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Based on characters created by

 Early Draft - September 1987


                          THE FLINTSTONES

    FADE IN:
1   EXT. SLATE QUARRY - DAY                                    1

    FRED FLINTSTONE, archetypical Everyman, sits atop his
    faithful heavy-equipment dinosaur, cranking the winch
    that makes the mighty beast rip and tear into the quarry

2   THE QUARRY FOREMAN                                         2
    looks down at his wristwatch. Well... actually, it's a
    wrist sundial. And it's magic time... quittin' time...
    Millerock time!
    Now the foreman turns from his watch to a steam whistle
    bird, and yanks its tail. The BIRD SQUAWKS the end of
    the workday --

3   ANOTHER ANGLE                                              3
               YABBA DABBA DO -- !
    Fred happily discards his hard hat, leaps out of the
    canvas-roofed cab on the dino's back, slides down the
    tail and bounces right into the seat of his stone and
    timber car! He gets up to a running start with the only
    motor (his feet), slows to allow a "time clock" dinosaur
    to punch his stone timecard, and then he's trotting back
    up to speed and out of the gate! MUSIC comes UP and
    OVER --
                             MUSIC (V.O.)
               Meet the Flintstones,
               They're a modern
               Stone age fam-i-ly --'

    -- And so forth, as for the first time in "his-tor-y" we
    see the Flintstones' OPENING CREDITS live!
4   TIGHT ON A MAILBOX                                         4

    reading "FLINTSTONE." We WIDEN as Fred SKIDS to a halt
    in the driveway of his three-bedroom ranch cave. A
    moment later, WILMA and PEBBLES run out -- both looking
    just like they should -- and get into the car. A beat
    behind them are the Flintstone pets, Dino and the
    saber-toothed cat.
    Fred pauses, looks around... HONKS his HORN... BARNEY,
    BETTY and BAM-BAM come out of the neighboring house, hop


4   CONTINUED:                                                 4
    Fred's feet slap on the street as the car starts
    up --

                               MUSIC (V.O.)
                 'From the
                 Town of Bedrock
                 They're a page right
                 Out of his-tor-y -- '
5   DRIVE-IN MOVIE THEATRE - DUSK                              5

    Fred and company pull in. He takes a giant sea shell
    "speaker" off of its wooden stand and hooks it to his
    car door. He leans over, puts his arm around Wilma.
    (In the back seat, Dino pops his head up, tearing through
    the canvas top.) Dino picks up Pebbles and Bam-Bam and
    puts them on his head for a better view. CAMERA ZOOMS IN
    ON the drive-in screen and the words that America has
    waited twenty-five years to see in 70mm Dolby(TM) drop-
    your-popcorn reality:
                            THE FLINTSTONES
    And as the MAIN CREDITS ROLL, we --
                                              DISSOLVE TO:
6   AN EERIE CARBONIFEROUS FOREST - DAWN                       6

    Dew drips from strange multi-leafed plants. Giant
    DRAGONFLIES BUZZ AND HUM to and fro. Bubbles rise from
    a still pond, and weird lungfish move onto the land.
    (The third one out carries a little suitcase.)

    CAMERA PANS PAST the lungfish TO a muddy shore. With a
    DRAMATIC MUSICAL STING, we DISCOVER a set of strange,
    hideous clawprints. The CAMERA FOLLOWS these, then
    WIDENS to reveal the make of these footprints: A seven-
    foot tall and fearful beast we will call the Xenosaurus.
    It looks around menacingly. (Oddly, it's carrying a
    canvas sack, but we don't stress this.)

    Suddenly a garbage truck appears out of nowhere and runs
    over the Xenosaurus.

7   NEW ANGLE                                                  7

    Dazed, the Xenosaurus gets up. As it does, we realize
    that we aren't deep in some primeval forest, but on the
    shoulder of a gravel highway. A stone road sign reads
    EXITS. Now, the CAMERA CRANES UP ABOVE the sign and
    we see -- Bedrock!


7    CONTINUED:                                                 7
     Nestled incongruously in a savage landscape, the charming
     protosuburbia gleams in the dawn's early Spielberg light.

     The Xenosaurus grabs its sack and some silverware spills
     out. Then it runs off into the bushes and out of sight.

8    WITH THAT GARBAGE TRUCK                                    8

     It reaches the crest of a hill where there's a "WELCOME
     TO BEDROCK" billboard which bears greetings from the
     Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce, and (of course)
     The Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes. The garbage truck
     guys drop their feet down through the floorboard and
     trot over the rise, coast down to the street below.
     The driver yanks a wooden brake and the truck stops, and
     the rear guys hop off. One of them waves to --

9    A MILKMAN                                                  9
     who returns the wave, then takes a four-pack of stone
     bottles out of his milk truck, heads towards a doorway.
     As the milkman drops off the milk, he passes a big
     TORTOISE with trash cans on its back. The Tortoise
     nods familiarly to the milkman, then it waddles down the
     curb, CAMERA FOLLOWING. The garbage men take the cans
     off the Tortoise's back, dump them into the truck.
10   REAR OF TRUCK                                              10
     -- revealing   that the back of the truck is actually a
     giant-jawed   CREATURE strapped onto the chassis. The
     garbage men   dump the cans into its maw... it happily
     swallows the   works, licks its lips, BELCHES.
11   BACK TO SCENE                                              11

     The garbagemen slam the cans back on the Tortoise, who
     winces as they drive off.
                         (under his breath)
                  You can forget about a tip for

     It waddles back up the lawn... passing by a wooden "lawn
     timer" box which now pops open.
     Inside the box is a "ROOSTERSAURUS" which CROWS and flaps
     its wings. The motion of the wings knocks loose two
     round stones which roll down two long troughs a la Rube


12   FOLLOWING THE ROUND STONES                                12
     They reach the ends of their respective paths, dislodging
     a stick... that releases a coiled rope which in turn
     spins a turntable which holds a little wooly mammoth. As
     it begins to spin around, it squirts water out of its

     Elsewhere on the lawn, other spinning MAMMOTHS repeat
     this performance. After a moment, they gradually slow
     their revolutions. The one closest to the house
     scrunches its trunk with a GROAN.

                             LITTLE MAMMOTH
               Oh, my aching sinuses...

13   INT. FLINTSTONES' BEDROOM - DAY                           13

     WIDEN FROM the windowsill, where a little sea shell
     hearing aid trumpet AMPLIFIES another ROOSTERSAURUS
     "COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO" into the ear of a "CLOCK RADIO
     WOODPECKER." The Woodpecker yawns, gets out of bed,
     puts a timecard in a little clock. Then it turns
     and begins pecking on a BELL, which RINGS PIERCINGLY.

14   INT. BEDROOM - NEW ANGLE                                  14
     Two shapes are visible under the bedclothes: One is a
     great SNORING bulge, the other is a svelte and lithe
     shape. As the BELL continues RINGING, the larger bulge
     GRUNTS, MOANS, pulls a pillow over its head, and then
     finally gropes under the bed for a slipper. The slipper
     is thrown without aiming --
15   THE WOODPECKER                                            15
     ducks just in time.   It wipes its forehead nervously.

                             RADIO WOODPECKER
               I hate this job... There's not
               even a health plan...

     He staggers back up to his perch, and then notices for
     the first time that the dial on the side is pointed not
     looks over at the bed where SNORING is still emanating.
     Then the bird swings a little telescope around to point
     out the window.
16   WOODPECKER'S TELESCOPE - IRIS SHOT                        16

     as the 'SCOPE PANS and FOCUSES, finally SETTLING ON a
     distant stone building marked RADIO STATION B-ROK.


16   CONTINUED:                                                    16
     Perched on top of the wooden radio tower are a monkey
     and an octopus. The monkey holds up cue cards which the
     octopus reads, and then waves nautical semaphore flags.
17   BACK TO SCENE                                                 17

     Our WOODPECKER squints, CLEARS his THROAT.

                                RADIO WOODPECKER
                         (deeper "on-air" voice)
                  Good morning, Bedrock. This is
                  station B-R-O-K with the morning
                  weather and news...
18   IN THE BED                                                    18

     The big bulge GRUNTS and MUTTERS a bit, then one hand
     gropes around, finds the curvaceous form under the
     neighboring covers... feels it tentatively... then
     the fingers "walk" upwards...
                                RADIO WOODPECKER (O.S.)
                  It will be fair and mild through
                  the weekend, continuing for the
                  next eight hundred years, followed
                  by cooling breezes and a protracted
                  ice age...
     Those walking fingers have reached the top edge of the
     covers... now they pull them down revealing the owner's
     face... the face of Fred, his eyes at half-mast, his
     face covered in fashionable "Bedrock Vice" stubble.
                         (with genuine charm)
                  Wil-ma. Wil-ma? How about a
                  great big good morning kiss for
                  your Freddy-weddy?
     And he pulls the covers down to reveal -- DINO, who is
     immediately "YI-YI-YI-YI-ING," hopping all over the bed
     and showering Fred with sloppy kisses.
                  Dino!   Dino, cut it out -- !

                                RADIO WOODPECKER (O.S.)
                  In the news, Bedrock civic and
                  business leaders met yesterday to
                  discuss the growing kibble crisis.



18   CONTINUED:                                                    18
                                RADIO WOODPECKER (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                  Ecological activist Ralph Naderock
                  warned that if new supplies of
                  kibble are not found, our animal-
                  powered civilization itself may be

     By now Dino's affection   attack has knocked both master
     and pet to the floor in   a jumble of bedclothes, asses
     and elbows. Dino begins    to roll Fred across the room
     like a seal playing with   a ball.

                  Dino, that's enough -- here, look,
                  Daddy has a nice dino bone for
                  you, just please stop it --

     Fred has now backed up to a dresser, where he grabs a
     brightly-colored box labeled "PURINROCK DINO TREATS."
     Fred holds it up -- Dino gets up on two legs, eager for
     the treat -- Fred shakes the box... alas, nothing comes
     DINO "YI-YI'S" again, propelling Fred into the next room.
19   INT. FLINTSTONE KITCHEN - DAY                                 19
     Five-year-old PEBBLES GIGGLES at the table as Fred and
     Dino tumble into the room like Frank Buck and a lion.
     Wilma turns at the noise. One look at her and we under-
     stand Fred's romantic turn.
                                RADIO WOODPECKER (O.S.)
                  In other news, Bedrock police
                  report that the Xenosaurus has
                  struck again! Yes, the fiercesome
                  intruder was sighted in the
                  Bedrock Hills for the third time
                  this month. Outlying shops and
                  residencies report extensive
                  looting and property destruction...

                  Fred, stop playing with Dino and
                  sit down. Your breakfast's
                  getting cold.

     Saying this, Wilma puts   a huge egg at Fred's place.
     Meanwhile, Fred manages   to get to his feet, holds out
     one arm to keep Dino at   bay. Fred does a big "take,"
     looking out the window   --



19   CONTINUED:                                                    19
                         (throwing open the
                  Oooh, Dino, look -- there's a
                  nice big dino bone laying out on
                  the front lawn -- !

     Pause.   Dino gives him a big look as if to say, "Oh,
                         (trying again)
                  -- Gosh, look at that adorable
                  little female dino --

     "YI-YI-YI-YI," DINO is out the door like a rocket. Fred
     cackles, slams it shut, then sits down at the table.
                  -- That animal's gonna kill me
                  with kindness. Do you know we're
                  out of dino treats?
                  So is everybody else in Bedrock.
                  That kibble crisis is getting
                  worse every day.
     She puts two giant slices of bread into a toaster. Two
     claw-like devices hold the toast, pulling it out of
                  I'm afraid Dino's going to have to
                  manage on leftovers from Pebbles
                  and me.

                         (sitting down)
                  And what's wrong with my leftovers?

                  I'll let you know when I see

                                RADIO WOODPECKER (O.S.)
                         (finishing up)
                  ... Scientists from B.C.
                  University report that the
                  footprints of the Xenosaurus match
                  no known animal.



19   CONTINUED:    (2)                                             19
                  Mommy, is the bad Ze-ze-zenosaurus
                  gonna get me and eat me up?
                  Of course not, baby.

                  That's right, sweetheart. The
                  only thing that's gonna eat you
                  up is -- me!

     And he grabs her and bites her and tickles her.
                         (giggling, calming)
                  I'm still a little scared...
                  Pebbles, don't worry. These
                  stories are very exaggerated.
                  Like, you know, the boogyman?
                  There's no such thing as a huge,
                  inhuman reptile that attacks
                  without warning --
     WHAM! Dino reappears, bounding through the window
     and knocking Fred onto the floor. Once again Dino is
     happily licking and loving and cuddling his callously
     unresponsive owner. Fred struggles to avoid the
     slurping tongue, pulls himself up to the window sill,
     looks out.
                  -- Oh, look, everybody, the mailman
                  is here --

     "YI-YI-YI-YI!" DINO buys it again, runs to the door,
     lets himself out. This time Fred puts a chair against
     the door.

     Meanwhile, Wilma turns at the sound of the TOASTER
     POPPING UP. We see that the "claws" we saw earlier were
     the actual claws of a LOBSTER in a little fireproof suit
     who is tucked inside the toaster. As Wilma takes the
     toast, the Lobster blows on his claws, wincing, then
     looks TOWARDS the CAMERA.
                  Well, it beats working in a
                  seafood restaurant...



19   CONTINUED:    (3)                                             19
                         (taking the toast)
                  Thanks, Wilma...
     Fred slaps jelly on the toast, takes a big bite, and then
     something outside the window catches his eye.

20   HIS POV - STREET                                              20
     A paperboy on a wood-and-stone bicycle is coming rapidly
     towards the house. In the bike's basket is a stack of
     dried, rock-hard clay tablets.
21   BACK TO SCENE                                                 21

     Fred leans out the window, waving his hands.

                  Arnold! Arnold! Don't aim at
                  the house -- please, not at the
                  house --
     WHAM! Fred ducks back just as the stone newspaper slams
     into the window frame, SMASHING a FLOWERPOT, taking out
     a chunk of wall, and continuing diagonally through the
     kitchen and out another window. Fred follows this
     action in time to see --
22   HIS DRIVEWAY - THROUGH THE OTHER WINDOW                       22
     The rock paper drops like a foul shot, rips through the
     canvas roof of Fred's car, and then bangs a huge dent
     in the hood.

23   BACK TO SCENE                                                 23
     Fred sighs, turns back to his breakfast.

                  Lucky it wasn't the Sunday paper.

                          (slight smile)
                  Yeah.   What else can go wrong?

     He slices through the big egg with his knife -- releasing
     a baby PTERODACTYL which SQUAWKS and flaps, knocking Fred
     over as it takes off through the window.
                                                    DISSOLVE TO:

24   EXT. FLINTSTONE DRIVEWAY - LATER                              24
     Fred -- now dressed for work -- is forlornly trying to
     fix his car.


24   CONTINUED:                                                    24
     In the neighboring driveway, Wilma and Betty pile the
     kids into Betty's car.

                         (wiping their mouths)
                  Come on, kids. Time for nursery

                  'Bye-bye, Daddy.

                  'Bye, little sweetheart.
                         (as Wilma clears
                          her throat)
                  'Bye, big sweetheart.

     Fred kisses them both and they drive off. Fred sighs,
     tries to stretch the canvas roof edges close enough to
     stitch. Nearby, Dino struggles to drag the stone news-
     paper inside the house. The twin headlines are, of

     Suddenly a pink flamingo appears over the hedge. As its
     mouth opens and closes, it appears to be talking, but
     the voice is that of --
                  Nice morning, huh, Fred?
                  What's nice about it?

                  Heh, hey. That Arnold's got a
                  real arm on him, don't he?

     Now we see that Barney is holding the flamingo's stiff
     legs which he scissors, making the bird's beak trim the

                  This is the third ragtop this year
                  ... say, shouldn't you be at work?

                  Ah, well, that appliance store and
                  me, we kinda had a little
                  adjustment --

                  You got fired, didn't ya?


24   CONTINUED:    (2)                                               24
                  Fred, don't start on me again.    I
                  donno, I'm just not a nine to
                  five guy. I got dreams, Fred.
                  Ideas --

                  Yeah, I know, I know, those
                  crazy inventions of yours. Be
                  honest with me, Barn... tell me
                  one thing you invented that
                  really caught on.
                  I invented fire.

                  You invented fire?
                  I told you that, Fred. But the
                  coal conglomerate ripped me off.
                  The case is still in court, but
                  meanwhile I got lotsa other
                  ideas --
                  Yeah, but did any one of them
                  ever put bread on the table? How
                  long are you and Betty gonna live
                  on those penny-ante royalties you

     Fred pulls his car hood off of its wooden hinges,
     examines it with dismay.

                  If you ask me, pal, you're just
                  blowing smoke up your own

                  Maybe, Fred.   But first...

     He uses the flamingo's jaws to snatch the car hood
     from Fred's surprised grasp.
                  Let me try some of that smoke on
                  your car.

                                                     CUT TO:


25   INT. BARNEY'S GARAGE/WORKSHOP - DAY                         25
     We can still see Fred's car in the neighboring driveway.
     (We can also see Dino, who drags the newspaper on a
     bit more, then collapses from exhaustion).
     Barney's garage is cluttered with all kinds of odds and
     ends, plus various inventions and scale models in
     different stages of completion. (Interestingly, a
     number of these anticipate Leonardo da Vinci's work).
     Many of the models are made of a strange celadon green

     Fred watches, skeptical, as Barney presses the car hood
     into some soft clay between two big blocks of stone.
                        (as he works)
                 -- See, the first step, we make
                 a mold of the old car hood, smooth
                 out the dent in the clay --
     He tosses the original car hood aside with a crash.
     Then, moving rapidly, he starts heaving a variety of
     ingredients into the reverse imprint of the car hood.

                 -- Add some lava granules... some
                 woca leaves... juice from two
                 coo-coo berries...

                 Two coo-coo berries?   You made of
                 money, Barney?

                 Anything for a pal, Fred -- a
                 lump of coal... bamboo sawdust...
                 eucalyptus sap... a touch of the
                 La Brea tarbrush -- and -- voila.
     Barney dips a finger in this mess, "tastes" it;
     satisfied, he yanks on a hanging rope and a giant rock
     weight slams down on the whole mess, making Fred jump out
     of his skin.

26   NEW ANGLE                                                   26

     Fred is caked with dust.   He coughs and spits.
                 Barney, why don't you try inventing
                 a brain for yourself! Look at what
                 you did to --


26   CONTINUED:                                                     26
     He stops as Barney cranks up the weight on a ratchet,
     proudly lifts out a perfect (though greenish) duplicate
     of the car hood. As Fred examines it, impressed despite
     himself, we...
                                                    CUT TO:

27   BETTY'S CAR - TRAVELING                                        27
     The two kids are in the back seat. Somehow both of the
     kids' faces are messy again. Working together with
     beautiful precision, they are carefully dismantling the
     rear armrests and door handles.
                         (in mid-speech,
                  ... Oh, it's not that I'm complaining,
                  Wilma. I mean, Barney's sweet, but...
                  well, he's just not cut out to punch
                  a clock. And he's such a dreamer,
                  you think he ever once picked up a
                  hammer and chisel and tried to
                  balance a checkbook?
     They pull up in front of a pleasant-looking simple little
     nursery school. MRS. GRANITE, a pleasant-looking 65, sees
     them from the schoolyard, waves while Wilma and Betty un-
     load the kids.
                  No, Barney just keeps looking for
                  that coo-coo berry pie in the sky,
                  and I don't want to pop his balloon
                  by talking about the price of
                  mastodon ribs.

     She wipes off Bam-Bam's mouth with a handkerchief. Wilma
     does the same with Pebbles and then they kiss the kids,
     who immediately run into the schoolyard.

                                MRS. GRANITE
                  Mrs. Rubble, Mrs. Flintstone, I
                  wanted to thank you personally.

                  You're welcome, Mrs. Granite. But
                  we wipe their mouths every day.

                                MRS. GRANITE
                  No, no, I mean for all your wonderful
                  support the past few years. It's
                  parents like you that make me think
                  twice about retiring.


27   CONTINUED:                                                     27
     From the schoolyard comes the sudden sound of KIDS QUAR-
     RELING and then a THUD and some CRYING.

                                MRS. GRANITE
                  On the other hand...

     Wilma and Betty laugh.

                  We're really going to miss you,
                  too, Mrs. Granite.

                                MRS. GRANITE
                  Have you found another school for
                  the children?

                  We're still shopping around.
                  Fortunately, we're both --
     Wilma and Betty straighten... salute.

                                WILMA & BETTY
                         (they've done this
                          routine before)
                  -- Professional shoppers!

     As the three women laugh, we...
                                                    CUT TO:
28   EXT. BEDROCK STREET - TRAVELLING - DAY                         28
     Fred and Barney drive along. (Behind them, the same
     houses and palms seem to be going by... duplex, palm...
     split level, two palms... duplex, palm).
     Barney grins, gestures towards the front of the car.

                  Not bad, eh? After it cures for an
                  hour or so, it's solid as a rock.

                  Okay, you fixed a dented hood. But
                  you call that a living? Face it,
                  pal, this is the Stone Age, and it's
                  a dino eat dino world. You want my

                  Did I ever?



28   CONTINUED:                                                  28
                  You stick with me today, cruise on
                  down to the quarry and fill out a
                  job application. I'm a big man
                  there, Barney --

                  You're a big man anywhere, Fred --
                  I'm serious, pal. Me and Mr. Slate
                  are just like this --
     He takes his hand off the wheel to hold up two fingers...
     ends up swerving instead.

                  -- just like that. I know, I know
                  -- you're not a clock-punching guy
                  -- but face it, Barney -- it's time
                  to grow up and put your nose to the
                  grindstone, batten down the hatches
                  and join the ratasaurus race with
                  the rest of us.
                  It's time to retire those dreams.
     Barney looks glum, doesn't say anything.    Suddenly Fred
     pulls over, stops the car.
                  Barney.   Look.
29   WIDE SHOT                                                   29
     They're at the crest of a high wide hill.

                  Hey.   Lava Lane.
                  Remember the old days, Barn? We
                  used to race our go-carts here to
                  impress the girls.

                  Yeah, those were the days... we
                  usta dream about coming back here
                  some day with a real car and goin'
                  for the goldrock...!

     A look from one to another, and then down the hill...
     Fred gets a malicious grin on his face.



29   CONTINUED:                                                     29
                  Fred... I thought you said it was
                  time to retire those old dreams.
                  Hey. Since when do I have to be

     The two pals laugh, and then    with a whoop they begin
     pedalling like mad. They go     over the top, gravity takes
     over and they are flying past    that billboard with all the
     Rotary Club welcomes on it.     But now we see a different
     sort of welcome, as a POLICE    CAR ZOOMS out from behind it.
30   POLICE CAR - CLOSER                                            30

     Inside are SERGEANT FELDSPAR and his rookie partner,
     OFFICER GRAVEL. Cackling with anticipation, Feldspar
     opens a box marked radar detector. Out pops a little
     bird in a police helmet. It has a stopwatch (actually,
     stop-sundial) around its neck. Feldspar points -- the
     bird salutes -- takes off!
31   FRED AND BARNEY                                                31
                        (spotting the cops)
                  Oh-oh! Fred, slow down -- !

     Suddenly both Fred and Barney see the RADAR BIRD flying
     alongside them. It checks its stopwatch, writes a note
     to itself. Fred is so preoccupied he doesn't notice
     as --

32   THE POLICE CAR                                                 32
     cuts in front of Fred. Fred SLAMS on the "BRAKES," sits
     helplessly as Feldspar gets out, walks over, grinning.
                  Well, Flintstone, looks like today's
                  the day.
                  Sergeant Feldspar, I... I wasn't
                  speeding... honest...

     Fred reaches down to the floorboard as he speaks...
33   ANGLE ON FLOORBOARD                                            33

     There's a box there marked RADAR BUSTER.


33   CONTINUED:                                                       33
                                FELDSPAR (O.S.)
                  Forget it, Flintstone. This time
                  I got you dead to rights --
     Fred opens the box. A scary-looking winged reptile
     sticks out its head, smacks its hungry lips.

34   BACK TO SCENE                                                    34
     Confident, Feldspar jerks a thumb at the Radar Bird,
     turns to his rookie partner.

                  Gravel. Get me the radar reading
                  and I'll show you how we deal with

     Gravel nods, steps towards the bird. The bird checks
     its stopwatch... and then it notices the flying lizard
     which is hovering nearby, licking its lips.
                                 RADAR BIRD
                  Whoa!   Wings, do your stuff -- !

     The Radar Bird flies away at a hundred miles an hour,
     leaving a cloud of dust and the stopwatch behind.
     Feldspar catches the watch, startled.
                  Well, Sergeant, if you don't have
                  a radar reading, I guess we'll --
                  -- justbeonourway -- !

     A new cloud of dust appears as Fred ROARS away.
                  Flintstone!   Flintstone, come back
                  here -- !
                                                      CUT TO:

35   EXT. BEDROCK BUTCHER SHOP - DAY                                  35
     Betty and Wilma   have just pulled up. We notice that next
     to their legal   spot, a big limousine is parked in a "no
     parking" zone.    But our law-abiding Betty in the next
     space now drops   a stone coin in a parking meter.
36   CLOSE ON THE METER                                               36

     Inside the window we see a LITTLE BIRD. It "bites" the
     coin to check it, then turns over an egg timer.


36   CONTINUED:                                                     36
                                LITTLE BIRD
                         (with a sigh)
                  Four years in accounting school
                  for this...
37   INT. BUTCHER SHOP - DAY                                        37

     It's absolutely   mobbed. Customers push past each other
     with armloads of   food. Gigantic cuts of meat hang from
     above or are on   display behind the counter. MORRIS THE
     BUTCHER looks up   from the chaos and manages a weak smile
     for the girls.
                  Morris, what on earth is going on?
                  You giving away Bronto filets?

                  Ah, my two loveliest customers.
                  It's this darn kibble crisis, Mrs.
                  R... people are buying everything
                  I got to feed their dinos...
                                MRS. SLATE
                  Young man, if you're through
                  flirting, I'd like some service.
38   NEW ANGLE                                                      38

     REVEALING MRS. SLATE, who stands there, impatient and
                  Of course, Mrs. Slate.   Just take
                  a number.
     Wilma senses the tension, quickly steps forward to break
     it with a smile.
                  Ah, hello, Mrs. Slate.

     Morris reacts with relief.    Mrs. Slate reacts with a
     blank look.

                  We met at the quarry picnic?
                                MRS. SLATE
                  Oh, of course. Mrs. Flintstein.

     She turns her back to Wilma, forces her way towards the
     counter again. Wilma burns.



38   CONTINUED:                                                     38
                  Ladies, the meat's not getting any
                  fresher. Mrs. R, what'll it be?
                  Oh, I'd like some ground mammoth
                  patties and uh... some dodo
                  Gino?   We got any dodo bird?

     GINO turns, looks at his end of the counter.
                  There's one left -- and it's the
                  last one!
                         (handing him the note)
                  Give it to Mrs. Rubble along with

     Gino nods, smiling. He picks up a crate, begins to load
     it with giant fryer parts and several manhole-sized meat
                         (turning to Betty)
                  How about you, Mrs. F?
                  I just need a few things for Fred.
                         (calling into the back)
                  David! Herman! Get Rob and BoBo
                  and tell 'em to bring the big

                                VOICE FROM BACK (O.S.)
                  Flintstone again, huh?

                  You got it. Now then... Mrs.
                         (pointing at the
                          limo outside the
                  You're in a no parking zone there.


38   CONTINUED:    (2)                                               38
                                MRS. SLATE
                  Well, if I get some service, I'll
                  be out of it, won't I?
     Mrs. Slate steps to the counter. Meanwhile, the staff
     begin using a refrigerator dolly to bring out giant ribs,
     steaks and sausages which they pile up in front of Wilma.

                                MRS. SLATE
                  I want a nice fresh, juicy
                  chickensaurus, Morris. And not
                  one you've had laying around on
                  the shelf. I mean fresh.
                  Mrs. Slate, we're kind of busy
                  now --
                                MRS. SLATE
                  I don't care if you're busy. What
                  I care about is my adorable little
                  grand nephew. He's staying with
                  me for the summer and I intend to
                  make his favorite dish... Southern
                  fried chickensaurus! Now I want
                  a fresh chickensaurus and I want
                  it now!
                  Boys, you heard her... she said
39   THE STAFF                                                       39

     with a sigh, they buckle on elbow and knee protectors,
     go to a side door, open it. Inside is another barred
     door. They open it, go inside. Immediately we hear
40   NEW ANGLE                                                       40

     Suddenly the barred door slams open and a      giant chicken-
     saurus comes bounding out, with Morris's      staff hanging
     all over it like rodeo cowboys. They try       and restrain
     it with ropes but it's enraged and flops      around the

                                MRS. SLATE
                         (oblivious of the
                  Morris, while you're at it, I'd
                  like it plucked --


40   CONTINUED:                                                   40
     Suddenly the chickensaurus snaps the ropes, flaps its
     wings and leaps through the front window --

41   EXT. BUTCHER SHOP - DAY                                      41
     The huge bird lands with a crunch atop Mrs. Slate's car,
     which is practically squashed flat. Then it disappears
     around the corner. (We hear CAR HORNS and SKIDDING TIRES
     as it goes.)
42   BACK TO SCENE                                                42

                                MRS. SLATE
                  My car -- !

     Wilma and Betty try and hide their laughter.

                                                  CUT TO:
43   EXT. SLATE CONSTRUCTION - DAY                                43
     Clouds of dust rise from behind the fence. We see the
     heads of the heavy equipment dinos rising and falling.
     A two-story office building is at one end of the site
     with a big "Slate Construction Inc." sign on the roof.
     CAMERA ADJUSTS as Fred's car turns into the lot, Barney
     seated beside Fred. The new green hood gleams in the
     morning light.
44   CLOSER - FRED'S CAR                                          44
     Fred digs his feet into the ground, slams to a halt. He
     gets out, surveys the activity. Immediately, the various
     workers shout AD LIB greetings. Fred acknowledges these,
     beaming in the respect he gets here.

     He lovingly dusts off his construction helmet, puts it on,
     knocks an offending speck from his parking sign (F.
     Flintstone - Shop Steward). He leads Barney towards the
     quarry area.

                  Barney, you won't regret this --
                  hiya, Al -- fixing dents in cars
                  is one thing, a career's another.
                  Here, you're getting in on the
                  ground floor of the first footstep
                  of a new leaf -- hi, Wally, how's
                  the old backhand? And with a guy
                  like me ta show you the ropes, you
                  can skip all the red tape, all the
                  malarky, all the dino doo --


45   NEW ANGLE                                                      45
     Fred stands near the weight station booth, where a plump
     GIRL in a beehive hairdo sits inside a trailer.

                        (New York accent)
                 Hi, Mr. Flintstone.

                 Hiya, Shirley. This is my very
                 special neighbor and pal Barney
                 Rubble. He needs an application
                 form, okay?
                 Anything for you, Mr. Flintstone.

     She slams down two clay tablets and a stylus.
                 Here you go.
                 Thanks again for the football tickets.
                 My boyfriend and I both liked them.

                 My pleasure, Shirl.    Anytime.
                 Okay. But do you think next time
                 we could go to the same game?
                 No problem.
     Fred smiles at her, hands the forms to Barney. Fres steps
     towards the quarry, admires the activity, hands on hips,
     master of all he surveys. He waves to more friends.
                 Well, Barn, what did I tell you?
                 When you're in with Flintstone,
                 you're in like Flint.
                 Gee, Fred. I knew you were a big
                 shot. I just didn't know how big.
     Fred beams at that, and then follows Barney's gaze to
     the read-out on the truck scale. Fred is standing on it
     and it's pushing 250. With a scowl, Fred grabs Barney's
     sleeve and they go into the quarry. As they move, the
     CAMERA PANS and CRANES UP TOWARDS the window of the
     Slate Construction Office.

                                                    CUT TO:


46   INT. OFFICE - PULLBACK FROM WINDOW                        46
     The room here is dominated by a tabletop architectural
     model of a large scale construction project. There's
     acres of little development houses, then some tall office
     buildings, a mall, you name it: There's even little foot-
     powered model cars in the model parking spaces.

     Near this we see MR. SLATE, a giant in the Bedrock con-
     struction business (but not in height). Slate drinks
     coffee from a "Boss" mug, listens with growing impatience
     to JERRY LAVA. Several of Slate's lackeys listen, their
     heads nodding up or down in sympathy with Slate's mer-
     curial moods.
               Uncle, if you'll look at this unit
               cost projection... it intersects
               here with --
               -- how'd you like my fist to
               intersect with your nose? I've
               told you a hundred times, don't call
               me uncle in the office! Now, I didn't
               arrange your scholarship to Harvrock
               University so you could waste my time!
               So stop beating around the bushasaurus
               and get to the bottom slime!
               You'll be bankrupt in six months.
     Slate does a Danny Thomas spit take all over the model.
47   EXT. QUARRY - MOVING SHOT                                 47
     Fred and Barney cross the busy lot, sidestepping workers
     and animals. Fred does a lot of backslapping, waving.
     Barney's filling out the forms on the move. Behind them,
     we see the wide access ramp which spirals around the
     quarry's sides.

                      (to himself)
               Social Security number...
               dependents... 'how learned of job'
               ... newspaper ad, carrier pigeon...
               ... Personal reference...
     Hearing a loud SMASH, Fred looks up and sees --

48   FRED'S POV - A WRECKING BALL OPERATOR                     48
     A burly and rough looking guy named PILTDOWN, he grins in-
     side his dino-topping cupola, winds his winch handles and
     then propels his wrecking ball towards the...


49   QUARRY WALL - ABOVE                                          49
     -- where the huge stone BALL SMASHES into some walnuts
     balanced on a boulder.

50   WIDER                                                        50
     Piltdown's compact buddy PYRITE cackles, sweeps  up the
     walnuts. Munching them, he balances a new one   in place.
     (It should be noted here that the relationship  and physi-
     cal appearances of Piltdown and Pyrite mirrors  that of
     our heroes... they're sort of an anti-Fred and  Barney.)

               Way ta go, Pilty baby. Five bucks
               says you can't hit one on the fly.

                      (calling up)
               Yer on, Pyrite --
     Pyrite tosses a walnut, which bounces on the ledge.    The
     wrecking BALL SMASHES into the stone wall.
51   BELOW                                                        51

     Workers near Fred duck as dust and debris fall down.
     People grab for their construction helmets.
               Not again...
     Fred hustles up a ladder to a ramp which leads him up to
     the level of Piltdown's cab. Barney hurries to follow.
               All right, Piltdown, that's enough!
               You're endangering your fellow

               Yeah?   Sez who?

               Says me, Fred Flintstone -- shop
               steward of Amalgamated Neolithic
               Workers 101.

               Yeah? Well, A.N.W. one-oh-one gives
               us workers a snack break. So...
                      (a nasty grin)
               ... I'm breakin' some snacks.

     He swings the wrecking ball again.


52   UP ABOVE                                                    52
     This time he's overdone it:   The wrecking ball flies past
     the walnuts -- Pyrite ducks  for cover -- and then the
     wrecking ball whips over and  around the handrail which
     runs along here, twisting as  tightly as Indiana Jones'
     whip. The handrail wobbles   dangerously in its
     foundation --

53   PILTDOWN'S DINO                                             53
     SNORTS, backs up -- the crane SUPPORTS on its back begin
     to CREAK and GROAN with the strain --

54   WIDER                                                       54
     Workers scatter, fearful of the imminent collapse.   Fred
     runs to grab the dino's reins.

                Whoa, whoa, big fella --
     He calms the beast by giving it a carrot.   As it munches,
     Fred quickly ties the reins to a post.
                       (calling up to the cab)
                You're on report, Piltdown! If it's
                up to me you'll be pushing a

                       (leaping down)
                You've been asking for this,
                Flintstone... I'm gonna kick your
                fat butt --
                Fat butt? Hold me back, Barney --
                       (sotto, very sincere)
                -- Barney, hold me back --
     Quickly the men form a circle around Piltdown and Fred.
     Barney looks up and sees --
55   THE CRANE ON THE DINO'S BACK                                55

     It is shuddering and threatening to come crashing down.

56   BACK TO SCENE                                               56
                Hey, maybe you guys oughta fix
                that first.
                Why should we?


56   CONTINUED:                                                  56
                  It looks dangerous. Besides, you
                  can kick Fred's fat butt anytime.
                  Yeah.  That's right.
                         (realizing, a glare
                          at Barney)
                  I mean -- this ain't over, Piltdown.
                         (turning, shouting)
                  Come on, guys. Let's clean up the
     With much grumbling, ropes and grappling hooks are
     gathered and the crew hops to it...

57   INT. SLATE'S OFFICE - SAME TIME                             57
     Slate stands in a blubbering fury as Lava mops coffee up
     from the model and Slate's face.
                  Bankrupt?   Are you crazy?

     Lava holds up a clay tablet covered with figures.
                  It's all here in hack and slice.
                  When you committed to this housing
                  development the price of dino kibble
                  was a few clams per ton. Since then,
                  it's gone up a hundredfold.
                         (indicating the model)
                  You can't build a project like this
                  without the heavy equipment dinos,
                  and we can't afford to feed those

     Slate glowers, paces around the model.
                  I'm two months behind schedule, my
                  option's running out on the land
                  and Donald Trumprock is just waiting
                  to jump in and steal the whole deal
                  ... meanwhile that damn union's on
                  my back, hell, they'll probably want
                  an eighty hour week or something...
                  There's got to be an answer...

     A LOUD COMMOTION outside the window attracts everyone's


57   CONTINUED:                                                      57
                  What's that?

                  Sounds like a worker's comp claim
                  if I ever heard one...

     All rush to the window.       They look out and see --
58   THE QUARRY - WIDE                                               58

     Supervised by   Fred, all    the workers are straining on the
     ropes to haul   the rear    legs of the crane back into their
     sockets on the   back of    the big dino. Only the last
     critical rope   is still    dangling.

                  Barney!   Grab that line!   Hurry!
     Barney scrambles up Fred's back, shoving a foot in Fred's
     face, but finally snatching the rope. He pulls on it...
     Fred throws his own weight into the effort...

59   THE CRANE                                                       59
     THUDS into place on the dino's back -- the workers cheer --
60   THE WRECKING BALL                                               60
     alas, with its cable now twisted shorter, it's become an
     immovable object, and as the shortened CABLE SNAPS, the
     wrecking ball begins to roll down the quarry wall.

61   NEW ANGLE                                                       61
     Men and ANIMALS YELP and dive out of the way as the BALL
     rolls downwards, SMASHING everything in its path.
62   EXT. SLATE'S OFFICE WINDOW                                      62

     The executives watch concerned as --
63   THE WRECKING BALL                                               63

     tumbles down, down, knocking scaffolding and ladders
     aside, reaches the end of a ramp, and drops through the
     air right onto --
64   THE HOOD OF FRED'S CAR                                          64

     -- where, astonishingly, the HOOD sinks in resiliently
     like a trampoline and then with a loud "SPROING" the
     wrecking ball flies straight back up into the air,
     followed a beat behind by the unhinged hood itself.
     Both hurtle TOWARDS the CAMERA --


65   SLATE AND EXECUTIVES                                          65
     react fearfully as they realize all this is coming
     straight for them. With a howl, they all dive aside --

66   INT. SLATE'S OFFICE - WIDER - DAY                             66
     The wrecking BALL flies through the window, SLAMS onto
     Slate's desk, crushing everything in its path and then
     sails on SMASHING right into --
67   THE MODEL DEVELOPMENT                                         67

     -- where all of the lined up HIGH RISES SMASH ASIDE with
     a sound like falling pins.
68   IN THE QUARRY                                                 68

     The workers pick themselves up and now their eyes follow
     the path taken by the long-gone wrecking ball.
               Oh boy.    Goodbye pension fund --
     They rush for the office building.

69   INT. SLATE'S OFFICE - DAY                                     69
     Dust is still settling. The staff rises from the mess,
     coughing. Lava rummages in the debris, finds a stiff
               Uncle, Uncle, speak to me --
     But it's only a statue of a golfer from one of Slate's
                      (sitting up)
               I'm over here, you moron -- and
               don't call me 'Uncle'!

     Slate's eyes fall on Fred's car hood, swinging from a
     bookshelf. He reaches for it -- pulls it -- it stays
     put, and only releases a new deluge of rubble and plaster
     which reburies him. At the same time, the door slams
     open and Fred, Barney and the other workers tumble inside.

70   THEIR POV - OFFICE                                            70
     As they take in the destruction. Barney notices the
     wrecking ball amidst the model buildings. As we watch,
     the last remaining little HIGH RISE FALLS.


70   CONTINUED:                                                      70
                  Hey, nice going, Fred.   You even
                  got the spare --
                  Barney, shut up --
                  Mr. Slate -- Mr. Slate -- are you
                  all right?
     Slate staggers to his feet, seething with fury. He
     finally yanks the car hood free. It bounces and VIBRATES
     in his hands like a hand saw.
                         (eying the men)
                  For five years Slate Construction
                  has had the finest safety record
                  in Bedrock.
                         (pacing, angry)
                  Our workers are trained in first
                  aid, our equipment is first rate
                  and our dinos are worm free. And
                  then something like this happens
                  ... I want to know how!
     A cacophony of voices starts to answer.
                  Shut up!
                         (in the sudden silence)
                  I want one person to answer me:
                         (waving the car hood)
                  Who's responsible for this?
71   PILTDOWN                                                        71

     nudges the wrecking ball off the edge of the table. It
     falls on Fred's foot. Fred starts to scream and Piltdown
     shoves a pencil holder into his mouth.

                  It was Flintstone, Mr. Slate!

                  That's right, Mr. Slate, it was
                  That's a lie, Mr. Slate!

                  Who are you?



71   CONTINUED:                                                        71
                         (pointing to his forms)
                  B. Rubble. White male personal
                  reference --
                         (pushing Barney aside)
                  Flintstone, I have just one thing
                  to say to you --
     Fred cringes.       Piltdown and Pyrite smirk.

                         (pumping his hand)

                  FRED                                PILTDOWN
        Huh?                               What?
                  This stuff you had on your car is
                  the most incredible building
                  material I've seen in thirty years
                  in the construction business!
                         (testing it)
                  It's strong --
                         (twirling it)
                  -- Light --
                         (bending it)
                  -- Resilient --
     It rebounds, "SPROINGING" him on the chin.        He recovers,
     shakes it off.

                  Where on earth did you get it?

                  Oh, it's ah, just something I
                  whipped up in the old garage
                  workshop --
                  -- with a little help from my
                  buddy Barney, right, Barn?

                  Well, actually, Fred, it was the
                  other way ar--
     Fred hisses between his teeth, repeats the "Slate and me
     are just like this" gesture he made earlier, points at


71   CONTINUED:    (2)                                              71
                  Sure, Fred, right, right.
     Slate nods, distracted, his eyes and hands running over
     the smooth lines of the car hood.

                  The rest of you men go back to work.
                  I want to talk to Flintstone and
                  the personal reference alone. Come
                  on, move, move...
     They go out, Piltdown looking furious.

                          (a man in love)
                  Light  as a Pterodactyl feather...
                  why, a  child could handle this...
                  Lava,  we could cut construction
                  costs  in half... in quarters... in
                  uh...  whatchacallit --
                  Eighths --
                  Eighths, right. Flintstone, what
                  do you call this stuff?
                  Well, Mr. Slate, I call it --
                         (hesitating, sotto)
                  -- Barney, what do I call it?
                  Fibrerock, Fred...
                  -- I call it Fibrerock Fred -- !
                  I mean, ah, 'Fibrerock'!

                         (rolling it over
                          his tongue)
                  'Fibrerock'? 'Fibrerock'?
                         (playing with it)
                  'Fib-bre-rock' --

     Slate's staff make disparaging noises.


71   CONTINUED:    (3)                                                71
                  I love it!

                                 SLATE'S STAFF
                         (instantly reversing
                  Love it... great... has a nice
                  ring... says it all, you know?
     Slate takes the piece of material, leans it on the table
     so it catches the light. Despite himself, Lava comes
     over, examines the car hood... can't help but marvel at
     it as well. Meanwhile, Slate puts his arms around Fred
     and Barney.

                         (to Lava)
                  You see this, Lava? All those
                  courses of yours at Harvrock
                  University, and who saves my bacon?
                  Two simple-minded run-of-the-mill

                  Gee, thanks, Mr. Slate.
     Lava glowers. Slate pulls Fred and Barney close with
     genuine excitement.
                  Boys, this is a small step for
                  Slate Construction... a giant step
                  for all mankind.
     He points to the translucent material. CAMERA TIGHTENS
     ON it. We see Fred, Barney and Slate's reflections in it.

                  The Stone Age is over!    Let the
                  Fibre Age begin!

                                                      CUT TO:

72   BETTY'S CAR - TRAVELING - DAY                                    72
     Mrs. Slate is in back, crammed in with groceries. Betty
     pulls up in front of a building that looks like a Palm


72   CONTINUED:                                                       72
                  Here we are, Mrs. Slate.       Sorry you
                  had to ride in the back.
                                MRS. SLATE
                         (getting out)
                  Not at all. I'm used to being
                  driven around.
     And she's sashaying up the path.       Betty and Wilma burn,
     then follow her.

73   INT. SCHOOL - DAY                                                73
     As elegant as we can get MMMCXV years before Louis XIV.
     As the three women come in, we see CHILDREN with alliga-
     tors on their deerskin shirts singing:
                  'La hachette de ma tante
                  est sur le roche de mon oncle -- '
                         (coming over, gushing)
                  Madame Mrs. Slate, bonjour!
                  Welcome to L'ecole des Enfants
                  Prehistorique Haute Superior!
                                MRS. SLATE
                  Thank you, Marie.
                         (showing a rock receipt)
                  I ordered the hors d'oeuvres for
                  the junior talent show. They were
                  out of Ceolanth caviar so I got
                  Mastodon brie instead. Oh, ah,
                  these are my, uh, friends, Wilma
                  Flintstein --

                  Flintstone --

                                MRS. SLATE
                  -- oh, it used to be Flintstein -- ?
                  And this is ah, Becky... Betty!

     The Headmistress reaches over, takes their hands

                  I'm sure.


73   CONTINUED:                                                   73

                         (waving a hand)
                  Well, Madame Slate, as you can see,
                  we remain ze creme de la creme in
                  the croissant of life known as
                  Bedrock. Now, your leetle gran'
                  nephew will be wiz us for two weeks,
                         (opening a drawer)
                  Here is ze application for him. An'
                  mais oui, he weel participate in zee
                  annual talent show, naturalment?

     Mrs. Slate takes the parchment application. Meanwhile
     the Headmistress looks appraisingly at Wilma and Betty.
                  An' your friends perhaps would like
                  zum school applications for zere

                                MRS. SLATE
                  Them? Oh, Marie, really, you don't
                  understand --

                  That's right, you don't understand.
                  My husband's business manager usually
                  handles this sort of thing, but I
                  don't mind.
     And to Wilma's astonishment, Betty takes one of the
                  I know Bam-Bam --
                         (correcting herself)
                  -- pardonez-moi, 'Bem-Bem' will love
                  attending your school and performing
                  in the talent show. Thank you oh
                  so much.

     She gives Mrs. Slate an even and controlled look, and
     sends some of it over in Wilma's direction as well.
     Wilma makes her choice, smiles tightly.

                  Let me have one of those, too.   For
                  ma petite Pebbles.



73   CONTINUED:    (2)                                              73
                  Of course. Any friend of Madame
                  Slate is a friend of mine.
     As Mrs. Slate reacts, we --

                                                    CUT TO:

74   INT. CAR - FRED AND BARNEY - NIGHT                             74
     They're cruising along. Fred puffs on a cigar. Barney
     flips the pile of legal sized tablets in his lap. In the
     back seat are some boxes and bundles.
                  Gee, Fred, I don't believe it.
                  Eight hours ago I didn't have a
                  job and now look -- I got 1/2 of
                  one percent of the after-taxes
                  after-expenses net breakage profits
                  on Fibrerock!
                  Just be thankful I was there to go
                  over the fine print.
                         (full of himself)
                  It's like I told you this morning
                  -- There's something noble about a
                  man digging in with his hands and
                  doing an honest day's work. Once
                  you file those dreams under 'old
                  business' and put your nose to the
                  plow, well, the world is your
                  oyster. And was I right?
                  No, Fred, you weren't. I didn't
                  nose any grindstones and you didn't
                  shoulder a wheel. We just hung out
                  together and everything that
                  happened was a total accident.

                         (after a moment)
                  Details, Barney, details...
                  I just can't wait to see the girls'
                  faces when we tell 'em the news...
75   INT. FLINTSTONE HOUSE - NIGHT                                  75

     The girls' frowns are a great contrast to their husbands'
     smiles. Wilma's looking at the school enrollment forms.
     Betty paces, looks at the clock.



75   CONTINUED:                                                     75
                         (seeing this)
                  It's not like the boys to be so
                  Unless they were forced to go
                  bowling again. Remember that time
                  a burglar pointed a gun at them
                  and said, 'go bowling right now'?

                  Betty, sometimes you're a little
                  too gullible --

                  Don't tell me. I still can't
                  believe what I did today...
                  No kidding.
                         (indicating the forms)
                  Do you have any idea of what the
                  enrollment fee is? And get this...
                  it's non-refundable --
                  I know, I know! I just couldn't
                  stand that woman's attitude! But
                  we had to find a new school anyway,
                  and there we were... the next thing
                  I knew, I was in over my head...
                  but why did you jump in, too?

                  Oh, she was getting to me too with
                  all that mastodon snort about her
                  little nephew... and...

                  And... if a friend can't help you
                  do something stupid, who can?

     Betty smiles, touched.    Then reality intrudes again.
                  What do we tell the boys?

                  What's wrong with the truth?


75   CONTINUED:    (2)                                               75
                  We put ourselves in debt so the
                  kids can attend school with a
                  family we can't stand?
                  Maybe we could rephrase it...
     Suddenly the door bursts open.     Fred and Barney run in
     with candy and flowers.

                                FRED AND BARNEY


                  Rock candy?   That's nice, but...

                  Why? Oh, me and Barn, we suddenly
                  realized that we had a little spare

                  Not anymore you don't...
                         (presenting flowers)
                  Betty, these are for you. For
                  sticking beside me during the
                  tough times, and well... for
                  making a little guy feel like he
                  was ten feet tall.

                  Aw, Barney... I... I don't deserve
                  these. I did something really
                  stupid today.

                  Hey. Fred does something stupid
                  every day and I still love him.

     Fred laughs good naturedly, grabs Barney in a headlock.

                  Noogy, noogy, ha, ha -- !



75   CONTINUED:    (3)                                              75
                         (observing this)
                  Have you been drinking?
     In reply, Fred whips a bottle of champagne into view.

                  Ready when you are.
                         (noticing the label)
                  Hey, '1'... a good year.

     This confuses the girls even more.
                  Fred, there's no easy way to say
                  this so --

     She closes her eyes, swings the enrollment forms over on
     the table so that Fred and Barney can read them.
     Fred and Barney look at them, look at each other... and
76   FAVORING WILMA AND BETTY                                       76
     They can't believe this.
                  Boys... did you see... the dollar
                  signs there at the bottom?
                  The non-refundable dollar signs?

                  Plenty more where that came from.

                  We see your dollar signs, ladies...

     He tosses his stone contracts on top of the parchment
     ones with a THUD.
                  ... we raise them.

     Wilma and Betty look at each other, then at the contracts.
     They blink, look again.

                  Betty... these... these look...
                  real --


76   CONTINUED:                                                    76
     Fred opens the champagne, which foams all over them.        The
     girls squeal.

                  You bet they're real, sweetheart.
                  They're as real as... as... well,
                  as real as --
                         (embracing the group)
                  -- the best darn friends and
                  neighbors in the whole world.

     Barney squeezes back.
                  Yeah. And nothing's ever gonna
                  change that... right, Fred?

                  Right, pal o'mine.
     As they laugh and the girls slowly absorb the truth,
     we --

                                                   CUT TO:
77   EXT. WATER BUFFALO LODGE - NIGHT                              77
     A sign proclaims this as "GRAND BEDROCK LODGE -- LOYAL
     ORDER OF WATER BUFFALO." The parking lot outside is full
     of vehicles. We hear the sound of a GAVEL BANGING...
                                HERDMASTER (V.O.)
                  Attention, fellow Water Buffaloes...
78   INT. WATER BUFFALO LODGE - NIGHT                              78

     The members are milling about the main room, schmoozing,
     drinking, kibitzing. All wear the furry and horned
     ceremonial Fez of the Buffalo.

     One wall of the lodge displays a big version of the lodge
     coat of arms (with the motto "Ackus Ackus Adackus" below);
     a trophy case holds a mind boggling display of various
     bowling trophies, balls and pins. At the lectern, the
     HERDMASTER (a mustachioed, inspirational type) bangs
     again for order.
                  Brothers, your attention!

     It quiets a bit. He clears his throat, raises his chin,
     and gives a strange mournful bellow.


78   CONTINUED:                                                  78
                         ("ritual" type tone)
                  The herd is now called to the
                         (holding fingers
                           above ears)
                  Antlers... up!

     The entire Lodge dutifully imitates this gesture.
                                ENTIRE GROUP
                         (banging gavel)
                  This meeting of the Water
                  Buffaloes is now in session.
                  Sergeant-at-Arms, have we got any
                  old business?
     Barney stands, acknowledges his friends and Lodge
                  Indeed we do, Brother Herdmaster.
                  Tonight we are to hear speeches
                  from prospective candidates for
                  Lodge offices, such as good old
                  Fred and some other guys.
79   PILTDOWN                                                    79
     Seated across the room with Pyrite and other cronies, he
     immediately leaps to his feet, paws the ground, and gives
     an eerie moan even stranger than the Herdmaster's earlier
     call to order.

80   BACK TO SCENE                                               80
     After the CRY ECHOES away:

                  Brother Piltdown: You have given
                  the Cry of the Gelded Buffalo at
                  the Poisoned Water Hole. Do you
                  wish to file an objection?

                  You bet I do. How come Flintstone
                  is 'good old Fred' and me and the
                  other candidates are just 'some
                  other guys'?
                  Yeah, how come?


80   CONTINUED:                                                  80
                  My apologies, Brother Piltdown.
                  Allow me to rephrase. Tonight we
                  will hear speeches from a whole
                  bunch of good old guys...
                  ... plus the one and only Fred
     Cheers go up, which drown out Piltdown's renewed cry of
     the poisoned water hole. Fred moves towards the podium
     as the noise dies down.
81   NEW ANGLE                                                   81

     Barney moves to the wall, where he pulls a rolled up
     tapestry from a hiding place behind a plant. He tacks it
     to the wall, yanks a string. It unrolls. It's a big
     Barney turns, gives Fred a "thumbs up," and as he does,
     Barney's hand brushes against a folded parchment in his
     pocket. Barney pushes his way through the seats, catches
     up to Fred and hands him the document. Fred takes it,
     continues up to the podium. There, the Herdmaster hands
     Fred the ceremonial hoof and antler, crossed over each
     other like a Pharaoh's badges of office.

     Fred does a Papal-like wave with these, sets them down,
     and unrolls the crib notes Barney gave him.
                         (reading, at first
                          wooden, then
                  Brother Buffaloes, honored
                  Herdmaster, Junior Bucks and
                  Apprentice Antlers, a great good
                  evening to you all. Ahem. As you
                  know, our organization has survived
                  difficult times that have seen the
                  extinction of such other lodges as
                  the Order of Whooping Cranes and
                  Brotherhood of Giant Sloths. But
                  we here have come through the croo
                  ... the crux...
                  -- crucible --



81   CONTINUED:                                                   81
                  -- crucible with our fur fluffy
                  and our hooves unscathed. Now,
                  the future holds many promises and
                  many problems. As your next
                  Herdmaster, I would bring to you
                  the same determination, courage
                  and -- if I may say so -- bold
                  thinking that I have brought to
                  the workplace. Thank you, and
                  ack ack a-dack.
     Applause follows Fred's return to the floor.

82   PILTDOWN AND PYRITE                                          82

     The only ones in their row not clapping, they scowl as
     Fred passes them...
                                                  CUT TO:
83   INT. LODGE - RECREATION AREA - LATER                         83

     WIDEN as Barney propels   a bowling ball (stone, of course)
     rumbling down the alley,   sending pins flying. The
     Buffaloes cheer Barney's   strike. We notice that most (if
     not all) of these Lodge   members also work at the quarry.

84   AUTOMATIC PIN SPOTTER                                        84
     It descends.    It consists of a bent snout creature which
     "cranks" down   a shelf with several monkeys on it. The
     monkeys grab   the pins with their tails, straighten them
     up. Then the    shelf cranks back up.
85   OTHER END OF ALLEY                                           85

     Now it's Fred's turn. He trots up to the line, bowls...
     another strike! More cheers, AD LIB complaints, etc.
     The scorekeeper picks up hammer and chisel and fills out
     the last frame.
                                LODGE MEMBER
                  Congratulations, Fred.

                  Hey, when you're hot you're hot...
                  boys, lemme buy a round of drinks
                  for everyone.

                  Thanks, Fred, but here at the
                  lodge drinks are free.



85   CONTINUED:                                                   85
                  But the principle is the same,
                  Barn. Don't forget that.
     Fred leads the group over to the bar. Piltdown and
     Pyrite come along with a shrug... why not, for a brew?
     Fred reaches --

86   UNDER THE COUNTER                                            86
     where he pulls out a hook-beaked little LIZARD --

87   BACK TO SCENE                                                87
     Fred uses this creature to open several beers.

                         (during this)
                  Here you go, boys, nice and
                                "BOTTLE OPENER" CREATURE (LIZARD)
                  Go ahead, laugh. If I had a good
                  orthodontist, my life woulda been
     Fred tosses the "Opener" aside --

88   UNDER THE COUNTER                                            88
     The critter bounces into the shelf, slides... when it re-
     covers, it realizes that its overbite has been straightened
     out by the impact. Very happy, it grabs a hat and coat,
89   BACK TO SCENE                                                89

                         (raising drink)
                  Well, here's to...

     He looks around, sees --
90   "PHOTO" ON WALL                                              90

     It's actually "dots" chipped into a stone. It shows the
     young Fred, Barney and others gathered around soapbox
     racers. A banner reads "Junior Buffalo Day."


91   BACK TO SCENE                                              91
               Here's to the greatest bunch of
               lifelong Buffaloes a guy could
               dream of leading.
                      (an obvious prompt)
               Anybody else got a toast...?

               'Here's to the Water Buffalo and
               their next Herdmaster... Fred'!

               Aw, gee, Barn... you shouldn't say
               ... at least not till after next
               week's election!
                             LODGE MEMBER
               Fred, what was all that stuff in
               your speech about the workplace?
               I thought the only decision you
               made there was how many lunches to
               eat --
     Laughter. Fred accepts it good-naturedly, reaches into
     his pocket.
               Well, Harry, it just so happens
               that old Fred is moving up in the
               world... Boys, you're looking at
               Mr. Slate's new partner.

               You and Slate? Who are you
               kidding, Flintstone? The only
               partner you got is hanging over
               your belt.
     Pyrite laughs, a bit too much.

               Prepare to eat those words,

               -- If I don't, you will --
                      (a tight smile)
               Gentlemen, my card --
     He passes them out, and the others take them, curious --


92   INSERT - CARD                                               92
     Of course it's a little stone tablet... but it does
93   BACK TO SCENE                                               93

                             LODGE MEMBERS
                      (AD LIB, impressed)
               Hey, way ta go, Fred... Whoa,
               gonna switch from a hard hat to
               a top hat, Freddy boy...?

                      (examining the card)
               Ah, it's probably a phony...

     Saying this, he bites down on it... winces as a tooth
94   BARNEY                                                      94
     tugs Fred's sleeve, pulls him close.
               Gee, Fred, how come I didn't get
               any business cards?
               Barney, it's all part of the plan.
                      (to the others)
               Yes, boys, you see, I went up to
               my pal, Mister Slate and single-
               handedly made him an offer he
               couldn't refuse --
     (Barney reacts to the "single-handedly" --)

               -- 'Freddy boy,' he sez to me,
               'We gotta talk turkey -- '

               Fred, we gotta talk turkey --
               That's right -- just like that --

               Fred -- !

     Fred realizes Barney's got something on his mind.

               Ah, excuse us, boys...


95   NEW ANGLE                                                     95
     Fred pulls Barney into a quiet corridor. They stand near
     a trophy case. There's some bowling trophies here with
     a variety of names on them. (There's also trophies for
     "pie-eating contests" and "beer drinking chug-offs";
     these have only Fred's name on them.)

                 Fred... what's this single-handed
                 stuff? I distinctly remember at
                 least four hands and two of them
                 were mine.

                        (lowered voice)
                 Barney, we could tell everyone how
                 you invented this Fibrerock stuff,
                 how Slate and Lava found out about
                 it by accident and all, but what
                 would that be?
                 The truth?
                 This is big business, Barney. We
                 can't start telling the truth,
                 it'd create the wrong impression.
                 Think about all the really big
                 deals in history -- back to the
                 beginning of recorded time.
     Barney knits his brow in thought for maybe three seconds.
                 What do they all have in common?
                        (as Barney is
                 I'll tell you. A front man. A
                 guy who's out in the public eye
                 running the point, fighting the
                 crowds... and meanwhile... back
                 in the corner is the silent

                 I never knew that.

                 That's because the silent partner
                 is always silent.



95   CONTINUED:                                                     95
                                FRED (CONT'D)
                  But while you're busy being
                  silent --
                  -- all along you're the brains
                  behind the operation and I'm the
                  brains in front of the operation.
                  I'm out here running the guts of
                  the operation but you got a cut.
                  It looks like my mind, but you're
                  really behind.

                  I get it. I got the brains, but
                  you just pretend to have them.

     And a confident Fred shakes hands with an unsure "silent
                                                    CUT TO:

96   EXT. FLINTSTONE/RUBBLE HOUSES - DAY                            96
     Barney comes out of his front door, heads toward the
     neighboring driveway and Fred's car. Betty comes out,
     calls to her husband.
                  Barney, wait a minute...
97   CLOSER                                                         97
     He stops, turns. Betty comes over and we see he's wear-
     ing a sports jacket and an abysmally-tied tie. Betty
     fixes the knot.
                  There. That looks more like a
                  captain of industry.
                  Thanks, Betty. What would I do
                  without you?

                  Hmm. Probably run off to the
                  tropics with one of those
                  executive secretaries.



97   CONTINUED:                                                  97
                  Come on, Betty, it's only my
                  first day. You have to have
                  seniority to run off...
     She giggles, kisses him.

98   FRED                                                        98
     is at the car door, lunch pail in hand, when Wilma calls
     out to him.

                  Fred! Wait a minute! There's
                  something wrong with your lunch --

                         ("weighing it")
                  Yeah... it does feel a little
     He returns to her, opens the pail, is surprised to find
     it's empty. Before he can comment, she smilingly
     presents him with a spanking new briefcase. "F.F" is
     embossed on it in gold.
                  Fit for a king... my king.

                  Aw, Wilma... lookit, it's got
                  buckles, a strap, a lock --
     He opens it.    Inside is a huge drumstick and some ribs.
                  -- Baby, you're the greatest.

                         (kissing him)
                  Good luck.
                  Watch out for those... you know...
                  hostile takeovers.

                  I'm already taken.
     He moves to the car.

                  Ah, Mister Rubble, I presume?
                  Of the Fibrerock Rubbles?


98    CONTINUED:                                                     98
                   Yes, yes. Looking good, Mister
                   Flintstone. I see you've
                   recovered from that polo accident.
                   Yas, yas. The water was too
                   deep and my horse drowned.
      They crack up at their own wit, drive off.

                                                     CUT TO:
99    SLATE QUARRY - LAVA'S OFFICE - DAY                             99

      Lava's on the phone, very worried.

                   Ivan, look, okay, so I bought too
                   much on margin... everyone said
                   glaciers were here to stay, I
                   mean, who knew? Just leverage my
                   shares in Atlantis dry goods and
                   -- what? When did that happen?
      Piltdown enters, knocks on the open door.
                   Mister Lava, the armored car is
                   Armored car...?

                   Yeah. Must be a fortune in
                   coo-coo berries on that baby.
                   You know, for that Fibrerock
                   stuff of Flintstone and Rubble's.
                   You gotta sign here for it.

                          (into phone)
                   I... I'll get back to you.

      Lava comes over, signs the form.    Meanwhile he looks out
      the window at --
100   HIS POV - ARMORED CAR                                          100

      The guards are unloading sacks of coo-coo berries.


101   BACK TO SCENE                                                101
      Lava signs the form, meanwhile looking Piltdown up and
      down. Finally --

                Piltdown, this Fibrerock program
                is going to create a lot of
                changes around the plant. I want
                to make one more. You've been a
                wonderful thug and goon for me.
                Now, I'd like to expand your
                duties. I want you to become a
                Gee, Mister Lava, I donno.   I
                kinda like girls myself.

                What I mean, is, I'm going to use
                you to double-cross your Lodge and
                Union brothers, and make their
                lives a living hell.

                Oh, okay.
                Good. You and your little pal
                will report directly to me and
                take orders only from me.
                       (slapping him on
                        the back)
                Now get out of here and start
                screwing your former friends and

      Piltdown leaves, smiling.   Lava rubs his chin,
                Coo-coo berries...
                                                   CUT TO:

102   EXT. QUARRY - DAY                                            102

      Fred and Barney appear in Fred's car, make a very quick
      turn into the quarry lot.

103   CLOSER                                                       103

      They both duck down behind the wheel. A moment later,
      Feldspar's patrol car comes barrelling by.



103   CONTINUED:                                                    103
      Feldspar looks every which way, doesn't spot them.

                          (when he's gone)
                   Gee, Fred, driving with you is
                   better than an 'E' ticket at
                   Magerock Mountain.

                          (getting out)
                   Gets the old adrenaline going,
                   Barn. Us big executives, we need
                   that kind of jolt to get the old
                   wheels turning.

      Lava comes INTO VIEW, carrying an armload of plans.

                   Flintstone!   Rubble!
                   Oh, hi, Mister Lava.
                   Please, call me Jerry. Uncle --
                   I mean, Mister Slate told me to
                   take you to your offices. If
                   you'll follow me...?

      They move along. Fred notices a hotbed of activity
      nearby. Workers move scaffolding, animals labor.
                   Hey.   What's going on?
                   The Fibrerock  assembly line.
                   Unc -- Mister  Slate's had a crew
                   working on it  all weekend. We're
                   going to roll  out the first sheets
                   of Fibrerock  by mid-week.

                   Yes, yes. Quick, dynamic entry
                   into the marketplace. I approve.

                   But, Fred, it's right where the
                   employee basketball court used
                   ta be --



103   CONTINUED:    (2)                                              103
                   Hey, you're right...
                   ... Big business is hell, Barney.
                   Trust me... you'll get used to it.

                   I guess so.   You already did.
      Lava leads them to a wood-sided trailer.

                   Well, gentlemen, here you are. As
                   soon as you're settled, come over
                   to the assembly line. We'll go
                   over the Fibrerock formula before
                   the first run.
      He goes off.    Fred and Barney go --
104   INSIDE TRAILER                                                 104
      There're two tiny little desks at the far end, separated
      by a flimsy divider. The single window here looks out
      over the quarry scrap heap. (As we watch, somebody dumps
      a load of debris.)
      Threadbare furniture on a worn rug sits under a portrait
      of "Our Founder" (Slate).
105   BACK TO SCENE                                                  105
      Fred and Barney look at all this in turn.     Pause.    Then
      they whirl, give each other high-fives.

                   Welcome to the top -- partner.

      And as they shake, we --
                                                    CUT TO:

106   MONTAGE - ASSEMBLY LINE - DAY                                  106

      Now, accompanied by heroic "industrial"-type MUSIC, we
      see the Fibrerock assembly line in full operation.

      This cannot be described    now with appropriate justice,
      but it involves a series    of animal-powered conveyor
      belts, Rube Goldberg-like    funnels, spouts and chutes,
      and all sorts of gadgets,    gizmos, bells and whistles,
      to wit:


106   CONTINUED:                                                    106
      At one end of the building, dino-powered dumpsters and
      lifters drop off all the ingredients; these get stomped/
      chewed/bashed and otherwise reduced to powder, which is
      then (courtesy of some squirting Mastodans) mixed with
      water into a foam, which bubbles through a long sawmill-
      type trough and is held back by a gate.

      Meanwhile, we see a sample item (in this case, a stone
      sofa) as it is placed before two "goatasauruses" which
      butt heads and smash the sofa between the two halves of
      a clay mold. When the mold is opened and the sofa tossed
      aside, Barney appears and personally "aims" the foam
      trough at a funnel in the top of the mold. Pausing to
      "taste" the mix, he smiles, then shouts --

                   Ready... aim... fibre!
      Barney pulls a rope which opens the trough.     "Fibrefoam"
      pours into the mold.
107   THE CLAY MOLD                                                 107
      gets "winched" unpwards by monkeys, and then an alliga-
      torsaurus whaps it with its tail.
108   BELOW                                                         108
      Presto! A Fibrerock copy     of the stone sofa drops neatly
      out of the mold, bounces    lightly on the conveyor belt
      below! It sparkles with     the tell-tale celadon-green
      shimmer of Fibrerock. As     it chugs along, the process
      repeats, and soon a score    of identical sofas is in view.

109   END OF ASSEMBLY LINE                                          109
      as a beaming Fred watches, workers easily stack the
      Fibrerock sofas (often one-handed). Nearby, we see
      Fibrerock window frames, doors, chairs, etc.
110   UP ANGLE - SLATE'S OFFICE BALCONY                             110

      Slate and Lava watch the progress, dollar signs in their

                                                   DISSOLVE TO:

      Fibrerock products are stacked up everywhere, stretching
      away like the inventory in Charles Foster Kane's
      We see everything from Fibrerock bricks to Fibrerock
      table lamps to Fibrerock toilets. MUSIC OUT.


112   CLOSER - QUARRY YARD                                        112
      Fred and Barney, weary, approach each other, shake hands
      as they view the day's incredible output. Other weary,
      but proud workers gather around them: Mr. Slate is about
      to address them from his office balcony.
                Men, this is a proud day for Slate
                Construction. You have seen the
                first pieces of Fibrerock roll
                off the assembly line and into
                history... a history you are all
                part of... thanks to your very
                own fellow worker, Fred Flintstone!
113   WORKERS - FAVORING FRED AND BARNEY                          113

      They cheer Slate's remarks, pat Fred on the back.
114   BACK TO SCENE                                               114
                No longer will man and beast bend
                under the backbreaking load of
                stone and rock and timber...
                because Fibrerock is so light
                that even a child can handle it.
                That's why on Monday we're going
                to hire two dozen children from
                Bedrock Technical Junior High.
                They'll be replacing the 36
                heavy equipment operators, 15
                shaft diggers and 22 laborers
                we're laying off today. Your
                pink slips will be in your final
                pay envelopes along with a ticket
                to the grand opening of Slate
                City. It's non-transferable,
                so hang on to it. Thank you, and
                have a nice weekend.

115   THE QUARRY YARD                                             115
      The workers stand slack-jawed and stunned.

                                WORKER #1
                Laid off --?
                                WORKER #2
                Pink slip --?

                              WORKER #3
                Thanks to Fred Flintstone?


115   CONTINUED:                                                   115
                                 WORKER #4
                   Flintstone! What kinda shop
                   steward are you?
      All eyes swivel and bore into Fred, who is as shocked as

                   Fred. You gotta do something
                   about this!

                   I do?
                   I mean, I do, yeah!

      He squares his shoulders, marches off.
                   That's my Fred...
116   INT. SLATE'S OFFICE - DAY                                    116

      Slate is practicing    hitting golf balls into an automatic
      putting cup. Lava     and some office workers are checking
      a blueprint against    a model of "Slate City" which is made
      out of Fibrerock.     A ball shoots back at Slate, who tees
      up again.
117   INSIDE THE PUTTING CUP                                       117
      A little MOUSE in a complete hockey outfit jumps to catch
      the ball. Stopping it with his little hockey stick, the
      Mouse gasps, raises its hockey mask.
                   Whew.   And it's still pre-season.
      He whaps the ball to Slate again.

118   BACK TO SCENE                                                118
      Slate tees up the ball again. Fred barges in, banging
      the door. Startled, Slate drives the ball instead of
      putting it. It sails across the room and SHATTERS a
      PICTURE of Mrs. Slate.


118   CONTINUED:                                                     118
                   Mr. Slate -- we gotta talk --
                   We do, eh?   About what?

                   About those guys outside, Mr.
                   Slate. Some of 'em, well, they
                   been here for years. And you,
                   well, you can't lay them off just
                   like --
                          (snapping fingers)
                   -- that!

      Slate looks at Lava, who shrugs. Slate looks back at
      Fred, stays surprisingly calm. He toys with the putter,
      balances it on his palm.
                   Of course I can, Fred. I can lay
                   them off like --
                          (snapping fingers)
                   -- that, or like --
                          (a different style
                   -- that, or like --

      He does a really nifty snap which combines with a buck-
      and-wing with the putter.
                   -- that.
                          (bravura slipping)
                   Oh, you can, huh?
                   Of course he can, Flintstone.
                   It's his quarry.
                          (still calm, warm)
                   That's right. Why --
                   I could lock the front door and go
                   fishing if I wanted!

      Lava laughs along with the office staff and Slate.      Fred
      chuckles a little to fit in.


118   CONTINUED:    (2)                                              118
                   Why, I could even fire Lava here
                   if I wanted.
      Lava quivers with mock surprise.     Everyone really laughs,

                          (wiping away a tear)
                   I could fire you, Fred.
                   Me! Ah, ha, that's rich, Mr.
                   Slate, that's --
      Suddenly Fred stops laughing.
                   Flintstone, Lava, here,
                   recommended that you be in charge
                   of public relations to get
                   Fibrerock off to a good start.
                   I'm a member of that public,
                   Flintstone, and I have to say...
                   this isn't a good start. I'm
                   getting a bad feeling about
                   Fibrerock. A bad feeling about...
                   you. You want that feeling to go
                   away, don't you?
                   Uh... well, gee, I... uh, yeah.
                   Good. Then turn around and walk
                   out of here and we'll forget all
                   about this.

      Fred swallows, looks at Lava, goes meekly out.
119   EXT. QUARRY YARD - DAY                                         119

      All the Workers watch expectantly as Fred comes out.
      They AD LIB --
                   Well?   What'd he say...? Ol'
                   Freddie  boy told him a thing or
                   two...  Probably got us a raise...
                   Right,  Fred...? Fred...?


119   CONTINUED:                                                   119
                   Akkk... something... noble... man
                   ... job... nose... wheel...
                   shoulder... grindstone... hommm...

      Fred staggers over to his locker, opens it... gets in,
      and closes the door. We hear a MUFFLED SOB.
120   A NEW ANGLE                                                  120

      As the workers slowly realize the mighty Casey has struck
                                                   CUT TO:
121   EXT. FLINTSTONE & RUBBLE LAWNS - DAY                         121
      Betty and Wilma stand, determined, while the kids gripe.

                   But, Mommy, I wanna go roller
                          (mouth full)
                   Yeagh... 'hend thugh guys wher
                   ghoing --
                          (swallow, munch)
                   -- to play rockball at Paleolithic
                   Park --
      Betty wipes Bam-Bam's mouth, smiles sweetly.

                   Well, you're both going to change
                   your plans. Your new school is
                   going to have a talent show... and
                   you're going to have some talent.
                   You don't have to win... honorable
                   mention or most Kongenial Kids is
                   perfectly acceptable.
                   As long as we beat the pants offa
                   Mrs. Slate's nephew...


121   CONTINUED:                                                      121
                   Young lady, this is not about
                   beating pants, this is about
                   becoming a well rounded child.
                   Now, what kind of act will you do?

                   How about a disappearing act?
      He takes a tentative step away but Betty grabs him.

                   We're waiting.
      Pebbles and Bam-Bam sigh, huddle.       We hear snatches of

                   PEBBLES                         BAM-BAM
           ... Wanna recite something?     Nah, what are we, little
           'Inky Dinky Spidersaurus...'?   kids? How 'bout magic
                                           tricks? We could cut up a
                                           newspaper --
           But then we'd need a hammer             BAM-BAM
           and chisel... oh, what about    That dumb thing?   You
           that thing with Dino?           think so...?
      Pebbles turns, the decision made.

                   Okay. We're gonna sing a song
                   with Dino.
      Instantly, on cue, Dino leaps out of nowhere, holding a
      straw hat and a cane.
      Wilma and Betty look at each other, skeptical. Bam-Bam
      reaches into his shirt and takes out a whistle. He blows
      it --
                   A one-and-a-two and-a --
122   WIDER                                                           122

      MUSIC comes UP and Dino and his little friends do a dance
      routine we will call "The Dino Dance." It is a spectac-
      ular blend of soft-shoe and the kind of dog-and-pony-show
      gags usually seen in the circus or on the Ed Sullivrock
      show. Most importantly, the routine includes the

      A)    Dino leaps back and forth through a hoop.


122   CONTINUED:                                                      122
      B)   The kids tie down a jump rope and Dino does a wire

      C)   And finally, Dino uses his tail to flip the kids onto
           his back, culminating in a big "ta-da" after they all
           slide down the rope for a big finish.

123   NEW ANGLE                                                       123
                                 THE KIDS
                          (winding up)
                   You can keep the Twist,
                   The Frug and Hop
                   I don't need to Shimmy,
                   I don't need to Bop
                   'Cause I'm doin' doin' doin'
                   The Igneous Rock!
      Panting for breath, Pebbles, Bam-Bam and Dino wait for a
                          (to Wilma, impressed)
                   Well? Think they're ready for the
                   talent show?
                   I think they're ready for Rock
      As they laugh and hug the kids and Dino, we --
                                                      CUT TO:
124   EXT. LODGE HALL - THAT NIGHT                                    124

                                 HERDMASTER (V.O.)
                   Fellow Water Buffalo. In a few
                   moments we will cast our votes for
                   the lodge officers.

125   INT. LODGE HALL                                                 125

      TIGHT ON Fred as he leans back in his usual chair.

                   The election committee will make
                   the preparations.

                   Since when do you have to prepare
                   for a landslide, right, guys?


125   CONTINUED:                                                     125
      Pause as Fred waits for a reply. He turns... SHOT WIDENS
      as he realizes no one is sitting near him. He looks
      around and sees --
126   HIS POV - FRED'S POSTER                                        126

      It's been altered to read "Fred Finkstone." Also added
      to Fred's image are horns, a beard and other choice
127   BACK TO SCENE                                                  127

      Fred looks around, sees Barney approaching, having just
      left a group of angry Buffalo.

                   Barn -- w-what's going on?
                   They're mad at you, Fred... it's
                   understandable, I mean, they all
                   got laid off today --
      Fred crosses to the other guys, puts on a big smile.
                   Guys, guys, come on now -- what's a
                   quarry fulla layoffs got to do with
                   a lodge fulla Buffaloes?
                   Is that a riddle? Give me a
                   second --

                          (stepping forward)
                   I'll tell ya what! Mosta the guys
                   in this lodge work for Mr. Slate --
                   -- You mean used to work for him --
                   until somebody opened their big
                   mouth --
                   Fellas, come on. We're all big
                   boys here --
      He gestures vaguely towards the outside world, then back
      to the little band of brothers here.

                   Surely we can separate in our minds
                   work, and play... Job, and Lodge...



127   CONTINUED:                                                      127
                          (pointing at Fred)
                   Candidate and double-crossing back
                   Herdmaster! I move we commence
                   the meeting... and the election!

                   I second the motion!

                   All in favor, say --
                   Wait, wait... Your Antlerness,
                   please, one second -- !
      Fred grabs Barney by the shoulder, spins him around,
      pushes him forward like a refrigerator on a dolly, stands
      him up center stage.
                   Barney, you gotta tell the other
                   guys what really happened. Tell
                   'em the story behind Fibrerock.
                   The true story.
      The room quiets.    Barney clears his throat.     Fred waits,
                   Well, there's not much to tell.
                          (trying to remember
                           Fred's phraseology)
                   True, I got a cut... but Fred's
                   got a gut.

                   No, no, the rest --!

                   Oh, yeah, I remember! I got the
                   mind, but Fred's got the behind.
                   Right, Fred?

      Barney turns, gives Fred a big wink.    Fred groans.
                   Thank you, Brother Rubble. The
                   Buffaloes will now have their
                   secret vote.
                          (a command)
                   Fit... furs!



127   CONTINUED:    (2)                                              127
      Everyone pulls their horned fezzes down over their eyes.

                   Paw... ground!
      Everyone does a bull-like stomp and scrape.

                   All for Piltdown, bellow now!
      The room ECHOES with MOOSE-LIKE SNORTS.

                   All for Flintstone, bellow now!

      Fred snorts, sounding like Herb Alpert's lonely bull.
      Even under his furry fez we see him "looking around"
      desperately, hoping to hear one more snort.
      He kind of sneaks in one more forlorn grunt which fades
      away... finally, as Fred squirms miserably, there is one
      more lonely snort...
      ... from Barney, of course.
                   Order furs!
      The fezzes come up.
                   The snorts have it! Brother
                   Piltdown, it is my privilege to
                   install you as the new Exalted
                   Herdmaster Erect Antler and Big
                   Buck of our Lodge. If you'll come
                   forward, I will present you with
                   the tokens of office.
      Cheers and applause as Piltdown goes to the podium.

128   FAVORING FRED AND BARNEY                                       128
      Fred's a broken man.       Barney moves over, puts his arm
      around him.

                   I voted for you, Fred.
                   Big deal, after you screwed
                   everything up in the first
      Barney reacts, really hurt. He moves away on the bench.
      Fred's so agitated he doesn't even realize it.


129   WIDER                                                      129
      Piltdown accepts the festooned fez and shoulder ribbon,
      smiles at the group.

                Thank you, Brother Chairman.
                Fellow Buffaloes, I'm a man of few
                words. It's no secret that most
                of our lodge members are also
                members of Amalgamated Neolithic
                101... which means that most of us
                aren't gonna be able to make our
                cave payments next month. So my
                agenda for tonight... ends right
                now. There's a time to be a
                Buffalo... there's a time ta be a
                brown nosin' double-crossin'
      All heads turn and swivel to look at Fred... swivel back.
                ... and there's a time to stand up
                and be a man! So let's go down
                there and make the Slate shop into
                slate scrap... then we'll see how
                he gets along without the heavy
                equipment operators of Neolithic
                101! Meeting adjourned!

      With angry grumbles and threats, the meeting breaks up.
      Fezzes are thrown into cubby holes and hard hats are
      slapped on. The Buffalo run out.
      When the dust clears, we see that only one member has
      avoided the herding instinct: Barney.
      Now, he turns, runs into --

130   BUFFALO LODGE - RECREATION AREA - NIGHT                    130
      Fred is at the bar, opening a beer. He looks wistfully
      at the old, framed picture on the wall -- reacts as he
      sees --
131   PICTURE                                                    131

      Even his childhood shot has been defaced.
132   BACK TO SCENE                                              132

      He sets his jaw with a "screw 'em" expression, downs his
      beer. Then Barney runs up, shakes him by the shoulders.


132   CONTINUED:                                                    132
                   Fred! Fred! The Buffalo are
                   heading for big trouble -- !
                   No kidding. They rejected the
                   best candidate --

                   No, no, not that! Piltdown's got
                   the guys all worked up and they're
                   heading down to the quarry!
                   They're gonna wreck the assembly

                          (genuinely worried)
                   Oh, no! That -- that's horrible!
                   We could end up with half a
                   percent of nothing!
                   No, Fred, if they do that they'll
                   be breakin' the law! Our brother
                   Buffalo could go to jail!
                   Oh, yeah, yeah, that, too... come
                   on, Barn, we gotta stop 'em!
                                                    CUT TO:
133   EXT. SLATE QUARRY - NIGHT                                     133
      Silent, empty. CAMERA PANS FROM the still yard TO the
      gate. Down the road, we see Piltdown leading the angry
      mob. Quickly, they go to the gate, climb up and over it!
                   Okay! Let's start with Slate's
                   golf trophies and work our way
                   up to the assembly line!
      AD LIB angry cheers, and the mob storms into the plant,
      knocking aside equipment and supplies.

134   IN CAR - FRED AND BARNEY - NIGHT                              134
      Both pedaling like mad.



134   CONTINUED:                                                     134
                   I don't believe this... how did
                   things ever get this out of
                   hand -- ?
                   I know. Makes you wish things
                   were back the way they were...
                   before we was big executives.
                   Well, I wouldn't go that far...
      Suddenly they're interrupted by the sound of a SIREN.
      Fred looks back and sees --

135   FELDSPAR AND GRAVEL                                            135
      Coming up from rear. Feldspar grabs his megaphone as he
      pulls abreast of Fred.
                   Flintstone!   Pull over!

                   Oh, no, not now...
      Feldspar signals Fred onto the shoulder.       Fred smiles,
136   CLOSE ON FRED'S FEET                                           136
      He slams them down through the floorboard --

137   WIDER                                                          137
      Fred's CAR SKIDS, spins out, whirling around like a
      record on a turntable. It jerks to a halt 180 degrees
      later, and then ROARS off in the opposite direction.
138   FELDSPAR                                                       138

      So astonished he follows this action with his head... a
      bad move because --

                   Sarge!   Look out -- !
139   NEW ANGLE                                                      139

      The patrol CAR runs off the road, CRASHING into a stone
      fire hydrant. Water squirts into the air. Feldspar and
      Gravel are drenched. They're just coming to their senses
      when the ground heaves -- the car's front wheels rise --


140   NEW ANGLE                                                      140
      As we see that the water spout is actually coming from
      the blowhole of a whale which now sticks a bit of its
      head up from under the broken curb.
                  I'm gonna sue you for everything
                  you got --

                                                     CUT TO:
141   SLATE QUARRY - NIGHT                                           141

      Led by Piltdown, the workers have grabbed a big timber
      which they're using like a battering ram on the doors of
      the assembly line building. Suddenly, with a crash, the
      doors go down! Piltdown and Pyrite stand back while the
      angry workers rush past them.
                  Now we'll show 'em who's boss!
                  They can't push us around!
      Piltdown and Pyrite smash a few items to get everybody
      juiced up, and then... when no one is looking...
      ... they slip out the back!
142   REAR OF QUARRY - NIGHT                                         142
      Fred pulls into the lot, slams his feet down to stop --
      we hear SKIDDING -- they fishtail all over, slam right
      through a storage area for crates and barrels which
      collapse all around them.

      Finally they slam broadside into the main Quarry build-
      ing, knocking a hole in the wall.
143   NEW ANGLE                                                      143

      Fred and Barney cough in the rising dust. Neither one of
      them sees what we see, which is that visible in the hole
      in the wall is the Slate Company's granite-doored safe...

      ... and right beside it is the Xenosaurus, which now
      jumps up, startled, dropping a crowbar and a big hand

      Recovering its composure, the Xenosaurus grabs up the
      tools as well as a big canvas bag and tiptoes away,
      vanishing just as our heroes stir.


143   CONTINUED:                                                  143
                   Barn! Did you see that -- ?
                          (peering through
                           the dust)
                   -- Huh, now it's gone... I
                   coulda sworn...

                   Come on Fred.    Time to earn those
                   big bucks.

      They rush into the plant.
144   INT. ASSEMBLY LINE - NIGHT                                  144

      As the workers continue their rampage, Piltdown and
      Pyrite reappear.
                   Darn that Flintstone and Rubble...
                   they're gonna screw everything

                   Not if we give 'em a nice long
                   vacation... in the hospital.
      Saying this, he grips tightly on a wrench. Then some
      rampaging workers rush by. Piltdown gives them an encour-
      aging cheer, and then he and Pyrite lead them up some
      stairs to the assembly line catwalk. There, Pyrite
      begins SMASHING some LIGHT FIXTURES with a club, while
      Piltdown uses brute strength to snap big support beams
      which he flings below.
145   CLOSE - PYRITE                                              145

      Winds up for another   baseball-type swing -- but as he
      follows through, the   ball-shaped light fixture jerks up
      on its cable. Unable    to stop in time, Pyrite spins
      around, falls on his   ass.
      Barney drops down INTO VIEW, hanging horizontally from
      the rafters. He's holding the light fixture with his
      free hand.

                   Stee-rike one! Heh-hey.    Ready
                   for a curve ball?

      Pyrite doesn't have a sense of humor; club in hand,
      he jumps up, starts chasing Barney through the rafters.


146   PILTDOWN                                                     146
      Spits on his hand, grabs another big beam. He pulls down
      on it... but it doesn't snap, it goes right up again.
      Puzzled, he pulls down on it again... there's another
      see-saw motion...
      ... This time Piltdown goes with the flow, pushes up and
      peers under the beam...

147   NEW ANGLE                                                    147
      Fred is hanging on the other end.

                  Brother Piltdown... can we talk
                  about this, antler to antler?

      Piltdown roars, begins slamming the girder up and down.
                  Guess not...
      Fred inches down the shuddering beam, jumps off. Freed
      of Fred's weight, the other end "BOINGS" down on
      Piltdown's head. He groans, recovers in time to chase
      after Fred.
148   BARNEY AND PYRITE                                            148
      Square off in the rafters.
                  Give me your best shot.
      Pyrite swings. Barney ducks and Pyrite SMASHES a WINDOW
      pane. Barney dodges again and the same thing happens.
      Getting cocky, Barney does it one more time...

      ... but this time the window is hinged in the center and
      the swivel action after the hit whaps Barney on the back
      and knocks him into Pyrite's next blow.

149   FRED                                                         149
      Is backpedaling away from Piltdown on the upper super-
      structure of the assembly line. Fred scrapes one foot in
      an arc in front of him.

                  Dare you to cross that line.

      Piltdown crosses it.

                  That line.



149   CONTINUED:                                                 149
      Piltdown crosses it. Fred "marks" another one. Piltdown
      doesn't even wait for the challenge, takes a giant step.
      Oops. Bad idea: The last "line" was at the edge of a
      straight drop! Piltdown yelps, "treads air" in the best
      cartoon manner -- and then desperately grabs a handful of
      Fred's clothing! Both men fall -- at the last minute
      Piltdown catches a ladder!

150   BELOW - ASSEMBLY LINE                                      150
      Fred lands with a thud right in the clay mold used to
      form the Fibre products! Worse, the impact arouses the
      goatasauruses out of their sleep. Dutifully, they rise,
      and then ram both sides of the mold just as Fred is
      struggling to his feet! Fred's yell is muffled by the

151   OTHER ASSEMBLY LINE ANIMALS                                151
      Aroused by the "start up" of the assembly line, they do
      their job. Fibre foam begins to chug down the trough:
      The alligator crane picks up the mold, shakes it.
152   FRED                                                       152
      is flung to the conveyor belt, stiffly caked in clay.
153   THE FIBRE MOLD                                             153

      shudders -- and shakes out a Fibre statue of... Fred!
154   BELOW                                                      154
      The real Fred, moving stiffly like a robot, is getting
      to his feet when his Fibre doppleganger slams him to the
      mat again! A moment later, another "Fred" drops down
      beside him.

155   PILTDOWN                                                   155
      Has descended the ladder, hopping mad. Now, he sees
      Fred coming toward him... Piltdown breaks a big lever off
      the equipment, swings -- reacts astonished as "FRED"

156   FRED                                                       156

      Back down the line, he's seen this. His clay-caked
      Adam's apple gulps. Quickly, he turns and tries to
      "tip-toe" away -- then, with a CREAK and CRUNCH -- the
      clay and Fibre all over him solidifies! Desperate, he
      tries to move... can't!


157   PILTDOWN                                                     157
      Watches, confused, as dozens of Fred Flintstones chug
      towards him on the belt. He shrugs, smashes the next
      one in line. Another phoney. He smashes the next one...
                                                   CUT TO:

158   UP ABOVE - BARNEY                                            158

      Dodging Pyrite's renewed attack. Now, Barney becomes
      aware of the activated assembly line. Getting an idea,
      he moves behind an inspection table, grabs a big rubber
      Pyrite comes around the    corner... Barney's head butts him
      in the gut, dodges under    his legs! Then, as Pyrite
      stumbles, Barney stamps    his ass with the word "REJECT."
      Pyrite looks back, sees    this, reddens... raises his club.
                 Reject, huh? Whaddya say we
                 reject your head?
      He raises the club... when an alligator swings down and
      grabs him by the seat of his pants! Pyrite drops the
      club, howls --
159   WIDER                                                        159
      The alligator crane swings him away and over a big bin
      marked REJECTS -- and drops him.
      Howling, Pyrite falls into a big bin of broken and
      defective Fibrerock goods.

160   BARNEY                                                       160
      Chuckles to himself... and then looks down, reacts.
      CAMERA ADJUSTS and we see that Piltdown has smashed yet
      another of the duplicate Freds.
      Worried, Barney looks around, sees that he's just above
      the Fibrefoam chute. Without another thought, he jumps
      into it -- slides downward like a passenger on the
      Magerock Mountain Log Flume ride --

161   BELOW                                                        161

      Piltdown is about to swing at the real Fred -- when
      Barney sails out of the end of the chute and slams into
      him and Fred! All three of them roll across the floor
      towards --


162   THE END OF THE BUILDING                                        162
      where a squad of policemen has just appeared -- led by a
      dripping wet Feldspar and Gravel!

                All right!   You're all under arr --

      Wham! Barney, Fred and Piltdown roll right into the
      cops, who go flying like (what else?) tenpins, complete
      with appropriate sound.
                       (sitting up)
                Whattya know. Even got the spare

      Then he gasps as he looks over at Fred, whose head has
      just fallen off!
      Pause. Fred's real head slowly pokes up out of the clay
      and Fibre shoulders. Before he can extricate himself
      further, Feldspar and his men are dragging them out of
      the building.
                                                     CUT TO:
163   INT. BEDROCK POLICE STATION - NIGHT                            163
      Wooden bars delineate the holding cells. "Wanted"
      posters of stone are hanging on the walls.
      As we watch, the contrite buffalos are bailed out by
      friends and relations. Wilma and Betty are just now
      clunking down stone money on the night sergeant's desk.

                Barney, I don't understand... what
                came over you boys?

                              EXITING BUFFALO
                'Night, Barney.
                       (to Fred)
                So long, fatso.
                              BUFFALO #2
                See ya, Barn.
                Flintstone, you're dead meat.
                                BUFFALO #2
                'Night, pal.    'Night, slimeball.

                Fred, is there something you want
                to tell me about the lodge meeting?



163   CONTINUED:                                                    163
                   I don't wanna talk about it.
                   Besides, who cares about a bunch
                   of jerks running around with furs
                   on their heads? I'm more of a
                   country club guy myself anyway...

      He goes out, hardly looking at Barney. Wilma and Betty
      look at each other, mystified... then Wilma follows Fred
      out, puzzled.

164   EXT. POLICE STATION - NIGHT                                   164
      Lava stands in the shadows beside his Porscherock.
      Piltdown and Pyrite are with him. In the b.g., Fred and
      Wilma drive away.

                   A simple little heist -- I gave
                   you everything but the keys and
                   you blew it --
                   Hey, we got the union guys to
                   break in and create a distraction,
                   didn't we? Who knew Flintstone
                   and Rubble would show up, too?
                   The day after Slate City opens
                   there's going to be an audit. If
                   the stuff isn't gone by then we'll
                   all be doing time until the
                   Bronze Age.
                   Don't worry, Mister Lava... we're
                   on top of it.
      They both turn and start down an alley... jamming
      together as they do. Lava sighs... then jumps as Barney
      comes up behind him and taps him on the shoulder.
                   Excuse me, Mister Lava -- ? I
                   think you oughta know... something
                   could be wrong with the Fibrerock
                   How do you know that?
                   I mean... ah, why do you say that?



164   CONTINUED:                                                   164
                   It tastes different.

                   Tastes... different?

                   Yup. See, ever since I started
                   with Fibrerock -- I mean, since
                   me and Fred started with it, I
                   always take a little taste of the
                   Fibre foam. And tonight's batch,
                   well... I didn't get much of it,
                   but it seems a little off.
                          (smacking his lips)
                   Can't fool the old taste buds,
                   heh-heh. I think there might be
                   an ingredient missing. So
                   tomorrow, I'll run a couple of
                   tests and stuff --
                   Rubble, Rubble! We're fighting a
                   deadline to finish Slate City...
                   and we're not pulling the plug on
                   production to satisfy your
                   tastebuds! If you ask me, you
                   and your tastebuds are overworked
                   ... overwrought... how long have
                   you been with us, anyway?
                   Nine days, Mister Lava.

                   Jumping Jurrasic, no wonder you're
                   so run down.

      He puts his arm around Barney, leads him towards the
      car where Betty is waiting.

                   I'm authorizing a nice vacation
                   for you, Rubble. Starting
                   tomorrow. You can catch some rays,
                   maybe invent something... hey,
                   how about Fibrerock, the sequel,
                   part II -- ?
                   But --

                   No, don't try and thank me.

                                                   CUT TO:


165   INT. SLATE'S OFFICE - DAY                                  165
      Slate and Lava are examining a newer and larger model of
      Slate City. It's even more grandiose than its
      predecessor. Now the housing development has two huge
      office buildings beside it, and then a convention center
      beyond that.

                ... As you can see, the Fibrerock
                is so light we're using it for
                construction, for furnishings...
                for everything. You can't stack
                a two-bedroom cave this high...
                but the sky's the limit with

                'Sky's the limit'... 'sky's the
                limit'... why, these two buildings,
                they... they practically scrape
                the sky! We should call them...
                Slate scrapers!
                That's brilliant, Unc... Mister
                Slate. In fact, maybe you can
                help me with the centerpiece of
                the complex...
                       (indicating the
                         convention center)
                ... I wanna call 'em the
                FibreSphere and the '____'
                something Needle... but I just

                How about, 'Slate Needle'?

                'Slate Need...'
                ... How do you keep coming up
                with these? It's uncanny.
                It's a gift...
                Oh, that reminds me, sign these,
                will you... just a few overruns
                ... minor cost problems... that's
                it... thank you...



165   CONTINUED:                                                   165
      Slate's so busy admiring his moment to himself he hardly
      listens to what Lava's saying, just runs his stylus
      through the wet clay of the statements, meanwhile
      "framing" the model city in his hands.
                          (heading for the
                   ... Oh, Mister Slate, we're going
                   to hold the Bedrock Junior Talent
                   Show in the uh, 'Slate Needle.'
                   Good for public relations --
      Lava breaks off.    He's just looked out the window and
      seen --

166   LAVA'S POV - QUARRY BELOW WINDOW                             166
      A small figure appears behind some of the equipment,
      tiptoeing from console to cabinet and thus towards
      the assembly line.
      Wearing sunglasses with attached nose and a hook-on
      beard, it at first appears to be some sort of bizarre
      hermit or bum... and then we realize, hey, this is
167   LAVA                                                         167

      Looks around, spots Piltdown and Pyrite, now resplendent
      in security guard uniforms. Lava whistles softly to get
      their attention, can't. Then he sees one of Slate's
      golf trophies. He shrugs, throws it.

168   BELOW - PILTDOWN                                             168
      Reacts as the trophy bounces off his head, then looks up
      to see Lava gesticulating. Piltdown nods, grabs Pyrite
      in tow.
169   BARNEY                                                       169

      Looking around carefully, Barney takes out a Thermos
      bottle, unscrews the top, and quickly dunks it into the
      Fibrerock foam. Then he tiptoes O.S., right into the
      massive bulk of --

170   PILTDOWN                                                     170
      -- who looks down at him with a big smile, Pyrite at his

                   Can we help you... sir?



170   CONTINUED:                                                      170
                          (fake crotchety voice)
                   Ah, yup, yup, young feller... jest
                   show me the way to the personnel
                   office... I'm lookin' fer a job
                   as a custodian...

                   Our pleasure.
      Then they grab Barney with such force that the THERMOS
      drops and SHATTERS, drag him O.S. --
171   SLATE QUARRY - MAIN GATE - DAY                                  171

      Barney is tossed outside, landing in a heap amidst the
      picketing workers of Neolithic 101.
                   Ya can start by cleaning the
                   street with your pants!
      Still laughing, Piltdown and Pyrite cross over to Lava,
      who has come out of the office building.
                   That takes care of the half-pint.
                   Now to deal with the half-wit.
                                                      CUT TO:
172   INT. LAVA'S OFFICE - DAY                                        172
      Lava walks Fred from the door into the color-coordinated
      high-style room.

                          (on the move)
                   ... But Barney doesn't want to
                   take a vacation -- he says he's
                   gotta be here to check up on the
                   Fibrefoam --

                   -- Oh? Or check up on us?
      Emotionally, Lava turns, indicates a picture of Slate on
      the wall.



172   CONTINUED:                                                    172
                   Flintstone, that... that's a slap
                   in the face of our founder... our
                   employer... our uncle.
                          (turning back,
                           another tone)
                   Unless, of course, you agree with
                   Rubble... that Mister Slate isn't
                   capable of running this operation
                   ... that I'm not capable of
                   running it?

                   Of course not, Mister Lava.
                   But --

                   Call me Jerry. Sit down, please...
      Fred complies. Lava winces as his designer FURNITURE
      CREAKS under Fred's weight, but he only says --
                          (offering one)
                   ... Cigar?
                   Why, yeah, sure, Jerry.
                   Fred, let me get to the bottom
                   slime. Some men -- you and me,
                   for instance -- we're cut out for
                   the big time, the big bucks...
                          (eyeing Fred's
                   ... the big everything.
      Lava smiles, prepares the tips on two cigars.      He puts
      each one in turn in a gizmo on his desk.

173   CLOSER - GIZMO                                                173
      It's actually a frame supporting a little LIZARD. The
      Lizard bites the tip off the cigar, practically chokes
      on it, finally manages to spit it out with difficulty.
                   When they say smoking is bad for
                   your health, they're not kidding...


174   BACK TO SCENE                                                174
                And others?   Wellll...

      Now Lava takes out a lighter, leans across the desk.
175   CLOSER - LIGHTER                                             175

      As Lava works the mechanism, two wooden twigs rub rapidly
      across each other and ignite.
176   BACK TO SCENE                                                176

                ... Now, I know your pal Barney
                had a small part in the preliminary
                research and development of
                Well, actually, I wouldn't say
                small part... I'd say...
                ... Kind of a medium-sized... well,
                almost medium-sized... well, really
                a semi-partial assistant counsulting
                type, of --
                       (giving Fred a
                        playful punch)
                You're too kind, Flintstone,
                that's what I like about you.
                But you're a big guy with a big
                decision to make. Are you gonna
                keep covering for Barney, keep
                pulling his acornsauruses out of
                the fire... or are you going to
                concentrate on your own important
                Well, gee, that's tough one --
                -- Uh, what are my important duties?
                Publicity, Flintstone, publicity!


176   CONTINUED:                                                       176
                                 LAVA (CONT'D)
                   And that's why I've got a little
                   surprise for you... for the man
                   who made Fibrerock a household
                   word, I want you to meet the man
                   who's going to make you a household

      Lava throws the door open.        Fred's jaw drops as he
      sees --

                   R-rockin' Leach?
      Indeed, it is he, and he smiles, extends his hands.

                   'Ello,  Fred. I've 'eard a lot
                   h'about  you from Mister Lava.
                   H'at's  why we're going to put you
                   on our  program.
                   M-me?   On -- on television?
                          (patting his back,
                   Right, Fred. As long as you
                   forget all this nonsense about
                          (still in a dazed
                   Barney who?

                                                      CUT TO:
177   EXT. FLINTSTONE HOUSE - DAY                                      177

      Three big dino-mounted trucks are parked in front. You
      have to read the words on all three: "ROCKSTYLES OF..."
      "THE RICH..." "AND FAMOUS."

      Technicians roll out gear, set up big spotlights, etc.

178   CLOSER - YARD                                                    178
      Rockin' Leach is surveying the place with an aide. Fred
      and Wilma are with them. Leach makes a "frame" with his
      hands, "pans" the area.


178   CONTINUED:                                                    178
                   Hmm. Lovely little guest 'ouse,
                   Mister Flintstone. So simple,
                   so ordinary, so unexceptional...
                   why, h'it's almost quaint. Let's
                   say we start with the camera 'ere,

      Leach breaks off, looks over the fence at the Rubble
      homestead. He shakes his head sadly.

                   W-what's wrong?
                   Well, just look at that yard over
                   there... barbecues and trikes, not
                   exactly the right image...
                   Maybe you could move those plants
                   to block them out...?

                   Good idea. Rodney, get 'hoppin'
                   with those greens.
      The aide nods, gathers some workers. They start moving
      the potted plants. Puzzled, Wilma comes over.
                   Fred, this was supposed to be a
                   'typical evening' at the
                   Flintstones, and you invited fifty
                   people I don't even know. Now
                   what's going on? Where are they
                   taking my ficus-sauruses?
                   It's the Rubble yard, Wilma.   It's
                   just not the right image...
      He starts away, suddenly notices his own barbecue and
      trikes... quickly, without missing a stride, he tosses
      a tarp over them, slides a potted plant over for good
179   BARNEY AND BETTY'S HOUSE - SAME TIME                          179

      Betty, hair and face done, but still in a slip, is
      putting a reluctant Bam-Bam into a cute little blazer.
      In the f.g., Barney finishes tying a black tie, then
      struggles into a dinner jacket.



179   CONTINUED:                                                     179
                   I don't know why you want to go
                   to this thing... after the way
                   Fred's been treating you lately --
                   Fred's in a high-powered
                   executive job, Betty. There's a
                   lot of pressure on him.
                   Yeah... and it's all around his
                   belt. If it wasn't for poor Wilma
                   I wouldn't give him the Geological
                   Time --

                   Trust me, Betty. After the
                   Fibrerock debut, he'll be the same
                   old Fred.
      Both react to the sound of HAMMERING and SAWING.
      Curious, they go out the sliding bedroom door into the
      yard and see --
180   THEIR POV - THE FENCE                                          180
      The television crew has just finished nailing boards up
      over the top of the fence. Now the big potted plants
      are dropped into place. With each hammer stroke or thud
      a little more of the late afternoon sun is shut off
      until Barney and Betty are in shadow.
      Finally a canvas tarp is tossed as gracefully as pizza
      dough, sails into the Rubble yard and covers their bird
      bath. One last stray end lands on Barney's head.

                                                     CUT TO:

      Inside each one, a little BIRD in hardhat and smoked
      visor lights up the arc, gets knocked on his butt when
      it catches.

                          (slowly getting up)
                   I've heard of a flash in the pan,
                   but this is ridiculous...

182   ON DINO                                                        182

      He's squirming uncomfortably under the attentions of two
      crew members who are busy with scissors and combs and


182   CONTINUED:                                                   182
      Finally, they're done and leave him.

      He has been cut and trimmed like a French poodle. He
      gets a glimpse of himself in the swimming pool and freaks
      out. Then he arches his back, shakes out the hairstyle.

183   CLOSER ON ROCKIN' LEACH                                      183

      The MAIN TITLE of the show can be heard O.S.
                                 ANNOUNCER (O.S.)
                   And now... the man who brings you
                   the romance and excitement you
                   crave... from the casinos of
                   Monte Carlrock to the glamour of
                   Hollyrock, here's your guide to
                   the Rockstyles of the Rich and
                   Famous, Rockin' Leach!
      Leach takes his cue from the director --
                          (INTO CAMERA)
                   Good evening. Tonight we come
                   to you live from the ah... charming
                   pied a terre of the man of the
                   'our, Fred Flintstone --
      Leach pauses, hearing the sound of someone CHIPPING AWAY
      at a stone tablet... he looks up at --
184   HIS POV - FRED                                               184
      He has just carved "FREDERICK" into a stone cue card
      and points to it.
185   BACK TO SCENE                                                185

                   'Ere we are at the 'ome of
                   Bedrock's man o' the 'our,
                   Frederick Flint--
      More CHIPPING.    Leach looks up and sees:

186   HIS POV - FRED                                               186

      Now he's carved something grander.    Leach sighs, goes

                   'Ere we are at the fabulous 'ome
                   of Bedrock's man o' the 'our,
                   Frederick von Flintstone --


187   NEAR THE HOUSE                                            187
      Barney and Betty appear, Bam-Bam in tow. They come out
      into the yard. Betty waves at Wilma, who comes over,
                Thank heaven. There isn't one
                person I know here.

                You mean beside Fred?

                I mean including Fred.
      They look over at --

188   THE SET                                                   188
      Where Leach has pulled Fred on camera. Fred is posing,
      fluffing his ascot, etc. We notice a "FVF" embroidered
      patch on his jacket.
                Frederick, of course, is the man
                behind Fibrerock -- the invention
                that some predict will
                revolutionize life in the future.
                Frederick, 'ow does it feel to
                know that you 'ave personally
                brought the Stone Age as we know
                it to a long-deserved end?
                       (very affected accent)
                Well, Rockin', you're right, I
                have affected destiny for all
                mankind, and it's a sobering
                thought. However, if I may add a
                personal note at this time, I
                myself cannot personally take
                all the credit for Fibrerock...

189   WILMA, BARNEY, BETTY                                      189
      react with hopeful expressions --

                        (sotto, to them)
                See?   What'd I tell ya?


190   BACK TO SCENE                                                190
                No, I could never have done it
                without the inspiration and
                support of a very special person.
                I'm speaking, of course, of my
                close friend and associate,
                Mister Slate, founder and C.E.O.
                of Slate Construction...
191   WILMA, BARNEY, BETTY                                         191

      Barney's face falls.   So do Wilma and Betty's.
                                                   CUT TO:

192   EXT. SLATE CITY - NIGHT                                      192

      Slate City! In the far future, Manhattan will have New
      Jersey... Philadelphia will have Levittown... L.A. will
      have Burbank... but today Bedrock has... Slate City!
193   CLOSE ON "SLATE NEEDLE" AND FIBRESPHERE                      193
      Both decorated in pennants and bunting, connected to each
      other by a gangway six stories up. Block letters on the
      Fibresphere proclaim "Slate Construction brings you THE
      WONDERFUL WORLD OF FIBRE." A heroic statue of Slate
      himself stands close by the structures. (Sphere and
      needle, of course, are dead on parodies of the Trylon
      and Perisphere, centerpieces of the '39 World's Fair.)
      A limousine pedaled by two chauffeurs pulls up. Mr. and
      Mrs. Slate and Lava, and Lava's son, POINDEXTER, get out.
      It is immediately evident that the little obnoxious acorn
      hasn't fallen far from the tree.
                Wow! Is this ever keen! Dad, you
                promise I can cut in all the lines?
                Of course, Poindexter, of course.
      They head for the mastodon    and pully-powered elevator.
      Standing there are Piltdown    and Pyrite, both in security
      guard uniforms. (Piltdown     is carrying a vaguely-familiar
      satchel). Lava gives them     a big look. They nod. As
      the elevator rises, his two    cronies duck into a stairwell
      marked "NO ADMITTANCE."

                                                   CUT TO:

194   RESUME - FLINTSTONE HOUSE                                    194
      The party is in full swing.


194   CONTINUED:                                                     194
      We see Pebbles and Bam-Bam squirming uncomfortably in
      their party clothes. They take some canapes off of a
      table, take a bite... spit them out.
195   FRED                                                           195

      Stands beaming, nodding to his guests.

                   Hello, hello. Bon soir. Good to
                   see ya... glad you could make it...

                   Hello, Frank...

                   Fred -- there's the bar, make
                   yourself at home -- mi casa es
                   votre casa, so, when in Rome and
                   all that --
                          (coming over)
                   Fred, can I talk to you -- ?
                   Fred? Fred?
                   We have a serious problem with
                   Betty and Barney.
                   You mean you can see their
                   house -- ?
                   I mean you're treating them
                   horribly! What's come over you,
                   Fred? Does a little money mean so
                   much to you that you just turn
                   your back on the things that
                   really count?
                   Wilma, I'm shocked. I wouldn't do
                   that. Okay, I admit it: I'm
                   trying to make an impression here,
                   I wanna look good, I wanna be a

      He takes her hand, looks into her eyes.       For a moment,
      Wilma's face softens.


195   CONTINUED:                                                     195
                   ... But deep down inside, I'm
                   still the same lovable guy you
                   married --
                   -- Frederick von Flintstone the
                   third --

                   Arrrgh -- !

      She throws up her hands, stalks away.
                   What'd I say?

196   PRODUCTION ASSISTANT                                           196
      Hangs up the sea shell phone, runs over to Leach.
                   That was our location guy at Slate
                   City. They just moved the ribbon
                   cutting up by an hour. Guests are
                   already starting to arrive.
                   Fabulous! I've 'ad enough crab meat
                   and crabgrass to last me a year.
                   All right, boys, that's a wrap!
197   FRED                                                           197
      In the middle of a tight little group which is pigging
      out. Fred seems oblivious to the fact that they're
      oblivious to him.

                   ... Yas, yas, it's a challenging
                   commodity market these days.
                   Personally, I'm considering
                   petrified forests, but they do
                   say that volcano futures are
                   ready to explode, ha, ha...

      Suddenly Fred notices that his "audience" has evaporated.
      He looks around, sees everyone headed for their cars,
      the TV crew packing up, etc.
                   ... Hey, whoa, what's happening --



197   CONTINUED:                                                     197
                                 LEACH'S AIDE
                   What's happening isn't happening
                   here. The action's over at Slate
                   City. Oh, thanks for the booze,
                   Ed --

      He stumbles through the thinning crowd, clutching at

                   Hey, what's the hurry? We got a
                   cake shaped like a piece of
                   Fibrerock... I got it, how about
                   some charades? No, even better,
                   twenty questions: 'Am I animal,
                   mineral, or fossil'...? Oh, I
                   heard a great one the other day
                   ... a guy walks in a bar with a
                   duckasaurus on his head and the
                   bartender says -- this'll kill
                   you, the bartender says --
      Fred stops, running out of steam along with his moment of
      glory. He stands alone on the lawn. Wilma slowly comes
      up to him.

                   Fred... I... I'm sorry it's not
                   working out...
      Fred turns, puts on a big smile.
                   Whaddya mean, not working out?
                   They're goin' party hopping,
                   that's all. That's what ya do in
                   society, Wilma... you cruise
                   around. They'll go over to
                   Slate's shindig for a while,
                   then they'll come back here.

                   You go on over to Slate City,

                   Fred, I want to be here with you --


197   CONTINUED:    (2)                                            197
                   Nah, me and some of the guys from
                   the country club, we're gonna play
                   poker, yeah, big stakes poker
                   until everybody comes back. Go on
                   with the others. The kids got
                   their show to put on anyway... and
                   I wouldn't want people to think...
                   to think the Flintstones were
                   party poopers.

      She doesn't know what to say, or what she can say that
      won't shatter his shaky image. She sighs, kisses him,
      then calls out.

                   Come on, Pebbles. We're going to
                   another party.
                   Will there be real food there?
                   We'll find out together.
      She takes the girl's hand and goes to the door, where the
      last of Leach's crew is just going out. Suddenly Betty
      catches up to her, Bam-Bam in tow.

                   Wilma, wait.   I'm going with you.
                   If friends can't do something
                   stupid, who can?
      Wilma smiles, touched.

                          (lowering her voice)
                   ... Maybe if we leave the boys

      Wilma nods, hopeful.
198   EXT. FLINTSTONE HOUSE - NIGHT                                198

      The film crew caravan   is already leaving as Wilma, Betty
      and the kids get into   the Rubble car. The last TV crew-
      man extinguishes the   big spotlight. The house is dark,
      forlorn in the fading   twilight.


199   REAR OF YARD - NIGHT                                        199
      Fred sits forlorn in the rubble of his party.   Dino comes
      over, nuzzles his leg.

                Just you and me now, Dino. Yeah.
                That's okay. Man and man's best

      He gives Dino one of the canapes. Dino tastes it, makes
      a face, spits it out. DINO runs off, going "PTOOIE" all
      the way. We see him run to the corner, jump in Betty's
      car and drive away.
200   FRED                                                        200

      sighs, looks around, down at his blazer and the "FVF"
      patch. He suddenly rips it off in a fury. Then he looks
      at --
201   THE WALL IN FRONT OF BARNEY'S PROPERTY                      201
202   BACK TO SCENE                                               202
      Fred stares at it, his face slowly darkening. Then he
      grabs a lawn chair from the yard, begins to smash it in
      a fury against the divider. The wall cracks, splinters;
      the potted plants go flying.
203   FRED                                                        203
      His anger spent, he stands panting, splattered with
      dirt... then he sees --
204   NEW ANGLE - ANOTHER DIRT-COVERED FIGURE                     204
      -- standing in the ruins of the wall. The figure
      sneezes, whacks dirt off of itself. It's --

                B... Barney?

                       (moving closer)
                Hiya, Fred.
                       (noticing his ruined
                Boy, the rental place is gonna
                be mad...
                       (eyeing the mess)
                ... You feeling better, pal?



204   CONTINUED:                                                    204
                   'Pal'? How can you call me that?
                   Barney, I... I've been such a...
                   such a... such a...

                   Well, yeah.   But more of a --

                            (helpful tone)

                   Well --
                   Slimeball? Louse? Jackass?
                          (snapping fingers)
                   Stuck-up blimpasaurus?
                          (wincing, but
                           taking it)
                   Barney... can... can you ever
                   forgive me for being such a jerk?

                          (stepping closer)
                   Sure, Fred.
                   I've had lots of practice.
                   Aw, Barn...
      And he grabs Barney in a big bear hug. Tears in both
      their eyes, they slap each other on the back, two
      prehistoric sensitive guys.
                                                    CUT TO:

205   FIBRESPHERE & SLATE NEEDLE - NIGHT                            205

      Little cupola cars are chugging around the upper level
      of the Fibresphere, where they enter a tunnel-like open-
      ing labeled "THE WORLD OF FIBRE."

      Wilma, Betty, the kids and Dino are in one of these.
      Now, we FOLLOW them as they chug into --


206   THE FIBRESPHERE "WORLD OF FIBRE" RIDE                      206
      The cupolas rattle along in Disneyland style, passing a
      sign which reads: "FIBREROCK--TRANSFORMING THE HOME."
      Here, mechanical figures in an all-Fibre home move
      klutzily around the room.
                              RECORDING (V.O.)
                       (a la 'The Great
                Welcome! Welcome to the fabulous
                world of tomorrow... a world
                brought to you by Fibrerock!

207   REVERSE ANGLE                                              207
      REVEALING that behind the hollow shells of the human
      family is a veritable family of monkeys, all working the
      figures like puppets. A PARROT at a stand-mounted
      microphone is giving the narration.
                              PARROT (RECORDING) (V.O.)
                Here, we see a typical family of
                the future, free of the cares and
                worries of today... yes, the great
                kibble crisis is a thing of the
                past when you're living the good
                life... the Fibrelife!
208   NEXT EXHIBIT                                               208

      The CARS CHUG past a display of tree trunks, leaves,
      bubbling gunk... and those iridescent vegetable pearls
      we've come to know... coo-coo berries. Iron bars and
      vault-like doors separate the coo-coo berries from the
      other items.
                              ANOTHER PARROT
                Here, gathered from the four
                corners of the globe, are the
                secret ingredients of Fibrerock...
                some common, some rare... all
                making life easier for you and
209   THIRD EXHIBIT                                              209

      The little CARS CHUG into an elegant salon, complete with
      runway. There's another PARROT here in front of another
      megaphone, but this parrot is chic and flamboyant.
                              FASHION PARROT
                But does Fibrerock belong only in
                the kitchen, the garage, the
                workplace? No, no, no, my


210   FASHION MODELS ON RUNWAY                                     210
      As each girl struts forward, she shrugs off a bulky
      animal fur and tosses it into a garbage can. Underneath
      are all kinds of daring and tantalizing fashions woven
      in the tell-tale fibre colors. The clothes are a blend
      of the future and retro (that is, prehistoric retro).

                              FASHION PARROT
                Because the clothes of the Stone
                Age are as extinct as stones
                themselves! Yes, thanks to the
                wonder of Fibrerockfibre, the world
                of high fashion will be totally
                transformed... by Fibre furs...
                Fibre frocks... Fibre foundations
                and Fibreshoes... it's to die

211   FOURTH EXHIBIT                                               211
      Now, we see a display of Fibrerock props of all kinds --
      appliances, toys, tools, etc... all of it upstaged by a
      choir consisting of every animal, bird and critter we've
      seen in this film. Wilma, Betty, the kids and Dino ooh
      and ahh with the other guests as the mechanical animals
      all sing in unison --
                              FIBRE CHOIR (V.O.)
                'It's a Fibre World you know,
                It's a Fibre World you know,
                It's a Fibre World you know -- '
                                                   CUT TO:
212   INT. BARNEY'S WORKSHOP - NIGHT                               212
      Fred and Barney are surrounded by books and cartons and
      memorabilia. They have their arms around each other and
      are singing.
                              FRED & BARNEY
                'Now it's time to do or die, grab
                that rock and kick it high, let's
                fight, fight, fight for Bedrock

      They break up laughing. Fred chuckles, looks at one of
      the many old photographs strewn around.
                Boy, those were the days, Barney.
                Bedrock High winning all those
                games... and you and me right in
                the middle of it.


213   NEW ANGLE - FAVORING PHOTO                                  213
      The photograph (dots in stone) shows the young Fred and
      Barney in their cheerleading costumes. Barney has a
      sweater and megaphone; Fred is in a Godzilla-like
      "mascot" costume. He's holding the hideously-sculpted
      head under his arm.

               Yeah.   Too bad we never made the
               So what? We made the team spirit.
               That's just as important...
               whatever happened to those
               cheerleader costumes?

               You know Betty. She never throws
               anything away.
      He hauls out an old footlocker, opens it.    There they
                        (rummaging in it)
               Boy.    Talk about memories.
      Fred tosses the cheerleader sweater to Barney, who grins,
      pulls it on. Fred also starts to get into his old
      "uniform," but has to suck his gut in mightily. Finally,
      he can zip it up, stern to stem.
               Back then, we thought a pop quiz
               was a big problem. We didn't
               know how good we had it. No
               problems, no worries...

      Saying this, Fred attempts to put on the Godzilla-like
      head. He has a hard time sliding it into a hinge rail
      behind his neck, an even harder time swinging it down and
               Speaking of problems and worries,
               shouldn't we get on over to
               Slate's party?
      Fred has finally "clinked" the monster head down into
      place. Now, when he talks, the monster's mouth moves in



213   CONTINUED:                                                      213
                   What for? So him and all his
                   fancy friends can look down their
                   noses at us?

      Completely covered in the ferocious-looking suit, Fred
      steps over to Barney, stabs an angry claw in his
                   All they've been doing is using us,
                   Barney. And meanwhile --

      Now Fred reaches up to take the head off. It sticks for
      a moment. Finally he gets it to flip back on its hinge
      where it hangs behind his neck like a ski parka hood.
                          (normal voice)
                   -- Meanwhile all the time they
                   were laughing at us.

                   Yeah?   When did you notice that?
                   About an hour ago.
                   Boy, there's no fooling you, Fred.
      a scale model of Slate City in the corner begins to fall

      Fred and Barney look at each other, startled, then rush
      over to the model. It's the interim version we saw

214   CLOSER - MODEL                                                  214
      The decomposition continues, walls and supports turning
      into sand and running down before our eyes. In a Rube
      Goldberg-like continuum, the little houses go first,
      falling like dominoes...
                   Wha... what's happening?

      Barney tries to stop the process, can't.


214   CONTINUED:                                                   214
                   I... I don't know... the Fibrerock
                   it's... it's decomposing... but
                   this shouldn't happen...
                   Your old models are just fine...

215   ANGLE                                                        215
      Indeed, the older models from Barney's tinkering days
      are rock solid.
216   BACK TO SCENE                                                216

                   It should be. There's enough
                   coo-coo berry resin in there to
                   petrify a brontosaurus --
      Suddenly Barney gets it. He looks from the older models
      to the now decomposing little Fibresphere with growing

                          (snapping his fingers)
                   -- The coo-coo berries! Fred,
                   that's it!

                   What's it?
                   Remember I said the Fibrefoam
                   tasted funny? It was the coo-coo
                   sap that was missing!

                   But.. why would --
                   Why? Because coo-coo berries are
                   as valuable as goldrock! And
                   we've had tons of 'em delivered
                   to the plant since we started...
                   somebody musta got greedy --

                   -- Not 'somebody' -- Lava!

                   Fred, that sap acts as a fixative
                   -- it's the glue that holds the
                   whole formula together -- !


216   CONTINUED:                                                      216
                          (with mounting concern)
                   Then... what's happening here...
                          (finishing it)
                   ... Is gonna happen for real in
                   the real Slate City!
                   Oh no... Barney! Wilma and Betty
                   -- and the kids -- they're all
                   there --
      With a final WHIMPER, the little FIBRESPHERE CAVES IN
      and then the nearby SLATE NEEDLE CRUMBLES, model story
      by model story. Finally the "DISK" on top of the needle
      is all that's left, wobbling around like a spun dinner
      plate. It finally falls... EXPLODES.
                   -- B-barney... what do we do?

      Barney runs to a locker, grabs a big plunger-powered
      flit gun, begins filling it with a red liquid.
                   Coo-coo berry sap, Fred! It's
                   our only chance -- their only
      Barney gives it a quick test squirt. Fred nods, and they
      rush out of the room. CAMERA PUSHES IN ON the ruins of
      the model "Slate City"...
                                                      CUT TO:

217   INT. SLATE NEEDLE - NIGHT                                       217
      WIDEN FROM a young kid who is drinking a glass of water
      and simultaneously singing with a ventriloquist's dummy.
      Obviously, the talent show has begun.
      In the audience, Lava fidgets with nervous and confident
      energy... gives Wilma a big look.

                   You're certainly looking lovely
                   this evening, Mrs. Flintstone.
                   Life with a junior executive must
                   agree with you.


217   CONTINUED:                                                 217
                   Uh... thank you... I think.

                          (looking into her
                   Yes. I think so, too.
                   Imagine how good you'd look
                   with a senior executive.

                   Oh?   Is Fred getting promoted?
      Lava laughs, sure she's kidding... then not so sure. The
      ventriloquist finishes to scattered applause. The kid
      bows, gets up... splashes across puddles of water on the
      stage area. The Headmistress of L'ecole Superior et al
      steps up. Behind her, the picture window displays the
      expanse of Slate City: The twin Slatescrapers framing
      endless rows of little tract houses stretching to the
      distant volcanic ridge.
                          (as applause dies)
                   Sank you, ladies and gentlemen.
                   An' sank you, Monsieur Slate for
                   zis lovely setting. Zoot alors,
                   zis will ze mos' fantas'tic
                   recital in Bedrock 'istoree. Now,
                   I would like to sank out mos'
                   generous benefactress, Madame
                   Slate for her fine support o'vair
                   zee years --
      She gestures into the audience, where Mrs. Slate stands,
      waves a gloved hand like the Queen Mother.

                   -- An' now, what better
                   introduction could we 'ave for
                   Mrs. Slate's vairy own gran'
                   nephew... Poindexter Lava!
      She steps aside. Curtain rises on little Poindexter.
      He is carrying a leather-and-bone accordion. He begins
      to play:
                          (singing loudly)
                   'Dino of Spain, I adore you
                   Right from the moment I saw you -- '


218   QUICK SHOTS - AUDIENCE                                       218
      Their smiles become fixed. (Up on the spotlights, the
      little birds who operate the lights put earplugs in their
      In the wings with Pebbles and Bam-Bam, DINO MOANS, hides
      his head under his paws.

      On the refreshment table, GLASSES CRACK... a cake falls.
219   CLOSE ON LAVA                                                219

      He surreptitiously checks his wrist watch...
                                                   CUT TO:


      This one a pocket job. (Like Lava's, it's really a
      little sundial with a built-in burning match above it to
      provide a shadow!) We WIDEN, and see that this watch
      is held in a green, scaley claw.
221   ANOTHER ANGLE                                                221

      It's the xenosaurus, lurking behind the   exhibits! Now,
      the CREATURE GRUNTS confidently, lights   up a cigar.
      Then it picks up a canvas bag and a big   toolbox and
      tiptoes into the deeper recesses of the   Fibre ride.

                                                   CUT TO:
222   INT. FRED'S CAR - TRAVELLING                                 222
      Fred and Barney rush along, Fred at the wheel.
                What'll we do when we get there?

                We just tell Mister Slate that all
                500 acres of his development are
                going to crumble into dust any
                       (holds up the
                        flit gun)
                Then we zap the stairs and
                corridors with some of this
                coo-coo sap. I just hope we have
                enough to get everybody out --

      He's said this last because as he held up the flit gun,
      the handle whacked the back of Fred's monster costume,
      and the head has flipped down with a solid "clink."



222   CONTINUED:                                                     222
                   Barney -- !
                          (swerving all
                           over the road)
                   -- I can't see straight --

      Barney gets up on his knees, grabs the wheel with one
      hand and the monster head with the other.
                   Hang on, hang on --

      Oops. He rotates the head completely around. Fred
      flails around. Barney grabs the wheel with one hand,
      tries to help Fred with the other.

223   EXT. CAR - NIGHT                                               223
      It careens around even more wildly now.      There's several
      near collisions.
                                                    CUT TO:
224   EXT. "ROCKDONALD'S" RESTAURANT - NIGHT                         224
      "Rockdonald's" is, of course, complete with golden arches
      of stone, a drive-up window, etc. It even has the oblig-
      atory cops on a break... in this case, Feldspar and
      Gravel. They're sitting in their patrol car eating from
      little bamboo containers shaped just like McDonald's
      Styrofoam. (Of course, the logo on the building behind
      them proudly reads "OVER 100 SOLD.")
                          (mouth full, bitching)
                   Speed traps again! Face it,
                   Gravel. I'm in a rut... and
                   meanwhile, the guys who went
                   through the academy with me,
                   they're all big shots now:
                   Sam Slate... Dirty Harock...
                   Magma, P.I. And you know why?
                   'Cause they got the breaks,
                   that's why!

      Suddenly both officers react to the sound of SKIDDING
      TIRES and HONKING HORNS. They look out their window
      at --
225   FRED AND BARNEY - DRIVING PAST                                 225

      both still battling the wheel and the resistant costume
      head. (By now their gyrations have put Barney's face
      inside the jaws of the monster mask.)


226   BACK TO SCENE                                              226
                S-sarge, d-did you see that? Some
                sorta creature was attacking that
                little guy -- !
                There's a lesson there, Gravel...
                never pick up hitchhikers.
                Besides --
                -- Did you say 'creature'?

      They do a big double-take at the now-vanishing car.
                              FELDSPAR & GRAVEL
                The xenosaurus!

      Excited, Feldspar bangs his dashboard and a DISPATCH
      PARAKEET in a police uniform pops INTO VIEW. Feldspar
      grabs it around the neck, holds it like a microphone.
                This is a xenosaurus alert.
                Repeat, a xenosaurus alert. The
                creature has been sighted on the
                Slate City exit of the Venturock
                Freeway! It is driving a brown
                late model sedan and eating a
                white male Caucasian. Car twelve
                is in hot pursuit.
      He releases the bird, which doesn't fly away right away,
      but gives him a look.

                Oh, yeay... over and out!

      The bird nods, appeased, flies off.
                              DISPATCH PARAKEET
                       (as it goes)
                Awwk! Car Twelve is on the way.
                Car Twelve is on the way...

                Gravel, this could mean promotions
                for both of us!
                       (trotting up to
                Load the shotgun and turn on the


227   FRED'S CAR - TRAVELLING                                    227
      Barney is rocking Fred's head back and forth, finally
      gives it one last mighty yank. Something breaks.
      Barney falls back on the passenger side of the car.
      Fred drives with one hand, "raps" the monster head.
      It rattles. When Fred speaks again, the monster mouth
      no longer opens and closes in sync.

                       (muffled, shouting)
                Ho, gweat! Hoo bwoke hit,
                Bahnee! Hi khnat twalk hennymore!
      Suddenly both men (pardon, man and xenosaurus) react to
      an approaching SIREN. They both look back at --

228   FELSPAR'S PATROL CAR                                      228
      Closing in. Gravel has produced a little sabre tooth
      CAT and is "cranking" its tail. As it WAILS away, the
      cops close in on our heroes.
229   BACK TO SCENE                                             229

                Ho noh! Ahhrisser Felghspah!
                       (turning to Barney)
                Haybee whee hould shtop -- ?

                What, and explain what you're
                doing in that costume? Start
                talking about coo-coo berries and
                Fibrerock? By then it'll be too
                'Hen yore height, yore height...
      Fred pours on more speed. They careen around a turn.
      CAMERA WHIP PANS TO a road sign: SLATE CITY--1 MI.

230   SLATE CITY - REAR GATE                                    230
      A fence surrounds the empty housing development; in the
      distance, we can see the dark Slate Scrapers, and past
      them, the brightly-lit and gleaming Fibersphere and
      Slate Needle.
      We hear a SCREECH and then the CAMERA PANS BACK to pickup
      Fred's CAR as it whips around a turn, two wheels off the
      ground. It crashes right into the gate, knocking down a
      sign reading "SLATE CITY--DELIVERY GATE." The fence
      collapses all around the car.


231   NEW ANGLE                                                     231
      Fred and Barney stagger out of the wreck. Barney,
      covered with debris, rummages around and sighs with
      relief when he finds the flit gun of coo-coo sap is
      still intact.
                         (hearing a siren)
                  We'd better split up; that way at
                  least one of us can make it to the
                  Slate Needle -- !

                  'Ood hidea.   Ood whuk, ol' bhudee.
      They slap hands together like basketball players, then
      head off in two directions.

                                                   CUT TO:
232   INT. SLATE NEEDLE                                         232
      CAMERA PANS the audience as the accordion recital con-
      tinues. Several people look visibly ill. Finally,
      CAMERA ADJUSTS to take in Poindexter's big finish as he
      slides forward on his knees.
      There's a scattering of half-hearted applause, led by
      Lava and the Slates.

                  Sank you, sank you. Our nex'
                  performance is Bam-Bam, Pebbles...
                         (checking notes)
                  ... an' friend.
      She steps aside as a spotlight picks out --

233   PEBBLES, BAM-BAM & DINO                                   233
      poised in the stances we recognize as the "first
      positions" of the "Dino Dance." However, whereas the
      previous version of this was done impromptu and
      a cappella with only a few primitive props and straw
      hats alone, this time the kids and Dino are fully
      costumed, with sequins, batons and the like, and the
      dance is completely choreographed.

                  You can keep the twist,
                  the frug and hop --

234   VARIOUS ANGLES                                            234
      As the Dino dance begins, FULL ORCHESTRATION OVER IT.
      The audience seems to really like it -- all except --


235   MRS. SLATE                                                    235
      who glances over at the judges long enough to see that
      they like this a lot better than the accordion act.
      Suddenly Mrs. Slate jumps up, barges on stage. The
                   Madame Slate, what ees wrong -- ?

                                 MRS. SLATE
                   I'll tell you what's wrong! This
                   'act' is an absolute disgrace!
                   This is supposed to be a talent
                   show!  And a pedestrian animal act
                   like this belongs in a circus!

236   WILMA AND BETTY                                           236

      React, furious, jump out of their seats.
                   A circus, huh? Well, if our kids
                   belong in a circus with their act,
                   then your little nephew belongs in
                   a zoo with his --
                   Yeah -- a zoo where the animals
                   are dead -- because if they aren't,
                   they will be!
                                 MRS. SLATE
                   Why, how dare you! Mrs.
                   Flintstein, I'll have you know
                   that my little Poindexter has been
                   trained by the finest tutors!
                   Poindexter! Show them! Encore!

      The kid jumps up, begins to play. Immediately another
      and then the PICTURE WINDOW PANELS begin to SHATTER one
      by one.

                                 MRS. SLATE
                   Ah... Poindexter... that's enough
                   ... Poindexter...?

      The kids stops... But another WINDOW PANEL EXPLODES.
      Then one of the tables collapses.

      Pause. Every head in the room swivels around and stares
      at Poindexter. Nervous, he tosses the accordion aside.
      But the destruction continues: Another WINDOW PANEL
      SHATTERS. Then, the entire building shakes.


237   SLATE                                                         237
      Loses his balance, grabs onto Lava for support, ends up
      pulling him down, too. Slate gets to his knees and looks
      out the window... and his jaw drops in astonishment.
238   HIS POV - SLATE CITY                                       238

      In the distance, with a CRACKLING ROAR, the little rows
      of Fibrerock tract houses are falling like dominoes in
      a wave that is rolling toward the Slate Needle.
239   SLATE CITY DEVELOPMENT - NIGHT                             239

      A flashlight beam  rakes the CAMERA. Feldspar, shotgun
      in one hand, light  in the other, looks around cautiously.
      (The shotgun has a  slingshot mechanism; the flashlight
      is a mirror-backed  candle.)

      Behind him, FOOTSTEPS APPROACH.   Feldspar tenses, but
      it's --
                No sign of the driver...
                You kidding? By now he's a couple
                of shinbones and a belch.
      Gravel drops down on one knee, excited.   He shines his
      light on Fred's big "clawprints."
                Holy cowasaurus! Look how deep
                these tracks are! That xeno thing
                must weigh a ton!
      They aim their lights at the tracks, begin to follow
      them. Suddenly they round a corner and come face to
      face with --
240   NEW ANGLE - FRED                                           240

      He's stopped between two sample homes to wrestle with
      the monster head again. Now, he freezes in twin flash-
      light beams!

                Okay, lizard, reach for the sky!
      Fred hesitates... then, hearing a CREAK and GROAN, he
      looks at the HOUSE beside him. The stucco-like exterior
      of Fibrerock is beginning to crumble.



240   CONTINUED:                                                     240
                   Offisser Fledapar, het me hexpwain
                   -- his howse hiss maid uv
                   fibahwock --
      He reaches out to tap the nearby wall and -- WHAM -- it
      collapses all around him, leaving a gaping hole in the
                          (frightened, backing
                   Quivering quartzite, d-did you
                   see that --

                          (following him)
                   O-one flick of his paw... and
                   he knocked down a wall -- !
                   Nogh, wate, chum baggk --
      As Fred "roars" and moves forward, Feldspar and Gravel
      scream, panic, and run!
241   FRED                                                           241
      Tries to catch up and collides with the already damaged
      house. It collapses totally, falling in on itself,
      obscuring Fred. Finally the last TIMBER DROPS. Pause.
      Fred staggers out of the rubble, realizes that the impact
      has knocked the monster mask off his head and back on its
      hinges. He rubs dust out of his eyes, turns and looks
      at the Slate Needle. He's much closer to it now.

      Quickly, he runs toward it.
                                                    CUT TO:

242   INSIDE THE SLATE NEEDLE                                    242
      Everyone is rocking back and forth with the escalating
      vibrations of the swaying building. The remaining table
      of refreshments slides across the room.

243   POINDEXTER LAVA                                            243
      gets hit full force by a flying cake shaped like Slate
      City. He falls on top of his accordion, smashing it with
      one last dissonant squeeze.


244   PARTYGOERS                                                      244
      They pause in their panic to applaud gratefully.

                                                     CUT TO:

      The supporting pylons and cable anchors begin to slowly
      Barney runs INTO the SHOT, sees the steps about to go,
      dives for them... too late! He ends up with a face full
      of Fibredust! Now, he whirls as Fred runs up, points --
                   Barney!    The elevator -- !

      Barney runs toward it, hits the button.
246   OTHER SIDE OF WALL                                           246
      REVEALING elevator mechanism. The button pokes a mouse
      which runs out of a box. Seeing the mouse, a nearby
      mastadon becomes frightened, begins running. A heavy
      cable tied to the mastadon runs over a pulley and into --
247   THE ELEVATOR SHAFT                                           247
      -- where the elevator rises out of the sub-level and
      INTO VIEW! Fred and Barny start towards it... when
      suddenly the Fibrerock elevator begins to crumble!
                   Quick!    Use your coo-coo gun -- !

      Barney aims, pulls back the plunger... too late! The
      elevator is gone. The cable swings back and forth
      loosely, "whapping" the shaft walls as it shoots upwards.
      Fred dives for the cable, misses! As he stumbles, Barney
      leaps on Fred's back, catches the cable! As Barney
      starts to whizz upwards, Fred garbs onto his ankles!

248   ABOVE - FIBRESPHERE                                          248
      Propelled upwards, the would-be rescuers shoot OUT of
      the FRAME, disappear into the Fibresphere with a CRASH!

                                                     CUT TO:
249   INT. BEDROCK POLICE STATION - NIGHT                          249

      The POLICE CHIEF looks skeptically at Feldspar and
      Gravel, who are exhausted, covered with dust, uniforms


249   CONTINUED:                                                        249
                   Feldspar, if you ask me, you've
                   seen too many Rockzilla movies: In
                   all the Xenosaurus sightings we've
                   had reported, not one has had this
                   kind of wholesale destruction --

                   Chief, you -- you gotta believe me
                   -- just one swipe of its paw and
                   -- wham -- a whole house was
                   pre-history -- !
      Suddenly one of those police DISPATCH PARAKEETS comes
      flying excitedly through the window, lands on a perch in
      front of the Chief.

                                 DISPATCH PARAKEET
                   Calling all cars. Calling all cars.
                   Unconfirmed reports of destruction
                   and collapse at Slate City.
                   Rescue vehicles are on the way.
                   The xenosaurus has been spotted
                   in the area. That is all. That
                   is all.
                   You see -- ? I told you --
                   All right, Feldspar, I'm
                   convinced! As of this moment
                   you're completely in charge of
                   ... 'Xeno Dino'! Now, what do
                   you need?
      CAMERA TIGHTENS ON Feldspar.     This is the moment he's
      waited for all his life.


                                                    CUT TO:
250   INT. FIBRESPHERE - NIGHT                                      250

      Dust and little fragments of construction material are
      still tinkling down around our heroes. The elevator
      cable sways from its uppermost pulley. Slowly, something
      stirs in the pile of arms, legs and scaly limbs.



250   CONTINUED:                                                           250
      First to sit up is Barney, who groans, rubs his head.
      Next, Fred sits up. Damn! The impact has knocked Fred's
      monster mask back on his head! Fred mutters angrily...
      Barney starts to help... and then they both notice that
      there's another monstrous head in the middle of their
      group! There're big "takes" all around, and then the
      xenosaurus leaps out of the tangle of bodies, treads
      air, and runs away!
                   Fred, stop it! It might know
                   the way inside!
      Fred "gets up to speed" and chases the xeno.         Barney

251   NEW ANGLE                                                            251
      Fred and Barney both leap on the mysterious xenosaurus --
      all crash through a wall --
252   INT. SLATE NEEDLE - NIGHT                                        252

      The panicked partygoers turn as a section of wall
      collapses. Dust and debris billow upwards. The battered
      monster mask breaks loose from Fred's costume, bounces
      on the floor. Slowly, everyone gets up: Fred... Barney
      ... and two halves of the xenosaurus:
      The bottom half is Piltdown; the top-half is Pyrite.
                  WILMA                        BETTY
        Fred?                             Barney?
                  PEBBLES                        BAM-BAM
        Daddy!                            Pop!

              FRED                             BARNEY
        Piltdown?                         Pyrite?

                   What the devil's going on here?
                   It's real simple, Mister Slate.
                   Your boy Lava here has been
                   stealing the coo-coo berries from
                   the Fibrerock mix and fixing the
                   books to hide it!

                   That's ridiculous, Flintstone!
                   Nobody could get that many coo-coo
                   berries off our premises!


252   CONTINUED:                                                      252
      Suddenly the bottom of Piltdown's canvas sack rips
      open. Thousands and thousands of coo-coo berries tumble
253   LAVA                                                            253

      Slaps his hands over his face.

254   THE SCENE                                                       254
                   These sure look like coo-coo
                   berries to me --

                   They're convincing fakes, Mrs.
                   Rubble -- part of our exciting
                   display --
                          (to Piltdown)
                   Gee, Pilty, I thought the real
                   ones were gonna be moved up here
                   for us ta steal -- whatta waste
                   a time --

                   Pyrite, shaddup --
                          (snapping fingers)
                   Now I remember! These guys were
                   pulling this xenosaurus act that
                   night at the plant! What's this,
                   Lava... 'Plan B'?
                   Uncle! Are you going to stand
                   there while aspersions are being
                   cast at the Slate family? This
                   is absurd --

                   Of course it is! Why, without
                   the coo-coo berry sap, Fibrerock
                   would be completely --
                   -- unstable...

      Suddenly the entire building shudders.      Dust falls from
      the ceiling. Everyone looks at Lava.



254   CONTINUED:                                                     254
                   All right, all right, I admit it!
                   I got in over my head in the stock
                   market... took some big losses...
                   I had these guys pull jobs for me
                   all over town disguised as a
                   monster... but it still wasn't
                   enough... and when I saw all those
                   coo-coo berries being delivered
                   every day, I guess I just lost my
                   head... I figured with the Woca
                   sap in the Fibremix, the berry
                   juice as superfluous...
                   I'll tell you what's superfluous,
                   Lava... your liver! So why don't
                   we remove it -- !
      He leaps, snarling, on top of Lava... Fred and Barney
      pull them apart. Then, more falling dust and beams give
      everyone more pressing problems --
                                                    CUT TO:
255   EXT. SLATE NEEDLE - NIGHT                                  255
      Rescue VEHICLES and police CARS ROAR up, slam to a halt,
      CAT SIRENS WAILING. The rescue workers jump out.
      Firefighters carry circular trampolines of hide stitched
      to bamboo frames; others go to the back of their trucks
      and start to turn cranks on the hook and ladder trucks to
      raise the ladders.
256   CLOSE ON A HOOK AND LADDER TRUCK                           256

      It's actually a wheeled carriage carrying a firesaurus,
      which is a critter with a very tiny body and an incred-
      ibly long neck. The bony plates on the creature's back
      make perfect stairs.

      However, the creature is noticeably listless and

                                 FIRE CHIEF
                   Come on, come on, what's the hold
                   up -- ?
                   It's the kibble crisis, sir --
                   the firesauruses have been on
                   half-rations for a month!
      Above them, the BUILDING SHUDDERS again.


257   IN THE SLATE NEEDLE                                        257
      Now, the remaining LIGHT FIXTURES CRASH down. When they
      hit the floor, the oil lamps inside spills and fire
                Fred!   There's a fire hose -- !

      Indeed, it's on the back wall in a closed box marked FIRE
      take a step towards it, but the fire quickly spreads and
      cuts them off.
      Helpless, they step back.

      With a THUNDEROUS ROAR, the two SLATE SCRAPERS visible
      through what's left of the picture window COLLAPSE. Then
      the big statue of Slate just outside the window begins to
      decompose. It falls in on itself like a sand sculpture
      in a storm... finally, for a split second it is, well,
      life-sized, and then the head of the statue snaps loose,
      CRASHES through the only remaining pane of GLASS here
      ... rolls up to Slate's feet.

      Pause. Everyone looks at everyone else. This is it:
      Titanic time. Fred embraces Wilma... Barney embraces
      Betty. Their kids are pulled into the clinch. Even
      Slate takes Mrs. Slate's hand. Talk about grace under
      pressure... and speaking of --
258   GRACE                                                         258
      -- the star fashion model, suddenly her Fibrethread
      costume decomposes, leaving her in her cute little
      animal print undies.
259   BETTY                                                         259

      In the middle of going down with the ship, she turns
      Bam-Bam's face away from this display.

                D-dad, are we gonna be okay?
                       (pause; false smile)
                Sure, pal. We just gotta wait for
                the fire department. Right, Fred?
                Y-yeah. Everything's gonna be
                just -- Whoa, hoo-hah, aggh --


259   CONTINUED:                                                     259
      He's started yelping because he's realized his arm    is
      on fire, and now he jumps up and the others begin    beating
      at the arm with anything in their hands, and then    Fred
      suddenly pushes away from them, stands there with    a small
      flame flickering on his forearm like a Rock Vegas    stage

                   -- Wait a minute -- I don't feel
                   anything at all --

      With his other "claw" he slaps tentatively at the flames,
      and then confidentially snuffs it out.
                   It must be the suit, Fred -- old
                   Bedrock High built them things to
                   last --
      Fred looks over at the wall of flame separating the
      guests from the fire hose. As everyone gets the same
      idea, Dino rushes up, the costume head in his mouth.
      All brighten.

      Barney helps Fred with the head, twists it into place.
                          (rapping on the head)
                   -- Okay?
                   Hist hust fine!
      He lowers his head, runs through the fire, which licks
      at him harmlessly. Then with his claw, he SMASHES the
      amber GLASS --

260   IN THE BOX                                                     260
      A big PYTHONSAURUS is curled up inside,     SNORING. (Note
      to herpetologists: The pythonosaurus is      not quite a
      snake: it has little vestigial forepaws      the better to
      emote with. Right now the snoring head      is in those
      little paws.)

      The Pythonsaurus stirs, looks at Fred, "sniffs" the
      smoke. Then he raises one hand and finger as if to say
      "one moment." Then the pythonsaurus turns his head
      towards a nozzle like the ones in hamster cages, slurps

      We hear gallons and gallons of WATER GURGLING away...


261   IN THE MAIN ROOM                                            261
      Everyone retreats from the fire. Slate picks up the head
      of the statue, his only souvenir.

262   WITH FRED                                                       262
      Waiting impatiently until the pythonsaurus finally
      finishes drinking. It wipes its mouth daintily with a
      napkin, slaps a little fire helmet on its head, turns
      and runs back into the other room. (Behind him, yards
      and yards of pythonsaurus unroll from a hidden compart-
      ment behind the box.) Water shoots out of the creature's
263   WIDER                                                           263

      Fred turns in a semi-circle and puts out every lick of
      flame in the room. All the guests cheer, rush forward
      and slap Fred on the back. Pebbles jumps up on him and
      kisses him.
                  Hit fuzz nudding... wheely...
      The pythonsaurus looks around at the attention.
                  Hey, what am I, chopped liver?
                  Come on, everybody -- we'll go
                  out the way we came!
      Barney squirts a pathway with his flit gun, solidifying
      a route in the crumbling Fibrerock. Then Barney and
      Fred stand back nobly, wave everyone on into the adjacent

                         (pushing and shoving)
                  Outta the way -- outta the way --
                  women and children first -- ! I
                  mean, ah, children and women
                  first, yeah, yeah, provided that
                  uh, there's room for the women...

      Meanwhile, the pythonsaurus gives Fred (or rather his
      costume) a big look up and down, looks TOWARD the CAMERA.
                  Hey, not bad.    Wonder if she lives
                  around here.

      Just then Fred tilts back the monster head.        The
      pythonsaurus reacts.



263   CONTINUED:                                                   263

      Depressed, the pythonsaurus follows the others. Fred and
      Barney cross over into the Fibresphere. As the do, Slate
      Needle completely collapses.

264   EXT. FIBRESPHERE - LONG SHOT                               264
      The Slate Needle tumbles down, taking a big chunk of the
      Fibresphere with it! But the rest of the huge globe
      stays put... for now.
265   RESCUE WORKERS BELOW                                       265

      gasp, cry out --

266   UP ABOVE                                                     266
      Already the first partygoers are sliding down the
      elevator cable.
                   Oh, geez, we're all gonna croak --
                   I neva shoulda left Far Rockaway --
      Wilma gives her a big suspicious look -- blanching,
      the Headmistress slides down the cable --
267   BELOW                                                        267
      The rescue teams catch the people in nets as they hit
      the ground.
268   ABOVE                                                        268

      Barney gives the dwindling circle of solid Fibre around
      the group another shot of coo-coo juice. Poindexter Lava
      pushes his way forward.

                          (to anyone and everyone)
                   Fifty clams for a piggy-back ride
                   ... a hundred clams!

                                 MRS. SLATE
                   Do you see that, Jerry? Do you
                   see how my great-nephew is behaving
                   at this moment of crisis?



268   CONTINUED:                                                     268
                   Yeah. Real chip off the old
                   block, ain't he?
      Embarrassed, Mrs. Slate grabs the kid by the neck,
      practically throws him at the cable. She follows him
      down, followed by Lava and Mr. Slate.
269   REAR OF FLEEING PEOPLE                                       269

      Fred and Barney have bravely held up the rear, their
      families clutching to them. Barney's carrying Bam-Bam.
                          (to Pebbles)
                   Upsy-daisy, sweetheart -- piggy
                   back time!
      She jumps on his back... slamming the monster head
      back in place.
                   Hohh... GWEAT!
                          (to Betty)
                   Go on, honey... I got Bam-Bam!
                   Barney... tonight you're the
                   biggest man in Bedrock.

      She kisses him, slides down.
270   CLOSE ON WILMA AND FRED                                      270

      Backlit romantically by the flames, just like Gable and
      Leigh when Atlanta burned.

                          (through the mask)
                   Wilmagh, I jusght whunt to sagh
                   thad I knogh shumtimes I dogh
                   dumb thinks... Bhut hit's
                   becaughse high luff yough sogh
                   much thaght high whant yough to
                   livgh likge a pwincess orgh a
                   qween 'cause you reaally arggh
                   rugg aaggg hummmmg higga!



270   CONTINUED:                                                 270
                   Oh, Fred -- that's the most
                   beautiful thing I've ever heard!
      They kiss... she drops to safety...!

271   BELOW                                                      271

      Wilma slides into a rescue net, gets on unsteady feet
      next to Betty.

272   BACK UPSTAIRS                                             272
                   Lhet's dogh it!

      Their kids on their backs, Fred and Barney exchange a
      heroic forearm-to-forearm gladiator-type handshake...
      both put their hands on the cable... and then the whole
      pulley mechanism falls right down between them and
      through the hole! A second later, the entire remaining
      structure collapses!
273   BELOW                                                      273
      Everyone reacts in horror --
274   ABOVE                                                      274

      Dust and smoke clear. When we can see again, well, it's
      not a pretty sight. The entire fibresphere is gone. All
      that's left, teetering on two spindly supports, are two
      tiny islands of safety connected by a twisted maze of
      rubble too small for a human to negotiate... and all
      that's holding that up is a long guide wire leading to the

275   CLOSER                                                     275
      Figures on one of the islands stir: Fred. Barney.
      Bam-Bam... Pebbles! The platform shudders again. Barney
      aims the flit gun -- empty! The dads hold on to the
      kids. It's all they can do.
276   BELOW                                                      276

      Wilma and Betty gasp... what can be done?
277   THE SECOND ISLAND                                         277

      Bricks and chunks of Fibre stir... a form sits up...
      it's -- Dino! He looks around at the situation, becomes
      agitated... he wants to help... but how?


278   WILMA AND BETTY                                            278
      Suddenly become inspired.

                  W-wilma... those hoops of bamboo...
                  those wires... do you think -- ?

                  Yes! Yes! Betty, we have to try
                  it -- ! Dino! Dino, look down
                  here -- !

279   DINO                                                         279
      Obeys, puzzled --

280   HIS POV - WILMA AND BETTY                                  280

      Amazingly, they grab scraps of wood, borrow fire
      fighter's helmets, and begin to do a buck and wing.
                         WILMA   AND   BETTY
                  You can keep   the   twist,
                  the frug and   hop
                  I don't need   to shimmy,
                  I don't need   to bop --
281   BIG CAMERA PUSH - DINO                                     281
      MUSIC COMES UP DRAMATICALLY as he catches on! His eyes
      fill with courage and he charges toward the spindly
      bridge that leads to his master and friends.
282   ANOTHER ANGLE                                              282

      Dino dives through the hoops of bamboo, duplicating his
      steps in "The Dino Dance." He reaches the other island!
      Without a beat, still keeping time, he puts the two kids
      on his shoulders, just like in the dance! Then he
      "presents" his tail to Fred -- Fred hands his tail to
      Barney -- and then --

283   LONG SHOT                                                    283
      -- Dino slides down the long wire, carrying everyone to
      safety! They all plow into the biggest rescue net as
      Wilma and Betty wind up!

                                WILMA AND BETTY
                  Yes, I don't need to shimmy,
                  I don't need to bop
                  'Cause I'm doin', doin', doin'
                  THE IGNEOUS ROCK!


284   FRED                                                         284
      rolls out of the net and away from the others. He's
      slightly stunned, still in the suit. He sits up...
      suddenly lights snap on all around him! Fred looks up
      and sees --
285   HIS POV - CORDON OF POLICE OFFICERS                       285

      All with weapons aimed right at him. Spotlights on the
      police car roofs (actually little fires with parabolic
      mirrors) are operated by uniformed monkeys.

      Feldspar is at the head of the group. He cocks his
      shotgun. The elastic catapults at the hammers twitch
      menacingly --

                  It's the xenosaurus -- stand back,
                  men -- it's a vicious killer --
                  Ready -- Aim --
                         (with desperate poignancy)
                  High ham noght a zenosore! High
                  ham hay hooman beeng -- !
      BAM! WHAM! KABAM! Bullets and projectiles begin
      slamming all around Fred! He ducks behind a big fallen
      chunk of Fibrerock -- catches his breath as the bullets
      and shells bounce off its resilient surface.
286   CLOSE - FRED                                                 286
      Momentarily safe, he tries desperately to remove that
      stupid head -- bangs it against the wall, tears at it
      with his claws --
      -- meanwhile, the chunk of Fibrerock protecting him
      decomposes! He's back in the line of fire!
287   DINO                                                         287

      Flanked by Wilma, Barney and the kids, who are shouting
      for the police to stop, only Dino the wonder bronto has
      the wits to act!

      "YI-YI-YI-ING," he races forward, CAMERA FOLLOWING --
      and with lightning reflexes grabs the seat of Fred's
      monster suit and -- de-pants him!
      Instantly, Dino whirls Fred around, points to the now
      revealed striped undershorts.

288   WIDER                                                        288


288   CONTINUED:                                                     288
      Then Officer Gravel takes a good look at that rear end.

                   Hey, those are the biggest shorts
                   I've ever seen...
                   ... It... it must be Mister
                   Flintstone! Cease fire!
                          (to Feldspar)
                   Gee, Sarge, now you don't have
                   to shoot him -- !

      Now Fred confirms Gravel's hunch as the costume head
      finally pops off. All the cops lower their guns.
      (Strangely, though, Feldspar still continues to raise
      his gun -- even aims! Then an alarmed Gravel wrestles
      it away from his superior.)
289   THE FLINTSTONES AND RUBBLES - DAWN                           289
      Safe, they all emotionally embrace. Fred even suffers
      Dino's affection. (In the b.g., a police car holding
      Piltdown, Pyrite and Lava drives past. Poindexter Lava
      is chasing the car.)
                   Dad! Dad! Can I use the
                   Porscherock while you're in the
      Suddenly the Slates push their way into the group hug.
                   Flintstone. Rubble. I... I
                   don't know what to say. I... I
                   treated you horribly... I ignored
                   you, abused you... and then you
                   come here and risk your necks like
                   this... well, there's no price you
                   can put on something like that,
                   so I won't even try. But let me
                   give you...
                          (with great
                   ... a hearty handshake.

                                 MRS. SLATE
                   Dear, don't you think a little
                   more than that is in order?

                   Honey, you're being hysterical,
                   go lie down, okay?



289   CONTINUED:                                                      289
                                 MRS. SLATE
                   I am not being hysterical, I am
                   being fair -- now the Flintsteins
                   and Rabbles saved all of our
                   lives, not to mention your

                   Okay, okay.
                          (to Fred and Barney)
                   Boys, I'm feeling guilty about
                   how you've been taken advantage
                   of, so I'll tell you what... I'm
                   going to give you back all
                   world-wide rights to Fibrerock,
                   free and clear.
      He picks up a fragment of stone, begins writing on it.
                   Your only obligation will be to
                   cover oh, whatever legal expenses
                   might surface at some later time...
                   You think there's gonna be some?
      Slate looks around at --
290   HIS POV - THE RUINS AND DESTRUCTION                           290
      Smoking desolation as far as the eye and CAMERA can see.
      As we watch the last remaining fragment of Slate City
      collapse, crushing a police car.
291   BACK TO SCENE                                                 291

                   Oh, you never know...

292   RESCUE DINOS                                                    292
      Several sniff at the air, look curiously at a nearby
      pile of crumbled Fibrerock. One and then another
      shuffles over, tentatively tastes some... grins... and
      digs in! Seeing this, the "firesauruses" crane out
      their necks, also begin chowing down on the pile of
      Fibrerock crumbs.

293   FRED, BARNEY, SLATE AND OTHERS                                293
      All turn at the growing sound of the ANIMALS PIGGING OUT.



293   CONTINUED:                                                        293
      Now DINO "YI-YI-YI'S" past this group and leaps into the
      pile, munching like crazy.

      Barney puts out his hand as chunks of Fibrerock shower
      down like rain from the feeding frenzy. Catching some
      pieces, he nibbles on it a little.

                   Barn...?    What's going on?
                          (sniffing it)
                   Lava Lava leaves... Woca sap...
                   all still there, but now the
                   nutrients are all released...
                   ... Fred, this... this is Dino
                   Dino kibble...?
      Disbelieving, Fred moves over to the happily-munching
      animals. He has to get on his knees to wiggle in with
      the pack. He grabs some, stuffs it in his mouth...
      chews. His eyes widen...
                          (mouth full)
                   Dhinough khibble!!
      He spits it out, takes out the chunk of contract
      Slate wrote on.

                   Barney, we -- we're rich!
                   Yabba dabba do -- !

294   SLATE                                                             294
      Faints dead away!       The CAMERA PULLS BACK... BACK...
      BACK --
295   EXT. DRIVE-IN MOVIE THEATRE - NIGHT                           295

      We're back where we began. As "The End" appears on the
      drive-in screen, cars are streaming out of the drive-in
      theatre. The Flintstone car is among them.
296   EXT. DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT - NIGHT                              296

      Fred and company roll into a '50's-style drive-in
      restaurant. A sign advertises BRONTO BURGERS AND RIBS.


296   CONTINUED:                                                    296
      A pretty carhop on stone roller skates glides over.
      Fred holds up one finger towards her. She nods, scampers
      O.S. Fred rubs his hands and licks his lips with antici-
      pation... and then the girl returns with a massive rack
      of ribs on a car tray. She hooks it on the edge of
      the driver's door... and the entire car tips over with a

                                                CUT TO:
297   EXT. FLINTSTONE HOUSE - NIGHT                              297

      WIDEN FROM the mailbox. Fred and family pull up. Dino
      runs in first, followed by Wilma with Pebbles already
      asleep on her shoulder. Fred follows, the saber-tooth
      cat on his heels. Fred stops in the doorway to put a
      milk bottle on the doorstep, and then puts the cat down
      beside it. He shuts the door.
      Quick as a flash, the cat leaps through the side window.
      Pause. The door opens and the cat puts Fred out, then
      slams the door! Fred recovers from his shock, tries the
      door... it's locked!

                                 MUSIC (V.O.)
                   We'll have a yabba
                   dabba-do time
                   A dabba-do time
                   We'll have a gay old time!
                          (another knock)
                   ... Wilma?
      CAMERA CRANES UP, WIDENS as Fred becomes a tiny sil-
      houette banging on the door.
                   Wilma?   Wil-ma --!

                                                FADE OUT.

                                   THE END

      (818) 954-4632

Flintstones, The

Writers :   Steven E. De Souza
Genres :   Comedy  Family  Fantasy

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