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                                     "White Rabbit"
                                       Written by
                                    Christian Taylor

              And as tradition now dictates, we PUSH THROUGH the "O" of the
              LOST logo. We hear HEAVY BREATHING - PANIC - And SLAM INTO --
          1                                                                   1
              AN EYE STARING AHEAD INTENSELY. And as we PULL OUT, we
              discover an OPEN CUT just above it. And this eye belongs to -
              OUR BOY. Dark hair. Twelve years old. Good looking. And
              as we PULL UP we see he's on his back -- lying on what looks
              like BLACKTOP PAVEMENT. A SCHOOLYARD? We ain't on the
              island, that's for sure.
              And right now a BIG KID -- fourteen and a real MEATHEAD --
              stands over OUR BOY wielding a clenched fist --
                        Stay down.
              OUR BOY looks past Meathead, SEES --
              ANOTHER GOON pounding on a smaller KID. The kid desperately
              locks eyes with Our Boy between punches -- Help me. OUR BOY
              grits his teeth, starts to get up, but --
              Meathead gets RIGHT in his face (he's head taller) --
                        Your choice, man -- Walk away now,
                        you won't get your ass kicked.
              And the FIGHT behind Meathead is intensifying, the other kid
              just getting PUMMELLED...
              The dilemma is clearly etched across OUR BOY'S face -- He
              knows what will happen if he helps his friend -- Knows he
              doesn't stand a chance. Yeah, he COULD walk away...
              But he doesn't. PUSHES past Meathead -- but the kid is too
              big and he grabs Our Boy by the arm and YANKS him back --
              And as Meathead shakes his head, cocking his FIST back to
              literally knock Our Boy's head CLEAN FUCKING OFF, he leaves
              us with a final piece of wisdom --
                        Shoulda stayed down, Jack.
          1   (CON T'D):                                                     1
              And with the swift CRUNCH of contact --
                                                               CUT TO BLACK:
          2                                                                     2
              we hear a familiar BRITISH VOICE shouting excitedly --
                                       CHARLIE (O.S.)
                           Jack?    Jack! HEY JACK!
              EXT. BEACH - DAWN (DAY 6)
          3                                                                     3
              JACK snaps out of a DAZE -- maybe half asleep. Finds himself
              sitting on the beach. And right now CHARLIE is running
              towards him, FULL TILT --
                           You've gotta -- someone's out
                           there! The current! Someone's --                          
              Jack gets to his feet, as DISORIENTED as we are --
                             JACK                             CHARLIE
                                                  -- Someone's out there!
              And Jack is instantly ALERT.      Because Charlie is gesturing
              towards the OCEAN --
                                     CHARLIE (CONT'D)
                           I woke up -- I don't swim and...                          
              But Jack is already SCANNING the water in the dawn light.
              And GODDAMMIT...
              There IS someone out there. Really fucking FAR OUT THERE.
              We can JUST make out an ARM frantically waving for help as...
              PULLING OFF HIS SHIRT as he sprints for the water and he...
              DIVES IN.    And we go with him into --
              THE OCEAN
              As Jack's arms CUT through the water -- his face emerging
              every ten strokes to take a GAPING BREATH -- a fucking
              machine as he POWERS towards --
              THE PERSON OFF IN THE DISTANCE -- struggling to keep their
              head above water -- still so FAR AWAY --
          3   (CON T'D):                                                     3
              And we're MOVING TIGHTER on Jack with every stroke -- his
              purpose SINGULAR -- and he's closing that distance, but --
              The victim DISAPPEARS under the surface of the water.
              And we're WITH JACK in the ten seconds it takes to get to the
              spot where they went under -- he takes a DEEP BREATH and
              DIVES underneath the surface after them --
              And we wait.    And WAIT...
              Waves. Ocean. NO ONE. Then -- Jack emerges, GASPING for
              air! But ALONE. Takes another RAGGED BREATH as he --
              DIVES UNDER AGAIN. And this time we sit on the surface even
              longer. BEAT. ANOTHER BEAT. How can ANYONE hold their
              breath this long? And just when we're counting Jack out --
              He EXPLODES to the surface! And this time, he's got someone
              with him. We recognize the victim instantly --
              It's BOONE.    COUGHING up water.    GASPING for air.   But ALIVE.
                           Deep breaths -- c'mon, man -- relax
                           -- you're okay -- deep breaths...
              And as Jack wraps him into a CROSS-CHEST CARRY and begins to
              swim back to shore, we're CLOSE ON BOONE. Completely SPENT.
              But his lips are moving -- trying to SAY something. Too
              weak. But he WILLS HIMSELF to do it. And finally --
                           Did you... get her?
                           The woman... out there... I was
                           trying to...
                           Did you get her?
              WHAT?! And Jack instantly turns back away from the shore,
              THREADS WATER with one arm, holds Boone afloat with the other -
              JACK'S POV - PANICKED. HANDHELD. Scanning the ocean from
              side to side -- How could he not seen...?
              And OH FUCKING SHIT! Because there -- ANOTHER hundred yards
              out -- IS A WOMAN. And she is about to go UNDER.
          3   (CON T'D): (2)                                                  3
                          BOONE                                  JACK                   
              You have to get her --                -- No -- Current's too strong       
                                                    -- You won't make it back...
                          LEAVE ME.
              Here's Boone.   Exhausted.      A sack of rocks in Jack's arm.
              And there's the WOMAN. About to dip below the surface.         And
              so far away we can't even make out her face.
              So it's Sophie's fucking choice here, folks.       And we --
                                                                SMASH CUT TO:
              THE BEACH
          4                                                                       4
              As Jack heroically PULLS Boone out of the shallows and to the
              safety of the beach.
              Some of the OTHERS (MICHAEL, WALT, SUN, HURLEY) here now --              
              CHARLIE and KATE splash into the water, wrapping their arms              
              around Boone --
              And as soon as they relieve Jack of the burden, he is already
              turning back towards the ocean --
                          There's someone else out there.
              A MOMENT. Jack was spent before he swam out to get Boone and
              back. But he's going to go back in. He's GOT to go back in.
              And Kate knows it.
              And time resumes as Jack DIVES back in -- Arms, legs, heart,
              mind... all furiously dedicated to saving that woman..
              But we stay HERE. And we're already PULLING BACK and UP.
              OVER the gathered crowd at the shallows so all we see is --
              JACK. Swimming out into the ocean.        A single figure cutting
              through an endless expanse of BLUE.       And he can swim forever,
              but it's painfully obvious to us...
              There's no one left to save.
                                       END OF TEASER
                                           ACT ONE
          5   EXT. BEACH - DAY                                                  5
              We start CLOSE ON BOONE -- His blue eyes UNBLINKING as they
              stare out towards the ocean. PULL BACK to find --
              He's still shirtless. Barefoot. And the intensity in his
              eyes. If we had to guess at what he's feeling right now,
              we'd have to go with ANGER. No sense of how long he's been
              sitting here...
              But it's been awhile.
              And now Boone's gaze floats elsewhere on the beach. Off in
              the distance. Onto JACK. Walking towards the INFIRMARY
              TENT, inexplicably carrying a full length MIRROR.                      
              And now we leave Boone to join him as --
          6                                                                     6
              DOWN THE BEACH
              KATE moves to catch up with Jack, concern in her eyes.
              Because now that we're closer, we can clearly see --
              Jack has seen better days. UNSHAVEN. EXHAUSTED. And
              because he is who he is, beating himself up for the life he
              didn't save.
                         Hey --                                                      
                         So what'd they say?                                         
                         Jack, maybe you should...                                   
                         Who was she?                                                
              A beat.   Okay.   He wants to know.    NEEDS to know.   Then --        
                         Her name was Joanna. She wasn't                             
                         supposed to be on the plane.                                
                         She went scuba diving off the
                         Barrier reef and got an ear                                 
                         infection. Doctor grounded her two                          
                         days, so she bumped her flight.                             
                         Ended up with us.                                           
          6   (CON T'D):                                                           6
              Jack shakes his head.       Hard to stomach the brutal irony --
                           She was swimming this morning.
                           Just swimming. Riptide caught her.
                           We've been here six days and we
                           never talked. I never said a word
                           to her. There were --
                            KATE                                   JACK
              Jack.   Don't.                          -- forty seven of us. I
                                                      didn't say a single word.
              And Kate is not a big believer in feeling sorry for oneself --
                           You tried.
              Jack finally stops walking. Puts the MIRROR down.          Turns to
              look at Kate for the first time --
                           No. I didn't. I thought maybe I
                           could... I thought I could bring
                           him back and still have time. I
                           was there -- in the water...                                 
                           I didn't try. I decided not to go                            
                           after her.
              Kate doesn't know what to say to that.         And that's when it
              happens --
              Jack goes WHITE.
              But Jack isn't looking at her. He's looking PAST her. WAY
              past her. And the SOUND DROPS OUT as we follow his gaze to --
              THE OCEAN.    There.     In the shallows.    A MAN.
              And we're TOO FAR AWAY to see his face, but he's wearing a
              SUIT. And he's WAIST DEEP in the water. Just standing
              there. Facing us. Facing Jack.
              And it's fucking CREEPY.
                                        KATE (O.S.)
          6   (CON T'D): (2)                                               6
              SOUND rushes IN -- Jack's attention is drawn back to Kate...
                        Are you okay?
              But Jack is already looking back towards the ocean, MOVING
              TOWARDS IT, in fact, But --
              There's no one there.
                        You see that?
                        See what?
                        He was just standing there... in
                        the water. A man.
              Jack turns back to her. DESPERATE. Needing her to tell him
              he's not going fucking nuts. Needing her to tell him she saw
              the same thing he did.
              And her face says it all.    Jack is visibly distraught --
                        You didn't see him?
                        When's the last time you slept?
              But Jack isn't in the mood for tenderness right now. And he
              sure as shit isn't answering that question, either. He just
              picks up the MIRROR...                                                
                        I have to put this with the rest of
                        the gear.
              And with that, Jack walks off.    And as KATE watches him go,
              we begin to drift --
          7                                                                    7
              AROUND THE BEACH
              And there's a new feeling here amongst the castaways today.
              One of LOSS. They've all heard about the woman who drowned --
                 LOST             "White Rabbit"         (PINK)         8/9/04        8.
          7   (CON T'D):                                                         7
              But none of them are actually TALKING ABOUT IT.       We FIND --
              Still a little GIMPY from his run-in with the boar. He
              stands barefoot on the beach, BRUSHING HIS TEETH. WALT                   
              stands next to his father, doing the same.
              Michael holds a cup of OCEAN WATER in a coffee mug. Brings               
              it to his lips. Sloshes it around his mouth. SPITS.                      
              Refills the mug. Hands it to Walt.
                           Don't swallow it, okay?
                           Why not?
                           `Cause it's from the ocean.     It'll                       
                           make you thirsty.
              Michael is not up for the "constant barrage of questions"
              thing. Especially today.
                           Just don't swallow it, man.
              Walt knows when to push and when not to.       So he takes the
              cup. Rinses. And SPITS.
              And we PULL BACK to see Michael and Walt from afar.       SOMEONE
              watching them. And it's --
          8                                                                       8
              She watches Michael and Walt from the TREE LINE.
              Sun is snapped out of her quiet observance as --
              A FINGER reaches into frame, gently touches her CHAPPED LIPS.            
              Sun jumps -- immediately looks at --
              JIN. He speaks softly (but not altogether kindly) in KOREAN.
              As they're alone, we get the benefit of SUBTITLES --
                           You need water.
          8   (CON T'D):                                                     8
                           No -- I'm all right.    Thank you.
              He settles down next to her.
              And they sit in SILENCE for a few beats. And we can see the
              death of the woman... even though a stranger... it WEIGHS on
              them, too. And finally, it is SUN who speaks --
                           When will someone tell us what to
                           I don't think anyone is coming.
                               (not so sure)
                           Someone will come.
              Sun shakes her head. Unable to challenge what she clearly
              knows is her husband's DENIAL --
                           The others... they ignore us. If
                           we tried harder to communicate...
                           We'll be fine.    We don't need them.
              And then, in an attempt to be reassuring --
                           I will tell you what to do.
              And if Sun were actually looking into her husband's eyes
              right now, she might see the same thing we do --
              Doubt.   But for now, we're MOVING ON AS --
          9                                                                      9
              Tromp by Sun & Jin, dainty plastic SUNFLOWERS adorning a pair
              of PINK FLOP-FLOPS as the feet within them stride with great
              purpose towards --
              air. One tapping to a tune no one can hear but its wearer.
          9   (CON T'D):                                                         9
              The Flip-Flops stop.    Square off against the boots.     A tense
              beat. Then --
                                  SHANNON (O.S.)
                        Have you got it or what?
              And we PAN UP to reveal the Flip-Flops belong to SHANNON.
              The boots, of course, are on --
                        You're in my light, sticks.
              SAWYER sits on a MAKESHIFT DECK CHAIR. Doesn't even look up
              as he reads a battered paperback -- "WATERSHIP DOWN."
                        "Lightsticks?" What the hell is
                        that supposed to --
                        Light. Comma. Sticks.       Meaning                           
                        your legs.
              He turns a page. This is a different side of Sawyer.        Less
              directly adversarial with Shannon. HMMMM.
                        How's your brother?
                         SHANNON                               SAWYER
              What do you mean how --
                                                 -- Almost drowned, didn't he?
                            (fuck you)
                        Look -- while I really love my new
                        nickname and I think it's really
                        sweet that you're asking...
                        Calm down.     I got your damn stuff.
              And with that, Sawyer produces a can of BUG SPRAY from the
              canvas bag at his feet as Shannon SCRATCHES her leg --
                        It'll keep off sand fleas?
                        You bet.     And it's got aloe, too.
          9    (CON T'D): (2)                                                   9
                         How much?
                           SAWYER                            SHANNON
               You serious?
                                                  -- Yeah, I'm...
               And Sawyer finally puts his book down. Looks at Shannon like
               she just might be the stupidest person in the world.
                         You in the same situation I am?
                         `Cause last I checked, we weren't
                         going nowhere for awhile.
                             (slowly and clearly)
                         Your money's no good here.
                         So what the hell do you want?
                             (then; dawning on her)
                         If you think that I'm...
                         Five grand.
               The effectively shuts her up.     After a beat --
                         I thought you said money was no
                         good here.
                         I was negotiating.
                         I'll take an IOU. Somethin' tells
                         me you're good for it.
               Shannon just looks at him. Scratches her leg... but it
               almost becomes a DEFIANT SCRATCH. Then she straightens up.
               Gives him the full on EVILEST EYE EVER --
                         Screw you.
               And with that, she STALKS OFF. Sawyer watches her go.      Drops
               the bug spray back into his bag...
               And goes back to his book.
               EXT. BEACH - DAY
          10                                                                10
               CLOSE ON a pile of clothes as KATE sorts through.
          10   (CON T'D):                                                   10
                                   CLAIRE (O.S.)
                         You haven't found a hairbrush have
               Kate looks up.    Sees CLAIRE.   Smiles --
                         Nope.    Sorry.
                         I must've looked in twenty
                         suitcases today and I can't find
                         one. Weird. You'd think everyone
                         packs a --
               And Claire stops talking -- Takes a step backwards, LOSING
               HER BALANCE -- Kate immediately jumps up, steadying her --
                         Whoa -- You okay?
               Claire shakes it off.
                         Yeah it's just the heat.
                             (bad joke)                                           
                         Oh. And I'm pregnant.
                             (bad joke back)                                      
               Claire smiles. Kate offers her a half-filled BOTTLE OF             
               WATER. Claire takes it appreciatively --
                         Wanna sit? You can help me sort
                         the "practical clothes" from the
                         "impractical clothes."
                         How can you tell the difference?
                             (holds up a pair of jeans)
                             (holds up a negligee)
          10   (CON T'D): (2)                                                  10
               Claire laughs. Sits down. Claire's eyes light up as she
               spots a SUN HAT, puts it on --
                          Can I ask you something? Don't
                          mean to get personal, but I'm
                              (stiffens; then)
                          Sure. Shoot.
                          Are you a Gemini?
                          Thought so. Restless. Passionate.
                          Everyone thinks Astrology is a load
                          of crap, but that's because they
                          don't understand it. I could do
                          your chart if you'd like...
                              (Kate wouldn't like)
                          Ah. All right then.
                              (shakes her head; sighs)
               Kate smiles at her. Claire smiles back. A genuine bond
               between them. And off this lovely moment we move BACK TO --
          11                                                                   11
               JACK.   Still working.    Always working.   Eyes bloodshot.           
               Next to the tent, Jack has managed to drag a CARGO CONTAINER
               to store valuable GEAR. Right now, he's placing the MIRROR
               next to a stack of what seem to be TEXTBOOKS as --
                                       HURLEY (O.S.)
                          Hey, Jack?
               Jack looks up to see HURLEY --                                        
                          Whoa -- You look tired, brother.                           
                          I'm fine.     What's up?                                   
          11   (CON T'D):                                                      11
                            We've got a problem, man.
                                                                 SMASH CUT TO:
          12   EXT. BEACH - WATER COLLECTION SITE - DAY                         12
               CLOSE ON JACK. His eyes telling us that somehow his day
               actually just go WORSE --
                         That's it?
                                      CHARLIE (O.S.)
                         That's it.
               And we PULL OUT to find --
               Jack stands with CHARLIE AND HURLEY. Next to them, one of
               the RAIN STATIONS -- a jury-rigged TARP meant to collect
               water. But right now, all their attention is on --
               A RED SUITCASE. Inside it, carefully arranged, BOTTLES OF
               WATER. Some bear the OCEANIC LABEL. All about three
               quarters full.
                         How many?
                         People just took what they needed
                         `cause, y'know we were supposed to
                         be rescued? But uh -- we weren't.
                         And it hasn't rained, man.
                         Even if we divvied it up... split
                         the bottles in half, it wouldn't be
                         enough water for all forty-seven...
                         There's forty-six now.
               A quiet moment as they all absorb the implication.      Then --
                         It's getting pretty toasty out
                         here. When people find out this is
                         it, they're gonna freak out, man.                            
          12   (CON T'D):                                                   12
                            And the boar's running low until we                    
                            can catch another one. What should                     
                            we tell them?
                 LOST         "White Rabbit"          (PINK)             8/9/04        15.
          12   (CON T'D): (2)                                                     12
               And they're looking to Jack for these answers. And we can
               FEEL his pain. The enormous load he's bearing. The enormous
               load the others PUT ON HIM --
                         I don't know.
                           HURLEY                              CHARLIE
               Maybe we can make one of
               those water-finding sticks...     -- Where should we put what
                                                 we've got?
                         I don't know...
               And Jack is WALKING AWAY now, it's just TOO FUCKING MUCH...
               But Charlie picks up the RED SUITCASE. He and Hurley nipping
               at Jack's heels as he heads back for the infirmary tent --
                          CHARLIE                              HURLEY
               We should put it in the tent,
               yeah?                             -- Maybe that dog can find              
                          CHARLIE                              HURLEY
               Probably better if no one
               knows how little is left...       -- Dogs can find pot and
                                                 bombs, so they can find
               They arrive at the infirmary tent and Charlie places the                 
               suitcase of water just inside the flap.                                  
                             (to Jack)
                         If you tell the others we're
                         running low, we can ration it.
                         That way you can decide who gets...
               And that does it. The dam breaks. Jack stops. SPINS ON
               BOTH OF THEM -- And he doesn't YELL, but it's fucking close --
                         I'm not deciding anything.
               And Hurley visibly flinches.    Not used to this from Jack.
               Shit. Neither are we.
                         Why not?
                LOST          "White Rabbit"        (PINK)           8/9/04        15A.
          12   (CON T'D): (3)                                                 12
               Jack GRITS his teeth.   Why not?   Why fucking not?
          12   (CON T'D): (4)                                              12
               Whatever the answer to that is, he ain't giving it to them.
               So he turns. And WALKS AWAY.
               And we stay with Jack as he leaves Charlie and Hurley in his
               wake. Moving closer. CLOSER. And finally, we're right on
               his BLOODSHOT EYES as --
               CLOSE ON THAT SAME PAIR OF EYES -- but twenty years younger.
               And one of them is almost SWOLLEN SHUT.
               TWELVE YEAR OLD JACK stands nervously in the doorway of an
               imposing STUDY. Beautiful. Ornate. The kind of place where
               you don't want to touch stuff. Jack currently focused on --
               A WELL-WORN LEATHER CHAIR. Its back facing us. But
               someone's in it -- A MASCULINE HAND reaches to the small end
               table next to the chair, picks up a GLASS OF SCOTCH...
               CLINKS the ice cubes as he gently rotates his wrist.    And
               finally --
               A FACE peers from around the chair. Extremely handsome.
               Very intense. INTELLIGENCE dances behind his eyes.
               This is DR. SHEPHARD.   This is JACK'S FATHER.
                         Not the best decision, huh kiddo?
               Shephard offers a smile to his son -- but it's only with his
               mouth, not his EYES.
                         You wanna come in?
               Not really. But Jack does anyway. Walks up to his dad's
               chair. Of course, there's no place for him to sit.
                         So how's the other guy look?
               Jack doesn't get the joke.    His father sighs --
                                   SHEPHARD (CONT'D)
                         Want to tell me what happened?
                         Couple guys jumped Marc Silverman.
          13   (CON T'D):                                                        13
                            Couple guys jumped Marc Silverman.
                            But they didn't jump you.
               Shephard just looks at his son for a moment. Can't quite
               read it... but it feels a lot like PITY. Then --
               He extends his FISTS.        Face down.
                            Okay, Jack. One's got a quarter in
                            it. Other's empty. You choose
                            right, quarter's yours. You choose
                            wrong, you give me a quarter.
               Jack just looks at his father's outstretched hands for a
               moment. Not sure what's going on right now...
                                      SHEPHARD (CONT'D)
                            Decide, Jack.
               Jack deliberates another moment.          Finally --
               Picks the left hand.        Shephard opens it up -- NOTHING inside.
               Shakes his head --
                                       SHEPHARD (CONT'D)
                            Pay up.                                                    
               Is he serious?      Yeah.    He is.
               Jack reaches into his own pocket, hands his father a QUARTER.
               The old man takes it, looking over his son's beaten face.
               Downs a swallow of his drink --
                                       SHEPHARD (CONT'D)
                            Your heart's in the right place.                           
                            Sticking up for the little guy.                            
                            But look what happened. You made                           
                            the wrong call. You lost, buddy.                           
                            You failed.                                                
               And let's stop for a second here. Because this is one of
               those moments in your childhood. One of those moments where
               your folks say something that just NEVER GOES AWAY.
          13   (CON T'D): (2)                                                13
               Something that sticks with you. That BECOMES you.    And Jack
               is listening to every fucking word of it.
                                     SHEPHARD (CONT'D)
                          Boy was on my table today. Year
                          younger than you, maybe. Bad
                          heart. And it was a real rough
                          one, Jack. Got real hairy, real
                          fast. People were looking to me to
                          make decisions. Big decisions.
                          What to do. How to do it.
                          And I was able to make those
                          decisions because at the end of the
                          day after that boy died, I was able
                          to wash my hands, come home to
                          dinner, watch Carol Burnett and
                          laugh until my sides hurt. And how
                          can I do that? Even when I fail --                        
                          How do I do that?
                          Because I have what it takes.
               And his father actually puts his hand on Jack's shoulder.      He
               does love his son. This is said out of that love... no
               matter how fucking cruel is sounds to us --
                          Don't choose, Jack. Don't decide.                         
                          Walk away from the fights. Because                        
                          when you fail -- when you make the                        
                          wrong choice? It's gonna hurt.                            
                          And buddy? When that hurt comes?
                          You don't have what it takes.
               Jack absorbs that. And more importantly, because this is his
               father. Because he is twelve. Because this must be true --
               He BELIEVES it.
               A beat.   And then, his father again extends two fists --
                                    SHEPHARD (CONT'D)
                          Same rules. Double or nothing.
               But Jack just looks at the extended hands. Many, many, many,
               beats pass before Jack finally shakes his head. No.
                                      SHEPHARD (CONT'D)
                          Good boy.
          13   (CON T'D): (3)                                                13
               And OFF YOUNG JACK, the lesson not only learned, but HARD-
               WIRED, WE COME BACK TO--                                             
          14                                                                  14
               INT./EXT. INFIRMARY TENT - DAY
               Those same intense eyes.
               Jack sits alone in the INFIRMARY TENT.    AND what's he staring
               The OPEN RED SUITCASE that Charlie placed on the floor -- THE
               And as if that wasn't enough to worry about here's -
                                   BOONE (O.S.)
                         Why didn't you leave me?
               Jack looks up to see BOONE standing in the opening of the
               tent. We get the feeling he's been working his way up to
               this confrontation all morning.
               And this is the last fucking thing Jack needs.       He gets up,
               exits the tent --
                         Not now, man.                                              
                         I could have made it back.
                             (Jack ignores him)
                         What? You're not gonna answer me?
                         I told you to leave me, man. I
                         told you I could've...
                         You were drowning.
               And Boone can't argue that.    So --
                         You should've saved her.
               Jack stands. Gets in real close to Boone. Something about            
               his eyes -- something FRAYED. But what he says, he says
               quite SIMPLY --
                         But I didn't save her.
                         And neither did you.
          14   (CON T'D):                                                    14
               And with that, Jack pushes past him and out to --                     
          15                                                                  15     
               THE BEACH
               Boone isn't gonna be blown off.    Stays with Jack as he moves        
               across the beach --                                                   
                           You think you're all noble and
                           heroic coming after me? I was
                           fine. You're not the only one
                           around here who knows what to do,
                           man. I run a business. Who                                
                           appointed you savior? What gives
                           you the right to...
               And although Boone continues his rant, his voice begins to
               fall away. Because Jack isn't looking at Boone anymore...
               He's looking over Boone's shoulder.    Because there's
               something there. No -- SOMEONE.
               OFF IN THE DISTANCE
          16                                                                  16
               There on the TREE LINE.     Where beach meets jungle.
               The MAN IN THE SUIT and he's wearing WHITE TENNIS SHOES.
               Too far away to discern the figure's identity.       Just standing
               AND WE'RE BACK WITH JACK
          17                                                                  17
               Because he's not taking his eyes off the man this time.      He's
               already walking away from Boone --
                               (shouts after him)
                           Hey -- Don't you walk away from me.
                           Where the hell are you going? HEY!
               But Jack is BREAKING INTO A RUN.    Eyes locked --
          18                                                                  18
               ON THE TREE LINE
               Where the SUITED MAN turns around, heads INTO THE JUNGLE...
          19                                                                  19
               AND JACK
               RUNS. Stumbles in the sand -- but immediately regains his
               footing. SINGLE PURPOSE. DESPERATE.
          19   (CON T'D):                                                   19
               And we follow Jack ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE BEACH until he...
          20                                                                   20
               EXT. BEACH - TREE LINE - DAY
               BURSTS through the tree line. The sun immediately obscured
               by the JUNGLE CANOPY. And Jack comes to an ABRUPT STOP
               because --
               The Man In The Suit is ten yards away.
               Just standing still. His back to Jack. Close enough to make
               out his GRAY HAIR. And it's HAND-HELD. CREEPY. Jack takes
               a few tentative steps forward. Closing the distance...
               Jack reaches out to touch his shoulder... And the Man                 
               SUDDENLY TURNS!
               It's Jack's father.
               SHEPHARD.   Twenty years older.    But here.   On the island.
               And the SHOCK of this -- the fact that he's actually SEEING
               this -- FLOORS Jack. His eyes go WIDE as he literally
               staggers backwards, TRIPS --
               And lands on his ass.
               His eyes never leave the fact of his father. SO FUCKING MUCH
               GOING ON -- but it's almost like Jack has regressed twenty-
               five years. His voice almost childlike as he utters --
               And they LOCK EYES.
               But Shephard gives Jack nothing.     He just turns around.   And      
               heads DEEPER INTO THE JUNGLE.
               And OFF JACK, eyes open wide.     FROZEN.   We --
                                                               CUT TO BLACK:
                                       END OF ACT ONE
                                           ACT TWO
          21   EXT. BEACH - TREE LINE - DAY                                    21
               JACK is exactly where we left him.     Here where the jungle
               meets the beach.
               And he's just BREATHING. Fast. ADRENALINE still pumping
               with the weight of what he just saw. Or what he THINKS he
               just saw.
               And as we begin to CLOSE IN on Jack, we realize he's not just
               breathing -- he's WHISPERING something. Over and over and
               over again...
               And now we're TIGHT enough to hear it --
                          Gone... he's gone... he's gone...
               And as we begin to HEAR THE PATTER OF RAIN ON GLASS...
          22                                                                   22
                                    MARGO (O.S.)                                     
                          He's gone, Jack.
               And we find JACK'S REFLECTION in a window begin pummelled by
               RAIN. The Jack we know and love. Same age as he is on the
               island... and surprisingly, equally as RUN DOWN.
                          He'll be back.
               And Jack turns away from the window to face --
               MARGO.   His MOTHER. Late fifties.     A crisply put together         
               woman.   All Blue blood. STOIC.
                          This time it's different.                                  
               Both stand in HIS FATHER'S STUDY. Not as imposing as it was
               when Jack was boy -- But THE EMPTY LEATHER CHAIR is a
               constant presence in every shot...
               Jack looks over a mantle of PHOTOGRAPHS -- All of SHEPHARD.
               Catching a fish, receiving an award, giving a speech. Jack
               reaches to pick one up --
                          Please don't touch that.
          22   (CON T'D):                                                         22
               But Jack picks it up anyway.      Maybe DEFIANTLY.
                            Ever notice there aren't any
                            pictures of me in here? Or you?
                            It's his study.
               Jack puts the photo back.      Just the sound of the RAIN for a
               few beats. Then --
                            I want you to bring him back.
                            JACK                                 MARGO
                  (shaking his head)
               That's good. Yeah. Me.
                                                    -- What?
                            He hasn't talked to me in two
                            months, man.
                           MARGO                                 JACK
               You haven't talk to him in
               two months.                          -- He doesn't want me to
                                                    bring him back. Trust me.
                                                    Let one of his "friends"...
                            He doesn't have friends anymore.
                                (beat; pointed)
                            Why do you think that is?                                   
               Okay. Starting to heat up a little here. We're definitely
               dropping in on some big time FAMILY SHIT -- and we don't need
               to know exactly what it is to get the main idea -- WHATEVER
               Jack's eyes drop under his mother's GLARE. Whatever it is
               she's accusing him of, part of him is OWNING IT. Then --
                            He was right about you.
               And that fucking hits a nerve. Jack's eyes dart back up,
               giving her a GLARE right back --
          22   (CON T'D): (2)                                                  22
                           Right about what?
                           You don't understand the pressure
                           he was under. You --
                           I understand pressure.
               Beat. And Jack's eyes begin to water. He's TRYING to hold
               it together. We're seeing the PAIN here...
               And damn if Margo doesn't see it too.      She actually SOFTENS.
               Vulnerable --
                           Please -- You know how he gets. He
                           doesn't... he won't take care of
                           himself. You have to go after him.
               A moment.   ON JACK.     And this is hard from him to say, but --
                           I'm sorry.     I can't.
               And that vulnerability in Margo?      It is gone in a SECOND.
                           "I can't?" You don't get to say "I
                           can't." Not after what you did.                           
                           Was it hard? Betraying your own                           
                           father? Was that a tough decision?                        
                           Oh -- but you thought you were                            
                           actually helping him, didn't you?                         
                           But you took it all away, you...                          
                           You ruined him. You did this.                             
                               (as near rage as she gets)
                           You bring you father home, Jack.
               And whatever she's talking about -- whatever Jack "did" -- it
               gets him. A low blow... but a TRUE blow. So finally --
                           Where is he?
          22   (CON T'D): (3)                                              22
               And as the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together.   We
               BLAST BACK TO --
          23   EXT. BEACH - TREE LINE - DAY                                         23
               JACK.   Still on his ass.        Brought out of his memory by --
               VOICES behind him.    Off in the distance.       And Jack looks over
               his shoulder --
               BACK AT THE BEACH
               The CASTAWAYS milling around, doing their thing.          CHARLIE.
               HURLEY. BOONE. Responsibility.
               And now Jack turns back towards THE JUNGLE.
               The way his father went.         And maybe the path of madness.
               TIME TO MAKE A DECISION.
               So Jack gets up.
               And walks into the jungle.
                                                                   SMASH CUT TO:
               EXT. BEACH - DAY - LATER
          24                                                                        24
               WALT runs FULL TILT down the beach.
                          HEY!    HEY!
               FRANTIC. HECTIC. SEARCHING. And the first person he comes
               upon is KATE, immediately concerned--
                          What's wrong?
                          That pregnant lady fell down.
               Off Kate's concerned look:                                                 
          25                                                                        25    
          26                                                                        26    
               CHAOS. EVERYONE TALKING OVER EACH OTHER as Charlie and
               Michael literally CARRY Claire across the beach towards the
               INFIRMARY TENT. Kate beside them --
          26   (CON T'D):                                                   26
                            KATE                             CHARLIE
               What happened?
                                                  -- She just dropped...
                            KATE                             MICHAEL
               I was with her before -- the
               heat... Is she breathing?
                                                  -- Where's the doctor?
                         Let's get her inside --
               And we follow them --
               INSIDE THE TENT
          27                                                                27
               Michael and Charlie gently lay Claire down on the makeshift
               BED of SEAT CUSHIONS.
                         She's breathing, I think...
               Kate leans over her --
                         Claire? Can you hear me?      Claire?
                         Wake up...
               And THANK FUCKING GOD because Claire's eyes flutter open.
               She looks around, confused --
                         Claire, it's me -- Kate. You
                         passed out. Take it easy okay?
                             (turns to Charlie)
                         She needs water.
                         Water. Yeah. There's some
               And Charlie turns to where the RED SUITCASE was...
               But it's gone.
                         What the...?!?
          27   (CON T'D):                                                  27
               Charlie madly pulls away various boxes, searching the tent.
               But it's pretty clear that the suitcase isn't here. Charlie
               turns back to Kate...
                         The water's gone.
                             (furious confusion)
                         Someone stole it.
          28                                                                28
               EXT. BEACH - A MINUTE LATER
                         Where's the doctor?                                      
               Find Kate talking with LOCKE and SAYID, the concern apparent       
               on their faces, clearly filled in on the situation --              
                         I don't know. No one can find him.
                         And this was the last of the camp's
                         water supply?
                         Keeping it all in one place.
                            KATE                              SAYID
               I can go into the jungle.
               Maybe find some fresh water.       -- You're not going alone --
                         When the others find out we're out
                         of water, it's gonna get ugly. And
                         when they find out someone pinched
                         it, it's gonna get uglier. I'll                          
                         go. Camp needs you two here.
                         Especially with the doctor gone.                         
                         Besides --
                             (that fucking smile)
                         I know where to look.
               And speaking of looking...
          29                                                                29
               EXT. JUNGLE - DAY
               JACK moves through the jungle.
          29   (CON T'D):                                                  29
               This guy is literally COMING APART AT THE SEAMS. A man
               possessed. Clearly in pursuit of something and someone that
               couldn't possibly be here. But that's not stopping him.
               Again, we're HAND-HELD. DISORIENTED. No rhyme or reason to
               the direction that Jack is heading. And he comes to --
               And Jack STOPS. Looks around him. Has no idea where he is.
               And maybe he doesn't care. But we're starting to SLOWLY SPIN
               AROUND HIM -- JACK, a man more lost now than ever before.
               And it starts as a whisper...
                         Where are you?
               Spinning FASTER NOW.   Jack louder --
                         Where are you?
               And we're getting FUCKING DIZZY we're SPINNING SO FAST as --
                         WHERE ARE YOU?!?
               And we SLAM INTO --
          30                                                                30
               JACK. And he's standing in the middle of a HOTEL ROOM.
               Crisp. Sharp. LIFELESS. This place is where fancy business
               travellers might stay - A complete CONTRAST to the organic
               jungle of the island.
               Jack stares at the KING-SIZED BED - It has not been slept in.
                                   HOTEL MANAGER
                         The maid says he hasn't used the
                         bed in the past three days.
               A YOUNG HOTEL MANAGER stands a few feet behind Jack.    He
               looks uncomfortable. A clear AUSTRALIAN ACCENT.
               Jack wanders around the room. Jack picks up a DIRTY BUTTON-        
               DOWN SHIRT neatly hanging over one of the chairs. Runs his
               finger over the collar --
          30   (CON T'D):                                                     30
                         He rent a car through your
                                      HOTEL MANAGER
                         No, sir.
               Jack puts down the shirt. Floats over to the DESK -- A
               chaotic, ugly representation of his father's STATE OF MIND.
               PACKETS. Jack PULLS OPEN ONE OF THE DRAWERS --                         
               INSIDE -- THREE mostly empty bottles of SCOTCH.      Jack
               abruptly CLOSES the drawer.
                                   HOTEL MANAGER
                         Quite honestly, Mr. Shephard, I
                         don't think he rented a car at all.
                         Yeah?   Why's that?
                                   HOTEL MANAGER
                         There was an incident a few nights
                         ago. Here at the hotel bar. I had
                         to ask Security to escort your
                         father to his room.
               Jack turns. Maybe a little embarrassed. Maybe a little
               guilty. But definitely a little ANGRY --
                         What's that have to do with renting
                         a car?
                                      HOTEL MANAGER
                         I'm sorry.     I shouldn't have...
                            JACK                          HOTEL MANAGER
               C'mon. What's it have to do
               with renting a car?                -- Mr. Shephard...
               The Hotel Manager shakes his hand.     He takes a BEAT.     Then --    
                                   HOTEL MANAGER
                         I don't think any rental agent in
                         Sydney would lease your father a
                         car in his condition.
               Well. There it is. And Jack does not like hearing it.         NOT
               AT ALL. Takes a step towards the Manager --
          30   (CON T'D): (2)                                              30
                          My father...
                              (holding it in but it's
                               not fucking easy)
                          Is a Chief of Surgery.
               The Hotel Manager quickly realizes he's crossed the line --
                                    HOTEL MANAGER
                          Of course, sir. I apologize.                            
               And Jack is so fucking angry he wants to pound this guy, but
               luckily his attention is diverted as --
               He spots something on the NIGHT STAND. A WALLET. Jack              
               immediately crosses to it. Picks it up. Opens it --
               Cash.   Credit Cards.   Driver's License.   HIS FATHER'S.
               Jack settles down onto the bed -- as if the AIR has been           
               knocked out of him. A few moments pass. Then... softly --          
                          He left his wallet.    Who leaves a
                                    HOTEL MANAGER                                 
                          Perhaps you should talk to the                          
                          police, Mr. Shephard.                                   
               The Manager remains awkwardly in the center of the room, but
               we're MOVING IN ON JACK -- his eyes full of DESPERATION. As
               he whispers softly to himself --
                          Where are you?
               WE BLAST BACK OUT INTO --
          31                                                                31
               EXT. JUNGLE - DAY
               COMPLETE SILENCE. Jack stands frozen in the middle of the          
               CLEARING where we left him. Eerie. No insects. No birds.           
               NOTHING. Just the sound of his own BREATHING.
               And maybe it's just that Jack is literally at the end of his
               fucking tether, but it's almost like we can FEEL A PRESENCE
               here. And Jack STOPS breathing because he hears something.
               And it's fucking CLOSE.     Jack WHIPS AROUND --
          31   (CON T'D):                                                  31
               Nothing there. But then the CRACK OF A TWIG snapping brings
               his attention back to --
               And Jack can just make out SOMEONE RUNNING THROUGH IT --
               The Man in the suit and white tennis shoes.    HIS FATHER.
               And a new look of DETERMINATION falls over Jack's eyes.
               Enough of this bullshit. ENOUGH. He's gonna catch him this
               time. He has to.
               So Jack cuts through the jungle, just catching GLIMPSES of
               his father up ahead -- always far off, just out of reach.
               Jack pushes massive LEAVES aside -- and we're SO CLOSE on him
               we lose perspective because Jack RUNS with such drive and
               such purpose -- GAINING now, about to finally CATCH UP when --
          32                                                                32
               THE GROUND GIVES WAY.
               JACK FALLS FORWARD down an INCLINE -- FALLS ON HIS ASS --
               SCRAMBLING -- SLIDING -- Tries to STOP HIMSELF with his feet
               but he's moving too fast and...
               OH SHIT -- He's flying off A ROCK SHELF and --
               A ROOT is all that saves him as his body goes over and his
               LEGS KICK AT AIR because...
               Jack is hanging off the EDGE OF A CLIFF.    A hundred foot drop
               to the ground. Out here. ALONE.
               And as we realize he's totally FUCKED...
                                       END OF ACT TWO
                                        ACT THREE
          33   EXT. CLIFF FACE - DAY                                         33
               Jack right where we left him --
               CLINGING TO THE CLIFF FACE -- his grip slipping.
               And we wanna milk this. Our guy. Our hero. Literally
               facing DEATH and there is NO WAY he can escape it.
               Jack tries to wedge his foot amongst some rocks, but they're
               LOOSE and...
               THE ROOT he's holding on to is PULLING FREE and ---
               GRIM RECOGNITION falls over Jack's WATERING EYES.    He's going
               to die here. Here on this fucking island --
               And just as the root is about to POP OUT OF THE CLIFF FACE --
                                   VOICE (O.S.)
                         Take my hand.
               And Jack instinctively looks up at the SOUND OF THAT VOICE --
               It's LOCKE.
               Lying on his belly, extending his arm over the EDGE --
               And Jack barely registers the relief of seeing him before he
               SLAPS his free hand into Locke's outstretched one just as the
               ROOT COMES FREE, tumbles down into the abyss as --
               Locke GRUNTS, pulling Jack up and over the edge to SAFETY.
               Jack immediately rolls over, STARES up at the sky.    Quick
               shallow breaths. Borderline HYPERVENTILATION.
                         You okay?
               Jack just nods. Because he's not hyperventilating at all.
               He's LAUGHING. Louder now. Hysterically.
               And okay, maybe it's a little insane, but this is what
               happens when you've been in a plane crash and haven't slept
               and you're chasing your father through the jungle and you
               almost fucking die.
               And as Locke looks on, starting to chuckle himself --
          34   OMITTED                                                     34    
          35                                                               35    
               We find CLAIRE inside the shade of the infirmary tent.   She
               NAPS... not looking too hot. PALE.
          35   (CON T'D):                                                  35
                                   CHARLIE (O.S.)
               Claire's eyes flutter open to see CHARLIE settling down next
               to her.                                                           
                         Hey. How long have I...?
                         Couple hours. Here -- it's not
                         much, but it's what we have.
               Charlie offers her a small THERMOS CUP -- A little liquid
               splashes inside. Claire takes a grateful SIP --
                         I should get up...
               NO SHE SHOULDN'T because another wave of DIZZINESS falls over
               her. Charlie immediately SUPPORTS her, nurturing instinct --
                         You just relax, yeah?
                         Got to think about the little one.                      
               The dizziness passes as Claire eases back down on the
               cushions --
                         Thanks for the water.
                         Yeah. A whole swallow.
                             (somewhat darkly)
                         There'd be more if some git hadn't
                         nicked it.
                         Is Jack back yet?
                         No.  No one's seen him.
                             (seeing her concern)
                         Don't worry though -- good ole' Mr.
                         Locke's gone into the jungle to get
                         you some water. Should be back
                         before nightfall.
          35   (CON T'D): (2)                                               35
                         Great. Our only hunter's gonna get
                         eaten so that he can get the
                         pregnant girl some more water.
                         I wouldn't worry, love.
                             (smiles conspiratorially)
                         You tell me who'd you rather meet
                         in a dark alley -- whatever's out                        
                         there, or that geezer and his four                       
                         hundred knives?
               Claire actually begins to GIGGLE --
                         Seriously. Who packs four hundred
                         knives? Personally? I only have
                         room for two hundred. Three
                         hundred, the most.
               The two share a nice LAUGH. A real moment -- And then Claire
               becomes serious. Contemplative --
                         When are they going to find us?                          
                         The rescuers?                                            
                         Thanks, Charlie.
                         Thanks for what?
                         People don't look me in the eye
                         here. I think I scare them. The
                             (searching for the words)
                         I'm like this time bomb of
                         responsibility waiting to go off.
               Charlie considers this.   Then --
                         You don't scare me.
          35   (CON T'D): (3)                                              35
               And off this genuinely sweet MOMENT...
          36                                                               36
               EXT. BEACH - LATE AFTERNOON
               A STUNNING SUNSET throws magical light across the camp as
               various fires are lit - Night is falling.
          36   (CON T'D):                                                      36
               And we pick up SHANNON as she approaches BOONE, sitting at
               the edge of the ocean. That same mix of contemplation and
               anger in his eyes.
                          Hey, Superman -- still moping?
               Boone just keeps looking out at the water...
               And Shannon actually sheds the bitch persona for a moment.
               Maybe actually displaying GENUINE CONCERN --
                          It's not your fault that...
                          Go away, Shannon.
               And when she gets shut down, she snaps back into purely
               defensive mode. PISSED --
                          Nice talking to you, jackass.
               And Shannon STALKS off, passing --
               HURLEY. A little out of breath. Obviously excited about
               something. We PICK HIM UP as he hurries over to --
               KATE AND SAYID.     They look up expectantly --
                          The Chinese people have water.
          37                                                                      37    
               EXT. BEACH - LATE AFTERNOON
               CLOSE ON AN EMPTY OCEANIC WATER BOTTLE -- just like the ones
               we saw in the RED SUITCASE. PULL BACK to find --
                          Where did you get this?
               Kate and Sayid confront SUN outside her makeshift Lean-To.
               Sayid is amped --
                               SAYID                               KATE
               Where.   Did.     You --
                                                      -- She doesn't understand
                                                      you, Sayid...
          37   (CON T'D):                                                    37
                          She understands me.
                              (back to Sun)
                          Did you steal this water?
               SUN just looks at them nervously, speaks softly in KOREAN (no
               subtitles here -- not when ENGLISH SPEAKERS are around) --
                          This is a misunderstanding...
               And that's when JIN arrives. Head full of steam --
                          Get away from her, pig!      If you
                          touch my wife..
               Kate gets into the fray, ever the peacemaker --
                          Easy. Let's just talk about this,
                          all right?
               Sayid steps back, raises his hands in frustration, stares            
               daggers at JIN. Kate holds up the water bottle to Jin.
               Points to it.
                          Is this yours?
               Jin stares at her blankly.
                          Who gave you this?
               And "WHO" is a word that Jin does understand, because his
               immediate (albeit defiant) reaction is to POINT DOWN THE
               BEACH. Kate and Sayid turn to see --
          38                                                                  38
               OFF NEAR THE FUSELAGE
               SAWYER.   Smoking a cigarette.
               Completely oblivious to the fact that he's just been picked
               out of a lineup.
                 (CON T'D):
                 And Kate is set to rip Sawyer's fucking head off, but...
                 Sayid grabs her arm.
                              I don't see the water.
                              You go after him now, he'll give
                              you nothing. But if you wait...
                              A rat will always lead you to its
                 And OFF KATE, knowing he's right but not happy about it.          And
                 as NIGHT finally falls on the BEACH...
                 EXT. JUNGLE - LATE AFTERNOON
          40                                                                       40
                 MACRO CLOSE ON A SINGLE DROPLET OF WATER suspended on a
                 BANYAN LEAF. And as the leaf tips, we watch that DROPLET
                 slide down its surface and into --
          41                                                                       41
                 AN OCEANIC BOTTLE.
                 PULL BACK to find the bottle in the hand of Locke. It's
                 barely a quarter full, but that's what happens when you do it
                 one drop at a time --
                 JACK sits on a rock. Staring into the jungle. And we get
                 the feeling that Locke has just been letting him sit, too.
                 Something we should note about these two -- They can talk.
                 Kindred spirits. Mutual respect. Finally --
                              How are they? The others.
                              They're thirsty. Hungry. Waiting                            
                              to be rescued.                                              
                                  (then; pointed)
                              And they need someone to tell them
                              what to do.
                 Jack stiffens.      And this is an instinct.   A FEAR.
                              Me?   I can't --
          41   (CON T'D):                                                        41
                            Why can't you?
               That's really the question, isn't it?
               And maybe Jack has never spoken the words aloud before, but
               when he does, we know he believes them --
                            Because I'm not a leader.
                            And yet they all treat you like
                            one. Hm.
                                           Hates that he's right.
               Jack knows he's right.
                            I don't know how to help them.                             
                            I'll fail, I'll...                                         
                                (then; quietly)
                            I don't have what it takes.
               And in this moment -- his father's words travelling twenty
               years to find themselves coming out of his mouth -- we know
               that despite his own instinctual heroism, Jack BELIEVES this.
               Locke nods. Twists the cap on the bottle as he settles down
               across from Jack --
                            Why are you out here, Jack?
                            I think I'm going crazy.
                            You're not going crazy.
                            Crazy people don't     know they're
                            going crazy. They      think they're
                            getting saner.
                                (smiles; again     now)
                            So why are you out     here, Jack?
               And something about Locke -- Something HYPNOTIC about the way
               his eyes dance... makes Jack open up the him --
          41   (CON T'D): (2)                                              41
                         I'm chasing something.
                         Ah.  The White Rabbit.
                             (off Jack's confusion)
                         Alice in Wonderland.
                         Yeah, Wonderland. Because who I'm
                         chasing? He's not here.
                         But you see him.
                         Yes.   But he's not here.
                         And if I came to you saying the
                         same thing, what would your
                         explanation be? As a doctor?
                             (diagnosis mode)                                    
                         I'd call it a hallucination.
                         Result of dehydration. Post                             
                         Traumatic Stress. Not having slept                      
                         more than two hours a night for the                     
                         last week. All of the above.                            
                         All right, then. You're
                         But what if you're not?
               Jack masks his fear of exactly that with a nervous laugh --
                         Then we're all in a lot of trouble.
               And now we begin to PUSH IN on Locke. A man who knows of
               what he speaks, and what he speaks of is fucking SCARY --
                         I'm an ordinary man, Jack. Meat                         
                         and potatoes. I live in the real                        
                         world. Not a big believer in                            
                                   (MOR E)
          41   (CON T'D): (3)                                             41
                                      LOC KE (cont'd)
                          But this place is different.                           
                          Special. The others... they don't
                          want to talk about it because it
                          scares them. But we all know it.
                          We all feel it. Is your white                          
                          rabbit a hallucination? Probably.                      
                               (beat, here it is)
                          But what if everything that                            
                          happened here happened for a                           
                          reason? What if that someone                           
                          you're chasing is really here?                         
          41   (CON T'D): (4)                                                41
                         That's impossible.                                        
                         Even if it is, let's say it's not.
               And Jack is practically in a trance... because part of him
               believes exactly THAT. Softly --
                         Then what happens if I catch him?
                         I don't know -- But, I've looked
                         into the eye of this island. And
                         what I saw?
                         It was beautiful.
               And with that, Locke stands up. Runs his hands down his
               legs, maybe to get the dirt off -- or maybe just because he
               likes to touch them -- and picks up his pack.
                         Wait -- Where are you --?
                         Someone needs this water back at
                         the beach.
                         I'll come with you.
                         No. You need to finish what you
               And hoping Locke might actually have the ANSWER --
                 LOST         "White Rabbit"         (PINK)         8/9/04        42.
          41   (CON T'D): (5)                                                41
                         Because a leader can't lead until
                         he know's where he's going.
               And with that, Locke melts back into the jungle.    OFF JACK,
               looking after him -- a lot to think about...                        
          42                                                                 42
               EXT. BEACH - LATE AFTERNOON
               And SOMEONE ELSE is moving briskly through the late day.
               Crossing the SAND of the beach this person slips into...
               THE TREE LINE --
          43                                                                 43
               And a PATCH OF DENSE FOLIAGE.    A HAND reaches in, pushes the
               LEAVES aside to reveal --
               THREE SUITCASES.    The hider of this STASH is of course --         
               SAWYER. And we're close on him as he POPS OPEN one of the
               suitcases revealing an array of goodies - SUNTAN LOTION, BUG
               And as he reaches for a pack of the SMOKES...
               The CRACK of a twig behind him!    SPINS AROUND in time to see -
          44                                                                 44
               KATE RUSHING HIM.
               It's a flat-out fucking TACKLE and this girl really fucking
               knows what she's doing because in a matter of seconds --
               She's PINNED Sawyer -- her KNEES pressing hard into his
               shoulders -- a provocative position under any other set of
               circumstances. As soon as Sawyer recognizes his attacker --
                         It's about time.
                         About time for what?
                         I made this birthday wish four
                         years ago.
               Kate's eyes BURN as SAYID emerges from the jungle --
                         Does he have it?
                 LOST           "White Rabbit"          (PINK)          8/9/04        43.
          44   (CON T'D):                                                        44
                            SAWYER                               KATE
               What?   You two follow me out
               here?   I wanna see a warrant!       -- Where's the water, you--
               And Sawyer suddenly PUSHES UP, TWISTS -- ROLLS OVER -- and
               now he's pinning Kate down -- He GRINS, out of breath --
                            That's better.
                            -- Get off me...
               But Sayid is already there, PULLS Sawyer up, PUSHES him --
               Fed up with the cutesy bullshit --
                            Give the water to us now.
                            Touch me again.
               Kate gets up, moves to the SUITCASES. Pulls them open --
                            You really think I stole your damn
                            We know you gave two bottles to the
                            Korean couple...
               Sawyer takes a step forward -- gets in Sayid's FACE --
                            I don't give nothin' to nobody.
                            It's not here.                                             
                                (real slow so Sayid can                                
                            I traded Mr. Miyagi the last water
                            I had for a fish he caught -- we
                            worked it out caveman-style.
                            You gave up your last two bottles?
                LOST          "White Rabbit"       (PINK)         8/9/04        43A.
          44   (CON T'D): (2)                                              44
                         Water has no value, Freckles --
                         it's gonna rain sooner or later.                         
                                   (MOR E)
          44   (CON T'D): (3)                                              44
                                    SAW YER (cont'd)
                          And hell, I'm an optimist.                                
               And there's something about him -- despite the fucking
               bravado -- that makes it instantly clear that Sawyer is
               absolutely INNOCENT. He's telling the truth.
               So they're back to square one.    And still without water.
               Sayid turns to Kate --
                          Come on, let's go.
               Sayid starts back into the jungle as Kate levels Sawyer with
               a look. He just SMILES. Kate shakes her head, goes to
               follow Sayid when --
                          Hey.    You forgot something.
               Kate turns as Sawyer tosses her a large LEATHER WALLET.      Kate
               is confused... but FLIPS IT OPEN TO REVEAL --
               IT'S THE MARSHAL'S BADGE.
                          Seeing as you're the sheriff now,
                          might as well make it official.
               Ah.   The IRONY.
               But Kate KEEPS the badge. Slides it into her pocket as she
               heads back to the beach. Sawyer watches her go, pops a smoke
               into his mouth. And as the FLAME flicks from his lighter --
          45                                                                 45
               EXT. JUNGLE - NIGHT
               We're deep in a small CAMPFIRE.    PULLING OUT OF IT TO FIND --      
               JACK. Alone. Staring into the fire. And he's in that zone
               of non-sleep where he is actually HYPER-AWAKE.
               And there is something about these flames that is familiar to
               him. And as Jack looks deeply into them --
          46                                                                 46
               FLAMES flicker in BLACK & WHITE. PULL OUT to find them on a
               small TELEVISION. We're watching a local NEWS BRAODCAST.             
               JACK sits in a small chair in a spartan HALLWAY, watching the        
               wall-mounted TV --                                                   
          46    (CON T'D):                                                        46
                                       AUSTRALIAN NEWSCASTER (O.S.)
                             And wildfires continue to burn just
                             outside Melbourne. While local
                             crews coordinate their efforts, an
                             arson investigation is underway...
                And the NEWSCAST is interrupted as Jack looks up to see --
                                       DOCTOR (O.S.)
                             Mr. Shephard? Will you follow me,
                A Middle-Eastern MAN in a white lab coat -- looks like a
                DOCTOR. And although we're not entirely sure why yet, Jack's
                eyes make it clear -- he does not want to follow this man.
                Not at ALL.
                INT. HALLWAY - NIGHT - FLASHBACK
          47                                                                      47
                JACK and THE DOCTOR walk along the corridor. This place is
                             There are ways we can make it
                             easier for you. We can take a
                             photograph if you'd prefer...                              
                             No.   I want to see him.
                The two reach THREE STAINLESS STEEL DOORS -- FREEZERS.
                Doctor pulls open the middle one.                                       
                ON JACK, as he follows the Doctor--                                     
          A48                                                                 A48       
                A GURNEY waits.      ON IT,                                             
                A BODYBAG.                                                              
                The Doctor looks at Jack one last time.                                 
                Then slowly, he pulls down the bag's zipper, revealing the              
                body inside, and of course it's--                                       
                JACK'S FATHER.
                Just as he's appeared on the island.      Gray haired.   Sixties.
                And completely lifeless.
          A48   (CON T'D):                                                   A48
                             That's him.
                  LOST         "White Rabbit"          (PINK)          8/9/04     46.
          A48   (CON T'D): (2)                                              A48
                          I'm very sorry.
                          What happened?
                            DOCTOR                              JACK
                It's probably best not to          -- What happened?
                know the details, Mr...
                And as the Doctor begins to speak, we HOLD ON JACK -- PUSHING
                IN as every second brings more emotion. A deeper sense of
                pain and loss. And it is fucking DEVASTATING to watch.
                                    DOCTOR (O.S.)
                          The police found him in an alley in
                          Kings Cross. There was no                                
                          identification, so they brought him
                          here. Our tox screen showed a
                          blood alcohol content... which for
                          a man of his size would most likely
                          have brought on myocardial
                          infarction -- a sizeable and fatal
                          heart attack.
                              (best bedside manner)
                          If it's any consolation, it was
                And now we are RIGHT UP on Jack's EYES. And in this, the
                single most devastating moment of his life, the last word
                that comes to mind is "painless." And as a SINGLE TEAR drops
                from his eye...
                EXT. JUNGLE - NIGHT
                We find that same tear sliding down his cheek back at the
                CAMPFIRE. And Jack is snapped out of this quiet repose by --
                THAT SOUND.   Ice cubes in a glass.
                Jack immediately LEAPS TO HIS FEET. Something moving through
                the JUNGLE beyond the fire. Maybe we can just make out the
                WHITE TENNIS SHOES...
                And Jack is way beyond rational now as he PULLS A PIECE OF
                WOOD FROM THE FIRE -- a makeshift TORCH --
                And he moves into the moonlight-dappled jungle -- Almost like
                he's SLEEPWALKING -- following what just might be a GHOST --
                And he soon comes to a NATURAL STONE ARCHWAY.
               (CON T'D):
               Jack pauses -- a sense of whatever lies beyond -- but it's
               too fucking late to turn back now -- his journey almost at
               its inevitable conclusion...
               So he moves through the archway.    AND for the first time we
               enter our SET...
          49                                                                49    
               INT. THE VALLEY - NIGHT
               MOONLIGHT pierces through the obscured ceiling of this caved-
               in VALLEY, lighting Jack's way --
               And his father is nowhere to be seen.
               But Jack hears the sound of TRICKLING WATER.    Drawn to it --
               And here's a WALL OF WATER dripping into a SHALLOW POOL.
               Jack approaches -- looks into it and --
               There's a small, pale FACE shimmering under the surface. But
               Jack seems more confused than scared as he reaches into the
               water and pulls out --
               A CHINA FACED DOLL -- blonde hair, floral dress. Jack lays
               the doll down, walks deeper into THE VALLEY, his torchlight
               illuminating the openings of a series of CAVES...
               And there are more dolls. MANY MORE. A TRAIL of them. Jack
               follows it, raising his flaming torch as he finally comes to
               the source -- A SMASHED CRATE. And right next to it --
               A fallen fifteen foot-long section of WRECKAGE from our
               place. The OCEANIC LOGO PROMINENT.
               All around this area of the valley; scattered pieces of            
               LUGGAGE. OF CARGO. Jack looking it over...
               And then he FREEZES.
               Because there, at the edge of a cave, trapped partially under
               a piece of wreckage is what looks like a LARGE BOX.
               And Jack is drawn to it. THIS is why he's been led here.
               THIS is what he's supposed to find.
               Yeah.   It's a COFFIN.
                                      END OF ACT THREE
                                          ACT FOUR
          50   INT. THE VALLEY - NIGHT                                        50    
               Jack stands right where we left him, in this moonlit cave-
               like VALLEY.
               And he's just FIXATED on that banged-up but surprisingly
               intact SIMPLE WOODEN CASKET which lies FACE DOWN in the dirt.
               And this time, it's not Jack that we PUSH INTO, but that
               coffin as we hear the sound of a PLANE TAKING OFF and --
          51                                                                  51
               We're in SYDNEY AIRPORT.
               And here's Jack. Wearing the very same SUIT we saw him
               wearing in the Pilot. He stands at the OCEANIC CUSTOMER
               SERVICE COUNTER. And he is fucking losing it.
                         What do you mean you won't put it
                         on the plane?
               A FEMALE AUSTRALIAN TICKET AGENT looks back at him --
                                   TICKET AGENT
                         I'm sorry, Mr. Shephard, but our
                         policy is that the body must have                          
                         the proper documentation if we're                          
                         to put it on board. I'm afraid                             
                         there's no latitude to...
                              JACK                           TICKET AGENT
               No latitude?    No latitude?
                                                    -- Without the proper
                            JACK                             TICKET AGENT
               You can't do this to me.     I'm
               read to go now...                    -- Sir, perhaps another
                                                    carrier may...
               And he fucking SHOUTED THAT. People standing around actually
               look over, nervously. But Jack could care less. He leans in
               to the DESK ATTENDANT, eyes burning --
          51   (CON T'D):                                                  51
                         I want you to listen to me, okay?
                         Because I'm asking you a favor...
                             (reads her name-tag)
                         "Chrissy?" I am standing in front
                         of you wearing the same suit I'm
                         wearing to my father's funeral and
                         I'm asking you a favor.
                         In sixteen hours I need to land in
                         LAX. And I need that coffin to
                         clear customs because there is
                         going to be a hearse waiting there.
                         And that hearse needs to take me
                         and that coffin to a cemetery.
                         Why, Chrissy? Why can't I just
                         land and bring him to a funeral
                         home and make all the arrangements
                         there? Why can't I really take my
                         time with it? Because I need it to
                         be done. I need it to be over.
               And Jack suddenly realizes he's YELLING. Stops. Pulls              
               himself together. But his eyes are watering. And this is           
               said softly, but not without desperation --                        
                         I just need to bury my father.
               And Chrissy is actually MOVED by this. Affected by Jack's
               pure emotion. So after a beat, she NODS --
                                   TICKET AGENT
                         Let me see what I can do, sir.
               And as Jack finally registers some sense of RELIEF...
          52                                                                52    
               INT. THE VALLEY - NIGHT
               We're back on the island.    In this valley.
               And Jack looks down at what we now know to be his FATHER'S
               CASKET. Neither one of them made it to Los Angeles.
               But Jack has found it.    Been led to it.
               So now, finally, he'll get to bury his father himself.
               And as much as we don't want him to do it, we have to WATCH
               HIM as he carefully slips his hand under the casket.
          52   (CON T'D):                                                  52
               Jack squats -- then with great STRAIN he manages to LIFT IT
               UP - pushing it on to its side -- but OH FUCK -- the lid
               FLIPS OPEN!
               BUT THE COFFIN IS EMPTY.
               Jack is confused.    Devastated.   And then, ultimately --
               Maybe the body fell out in the crash -- maybe it's still out
               there in the jungle -- or maybe...
               But none of that matters now. Because all of this pressure,
               this anxiety, this fucking situation is all so UNFAIR.
               And that translates to pure RAGE for Jack... ANGER at not
               being able to put this behind him... and ANGER at his father
               for haunting him, even here...
               And Jack's pulling a METAL ROD from the wreckage, raising it
               over his hand and he --
               SMASHES the coffin.    Over and over.   Into fucking splinters.
               And as we PULL BACK, leaving Jack to resolve his demons the
               only way he knows how...
          53                                                                53
               We QUIETLY MOVE towards the INFIRMARY TENT -- the sense that
               this is the POINT OF VIEW of someone as we MOVE THROUGH THE
          54                                                                54
               INT. INFIRMARY TENT - NIGHT
               CLAIRE as she lies asleep. She's alone. We're looking down
               at her. No -- SOMEONE'S LOOKING DOWN AT HER and...
               A bottle of WATER is brought to her chapped lips. Claire's
               eyes flicker open as the cool liquid flows into her mouth.
               Someone has come to her rescue! And Claire looks up to see
               her benefactor is...
               He offers an awkward smile -- screws the cap on the remainder
               of the bottle, places another FULL ONE by her side...
                           CLAIRE                             BOONE
               How did you...?
                                                  -- Shhhh.
          54   (CON T'D):                                                  54
               And we don't get much of a chance to put this all together
               because a VOICE from the entrance of the tent snaps us out of
               this quiet moment --
                                    VOICE (O.S.)
                          Where did you get that?!
               WHIP AROUND TO REVEAL --
               CHARLIE.   And he ain't happy.
               EXT. BEACH - NIGHT
               BOONE takes a full face-plant into the SAND.
                          Here's your thief.
               We're out on the BEACH. Charlie (that old DARKNESS in full
               effect) is surrounded by Michael, Hurley, Sun, Jin, Walt,
               Sawyer -- a few of the other survivors --
                          Where'd he hide it?!
                          Dunno -- but this wanker had three
                          bottles on him.
                              (to Boone)
                          Why'd you do it, Pretty Boy? Eh?
               HAND-HELD. CHAOTIC. SCARY. MOB MENTALITY EMERGING. Boone           
               surrounded on all sides, scrambles to his feet -- PANICKED --      
                          I didn't think... You just left it
                          in the tent. And he... Jack just
                          took off.                                               
                          CHARLIE                             BOONE                     
               Claire could've died.               -- I tried to give her some          
                                                  sooner but it got out of              
                                                  hand. Nobody would've                 
                              (to the others)
                          I say we throw him in the jungle
                          and see what happens.
               SHANNON runs up -- locks eyes with Boone -- No fucking idea
               what to do...
               (CON T'D):
               KATE & SAYID are right behind her --                                 
                            What's going on...?
                                (nods to Boone)                                     
                            Guess you got your thief.                               
               Boone pleads to Kate -- maybe she'll understand...
                           BOONE                               CHARLIE
               I was trying to help!
               Someone needed to take
               responsibility. It never             -- Oh SHUT IT!
               would have lasted unless...
               SLAM!   Boone goes flying into the sand again.                       
               And it's out of control. Six days on the island. The
               stress. The frustration. The situation. This is the very
               worst of human nature because --
               The fucking MOB wants blood.
               Charlie ROUGHLY pulls Boone back up -- Pushes him into what
               feels like a tightly constricting CIRCLE --
               And as Boone looks around at all these angry faces... these
               people who might just TEAR HIM LIMB FROM LIMB --
                                      VOICE (O.S.)
                            LEAVE HIM ALONE.
               And everything just STOPS.
               We're ON KATE as she turns towards the sound of that powerful
               voice. And thank fucking God...
               IT'S JACK.
          57                                                                  57
               And he might still be unshaven. He might be fucking
               exhausted. But there is a LIGHT in his eyes now.
               The same light in his eyes when he got his ass kicked on the
               playground twenty years ago.
               And they're ALL just staring at him.
               He starts quietly at first --
          57    (CON T'D):                                                  57
                          It's been six days and we're all
                          still waiting. Still waiting for
                          them to come.
                          But what if they don't?
                Jack steps forward -- engaging each person one at a time as
                he speaks. Powerful. Charismatic. FEARLESS...
                          We have to stop waiting. We need
                          to start figuring things out. A
                          woman died this morning because she
                          went for a morning swim.
                              (points to Boone)
                          He tried to save her life and now
                          you're about to crucify him because
                          he took some water?
                Charlie drops his eyes --
                          We can't do this. We can't just                         
                          hope it'll figure itself out. It's                      
                          time to start organizing. We need
                          to figure out how we're going to
                          survive. I found water -- fresh
                          water in the valley. I'll take a
                          group in at first light. You don't
                          want to come? Then you find
                          another way to contribute because
                          "every man for himself" isn't gonna
                          work anymore, people. Last week,
                          most of us were strangers. But now
                          we're all here. And God knows how
                          long we're gonna be here, but...
                          If we can't live together, we're
                          gonna die alone.                                        
                And as we see them -- ALL of them -- just looking at Jack.
                Looking UP to him. And yeah, there's gonna be some bumps
                along the way, but it's pretty fucking clear --
                We've just witnessed the birth of a LEADER.
                                                               CUT TO BLACK:
                                     END OF ACT FOUR
                                          ACT FIVE
          58   EXT. BEACH - NIGHT                                              58
               And once again, CALM has come to the beach.
               CHARLIE & HURLEY
               Walk amongst the castaways with the RED SUITCASE -- doling
               out HALF-CUPS of water to the SURVIVORS as we FIND --
               SUN & JIN
          59                                                                   59
               Sun looks at her husband as he builds them a SMALL FIRE.
                           Thank you.
                           For getting me water today.
               Jin pauses for a moment.     Looks at his wife.    Then, as simple
               as it is touching --
                           That's what husbands do.
               And now, we FLOAT OVER to --
               MICHAEL & WALT
          60                                                                   60
               Michael watches his son sleeping. Has his half-cup of water,
               but his kid's fine. Not worth waking him up for.
               So instead, he gives his water to VINCENT.
               As the dog laps it up appreciatively, we FIND --
          61                                                                   61
               Sits away from the camp, ALONE.       Spared a beating, but a
               pariah nonetheless.
                                     SAWYER (O.S.)
                           How's it feel?
               Boone looks up to see Sawyer.
                           How's what feel?
                           Taking my place at the top of
                           everyone's most hated list.
          61   (CON T'D):                                                    61
               Boone just looks at him.
                         Yeah.   Sucks, don't it?
               And as Sawyer strides off to wherever it is he strides off
               to, we leave Boone to FIND --
               He sits at a small FIRE close to the ocean. Kate settles
               down next to him, hands him a cup of WATER --
               A few beats pass as they take in the night ocean together.
                         Where were you today, Jack?
                         Just taking care of some things.
               As always, not much has to be said between these two.      In
               some kind of cosmic way, they just GET each other.
                         That's all I'm gonna get, huh?
               A few more beats pass.    Then --
                         My father died.       In Sydney.
               Kate reacts -- surprised... but instantly sympathetic.
                         I'm sorry.
               Jack nods. His eyes watering with the intensity of his day.
               Watering with the closure he will not get.
                         Yeah.   I'm sorry, too.
               And as the two of them sit there in this moment of quiet
                                                               FADE TO BLACK.
                                      THE END

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