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                     THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE

                        screenplay by

               Jonathan Lemkin and Tony Gilroy

                   based on the novel by

                      Andrew Neiderman

                   REVISED SHOOTING DRAFT

                      January 18, 1997


    DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96

    FADE IN:

1   INT. FLORIDA COURTROOM - DAY                                  1

    Northern Florida in the midst of a heat wave. Air
    conditioners fighting a losing battle. The gallery is
    full. The JUDGE a stern, old hand. The PROSECUTOR, an
    efficient man with a good case.

    The witness is BARBARA. She is maybe 13. She is a
    witness in a criminal trial. Her testimony has been
    carefully rehearsed.

               ... we go back to our homeroom for
               dismissal, unless you have a pass
               for sports or something.

                             PROSECUTOR (O.S.)
               And is that what you did on the
               day in question?

               No. Mr. Gettys asked me to stay
               after class.

               What happened next, Barbara?

               Mr. Gettys closed the door.

               Everyone else had gone?

               Yes. He told me to sit in the
               chair beside his desk.

    MR. GETTYS, the defendant, is 50. The very picture of
    respectability. His perfect wife and son staunchly
    enduring this testimony.



1   CONTINUED:                                                      1

                 In your own words, Barbara, can
                 you tell us exactly what happened
                 during the next few minutes?

    KEVIN LOMAX.    Defense counsel.   Taking it all in.

                               BARBARA (O.S.)
                 I told him I was afraid I would
                 miss my bus. He promised I would
                 get to the bus on time if I would
                 help him to do something...

    Kevin -- his eyes -- drifting around the courtroom --
    taking inventory -- assessing damage --

                               BARBARA (O.S.)
                 ... Then he put -- before I could
                 say anything -- he placed his hand
                 inside my blouse...

    Kevin -- checking the jury and --

                               BARBARA (O.S.)
                 ... I was so frightened I didn't
                 move. I thought if I was just
                 quiet it would be okay...

    Kevin -- checking Gettys -- seeing something that stops
    him cold --

                               BARBARA (O.S.)
                 ... Then his other hand went up
                 under -- inside my skirt...

    Gettys' hand -- down below the table -- down where no one
    but Kevin could possibly see it -- Getty's fingers subtly
    feeling their way along the leg of his chair --

                               BARBARA (O.S.)
                 ... his hand then, it started, he
                 started, moving back and forth --
                 farther and farther inside my

    Kevin -- glancing around -- nobody else can see it --

                               BARBARA (O.S.)
                 ... he said he was testing to see
                 if I had any special feelings,
                 that he wanted to find out what
                 kind of feelings I had...



1   CONTINUED:    (2)                                               1

    Gettys' hand -- excited now -- stroking the chair leg --
    absently -- involuntarily -- unmistakably sexual --

                               BARBARA (O.S.)
                 ... I didn't know what to say, I
                 was trying to think of something
                 to say but I was confused and he
                 just kept on -- with his hand --
                 moving it -- under my dress --
                 higher and higher...

    Kevin is rocked.    Trying not to show it.

                               BARBARA (O.S.)
                 ... then I, I was asking him to
                 stop but it was like he couldn't
                 hear me -- he just kept on --

    Suddenly, Gettys' hand stops moving --

                               BARBARA (O.S.)
                 -- and then I screamed...

    Kevin looks up to find Gettys' eyes waiting for him.
    Gettys quickly returns his hand into his lap. He's been
    caught -- watching, as Kevin turns away and --

                 ... then he, he got mad and said
                 we would have to try again

                 And did he try again?

                 Not with me.

                 With friends of yours?


                 And when you told them what he had
                 done to you, they told you what he
                 had done to them, isn't that true?


                 I have nothing further.



1   CONTINUED:    (3)                                                1

                        (finding Kevin)
                 Your witness, Mr. Lomax.

                 Any chance, Your Honor, for a
                 short recess?

                                                      CUT TO:

2   INT. FLORIDA COURTHOUSE HALL - DAY                               2

    Kevin heading quickly away from the courtroom.     Gettys
    right on his heels.

                 Lloyd, as your attorney, I'm
                 advising you to get the fuck away
                 from me.

                 Why?   What are you talking about?

                 The wife. The kid. The outrage.
                 You definitely had me fooled.

                 You're my lawyer! You're here to
                 defend me!

                 You know what I'm thinking? Why
                 don't we put you on the stand and
                 you can jerk off for the judge.

                 You know she's lying.

                 Get the hell out of my way.

    Gettys standing aside, as we --

                                                      CUT TO:

3   INT. FLORIDA COURTHOUSE MEN'S ROOM - DAY                         3

    An ancient upstairs facility. Kevin standing at the
    mirror. Frozen there. Identity crisis. Morality
    crisis. He takes off his wedding ring. Letting cold
    water run in the sink. His eyes never leaving the


3   CONTINUED:                                                       3

    Behind him, the door opens.     A local REPORTER enters,
    moves to the urinal.

                 Well, hell, there you are. Rumor
                 was you were out wandering in

                 Not now, Larry.

                 What's the game plan, Kevin? I
                 got a four-thirty deadline. I
                 need a quote. Gimme a quote.

                 Fuck off.

                 'Mr. Lomax had no comment on
                 today's events. Speculation,
                 however, was widespread that the
                 young lawyer's unblemished string
                 of victories would come to an end
                 in this courtroom.'

    Kevin pulls some cold water to his face. Startled, as
    THUNDER EXPLODES overhead -- then just as suddenly,
    becomes nothing more than the urinal flushing...

                 It was a nice run, Kev. Had to
                 close out someday. Nobody wins
                 'em all.

    The Reporter exits.      Kevin alone with the mirror.

    And then it's over.

    He's made his decision. Replacing his wedding ring.
    Reaching for his jacket, as we --

                                                      CUT TO:

4   INT. FLORIDA COURTHOUSE HALLWAY - DAY                            4

    Kevin walking through. His game face.      A court officer
    opening the doors and --

                                                      CUT TO:

    DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                        6.

5   INT. FLORIDA COURTROOM - DAY                                 5

    Barbara on the stand.   Everyone in place.

              Math hasn't exactly been your
              subject this year, has it?


              Any theories on why you've done so
              poorly in math this year?

              It's not my fault.

              Would you say Mr. Gettys is the
                     (as she shrugs)
              You're not sure. Have you had
              any discipline problems in math
              class this year?


              No? Isn't it true Mr. Gettys has
              had to talk to you repeatedly
              about your behavior? Isn't that
              why he asked you to stay after


              Have other teachers ever asked you
              to stay after class?

              Once or twice.

              Did they want to talk about your

              Objection.    Immaterial.

              Goes to motive.


    DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                          7.

5   CONTINUED:                                                      5

                 Overruled.    You may answer the

                 I don't know what the other
                 teachers wanted. You'd have to
                 talk to them.

                 You ever pass notes in class,
                 Barbara? Maybe a note that made
                 fun of Mr. Gettys?


                 No? Never called him a
                 'disgusting pig monster'?


    Kevin handing out paperwork.

                 Your Honor, I've pre-marked this
                 Defense Exhibit A...

                 Objection, Your Honor, we've had
                 plenty of time for discovery here.

    The Judge quickly studying his copy of the note.

                 I'm gonna let this in, Mr. Lomax,
                 I'm also gonna suggest that if
                 you have any other exhibits you
                 present in a timely fashion or not
                 at all.

                        (right to
                         the note)
                 I'm sorry, Barbara, I was wrong,
                 it's 'huge hog beast'. This is
                 your handwriting, isn't it?

                 Yes, but --


    DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                          8.

5   CONTINUED:    (2)                                               5

                 You wrote this in his class.

                 It's a joke.

                 'He's a huge hog beast. He
                 probably eats a thousand pancakes
                 for breakfast.' You're writing
                 here about Mr. Gettys, aren't you?

                 It was meant to be a joke.

                 Have you ever had a party at your
                 house when your parents were away?
                 Yes or no?

                 Objection.   This is way out of...

                 Credibility and bias.

                 Overruled.   Answer the question.


                 The word special came up in your
                 testimony earlier. You claimed
                 that Mr. Gettys asked you whether
                 you had special feelings, if you
                 felt special.
                 Have you ever heard of a game
                 called 'Special Places?'
                 You're under oath, Barbara. A
                 man's career -- his reputation --
                 his life is on the line. This is
                 not a joke. Have you ever played
                 the game Special Places?



    DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                          9.

5   CONTINUED:    (3)                                               5

                 Is this game sexual in nature?
                 Is this game sexual in nature?

                 We only played it once.

                 This special party, Barbara, this
                 was the first time you told the
                 story about Mr. Gettys.


                 I've spoken to the other children
                 who were there that day. Can you
                 think of anything else, Barbara,
                 they might have told me about that

                 Objection. Your Honor, if he has
                 other witnesses let him call them.

                        (right at Barbara)
                 If I need to call those other
                 children, I will.

                 I'm gonna sustain that, Mr. Lomax.
                 Rephrase your question.

                 You threatened those children,
                 didn't you?

                 That's not the way it happened --

                 You told them to falsely claim
                 that Mr. Gettys had hurt them,
                 didn't you?

                 These things did happen!


    DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                            9A.

5   CONTINUED:    (3A)                                                5

                 Because if they didn't go along
                 you were going to tell everyone
                 about this special party.

                 They happened to me.

                 So you made up a story. A
                 special story, about a math
                 teacher -- a disgusting pig
                 monster -- you didn't like.
                 That's what really happened,
                 isn't it?

                 I didn't want to be the only one!

    BARBARA'S FATHER can take it no longer -- suddenly on his
    feet -- charging --

                               BARBARA'S FATHER
                 You son of a bitch!

    The bailiff making a diving grab --

                 I have no further questions, Your

    Chaos -- court officers struggling with Barbara's Father
    and people yelling and Gettys hugging his wife and son
    and the gavel banging like mad and Kevin just sitting
    there, staring at the floor, completely drained,
    emotionally, morally, physically and --

    In the back of the room, a man. He's black. Elegant.
    Amused by the scene. His name is LEAMON HEATH.

    MARY ANN LOMAX leans in behind her husband.      She is a
    doll. We love her.



5   CONTINUED:    (4)                                                 5

                               MARY ANN
                 Pack it up, baby. You need a

                                                      CUT TO:

6   INT. FLORIDA NIGHTCLUB - NIGHT                                    6

    It's a rock and roll joint. Florida style. But it's
    early and empty. Kevin at the bar with Mary Ann, two
    LAWYER friends, the Reporter and someone's girl friend.
    12 shot glasses, two rows of six. A perfect tequila pour
    and --

                               LAWYER #1 (O.S.)
                 In the event we all get drunk and
                 forget, I suggest we frontload the
                 ceremonial bullshit...
                        (a toast)
                 To the best damn trial lawyer in
                 Alachua County.

    Kevin, subdued, watches the rest of them drink.

                 So, Kev, off the record, how's it
                 feel to squeeze a man like Gettys
                 through the door of reasonable

                                MARY ANN
                        (waving him off)
                 I told you already, we're not
                 gonna discuss that damn case
                 anymore. Done.
                        (to Kevin)
                 Am I right?

                 I'll drink to that.
                        (as he does)
                 No shop talk.

                                                      CUT TO:

7   MONTAGE                                                           7

    Tequila pours.      As the night goes on.

                                                      CUT TO:


8   INT. FLORIDA NIGHTCLUB - MEN'S ROOM - NIGHT                  8

    Drunk frat boys laughing as they exit. A BAR BAND in the
    distance. Kevin done pissing. Moving for the sink, when
    he suddenly stops. Freezes. A mirror above the sink.
    There he is. The guy that set Gettys free.

                               HEATH (O.S.)
              Mr. Lomax?

    Kevin turns -- Leamon Heath standing beside him.

              Helluva job today.
                     (quickly presenting
                      his card)
              I didn't want to disturb your

              Milton, Chadwick, Waters. Never
              heard of it.
                     (looking up)
              What're you gonna do? Sue me?

              Actually, we were hoping to retain
              your services. We've been
              following your progress.

              From New York.

              You've never lost a case.

              I've had some sympathetic juries.

              That's exactly what we're looking
              for. We want you to come to New
              York. Help us pick a jury.

                     (amused now)
              I'll tell you, man. You're pretty
              damn good. And the card is great.
              And the black thing -- you being
              black -- whose idea was that?
              Paul's? 'Cause that's just
                     (as he's walking)
              I'm just not drunk enough yet to
              fall for it.



8    CONTINUED:                                                       8

                  You'd have to start next week.
                         (waiting as Kevin
                          stops there)
                  All expenses. First class travel
                  and lodging. You and your wife.
                  A lump sum payment, regardless of
                  verdict in the amount of, well...
                         (in his hand)
                  Here. Take a look.

     Kevin takes the check.    Still looking at it, as we --

                                                      CUT TO:

9    EXT. FLORIDA CINDERBLOCK CHURCH - DAY                            9

     Two dozen cars parked.    MUSIC and SINGING from inside.    A
     sign reads:


10   INT. FLORIDA CINDERBLOCK CHURCH - DAY                            10

     Inside the church. Plain and functional. Poor but
     faithful. A trio -- electric guitar, accordion,
     tambourine -- playing a hymn. Forty-five voices raised
     in song. The tempo is ragged and the pitch shaky, but
     the feeling is strong. They mean it.

     The CAMERA FINDS -- MRS. LOMAX. Kevin's mother. Forty- six.
     Singing her heart out. A woman with faith, in the
     presence of her Lord.

     The CAMERA FINDS -- Kevin. In the very back. Standing
     in the doorway. Halfway in. Halfway out. Shadow.
     Light. Waiting.

                                                      CUT TO:

11   EXT. FLORIDA CHURCH PARKING LOT - DAY                            11

     Post-service.    Mrs. Lomax and Kevin walking to her car.

                  It's two weeks at most.

                                MRS. LOMAX
                  You've never been to New York.



11   CONTINUED:                                                      11

                  Every dog gets a day.

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                  Pick a jury...
                  I feel the hand of Mary Ann on
                  this adventure.


                                MRS. LOMAX
                  New York is not a good idea.

                  Look, how you fixed for cash?

                                MRS. LOMAX
                  I have my bad feeling.

                         (an envelope)
                  I put a couple hundred in here...

                                MRS. LOMAX
                  Sounds like more than two weeks.

                  Mary Ann typed out the numbers for
                  you -- phone, the flights -- it's
                  all in there.

                                MRS. LOMAX
                  Let me tell you about New York.

                         (with a smile)

                                MRS. LOMAX
                  Forewarned is forearmed.
                  'Fallen, fallen is Babylon the
                  great. It has become a dwelling
                  place of demons.' Revelation
                  Eighteen. Wouldn't hurt you to
                  look it over.

                         (rolls with it)
                  Couldn't forget it if I tried.



11   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                    11

                                MRS. LOMAX
                  And what happened to Babylon?

                  'Thou mighty city. In one hour
                  hast thou mighty judgement come.'

                                MRS. LOMAX
                  'And the light of a single lamp
                  shall shine in thee no more.'

     Kevin gathers her in.         Kissing her good-bye, as we --

                                                          CUT TO:

12   INT. HOTEL SUITE - NIGHT                                             12

     Darkness. Where are we? A door opens in another room --
     VOICES -- KEVIN and MARY ANN. They're LAUGHING. Coming
     in from a big night out. For an instant -- light -- we
     glimpse a great hotel suite -- and then --

                                KEVIN (O.S.)
                  -- wait -- leave 'em off --

                                MARY ANN (O.S.)
                  -- what are you... I can't --

                                KEVIN (O.S.)
                  -- close your eyes -- do it --

     More LAUGHTER.       Stumbling shadows moving PAST us and --

                                    KEVIN (O.S.)
                  Okay.    Stop.

13   EXT. HOTEL SUITE - BALCONY - NIGHT                                   13

     Kevin behind Mary Ann with his hands over her eyes.        He
     takes his hands away, but her eyes stay closed...

                  Okay.    Open your eyes.

                                  MARY ANN
                           (as she does)

14   EXT. HOTEL SUITE - BALCONY - NIGHT                                   14

     The view.    Wham.    The definitive New York skyline.


15   EXT. HOTEL SUITE - BALCONY - NIGHT                              15

               'Go ahead...'
                      (in her ear)
               '... bite the Big Apple.'

                             MARY ANN
                      (she's dancing)
               '... Rats on the West Side, bed
               bugs uptown, I can't give it away
               on Seventh Avenue. This town
               don't look good in tatters...'

               I don't know... looks to me like
               that dress is in your way.

                             MARY ANN
                      (shocked, stops)
               Why, counselor...
                      (her best drawl)
               Surely you don't think a small-
               town girl changes overnight just
               because a man buys her dinner in
               the big city.

               No, ma'am. In fact, I hardly ever
               think at all.

                             MARY ANN
               Well, that's different, then.
               You're my kind of guy.

     Kevin smiles.   She's taking off the dress.   Babylon.

                                                     CUT TO:

16   EXT. FOLEY SQUARE - ESTABLISHING - DAY                          16

     Six huge courthouses.   All those courtrooms.

                                                     CUT TO:

17   INT. JURY COURTROOM - DAY                                       17

     Criminal court. Voire dire. Potential jurors fill the
     benches. A bored judge. MEISEL, defense counsel, is a
     sour, New York veteran. The juror being questioned, a
     PIE-FACED MAN with bad vision.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                          16.

17   CONTINUED:                                                      17

                  Do you think as a juror you'd be
                  able to set aside any prior
                  opinions you might hold about the
                  savings and loan industry?
                         (long pause)
                  That was a question, sir.

                  What?   Do I like bankers?

     Heath catches Meisel's eye.     Waves him over.

                  Your Honor, may I have a minute to
                  speak with my colleagues.


     Kevin and Heath. And the defendant -- a well-tailored
     reptilian banker. Meisel joins them. Sotto voce.

                  Dump him. While you're at it
                  let's get rid of number six,
                  eight, and I'd say lose number
                  twelve, except the prosecutor's
                  gonna fuck up and do it for us.

                  Number six? You're kidding,
                  right? She's my first choice.

                  She's my first pass.

                  And eight? With the dreadlocks?
                  That's crazy. He's a defendant
                  juror if I ever saw one.

                  You see his shoes?

                  Look, kid, maybe down in Florida
                  you're the next big thing, but
                  this is New York. Manhattan.
                  We're not squeezing oranges here.



17   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                  17

                  He polishes those shoes every
                  night. He makes his own clothes.
                  He may look like a brother-with-
                  an-attitude to you, but I see a
                  man who's got a shotgun under his
                  bed and woe betide the creature
                  who steps into his garden.
                  And number six? Your favorite?
                  She's damaged goods.

                  She's a Catholic schoolteacher.
                         (to Heath)
                  She believes in human frailty.

                  No. There's something missing
                  from her. She's wrong.
                         (eyes to the pool)
                  She wants on this jury. Somebody
                  hurt her and she wants revenge.

                  How the hell do you know that?

                  I don't know.

                         (to Heath)
                  Look, either you put a stop to
                  this happy horseshit or I walk.


                         (a pause)
                  All right. Here's the deal.
                         (to Kevin)
                  I lose with your jury? You do the

     The defendant staring a hole into Kevin, as we --

                                                        CUT TO:

18   EXT. FOLEY SQUARE JURY COURT - DAY                                 18

     Kevin leaving court.    In no hurry to get home.    He likes
     it here.


18    CONTINUED:                                                       18

      Across the street, a man, one of many passing on the
      sidewalk. Except this man turns as Kevin passes.
      Watching him. Seeing something that pleases him.

      This is JOHN MILTON. And now, as Kevin disappears,
      Milton joins the flow of people heading down into a
      subway station -- down -- and gone, as we PULL BACK TO --

19    EXT. FOLEY SQUARE - DAY/NIGHT (TIME LAPSE)                       19

      As day becomes night.

19A   NIGHT BECOMES DAY                                                19A

19B   AND AGAIN                                                        19B


                                                       CUT TO:

20    INT. HOTEL SUITE - NIGHT                                         20

      Mary Ann watching TV alone. Remnants of a room service
      dinner. They've been living here for weeks now. The
      maids have started to give up.

      Kevin enters looking beat.    Grabs a cold french fry.

                                 MARY ANN
                          (into her show)
                   Your mother called. She has her
                   bad feeling.

                   Every now and then she gets one

                                 MARY ANN
                   What's up?
                          (looks over)
                   You okay? Something's up.

                   They deliberated for thirty-eight

                                 MARY ANN
                   Oh shit...


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                               19.

20   CONTINUED:                                                          20

                                MARY ANN (CONT'D)
                         (turns off the TV,
                          comforting him)
                  Oh, Kevin... I'm sorry, honey. What
                  the hell did they expect? The man
                  is guilty as can be. Wasn't a jury
                  anywhere gonna let him off.

                  Yeah.   Except one.

                                 MARY ANN

                         (a big ole smile)
                  Not fucking guilty.

                                 MARY ANN

                  Thirty-eight minutes.     My jury.

                                 MARY ANN
                  You did it!   Omigod, Kevin...

                  Put on something that's gonna be
                  easy to take off later. We are
                  going out, girl!

                                                         CUT TO:

21   INT. LAW FIRM LOBBY - DAY                                           21

     Milton, Chadwick, Waters. Those words written in stone
     on the wall. The decor is stark, dramatic, awesome. The
     receptionist is simply stunning. Kevin, wearing his best
     suit, walking with Heath.

                  Sorry to keep you waiting, but Mr.
                  Milton got pinned down in Indonesia
                  a little longer than expected.
                         (quietly as they
                          hit the view)
                  Not bad, huh? You can play it cool
                  if you want, but the first time I
                  walked in here, my jaw was on the floor.

22   INT. LAW FIRM HALL - DAY                                            22

     The firm offices.      A large central atrium.    Offices rim
     this space.


22   CONTINUED:                                                      22

     Lawyers come in all shapes and sizes. Assistants -- male
     and female -- are uniformly attractive. The HUM of
     serious BUSINESS in the background.

                         (as they walk)
                  We've got forty partners vested at
                  the moment. Close to six hundred
                  associates. This is the home
                  office, but we've got quite a few
                  international arrangements, so Mr.
                  Milton spends a good deal of his
                  time in the air. In addition to
                  our corporate clients, we're
                  currently representing about
                  twenty-five foreign countries.
                  Mid-East, Balkans, Central
                  America, West Africa. Interesting
                  work, but travel intensive.

     Kevin slowing as they pass an open doorway --

                                HEATH (O.S.)
                  He's got you scheduled for fifteen
                  minutes, which is a good sign, so
                  make the most of it...

23   INT. LAW FIRM - CHRISTABELLA'S OFFICE - DAY                     23

     THROUGH a large window we see a woman pacing her office.
     She's wearing a headset and arguing in machine-gun
     Italian. She is a goddess. Her name is CHRISTABELLA.
     She is beautiful beyond propriety. She will also turn
     out to be a brilliant EUC lawyer. She turns. Sees us
     staring -- like that -- Venetian blinds close tightly.

24   INT. LAW FIRM HALL - DAY                                        24

     Heath is now far ahead.    Kevin rushing to catch up --

25   INT. LAW FIRM - ARCHED CORRIDOR - DAY                           25

     Kevin about six steps into it when suddenly, he looks
     down. Stops. Completely spooked.

                  Man, I just love that...



25   CONTINUED:                                                           25

     The floor is nothing but glass. Sixty stories above the
     world. A bridge between two skyscrapers.

                  I watched a Senator piss his pants
                  right where you're standing.


                  He's waiting for you.      Good luck.

     Kevin sucks it up.      Starts walking.    Up ahead, nothing
     but an open door.

                                                          CUT TO:

26   INT. MILTON'S OFFICE - DAY                                           26

     First of all it's round. And large. The walls are made
     of stone. No windows. There are dramatic shafts of
     natural light from above. Stark and clean to the
     extreme. No paper anywhere.

     Kevin standing there.      Taking in the space.

                                  MILTON (O.S.)
                  Behind you.

     Kevin turns.       There he is.

                  Sorry.    Didn't mean to...

                  No.  Please.
                         (his hand)
                  Kevin Lomax.

                         (they shake)
                  John Milton.

                  Nice to meet you.

                  Have we been treating you well?

                  Very well.    Thank you.



26   CONTINUED:                                                     26

                  Your wife, she's had a good time?

                  She sure has. It's been great.
                  The whole thing's been great.

                  Good. That's our secret. We kill
                  you with kindness.
                         (walking the room,
                  What's your secret?

                  I couldn't say.

                  You were a prosecutor.

                  Out of law school. Five years in
                  the Jacksonville D.A.'s office.

                  Sixty-four straight convictions.
                  What a number.

                  I like to be in court.   I didn't
                  plea out a lot.

                  What's that like? One day you're
                  putting them away and the next
                  you're setting them free?

                  Takes a little getting used to.

                  Pays better though, doesn't it?

                  Yes it does.

                  The math teacher. The Gettys
                  case. I hear you were brilliant.

                  Prosecutor dropped the ball.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                             23.

26   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                 26

                  Really.   So you think your guy was

                  I didn't say that.

                  What did you say?

                  How's this? I began the case with
                  a clear conscience.

                         (quiet a moment)
                  I was sure you had a secret.

                  The men's room.
                  Upstairs men's room in the Duval
                  County courthouse. There's a hole
                  in the wall. Straight through to
                  the next room.
                  I spent five years listening to
                  juries deliberate.

                  I love it.

                  Love it all you want, just don't
                  repeat it. I'm not sure the
                  Florida Bar Association would
                  appreciate it.

                  You don't really want to go back
                  to Florida, do you? Walk with me.

27   INT. MILTON'S OFFICE - PANEL - DAY                                27

     With that, Milton pushes a button.     Huge panel screens
     open out to:

28   EXT. MILTON'S TERRACE - DAY                                       28

     A reflecting pool. Water right to the edge. A narrow
     walkway straight through the middle. And we're fifty
     stories above the city. The effect is staggering.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                          24.

28   CONTINUED:                                                      28

                  What do you think? Some people
                  can't handle it.

                  It's peaceful.

                  Fill in the resume. Tell me about
                  your family. What does your
                  father do?

                  I never got to know my father. He
                  passed away before I was born. My
                  mom raised me. Just the two of

                  She never remarried?

                  She wasn't married the first time.

                  That can't be easy in Gainesville.

                  I don't think it's easy anywhere.
                         (re the view)
                  Holy shit...

                  Little different when you're
                  looking down, isn't it?
                  Tell me about her. Your mother.
                  What's she like?

                  She's a preacher's daughter.
                  She's tough. She's worked in the
                  same poultry plant for as long as
                  I can remember. I think she's up
                  to eight-fifty an hour. She's got
                  a church she really likes, so
                  she's usually either there or they
                  go out, they do a lot of volunteer


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                              25.

28   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                   28

                  'Many are in high places, and of
                  great renown: but mysteries are
                  revealed unto the meek.'

                  So they say.

                  Didn't rub off on you?    The book?
                  The church?

                  I'm on parole.     Early release for
                  time served.

     Suddenly they're quiet.       Silenced by the view.

                  Lotta potential clients down
                  there. (Sooner or later it all
                  flows through the streets.)

                  You don't have to sell me on New

                  You like it here, don't you?

                  Are we negotiating?


                  Why do you need a criminal

                  Because our clients break the law
                  just like everyone else and I'm
                  tired of sending their business
                  across the street.

                  Are you offering me a job?

                  I'm thinking about it. You have
                  the talent. I knew that before
                  you got here. It's the other
                  thing I wonder about.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                            26.

28   CONTINUED:    (3)                                                 28

                  What thing is that?

                  Pressure. Changes everything.
                  Some people, you squeeze them,
                  they focus. Some people fold.
                  Can you summon your talent at
                  will? Can you deliver on
                  deadline? Can you sleep at night?

                  When do we talk about money?

                  Money's the easy part.

                                                       CUT TO:

29   EXT. LOMAX BUILDING AND STREET - DAY                              29

     Carnegie Hall. High off Central Park.       A Mercedes
     stretch pulls to the curb.

                                HEATH (V.O.)
                  Mt. Sinai Hospital right up the
                  street. Some excellent schools.



29   CONTINUED:                                                        29

     The driver rushing to open the door. Heath, Kevin and
     Mary Ann getting out of the car just as a group of
     uniformed school children come charging out of the
     building to meet their bus.

                  I doubt it was at the top of his
                  list when Mr. Milton bought the
                  building, but it's a great
                  neighborhood for children.

30   LOOKING UP - BUILDING                                             30

     A stately, pre-war apartment house. One unique touch;
     the penthouse rises in a sort of wedding cake design.

                                                       CUT TO:

31   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT LANDING - DAY                                31

     Turn of the Century. Elegant. Two apartments per floor.
     JACKIE HEATH waiting here. She is black, early thirties,
     and very, very attractive.

     The elevator doors open.     Mary Ann steps out, followed by
     Kevin and Heath.

                  You must be Mary Ann -- Welcome.
                  I'm Jackie Heath...

                                MARY ANN
                  It's so sweet of you to come by.

                  Please.   We live across the hall.

                                MARY ANN
                  You're kidding?

                  Right here.

                  So it's just two apartments per

                         (to her husband)
                  You didn't tell them about the



31   CONTINUED:                                                       31

                  I thought I'd let it speak for

     Opening the door, and we enter --

32   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - DAY                                       32

     A dream. Twelve-foot ceilings. Huge, oversized rooms.
     Crown moldings. A huge central hallway. And light.
     Kevin and Mary Ann walking through. Blown away.

                  It's what they call a classic

                  We had them paint everything
                  white. Let you see it naked
                  before you pick your palette.

                                MARY ANN
                  What am I picking?

                  Palette.   Your colors.

                  I need to warn you about one
                         (as they turn back)
                  There are going to be some very
                  envious people at the firm. These
                  apartments, there aren't many of
                  them, it's really a partner's
                  perk. You must've made quite an

                  Took us six years to get in here.

                                                      CUT TO:

33   EXT. LOMAX APARTMENT BALCONY - DAY                               33

     French doors opening. Kevin walks out. Mary Ann just
     behind him. They stand there, staring at the park.

                                MARY ANN
                  Are you really this good?


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                                29.

33   CONTINUED:                                                           33

                  I sure as hell hope so.

                                MARY ANN
                  They must want you pretty bad.

                  Look, Mare, I'm only getting
                  behind this if you're on board.
                  You want to go home, I'm with you.

                                MARY ANN
                  Sure. Let's go back to Gainesville.
                  You can keep scrounging for
                  clients and pumping out the
                  basement and I'll keep repossessing
                  cars for Akamian. Maybe, if we
                  kill ourselves, in about five
                  years we can afford a baby and
                  a weekend shack at Gulf Shores.
                  Are you shitting me?

     She smiles first.      Kevin pulling her toward him, as we --

                                                          CUT TO:

34   INT. FIRM CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY                                      34

     Incredible and extreme. Forty people -- SENIOR PARTNERS
     and department heads -- seated at the table. They've
     been going around the table introducing themselves to
     Kevin. Nearing the end now --

                                 LAWYER #1
                  Krasna.   Maritime Law.

                                LAWYER #2
                  Parvathi Resh. Energy law.     I
                  run the Islamic sub-group.

                                LAWYER #3
                  Joyce Rensaleer. Mergers and

                                 LAWYER #4
                  Chan Sanyou.   Intellectual property.

                  Eddie Barzoon.     Managing Director.

     Christabella and another woman running in.       Taking seats
     quickly. Christabella beside Kevin.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                          30.

34   CONTINUED:                                                     34

                  Christabella Adrioli. Economics.
                  Primarily G-7 and E.C.

                  There you go, Kevin. The whole
                  team. I'm trying to think how
                  long it's been since we were all
                  together. All of us. Too long.
                  I'm looking around, I know some
                  of you came from very far away to
                  be with us here today. It's
                         (pacing the window)
                  This room we're in was built --
                  architecturally designed -- to
                  promote healthy group dynamics.
                  A psychic centrifuge. Makes you
                  want to reach out, doesn't it?
                  Inclusion. Commonality. Synergy.
                  All that good shit. That's what
                  I'm looking for today. Because
                  when I hear stories -- the kind
                  of stories I've been hearing --
                  about backbiting, about partners
                  not working together, departments
                  cutting each other's throats
                  over clients, or worse... I feel
                  drained. It drains me. I feel
                  empty. I feel as though I've
                  let you all down.
                         (off dead silence)
                  We need something. A gesture.
                         (across the table)
                  What do I need, Eddie?

                  How about a public flogging?

                  Wait a minute. I got it. It's
                  perfect. It's intimate. It's
                  quick. Doesn't cost a thing.
                  There's a power to it. What is
                  Let's hold hands. All of us.

     Milton is first.    Reluctance begins to fold.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                               31.

34   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                   34

                  Right now. Every person at this
                  table -- take the hand of the
                  person on either side...

     Kevin finds Christabella's hand at his side.

                  You want out of this, Eddie?

                  You've made your point, John.

                  You won't hold hands?
                  It's important to me, Eddie.

     Kevin watching Barzoon fold.       Watching the circle form.

                  See.   See, I feel better already.

                                                         CUT TO:

35   INT. KEVIN'S OFFICE HALL - DAY                                      35

     Very nice. Major windows. Stripped down at the moment,
     but there's a desk and phone.

                  What do you think?

                  I guess it'll do.

                                PAM (O.S.)
                  Until something better comes

     In the doorway, PAM GARRETY.       Never married.   Two-pack-a-
     day habit. Tough as dirt.

                  Kevin Lomax.   Pam Garrety.



35    CONTINUED:                                                          35

                                 HEATH (CONT'D)
                          (as they shake)
                   Pam was with the Brooklyn D.A.'s
                   office for fourteen years, so she
                   knows her way around the local
                   scene. She'll be your guide.
                          (to Pam)
                   You're gonna be expediting his New
                   York Bar application, right?

                   In the pipeline. For now, we'll
                   just have you work pro hac vice.
                   We've petitioned Florida for a
                   letter of good conduct. And...
                          (a folder)
                   ... I prepared, at Mr. Milton's
                   request, an overview of the Moyez

                   The Moyez case?

                                                         CUT TO:

36    EXT. EAST HARLEM STREET - DAY                                       36

      Deep ghetto side street. One of those blocks that have
      been completely lost. One whole side of the street has
      nothing but boarded-up row houses.

      A black Town Car pulling through.    Slowing now --

36A   INT. CAR (EAST HARLEM) - DAY                                        36A

      Kevin and his DRIVER peering across the street.

                   I gotta stick with the vehicle.

                                                         CUT TO:

37    EXT. DAHOUMEY BAKA - DAY                                            37

      A storefront botanica. Insane colors. Rusted iron
      grates covering two tiny cataract windows. A steel door
      is open. There's a sick-looking DOG tied to the doorknob;
      he begins BARKING wildly, as he sees --

      Kevin walking from the car.    Suit and tie.     Briefcase.
      Turning, as he hears --


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           33.

37   CONTINUED:                                                      37

                                 JUNKIE (O.S.)
                  You get 'em!   Go get 'em, man!

     Three JUNKIES camped on the stoop of a burned-out
     brownstone across the street. Dull, wasted faces aroused
     by the DOG'S BARKING --

                  Tell her turn that shit down! I
                  know what she's doin'! That's
                  right! Tell 'em take that noise
                  back t'Africa 'fore I --

     Stopping instantly because -- a WOMAN is standing in the
     botanica doorway. Her skin is jet black. Her eyes are
     pale blue. Her hair is white. She holds a live chicken
     by its feet. The DOG is still BARKING so she slaps it.
     Hard. Now there is silence.

                  I'm looking for Phillipe Moyez.

     She moves aside.    Kevin enters --

38   INT. DAHOUMEY BAKA - DAY                                        38

     It's dark. Oil lamps and candles for light. The air
     thick with incense. Jars and bags and boxes are stacked
     on shelves everywhere. Powders. Oils. Bones. Skins.
     Potions. Dried herbs.

                  I called this morning, I'm not
                  sure who I spoke with.
                         (awkward silence)
                  I'm his lawyer. I have a card...
                         (finding it)
                  They said he would meet me here.
                  Phillipe Moyez.

                         (into the back)
                  Bhalla! Bhalla!

     Kevin taking a very deep breath, as we --

                                                     CUT TO:

39   INT. DAHOUMEY BAKA - STAIRS - DAY                               39

     Darkness. A door opening above us. A BOY -- maybe ten
     -- standing there. Kevin behind him.



39   CONTINUED:                                                    39

                  Look, I'm not sure I'm making
                  myself clear here.

                         (a French accent)
                  You need him. Speak wid him.

40   INT. DAHOUMEY BAKA - STAIRS - DAY                             40

     The Boy hits the lights. A naked bulb on the landing
     below. Beyond that, darkness.

                  You're saying he's down here?
                  In the basement? In the dark?

                  Where? Where you think -- ?
                  Where you think me taking you?

41   INT. DAHOUMEY BAKA - BASEMENT HALL - DAY                      41

     The Boy, still laughing, starts down the stairs -- into
     the darkness. Kevin hesitates. Sucks it up. Crouching
     not to hit his head as he goes down into --

42   INT. DAHOUMEY BAKA - BASEMENT - DAY                           42

     Around the landing -- the Boy still in front of him and
     -- down -- as another light comes up and the boy moves
     quickly through the space, turning on lamps here and
     there. No furniture. Mounds of bones. The walls
     painted a deep, black red.

43   INT. DAHOUMEY BAKA - MOYEZ'S BASEMENT - DAY                   43

     Kevin waiting as the last light goes on --

                                MOYEZ (O.S.)
                  I thought I would recognize you,
                  but I do not.

     Kevin, spooked, wheels around --



43   CONTINUED:                                                         43

     PHILLIPE MOYEZ squatting in the corner. Skinny and
     intense. His eyes opaque and piercing at the same time.
     At once unassuming and terrifying. A plastic bag of
     fresh green roots in his lap. Ghat. Miraa. African
     cocaine. His teeth black from chewing it.

                  Mr. Moyez?
                         (as he nods)
                  We've never met. I'm a lawyer.
                  I'm here about the animals.

                  As you wish.

                  I'll be arguing your case with the
                  city. I need to ask you some
                         (gets folder)
                  I've done a little preliminary
                  research -- precedent -- cases in
                  the past that dealt with Santeria
                  and Vou--

                  No. This is not Santeria. We are
                  not Voodoo. Candomble.
                  Obeayisne. None of that. We are
                  much older. Before. Before all
                  of it.

                  Okay.   Is there a name?   Or...

                  We have papers. At your firm.      We
                  have the tax exemption.

                  Okay.  I'll get right into that.
                         (scribbling away)
                  The animals. Let's start with
                  that, then.

                  We have an investment in blood.
                  Think of it as spiritual currency.

     Moyez stands.    Starts slowly across the room.

                  Look, Mr. Moyez, I'm going to need
                  your help with this.



43   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                  43

                  Yes.   That's very clear.

                  Perhaps we could start at the

     Moyez, ignoring him, moves to an old refrigerator beside
     the stairs. For an instant, the door is open -- just a
     glimpse. Meat. Bags of entrails. Jars of blood. Moyez
     goes to a workbench near the wall --

                  Mr. Moyez?

                  What is the name of the man who
                  will prosecute us?

                         (scanning file)
                  Merto. Assistant District
                  Attorney Arnold Merto.

                  Bhalla.   La chemise noire.   Vite!

     The Boy already running up the stairs.       The sound of
     NAILS FALLING onto the workbench --

                  What are you doing, Mr. Moyez?

     Moyez stands aside, wiping his hands on his trousers.        A
     huge beef tongue sits on the bench. The nails are
     scattered around it.

                  You can go now. You will have all
                  the help I can give you.

     Moyez now with a hammer. And the nail. Driving it into
     the tongue. Kevin backing away, as we --

                                                        CUT TO:

44   INT. KEVIN'S OFFICE AND HALL - DAY                                 44

     Video monitor -- FULL FRAME.

     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                            37.

45   INT. DAHOUMEY BAKA BASEMENT - DAY                                45

     Hand-held footage of a police raid. We're running --
     through a building -- New York cops -- an animal control
     officer -- through a door -- voices yelling -- down some
     steps -- into a back yard -- people standing --

     Here -- a scuffle starting -- voices rising -- the camera
     shaking -- we see Bhalla -- and the Woman -- and --

     There -- in the middle, is a goat -- on its knees -- its
     throat has just been cut -- blood pouring into a pan and
     Moyez holding its head with one hand -- a knife in the
     other and this positively orgiastic expression on his
     face, and on that image, we freeze frame.

46   OMITTED                                                          46
&                                                                     &
47                                                                    47

                                                      REVERSE TO:

48   INT. KEVIN'S OFFICE AND HALL - KEVIN - DAY                       48

     with the remote control.   Pam there with him.   A long,
     sour silence.

               What do you think?

               It's a health code case. And it's
               a loser. So what's the point?
                      (watching her)
               It's a test, right?

               Isn't everything?

               The smart thing to do is make a
               deal. Plea him out and suppress
               the tape.

               I'm sure the D.A.'s waiting for
               your call.

               Yeah, well, let him wait.
               And you can tell Milton too.
               I didn't come to New York to plea

                                                      CUT TO:

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                          38.

49    INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - DAY                                      49

      Jackie rejecting Mary Ann's color choices.

                                                      CUT TO:

50    INT. KEVIN'S OFFICE AND HALL - NIGHT                            50

      Law books stacked around.    An associate wheels in a
      trolley with more books.

                                                      CUT TO:

50A   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - NIGHT                                    50A

      Mary Ann eating fried chicken. She doesn't like the
      wallpaper. She's tearing it off, as we --

                                                      CUT TO:

50B   INT. KEVIN'S OFFICE AND HALL - NIGHT                            50B

      Kevin working late.   Across the hall Pam is going home.

                It's only a health code case.

                                                      CUT TO:


      Bench trial. No jury. JUDGE THEO SKLAR and staff.
      A.D.A. MERTO at his seat. Pam sits with Moyez. Other
      than that, it's empty.

      A rump roast slaps down onto a table.

                              KEVIN (O.S.)
                That's a veal roast, Your Honor.
                U.S.D.A. approved and stamped.
                Eight days ago, in Kansas City,
                two men pushed a calf into a steel
                frame as a third man fired a high-
                voltage staple-gun into the
                animal's skull. Men kill animals
                and eat their flesh. Phillipe Moyez
                killed a goat. He killed a goat.
                And he did it at home, in a manner
                consistent with his religious
                beliefs. Now some people may find
                it bizarre.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                          38A/39.

51   CONTINUED:                                                      51

                                 KEVIN (O.S.CONT'D)
                  It's certainly not a religious
                  practice performed by everyone.
                  It's not as common as, say,
                  circumcision. It's certainly not
                  as common as the belief that wine
                  is transformed into blood. It's
                  not even as common as the handling
                  of poisonous snakes to prove one's
                  faith. But Phillipe Moyez isn't
                  two thousand miles away in a
                  stockyard. He doesn't use
                  electricity to kill. And worst of
                         (holding up
                           the roast)
                  Phillipe Moyez is not shrink-

     Merto begins to cough.    Quietly at first, but...

                  Your Honor, the city timed this
                  police action to catch my client
                  exercising his constitutionally-
                  protected right to religious

     Merto's coughing getting worse as he tries to stop...

                                JUDGE SKLAR
                  This is a law protecting Kosher

                  Exactly, Your Honor. And I'd like
                  to move at this time for an
                  immediate directed verdict for

     Moyez staring a hole in Merto, and the man cannot stop

                                JUDGE SKLAR
                  I happen to know a little bit
                  about Kashrut law, Mr. Lomax.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                            40.

51   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                51

                  I'm aware of that, Your Honor,
                  which is why I feel confident in
                  requesting a dismissal.

                                JUDGE SKLAR
                  Mr. Merto?

     Merto can't speak -- wheezing and coughing, as we --

                                                      CUT TO:


     Empty and dark. Kevin, Moyez and Pam leaving the
     courtroom. All smiles. Moyez shaking his hand and
     thanking him, and then, from behind them, the sound of
     one person CLAPPING --

                         (coming toward them)
                  Bravo, Kevin. Bravo.
                         (as he arrives)
                  Pamela, you're looking lovely.
                         (to Moyez)
                  Satisfied, Phillipe?


                  Kevin, what can I say?

     Kevin, trying to look modest and failing, as we --

                                                      CUT TO:


     A street-food stall. Milton paying for Kevin's eggroll.
     And they're walking...

                  Best street food in the world.
                  Try that. Tell me it isn't great.
                         (as Kevin eats)
                  New York. What a scene, right?


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           41.

53   CONTINUED:                                                      53

                                MILTON (CONT'D)
                  Guy like Moyez living in that
                  subterranean shithole all the
                  time he's running around with
                  fifteen million dollars in the

                  You gotta be kidding.

                  What do you think? We're giving
                  you away? He's paying us in
                  goat's blood? I'm billing you
                  out at four-hundred an hour, my
                  friend. I don't see a whole lot
                  of pro bono work in your
                  immediate future.
                         (buzzing here)
                  Seriously, what I like, you got in
                  there with him. Inside the cage.
                  That's instinct. Can't be taught.
                  You gotta hear that on your own.
                  It's gotta be in your blood. It's
                  molecular. I bet I've got five
                  thousand lawyers working around
                  the planet. I couldn't name
                  ten -- couldn't name three --
                  I'd trust with Moyez.

                  So what the hell are they doing?

                  What are they doing? They're
                  corporate lawyers, what do
                  you think they're doing? They're
                  busy reducing life and death to
                  the proper position of a semi-
                  colon. They're doing needlepoint.
                  Push button battles. Push button
                  wars. Armies that get so fucking
                  far away from each other they
                  need satellites to tell them
                  who won. No pain. No sound.
                  No smell. One big, multinational
                  circle jerk. You, on the other
                  hand, you're on the slaughterhouse
                  floor. You can't help but smell
                  your clients.

                  I figure you came to court to
                  make sure I didn't fuck this up.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           42.

53   CONTINUED:    (2)                                               53

                  Maybe I did. But don't get too
                  cocky. No matter how good you
                  are. Don't let them see you
                  coming. That's the gaff, my
                  friend -- make yourself small.
                  Be the hick. The cripple. The
                  nerd. The leper. The shit-
                  kicking surfer. Look at me --
                  I've been underestimated from
                  day one. Do I look like a
                  master of the universe? That's
                  your only weakness as far as I
                  can tell.

                  What's that?

                  The look. The Florida stud thing.
                  'Scuse me, ma'am, did I leave my
                  boots under your bed?'

                  Never worked a jury didn't have a

                  You know what you're missing?
                  What I have? This beautiful girl
                  she's just fucked me every way
                  she knows how -- we're done --
                  she's walking to the bathroom --
                  she turns back -- and there I am.
                  It's me. And she smiles -- it's
                  like a veil coming down across
                  her face -- and that smile, that's
                  a question mark, because she's
                  looking at me, she's wondering,
                  how did that happen? And see,
                  right there, from that moment on,
                  she's got a secret. I'm the hand
                  up Mona Lisa's skirt. I'm the
                  whisper in Nefertitti's ear.
                  I'm a surprise. They never see
                  me coming. That's what you're

     Milton escaping across the street.

                  So why did you come down today?


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           43.

53   CONTINUED:    (3)                                               53

                  Because I knew it was gonna be
                  good. Because I knew I was gonna
                  like it. That you would shine --
                  that we would take this walk --
                  that we'd really talk. Why I
                  came down? You want the truth?
                  I'm an aging, hipster plutocrat.
                  I came up from nothing. From
                  dirt. I'm warming my hands on
                  your talent --
                         (distracted then -- )
                  Where's the chicken?


     A CHINESE MAN sits in a doorway --

                         (perfect Cantonese)
                  Where's the chicken? The chicken
                  that plays tic-tac-toe. He used
                  to be right here.

                                CHINESE MAN
                  No, you passed it. Back that way.

                         (back to Kevin, as
                          they walk)
                  There's a chicken, he's famous, he
                  plays tic-tac-toe. He never
                  Hey. Like you. Right?
                         (catching himself)
                  Look, I'm rambling because I'm
                  excited. You're in the part of
                  the game I like best. The realm
                  of the True Believers. You are
                  a believer, aren't you?

                  I believe in the presumption of

                  Better a hundred guilty men go
                  free than a single innocent be


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                               44.

53   CONTINUED:    (4)                                                   53

                  Something like that.

                  No. Exactly like that. It's
                  faith. You're either in or out.
                  You can't believe a little bit.

                  I was kidding.

                  You're not here to amuse me.
                  See, that's why people hate lawyers.
                  So many of us have lost our faith.
                  Don't let that happen to you.

                  Excuse me?

     Milton offering a token.       Behind him, the entrance to the
     Canal Street station --

                  Learn the subways, Kevin. Use
                  them. Stay in the trenches.

     Kevin taking the token, as we --

                                                         CUT TO:

54   OMITTED                                                             54
&                                                                        &
55                                                                       55

56   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - NIGHT                                        56

     Kevin just coming in from work. The apartment is
     starting to come together. Still not enough furniture,
     but the sparseness reads as elegance.

                         (walking through)
                  Mare... Mare...?

                                 MARY ANN (O.S.)
                         (from the bedroom)
                  You're late...


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                              45.

56   CONTINUED:                                                         56

     He stops. In the hallway -- a wall is missing --
     sheetrock stacked on the floor -- tools piled around -- a
     renovation project halted for the night.

                  What's all this?

                                MARY ANN (O.S.)
                  All what?

     Mary Ann up the hall in the bedroom door.      Finishing her
     makeup for a night out.

                                MARY ANN
                  Oh, that...
                  It was gonna be a nursery, but
                  then I remembered you'd have to be
                  home long enough to knock me up,
                  so now I'm thinking of building a
                  law library.

     Kevin smiles.    Drops his briefcase.     Drops his pants.

                                MARY ANN
                  Save the thought. We were due up
                  there fifteen minutes ago.

     She blows him a kiss.    Ducking back into bedroom.

                                                        CUT TO:


     Kevin and Mary Ann in their go-to-meeting clothes.      Going
     up. Nervous.

                                MARY ANN
                  Tell me I can handle this.

                  You can handle this.

                                MARY ANN
                  Say something nice.

                  Something nice.

                                MARY ANN
                  Promise me you won't leave me
                  alone in there.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                         46.

57   CONTINUED:                                                    57


                                MARY ANN
                  How the hell did we get here?


58   INT. BARZOON APARTMENT - NIGHT                                58

     The door opens.    DIANA BARZOON, tonight's hostess,
     standing there.

                  There you are!
                         (to Kevin)
                  Diana Barzoon, Eddie's wife.
                         (an air kiss for
                          Mary Ann)
                  Come on, you two. Everyone can't
                  wait to meet you.

59   INT. BARZOON APARTMENT - NIGHT                                59

     Twice the size of Kevin's place. Decorated and furnished
     to the max. Seventy-five guests and ten in staff. The
     crowd is very smart, sleek, and experienced at these sort
     of things. Mary Ann's hand squeezing Kevin's just a bit
     more tightly as Diana leads them into the throng, and we
     begin --

60   INT. BARZOON APARTMENT - NIGHT                                60


     Faces -- some of them strangers.    Some of them familiar
     from the conference room scene.

61   KEVIN                                                         61

     huddled with Jackie and Mary Ann as Heath brings them
     drinks from the bar.

62   PAM                                                           62

     and two lawyers near the terrace doors -- the smoking
     section -- talking with nicotine-driven intensity.

63   OMITTED                                                       63

     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                       47.

64   CHRISTABELLA                                                 64

     simply walking through the room.

65   EDDIE AND DIANA BARZOON                                      65

     They've found Kevin and Mary Ann.

               I love the eights. The entire 'A'
               line -- such a great shell.
                      (manic and perhaps
                       a bit insane)
               I do. I envy you. Starting from
               scratch. Do you have your fabrics
               yet? Tell me you don't.

                              MARY ANN
               Not yet.   I don't think so.

               Come with me. Instantly.
                      (to Kevin)
               I'm borrowing your wife...

               Be gentle, honey. These are
               normal people.

     Mary Ann giving Kevin a "help me" look as she's dragged
     into the party --

               Your first?

               Excuse me?

               Is this your first marriage?

                                                   DISSOLVE TO:

66   OMITTED                                                      66


     Front door -- abuzz -- Milton has just arrived.

     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                            48.

68   INT. BARZOON APARTMENT - NIGHT                                   68

     Across the room, Mary Ann with Jackie and Diana and
     another wife --

                              MARY ANN
               Who is that?

                      (looking over)
               My God, girl...

               You haven't met him yet?

                              MARY ANN
               Who is he?

69   INT. BARZOON APARTMENT - NIGHT                                   69

     Milton -- across the room -- looks over -- he's found
     them -- already coming toward them -- smiling --

               I swear he can hear us.

               Hell, he can smell us.

               Mary Ann? John Milton...
                      (his hand and eyes)
               I was hoping we'd meet tonight.
               And here you are, already swimming
               with the sharks.

     Even as he says this, he's kissing their smiling cheeks.
     Mary Ann looking a little lost, as we --

                                                      CUT TO:

70   INT. BARZOON APARTMENT - NIGHT (SAME TIME)                       70

     Kevin talking with another lawyer. Looking over as
     Christabella glides through the room.

                                                      CUT TO:

71   INT. BARZOON APARTMENT - SOFA - DUSK (SAME TIME)                 71

     Milton and Mary Ann sitting together.   Alone.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           49.

71   CONTINUED:                                                      71

                                MARY ANN
                  Deadbeats. I mean, that's what it
                  comes down to. You can call
                  yourself a finance trainee, or
                  a financial resources adviser,
                  or whatever, you're still
                  spending most of your day trying
                  to hammer car payments out of
                         (looking around)
                  No deadbeats here tonight.

                  You'd be surprised. There's a
                  lot more fear in this room than
                  you'd think.

                                MARY ANN
                  What do these people have to be
                  afraid of?

                  Each other. Themselves.   Why?
                  What scares you?

                                MARY ANN
                  Not knowing who the deadbeats are.

                  You'll figure that out. There's
                  only one thing worth being
                  frightened of anyway, and that's
                  being alone. Truly and finally

                                 MARY ANN
                  Yes.   I think you're right.

                  You know what terrifies me?

                                 MARY ANN
                  For what?

                  For what. For you. Let's be
                  honest, I've changed your life.
                  Changed it forever. There's
                  been a seismic shift in your
                  existence and I'm responsible.
                  And you've never even met me.
                  We're talking for the very
                  first time. How insane is that?


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           50.

71   CONTINUED:    (2)                                               71

                                MARY ANN
                  It's a wonderful opportunity for

                  Kevin. Please. I'm not worried
                  about Kevin. He buys a few new
                  suits. Learns a few new tricks.
                  He's there. I don't worry about
                  Kevin. What about you?

                                MARY ANN
                  I'm not leaving a lot behind.

                  You must have family.

                                MARY ANN
                  Bad subject. I haven't spoken
                  to my folks in a long time. My
                  sister ran all the way to

                  Whoaa... I gotta think about that.
                  I had you down as daddy's little
                  girl, you know? The princess.
                  Sugar plum snapshots. Pastel
                  bedspreads. Cinnamon cookies.

                                MARY ANN
                  I tell Kevin the only thing worse
                  than not having a father was
                  having mine.

                  So you've got a lot at stake here.
                  You've made a real commitment.

                                MARY ANN
                  I guess I have.

                  It's not gonna be like
                  Gainesville, but then you know
                  that already.

                                MARY ANN
                  We're gonna be fine. It's gonna
                  be great.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                              51.

71   CONTINUED:    (3)                                                  71

                  If it isn't, will you come to me?
                  Let me help? I'd feel a lot less
                  responsible. Will you do that
                  for me?

                                MARY ANN

                  The worst vice is advice, right?
                  But can I make a suggestion?
                  It's about your hair, some people
                  are sensitive, that's why I ask.

                               MARY ANN
                  No. I mean, go ahead. You don't
                  like it?

                  You have shoulders nobody can see.
                  Pull it back.

                                MARY ANN
                  You mean, you want me to pull my
                  hair back?

                  If I do it, everyone in this room
                  that's pretending not to watch us
                  will assume we're fucking or
                  something. Pull back your hair.
                         (there's the mirror)
                  Take a look. See. That's it.
                  Isn't that incredible? You need
                  to cut your hair.

                                MARY ANN
                  You're kidding.

                  A woman's shoulders are the
                  frontlines of her mystique.
                  And her neck, if she's alive,
                  has the very mystery of a
                  border town. It's the no
                  man's land in the battle
                  between mind and body.
                  You know, your natural color
                  would really bring out your eyes...

     Mary Ann frozen there, as we --

                                                        CUT TO:

     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                          52.


     Kevin standing at the rail.    He looks over.   Christabella
     not ten feet away.

               Do you have this view?


               From your terrace, is this your

               Sort of. Not exactly. I'm about
               twelve floors down. What about

               No, I live downtown. This is the
               family building.

               Sounds like fun. Downtown, I
               mean. I'm just getting to know
               the city.

               Is it everything you expected?


                      (raising her glass)
               May we always have more than we
               expect. Salute.


               Are you alone?

               You mean, tonight?

               Is your wife a jealous woman?
               Silly question. We're all
               jealous, aren't we?


       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                              53.

72     CONTINUED:                                                         72

                                  CHRISTABELLA (CONT'D)
                    Oh, dear, I'm going to scare you

                    I doubt it.

                    You like to be on top, don't you?

                    Excuse me?

                    Of the situation. You prefer to
                    be on top.

                    Depends on the view.

                                  MILTON (O.S.)
                    You know what I see?

       Milton in the doorway.      He's been watching them.

                    I see the future of this law firm.
                           (perfect Italian)
                    Christabella, cara, prestamelo per
                    favore, pe lo riporto piu tardi.

                    It's a boring party, anyway.
                           (to Kevin)

       Kevin can't help watching her walk away.

                    Look,   we gotta talk. You grab
                    Heath   and Eddie Barzoon and get
                    up to   my place right away. And
                    let's   be quiet about it.

                                                          CUT TO:

73     OMITTED                                                            73
thru                                                                      thru
76                                                                        76

     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           54.

77   INT. BARZOON APARTMENT (PARTY) - NIGHT                          77

     Getting louder and wilder. Mary Ann looking lost.
     Searching for Kevin... He's not here... not there...

                              MARY ANN
                Have you seen Kevin?

     Jackie Heath shaking her head no, as Mary Ann continues
     on through the party.

                                                     CUT TO:

78   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - ELEVATOR - NIGHT                         78

     Silence.   Going up.   Kevin, Heath, and Barzoon.

                                                     CUT TO:


     Mary Ann still looking for Kevin. Scanning faces.
     Stopping as she reaches a door. Opening it and --

80   INT. BARZOON APARTMENT - STUDY - NIGHT                          80

     Just enough light to make out two MEN standing across the
     room. Silhouettes against the window.

                              MARY ANN
                       (in doorway)
                I'm looking for my husband.

     The Men -- two vaguely familiar faces from the firm.

                              MAN #1
                Don't think he's here.

     Suddenly, a WOMAN's head rises INTO FRAME --

                It's just us...

                              MAN #2
                But feel free to join in...

     And suddenly it's clear, she's walked in on an impromptu
     menage a trois. The Woman is kneeling on a table, dress
     hiked up, ass in the air. Man #1 fucking her from behind.
     Man #2 is getting blown and --

     Mary Ann IN SHOT as the woman begins to laugh and the door
     WIPES the FRAME.

     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                       55.

81   OMITTED                                                     81

82   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                             82

     The penthouse. One enormous room. Grand scale
     everything. Otherworldly. Staggering. Of special,
     special interest: a huge Bas Relief dominates an entire
     wall. Carved into the marble are human forms -- young,
     naked bodies swimming in a hypnotic chaos of clouds.

     Milton is on the phone. Two lines going. The dialogue
     is unimportant, we'll not understand it anyway -- he's
     going back and forth between Korean and Russian --
     brokering some emergency deal.

     Heath is at the bar, mixing drinks. Barzoon has a cigar.
     Kevin just standing there gaping at the space.

               Is there more to it?

               Just this room.

               And a bedroom?

               No bedroom.

               Where does he sleep?

               Who said he sleeps?

               Where does he fuck?

                             MILTON (O.S.)
                      (behind them)

               What's up, John?

               How many hours did we bill Alex
               Cullen last year?

               Sixteen thousand, two hundred and


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                       56.

82   CONTINUED:                                                  82

                  What the fuck did he do now?

                  Alex Cullen has just been
                  charged with murdering his ex-
                  wife, her stepson, and a maid.

                  When did this happen?

                  Just now. Tonight. I already
                  sent Pam downtown to make bail


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 10/22/96                         57.

82   CONTINUED:    (2)                                              82

                  They'll fucking crucify him.
                  They'll get in line. I gotta call

                  No.    I want Kevin on this case.

                  I hope you're kidding.
                  Alexander Cullen in a Manhattan
                  triple murder? With Kevin?
                  You're dreaming.

                  I've shaken hands with every
                  marquee defense attorney in town.
                  I take Kevin and I don't look

                  You're a great judge of talent,
                  John. You're the master. I just
                  don't see it coming together.

                  I want you on board, Eddie.

                  Look, I appreciate the vote of
                  confidence, but maybe Eddie's got
                  a point here.

                  We can get this case.   The man's
                  our client.

                  He's a business client.

                  We know him better than he knows
                  himself. We have the inside
                  track. We have the best damn
                  trial lawyer in the city. It's
                  ours to lose.

                  Tell it to Cullen.

                  No.    That's up to Kevin.



82   CONTINUED:    (3)                                                  82

     With that, the PHONE starts RINGING --

                  That's Pam calling...
                         (to Kevin)
                  Are we fighting for this, or not?

                                                        CUT TO:

83   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - NIGHT                                       83

     It's late. Dark. Kevin tiptoeing through the apartment
     -- turning the corner and --

                                MARY ANN
                  You left me there. I had a
                  fucking panic attack until Jackie
                  told me where you were.
                  Three hours? You don't even call?

                  Stop. Reset. I'm upstairs, I'm
                  with Milton and Barzoon and there
                  is a very good possibility that
                  I'm about to catch a triple
                  homicide defendant who also
                  happens to be the largest real
                  estate developer in the city. I
                  had to bail on the party!

                                MARY ANN
                  You bailed on me!

                  Mare... did you hear me?

                                MARY ANN
                  I was all by myself!

                  For three whole hours...
                         (as she's walking)
                  You gotta be kidding, right?

     No, she's leaving.    Kevin left there, alone --

                                                        CUT TO:

     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           59.

84   EXT. STREET - CONSTRUCTION SITE - DAY (MORNING)                 84

     A news van whipping up the block. TIRES SCREECHING as it
     pulls up beside a construction site where two other news
     vans are already unloading. The smell of headlines
     and --

85   EXT. STREET - CONSTRUCTION SITE - DAY                           85

     Two photographers sprinting toward the shell of a high-
     rise building. A sign blankets the scaffolding. Huge,
     ego-size lettering reads...

                          CULLEN TOWERS
                     "The Next Great Address"

                                                     CUT TO:

86   EXT. CONSTRUCTION HIGH-RISE - DAY                               86

     Looking DOWN FROM fifty stories high, as the media
     vehicles converge like toys below.

                             CULLEN (V.O.)
               ... Look at this, I'm not out
               twenty minutes, we're running from
               the goddamn press. Look at those
               insects down there...

87   INT. CONSTRUCTION HIGH-RISE - DAY                               87

     ALEXANDER CULLEN turns back from the edge. Forty-five.
     Tan, grief-stricken, and sleep deprived. The space is
     huge and bare. Unfinished concrete. Wide, open views.
     Kevin, Milton, and Barzoon standing there.

               ... You may be right, but look at
               it from my point of view. I'm
               sure he's a whiz kid. I believe
               you. But this is my ass we're
                      (to Barzoon)
               Jesus, Eddie...

               Alex, you know how this town works.
               You've got enemies you never heard
               of. And now? Now you're down?
               I'd prepare for a class-A, New York
               pig-fuck. You're going to have to
               ask yourself who you really trust.
               Who do you trust, Alex?


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                            60.

87   CONTINUED:                                                       87

                  I don't know... I gotta look

                  You don't have time to shop, Mr.
                          (the newspaper)
                  Jury selection started this morning
                  at every breakfast table in the
                  city. You lost round one. This is
                  what people know. They know you
                  and your wife were living
                  separately. They see this maid --
                  Elucinda -- a sixty-eight-year-old
                  grandmother supporting seven
                  children. And then there's your
                  stepson, a ten-year-old with a
                  bullet in his brain. Those are
                  already powerful images in the mind
                  of the public.

                  I didn't kill anybody.

                  I'm telling you how it looks. You
                  discover the crime. You call it
                  in. You've got blood on your
                  person and clothes, and --
                         (before Cullen can
                          cut him off)
                  -- and -- your prints are on the
                  murder weapon.

                  How do you know that?

                  There's a second print in blood --
                  it's a partial of a hand -- on the
                  wall next to th--

                  I have keys! I called the cops
                  from the house! I touched the
                  goddamn wall!
                         (to Barzoon)
                  I was panicked! I panicked!

                  We need twelve people who can see
                  past all that. I'd get out in
                  front of this fast.


     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                             61.

87   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                 87

                  I panicked! Is that a crime?    I
                  touched the wall!

                  He's right, Alex. People need
                  to hear these things.

                  You're not happy tomorrow? The
                  next day? We'll move over. But
                  right now -- this moment -- you
                  need immediate representation.

                  I've got a fourteen-year-old
                  stepdaughter who I care more about
                  than anything in the world. They
                  won't let me call her from
                  downtown. They won't let me talk
                  to her after I'm out. I gotta go
                  deal with that first.

                  We need to issue a statement.

     Cullen looks to Milton.    Waiting.   Help me.

                  He's a winner, Alex. And they'll
                  never see him coming.

                  I'm gonna make some very tough
                  phone calls. Then I'm gonna take a
                  pill and try to get some sleep. My
                  place. Eight A.M. tomorrow. Alone.
                  And you better be every fucking
                  inch as good as you think you are.

                                                       CUT TO:

88   OMITTED                                                           88

89   EXT. SOHO BOUTIQUE STREET - DAY                                   89

     A woman with short dark hair -- her back to us -- looking
     in a shop window. Her reflection in the glass, it's Mary
     Ann. She's cut and colored her hair.

     Jackie and Diana already going in and --

                                                       CUT TO:

     DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           62.

90   INT. SOHO BOUTIQUE AND DRESSING ROOM - DAY                      90

     White wine and couture.   Mary Ann holding a blouse.

                             MARY ANN
               This is three thousand dollars.

               Know what you need to do? Buy it.
               Wear it once. And then throw it
               away. That'll loosen you up.

               I say spend it all. If you're
               never gonna see your husband, you
               might as well have a relationship
               with his money.
                      (as she strips)
               I swear, if he wasn't afraid of me
               shooting my mouth off, Eddie
               would've put a cellulite clause in
               the pre-nup.

               Dr. Robert,   I'm telling you, he's
               the miracle   man. You've seen my
               new tits, I   mean who does it
               better than   that?

               It's not my tits I'm worried

     Mary Ann turns.   Jackie beside her.   Topless.   Smiling.

               Real or not?
                      (her breasts)
               They look real...
                      (she shimmies)
               They move real...

                             MARY ANN
                      (trapped there)
               Must be real.

               Feel them. Go ahead.     That's the
               ultimate test.

     Before Mary Ann can stop her, Jackie is taking her hand,
     guiding it to her breast, and holding it there.


       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           63.

90     CONTINUED:                                                      90

                    Feel real?

                                  MARY ANN
                           (pulling away)
                    Absolutely. Real.

                           (backing away)
                    Dr. Robert. When you're ready.

       Mary Ann looking away as Jackie walks off.    Everything is
       as it was, and yet different.

       And then, she turns and sees --

91     OMITTED                                                         91

92     INT. SOHO BOUTIQUE - DRESSING ROOM (FX) - DAY                   92

       (EFX) Jackie pulling a dress down over her head.

       She's taking her time because it's a delicate, clingy...

93     INT. SOHO BOUTIQUE - DRESSING ROOM (FX) - DAY                   93

       ... complicated outfit -- turning -- and for one brief
       moment we see a serpent's head -- disappearing now into
       the dress as she struggles inside the material -- her
       body -- the body inside the dress -- transforming -- ribs
       and spikes and huge moving muscles strain the limits of
       the material, and then, suddenly, it's over.

94     INT. SOHO BOUTIQUE - DRESSING ROOM - DAY                        94

       Jackie's face appears.    She straightens the seams.
       Turning now --

                    What do you think?

       But Mary Ann is gone.

                                                       CUT TO:

95     OMITTED                                                         95
thru                                                                   thru
102                                                                    102

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                         64/65.

103   INT. LAW FIRM - STAIRCASE/OFFICE - DAY                        103

      Kevin, coming out a door with Heath and an associate.

                ... first thing -- I need this
                ASAP -- I want articles, clippings,
                TV interviews, I want everything
                you can get on Alex Cullen.

                       (walking off)
                You better get a semi truck.

104   INT. LAW FIRM - STAIRCASE/OFFICE - DAY                        104

      Christabella climbing the stairs. Short skirt. Great
      angle. Halfway up, she stops to fix her stockings.



104   CONTINUED:                                                      104

                   Enjoying yourself?

                   Sorry. I'm just...

                   Just what?    Looking?


                   Congratulations on Cullen.

                   Thank you.

                   What an incredible situation, even
                   if you lose you become a star.

                   What if I win?

                   If you win...
                   If you win it's everything.

                   Any advice?

                   Cullen is a pig. He's a pig
                   beyond reasonable doubt. I
                   suggest you keep him as far away
                   from the jury as possible.

                   I'll keep it in mind.

                          (leans in,
                   You can look all you want, but I
                   don't fuck married men.

                   What a relief. I was starting to
                   think you were perfect.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 10/22/96                             67.

104   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                  104

                                  PAM (O.S.)

      He turns instantly -- Pamela standing behind him.

                   Your wife is on the phone.   She
                   sounds upset...

      Christabella smiling as Kevin rushes off.

                                                         CUT TO:

105   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - DAY                                         105

      Mary Ann very upset.    Kevin has just come home.

                                 MARY ANN
                   I don't care if they can hear me!
                   I don't care! I don't like it here.
                   And these women, my God... I mean,
                   I'm seeing things for crissake!

                   You just left them in the store?

                                  MARY ANN

                   Look, calm down, all right?
                   Listen to me... Mare? First,
                   you do this radical thing with
                   your hair...

                                  MARY ANN
                   You hate it.

                   Stop. I think it's fine. But I
                   also think it's traumatic.
                   You've got the pressure of
                   fitting in with new friends,
                   a new place... add three bottles
                   of wine and --

                                 MARY ANN
                   No! It wasn't the wine. It
                   wasn't the wine or my hair or
                   talking to Kathy, because I know
                   that's what you're gonna say --


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 10/22/96                      68.

105   CONTINUED:                                                  105

                   What about Kathy?

                                 MARY ANN
                   What about her? She's pregnant

                   Oh, and that's got nothing to do
                   with it...

                                 MARY ANN
                   Kevin, I never see you anymore.
                   Now that you've got this big case,
                   it's just only gonna get worse. I
                   don't know anybody here. These
                   women scare the living shit out of
                   me. If you can believe it, I'm
                   actually looking forward to having
                   your mother come and visit.

                   What about the apartment?

                                 MARY ANN
                   Exactly! You just go out -- you
                   buy a few new suits and you're
                   fine. I've got this whole place
                   to fill up and I know we have all
                   this money and it's supposed to
                   be fun, but it isn't! It's like
                   a test! The whole thing is
                   like one big test! I'm lonely.

                   Let's make a baby.

                                 MARY ANN
                   Don't tease me.

                   I wouldn't do that. Unless you

                                 MARY ANN
                   You hate my hair, don't you?

106   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - DAY                                  106

      His hand moves against her cheek, and then down the back
      of her neck. She moves into his body and --

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 10/22/96                      68A.

107   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - DAY                                   107

      (EFX) Suddenly -- She's Christabella -- right there --
      in his arms -- before he can react -- before he can speak
      -- she finds his mouth and they are kissing and --

108   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - DAY                                   108

      Suddenly -- She's Mary Ann -- and he's pulling up her
      dress and she's helping him and his hand is moving over
      bare thigh and --

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                             69.

109   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - DAY                                        109

      (EFX) Suddenly -- She's Christabella unbuttoning her
      blouse -- and she can't do it fast enough -- still with
      her mouth on his and his hand between her legs and --

110   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - DAY                                        110

      Suddenly -- She's Mary Ann -- flattening against the wall
      and her blouse is open and --

111   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - DAY                                        111

      (EFX) Suddenly -- She's Christabella -- pulling off her
      bra as his mouth moves over her breasts and his hands are
      everywhere and the bra is gone and she's tearing at his
      shirt and he's helping her and her dress is on the floor
      and there's no rug or anything, but this is where they
      will fuck because they can't stop themselves and she's on
      her back on the bare floor and he's kicking away his
      shoes and she's feeling herself and staring into his eyes
      and suddenly --

112   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - DAY                                        112

                                 MARY ANN

      Kevin looks like he's been shot.      In the balls.

                                 MARY ANN
                Where are you?

                Right here.

      Mary Ann doesn't look so sure.

                                                        CUT TO:

113   INT. CULLEN'S APARTMENT - DAY                                     113

      Huge. Opulent. Kevin and Pamela have been taking notes.
      Cullen is exhausted, frustrated.

                ... because it needs to be clear,
                Mr. Cullen, because I need to
                understand exactly what happened --
                you're standing there -- you look
                down -- there's the gun --


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           70.

113   CONTINUED:                                                      113

                   I don't know why I picked it up --
                   it was before I saw Elucinda's
                   body and then, I mean we've been
                   over this...

                   You kneeled down to pick it up?

                   You work late. You come home.
                   You walk in. Everybody's dead.
                   It's not something you plan for.

                   Back up. Two prints by the gun.
                   Right knee. Right hand. It's a
                   strange move you must've made to
                   pick it up.

                   The blood, I don't know, maybe I
                   was trying to avoid the blood.

                   I'm trying to picture it...
                   Your hand came from inside and

      Cullen reaches into his jacket and pulls out a gun.

                   You want to see? Here...
                          (dropping to his
                   I'll fucking show you.

      Kevin watching Cullen quickly retrieve the gun from the
      floor with this weird little motion.

                   Okay?   Clear? Got it?

                   Whose gun is that, Alex?

                   It's mine.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                               71.

113   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                   113

                   Are you out of your mind?
                   You're charged in a triple
                   homicide, you're walking around
                   with a forty-five?

                   I've had nine death threats.

                   Give it over.    Now. Gimme the

                   I gotta protect myself.

                   That's my job. When the case is
                   over you can have it back.
                   This is a dealbreaker, Alex.

      Cullen hands him the gun.

                   Okay.   Let's wrap it up.

                   So what's next?

                   We need to talk to your assistant.

                   Call her.

                   You feel confident she'll back you
                   on the time.

                   Melissa, yeah. She's okay.     She's
                   a real straight arrow.

                   So we're going to talk to her and
                   you're not going to talk to
                   anybody. Okay?

                          (with a smile)
                   No comment.

                                                          CUT TO:

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                          72.

114   INT. D.A. MERTO'S OFFICE - DAY                                 114

      A large, ugly cube. Daylight through dirty windows.
      Kevin alone. On the table, a large, grey envelope.
      Printed on it:

                FORENSIC LOG - #546D - STATE VS. ALEX CULLEN

      Kevin going through a stack of crime scene photographs.

      Tough stuff. One after another. Three victims.    Many
      angles. We can see their horror in his face.

                                                     CUT TO:

115   OMITTED                                                        115

116   EXT. LAW FIRM HELICOPTER - DUSK                                116

      PANNING ALONG Wall Street. The whole downtown skyline.
      SETTLING finally ON the 60th floor of the law firm
      building. Hovering at a distance. Lights on here and
      there and --

      One window. Kevin's office. He and Pamela are talking
      to a young woman. This is MELISSA BLOCK, Cullen's
      assistant and alibi. We can't hear what they're saying,
      but it looks to be a collegial meeting.

                                                     CUT TO:

117   OMITTED                                                        117

118   INT. KEVIN'S OFFICE AND HALL - NIGHT                           118

      Kevin and Pam walking Melissa out through the empty
      reception area.

                Would my babysitter have to

                We need her to establish the time
                you returned home.

                She doesn't have her green card is
                why I ask. I don't want her to
                get in trouble.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                             73.

118   CONTINUED:                                                        118

                   Tell you what, Melissa, let's talk
                   to her first. See where she
                   stands and take it from there.

                   I'll make sure Melissa gets down
                   to the car.

                   Mr. Cullen didn't kill those

                   That's why we're all working so

      As Melissa exits with Pam, Kevin notices two associates
      carrying boxes far up the hall and we --

                                                        CUT TO:

119   INT. LAW FIRM LIBRARY AND HALL - NIGHT (SAME TIME)                119

      Paper shredders. Half a dozen of them cranking full
      tilt. Stacks of files left to go. Barzoon and six
      associates working late. Shirtsleeves and coffee.

                          (directing traffic)
                   Okay, Excelsior Insurance, who's
                   handling that?
                          (a hand goes up)
                   All this has to go. Guatemala,
                   Sudan, Cyprus...
                   Let's stay organized here.
                          (across the room)
                   Martin, no. Devada Holdings.
                   That's all you're doing. Believe
                   me, it'll take all night.

      Barzoon stops as he sees Kevin in the doorway.

                   I thought I was the only one
                   working late.

                   So did we.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                             74.

119   CONTINUED:                                                        119

                   Good news. We just wrapped up
                   with Cullen's assistant. She
                   looks like a great alibi.

                   What a pleasant surprise.

                   But it looks like you have your
                   hands full.

                   Just a little housekeeping.
                   If they ask, you never saw this.

                   Who would ask?


                   Who's that?

                   Justice Department. Weaver
                          (staring at him)
                   You don't know about Weaver?


                   How nice for you.

                                 MILTON (O.S.)
                   Grab your coat, Mr. Lomax...

      Milton in the hall behind Kevin.        Tickets in hand.

                   The night is young.
                          (re: tickets)
                   Title fight. Ringside.

                   I'd have to call Mary Ann...

                   Do it on the way.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                             75.

119   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                 119

                          (am I here?)
                   You get my message?

                   You write beautifully, Eddie.

                   We need to talk.


                   I hope so.

                                                        CUT TO:

120   OMITTED                                                           120
&                                                                       &
121                                                                     121

122   INT. SUBWAY TO FIGHTS TRAIN - NIGHT                               122

      The car half full. Kevin and Milton standing near the
      door. Right behind them, three guys in the midst of an
      intense conversation in Spanish.

                   So what's this Weaver Commission?

                   I don't micro-manage. You find the
                   talent and then you delegate. Who
                   knows what the hell Eddie's up to.
                   He's got a lotta fingers in a lotta pies.

      Suddenly, one of the guys behind them, the biggest of the
      three, we'll call him BIG GUY, turns back --

                                 BIG GUY
                   What the fuck you looking at?
                          (it's Milton he's
                           talking to)
                   You fucking deaf or something?

                   No.    I can hear you just fine.

                                 BIG GUY
                   Good, 'cause I want you should get
                   your skinny little ass somewhere
                   down the fucking car away from me.



122   CONTINUED:                                                        122

                   I'm not going anywhere.

      Big Guy pulls open his jacket -- a knife in his belt.

                   Oh, shit.
                           (stepping back)

      But Milton doesn't move.     He smiles.

                          (perfect Spanish)
                   Maricela, the moment you left the
                   apartment she was upstairs with
                   Carlos. They're on the pipe right
                   now, my friend. They're in the
                   kitchen splitting a jumbo and then
                   he's going to fuck her in the ass,
                   right on your bed, and she's going
                   to like it.

      Big Guy backing away -- into his friends --

                                  BIG GUY
                   Como...?   How do you...?

      The SUBWAY RATTLING into the Fourteenth Street station.

                          (still Spanish)
                   Do yourself a favor and put that
                   knife where it belongs.

      The doors open. Big Guy stumbling back -- his friends
      catching him -- helping him off the train -- looking
      back, as the doors close and...

      It's like it never happened. Milton straightening his
      cuffs as the train pulls away.

                   What did you say to him?

                   I told him if he didn't leave us
                   alone, you were going to kick all
                   three of their asses.

                                                        CUT TO:

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                          77.


      Right INTO it. Red trunks with a huge right hand and
      blue trunks drops and the Garden goes wild -- five
      thousand people yelling for blood.

124   INT. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN - NIGHT                             124

      And Milton at ringside, breathing deeply of the vibe
      and --

                       (on his feet)
                Get up! Get up, dammit!     C'mon!

125   INT. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN - NIGHT                             125

      Blue trunks rises on shaky legs as the BELL RINGS, the
      round over and the crowd groans back into its seats.

126   INT. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN - NIGHT                             126

      Milton turning as DON KING collars him.

                              DON KING
                Look at this sorry shit, you got
                better seats than me.

                You need a better lawyer.

                              DON KING
                Nobody better than you, Johnny.

                Hang on a second...
                       (presenting Kevin)
                Meet my new heavyweight. Kevin

      Kevin shaking hands with Don King, as we --

                                                     CUT TO:


      Serious flamenco. Music is loud. The dancer is
      fantastic. Deep reds. Deep blacks. Skin. Duende.

      Milton, sitting beside some blonde he's discovered, he's
      got his jacket off, clapping perfectly to the beat.
      Behind him, a large table of ten/fifteen people. Food
      and wine to excess. Laughter and music and...

       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           78.

128    INT. SPANISH RESTAURANT - PHONE AND ROOM - NIGHT                128

       Kevin on a pay phone near the kitchen.

                 And say what? He's the senior
                 partner at the --
                 Mare, you're really starting to
                 piss me off --
                 Yes. I'm having one cigarette.
                 You want me to lie? One cigarette
                 after seven months is not --
                 That's exactly what I'm saying.
                 Go to bed. I have no idea.
                 I told you, he never sleeps.
                 Mare. Stop. The guy pays our
                 bills. The food, the heat, the
                 rent on that enormous fucking
                 apartment we live in.
                 I live there, too!

       CLICK. The LINE is dead. He looks at the cigarette.
       Takes a hit. Fuck it. And then his eyes find --

       The dressing room across the hall. An open door.
       Inside, a woman, one of the dancers, all but nude,
       stepping into her dress. A simply perfect body.

       And then she turns TOWARD us and it's Christabella --
       clearly -- for a single moment -- before she slams shut
       the door.

       Kevin crosses to the door.   Knocks.   And again.

       The door opens.   A DANCER standing there.    It's not

                 Can I help you?

       Kevin already backing toward --

128A   INT. SPANISH RESTAURANT - NIGHT                                 128

       Kevin moving toward the Milton table.    Sitting down and
       just realizing that --

       Cullen has joined the party.   He's wasted.   He waves.


       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           79.

128A   CONTINUED:                                                      128A

       Milton catching Kevin's eye, smiling as the Blonde slips
       below the table. As if nothing were going on.

                                                       CUT TO:

129    OMITTED                                                         129
thru                                                                   thru
132                                                                    132

133    INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - NIGHT (LATE)                             133

       Dark. Mary Ann asleep in a chair. A breeze through the
       open terrace windows. Suddenly she wakes.

                                   MARY ANN

       Silence.   And then, the sound of a BABY CRYING...

                                                       CUT TO:

134    INT. LOMAX NURSERY HALLWAY - NIGHT                              134

       Mary Ann rushing through the dark, toward the nursery and
       the sound of the CRYING -- stopping suddenly at the
       nursery door --

                                   MARY ANN
                    How...?   What are you...?

135    INT. LOMAX NURSERY AND HALL - NIGHT                             135

       A one-year-old child sits naked on the floor amidst the
       tools and material.

                                  MARY ANN
                    You poor thing...

       Mary Ann easing slowly forward.

                                  MARY ANN
                    How did you... how did you get
                           (billing and cooing)
                    Are you okay? Look at you...
                    hello... hello...
                           (kneeling there)
                    Where's your mommy?

       The baby turns to her voice.     Smiling now.


       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                              80.

135    CONTINUED:                                                         135

                                  MARY ANN
                    What are you playing with?    What
                    do you have there?

       The baby offers his open hands --

       Viscera. Entrails and blood and slime.        The child's
       hands full of someone's insides...

                                  MARY ANN
                    ... Oh, God, no...

       The baby raising his hands toward her --

                                  MARY ANN
                    ... no... please, God, no --

       Stopping suddenly as she looks down at her body. Her
       nightgown is covered with blood. Just starting to scream,
       as we --

                                                          HARD CUT TO:

136    OMITTED                                                            136
thru                                                                      thru
142                                                                       142

143    INT. HEATH GUEST ROOM AND HALL - DAY                               143

       Motion -- Kevin rushing down a hallway -- Heath behind
       him -- heading for an open door and into --

144    INT. HEATH GUEST ROOM AND HALL - DAY                               144

       Mary Ann in bed.      Dead asleep.   Jackie Heath, bedside

                    Took two seconals to get her out.

                           (hung-over and guilty)
                    Milton got his hooks into me.

                    Relax.   We've all been there.

                    Leave her with me. Let her sleep.
                    She'll be out another five, six
                    hours at least.


       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                            81.

144    CONTINUED:                                                       144

                    This transition, it's been really
                    tough on her...

                    We're gonna find some names for
                    you. Doctors. Good people.

       Kevin nods.    Jackie ushering them out, as we --

                                                        CUT TO:

144A   EXT. NY - DAY/NIGHT                                              144A

       New York time transition -- MOS.

145    EXT. LAW FIRM STREET - DAY                                       145

       Pamela and three other women smoking. Looking up, as
       Kevin comes flying out of the building.

                    Caught me.

                    I've gotta find Cullen.
                           (as he passes)
                    We just got the prosecution
                    discovery package.

                    That bad?

       Kevin just keeps going into --

146    EXT. LAW FIRM STREET - DAY                                       146

       Kevin needs a taxi -- bingo -- a cab -- dropping off
       right here -- he's got it -- opening the door and --

                           (stepping out)
                    You'll spoil me for other men.

                    That's what they all say.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                            82.

146   CONTINUED:                                                        146

                   Heard he finally dragged you out
                   the other night...
                          (as she walks)
                   Can't believe I missed it.

      Kevin watching her go, looking up, seeing the glass bridge
      high above.

                                                        CUT TO:

147   INT. NEW YORK SIDE STREET - DAY                                   147

      A limousine double-parked outside a brownstone. Kevin
      standing there as Cullen comes storming out of the

                   I get one supervised hour a week
                   with my stepdaughter. This is it.
                   You better have a great reason to
                   call me out.

                   Your wife, the day she was killed,
                   had lunch with a friend. She says
                   and I quote: 'Alex is fucking
                   around and I can prove it.'

                   Hearsay.   Never gets in.

                   Wrong answer.
                          (listen to me)
                   Your prenuptial agreement is on
                   file at the firm. The contract is
                   null and void in the event of
                   marital infidelity.
                   You fuck around, she gets rich.
                          (you asshole)
                   That's a motive, Alex.
                          (long pause)
                   What do I need to know?

                   Melissa. My assistant.
                          (such a headache)
                   She's not even that good a fuck.


       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                              83.

147    CONTINUED:                                                          147

                    And, on the night in question?

                    I was boning my assistant while my
                    wife was getting shot.

                    I've got to re-interview Melissa.

                    Forget it.    We're not telling that

                    Juries want honesty.     Fuck with
                    that at your peril.

       Cullen turns -- something more important --

                    Allesandra.   Wait...

       Allesandra emerging from the building looking teary and
       distraught. Her THERAPIST helping her toward the limo.


                    Not now.

                    Time's up, Mr. Cullen.

                    Allesandra.   Please...

       Kevin watching Cullen rush away, as we --

                                                           CUT TO:

148    OMITTED                                                             148
thru                                                                       thru
151                                                                        151

151A   EXT. NY - DAY/NIGHT                                                 151A

       New York time transition -- MOS.

152    OMITTED                                                             152
thru                                                                       thru
155                                                                        155

       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                        84.


       A Towncar pulls up. Mary Ann, Kevin and Mrs. Lomax
       emerge. Just back from dinner. Two steps and --

       A PAPARAZZI photographer nearby --

                 Kevin, hey, how's it going? Can
                 we get a couple shots here? How
                 about a thumbs-up here? What do
                 you say?

       Kevin reluctantly smiles.   Get it over with.

                               MRS. LOMAX
                 What's he doing?

                               MARY ANN
                 Kevin's had his picture in the

       FEENEY, the doorman, at the ready. Mary Ann first inside.
       Mrs. Lomax lingers a moment watching Kevin have his
       picture taken.

                 Welcome to Babylon, Ma.

                 Sorry, Mr. Lomax, I thought we'd
                 scared 'em all away...

                               MRS. LOMAX
                 Always did like to stick his nose
                 in a camera.

156    INT. LOMAX LOBBY - ENTRANCE - NIGHT                           156

                        (as they enter)
                 And how are you, Mrs. Lomax?   Did
                 you have a fine dinner?

                               MRS. LOMAX
                 I surely did.
                        (she's got a
                         doggie bag)
                 Are you hungry?

                 No, I'm fine.    Thank you.

                               MILTON (O.S.)
                 Speak of the devil...


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                           85/86.

156   CONTINUED:                                                       156

      There he is, waiting for the elevator. With him are
      Christabella and an Asian woman who is so sexy it hurts.
      Kevin off balance from this moment on.

      Mary Ann smells the danger.       Everything is awkward.

                   I was just telling the Moyez


                   And is this your mother?

                   Yes.   Mom, this is...

                   John Milton.    Nice to meet you.

                                   MRS. LOMAX
                   Alice Lomax.    How do you do?

                   Mary Ann...
                          (a kiss for her)
                   I think you've met Christabella,
                   and this is Giselle who's just in
                   from Paris.

      A moment of bullshit superficial greetings and then --
      the elevator doors opening and the whole uncomfortable
      clot of them moving into --

157   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT ELEVATOR - NIGHT                            157

      Just enough room.       They ascend.

                   Thanks for the champagne.

                   You've very welcome.
                          (to Mrs. Lomax)
                   This isn't really your first visit
                   to New York, is it?

                             (after a moment)


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                              87.

157   CONTINUED:                                                         157

                   Cette femme, elle est la mere de
                   l'homme dont vous m'avez parle?

                   She can't believe you're his
                   mother. You've done one helluva
                   job bringing him up, Mrs. Lomax.
                   I'm sure it wasn't easy.

                                  MRS. LOMAX

      Mrs. Lomax has been staring, and now Milton meets her
      eyes as the elevator stops and the doors open.

                                 MARY ANN
                   Nice to see you...

                   Have a lovely evening.

      Kevin next out, holding the door, waiting --

                   Mom, we're here...

                                  MRS. LOMAX
                   Yes.   Good night to you.

      Mrs. Lomax takes one last look at Milton as she exits.

                   Kevin, hang on...
                          (holding the door)
                   How's Cullen. Everything on beam?

                   That's a long conversation.

      In the b.g., Mary Ann opening the apartment door and
      going inside. Mrs. Lomax right behind her.

                          (hush hush)
                   Why don't you come on up?


      Milton smiles.      Christabella smiles.   Giselle smiles.

                   Let's talk tomorrow.


       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                             88.

157    CONTINUED:    (2)                                                 157

       Milton shrugs. Your loss. Christabella has her hand on
       Giselle's ass, working up her skirt --

                    You sure?

       Kevin left standing there as the doors close.

                                                         CUT TO:

158    OMITTED                                                           158
thru                                                                     thru
161                                                                      161

162    INT. LOMAX KITCHEN - NIGHT (ONE MINUTE LATER)                     162

       Mrs. Lomax, subdued, listening to Kevin and Mary Ann

                                  MARY ANN
                    That what you're doing when you're
                    working late?

                    What are we talking about?

                                  MARY ANN
                    You know exactly what I'm talking

                    That's ridiculous.

                                  MARY ANN
                    I'm going to bed.
                           (walking off)
                    'Night, Alice...

                                  MRS. LOMAX

       Mary Ann exits.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                             89.

162   CONTINUED:                                                         162

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   I'm worried about her. You
                   shouldn't fight like that.

                   That's not a fight, Ma, it's
                   marriage. Not exactly your area
                   of expertise.

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   Are you happy here?


                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   Are you happy here?

                   You're kidding, right? Am I happy?
                   Every now and then I look around
                   and I think my mama must be praying
                   awful hard for me, 'cause I died
                   and went to heaven. Am I happy?

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   You were always running somewhere.

                   I guess I finally got there.
                          (sensing something
                   Look, I'm sorry about being so
                   busy this week. Maybe Saturday I
                   can get some time off and...

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   Don't worry on it.
                          (touching his face)
                   I love you more than anything in
                   the whole world. You know that,
                   don't you?

                   I love you too, Ma.

      Kevin turning out the lights, as we --

                                                         CUT TO:

163   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - FOYER/HALL - DAY                            163

      Newspapers.    Laying on the doorstep.    Headline reads:


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                            90.

163   CONTINUED:                                                        163

                               CULLEN PRE-NUP SHOCKER!

      Kevin, dressed for work, briefcase in hand, rushing down
      a cup of coffee, reading the headline and --


      The door to the guest room is open.      He looks in --

164   OMITTED                                                           164

165   INT. LOMAX GUEST ROOM - DAY                                       165

      Mrs. Lomax fully dressed.      The bed is made.    Her bag is

                   Mom?    Ma, what are you doing?

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   I'm going home, Kevin.

                   What?   What are you talking about?

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   I don't feel right.

                   You just got here.
                          (his watch)
                   Look, I'm late and I just got my
                   teeth kicked in on the front page,
                   so I gotta run. We'll talk later.

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   I have to go, Kevin. I miss my

                   Ma, this is New York, there must
                   be twenty-thousand goddamn
                   churches. Take your pick.

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   You need to do a better job with
                   Mary Ann. She's not well. This
                   place isn't good for her.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                            91.

165   CONTINUED:                                                        165

                   So stay. Take care of her if
                   you're so concerned! Help me out.

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   I'll take her home if you let me.

                   This is home. You understand?
                   This is where we live! I'm not
                   going back to Gainesville.

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   'Wide is the gate, and broad is
                   the way that leadeth to

                   It's a little early for scripture.
                   I'm going to work.
                          (as he walks)
                   You can do whatever you want.

      Mrs. Lomax watching him go, as we --

                                                        CUT TO:

166   EXT. CENTRAL PARK PLAYGROUND - DAY                                166

      Melissa and Kevin on a bench. Kids playing. One of them
      is hers, but she's not paying much attention at the
      moment --

                   I can't do it. It's one thing to
                   have an affair with your boss,
                   it's another to have to tell the
                   world in a murder case.

                   We have to bring it out, Melissa.

                   My ex-husband would have a field
                   day with this.

                   A man's life is at stake.   You're
                   our whole case.

      Melissa looking away, as we --

                                                        CUT TO:

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                       92.

167   INT. WEAVER FEDERAL COURTROOM - DAY                          167

      Modern. Empty. The JUDGE is a WOMAN. No bullshit.
      Barzoon sitting alone at the defense table. Federal
      prosecutor MITCHELL WEAVER on his feet.

                ... there is nothing vague or
                exploratory about this subpoena
                request, Your Honor. We're
                specifically asking for any and
                all documents relating to Devada
                Holdings. It's taken six months
                and seventeen separate motions and
                we still don't know who's
                responsible here. We've got a
                paper trail here that seems to
                stretch into eternity!

                                WOMAN JUDGE
                Mr. Barzoon?

                Can't turn over what you don't
                have, Your Honor. We've been
                conducting a comprehensive search
                of our records and I'm sorry to
                say it's a great deal less than
                Mr. Weaver would suggest.

                Your Honor, this is outrageous.
                We need to get in there and seize
                these documents before there's
                nothing left!

                Your Honor, it's exactly these
                types of insulting accusations --

                             WOMAN JUDGE
                Enough. Both of you. Put it on
                paper. I'll read it.

                Your Honor...


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 10/22/96                             93.

167   CONTINUED:                                                         167

      But the gavel comes down. Done.      Barzoon packing up,
      looks to the back of the room.

      Kevin sitting there.    Waiting.

                                                         CUT TO:


      Busy.   Lots of traffic.   Barzoon and Kevin walking.

                   Forget about lunch. This guy
                   Weaver is running me ragged.

      A REPORTER pulls up alongside -- excited --

                   Kevin. Nancy Osborne, Metro News.
                   How are you?


                   We had a report of a private plane
                   at Teterboro airport ready to take
                   Alexander Cullen out of the coun --

                          (cutting her off)
                   Mr. Cullen is innocent. He's not
                   going anywhere. He's been
                   released on a two million dollar
                   bond. He looks forward to having
                   his day in court. Thank you.

                   Kevin, is there any truth to --

                   I'm in the middle of a meeting.
                   Call my office. Schedule an
                   interview. Or else forget it.

      Barzoon is getting away.    Kevin hustling to catch up.

                   I'm picking a jury tomorrow.

                   You're good at that.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 10/22/96                            94.

168   CONTINUED:                                                        168

                   You're not gonna have time to help
                   me on Cullen, are you?


      Just then, Weaver comes rumbling past --

                   Devada Holdings, Eddie. Look in
                   your rearview window, I'm right
                   behind you.

      Before he can answer -- ANOTHER REPORTER swoops in --

                                 REPORTER #2
                   Kevin, Chuck Higgery, Action News.
                   Have you spoken with Alex Cullen
                   concerning the D.A.'s report...

      Kevin turns to see two more REPORTERS jogging over.

                                 REPORTER #3
                   Kevin, just a statement --

      And a photographer -- Kevin under siege and --

                          (backing away)
                   Gotta go.

      Barzoon escaping as reporters begin to materialize from
      all sides, and we --

                                                        CUT TO:

169   INT. LOMAX LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                    169

      Dark. Quiet. Mary Ann in her chair. She looks like
      hell. Eyes red from crying. Kevin has just come home
      and found her like this.

                                 MARY ANN
                   I dreamt about this.
                   Right here.
                   It's not a dream if it's true.

                   Tell me this is the medication.



169   CONTINUED:                                                     169

                                 MARY ANN
                   You won't stay with me now.

                   Look, let's get you undressed and
                   in the tub. Okay?

                                 MARY ANN
                   You won't stay. I know you.
                   You'll leave me now for sure.
                          (as he moves to
                           comfort her -- )

                   Okay.  I'm confused.
                   Why? What is it now? What the
                   fuck is it today, Mare? I swear
                   to God, I'm calling this doctor,
                   I'm gonna find out what the hell
                   they're giving you.

                                 MARY ANN
                   They took my ovaries. I told you!
                          (tears now)
                   My sisters have seven children
                   between them. My mother had Derek
                   when she was forty-five. You
                   could set a clock by my periods.

                   What are you talking about?

                                 MARY ANN
                   I can't have children!

                   Says who?

                                 MARY ANN
                   The doctor! The other doctor.   I
                   was there today.
                   Non-specific ovarian failure.

                   That's ridiculous.

      The PHONE begins to RING across the room.

                                 MARY ANN
                          (grabbing his arm)
                   I know you. You'll leave me.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           96.

169   CONTINUED:    (2)                                               169

                   Mary Ann...

                                 MARY ANN
                   It's these monsters, Kevin.
                          (losing it)
                   I dreamt this...

      The PHONE keeps RINGING. Kevin will finally pull away.
      Answering the phone O.S., quietly conducting business as
      Mary Ann falls apart.

                                                      CUT TO:

170   EXT. FOLEY SQUARE - DAY                                         170

      Kevin on a cell phone walking with Milton.

                   Uh huh. For sleep. And she can
                   take that during the day?
                   No, she won't be driving.
                   I'm gonna have the pharmacy call
                   you right back. Thanks.
                          (hangs up, sags
                           against the car)
                   He thinks, he's not sure, he
                   thinks it could be some kind of
                   hormonal imbalance.

                   I'm taking you off the case.


                   I want you to drop this case.

                   This case? Cullen?
                   John, I've got a jury showing up
                   this morning.

                   Do you love this woman?

                   Yes.    Of course I do.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 10/22/96                            97.

170   CONTINUED:                                                        170

                   Kevin, she's sick. Everyone will
                   understand. I'll understand.

                   What about Cullen?

                   We'll find someone new. You
                   consult. You live to fight
                   another day.

                   I put together a great jury.

                   It's a disappointment. We all
                   have them. Embrace it. Use it.
                   You move on.

                   Hang on, we gotta talk about

                   What's to talk? It's your wife,
                   man. And she's very sick.    And
                   that's gotta come first.
                   Are you telling me the possibility
                   of leaving the case has never
                   crossed your mind?

                   You know what scares me? I quit
                   the case. She gets better. And I
                   hate her for it.
                   I don't want to resent her, John.
                   I've got a winner here. I gotta
                   nail this fucker down, do it
                   fast, and put it behind me.
                   Just get it done. Then put all
                   my energy into her.

                   I guess you have thought about it.
                   I stand corrected.

                                                        CUT TO:

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                         98.

171   INT. CULLEN COURTROOM - DAY                                    171

      Packed. JUDGE ARMAND POE presiding. Cullen seated with
      Kevin and Pam. The jury in their box. And prosecutor FRANK
      BROYGO on his feet, just wrapping up his opening statement --

                 ... And when all that evidence is
                 laid before you, when all these
                 pieces weave together, you will
                 conclude -- you will know -- that
                 Alexander Cullen is guilty of
                 murdering three people in cold
                 blood with malice aforethought.

      Done.   The courtroom is silent.   The jury liked him.

                               JUDGE POE
                 Mr. Lomax...
                        (checking his watch)
                 We can break for lunch now, or you
                 can do a stop and start...

                 If it's a choice, I'll go now. I
                 won't be as long as Mr. Broygo.

                               JUDGE POE

                 We just spent our morning listening
                 to Mr. Broygo talk about his
                 'evidence'. What he neglected to
                 tell you is what this case is
                 really about. He left out the most
                 important fact of all: Alex Cullen
                 was somewhere else when these
                 murders took place. Now, Alex
                 Cullen has done a lot of things I
                 don't like. He's been a terrible
                 husband to all three of his wives.
                 He's been a destructive force in
                 the lives of his step-children.
                 He's cheated the city. His partners.
                 His employees. He's paid hundreds of
                 thousands of dollars in penalties and
                 fines over the years. I don't like
                 those things. I don't expect you to
                 like them. There will be other things
                 during the course of this trial that
                 you will hear about and like even
                 less. But this isn't a popularity
                 contest. It's a murder trial and
                 Alex Cullen hasn't killed anybody.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/15/96                           99.

171   CONTINUED:                                                       171

                                 KEVIN (CONT'D)
                   The state is going all out here.
                   They've got a whole team over
                   there. They're throwing
                   everything but the kitchen sink
                   at this case. I need one thing
                   from you. That's it. One thing.
                   I need you to ask yourself, 'Is
                   not liking this man reason
                   enough to convict him of
                   Enjoy your lunch. We'll talk

      Stunned silence, and then --

                                                       HARD CUT TO:

172   INT. COURTHOUSE - SMALL CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY                    172

      Kevin thrown back against a wall --

                   What the fuck was that? Are you
                   out of your fucking mind?
                   They fucking hate me!

      Kevin -- one push -- Cullen sent flying.

                   Listen to me like you've never
                   listened to anybody before. I'm
                   going to bust my ass to make sure
                   they hate you. Because as long as
                   you're out boning Melissa, you're
                   not home killing your wife.

                          (pause, as he warms
                           to the idea)
                   Why didn't you tell me before?

                   Then it doesn't look spontaneous.

                                                       CUT TO:

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                            100.

173   INT. CULLEN COURTROOM - DAY                                       173

      A Forensic TECHNICIAN on the stand.     A display chart
      beside him.

      Blowups of the bloody hand-prints.

                Let me put it this way, then: can
                you tell from a blood sample if
                the person were alive or dead?

                The victim?   Of course not.

                And there's a two hour window in
                which to place these murders.


                So, you've got absolutely no way
                to determine the condition of the
                victims when Alexander Cullen put
                his hand on that wall.

                                                       CUT TO:

174   OMITTED                                                           174
&                                                                       &
175                                                                     175

176   EXT. CARNEGIE HILL GROCERY - LATE AFTERNOON                       176

      Kevin into the evening air, carrying a bag of stuff.
      Barzoon standing there in a jogging suit. Furious.


                Saw you go in.

                What's up?



      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           101.

176   CONTINUED:                                                       176

                   It's not over yet.

                   I'm not talking about the trial.

                   What are you talking about?

                   How the fuck does your name get on
                   the firm's charter?


                   Looks like it's been there for
                   years. Now you're a partner?
                   When did that happen? I am
                   still the managing director of this
                   firm. You want my job? Take me
                   head on. Backdoor me one more time
                   and I'll take your partnership papers
                   and stuff 'em down your throat.

                   I don't know what you're talking
                   about, but I sure as hell don't
                   like your tone of voice.


                   You got a problem with documents,
                   I suggest you put together one of
                   your late-night shredding

                   You think you're tough enough to
                   run this firm? Fine.
                          (backing away)
                   You tell Milton next time Weaver
                   calls maybe I pick up the phone.



176   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                   176

      Kevin standing there, watching him jog away, as we --

                                                         CUT TO:

177   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - DUSK                                      177

      Kevin sitting there with his bag of groceries.      Milton
      looking sadly perplexed --

                   Was he drunk?

                   I doubt it. He was going running.
                   What the hell was he talking

                   Eddie's gotten himself into
                   trouble again. And he wants me to
                   save him. And I can't.

                   Why does he think I'm after his

                   Do you have any experience with

                   Not directly, no.

                   You do now.

      Milton already on the phone.       Punching a number.

                   Yes, it's me.
                   Get Eddie Barzoon. Right away.
                   He may be out running, so page him
                   if you have to. It's an
                          (hangs up, turns
                           back to Kevin)
                   Looks like you could use a drink.

                                                         CUT TO:


178   INT. LOMAX APARTMENT - DUSK                                     178

      Mary Ann coming through the living room. She looks
      stoned. But moving with purpose. As if she were hearing
      something. Opening the terrace doors and staring out
      over the park, as we --

                                                     CUT TO:

179   EXT. CENTRAL PARK RESERVOIR - DUSK                              179

      The reservoir entrance. It's a nice night and busy with
      runners and bikes and --

      Barzoon comes jogging past.

                                                     CUT TO:

180   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - DUSK                                  180

      Kevin has a vodka in his hand.

                               MARY ANN
                Eddie Barzoon.
                I've nursed him through two
                divorces, a cocaine rehab, and a
                pregnant receptionist.
                God's creature, right?

                                                     CUT TO:

181   EXT. CENTRAL PARK - RESERVOIR - DUSK                            181

      No leaves on the trees. Barzoon running. Breaking a
      sweat now. Leaving the heavy traffic behind.

                                                     CUT TO:

182   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - DUSK                                  182

                I'll tell you, Kevin, because I
                know you're into theology. When
                you've seen -- when you've
                represented -- when you've dealt
                with as many people as I have over
                the years, finally you say to
                yourself, 'God must've been
                awfully bored.'


       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                           104.

182    CONTINUED:                                                       182

                                  MILTON (CONT'D)
                    Choice. The opportunity to fuck
                    up. Talk about entertainment

                                                       CUT TO:

183    EXT. CENTRAL PARK - RESERVOIR - DUSK                             183

       Barzoon running.    Into his pace.

       Glancing down and on the horsepath below.

184    EXT. CENTRAL PARK - RESERVOIR - DUSK                             184

       Three running shadows. Side-by-side.     Just passing
       beneath an iron bridge.

                                   MILTON (V.O.)
                    You take a look at Eddie Barzoon
                    you gotta wonder if maybe God
                    overplayed his hand. Maybe he
                    made the game a little too

184A   EXT. CENTRAL PARK - RESERVOIR - DUSK                             184A

       Barzoon turns back -- stumbles -- catches himself --
       sprinting now to the Pump House. He pulls up here.
       Resting as several other runners pass by. Glancing back,
       almost an afterthought and --

184B   EXT. CENTRAL PARK - RESERVOIR - DUSK                             184B

       Those three running shadows are now crossing the bridge
       which is completely impossible considering where they
       just were a moment ago and --

184C   EXT. CENTRAL PARK - RESERVOIR - DUSK                             184C

       Barzoon starts running again -- instinctively -- faster
       than before -- glancing back and --

184D   EXT. CENTRAL PARK - RESERVOIR (FX) - DUSK                        184D

       (EFX) The three shadows. The sun setting behind them.
       Transforming as they run -- animal shapes mixing with the
       harsh silhouettes of bare trees and --

       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                          105.

185    EXT. CENTRAL PARK - RESERVOIR - DUSK                            185

       Barzoon freaked -- What the fuck was that? -- The park
       suddenly looking very empty -- and dark --

186    EXT. CENTRAL PARK - RESERVOIR - DUSK                            186

       The three shadows and they're closer and weirder and --

186A   EXT. CENTRAL PARK TREE - DUSK                                   186A

       Barzoon -- suddenly turning -- changing course -- leaving
       the path -- into the woods -- quickly ducking down beside
       a huge sycamore tree. Hiding. Sweating. Scared.
       Staring back out at the path --

186B   EXT. CENTRAL PARK - RESERVOIR - DUSK                            186B

       Three women runners -- clear as day -- pass beneath a
       streetlight. Team clothes. Machine-like strides. Flat-
       out. And then gone.

187    EXT. CENTRAL PARK TREE - DUSK                                   187

       Barzoon stands from behind the sycamore tree. Relief.
       Smiling at his own stupidity. What a jerk. Dusting off.
       Heading back toward the path, when --

188    EXT. CENTRAL PARK TREE - DUSK                                   188

       Suddenly, there's an arm around his neck -- throwing him
       to the ground --

189    EXT. CENTRAL PARK TREE - DUSK                                   189

       Standing there above him, a crazed-looking homeless
       MAN -- he's white and old and hungry --

                               OLD MAN
                 Gimme your watch.

                        (standing now)
                 You want the watch, old man?   Come
                 and get it.

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                         106.

190   EXT. CENTRAL PARK TREE - DUSK                                  190

      Barzoon moving toward the old guy when -- Crack! -- A
      tree branch swings out of nowhere -- catching his
      elbow -- snapping it back and --

      A second homeless man. He's black and older than the
      first guy but just as wild and dangerous and he's winding
      up to swing the branch again and --

      Barzoon on his knees -- dazed -- blood pouring from his
      head -- uncomprehending eyes watching these park
      creatures tear at his clothes --

191   EXT. CENTRAL PARK TREE - DUSK                                  191

      (EFX) Watching them grow more feral and less human by the
      moment and --

                                                    CUT TO:

192   EXT. LOMAX TERRACE - DUSK                                      192

      Mary Ann staring out at the park. Covering her ears
      against some horrible sound that she alone can hear.

                                                    CUT TO:

193   EXT. CENTRAL PARK TREE - DUSK                                  193

      Barzoon -- on his belly -- in the dirt -- trying to
      move -- crawl -- anything --

194   EXT. CENTRAL PARK TREE - DUSK                                  194

      The two men beating Barzoon to death with stones --

195   EXT. CENTRAL PARK TREE (FX) - DUSK                             195

      -- transforming with every blow -- (EFX) as their hands
      descend they become terrifying, demonic creatures, and as
      they rise we see them as men and over and over, as we
      hear --

                                                    CUT TO:

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                          107/108.

196   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - DUSK                               196

                              MILTON (V.O.)
                You take a look at Eddie Barzoon
                you gotta wonder if maybe God
                overplayed his hand. Maybe he
                made the game a little too

      Milton turns to find Kevin staring at him.

                I'm gonna, I'm gonna go downstairs
                now. Put this stuff away.
                       (backing away
                        with his bag
                        of groceries)
                Ice cream's already melting.

      Milton watching him walk away, as we --

                                                     CUT TO:

197   INT. LAW FIRM - PAM'S OFFICE AND HALL - DAY                  197

      Pam exits the room. Melissa sitting at the head of the
      table. Kevin pacing around her. They are alone.
      Practicing her testimony over early morning coffee.

                You testified that the defendant
                called you at four-thirty to ask
                you to come to his office gym for
                the purposes of sex.


                Mr. Cullen, though, he's not just
                your lover, is he? He's the boss.


                So two hours go by before you act
                on his request?



197   CONTINUED:                                                       197

                   Yes, I went up at six-ten. I knew
                   it was six-ten, they had weather
                   coming on the news. I remember --

      Cut off by --

                   Okay.  Stop.
                          (breaking character)
                   This prosecutor is no fool. He's
                   gonna change tempo, attitude, tone
                   of voice -- he's gonna come out
                   with questions you never thought
                   of, just to screw you up.
                   So what do we do?

                   Yes and no answers. Stay calm.

                          (back into it)
                   Is it your testimony, Ms. Block,
                   that between the hours of six-ten
                   and nine-forty you were engaged in
                   sexual congress with the


                   At any point during this three
                   hour marathon, Ms. Block, did you
                   lose sight of the defendant?


                   Did he use the bathroom?


                   Is he circumcised?
                   You understand the question?




197   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                  197

                   So is he cut or not?


                   Which is it?

      Silence.   Melissa looks away.

                   You've been polishing his knob
                   three times a week for six months
                   and you don't know whether or not
                   he's got foreskin?

                          (total transformation)
                   I've had it up to here with this
                   fucking game. Why don't you take
                   your questions and shove 'em up
                   your ass.

      Kevin staring at her.       Looking away.   Moving quickly for
      the door, and into:

198   INT. LAW FIRM LIBRARY HALL - DAY                                   198

      Three steps out and he stops. Something's wrong. Very
      wrong. People are out of their offices, standing in the
      doorways. Some of them crying.

      Christabella rushes toward him, into his arms --

                   Oh, Kevin --

                   What's happened?

                   Eddie Barzoon...

                   What about him?

                   He's dead.   He was killed.



      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                             111.

198   CONTINUED:                                                         198

      Heath nearby has more answers --

                   Last night in the park. He was
                   running if you can believe it.

      Kevin standing there, holding Christabella. Feeling heat
      on the back of his neck and turning to find Milton at the
      far end of the hall. Their eyes lock --

                                 CHRISTABELLA (O.S.)
                   What is wrong with people?

                                 HEATH (O.S.)
                   At least they got the scumbags who
                   did it.

                          (turning on this)

                                 LAWYER #1
                   Two old, homeless crazies.

      Pam coming through the hallway like steel --

                   Kevin... Kevin, I'm sorry, but
                   you're due in court in thirty

      As Melissa appears in the conference room door --

                   Are we through here, or what?

                   I'll bring Melissa down in the
                   car, but you better get going.

                                                        CUT TO:

199   INT. SUBWAY TO COURT - DAY                                         199

      SCREAMING uptown. Kevin looking very rattled.      Milton,
      beside him. Talking him down.

                   I want you to put Eddie aside.
                   Let me worry about it. You gotta
                   deal with Cullen now. Marshal
                   your strength. Prioritize.
                   Conserve your energy.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                             112.

199   CONTINUED:                                                         199

                   I can't put her on the stand.

                   What choice do we have?

                   I know she's lying.

                   Because she didn't answer you fast
                   enough? Did she lie to you? No.
                   She said nothing. The fact is,
                   you'll never know.

                   He killed those people.

                   You really believe that?

                   Cullen set me up. Melissa, the
                   whole thing, I know it.

                   Look, you gotta go with your gut.

                   That's your advice?

                   I'll back you either way. Hey,
                   you think I haven't lost before?
                   We talked about this, Kevin.
                   Pressure. Take a big whiff.

      Kevin unreadable.    The SUBWAY CAR RATTLING away.

                                                        CUT TO:

200   INT. CULLEN COURTROOM - DAY                                        200

      Packed and ready.

                                 JUDGE POE
                   Mr. Lomax, you may call your next



200   CONTINUED:                                                       200

      A long, awful pause. Kevin in agony. Milton behind him.
      Cullen and Pamela and everyone waiting...

                                   JUDGE POE

                   I call Melissa Block.

                                                      CUT TO:

201   INT. COURT - HALL - DAY                                          201

      Chaos! -- media madness -- Kevin pushing past dozens of
      reporters and camera crews -- court officers trying to
      clear the way -- fifteen voices screaming at once --
      questions flying like shrapnel -- Cullen, all smiles,
      alongside Milton as they're pushed along -- Pam, waving a
      cell phone, fighting her way to Kevin and --

                          (re the phone)
                   Kevin, it's for you --

      Kevin takes the phone, trying to hear above the noise.

                                                      CUT TO:

202   EXT. LOMAX BUILDING AND STREET - DAY                             202

      A cab speeds to a stop. Kevin jumps out. Feeney, the
      doorman, standing there with Felix, his partner.

                   She didn't look well, sir. Felix
                   tried to talk to her, but she --

                   Where is she?

                                                      CUT TO:

203   EXT. MADISON AVENUE AND CHURCH - DAY                             203

      Kevin running down the sidewalk and --

                                                      CUT TO:


204   INT. CHURCH - DAY                                             204

      Kevin enters. It's empty and dark. Two old ladies up
      front. Mary Ann in back, wrapped in a comforter.

                         beside her)
                Mare. It's me.

                              MARY ANN
                He let himself in. You need to
                know that. The bath running, or
                something, I didn't hear him. I
                swear to you.


                              MARY ANN
                Then we talked. We talked for
                       (coming apart
                        for good)
                I haven't talked to anyone, really
                talked to anyone in such a long
                time. You have this whole life
                and all I have is me and he was so
                clear about it all.

                Who let himself in?

                              MARY ANN
                I came down here. I've just been
                sitting. I'm afraid to pray. I
                let him stay. I'm sorry. I'm
                sorry. I'm sorry, Kevin.

                Did somebody hurt you?

                              MARY ANN
                Milton. He fucked me, Kevin. I
                let him fuck me. I couldn't stop

                What?     When?

                             MARY ANN
                Today. This afternoon. All
                afternoon. God, I'm so ashamed...


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                             115.

204   CONTINUED:                                                         204

                   Today? Today? Today. He was in
                   court, Mare. He was in court, in
                   my presence all afternoon!

                                 MARY ANN
                   I'm not crazy. I'm not.   I swear.

                   I don't know, Mare. I don't know
                   how much more of this I can take.

      She stands. Throws open the comforter. She is naked.
      There are scratch marks all over her body.

                                                        CUT TO:

205   INT. HOSPITAL CUBICLE - NIGHT                                      205

      Kevin with a NURSE and paperwork.

                   Sign there... And there... And one
                           (as he's done)
                   She's calm now so this might be a
                   good time to say good night.

      Kevin nods.    Stands, moving now -- into --

206   INT. HOSPITAL HALLWAY - NIGHT                                      206

      Mary Ann on a moving gurney. Calm now, in the sway of
      some very strong drugs. Kevin kneels beside her.

                                 MARY ANN
                   I know why this is happening.

                   They want you to go to sleep.

                                 MARY ANN
                   It's the money, Kevin. Blood
                   money. We just drank it down.
                   Both of us. We knew it. Winning
                   those cases, taking the money. We
                   knew they were guilty. But you
                   kept winning. Every time.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                               116.

206   CONTINUED:                                                           206

                                  MARY ANN (CONT'D)
                   I can't look at myself in the
                   mirror, Kevin.

                                                          CUT TO:

207   EXT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                           207

      A big one. A funereal morning.      Hearse and cortege
      parked on the street outside.

                                                          CUT TO:

208   INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                           208

      Barzoon's funeral. Big deal. Big crowd. An excess of
      flowers. ORGAN MUSIC as foreplay. Milton, up front,
      seating Diana and children.

      Kevin seated on the aisle.     Beside him, Jack Heath.

                   What do they say?

                   They don't know. It's bad.   She's
                   falling apart.

                                 CHRISTABELLA (O.S.)
                   Do you have room for one more?

      Kevin turns to see Christabella standing beside him.
      Jackie's concerned expression blossoms into a private,
      knowing smile now that Kevin has turned away.
      Christabella squeezes in, as the MUSIC SWELLS and THE
      PRIEST walks solemnly to the altar. Kevin caught in a
      high-intensity sexual cross-fire between Jackie and
      Christabella. He's tense. He's flipping out.

209   INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                           209

      Milton passes on his way to the back.     Smiles.

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 11/2/96                          117.

210   INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                      210

      On one side the Therapist, on the other Allesandra, except
      she looks different than last we saw her. Hair down.
      Makeup.   She could be all of seventeen.

                              THE PRIEST
                We are here today, to remember and
                pray and exalt in the spirit of
                Edward Barzoon...

      Kevin staring at Cullen and the girl.

                              THE PRIEST
                ... Father, husband, partner,
                friend, colleague...

211   INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                      211

      (EFX) Cullen's hand stroking at the back of the pew --
      nothing outrageous, except it does call to mind the hand
      of Mr. Gettys back in Florida --

                              THE PRIEST
                ... taken from us so suddenly...

      Cullen's hand moving with purpose -- stopping --
      waiting -- as Allesandra sits back and now his fingers
      find her skin -- stroking ever so subtly --

                              THE PRIEST
                ... to contemplate evil. How it
                robs -- how it steals everything
                of value from us...

      Cullen turns -- except it's not Cullen, it's Gettys --
      yes, Gettys -- whispering in Allesandra's ear and --

                              THE PRIEST
                ... farther from God's purpose...

212   INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                      212

      Kevin out of his seat. Pushing past Christabella --
      rushing up the aisle --

                              THE PRIEST
                ... and the greater that distance,
                the greater evil's pleasure...


213   INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                      213

      Milton watching Kevin flee the church.

                                                     CUT TO:

214   EXT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                      214

      Moments later.   Kevin hustling away --

                              WEAVER (O.S.)
                       (behind him)
                Mr. Lomax?

                No comment. I'll have something
                for you later.

                              WEAVER (O.S.)
                I'm a friend of Eddie Barzoon.

      Kevin turns.   Weaver walking beside him.

                Remember me? Mitch Weaver.
                Justice Department.

                Staking out the funeral?

                Looking for you actually.

                I'm in a bit of a hurry right now.
                I need to talk to my wife.

                Just wanted to ask you -- off the
                record -- I had a few questions
                about Eddie.

                                                     CUT TO:

215   INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                      215

      The funeral. In progress. CHOIR and ORGAN getting
      LOUDER. We're watching Milton move in the back of the

                                                     CUT TO:


216   EXT. STREET - DAY                                                   216

      Kevin walking faster.    Weaver right beside him.

                Milton, Chadwick, Waters is a
                little more than a law firm, but
                then I assume you knew that.
                       (working him)
                Devada Holdings? I'm sure you've
                heard of it. London, Kinshasa,
                Karachi -- Arms brokering mostly.
                You've got Munzer-Dietch, they're
                in Berlin and Djakarta -- chemical
                weapons, toxic waste. Ivanaco
                Limited -- Moscow -- money
                laundering for the Eastern Bloc.
                       (at his ear)
                It goes on and on, Kevin.

                                                        CUT TO:

217   INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                          217

      Stained glass.   Angels.    The Stations of the Cross.

218   INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                          218

      Milton standing in the shadows at the back.      Taking it
      all in. Prodigal angel.

219   INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                          219

      (EFX) And then, the stained-glass angels begin to move.
      Wings begin to beat. Expressions come alive.
      Expressions of panic and fear and --

                                                        CUT TO:

220   EXT. STREET - WEAVER - DAY                                          220

      Kevin really striding.     Weaver right there.

                Milton is into everything.
                       (listen to me)
                Barzoon was coming in, Kevin.     He
                was gonna testify.



220   CONTINUED:                                                         220

                                 WEAVER (CONT'D)
                   Desoto and Dibalista, in Panama,
                   that's a firm that specializes in
                   opening bank accounts for judges
                   all over South America. Huge drug
                   cases. Murder. Everything.

                   He's a lawyer! What the fuck do
                   you want?
                          (stopping there)
                   Stay off my back.

      Weaver left standing there, as Kevin rushes away --
      through traffic -- across the street --

                   This is a first time, last time
                            after him)
                   I'm learning about you, Kevin. I
                   talked to some old friends down in
                   Florida this morning...
                          (louder now)
                   The Gettys case. The eighth grade
                          (did Kevin just
                            slow down)
                   Found him this morning. He had
                   the body of a ten-year-old girl in
                   the trunk of his car.

      Kevin, across the street, stops.

                                                        CUT TO:

221   INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                         221

      (EFX) Stained-glass angels going nuts now -- wings
      flapping like mad -- danger everywhere, as the MUSIC
      STARTS to CLIMAX and --

222   INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY                                         222

      Milton down below. Lowering a single finger into the
      holy water. Instantly -- it's boiling, and we --

                                                        HARD CUT TO:

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                            121.

223   EXT. STREET - DAY                                                 223

      Kevin standing there, across the street -- Weaver smiles,
      thinking he'll talk now for sure -- stepping off the
      curb and --

      TIRES SCREECHING and Weaver turning and --

      A car trying to stop and --

      Kevin watching as --

      WHAMM! -- Weaver ploughed onto the hood and --

      A mother at the wheel -- her daughter beside her -- both
      screaming and --

      The car's WINDSHIELD as it CRUMPLES and --

      Kevin watching as the car stops and --

      Weaver is dazed but alive -- his face buried in the
      windshield -- pulling himself up and --

      Weaver's face THROUGH the shattered glass as he looks
      down to see --

      Mother and child (EFX) -- transforming -- for an
      instant -- into monsters and --

      Weaver more terrified than hurt -- scrambling off the hood
      of the car -- staring back in horror and --

      Mother and child -- completely freaked out -- both of them
      hysterical and --

      Weaver holding his arm -- nose bloodied -- but moving --
      backing away -- turning to find Kevin still across the
      street and --

      It's gonna be okay.

      And then, a big flat-nose truck -- out of nowhere -- air
      BRAKES BLASTING as it just wipes Weaver OFF the SCREEN
      and --

      Kevin falling back, flat against a wall -- STAYING ON
      Kevin -- as the street comes alive with the SOUNDS of
      EMERGENCY and he starts moving away and we --

                                                       CUT TO:

224   OMITTED                                                           224
&                                                                       &
225                                                                     225

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                          122.

226   INT. HOSPITAL HALLWAY - DAY                                     226

      Kevin walking through -- stopping finally at an open
      door --

227   INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY                                        227

      Mary Ann in a chair. Heavily sedated. Pam standing
      beside her, brushing her hair. Mrs. Lomax, on her knees,
      standing now --

                              MRS. LOMAX
                Kevin... honey...

                What are you doing here?

                              MRS. LOMAX
                I came this morning. I been
                calling the house and getting no
                answer and then I spoke to Pam
                and... I need to talk to you.

                We got her on the first flight up
                this morning.

                              MRS. LOMAX
                Are you all right?

                I just... I don't know.

                              MRS. LOMAX
                Will you excuse us a moment?

      Mrs. Lomax guides Kevin out.   Mary Ann's vacant eyes
      watching them exit --

                                                     CUT TO:

228   INT. HOSPITAL HALLWAY - DAY                                     228

      Just outside the room.

                              MRS. LOMAX
                I never should've left. I knew it.
                I'll never forgive myself.

                I was gonna call you, I just...


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                           123.

228   CONTINUED:                                                       228

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   What I did, Kevin, I thought it
                   was for the best. Loving you was
                   always first for me.

                   There's nothing you could've done.

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   I could've told you the truth.

                   About what?

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   I've lied to you, Kevin.


                                   MRS. LOMAX
                   Baptist Endeavor Youth Crusade,
                   ninety-sixty-four. I was here.
                   In New York. That night in the
                   elevator, you never let me answer.

                   What are you talking about?

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   We stayed a week. The Tremont
                   Hotel, it's not there anymore, I
                   went by and it's gone -- they had
                   a restaurant downstairs and we ate
                   there almost every meal --

                   Wait.   Stop.

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   Your father was a waiter in that

                   Oh, this is great, Ma... this is
                   just perfect --

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   -- honey, listen to me --


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                             124.

228   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                  228

                          (total incredulity)
                   -- Now? You do this now? --
                   Because, I mean, your timing --
                   it's superb -- you wait thirty
                   years? -- you fly up here -- you
                   pick today? --

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   -- Kevin, honey, wait --

                   -- obviously I'm not under enough
                   pressure -- I don't have enough on
                   my mind, I need this little --

                                   MRS. LOMAX
                   Listen to me.

                   Why are you doing this now?

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   Because I'm afraid!

      Kevin overwhelmed -- walking away -- down the hall --
      completely fritzed -- leaving her standing there --

                                  MRS. LOMAX
                   Kevin.  Kevin!
                           after him)
                   'Behold I send you out as sheep
                   amidst the wolves.'

      Kevin just stopped walking.

                                                        CUT TO:

229   INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY                                           229

      Mary Ann quiet as Pam finishes brushing her hair.

                   Don't you look beautiful now.
                          (re something
                           in her bag)
                   Here. Have a look and see.

      A hand mirror.      Mary Ann turns away instantly --

                                   MARY ANN


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                               125.

229   CONTINUED:                                                           229

                   It's all right, dear.        Look...

                                     MARY ANN
                   No.   Please...

                   Go on. Take a look.      See how
                   beautiful you are?

      Mary Ann opens her eyes. There's her reflection. She is
      beautiful. It's okay. She smiles. What was she afraid
      of? And then, the mirror shifts to find --

230   OMITTED                                                              230

231   INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY                                             231

      Pam -- A monster (EFX) -- her features horribly
      transformed in the glass and --

232   INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY                                             232

      Mary Ann rears back -- her head smashing into Pam's face
      so hard that the MIRROR SHATTERS -- Pam, blind for a
      moment, staggering back -- Mary Ann on her feet and
      fighting and Pam suddenly pushed and --

                                                          CUT TO:

233   INT. HOSPITAL HALLWAY - DAY                                          233

      Pam standing there, holding her face in pain, as the glass
      door slams shut and --

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   What's going on?

      Mary Ann THROUGH the glass, jamming a chair up under the
      doorknob --

                                     MRS. LOMAX

      Kevin jogging down the hall -- trying the door --


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                              126.

233   CONTINUED:                                                          233

                          (it won't open)
                   Mary Ann. Hey. Hey!
                          (still no luck)
                   Omigod... Get somebody!   Go!

      Pam doesn't move.

234   OMITTED                                                             234
&                                                                         &
235                                                                       235

236   INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY                                            236

      Mary Ann, kneeling on the floor, picking up a broken
      shard of mirror and --

                                                         CUT TO:

237   INT. HOSPITAL HALLWAY - DAY                                         237

                   Mare! -- Look at me! -- Stop! --
                   right now -- Mare! --

                                                         CUT TO:

238   INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY                                            238

      Mary Ann raising the glass/blade to her throat.

                           the glass)
                   Mary Ann, no! No! No!

                                                         CUT TO:

239   OMITTED                                                             239

240   INT. HOSPITAL HALLWAY - DAY                                         240

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   -- Help! -- Help! -- Somebody!   We
                   need help --

                                                         CUT TO:

       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                          127.

241    INT. HOSPITAL GLASS DOOR/HALLWAY - DAY                          241

       Kevin banging like mad on the glass but --

                 -- Mare! -- No! -- Look at me! --

       Mary Ann raising the blade to her throat and --

                 -- Stop! -- No! -- Mare! --

       Kevin grabbing a folding chair -- swinging it --

                                                      CUT TO:

241A   OMITTED                                                         241A
thru                                                                   thru
243                                                                    243

243A   INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY                                        243A

       SMASH! -- GLASS SHATTERING over the floor, but Kevin still
       can't get in -- wire mesh embedded in the window is bent
       but unbroken and he's tearing at it and --

                 -- Mare! -- Hang on! -- I'm almost
                 there! -- Look at me!

       And she does.   Watching him claw at the wire --

                                  MARY ANN
                 I loved you.

       Pulling the blade across her neck --


                                                      CUT TO:

243B   OMITTED                                                         243B
thru                                                                   thru
243D                                                                   243D

244    INT. HOSPITAL HALLWAY - DAY                                     244

       Kevin kicking full force against the door and --

                                                      CUT TO:

       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                           128.

244A   INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY                                         244A

       The door buckles -- the chair wedged in there sent
       flying -- Kevin stumbling over broken glass --

                 Oh, God, Mare, what've you done? --

       Mary Ann falling to the floor -- her bloody hand still
       holding the blade deep in her neck --

                               ORDERLY #1
                 -- why? -- Oh God, Mare, why?
                        (over his shoulder)
                 We need a doctor in here!

                                                       CUT TO:

244B   INT. HOSPITAL HALLWAY - DAY                                      244B

       Patients out of their rooms -- standing at their doorways --
       sedated, bovine expressions watching --

                               MRS. LOMAX
                        (running through)
                 -- please -- somebody -- help
                 her! -- What are you all doing?
                 Somebody! --

       ORDERLY #1 turning the corner up ahead --

                               ORDERLY #1
                 What's the hell's going on down

                                                       CUT TO:

244C   INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY                                         244C

       Kevin cradling Mary Ann -- his hand trying to staunch the
       wound in her neck -- blood flowing -- she isn't moving --
       her eyes are starting to fix and --

                 -- no, Mare -- hang on -- please,
                 Mare, I'm right here, it's gonna
                 be okay, baby -- oh, God, Mare,
                 why did you do this? --
                        (screaming now)
                 Where's the fucking doctor?!

                               ORDERLY #1 (O.S.)
                 Oh shit, man...


       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                             129.

244C   CONTINUED:                                                         244C

       Kevin turns -- Orderly #1 in the doorway --

                    What are you doing? Help her!

                                  ORDERLY #1
                    Hey, look, I ain't no doctor...
                           (backing away)
                    Hang on -- lemme --

       YELLING in the hall now, and faces in the doorway. Mrs.
       Lomax crying and two weird patients from the next staring

       Pam.   And only we can see it, but she's smiling...

                    -- please, baby, stay with me...
                    it'll be okay -- it's gonna be fine
                    just, just stay with me -- Oh God,
                    Mare... please, baby...

       Kevin holding her, but she's gone, as we --

                                                          DISSOLVE TO:

245    OMITTED                                                            245
thru                                                                      thru
246                                                                       246

247    INT. HOSPITAL - BACK STAIRWELL - DAY                               247

       But someplace completely different. Older.        Dark.   Empty.
       Echoey. A fluorescent bulb sputtering out.

       FOOTSTEPS approaching...

       It's Kevin. And we know instantly that Mary Ann is dead.
       There's blood on his shirt. His eyes are raw. At his
       side, a small suitcase containing her personal effects.
       More than grief, more than shock, what we notice most is
       his frighteningly grim determination.

       Up ahead, a bench. Mrs. Lomax huddled here. Cried out.
       Empty. Holding herself more tightly as he sets down the

                                  MRS. LOMAX
                    I could've packed that up for you.

       Kevin sits.    If he loses his steel he'll drown.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                            130.

247   CONTINUED:                                                        247

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   I wish you'da let me help you.

                   Finish the story.
                          (off silence)
                   Nineteen-sixty-four. You're in
                   New York. There's a waiter in a
                   Finish the story.

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   He talked to me. Nobody'd ever
                   really talked to me before. Sixteen
                   years old, a thousand miles away
                   from home, somebody takes an
                   interest... Working so hard,
                   putting himself through school,
                   I'd never met anybody like that.
                   Knew the Bible, every word, just
                   knew it by heart. Every meal,
                   there he was, at my ear and I
                   just... I didn't want that week to
                   ever end. But it did. He came to
                   say goodbye, it was late, and I
                   started to cry and he said not to
                   worry, 'Behold, I send you out as
                   sheep amidst the wolves.' And that
                   just stopped me cold because we'd
                   spent that whole day at Bible study
                   reading Matthew Ten and there was
                   just no way for him to know about
                   that, so I was... I took it as a
                   sign. I let him in. And then
                   everything was different. He was
                   cruel. He was so cruel and I was
                   so ashamed, I thought I'd die...

      Kevin's eyes settle on the suitcase.      Mary Ann...

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   I promised right there if God would
                   let me back into His grace I would
                   never leave again. I prayed there
                   was a reason this terrible thing
                   had happened. There had to be a
                   reason. And there was. It was
                   you. You were my blessing. You
                   were reason enough to endure
                   anything. How much I love you.

                   I want to hear you say it.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                            131.

247   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                 247

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   His face -- that night -- I knew
                   it was him and the same time I was
                   confused -- and you were so proud
                   you'd come to New York and done all
                   this on your own, I didn't have the
                   heart to tell you --

                   Say it.

                                  MRS. LOMAX
                           to finish)
                   -- you wondered yourself -- the
                   apartment, the money, all this
                   attention, everything out of
                   Milton. He's your father.
                          (there it is,
                           out loud)
                   Somehow he found us. Tracked you


                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   What do you mean?

                   He's always been there. I know
                   that now. Watching. Waiting.
                   He's been playing us like a game.
                   Jerking us around. Destroying Mary

      Kevin stands.      Quiet fury.   A machine.

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   What are you doing?

                   I gotta go.

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   No... let it alone! Stay with me.
                   Forget about him! We can leave
                   here. We can go home! We don't
                   ever have to see him again!


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                             132.

247   CONTINUED:    (3)                                                  247

                   I can't do that. You go home.
                          (backing away)
                   Pray for Mary Ann.

                                 MRS. LOMAX
                   Kevin, please... Honey!
                           after him)
                   I love you!

      Kevin disappearing down the stairs. Mrs. Lomax dropping
      to her knees as his FOOTSTEPS ECHO away, and we --

                                                        CUT TO:

248   EXT. HOSPITAL EXIT AND STREET - DAY                                248

      As Kevin explodes through a fire door.   Pam standing
      there, having a smoke.

                   There you are...
                          (all smiles)
                   Look at you... you're terrified.
                   Not to worry. He'll take that fear
                   away. You don't ever have to be
                   frightened again. Go on, he's

      Kevin turning and something is very wrong --

249   EXT. HOSPITAL EXIT AND STREET - DAY                                249

      Fifty-seventh Street is empty. No cars. No people.
      Just the building and the silence. Turning back and
      Pam is gone, and then --

      And then a WIDER ANGLE -- it goes on and on... He's alone.
      Just now realizing the scale of Milton's power. Starting
      to walk, as we --

                                                        CUT TO:

250   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                    250

      The room's only light coming from the huge bas relief.
      Kevin steps off the elevator, into the room.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                             133.

250   CONTINUED:                                                         250

                                 MILTON (O.S.)
                   You're right about one thing... I
                   have been watching. Couldn't help
                   myself. Watching, waiting, holding
                   my breath. But I'm no puppeteer,

      Milton appears out of nowhere.       Walking past Kevin.

                   ... I don't make things happen.
                   Doesn't work like that. Free
                   will -- it's like butterfly wings --
                   one touch and it never gets off the
                   ground. I only set the stage. You
                   pull your own strings.

      Kevin has a gun -- Cullen's gun, in his hand --

                   What did you do to Mary Ann?

                   A gun?   In here?

                   What did you do to my wife?

                   On a scale of one to ten, ten
                   being the most depraved acts of
                   sexual theater, one being an
                   average Friday night run-through
                   at the Lomax household, I'd say...

      Kevin FIRES the GUN -- BANG! BANG! BANG! -- bullets pass
      right through him -- into the wall --

                   Whoa... Got me! Damn!
                   That's my boy. Step on up! Stay
                   angry! Keep hold to that great
                   fury! Hang on tight, Kevin, because
                   it's the final fig leaf.

      Kevin lowers the gun to his side.

                   Who are you?


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                            134.

250   CONTINUED:    (2)                                                 250

                   Never lost a case. Why? Why?
                   Because you're so fucking good?
                   Yes. But why?

                   Because you're my father.

                   Well, I'm a little more than that.
                   Awful hot in that courtroom, wasn't
                   it? 'What's the game plan, Kevin?'
                          (reporter's voice)
                   'It was a nice run, Kevin. Had to
                   close out someday.'

                   Who are you?

                   I have so many names.


                   Call me Dad.

                   Mary Ann, Barzoon, Weaver...

                   Come on. You're not listening.
                   Blaming me for Mary Ann? I hope
                   you're kidding. You could've saved
                   her any time you liked. She only
                   wanted love. But you knew it
                   wouldn't really work out, didn't
                   you? Mary Ann in New York? Face
                   it, you started looking to better-
                   deal her the minute you got here.

                   That's a lie.

                   Hey, it's not that you didn't care
                   for her, it's just you were a
                   little bit more involved with
                   someone else. Yourself.

                   What the hell do you know about


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                      135.

250   CONTINUED:    (3)                                           250

                   Bio-chemically no different than
                   eating large quantities of chocolate.
                          (sharply now)
                   Don't be such a fucking chump.
                   There's only one real sickness in
                   all of creation and that is self-
                   delusion. I told you to take care
                   of your wife -- that the world
                   would understand. And you made a
                   choice. 'You know what scares me,
                   John? I leave the case, she gets
                   better and I hate her for it...'

                   You set me up.     It's entrapment.

                   Who told you to pull out the stops
                   for Mr. Gettys? And Moyez -- the
                   direction you took -- Snake
                   handlers, Popes and swamis all
                   feeding at the same trough -- whose
                   ideas were those? And then
                   Cullen -- knowing he's guilty --
                   seeing those pictures -- putting
                   that lying bitch on the stand...
                   What did I say, Kevin? Maybe it was
                   time to lose, right? You didn't
                   think so.

                   That's my job.     That's what I do!

                   Vanity is definitely my favorite
                   sin. Self love. It's so basic.
                   What a drug. Cheap, all-natural,
                   and right at your fingertips.
                   Pride. That's where you're
                   strongest. And believe me, I
                   understand. Work for someone
                   else? -- Hey, I couldn't hack it.
                   'Better to reign in Hell than
                   serve in Heaven.'

                   What do you want from me?

                   What do I want? I want you to be

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                         136.

251   OMITTED                                                        251
&                                                                    &
252                                                                  252

253   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                253

      (EFX) The Bas Relief -- that wall of bodies swirling in
      marble clouds -- it's going to come to life --

254   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                254

                I've had many children, Kevin. So
                many disappointments. Neurotic,
                indecisive wannabes. Over-eager,
                ham-handed butchers. Strung-out,
                priapic losers. And then there's
                you. Your mother, I'll tell you,
                she outstripped my wildest fantasy.
                That church she dragged you to?
                Every day? What training. What
                a challenge! It's awesome what
                you've done. How far you've come.
                Both of you... You and your sister.

      Christabella emerges from behind the bar --

                Half-sister to be exact.


                What do you think, Kevin?    What a
                scene, huh?

                       (passing Kevin)
                Don't let him scare you.

                Wait till you meet her mother.

                It is a test, isn't it? The whole
                game, you sitting there, keeping

                No. That's the other guy. I
                don't judge anybody. As far as
                I'm concerned, everyone's a winner.


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                           137.

254   CONTINUED:                                                       254

                                 MILTON (CONT'D)
                   God's your prankster, my boy.
                   Think of it. He gives man
                   instincts. He gives you this
                   extraordinary gift and then, I
                   swear to you -- for his own
                   amusement -- his own private,
                   cosmic gag reel -- he sets the
                   rules in opposition. It's the
                   goof of all time. Look but don't
                   touch. Touch but don't taste.
                   Taste but don't swallow. And
                   while you're jumping from one foot
                   to the other he's laughing his
                   sick fucking ass off! He's a
                   tight-ass. He's a sadist. He's
                   an absentee landlord!
                   Worship that? Never.

255   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  255

      (EFX) The Bas Relief getting stranger and more seductive
      by the moment -- bodies spinning and spawning --

256   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  256

                   I'm here, on the ground, my nose
                   in it since the whole damn thing
                   began. Why? Because I worship
                   man himself. And it's my time
                   now. Our time.

                   Anybody want a drink? I'm having
                   a drink.

                   This is some pitch. You must need
                   me pretty bad. What do you want?

                   Eddie was right. Your name is on
                   the partnership charter. I want
                   you to take over the firm. You
                   and your sister.

                   Is that it?


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                            138.

256   CONTINUED:                                                        256

                          (letting his hand
                           brush her cheek)
                   She's ovulating. Right now.


                   Your vanity is justified, Kevin,
                   you're the seed to a new future.
                   Your son will sit at the head of
                   all tables. You hold a special
                   place in the history of all things.

                   You want a child.

                   I want a family.

                   The Antichrist.


                   But I have to volunteer.

      Christabella begins to strip.

                   Free will. It's a bitch.
                   I need a family. I command an ever
                   larger presence on the board. I'm
                   busy and I need some help. There's
                   a plan here. I've been conserving
                   my energy. Synergy. Prioritize.
                   It's the millennium, Kevin. Title
                   fight. Round twenty. I'm ready
                   to work.

                   So what are you offering?

                   Are we negotiating?



       DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                            139.

256    CONTINUED:    (2)                                                 256


                    What are you offering?

                    Everything. Anything. All of it!
                           (he's got him)
                    What am I offering? I'm offering
                    bliss. Instant bliss. Bliss by
                    remote control. Bliss on tap.
                    That first line of cocaine. That
                    walk into a strange girl's bedroom.
                    The jury coming back in thirty-
                    eight minutes. Freedom.
                    Revolution! Viva la causa!

257    OMITTED                                                           257
thru                                                                     thru
259                                                                      259

260    INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                   260

       (EFX) The Bas Relief transforming into real clouds and
       bodies and the frame of it disappearing and --

261    INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                   261

                    You're right, aren't you? About
                    me. I mean, I made all the
                    choices, didn't I? Gettys.
                    Cullen. Mary Ann. I did kill her,
                    didn't I?

                    Don't be too hard on yourself.

       Christabella passing Kevin, handing him her bra.

                    It's done.    Forget it. It's all
                    for us now.

                    God, she's just fucking stunning,
                    isn't she?

       Christabella lingering and Kevin leaning in... kissing
       her... just a moment before she pulls away --


      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                        140.

261   CONTINUED:                                                    261

                   You're right. I wanted to fuck
                   her from the minute we met.

                   Like that's wrong. Like there's
                   anything wrong with that. That
                   there could be laws preventing
                   something so natural. That's
                   our ticket in.
                          (excited now)
                   Did you know there were more
                   students in law school right now
                   than lawyers walking the Earth?

262   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               262

      (EFX) The Bas Relief has become an orgy, bodies coming to
      life in a swirling, narcotic haze and --

263   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               263

                   We're coming out, guns blazing.
                   The two of you -- all of us --
                   acquittal after acquittal until
                   the stench of it reaches so high
                   into heaven it chokes the whole
                   fucking lot of them! What we
                   cannot legislate we will buy. What
                   we cannot buy we will degrade. We
                   will blow every fuse of enlightenment
                   until it looks like a vandalized,
                   neon sign! And while God is busy
                   at his peephole -- as he deigns us
                   with his disapproval -- as he
                   lumbers around his empty kingdom
                   like some overfed colonial governor --
                   as God sleeps late, we will win.
                   We've got a winner here, kids!

                   In the Bible you lose.   You're
                   destined to lose.

                   Consider the source.

      Christabella -- her hands -- moving over her body --

                   Stop talking. Both of you.
                          (reaching out)
                   Kevin, please...

      DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Rev. 1/18/97                         141.

264   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                264

      (EFX) The bodies craning to watch as they roll by.

265   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                265

                       (urgently now)
                Kevin, really, please...

                She's right, my son. It's time to
                step up and take what's yours.

                You're right.    It's time.

      Kevin raises the GUN to his temple -- quick and simple --
      SNAP! -- he's blown his brains out --

      Milton stunned -- disbelieving for a moment and then an
      aura of fire and heat explodes around him --


                                                    CUT TO:

266   OMITTED                                                        266
&                                                                    &
267                                                                  267


268   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                 268

      (EFX) Kevin starting to fall in SUPER SLOW MOTION and --

                                                    CUT TO:

269   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                 269

      (EFX) The room consumed with fire as the heat explodes
      around Milton's body and --

                                                    CUT TO:

270   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                 270

      (EFX) Kevin still falling and --

                                                    CUT TO:

271   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                 271

      (EFX) Christabella beating at the flames that now cover
      her body and --

                                                    CUT TO:

272   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                 272

      (EFX) Kevin still falling and --

                                                    CUT TO:

273   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                 273

      (EFX) The Bas Relief. The clouds are now fire -- the
      bodies now burning and --

                                                    CUT TO:

274   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                 274

      (EFX) Kevin still falling and --

                                                    CUT TO:

275   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                 275

      (EFX) Milton as his clothes burn away -- as the heat eats
      away his features --


276   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  276

      (EFX) as he becomes younger and younger and younger,
      until suddenly --

277   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  277

      (EFX) For a moment. He is an angel. An instant of
      exquisite perfection amidst the flames. And then, just
      as  --

278   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  278

      (EFX) suddenly -- HE EXPLODES! -- and we --

                                                    CUT TO:

279   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  279

      (EFX) The Bas Relief freezing instantly back into stone
      -- trapped in tortured, agonizing finality.

280   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  280

      (EFX) And then, the whole thing just crumbling.   Stone
      raining down in tiny pieces and --

                                                    CUT TO:

281   INT. MILTON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  281

      (EFX) Kevin in SUPER SLOW MOTION as he falls the final
      few inches to the floor and at the moment of impact we
      hear the sound of THUNDER and we --

                                                    CUT TO:

282   INT. FLORIDA COURTHOUSE - MEN'S ROOM - DAY                       282

      The mirror. And Kevin's face. As THUNDER ECHOES AWAY
      and becomes nothing more than a FLUSHING URINAL.

      We're back in Florida. Where we started. Kevin touches
      his face. His body. His head. He's alive. He touches
      the mirror. He's insane. He's here. It's now.    WATER
      RUNNING in the sink.



282   CONTINUED:                                                         282

                                 REPORTER (O.S.)
                          (behind him)
                   It was a nice run. Kev. Had to
                   close out someday. Nobody wins
                   'em all.

      The Reporter exits.    Kevin alone with the mirror and his

      And then it's over. He's made his decision. Replacing
      his wedding ring. Reaching for his jacket, as we --

                                                        CUT TO:

283   INT. FLORIDA COURTHOUSE - HALLWAY - DAY                            283

      Kevin walking through. His game face.     A court officer
      opening the doors and --

                                                        CUT TO:

284   INT. FLORIDA COURTROOM - DAY                                       284

      Kevin entering. Standing there a moment. Searching for
      Heath in the back of the courtroom. He's not there. A
      single empty seat.

      Kevin moving quickly down the aisle.

      Mary Ann standing there, completely unprepared as Kevin
      comes in behind her. Embracing her. Holding her tightly
      to him with a fervor that we alone will understand.

                                 MARY ANN
                   Honey, what are you doing?
                   Are you okay?

      Kevin nods. Smiles. Backs away. Into his seat.        Gettys
      there beside him. Kevin will not look at him.

                   All rise for the honorable Justice
                   Garson Deeds.

      The Judge enters.    Takes his seat.

                          (to Barbara)
                   You're still under oath, young



284   CONTINUED:                                                        284

                                 JUDGE (CONT'D)
                          (to Kevin)
                   Your witness, Mr. Lomax.

                   Your Honor, I'm terribly sorry,
                   but I can no longer represent my
                   client. I need to be replaced as

      Another silence. But this one isn't very long. There
      will be chaos in the courtroom. Gettys will freak out
      and the press will start running for the phones and the
      Judge will be banging that gavel, as we --

                                                       CUT TO:

285   INT. FLORIDA COURTHOUSE - HALLWAY - DAY                           285

      As the doors open and the chaos begins to spill into the
      hallway. Kevin trying to rush away with Mary Ann but
      right behind them --

                   Kevin! -- Hey!
                          (catching up)
                   Listen, this story -- this is the
                   one, pal -- this is the one you
                   dream about --

                   There is no story.

                   Bullshit. A lawyer with a crisis
                   of conscience? You gotta be
                   kidding. It's huge!

                   They're gonna disbar me, Larry.
                   You can cover that.

                                 MARY ANN
                   Can they do that?

                   Not when I get through with the
                          (still walking)
                   You gotta talk, Kevin. You gotta
                   gimme an exclusive.



285   CONTINUED:                                                          285

                                  REPORTER   (CONT'D)
                   This is wire service.     This is
                   'Sixty Minutes'. This     is a story
                   that needs to be told.     It's you!
                   You're a star!

                   Call me tomorrow.

                   You got it.   First thing.

      Kevin nods.    Holding Mary Ann's hand as they escape.

286   INT. FLORIDA COURTHOUSE - HALLWAY - DAY                             286

      The Reporter watching them go for a moment.         Then turning

287   INT. FLORIDA COURTHOUSE - HALLWAY - DAY                             287

      (EFX) And as he does, his features change, transforming - - like
      that -- into Milton.

288   INT. FLORIDA COURTHOUSE - HALLWAY - DAY                             288

      It's Milton.

      Always there.

      And he smiles.    And we FREEZE FRAME.

                                                           FADE OUT.

                                   THE END

Devil's Advocate

Writers :   Andrew Neiderman  Jonathan Lemkin
Genres :   Drama  Horror  Thriller

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