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                                             "American Outlaws" -- by Roderick Taylor and John Rogers                                             
               FADE IN:               EXT. WOODS               The Rangers plunge into thick woods. Branches slap at them,               but the sound of gunfire keeps them going. Captain Malcolm               is still in the lead, flanked by two young men who are               obviously brothers. The big, handsome one is COLE YOUNGER;               the skinny one with the lopsided hair is BOB YOUNGER.               EXT. WOOD'S EDGE               They break through the other side of the woods, emerging               behind a rickety set of fence-post fortifications. Instantly               GUNFIRE tears apart the trees around them. The Captain's               horse goes down, and the Younger brothers dive and roll to               hide beneath the palisade.               The Captain, still alive, has fallen beyond the wooden               shield. Cole scrambles through the savage rifle fire, grabs               Captain Malcolm, and hauls him behind the fortification.                                     CAPTAIN MALCOLM                              (bellowing)                         Fall back into the woods! Out of                         your saddles before you're shot out                         of 'em!               The Rangers leap from their saddles as a new sound starts               -- a dull roar that grows and approaches and BBRRRRAPPPPP               as, unbelievably, trees EXPLODE INTO SPLINTERS and horses               and men go down in a heap!                                     COLE                         Gatling! They've got a Gatling!                                     BOB                         Dammit, this stopped being fun                         about two years ago!               Some men are crawling to the fortifications, others are               staying in the woods. The Captain pokes his head up to take               a look. With him WE SEE               EXT. ANOTHER HILLSIDE               At the top of which, about a hundred fifty yards off, is a               three man Gatling crew. Squads of Union soldiers are               beginning to make their way down the hillside. And just to               their right is an EIGHT INCH CANNON with a burning fuse --               EXT. FORTIFICATIONS                                     CAPTAIN MALCOLM                         DOWN!               BOOM! And with a whistle the cannonball TEARS THROUGH the               forest and EXPLODES just behind the Rangers. Some of the men               are screaming from injury and panic.                                     CAPTAIN MALCOLM  (CONT'D)                         Cole! Bob! You boys okay?                                     COLE                         Hell, take more than a cannon to                         kill the Younger brothers, sir!                                     BOB                         I think the cannon's doing a pretty                         good job, Cole.               A full-blooded Indian, COMANCHE TOM, crawls up next to them.                                     COLE                         Some Indian tracker you turned out                         to be, Tom.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         You pay me to find you Bluecoats.                         There they are.               ANOTHER ROUND from the Gatling chews up the trees and               fencing, driving their heads down.                                     CAPTAIN MALCOLM                         They're using the Gatling and the                         cannon to cover their advance. We're                         pinned unless we take them out!               Cole peers through the rails.                                     COLE                         Those gunners are too far away...                                     CAPTAIN MALCOLM                         Get me the James boy.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         You want Jesse?                                     CAPTAIN MALCOLM                         Not Jesse, the one who can shoot.               Comanche Tom rolls back to the edge of the woods.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         FRANK!               EXT. WOODS - A FEW YARDS BACK               Among the squatting men a single one STANDS UP. FRANK JAMES               is tall with a dark, thoughtful face. He looks sadder than               his 23 years should allow.  His hand is wrapped around a               longbarrel Enfield 30.                                     FRANK                         Jesse.               The long rider behind him turns around. He's JESSE JAMES,               20. He's too damn good-looking and he's got your best               friend's eyes. There's a coiled energy to him, and right now               he seems more angry than afraid. Next to him is WEB MIMMS,               15, who is terrified and trying not to show it.                                     FRANK  (CONT'D)                         Watch Web.                                     WEB                         I don't need watchin'!                                     JESSE                         Web, I bring you back dead and your                         sister'll kill me. Now shut up and                         lie there.                              (then)                         Careful, Frank. And make sure Bob                         and Cole are okay.               EXT. FORTIFICATIONS               Loose shots spitting up dirt and wood chips everywhere.               Frank crawls up, nods to the Youngers, peers through the               stacked wood. Another EXPLOSION from the cannon.                                     FRANK                         Cannon or Gatling?                                     COLE                         Both would be nice.                                     FRANK                         Soon as I hit one, the other'll                         know and beat us up.                                     CAPTAIN MALCOLM                         Cannon.               Frank raises his head just high enough to poke the Enfield               over the stacked fenceposts. Everyone else is flinching from               the suppressing fire. Frank is perfectly still. Squinting,               aiming, perfectly centered ... BANG.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. CANNON STATION               As the Captain of the six man crew SNAPS BACK and hits the               ground dead. Before the others can react, two more grab               their throats and drop. The remaining soldiers bolt from the               cannon.               But the Gatling crew swings the gun around and the barrels               BLAZE.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. FORTIFICATIONS               Frank and the others hit the dirt as the Gatling shreds the               fenceposts, fells trees, churns the ground, stitching a path               of destruction across the bulwarks and into the woods where               EXT. WOODS               The Gatling rounds are everywhere. Rangers jerk as the               Gatling tears them apart. Jesse grabs Web to his chest and               swings around, shielding the boy with his own body. When the               fire pauses for a moment. Jesse looks down -- he's covered               in blood. He lets Web fall away. Blood bubbles up from where               the boy's chest used to be.                                     JESSE                         Hell no...               Jesse's trying to stop the blood with his bare hands.                                     WEB                         Aw, Jesse.                              (crying)                         I never even got to be with a girl.               Web dies.               Jesse sighs. He's seen too much death to cry anymore. He               stands up, pivots, and strides for the fencepost barrier.               Rifle fire is zipping through the air all around him, but he               keeps walking.               EXT. FORTIFICATIONS               Frank, the Younger brothers, Comanche Tom and the Captain               are all still there. Captain Malcolm peers through the wall.                                     CAPTAIN MALCOLM                         They're getting closer.               Jesse arrives, slaps Cole's shoulder. Cole grins grimly.                                     COLE                         'Bout time you got here, buddy.                                     JESSE                         What's going on?                                     FRANK                         Every time I put my head up to hit                         that Gatling, they try to shoot it                         off.                                     JESSE                         So we got a plan?                                     BOB                         My plan of lying here pissing                         myself seems to be working mighty                         fine, thank you.                                     FRANK                         I can hit those boys from here. We                         just need a distraction.                                     JESSE                              (smiling)                         A distraction? Well, why the hell                         didn't you just say so?               Jesse sprints back into the woods. Cole, Bob, and Frank               exchange looks.                                     BOB                         He's smiling.                                     COLE                         Never a good thing.                                     FRANK                         This ought to be interesting.               ANOTHER ROAR from the Gatling pushes their heads down, but               as that sound fades, another blends in, growing louder and               louder, the SOUND OF HOOFBEATS               ANGLE ON               The men at the fortification, turning to face the woods,               their faces stunned as JESSE JAMES ON HORSEBACK AT FULL               GALLOP EXPLODES from the woods, heading straight at his own               men and at the last second LEAPS OVER THE BARRIER, and as he               does Jesse leans back in the saddle to let the wind strip               off his longrider coat, revealing for the first time his               GUNS -- two Colts at the hip, a crossed bandolier on his               chest with two cross-holstered Colts at the shoulders, and               two Colts in the small of his back.               And for that one second as Jesse and the horse are in               mid-air and the longrider coat trails behind him like               leather wings and his guns gleam blue in the sunlight, Jesse               James is the Angel of Death.               EXT. HILLSIDE               The horse hits the ground running. The Union troops are in               shock as Jesse draws both his hip Colts and starts firing.                                     JESSE                         Come on, ya Yankee bastards!               His GUNS BLAZING, Jesse rides straight at the Bluecoats.               Five, six are down before they can even react. They start               firing back, but they can't draw a bead. Two more are down.               Jesse's making every bullet count.               ANGLE ON               The Gatling gun as the crew swings it around and FIRES,               hundred of rounds tearing straight at Jesse               ANGLE ON               Jesse who incredibly cuts the horse hard left using just               his knees, still shooting as the Gatling volley goes wide,               actually killing two of the Union soldiers behind Jesse.               But then the arc of fire takes Jesse's horse in the rump.               The horse falls, but Jesse dives off, still firing, killing               another two soldiers. Then he hits the ground, rolls, and is               up and running, dropping the spent Colts and drawing the two               shoulder guns in one smooth motion, never interrupting his               shooting.               EXT. FORTIFICATIONS               Frank sees the Gatling swing away from him. He stands and --               EXT. HILLSIDE               -- BANG as the Gatling triggerman drops, BANG as the               ammo-feeder goes down, and BANG as the third man falls               before the echo of the first shot clears.               EXT. FORTIFICATIONS               Cole is the first one on his feet.                                     COLE                         WAAAHHHHOOOO!! We're coming Jesse!                                     CAPTAIN MALCOLM                         Charge!               With a ragged cheer the RANGERS ERUPT FROM THE FOREST, some               actually on horseback, firing at the exposed Union troops.               EXT. HILLSIDE               Soldiers are swarming Jesse, but he's moving, turning, an               untouchable blur in the chaos. As he drops two more empty               Colts and reaches for the last two at his back, a SOLDIER               just an arm's length away BRINGS UP A RIFLE.                                     JESSE                         Oh, you do not!               Jesse grabs the rifle barrel and drives the butt straight               back into the soldier's nose. The Union boy falls, releasing               the gun. Jesse swings the rifle in a smooth arc, bashing               another soldier in the jaw, and then spins it effortlessly               into his opposite hand and FIRES it point blank into another               Union soldier.               ANGLE ON               The Rangers PLOWING INTO the Union soldiers. Rattled, the               Union troops are beginning to break and fall back.               ANGLE ON               Jesse as another nearby soldier draws a revolver. Jesse               snags his hand, twists it, wrapping the man's arm backward               around Jesse's waist. With the other man still gripping the               weapon, Jesse FANS THE HAMMER as he turns, shooting six more               Union soldiers as they try to rush him. With a final yank,               Jesse pulls the Colt from the man and crashes it down on his               skull.               ANGLE ON               the Union soldiers in full retreat.               EXT. THE GATLING STATION               The few remaining Bluecoats break and run as Jesse reaches               the Gatling. Suddenly a FIGURE LEAPS UP from behind the               Gatling and FIRES his rifle. A bloody streak tears Jesse's               cheek and he stumbles onto his back. With a cry, the figure               jumps forward and buries his bayonet in Jesse's chest!               Jesse gasps, then, puzzled, looks down. The bayonet has               lodged right in the "X" of the ammo belts on his chest,               stopped by the bullets and leather. Jesse kicks. As the               Union soldier is knocked back, Jesse smoothly snap-kicks to               his feet and draws both remaining Colts. He pulls up short.               It's a fifteen year old boy, Web Mimms in a blue uniform.               There's a deadly pause.                                     JESSE                         You ain't even been with a girl,                         have you?               The boy shakes his head. Jesse waves him off with the guns.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         Git.               The boy scurries off. Jesse turns and lopes down the hill.               Instantly he's surrounded by cheering Missouri Rangers.               EXT. HILLSIDE               The Rangers move past Jesse. Jesse suddenly realizes Frank               is there. They fall into step together.                                     JESSE                         Distracting enough for you?                                     FRANK                         Pff. They hardly even noticed you.                                     JESSE                         So you're saying I could have done                         more to attract their attention.                                     FRANK                         Mm-hmm.                                     JESSE                         Such as?                                     FRANK                         You could have worn one of those                         big, floppy woman's Easter Sunday                         hats.                                     JESSE                         That would have made an impression.                                     FRANK                         I figure.                                     JESSE                         See, that's your problem, Frank. By                         the time you finish figuring out                         stuff, I'm already finished doing it.                                     FRANK                         No, Jesse, your problem is you're                         always doing stuff before I'm                         finished figuring it out.               Cole, Bob, and Comanche Tom RIDE UP on their recovered               horses. Cole jumps down and picks up Jesse in a bear hug.                                     COLE                         Wait'll we get back to Missouri,                         start telling those gals about how                         little Jesse James charged the whole                         Union Army by himself!                                     COMANCHE TOM                         You ride like a Comanche.                                     BOB                         You can ride like that?                                     COMANCHE TOM                         I said like a Comanche, not this                         Comanche.               Cole mounts up, reaches down a hand to Jesse.                                     COLE                         Ride with me, cousin?                                     JESSE                         I could use the walk.                                     COLE                         Suit yourself. We'll have some                         horses waiting for you at the road.                              (then)                         Let's ride, Rangers!               Cole slaps leather and the Rangers canter off. As they               disappear we hear:                                     BOB                              (low)                         Now, I would just sound stupid                         saying something like that...               Jesse and Frank watch them go, then start walking again.                                     JESSE                              (finally)                         Web's dead.                                     FRANK                         I reckoned.                                     JESSE                         Hell of a war.                                     FRANK                         I'm sure it seemed like a good idea                         at the time.               EXT. ROAD - DUSK               The James brothers, the Youngers, and the other Rangers               ride down a dirt road toward a ragtag column of Confederate               soldiers. The grey uniforms are ghostlike in the twilight.               The men are obviously broken, dispirited. The column               stretches down the road and around a bend as far as the eye               can see.               Jesse and the other Rangers ride into the midst of the               Confederates who part and flow around the horsemen like a               slow-moving river.               For a moment, nobody speaks while the whole eerie               procession glides past.                                     COLE                         Where you boys going?                                     JESSE                         There's Yankees back there. Lot's                         of 'em.               One grizzled Confederate VETERAN, his arm in a bloody               sling, looks up at Jesse.                                     VETERAN                         War's over, son. General Lee                         surrendered yesterday at Appomattox.               The soldiers move on. The Rangers stare into the middle               distance of despair. Cole rubs his hands across his face.                                     FRANK                         Yesterday.                                     BOB                         Well, somebody better go tell THE                         DAMN YANKEES!                                     COLE                         What do we do now?               Jesse seems to be the only one with a clear head.                                     JESSE                         Home. We go home. We ride like hell                         to get there, and we kill anything                         or anyone that comes between us and                         our homes. And when we get there we                         stay there and God help any fool who                         tries to get me to leave my farm                         again.                                     BOB                              (pause)                         Best damn plan I heard all war.               Jesse jerks his reins, and the last remaining survivors of               the Missouri Rangers trot off into the sunset.               MONTAGE               -- Jesse, Frank, the Youngers and Comanche Tom riding hard               down country roads, past burned out farms.               THE RIDERS               Are struggling through a downpour in a pitch black night,               one of the horses slipping, going down.               BLAZING SUN               On a dusty road, the Youngers sharing a horse now,               everybody just trying to keep moving.               EXT. HILLTOP - DAY               Jesse, Frank, Cole, Bob, and Comanche Tom are looking down               on the frontier town of Liberty, Missouri.                                     FRANK                         Hello, Liberty Missoura!                                     JESSE                         All this time in the saddle... We                         get to the farm, I'm going to shoot                         this damn horse just on principle.                                     COLE                         Never thought that pissant town                         would look so pretty.                                     BOB                         Anywhere nobody's shooting at me is                         pretty.                                     JESSE                         Home, boys. Back to our farms.                                     COLE                         Planting corn. Harvesting corn.                         Year after year.                                     BOB                         Corn gonna shoot at me?                                     FRANK                         Nope.                                     BOB                         Then I love it.               They start to ride down into town.                                     COLE                         Tom, why don't you stop at our                         spread before you head on out to the                         reservation? Figure we might have                         some work for you, if you want.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         Hmm. Go back to the reservation and                         get drunk in a dirt shack, or work                         for you...                                     COLE                         Well?                                     COMANCHE TOM                         I'm thinking...               Cole throws a playful punch at Comanche Tom.               EXT. LIBERTY STREET - DAY               The gang is riding into the main stretch of town. They're               grinning, happy to be home, until --                                     JESSE                         We got problems.               DOZENS OF UNION SOLDIERS are walking along the boardwalk,               lingering near the saloon, all suddenly staring at the               riders.                                     COLE                         What the --                                     FRANK                         Must be a garrison in town. We're                         in occupied territory, boys.               Cole is returning stares.                                     JESSE                         Hands off your hip, Cole.                                     COLE                         You're not scared, are you?                                     JESSE                         Pick your fights, cousin. You                         taught me that.                                     BOB                         It gets worse.               There in the center of town, is a brand new scaffold. Three               bodies, fresh ones, are hanging from the nooses.                                     FRANK                         Jesus mercy, that's Charlie                         Higgins, Dave Laller ...                                     BOB                         ... Will Perry ...                                     COLE                         They rode with Quantrill's Rangers.               The riders stop at the scaffold, take off their hats.                                     JESSE                         Looks like Web Mimms wasn't the                         only casualty this town's got.                                     FRANK                         We better go to Doc's, see what's                         going on here.                                     COLE                         I'm cutting them down.               Cole starts to dismount. Jesse grabs his arm. The Union               Soldiers have started to form a crowd                                     JESSE                         Not now.                                     COLE                         What is wrong with you?                                     JESSE                              (low)                         In case we have to kill these                         sonofabitches, I don't want them to                         see us coming.               Cole thinks, nods. They ride away from the scaffold.                                     BOB                         Cole, I want to get to the farm,                         make sure Little Jim and the girls                         are okay.                                     FRANK                         Stop by our spread after that, tell                         our Ma we're all right. We'll go to                         Doc Mimms.               The Youngers and Comanche Tom split off, start to trot away.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         I think I may just go on to the                         reservation.                                     BOB                         Tom, I'm this close to coming with                         you...               EXT. MIMMS HOME - DAY               Jesse and Frank ride toward a handsome white two-story               frame house that stands in a grove of elm trees.               ANOTHER ANGLE               They dismount and walk up to the porch. A FARM HAND in a               cowboy hat is nailing a rail onto the porch.                                     JESSE                         Scuse me, we're here for the Doctor.               The farm hand turns and pulls off his hat -- her hat. She's               a chestnut-haired beauty in her late teens, ZERELDA MIMMS.                                     ZEE                         Jesse! Frank!               She hugs both of them enthusiastically. Jesse is obviously,               immediately smitten.                                     JESSE                         Zerelda? Little Zee Mimms?                                     ZEE                         You were little Jesse James when                         you left.                                     JESSE                         But you got big!               Zee arches an eyebrow.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         I mean, you aged --               Zee arches both eyebrows.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         I mean, I mean, in a good way you                         got big and older.               Zee tilts her head. Jesse's mouth moves, but nothing comes               out, until                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         Frank, don't you have something to                         say?                                     FRANK                         You're doing just fine.                                     JESSE                              (pulling it together)                         Zee, we got to talk to you and your                         father.               DOC MIMMS, a grey-haired man wearing rimless spectacles,               steps out of the doorway.                                     DOC MIMMS                         Frank, Jesse.                              (looking)                         Where's Web?               ANGLE ON               A LONG SHOT of the Mimms house. We can see, but not hear,               Jesse talking. A beat, then we hear Zee CRY OUT.  Doc Mimms               staggers, SLUMPS DOWN in the door frame. Jesse and Frank               rush to help him.                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               INT. PARLOR - A WHILE LATER               The room is comfortable and elegant in a simple way. Doc               Mimms is slumped in a big chair. Zee, her eyes red, is               pushing a glass of sherry into his hands. Jesse and Frank               sit across from him.                                     JESSE                         -- rode right into them, screaming                         like a banshee.                                     DOC MIMMS                         My little Web did that?                                     JESSE                         Pff. He jumped his horse clear over                         our heads, killed a dozen Union                         soldiers before they knew what hit                         them.               Jesse looks at Frank, urging him on.                                     FRANK                         Whyyyy... he took down the Gatling                         gun and the cannon all by himself.                                     JESSE                         Saved all our lives, Doc. None of                         the Liberty boys would have come                         home if not for Web Mimms, Doc.                         God's honest truth.               Doc is fighting back tears, but proud.                                     DOC MIMMS                         Web died fighting?                                     JESSE                         Died a hero.                                     ZEE                              (quietly)                         But still died.                                     JESSE                         If there's anything we can do for                         you, Dr. Mimms. We want to help.                                     DOC MIMMS                         Start thinking about yourselves.                         You, the Youngers, Clell Miller, all                         of you. Don't end up like Charlie.                         They found out Charlie rode with                         Quantrill's Raiders. They arrested                         him, tried him by military tribunal                         and hanged him this morning.                                     FRANK                         I thought there was general amnesty.                                     DOC MIMMS                         For soldiers, yes. But if you rode                         in one of the partisan bands,                         they'll hang you for treason. And                         you boys are in more danger, because                         you've got a farm.               Jesse and Frank don't understand.                                     ZEE                         Daddy, don't start with this again.                                     DOC MIMMS                         Zerelda, it's no coincidence. The                         railroad men come through, offering                         to buy up land. Nobody sells. Then                         they start hanging men who own farms                         for treason?                                     FRANK                         You're saying the railroad's got                         the Army doing it's dirty work?                                     DOC MIMMS                         Rich men in Washington, don't                         matter if they wear a tie or a                         uniform, they're all the same.                                     JESSE                         All we thought about was coming                         home. I swore I'd kill anybody who                         tried to get me off my farm again.                         If I have to go to war with the                         railroad to stay, fine by me.                                     FRANK                         Think about this. If we just come                         up with a story and stick to it, we                         should be all right.                                     JESSE                         What kind of story are they going                         to believe?                                     ZEE                         Hmm. You were in the Confederate                         Army with General Hood's Texas Army                         until... say Sharpsburg, then you                         were reassigned to General Jeb                         Stuart's cavalry until you                         surrendered in Tennessee.               Pause. The men stare at Zee. Up goes the eyebrow again.                                     JESSE                         That just might work.                                     FRANK                         Maybe, maybe...                                     DOC MIMMS                         Now go on to see your Ma. She'll be                         glad to see her sons alive.                              (choking)                         And for her sake, stay that way.               EXT. MIMMS HOME - MINUTES LATER               We see Frank and Jesse mount up. Zee is at the door seeing               them off.                                     FRANK                         We'll be back on Saturday with Cole                         and Bob, give you a hand with the                         repairs.                                     ZEE                         Thank you. For everything.                         Especially that story you told my                         father.               Jesse is about to object, but Zee raises a hand.                                     ZEE  (CONT'D)                         I'm going to go cry now, so I don't                         have time for your lies. But I'll                         see you Saturday.               Zee kisses her fingertips and extends them to the boys,               then disappears into the house.                                                                  CLOSE ON:               Frank shaking his head as they ride away.                                     FRANK                         That Zerelda turned into a hell of                         a woman, eh --               WIDEN TO REVEAL Jesse's not next to him. Frank turns.               Jesse's still staring at the door.  Frank rides back, takes               Jesse's horse by the reins.  As Frank turns Jesse's horse               and leads it away, Jesse's head keeps pivoting, fixed on the               door. After a moment, Jesse turns to look forward, taking               his reins.               The brothers ride away slowly.                                     FRANK  (CONT'D)                         "Big and older"?                                     JESSE                         You can shut up now.                                     FRANK                         You are a charmer.                                     JESSE                         I swear I'll shoot you in your                         sleep.                                     FRANK                         Next time try "fat and haggard."               Jesse pulls down his hat and groans into it.               EXT. JAMES FARM - DAY               Jesse and Frank ride up. Out of the farmhouse bursts MA               JAMES, a big, rugged frontier woman who is absolutely               hysterical.                                     MA                         My boys! My boys!               She hauls Jesse and Frank clean out of their saddles.                                     MA  (CONT'D)                         My boys are alive!                                     FRANK                              (strangling)                         Not if you don't ease up a bit,                         Ma...               She looks at both at arm's length.                                     MA                         Did you kill Yankees?                                     JESSE                         A fair number, Ma.                                     MA                         Say your prayers?                                     FRANK                         Every night, Ma.                                     MA                         Good. Now get inside and wash up                         for dinner.               INT. JAMES HOME               Jesse and Frank enter, surprised to find Cole, Bob,               Comanche Tom, and a gawky 15 year old JIM YOUNGER all eating               at their kitchen table.                                     FRANK                         Well look at Jimmy Younger. You're                         all grown up.                                     JIM                              (mouth full)                         Mmmph-hmpph.                                     BOB                              (sheepishly)                         Your Ma wouldn't let us leave until                         we ate something.                                     COLE                         That was two hours ago.                                     MA                         I don't see clean plates.               The men dutifully return to the meal. Jesse nods his head               at Comanche Tom.                                     JESSE                              (quiet)                         Ma, I'm glad to see you being nice                         to our Injun friend.                                     MA                         He's a good Christian and he killed                         Yankees. Jesus told me that made him                         an all right boy.               Ma WALKS OFF.                                     FRANK                         She's still talking to Jesus.                                     JESSE                         What worries me is that Jesus is                         talking back.               EXT. JAMES FARM               We can hear the laughter from inside the lit house. Night               falls and                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               EXT. JAMES FARM - DAY - A FEW WEEKS LATER               Like a time-lapse film we see the surrounding trees have               filled out, the stone fence is repaired, the shabby paint               redone in sparkling white. Jesse and Cole, shirtless, are               driving a post into a hole. Frank STEPS OUT of the house and               joins them.                                     JESSE                         You ever notice Zerelda's eyes?                                     COLE                         She got two of them.                                     FRANK                         I think one of 'em's glass.                                     COLE                         Which one, right or left?                                     FRANK                         The brown one.                                     JESSE                              (to Cole)                         You talk big for a man who screwed                         another man back in Atlanta.               Frank laughs as Cole raises the shovel to strike Jesse.                                     FRANK                         Oh, Lord, the dance hall girl at                         Bunty's...                                     COLE                         Sadie was not a man!                                     JESSE                         She had a moustache.                                     COLE                         She was European!                                     JESSE                         All right, calm down. I'll agree                         Sadie was a woman --               Jesse and Frank swallow their laughs.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         -- if you stop saying things about                         my Zee.                                     FRANK                         Your Zee? Hmm.                              (quoting)                         "From women's eyes this doctrine I                         derive: they sparkle still the right                         Promethean fire; They are the books,                         the arts, the academes, that show,                         contain, and nourish all the world."                                     COLE                         I have no idea what you just said,                         but it sounded real nice.                                     FRANK                         Shakespeare.                              (pause)                         He's European.                                     COLE                         Ah.                                     JESSE                         You want to write that down for me                         so I can say it to Zee?               The post finally drops straight into the hole. Jesse and               Cole shrug into shirts and grab a pitcher of lemonade.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         Thanks for the help.                                     COLE                         After all you did on our farm?                              (sips, then)                         You miss it, don't you Jesse?                                     JESSE                         The war? What, are you crazy?                              (beat)                         There are things I miss about it.                                     COLE                         It was exciting.                                     JESSE                         But it was a whole lot of killing.                         Why should we miss that?                                     COLE                         Because we were good at it?  Hell,                         we were great at it. Jesse, don't                         tell anyone I said this, because                         everybody knows I'm the toughest man                         in this town, but you are one                         terrifying sonofabitch with those                         guns.                                     JESSE                              (regretful, but not)                         Yeah.               Frank looks at Jesse thoughtfully. Then all three notice               ANGLE ON               A BUGGY that stops at the edge of the property. Ma STEPS               OUT onto the porch next to Frank to meet:               A man in a suit, ROLLIN PARKER, and three riders who               dismount and flank Parker: two DETECTIVES and a big Scot               with a beard and no moustache, ALAN PINKERTON. Pinkerton is               wearing a suit and a gun in a high waistband. All four               advance to the house.                                     PARKER                         Howdy, folks. How are you this                         afternoon?                                     COLE                         "Howdy"?                                     JESSE                         Easterners.                                     MA                         We're just fine, thank you, sir.                                     PARKER                         I am Rollin H. Parker, personal                         emissary of Mr. Thaddeus Rains,                         president of the Rock Island and                         Pacific Railroad. These two                         gentlemen are Pinkerton detectives,                         working for Mr. Thaddeus Rains,                         president of the Rock Island and                         Pacific Railroad, and this gentleman                         here is the famous Alan Pinkerton,                         founder of the Secret Service and                         now working under contract to Mr.                         Thaddeus Rains.                                     JESSE                         Would that be Thaddeus Rains,                         president of the Rock Island and                         Pacific Railroad?                                     FRANK                         You know him?                                     JESSE                         Heard of him.                                     PARKER                              (trying to regain                              control)                         As you have no doubt heard from                         your neighbors, our railroad is                         moving west.                                     JESSE                         That makes sense, as east would put                         you underwater.               Pinkerton coughs a laugh. Parker glares at him and               continues.                                     PARKER                         ... moving west, opening the                         frontier for folks such as yourself.                         Your acreage here is on the proposed                         right of way.               Parker produces a piece of paper. Ma takes it.                                     PARKER  (CONT'D)                         I'm here for your signature on this                         land sales contract. I'm authorized                         to pay you two dollars an acre.                                     MA                         Two dollars?                                     PARKER                         That's right. That's the price                         authorized by the railroad's board,                         and approved by the Department of                         the Interior of the Government of                         the United States of America.                                     MA                         This land ain't for sale.               Pinkerton steps forward.                                     PINKERTON                         Ma'am, I can understand how you                         might feel that way -- you've made a                         lovely home here. But it's really                         not up to me or you. Are you                         familiar with the legal concept of                         the Right of Eminent Domain?                                     FRANK                         Yeah, I am. What about it?               Parker is surprised. Pinkerton has become interested in               these farmers.                                     PINKERTON                         Well, this land is about to be                         condemned.                                     PARKER                         I'm doing you folks a favor --                                     COLE                         Said the skinner to the mule.                                     PARKER                         -- with a price of two dollars an                         acre for this one time only offer.                         After today the price goes down. So                         if I were you, I'd just sign the                         contract, and I'll be on my way.               Frank takes the contract from Ma and hands it back to               Parker.                                     FRANK                         Good day, Mr. Parker You can tell                         Mr. Thaddeus Rains to put this where                         the sun don't shine.                              (to the boys)                         Shakespeare.                                     JESSE/COLE                         Ah.               Parker flushes with anger. Pinkerton and his men rest their               hands on their guns.                                     PINKERTON                         I don't think you understand. You                         don't have a choice.               CLICK CLICK and we see Jesse's drawn and cocked two Colts               from out of thin air. Frank has pulled his rifle from the               doorway. Parker and the detectives are furious, but               Pinkerton seems no more than curious.                                     PARKER                              (to Ma)                         Ma'am. You have to look in your                         heart and do what you know is right                         here.                                     MA                         Let me ask the Lord.               Ma bows her head for a moment. She then nods and looks up.                                     MA  (CONT'D)                         The Lord says we can bury 'em out                         back in the orchard, nobody'll ever                         find them.                                     JESSE                         Somebody's in a vengeful smiting                         mood today.                                     FRANK                         Why don't we just let them go for                         today, Ma. We'll bury them out back                         next time.                                     MA                         Oh all right.               Parker, and the detectives are stepping backward to the               buggy.                                     PARKER                         You people are making a serious                         mistake!               Pinkerton himself has lingered, taking in the group.                                     PINKERTON                              (nodding)                         Nicely played.               Parker, Pinkerton and the detectives RIDE OFF. The group at               the James house watches them go, then Cole turns to Jesse.                                     COLE                         Where the hell did you get those                         guns?               OFF JESSE'S SHRUG WE                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               INT. SCHOOL HOUSE - NIGHT               Dozens of men and a few women are packed into the one room               school house. Among them are Frank and Jesse. Doc Mimms is               leading the meeting.                                     FRANK                         I went up to the courthouse and                         looked at the right of way documents                         for the rail bed. The railroad                         doesn't even need our land, they're                         just taking the land on both sides                         for as far as they can.                                     JESSE                         Damn. All that reading paid off.                                     DOC MIMMS                         Floor recognizes Clell Miller.               CLELL MILLER, tall and blond, steps forward.                                     CLELL                         They're saying we don't sell, we                         might end up with nothing!                                     FRANK                         That's only if we don't stick                         together.                                     DOC MIMMS                              (pointing)                         Loni Packwood.               LONI PACKWOOD, a sad, scruffy man stands up.                                     LONI                         I say this is the last straw. I                         came back from the war, I found my                         house burned down. My cows was dead.                         Now my wife's run off with my                         cousin, Jeb, that sonofabitch.                              (tearing up)                         Took my dog--                                     DOC MIMMS                         Ah, Loni, about the railroad.                                     LONI                         I forget.                              (almost weeping)                         Took my dog...               Another FARMER steps up.                                     FARMER                         I signed.                                     FRANK                         Harlan, you can't.                                     FARMER                         I'm tired of fighting. I'm just                         gonna take my family and move west.                                     CLELL                         Maybe we should hire a lawyer.                                     FARMER 2                         That's a good idea!                                     FRANK                         It would be, if the courts were on                         the up and up.                                     CLELL                         So what do we do?               ANGLE ON               the school house door as it BANGS open and Bob Younger               STUMBLES IN, bleeding from a cut on his forehead, being               supported by Zee.                                     BOB                         They got Cole.               He collapses into a seat. The crowd surrounds him.                                     ZEE                         He came to our house, Daddy. I                         figured you'd all want to hear this.               Jesse and Frank are next to Bob. Zee puts a hand on Jesse's               shoulder. He notices.                                     BOB                         They came up, made the same offer                         they made you folks. Our little                         brother Jim tried to chase 'em off,                         one of those detectives hit him in                         the head, knocked him out. Cole lost                         his temper.                                     FRANK                              (rubbing his                              forehead)                         Oh no...                                     BOB                         He just lost his temper a little.                                     JESSE                              (sighing)                         How many of them did he kill?                                     BOB                         Two.                                     FRANK                         Damn!                                     BOB                         They said because the detectives                         were working for the Department of                         the Interior --                                     FRANK                         The Army can hang him.                                     BOB                         Tomorrow.                                     CLELL                         What do we do?                                     JESSE                         Nothing.               The crowd stares at Jesse.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         You folks are going to do nothing.                         You're all going to go home right                         now. So you're going to be able to                         swear on a Bible that you don't know                         anything about what's going to                         happen tomorrow.               Jesse's gaze is at once noble and terrifying. The crowd               quietly begins to disperse.                                     DOC MIMMS                         Boys...                                     JESSE                         Go home, Doc.                              (softly)                         They ain't gonna hang no more                         Liberty boys.               Doc Mimms nods, EXITS.               Jesse walks to the other end of the school house. Bob,               Frank, Clell and Loni fall in behind him. The door SWINGS               OPEN again and Comanche Tom enters with Jim Younger sporting               six-guns way too big for him.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         I couldn't lose him.                                     BOB                         Jim Younger, I told you--                                     JIM                         It's my fault they're gonna hang                         Cole. I want in.                                     FRANK                         Jim, it was just a matter of time                         before they tried to hang somebody                         else to scare off the other farmers.                                     JESSE                         And you're too young.                                     JIM                              (to Jesse)                         I'm the same age you were when you                         went off to war.                                     JESSE                         And the same age Web was. No.                                     ZEE (O.S.) (O.S.)                         You're wasting time.               Zee joins them.                                     JESSE                         Zee, go home.               Zee's eyebrows go up.                                     ZEE                         Who else was there when they hanged                         the others?               The men look at each other. Nothing.                                     ZEE  (CONT'D)                         You need to know how they do it.                         Which way they walk up. What order                         they do things in. And if you mess                         up rescuing Cole because you won't                         listen to a woman, then God damn you                         all.               Pause.                                     JESSE                         All right. Seven of us against a                         Union regiment and Pinkerton                         detectives in broad daylight in the                         middle of Main Street.               Jesse smiles.                                     BOB                         He's smiling.                                     JIM                         Is that bad?                                     FRANK                         Very.               EXT. LIBERTY CITY GALLOWS - THE NEXT DAY               Soldiers flank the gallows, which stand at the bottom of               the stairs to City Hall. A small drum corps beats a stark               rhythm.               Parker is watching this like a sideshow. Pinkerton is next               to him, scanning the crowd of locals which is getting larger               and surlier by the minute.                                     PARKER                         Relax, Alan. The Army has this all                         in hand. And Mr. Thaddeus Rains will                         be very pleased with this news.                         Nothing like a hanging to motivate                         the populace to relocate.                                     PINKERTON                         It's not my job to relax. I've put                         men facing out both ways down Main                         Street, so nobody can ride in                         shooting. I've got a sharpshooter up                         on the water tower just in case.               Pinkerton WAVES to a FIGURE in a suit atop the water tower.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. WATER TOWER               We see it is FRANK JAMES in the suit, who WAVES BACK and               then kneels and sights down his long rifle. Tucked away               behind him, out of sight from the street, is a               bound-and-gagged PINKERTON SNIPER in his underwear.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. GALLOWS               Cole, his face swollen from a beating, is marched up the               stairs of the gallows toward the waiting hangman.               LONG SHOT               of the gallows, detectives and soldiers down the street on               both sides, guns ready. The position is completely               unassailable. Cole is at the platform. His hands are tied in               front of him. The noose is placed on his neck.               BACK TO               The gallows. Parker leans forward in anticipation. A UNION               LIEUTENANT approaches with the black hood. Cole spits in his               face. The CROWD ROARS. The Lieutenant angrily motions to the               HANGMAN, who grabs the lever --               The drums STOP --               But the drumming doesn't.               The drum corps look at each other, confused. The Army men               and the Pinkertons squint in concentration. There's               definitely some sort of rhythmic DRUMMING, coming closer...               The CROWD, sensing something, easing back from the               gallows...               The drumming gets LOUDER ...               EXT. STREET               REVEAL Fifty-odd CATTLE suddenly STAMPEDING from down the               street, their hooves creating the drumming!               REACTION SHOTS as the Pinkertons and Army men start to               scatter, the cattle surging around them --               EXT. VIEWING STAND               ANGLE ON Parker and Alan Pinkerton running for cover,               Pinkerton half-turned to watch the action.                                     PINKERTON                         Brilliant...               Pinkerton suddenly spots something confusing. We FOLLOW his               stare to see --               ANGLE ON               a HORSE in the middle of the cattle, cutting through the               steer, towards the gallows.               THE HANGMAN REACHES FOR THE LEVER AGAIN, BUT JUST AS HE               DOES -               Jesse -- masked -- appears from the side of the horse,               where he's been hanging on Indian-style. He gets a leg up on               the horse's back and LEAPS --               SLAMMING into the Hangman, bringing him down!               The cattle pass the gallows, revealing that the tight ranks               of the Army and Pinkertons are now spread out --               EXT. GENERAL STORE               SMASH! From the nearby GENERAL STORE, the other masked               rescuers CRASH through the big front window on horseback and               ride into the Army men, FIRING AWAY.               TOTAL CHAOS! The Army men and Pinkertons fight towards the               gallows. As Jesse untangles himself from the Hangman, the               Union Lieutenant reaches for the lever but BANG drops as               Frank opens fire.               Frank starts picking off soldiers. The detectives and               remaining soldiers are completely disoriented.               EXT. GALLOWS               Jesse flashes a knife and the noose drops away from Cole's               neck. Facing Cole, he cuts the rope on Cole's wrists --               Cole instantly draws Jesse's guns from his waist holster,               spin-reverses them and SHOOTS two Union soldiers climbing               the stairs behind Jesse's back.  Jesse and Cole exchange a               look, then Jesse steps away --               As Bob rides by he TOSSES JESSE'S GUNBELT into the air.               Jesse draws both guns from the belt as it flies by, spins               and starts shooting.               EXT. MAIN STREET               The soldiers have totally broken ranks. One riderless horse               led by Comanche Tom pulls up by the scaffold. Jesse LEAPS ON               and Cole jumps on behind him. Jesse puts the spurs to it and               the horse SURGES into a gap in the crowd.               Allen Pinkerton steps past the panicking troops, squarely               in the path of the charging horse. He draws his gun and               FIRES. The bullet PLOWS into Jesse just as the terrified               horse lurches forward, TRAMPLING Pinkerton.               Cole holds Jesse up and the riders take off down the               street. We see Frank has disappeared from the water tower.               The soldiers fire at the fleeing liberators. One of the               detectives runs over to the injured Alan Pinkerton.                                     DETECTIVE                         Sir, are you all right?                              (shout)                         Somebody get a doctor!               EXT. MIMMS HOME - NIGHT               WE SEE one window upstairs with a light on.               INT. BEDROOM               Doc Mimms has just finished bandaging Jesse, who lies               unconscious beneath the sheets. Zee is holding an oil lamp.                                     ZEE                         He's going to be fine, right Daddy?                                     DOC MIMMS                         The bullet came out clean, but he                         lost a whole lot of blood. Praying                         wouldn't hurt.               The SOUND OF HOOFBEATS APPROACHES from outside.               INT. LIVING ROOM               Doc Mimms opens the door. A UNION OFFICER and a squad of               soldiers push in.                                     OFFICER                         Good evening, sir, we're looking                         for a fugitive.                                     DOC MIMMS                         A fugitive? Who?                                     OFFICER                         We don't know, but he was very                         badly wounded. We're checking all                         the houses in the area.               INT. BEDROOM               Zee hears her father protesting, then FOOTSTEPS on the               stairs. Quickly she undresses, grabs a quilt from a chest               and jumps into bed with Jesse. She pulls the quilt up to her               neck, completely hiding him.               At that moment, the Officer barges in. Zee lets out a               little gasp as if startled awake. She covers herself with               the quilt.                                     ZEE                         Sir! Who are you?                                     OFFICER                         Oh. Sorry ma'am.                                     ZEE                         I should hope so.               The Officer EXITS. Zee watches the door for a moment, then               looks down fondly at Jesse.                                     ZEE  (CONT'D)                         Jesse, are you awake?                                     JESSE                              (groggy)                         Mmmm.               Zee gently pushes his hair off his face. Then her               expression changes.                                     ZEE                         Jesse, is that your hand?                                     JESSE                         Nuh-huh ...               Jesse smiles in his sleep. Zee jumps out of the bed and               wraps a dressing gown around herself. Doc Mimms enters.                                     DOC MIMMS                         They're gone. What are you --                                     ZEE                         I fooled them into thinking I was                         alone.                                     DOC MIMMS                         Well, I hope the boy pulls through.                         We should know in the morning.                                     ZEE                              (with a little smile)                         I think he's already feeling better.               A puzzled Doc Mimms follows her out.               EXT. LIBERTY MAIN STREET - AFTERNOON - TWO WEEKS LATER               A lavishly appointed carriage rolls up to the front of the               nicest hotel in town. Rollin Parker and his retinue of               Pinkerton detectives scurry to the door.               The DOOR OPENS. Out steps THADDEUS RAINS, wearing an               elegant suit he bought in London last year and a scowl he               picked up in Boston three decades ago. The scowl fits him               better.                                     PARKER                         Mr. Thaddeus Rains, sir, it is a                         pleasure to have you join us in the                         field.                                     RAINS                         And it is my pleasure to be here.                                     PARKER                         Really!                                     RAINS                         NO! It is NOT my pleasure to have                         to leave my board room to come to                         this godforsaken piece of dirt to                         discover why in the name of all that                         is holy you cannot seem to evict a                         few simple farmers from their                         PATHETIC LITTLE MUDHOLES so that I                         may build the GREATEST railroad that                         this country has ever seen!                                     PARKER                         I can completely understand your                         distress, sir.               Rains sighs. As he speaks, he checks a heavy, gold, ornate               and ever-present POCKETWATCH on a GOLD CHAIN.                                     RAINS                         Parker, tell me what's going on so                         I can return as quickly as possible                         to Boston and my whores and cigars,                         not necessarily in that order.                                     PARKER                         Two weeks ago, we managed to                         arrange to have the Army hang one of                         the local farmers.                                     RAINS                         Good.                                     PARKER                         Unfortunately not, sir. A gang of                         local thugs managed to rescue him                         from the gallows. Not only has this                         inspired resistance from the other                         farmers, the redoubtable Mr. Alan                         Pinkerton was seriously injured                         during the incident.                                     RAINS                         Leaving you in charge of operations                         until he recovers.                                     PARKER                              (puffing with pride)                         Yes sir.                                     RAINS                         Just perfect.                                     PARKER                         A further impediment is that the                         Army garrison has been ordered to                         move on from Liberty. We will no                         longer have that particular stick                         with which to threaten the farmers.                                     RAINS                         You see the Army leaving and you                         see the loss of a tool. I see a                         power void to be filled. As we have                         the most power, we may move with                         impunity.                                     PARKER                         I see. I'll get together four                         patrols of our detectives for action                         tonight.                                     RAINS                         I'll teach these podunks what                         happens when they challenge the                         righteousness of progress.               EXT. MIMMS HOME - AFTERNOON - THAT SAME DAY               Zee is on the porch. Jesse COMES THROUGH the door, moving               gingerly. Zee immediately moves to support him.                                     ZEE                         You shouldn't be up.                                     JESSE                         I've been on my back two weeks. I'm                         sick of it.                                     ZEE                         You're sick of my company?                                     JESSE                         No! I mean, of course not. No.                                     ZEE                         Teasing you is completely unfair.                                     JESSE                         What you do to me is unfair. The                         teasing, I mean.                                     ZEE                         I shouldn't tease a hero.                                     JESSE                         What?                                     ZEE                         Everybody in the county knows it                         was you who rescued Cole. We're all                         so proud of you, Jesse. And not a                         single farm's been sold to the                         railroad since. You're everybody's                         hero.                                     JESSE                         I wasn't the only one risking my                         neck that day.                                     ZEE                         So you're saying I should leave you                         alone and go spend time with Jimmy                         Younger?                                     JESSE                         Unfair. You are completely unfair.               They look at each other warmly. Frank DRIVES UP in a               carriage.                                     FRANK                         You ready to stop loafing around                         with this young lady and get back to                         farming?                                     JESSE                         What do you think?                                     FRANK                         Would you get in the carriage?                         Until Ma has you home so she can                         fuss over you herself, she's gonna                         make me miserable.               Doc Mimms COMES OUT onto the porch.                                     JESSE                         What do you say, sir?                                     DOC MIMMS                         Go on. You're pretty much all                         healed up.               Jesse and Zee exchange glances. Zee withdraws demurely into               the house. Jesse straightens up and hops easily into the               carriage.                                     FRANK                         You're looking a bit more spry now                         that somebody --                                     JESSE                              (to Frank)                         Shut up.                              (to Doc Mimms)                         Uh, Doc, I was wondering if, uh,                         this evening, I could come by?                                     DOC MIMMS                         You know you're welcome any time!                                     JESSE                              (unusually awkward)                         Yesss, but I was thinking, I could                         come by, and then take Zee out. Some                         place near. With other folk. Near.                         Here.                              (beat)                         But out.                                     DOC MIMMS                              (bemused)                         It's fine by me, Jesse.                                     FRANK                         Don't worry, sir, I'll make sure                         they're always properly chaperoned.               Jesse slooooowly turns to glare at Frank.                                     DOC MIMMS                              (grinning)                         Why, that hadn't even occurred to                         me, Frank. I am deeply in your debt.                                     FRANK                         Army's leaving town, so Cole can                         stop hiding up in the woods and come                         back to his farm. Everybody's                         getting together at the Younger                         place for a to-do.               Frank tips his hat, and the carriage MOVES OFF.               EXT. BARNYARD - NIGHT               Dozens of people are milling about happily in the lantern               light of a Western party. Some are dancing to the small               banjo-led band. A small knot of men are comparing war               stories. Cole Younger is wandering among them, people               clapping his shoulder, shaking his hand.               Jesse -- formally accompanying Zee -- and Frank arrive at               the edge of the light. Immediately the entire group bursts               into applause and crowds Jesse. Cole cuts through and bear               hugs Jesse, making him wince.                                     COLE                         Here's Liberty's favorite son!                              (quietly)                         I'll never forget what you did,                         cousin.                                     BOB                         Zee, I'm pleased you came.                                     ZEE                         Why thank you, Bob.                                     BOB                         I'm especially pleased you came                         with Jesse.                              (off her look)                         Seeing as right now there's a                         gaggle of girls hoping to dance with                         Jesse who are just going to have to                         settle for the many charms of Bob                         Younger.               ANGLE ON               A group of obviously disappointed, beautiful young women.               Bob runs a hand through his hair.                                     JESSE                         You have no shame.                                     BOB                         Not yet. But I'm hoping.               The party starts up again, and everyone is caught up in the               good times.               ANGLE ON               Jesse SWINGING Zee into a group of dancers. They join in               the Two-Step, and Jesse's as smooth as silk.               EXT. HILLSIDE - NIGHT - A WHILE LATER               Jesse, carrying a lantern, and Zee are walking. We can hear               the party still going just a little ways away. They reach a               tree at the hilltop with a beautiful view of the stars and               the river. They sit down, their backs against the tree.                                     JESSE                         I used to come to this tree when I                         was a kid and imagine what my life                         would be like when I got older.                                     ZEE                         You didn't want to farm?                                     JESSE                         I was thinking more along the lines                         of being a river pirate.                                     ZEE                         A river pirate.                                     JESSE                         Arr. Hand over your jewels, Missy.                                     ZEE                         Thank God you grew out of that.                              (pause)                         You did grow out of that, didn't                         you?                                     JESSE                         Mostly. It would be an all right                         life, for a bachelor.                                     ZEE                         You planning on being a bachelor                         your whole life, Jesse James?                                     JESSE                         Not if I find the right girl.                                     ZEE                         And what's this right girl like?                                     JESSE                         Smart. Funny. Bossy. Always makes                         me think she's two steps ahead of                         me. And big buck teeth.                                     ZEE                         Where will you find such a girl?                                     JESSE                         Honestly, you'd do if only you had                         the buck teeth.               Zee fakes a monstrous overbite.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                              (dreamy)                         Finally.               The two move a little closer. Eye contact.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         Ahem. "From this doctrine..." No,                         ah... "From women's eyes this                         doctrine I derive, they sparkle                         still like ... shiny... sparkling                         rocks..."                                     ZEE                         Sparkling rocks?                                     JESSE                         Little ones.                                     ZEE                         Is this one of Frank's Shakespeare                         poems you're trying to quote?                                     JESSE                         Yep.                                     ZEE                         Were you planning on kissing me                         when you finished quoting?                                     JESSE                         I've been planning on kissin' you                         for a very long time.               They kiss. It's everything it should be.               BOOM!               Jesse and Zee are startled by a flash of light and sound.               They turn to look back --               EXT. YOUNGER BARN               The partygoers are RUNNING from the YARD to the BARN, which               is ON FIRE in several different places. As the Younger               brothers and Frank get close, they see a squad of masked               riders disappearing down the road. Some of the men SHOOT at               the riders, but the distance is too great.               Jim makes a run for the BARN, but Bob grabs him.                                     COLE                         BASTARDS! Come back here and face                         me!                                     FRANK                         Get buckets!               Some of the crowd starts to form a bucket line to the well.               Jesse and Zee RUN UP. Frank turns to him.                                     FRANK  (CONT'D)                         Pinkertons. It's the railroad.                                     JESSE                         Ma.               Frank and Jesse bolt for their horses, swing into the               saddles and GALLOP OFF.               EXT. JAMES HOUSE               From a bit down the road, looking just fine. Jesse and               Frank reign in as relief rushes across their faces --               AN EXPLOSION tears the house apart like a pile of               matchsticks! Jesse and Frank urge their horses into a full               gallop.               EXT. YARD               Jesse and Frank leap from their mounts, trying to get close               to the house. The flames are too strong.                                     JESSE                         Ma! Ma!               Jesse's ventured so close his coat catches fire. Frank               tears it from him and stamps it out. Jesse ignores him,               still pacing back and forth in front of the inferno.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         Ma! Please!                                     MA (O.S.) (O.S.)                              (weakly)                         Boys?               The brothers turn and nearly drop from shock. Ma is               stumbling toward them, half her hair singed off, brutally               BURNED.                                     FRANK                         Jesus mercy --               They reach her just as she collapses. Jesse is cradling               her, Frank with his arms around both of them.                                     MA                         Riders --                                     JESSE                         We know, Ma. Now we got to get you                         to Doc Mimms.                                     MA                         Take care of each other, boys. You                         say your prayers.               Jesse is openly crying. Frank has tears silently streaming               down his face.                                     JESSE                         Doc Mimms will --                                     MA                         Shush.               Ma's eyes turn up, and she half-smiles.                                     MA  (CONT'D)                         Well look at that. The Good Lord's                         a bit shorter than I reckoned.               Ma gently stops breathing.               ANGLE ON               The boys holding Ma, framed by the roaring flames of their               home. Jesse leans his head back and lets out a HOWL OF RAGE               AND PAIN AND HATE that goes on and on and on...                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               EXT. JAMES FARM - MORNING               Frank and Jesse are staring at the smoking ruins of their               lives. Other townsfolk are milling nearby, including Zee and               the Youngers.                                     FRANK                         ... We could move on. Rebuild. Make                         a decent life someplace else.                                     JESSE                         Don't care.                                     FRANK                         Didn't think you would.                              (turning away)                         I'm going to go make the coffin.                                     JESSE                         Make a thousand of 'em. Still won't                         be enough by the time I'm through.               Frank is gone.                                     COLE                         Our place, Clell Miller's, Sammy                         Johnston, the Creeders. Will Hite.                                     BOB                         The sheriff says it was a gang of                         drunk Kansas boys.                                     COLE                         I say we ride into town and kill us                         some Pinkertons and railroad men.                                     JIM                         I like that.                                     JESSE                         No.               They stare at him.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         This isn't a feud, this is war.                         They've got more men than we do. We                         kill detectives, they can replace                         'em in a day.                                     COLE                              (snapping)                         So what do we do, General Lee?                                     JESSE                         Just like in the war. Harass their                         supply lines. We kill the railroad's                         men, they won't care.                                     BOB                         But if we take their money and                         supplies...                                     JESSE                         Exactly.                                     JIM                         That's a great plan, Jesse!               Cole nods grudgingly.                                     BOB                         I'll get us a few more men, and                         Comanche Tom'll ride with us.                                     JIM                         Where do we hit first, Jesse?                                     COLE                         I'll pick the first job! I mean...                         I know a girl down at the bank. See                         if she can't get a list of towns                         where the railroad keeps its money.                                     JESSE                         Perfect, Cole.                                     COLE                         Let's ride.               The Youngers mount up. Jesse walks to the ruined house,               pulls a big iron trunk from the wreckage. He KICKS it open,               reaches in, and pulls out his gun belts. Zee appears behind               him in what remains of the doorway.                                     ZEE                         I am so sorry, Jesse.                                     JESSE                         Frank and me have to go away for a                         while.               Zee considers this, puts her head in close to Jesse's.                                     ZEE                         You and I, we've started...                         something, you know?                              (Jesse nods)                         I don't know what'll happen if you                         do this.                                     JESSE                         Me neither.                                     ZEE                         Let the law --                                     JESSE                         Laws don't touch men like Thaddeus                         Rains. Only justice does.                                     ZEE                         Whose justice? Yours or God's?                              (no answer)                         When will you stop?                                     JESSE                         When my name makes them cry in                         their sleep. When I've brought them                         to ashes.               Jesse kisses her gently, turns and walks to where the               Youngers are standing. Zee can barely conceal her anger and               heartbreak.                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               EXT. FIDELITY BANK AND TRUST - DAY               ESTABLISHING SHOT of a Midwestern bank on a quiet street.               INT. FIDELITY BANK               There are two teller windows, a couple of male customers               and a MOTHER and CHILD.               Jesse and Cole ENTER dressed for the trail, longrider coats               and spurs. Saddlebags are slung over their shoulders.                                     JESSE                         Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen,                         but I have bad news. The railroad                         payroll has been stolen.               The BANK MANAGER steps out from behind his desk.                                     MANAGER                         What are you talking about? The                         railroad's money is right over there                         in that safe.               Jesse draws two guns, Cole produces a shotgun from his coat.                                     JESSE                         That safe?                                     MANAGER                         Ah.               EXT. FIDELITY BANK               Frank James, Bob and Jim Younger, Clell Miller, Loni               Packwood, Comanche Tom and several new GANG MEMBERS wait               along both sides of the street in this medium sized               mid-western town. Some are standing next to their horses,               some mounted.               ANOTHER ANGLE               An OLD MAN with a cane is walking shakily towards the bank.               Frank jerks his head and Jim intercepts him.                                     JIM                         Hold on there, sir. Bank's closed                         today.                                     OLD MAN                         Wha?                                     JIM                         Bank holiday! Bank's closed!               Jim tries to steer the old man away. The old man starts               batting at him with the cane.                                     OLD MAN                         Get off me!                                     JIM                         Ow! Ow!               Frank sighs.               INT. FIDELITY BANK               Jesse and the Bank Manager are having a staredown.                                     MANAGER                         This is outrageous. Who are you                         people?                                     JESSE                         The James Gang.                                     COLE                              (annoyed)                         The James-Younger Gang.                                     JESSE                         Sorry.                                     COLE                         Don't let it happen again.               EXT. FIDELITY BANK               The old man is still smacking Jim with the cane. Bob               crosses to help.                                     BOB                         Sir, it's a bank holiday --               SMACK SMACK and now the old man's laying the cane on both               Bob and Jim.                                     JIM                         Ow!                                     BOB                         Ow ow!               Frank hangs his head.               INT. FIDELITY BANK               Cole turns to the Woman and Child.                                     COLE                         Ma'am, kindly cover that child's                         eyes.                                     WOMAN                         Why?                                     COLE                         I don't want her to see me shoot                         this man.               The woman covers the child's eyes. Cole raises the shotgun.               Jesse half covers his eyes and turns his head. The Manager               swallows.               EXT. FIDELITY BANK               Comanche Tom walks over to where the old man is still               SMACKING Jim and Bob.                                     OLD MAN                         I know it ain't no durned bank                         holiday!                                     COMANCHE TOM                         You're right, sir.                                     OLD MAN                         Then why can't I go in there?                                     COMANCHE TOM                         On account of we're robbing it.                                     OLD MAN                         Oh. Why didn't you just say so?                                     COMANCHE TOM                         It's a secret.                                     OLD MAN                         Fine. I'll just wait here.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         I'd appreciate that.               The old man settles against the wall. Comanche Tom moves               back to his horse. Bob and Jim walk off, glaring at the old               man.               INT. SHERRIFF'S OFFICE               A lean, middle-aged SHERRIFF is walking by his window. His               DEPUTY is whittling at the desk. The Sherriff pulls up short.                                     SHERRIFF                         What the --                                     DEPUTY                         What is it?                                     SHERRIFF                         Old Man Tucker is just standing                         quiet outside the bank.                                     DEPUTY                         So?                                     SHERRIFF                         When have you ever known Old Man                         Tucker not to be yelling at                         everybody?               He takes in the group of riders, reaches for his rifle.               EXT. FIDELITY BANK               Jesse and Cole RUN FROM the bank with full saddlebags.               Everybody MOUNTS UP and starts riding down main street.                                     FRANK                         How'd it go in there?                                     JESSE                         Fine. How'd it go out here?                                     FRANK                         We're gonna have to talk...               BANG! The gang flinches as a chunk of wood splinters from a               post. They turn to see the Sherriff running out in front of               them, raising his rifle --               The entire Gang draws their guns. Jesse raises a hand.                                     JESSE                         Sir, you can do this the smart way,                         or the stupid way. Only one way ends                         with you still breathin'.               The Sherriff takes in the Gang's firepower. He lowers the               rifle.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                              (to the Gang)                         Just 'cause we're robbing a bank,                         no reason not to be civil about it.               The Gang turns and RIDES OFF hard.               The DEPUTY walks up to the Sherriff a beat later.                                     SHERRIFF                         Where the hell were you?                                     DEPUTY                         I had you covered.                              (beat)                         From back there.                                     SHERRIFF                         Shit.                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               EXT. CAMP - NIGHT               A bonfire burns in the middle of a rough camp in the woods.               The Gang members are sitting around, relaxing and drinking               coffee. All eyes are on Jesse and Cole as they finish               counting the money.                                     JESSE                         I got seven thousand.                                     COLE                         I got three.                                     BOB                         Ten thousand dollars! That's almost                         a thousand apiece!               The men HOOT AND HOLLER.                                     LONI                         My luck is changing at last!               Cole holds up a pile of papers.                                     COLE                         These are deeds and mortgages of                         farms the bank was holding for the                         railroad.                                     BOB                         Better pass them over here before                         something happens to 'em.               Cole goes to hand the papers to Bob and "accidentally"               drops them in the fire. The men CHEER again.                                     JESSE                         All right, settle down. All this                         money ain't ours.                                     BOB                         Well, no, Jesse, it was the bank's.                         That's why we had to go to all that                         trouble of stealing it.                              (to Frank)                         You explain it to him.                                     JESSE                         We oughta take some of this, give                         it to our neighbors in Liberty. Lot                         of people hurting up there.                                     CLELL                         None of them risked their necks for                         this.                                     FRANK                         Now, let's think about this. We                         create some good will with the folks                         hereabouts, make it easier to dodge                         the law.                                     JESSE                         See, Frank's being smart about this.                                     COLE                         Just because he reads all those                         books and knows all those big words                         doesn't make him smart.                                     BOB                         Uhh, yeah it does.                                     COLE                         You stay out of this, Bob.                                     JIM                         I think Jesse's got a good idea --                                     COLE                         You stay out of this too, Jim.                              (to Jesse)                         Who put you in charge of this gang,                         anyway, Jesse? I did mighty fine                         leading us during the War.                                     JESSE                         And I planned getting you off the                         hangman's deck --                                     FRANK                         And that's why you both lead the                         gang. Two of you went into that bank                         together, right?               Jesse and Cole nod, still watching each other.                                     FRANK  (CONT'D)                         Two heads are better than one. All                         Jesse was doing was making a                         suggestion.               Jesse nods, his face giving nothing up.                                     FRANK  (CONT'D)                         So we're waiting to hear what you                         think of the suggestion. As the                         other leader of the gang.               Cole considers this.                                     COLE                         I reckon it's the smart thing to do.               The other Gang members grumble. Cole whirls on them.                                     COLE  (CONT'D)                         Hey! We decide something, that's                         it! We're in this for the long haul,                         and this idea of me and Jesse's will                         help give us more places to hide out                         without worrying about some farmer                         with a shotgun sneakin' up on us in                         our sleep. We've got to think --                                     FRANK                         Strategically.                                     COLE                         -- Exactly. Because this is a war.                                     CLELL                         This ain't no war.               The Gang is taken aback by this blatant contradiction. Then               a smile spreads across Clell's face.                                     CLELL  (CONT'D)                         Nobody paid me no thousand dollars                         to fight in the War!               The Gang LAUGHS, and the tension is broken. Jesse and Cole               slap each other's shoulders, and everyone starts counting               their money and talking all at once.               INT. SALOON - DAY               The crowded saloon is alive with music, card-playing, and               dancing girls. Various James Gang members are playing cards               and drinking. Jesse, Cole, and Frank are at the bar.                                     COLE                         It's not a bank.                                     JESSE                         It's better. It's a construction                         depot. They'll have the strongbox                         and some ammo and explosives for us                         to take. That way we can take on a                         bigger job.                                     FRANK                         And it's guarded by Pinkerton                         detectives.                                     JESSE                         And I do so want to shoot some                         Pinkerton detectives.               Jesse and Cole grin and slap each other on the back. Jim               BURSTS in waving a newspaper. He quickly runs to the bar.                                     JIM                              (stage whispering)                         We're famous!               Jesse takes the paper.                                     JESSE                         I'll be damned!               The other Gang members drift over to the bar.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                              (reading)                         "The Fidelity Bank and Trust was                         robbed on Tuesday by a gang of                         twenty heavily armed men."                                     COLE                         Twenty?!                                     LONI                         What are the odds, another gang                         robbing the same place right after                         we did.                                     BOB                         Yeah, Loni, that's exactly what                         happened.                                     JESSE                         "The outlaws calling themselves the                         James-Younger Gang shot their way                         out of town, wounding the Sherriff                         and three other townsfolk."                                     BOB                         Hey!                                     JESSE                         "Bank officials estimate the loss                         at fifty thousand dollars."                                     CLELL                         We only got ten thousand.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         This happens all the time when you                         let the white man count the money.                                     JESSE                         "The U.S. District Marshal at St.                         Louis called this the first daylight                         bank robbery in American history."               Jim whistles.                                     JIM                         We made history. That's something                         to be proud of.                                     COLE                         The rest of this is all lies.                                     JESSE                         That just means the next time,                         we'll have to set the record                         straight ourselves.               The Gang looks at him.               EXT. THAXTON SWITCH DEPOT - NIGHT               Half finished railroad tracks run alongside a few sheds and               an office building.               ANGLE ON               The TRAIN TRACKS as the James-Younger Gang rides at full               gallop. A rapid series of SEQUENTIAL EXPLOSIONS follows               them, destroying the track for hundreds of yards.               EXT. THAXTON SWITCH DEPOT - MORNING               The entire work camp is DESTROYED. SMOKE still hangs over               the twisted wreckage, a few wagons smolder, it looks like               Omaha Beach at D-DAY plus 20.  Thaddeus Rains is surveying               the damage with Parker.                                     PARKER                         They exchanged fire with the                         Pinkerton Guards, killing several of                         them. Then they raided the payroll                         office and blew the tracks for half                         a mile.                                     RAINS                         How much did they get from the safe?                                     PARKER                         Thirty-five thousand, sir. Coins                         and currency. And the delay from the                         miles of destroyed track --                                     RAINS                         I'll kill them for blowing up my                         railway!                                     PARKER                         To be precise, they didn't blow up                         the tracks.                                     RAINS                         THEN WHO DID?!                                     PARKER                         We did.               Rains stares at him. Parker swallows.                                     PARKER  (CONT'D)                         ... I mean, our men. Our own                         workers planted the dynamite.                              (beat)                         They were under duress.               Rains controls his cerebral hemorrhage through sheer force               of will. He checks his pocket watch, then says through               gritted teeth:                                     RAINS                         Where the hell is Pinkerton?               The SOUND OF HORSES makes them turn.               ANGLE ON               A fancy carriage that pulls up. WE SEE the ground beneath               the carriage. A boot hits the ground. Then another. Then the               tip of a cane.               REVEAL Alan Pinkerton now moving toward Rains and Parker,               limping from when Jesse's horse trampled him. He has a               newspaper folded up under one arm.                                     RAINS  (CONT'D)                         Look at this, Pinkerton! They got                         the payroll, and this damage will                         set construction back two months at                         least.                                     PINKERTON                              (surveying)                         Not to mention my men who lost                         their lives.                                     PARKER                         Your men knew the risks.                                     RAINS                         What is going on here, man?                                     PINKERTON                         My professional opinion is that you                         have managed to piss off the wrong                         bunch of farm boys this time.                                     PARKER                         They had to be dealt with!                                     PINKERTON                         By burning down their homes?                                     RAINS                         You wouldn't have done that?                                     PINKERTON                         Oh no, I would have done that. But                         I would have made sure I killed                         them, too.                                     RAINS                         I want them arrested and hanged!                                     PINKERTON                         Would a jury around here convict                         their own? I think not. We're                         beginning an interesting game here,                         Mr. Rains.                                     RAINS                         This is no game.                                     PINKERTON                         I'm afraid our adversaries don't                         agree.               He hands Rains the paper. Rains' eyes bug out. He begins to               read aloud.                                     RAINS                              (reading)                         "A Rock Island and Pacific Railroad                         depot was robbed two nights ago just                         outside St. Louis, Missouri. The                         brave and daring James-Younger Gang                         was heavily outnumbered by Pinkerton                         detectives, but the city lawmen were                         no match for the guns of the West."                                     PINKERTON                         It is a nice piece of writing.                                     RAINS                         "The gang made off with thirty-five                         thousand dollars and also destroyed                         the Thaxton Switch construction,                         meaning that for a few months honest                         farmers will be able to sleep                         without fearing the railroad is                         coming to steal their land!"                              (he slams the paper                              into Parker's chest)                         Who wrote this!? I'll see him                         hanged every Tuesday for a month!                                     PINKERTON                         Oh, that's the best part.               He points Rains to the bottom of the article.                                     RAINS                         "The foregoing article was sent to                         the newspaper. It was reputedly                         written by the outlaw --                              (exploding)                         Jesse James himself!"               Rains crushes the paper in his hands, raging as he surveys               his destroyed rail tracks.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. MIMMS HOME - DAY               Doc Mimms is reading a paper to Zee.                                     DOC MIMMS                         "...written by the outlaw Jesse                         James himself."               Zee is pacing.                                     ZEE                         He thinks this is some kind of game!                                     DOC MIMMS                         I'm upset too, Zee, but Jesse and                         Cole know what they're doing. I'm                         sure they won't press their luck.               Zee looks at him. Doc Mimms sighs.                                     DOC MIMMS  (CONT'D)                         I know. But the Lord protects                         madmen and prophets, and                         Jesse' of them. I'm just not                         sure which.                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               EXT. RAILROAD TRACKS - DAY               A freight train is coming. We can see "Rock Island and               Pacific Railroad" written across the side.               INT. ENGINE CAB               The ENGINEER nudges the fireman.                                     ENGINEER                         Look at that.               Outside, along the railbed, members of the James Gang are               holding a series of signs, each one a dozen yards after the               other. The engineer reads each one as they pass.                                     ENGINEER  (CONT'D)                              (reading)                         "Better... slow... down...                         dynamite... ahead... too late...                         you're dead!"               The engineer and the fireman look up. Ahead of them on the               track is an overloaded wagon with barrels marked "TNT".               The engineer slams on the brakes. The high pitched scream               of steel on steel sounds out over the avalanche of sparks               flying from the wheels.               EXT. TRAIN TRACKS               The train stops juuuuust in time. The front of the engine               is inches away from the wagon.               INT. ENGINE               Jesse sticks his head in, guns drawn.                                     JESSE                         That was a fine piece of driving,                         yes sir.               He looks at the wagon. The engineer and fireman follow his               gaze.               EXT. TRAIN TRACKS               Comanche Tom and Jim Younger climb on top of the wagon,               kick over some barrels. They're empty, without even a top or               bottom.               INT. ENGINE               Jesse grins as the engineer and fireman hang their heads.               INT. BANK - DAY               Jesse and Frank walk into a large bank dressed in suits.               Just inside the door, Frank notices something odd and               nudges Jesse. It's a "Wanted" poster. "Frank and Jesse               James. $5,000 reward."               They look back and forth at the artist's sketches and each               other. They shake their heads "no."               Jesse walks over to the teller's window. He hands a bill to               the TELLER.                                     JESSE                         Could you change this please?                                     TELLER                              (studying it)                         Sir, this bill is counterfeit!               Jesse draws. Frank whistles and Cole, Bob and Jim burst in.                                     JESSE                         I don't think it's counterfeit. Do                         you mind if I take a look at all                         your real bills to compare?                                     FRANK                         It's the scientific method. It's                         all the rage.               INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY               IN a richly paneled conference room, a group of BANKERS,               POLITICIANS and RAILROAD OFFICIALS are gathered around a               large table. On the table is a map with a dozen red markers.               Thaddeus Rains and Alan Pinkerton are studying the map.                                     RAINS                         Senator, can't you do anything?               A Missouri SENATOR shakes his head.                                     SENATOR                         The people see the James-Younger                         Gang as heroes against the Eastern                         businessmen. This is not an area                         where men in suits are much loved.                                     RAINS                         Pinkerton, why can't you get these                         outlaws?                                     PINKERTON                         It's early in the game yet, Mr.                         Rains. Jesse James and I are just                         learning how each other moves,                         feeling out each other's patterns.                                     RAINS                         I'm losing millions of dollars and                         months of time while you play chess                         with these farmers!                                     PINKERTON                         Hardly farmers. I've done some                         checking. All these were in the War.                         These men know sabotage, tactics,                         and have four years of bloody                         fighting experience behind them.                         They are disciplined, well-trained                         and have a charismatic leader. If I                         were to design the perfect outlaw                         band, this gang is what I would                         create.                                     RAINS                         So you can't tell me anything?                                     PINKERTON                         It's going to be a long winter.               Rains pounds the table.               MONTAGE: VARIOUS SHOTS               -- THE GANG On horseback, firing back at a posse.               -- THE GANG RIDES THROUGH A FIELD               Where dozens of sharecroppers are sweating away. They leave               a wake of twenty dollar gold certificates fluttering in the               furrows and hanging in the corn.               -- PINKERTON, LEADING TWENTY DETECTIVES,               RIDING HARD up to a crossroad. With a wave of his hand,               never stopping, he splits one group off to head East, and he               and the others head West.               WALL OF "WANTED" POSTERS               Marked the "James-Younger Gang." The James brothers and               Younger brothers nod at the likenesses, which are getting               better. All except Bob, who stares at his in disbelief. It               looks nothing like him.               Jesse tears down his poster and autographs it for a young               boy.               EXT. OPEN RANGE               The Gang is riding hard. Cole and Jesse look over their               shoulders, nod to each other, and WHISTLE.               The men bring their horses down to an easy pace.                                     JIM                         I never thought that posse was                         gonna give up.                                     FRANK                         They were admirably persistent.                                     COLE                         Jesse, we got to have a word.                                     JESSE                         Sure, cousin.                                     COLE                         All the posters and newspapers are                         calling this bunch the                         "James-Younger Gang."                                     JESSE                         Yep.                                     COLE                         Why aren't we the "Younger-James                         Gang"? I mean, there's three Younger                         brothers and only two James brothers                         here.                                     JIM                         I kinda like the sound of the                         James-Younger Gang.                                     COLE                              (bristling)                         Whose side you on?                                     BOB                         No, Jimmy has a point. The                         Younger-James Gang could be                         confusing.                                     COLE                         How?                                     BOB                         Say we bust into a bank. We yell                         "We're the Younger-James Gang!"                         People are gonna be thinking, "The                         younger James Gang? Is there an                         older James Gang? How come we never                         heard of the older James gang?" So                         people are trying to figure that out                         instead of raising their arms.                                     JESSE                         Can't argue with that.               Cole rolls his eyes.                                     COLE                         I think you boys are missing the                         point here...               They continue to argue as they ride off.                                     JIM                         How about "James-Younger" for the                         bank jobs and "Younger-James" for                         the train robberies?                                     BOB                         See, that's even more confusing,                         people'll think there's two gangs...               EXT. WESTERN STREET - DAY               Comanche Tom RIDES UP to the building marked Marshall's               Office.               A MARSHALL and a dozen PINKERTON DETECTIVES are sitting               around the porch. Tom leaps off his horse.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         You 'um big lawman?                                     MARSHALL                         Yeah, Injun. What do you want?                                     COMANCHE TOM                         Great Chief of St. Louis send me.                                     MARSHALL                         The District Marshall                                     MARSHALL (CONT'D)                         Of St. Louis?                                     COMANCHE TOM                         Ho-yah. Him say tell Big Lawman in                         Carville that badman Jesse James                         riding toward Rising Sun, above                         Great River, near Eagle Rock.                                     MARSHALL                         East? East above the river heading                         for the Eagle Pass?                                     COMANCHE TOM                         Ho-yah!               The Marshall turns to his men.                                     MARSHALL                         I want every man in town! We can                         cut off Jesse James before he                         crosses out of my territory! Let's                         go!               The posse quickly mounts up. The Marshall tosses Comanche               Tom a coin.                                     MARSHALL  (CONT'D)                         Go ahead to the saloon. But don't                         get too drunk!                                     COMANCHE TOM                         Me get heap firewater --               The posse RIDES OFF.                                     COMANCHE TOM  (CONT'D)                         -- you cretins.               Comanche Tom flips the coin over his shoulder. From around               the corner THUNDERS the James Gang. They ride up to the               building marked "Bank" right next to the Marshall's office.               The Gang dismounts, runs in.               An improbably short time later, the Gang members run back               out with full saddlebags and mount up. Comanche Tom RIDES               OFF with them.                                     FRANK                         Nice performance, Tom.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         I feel dirty.               INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY - MONTHS LATER               The same men in suits and the same map, only now with more               red markers on it.  In the center of the group are Thaddeus               Rains, Rollin Parker and Alan Pinkerton.                                     RAINS                         Pinkerton. It's been eight months.                         I see robberies. I see hold ups. But                         I do not see men on the end of                         nooses.                                     PINKERTON                         All of the James Gang's encounters                         have been with local law enforcement                         who, quite frankly, are no match for                         this group's cunning.                                     PARKER                         What about your detectives? They                         haven't --               Pinkerton suddenly CLOSES on Rains and Parker. Rains               doesn't back down, but we are acutely aware of the fact that               Alan Pinkerton is a big, violent Scotsman. He never raises               his voice here, but then again -- he doesn't have to.                                     PINKERTON                              (to Parker)                         First of all: you, shut up.                              (to Rains)                         Now, you've given me a thousand                         miles of railroad to cover. Every                         time the James Gang strikes, we                         shift a hundred detectives to that                         area. But there's just too much open                         land, too many riverbeds to ride,                         caves to hide in. This gang operates                         across four states, often riding a                         hundred miles between jobs.                                     RAINS                         I can't believe this.                                     PINKERTON                         And there are some towns in                         Missouri where James and his men can                         walk openly, as heroes.                                     PARKER                         How can that be?                                     PINKERTON                         They donate money to farmers, to                         churches. Rumor has it they gave the                         sharecroppers of Maddox so much                         money they were able to build a                         school.                                     RAINS                         With my money!                                     PARKER                         We should go burn that school to                         the ground, sir!                                     PINKERTON                              (dryly)                         Yes, that's the way to win the                         locals back to our side.                                     RAINS                         I demand action.                                     PINKERTON                         No, you demand results. They are                         not the same thing. And if you want                         results, you will let me do my job                         as I see fit. Unless of course,                              (jerking his head at                              Parker)                         You want this fool to saddle up and                         take another run at it?                                     RAINS                         Can't you tell me anything?                                     PINKERTON                         It's going to be a long spring.               MONTAGE: VARIOUS SHOTS               -- THE GANG RIDES ALONGSIDE A PAYROLL COACH, The COACH is               marked with the "Rock Northern Railroad" logo.               Suddenly Pinkerton guards leap up from hiding places in the               coach and start firing! The gang fires back dropping two of               the men.               BANK WINDOW               Old "Wanted" posters are replaced by a new set.               THE COACH IS STOPPED               Jesse and Frank are pulling the payroll off as the rest of               the Gang keeps their guns on the remaining Pinkertons. Two               dead Pinkertons lie on the ground.                                     JESSE                         See, that's a shame. If people                         would just hand over the money and                         not shoot at us --               Loni looks at something in his hand.                                     BOB                         What's that?                                     LONI                         Lucky Rabbit's foot. Took it off                         that dead fella over there.                                     BOB                         I don't think that one's working,                         Loni.               Loni pockets the charm.               -- JESSE, FRANK, AND THE YOUNGER BROTHERS Sit heads bowed               in a small country church as the collection plate is passed.               Jesse drops in a handful of twenty dollar gold pieces.               -- A GROUP OF BOYS SWARM AROUND JESSE,               Getting him to autograph his "WANTED! $10,000 REWARD DEAD               OR ALIVE!" Poster. The Gang is all there, admiring the new               posters. The likenesses are remarkable -- except for Bob's.               It still looks nothing like him. And we can see Cole is not               pleased at all the attention Jesse's getting.               -- PINKERTON IN THE BOARD ROOM WITH HIS MAP,               Directing his lieutenants on how to cover the territory.               -- THE GANG CAROUSING IN A SALOON.               Jesse is off to one side, writing a letter on fancy               stationery. Frank is coaching him.               AT THE MIMMS HOME,               Doc Mimms hands Zee the envelope we just saw Jesse working               with. Zee takes the envelope and tosses it into the burning               fireplace.               INT. WHITTLY BANK - DAY               Jesse, Cole, Frank, and Bob are in the middle of a               stick-up. All the BANK PATRONS have their hands up.                                     JESSE                         Okay, folks, I think we know how                         this is going to go...                                     BOB                         One false move and I'll blow your                         heads off!               Jesse, Frank, and Cole look at Bob.                                     JESSE                         Beg pardon?                                     BOB                         You heard me, Jesse. You know how                         crazy I get!               Jesse and Cole turn to the HEAD TELLER.                                     JESSE                         'Scuse us.                                     HEAD TELLER                         Think nothing of it.               Jesse and Cole cross to Bob.                                     COLE                         We got a problem here, brother?                                     BOB                              (low)                         Frankly, yes. I'm feeling a little                         left out.                                     JESSE                              (sighing)                         This is about the "Wanted!"                         Posters, isn't it.                                     BOB                         Yes. I am obviously not standing                         out in people's minds at the                         robberies.                                     COLE                              (to Jesse)                         This is your fault for hogging all                         the publicity.                                     JESSE                         Hold on, hold on, we all know Bob                         is an important part of the gang.               Frank arrives.                                     FRANK                         Gents, we are in the middle of                         something here.                                     JESSE                         Bob's upset.                                     FRANK                         The posters?                                     JESSE/COLE                         Yeah.                                     BOB                         Don't say "yeah" in that voice.                         This is important.               Frank, Jesse, and Cole exchange looks. They turn back to               the now puzzled crowd.                                     FRANK                         Pardon the delay, folks, but we had                         to get Mad Bob Younger under control!                                     JESSE                         Bob here'll kill a man for                         sneezing, and he's the best shot in                         the gang.                                     HEAD TELLER                         Better than you, Jesse?                                     JESSE                         Bob Younger taught me how to shoot!               The crowd MURMURS APPRECIATIVELY.                                     FRANK                         Now, we would like to get back to                         the robbery.                                     HEAD TELLER                         Of course.               The Head Teller starts filling a saddlebag with money. Bob               glares at a few people, then nods at Jesse. Jesse winks back.                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               INT. SALOON - NIGHT               The place is alive with song, gambling, and the money the               James Gang is dropping. At one table, Loni Packwood lays               down his poker hand. As the other players moan, he rakes in               the pot.                                     CLELL                         Damn, Loni, you're lucky.                                     LONI                         Luckiest man in the West, now that                         I'm riding with Jesse James!               He raises his lucky rabbit's foot in toast to Jesse, who is               at the bar nursing a bottle of whisky with Frank.               ANGLE ON               Jesse and Frank at the bar.                                     JESSE                         This has been a good year.                                     FRANK                         Jesse, we're outlaws.                                     JESSE                         And we're good at it.                                     FRANK                         It got to you, didn't it. All the                         killing in the war. You need it now.                                     JESSE                         You've killed your fair share of                         men.                                     FRANK                         If I could go back to farming --                                     JESSE                         That's a lie. You could've bought a                         dozen farms with the money we've                         stolen.                                     FRANK                         I can't quit and leave you alone. I                         can't quit until you quit. Ma                         would've wanted it that way.                                     JESSE                         We're doing this for Ma.                                     FRANK                         Maybe it started out that way. But                         now...                                     JESSE                         What do you want me to say, Frank?                         I was killing men when I was                         fifteen. I like getting shot at. I                         like riding out of town with a posse                         at my back. This is a helluva better                         life than farming.                                     FRANK                         A better life than the one you                         could have had with Zee?               Jesse HURLS the whisky bottle against the wall. At the               CRASH the saloon falls silent. Every eye turns to the James               boys. Frank stands up.                                     FRANK  (CONT'D)                         I'll bet you every dollar we've                         stolen that she hasn't read a single                         one of the letters you've sent her.               Jesse is boiling. His hand twitches.                                     FRANK  (CONT'D)                         You going to throw down on me,                         Jesse?               Jesse's jaw is grinding.                                     JESSE                         Don't do this, Frank. You know I                         love you.               Frank nods, embraces his brother. The saloon noise STARTS               UP again. Frank steps away.                                     FRANK                         We're drunk.                                     JESSE                         Oh yeah.                                     FRANK                         Just do me a favor. Think about                         what this is costing everybody. Not                         just the railroad.               Jesse nods and Frank EXITS. Jim Younger, also drunk, steps               up.                                     JIM                         You okay, Jesse?                                     JESSE                         Yeah. Hey, are you drinking whisky?                         You're too young to be drinking                         whisky.                                     JIM                         Not too young to shoot a man, not                         to young to drink.                                     JESSE                              (jolted)                         I guess so.                                     JIM                         I was always jealous Web Mimms got                         to go off and fight with you and                         Cole. Now it's my turn.               Jesse takes this in silently.                                     JESSE                         Jim, you been with a girl yet?                                     JIM                         Tonight? Why, I'm just getting                         ready to turn on the Younger charm.               Jesse raises an eyebrow.                                     JIM  (CONT'D)                         Well, not exactly.                                     JESSE                         You been with a girl ever?                                     JIM                              (insulted)                         Hell yeah! I been with...                              (sighs)                         Uh, not exactly. It's just, I don't                         want to get one of these paid                         ladies, you know?                                     JESSE                         I think so.                                     JIM                         You and Frank and Cole, and even                         Bob, get all these girls because                         you're good looking and famous. You                         don't have to pay. They just look at                         me like I'm the baby brother.                              (then)                         Don't tell anyone, okay Jesse?                                     JESSE                         I swear.                                     JIM                              (whispering)                         Tell you something else.                              (belches)                         I can't drink that good neither.                         I'm going to go outside and throw up.                                     JESSE                         You do that.               Jim stumbles away and OUT THE DOOR. We hear him THROWING UP               ENERGETICALLY a moment later. Jesse thinks for a moment,               beckons over the bartender.               INT. SALOON - A FEW MINUTES LATER               Jim stumbles back in. A pretty young woman, LYLA,               approaches him.                                     LYLA                         Excuse me. Are you Jim Younger?               Jim pulls himself together.                                     JIM                         Why, yeah.                                     LYLA                         I hope you don't mind, Jesse James                         told me your name.                                     JIM                              (crestfallen)                         Oh, you were talking to Jesse.                                     LYLA                         Yes, but just so I could find out                         who you were.               Jim brightens.                                     JIM                         Really?                                     LYLA                         I hope I'm not being too forward.                                     JIM                         Not at all.                                     LYLA                         I just though you were awful cute.                                     JIM                         Thank you, Miss -- ?                                     LYLA                         Lyla Devereux.                                     JIM                         Gosh, that's a pretty name. Buy you                         a drink?                                     LYLA                         Could we go upstairs and talk? It's                         so loud down here.                                     JIM                              (trying to stay                              smooth)                         Why don't we get a bottle of sherry                         to sip while we talk?                                     LYLA                         That is so gentlemanly of you.               As they head to the bar, WE SEE Jesse slide some money to               the bartender.                                     JIM                              (crossing)                         Devereux. My brother Cole dated a                         European girl once.                                     LYLA                         Really?                                     JIM                         Don't talk about it much, though.               INT. CONFERENCE ROOM               Parker is leading Rains into the room. Rains SNAPS SHUT his               ever-present Pocketwatch.                                     PARKER                         The final route for the railroad is                         complete.                                     RAINS                         I look forward to seeing it.               A group of RAILROAD MEN wait around, wearing forced smiles.               Parker shows Rains the map.               REVEAL the wall-sized map of the United States. The plainly               marked RAIL LINE extends due west from New York, through               Philadelphia, a straight shot west --               -- until it reaches Missouri, where it takes a painfully               obvious swing in a large semi-circle south of the state,               then swings up again and continues due west.               Rains takes this in. Parker and the railroad men are trying               to look casual.                                     RAINS  (CONT'D)                         Parker.                                     PARKER                         Sir?                                     RAINS                         What is that?                                     PARKER                         What, sir?               Suddenly, viciously, Rains GRABS PARKER BY THE NECK and               SLAMS his face against the map.                                     RAINS                              (calmly)                         That.                                     PARKER                              (strangled)                         Oh, that. I'll let Jenkins explain.               Rains drops Parker, who slides to the floor stunned. He               turns to JENKINS, who is suddenly in an open area cleared by               the retreating railroad men.                                     JENKINS                         Sir.                                     RAINS                         Jenkins.                                     JENKINS                         We've done a financial study of the                         construction costs projected into --                                     RAINS                         Jenkins.                                     JENKINS                         It's cheaper to go around Jesse                         James, sir. Even with the detour and                         the extra track. It's just cheaper.               Rains turns to look at the map.                                     RAINS                         So he's won.                                     PINKERTON (O.S.) (O.S.)                         No.               ANGLE ON               The entire group looking at a serene Pinkerton staring at               the James Gang tracking map, which is now festooned with red               markers.                                     PINKERTON  (CONT'D)                         Every three months, the James Gang                         circles back to the vicinity of                         Liberty, Missouri. They always pull                         a job right before they return,                         probably to have extra money to give                         family and friends.                                     RAINS                         In English, Pinkerton.                                     PINKERTON                         There are only four banks within                         that travel radius which they have                         not robbed.                                     RAINS                         Can you put men at all four?                                     PINKERTON                         No need. I have another tool at my                         disposal which will narrow it down                         to one bank.                                     RAINS                         What is that?                                     PINKERTON                              (smiling)                         Why, their intense hatred of you,                         of course.               The room holds its breath. Rains begins to smile back.               EXT. WESTERN TOWN - EVENING               A populous town with the fanciest SALOON we've seen yet.               EXT. SALOON - SIDEWALK - EVENING               Out on a sidewalk, Jesse stands alone at the edge of the               building. He's holding an envelope.               HIS POV reveals the address: "Miss Zerelda Mimms, Liberty,               Missouri."               BACK TO SHOT               as Jesse reaches up to the street lantern and lights the               envelope on fire. He drops it to the ground and watches it               smolder.               Bob Younger walks up, holding a "Wanted" poster.                                     BOB                         Finally.               Jesse looks, grins. The sketch is a dead ringer for Bob.                                     BOB  (CONT'D)                         The things a fella has to do to get                         a little respect around here...                                     JESSE                         You are a fine figure of a man.                                     BOB                         Listen, Jesse, we've got a problem.                              (off his look)                         It's Cole.                                     JESSE                         He's been full of vinegar lately.                                     BOB                         He's planning a job.                                     JESSE                         What?                                     BOB                         Listen, he's my brother and I don't                         want to start trouble...                                     JESSE                         Tell me.               INT. SALOON - GAMBLING ROOM               Back in a semiprivate card room, Cole is talking to the               rest of the Gang.                                     COLE                         It'll be the biggest score yet.                                     JESSE (O.S.) (O.S.)                         What will be?               Jesse and Frank step from the shadows. Cole tosses them a               newspaper.                                     COLE                         Hyperion Bank, two day's ride from                         Liberty. They've got a hundred                         thousand dollars in railroad money                         just sitting there.               Jesse tosses the paper aside.                                     JESSE                         Smells funny, it being mentioned in                         the paper.                                     COLE                         If you'd read about it first, you'd                         have no problems.                                     JESSE                         What are you saying?                                     COLE                         I've robbed just as many banks as                         you have! I know this town, and I                         know this bank, and I say it's an                         easy job.                                     JESSE                         You're forgetting who's in charge --                                     FRANK                              (calming him)                         Jesse.                                     COLE                         Oh, you're in charge? We ain't                         partners any more, Jesse? You tell                         Cole Younger where and when to ride?                                     FRANK                         Cole, he didn't mean that.                                     JESSE                         You taking sides against me, now,                         Frank?                                     FRANK                         No, I --                                     COLE                         So being with me is being against                         you? Well, we don't want to do that!                         None of us poor idiots want to go up                         against the famous Jesse James,                         greatest outlaw who ever lived!               Jesse glares at Cole. The Gang is murmuring amongst               themselves.                                     COLE  (CONT'D)                         That's what the newspapers say.                         Weren't for Jesse James, this gang                         wouldn't be able to find a goat's                         ass with a stick.                                     BOB                         What?               Clell Miller leans forward.                                     CLELL                         You have got mighty full of                         yourself lately, Jesse.                                     JESSE                         You think so. You all do?                              (to Frank)                         You?               Frank hesitates a half-second too long.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                              (spitting)                         Beautiful.                                     COLE                         Now the one time one of us comes up                         with an idea --                                     JESSE                         A bad idea.                                     COLE                         I got us through the War all right.                                     JESSE                         And almost got hanged in peacetime.                                     COLE                         That's it.               Cole LUNGES for Jesse, and in a flash they're               streetfighting, all elbows and knees and rib punches,               GRUNTING and SWEARING. Frank and Bob try to break it up, but               it's too fierce.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         Let them fight it out. The poison                         needs to leave the wound, to heal.               Jesse lands a ROUNDHOUSE, knocking Cole away. Cole goes for               his gun, and in a blur they've both DRAWN and stand facing               each other with cocked six-guns. The Gang watches in stunned               silence.                                     BOB                         This is healing?                                     COMANCHE TOM                         Sometimes a wound will kill.                                     BOB                         Now you tell us.                                     FRANK                              (edging in)                         Boys, we don't want this.               Neither Jesse nor Cole will back down. They circle, still               keeping their guns up.                                     COLE                              (gritted teeth)                         I'm the better soldier, Jesse.                                     JESSE                         And I'm the better outlaw.               Jim steps up.                                     JIM                         And you both hate the railroad.                         That's what's important. We do this                         job, and Thaddeus Rains won't dare                         come West again.               Jesse's gaze slides to Jim.                                     JESSE                         What about that Rock Island bastard?                                     JIM                         It's his money.  He's putting up                         the payroll out of his own fortune.                         You do want to hurt Thaddeus Rains,                         don't you Jesse?               Jesse and Cole stare at each other again.                                     JESSE                         Still smells fishy.                                     COLE                         Then let me run the show, General                         Lee.               Jesse thumbs down the hammer of his Colt. Cole does the               same. The entire Gang breathes out as one.                                     JESSE                         Fine. We hit this bank.                                     COLE                         You'll be smiling once you've got                         all that money to spend, cousin.                              (to Gang)                         Cole Younger's going to make                         everybody rich!               The Gang CHEERS. Frank watches Jesse cross to the WINDOW               and sag against it, exhausted.                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               EXT. HYPERION BANK - DAY               The James Gang rides up to the bank. A WATER TOWER can be               seen behind the building opposite the bank.               Jesse, Cole and Frank dismount and move swiftly to the bank               doors. Comanche Tom, Jim Younger, Clell Miller and Loni               Packwood dismount and take defensive positions. The few               other Gang members stay on their horses, looking sharp.               ANGLE ON               Cole holds up at the door, produces his shotgun. Frank and               Jesse draw six guns. On Cole's lead, they KICK OPEN THE               DOORS AND RUSH IN.               INT. HYPERION BANK               Cole and the James brothers stride in.                                     COLE                         Nobody move! This is a robbery!               The dozen or so farmers and tellers raise their hands.               EXT. HYPERION BANK               Loni is whistling away, rubbing his lucky rabbit's foot. He               squints up at the sun, turns, then stops. He slowly turns               back...               HIS POV reveals a dozen men APPEARING at the edge of the               opposite rooftop, aiming rifles...               Loni lets his rabbit's foot drop...               The FIRST GUNSHOTS PLOW INTO LONI! As he falls back, we see               the rabbit's foot hit the dusty ground...               The Gang leaps for cover as a HAIL OF BULLETS begins to               tear up the bank face around them.               INT. HYPERION BANK Jesse, Frank and Cole whirl to face the               door.                                     COLE                         What the --               JESSE'S POV in a mirror by the door reveals all twelve of               the men in the bank drawing guns, shotguns, one rifle --               Jesse shoves Cole and Frank down. He KICKS a stool at the               man with the rifle, dives right and ROLLS across a big oak               desk. The men begin to FIRE. As BULLETS PING around him,               Jesse FIRES from between his legs as he rolls across the               desk. The assassins start to drop.               Jesse completes his roll at a railing separating the               manager's area from the bank floor. In one smooth move he's               up and RUNNING ALONG THE RAILING, defying gravity, drawing               his shoulder Colts and shooting...               The gunmen are crossing into each other's line of fire,               Jesse's movement confusing them. Jesse's killed another               five, only four left, but he's out of railing and --               CRASH! Through a teller's cage, disappearing behind the               counter. The gunmen turn and BLAST the wooden counter, some               screaming in panic.  CLICKS are heard as hammers fall on               empty magazines.               The gunmen stare at where Jesse disappeared, panting               heavily.               CLICK.               They forgot about Cole and Frank.               EXT. HYPERION BANK               The Gang is scrambling for cover. Loni's body lies in the               street, his rabbit's foot lying in a pool of his blood. The               Gang is returning fire, hiding behind water troughs, dead               horses, barely staying alive. The ROAR OF GUNFIRE is               deafening.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         Head for the end of the street!                                     JIM                         Look!               At both ends of the street, WAGONS ROLL into position, each               manned by two armed Pinkertons. The Gang is trapped.               INT. HYPERION BANK               A shot of the open, empty VAULT.                                     COLE                         Dammit!                                     JESSE (O.S.) (O.S.)                         A trap.               Cole turns. Jesse is moving the surviving cowboys into the               Vault. As the last one steps in, Jesse SLAMS the door               closed. WE HEAR MORE GUNFIRE. Frank runs in from the back of               the bank.                                     FRANK                         Another dozen out back.                                     COLE                         They gonna rush us?                                     FRANK                         They're just insurance in case we                         run.               Jesse crosses to the front door.               EXT. HYPERION BANK               Jesse sticks his head out the door.                                     JESSE                         Get inside, you --               Gunfire chews up the doorframe. Jesse pulls back inside.               INT. HYPERION BANK               Frank and Cole are shooting through the windows.                                     JESSE                         They're all pinned down. Can't even                         get to the door.                                     FRANK                         Got any ideas, little brother?               Jesse thinks, then smiles.                                     FRANK  (CONT'D)                         Oh Lord.               EXT. HYPERION BANK               Jesse comes CRASHING through a window! He rolls to a stop               next to one of the horses, grabs a saddlebag, then -- to the               disbelief of the Gang -- he pivots and CRASHES right back               into the Bank!               INT. HYPERION BANK               Jesse stumbles to his feet, yanks open the bag. Sticks of               dynamite tumble out.                                     FRANK/COLE                         Oh Lord.               EXT. HYPERION BANK               WE PAN across the trapped Gang, still under fire, to the               front of the next door Saloon, and then WE ZIP               INT. SALOON               Where wary patrons have taken cover from the gunfire.               Suddenly --               BOOOM! One wall EXPLODES into dust! In the hole we see the               interior of the Bank and --               Jesse James running through, already readying another stick               of dynamite --               EXT. ROOFTOP               Where the Pinkerton gunmen are shooting at the Gang. Some               of the gunmen look curiously as the windows to the building               two doors down from the bank BLOW OUT.               EXT. STREET               As the two Pinkerton detectives at the wagon barricade turn               in shock as Jesse James LEAPS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR of a               building he can't possibly be in, lands on the wagon, rolls               off and DASHES INTO a blacksmith shop across the street.               They suddenly notice a HISS. They stand, look in the wagon.               Jesse left a burning stick of dynamite in the wagon.               ANGLE ON               the wagon EXPLODING into matchsticks.               INT. BLACKSMITH SHOP               The blacksmith is gone, but there's a fire in the FORGE.               Jesse leaps and KICKS OVER the forge --               ANGLE ON               The white-hot coals IGNITING everything.               EXT. ROOFTOP               The Pinkertons firing on the gang notice SMOKE rising from               below them. They look down ...               REVEAL bellowing FLAMES and SMOKE enveloping the entire row               of buildings below them.               BACK TO               The roof as a PINKERTON COMMANDER runs to ledge and looks               at the rising flames himself.               A HUGE EXPLOSION is heard O.C. A large SHADOW creeps over               the snipers. They turn and look up --               -- at the Water Tower TOPPLING towards them!               The Pinkertons dive out of the way as the tower SMASHES               onto the roof, unleashing a TIDAL WAVE of water!               EXT. STREET               UPSHOT of the sniper's ledge as the Pinkertons leap off,               followed by a WALL OF WATER --               WIDEN to see the water POURING into the building from above               --               Cowboys FLY out the windows, followed by TORRENTS of water               --               One Pinkerton SWEPT UP and carried off the roof, BOUNCES               off a second floor balcony and lands in a puddle on the dirt               street below.               FOLLOW the water rushing across the dirt street to the feet               of --               EXT. HYPERION BANK               Jim, Tom and the Gang staring in disbelief at the total               destruction Jesse has wrought.               EXT. STREET               Jesse rides out from a stable leading a team of horses. He               reaches the bank.                                     JESSE                         No time to gawk, boys, we got                         somewhere else to be!               Frank and Cole rush out from the bank. The Gang leaps onto               the horses and put the spurs to them hard.               ANGLE ON               the Gang galloping past the shattered wagon barricade,               heading for the edge of town.               Pinkerton riflemen run out of the bank and from behind the               other barricade. One SHARPSHOOTER with a rifle drops to one               knee, lines up...               HIS POV shows Jesse in his sights. He tightens on the               trigger, and just as he pulls --               -- Jim Younger rides into the line of fire! With a CRACK               the bullet hits Jim square in the back. He slumps forward on               his horse. Comanche Tom leaps from his horse onto Jim's and               urges it on.               ANGLE ON               The James Gang disappearing past the edge of town. The               Pinkertons stand stunned amongst the ruin of their ambush.               Alan Pinkerton himself walks up, shaking his head.               EXT. HILL COUNTRY - EVENING               The Gang rides up onto a wooded hill where huge rocks jut               from the earth. They all dismount, Jesse and Cole supporting               Jim's limp form as they pull him from the saddle. Jim is               drenched in blood.                                     JESSE                         Okay, you're gonna rest here.                                     COLE                         Clell, Tom, go get Doc Mimms in                         Liberty!                                     CLELL                         That's a long ride, Cole. We won't                         be back 'til morning.                                     JESSE                         Then you better get going!               Cole and Jesse are united again in their grief over Jim.                                     COLE                         Bob, rip up some bandages.                                     JESSE                         Pass me some whisky.               Jim's eyes flutter open for the first time.                                     JIM                         ... too young for whisky...                                     JESSE                         This time we'll make an exception.                                     JIM                         Jesse, you explain to Lyla. My                         girl, you know, from that time...                                     JESSE                         You're gonna tell her when you're                         resting up in bed with her, Jimmy.                                     COLE                         Jim, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.                                     JIM                         Best time of my life.                              (weakly)                         I was famous, y'know...               Jim dies. Cole cradles the body, begins rocking. Comanche               Tom puts a hand on Bob's shoulder as Bob slumps against a               rock.               Jesse stands, walks away heavily.               EXT. HILLTOP - A WHILE LATER               Sunset is heavy in the sky. Jesse stares off at it. His               anguish is palpable. Frank comes over.                                     JESSE                         Shoulda learned with Web. Made it                         look fun, made it look like an                         adventure. Got Web killed. Now Jim.                                     FRANK                         Jim was old enough...                                     JESSE                              (snorts)                         He was a boy riding with the most                         famous outlaws in the West. How was                         he supposed to say no to that?                                     FRANK                         Railroad burned him out too. You                         couldn't have stopped him.                                     JESSE                         You're a piss-poor liar for the                         smartest man I know.                                     FRANK                         Yeah.                                     JESSE                         A war against the railroad. What                         the hell were we thinking?                                     FRANK                         I'm sure it seemed like a good idea                         at the time.               Jesse remembers the first time Frank said that. He crosses               BACK TO               the Gang.               ANGLE ON               the Gang -- what's left of them -- waiting by the horses.               The unspoken knowledge of whose fault this is hangs in the               air.               Cole is covered in Jim's blood.                                     COLE                         We'll make them pay for this.                                     JESSE                         I'm out.                                     COLE                         WHAT?! We follow you for a year,                         and now that our blood's been                         spilled, you're gonna quit?!                                     JESSE                         Who's next? You? Me? Bob?               Cole can't answer.                                     CLELL                         We can't exactly go back to our                         lives, Jesse.                                     JESSE                         I'm not telling you what to do. You                         want to keep on following Cole, fine                         by me.                                     BOB                         Frank?               Frank nods. He's leaving too.                                     COLE                         Go ahead. Ride on. But don't come                         back when you figure out you can't                         farm with a six-gun.               Bob embraces Frank. Jesse goes to shake hands with Cole,               but the guilt and rage make his once-best friend               unapproachable. Jesse smiles sadly and walks away.               EXT. MIMMS HOME - EARLY MORNING               Zee is letting a dog out. She looks up, freezes. Entranced,               she walks out onto the porch.               ANGLE ON               A figure appearing out of the early morning fog. It's               Jesse, riding slow. He reins his horse in at the porch,               dismounts. He stands staring at Zee.                                     JESSE                         Zee.                                     ZEE                         Jesse. What are you thinking? There                         are bounty hunters and lawmen all                         over this county!                                     JESSE                         I had to see you. I'm getting                         married.               Zee is shocked. Jesse looks serious.                                     ZEE                         I don't understand.                                     JESSE                         She's the most wonderful woman in                         the world. Can't get her out of my                         mind.                                     ZEE                         That's... wonderful. It's just... I                         thought...                                     JESSE                         She's beautiful. Smart. And has the                         biggest... buck teeth in all of                         Missouri.               It takes Zee a second. Before she can process it all, Jesse               drops to one knee.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         I've quit my outlaw ways. Come live                         in my home and in my heart.               Zee takes the hat off Jesse's head, tosses it into the yard               and smiles. Jesse stands up and they kiss.                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               EXT. HORSE DRAWN TAXI - DAY               Victorian wooden houses with tin roofs and palm trees line               the street.               Jesse and Zee ride in the back of the open carriage. They               can't take their eyes off each other.                                     ZEE                         I would never have imagined us in a                         place like this.                                     JESSE                         That's why I picked it. We can                         start a whole new life down here.                                     ZEE                         Are you going to be happy here, Mr.                         James? Without all that excitement?                                     JESSE                         I've got you. You keep me busy. I                         figure we'll get over to the                         hotel... get checked in, cleaned                         up... then I'd like to do something                         I've been thinking about for a long                         time.                                     ZEE                         Now wait a minute. There are                         certain things that have to wait                         until after the wedding.               Jesse leans forward to the DRIVER.                                     JESSE                         Driver, change of plans. Take us to                         the nearest church.                                     DRIVER                         What religion?                                     JESSE                         Whichever one has God in it,                         that'll do fine.               INT. CHURCH RECTORY - DAY               A PASTOR sits at his desk while Jesse finishes filling out               a marriage license.                                     PASTOR                         This is unusual. Most of our                         marriages are members of the                         congregation.                                     JESSE                         You don't think God'll mind, do you?               Jesse slides him two twenties with the license.                                     PASTOR                         The Lord is remarkably tolerant of                         the charitable.                              (reading the license)                         "Jesse Woodson James." Jesse James?                         The Jesse James?                                     JESSE                         I could have lied I suppose, but I                         want this marriage to be legal. I                         just want you to know, I'm trying to                         start a new life here. I'm depending                         on your...                                     PASTOR                         Discretion? Sir, I am a man of the                         cloth.                                     JESSE                         Thank you.                                     PASTOR                         Who needs to repair a leaky church                         roof.               Grinning, Jesse slides over another forty.                                     PASTOR  (CONT'D)                         Now let's have a drink.                                     JESSE                         Right here in church?                                     PASTOR                         Communion.               The Pastor pours. They drink.               EXT. CHURCH - DAY               The BELLS RING as Jesse and Zee walk out the front door arm               in arm.  The Pastor and his wife appear in the doorway,               waving. Jesse and Zee hop in a waiting carriage.                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               INT. BANK - DAY               Various townsfolk are lined up at the TELLER'S window.               Cole, Bob, Comanche Tom, Clell and some NEW GANG MEMBERS               BURST IN.                                     COLE                         Nobody move! This is a robbery.               Everybody's hands reach for the ceiling. Cole gestures to               the Teller.                                     COLE  (CONT'D)                         The safe. Now.                                     TELLER                         Of course!                              (pause)                         Uh, sir?                                     COLE                         What?                                     TELLER                         Where is Jesse James?                                     COLE                         This here is the Younger Gang!               A MAN speaks out timidly.                                     MAN                         But the Youngers ride with Jesse                         James.                                     COLE                         Did ride. No more.               The crowd grumbles, plainly disappointed.                                     COLE  (CONT'D)                         OPEN THE DAMN SAFE!                                     TELLER                         All right, all right.                              (muttering)                         Jesse James never yelled at folk...               Bob and Comanche Tom exchange looks behind a fuming Cole.               INT. SALOON - NIGHT               The new Gang is spending its booty. Cole is putting a               healthy dent in a bottle of rotgut. Bob is consoling him.                                     BOB                         This is the best score yet.                                     COLE                         It's still taking too long. The                         people used to snap to.                                     BOB                         That was because of... the                         reputation the gang had.                                     COLE                         As long as people think Jesse's                         still riding, we will never get the                         respect we deserve.                                     BOB                         Cole, we're outlaws. Not exactly                         the most respectable job, if you                         know what I mean.                                     COLE                         Leave me alone, Bob.               Even Bob can't reach Cole now. He walks sadly away.                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               EXT. BEACH - DAY               A deserted Keys beach -- coconut palms and Australian               pines. Clear water like glass stretching off forever.               Jesse and Zee are having a picnic on the white sand. Both               are in the latest in beach attire. He's in a one-piece that               goes from his neck to his knees. Zee's in what is basically               a dress with long pantaloons.               Zee is reading. Jesse is stretched out on the sand.                                     ZEE                         Hmm.                                     JESSE                         "Hmm" what?                                     ZEE                              (reading)                         "But the life of the James Gang                         wasn't all robbing and shooting and                         killing, for these young Missouri                         bucks had a taste for the ladies...                         especially the handsome and                         charismatic Jesse James."               Jesse sits up.                                     JESSE                         I beg your pardon?                                     ZEE                              (showing him the                              cover)                         "Blazing Guns of the West. True                         Stories of Jesse James." Only a dime                         in the hotel lobby.                                     JESSE                         Let me see that.                                     ZEE                         Oh, I'm not finished.                              (reading)                         "When he sauntered into a saloon,                         his spurs jangling and his pockets                         full of gold, the ladies flocked                         around him like flies to a candied                         apple."                              (looking at him)                         As I said. Hmm.                                     JESSE                         Now, sweetie, y'all wouldn't go                         believing one of them silly dime                         novels, would you?                                     ZEE                         Jesse, have you ever noticed that                         when you're trying to charm your way                         out of trouble, your accent gets all                         farm boy?                                     JESSE                         Aw, shucks, ma'am...                                     ZEE                         Stop it. This is just sad.                                     JESSE                         Swimming. Swimming is good.               Jesse jumps up and OUT OF FRAME. A second later, he reaches               down and PULLS a chuckling Zee up out of the sand.               EXT. OCEAN - DAY               Jesse chases Zee out into the surf. They splash around               until the water gets shoulder-deep, then both submerge. They               reappear, locked in a kiss. CLOSE ON Zee's face as they               break the kiss and embrace. She's in heaven. She opens her               eyes, facing the beach. Something passes over her face.               ANGLE ON               the beach, where fifty Pinkerton detectives with rifles are               lined up like a firing squad.               BACK TO               Zee's face. She squeezes Jesse tighter.                                     ZEE                         Don't turn around.                                     JESSE                         What?                                     ZEE                         If you don't see it, it's not                         real...               Jesse turns around to see --               EXT. BEACH               A familiar figure walking along the sand. When the figure               reaches the center of the line of detectives, he turns to               the couple and --                                     PINKERTON                         Jesse James, you are under arrest!               Jesse takes one longing gaze at the open ocean. He heads               for shore.                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               INT. SALOON               Cole and the Gang are killing time. Bob runs in.                                     BOB                         They arrested Jesse!               He throws the paper to the other Gang members, but walks               straight to Cole. The two brothers stare at each other.                                     COLE                         How'd they --                                     BOB                         What have you done?                                     COLE                         I ain't done --                                     BOB                         WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!               Bob draws on Cole. Cole is shattered.                                     COLE                         Bob. I didn't...                                     BOB                         Swear.                                     COLE                         I swear --                                     BOB                         Swear on Jimmy's grave.               Cole hesitates. Bob thumbs back the hammer. Comanche Tom's               hand closes over Bob's gun.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         Bob. You know Cole would never do                         such a thing. He and Jesse are best                         friends. They are cousins, blood                         brothers.               Bob considers it, lowers the gun.                                     BOB                         I'm sorry, Cole.                                     COLE                         You're just upset about Jesse. We                         all are.               Bob walks off. Comanche Tom speaks, but keeps his eyes on               Bob.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         My people know that when a brother                         kills a brother, a great curse comes                         down on that man, and when he dies                         he walks the desert as a dark                         spirit. I like Bob too much to let                         that happen.                              (looking at Cole)                         If I find out you turned in Jesse,                         I'll kill you myself.               Comanche Tom moves off. Cole's thoughts are his own.                                                               DISSOLVE TO:               EXT. FORT JEFFERSON - NIGHT               An establishing shot of the Florida fort being lashed by               rain.               INT. CELL               A dank, black cell far in the bowels of Fort Jefferson. WE               HEAR CLANKING.               WIDEN TO REVEAL Jesse doing push-ups. They come easily,               despite Jesse being chained up like the Frankenstein monster.               The DOOR OPENS. Jesse looks up in mid-push-up. Alan               Pinkerton is looking down at him.               Jesse moves to the bed. Pinkerton, flanked by two guards,               ENTERS. He sits on a stool provided by one of the guards.                                     PINKERTON                         We're moving you tomorrow.                                     JESSE                         But I like the presidential suite.                                     PINKERTON                         Oh, it's a similar room. But the                         hotel is in Washington D.C. You're                         not going to get a fair trial down                         here, in front of a jury of Jesse                         James sympathizers.                                     JESSE                         So I'll get a fair trial in front                         of a jury bought off by Thaddeus                         Rains?                                     PINKERTON                         That's the idea.               Pinkerton produces two cigars, presenting one to Jesse.                                     JESSE                         Did you order our houses burned                         down?                                     PINKERTON                         Not that day. I am guilty of many                         things, but that was Mr. Thaddeus                         Rains and Parker, that day.               Jesse takes the cigar, and Pinkerton lights both. They puff               for a moment.                                     PINKERTON  (CONT'D)                              (tapping bad leg)                         Was this you, by the way?               Jesse exposes his scar.                                     JESSE                         You almost ended my career before                         it began.                                     PINKERTON                         Pity.               Pause.                                     PINKERTON  (CONT'D)                         How did you spot the ambush in                         Torrell?                                     JESSE                         Last February?                                     PINKERTON                         Mmm.                                     JESSE                         You had all those cattle there, so                         I'd think the extra men were in town                         from the cattle drive?                                     PINKERTON                         Yes?                                     JESSE                         The cows had a brand from a farm                         just five miles out of town.                                     PINKERTON                         Damn.               Pause.                                     JESSE                         Almost got me in Billings. I saw                         you there, shooting at me.                                     PINKERTON                         I went myself to oversee the                         operation. Didn't help much.                                     JESSE                         No, that one was close. A couple                         fellas quit after that one.                                     PINKERTON                         Oh. That's nice to know.                              (then)                         We're going to hang you, you know.                                     JESSE                         I figured.                                     PINKERTON                         Was it worth it?                                     JESSE                         Should have just killed Thaddeus                         Rains and been done with it.                                     PINKERTON                         That's what I would have done.                                     JESSE                         I'm not hanged yet.                                     PINKERTON                              (shaking his head)                         You cocky little bastard.                                     JESSE                         Ahh, you'll miss me.                                     PINKERTON                         No, I'll hang you.                              (then)                         But I may miss you just a bit.               As Jesse and Pinkerton smoke and discuss the past year...               EXT. TRAINYARD               Two guards are leading Jesse, who is in heavy arm irons,               toward a prison car at the end of a waiting train.               Pinkerton, Thaddeus Rains, and Parker walk up.                                     RAINS                         This is him.                                     PARKER                         I remember you.                                     JESSE                         You're Parker. I remember you, too.                         You killed my Ma.               Parker is set back by Jesse's voice. To cover his fear --                                     PARKER                         How did you know?                                     RAINS                         Not such a menace now, is he,                         Pinkerton?                                     PINKERTON                         If you feel that way, I could                         always take off the irons.               Rains glares at Pinkerton, then turns back to Jesse.                                     RAINS                         You stole thousands. You cost me                         tens of millions of dollars, months                         of lost construction. I wish I could                         hang you every single morning for a                         century.               Rains checks his Pocketwatch, spots Jesse eyeing it.                                     RAINS  (CONT'D)                         You like that? Solid gold, my                         father had it made when he started                         this railroad. He gave it to me when                         I took over, I'll give it to my son                         when he runs this company, and he'll                         give it to his son -- The right type                         of men will always run this country,                         Jesse James, and little men like you                         will always suffer. You have stopped                         nothing.                                     JESSE                         Made you think twice about burning                         folks' homes down now, didn't I?               Jesse winks.               With that Parker reaches back and SUCKER PUNCHES Jesse.               Rains gloats as Jesse gets his breath back.                                     RAINS                         We'll speak again in Washington,                         you insect.                                     JESSE                         You're coming on the same train?               Rains involuntarily looks behind Jesse. Jesse cranes his               head and spots a CLUB CAR at the front of the train, several               cars away from his prison car. The other cars are packed               with Pinkerton detectives.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         Well, tell you what. I'm going to                         have to pay you a visit.                                     RAINS                         Big words.                                     JESSE                         It's a promise.               Everyone is a little shaken by the steel in Jesse's voice.               The guards DRAG JESSE OFF.               INT. PRISON CAR               The guards turn Jesse over to a BURLY DETECTIVE. Pinkerton               enters just behind him. There are ten detectives in total in               the car.                                     PINKERTON                         Hook him up.               The Burly Detective brings Jesse's arms above his head. He               loops Jesse's chain over a rail that runs the length of the               car. Two other detectives walk Jesse down the car, Jesse's               hands suspended over his head. Jesse can just barely sit               down.                                     PINKERTON  (CONT'D)                         Now the guns.                                     BURLY DETECTIVE                         I don't like it. We can handle him.                                     PINKERTON                         In the ten seconds we have been in                         this car, I have seen you get close                         enough for Jesse James to grab your                         guns at least three times. And I                         assure you, if he gets his hands on                         one of your guns, you are all, and I                         mean all dead men.                                     BURLY DETECTIVE                         He's chained up.                                     PINKERTON                         I'll put that on your tombstone.                         The guns.               Grumbling, the detectives deposit their pistols in a box               near the front of the car. Pinkerton walks out.               The Burly Detective slides a Colt into his waistband.               ANGLE ON               Jesse, alone, surrounded by ten Pinkerton guards. The train               LURCHES, and they're off.               EXT. COUNTRYSIDE - DAY               The prison train highballs through the wooded, rolling               hills. We see the engine, the coal car, a detective car,               then the private salon car, two more cars of guards, and               then the prison car.               INT. PRISON CAR               Five guards are playing poker. Five others are standing               along the length of the car. Jesse looks at the gun box               waaay down the other end of the car.               Things shift, and we (and Jesse) realize the train is going               downhill.                                     JESSE                         Hey, fatty.               The Burly Detective looks up.                                     BURLY DETECTIVE                         What?                                     JESSE                         You, ya barrel of pork lard. Here                         piggy piggy!               The detectives close on Jesse. Jesse stands as the Burly               Detective moves right up on him.                                     BURLY DETECTIVE                         What you sayin' boy?                                     JESSE                         I think I recognize you.                                     BURLY DETECTIVE                         How?                                     JESSE                         I think I saw you leavin' by the                         front door just as I was coming in                         the back.               The other detectives try to hide grins.                                     BURLY DETECTIVE                         You shut up now, boy.                                     JESSE                         No, really. You're wife said she                         needed some help, seeing as you were                         so fat you couldn't find your --               Burly Detectives BACKHANDS Jesse. Jesse spits blood and               grins.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         Yeah, she said you did that to her                         too.               Burly draws, points the gun right at Jesse's face. The               other detectives GASP. Jesse stares down the barrel, then               raises his eyes and speaks in a voice that is low and               terrifying.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         Y'know, I could do this without the                         gun, but it just makes things easier.               SLAM as Jesse KICKS Burly in the crotch! The gun FIRES,               missing Jesse's head only because he jerks it like a               mongoose.               Jesse BACKHANDS the detective with the heavy chain! The gun               drops right into Jesse's hands --               The guards are running for the gun box --               Jesse flips the chain TIGHT, TUCKS UP and KICKS OFF from               the back wall and SLIDES THE LENGTH OF THE RAIL over the               detectives' heads! As he reaches the end he FIRES the gun,               blowing open the gun box. Jesse then SHOOTS the rail's               ceiling strut, and then KICKS at the roof.               The rail WRENCHES FREE, dropping Jesse to the floor. In a               blur he's up, reaching into the gun box. He tosses one gun               INTO THE AIR, then FANS THE HAMMER of another.               Half the guards drop, but the other half are right on top               of him and nobody's that fast --               Jesse drops the spent gun, CATCHES the other gun in the               opposite hand and FANS THAT HAMMER all in a single breath!               As the smoke clears, the last of the detectives falls with               a THUD.               EXT. TRAIN               Jesse pops open the door to his car. He's improvised a               gunbelt like his old one, holding six Colts. He's still               holding the chain from his restraints. Now that they're no               longer wrapped around Jesse, we see they're at least a few               yards long.               INT. THIRD TROOP CAR               Some Pinkertons LOOK UP as a BANG sounds from on top of the               car.               EXT. TRAIN               And Jesse JUMPS OFF THE ROOF and --               CLANK as the chains -- fastened to the roof -- go taut and               Jesse is at window level and he's FIRING AND FIRING into the               car!               INT. THIRD TROOP CAR               Pinkertons falling, drawing their guns, not able to get a               bead on Jesse because --               EXT. TRAIN               Jesse is running along the side of the car, supported by               the chain! Still shooting, he reaches the end, KICKS UP and               is on the roof again.               ANGLE ON               one Detective, barely alive, stumbling through the door,               opening the door to the next               INT. SECOND TROOP CAR               The detectives inside start as the wounded man falls into               the doorway.               EXT. TRAIN               Jesse looks down and sees heavily armed Pinkertons coming               out of the doorway.                                     JESSE                         Shit.               But there's no turning back and he jumps to the top of the               EXT. SECOND TROOP CAR               Jesse's running and the Pinkertons start SHOOTING THROUGH               the roof. Jesse miraculously is untouched, almost to the               CLUB CAR...               INT. CLUB CAR               Pinkerton is already moving as Parker and Thaddeus Rains               look around.                                     RAINS                         What the hell is that sound?                                     PINKERTON                         Vengeance.               INT. FIRST TROOP CAR               Pinkerton bursts in. The men snap to.                                     PINKERTON                         Outside! Get up on top! Go GO!               EXT. CLUB CAR               Jesse JUMPS onto the club car, but pulls up short as               detectives appear ahead of him. He turns to see other               detectives climbing up behind him. He's trapped.               BUT WE HEAR A LOW WHISTLE AND               EXT. TRAIN ENGINE               The engine EXPLODES! Sparks fly as the twisted engine               GRINDS onto the tracks!               EXT. TRAIN               The momentum carries everyone off their feet! Some               detectives are torn from the train. Jesse slides across the               roof of the Club Car --                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. TRAIN TRACK               CLOSE ON a smoking CANNON sitting on the tracks. WIDEN TO               REVEAL Frank and Cole on horseback shading their eyes. Zee               is daintily blowing out a fuse lighter.                                     FRANK                         Nice shot.                                     ZEE                         Thank you. Now go get my husband.               The two men start to gallop toward the train.               EXT. TRAIN               Jesse, Pinkerton, and the detectives look down the track               and see...               EXT. TRAIN TRACK               Frank and Cole riding toward them. From the woods ride               Comanche Tom and Bob Younger, folding into perfect               formation. The four THUNDER toward the train.               INT. CLUB CAR               Pinkerton rushes back in. Parker and Rains are looking out               the window.                                     PARKER                         There's only four of them...                                     PINKERTON                         Move you fools!               He grabs the two businessmen and heads them to the rear of               the train.               EXT. TRAIN TRACK               Frank draws a gun and FIRES.               EXT. WOODS               TWO DOZEN RIDERS pour out of the woods, all firing at the               Pinkerton! The Pinkertons return fire, taking shelter in the               train cars as the riders strafe the train.               EXT. TRAIN               Jesse swings over the edge of the train, looks through the               window. Rains is gone. He turns and starts running back               along the top of the train.               EXT. PRISON CAR               Pinkerton, Rains and Parker tumble out of the door and run               for the woods.               Jesse LEAPS DOWN from the top of the train onto Pinkerton!               They wrestle, separate. Pinkerton stands, reaching for his               gunbelt.               Empty.               With almost a resigned sigh, he looks up. Jesse's pointing               the gun at Pinkerton's head.                                     PINKERTON                         Do it.               Jesse FIRES.               ANGLE ON               Pinkerton, stunned to realize he's still alive. He turns to               see Parker, fall to the ground, his own gun half-drawn,               Jesse turns the gun on Rains.                                     JESSE                         That was for my Ma. Now this is for                         everybody else.                                     PINKERTON                         He's too important, James.  They'll                         set the army on you. You and your                         wife.               Jesse stares at Rains, Rains stares back, the tension               building...Jesse's about to shoot...and says:                                     JESSE                         That is a nice watch you got there.               Rains looks down at the fob, back up. The tension isn't               broken.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         I tell you what, I'll buy that                         watch from you, for the fair market                         price approved by the Department of                         the Interior: one dollar.               Rains hesitates. Jesse thumbs the hammer back                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         If I were you, I'd sell. After                         this, the price goes...down.               Rains tosses the Watch to Jesse as Jesse simultaneously               FLIPS Rains a dollar coin with his free hand. Jesse holds up               the Watch.                                     JESSE  (CONT'D)                         Now every time you go to look at                         this watch and it's not there,                         you'll remember: You can be stopped.                         Pass that down to your son, instead.               Jesse thumbs the hammer forwards, lowers the gun. Rains               falls to his knees, numb from the tension.               Frank rides up. Jesse empties Pinkerton's gun and hands it               to him. Pinkerton holds him for a second.                                     PINKERTON                              (low)                         Tennessee.               Jesse doesn't understand.                                     PINKERTON  (CONT'D)                         The railroad has no business in                         Tennessee. Therefore I have no                         interest in the state of Tennessee.                                     JESSE                         Thanks.                                     PINKERTON                         I'd just as soon kill you, Jesse                         James. But chasing you takes up too                         much of my time.                                     JESSE                         Fair enough.               Zee RIDES UP. Jesse SWINGS UP onto her horse, and then they               RIDE OFF with Frank.               We PULL UP AND AWAY, centering on Pinkerton, Rains, and               revealing the smoking, burning wreckage of the train.               EXT. HILLSIDE FIELDS - DAY               Most of the Gang is mounted. Frank, Cole and Bob are               standing there, watching.               ANGLE ON               Jesse and Zee riding up on one horse.                                     ZEE                         You get arrested again, I'll kill                         you.                                     JESSE                         Yes ma'am.                                     ZEE                         I can't believe I had to blow up a                         train for you.                                     JESSE                         You are a hell of a woman.                                     ZEE                         Don't swear.                                     JESSE                         Yes ma'am.               They reach the Gang. Jesse SWINGS OFF his horse, gets one               of Cole's BEAR HUGS.                                     COLE                         Missed you, cousin.                                     JESSE                         Missed you too, cousin.               Jesse notices Cole is oddly emotional, but can't quite               figure out what's going on.                                     COLE                         You know, you gettin' caught, right                         after leaving us, some people                         thought --                                     JESSE                         Pff. All we been through, the                         thought never crossed my mind.               The two clasp hands.                                     BOB                         Things changed when you quit the                         gang. For example, I'm now the one                         who says "Let's ride."                                     COLE                         He's not bad at it.                                     BOB                         It's tougher than it looks.                                     JESSE                         Where'd you get all these riders?                                     COLE                         We didn't. Zerelda did. Turns out                         your wife makes a hell of an outlaw.                                     BOB                         So what's the plan?               Jesse looks at Zerelda and Frank.                                     JESSE                         I think my wife and I might go down                         Tennessee way, buy a farm.                              (pause)                         Goodbye, boys.               The Youngers smile sadly, but NOD. As the Younger brothers               SADDLE UP, Comanche Tom leans down from the saddle and               shakes Jesse's hand.                                     COMANCHE TOM                         You stay out of trouble, Jesse.                         Nobody has as much luck as you used                         up today.               ANGLE ON               Jesse getting back on his horse with Zee. Frank stands               there and watches them.                                     FRANK                         I'll meet you down there in a few                         weeks.                                     JESSE                         See you soon. Oh, and I appreciate                         the distraction back there.                                     FRANK                         Hell, they hardly even noticed us.               Jesse and Frank grin.                                     BOB                         Let's ride!               Jesse flips the reins and he and Zee RIDE OFF, the GANG               with the Youngers RIDES OFF in the opposite direction.               Frank watches them ride away. WE HEAR faintly:                                     ZEE                         Tennessee?                                     JESSE                         I'll explain on the way.               Then it's Frank alone on the hill. WE CIRCLE around behind               him, come around, see he's AGED a little, CIRCLE AGAIN and               now he's AGED MORE, we come around one more time and...               EXT. HILLSIDE NEAR LIBERTY - DAY - TWENTY YEARS LATER               ...we COMPLETE THE CIRCLE and see young Frank James is now               an older FRANK JAMES. Still lean, a few wrinkles, a little               grey in the hair, dressed in expensive turn-of-the-century               western clothes. A young man who looks remarkably like               Jesse, JIMMY JAMES, 16 years old, is waiting patiently. The               two are looking down on the town of Liberty, Missouri, which               is now swollen five sizes larger. The Wild West is               disappearing under roads and telegraph wire.                                     JIMMY                         Y'know, Uncle Frank...                                     FRANK                         Yeah, Jimmy?                                     JIMMY                              (genially chiding)                         ...every time you tell that story,                         you stop there. That's not how it                         ended. I was five when my dad got                         shot.                                     FRANK                         I know. But that's how it should                         have ended. Your Dad and Mom, riding                         off into a new life, growing old                         together, happy.               They start to walk back to the edge of town.                                     FRANK  (CONT'D)                         Allow a man his version of the                         past. When you get to be my age,                         you've got enough painful memories,                         you're allowed to soften a few of                         the edges up.                                     JIMMY                         Sounds like he was a hell of a man.                                     FRANK                              (chuckling)                         That he was.                                     JIMMY                         They're making him a hero now.                                     FRANK                         Saved a lot of folk from the                         railroad.                                     JIMMY                         But he killed a lot of men, too.                                     FRANK                         Can't argue that.                                     JIMMY                         So what was he?                                     FRANK                         I think... he was just a real                         interestin' fella to have around.               Frank chuckles again at the memories, claps his hand on               Jimmy's shoulder.                                     FRANK  (CONT'D)                         Come on, your Ma's probably holding                         dinner for us. Once saw the woman                         blow up a train, don't want to tick                         her off...               Jimmy grins and the pair walk down the hill. We stay ON               THEIR BACKS as they continue talking.                                     JIMMY (O.S.) (O.S.)                         Uncle Frank?                                     FRANK (O.S.) (O.S.)                         Yeah Jimmy?                                     JIMMY (O.S.) (O.S.)                         How much of that story is true?                                     FRANK (O.S.) (O.S.)                         Everything but the boring parts.                                                                  FADE OUT:               END               OVER CREDITS:               SEPIA TONED PHOTOGRAPHS of JESSE and ZEE enjoying their               years as farmers, with VISITORS like FRANK, and the YOUNGERS               also included.               

American Outlaws

Writers :   Roderick Taylor  John Rogers
Genres :   Action  Comedy  Western

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