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               ESCAPE FROM L.A.
               Screenplay by John Carpenter
               A pounding, metallic beat begins. Twists of sound in a tightrope
               rhythm. The snap of a military snare drum.
               SUPERIMPOSE: "1998"
               FEMALE NARRATOR
               Forces hostile to the United States grow
               strong in the late 20th Century.
               Graffiti-smeared walls. Fires raging. Automatic weapons fire.
               Shadowy figures dash through the southern California night.
               FEMALE NARRATOR
               A great moral crisis grips the nation as
               social revolution and a breakdown of the
               criminal justice system threaten society.
               A LINE OF POLICEMEN - NIGHT
               They stand like sentinels. Black uniforms. Battle helmets.
               Gleaming military assault weapons. Bullet-proof shields with large
               emblems: the American eagle against a red background, and in bold
               letters underneath, "THE UNITED STATES POLICE FORCE".
               FEMALE NARRATOR
               To protect and defend its citizens, the
               United States Police Force is formed.
               Of Los Angeles, on the coast of southern California.
               SUPERIMPOSE: "1999"
               FEMALE NARRATOR
               The population of Los Angeles grows to 40
               million. The city is ravaged by crime and
               immorality. A Presidential candidate
               predicts a millennium earthquake will
               destroy the city in divine retribution.
               The map of L.A. now glows a dark red.

               A hot summer's day. Heat ripples distorts the towering shadowing
               buildings in the dense smog.
               FEMALE NARRATOR
               An earthquake measuring 9.6 on the Richter
               scale hits at 12:59 p.m., August 23rd, in
               the year 2000.
               Suddenly we are hit by the loudest, booming, rolling concussion
               you have ever heard. The buildings begin to shake, swaying wildly.
               The Bonaventure Hotel implodes, collapses inward in the thudding,
               slamming freight train of an earthquake. The 4-level Interchange
               as the Santa Monica Freeway shatters, crumbles, pulling exit
               ramps, cars, trees, and nearby buildings with it.
               Buildings shaking. Streets buckling. Cars rolling, crashing.
               People running. Gas mains exploding. Buildings convulsing and
               dropping like tinder against an inferno.
               THE SANTA MONICA PIER
               As the tsunami sweeps in from the ocean, smacking into the
               shoreline like the hammer of God, plunging us into darkness.
               FEMALE NARRATOR
               After the devastation, the constitution is
               damned, and the newly elected President
               accepts a lifetime term of office.
               HOLOGRAPHIC MAP
               Of the United States. A line tracks along the Mexican border, like
               the Berlin Wall.
               FEMALE NARRATOR
               Fearing a massive terrorist invasion from
               South America, the United States prepares
               for war. The Great Wall is built along the
               southern border, cutting off the flow of
               illegal aliens.
               The ruins of L.A. Rubble, smoke, a lethal wasteland. An army of
               terrifying figures climbs atop a mountain of debris. They raise
               their weapons into the night sky.
               FEMALE NARRATOR
               Street gangs, South American terrorists
               and the criminally insane capture Los
               Angeles, the once-great City of Angels.
               An unrecognizable L.A. After the big one. Surrounded by water,
               L.A. is now an island off the new western shore, tilting on the
               edge of the continental plate.
               FEMALE NARRATOR
               Now an island on the border of
               civilization, L.A. is a no-man's land of
               chaos, anarchy and darkness.
               A red line tracks along the mountainous areas surrounding the
               island, defining the perimeter of the armed fortress. Police
               firebases and gun emplacements are indicated in the San Gabriel
               FEMALE NARRATOR
               The United States Police Force, like an
               army, is encamped in the San Gabriel
               ZOOM INTO L.A.
               From the glowing, outlined canyons come the cries of rage of a
               million lost souls.
               FEMALE NARRATOR
               The President's first act as Permanent
               Commander-in-Chief is Directive 17:
               protect and defend the United States from
               this island of the damned, Hell on Earth.
               BLACK SCREEN
               SUPERIMPOSE: "2013 - NOW"

               EXT. DARK OCEAN - NIGHT
               TRAVELING SHOT low, across the top of the water's surface. Climb
               up the side of a massive, rusted supertanker, abandoned, years
               ago. Break over the railing to reveal a gigantic neon sign which
               screams "NEW LAS VEGAS." The supertanker has been transformed into
               a floating resort.
               The camera increases speed, moves past huge billboards displaying
               gigantic glitzy ads:
               "NUCLEAR NIGHTS IN HAVANA" - an extravaganza with fabulous
               showgirls and laser recreations of Fidel's final night.
               "MUSEUM OF NIGHT CLUB ARTS" - a virtual reality tour featuring
               legendary Vegas entertainers.
               "FREE ENTERPRISE WORLD" - a virtual Disneyland for the whole
               Now camera flies low through glittering streets and back alleyways
               filled with gamblers, neon and glitz.

               EXT. ALLEY - NEW LAS VEGAS, 2013 - NIGHT
               An alley strangled with tourists, gamblers, hookers, hustlers, and
               con men - professional expatriates from the West mingling with
               excited visitors from all over the world.
               HOURS G.M.T. "
               A Salesman with a chin-mike speaks non-stop, unintelligible
               Chinese. A frenzied crowd gathers around him, waving money,
               placing bets.
               Two men sit at either end of a long table. They are in deep
               shadows, facing each other. We only get glimpses of them: One fat.
               Mirrored sunglasses. Chinese. His fingers tap on the table. A
               cockroach scurries past. Ammo belts. A sheathed combat knife the
               size of your arm. .45 automatics in holsters.
               The other, dressed in black. An eye-patch. Dangerous. A flash of
               two six-guns in holsters. A futuristic gunfighter. The cockroach
               dashes past his fingers. WHAP! He squashes it.
               The crowd goes nuts, placing bets, yelling and screaming in a
               dozen languages.
               The salesman places three different shaped, clear shot glasses in
               front of the two men. Then he leans over to...
               A VAT OF POISONOUS SNAKES. He reaches in, grabs a cobra, pulls it
               out. The cobra hisses and squirms. Deftly, the salesman continues
               to talk non-stop into his chin-mike as he milks the cobra venom
               into the first glass.
               He pulls out an ice-pick, jabs it into the snake's throat, and
               bleeds a thick green-white liquid into the second glass. Finally,
               he slits open the cobra with a large knife, and cuts out the heart
               and liver. Tossing aside the dead snake, the salesman squeezes the
               heart and liver with his fingers. The juice drips into the third
               Now the salesman stirs the glasses. The poison is clear. The blood
               is milky-green. The heart and liver are red. He places the glasses
               on the table between the two men.
               The two men stare at each other, motionless. The crowd continues
               placing bets at a fevered pitch. A titanium white tube floats
               above the center of the table. A laser beam of light shines from
               one end.
               The salesman leans over and flicks on side with his finger,
               sending the tube spinning on its axis like a bottle, the light
               circling the room before stopping on the fat man's forehead.
               The fat man reaches slowly toward the glasses. His hand shakes
               slightly. He hesitates. Finally he takes the glass with the red
               liquid (the heart and liver), lifts it to his lips, pauses, then
               gulps it down.
               The crowd explodes. More bets.
               The salesman leans over and spins the light tube again, this time
               it lands on something black, an eye-patch. Pull back to reveal a
               man with an eye-patch.
               The man with the eye-patch reaches forward, his hand paused
               between the remaining two glasses. He takes the one filled with
               milky-green blood and downs it fast. The crowd roars.
               One glass left. The two men stare at it intently.
               The salesman spins the light tube with more force than before. It
               circles again and again, slowing down, speeding up, finally
               stopping on the fat man.
               The salesman begins yelling over the din of the crowd, shouting at
               the fat man. The fat man reaches for the glass of clear poison.
               His trembling fingers hover above it. Then he quickly withdraws
               his hand.
               The crowd reacts, boos, as...
               The man with the eye-patch smiles. A slightly, cynical smile. And
               without hesitation, he reaches out, grabs the glass of poison, and
               drinks it down. The crowd surges forward, but the salesman stops
               them with a sweep of his arm. All bets are off.
               The two men stand from the table. Take several steps away toward
               the end of the alley. Stand facing each other. Two gunfighters.
               Flashes of the two men. A piece of a black military boot. A hand
               positioned over a six-shooter. Mirrored sunglasses. A sweaty,
               trembling lip. And the eye-patched man's one good eye, blue and
               clear, staring - hard and calm as a sunny day...
               The draw. It happens in an instant. The alley thunders with
               gunfire. The guns buck and flash. Then silence. The two men stand
               there for a beat, until one of them, the fat man, slumps, falls
               face first into the alley, dead.
               The crowd goes completely ape shit as SNAKE PLISSKEN emerges from
               the shadows of the alley, holsters his guns, grabs his take of the
               SNAKE PLISSKEN. Long hair. A black eye-patch. A tight-lipped
               grimace. The impression of coiled aggression and intense cynicism.
               The toughest, most dangerous man on planet earth. A legend.
               PLISSKEN strolls out of the alley into the crowd. He counts his
               money, pockets it, as a cigarette girl approaches him. PLISSKEN
               stops her, pays for a pack of cigs. As she eyes him...
               ... the cigarette girl touches him, pricks his skin with her
               fingernail. A drop of blood appears.
               PLISSKEN turns, stares after her, as the sound of helicopters
               rises from above in the night sky. The crowd suddenly starts to
               Helicopter searchlights blast down on the street. PLISSKEN is
               suddenly caught in the glare. He starts to move away...
               Out of the blackness above a huge steel net drops out of nowhere.
               The net slams down on top of PLISSKEN, trapping him, driving him
               down to the pavement with its weight... PLISSKEN struggles inside
               the net as black figures - United States Police Force Officers -
               rush toward him, grab the net, tightening it. More cops move for
               him as we SLOWLY FADE TO BLACK...
               SUPERIMPOSE: "L.A. FRIDAY 1900 HOURS"

               Searchlights sweep down across a column of policemen marching past
               a concrete wall. Camera begins to crane up the wall. Sound of
               roaring turbines. The howl of the Santa Ana wind.
               Camera reaches the top of the wall. Armed police troops stand on
               the battlements. Across what looks like an ocean is L.A. The view
               is from the Newhall Pass.
               Hidden by the Santa Monica Mountains, L.A. glows in the distance
               with a hundred fires. Smoke surges from the jagged horizon. Above,
               the sky is an angry orange.
               Res sensor lights glow in evenly spaced intervals. Searchlights
               sweep into the darkness. Cannons are in place every 200 feet,
               manned by police guards.

               EXT. SAN FERNANDO SEA - NIGHT
               Water stretches into blackness. This was once the San Fernando
               Valley, but now it's all underwater. Pieces of debris - tops of
               buildings, the tail of an airplane, a radio tower - stick up above
               the surface. We can make out the letters of an old, half-sunken
               sign: "SAN FERNANDO VALLEY MALL"

               EXT. THE WALL - NIGHT
               The wall stretches to the northwest up to the Santa Susanna Pass.
               Portions of the 118 Freeway arch up out of the water.

               Firebase Seven is a fortified base camp in the San Gabriel
               Mountains. It is a sprawling police complex with low concrete
               bunkers, gun emplacements, satellite communications, vehicles,
               troops, the works. ON A LARGE ASPHALT FIELD, opposite the main
               complex is Rotor City - row after row of black, multi-bladed,
               totally evil police battle helicopters parked like giant bugs on
               the ground.
               A throng of policemen gather at the edge of Rotor City yelling and
               cheering, their fists in the air. Cops with camcorders videotape
               the event. A police anchor reports...
               POLICE ANCHOR
               He's been the Force's Most Wanted Man for
               10 years. Convicted of 27 moral crimes. I
               can tell you, the excitement around here
               (a great roaring skyward)
               Here he comes!
               A MASSIVE 7-ROTORED, 40-BLADED HELICOPTER TRANSPORT comes slamming
               down out of the black sky and lands. The growing crowd of cheering
               cops goes nuts like fans at a football game. They slap hands,
               dance wildly.

               A mammoth room filled with high-tech instrumentation. A glowing
               holographic map of L.A. fills one wall. Most of the control
               personnel have left their work stations and gather around TV sets
               all showing the Police Channel: a view of the helicopter transport
               sitting on the asphalt and the cheering crowds at the edge of
               Rotor City.
               A tall, steel-faced officer sits at his desk. This is Firebase
               Commander MAC "BIG DOG" MALLOY. Hard, battle weary features.
               BRAZEN, a section Lieutenant, comes up.
               Commander Malloy. They're bringing him
               out, sir.
               Malloy rises from his chair, steps to a nearby TV set, watches the
               scene from the Police Channel.
               So we finally got him.

               EXT. ROTOR CITY - NIGHT
               The crowd of cops is growing to a frenzy of wild anticipation.
               POLICE ANCHOR
               Hold one! The door is opening!
               The door of the helicopter transport slowly lowers like a
               drawbridge. Out of its black belly comes...
               SNAKE PLISSKEN. A steel collar is clamped around his neck. Eight
               lengths of chain stretch to eight armed guards who escort Plissken
               down the ramp. Plissken is bruised, badly beaten and tortured, his
               face a mess, but he doesn't seem to care. A line of battle-ready
               cops stand with their guns aimed right at Plissken's head as he is
               marched into camp. An army of camcorders move ahead of the Police
               Anchor as he scampers along in front of PLISSKEN, interviewing
               POLICE ANCHOR
               Hello, Plissken. Welcome to L.A.
               Celebrating cops cheer as Plissken is lead to...
               The bunker has one large opening, into which hundreds of deportees
               march. Guards in towers monitor the condemned as they trudge out
               of fenced-in containment areas, down walled corridors to the
               bunker entrance.
               The deportees are minorities, the poor, prostitutes, pimps,
               thieves, adulterers, atheists - the Morally Guilty, outcasts of
               society. Single mothers carry babies. Teenage runaways huddle
               together. There are abortion doctors, drug dealers, pornographers,
               the prisoners of a massive cultural war.
               As Plissken is marched toward the entrance, a loudspeaker blares
               POLICE VOICE (V.O.)
               You are now entering the Deportation
               Center. You have been found guilty of
               moral crimes against the United States of
               A great cheer goes up from the cops as the Police Anchor conducts
               his interview...
               POLICE ANCHOR
               S.D. Bob Plissken. Special Forces, Black
               Light, Texas Thunder. Two Purple Hearts.
               Youngest man ever decorated by the
               Plissken's face remains so impassive as to be almost blank.

               A glowing, vaporous-orange corridor. More cops gather to watch
               Plissken as he is escorted into the bowels of the Deportation
               POLICE ANCHOR
               You've been convicted of 27 moral crimes,
               Plissken. The murder of an Internal
               Revenue agent. The kidnapping of a bank
               president. Gun fighting for profit. The
               list goes on and on...

               Deeper into the Deportation Center. Camera tracks along the
               deportees, some bleeding, some wrapped in rags. Plissken, the
               Police Anchor, camcorders and the armed escort move through the
               dark, low concrete passageway.
               POLICE ANCHOR
               You used to respect the law. Served your
               country like no man before you. Role model
               to a generation.
               The Police Anchor leans in as close as he dares to Plissken's
               POLICE ANCHOR
               What happened to you, war hero? You were
               the best we had.
               Steel walls. Deeper into the Deportation Center. The deportees
               here are in worse shape. Some appear to be dead. Plissken and his
               entourage continue along, as the speaker echoes a pre-recorded
               POLICE VOICE (V.O.)
               You are sentenced to permanent expulsion
               beyond the borders of the U.S. You now
               have the option to repent of your sins and
               be electrocuted on the premises. If you
               elect this option, notify the Cleric
               Sergeant in your Processing Area.
               Plissken and his entourage pass deportees kneeling and praying in
               front of cloaked cleric cops, government holy men. Beyond, through
               opened doorways, see Death Row deportees being strapped into
               futuristic electric chairs.
               POLICE ANCHOR
               The whole world's watching. Every good and
               decent person who works and hard and
               follows the rules. What would say to them?
               Plissken's expression is blank.
               POLICE ANCHOR
               What would you say to all of us who
               believed in you, who looked up to you, who
               thought you stood for right over wrong,
               good over evil? Be my guest. What do you
               have to say, Plissken?
               Call me Snake.
               The guards move Plissken through a doorway, and the huge steel
               doors slam shut on the Police Anchor and the camcorders.

               Malloy, Brazen, and a 3rd man, tall, charismatic, grim, move
               urgently along a corridor.
               ComStat did a psychosearch on him. Used a
               database of 5 million sociopathic
               personalities. He hit the bottom of the
               Perfect for the mission. Nobody else can
               pull it off - not an army, not a man.
               Zero emotional developments. Total lack of
               compassion. A highly developed
               psychopathic instinct to survive.
               3RD MAN
               Let's get this over with.

               INT. CONCRETE CELL - NIGHT
               The cell door slams shut. Plissken turns around. Writ and leg
               irons. He looks around.
               In the concrete cell he sees a simple table with an overhead light
               above it. A watch lies on the table. Plissken shuffles over, picks
               up the watch, examines it.
               The cell door opens. Malloy, Brazen, and the 3rd Man enter the
               room unarmed. The door closes.
               Malloy and Brazen move forward, to the edge of the light. The 3rd
               Man stays back in the shadows by the door.
               How you doin' Plissken?
               (no reply)
               You like the watch?
               You assholes didn't bring me here to give
               me this for 20 years of dedicated service.
               What'ya want?
               Malloy looks back to the 3rd Man in the shadows...
               3RD MAN
               Get to it.
               Malloy raises a control unit, pushes the button. The lights go
               down and a computer-enhanced image appears on the wall...

               From the point of view of a surveillance camera. The lab is huge.
               Banks of processors, disk drives, test bays, prototype assembly
               areas. High tech. A group of government officials is being given a
               tour. Utopia, 17, the President's daughter is among them. Pretty,
               virginal, she wears a "True Love Waits" button on her flowered
               At 1030 hours Wednesday, a group of
               government officials began a tour of the
               Livermore Defense Lab. The President's
               daughter, Utopia, was among them.
               Plissken continues to watch the image on the wall...
               An hour later, she boarded Air Force 3 to
               The 3rd Man reacts as the image in front of Plissken changes...

               INT. MAIN CABIN OF 747 - CAMCORDER
               From the point of view of a camcorder. Utopia stands inside the
               main cabin of a plush, government 747. In one hand she holds a
               black anodized box the size of a transistor radio with a button on
               top. In the other, a machine gun.
               (to the camcorder)
               To the American people - it is time to
               rise up and demand the surrender of the
               President and his corrupt theocracy of
               lies and terror.
               At 1140 hours, she hijacked the plane. We
               scanned the videotape on VR. Check it out.
               Inside the surveillance room the President stares grimly as Malloy
               presses a button. Suddenly the image in front of Plissken spreads
               out all around him. He is in a virtual reality re-creation.

               Plissken stands manacled in the main cabin. A group of secret
               service men and congressmen watch as a flight attendance operates
               a camcorder. He's videotaping Utopia as she rants into the camera.
               She's pent up with such anxiety she's like a panther in a cage.
               Today is Day One of a brand new world. The
               days of the empire are finished.
               To the President - my father, you know
               what this is.
               She holds up the anodized box with the red button and thrusts it
               at the camcorder.
               You know what it will do. Unless you
               abdicate your throne by tomorrow night, I
               will use it - on you.
               Utopia, please. Give us the prototype. If
               something should happen -
               It will be in my hands - and the hands of
               my lover.
               She says "lover" with all the drama a 17-year-old virgin can
               muster. The others are shocked.
               Yes, my lover. My man. The only real man
               I've ever known. I'm on my way to his
               She moves to the rear of the main cabin, bends down, opens a small
               hatch in the floor, scrambles down...
               WHAM! The VR image suddenly disappears and Plissken is again
               standing inside the concrete cell. Malloy and Brazen stand in
               front of him.
               Somehow during the tour, she came into
               possession of a prototype transmitting
               device. We don't know how.
               Utopia became depressed after her mother's
               suicide, began to withdraw into her
               virtual reality simulator. She'd punch up
               her own little world in cyberspace and
               stay in it for days at a time.
               (hits a button)
               Somebody else was in there with her.
               AN IMAGE APPEARS
               In front of Plissken: A computer-rendered VR picture of clouds and
               sunshine, green grass and happy animals frolicking. A Garden of
               Eden. There, coming toward us, is CUERVO JONES. South American
               terrorist. Fiercest warrior of the Third World. He wears a
               gleaming ancient Aztec battle helmet. Bandoliers strapped around
               Cuervo Jones. Shining Path. Peruvian
               terrorist. Runs the biggest baddest gang
               in L.A.
               Cuervo Jones takes off the helmet He is blindingly handsome,
               charismatic. He smiles, reaches out his arms to camera as if to
               embrace it. The image suddenly pops back to the beginning - it's
               on a loop. The image disappears.
               The lights in the cell come up.
               Utopia made tapes of her VR experiences,
               then tried to erase them. She missed this
               fragment on the end of her last tape.
               Cuervo Jones must have tapped into the VR
               master data bank - and then went prowling
               around for innocent blood, someone
               vulnerable to corrupt. Utopia was lonely,
               looking for something to believe in.
               Sad story. You got a cigarette?
               Shut up, Plissken.
               What's the little black box do?
               Top secret. Only on a need to know.
               And I don't need to know. So fuck you, I'm
               goin' to Hollywood.
               That's right, big shot. Unless you do what
               we want you're not coming back.
               So what's the deal, huh? Go into L.A.,
               find the President's daughter, secure the
               box, and bring 'em both out - and I'm
               That's the deal.
               Tell the President to adopt. I think I'll
               like L.A.
               After a couple of beats, the 3rd Man appears next to Malloy and
               Brazen. He stares at Plissken for a moment, holds up some papers.
               3RD MAN
               If you bring out the prototype, you'll
               receive a full pardon for every immoral
               act you have ever committed in the United
               States. Just like in '97. Remember New
               York, Plissken?
               (looks at him)
               Who are you?
               It's the President, for Christ's sake!
               I give you my word. Put the prototype into
               my hands, and you're a free man.
               I can see you're real concerned about your
               Utopia is lost to me. My daughter is gone.
               Well, I'll think it over.
               You're running out of time.
               I've been doin' that all my life. Might as
               well do it in L.A. Everybody else there
               Well, enjoy it, war hero, cause you got 10
               hours to live.
               Malloy, Brazen, and the President turn to leave...
               Wait a minute, what are you talkin' about?
               Having second thoughts?
               Maybe. But you're not putting any shit in
               me this time.
               You don't understand. It's already in you.
               PLISSKEN'S FACE
               As an image of the cigarette girl in New Las Vegas flashes
               suddenly. Her fingernail scratches his arm. He tightens.
               The cigarette girl in New Vegas was an
               undercover cop. She injected you with
               incentive toxin. Right now it's swimming
               in your bloodstream. It'll start to take
               effect in 9 hours.
               It's a strain of the Plutoxin 7 virus.
               Genetically engineered. 100% pure death.
               Complete nervous system shutdown. You
               crash and bleed out like a stuck pig. Not
               a pretty sight.
               Plissken takes a step toward him. Malloy holds up a large
               Of course there's an anti-toxin.
               Neutralizes the virus immediately upon
               We'll give it to you, but you have to do
               us this little favor.
               TWO BEATS...
               ...and then Plissken attacks the President, hurls himself across
               the room, throwing the chain around the President's neck...
               Plissken passes right through the President, causing his image to
               waver slightly, then falls on his ass.
               Didn't think we were that stupid, did you?

               The real Malloy, Brazen, and President stand in front of a laser
               camera in a small room offering a view of the cell through a
               transparent portion of the wall.
               We're holographs.
               INSIDE THE CELL
               Plissken stares at the three images in front of him, then at the
               camera lens on the wall...
               Get this crap out of me.
               I guess we have a deal. Nice to be working
               with you, Plissken.
               Call me Snake.

               Plissken checks through various tactical survival items and
               weapons laid out on a table. Brazen watches as Malloy show shim a
               high tech submachine gun.
               Very sweet little weapon. Core burner.
               Magnesium ammo. 500 extra rounds.
               (moves on)
               Two 9mm handguns.
               (holds up a silver pill)
               Oral projectile. Mouth dart. Hold it in
               your mouth for ten seconds, the coating
               dissolves, it becomes a weapon.
               Malloy breaks open the silver pill. Inside is s small, lethal
               looking dart.
               Urolite. It'll stun the enemy for several
               Plissken picks up a small, computerized compass.
               Tracer. Utopia has a kidnap chip implanted
               in her arm. You can locate her with this.
               Brazen hands Plissken a large black clip.
               This clips right onto your 9mm. Ammo
               enhancers. Like miniaturized grenades.
               Blows through anything.
               Plissken snaps the clip onto his pistol, then unsnaps it.

               EXT. POLICE COMPLEX - NIGHT
               Plissken suits up. Submachine gun, handguns, six-guns. He, Brazen
               and Malloy walk quickly across the complex.
               L.A. is in a constant state of warfare.
               Gangs fighting for the right to rule.
               Heavy Third World connections. They get
               weapons, drugs, fuel, choppers -
               everything is pumped into the island from
               the south.
               Some areas have power - they're on line to
               San Onofre.

               EXT. ROTOR CITY - NIGHT
               As Brazen's command helicopter takes off...

               Plissken stares at a photo of the anodized prototype.
               I'll need to know more about this thing.
               Only a handful of people are aware of its
               existence. Let's just say it's the
               ultimate defensive weapon.
               Defense against what?
               There's a war about to be declared, or
               didn't you know?
               Plissken shrugs.
               Third World wants to live like we do - and
               they plan on taking what they want. The
               Cubans and Brazilians are ready to invade
               Miami. If the Africans and Colombians make
               a run at the border, we got a full scale
               attack on the United States.
               So what does this thing do?
               All you need to know is get it back here
               by 5 a.m.

               EXT. WALL - ACCESS TUNNEL - NIGHT
               The Command helicopter lands near a large access tunnel inside the
               containment wall.

               INT. ACCESS TUNNEL - NIGHT
               Plissken, Brazen and Malloy walk through the dark, dank tunnel.
               Armed guards stand at the ready. A hatch in the tunnel floor
               stands open. A ladder disappears down into the darkness.
               (points to the open hatch)
               You're going over by submarine. One-man
               submersible. Nuclear powered.
               Plissken arranges his gear, climbs into the hatch opening.
               Where do I put ashore?
               Cahuenga Pass. Make your way up through
               the mountains toward the Hollywood Bowl.
               You should be able to pick up Utopia's
               tracer there.
               Once you go inside, you're on your own.
               You know what you have to do with the
               girl, don't you?
               We have to spare this nation her trial -
               for treason.
               So you want me to take her out?
               (Malloy nods)
               Is that an order from the President?
               Let's just say it's what's best for the
               By the way - who gives me the anti-toxin?
               A medical team will be standing by.
               Not you?
               KABLAMM! He fires, ripping hellish blasts at Malloy. There's no
               damage. Malloy laughs.
               Thought you might try that. First clip is
               filled with blanks. Goodbye, Plissken.
               Malloy kicks the hatch and it slams down on top of Plissken.
               Brazen pushes a control button, sealing it shut.

               INT. SUBMARINE BAY - NIGHT
               Plissken climbs down the ladder into a small submarine bay. Below
               him on a launching rig is a sleek, black one-man submarine shaped
               like a dart. The submarine's hatch is open. Plissken climbs

               INT. SUBMARINE - NIGHT
               Plissken seals the hatch behind him. He has to lie flat on his
               stomach to operate the sub. He quickly hits various switches and
               buttons, powering up the cockpit.

               Malloy and Brazen move to a surveillance-command post.
               PLISSKEN (V.O. RADIO)
               Com check.
               Malloy picks up the microphone.
               I'm here, Plissken.

               INT. SUBMARINE - NIGHT
               Plissken looks at the wrist watch. It ticks down ominously. Eight
               hours and counting down...
               MALLOY (V.O.)
               Stand by for launch. Ignitor.
               (Plissken pushes a button)
               Fuel rod injection.
               Plissken pulls a lever, watches his dials. A deep humming sound
               grows louder inside the sub.
               She's in the green.
               MALLOY (V.O.)
               Lock fuel rods.
               (hits a switch)
               MALLOY (V.O.)
               Nuclear turbine to 75% power.
               Plissken turns a throttle-like control with his left hand.

               INT. SUBMARINE BAY - NIGHT
               Out of the rear tubes of Plissken's sub comes a roaring blue glow.

               INT. SUBMARINE
               75% power.
               MALLOY (V.O.)
               Hands on switches and counting.
               5...4...3...2...1. Launch.

               INT. SUBMARINE BAY
               The rear tubes roar. Suddenly the sub is shot forward through a
               long, circular tunnel.

               INT. SUBMARINE
               Plissken braces himself as the cabin lurches, vibrates with the

               A door in the wall opens, revealing the circulator tunnel. In a
               roaring explosion, the sub rockets out of the tunnel, shot from
               the wall like a cannonball. The submarine is airborne for several
               seconds, then drops down, and slams into the San Fernando Sea.

               INT. SUBMARINE
               Plissken is rocked with the impact. He guides the sub with hand
               controls. In front of him on a screen is a schematic diagram of
               the underwater landscape of the San Fernando Valley.

               EXT. UNDERWATER - 405 FREEWAY - NIGHT
               In the underwater darkness, see the broken remains of the 405
               Freeway, as the subs creams past, its nuclear wake churning in the

               Malloy, Brazen and other cops follow Plissken's course on a
               gigantic computer screen.
               Plissken, watch your speed. Lots of
               obstructions down there.

               As the sub rockets past the ruins of the Van Nuys City Hall,
               barely missing it.

               INT. SUBMARINE
               MALLOY (V.O.)
               Plissken ignores him, carefully maneuvering the sub with his
               MALLOY (V.O.)
               Plissken... do you copy?

               Camera follows the sub as it streaks along just above the
               submerged ruins of the Ventura Freeway. See the ghostly shapes of
               cars, trucks, busses below, smashed and overturned.

               They watch the sub, a red blip on the screen, move along the

               INT. SUBMARINE
               Plissken twists his hand throttle, pouring on the power to 90%.

               The sub rips through the water, faster and faster, goes into a
               hard bank to the right as the Ventura Freeway turns into the
               Hollywood. A sign at the edge of the Hollywood Freeway reads:
               "SPEED LIMIT 55". The sub screams past.

               Brazen points to a readout showing the submarine's engine status.
               His reactor's starting to overheat.
               Plissken, slow down the sub. You're
               overloading the power plant.

               INT. SUBMARINE
               Plissken glances at the gauge. His nuclear turbine readout: green,
               moving to yellow, into red. He pushes it up to 102%.
               MALLOY (V.O.)
               Plissken's eye turns back to the computer map in front of him. One
               the screen: the red blip representing the sub is headed right
               toward a building. Plissken pulls hard on the controls.

               The sub smacks into the side of the Black Tower, powers through
               it, blasts out the other side through a window, tilting and
               wobbling. The sub rights itself momentarily but is slammed
               downward out of frame by a huge, dark, slimy object.
               KING KONG looms overhead - his fist rising and falling with the
               currents. Plissken has maneuvered himself into the wreckage of the
               Universal Studios Tour.
               The sub zips through the King Kong ride into Back To The Future,
               passing 1950's signage from that film, dodging a rusting Delorean.
               It slams into the open mouth of JAWS, shattering the model into a
               million pieces.
               The sub continues on, bouncing through the narrow openings of the
               Earthquake Ride - broken pipes, cracked sidewalks, split walls -
               hard to tell what was the ride and what was The Big One.

               INT. SUBMARINE
               Plissken hangs on, as small jets of water spray into the cockpit
               through tiny cracks in the hull.

               The sub suddenly tips upward, rising for the surface.

               The sub explodes out of the water, lands belly first on a hillside
               with a hard thump.

               INT. SUBMARINE
               Plissken presses the hatch controls. The sub begins to slide
               backwards down toward the water.

               INT. SUBMARINE
               Plissken struggles, then rips open the hatch, scrambles out. The
               sub slowly slips backwards, down into the water. As the rear
               exhaust tubes hit the surface, a blast of steam. Plissken leaps
               out of the hatch. The sub sinks faster and faster. He scampers up
               the side, leaps for ground... and lands on the hillside, as the
               sub sinks into the sea, bubbling, churning, hissing.
               A bleeping sound. He takes out his pocket walkie, raises the
               MALLOY (V.O.)
               I'm here.
               MALLOY (V.O.)
               Where's the submarine? It's disappeared
               off our screens.
               It's history. I gotta go.
               Plissken clicks off the walkie, pockets it, turns to climb up the
               hillside when...
               WHAM! Standing above him is a dark figure. Hooded. Carrying
               something huge and rounded at the ends.
               Plissken raises his submachine gun...
               ... as PIPELINE steps closer. He's a surfer in a black wetsuit.
               Carries a surfboard. A rifle is slung across his shoulder.
               Pipeline's face is raw, burned - too many hours surfing in the UV.
               Too bad about your boat, man.
               (Plissken doesn't move)
               Supposed to be some swells out here
               tonight. Big ones.
               You like to surf?
               Realizing Pipeline is no danger, Plissken moves past him up the
               You look kinda familiar.
               You hang out around here much?
               But Plissken's moved off into the darkness.

               Plissken reaches old Mulholland Drive, now dark and desolate.
               Shells of houses stand nearby, black and empty. It has begun to
               The sound of gunfire. Plissken ducks behind a tree...
               Two old cars come zooming up Mulholland, side by side. Windows
               down. Guns blazing at each other. They pass Plissken, continue
               down Mulholland, ripping each other apart with gunfire. Plissken
               darts across Mulholland, down the mountainside.

               The rain pours down as Plissken makes his way down a steep
               CRACK! A dark figure steps out from behind a tree. Plissken spins,
               submachine gun ready. It's Pipeline.
               Hey, man. I know who you are. You're Snake
               Plissken. Man, I can't believe you're
               really here.
               More gunfire from above on Mulholland...
               Kind of a bad neighborhood, Snake.
               Which way to the Hollywood Bowl?
               Down that way.
               Plissken starts down.
               Be careful. Some real strange dudes
               hangin' out there these days.
               Plissken continues moving, now just a blurry figure in the rain.
               Hey Snake - what're you doin' around here,
               (as Plissken disappears)
               I heard they busted you up real good in

               The rain is coming down in a torrent as Plissken makes his way
               down the hillside. Then, all at once, the rain lets up, then
               stops. The trees drip with moisture. Suddenly, a huge KATHUMP from
               above him. Plissken looks back. A huge mudslide is roaring its way
               down the hill toward him.
               Plissken races down the hill, but the mudslide cascades downward
               like a freight train, catches up with him, sweeps him off his
               feet... and Plissken goes riding down the hill, rumbling and
               sliding in the mud.

               EXT. STAND OF TREES - NIGHT
               The mudslide hits a flat area near a stand of trees, spreads out,
               slows. A completely mud-covered, black Plissken climbs out of the
               goo. He's dripping with it. His one good eye shines in the
               moonlight. He takes a couple steps toward the edge of the treeline
               A VOICE (SPINAL) (V.O.)
               Shut-up, fuck! Stop makin' noise!
               Plissken spins. He's standing right next to SPINAL, the leader of
               the Black Cowboy Gang. Dressed in black, boots with spurs, black
               duster, black cowboy hat, he carries an automatic rifle. He looks
               just like Charles Barkley.
               Plissken looks around, realizes he's in the middle of a small army
               of Black Cowboys, crouched behind the trees, waiting in ambush.
               Covered with mud, Plissken blends right in.
               Take cover, fool.
               Plissken jumps behind a tree, looks down the hillside.
               Below his position is the Hollywood Bowl. A huge cross is on
               stage, and the cross is on fire.
               CLOSER - HOLLYWOOD BOWL
               A group of white hooded men, the K.K.K., stand in front of the
               burning cross holding a ceremony. Next to the cross on stage, a
               hooded K.K.K. string quartet begins playing a Hayden concerto.
               Plissken reacts.
               Let's take him.
               A Black Cowboy raises his M79 grenade launcher, as the others
               quickly race down the hillside. He fires.
               THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL
               A 40mm armor-piercing grenade leaves a blazing fire trail as it
               rockets toward the burning cross and - KABLAMMO! A fireball blows
               pieces of the cross into the air. The K.K.K. spin around...
               A blast of lightning illuminates the Black Cowboys attacking from
               the hills. They open fire. A K.K.K. Grand Dragon is picked off his
               feet, buffeted in mid-air, flesh and robe shredded by gunfire. A
               hail of bullets hits the K.K.K. They return fire, but are
               overwhelmed. They are hit, jerking and twisting. Fire from the
               Black Cowboys is withering, racking the hooded figures like bolts
               of lightning. The Black Cowboys keep advancing, firing, as it
               starts to rain again.
               Through the cloudy wash of dribbling rain water, the firefight
               continues. Four K.K.K. leap out from behind a row of seats and
               jump Plissken, knocking his gun to the ground. In a blinding
               flash, using hands, feet, and head, Plissken sends them flying. As
               he reaches down to pick up his submachine gun, he sees that the
               rain is washing the mud off his body...
               AND SO DOES SPINAL, who stands nearby, watching as Plissken is
               washed clean by the rain. Spinal raises his weapon, then stops.
               Hey. I know you. Snake Plissken.
               Plissken slowly stands, his submachine gun in his hand. Behind
               them, the firefight is almost over. The K.K.K. scatter into the
               Hey, what's going down, Snake?
               I'm looking for somebody.
               Who ain't?
               Plissken pulls out his tracer. It is blipping red, just south of
               the Bowl.
               Say, is it true what they say about
               Cleveland, man?
               Plissken doesn't answer. He moves on through the rain...
               Later, Snake. Thanks for the help. You can
               always shift down and mojo with us

               EXT. VINE AVENUE - NIGHT
               The ruins of the Capital Records building. The rain has stopped
               again. Plissken is a lone figure walking along the street. In the
               distance, the sound of thumping music.

               Pandemonium! Music blares. It's the old Supremes hit, "Love is
               Like An Itchin' In My Heart." Crowds dance in the street. It's
               like a block party. Black, Latino and Native American gangs
               celebrate. Plus the usual Hollywood Boulevard street traffic.
               Plissken moves through the carnival. Gorgeous hookers stand under
               the marquee of the ruined Chinese Theater. The marquee now reads:
               One of the hookers struts in front of Plissken.
               CLOSEUP - THE HOOKER
               Opening her mouth, she gives a sensuous puff. A polypropylene
               orifice attached to the inside of her lips expands outward like a
               small, pink balloon. She sucks it back in and puckers, kissing the
               air. Plissken turns, as the sounds of car engines rises.
               ... is a caravan of vehicles. The crowd parts to let them through,
               cheering insanely. Plissken ducks into an alley, watches...
               The caravan passes Plissken's position. Two men on horseback lead
               a convoy of rumbling, fuming old cars, buses, motorcycles - all
               scarred and ripped and jerry-rigged - bumps down the Boulevard.
               Plissken watches from his spot in the alley, as a blonde-haired
               hooker joins him, rubs his arm. She has no polypropylene, at least
               none that we can see.
               BLONDE HOOKER
               It's winnin' time, baby. How about you and
               I do some celebrating?
               What's going on?
               BLONDE HOOKER
               You must be new around here.
               You look familiar. Have I done you before?
               Plissken grabs the hooker.
               What's happening?
               BLONDE HOOKER
               Easy, man, easy. It's Cuervo Jones' gang.
               Mescalito Justice. He's the big boss man
               'round here tonight.
               He's gonna take down the police and make
               'em kiss his fine ass.
               Plissken lets her go, stares...
               HIS POV - A CADILLAC
               ... is perched ten feet off the ground on monster truck wheels.
               Severed doll heads are glued all over the hood, and a large
               glittering disco ball spins atop the roof, catching shards of
               light and flicking them back into the night...
               Behind the disco ball stands the real Cuervo Jones, at least. And
               there next to him is Utopia. She's dressed in black lace underwear
               and bra, garters and stockings. A Playboy fantasy. She holds the
               prototype. Delgado, Cuervo Jones' second-in-command, stands behind
               her. He is huge and evil. Dressed like Pancho Villa.
               Plissken stares as the Cadillac passes. The hooker cheers along
               with the rest of the crowd, and doesn't notice that Plissken's
               moved off...
               Several motorcycles bring up the rear of the caravan. Mescalitos
               ride with their women slung behind them. As the last bike passes,
               Plissken darts out of the alley, yanks the woman off the back of
               the cycle, jumps on.
               ON THE MOTORCYCLE
               The Mescalito biker turns to react...
               WHACK! Plissken takes him out with a head-butt, shoves him off the
               bike, hops up on the seat.
               KAVROOM! Plissken guns the motorcycle and it roars off, around the
               other bikers, toward the head of the caravan. Plissken zooms
               along, makes the turn onto La Brea Avenue with the caravan...

               As the caravan turns west onto Sunset, Plissken blasts around the
               ON PLISSKEN
               Coming right behind him are four Mescalitos on Harleys - chains,
               iron bars, and swords in their hands. Plissken stares up ahead.
               HIS POV - THE CADILLAC
               ... is just a few feet away. Cuervo Jones and Utopia.
               Plissken guns it when suddenly two Mescalitos pull up on either
               side of him. One of them swings a chain. Plissken grabs it with
               one hand, and with his other hand, aims his submachine gun and
               fires! The Mescalito and bike go flying, and Plissken holds on to
               the chain.
               Atop the Cadillac, Cuervo Jones reacts to the sound of gunfire. He
               turns to see...
               As the other Mescalito riding behind him swings a chain. Plissken
               swings his. The two chains snap together, intertwining. Then
               Plissken squeezes his hand-brake. He screeches to a stop. The
               Mescalito keeps going, and is yanked over backward by his own
               chain, off the Harley. Finally the Harley flops over, skids,
               explodes. Plissken guns it again, takes off after the Cadillac.
               Two more Mescalitos pull up on either side of Plissken. They take
               aim at him with their automatic rifles. Plissken pulls a sudden
               wheelie, lifts the front of his bike up into the air, rides on the
               back wheel. The two Mescalitos fire - directly into each other.
               They fall and their bikes go crashing to the pavement.
               Plissken surges the bike forward, coming up on a Mescalito on
               horseback who turns and fires. Plissken ducks and the bullet rips
               through the rear tire. The tire blows and the bike swerves out of
               control. Plissken leaps from the bike and grabs the back of the
               THE HORSE
               Plissken pulls himself up behind the Mescalito and wrestles for
               control of the mount. Plissken grabs the reins and wraps them
               around the Mescalito's neck, squeezing until his eyes burst.
               Plissken slams his arm against the Mescalito, throwing him off the
               saddle, bouncing onto the pavement.
               Plissken gallops ahead, circling a lasso high above his head,
               pounding down on a biker. The lasso takes flight and finds it
               mark, the biker's neck. Plissken pulls the lasso taut, ties the
               end to the saddle horn, rides his mount parallel to the biker.
               THE BIKE
               With one quick yank to the lasso, Plissken pulls the biker off,
               jumps on the bike and smacks the hell out of the horse's rump.
               THE HORSE
               Takes off down the street, dragging the biker by the neck.
               THE CADILLAC
               Speeds up as Plissken moves up to the Mustang five cars behind. He
               swings off the bike and jumps onto the trunk. Plissken climbs up
               to the roof, leaps on the hood, then jumps to the trunk of the car
               in front - leapfrogging, jumping to the next car, the next car...
               Lean out their car windows, firing at him, but Plissken keeps
               moving toward the Cadillac...
               SUDDENLY A HAND
               Reaches out a car window and grabs Plissken's submachine gun.
               Plissken turns to snatch it back -
               WHEN CUERVO JONES
               Leaps from the Cadillac and takes Plissken down to the roof.
               CUERVO JONES
               Snake Plissken.
               They struggle. Cuervo raises his machete. Plissken grabs his
               wrist, flips him over, knocks the machete off into the street,
               smacks Cuervo in the face.
               Comes roaring up on his bike, throws the bolas...
               As the bolas hit him, wrap around his neck, the balls thunking him
               in the face, sending him flying...
               KAWHAP! Plissken hits the pavement hard. He skids, rolls, and at
               last slams into the edge of the sidewalk. The caravan rumbles away
               down Sunset. The hand in the car window still holds Plissken's
               submachine gun.
               Cuervo crouches on the roof, hissing at Plissken.
               CUERVO JONES
               Later, Snake. We finish it later.
               Lies there for several beats, then climbs to his feet.
               HIS POV - THE CARAVAN
               ... disappears up Sunset.
               Stands alone in the deserted street. The ruins of a supermarket,
               cheap motels, liquor stores - all empty, desolate.
               He looks over to see the broken remains of his pocket walkie.
               After a beat, he starts moving up Sunset, checking his two 9mm
               handguns, slipping them into their holsters.

               On the border of Beverly Hills, Sunset stretches off into the
               darkness beyond the intersection. A slight wind blows litter
               aimlessly along. There are occasional sounds: Creaks, distant
               Plissken approaches the intersection. He carries Utopia's compass
               homing device. It is silent. The small screen's blank. Then
               Plissken glances at his wrist watch.
               CLOSE - WRIST WATCH
               Three hours gone.
               Plissken stands for a moment, staring off down Sunset...
               VOICE (V.O.)
               Snake Plissken, right?
               He spins around.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Sits in an old beach chair on the sidewalk, a map to the stars
               sign in front of him. In his late 50's, he's a petty thief, con
               man. He's been hustling tourists and everybody else all his life.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Wow! Snake Plissken!
               Map To The Stars Eddie listens to WAYWARD WIND by Gogi Grant on a
               small, metal-plated portable radio. He clicks off the radio,
               rises, walks over to Plissken.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               You're a star in your own right, you know
               that? Hey, I'm Map To The Stars Eddie. How
               you doin'?
               Where'd they go?
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Man, I'd love to have your autograph,
               He searches around in his pockets, comes up with pen and paper.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               I've been hearing about you ever since
               that New York deal back in the 90's.
               You're one smooth operator.
               (offers pen and paper)
               Could you sign one to Wolf, one to Death's
               Head, one to Slasher Smith...?
               Plissken grabs him by the throat.
               Where are they?
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Who? You mean Cuervo Jones? He's the man
               with the juice, Snake. Got the President's
               daughter. Setting up a citywide truce. Big
               Plissken draws a 9mm and points it at Map To The Stars Eddie's
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Cuervo's got a place near Venice, where
               the big birds fly. Nice digs, too. I've
               been there, y'know.
               Plissken releases him, as suddenly the tracer beeps. On the device
               Plissken sees a small red pulsing dot. West.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Nice little gizmo you got there.
               (whispers conspiratorially)
               Look, Snake. I've got connections in this
               town. You need something, I'm your man.
               Without a word Plissken turns, walks away down Sunset Boulevard
               toward Beverly Hills.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Hey - you can't go there, Snake. You can't
               walk through Beverly Hills.
               Plissken's figure disappears...

               EXT. SUNSET - SIGN - NIGHT
               The old Beverly Hills sign. It's been painted over in dripping red
               letters: "QUIET - SURGICAL ZONE - STAY OUT"
               Plissken ignores the sign, keeps walking down a completely dark
               Sunset Boulevard.

               Plissken walks past the once-beautiful mansions along Sunset. Now
               they are dark, ruined.
               As a twisted, mechanical hand sewn awkwardly to the flesh of the
               wrist pulls aside a window curtain. The face behind the window is
               in shadows, but we can just make out its pale, discolored
               features. The other hand brings up a walkie-talkie...
               (into walkie)
               Specimen moving west on Sunset.

               Plissken moves into the intersection of Sunset and Beverly Drive.
               The ruins of the old Beverly Hills Hotel are ahead and to his
               right. He stops, stares down Sunset...
               HIS POV - A FIGURE
               Emerges from the shadows. This is the gatekeeper. Strange,
               mismatched body parts. A black-skinned arm attached to a pale
               white body. His face is unnaturally smooth - too many face lifts.
               He carries a torch.
               Where are you going?
               (no reply)
               Are you here for the auction?
               BEHIND PLISSKEN
               Figures have suddenly moved out into the street, all with
               mismatched body parts - heads too large for their torsos, female
               body parts mixed with male heads, all sewn together with large,
               uneven stitches. Plissken is surrounded.
               Welcome to Beverly Hills.
               Plissken raises his gun, starts to move, when suddenly a figure
               rises behind him out of the shadows...
               Raises a lead pipe, brings it down hard...
               ON PLISSKEN'S HEAD
               THUNK! He goes out like a light.
               As Plissken slumps unconscious to the street, the figures move for
               him. Their arms lock around him, drag him away with amazing speed
               - a pack of wolves on a deer.
               CLOSEUP - PLISSKEN - NIGHT
               Plissken bolts awake, to find himself tied to a cross. It's
               lurching back and forth as though the ground is moving.

               Plissken is being carried down Rodeo Driveon the cross by a throng
               of surgical failures. They carry torches. Dressed in tatters.
               Their faces look only partially human sewn together raggedly.
               Rodeo Drive is a bizarre marketplace of body parts. The once
               beautiful storefronts of famous designers are now in shambles.
               Human body parts are on display like filets of fish on ice.
               Gucci now offers body pieces fashioned from spare car parts and
               Armani displays more eclectic, high priced pieces sewn together
               like sculptures in their windowfronts. A giant rift runs down the
               street's center. Acrid smoke rises.
               The throng stops at an intersection, and Plissken's cross is
               anchored in the middle of the street. Surrounding the intersection
               are patients of every size, age, sex.
               Plissken looks over, sees another cross being carried up and
               planted right next to his. A beautiful girl is tied to this cross.
               This is TASLIMA, 20's, Iranian, the face of a Persian princess.
               She's dressed in black leather, and basically has an IQ of around
               Hi, Snake. It's so great to meet you. My
               name's Taslima. I'm a fan of yours.
               Are you crazy?
               A little bit. But pretty soon I'm gonna be
               dead. So are you, Snake.
               Plissken looks across the street. Our of the ruins of the once
               famous red door of Elizabeth Arden come an arm of women facialists
               with acid-burned faces from one-too-many skin peelings wielding
               knives, saws, horrible-looking carving instruments...
               I can't believe I got caught.
               I run with Midnight Jihad. Iranian gang.
               Only they kicked me out, cause I screw up
               sometimes. I forget stuff.
               Plissken struggles with his bonds.
               I left my boyfriend's place tonight, took
               a wrong turn...
               (sighs again)
               Oh, Snake, I'm really kind of out of it
               OUT OF THE RED DOOR come more interns and nurses carrying surgical
               pans and pushing gurneys to collect dismembered body parts.
               The throng of facialists, patients, interns and nurses surround
               Plissken and Taslima on the crosses. They move back to the
               sidewalks as the auction for body parts cut freshly from Plissken
               and Taslima is about to begin. The gurneys are wheeled into place
               and set up as large cutting tables. The facialists take their
               positions behind the tables waiting to carve fresh meat.
               What are they?
               They live here, used to be like us. But
               after too many silicon implants, their
               muscles turned to jelly. The only way they
               survive is to have body parts transplanted
               over and over again.
               Snake, nobody who comes into Beverly Hills
               gets out alive.
               No screamin' shit.
               Oh no, it's the Doctor.
               The Surgeon General of Beverly Hills.
               Steps out into the street. He appears incredibly gorgeous, a hunk
               of a man, put together by the finest body parts available in
               Beverly Hills - a millennium Fabio - but upon closer examination,
               he's got no lower jaw. Instead, there is a rusting metal grid-work
               attached beneath each ear. It never moves. He can actually speak
               through a metal box attached to his windpipe.
               THE DOCTOR
               Stands in front of them. He raises his hands to quiet the crowd.
               He walks around the cross, admiring the beautiful bodies before
               him. He tickles the fine flesh with his right hand, which is made
               up of 10 gleaming scalpels which form a 360 degree cutting edge.
               THE DOCTOR
               I've never seen more beautiful specimens.
               There will be no auction tonight. These
               body parts will go to those who need them
               the most.
               The crowd gumbles.
               Turns his head sideways, to a small hidden pocket near his neck.
               With his teeth, he pulls out the silver mouth dart, slips it onto
               his tongue, closes his mouth.
               The doctor raises his gleaming scalpel hand and steps toward
               THE DOCTOR
               What a beautiful blue eye. It's a shame
               you only have one.
               A nurse brings over a small step-ladder. The doctor positions it
               in front of Plissken, slowly climbs up the rungs until he is face
               to face with him. The doctor looks ready to pluck Plissken's good
               eye from its socket with his scalpel tips.
               FFFTTT! Plissken spits the mouth dart!
               WHACK! The dark hits the doctor squarely in the forehead. He
               freezes, his scalpel hand raised, his eyes clouding. He falls
               The scalpel hand swings, misses its mark, and instead hits the
               rope tied around Plissken's wrist. WHATCK! The rope's cut!
               Plissken grabs the scalpel hand with his free hand, cuts his other
               hand and legs loose in a flash and pushes the doctor backward off
               the step-ladder.
               WHUMP! Plissken falls to the intersection, almost at the same time
               as the doctor hits the pavement.
               The patients are stunned. Motionless. They stare at their doctor
               lying in the street, moaning, moving slightly.
               Snake starts to run...
               Snake, help me.
               I don't know.
               Almost on a whim, Plissken cuts her free. Then he runs. Taslima
               follows him.
               Plissken heads toward a side street, looks over his shoulder, sees
               Taslima following...
               Don't follow me.
               You need help.
               Like hell I do.
               Then Plissken comes to a dead stop.
               HIS POV - DOWN THE STREET
               Comes a mass of patients right at him. Taslima grabs Plissken,
               pulls him with her. They take off down a dark cobblestone

               EXT. DARK ALLEY - NIGHT
               Plissken and Taslima run as behind them the patient horde gives
               chase. They stop at another small alley between two large
               Down this way.
               They disappear into the small alley.

               EXT. SMALL ALLEY - CUL DE SAC - NIGHT
               It's long and narrow and completely enclosed by the buildings on
               either side. Suddenly Plissken and Taslima come to the end - a 75
               foot high four-story building blocking the passageway to Wilshire.
               This is a dead end.
               (looks at her)
               You took us into a dead end!
               I just thought you wanted to get away. I
               didn't know you wanted to go someplace.
               KACLANK! They turn...
               The doctor staggers down the alley, the dart still sticking from
               his forehead. Behind him, the patients follow...
               Plissken shoves Taslima toward a broken window.
               He follows Taslima through the window.

               Plissken and Taslima climb dilapidated stairs, move along the
               balcony railing. A torn and tattered Roy Lichtenstein painting
               hangs crooked on a wall. Twenty foot high bright red letters -
               "CAA" - lie strewn across the marble floor. Various offices are
               wrecked and dark, scripts lay all over the place.
               They stop at a dark hallway. Taslima moves cautiously ahead.
               Be careful of the bald cats. They live in
               these buildings.
               The what?
               Plissken reaches for his other 9mm in its holder, but his hands
               are trapped by the doctor's body. Closer and closer moves the claw
               dagger toward Plissken's good eye.
               Taslima scrambles, picks up Plissken's 9mm, then stares at the two
               Are you gonna stand there? Give me the
               Taslima starts to hand it to him. Both Plissken and the doctor
               fight to reach it. Finally, it's in Plissken's grasp. He blasts
               three times - each one hitting. The doctor shudders, rolls away.
               Plissken gets to his feet. He blasts one more time for good
               measure, then follows Taslima down the hallway...

               They come down a flight of stairs, stop at the rear door.
               How do we get out of here?
               Sewers. Come on.
               She pushes open the door...

               Plissken and Taslima run from the building, as a chorus of wails
               rises. Patients swarm around the building in pursuit.
               Taslima stops at a sewer grate in the street.
               Down there.
               Plissken lifts the grating. Taslima jumps in, followed by

               INT. SEWER TUNNEL - NIGHT
               Dim, greenish light. Plissken and Taslima begin running down the
               sewer tunnel. Through the hole behind them drop patients, giving
               chase. Plissken and Taslima race through a half-filled storm drain
               seeping with slime. They turn a corner into another tunnel, and
               run smack into a horde of patients. Instantly, the patients
               overpower them. Hands reach out and drag them down...
               Suddenly, from down the tunnel comes an unearthly sound, a weird
               whispery screech like a demon unleashed from the underworld. It
               gets louder and louder. The patients freeze, then begin screaming
               and, as the sound gets louder still, they all disappear, escaping
               back down the tunnel.
               FROM DOWN THE TUNNEL
               An eerie light appears, coming nearer and nearer every moment.
               Snake - what is it?
               How the hell am I supposed to know? This
               is your damn city.
               Slowly, the light takes form. It is a single, gigantic eye -
               floating in pitch-black darkness. It continues coming - growing
               larger and larger. Suddenly the sewer begins to echo with a
               blasting, ringing sound. Music!
               It's incredibly LOUD SALSA MUSIC!
               From out of the tunnel drives an ancient golf cart.
               On a metal pole in front is a huge, lighted eye such as an
               optometrist might use to advertise his services. Salsa music
               blares at top volume from loudspeakers strapped to the sides of
               the cart. At the wheel of the vehicle is a large man dressed in
               jeans, cowboy boots and a flak vest, wearing a gas mask. A lariat
               is hooked to his belt.
               He pulls up near Plissken and Taslima, shuts off the motor and the
               music, lifts a shotgun from the seat beside him, climbs down. He
               holds the gun on them.
               Removing his head gear, his face becomes visible. He is PENDEJO
               BOB, a Mexican wearing sunglasses under the gas mask. He takes off
               the sunglasses, and his apparently blind in one eye. He looks like
               Los Lobos' lead guitarist.
               PENDEJO BOB
               What're you doing in here?
               Looking to get out.
               PENDEJO BOB
               Good. I want you out. This is my sewer.
               Which way?
               With a grunt of curiosity, Pendejo Bob moves up to Plissken.
               Suddenly his blind eye flashes on like a tiny, built-in spotlight.
               With it, he examines Plissken's face.
               PENDEJO BOB
               You're Snake Plissken.
               Yes. Isn't he cool?
               There is a clicking sound and the lighted eye is extinguished.
               Pendejo Bob extends his hand.
               PENDEJO BOB
               An honor, Snake. Amigo. They call me
               Pendejo Bob.
               Plissken doesn't shake. From down the tunnel the shouts and
               footfalls of the patients gets closer...
               PENDEJO BOB
               Those damn patients are coming back. You'd
               better climb aboard.
               Plissken and Taslima climb into the rear of the golf cart. Pendejo
               Bob spins the cart, takes off in the other direction.

               The golf cart streaks along through a dark sewer passage. The only
               light comes from the eye on the front of the vehicle.
               PENDEJO BOB
               I use the eye and the music to scare em
               off. They're so whacked out, man, it works
               great. Chased a whole bunch of em right
               off the edge there a few months ago.
               He points to a sheer, pitch-black drop-off on one side of the
               (she peers over the side)
               How far down does it go?
               PENDEJO BOB
               Don't know - never do hear em land.
               Earthquake opened it up.
               The golf cart creaks into a narrow tunnel...
               INSIDE THE TUNNEL
               Guards, Hispanics in biker denims, fatigues, with rifles and
               sunglasses, line the walls. They watch as the golf cart passes. Up
               ahead is a door marked: "SEWAGE RECLAMATION CONTROL"

               The cart pulls into the remains of a mammoth underground control
               center. It's lined with ladders, catwalks, machines full of gauges
               and levers. A few are still working - most are broken and covered
               with dust and grime.
               Filling the room is an underground enclave: Men, women, children,
               all Hispanic, living in tents and lean-to's, cooking over open
               fires next to old rusted cars on blocks, lots of weapons, lots of
               sunglasses. Also, high-tech, futuristic rifles, cannons, grenade
               launchers - an amazing arsenal. Crates of explosives are stacked
               The golf cart comes to a stop and they get off.
               PENDEJO BOB
               I own this whole place. Used to work here
               in the old days. I was right in this room
               when the big one hit. What a mess. We were
               waist high in shit.
               (turns proudly to them)
               Everybody else ran, but not me. I stayed
               at my post. Now it's all mine. I brought
               my whole family, my amigos, down here to
               live with me.
               Gun runners.
               PENDEJO BOB
               Hey, it's a living, baby.
               Why don't you get out of L.A.? Take a boat
               to China, take an airplane to Brazil?
               (looks at Taslima)
               Earthquakes, death, shit. Why do you stay?
               I don't know. Somehow, I just can't leave.
               PENDEJO BOB
               Y'know, L.A.'s not such a bad place,
               Snake. We got our problems, sure - but
               this is paradise, man.
               Pendejo Bob leans in close and whispers conspiratorially to
               PENDEJO BOB
               Say, you need anything, Snake? Guns?
               Explosives? I can get you a crate of
               hellfire grenades, no problem - five
               Yeah. So how do I get to Venice?
               PENDEJO BOB
               All the sewers are collapsed under Venice.
               You have to go topside. Right up there.
               He leads Plissken and Taslima to a ladder that goes up into the
               darkness. A line of men steadily climb up, one after the other,
               carrying crates of weapons.
               PENDEJO BOB
               Comes out near the Santa Monica Freeway.
               Just follow the signs. Get off at the
               Lincoln Exit, turn left.
               Pendejo Bob interrupts the line of men. Plissken starts up the
               ladder, followed by Taslima...
               PENDEJO BOB
               Nice to meet you, Snake. You too, Miss.
               You're welcome down here anytime. Anytime
               at all.

               Plissken, gun in hand, sticks his head out of the open grate.
               Taslima follows. The Hispanic men who have climbed up out of the
               sewers load their weapons crates into various low-rider cars in
               heavily-armed groups. They rumble off into the night.
               Taslima points to a freeway on-ramp.
               The freeway's over there. But, Snake - I
               don't think it's such a good idea.
               Plissken starts toward the on-ramp. Taslima doesn't move.
               The freeways are dangerous.
               He keeps walking.
               Goodbye, Snake.
               Plissken stops, turns back, looks at her - a half-smile. It's as
               close to 'thank you' as he gets.
               Sun's coming up in a few hours.
               She walks up to him.
               UV's gonna be bad today. I have a friend
               who's got a place near here. We can crash
               there if you want, Snake.
               (she moves close to him)
               I'd love to take care of you. Make you
               feel good.
               Without an answer Plissken turns and walks away...

               As far as the eye can see there are lines of rusting cars and
               trucks, bumper to bumper like a giant junkyard rush hour.
               Plissken walks up the on-ramp, onto the freeway. He strides past
               rows of junked cars. A few of them have people inside...
               There is a Mercedes rusted to its frame, its driver an 80-year-old
               in sunglasses, drinking from a bottle. A pickup truck full of old
               illegal aliens packed in like sardines. Someone cooks from a
               barbecue grill. An RV. An old man sits in the opened doorway,
               staring at Plissken as he passes. Two old ladies in housecoats
               stare at him through the windows.
               CLICK, CLICK! A sound behind Plissken. He spins, 9mm ready...
               It's Taslima, running to catch up with him.
               I changed my mind. I'm going with you,
               wherever you're going.
               (gestures to the cars)
               What the hell is this?
               The freeway.
               I know that. There are people in some of
               these cars.
               It's where they live. I guess after
               everything happened, they just needed to
               do what they'd always done before. During
               the daytime, they just pull down the
               shades on their windows and sleep.
               Plissken continues walking. Taslima catches up...
               What are you gonna do in Venice?
               Find Cuervo Jones.
               No! Stay away, Snake. He's mucho muerte.
               Suddenly a shot rings out. Taslima is struck and falls. Plissken
               drops between the cars and crawls over to her.
               Run, Snake...They're coming.
               She touches his hand and looks at him softly.
               I don't know.
               Taslima dies. Plissken stares at her for a moment.
               More shots ring out - landing very close to him.
               From out of the heavy bushes along the freeway storm a dozen
               Mescalitos moving quickly - firing as they go. Behind them grinds
               an ancient garbage truck mounted with a 50-caliber machine gun.
               Atop the truck is Delgado. He wears a flame thrower on his back.
               Returns fire, rolls under a car and begins crawling. All around
               him people jump out of their cars, begin firing back at the
               THE GARBAGE TRUCK
               Smashes through a rusting Volkswagen, heading straight toward him.
               Reaches the edge of the freeway, dives for the bushes.
               AS THE GARBAGE TRUCK
               Roars past, firing into the vehicles on the freeway, the people
               running, screaming...

               EXT. SIDE STREET - NIGHT
               Clawing his way through the undergrowth, Plissken bursts onto a
               side street. Behind him come the Mescalitos on foot. Plissken
               runs, firing back every step of the way...
               AHEAD ON THE STREET
               Suddenly, in the blowing mist in front of him, a car screeches
               into view. It's a perfectly restored, 1966 Cadillac convertible.
               Candy-apple red. The stereo blasts "Last Night" by the Satellites.
               And behind the wheel is Map To The Stars Eddie.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Hop in, Snake!
               THE UNDERGROWTH
               As the garbage truck bursts through. Delgado is behind the machine
               gun, blasting away, burning up the street. Bullets are flying
               everywhere as Plissken runs to the Cadillac and dives into the
               back seat. He's still not fully inside when Map To The Stars Eddie
               roars away in a blaze of rubber and smoke.
               Takes aim with his flame thrower... KAWHOOSH!
               A GIANT TONGUE OF FLAME
               Shoots out from the nozzle like a flaming spear. It streaks down
               the street, just missing the tail of the Cadillac as it swerves
               around a corner...

               INT. CADILLAC - NIGHT
               Map To The Stars Eddie races along a dark street. Plissken climbs
               into the front seat.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Hey, Snake - that was great. They almost
               burned your ass off!
               Map To The Stars Eddie drives like Satan himself. Plissken is
               almost thrown out as they spin around curves, up onto sidewalks.
               Delgado and the garbage truck can't keep up with them. Finally,
               the Mescalitos are left far behind as Map To The Stars Eddie slows
               down to a cruise of 70.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Too many people know where you're going,
               Snake. That's not good. Delgado and his
               men were back there waiting for you.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Cuervo Jones' right-hand man. One tough
               hombre. You don't understand, Snake.
               Cuervo Jones wants to unify the island.
               We're on the move, man. Big time.

               The Cadillac smashes through an intersection, knocking two old
               junked cars out of the way.

               INT. CADILLAC - NIGHT
               Plissken jams his 9mm into Map To The Stars Eddie's ear.
               Stop the damn car.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               No way.
               I said pull over.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               All right. Anything for you, Snake.
               Although I was going to take you to Cuervo
               Jones' place.
               Plissken lowers the gun.
               Where is it?
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Right over there.
               He points. Plissken looks off, as Map To The Stars Eddie hits a
               button on the steering wheel with his finger.
               ON THE DASHBOARD
               A small panel in front of Plissken flips down, revealing a two-
               inch machine gun barrel. Before he can do anything, four rounds
               rip straight into his chest, blasting him into the seat.
               Grits his teeth and gasps. His gun drops. Blood runs from four
               holes in his shirt. His face grows red as he fights for air.
               Map To The Stars Eddie pushes the button again and the panel
               closes up over the barrel.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Pretty neat, huh? This is Cuervo's car. He
               lets me use it sometimes.
               (looks at Plissken)
               Not to worry, Snake. You were just shot
               with a fun-gun. You feel it?
               Plissken gulps for air.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Pure mesh, man. 100-proof artery choker.
               Plissken slumps back, collapses in the seat.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Like Cuervo says, when the hit pulls you
               down to one inch from death, that is
               living, man.
               PLISSKEN'S POV - THE DRUG
               Kicks in hard. Surreal colors float through the dark, devastated
               streets of Venice.
               Plissken fights desperately against the drug, but he can't move.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               You should've talked to me first, Snake. I
               could've set this whole thing up. I'm
               actually Cuervo's agent, you know.
               As Plissken sags, losing consciousness, Map To The Stars Eddie's
               voice begins to fade...
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               And I'd love to represent you, too. We
               could make a bundle together. I know I
               could really help your career...I mean,
               you're a legend and all - but the last
               couple years, man, it's like you've fallen
               off the face of the earth.
               ON PLISSKEN'S FACE
               As the world crashes to black!
               FADE IN:

               Like a giant, scorched daddy-long-legs, the architectural identity
               of the LA airport rises above the empty parking lot littered with
               the skeletal remains of burned-out cars and airport shuttles. The
               wrecks of old 747s lie twisted and bent across the tarmac.
               BEHIND IT
               Surrounded by Mescalitos with torches and guns, sits the former
               Bradley Terminal defaced with graffiti, the sign now reading:
               PLISSKEN'S GOOD EYE
               Opens. Looks around fuzzily.

               He is in Cuervo Jones lair. Huge. Torch-lit. Plissken lies in the
               center of the room, chained to a treadmill. He is surrounded by
               In one corner of the room is lots of high-tech equipment.
               Computers. A VR simulator. Most of the Mescalitos are gathered
               around a big screen TV. They watch the 207th Annual Academy Awards
               from Carefree, Arizona.
               Cuervo Jones strides toward Plissken. Map To The Stars Eddie
               scurries along at his side.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Come on, Cuervo. I delivered him, didn't
               I? All I'm asking for is what you
               CUERVO JONES
               We'll see.
               Cuervo Jones stops in front of Plissken. Sees that he's awake.
               Holds out a glass filled with red liquid.
               CUERVO JONES
               Carrot juice?
               (no response)
               Laced with tequila, Snake. Good for you.
               (no response)
               Your health.
               Cuervo Jones downs the carrot juice. Plissken lifts his head,
               grimaces. Sweat pours down his face. He gasps for air.
               CUERVO JONES
               You're coming out of it, Snake. It hurts
               real bad.
               That's good.
               He kneels down next to Plissken.
               CUERVO JONES
               Dying isn't good enough for you. You need
               pain. You'll never make it to where you
               want to go without a little pain.
               He stands, considers Plissken for a moment.
               CUERVO JONES
               Snake Plissken. American outlaw. So
               typical of American idealism. The old
               west, Snake.
               Cuervo Jones tosses the glass to Map To The Stars Eddie. He's
               beginning to enjoy the moment, performing for Plissken.
               CUERVO JONES
               Man against the sky. The individual.
               Freedom. No wonder they hate you so much
               in America, Snake. You remind them of what
               they used to be.
               Cuervo Jones walks to a door, opens it. Beyond is a huge courtyard
               filled with people - families, teenage runaways, the elderly,
               illegal aliens, orphans - people with nowhere to go. They are
               being fed and cared for by Mescalitos.
               CUERVO JONES
               Here is the real L.A., Snake.
               Plissken lifts his head to see.
               CUERVO JONES
               The poor. The old. The lost. People
               without hope.
               He crosses back to Plissken...
               CUERVO JONES
               Do you know what they want? One word.
               They want a chance to live - before it's
               all gone. They've been hated for too long
               Now it's their turn.
               He gestures to his men, who move to Plissken and begin carefully
               unlocking him from the treadmill.
               Still wobbly, Plissken crawls to his feet...
               As Utopia comes bounding up from the big screen TV. Still dressed
               in her racy underwear, she gives Cuervo Jones a kiss. She still
               carries the prototype with her.
               Cuervo! LaToya Jackson just won Best
               Cuervo Jones reaches out to take the prototype from her. She holds
               on to it.
               You said I could hold it.
               He yanks it out of her hands, more violently than she expected.
               Recovering, she casts a contemptuous glance at Plissken.
               Who's that?
               CUERVO JONES
               You never heard of Snake Plissken?
               Utopia takes a couple steps closer, squints.
               He doesn't look like his picture.
               I bet he's fake.
               CUERVO JONES
               Now go get dressed. We have things to do.
               Are we going to eat soon? I'm starved.
               Cuervo Jones gives her a slap on the butt, which startles Utopia.
               CUERVO JONES
               Go on now. Do as I say.
               Plissken watches as Utopia walks away, out of the terminal.
               CUERVO JONES
               I'm going to show her what it means to be
               a woman - for the first time in her
               pathetic little life.
               Given her love, Snake. Everybody needs
               He moves slightly closer to Plissken - though not too close.
               CUERVO JONES
               You want to hook up with us? Join the
               revolution? We're all getting out of here
               tomorrow night.
               (holds up the prototype)
               We're gonna rule the world. Come with us,
               Plissken says nothing. His good eye glares.
               CUERVO JONES
               No? Too bad. Well, I told you we'd finish
               it later. So guess what? It's later.
               He motions to his men, who grab Plissken and drag him away...

               The baggage claim area is an industrial wasteland filled with
               machinery and hanging cables and wires. A door opens and Plissken
               is hurled in. The door slams shut.
               Plissken stands a moment, trying to get his balance, when a man
               steps out of the shadows. It is Delgado.
               You're mine now, Snake. All mine.
               Delgado slowly moves towards Plissken, swinging two huge gleaming
               machetes around his head. Plissken steps back, glances at his
               wrist watch. 4 hours and 20 minutes gone.
               Plissken looks up as Delgado flings a machete at him. He just
               barely dives out of the way, rolls on the floor...
               Delgado charges toward him, machete poised like a bayonet.
               Plissken rips off an edge guard from the baggage carousel and
               wings it at Delgado. The machete is blocked with a direct hit. KA-
               Delgado is thrown sideways. Plissken runs, launches himself
               through the air, twisting his body sideways, and lands a hard kick
               right in Delgado's face. Delgado goes sprawling. One of the
               machetes CLANKS to the floor...
               Plissken grabs the machete, just as Delgado rises...
               WHOOSH! Plissken's arm is a blur as he throws...
               THUMP! The machete sticks out of Delgado's chest. He looks down at
               it in horror, then crumbles to the floor.

               The caravan is starting up again. Wearing hot pants, a tank top
               and full-length mink coat, Utopia is escorted up a ladder by
               Cuervo Jones to the opened door of the Cadillac perched up on
               those monster truck wheels. The other Mescalitos mount up in their
               cars and motorcycles, and roar away from the terminal.
               Above, on top of the terminal, see a figure move.
               It's Plissken. He grabs an electrical wire and throws it over the
               Stands watching the caravan pull away. He doesn't see the wire
               dangling behind him, and Plissken shinnying down it.
               Beat. Beat.
               WHACK! Plissken takes him out with one blow, lowers himself to the
               ground, takes his rifle.
               Plissken quickly moves down the dark street after the caravan.

               EXT. THE FORUM - NIGHT
               Cuervo Jones' caravan comes rolling down Manchester, into a vast
               parking lot toward the Forum. Portions of the gigantic sports
               arena have been damaged in the earthquake, but crowds still pour
               into the entrances.
               The caravan pulls up at the Forum Club entrance. Cuervo Jones,
               Utopia, Map To The Stars Eddie and the others enter.
               AS PLISSKEN
               Approaches, ducks behind an old junked car.
               THE FORUM - DAMAGED WALL
               Plissken sneaks up to a crumbled, broken wall of the Forum, crawls
               inside through a large crack...

               Plissken's in the backstage area, near the locker rooms. Hear
               cheering from the main arena. Slowly Plissken moves to a door,
               opens it, steps out...

               INT. FORUM HALLWAY - NIGHT
               The cheering is louder is Plissken makes his way along the dingy
               Now the sound of gunfire from someplace up ahead. Plissken tenses.
               Suddenly from down the hallway come two Black Muslims carrying a
               body on a stretcher. As they pass, Plissken notices the body is
               wearing a bloody basketball uniform full of bullet holes.
               He moves forward...

               INT. FORUM ARENA - NIGHT
               Plissken peers into the main arena. A basketball game is underway.
               The Korean Dragons sit on one side, the Black Muslims on the
               other. They cheer wildly for their respective teams. Pipeline is
               in the crowd, enjoying the game...
               Plissken moves closer, among the crowd along the baseline. The
               whole place is lit by torches and clumsily-wired lighting. Above
               his head is the shot clock, slowly ticking down.
               There's blood everywhere on the floor. The referees wear bullet-
               proof body suits and helmets. Trainers with stretchers stand by.
               THE SHOT CLOCK
               Ticks down: 5 - 4...
               A BLACK MUSLIM
               Dribbles the ball towards the basket.
               THE SHOT CLOCK
               Ticks down: 3 - 2...
               A whole row of Korean Dragons with rifles stand and take aim.
               THE BLACK MUSLIM
               Pulls up into a jump shot, releases the ball into the air. It
               sails through the basket just as the horn goes off, beating the
               24-second violation.
               The Black Muslim crowd cheers. The Korean Dragons sit down.
               Plissken watches...
               Moving through the seats on the Korean Dragon side of the court.
               Map To The Stars Eddie stands near the baseline, listening to the
               game on his silver portable radio...
               THE REFEREE
               Hands the ball to a Korean Dragon guard. The Korean Dragon
               dribbles the ball down court, into the corner and passes it off.
               The Korean Dragons can't get a shot off...
               THE SHOT CLOCK
               Above Plissken's head ticks down: 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1... HONK!
               THE KOREAN DRAGON
               Guard still has the ball - the shot clock horn has gone off - 24
               second violation.
               A whole row of Black Muslims with rifles stand up, take aim, and
               BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!
               The Korean Dragon guard is riddled with bullets. He falls dead on
               the floor. The Trainers with stretchers quickly collect his body
               and hurry off the court.
               Ball boys quickly wipe up the blood with mops.
               ANNOUNCER (V.O.)
               (sound of effect of breaking
               Shot clock!
               The Black Muslim crowd is cheering and screaming! "I Love L.A."
               begins playing on the loudspeaker.
               The players wear do-rags and black uniforms that look a whole lot
               like the black leather that Plissken wears. One of the players,
               JAMAAL, notices Plissken.
               Hey - Snake Plissken, you knew my brother
               Abdul. He was with you in Cleveland.
               The other players react, greet Plissken, slapping his hand,
               thumping chests, high-fiving each other.
               Welcome aboard, Snake.
               But Plissken pays no attention. He sees:
               Sitting in the Korean Dragon section near the other end of the
               Sit next to Xi-Ping, the leader of the Korean Dragons, a fierce
               man with green and brown psychedelic camouflage on his face.
               Utopia watches the game while the two men confer. Cuervo Jones has
               a firm grip on the prototype.
               CUERVO JONES
               The time is now. We are the strongest. If
               we go together, the others will come.
               We go for everything, Xi-Ping. But we go
               together. What do you say?
               Xi-Ping nodes. They clasp hands...
               Realizes he's got to get to the other side of the court. He jumps
               into the huddle with Jamaal, peering at him with his one good,
               cold eye.
               Your brother died owing me, so I'm taking
               it out in trade. I need a favor...
               Sure, Snake. Anything.
               I need to get across the court now...
               without drawing attention to myself.
               Like you ain't gonna stick out like a sore
               thumb. But we'll do what we can, Snake.
               Use the clock. Screen and roll. Now let's
               kick some butt!
               The players knock fists. Plissken puts on a do-rag. Yelling, they
               move onto the court, creating a shield for Plissken.
               You play much pick-up ball, Snake?
               Plissken's watching Cuervo Jones and Utopia at the other end.
               Whatever happens, watch the shot clock,
               The referee blows his whistle. A Black Muslim guard inbounds the
               ball. The game is underway.
               Plissken ducks down the court using the rest of his team as cover.
               They go into a set play.
               The game is a cross between basketball and kung-fu. Players use
               slashing fists, spin-kicks, elbows and hard back-hands. It's full
               The Korean Dragon guarding Plissken chops him. Plissken knocks him
               flat. No foul.
               Utopia sees Plissken, nudges Cuervo Jones.
               It's that weird guy again.
               Cuervo Jones grabs her and heads for the exit...
               Plissken sees this, stops playing, moves after them... when
               suddenly the basketball lands right in his hands!
               Snake! Shot clock!
               THE SHOT CLOCK
               Ticks down: 4 - 3 - 2...
               A whole row of Korean Dragons with rifles stand up, take aim at
               Plissken. Cuervo Jones watches expectantly...
               Plissken spins, executes a beautiful-looking jump shot. The horn
               sounds just as it leaves his hand...
               THE BASKET
               Swish. Nothing but net.
               The Korean Dragons sit back down, put away their rifles,
               disappointed. Cuervo Jones, Utopia, Xi-Ping and their henchmen
               quickly leave. The Black Muslims go crazy, and Plissken dashes
               toward one of the exits. He stops, sees...
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               With his portable radio, trying to get out of the arena, hiding
               behind a crowd of Dragons. Plissken races through the crowd, grabs
               Map To The Stars Eddie.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Hey, Snake, man... Great shot!
               Without hesitation, Snake whacks him across the jaw. Map To The
               Stars Eddie goes down like a sack of laundry. Plissken grabs him
               by the collar, drags him off toward an exit...

               Cuervo Jones, Utopia, Xi-Ping and their men rush out to the
               caravan of waiting vehicles. Xi-Ping has his own armada of
               vehicles and an army of evil-looking guards. Cuervo Jones pulls
               Xi-Ping aside.
               CUERVO JONES
               That man in black. He's very dangerous.
               One eye?
               CUERVO JONES
               Yes. We gotta dump him.
               What does he want?
               CUERVO JONES
               (glances at the prototype)
               I'm betting the cops sent him in. Man, I
               do not need this. I got a war to win.
               ANOTHER EXIT - THE FORUM
               As Plissken drags Map To The Stars Eddie out into the night,
               crouches behind a row of cars, watches Cuervo Jones' caravan start
               their engines.
               Plissken shakes Map To The Stars Eddie, waking him...
               Where are they going?
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Oh, man... You didn't have to hit me,
               Snake. I can help you.
               Plissken shoves the barrel of his pistol up against Map To The
               Stars Eddie's temple.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Bankrupt City. The Happy Kingdom.
               Snake, Cuervo's hooked up with Xi-Ping. He
               is primetime, man - Mister Bad News. The
               rest of the city's joining up with 'em.
               You're shit outta luck, Snake.
               Plissken reaches into a pocket, comes out with the large black
               clip, slips it on his 9mm pistol.
               Not yet.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               I could've helped you. We coulda made a
               deal with Cuervo. If you'd listen...
               Without looking, Plissken slams his elbow into Map To The Stars
               Eddie's jaw with a WHACK! He flops unconscious on the pavement...
               Cuervo Jones' caravan led by that huge Cadillac on monster wheels,
               moves away from the Forum toward an exit. Plissken moves after
               them, ducking behind the row of cars...
               FORUM EXIST
               The caravan picks up speed as it approaches the exit...
               Plissken appears behind an old truck, just as the Cadillac moves
               past him. He crouches on the balls of his feet, and as the rear of
               the Caddy drifts closer, he springs...
               And grabs on to the rear bumper. The monster wheels spin like
               huge, black scythes on either side of him. Plissken reaches under
               the Caddy, finds a purchase on the undercarriage, and swings under
               the Cadillac. He hangs dangling above the street by one hand as
               the caravan pulls out onto Manchester. With the other he raises
               his 9mm and aims it at the undercarriage, right about where the
               front seat should be...
               BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM!

               INT. CADILLAC - NIGHT
               The front seat explodes, bullets screaming upward through the
               leather seats, tearing and shredding fabric and flesh, killing the
               driver and Xi-Ping instantly!
               In the back seat sit Cuervo Jones and Utopia. The Caddy begins to
               swerve, the wheel spinning. Cuervo Jones lunges forward across the
               seat and grabs it.
               Under the Cadillac, Plissken continues to fire: BLAM, BLAM, BLAM,
               The front seat disintegrates. Metal, leather, padding fly
               everywhere. Cuervo Jones ducks against the door, covering his face
               with one hand, still grasping the wheel with the other.
               The entire front seat and floor underneath it fall down out of the
               Cadillac and hit the street below. The bodies of the driver and X-
               Ping flop under the monster wheels.
               Plissken swings over to the hole and pulls himself up into the
               opening that used to be the front seat. Cuervo Jones stares at him
               in total shock, but before he can speak...
               Plissken rips the prototype out of his hands! Then jumps into the
               back seat next to Utopia. Then grabs her and turns to the side
               door. Cuervo Jones releases the wheel for a moment, turns to grab
               But Plissken opens the side door, kicks it wide, and with Utopia
               under his arm, slides across the seat...
               ... and sails out of the Cadillac...
               CUERVO JONES
               Plissken and Utopia fly through the air, and land with a thud on
               top of a Mescalito car as the Cadillac begins to swerve wildly.
               Cuervo Jones grabs the wheel, desperately tries to control the
               Caddy... but fails. The Cadillac careens off the street, slams
               into the palm tree, spins around and crashes into the remains of a
               hot dog stand.
               Plissken and Utopia roll and tumble. He still has a hold of her,
               and she fights him tooth and nail...
               Lemme go...!
               The driver swerves, hits the brakes... and the car hops the curb,
               slides along the sidewalk, burning rubber.
               PLISSKEN AND UTOPIA
               Are thrown forward. They tumble off the roof... across the hood...
               and land on the sidewalk in front of the car. They roll to a stop,
               as the car screeches to a stop, inches from their heads, as the
               caravan suddenly puts on its brakes.
               Screaming tires. Cars jackknifing, spinning in a massive traffic
               Cuervo Jones emerges from the remains of the Cadillac.
               Plissken drags Utopia into the street, grabs the lid of a manhole
               in the street, pries it up...
               Mescalitos pour out of their vehicles, as Cuervo Jones charges
               into the street, pointing at Plissken...
               CUERVO JONES
               Kill him, kill him...!
               Plissken lifts Utopia to her feel, hauls her over to the manhole
               opening, and dives inside... just as the Mescalitos open fire! The
               street around the manhole opening explodes with screaming hot

               INT. SEWER TUNNEL - NIGHT
               Plissken and Utopia land in the half-filled storm drain. He gets
               to his feet, pulls her with him, and heads off sloshing through
               the water. The sound of gunfire echoes above them...

               Cuervo Jones and the Mescalitos charge the open manhole as Map To
               The Stars Eddie appears groggily shuffling up the street from the
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               (grins to himself)
               Good thinkin', Snake.
               He heads off down the street...

               INT. SEWER TUNNEL
               Plissken and Utopia race along through the water. He literally has
               to drag her with him. They turn a corner, go down another slimy
               drain away from the main tunnel...

               The black belly of the sewer system. Plissken and Utopia move
               along, slow as they come to...
               One side of the passage, the same one we saw earlier on our
               journey with Pendejo Bob.
               Plissken spins Utopia around, pushes her backward toward the drop-
               off, his eye burning into her...
               Her feet reach the very edge.
               Plissken holds her there. Utopia's face is a mask of sheer terror.
               She gulps air in staccato bursts...
               Beat. Beat.
               Plissken can't do it. He can't push her off.
               He releases her, backs up, looks at the prototype, then pulls one
               of his revolvers from its holster, cocks the hammer, aims...
               My... father sent you... didn't he?
               He sent you to kill me...
               Plissken raises the pistol. She's dead in his sights.
               Didn't he?
               (begins to cry)
               But Plissken can't. He can't kill her. The toughest man on planet
               Earth can't kill this 17-year-old runaway.
               Plissken sags, clicks the hammer back, holsters the gun. He stares
               at her.
               Get out of here.
               Utopia wipes her eyes, confused, afraid.
               I said go!
               Slowly Utopia moves from the edge of the drop off, starts away
               down the tunnel, then stops, looks back at Plissken. She stares at
               the prototype in Plissken's hand...
               Don't take it back. Don't give it to him.
               Please. Let me have it.
               Plissken glances at the prototype, then at her.
               What does this thing do?
               (her eyes grow wide)
               Plissken's shoulder explodes as a bullet tears through his flesh!
               He spins, drops the prototype...
               ... as Map To The Stars Eddie emerges from the darkness of the
               sewer tunnel. He holds a gun in one hand, aims...
               He fires again, hits Plissken's leg.
               Plissken staggers backward toward the edge of the drop off, as Map
               To The Stars Eddie moves quickly forward...
               ... and snatches the prototype from the wet floor.
               Plissken's gun hand is useless, numb from the shoulder wound. He
               slowly, painfully transfers the pistol to the other hand, tries to
               raise it...
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               So long, Snake.
               Map To The Stars Eddie takes aim - a head shot ...
               Plissken spins, and dives off the edge...
               ... down into the drop off...
               PLISSKEN'S BODY
               Airborne. Falling through black space. Down, down, down, straight
               to hell below, until we can't see him anymore as the darkness
               swallows him up...
               Map To The Stars Eddie steps to the ledge, looks down, as Cuervo
               Jones and his Mescalitos slog up through the tunnel.
               CUERVO JONES
               Where is he?
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               He jumped. Down there.
               He's dead, Cuervo. I did it. I killed
               Cuervo Jones looks over the edge, at the silent blackness below.
               Then he turns to Map To The Stars Eddie.
               CUERVO JONES
               Give it to me.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               You said I could be Vice-President,
               Cuervo. Your right-hand man.
               CUERVO JONES
               (extends his hand)
               Give it.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Sure, Cuervo, but look here. I've done it
               all, man. I killed Plissken, I got your
               girl back, I got it all. Just for you,
               Cuervo. Just for you.
               Dead silence. Cuervo Jones stands with his hand extended. Finally
               Map To The Stars Eddie gives up, starts to hand Cuervo the
               ... but slips on the wet floor...
               ... and drops the prototype with a CLANK!
               CLOSE - PROTOTYPE
               A red light comes on, blinks urgently.
               PROTOTYPE VOICE
               (tiny, filtered)
               I am now armed and ready for use. Use
               extreme caution. The location of the
               effected blast area can only be determined
               by the orbital position of the SatStar
               Everyone in the tunnel is frozen, unable to move. Slowly Cuervo
               Jones picks up the prototype, stares at it, then breaks into a
               CUERVO JONES
               This is turning out to be my lucky day.
               (stares coldly at Map To The
               Stars Eddie)
               Get this asshole outta here.
               Several Mescalitos grab Map To The Stars Eddie, pull him back
               along the tunnel.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Cuervo, wait. Please...
               Cuervo Jones turns to Utopia, who stands numbly staring off at the
               drop-off. He walks over to her, then slaps her hard, viciously,
               across the face.
               Utopia reacts to the stinging slap.
               CUERVO JONES
               You're my woman, you understand? You don't
               let anybody take you away from me without
               a fight.
               I tried...
               CUERVO JONES
               (in her face)
               Nobody leaves Cuervo Jones. Not unless you
               give your life. You fight till you're
               dead. Then I forgive you.
               (shakes her)
               He shoves her down the tunnel...
               CUERVO JONES
               Let's go.
               The others follow them...

               As Cuervo Jones and Utopia emerge from the manhole cover, hear the
               sound of hundreds of helicopters rise.
               CUERVO JONES
               (looks up)
               Look, baby. They're all mine.
               POV - THE SKY
               Above Manchester and the Forum is filled with helicopters. All
               models, all makes, mostly the older, discarded military Blood
               Phoenix 14-bladed attack choppers that scream through the
               blackness like scythe-slashing robot bugs. They are on their way
               southeast, toward Orange County.

               EXT. SKY VIEW OF L.A. BY NIGHT
               Looking out at L.A. from above Mount Lee, see the Hollywood Sign,
               and wave after wave of helicopters thundering across the city.
               They're like buck teeth, sheered off and crumbling, stuck up in to
               the sky. Chopper roar overhead. A group of vagrants cluster around
               a camp fire on the top floor of one of the towers. They're
               watching a futuristic big-spin lotto on a large screen TV. The
               sound of the choppers brings them to the edge of the building -
               the walls of the floors beneath have been torn away. Desk,
               furniture, rugs, everything hangs out over the empty space.

               EXT. FIREBASE SEVEN - NIGHT
               Pandemonium. Troops, vehicles, helicopters, everything is in
               urgent motion. A loudspeaker voice blares:
               POLICE VOICE (V.O.)
               Full stage battle alert. All personnel to
               battle stations.

               Malloy, the President and Brazen charge down a hallway into
               Command HQ. The place is jumping. Full scramble alert.
               A sky full of enemy choppers on radar.
               Moving over the city to the southeast.
               A COM Officer rushes up to Malloy...
               COM OFFICER
               Commander - massive vehicle and troop
               movement on the ground. All major streets
               leading to the southeast.
               What're they doing?
               Malloy looks at the President grimly.
               Getting ready to invade.
               So where's Plissken?
               Creaking. The WHOOSH of something swinging through the air...
               A huge blue eye opens. Looks around.
               Plissken's boot is hooked in a twisted wire mesh...
               And then Plissken swings like a pendulum, hanging from a long
               strand of wire mesh attached somewhere above in the blackness.
               Plissken's eye blinks.
               THE DARKNESS
               Begins to reveal details: slimy walls. Below, a black pit of hell.
               Wind gushing.
               And then a light stabs across the void...
               CLOSE - PLISSKEN
               ... The light hits Plissken's good eye...
               The light is from inside the eye of Pendejo Bob. He stands on a
               small ledge, at the mouth of a cave leading into the howling pit.
               PENDEJO BOB
               Hey, Snake. You okay?
               (unhooks the lariat)
               I heard gunfire down here...
               (begins to swing the rope)
               Never been down this far before...
               (swings the rope in a huge
               Grab this.
               Pendejo Bob tosses the lariat. The noose flies across the pit, and
               Plissken grabs it with his good hand.
               PENDEJO BOB
               Now hang on.
               Plissken wraps his good hand and arm in the noose, as Pendejo Bob
               jerks the line hard. Plissken is in mid-swing, and the rope
               jerking pulls him abruptly in the opposite direction...
               Plissken's boot slips out of the wire mesh...
               And Plissken falls like a brick, stops abruptly as the line
               catches, and swings against the side of the pit. He dangles with
               only his one good arm holding on to the rope.
               Pendejo Bob pulls the line upward, straining against Plissken's
               weight. Slowly Plissken rises, a tug at a time, hauled up the edge
               of the pit toward the cave above...
               ... when suddenly he passes another opening, a storm drain below
               Pendejo Bob. He swings into the drain, grasps the side with his
               hand, and pulls himself in...
               Pendejo Bob stares down at his rope disappearing into the side of
               the pit.
               PENDEJO BOB
               Hey, Snake...where are you?
               Plissken crawls into the slimy drain, pulls the rope off of him.
               Ahead in the darkness is the rushing of water. He turns on weak
               legs, back toward the pit behind him. Bleeding. Numb in one hand.
               His leg on fire.
               I'm in another opening... Storm drain...
               There may be another way up to you...
               Plissken crawls along the drain. The sound of rushing water gets
               He comes to the edge of the drain. Right below him is another
               drain filled with water rushing through it like a river.
               Plissken is stuck. He turns, in great pain, and starts back toward
               the pit... when suddenly everything starts shaking. Booming. It's
               a small earthquake, a pre-shock.
               Suddenly the concrete bottom on which he stands gives way, cracks,
               And Plissken falls backward into the rushing water, and is pulled
               suddenly downstream into the drain, disappearing from sight...
               PENDEJO BOB
               Stands silently above, listening...
               PENDEJO BOB
               (no reply)
               Booming. The whole pit shudders, shaking. Another earthquake.
               Pendejo Bob drops the rope, turns and dashes away down the
               vibrating storm drain...

               Black oil-slicked water rushes in the moonlight, out of a huge
               opening in what appears to be a canyon wall.
               As an arm shoots out, clutching the edges of the drain.
               Emerges from the hole, slides out, tumbles down to a water-filled
               canyon bottom. He lies there for a moment, trying to focus his
               eye. Stabbing pain in his shoulder and leg. Finally he rises
               unsteadily to his feet, looks around, trying to get his bearings.
               He finds himself at the bottom of...
               THE WILSHIRE CANYON
               Straight down Wilshire Boulevard is an enormous canyon, a river
               bottom gouged out of concrete in the big earthquake. At least 30
               feet deep, it is a vast trough leading past skyscrapers and
               buildings above, off into the distance.
               Plissken warily glances at his watch: 1 hour 10 minutes to go.
               Suddenly Plissken is struck by a pair of headlights. Pipeline's
               dune buggy comes bumping along the canyon bottom, sloshing through
               water, pulling up next to Plissken.
               Snake. Saw you at the game tonight. Great
               (stares at him)
               You look like shit.
               Plissken hobbles over to the dune buggy as Pipeline gets out.
               You feel those pre-shocks, Snake?
               Pipeline unties the various surfboards he has lashed to the rear
               of the buggy. He lifts one down and slings it under his arm.
               Could be a big one comin' any minute
               Where's... Cuervo Jones...?
               Long gone. You'll never catch up with him
               now, Snake.
               Anaheim. Headquarters for everything. The
               whole town's gonna be there. Things
               changin' fast around here, Snake. It's not
               the same as the old days, man.
               A thumping sound skyward. More choppers thunder over them, on
               their way southeast. Plissken grabs Pipeline with his good hand...
               Take me there...
               But he's too weak. His hand slides off. Plissken sinks to his
               knees. Pipeline stares at him.
               You ain't doin' so good, Snake. You need
               (bends down, helps Plissken
               to his feet)
               You should talk to Hershe. She hates
               Cuervo. They used to be partners, but they
               split up.
               Hershe. She lives downtown with Mojo
               Dellasandro in the big boat. Down that
               Pipeline points down the canyon to the east.
               She's connected with the Black Cowboys,
               and they don't take shit from nobody...
               Suddenly that booming, shuddering rumble begins. The canyon starts
               to shake. The water in the canyon floor sloshes wildly.
               Yo', man. It's a big one.
               And the earthquake hits like a roaring sledgehammer. The walls of
               the canyon crack. Plissken and Pipeline are thrown to the ground.
               Skyscrapers above them on Wilshire rock and tremble in the quake.
               Pieces of the building sheer off, fall. A parking garage caves in.
               Thunder shakes the earth around Plissken and Pipeline. The canyon
               floor splits open. Water pours into the cracks. Huge boulder-sized
               chunks of concrete tumble down the canyon walls.
               And then suddenly it all stops.
               The booming subsides. The earth stops shaking. Plissken and
               Pipeline get to their feet, look around. The water around them
               continues to slosh about violently.
               Tsunami, Snake.
               His eyes wide, a smile on his face, Pipeline hurries over to the
               dune buggy, grabs another surfboard from the back, hands it to
               Surf's up big time.
               Now there is another deep sound rising, coming from the west
               behind them: A bass roar that slowly climbs from the very bottom
               of the register upward, as if some massive wall of doom were on
               its way...
               Pipeline kneels, positions his surfboard in his hands.
               Get ready, Snake. It's gonna be some kinda
               Plissken looks behind him...
               Is blasting down the Wilshire Canyon, coming right for them. It is
               a 25-foot wall of ocean water, moving fast, bellowing like a
               Plissken sees he can't climb out of the canyon in time, moves over
               to Pipeline, kneels down...
               Let the front edge pick you up. Don't get
               on your board till it peaks.
               Behind them, the tsunami slams along the canyon, coming right for
               Don't lose it, man. You slip off your
               board and it's the Big Wipeout, you know
               what I mean?
               The roaring is so loud it's like being on the inside of a cannon
               barrel. The tsunami is 100 feet away... 75 feet... 50 feet... 25
               feet... It rolls up right behind them...
               Hang on, Snake!
               THE FRONT EDGE
               Of the tsunami sweeps under them. Pipeline and Plissken push off
               from the canyon floor just as the water shovels them upward like a
               cow catcher on a train. The water sweeps them up until they
               disappear under the blackness...
               Until suddenly Pipeline pops up on top of the tsunami, riding on
               his surfboard, arms outstretched, feet braced.
               And then Plissken pops up beside him, surfing clumsily on top of
               the tsunami wave, kneeling on his surfboard.
               They blast down Wilshire Canyon at 80 miles an hour. Plissken is
               wobbly on the surfboard, but he manages to stay on top of the
               wave. Finally, he gets the hang of it, glances over at Pipeline,
               who grins from ear to ear.
               Awesome, Snake. AWESOME, man!
               Plissken looks up ahead...
               Five feet from street level. An old van speeds along what's left
               of Wilshire Boulevard, right on the canyon's edge. It veers around
               debris in the street, changes lanes suddenly, hell bent for
               Plissken and Pipeline move closer and closer to the van as the
               tsunami sweeps them along.
               Now they move alongside the van and Plissken stares over...
               CLOSER - THE VAN
               Behind the wheel is Map To The Stars Eddie, driving like a
               lunatic, his teeth bared and set, madder than shit.
               Plissken's eye widens, burns.
               (to Pipeline)
               See you later.
               And suddenly Plissken shifts his weight, and the surfboard tips
               and slides sideways, across the surface of the tsunami all the way
               over to the edge, right next to the van. Map To The Stars Eddie
               glances to his left...
               HIS POV - PLISSKEN
               Is surfing the tsunami not 10 feet away from him.
               Map To The Stars Eddie stares in absolute horror. Plissken tips
               the board again, and slides another 5 feet closer...
               AS MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Jams the pedal, and the van screams forward...
               AS PLISSKEN
               Stands up and leaps from the surfboard...
               For a moment he is airborne, leaping across the gap to the van...
               and slams into the side of the van. He grabs on to the roof, hangs
               on with one hand, his body whipping against the rocking, bucking
               side. Map To The Stars Eddie starts swerving, trying to throw
               Plissken off.

               The van shoots back and forth across Wilshire, Plissken dangling
               inches from the tsunami-filled canyon. Plissken pulls himself up
               and crawls onto the roof...
               INSIDE THE VAN
               Map To The Stars Eddie pulls his gun, cocks it...
               When suddenly Plissken's hand snakes down from the roof, reaches
               in the driver's window, grabs his hair, and slams his forehead
               into the steering wheel with a THOCK!
               Map To The Stars Eddie goes out like a light. He slumps over in
               the seat... but his foot is stuck on the accelerator.
               Plissken grabs the wheel with his left hand, and manages to steer
               the van from the roof. The van lurches wildly, hits a chunk of
               concrete in the street, skids, fishtailing violently from the
               impact. It smashes against the curb, screeches and bumps along
               Map To The Stars Eddie's foot is bumped right off the accelerator,
               and the van slows to a wobbling, grinding stop.
               Plissken slowly climbs down from the roof, opens the driver's
               door, shoves Map To The Stars Eddie out of the way, and jumps in.

               INT. VAN - NIGHT
               Plissken pulls out into the street and speeds off down Wilshire.
               Map To The Stars Eddie starts to come around.
               Plissken grabs his gun, cocks it, puts the barrel up against Map
               To The Stars Eddie's temple just as he comes to.
               Listen up. I need directions. Downtown.
               Somebody named Hershe.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Sure, Snake. No problem.
               You gonna kill me?
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               I couldn't help it, Snake. I had to shoot
               you. Cuervo made me do it, I swear to God,
               Cease fire with the bullshit.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Right. Keep goin' straight. Two blocks
               down, turn right.
               CLOSE ON A TV SCREEN
               Cuervo Jones' image fills the screen. He addresses the camera,
               holds the prototype in his hands.
               CUERVO JONES
               Abandon your firebases by 0500 hours. Have
               the news media standing by for my
               coronation. I'm arriving in style.
               PULL BACK from the TV screen to reveal we are in...

               Malloy, the President, Brazen, and the other Controllers and
               Police Personnel stare silently at their TV screens.
               He must be bouncing the signal from one of
               our communications satellites.
               That means CableNet has already picked it
               up. This thing's going live all over the
               CUERVO JONES
               (on the TV)
               It's a brand new day comin' up this
               morning, and I'm just so proud to be
               leading the parade. See you soon, putos.
               SSSZZZ. The image blinks off into static.
               A grim silence.
               The prototype appears to be armed, Mr.
               (the President nods grimly)
               Shall I begin evacuation?
               Does he know how to activate it?
               Well, yeah. All you have to do is push the
               What about Plissken? He could still be -
               Forget him. He's dead.
               That may not be true, Mr. President.
               He's one tough case. Plissken's been dead
               so many times I can't count. But he never
               stays down.
               A long beat.
               There are two choices, Mr. President. Wait
               for Plissken, or surrender. It's your
               The President sighs heavily.

               EXT. DOWNTOWN L.A. - NIGHT
               Jammed next to the remains of the Bonaventure Hotel is the Queen
               Mary, permanently dry-docked between the broken skyscrapers by the
               Big One.
               The van stops next to a huge hole in the side of the ship.

               INT. QUEEN MARY - NIGHT
               The glow of Map To The Stars Eddie's flashlight takes him and
               Plissken deeper and deeper into the hulking remains of the ship.

               INT. DECK OF SHOPS - NIGHT
               They walk through a dimly lighted area lined with shops. Their
               glass display windows are covered with layers of impenetrable

               INT. LONG CORRIDOR - NIGHT
               They enter a long, narrow corridor. At the end is a doorway. There
               is light in the room beyond.

               Plissken and Map To The Stars Eddie enter a long room lit by gas
               jets on the walls. In it is a crumbling, Victorian swimming pool.
               A heavy mist rises from the pool's surface and hangs over
               At the far end is a group of people. Spinal and the Black Cowboy
               Gang. Boots, spurs, dusters, and guns.
               Mojo Dellasandro. Jamaican Voodoo witch doctor. A brutal, scowling
               face. And a beautiful woman in a bathing suit, her back facing us.
               Plissken and Map To The Stars Eddie approach.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Hey, Hershe. How're you doin'?
               The woman turns and faces them. This is HERSHE, an absolutely
               drop-dead, gorgeous transvestite who looks completely convincing
               as a woman but talks in Isaac Hayes' voice.
               (eyes brightening)
               Hershe - it's Snake Plissken.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Yeah, Hershe. I brought him to see you.
               Plissken walks right up to Hershe, has no reaction at all to the
               I need a favor.
               What's in it for me?
               Plissken stares, a glimmer of recognition on his face.
               Wait a minute. I know that voice.
               You're Carjack Malone.
               Not anymore.
               You two know each other?
               Plissken is seething. Hershe remains calm, glacial.
               You owe me. You left me holdin' everything
               back there in Cleveland.
               Hershe, you were in Cleveland?
               Yeah. With me and Texas Mike O'Shay.
               I was called away on urgent business,
               Don't lie to me.
               All right, so I made another deal.
               I got a new deal for you.
               Plissken raises Map To The Stars Eddie's gun, aims it right
               between Hershe's eyes.
               You help me, you live.
               The others tense, hands on guns.
               I wouldn't be doin' that, Snake.
               We have a little arrangement. Anything
               happens to me, you're dead.
               I'm already dead.
               (long beat)
               I see your point. What's the favor?
               (looks at his watch)
               Get me to Cuervo Jones. Get me to the
               Kingdom. I got one hour.
               Dream on, blue eye.
               Say goodnight, Carjack.
               Plissken cocks his gun, starts to squeeze the trigger...
               Wait a minute. All right. Hold on.
               Cuervo Jones has more firepower than two
               armies. No one gets near him.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               And he's got the prototype. And the girl.
               He holds all the cards.
               Exactly what is this prototype? What does
               it do?
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               You push the button, it sends a signal to
               a ring of space defense satellites.
               They're orbiting bombs. Nukes. They
               explode. Huge space burst.
               EMP. Electromagnetic Pulse. It happens
               instantly when a nuke is airburst. EMP
               shuts down every power source below the
               satellites - instantly. All electrical
               devices, computers, cars, airplanes,
               cities. It's the dark ages again.
               So whoever has it runs the show.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               They were gonna use it on South America,
               Africa, Asia - any country hostile to the
               United States.
               Only Cuervo's got it now.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               And that ring of satellites will be in
               position over the U.S. at 5:00 a.m. this
               How do you know all this?
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               I used to represent the guy who invented
               it. I swear to God, Snake. No bullshit.
               A long silence.
               So what's the deal, gorgeous?
               We get the girl and the prototype. And we
               get out.
               All of us?
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Me too?
               (stares at him hard)
               We'll see.
               Why should we leave? I love L.A. Where we
               gonna go? What's the payoff?
               I'd like to get out but I don't have
               enough money.
               The President's promised to give whoever
               helps me 1 million dollars.
               Yeah? Greenbacks? I got ten million of
               Uh-uh. Bluebacks.
               This gets everyone's attention.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Aw, come on, Snake.
               Bluebacks. I'm not bullshittin'. I swear
               to God.
               I don't know, sounds thin to me.
               You want to stay here, while Cuervo Jones
               rules the world?
               No, that sucks.
               How are we getting out?
               I don't know yet.
               You always were a loser, Plissken. Makin'
               things up as you go along. That's why I
               cut out on you in Cleveland. You're just a
               bum like the rest of us.
               Smoke has begun to drift into the pool area.
               MOJO DELLASANDRO
               (a soft voice)
               Use the air.
               They look at him.
               MOJO DELLASANDRO
               They're burning. Santa Anas. The night
               What're you talking about, Mojo?
               MOJO DELLASANDRO
               Death from above...

               EXT. QUEEN MARY - NIGHT
               Plissken, Hershe, Map To The Stars Eddie, Spinal and the Black
               Cowboy Gang stand on the top deck of the Queen Mary. Mojo
               Dellasandro straps each man into his own hang glider rig. The wind
               whips around them. The hillsides in the distance are on fire.
               They look like strange oversized moths lined up on the edge of the
               deck. The wind picks up Map To The Stars Eddie's rig. He bumps up
               and down, side to side, buffeted wildly until Mojo Dellasandro
               brings him back down to the decking.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               I don't know about this thing.
               Don't like it, don't come.
               Where'd you get these rigs, Carjack?
               My name is Hershe Hernandez, do you
               understand, cowboy?
               As Mojo Dellasandro passes out various weapons to the men, Map To
               The Stars Eddie leans over to Plissken, their hang glider rigs
               thumping clumsily into each other. Eddie holds up that small,
               metal-plated portable radio he was carrying when we first met him.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               I got an idea, Snake.
               (shows Plissken the radio)
               This looks like the prototype, right?
               Yeah, kinda.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               So maybe we can pull off a Texas switch on
               If he lets you get close enough.
               The wind's up. Let's go.
               The men brace themselves. Map To The Stars Eddie looks like he
               wants to die.
               Hershe looks over at Plissken and grins.
               See you in hell, Snake.
               If I'm late, Carjack, don't start without
               With that Plissken launches himself off the deck, sailing out over
               open space, then down toward the street...
               Gliding through the air, as the wind picks him upward. He arcs
               away from the street level, up toward the remains of the downtown
               skyscrapers. Behind him, one after another, the group takes off
               into the wind, diving, rising with the wind.
               Map To The Stars Eddie makes a rapid suicidal dive right down
               toward the pavement below. He screams like a madman until the wind
               lifts him at the last possible second.

               The group of hang gliders sweep past the buildings. A bracero
               family is having dinner by candlelight two feet from the edge of a
               sheer precipice, as the side of the skyscraper they live in has
               been torn off. They wave to Plissken as he passes.
               Two floors down, someone has hooked up huge speakers and a
               croaking male voice is singing a Barbra Streisand hit to a
               background track.
               A beautiful girl in a sheer diaphanous gown dances far out on a
               narrow girder, waving a scarf at the moon.
               Plissken and the others now fly in formation, like avenging bats
               through the night, except for Map To The Stars Eddie who keeps
               rising and plunging violently, barely in control.

               EXT. DISNEYLAND - NIGHT
               An army of vehicles and people pour into Disneyland - but it's a
               Disneyland gone to hell. A huge sign reads: "THE HAPPY KINGDOM"
               The gates no longer exist. The overhead tram lies broken on the
               ground. Slowly vehicles drive straight inside...
               A battered old limousine carries Cuervo Jones and a grim-looking
               Utopia past the ruins of the train and around the ghost-town
               square of Main Street. Ahead is the fairy castle, broken and
               crumbling, like some relic from a nightmare. Around it are the
               thrill rides, tossed in to a jumbled mass by the force of the
               original earthquake.
               Crowds are waiting. Gangs of every conceivable description. Ethic
               gangs. Female gangs. Gangs of children. Also families with
               hangers-on. As soon as the limousine appears, the crowds begin

               INT. LIMOUSINE - NIGHT
               Cuervo Jones stares out at the masses.
               CUERVO JONES
               They're simple people. They love a party.
               (turns to Utopia)
               We're gonna throw them one hell of a party
               when we get to America. Right?
               Utopia is silent, sullen. Cuervo raises his hand to her and she
               jumps, cowering.
               CUERVO JONES
               Put a smile on your face.
               A terrified smile spreads across Utopia's face.

               EXT. MAIN STREET - NIGHT
               As the limousine inches down Main Street, suddenly a wall of
               headlights pop on. 100 or so battered old vintage Chevys rev their
               engines, begin bouncing up and down wildly on hydraulic lifts.
               Gangs begin cheering, firing their weapons into the air like New
               Year's Eve.
               At the end of Main Street is a huge open area - almost an arena,
               beyond which are parked a literal army of helicopters.
               As the limousine stops, and Cuervo Jones emerges, Utopia on his
               arm, the cheering begins, a wall of sound through the park. Three
               Black Muslims step out to greet Cuervo, dressed in turban-like
               headgear and sunglasses, wearing black capes and carrying old
               Thompson machine guns. They stop, give the right-handed power
               salute. One of them, BIVOUAC, speaks to Cuervo.
               Cuervo Jones. Welcome, my Brother.
               Cuervo Jones turns to the crowd, extends his arms.
               CUERVO JONES
               Are you ready for the New World?
               And the loudest, longest cheer you've ever heard goes up.

               Plissken and the group sail through the sky like silent avenging
               angels toward Disneyland below them and several miles away.
               Glances at his wrist watch. Only 20 minutes left. Map To The Stars
               Eddie swings wildly over in his direction, manages to stabilize
               his glider for a few moments.
               Is that what I think it is?
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Yeah. The place kept changing owners.
               Finally went bankrupt. That thing in Paris
               killed 'em.
               Hershe and Spinal sweep over next to Plissken and fly in close
               Snake. We need some kind of diversion.
               A beat later all of them look over at Map To The Stars Eddie.

               Cuervo Jones leads Utopia toward a large attack helicopter out in
               front of all the others. The choppers are all starting up,
               roaring, blades turning.
               Suddenly shooting down out of the sky is a screaming, yelling, Map
               To The Stars Eddie diving out of control, eyes wide as he passes
               Cuervo Jones and Utopia.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Cuervo. Hey, man, I made it! I made it!
               Wait for me...
               Map To The Stars Eddie crash lands into the ruins of a fast food
               restaurant - KACRUNCH!
               A beat or so later he staggers out of the rig, dizzy and confused.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Hey Cuervo...
               Cuervo Jones turns to Bivouac.
               CUERVO JONES
               Would you please kill him for me?
               My pleasure.
               Bivouac raises his machine gun...
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Cuervo, wait! I got news. There's about to
               be an attack.
               Cuervo holds up his hand, stopping Bivouac. Everyone tenses. Map
               To The Stars Eddie races over...
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               You're about to get hit, Cuervo. It's
               CUERVO JONES
               You told me he was dead.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               I thought he was, but he came back.
               CUERVO JONES
               Map To The Stars Eddie moves close to Cuervo, out of breath,
               looking like he may faint...
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Oh Cuervo...
               CUERVO JONES
               (long beat)
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               It's so good to see you again.
               CUERVO JONES
               Where's Plissken?
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               He's... near.
               CUERVO JONES
               You're stalling, Eddie.
               (grabs him)
               Talk, you little gringo!
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               (eyes wide)
               Cuervo, look out behind you!
               Map To The Stars Eddie suddenly grabs Cuervo as if to protect him,
               and manages to wrap himself around the prototype in Cuervo's hand.
               At the same moment Bivouac and the Black Muslim open fire on an
               old storefront behind Cuervo Jones. The place is shredded.
               Cuervo Jones pulls Map To The Stars Eddie up off the ground, and
               grabs what looks like the prototype out of his clutches.
               CUERVO JONES
               You've lied to me for the very last time.
               Cuervo Jones pulls out a pistol, cocks it, aims at Map To The
               Stars Eddie's face...
               KABLOOM! No, not the pistol. A huge explosion rocks Main Street.
               WHOOSH! Suddenly out of the night sky Spinal and the Black Cowboys
               dive right down across Main Street.
               KABLAM! Another explosion sends everyone scurrying for cover.
               Spinal pulls the pin on a grenade, throws it...
               BLAMM! BLOOM! Explosions erupt everywhere!
               Cuervo Jones grabs Utopia, turns to run toward to the lead
               helicopter when...
               Plissken roars down out of the sky and his him full force. Cuervo,
               Plissken and the hang glider go tumbling and crashing in a heap.
               SERIES OF FAST CUTS:
               Chaos and pandemonium. Hershe dives down over the gangs, ripping
               hellfire from his automatic rifle.
               People running. Explosions.
               Map To The Stars Eddie grabs Utopia.
               Plissken and Cuervo Jones get to their feet and have at it!
               Through flames and running people Plissken and Cuervo battle.
               In Cuervo's hand is a long black knife. Just as he's plunging it,
               Plissken steps aside and grabs him. Locked together, they battle
               The knife cuts Plissken's chest.
               Cuervo moves for Plissken's throat.
               Plissken smashes him in the face.
               They both grip the knife in a deadlock.
               From above, Spinal dives down and hurls a grenade. Cuervo and
               Plissken disappear in a huge flash of fire and smoke as the
               grenade erupts out of the pavement nearby.
               When the smoke clears, three things are on the ground. Plissken.
               Cuervo Jones. The prototype.
               Instantly Plissken and Cuervo dive for the prototype. Plissken has
               it, kicks Cuervo in the face, drags himself to his feet and takes
               off running (as fast as a man can run with one bullet in his leg)
               Map To The Stars Eddie drags Utopia toward the lead helicopter, as
               Hershe comes in for a landing.
               Spinal comes in for a landing, continues to throw grenades. The
               other Black Cowboys land, provide covering fire.
               Plissken races for the chopper. Behind him, Cuervo Jones is on his
               feet and in pursuit.
               Hershe opens fire at Cuervo. Cuervo dives behind a smoking,
               burning Chevy.

               As everyone scrambles in. A Black Cowboy is hit by gunfire, slides
               down the bulkhead and out the door.
               Plissken jumps in the left seat, takes the controls. Utopia and
               Map To The Stars Eddie both climb in the right seat together. The
               others are in the back, firing back at the gangs. Plissken pulls
               in power.
               CLOSE - ROTOR R.P.M. GAUGE
               The needle's at 100% plus. Full power.

               EXT. LEAD HELICOPTER
               The lead chopper shudders, trying to get off the ground. Gunfire

               INT. HELICOPTER
               The ship shakes violently.
               She's overloaded! We're too heavy.
               (screams from the rear
               Somebody get off!
               (glares at him)
               All eyes quickly move to Map To The Stars Eddie...
               Bullets rip through the windscreen.
               POV - AN ARMY OF GANGS
               Is moving, through the smoke, charging the ship!

               INT. LEAD HELICOPTER
               The ship trembles. Plissken moves his feet, jams in the left tail-
               rotor pedal all the way.

               Rotates, turns around 180 degrees on the ground, pushed by the
               tail rotor force.
               THE CYCLIC CONTROL
               As Plissken inches it forward...
               THE HELICOPTER
               Begins sliding across the ground, skids grinding along the
               pavement, sparks flying - slowly at first, now picking up speed...
               In the cockpit, the ship lurches and jumps and slams! Everyone is
               bounced around.
               The helicopter moves fast now - faster -
               LOW ANGLE ON THE SKIDS
               As they rise up, an inch off the ground - then two inches - then a
               foot -
               Cuervo Jones emerges from the smoke, running ahead of the other
               gangs, barreling toward the ever-so-slowly rising chopper...
               THE LEAD HELICOPTER
               As it lifts - five feet - climbing...
               The helicopter pulls away from the charging gangs and Cuervo's
               sprinting figure.
               See the Matterhorn ahead, coming closer and closer. Hershe leans
               out the door.
               We're not gonna make it over the fuckin'
               The helicopter moves right toward the edge of the Matterhorn, 15
               feet... 10... Plissken tries to maneuver out of the way... 8
               feet... 5...
               The helicopter wobbles over the top of the mountain, the right
               skid catching on the Matterhorn's edge! A horrible cracking sound,
               and the right skid is ripped off from its front mounting, hanging
               half off the ship!
               On the ground, Cuervo Jones jumps into one of the waiting
               helicopters as now the gangs race into ships and begin lifting off
               into the sky. Finally Cuervo's chopper lifts off...

               EXT. FIREBASE SEVEN - NIGHT
               An alarm horn sounds. Everyone is on the move.

               A crowd surrounds a computer screen with a small green blip moving
               over a grid of L.A.
               COM OFFICER
               Aircraft leaving the island, sir. It's
               passed into restricted space, heading this
               Malloy, the President, and Brazen exchange glances.
               Is it Plissken?
               Nobody knows.
               COM OFFICER
               Commander, I'm getting radio contact with
               the aircraft.
               Boost it.
               The COM Officer flips a switch, and we hear Plissken's voice
               booming through HQ.
               PLISSKEN (V.O.)
               Get ready, shitheads. We're comin' in.
               Thank God.
               (grabs a radio mike)
               Plissken - this is Malloy. Do you have the

               (into his radio)
               Yeah, I got it.
               Plissken glances at the transistor radio in his hand, shoves it in
               his boot, reaches his hand out to Map To The Stars Eddie.
               (to Map To The Stars Eddie)
               Now give me the real one.
               Utopia stares into Plissken's eye.
               Map To The Stars Eddie shrugs innocently
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               I couldn't make the switch, Snake. I don't
               have it.
               Suddenly Utopia reaches into Map To The Stars Eddie's coat and
               pulls out the real prototype. She hands it to Plissken
               Now we're even, Snake.
               Map To The Stars Eddie makes a lunge for it, but Plissken whacks
               him in the face. His head bobs slowly back and forth for a moment,
               then he slumps in the seat.

               Malloy set up in the staging area for landing.
               COM OFFICER
               Commander Malloy - he's got lots of
               Malloy and the others look at the computer screen. Plissken's
               green blip is followed by hundreds of other green blips all
               rapidly closing in on him...
               Battle stations...
               The room springs into action...

               I think we've burned off enough fuel. We
               may be lighter enough to hover. Just
               Can you land?
               No. The right skid's broken. If I try to
               set it down she'll crash. I have to stay
               in a hoverwhile you jump off.
               (beat as Plissken looks at
               Hey, Carjack. We gotta hide the girl. Give
               her your dress.
               (ice cold)
               My name is no longer Carjack. Will you
               please get that through your fucking head?
               Holy shit.
               They look, as suddenly the night sky on either side of them is
               filled with gang helicopters!

               The lead helicopter is surrounded by enemy choppers. Above, below,
               on either side.
               Right next to Plissken, Cuervo's chopper pulls up just ten feet
               away. Cuervo grins out at Plissken evilly, unhooks himself from
               his seat...
               On the other side, another chopper with Bivouac and the Black
               Muslims pull up. In the rear compartment, a Black Muslim aims what
               looks like a huge harpoon gun mounted to the floor.
               The line shoots out and a gleaming grappling hook slams into the
               side of Plissken's chopper, the prongs clawing in, holding. In the
               lead helicopter, the Black Cowboys, Spinal and Hershe aim their
               Don't shoot! They can drag us down into
               the sea.
               Cuervo Jones leaps from the opened door of his chopper, flies
               through space, lands on Plissken's door with a WHUMP! He smashes
               through the side window and grabs Plissken.
               KABLAM! KABLAM! Gang choppers open fire, riddling the rear
               compartment with bullets. Spinal and several Black Cowboys are
               Plissken fights Cuervo through the door.
               (to Utopia)
               Take the controls!
               Utopia stares at him.
               What do I do?
               But Cuervo wrenches the door open, grabs Plissken, and pulls him
               out of the seat. Utopia grabs the controls.
               The lead helicopter goes wild, lurching and swinging and dropping.
               Plissken and Cuervo are locked in a death grip, hanging on to the
               doorway, one foot in, one foot out.
               Plissken embraces Cuervo and throws them both over the edge...
               They fall through space, locked together, until...
               WHAP! They are jolted to a dead stop, swinging in mid-air,
               Plissken's arm wrapped around the dangling right skid.
               The lead helicopter bucks and spins and swings, Plissken and
               Cuervo suspended below, struggling to the death, whipped back and
               forth by the helicopter's gyrations.
               In the cockpit, Utopia grabs the controls. The ship is shaking,
               swinging like a pendulum. Hershe is hit with gunfire, flops in the
               rear compartment. Map To The Stars Eddie slowly regains
               consciousness, stares in horror at Utopia.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Where's Plissken?
               Outside, Cuervo clutches Plissken around the neck, struggling and
               thrashing. Plissken head butts him, dazing him for a second...
               KA-CRACK! The dangling skid is breaking loose from its mounting on
               the helicopter above. Plissken and Cuervo Jones stare up, then at
               each other, then both begin pulling themselves up the skid,
               climbing hand over hand, in a desperate race...
               Both men reach the bottom of the helicopter and leap across to the
               left skid as the dangling right skid breaks off and falls into the
               San Fernando Sea. Plissken and Cuervo kick at each other. Plissken
               slides away from him, looks up... sees the grappling hook stuck
               into the side of the helicopter...
               Plissken swings up, straddling the skid. He reaches up and begins
               prying loose the grappling hook. Cuervo's coming right up behind
               him, reaching for him, a huge knife in his hands. He raises the
               knife - when Map To The Stars Eddie leans out of the cockpit door,
               lowers a gun and aims it right at Cuervo.
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               Hey, Cuervo.
               Cuervo looks at him, starts to say something, eyes bulging...
               MAP TO THE STARS EDDIE
               If you get to America - let's do lunch.
               KABLAM! KABLAM! The shots hit, and Cuervo buckles, falls backwards
               off the skid, plunging downward toward the surface of the San
               Fernando Sea... KASPLASH!
               Plissken rips out the grappling hook...
               AS BOOM!
               Map To The Stars Eddie is hit with gunfire, dies, falls out of the
               seat, out of the door, out of the helicopter - plunges to the
               water below.
               Plissken jumps back inside the cockpit.
               Snake, look.
               Police battle helicopters thunder toward them. In unison, the
               police helicopters launch their missiles from gun platforms.
               Burning, white-sulfurous napalm shells streak across the darkness
               and hit enemy choppers. The sky around the lead helicopter is
               filled with explosions, waves of rolling fire, falling flaming
               wrecks plunging past, as enemy choppers begin to hit the water.
               It is a dreamlike, slow-motion ballet. Huge black police gun ships
               circle lazily around the enemy choppers, their flex-guns and
               rockets spitting blue-white fire. The pound the living hell out of
               the enemy choppers. In f.g. Plissken's helicopter sweeps over the

               EXT. ROTOR CITY - NIGHT
               Malloy, the President, Brazen and the rest the Firebase watch as
               Plissken's helicopter approaches, then zooms right over Rotor City
               and heads for the distant treeline.
               Where the hell is he going?

               EXT. SMALL CLEARING - NIGHT
               Plissken's helicopter comes in, lower and lower, into a hover five
               feet above the ground. Inside, Plissken pulls in all the power
               he's got.
               It's taking all the power we've got to
               CLOSE - ROTOR R.P.M. GAUGE
               Shows 100% plus power. The helicopter is in a trembling hover.
               Jump out. Head for the treeline and
               Utopia stares at him.
               Utopia jumps out of the helicopter... lands on the ground and
               takes off running into the darkness. Inside...
               All right, baby. Don't be too rough on me.
               We're gonna land.
               Plissken slowly drops the collective control. The left skid sets
               down, and the ship continues to descend, tips, begins to roll.
               Inside, as the chopper rolls over, Plissken braces himself. As the
               blades hit the ground, the chopper goes wild. The fuselage jumps
               and twists in a grinding fury. Smoke and debris fly. The blades
               snap off...
               Looking out the front, the blades smash through the windscreen,
               barely missing the top of Plissken's head. Plissken is splattered
               with glass, a piece of metal debris protrudes from the fleshy part
               of his biceps. Blood pours. The rear compartment explodes into
               flames as the engine grinds into the gas tank. Fire billows into
               the cockpit, engulfing Plissken...
               Outside, Plissken pulls himself out of the door. He is on fire.
               Dives away from the copper and rolls across the ground just as the
               flaming mid-section of the ship explodes in a roaring fireball.
               Plissken climbs to his feet, smoking, wounded...
               ... as Malloy, the President, Brazen, and a squad of police arrive
               in vehicles. They slowly get out...
               ... as Plissken limps toward them...
               Where's the anti-toxin...?
               Give me the prototype.
               Plissken reaches into his boot, hands it to the President.
               Hold it, Plissken. Now give us the real
               Plissken reaches down into his other boot, comes out with Map To
               The Stars Eddie's transistor radio. The President hurls the real
               prototype away, walks to Plissken and grabs the phony. Plissken
               glances at it lying on the ground.
               Nobody moves. Plissken looks at their faces.
               Give me the goddamn shot!
               Suddenly everyone begins to smirk. A couple cops laugh.
               It was all a fake, Plissken.
               Plissken stares at him. More laughter.
               You were injected with glucose. There is
               no Plutoxin 7 virus. You were never going
               to die - at least not from anything we
               gave you.
               C'mon, Snake - it's L.A. Everything's
               phony, you know that.
               Plissken moves toward the President, stops inches away.
               Relax, war hero. We took you for a ride,
               and you came through. Not bad for a
               dirtbag like you.
               You're free, Plissken. But if you even so
               much as break wind on a country road I'll
               crush you like a bug.
               The President glares at Plissken, turns, walks away.
               COP (O.S.)
               (Malloy looks at him)
               Look what we found.
               Across the clearing come two policemen dragging Utopia along with
               them. They bring her up in front of Malloy. Utopia glances at
               You didn't finish the mission, Plissken.
               We'll have to do that for you.
               Plissken, Malloy and Brazen watch as Utopia is taken away. Finally
               Plissken turns to Malloy.
               Got a smoke?
               You're gonna have to learn to respect the
               law, Snake. The United States is a no-
               smoking nation. No smoking, no drinking,
               do drugs, no women unless you're married,
               no guns, no foul language. It's a brand
               new day for you, Snake.
               The name's Plissken.
               Plissken walks away. Follow his feet as they stop next to the
               prototype lying in the grass...

               Utopia is being strapped into an electric chair by her police
               guards. The guards step back from Utopia. One of them walks over
               to a huge switch on the wall.

               EXT. FIREBASE SEVEN - DAWN
               He holds the real prototype, calmly pushes the button.

               EXT. SPACE - DAWN
               The ring of space satellites hover silently above the Earth. See
               the United States, North America below, as a beautiful sunrise is
               Suddenly the satellites explode into white...

               EXT. FIREBASE SEVEN - DAWN
               As the sky is lit white. Malloy, Brazen, and the cops look up. All
               vehicles stop. Lights out. Sounds of motors running down.

               Darkness. No power. Everyone looks around. Utopia smiles.

               EXT. FIREBASE SEVEN - DAWN
               The daylight is coming as police helicopters fall from the sky,
               crashing. Panic. Policemen run everywhere. A duty sergeant races
               up to Malloy...
               DUTY SERGEANT
               We're being attacked, Commander. The north

               EXT. WALL - DAWN
               All of L.A. has arrive at the wall in boats. Gangs lean ladders,
               use ropes and hooks - they scale the wall. Pendejo Bob leads the
               charge. Pipeline is right behind him.

               EXT. TOP OF THE WALL - DAWN
               Gunfire. A pitched battle as cops try to repel the horde of L.A.
               invaders as they pour over the wall.

               EXT. FIREBASE SEVEN - DAWN
               The Firebase is overrun by invaders. Hand-to-hand combat. World
               War III has begun. Panicked cops race for the trees, abandoning
               their positions.

               The Third World warriors free Utopia from the electric chair. She
               joins them as they swarm through the halls...

               Plissken is at the edge of the Firebase, moving out into the
               hillside. Camera tracks with him towards the rising sun.
               A smile crosses Plissken's face. He tosses the prototype down a
               ravine, and walks away into the sunrise.
               FADE OUT
               THE END

Escape From L.A.

Writers :   John Carpenter  Debra Hill  Kurt Russell
Genres :   Action  Adventure  Sci-Fi  Thriller

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