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                                      STARGATE SG1

                                      Episode 903



                                    Robert C. Cooper

               [Exterior alien world, daytime. Transport rings emerge from what 
               appears to be very clear, shallow water, leaving Daniel Jackson, 
               Vala Mal Doran and the Prior standing in a dreamlike place on 
                         Where are we?

                         The plains of Celestis.

                          And that?

                         The city of the gods.

               [Daniel looks sceptically from the city to the Prior, who leads 
               them away toward the city over the water.]
                         Maybe you could tell me who you are?
                         I am a Prior of the Ori.

                         And what is that?

               [They approach the city and enter an impressive stone edifice 
               with glass-paned, iron-worked windows.]
                         In due time. All in due time.

               [Daniel and Vala are led into a middle ages version of a conference 
               room with a huge wooden table and beautifully carved chairs. 
               The place is lit by candles and there are pedestaled bowls of 
               fruit on the table, along with an oversized, leather-bound book. 
               The color scheme is an antique golden brown with darker wood 
               and black wrought iron candle stands. The floor is either inlaid 
               marble or an extraordinarily detailed carpet. Prior leads them 
               in and, as soon as they pass him and start gaping, turns on his 
               heel and walks out.]
                         Uh...I guess weíll wait here, then?
               [Door slams behind Prior, presumably locked.]


               [Exterior scene, very arid and desert-looking nomad camp weíve 
               never seen before. Stargate activates, and a different Prior 
               emerges, staff with crystal in one hand, the other upraised like 
               a cleric about to give a blessing. He walks down the steps in 
               front of the Stargate, pushes back his hood and addresses the 
               gathering crowd.]
                                     PRIOR #2
                         Hallowed are the Ori.

               [Roll ten second credits]

               [SGC, daytime, Interior shot of the conference room. General 
               Hank Landry, Dr. Carolyn Lam, Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Tealíc 
               are present. Landry is pacing at the front of the room, the rest 
               are seated around the table.]
                                     DR. LAM
                         Both Daniel and Valaís vital signs have 
                         been stable for two hours now.
                         What about disconnecting them from the 
                         Dr. Lee has been unable to remove the 
                         We havenít tried C-4 yet, sir.

                         Dr. Lee is working on disabling the 
                         power source, but given that the device 
                         is directly linked into their minds, 
                         I recommend that we proceed with caution.
                         I understand, but if one or both of 
                         them run into trouble again, Iím ordering 
                         you to take whatever action is necessary 
                         to shut that thing down!
               [Lam and Landry exchange stubborn/determined looks.]

                         Tealíc? A word.

               [Landry and Tealíc leave the conference room and enter Landryís 
               office. Landry stands behind his desk; Tealíc paces the room 
               as he speaks.]
                         What can you tell me about this Gerak 
                         He was first prime of Muto  a minor 
                         goaíuld who served Ra and fell in with 
                         Baíal when Ra was killed. After the 
                         fall of the goaíuld, Baíalís armada 
                         was led by a Jaffa named Hubrok. Hubrok 
                         was an ally of Braítacís and would have 
                         supported our desire to reform the Jaffa 
                         nation with democracy. However, approximately 
                         four months ago, Hubrok disappeared.
                         You think Gerak had something to do 
                         with that?
                          Though no evidence has been uncovered, 
                         shortly after Hubrokís disappearance, 
                         Gerak became the spokesman for the more 
                         traditional ways of the Jaffa High Council...
                          ...which he could control?

                         Through a series of slow and deliberate 
                         manipulations. The Council played squarely 
                         into Gerakís hands.
                         That makes him one of the most powerful 
                         guys out there... that we know of. I 
                         suppose I should meet him face to face.
                          I shall extend your invitation. 

               [Ori world, interior conference chamber. Vala is lying flat on 
               the big table, staring at the ceiling. Directly behind her head, 
               the big book is open in front of Daniel, who is rubbing his forehead 
               as he reads. The pedestaled bowl of fruit stands to Valaís right 
               on the table.]
                         What does it say?

                          Well, it seems to follow suit with 
                         many other religions Iíve studied. They 
                         tend to weave their doctrines into simple, 
                         fable-like narratives with characters 
                         that are meant to be easily identifiable 
                         with a common individual.
                         Why donít you read one to me? I love 
                         a good yarn.
                         They all seem to teach meditation on 
                         oneís worth and significance... the 
                         path of righteousness toward a state 
                         of higher being.
               [A crunching noise in the background turns out to be Vala, helping 
               herself to an apple from the fruit bowl as she sits up. Daniel 
               give her a look.]
                         What? Iím starving.

                         The central icon of the religion seems 
                         to be fire.
                          I donít need a book to tell me that.
                         That would make sense. Fire is light, 
                         energy, warmth, and yet... on Earth, 
                         at some point, fire became associated 
                         with demonic imagery or evil. Hell, 
                         not heaven.

                         Iím just wondering if the Ancients had 
                         something to do with that.
                          Tell you what? Why donít you  FLIP 
                         to the end, and see how it all turns 
                         out, hmm?
               [Daniel and Vala are exchanging another look when a thump indicates 
               the door is opening. Vala looks a little guilty about the apple 
               and starts to get off the table when the camera cuts toward the 
               opening door to show a hooded Prior with big staff entering. 
               Back to Vala rolling off the table to her feet on the other side 
               of the table from the door as she stuffs whatís left of the apple 
               back into the bowl and tries to chew and swallow whatís in her 
               mouth quickly.]
                         The village of Ver Ager has been corrupted.
                          We dinn do it, I promise.

                          We are connected to these people, Harrid 
                         and Sallis, through a communication 
                         device that was brought to our galaxy 
                         a long time ago by a race of people 
                         called the Alterans.
                          Also known as the Ancients?

                         Look, look. The point is we mean you 
                         no harm. Weíre explorers.
                         Do you know of others in Ver Ager?


                         Oh, Iím sorry. Do you want us to tell 
                         on people who donít believe in the Ori? 
                         Devotion is rewarded. Those who stray, 
                         must be guided back to the path.
                         Donít you mean, Ďthose who stray, get 
                         burnt to deathí?
                         The Ori gave all men and women free 
                          If the Ori are so powerful, why do 
                         they need us to tell them who believes 
                         in them, and who doesnít? 
                         The Ori need nothing from us.

                         It is we who must seek the truth of 
                         the universe in order to achieve enlightenment.
               [Cut to Vala looking at him curiously from behind the Prior, 
               who is still staring into the middle distance, then back to Daniel 
               at the table.]
                         Been down this road before.

               [Interior SGC Infirmary, looking over Mitchellís shoulder from 
               the observation room as Landry joins him. Through the window, 
               we can see the unconscious forms of Daniel and Vala side by side 
               on gurneys, being attended to by an orderly. Mitchell begins 
               to rise to attention.]
                         At ease, Colonel.  Howíre they doing?
                         No change, sir.

               [Throughout this conversation, Mitchell stares almost unwaveringly 
               at Daniel and Vala, with occasional half-glances at Landry, who 
               is looking at Mitchell through the majority of this.]
                         I know youíre concerned for them. So 
                         am I, but Iíve got something else for 
                         you to do.

                         Just got a report from Dr. Lindsay on 
                         Lindsay... anthropologist, right?

                         Working with the human population on 
                         421, helping them get over the loss 
                         of their former false god.

                         Well, it seems a missionary of sorts 
                         came through the gate yesterday and 
                         started spouting a religion we havenít 
                         encountered before. Not that we have 
                         a problem with people exploring different 
                         I suspect weíll see a lot of opportunists 
                         trying to fill the void left by the 
                         goaíuld, sir.
                         This newfound freedom is quickly going 
                         to turn to desperation if people donít 
                         learn to fend for themselves. A lot 
                         of these, shall we say, SHELTERED civilizations 
                         could potentially be taken advantage 
                         of by a charlatan with a flashy bag 
                         of tricks.
                         And in this case?

                         Well, this missionary is apparently 
                         trying to prove the validity of his 
                         claims by performing miracles.

               [Landry stands, and Mitchell rises to attention with him.]

                         Iíd like you to take SG-12 and check 
                         it out.
                          Yes, sir.

               [Interior, Ori conference chamber. Focus on the crystal in the 
               Priorís staff, then the camera pulls back to show the Prior standing 
               pretty much where we last saw him, still gazing into the middle 
               distance as he intones things at Daniel and Vala, who are both 
               seated at the big table, slumped in nearly identical postures 
               of wearied boredom, trying to evince polite interest and failing 
                         Amica was forgiven his transgressions 
                         and found his way back to the path...
                          I canít take much more of this.

                         Uh, sorry to interrupt. But if you brought 
                         us here to try to convert us, I think 
                         itís fair to tell you that weíre not 
                         really in the market for new gods.
                         The will of the Ori brought you here.
                          I donít suppose we could talk to one 
                         of these Ori.
                         Of course.

               [Vala and Daniel, re-energized, rise to their feet.]

                         Great! That... that would be great!
                         Speak, and they shall hear you.


                         You can torture us all you want with 
                         your rhetoric, but weíre not going to 
                         crack.  All right, I might. But weíre 
                         not going to TELL you anything because 
                         we donít KNOW anything, am I right? 
                         Uh, could I talk to your boss? The... 
                         uh...  ah...  ... the Doci? Um, um, 
                         the one who speaks the word of the Ori?
               [Prior looks away from the middle distance to Daniel as if heís 
               finally become real.]
                          Like Egidius of Valdair, I need to 
                         speak things that can only be spoken 
                         in the light of the fire.
               [Vala looks nervously at the Prior, as if waiting to see if these 
               are the magic words.]
                          Come with me.

               [Vala and Daniel pace toward the Prior at the door.]

                         Could you not have asked that an HOUR 
                         ago? Weíve been listening to him drone 
                         on and on...
                         Not you.

                         Not who? Not ME? But I...

               [Doors close between her and Daniel, who looks concerned, but 
               not entirely displeased.]
                          Iíll... Iíll wait here.

               [Interior, gate room. A number of Jaffa in mixed garb (robes 
               and armor) are coming through the wormhole. Lou Gossett, Jr. 
               as Gerak comes through last, looking fierce. Tealíc in BDU pants 
               and a black T stands next to Landry, who is in full Class Aís.]
                          Quite the entourage.

               [Landry walks up the gate ramp to meet Gerak, who stopped about 
               half-way down. Close up, we can see that Gerak indeed has the 
               gold tattoo of a First Prime and it looks vaguely hawkish. Landry 
               extends a hand, which Gerak takes after a short pause.]

               [There is a pause long enough to get close-ups of Gerak, Landry 
               and a stone-faced Tealíc at the bottom of the ramp.]
               [Exterior P3X-421, missionary at work on a hillock in front of 
               a crowd.]
                                     PRIOR #2
                          As he lay there dying in the sun, the 
                         sands of the desert all around him, 
                         Petris spoke to the rock. Not with his 
                         lips, but with his mind. And the rock 
                         wept tears of fresh water. And his thirst. 
                         Was. Quenched.
               [Closes book with a snap and surveys the crowd.]

                                     PRIOR #2
                         Fear not the Ori! Fear the darkness 
                         that would conceal the knowledge of 
                         the universe. Believe in the truth of 
                         all things, and you too may find the 
                         path to enlightenment.
               [Camera pans right to reveal Mitchell, SG-12 and what turns out 
               to be Dr. Lindsay approaching the Prior. Mitchell is in full 
               field uniform, both hands on his weapon, but not aiming it.]
                         And a man has no greater thing under 
                         the sun than to eat, drink and be merry. 
                         Ecclesiastes, my favorite.
               [Pause to show the Prior sizing up Mitchell.]

                         My grandma was a bit of a Bible-thumper. 
                         Weekends at grandmaís meant long, LONG 
                         Sundays at St. Hildaís Church of the 
                         Grand Epiphany. Lieutenant Colonel Cameron 
                         Mitchell. How ya doin?
                                     PRIOR #2
                         I am a Prior, of the Ori.

                         Itís nice to meet you.

                                     PRIOR #2
                          Your arrival here was foreseen.

                          No kidding. So you see the future, 
                         do you?
                                     PRIOR #2
                         Lessons of days gone by teach us of 
                         what will come to pass.
                         Iím a bit of a history buff myself. 
                         Doesnít help me pick the lotto numbers, 
                         though. So. Where you from?
                                     PRIOR #2
                         Where we come from and where we are 
                         going are all the same.
                         Oh, I getcha. ďWherever you go, there 
                         you are.Ē  I think thatís Buckaroo Banzai. 
                          Me, Iím from a little planet called 
                                     PRIOR #2
                         The home of Daniel Jackson.

                         He never mentioned that before.

                          You know Dr. Jackson, do you?

                                     PRIOR #2
                         From him did we learn of your need.
                         Our need for what?

                                     PRIOR #2
                         The revelation... of your Destiny.
               [Long moment of exchanging not necessarily friendly looks.]
               [Ori City of the Gods Exterior shot, then Interior, Dociís Chamber 
               of Fire. Prior leads Daniel in. We see a robed man, not bald 
               like the Priors, facing away from the camera and toward a large, 
               altar-link structure with a symbol half-way between an ankh and 
               the symbol for Venus. Entering the chamber, the camera pans right 
               to show that one entire wall is fire behind a fence and gate 
               arrangement. The Prior bows.]

               [The Doci turns. The tan robes have a very strange lapel arrangement 
               that becomes a collar, then swoops up and behind his head to 
               provide a face-frame that is not quite a crown or a headdress, 
               since it doesnít touch him. Heís human, but the skin on his face 
               looks as if he left a mudpack on too long and itís flaked off, 
               leaving pale dusty bits.]
                         Leave us.

               [The Prior does so immediately and without question. Daniel looks 
                         Hello, Iím, uh...

                         Daniel Jackson.


                         From the planet Earrrrrth.

                         OK. So you know my name and where Iím 
                         from, so youíll also know how Iím connected 
                         to this manís mind. Why Iím here... 
                         ah. See, weíre explorers. Very much 
                         like to get to know you, your society, 
                         how you came to be.
                         A Prior has been dispatched to the place 
                         from whence you come.
                         Really. You can do that? I, I thought 
                         we were in another galaxy.
                         It is the will of the Ori that we should 
                         spread Origin to all those blessed by 
                         their creation.
                         OK, well, then you should understand 
                         that there are many, many different 
                         kinds of people in the place from whence 
                         I come, people who believe in many different 
                         They shall find the path to enlightenment.
                         Right. Well, I think you should also 
                         understand that they may not see your 
                         way as the only way...
                         The power and the greatness of the Ori 
                         cannot be denied. Those who reject the 
                         path to enlightenment must be destroyed.
                          Right. I was afraid of that.

               [SGC, interior corridor. Landry, Tealíc, Gerak and his entourage 
               are walking slowly down a corridor.]
                         George Washington, one of our countryís 
                         founding fathers and first president, 
                         once said that true friendship is a 
                         plant of slow growth and must undergo 
                         and withstand the shocks of adversity 
                         before it is entitled to the appellation.
                         The First Prime of Horus, Kerrick of 
                         the High Plains, once said that there 
                         is more honor in dying at the hands 
                         of a brother than there is killing a 
                         would-be friend.
               [Behind Landry, Tealíc looks a little startled, then stares at 
               the floor.]
                         He was a wise man.

                         He was killed shortly after that, losing 
                         one of the greatest battles in history.
                         Well, I hope it wasnít his brother that 
                         shot him.
                         It was me. The Jaffa was a fool in every 
                         respect. He did not deserve an honorable 
                         I see.

               [Alarm sounds, lights flash.]

                         Unscheduled incoming wormhole!

                         Iíd better see what this is about. Tealíc, 
                         please escort our guest to the briefing 
               [Tealíc looks startled, Landry bows to Gerak, who nods curtly 
               in return.]
               [Interior Dociís chamber of fire. Doci is up in front of the 
               ankh/Venus symbol, but facing Daniel.]
                         The book of Origin says, those who seek 
                         the path of enlightenment must NOT be 
                         led astray.
                         Right. See, that can be interpreted 
                         a number of different ways. I think 
                         maybe I know what the Ori are, ah... 
                         who they are. Um, and Iím not denying 
                         that theyíre powerful beings, but if 
                         Iím right... theyíre not gods. Theyíre 
                         like the Ascended beings I know. They 
                         simply have a greater understanding 
                         and knowledge of the universe.
                         What is a god, but a being that is worshipped 
                         by those beneath? Is great power, knowledge, 
                         understanding not enough for you to 
                         revere the Ori?
                         Respect, yes. Certainly. But that doesnít 
                         mean Iíd murder innocent people in their 
                         name. I guess what Iím trying to understand 
                         is whether the Ori have spoken to you 
                         directly and told you to worship them, 
                         or whether youíve misinterpreted some 
                         evidence you found along the way and 
                         developed this religion on your own. 
                         I canít speak for everyone in my galaxy, 
                         but in my own humble opinion, I donít 
                         believe that any individual or society 
                         can achieve enlightenment through fear-mongering 
                         and force and servitude no matter what 
                         power is presented as evidence. Thatís 
                         something the Ascended beings I know 
                         seem very clearly to understand. Donít 
                         get me wrong, we should all be trying 
                         to better ourselves, if Ascension is 
                         the ultimate end weíre all trying to 
                         achieve then so be it, but we should 
                         all be allowed to get there or not of 
                         our own free will. Kill me for saying 
                         that, but that is what I believe. Nothing 
                         you say or do will ever change my mind.
               [Camera has been cutting back and forth between an increasingly 
               impassioned Daniel and a completely stone-faced Doci staring 
               holes through him without moving. There is a long pause when 
               Daniel stops speaking.]

               [Doci becomes a procession of one over to the wall of fire and 
               pulls open the wrought iron gate. He walks up the verge of a 
               pit of fire.]
                          The Ori hear you.

               [Camera pans down over the verge. Itís one deep pit of fire, 
               and Daniel and the Doci are right on the un-railed edge. Camera 
               pulls back until we see Daniel and the Doci from behind. The 
               Doci raises both arms and white beams of light wreath his silhouette. 
               Daniel backs away from the edge and the Doci hastily. Cut between 
               this rear shot and the Dociís face as five firebug looking things 
               fly out of the pit, take a curve around the Doci and enter him 
               between the shoulder blades. The Dociís eyes abruptly flare with 
               a red glow and his voice changes. to a guttural, echoing... um, 
               weíve heard something like it before. Daniel does not look pleased 
               at the sight.]
                                     FIRED UP DOCI
                         We do not require blind faith. Only 
                         that you believe what you see and know 
                         to be true.
               [Cut to the SGC briefing room. Walter is setting out briefing 
               packets at each seat. We can see the back of Tealícís head where 
               he has already sat down, but Gerak and his entourage are watching 
               Walter with some interest. Landry is standing behind the chair 
               at the head of the table. The alarm is still going off in the 
               background, and we can see lights flashing from the gateroom 
               through the briefing room window.]
                         I realize this is just a friendly meeting, 
                         but on behalf of our planetís leaders, 
                         Iíve been asked to present a few thoughts 
                         for you to consider. Uh, some points 
                         that we can discuss in the future.
               [Gerak walks over to the window and surveys the activity in the 
                         Possibly looking forward to an official 
                         treaty between our world and the Jaffa 
                          Who is that?

               [Landry stands and walks over to the window. We can hear the 
               incoming travelersí footsteps on the gate ramp.]
                         Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell, SG-12 and 
                         a gentleman we encountered on another 
                         planet who claims he represents some 
                         gods called the Ori. I think we have 
                         yet to see the real fall out from dismantling 
                         the infrastructure established by the 
                         Indeed. We have already seen the rise 
                         of individuals and organizations who 
                         have threatened to challenge us.
               [Tealíc and a member of the entourage are trading looks across 
               the conference table.]
                         There are as many humans out there as 
                         there are Jaffa. But if we donít continue 
                         to work together, the victory that we 
                         both worked so long and hard for could 
                         result in chaos.
               [Gerak leaves the window and goes back to the conference table, 
               clearly intending to get down to business. Landry follows.]
               [Back in the Dociís chamber of fire.]

                                     FIRED UP DOCI
                         We are Ori.

                          And you instruct these people to worship 
                                     FIRED UP DOCI
                         We are their creators. All who follow 
                         the path will join us in enlightenment.
                         Do you know who the Alterans are?

                                     FIRED UP DOCI
                         Those who abandoned the path are evil.
                          Evil? Why?

                                     FIRED UP DOCI
                         They shielded you.

                         Really? I didnít think they did much 
                         of anything for us, but I guess I was 
                                     FIRED UP DOCI
                         The truth of the universe has been obstructed. 
                         All will know the power of the Ori!
               [Doci stiffens, and the firebug looking things fly out of his 
               chest in close formation, heading back to the firepit. His voice 
               is restored to normal.]
                         Hallowed are the Ori.

               [Daniel looks pretty horrified by this point.]

               [Interior, SGC infirmary. Dr. Lam is listening to Danielís heart 
               through a stethoscope while Dr. Lee looks on.]
                         Vitals are returning to normal.

                         I wonder what that was all about.

                         I donít know, but he was in some sort 
                         of stress.
               [Dr. Lee looks up to see Mitchell and the missionary Prior enter 
               the observation room over the infirmary.]
                         We canít seem to disconnect the stones 
                         or turn off the device.
                                     PRIOR #2
                         It is the will of the Ori.

                         Figured you might say that. Sure thereís 
                         nothing you can do? Odds are weíd be 
                         more receptive to those stories you 
                         want to tell. Call it a miracle if you 
                                     PRIOR #2
                         When Hanonea fell from above and learned 
                         to fly on the way down, that was a miracle.

               [Interior, SGC briefing room. Shot up the table directly at Landry. 
               Tealíc is seated alone to our left, Gerak and Yatíyir, one member 
               of his entourage, are seated to our right. We can see one airman 
               next to the door behind Landry.]
                         These planets you have mentioned. All 
                         have plentiful naquadah mines on them.
                         And substantial human populations.
                          Whose side are you on, Jaffa?

               [Tealíc leans forward somewhat aggressively.]

                         There are no sides here. Just topics 
                         of conversation.
                         I wish to meet this Prior of the Ori. 
                         If he preaches faith in false gods, 
                         then that is a concern for all of us. 
                         I wish to hear his claims, and challenge 
               [Everyone exchanges looks. This is clearly one thing they can 
               agree on.]
               [Interior corridor of Ori City of the Gods. Daniel is briskly 
               leading the Prior back to the conference chamber where they left 
               Vala. He turns to face the Prior as the doors to the room open. 
               The Prior remains outside, allowing the door to close behind 
               Daniel. Daniel makes sure itís closed, then walks around the 
               big table to join Vala, who is leaning against the window casement.]
                         Whatís going on?

                         This is bad.

                         Worse than being burned to death?

                         It appears that our Ascended Ancients 
                         and the Ori have a slight difference 
                         of opinion. See, the Ori think that 
                         because theyíre Ascended, human beings 
                         should worship them... ALL humans.
                         And if we donít?

                         Then we arenít worthy of living and 
                         should be destroyed.
                         I donít think enlightenment means what 
                         they think it means!
                         See, apparently our Ascended Ancients 
                         have been shielding our existence from 
                         the Ori.
                         Theyíve been protecting us?

                         The Ori seem to think that our Ancients 
                         are evil because they havenít shared 
                         the secrets of the universe with us.
                         Well, I hate secrets. At least the ones 
                         I donít know.
                         The problem is, the Ori now know our 
                         galaxy is inhabited by humans because 
                         of  US.
                         I refuse to accept the blame for that! 
                         Curiosity is part of human nature! Look, 
                         if the Ancients knew that the Ori were 
                         so bad, why didnít they stop us from 
                         coming here?
                         Free will.

                         Right. If they have been protecting 
                         us, thereís no reason to believe they 
                         wonít continue.
                         The Ancients may be protecting us from 
                         the Ori, but not their human followers. 
                         See, Ancients wonít interfere in any 
                         lower planes of existence. If anybody 
                         from our galaxy wants to worship the 
                         Ori, apparently thatís our choice. And, 
                         they wonít stop Priors from coming through 
                         the gate because apparently theyíve 
                         already sent one.
                         The Ori have given Priors special powers, 
                         and thatís not fair.
                         Theyíre still human, and highly evolved 
                         humans can have some pretty amazing 
                         abilities. Theyíre using the secrets 
                         of the universe that the Ori have given 
                         them to spread the word of the Oriís 
                         godliness and when people donít see 
                         the light, itís gonna be ... 
                         What are we gonna do?

                         I donít know. Iím starting to think 
                         that sending Priors is just the beginning. 
                         We could be talking crusade, here. We 
                         need to warn Earth.
                         We need to get out of these people.
               [Interior, Dociís chamber of fire. Camera is facing Doci, who 
               is clearly facing the pit of fire. We can see the Prior enter 
               the chamber over the Dociís shoulder. Doci turns to face the 
               Prior, so heís now backlit with the fire.]
                         Take the unbelievers back to Ver Ager. 
                         Let its cleansing forever mark the beginning 
                         of a new age. Evil has raised a great 
                         many unbelievers in a far off place. 
                         They must be shown... the path.
                         Hallowed are the Ori.

                         Hallowed are the Ori.

               [Prior bows, turns and leaves the Doci standing between the edge 
               of the fire pit and the open gate.]
               [Exterior, village of Ver Ager, town square. Quick pan across 
               the villagers going about their business, then cut to Daniel 
               and Vala inside their borrowed home, peering out the window.]
                         What are they doing? Why did he bring 
                         us back here?
               [They turn and go back into the main room to lean on the table.]
                         Heís using us to weed out any other 
                         heretics that might be here.
                         I still donít get why the Ori just donít 
                         do it themselves. Theyíre supposed to 
                         be gods. Arenít gods all-seeing, all-knowing, 
                         The universe is infinite, remember? 
                         Apparently, thatís a lot to keep track 
                         I suppose.

                         They didnít even know about our galaxy, 
                         well... until recently.
                         Itís not our fault.  Youíd think at 
                         least theyíd keep on top of their own 
               [We see the man Daniel inhabits walk past in the mirror. As long 
               as weíre seeing these people, we hear their voices, then switch 
               back to Daniel and Vala when we see them.]
                         I get the feeling the Ori let their 
                         devout followers do their enforcing 
                         for them; it confirms their loyalty.
                         OK, why did we LET the Prior bring us 
                         back here?
                         Well, because I donít think he was going 
                         to give us much choice. And besides, 
                         I think that might be our best chance 
                         to contact Earth and warn them about 
                         what we know.

                         Well, Fannis said that his sect had 
                         found other artefacts...
                         You think they also have a terminal 
                         device to go along with the stones?
                         If they do, and we can find it, and 
                         we can hook up the stones, maybe we 
                         can get this communication thing going 
                          both ways.
                         Right. If the Prior is using us to weed 
                         out other unbelievers, how do we make 
                         contact with Fannis without giving him 
                         We... canít.

               [Interior, SGC conference room. Missionary Prior is standing 
               at the foot of the table with his big staff.]
                                     PRIOR #2
                         You do not believe in a higher power?
                         Well, itís complicated. There are a 
                         lot of different points of view about 
                         that subject around here.
                         Jaffa have recently shed the dominance 
                         of false gods that have enslaved us 
                         for MANY generations.
                         But many have long believed in the path 
                         to enlightenment.
               [Tealíc gives Gerak an eloquent look.]

                                     PRIOR #2
                         Origin will guide you on this path, 
                         and those who revere its wisdom shall 
                         be uplifted. I have come to spread the 
                         word to the unbelievers who have been... 
                         sheltered, and raised by evil.
                          You have no idea how much he sounds 
                         like my grandma.
               [Exterior, Village of Ver Ager, night time. Pan across the moonlit 
               landscape, then cut to interior. Vala is tying on a cloak with 
               some difficulty.]
                         Itís a pretty big village. I suspect 
                         that Fannis and his gang did a reasonable 
                         job hiding their sacrilegious artefacts...
                          Well, we have to do something.

               [There is a knock at the door, surprising them both. Vala looks 
               out the window, but canít get a good enough angle to tell who 
               it is and shrugs at Daniel, who opens the door slowly so that 
               whoever is outside canít see him. Fannis enters holding a lamp, 
               and smiles in relief when he sees that Vala is there and OK. 
               Daniel, who doesnít know who it is yet, pops out from behind 
               the door and prepares to whack him over the head with a found 

                         Fannis!  You shouldnít have come! Theyíre 
                         using us to get to you!
                         So I suspected. Either that, or youíve 
                         truly come to see the ďpower of the 
                         Not bloody likely.

                         You have to leave!

                         If I can help you speak the reality 
                         of our existence to your people, maybe 
                         one day in turn, youíll spread that 
                         word back here.
               [Daniel and Vala exchange a look. Daniel nods, and Vala turns 
               to go get something.]
                         You said you had other artefacts like 
                         the stones?
                         Iíll show you. 

                         No! Just tell me!

               [Cut briefly to Vala pulling the hollowed book that hides the 
               stones out of the bedclothes in the other room and turning to 
               come back.]
                         Now, weíre looking for a large, dome-shaped 
                         object with a blue crystal on top. The 
                         stones fit inside of it.
               [Fannis turns back to Daniel from the window, where he was checking 
               for tails.]


               [Fannis, at the door, turns back to look at Daniel inquiringly.]
                         Youíre risking your life!

                         Harrid, Sallis and I... all those who 
                         believe as we do have known for some 
                         time that we may give our lives for 
                         our cause. We only hope that one day, 
                         the truth comes to bear as a result. 

               [Vala and Daniel place their stones in the dome, igniting the 
               blue crystal.]
               [Interior, SGC infirmary. Dr. Lee is studying the monitors, Dr. 
               Lam is taking vital signs.]
                         Whoa. Something just happened...

               [Lam is doing the penlight-in-the-eyes trick on an unconscious 
               Daniel when he grabs her hands and his eyes pop open.]
               [Interior, Fannisí hideaway. Heís looking alarmed at something 
               off-camera, then relieved as Harrid and Sallis stand up from 
               the device, clearly themselves again. Fannis then looks horrified 
               to see a Prior coming down the stairs to his hideaway, stones 
               in his staff glowing blue. The blue crystal on the dome goes 
               out, and Vala and Daniel are back in the galaxy of the Ori.]

               [Fannis falls to his knees, apparently unable to breathe. Daniel 
               turns to make a move on the Prior who, with one wave of his hand, 
               pushes Daniel through the air and against the far wall of the 
               basement. Fannis is now flat on his back, choking.]
                         And the people shall deliver the wicked... 
                         unto your divine judgement.
               [Cut to Vala, looking scared.]

                         For their sins... shall be weighed in 
                         balance with all that is just... and 
               [Fannis dies. Daniel is still pinned up against the wall as the 
               scene fades to black.]
               [Exterior, village of Ver Ager night. Vala struggles as she is 
               carried, bound, through the streets toward the platform where 
               she was burned alive the last time she was discovered.]
                         The Ori are great! I LOVE the Ori! IíM 
                         A BELIEVER!
               [They round a corner, and we can see Daniel being half-dragged 
               by his own bunch of guards behind her.]
                         Whatís the matter with you people? Iím 
                         telling you... Iíve seen the LIGHT! 
                          I donít think theyíre buying it.
                         Welll... Iíve heard you do better.
               [Daniel half bends, then comes up elbowing guards hard as he 
               goes, trying to twist away from his captors. They smack and sock 
               him back into submission. Vala and Daniel are forced, struggling 
               and panting, onto the grooved stone platform we last saw when 
               Vala was burned alive on it and tied up there. Vala is about 
               a millimeter away from full screaming panic, and Daniel isnít 
               looking all that calm himself.]
                         Glorious are the Ori, who lead us to 
                         salvation! Who did fight the evil that 
                         would doom us to mortal sin.
               [The Administrator has been pacing slowing around the stone platform 
               as he speaks. A close-up reveals that he is reading all this 
               from a small book.]
                         Did they defeat the old spirits and 
                         cast them out. And now, with the strength 
                         of our will, they do call upon us to 
                         prevail against the corruption of all 
               [Vala and Daniel are slowly giving up struggling against their 
               bonds and looking despondent.]
                         Well. Second timeís the charm.

               [Daniel gives her a look, then glances around the square at the 
               crowd, clearly still working on a way out of this, but not optimistic.]
               [VERY quick cut to the SGC Briefing Room, where we see Landry 
               trying to look neutral and hear the missionary Prior intoning 
               away in the background. A quick cut to Gerak shows less neutrality, 
               but heís still listening.]
                                     PRIOR #2
                         The Ori do not shield this knowledge 
                         as others might, selfish in their powerful 
                         advantage. They lead you to their realm 
                         with the path that is laid out in the 
                         Book of Origin.
               [Walter comes briskly into the room and bends to whisper something 
               to Landry.]
                                     PRIOR #2
                         All you need do is follow their teachings.
                          Iím very sorry. Youíll have excuse 
                         us for a moment. Please, continue. Colonel?
               [Landry and Mitchell leave briskly for the corridor outside the 
               briefing room, where Dr. Lam is waiting.]
                         They woke up for a moment, then lost 
                         consciousness again.
                         They say anything?

                         Yes, they DID.

               [Quick cut back to the torchlit village square, where we see 
               Vala and Daniel still tied up on the grooved stone platform. 
               The Prior is pacing slowly behind the Administrator, who stands 
               reading from his book.]
                         Guide us on the path, that we may triumph 
                         over the enemy of our salvation and 
                         be with you in the end of ends on the 
                         planes of enlightenment. 
               [Quick cut back to the SGC briefing room. Mitch precedes Landry 
               into the room, both look either grim or appalled, canít really 
               decide which. Mitchell draws his sidearm and aims it unwaveringly 
               at the missionary Prior, who doesnít look all that surprised. 
               Gerak and Yatíyir leap to their feet and out of the line of fire 
               as every airman in the room and those who come in after the General 
               follow Mitchellís example, all aiming at the Prior.]
                         Whatís the meaning of this?

                         Iím very sorry. Weíve just received 
                         some information about our visitor here 
                         that demands we take every precaution.
               [Cut to missionary Prior, whoís tilting his head, looking as 
               closed to amused as weíve seen any of these guys get, which isnít 
                          Weíll have to take the staff, sir.
               [Mitchell nods to an airman behind the Prior. The airman steps 
               up and takes one hand off his sidearm long enough to take the 
               staff from the Priorís unresisting hand, then steps back. His 
               aim never wavers.]
                         And youíll have to come with us.

                         I demand to know what youíve learned!
                                     PRIOR #2
                          All I wish to do is spread the word 
                         of the Ori to your world.
                         Actually, that was never going to happen.
                                     PRIOR #2
                         Then I must leave at once.

               [Mitchell tenses, preparing to fire at the first wrong move.]
                         Thatís not gonna happen, either.

               [Quick cut to the village square at night in Ver Ager.]

                         Hallowed are the Ori!

                                     ALL VILLAGERS
                         Hallowed are the Ori!

               [Cut to Vala and Daniel looking extremely unhappy and scared. 
               The Prior thumps his staff on the ground and the big pot at the 
               edge of the grooved stone platform flares and two villagers begin 
               to tilt it over.]
               [Quick cut back to the SGC briefing room.]

                                     PRIOR #2
                         HALLOWED are the Ori!

               [He reaches out with one hand and his staff flies back into it, 
               startling the airman who took it from him. The blue crystal at 
               the top starts to glow. Camera pans back, and we see Tealíc rise 
               to his feet from the table and the circle of gun-aiming military 
               [Quick cut back to the village square, where the two villagers 
               have tipped liquid fire into the grooves on the stone platform. 
               As it flows toward a terrified Vala and Daniel, thereís another 
               quick cut back to the SGC briefing room, where the fire from 
               the square appears to ignite the missionary Prior across the 
               galaxies. The men in the briefing room recoil as the missionary 
               burns alive in front of them. When the fire goes out, they move 
               forward to examine the spot, but there is no burn mark. An alarm 
                         Code blue medical emergency in medical 
                         lab one! Repeat, code blue!
               [Mitchell puts the safety on his sidearm and runs out of the 
               briefing room, Landry in his wake.]
               [Back in the village square, the liquid fire is still filling 
               all the platform grooves, making its way toward Vala and Daniel, 
               who we now see are tied back to back on the grooved platform, 
               and looking terrified. Quick cuts to their expressions, the Prior, 
               the villagers and lots of gathering flame. As the fire sucks 
               the oxygen out of the air around them, Daniel and Vala are having 
               trouble breathing. Or they could just be that frightened.]
               [Interior SGC infirmary, closeup of an unconscious Daniel. Mitchell, 
               Landry, Tealíc and several airmen enter the infirmary. Dr. Lee 
               is looking despondent and Dr. Lam is working on her patients.]
                         Same as before, only this time itís 
                         both of them.
               [Dr. Lee looks alarmed as Mitchell and Tealíc beeline for the 
               stone device and stand purposefully on either side of it. He 
               moves toward them and raises his hands just like heís going to 
               stop two trained soldiers from doing anything.]
                         Now, now... hold on! This device draws 
                         its power directly from subspace. It 
                         will react very badly to an explosion. 
                          You canít blow it up.
                          Perhaps we should send it through the 

               [Mitchell starts pulling away the cords connecting it to the 
               various sensors and computers Leeís been using to figure it out. 
               Lee moves forward again as if to stop him.]
                         No! Well, it also uses subspace to communicate 
                         to another galaxy across the universe. 
                         Thereís no reason to believe  that Daniel 
                         and Vala wonít stay connected to it, 
                         even from a different planet!
                          I have a different idea! Tell them 
                         to start dialing the gate!
                         Where to?


                          Wherever?  All right, wherever.

               [Back in the village square of Ver Ager, the liquid fire has 
               nearly filled all the grooves in the stone platform. Quick cuts 
               around the scene show that Vala and Daniel are as yet unsinged, 
               but still terrified, the Prior is starting to look smug, and 
               the villagers are all still watching quietly.]
               [Interior, gateroom. Stargate spinning, chevrons engaging.]
                         Chevron two, encoded!

               [Landry rushes down the stairs into the control room.]

                         Chevron three, encoded!


                         Orders from Colonel Mitchell, sir.

                         Chevron four, encoded.

               [Quick cut to blast doors opening to allow Tealíc and Mitchell 
               through the corridors at a run with the device.]
                         OUT OF THE WAY! OUT OF THE WAY!

               [Airmen scatter like leaves.]

               [Quick cut back to the village square at Ver Ager. Vala and Daniel 
               are nearly engulfed in flame, squeezing back toward each other 
               as tightly as they can. Their small sounds of terror can now 
               be heard.]
               [Quick cut back to the gateroom. Stargate still spinning, chevrons 
               still engaging.]
                         Chevron six, encoded.

               [Quick cut to Mitchell and Tealíc running up the corridor.]
                         NOT YET, WALTER! NOT YET!

                         Halting dialing sequence!

               [Quick cut back to Ver Ager, to show Vala and Daniel nearly engulfed 
               in flame.]
               [Back to SGC infirmary.]

                                     MALE VOICE
                         Blood pressure is dropping, heart rate 
                         is rising... theyíre going into shock!
               [Close up of Valaís face shows very rapid eye movement under 
               her closed eyelids. Dr. Lam is still checking her over with the 
               [SGC corridor outside the gateroom. Mitchell and Tealíc come 
               down at a flat run toward the blast door to the gateroom.]

                         Resuming dialing sequence. Chevron seven... 
               [From the base of the ramp, Tealíc and Mitchell throw the device 
               directly into the kawhoosh of the erupting wormhole.]
               [Quick cut back to Ver Ager, burning platform. We see Vala, cut 
               to Daniel, cut back to... the blonde woman, then back to her 
               husband. Harrid and Sallis are back in their own bodies, but 
               about to burn alive. They look frightened, and then resigned.]
               [Quick cut back to the SGC infirmary. We see Dr. Lam rubbing 
               defibrillator paddles together.]
                         Charging to 200.

               [Dr. Lam turns to an unconscious Daniel, whose shirt has been 
               opened to allow heroic measures.]

               [The paddles are about a millimeter from Danielís chest when 
               his eyes pop open and he gasps. Quick cut to Valaís gurney, where 
               she has sat bolt upright with a gasp of her own. Daniel and Vala 
               look for each other immediately. We see Dr. Lam looking back 
               and forth between them in disbelief, and Dr. Lee starting to 
               smile in delight. Daniel looks at Vala, who relaxes a bit, her 
               breathing evening out, her hand at her throat.]
               [Quick cut back to the gateroom. Tealíc and Mitchell apparently 
               fell down from the force of their throw, as they are now getting 
               back to their feet, lit by the eerie glow of the wormhole. Up 
               in the control room, Landry quirks a grin, then turns to answer 
               the phone by the door to the briefing room.]
                         General Landry.

               [Cut to Tealíc and Mitchell, turning from the wormhole and looking 
               up at the control room. Tealíc looks mildly interested, Mitchell 
               is panting like a puppy whoís fetched the stick and wants you 
               to throw it again. Cut to Landry hanging up the phone and coming 
               back to the control room window.]
                         Dr. Lam says that Daniel and Vala have 
                         regained consciousness.
               [Tealíc grins and gives a half-bow.]

                         Well done!

                         See? THATíS what Iím talkiní about!
               [He bounces on his toes and turns to Tealíc. They exchange a 
               triumphant arm-clasp at the base of the ramp, still lit by the 
               [Exterior, Ori city of the gods, then interior, Dociís chamber 
               of fire. Doci is facing the firepit beyond the open gate. Over 
               his shoulder, we see the Prior slowly lead the village Administrator 
               into the chamber. The Administrator approaches the Doci, who 
               turns to greet him, now backlit with the flames.]
                         You have served the Ori well.

                         I bow in humble account.

                          Come! And gaze upon the flames of enlightenment.
               [Looking very nervous, if not downright scared, the Administrator 
               approaches the edge of the fire pit.]
                         Let its power... wash over you.

               [We see the Administrator from behind, facing the flames and 
               raising his hands in welcome. White beams of light shoot toward 
               him from the fire and he arches back in reaction. The Doci and 
               Prior look on calmly. When next we see the Administratorís face, 
               his eyes are the same opaque pale blue as the Priorís, and his 
               skin color has changed, too. He no longer appears frightened. 
               He turns calmly to face the Doci, who moved up behind him after 
               the Administrator dropped his arms.]
                         Great holy armies shall be gathered 
                         and trained to fight all who embrace 
                         evil. In the name of the gods, ships 
                         shall be built to carry our warriors 
                         out amongst the stars and we will spread 
                         Origin to ALL the unbelievers! The power 
                         of the Ori will be felt far and wide, 
                         and the wicked shall be vanquished.
               [New Prior bows his head.]

                                     NEW PRIOR
                         Hallowed are the Ori.

                         Hallowed are the Ori!

               [Exterior SGC, then interior laboratory, where, as Tealíc looks 
               on, Vala is touching some sort of small eye-dropper-shaped crystal 
               device to the bracelet on Danielís arm. The bracelet pops open. 
               She touches it to hers, which follows suit.]
                          Thank you.

               [Vala smiles at him as Mitchell enters the lab.]

                         General Landry is ready for us.

               [Tealíc half bows to Mitchell and they all exit the lab.]

               [Interior SGC briefing room. We see Landry through the glass 
               star map. The rest are seated at the conference table, Vala and 
               Mitchell at the foot, then Daniel next to Vala and Tealíc next 
               to Mitchell.]
                         So you think we should expect to see 
                         more of these Priors show up?
                         I would be very surprised if they didnít.
                         How? We know one came through the Stargate, 
                         but if the galaxyís so far away...
                          I suspect the Ori have the power to 
                         make a lot of things happen.
                         Still, for the Priors, I think we can 
                         assume itís a one-way trip.
                         Donít think they have a problem with 
                         self sacrifice.
                         You think the Ancients here in our galaxy 
                         will continue to use their power to 
                         stop the Ori from attacking us directly?
                         I hope so.

                         So, how do we fight these guys? And 
                         I mean the message, as much as the men.
               [Quick cut to Daniel, whoís got nothiní.]

                         A lot of folks out there are gonna buy 
                         what these guys are selliní.
                         Hopefully now many have been educated 
                         to the ways of false gods. 
                         Yes, but weíre not talking about humans 
                         with snakes in their heads and slightly 
                         better understanding of technology.
                         See, the power isnít false. The Priors 
                         are going to offer to people what seems 
                         like proof of God.
                         Proof of powerful beings is not proof 
                         of God.
                         Iím not saying it is.

                         Look, just because we know thereís some 
                         beings on a higher plane of existence 
                         than ourselves does not mean thereís 
                         not an order of Being higher than them. 
                          Least I reckon thatís what my grandmaíd 
                          The universe is supposedly infinite. 
                         Which, in my book, makes it impossible 
                         to know everything. I mean, somewhere 
                         in there, you gotta fill in the blanks 
                         with a little faith.  I had a grandma, 
               [Landry rises to his feet, Mitchell follows suit.]

                         So. Business as usual, sir?

                         Let íem bring it. Weíll use our strengths 
                         against their weaknesses. Thatís a pretty 
                         good strategy for any kind of business 
                         youíre in.  Iím glad you two are OK. 

               [Interior, Danielís office. Daniel is typing away at his computer 
               when we see a blue-sleeved arm appear in the foreground and a 
               verrry familiar hand pat a stack of books. Daniel looks up, surprised.]
                         Hey. Wow. What the... hell are you doiní 
               [Cut to Jack OíNeill in Class Aís, looking across the desk.]
                         Nice to see you, too!

                         No, no, sorry! I just wasnít expecting 
                         to see you. 
                         Yeah, well... I was in the neighborhood 
                         ... and Iíve got a little surprise for 
                         Oh. Yeah. He really loved the last one, 
                         the fact you didnít tell him we were 
                         all moving on to different positions...
                         Yeah. Sorry you missed Daedalus.

                         No, youíre not.

                         Youíre right. Iím not. ... Listen, I 
                         just had a briefing with Landry about... 
                         your stuff, and ...

                         Sounds like it could be a problem?
                         Well, weíve been up against some pretty 
                         bad guys before.
                         Yeah, not so pretty... Overdressed, 
                         In some tough situations...

                         That we always won...

                         Yeah, but didnít you feel that was because 
                         we had someone... lookiní out for us? 
                         I donít think I would say this to anyone 
                         else, but for the first time, Iím scared.
                         Iím hungry.

                         Me too.


               [Exterior, F-302 in full flight. Mitchell piloting, Jack in the 
                         Yeaaaaaaaaaah, man. This is GOOD. Still 
                         a rush!

                         I donít know why I didnít get back on 
                         the horse sooner, except I didnít really 
                         know you could take one of these things 
                         for a joyride.
                         Now, see? Thatís one of the great things 
                         about being a general. You pretty much 
                         get to do whatever you want.
                         I suppose after youíve saved the world 
                         seven or eight times...
                         Whoís counting, huh?

                         Tealíc. Actually, he mentions it quite 
                         So, Mitchell... I hear you havenít picked 
                         out your team yet.
                         Iím hoping I wonít have to, sir. Why, 
                         did General Landry say something about 
                         it, sir?
                         He did.

                         Are you going to tell me, sir?

                         He said youíre going to be FINE, Mitchell.
                         Thank you, sir. You mind if I kick in 
                         the afterburners, sir?
                         Oh please.

                         Thank you, sir.

               [Final shot of F-302 streaking full speed across the sky.]

               THE END


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