up and pulls out the photo.                                                     
                           What are you --?                                                    
               She says nothing as she takes his pen, writes something on
               the back of her photo. Sayid anxiously looks around --                          
                                     SAYID (CONT'D)                                            
                           Nadia... Please... You have to go.
                                       OMAR (O.S.)
               OMAR approaches, a look of confusion of his face.
                                     OMAR (CONT'D)
                           What are you doing?
               CLOSE ON SAYID, his mind reeling, trying to figure out what
               possible answer he could give.
               ON OMAR, understanding now all too well what Sayid's doing.
               His hand reaches down to his sidearm. ON SAYID, seeing that.                    
                           Omar... Don't --
               Sayid quickly draws his pistol and SHOOTS.
               OMAR is blasted back to the wall and slumps down dead.             ON           
               SAYID, staring in shock. Nadia behind him...
                           Sayid -- You have to come with me
                           now. They'll kill you...                                            
                           No. You escaped, stole my gun and
                           shot him... And then you shot me.
                           What -- ?
               And Sayid suddenly SHOOTS HIMSELF in the leg.        He stumbles to             
               the floor, enduring the pain.
                 LOST        "Solitary"         (PINK)          10/5/04                 48.
          30   (CON T'D) (2)                                                    30
                                    NADIA (CONT'D)
               He peers up at her and holds out the gun.
                         Take it.
                             (off her hesitation)
                         Please, Nadia...
               Reluctantly, she takes the gun from his hand, replacing it
               with her photo.
                                    SAYID (CONT'D)
                         Now go!   GO!!
               Without another word, she turns and runs out the door.
               ON SAYID, hearing distant voices shouting: "What was that?"
               "Gunfire --" He looks at Nadia's photo, then turns it over.
               And as he reads what she wrote --
               EXT. JUNGLE - DAY
               ON ROUSSEAU as she reaches the tree behind which Sayid took
               cover. She hesitates for a moment, then, in a flash...
               NEW ANGLE - She steps behind it, rifle poised to fire, and
               finds Sayid gone. Before she has time to react...
                                   SAYID (O.S.)
                         Put the gun down, Danielle.
               Come around her to find -- SAYID has gotten the drop on her,
               countering from the other side of the tree. He's got his
               rifle trained at her head.
               ROUSSEAU lowers her gun and slowly turns to look at him.
                                   SAYID (CONT'D)
                         Put it down. On the ground.
               ROUSSEAU eyes him a moment, almost sadly.   Then begins to
               raise her gun up again.
                                   SAYID (CONT'D)
                         Please... I don't wish to hurt you.                              
                 LOST         "Solitary"         (PINK)           10/5/04                 49.
          31   (CON T'D)                                                          31
                          ROUSSEAU                             SAYID
               You already have.
                                                 -- DON'T!
               But she ignores him, RAISING HER GUN --
               ON SAYID, as it becomes clear what he has to do. He FIRES.
               But, nothing happens. Not even the sound of the hammer.
                                     ROUSSEAU (O.S.)
                           That was his gun...
               Sayid looks at Rousseau, her gun still trained on him.
                                     ROUSSEAU (CONT'D)
                           The firing pin's been removed.
                           Robert didn't notice it was missing
                           either when I shot him.
               ON SAYID, stunned.
                           But you loved him.
                           He was sick.                                                     
                           It took them... One after the                                    
                           other. I... I had no choice. They
                           were already lost...
                           You killed them --?                                              
                           What would've happened if we were
                           rescued? It would've spread... I
                           couldn't let that happen...
                               (raising her rifle)
                           I won't.
               Sayid tosses his rifle aside, and glares at her.
                           I am not sick!                                                   
                LOST         "Solitary"        (PINK)        10/5/04                49A.
          31   (CON T'D) (2)                                                  31
               She pauses, staring at him, her eyes welling with tears.
               After a beat, softly --
                         I know.
                 LOST        "Solitary"        (PINK)           10/5/04                 50.
          31   (CON T'D) (3)                                                    31
                         Then why kill me?
                         I don't... I don't want... I... I
                         don't know how else to stop you...
               The rifle drops to her side, as if exhaustion has suddenly
               overtaken her. Tears stream down her cheeks.
                                   ROUSSEAU (CONT'D)
                         I can't let you go... You don't...                               
                         understand... To have someone... to
                         talk to... to touch...                                           
               Sayid looks at her for a moment, pityingly. He takes a step
               toward her and she swings the rifle up again. Sayid halts,
               putting up his hands. After a beat...
                         "You'll find me in the next life...
                         if not this one."
                             (looking at him, puzzled)
                         The writing. On the back of
                         Nadia's photo.
               Rousseau stares at him, her weapon still trained.
                                   SAYID (CONT'D)
                         I know what it is like to hold on
                         to someone. I've been holding on
                         for the last seven years to just a
                         thought... A blind hope... that
                         somewhere... she is still alive.
               He starts to walk toward her.
                                    SAYID (CONT'D)
                         But the more I hold on, the more I
                         pull away from those around me. I
                         may know in my heart that I cannot
                         ever let her go...
                         But I can't find her alone.
               Sayid stands right before the rifle barrel.
                 LOST        "Solitary"         (GREEN)          10/7/04                 51.
          31   (CON T'D) (4)                                                     31
                                   SAYID (CONT'D)
                         That's why I need to go back.    The
                         only way off this... place --
                         Is with their help.
               He reaches her and takes hold of the rifle barrel... There's
               a beat, before she relinquishes her weapon to him, and slumps
               to the ground, spent. He lowers himself next to her.
                                   SAYID (CONT'D)
                         Come with me. We have a doctor -                                  
               She shakes her head.    No.
                                   SAYID (CONT'D)
                         Danielle, you have to stop                                        
                         punishing yourself. You don't have                                
                         to be alone.
               Rousseau looks at him a moment, sadly resigned.
                         Yes.   I do.
               She slowly gets to her feet and takes her rifle back.
                                   ROUSSEAU (CONT'D)
                         Your people, the ones you're                                      
                         determined to return to...                                        
                         Watch them closely.
               And with that, she turns and starts to walk away.
               ON SAYID, watching her go.    Then, a question burns in him and
               he calls after her.
                         Who is Alex?
               TRACKING WITH ROUSSEAU, her back to him as she moves on...
                         Alex was my child.
               As she passes frame, we're left with SAYID staring after her,
               registering this new piece of the puzzle.
               CUT WIDE to see him standing in the jungle, alone again.
                                      END OF ACT FOUR
                                     ACT FIVE/EPILOGUE
               EXT. JUNGLE - CLEARING - EVENING                                     32
               EXTREME LOW ANGLE, behind the hole, as a golf ball rolls
               toward it, bumping along the uneven ground. We hear shouts
               from the unseen crowd: "Looks good." "Get in there!" The
               ball takes a sharp turn and runs past the hole.
               RACK FOCUS to see CHARLIE, putter in his hand, some ten feet
               away. As the crowd gives a collective "Awww."
                         Bollocks.    You see that?
               ON CROWD, now thirty or so strong, and including SUN, SCOTT,
               STEVE, etc. JACK, MICHAEL, HURLEY and KATE standing with
               them. All having a great time.
                             (to Charlie)
                         Dude. You were robbed.
                         `Kay, Jack. S'up to you now.    Sink
                         this and you get to wear the
                             (to Jack)
                         No pressure.
               Charlie joins them as Jack moves off to his ball.
                             (to no one in particular)
                         Five bucks says he makes it.
                         Make it ten and you're on.
                             (to Hurley, hurt)
                         You're betting against me?
                         No offense, dude.    But you're a
                         duffer like me.
                         Hey, I don't have any cash. But
                         I'll put up my dinner tonight on
                         the doc.
          32   (CON T'D)                                                           32
               The CROWD becomes a buzz of people shouting out wagers.            Kate
               laughs, finding it all hysterical.
               Then, from the back:
                                     SAWYER (O.S.)
                           I got two tubes of sunscreen and a
                           flashlight says he chokes.
               ON KATE as she and the others turn to see
               SAWYER standing behind them, looking back with uncertain
               defiance. There's a long awkward moment as all the fun
               dissipates with his arrival.
               ON JACK, eyeing Sawyer, as well.
               ON KATE, recognizing the heated tension in the air, but
               feeling for Sawyer, proud of him for making the effort.
                               (to Sawyer)
                           I'll take that action.
               Some in the crowd look at her, as does JACK.      After a
                           Yeah, me, too.
                           You already bet on Jack, dumbass.
                           We can use the sunscreen, princess.
               After a moment, the tension broken, people again turn back to
               cheer Jack on. "Let's go, Jack!" "C'mon, Doc!"
               KATE looks at Sawyer. Sawyer glances at her for a moment,
               then turns back to watch the action.
               JACK sees this, then looks down at his ball and lines up his
               putt. As his putter strikes the ball...
               EXT. JUNGLE - LOCKE'S SPOT - MEANWHILE                               33
               THWAK! A THROWN KNIFE imbeds itself in a tree trunk. The
               tree sports dozens of scars, as this isn't the first time a
               knife has cut into it.
          33   (CON T'D)                                                             33
               WIDEN a bit as LOCKE crosses in and pries the knife out. He
               turns and walks back several paces, readying himself to throw
               it again, when he stops himself, sensing something, and says
               without turning...
                           Does your father know you're here?
               ARC AROUND LOCKE to find
               WALT, standing by the edge of the jungle, behind him. Though
               Locke's back is to him, he answers with a shake of his head.
                           Can you teach me how to do that?
               Locke lowers his arm, and turns to face Walt for the first
               time. After eyeing him a few moments, he flips the knife
               over in his hand and offers the hilt out for Walt to take.
               ON WALT, his eyes widen, as he steps in toward Locke and
               reaches out...
               CLOSE ON HIS HAND as it takes hold of the hilt and Locke lets
               EXT. JUNGLE - MEANWHILE
               ON SAYID, exhausted, stumbling his way through the jungle.
               He's grunting a bit, but moving with purpose, now using a
               found tree limb as a crutch/walking stick...
               Suddenly, he reacts to something and stops, with a sharp
               intake of breath, holding it. He listens. All we HEAR is:
               WIND rustling through the dense thicket of trees.
               ON SAYID - His head darts around...
               HIS POV - Nothing but jungle, trees being blown by the
               breeze. And then we hear it... Amidst the sound of the
               wind, there's something else... Though faint, it sounds like:
               THE WHISPERING OF VOICES, seemingly all around him.
               And as we PUSH IN on Sayid, wondering whether the wind is
               playing tricks on him or... There is something out there.
                                                                     BLACK OUT.
                                          THE END

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