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"FORREST GUMP" -- by Eric Roth

                                      "FORREST GUMP"

                                      Screenplay by

                                        Eric Roth

                                   Based on a novel by

                                      Winston Groom


               EXT. A SAVANNAH STREET - DAY (1981)

               A feather floats through the air. The falling feather.

               A city, Savannah, is revealed in the background. The feather 
               floats down toward the city below. The feather drops down 
               toward the street below, as people walk past and cars drive 
               by, and nearly lands on a man's shoulder.

               He walks across the street, causing the feather to be whisked 
               back on its journey. The feather floats above a stopped car. 
               The car drives off right as the feather floats down toward 
               the street.

               The feather floats under a passing car, then is sent flying 
               back up in the air. A MAN sits on a bus bench. The feather 
               floats above the ground and finally lands on the man's 
               mudsoaked shoe.

               The man reached down and picks up the feather. His name is 
               FORREST GUMP. He looks at the feather oddly, moves aside a 
               box of chocolates from an old suitcase, then opens the case.

               Inside the old suitcase are an assortment of clothes, a 
               pingpong paddle, toothpaste and other personal items.

               Forrest pulls out a book titled "Curious George," then places 
               the feather inside the book. Forrest closes the suitcase.

               Something in his eyes reveals that Forrest may not be all 

               Forrest looks right as the sound of an arriving bus is heard.

               A bus pulls up. Forrest remains on the bus bench as the bus 
               continues on.

               A BLACK WOMAN in a nurse's outfit steps up and sits down at 
               the bus bench next to Forrest. The nurse begins to read a 
               magazine as Forrest looks at her.

                         Hello. My name's Forrest Gump.

               He opens a box of chocolates and holds it out for the nurse.

                         You want a chocolate?

               The nurse shakes her head, a bit apprehensive about this 
               strange man next to her.

                         I could eat about a million and a 
                         half of these. My momma always said, 
                         "Life was like a box of chocolates.
                         You never know what you're gonna 

               Forrest eats a chocolate as he looks down at the nurse's 

                         Those must be comfortable shoes. 
                         I'll bet you could walk all day in 
                         shoes like that and not feel a thing. 
                         I wish I had shoes like that.

                                     BLACK WOMAN
                         My feet hurt.

                         Momma always says there's an awful 
                         lot you could tell about a person by 
                         their shoes. Where they're going.
                         Where they've been.

               The black woman stares at Forrest as he looks down at his 
               own shoes.

                         I've worn lots of shoes. I bet if I 
                         think about it real hard I could 
                         remember my first pair of shoes.

               Forrest closes his eyes tightly.

                         Momma said they'd take my anywhere.


               A little boy closes his eyes tightly. It is young Forrest as 
               he sits in a doctor's office.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         She said they was my magic shoes.

               Forrest has been fitted with orthopedic shoes and metal leg 

                         All right, Forrest, you can open 
                         your eyes now. Let's take a little 
                         walk around.

               The doctor sets Forrest down on its feet. Forrest walks around 
               stiffly. Forrest's mother, MRS. GUMP, watches him as he clanks 
               around the room awkwardly.

                         How do those feel? His legs are 
                         strong, Mrs. Gump. As strong as I've 
                         ever seen. But his back is as crooked 
                         as a politician.

               Forrest walks foreground past the doctor and Mrs. Gump.

                         But we're gonna straighten him right 
                         up now, won't we, Forrest?

               A loud thud is heard as, outside, Forrest falls.

                                     MRS. GUMP

               EXT. GREENBOW, ALABAMA

               Mrs. Gump and young Forrest walk across the street. Forrest 
               walks stiffly next to his mother.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now, when I was a baby, Momma named 
                         me after the great Civil War hero, 
                         General Nathan Bedford Forrest...

               EXT. RURAL ALABAMA

               A black and white photo of General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

               The photo turns into live action as the General dons a hooded 
               sheet over his head.

               The General is in full Ku Klux Klan garb, including his horse.

               The General rides off, followed by a large group of Klan 
               members dressed in full uniform.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         She said we was related to him in 
                         some way. And, what he did was, he 
                         started up this club called the Ku 
                         Klux Klan. They'd all dress up in 
                         their robes and their bedsheets and 
                         act like a bunch of ghosts or spooks 
                         or something. They'd even put 
                         bedsheets on their horses and ride 
                         around. And anyway, that's how I got 
                         my name. Forrest Gump.

               EXT. GREENBOW

               Mrs. Gump and Forrest walk across the street.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Momma said that the Forrest part was 
                         to remind me that sometimes we all 
                         do things that, well, just don't 
                         make no sense.

               Forrest stops suddenly as his brace gets stuck. Forrest's 
               brace is caught in a gutter grate. Mrs. Gump bends down and 
               tries to free Forrest. Two old cronies sit in front of a 
               barber shop and watch.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Just wait, let me get it.

               Mrs. Gump struggles to pull the stuck brace from the grate.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Let me get it. Wait, get it this 
                         way. Hold on.

               Forrest pulls his foot out of the grate.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         All right.

               Mrs. Gump helps Forrest up onto the sidewalk. She looks up 
               and notices the two old man.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Oooh. All right. What are you all 
                         staring at? Haven't you ever seen a 
                         little boy with braces on his legs 

               Mrs. Gump and Forrest walk along the sidewalk past the two 
               old men. Mrs. Gump holds tightly onto Forrest's hand.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Don't ever let anybody tell you 
                         they're better than you, Forrest. If 
                         God intended everybody to be the 
                         same, he'd have given us all braces 
                         on our legs.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Momma always had a way of explaining 
                         things so I could understand them.


               Mrs. Gump and Forrest walk along a dirt road. A row of 
               mailboxes stands left.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         We lived about a quarter mile of 
                         Route 17, about a half mile from the 
                         town of Greenbow, Alabama. That's in 
                         the county of Greenbow. Our house 
                         had been in Momma's family since her 
                         grandpa's grandpa's grandpa had come 
                         across the ocean about a thousand 
                         years ago. Something like that.

               Mrs. Gump and Forrest walk along the Gump Boarding House 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Since it was just me and Momma and 
                         we had all these empty rooms, Momma 
                         decided to let those rooms out. Mostly 
                         to people passing through. Like from, 
                         oh, Mobile, Montgomery, place like 
                         that. That's how me and Mommy got 
                         money. Mommy was a real smart lady.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Remember what I told you, Forrest.
                         You're no different than anybody 
                         else is.

               Mrs. Gump heads Forrest to the porch. She bends down to look 
               Forrest in the eye.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Did you hear what I said, Forrest?
                         You're the same as everybody else. 
                         You are no different.


                         Your boy's... different, Mrs. Gump.
                         Now, his I.Q. is seventy-five.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Well, we're all different, Mr.

               The principal sighs, then stands up.

               INT. HALLWAY

               Forrest sits outside the principal's office and waits.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         She wanted me to have the finest 
                         education, so she took me to the 
                         Greenbow County Central School. I 
                         met the principal and all.

               The principal stands in front of Mrs. Gump. Forrest, sitting 
               left, listens.

                         I want to show you something, Mrs.
                         Gump. Now, this is normal.

               The principal holds up a chart with a designations according 
               to I.Q. and points to the center of the graph, labeled 
               "Normal." A red line below the normal area is labeled "State 
               Acceptance." The principal points to the section below the 
               acceptance line labeled "Below."

                         Forrest is right here. The state 
                         requires a minimum I.Q. of eighty to 
                         attend public school, Mrs. Gump.
                         He's gonna have to go to a special 
                         school. Now, he'll be just fine.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         What does normal mean, anyway? He 
                         might be a bit on the slow side, but 
                         my boy Forrest is going to get the 
                         same opportunities as everyone else.
                         He's not going to some special school 
                         to learn to how to re-tread tires. 
                         We're talking about five little points 
                         here. There must be something can be 

               INT. HALLWAY

               Forrest sits outside the principal's office.

                         We're a progressive school system.
                         We don't want to see anybody left 

               INT. PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE

                         Is there a Mr. Gump, Mrs. Gump?

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         He's on vacation.


               Forrest sits on a swing outside the house. Loud organic male 
               grunts are heard coming from inside the house. Forrest sits 
               on the swing as the grunts continue. The principal steps out 
               of the Gump House and wipes the sweat from his face.

               Forrest is sitting on the porch.

                         Well, your momma sure does care about 
                         your schooling, son. Mm-mm-mm.

               The principal wipes the sweat from his neck, then looks back 
               at Forrest.

                         You don't say much, do you?

               Forrest grunts, imitating him. The principal, embarrassed, 
               turns and walks away.


               Mrs. Gump reads from the book "Curious George" as Forrest 
               sits on the bed and listens.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Finally, he had to try it. It looked 
                         easy, but, oh, what happened. First 

                         Momma, what's vacation mean?

                                     MRS. GUMP

                         Where Daddy went?

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Vacation's when you go somewhere, 
                         and you don't ever come back.

               Forrest lies down on his bed and looks up.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Anyway, I guess you could say me and 
                         Momma was on our own.


               A cab driver closes the trunk of the car as two women walk 
               toward the house. A milkman steps down from the porch.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         But we didn't mind. Our house was 
                         never empty. There was always folks 
                         comin' and goin'.

                                     MRS. GUMP (V.O.)


               Mrs. Gump steps forward and speaks to all the boarders.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         It's suppa, everyone. Forrest...

               A MAN WITH A CANE steps left across the hall.

                                     MAN WITH CANE
                         My, my. That sure looks special.

               Mrs. Gump looks into a sitting room and informs the boarders 
               about dinner.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Gentlemen, would you care to join us 
                         for supper? Hurry up and get it before 
                         the flies do. I prefer you don't 
                         smoke that cigar so close to mealtime.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Sometimes we had so many people 
                         stayin' with us that every room was 
                         filled with travelers. You know, 
                         folks livin' out of their suitcases, 
                         and hat cases, and sample cases.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Well, you go ahead and start. I can't 
                         find Forrest.

               Mrs. Gump walks up the stairs.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Forrest... Forrest...

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         One time a young man was staying 
                         with us, and he had him a guitar 

               Mrs. Gump looks into Forrest's room. She hears singing coming 
               from another room and walks over to a closed door. Mrs. Gump 
               opens the door, revealing a young man with long sideburns as 
               he plays the guitar and sings. Forrest holds onto a broom 
               and dances oddly. The young man is ELVIS PRESLEY.

                                     ELVIS PRESLEY
                         "Well, you ain't never caught a 
                         rabbit, and you ain't no friend of 

               Forrest's legs rock back and forth to the guitar.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Forrest! I told you not to bother 
                         this nice young man.

                         Oh, no, that's all right, ma'am. I 
                         was just showin' him a thing or two 
                         on the guitar here.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         All right, but your supper's ready 
                         if y'all want to eat.

                         Yeah, that sounds good. Thank you, 

               Mrs. Gump leaves and closes the door. Elvis sits back down.

               Forrest stands left, and looks himself in a mirror.

                         Say, man, show me that crazy little 
                         walk you just did there. Slow it 
                         down some.

               Forrest begins to dance again as Elvis plays the guitar and 

                         "You ain't nothin' but a hound, hound 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I liked that guitar.

               Forrest dances as he watches himself in the mirror.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         It sounded good.

                         "...cryin' all the time"

               Forrest rocks up and down on his braced legs, then begins to 

                         "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog..."

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I started moving around to the music, 
                         swinging my hips. This one night me 
                         and Momma...

               EXT. GREENBOW - NIGHT

               Mrs. Gump and Forrest walk along a sidewalk. A television 
               inside a store window reveals Elvis Presley as he performs 
               "Houng Dog" on a stage.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...was out shoppin', and we walked 
                         right by Benson's Furniture and 
                         Appliance store, and guess what.

               The television reveals Elvis as he thrusts his hips and sings.

                         You ain't nothin' but a hound dog...

               Mrs. Gump and Forrest watch the television. Elvis dances 
               around in the same manner Forrest did. A woman in the audience 
               screaming and applauding.

                         You ain't nothin' but a hound dog...

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         This is not children's eyes.

               Mrs. Gump walks away, pulling Forrest with her. Forrest stops 
               and takes one last look. Elvis continues to perform over the 

                         "Well, you ain't never caught a rabbit 
                         and you ain't no friend of mine."

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Some years later, that handsome young 
                         man who they called "The King," well, 
                         he sung too many songs, had himself 
                         a heart attack or something.

               EXT. SAVANNAH/BUS BENCH - DAY

               Forrest is still sitting on the bus bench. The black nurse 
               looks at him.

                         Must be hard being a king. You know, 
                         it's funny how you remember some 
                         things, but some things you can't.

               EXT. COUNTRY ROAD/ALABAMA - MORNING (1954)

               Mrs. Gump and Forrest wait for the school bus. The bus pulls 
               up as Mrs. Gump prepares Forrest for his first day of school.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         You do your very best now, Forrest.

                         I sure will, Momma.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I remember the bus ride on the first 
                         day of school very well.

               The bus driver opens the door and looks down. Forrest walks 
               to the steps of the bus and looks at the bus driver. She is 
               smoking a cigarette.

                                     BUS DRIVER
                         Are you comin' along?

                         Momma said not to be taking rides 
                         from strangers.

                                     BUS DRIVER
                         This is the bus to school.

                         I'm Forrest Gump.

                                     BUS DRIVER
                         I'm Dorothy Harris.

                         Well, now we ain't strangers anymore.

               The bus driver smiles as Forrest steps up into the bus.

               INT. BUS

               Forrest steps up onto the bus. Mrs. Gump waves to Forrest as 
               the bus drives away. Forrest begins to walk down the aisle.

               TWO YOUNG BOYS look up from the seat.

                                     BOY #1
                         This seat's taken.

                                     BOY #2
                         It's taken!

               Forrest looks around. A larger girl slides over so Forrest 
               can't sit next to her. She shakes her head. Forrest looks to 
               the other side where a boy sits alone on a larger seat. They 
               boy glares up at Forrest.

                                     BOY #3
                         You can't sit here.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         You know, it's funny what a young 
                         man recollects. 'Cause I don't 
                         remember being born.

               EXT. SAVANNAH/BUS BENCH - DAY

               Forrest continues talking as he sits on the bus bench.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I, I... don't recall what I got for 
                         my first Christmas and I don't know 
                         when I went on my first outdoor 
                         picnic. But, I do remember the first 
                         time I heard the sweetiest voice...

               INT. BUS - MORNING (1954)

               Young Forrest is still standing in the aisle on the bus.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                the wide world.

                         You can sit here if you want.

               Forrest looks back at JENNY CURRAN, a young girl about 
               Forrest's age.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I had never seen anything so beautiful 
                         in my life. She was like an angel.

                         Well, are you gonna sit down, or 
                         aren't ya?

               Forrest sits down next to Jenny.

                         What's wrong with your legs?

                         Um, nothing at all, thank you. My 
                         legs are just fine and dandy.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I just sat next to her on that bus 
                         and had conversation all the way to 

                         Then why do you have those shoes on?

                         My momma said my back's crooked like 
                         a question mark. These are going to 
                         make me as straight as an arrow.
                         They're my magic shoes.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And next to Momma, no one ever talked 
                         to me or asked me questions.

                         Are you stupid or something.

                         Mommy says stupid is as stupid does.

               Jenny puts her hand out toward Forrest. Forrest reaches over 
               and shakes her hand.

                         I'm Jenny.

                         I'm Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         From that day on, we was always 
                         together. Jenny and me was like peas 
                         and carrots.

               EXT. OAK TREE - DAY

               Young Jenny and Forrest run toward a large oak tree.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         She taught me how to climb...

               Jenny sits on a large branch and calls down to Forrest.

                         Come on, Forrest, you can do it.

               Forrest dangles from the branch.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...I showed her how to dangle.

               Jenny and Forrest sit on a tree branch and read.

                         "...a good little monkey and..."

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         She helped me to learn how to read.

               Forrest hangs upside down from a branch and swings back and 
               forth. Forrest's braces are wedged in the tree.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And I showed her to swing.

               EXT. OAK TREE - NIGHT

               The silhouete of the oak tree, Jenny and Forrest as they sit 
               on a branch.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Sometimes we'd just sit out and wait 
                         for the stars.

                         Momma's gonna worry about me.

               Jenny puts her hand on Forrest's hand.

                         Just stay a little longer.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         For some reason, Jenny didn't never 
                         want to go home.

                         Okay, Jenny. I'll stay.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         She was my most special friend.

               INT. SAVANNAH/BUS STOP - DAY

               Forrest nods as he remembers.

                         My only friend.

               Forrest continues talking to the black woman. She doesn't 
               seem to be listening as she reads her magazine. She looks up 
               from her magazine.

                         Now, my Momma always told me that 
                         miracles happen every day. Some people 
                         don't think so, but they do.

               EXT. OAK ALLEY - ANOTHER DAY (1954)

               Jenny and Forrest walk. A dirt clod hits Forrest in the back 
               of the head. Jenny looks as Forrest rubs his head. THREE 
               YOUNG BOYS get off their bikes and pick up more rocks.

                                     BOY #1
                         Hey... dummy!

               Forrest is hit in the eye with another dirt clod. Forrest 
               falls backward onto the ground as the boys glare at him.

                                     BOY #2
                         Are you retarded, or just plain 

                                     BOY #3
                         Look, I'm Forrest Gump.

               Jenny helps Forrest back up. Boy #1 and Boy #2 throw more 
               dirt clods at Forrest.

                         Just run away, Forrest.

               Another dirt clod hits Forrest in the arm.

                         Run, Forrest!

               Forrest tries to run along the road, but his braces makes it 
               impossible. He hobbles along as Jenny yells after him.

                         Run away! Hurry!

               Boy #1 and Boy #2 turn back toward the bikes.

                                     BOY #2
                         Get the bikes!

                                     BOY #3
                         Hurry up!

               The boys pick up their bikes and ride after Forrest.

                                     BOY #3
                         Let's get him! Come on!

                                     BOY #2
                         Look out, dummy, here we come!

               The boys ride after Forrest. Jenny stands and watches.

                                     BOY #2
                         We're gonna get you!

                         Run, Forrest! Run!

               Forrest hobbles along the dirt road.

                         Run, Forrest!

               Forrest looks over his shoulder. The three boys race on their 

                                     BOY #1
                         Come back here, you!

               Forrest begins to run faster with his braces on. Forrest 
               continues running as the boys chase him. Blood drips down 
               from a cut on his head. The boys on the bikes are gaining on 
               Forrest. Forrest hobbles along. He begins to gain speed.

                         Run, Forrest! Run!

               SLOW MOTION --

               Forrest runs from the chasing room. He looks over his shoulder 
               in fear.

               The boys on the bikes peddle faster as they gain on Forrest, 

               Forrest tries to run even faster to get away. Suddenly his 
               braces shatter, sending steel and plastic flying into the 

               Forrest runs and look down at his legs in surprise.

               Forrest continues to run faster as the metal braces and straps 
               fly off his legs.

               Forrest runs free of his braces and begins to pick up speed.

               The chasing boys ride over the remains of Forrest's braces.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now, you wouldn't believe it if I 
                         told you.

               EXT. SAVANNAH/ BUS BENCH - DAY

                         But I can run like the wind blows.

               The black woman continues to read her magazine. Forrest smiles 
               as he remembers.

                         From that day on, if I was going 
                         somewhere, I was running!

               EXT. OAK ALLEY - DAY (1954)

               Forrest sprints away from the boys. The boys stop the chase 
               and watch in disbelief. Forrest is already at the far end of 
               the road, clear of the chasing boys.

                                     BOY #2
                         He's gettin' away! Stop him!

               Boy #1 throws his bike down in frustration. Forrest runs 
               across a field.

               EXT. COUNTRY ROAD

               Forrest runs past a chain gang in their prison uniforms.

               They are cutting at the weeds on the side of the road.

               EXT. GREENBOW

               Forrest runs across the street. THE TWO OLD MEN sit in front 
               of the barber shop.

                                     OLD CRONY
                         That boy sure is a running fool.

               EXT. JENNY'S HOUSE

               Forrest runs down a driveway toward Jenny's small house.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now remember how I told you that 
                         Jenny never seemed to want to go 
                         home? Well, she lived in a house 
                         that was as old as Alabama. Her Momma 
                         had gone up to heaven when she was 
                         five and her daddy was some kind of 
                         a farmer.

               Forrest knocks on Jenny's door.

                         Jenny? Jenny?

               Forrest look around the field at the left. He notices Jenny 
               and runs toward her.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         He was a very lovin' man. He was 
                         always kissing and touchin' her and 
                         her sisters. And then this one time, 
                         Jenny wasn't on the bus to go to 

               Forrest runs to Jenny.

                         Jenny, why didn't you come to school 

                         Hsh! Daddy's takin' a nap.

               Jenny grabs Forrest's hand and runs into the field. Jenny's 
               DAD drunk, steps out onto the porch and shouts.

                                     JENNY'S DAD

                         Come on!

                                     JENNY'S DAD
                         Jenny, where'd you run to? You'd 
                         better come back here, girl!

               Jenny's dad steps out toward the field. Jenny leads Forrest 
               into the thick tobacco field. Jenny's dad runs through the 
               field searching for Jenny with a liquor bottle in his hand.

                                     JENNY'S DAD
                         Where you at?

               Jenny and Forrest run into a corn field as Jenny's dad tries 
               to chase her.

                                     JENNY'S DAD
                         Jenny! Jenny! Where you at? Jenny!

               Jenny drops to her knees and pulls Forrest down with her.

                         Pray with me, Forrest. Pray with me.

                                     JENNY'S DAD

                         Dear God, make me a bird so I can 
                         fly far, far, far away from here.
                         Dear God, make me a bird so I can 
                         fly far, far, far away from here.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Momma always said that God is 

                                     JENNY'S DAD
                         Jenny! Get back here!

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         He didn't turn Jenny into a bird 
                         that day. Instead...

               EXT. TRAILER PARK/ALABAMA - DAY (1955)

               A police officer escorts Jenny to her grandmother's trailer.

               Jenny's grandmother meets Jenny outside and leads her toward 
               the trailer.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...he had the police say Jenny didn't 
                         have to stay in that house no more.
                         She went to live with her grandma 
                         just over on Creekmore Avenue, which 
                         made me happy 'cause she was so close.

               EXT. GUMP HOUSE - NIGHT (1955)

               Jenny climbs over a second-floor railing and enters the house.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Some nights, Jenny'd sneak out and 
                         come over to my house, just 'cause 
                         she said she was scared. Scared of 
                         what, I don't know...


               Jenny lies in bed next to young Forrest. She hugs him.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...but I think it was her grandma's 
                         dog. He was a mean dog. Anyway, Jenny 
                         and me was best friends...

               EXT. GREENBOW/OAK ALLEY - DAY (1961)

               Forrest and Jenny are teenagers now. They walk along an 
               oaklined road.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...all the way to high school.

               Suddenly Forrest is hit in the back with a rock. Forrest and 
               Jenny turn around.

                                     OLDER BOY #1
                         Hey, stupid!

                         Quit it!

               A teenage boy throws another rock as a pickup truck pulls up 
               behind him. Jenny turns and looks at Forrest.

                         Run, Forrest, run!

                                     OLDER BOY #1
                         Hey. Did you hear me, stupid?

                         Run, Forrest!

               Forrest drops his books and runs down the road. The teenage 
               boy jumps into the back of the pickup truck with another boy 
               as the truck speeds after Forrest. Jenny steps left and gets 
               out of the way.

                                     OLDER BOY #2
                         Come on, he's getting away! Move it!

                         Run, Forrest! Run!

                                     OLDER BOY #1
                         You better be runnin', stupid.

               Forrest runs along the road. The truck speeds after him.

                                     OLDER BOY #2
                         Come on, dummy!

                                     OLDER BOY #1
                         Haul ass, dummy!

               Older Boy throws rocks at Forrest.

                                     OLDER BOY #1
                         Yeah, you better be runnin'!

               INT. TRUCK


               EXT. OAK ALLEY

               The boys in the back of the truck throw rocks at Forrest as 
               they drive up to him.

                                     OLDER BOY #1
                         Move it, jack rabbit!

               The truck follows right on Forrest's heels. A rebel flag 
               license plate adorns the truck's grill.

                                     OLDER BOY #1
                         Come on!

               Forrest runs along the road as the truck chases him. The 
               boys in the back of the truck pound on the roof as the truck 
               turns right, after Forrest. The truck drives into a field.

               Forrest runs toward a fence.

                         Run! Faster! Yeah! Go! Go! Come on, 
                         Forrest! Yeah!

                         Run, Forrest!

               Forrest leaps over a five-foot fence as the boys try to catch 

               EXT. SAVANNAH/BUS BENCH - DAY (1981)

               Forrest looks left as he continues telling his life story.

                         Now, it used to be, I ran to get 
                         where I was goin'. I never thought 
                         it would take me anywhere.

               EXT. HIGH SCHOOL/ROAD - DAY (1961)

               Forrest runs along the road in front of the high school. The 
               truck continues to chase him as the boys pound on the roof.

                                     OLDER BOY
                         Come on. Whoo-hoo!

               The truck speeds past Forrest as he turns from the road and 
               runs onto the high school football field. Forrest runs across 
               the field during a football scrimmage.

               In the stands watching the scrimmage is the legendary 
               University of Alabama football coach BEAR BRYANT, wearing 
               his trademark plaid hat.

               A group of assistant coaches sit around him, as well as the 
               high school football coach. The quarterback throws the ball 
               into the air.

               Forrest runs past the quarterback. The receiver catches the 
               ball. Forrest runs past the receiver as an opposing player 
               tackles the stunned receiver.

               The football coach stands, followed by the assistant coaches.

                                     FOOTBALL COACH
                         Who in the hell is that?

                                     HIGH SCHOOL COACH
                         That there is Forrest Gump. Coach.
                         Just a local idiot.

               Forrest runs under the field goal post and through the end 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And can you believe it? I got to go 
                         to college, too.


               The crowd roars with excitement as a football is kicked off.

               The football players run around on the field. The crowd of 
               cheering fans create a huge sign that reads: "GO."

               Forrest is in a University of Alabama football uniform. He 
               looks up into the cheering crowd as his teammate fields the 
               kickoff. The teammate runs over to Forrest and hands him the 

                                     FOOTBALL COACH
                         Okay! Run!

               The football coach, the assistants, and Alabama players cheer 
               for Forrest.

                                     FOOTBALL COACH
                         Run, you stupid son-of-a-bitch! Run!

               Forrest runs across the field. He speeds past the defending 
               players. Forrest runs past the opposite players. The crowd 
               cheers wildly, holding up cards, making a large sign that 
               reads: "Go."

               They turn the cards over, creating the word: "ALABAMA." The 
               football coach runs along the sidelines as he yells.

                                     FOOTBALL COACH
                         You stupid son-of-a-bitch! Run! Go!

               Forrest cuts and runs toward the sidelines. Two opposing 
               players collide. The football coach, the assistants and the 
               players all motion for Forrest to run toward the end zone.

                                     FOOTBALL COACH
                         Run! Turn! Go!

               Forrest turns up the sidelines and runs toward the end zone.

               Some opposing players fall down. Forrest runs along the 
               sidelines. The opposing players try to catch him.

               Forrest runs into the end zone as an opposing player dives 
               at his feet. The referee holds up his arm, signaling a touch 
               down. The crowd cheers wildly.

               Forrest continues to run, smashing through the band members, 
               then all the way toward the team tunnel. The football coach 
               looks at an assistant coach.

                                     FOOTBALL COACH
                         He must be the stupidest son-of-a-
                         bitch alive. But he sure is fast!

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now, maybe it was just me but college 
                         was very confusing times.

               11, 1963)

               An anchorman named CHET HUNTLEY appears over the television.

                                     CHET HUNTLEY
                              (on TV)
                         Federal troops enforcing a court 
                         order integrated the University of 
                         Alabama today.


               Forrest walks through a crowd of people.

                                     CHET HUNTLEY
                         Governor George Wallace had carried 
                         out his symbolic threat to stand in 
                         the schoolhouse door.

                                     GOVERNOR WALLACE
                         We hereby denounce and forbid this 
                         illegal and unwarranted action by 
                         the central government.


               A black & white television reveals George Wallace as he stands 
               in the doorway of the schoolhouse.

                              (on TV)
                         Governor Wallace, I take it from 
                         that, uh...


               Forrest steps over to a young man as the crowd looks at the 

                         ...statement that you are going to 
                         stand in that door, and that you are 
                         not going to carry out the orders of 
                         this court, and that you are going 
                         to resist us from doing so. I would 
                         ask you once again to responsibility 
                         step aside and if you do not, I'm 
                         going to assure you...

                         Earl, what's going on?

                         Coons are tryin' to get into school.

                         Coons? When raccoons try to get on 
                         our back porch, Momma just chase 'em 
                         off with a broom.

                         Not raccoons, you idiot, niggas. And 
                         they want to go to school with us.

                         With us? They do?

               Forrest walks toward the schoolhouse.

               INT. COACHES' OFFICE

               A football coach looks at a black and white television as a 
               newsman outside the schoolhouse speaks to the camera.

                              (on TV)
                         ...block the doorway, President 
                         Kennedy ordered the Secretary of 
                         Defense then to use the military 


               The footage cuts to Governor Wallace as he speaks to General 

                         Here by videotape is the encounter 
                         by General Graham, Commander of the 
                         National Guard, and Governor Wallace.

               Forrest stands next to George Wallace and listens.

                                     GOVERNOR WALLACE
                         We must have no violence today, or 
                         any other day, because these National 
                         Guardsmen are here today as Federal 
                         Soldiers for Alabamans. And they 
                         live within our borders and they are 
                         all our brothers. We are winning in 
                         this fight because we are awakening 
                         the American people to the dangers 
                         that we have spoken about so many 
                         times, just so evident today, the 
                         trend toward military dictatorship 
                         in this country.


               Some of the Alabama policeman and citizens clap their hands 
               as the National Guardsmen stand at attention with their 
               weapons in front of them. Forrest walks through the crowd.

               Two black students were being led toward the schoolhouse.

                         And so at day's end the University 
                         of Alabama in Tuscaloosa had been 
                         desegregated and students Jimmy Hood 
                         and Vivian Malone had been signed up 
                         for summer classes.

               The young black girl drops one of her books. Forrest notices 
               and steps past the policeman toward the book on the ground.

               Forrest steps out from the crowd and picks up the book. He 
               brings it up to the girl.

                         Ma'am, you dropped your book. Ma'am.

               INT. COACHES' OFFICE - NIGHT (1963)

               A coach looks at the television. The television reveals 
               Forrest as he stands at the schoolhouse door. He looks around, 
               then waves.

                                     CHET HUNTLEY
                              (on TV)
                         Governor Wallace did what he promised 
                         to do. By being on the Tuscaloosa 
                         campus, he kept the mob from gathering 
                         and prevented violence.

               An assistant coach looks at the television, then at the other 

                                     ASSISTANT COACH
                         Say, wasn't that Gump?

               The football coach and two assistant coaches look. Forrest 
               dries himself off with a towel as he steps from the showers.

                                     CHET HUNTLEY
                              (on TV)
                         NBC News will present a special 
                         program on the Alabama integration 
                         story at 7:30 p.m. tonight...

                                     ASSISTANT COACH
                         Naw, that couldn't be.

                                     FOOTBALL COACH
                         It sure as hell was.

                                     CHET HUNTLEY
                         ...standard Eastern Daylight Time.
                         Now a word from Anacin.

               Forrest steps up to the coaches' area and grabs a clean towel.

               The coaches turn and stare at Forrest. Forrest gives them 
               one of his silly waves, then walks away.

               COLOR FOOTAGE - Governor Wallace waves to the crowd as he 
               stands behind a podium with his wife.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         A few years later, that angry little 
                         man at the schoolhouse door thought 
                         it would be a good idea, and ran for 

               COLOR FOOTAGE - Governor Wallace mingles in a crowd. Gunshots 
               are fired, wounding him. Some men wrestle the shooter. Wallace 
               lies wounded on the ground.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         But, somebody thought that it wasn't.

               EXT. SAVANNAH/BUS BENCH - DAY (1981)

               Forrest sits on the bench as the black woman looks at him. A 
               WHITE WOMAN with a bay sits left.

                         But he didn't die.

               A bus pulls up to the bus stop. The BLACK WOMAN looks down 
               at her watch.

                                     BLACK WOMAN
                         My bus is here.

                         Is it the number 9?

                                     BLACK WOMAN
                         No, it's the number 4.

               The Black Woman gets up and steps over to the bus.

                         It was nice talkin' to you.

               The white woman sits closer to Forrest.

                                     WHITE WOMAN
                         I remember when that happened, when 
                         Wallace got shot. I was in college.

                         Did you go to a girls' college, or 
                         to a girls' and boys' together 

                                     WHITE WOMAN
                         It was co-ed.

                         'Cause Jenny went to a college I 
                         couldn't go to. It was a college 
                         just for girls.

               EXT, GIRLS' COLLEGE/JENNY'S DORM - NIGHT (1963)

               Forrest sits outside Jenny's dorm in the rain.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         But, I'd go and visit her every chance 
                         I got.

               A car pulls up. A song is heard from the radio. Forrest, 
               holding a box of chocolates, looks at the car. The two people 
               inside the car begins to kiss and embrace each other. Jenny 
               is inside the car with a boy. She leans back against the 
               passenger side door as they struggle to get comfortable.

                         Ouch! That hurts.

               Forrest gets up and runs toward the car. He tries to look in 
               the window as he steps over to the driver's side door. He 
               opens the door and begins to punch the boy inside. Jenny 
               jump out of the car and runs over to Forrest.

                         Forrest! Forrest! Forrest, stop it!
                         Stop it!


                         What are you doing?

                         He was hurtin' you.

               Jenny's date, named BILLY, gets out of the car angrily.

                         What the hell is going on here?

                         No, he's not!

                         Who is that? Who is that?

                         Get over there!

               Jenny turns and looks at Billy. He shoves Jenny's hands away 
               from him.

                         Billy, I'm sorry.

                         What in the hell, git, would you git 
                         away from me!

                         Don't... Wait a second!

                         Git, just git away from me!

                         Don't go! Billy, wait a second!

               Billy gets back into the car.

                         He doesn't know any better!

               Billy pulls away as Jenny steps toward Forrest.

                         Forrest, why'd you do that?

               Forrest holds out the box of chocolates.

                         I brought you some chocolates. I'm 
                         sorry. I'll go back to my college 

                         Forrest, look at you! Come on. Come 

               Jenny grabs Forrest hand and leads him toward the dorm.

               INT. JENNY'S DORM/HALLWAY

               Jenny and Forrest sneak to Jenny's door.

                         Is this your room?


               Jenny unlocks the door and they step inside.

               INT. JENNY'S DORM ROOM

               Jenny pulls a robe off of her sleeping roommate's bed. Jenny 
               hands the robe to Forrest, sitting on Jenny's bed.

                         Do you ever dream, Forrest, about 
                         who you're gonna be?

                         Who I'm gonna be?


                         Aren't I going to be me?

                         Well, you'll always be you, just 
                         another kind of you. You know? I 
                         want to be famous.

               Jenny picks up a towel, then walks back toward Forrest. Jenny 
               dries the water from her hair.

                         I want to be a singer like Joan Baez.
                         I just want to be an empty stage 
                         with my guitar, my voice... just me.

               Jenny takes off her slip and sits on the bed next to him.

               She is only wearing her bra and panties. Forrest looks at 
               Jenny like he's never seen a woman in her underwear before.

                         And I want to reach people on a 
                         personal level. I want to be able to 
                         say things, just one-to-one.

               Forrest looks down at Jenny's breasts. Jenny realizes that 
               he is looking at her.

                         Have you ever been with a girl, 

                         I sit next to them in my home 
                         economics class all the time.

                              (over radio)
                         You're listening to WHHY in 
                         Birmingham, the clear A.M. voice of 
                         Northern Alabama. I'm Joel Dorn...

               Forrest looks at Jenny as she removes her bra. Forrest looks 
               away, a bit shamed. Jenny takes his hand and guides it up to 
               her breast.

                              (over radio)
                         ...coming to you on a night that is 
                         anything but clear. The weatherman 
                         says that rain's gonna fall all night 
                         long so stay with us, get warm, get 
                         cozy, get under the covers to the 
                         cool sounds of WHHY.

               Forrest looks over at Jenny's breasts, the shudder as he has 
               an orgasm.

                         Ohh... Oh... I'm sorry. Sorry.

                         It's okay.

                              (over radio)
                         ...444-6789, with ya till sunrise, 
                         playing the music you want to hear 
                         when you want to hear it. If you 
                         have a request or dedication, give 
                         us a call. We guarantee you'll hear 
                         your requests within one hour.

               Forrest breathes heavily. Jenny puts her bra back on.

                         It's all right.

               Jenny leans over and puts her head on Forrest's shoulder.

                              (over radio)
                         Candy is on the line tonight. Candy's 
                         answering the phones, give Candy 
                         your request, your dedication, and 
                         ask her why she won't go out with 
                         me, would you? Here's more music.

                         It's okay.

                         Oh, I'm dizzy.

               A song is coming over the radio. Jenny hugs Forrest.

                         I bet that never happened in home 


               Jenny laughs and kisses Forrest on the cheek. Forrest and 
               Jenny hug on the bed as Jenny's roommate pretends to be 
               asleep, but is listening, horrified, with her eyes open.

                         I think I ruined your roommate's 

                         I don't care. I don't like her, 


               Forrest runs across the field as the defending team chases 
               him. The crowd yells for Forrest. They flip a sign that reads: 
               "Go Forrest."

                         Run! Run! Run!

               Forrest runs along the field. The crowd cheers.

                         Run! Run! Run!

               Forrest runs into the end zone. The band members rush toward 
               Forrest with their hands up, signaling him to stop. The crowd 
               flips over cards, creating a sign that reads "STOP."


               Forrest stops in the end zone as he hears the crowd yells.

               The band motions for Forrest to stop and stay in the end

               zone. A group of defending players fall over each other in 
               the end zone. Forrest looks as the crowd cheers wildly.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         College ran by real fast 'cause I 
                         played so much football.


               The White House with the words "The eyes and ears of the 
               world Paramount News" superimposed.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         They even put me on a thing called 
                         the All-America Team where you get 
                         to meet the President of the United 


               PRESIDENT KENNEDY holds an autographed football as the All- 
               American Team stands behind him. Forrest is among the players 
               in suits.

                              (over newsreel)
                         President Kennedy met with the 
                         Collegiate All-American Football 
                         Team at the Oval Office today.

               INT. WHITE HOUSE RECEPTION AREA - DAY (1963)

               The All-American players mingle around the food table. Forrest 
               steps up to the table. A large spread of food and soda is on 
               the table.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now, the real good thing about meeting 
                         the President of the United States 
                         is the food.

               Forrest takes a bottle of Dr. Pepper from the buffet table.

               Numerous bottle of Dr. Pepper are displayed on the table. A 
               servant opens the bottle for him.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         They put you in this little room 
                         with just about anything you'd want 
                         to eat or drink. And since number 
                         one, I wasn't hungry, but thirsty...

               Forrest begins to guzzle the Dr. Pepper.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...and number two, they was free, I 
                         musta drank me about fifteen Dr. 

               Forrest sets down an empty Dr. Pepper bottle next to a large 
               number of other empty bottles. Forrest holds his stomach and 

               BLACK AND WHITE FOOTAGE - President Kennedy shakes hands 
               with the All-American football players.

                                     PRESIDENT KENNEDY
                         Congratulations. How does it feel to 
                         be an All-American?

                                     1ST PLAYER
                         It's an honor, Sir.

               Another player steps up to the President and shakes the 
               President's hand.

                                     PRESIDENT KENNEDY
                         Congratulations. How does it feel to 
                         be an All-American?

                                     2ND PLAYER
                         Very good, Sir.

                                     PRESIDENT KENNEDY
                         Congratulations. How does it feel to 
                         be an All-American?

                                     3RD PLAYER
                         Very good, Sir.

               The player walks away. Forrest steps up to the President.

               The President shakes his hand.

                                     PRESIDENT KENNEDY
                         Congratulations. How do you feel?

                         I gotta pee.

               President Kennedy turns and smiles.

                                     PRESIDENT KENNEDY
                         I believe he said he had to go pee.


               Forrest urinates in the bathroom, then lowers the lid and 
               flashes. Forrest washes his hands, then notices an autographed 
               photo from Marilyn Monroe and a photo of John with his brother 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Sometime later, for no particular 
                         reason, somebody shot that nice young 
                         President when he was ridin' in his 

               ARCHIVAL FOOTAGE - DAY SLOW MOTION - President Kennedy rises 
               in a convertible and smiles.

                         And a few years after that...

               ARCHIVAL FOOTAGE - Robert Kennedy stands at a podium as people 
               around him applaud.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...somebody shot his little brother, 
                         too, only he was in a hotel kitchen.

               EXT. SAVANNHA/BUS BENCH - DAY (1981)

               Forrest sits on the bench and shakes his head.

                         It must be hard being brothers. I 
                         wouldn't know.


               Students in their caps and gowns step forward the podium to 
               receive their diplomas. Forrest's name is called. He steps 
               up and accepts his diploma.

                         Forrest Gump.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now can you believe it? After only 
                         five years of playing football, I 
                         got a college degree.

               The dean shakes Forrest's hand vigorously. Forrest looks out 
               into the crowd.

                         Congratulations, son.

               Mrs. Gump, sitting in the audience, cries.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Momma was proud.

               Forrest and Mrs. Gump have their picure taken in front of a 
               large statue. A military recruiter spots Forrest and steps 
               up to him.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Forrest, I'm so proud of you. Here, 
                         I'll hold this for you.

               Mrs. Gump takes the diploma from Forrest. The recruiter slaps 
               Forrest on the shoulder and hands him some military 

                                     MILITARY RECRUITER
                         Congratulations, son. Have you given 
                         any thought to your future?


               Forrest looks at a pamphlet with a photo of "Uncle Sam" and 
               the caption "EXCELLENT CAREERS FOR EXCELLENT YOUNG MAN. Apply 
               now at your local U.S. Army Recruiting Center."

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Hello, I'm Forrest...

               INT. ARMY BUS - DAY (1966)

               Forrest steps onto the army bus. Rain pours outside as the 
               army bus driver yells at Forrest.

                         ...Forrest Gump.

                                     ARMY BUS DRIVER
                         Nobody gives a hunk of shit who you 
                         are, fuzzball! You're not even a 
                         lowlife scum sucking maggot! Get 
                         your faggoty ass on the bus. You're 
                         in the Army now!

               Forrest is about to sit on the first available seat, but the 
               recruit sitting there refuses Forrest.

                                     RECRUIT #1
                         This seat's taken.

               Forrest tries to sit on the next seat, but the 2nd recruit 
               slides over, blocking him.

                                     RECRUIT #2
                         It's taken.

               Forrest steps forward, looking much like he did on his first 
               bus ride to school years ago.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         At first, it seemed like I made a 

               A large black recruit with a strange look on his face, much 
               like Forrest's, looks up from his seat. His name is BUBBA.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...seeing how it was my induction 
                         day and I was already gettin' yelled 

               Bubba moves his case over, making room for Forrest to sit 

                         You can sit down... if you want to.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I didn't know who I might meet or 
                         what they might ask.

               Bubba hands Forrest a handkerchief.

                         You ever been on a real shrimp boat?

                         No, but I been on a real big boat.

                         I'm talkin' about a shrimp catchin' 
                         boat. I've been workin' on shrimp 
                         boats all my life. I started out my 
                         uncle's boat, that's my mother's 
                         brother, when I was about maybe nine.
                         I was just lookin' into buyin' a 
                         boat of my own and got drafted. My 
                         given name is Benjamin Buford Blue.

               Bubba and Forrest shake hands.

                         People call me Bubba. Just like one 
                         of them redneck boys. Can you believe 

                         My name's Forrest Gump. People call 
                         me Forrest Gump.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         So Bubba was from Bayou La Batre, 
                         Alabama, and his momma cooked shrimp.

               INT. LOUISIANA/KITCHEN - DAY (1966)

               Bubba's mother, a robust woman in a cook's uniform, carries 
               a bowl of shrimp into a dining room. She sets it down on a 
               table in front of a wealthy white man.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And her momma before her cooked 


               Bubba's grandmother carries a bowl of shrimp into a dining 
               room. She sets it down on a table in front of a wealthy white 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And her momma before her momma cooked 
                         shrimp, too. Bubba's family knew 

               INT. ARMY BUS - DAY (1966)

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...there was to know about the 
                         shrimpin' business.

                         I know everything there is to know 
                         about the shrimpin' business. Matter 
                         of fact, I'm goin' into the shrimpin' 
                         business for myself after I get out 
                         the Army.


               INT. BARRACKS - DAY

               A DRILL SERGEANT is in Forrest's face as Forrest stands in 
               line with the other recruits.

                                     DRILL SERGEANT
                         Gump! What's your sole purpose in 
                         this Army?

                         To do whatever you tell me, Drill 

                                     DRILL SERGEANT
                         Godamnit, Gump! You're a goddamned 
                         genius! That's the most outstanding 
                         answer I've ever heard. You must 
                         have a godamned I.Q. of a hundred 
                         and sixty! You are godamned gifted, 
                         Private Gump!

               The Drill Sergeant moves down the line to the next man.

                                     DRILL SERGEANT
                         Listen up, people...

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now, for some reason, I fit in the 
                         Army like one of them round pegs.
                         It's not really hard. You just make 
                         your bed real neat and remember to 
                         stand up straight.

                                     DRILL SERGEANT
                         That is one very intelligent 
                         individual! You lock your scuzzy 
                         bodies up behind that private and do 
                         exactly what he does and you will go 
                         far in this man's army!

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And always answer every question 
                         with "Yes, Drill Sergeant!"

                                     DRILL SERGEANT
                         Is that clear?

                                     FORREST & RECRUITS
                         Yes, Drill Sergeant!

               ANOTHER DAY

               The recruits are sitting at the base of their bunks assembling 
               their rifles. Bubba speaks to Forrest.

                         What you do is you just drag your 
                         nets across the bottom. On a good 
                         day, you can catch over a hundred 
                         pounds of shrimp. If everything goes 
                         all right, two men shrimpin' ten 
                         hours, less what you spends on gas, 
                         you can...

               Forrest finishes assembling his rifle as the other recruits 
               are still working on theirs.

                         Done, Drill Sergeant!

                                     DRILL SERGEANT

               The Drill Sergeant rushes up to Forrest.

                                     DRILL SERGEANT
                         Why did you put that weapon together 
                         so quickly, Gump?

                         You told me to, Drill Sergeant.

               The Drill Sergeant looks at his stop watch.

                                     DRILL SERGEANT
                         Jesus Christ! This is a new company 
                         record. If it wouldn't be a waste of 
                         such a damn fine enlisted man, I'd 
                         recommended you for O.C.S., Private 
                         Gump. You are gonna be a General 
                         some day, Gump! Now, disassemble 
                         your weapon and continue!

               The Drill Sergeant walks away as Forrest begins to disassemble 
               his rifle. After the Drill Sergeant walks past Bubba, Bubba 
               looks up at Forrest. Bubba continues talking about shrimp in 
               his slow southern drawl.

                         Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is 
                         the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue 
                         it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute 
                         it. There, uh, shrimp kabobs, shrimp 

               ANOTHER DAY

               Bubba and Forrest shine their boots.

                         ...shrimp gumbo, panfried, deep fried, 
                         stir fried. There's pineapple shrimp, 
                         lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper 

               ANOTHER DAY

               Bubba and Forrest are on their hands and knees as they scrub 
               the floor with toothbrushes.

                         ...shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp 
                         salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp 
                         burger, shrimp sandwich... that's, 
                         that's about it.


               Bubba lies in his bunk and looks up quietly.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Nighttime in the Army is a lovely 

               Forrest lies in his bunk and looks up.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         We'd lay there in our bunks, and I'd 
                         miss my momma. And I'd miss Jenny.

               A young private tosses a Playboy magazine onto Forrest.

                                     YOUNG PRIVATE
                         Hey, Gump. Get a load of the tits on 

               Forrest pick up the magazine and turns the page, revealing 
               Jenny as she poses with a school sweater on, and that's all.

               The pictorial is titled: "Girls of the South." Forrest looks 
               up with shock. He cranes his head up for a closer look.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Turns out, Jenny had gotten into 
                         some trouble over... some photos of 
                         her in her college sweater. And she 
                         was thrown out of school.

                         "My baby does the hanky-panky..."

               INT. NASHVILLE/NIGHT CLUB - NIGHT (1966)

               Forrest, in his army uniform, steps into the foyer of the 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         But that wasn't a bad thing. Because 
                         a man who owns a theater in Memphis, 
                         Tennessee, saw those photo and offered 
                         Jenny a job singing in a show. The 
                         first chance I got, I took the bus 
                         up to Memphis to see her perform in 
                         that show.

               EMCEE steps out onto the stage.

                         That was Amber, Amber Flame. Give 
                         her a big hand, guys. Good job, Amber.
                         And now, for your listening and 
                         viewing pleasure, direct from 
                         Hollywood, California, our very own 
                         beatnik beauty, let's give a big 
                         round of applause to the luscious 
                         Bobbie Dylan.

                         Bobbie... Bobbie...

               The emcee walks back off the stage and the curtain opens, 
               revealing Jenny as she sits on a stool on the stage. She 
               holds a guitar up and begins to play. She is topless.

                         "Yes, and how many seas must the 
                         white dove said, before she sleeps 
                         in the sand."

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Her dream had come true. She was a 
                         folk singer.

                         "Yes, how many times must the 
                         cannonballs fly before they're forever 

                                     MAN #1
                         You gotta lose the guitar, darling.

                                     MAN #2
                         Hey, come on, baby. Shake it up.
                         Shake it up now.

                                     MAN #3
                         Hey, somebody ought to get her a 

               The men laugh.

                         "The answer, my friend is blowing in 
                         the wind. The answer is blowing in...

                                     MAN #
               , honey. This isn't Captain 

                         Yeah! Come on!

               Man #5 reaches up and tries to stick some money in Jenny's 

                                     MAN #5 :
                         Hey, honey, I got something here for 

               Jenny kicks his hand. He yells angrily as he sits back down, 
               then tosses his drink on her.

                                     MAN #5

                         Hey! Hey! Stupid jerk! I'm singing a 
                         song here. Polly, get out here!

                                     MAN #
                         Hey, show us some stuff, honey!

                         Shut up! Oh, shut up!

               Forrest walks up to Man #5 and grabs him and tosses him down 
               on the ground. Man #4 tries to grab Forrest, but Forrest 
               shoves him down too.

                         Forrest, what are you doing here? 
                         What are you doing?

               Forrest climbs up onto the stage and picks Jenny up, guitar 
               and all, and carries her.

                         Come on.

                         What are you doing? Forrest, let me 

               Jenny struggles and frees herself from Forrest. Forrest steps 
               back in surprise. Jenny shoves the guitar at Forrest. Jenny 
               walks off as Forrest holds the guitar. He follows after her.

               EXT. MEMPHIS BRIDGE - NIGHT

               Forrest follows Jenny over a bridge outside the night club.

                         You can't keep doing this, Forrest.
                         You can't keep tryin' to rescue me 
                         all the time.

                         They was tryin' to grab you.

                         A lot of people try to grab me. Just --
                         you can't keep doing this all the 

                         I can't help it. I love you.

                         Forrest, you don't know what love 

               Jenny turns and looks over the bridge.

                         You remember that time we prayed, 
                         Forrest? We prayed for God to turn 
                         me into a bird so I could fly far, 
                         far away?

                         Yes, I do.

                         You think I can fly off this bridge?

                         What do you mean, Jenny?


               Jenny turns and looks at the light of an approaching vehicle.

               She steps into the street.

                         I gotta get outta here.

               Jenny runs and flags down the approaching vehicle.

                         But wait. Jenny!

                         Forrest, you stay away from me, okay?
                         You just stay away from me, please.

               A pickup truck pulls over as Jenny looks at the driver.

                         Can I have a ride?

                         Where you going?

                         I don't care.

                         Get in the truck.

                         So bye-bye, Jenny. They sendin' me 
                         to Vietnam. It's this whole other 

               Jenny walks toward Forrest. She looks at the driver.

                         Just hang on a minute.

               Jenny walks up to Forrest.

                         Listen, you promise me something, 
                         okay? Just if you're ever in trouble, 
                         don't try to be brave, you just run, 
                         okay? Just run away.

                         Okay. Jenny, I'll write you all the 

               Jenny takes a last look at Forrest, then climbs into the 
               truck. Forrest watches Jenny in the pickup as it drives away.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And just like that.


               Forrest, dressed in his uniform, sits on a log and looks out 
               at a river.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...she was gone.

               Mrs. Gump walks toward Forrest and sits down next to him on 
               the log. Forrest leans down, placing his head on his mother's 

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         You come back safe to me, do ya hear?

               EXT. VIETNAM/MEKONG DELTA - MORNING (1967)

               The shadow of a helicopter over the rice field below. A 
               soldier is manning a gun from inside the helicopter. The 
               solider looks left, Forrest and Bubba ride in the helicopter.

               EXT. FIREBASE/4TH PLATOON

               The helicopter circles overhead, then lands at the firebase.

                         "Some folks are born made to wave 
                         the flag. Ooh, they're red, white 
                         and blue. And when the band plays 
                         "Hail to the Chief," ohh, they point 
                         the cannon at you all. It ain't me.
                         It ain't me. I ain't no Senator's 
                         son, no. It ain't me. It ain't me..."

               Bubba and Forrest jump out of the helicopter with their gear/ 
               They walk and look around oddly.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now, they told us that Vietnam was 
                         gonna be very different from the 
                         United Sates of America.

               The soldier places a case of beer on a large stack of cases.

               He takes two beers out and walks away. In the background, 
               soldiers are barbecuing steaks and drinking beer.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Except for all the beer cans and the 
                         barbecue, it was.

                         Y'know, I bet there's shrimp all in 
                         these waters. They tell me these 
                         Vietnams is good shrimp. You know, 
                         after we win this war, and we take 
                         over everything we can get American 
                         shrimpers to come on here and shrimp 
                         these waters. We'll just shrimp all 
                         the time, man. So much shrimp, why, 
                         you wouldn't believe it.

               Lieutenant DAN TAYLOR steps out of a tent. Shirtless, he 
               holds a roll of toilet paper in his hand.

                                     LT. DAN
                         You must be my F.N.G.'s.

                                     BUBBA AND FORREST
                         Morning', sir!

                                     LT. DAN
                         Ho! Get your hands down. Do not salute 
                         me. There are goddamned snipers all 
                         around this area who would love to 
                         grease an officer. I'm Lieutenant 
                         Dan Taylor. Welcome to Fourth Platoon.

               Lt. Dan looks at Bubba.

                                     LT. DAN
                         What's wrong with your lips?

                         I was born with big gums, sir.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Yeah, well, you better tuck that in.
                         Gonna get that caught on a trip wire. 
                         Where you boys from in the world?

                                     BUBBA & FORREST
                         Alabama, sir!

                                     LT. DAN
                         You twins?

               Forrest and Bubba look at each other oddly, they don't get 
               the joke.

                         No, we are not relations, sir.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Look, it's pretty basic here.

               Lt. Dan starts to walk. Bubba and Forrest grab their gear 
               and follow him.

                                     LT. DAN
                         You stick with me, you learn from 
                         the guys who been in country awhile, 
                         you'll be right. There is one item 
                         of G.I. gear that can be the 
                         difference between a live grunt and 
                         a dead grunt.

               Lt. Dan stops and looks at the boys.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Socks, cushion, sole, O.D. green. 
                         Try and keep your feet dry when we're 
                         out humpin'. I want you boys to 
                         remember to change your socks wherever 
                         we stop. The Mekong will eat a grunt's 
                         feet right off his legs.

               Lt. Dan steps over to a large black soldier named SERGEANT 

                                     LT. DAN
                         Sergeant Sims! Goddamnit, where is 
                         that sling-rope I told you to order.

                                     SGT. SIMS
                         I put in requisitions at Battalion.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Yeah, yeah, yeah, well you call those 
                         sonabitches again, call them again 
                         and again and again. I don't care 
                         how much it takes...

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Lt. Dan sure knew his stuff. I felt 
                         real lucky he was my lieutenant. He 
                         was from a long, great military 
                         tradition. Somebody in his family 
                         had fought and died in every single 
                         American war.


               A distant relative of Lt. Dan's, wearing a revolutionary war 
               uniform, falls dead in the snow.

               EXT. GETTYSBURG/THE CIVIL WAR - DAY (1863)

               Another relative, wearing a civil war uniform and bearing a 
               striking resemblance to Lt. Dan, falls down dead.

               EXT. NORMANDY/WORLD WAR II - DAY (1944)

               Another relative, wearing a World War II, falls down dead on 
               the beach at Normandy.


                                     LT. DAN
                         Goddamnit, kick some ass!

                                     SGT. SIMS
                         I'm on it, Lieutenant.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Get on it!

               Lt. Dan steps back up to Bubba and Forrest.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I guess you could say he had a lot 
                         to live up to.

               Lt. Dan walks along the walkway and Bubba and Forrest follow.

                                     LT. DAN
                         So, you boys are from Arkansas, huh?
                         Well, I've been through there. Little 
                         Rock's a fine town. Now, go shake 
                         down your gear, see the platoon 
                         sergeant, draw what you need for the 

               Lt. Dan steps inside the latrine, still holding the roll of 
               toilet paper.

                                     LT. DAN
                         If you boys are hungry, we got steaks 
                         burnin' right here.

               Lt. Dan sits down out of sight in the latrine, then stands 
               up, looking at the boys.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Two standing orders in this platoon.
                         One, take good care of your feet. 
                         Two, try not to do anything stupid, 
                         like gettin' yourself killed.

               Lt. Dan sits back down out of sight in the latrine. Bubba 
               and Forrest look at each other.

                         I sure hope I don't let him down.

               EXT. RICE FIELD - ANOTHER DAY

               Forrest, Bubba, and other soldiers in the Fourth Platoon 
               walk across the rice field. Some Vietnamese rice farmers are 
               working as the soldiers walk past.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I got to see a lot of countryside. 
                         We would take these real long walks.


               Forrest's unit walks along a dirt road.

                         And we were always lookin' for this 
                         guy named Charlie. I can't get no 

               Suddenly Lt. Dan holds up his fist, a signal for the unit to 
               stop. He motions for them to get down.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Hold it up!

                                     SGT. SIMS
                         Hold up, boys!

               Forrest gets down and looks around.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         It wasn't always fun. Lt. Dan always 
                         gettin' these funny feelings about a 
                         rock or a trail, or the road, so 
                         he'd tell you to get down, shut up!

                                     LT. DAN
                         Get down! Shut up!

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         So we did.

               Lt. Dan motions for the lead soldier to get down. Lt. Dan 
               crouches down. Lt. Dan looks at the soldiers and points to 
               his eyes. He lies down on the dirt road and crawls.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now, I don't know much about anything, 
                         but I think some of American's best 
                         young men served in this war. There 
                         was Dallas, from Phoenix. Cleveland, 
                         he was from Detroit.

                         Hey, Tex. Hey, Tex. Man, what the 
                         hell's going on?

               Tex holds up his hand, motioning that he doesn't know.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And Tex was, well, I don't remember 
                         where Tex come from.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Ah, nothin'. Fourth Platoon, on your 
                         feet! Still got ten clicks to go to 
                         that river.

               Forrest stands up and begins to walk with the platoon.

                                     LT. DAN
                         All right, move out! Comin' out.
                         Look alive out there.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         The good thing about Vietnam is there 
                         was always someplace to go.

                                     LT. DAN (V.O.)
                         Fire in the hole!


               Lt. Dan walks away as Forrest rushes over, aims two pistols 
               in the hole, then climbs inside.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And there was always something to 

                                     LT. DAN
                         Mount 'em up.

                                     SGT. SIMS
                         Spread out! Cover his back.

               ANOTHER DAY - The platoon walks through a rice paddy, waits 
               deep in water. It begins to rain.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         One day it started raining, and it 
                         didn't quit for four months.

               EXT. JUNGLE

               The rain pours down on Forrest and Bubba as they sit in a 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         We been through every kind of rain 
                         there is. Little bitty stingin' 

               ANOTHER DAY - The platoon walks through the jungle as rain 
               pours down on them.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...and big ol' fat rain.

               ANOTHER DAY - The platoon shelters themselves as they walk 
               through the wind and rain.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Rain that flew in sideways.

               ANOTHER DAY - Forrest and other soldiers walk chest-deep 
               through a river. The rain splatters back up from the river, 
               hitting the soldiers. Forrest holds his hand up to protect 
               his face.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And sometimes rain even seemed to 
                         come straight up from underneath.

               EXT. ENCAMPMENT - NIGHT

               The rain pours down on the men of the platoon as they sit in 
               a camp. Bubba sits down next to Forrest.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Shoot, it even rained at night.

               Bubba leans his back up against Forrest's back.

                         Hey Forrest...

                         Hey Bubba...

                         I'm gonna lean up against you, you 
                         just lean right back against me.

                         This way, we don't have to sleep 
                         with our heads in the mud. You know 
                         why we a good partnership, Forrest?
                         'Cause we be watchin' out for one 
                         another. Like brothers and stuff. 
                         Hey, Forrest, there's somethin' I've 
                         been thinkin' about. I got a very 
                         important question to ask you. How 
                         would you like to go into the 
                         shrimpin' business with me?


                         Man, I tell you what, I got it all 
                         figured out, too. So many pounds of 
                         shrimp to pay off the boat, so many 
                         pounds for gas, we can just live 
                         right on the boat. We ain't got to 
                         pay no rent. I'll be the captain; we 
                         can just work it together. Split 
                         everything right down the middle.
                         Man, I'm tellin' you, fifty-fifty. 
                         And, hey, Forrest, all the shrimp 
                         you can get.

                         That's a fine idea.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Bubba did have a fine idea.

               ANOTHER NIGHT - Some soldiers patrol the area. Forrest lies 
               in a pup tent and writes a litter as the rain pours down. He 
               uses his flashlight to see.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I even wrote Jenny and told her all 
                         about it. I sent her letters. Not 
                         every day, but almost. I told her 
                         what I was doin' and asked her what 
                         she was doing, and I told her how I 
                         thought about her always.


               Jenny steps out of the trailer with a backpack and a guitar.

               She hugs a hippie guy, then jumps into the back of a 
               Volkswagen bus with another guy.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And how I was looking forward to 
                         getting a letter from her just as 
                         soon as she had the time I'd always 
                         let her know that I was okay.

               EXT. VIETNAM - NIGHT

               Forrest writes a letter in his tent.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Then I'd sign each letter, "Love, 
                         Forrest Gump."

               EXT. JUNGLE - DAY

               The Fourth Platoon makes their way through the jungle and 

                         "There's something happenin' here.
                         What it is ain't exactly clear. 
                         There's a man with a gun over there, 
                         telling' me I got to beware."

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         This one day, we was out walking, 
                         like always, and then, just like 
                         that, somebody turned off the rain 
                         and the sun come out.

               Forrest looks up as the sun suddenly appears. Forrest's 
               platoon is attacked. A bullet kills the soldier standing 
               next to Forrest. Bombs explode all around as the soldiers 
               scramble to the ground.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Take cover!

               Forrest crawls over a berm as bullets fly overhead and explode 
               all around him. Forrest rolls over and pulls his pack off 
               Lt. Dan lies next to Forrest.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Get that pig up here, goddammit!

                         Forrest, you okay?

               Two soldiers with a machine gun fire into the jungle. Lt. 
               Dan shouts into the radio. Forrest begins firing his weapon 
               into the jungle.

                                     LT. DAN
                         ...Strongarm, please be advised...

               Two soldiers pull a wounded soldier into the jungle.

                         Medic, we got a man down!

                                     LT. DAN
                         Strongarm, this is Leg Lima 6, over!

                                     LT. DAN
                         Roger, Strongarm, be advised we have 
                         incoming from the treeline at point 
                         blue plus two. A.K's and rockets...

               The machine gunner fires into the treeline. Another soldier 
               helps him with the ammunition. The machine gun jams.

                                     SOLDIER WITH BIG MACHINE GUN
                         Misfire! Misfire!

                                     LT. DAN
                         Goddammit, Mac! Get that pig unfucked 
                         and get it in the treeline!

               A rocket explodes on the machine gunner and the other soldier, 
               killing them. Forrest looks down and covers his head as 
               rockets explodes all around him.

                                     LT. DAN
                              (into radio)
                         Ah, Jesus! My unit is down hard and 
                         hurting! 6 pulling back to the blue 
                         line, Leg Lima 6 out! Pull back!
                         Pull back!

                         Forrest! Run! Run, Forrest!

                                     LT. DAN
                         Pull back!

                         Forrest! Run! Run, Forrest! Run!

                                     SGT. SIMS
                         Pull back! Let's go!

               Lt. Dan gets up and grabs Forrest by the collar.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Run, goddammit, run!

               The platoon gets up and runs toward the cover of the jungle.

               Rockets explode all around the field. Forrest runs into the 
               jungle. The soldiers run through the jungle as bullets explode 
               all around. A soldier is blown up by a rocket. A soldier 
               runs through the jungle. Forrest runs past the soldier.

                         Medic! Medic! Jesus, can I get a 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I ran and ran, just like Jenny told 
                         me to.

               Rockets explode in the jungle as Forrest runs out toward a 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I ran so far and so fast that pretty 
                         soon I was all by myself, which was 
                         a bad thing.


               Forrest turns around, then runs back into the jungle.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Bubba was my best good friend. I had 
                         to make sure he was okay.

               Rockets explode in the jungle. Forrest runs back into the 
               jungle to look for Bubba.

                                     1ST SOLDIER
                         Any friendlies out there?

                                     2ND SOLDIER
                         Yeah, I've got three over there.

                                     1ST SOLDIER
                         Where the hell are you?

               Forrest stops and aims his weapon. He looks around, scared.


               Something moves. Forrest turns and looks, then rushes over.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And on my way back to find Bubba, 
                         well, there was this boy laying on 
                         the ground.


               Tex lies on the ground, his face distorted with pain.


               Forrest reaches down and picks up Tex from the ground. Forrest 
               pulls Tex up over his shoulder, then runs.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I couldn't just let him lay there 
                         all alone, scared the way he was, so 
                         I grabbed him up and run him out of 

               Forrest carries Tex out of the jungle and into the clearing.

               He sets Tex down on the bank of a river, and runs back into 
               the jungle.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And every time I went back looking 
                         for Bubba, somebody else was saying, 
                         "Help me, Forrest. Help me."

               Forrest drops another wounded soldier down at the bank of 
               the river next to Tex, and then runs back toward the jungle.

               Forrest grabs the third wounded soldier up from the ground 
               and turns him over. It is DALLAS.

                         Can't hear... Can't hear...

               Dallas is dropped off at the bank next to the other wounded 
               soldiers. Forrest turns to go back to the jungle.

                                     2ND WOUNDED SOLDIER
                         No sweat, man. Just lay back. You're 
                         gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I started to get scared that I might 
                         never find Bubba.

                              (over radio)
                         You're danger close for crack air, 

               Forrest trips over something and falls to the ground. He 
               looks up to find two bloody legs. It is Lt. Dan, who is 
               wounded. He speaks into the radio.

                                     LT. DAN
                              (into radio)
                         Roger, Strongarm, I know my position 
                         is danger close! We got Charlie all 
                         over this area! I gotta have those 
                         fast movers in here now! Over!

                              (over radio)
                         Six, Strongarm, we want...

                         Lieutenant Dan, Coleman's dead!

                                     LT. DAN
                         I know he's dead! My whole goddamned 
                         platoon is wiped out!

                              (over radio)
                         Leg Lima 6, Leg Lima 6, how copy you 
                         this transmission? Over.

               Forrest tries to pick up Lt. Dan, who tries to push Forrest 

                                     LT. DAN
                         Goddammit! What are you doing? Leave 
                         me here! Get away. Just leave me 
                         here! Get out!

               Forrest pulls Lt. Dan over his shoulder and runs through the 

                         Leg Lima 6, Leg Lima 6. This is 
                         Strongarm, be advised, your fast 
                         movers are inbound at this time, 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Then it felt like something just 
                         jumped up and bit me.

               Forrest falls down.

                         Ah, something bit me!

               Forrest gets up as Lt. Dan yells. Lt. Dan fires his pistol 
               at the unseen enemy as Forrest pulls him away.

                                     LT. DAN
                         You dink son-of-a-bitch! I can't 
                         leave the platoon! I told you to 
                         leave me there, Gump. Forget about 
                         me. Get yourself out! Did you hear 
                         what I said! Goddammit, pull me down!
                         Get your ass out of here!

               Forrest drops Lt. Dan down at the bank, next to the other 
               wounded soldiers. Lt. Dan grabs Forrest by the shirt, angry.

                                     LT. DAN
                         I didn't ask you to pull me out of 
                         there, goddamn you! What the hell do 
                         you think you're going?

                         To get Bubba.

                                     LT. DAN
                         I got an air strike inbound right 
                         now. They're gonna nape the whole 

               Forrest gets up and runs as Lt. Dan yells after him.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Gump, you stay here, goddammit! That's 
                         an order!

                         I gotta find Bubba!

               Forrest runs through the jungle searching for Bubba. Forrest 
               slows down and looks around carefully.



               Bubba looks up as he lies on the ground.

                         I'm okay.

               Bubba holds a palm frond over his wound. Forrest removes the 
               frond to look at the wound. Bubba's chest has been blown 

                         Oh, Bubba, no...

                         Naw, I'm gonna be all right.

               Forrest looks around as he hear the voices of the enemy.

                         Come on. Come on. Come here...

               Forrest carries Bubba through the jungle. The sound of 
               approaching planes fills the air.

                         I'm okay, Forrest. I'm all right.

               The roar of approaching planes is deafening. Forrest looks 
               up in fear. Three planes dive down toward the jungle. They 
               fire napalm as the jungle explodes with massive fireballs.

               Forrest runs, carrying Bubba. The fireballs explode behind 
               him. The entire jungle area is in flames as Forrest runs.

               Forrest carries Bubba to the bank of the river. Lt. Dan and 
               the other wounded soldiers wait for a rescue helicopter.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Helo's inbound. Pop smoke, get it up 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         If I'd a known this was gonna be the 
                         last time me and Bubba was gonna 
                         talk, I'd a thought of something 
                         better to say.

               Forrest looks down at Bubba. A soldier releases a smoke 

                         Hey, Bubba...

                         Hey, Forrest. Forrest, why'd this 

                         You got shot.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Then Bubba said something I won't 
                         even forget.

                         I wanna go home.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Bubba was my best good friend. And 
                         even I know that ain't something you 
                         can find just around the corner.
                         Bubba was gonna be a shrimpin' boat 
                         captain, but instead he died right 
                         there by that river in Vietnam.

               The helicopter fly overhead.

               BUS STATION - DAY

               Forrest continues with his life story. A MAN is sitting next 
               to Forrest on the bus bench.

                         That's all I have to say about that.

                         It was a bullet, wasn't it?

                         A bullet?

                         That jumped up and bit you.

                         Oh, yes sir. Bit me directly in the 
                         buttocks. They said it was a million 
                         dollar wound, but the Army must keep 
                         that money, 'cause I still ain't 
                         seen a nickel of that million dollars.
                         The only good thing about being 
                         wounded in the buttocks...


               Forrest holds two ice cream cones in his hands as he is 
               wheeled on a rolling stretcher.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                the ice cream. They gave me 
                         all the ice cream I could eat. And 
                         guess what. A good friend of mine 
                         was in the bed right next door.

               Forrest, lying on his stomach, is wheeled to his bed.

               Forrest's butt sticks up and is bandaged. Forrest looks at 
               Lt. Dan lying on the bed. Forrest holds out an ice cream 
               cone for Lt. Dan.

                         Lieutenant Dan, I got you some ice 
                         cream. Lieutenant Dan, ice cream.

               Lt. Dan, annoyed, takes the ice cream cone and drops it into 
               his bed pan. Forrest slides himself onto his bed. A NURSE 
               reaches toward Lt. Dan.

                                     MALE NURSE
                         It's time for your bath, Lieutenant.

               The male nurse places Lt. Dan's hands on a pull-up bar, then 
               picks up Lt. Dan, whose legs have been amputated.

                                     MALE NURSE

               Another nurse wheels the rolling bed under Lt. Dan. The male 
               nurse sets Lt. Dan down on the rolling bed. Forrest looks up 
               at Lt. Dan as he is wheeled away. A soldier reads the names 
               from a pile of letters.

                         Cooper, Larson, Webster, Gump, Gump...

                         I'm Forrest Gump.

               The soldier hands Forrest a large pile of letters.

               "Undeliverable as addressed. No forwarding order on file."

               Jenny Curran Rural Route 2 Greenbow, Ala. 39902 Forrest looks 
               down at the pile of letters.


               A group of wounded soldiers hang out in the hospital, 
               recuperating. Forrest sits and watches "Gomer Pyle" on the 

                         Gump, how can you watch that stupid 
                         shit? Turn it off!

                         From the D.M.Z. to the Delta, you 
                         are tuned to the American Forces 
                         Vietnam Network. This is Channel 6, 

               Forrest turns the TV off and he is hit on the back of the 
               head by a ping-pong ball.

                         Good catch, Gump. You know how to 
                         play this?

               Forrest shakes his head.

                         Come on, let me show you. Here.

               The wounded ping-pong player hands Forrest a paddle. Forrest 
               and the wounded ping-pong player step toward the ping-pong 

                         Now the secret to this game is, no 
                         matter what happens, never, never 
                         take your eye off the ball.

               He holds the ball up and moves it back and forth. Forrest 
               keeps his eyes on the ball.

                         All right...

               The wounded ping-pong player tosses the ball down onto the 
               table. Forrest begins to hit the ball back to the other 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         For some reason, ping pong came very 
                         natural to me.

                         See, any idiot can play.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         So I started playing it all the time.

               Forrest hits ping-pong balls.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I played ping-pong even when I didn't 
                         have anyone to play ping-pong with.

               The balls at land in a bed pan positioned on a chair. A group 
               of wounded soldier sit and watch Forrest play with himself. 
               Forrest hits two balls at a time against the opposite side 
               of the table.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         The hospital's people said it made 
                         me look like a duck in water, whatever 
                         that means. Even Lieutenant Dan would 
                         come and watch me play.

               Lt. Dan stares out the window. Forrest lies in his bed asleep. 
               A hand reaches and grabs him.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I played ping-pong so much, I even 
                         played it in my sleep.

               Lt. Dan pulls Forrest to the floor, and holds Forrest down.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Now, you listen to me. We all have a 
                         destiny. Nothing just happens, it's 
                         all part of a plan. I should have 
                         died out there with my men! But now, 
                         I'm nothing but a goddamned cripple! 
                         A legless freak. Look! Look! Look at 
                         me! Do you see that? Do you know 
                         what it's like not to be able to use 
                         your legs?

                         Well... Yes, sir, I do.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Did you hear what I said? You cheated 
                         me. I had a destiny. I was supposed 
                         to die in the field! With honor! 
                         That was my destiny! And you cheated 
                         me out of it! You understand what 
                         I'm saying, Gump? This wasn't supposed 
                         to happen. Not to me. I had a destiny. 
                         I was Lieutenant Dan Tyler.

                         Yo-You're still Lieutenant Dan.

               Lt. Dan looks at Forrest, lets go of Forrest and rolls.

               Lt. Dan sits up as Forrest looks at him.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Look at me. What am I gonna do now?
                         What am I gonna do now?


               Forrest plays ping-pong by himself. An OFFICER walks up to 

                         P.F.C. Gump?

               Forrest immediately grabs the ball and places it down on the 
               table under its paddle. Stands at attention.

                         Yes, sir!

                         As you were.

               The officer holds up an envelope.

                         Son, you've been awarded the Medal 
                         of Honor.


               Forrest steps up to Lt. Dan's bed.

                         Guess what, Lieutenant Dan, they 
                         want to give me a me...

               Forrest stops in mid-sentence as he looks down at the bed. A 
               heavily bandaged soldier with bloodstains lies there. Forrest 
               turns and look at the NURSE.

                         Ma'am, what'd they do with Lieutenant 

                         They sent him home.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Two weeks later, I left Vietnam.


                              (on T.V.)
                         The ceremony was kicked off with a 
                         candid speech by the President 
                         regarding the need for further 
                         escalation of the war in Vietnam. 
                         President Johnson awarded four Medals 
                         of Honor to men from each of the 
                         Armed Services.

               The television reveals Forrest as he is awarded the Medal of 
               Honor by President Johnson.

                                     PRESIDENT JOHNSON
                         America owes you a debt of gratitude, 

               Color footage revealing President Johnson as he places the 
               award around Forrest's neck and shakes hands.

                                     PRESIDENT JOHNSON
                         I understand you were wounded. Where 
                         were you hit?

                         In the buttocks, sir.

                                     PRESIDENT JOHNSON
                         Oh, that must be a sight.

               President Johnson leans and whispers into Forrest's ear.

                                     PRESIDENT JOHNSON
                         I'd kinda like to see that.

               INT. BARBER SHOP

               The television revealing Forrest as he drops his pants, bends 
               over and shows the bullet wound on his bare buttocks.

               President Johnson looks down and smiles. The three men in 
               the barber shop look up in disbelief. Mrs. Gump looks up in 

                                     PRESIDENT JOHNSON
                         Goddamn, son.

               EXT. LINCOLN MEMORIAL - DAY

               Forrest walks by the Lincoln Memorial. A fence surrounds the 
               Memorial, as well as armed military guards.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         After that, Momma went to the hotel 
                         to lay down, so I went out for a 
                         walk to see our national capital.

                         Hilary, all right, I've got the vets, 
                         what do you want me to do with them?

                         What are you doing here so late?

               Forrest takes a photo of the memorial as a woman named Hilary 
               gathers together some veterans against the Vietnam War.

                         We've been waiting for you for half 
                         an hour, so just get them in a line, 
                         will you. Hey, hey, come on, pictures 
                         later. You look great. Oh come on, 
                         get in this line, come on, come on 
                         right in line. Come on, let him here, 
                         let him in here.

               Hilary grabs Forrest and puts him in the line with the other 
               vets against the war.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         It's a good thing Momma was resting, 
                         'cause the street was awful crowded 
                         with people looking at all the statues 
                         and monuments. And some of them people 
                         were loud and pushy.

               Hilary leads the line of vets toward the large anti-Vietnam 
               War rally.

                         Okay, follow me! Come on.

               The group of vets walk as Forrest tries to take another 
               picture. A vet behind him pushes him along.

                         Let's move it out.

                         Hey, buddy, come on. We could use 
                         your help.

               Forrest walks in the line. A banner reads "Veterans against 
               the War in Vietnam."

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Everywhere I went, I had to stand in 

                         Follow me, let's go!

               Hilary leads the vets through a crowd of people outside the 
               rally. Another woman, named Isabel, leads the vets toward 
               the back of a stage.

                         All right, come on, guys.

                         Stand here.

                         Hey, you're a good man for doin' 
                         this. Good!


               A man, wearing an American flag shirt, stands on the stage.

               He is anti-war activist ABBIE HOFFMAN.

                                     ABBIE HOFFMAN
                         We must declare to that fucking 
                         impostor in the White House -- 
                         Johnson. We ain't going to work on 
                         your farm no more! Yeah!

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         There was this man, giving a little 
                         talk. And for some reason, he was 
                         wearing an American flag for a 

                                     ABBIE HOFFMAN
                         Now, I'm going to bring up some 
                         soldiers that are going to talk about 
                         the war, man...

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...and he liked to say the "F" word.
                         A lot. "F" this and "F" that. And 
                         every time...

                                     ABBIE HOFFMAN
                         ...that war has come home, and we 
                         have to stop these politicians...

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...he said "F" word, people, for 
                         some reason, well, they'd cheer.

                                     ABBIE HOFFMAN
                         ...these guys just told Lyndon Johnson 
                         where to stick this fucking war! 

               Forrest looks up at the cheering crowd. Abbie turns and 
               motions for Forrest to come up on the stage.

                                     ABBIE HOFFMAN
                         Come on, man. Come up here, man.

                         Come on. Come on. Yeah, you!

               Hilary pulls Forrest up onto the stage.

                         Come on, get up there. Come on. Move, 
                         move. Let's go! Let's go.

               The other vets follow Forrest pushes onto the stage and push 
               him toward the microphones.

                         Come on, go. You can do it. Just get 
                         up there. Go on. That's it.

               Thousands of cheering protesters stand around the Washington 
               Monument. Forrest looks at the crowd. Abbie Hoffmann steps 
               up to Forrest.

                                     ABBIE HOFFMAN
                         Tell us a little bit about the war, 

                         The war in Vietnam?

                                     ABBIE HOFFMAN
                         The war in Viet-fucking-nam!

               Abbie raises his fist as the crowd cheers wildly.


                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         There was only one thing I could say 
                         about the war in Vietnam.

                         ...there was only one thing I could 
                         say about the war in Vietnam.

               Forrest looks at the crowd as he speaks. A policeman looks 
               around as he sneaks over to the audio circuit board.

                         In Vietnam war...

               The policeman pulls the patch cords out of the audio board.

               Forrest's amplified voice becomes inaudible. Forrest continues 
               to speak into the microphone, even though no one can hear 
               what he is saying. Hilary looks over and notices the 
               policeman. Hilary rushes over toward the audio board, pushes 
               the policeman away and grabs his night stick. Another 
               protester grabs the policeman and pulls him away.

                         Hey, what the hell are you doing?

                         I'll beat your head in, you goddamned 

               Isabel, Hilary and another protester try to plug the tangled 
               mess of wires back into the audio board.

                         Christ, what'd they do with this?

               Forrest continues to speak into the microphone. The crowd 
               grows restless.

                         We can't hear you! We can't hear 

                         This one! This one! Give me that!

               Hilary plugs in the right patch cord.

                         That's it.

                         ...and that's all I have to say about 

               Forrest looks at the massive crowd. They are silent. Abbie 
               Hoffman steps over to Forrest and pats him on the shoulder.

                                     ABBIE HOFFMAN
                         That's so right on, man. You said it 
                         all. What's your name, man?

                         My name is Forrest Gump. Forrest 

                                     ABBIE HOFFMAN
                         Forrest Gump!

               Abbie raises his fist into the air. Abbie steps away from 
               Forrest. The crowd cheers.

                         Forrest Gump!

                         Forrest! Forrest!

               Jenny wades out into the reflection pool and waves her hand 
               into the air. Forrest recognizes her.


               Forrest rushes off the stage as Jenny makes her way out into 
               the pool.


               Forrest jumps down into the crowd and runs. Jenny smiles as 
               she tries to run through the water. The crowd parts as Forrest 
               runs into the pool. Jenny rushes toward him.

                         Hey! Hey!

               The massive crowd cheers for the embracing couple in the 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         It was the happiest moment of my 


               Forrest and Jenny walk past the protesters who are camping 
               out on the lawn.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Jenny and me were just peas and 
                         carrots again. She showed me around, 
                         and even introduced me...


               Forrest stands at an open window and looks at the White House.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                some of her new friends.

               A Black Panther, named RUBEN, steps over and pulls the shades 

                         Shut that blind, man. And get your 
                         white ass away from that window.
                         Don't you know we in war here?

               Another Black Panther named MASAI grabs Forrest and pats him 

                         Hey man, he's cool. He's cool. He's 
                         one of us. He's one of us.

                         Let me tell you about us.

                         Where the hell have you been?

                         I ran into a friend.

                         Our purpose here is to protect our 
                         black leaders from the racial 
                         onslaught of the pig who wishes to 
                         brutalize our black leaders, rape 
                         our women, and destroy our black 

                                     BLACK PANTHER
                         Masai, phone. Talk to these guys.

                         Who's the baby killer?

                         This is my good friend I told you 
                         about. This is Forrest Gump. Forrest, 
                         this is Wesley. Wesley and I live 
                         together in Berkeley, and he's the 
                         president of the Berkeley chapter of 

                         Let me tell you something else.

                         I want to talk to you.

                         Okay, but...

                         No. Now! Goddammit!

                         We are here to offer protection and 
                         help for all of those who need our 
                         help, because we, the Black Panthers, 
                         are against the war in Vietnam. Yes, 
                         we are against any war where black 
                         soldiers are sent to the front line 
                         to die for a country that hates them.
                         Yes, we are against any war where 
                         black soldiers go to fight and come 
                         to be brutalized and killed in their 
                         own communities as they sleep in 
                         their beds at night. Yes, we are 
                         against all these racists and imperial 
                         dog acts.

                         You are a fucking asshole!

               Wesley hits Jenny across the face. Slow motion -- Jenny falls 
               back. Slow motion -- Forrest steps forward with rage.

               Slow motion -- Wesley turns and looks at Forrest. Forrest 
               tackles Wesley and slams him onto a table. Jenny turns and 
               looks as Masai pulls out a gun.

                         Forrest! Quit it! Quit it! Forrest!
                         Stop it!

               Jenny rushes over to Forrest and pulls Forrest off Wesley.

                         Stop it!

               Jenny tries to help Wesley as he moans on the floor. Wesley 
               knocks Jenny's hand away. He gets up, holding his bloody 

                         Oh, God. I shouldn't have brought 
                         you here. I should have known it was 
                         just gonna be some bullshit hassle.

                         He should not be hitting you, Jenny.

                         Come on, Forrest.

               Jenny steps out the door as Forrest picks up his hat.

                         Sorry I had a fight in the middle of 
                         your Black Panther party.

               The group of Black Panthers glare at Forrest. Forrest turns 
               and walks out the room.

               EXT. WASHINGTON D.C. - NIGHT

               Forrest and Jenny walk past the White House. Protesters hold 
               a candlelight vigil behind them.

                         He doesn't mean it when he does things 
                         like this. He doesn't.

                         I would never hurt you, Jenny.

                         I know you wouldn't, Forrest.

                         I wanted to be your boyfriend.

               They walk in silence. Jenny touches Forrest's uniform.

                         That uniform is a trip, Forrest. You 
                         look handsome in it. You do.

                         You know what?


                         I'm glad we were here together in 
                         our national capitol.

                         Me too, Forrest. I have so much to 
                         tell you, you won't believe what's 
                         been going on...

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         We walked around all night, Jenny 
                         and me, just talkin'.

               EXT. ROUTE 66 - FLASHBACK - DAY

               Jenny stands in the rain, hitchhiking. A car pulls over to 
               pick her up. Jenny and other other girls get into the car.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         She told me about all the travellin' 
                         she's done.


               A hippie gives Jenny a sugar cube of acid as they sit in 
               front of a roaring fire.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And how she'd discovered ways to 
                         expand her mind and learn how to 
                         live in harmony...


               A star with the name "Jean Harlow" on the sidewalk. Jenny 
               and two other girls sing on the sidewalk and collect change 
               from the passersby. Jenny plays the guitar.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...which must be out west somewhere, 
                         'cause she made it all the way to 

                         "Smile on your brother, everybody 
                         get together, try to love on another 
                         right now"

               A young hippie looks over his faded Volkswagen at the girls.

                                     YOUNG HIPPIE
                         Hey, anybody want to go to San 

                         I'll go.

                                     YOUNG HIPPIE
                         Far out!

               EXT. WASHINGTON D.C. - DAWN

               Forrest and Jenny walk through the park.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I was a very special night for the 
                         two of us. I didn't want it to end.


               Jenny carries a backpack as she prepares to board a bus back 
               to Berkeley.

                         I wish you wouldn't go, Jenny.

                         I have to, Forrest.

                         Jenny? Things got a little out of 
                         hand. It's just this war and that, 
                         that lyin' son-of-a-bitch Johnson. I 
                         would never hurt you. You know that.

                         You know what I think? I think you 
                         should go home to Greenbow. Alabama!

                         Forrest, we have very different lives, 
                         you know.

               Forrest looks down at Jenny. He pulls his Medal of Honor 
               from around his neck.

                         I want you to have this.

               Forrest places the Medal of Honor in Jenny's hand. Jenny 
               looks up at him.

                         Forrest, I can't keep this.

                         I got it just by doing what you told 
                         me to do.

                         Why're you so good to me?

                         You're my girl.

                         I'll always be your girl.

               Jenny and Forrest hug each other. Wesley waits for Jenny.

               Jenny turns and walks up to Wesley. They walk toward the 
               entrance of the bus. Forrest smiles as Jenny looks at her.

               Jenny climbs up into the bus. Wesley glares at Forrest.

               Forrest gives Wesley the "evil eye." Jenny through the near 
               window of the bus, knocks on the window. Forrest turns and 
               looks. Jenny waves to Forrest. Forrest looks up and smiles 
               sadly. Jenny gives Forrest the peace sign as the bus pulls 
               away. The sign on the back of the bus reads "Berkeley to 
               D.C." Forrest gives Jenny the peace sign.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And just like that, she was gone out 
                         of my life again.


               A footage of Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon on 

                                     NEIL ARMSTRONG
                         That's one small step for man, one 
                         giant leap for mankind. The, uh, the 
                         surface is fine and powdery. I can, 
                         I can pick it up loosely.

               Forrest demonstrates a ping-pong to some wounded vets.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I thought I was going back to Vietnam, 
                         but instead, they decided the best 
                         way for me to fight communists was 
                         to play ping-pong. So I was in the 
                         Special Services, traveling around 
                         the country cheering up all them 
                         wounded veterans and showing them 
                         how to play...

               BUS STOP - PRESENT - DAY

               Forrest looks at a man.

                I was so good that 
                         some years later...


               Forrest plays ping-pong against a Chinese player. A large 
               mural of Mao Tse-tung hangs on the wall. A crowd of communist 
               leaders sit and watch.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...the Army decided I should be on 
                         the All-American Ping-Pong Team. We 
                         were the first Americans to visit 
                         the land of China in like a million 
                         years or something like that, and 
                         somebody said that world peace was 
                         in our hands. But all I did was play 
                         ping-pong. When I got home...

               BUS STOP - PRESENT - DAY

                         ...I was national celebrity. Famouser 
                         even than Captain Kangaroo.

               Color footage of the DICK CAVETT Show. Dick Cavett stands up 
               as he introduces Forrest.

                                     DICK CAVETT
                         Here he is, Forrest Gump, right here.

               Forrest makes his way onto the stage, shakes hands with Dick 

                                     DICK CAVETT
                         Mr. Gump, have a seat.

               Forrest sits down between JOHN LENNON and Dick Cavett.

                                     DICK CAVETT
                         Forrest Gump, John Lennon.

                                     JOHN LENNON
                         Welcome home.

                                     DICK CAVETT
                         You had quite a trip. Can you, uh, 
                         tell us, uh, what was China like?

               John Lennon lights a cigarette.

                         Well, in the land of China, people 
                         hardly got nothing at all.

                                     JOHN LENNON
                         No possessions?

                         And in China, they never go to church.

                                     JOHN LENNON
                         No religion, too?

                                     DICK CAVETT
                         Oh. Hard to imagine.

                                     JOHN LENNON
                         Well, it's easy if you try, Dick.

               Forrest looks oddly at John Lennon.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Some years later, that nice young 
                         man from England was on his way home 
                         to see his little boy and was signing 
                         some autographs. For no particular 
                         reason at all, somebody shot him.

               EXT. STUDIO - LATER

               A guard lets Forrest out a side entrance door. Forrest steps, 
               an then stops as he hears s man sitting in a wheelchair speak 
               to him.

                                     LT. DAN
                         They gave you the Congressional Medal 
                         of Honor.

                         Now that's Lieutenant Dan. Lieutenant 

               Forrest looks at Lt. Dan. He is a dirty with long hair.

                                     LT. DAN
                         They gave you the Congressional Medal 
                         of Honor!

                         Yes sir, they sure did.

                                     LT. DAN
                         They gave you an imbecile, a moron 
                         who goes on television and makes a 
                         fool out himself in front of the 
                         whole damn country, the Congressional 
                         Medal of Honor.

                         Yes, sir.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Well, then, that's just perfect!
                         Yeah, well I just got one thing to 
                         say to that. Goddamn bless America.

               Lt. Dan's wheelchair begins to slide down the ramp and spins 
               around on the icy ground. Forrest looks down at Lt. Dan 
               crashes at the bottom of the ramp.

                         Lieutenant Dan!


               Taxi cabs crowd the street as Forrest pushes Lt. Dan along 
               the sidewalk.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Lieutenant Dan said he was living in 
                         a hotel. And because he didn't have 
                         no legs, he spent most of his time 
                         exercising his arms.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Take a right, take a right.

               A taxi driver honks his horn as Forrest wheels Lt. Dan out 
               in front of the taxi.

                                     TAXI DRIVER #1
                         Hey! Come on already!

                                     LT. DAN

                         What are you doing here in New York, 
                         Lieutenant Dan?

                                     LT. DAN
                         I'm living off the government tit.
                         Sucking it dry.

               A taxi skids to a stop, almost hitting them as they cross 
               the street. The taxi honks at Lt. Dan. Lt. Dan slaps the 
               bumper of the taxi.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Hey! Hey! Hey! Are you blind? I'm 
                         walking here! Ah, get out...

                                     TAXI DRIVER #2
                         Why don't you go home before you 
                         kill yourself? Get out of the way!

                                     LT. DAN
                         Come on, go! Go! Go!

               EXT. LT. DAN'S HOTEL ROOM - LATER

               A Bob Hope Christmas special in Vietnam on television. Lt. 
               Dan and Forrest watch the television.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I stayed with Lieutenant Dan and 
                         celebrated the holidays.

                                     BOB HOPE
                         You have a great year and hurry home.
                         God bless you.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Have you found Jesus yet, Gump?

                         I didn't know I was supposed to be 
                         looking for him, sir.

               Lt. Dan chuckles, drinks the rest of a bottle of wine and 
               tosses it down. He looks at Forrest. He wheels himself over 
               to television and turns it off.

                                     LT. DAN
                         That's all these cripples, down at 
                         the V.A., that's all they ever talk 

               Lt. Dan picks up another bottle of port wine, but it is empty. 
               He tosses it onto the floor.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Jesus this and Jesus that. Have I 
                         found Jesus? They even had a priest 
                         come and talk to me. He said God is 
                         listening, but I have to help myself.
                         Now, if I accept Jesus into my heart, 
                         I'll get to walk beside him in the 
                         Kingdom of Heaven.

               Lt. Dan tosses the empty liquor bottle down and picks another 
               bottle. He becomes enraged as he throws the bottle and looks 
               at Forrest.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Did you hear what I said? Walk beside 
                         him in the Kingdom of Heaven. Well, 
                         kiss my crippled ass. God is 
                         listening. What a crock of shit.

                         I'm going to heaven, Lieutenant Dan.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Huh? Ah, well, before you go, why 
                         don't you get your ass down to the 
                         corner and get us another bottle of 

                         Yes, sir.

               INT. TIMES SQUARE BAR - NIGHT

               A television shows DICK CLARK as he emcees the Times Square 
               New York Eve celebration.

                                     DICK CLARK
                         We are at approximately 45th Street 
                         in New York City at One Astor Plaza.
                         This is the site of the old Astor 
                         Hotel. Down below us, well over a 
                         hundred thousand people are milling 
                         about, cheering with horns and 
                         whistles and hats...

                                     LT. DAN
                         What the hell's in Bayou La Batre?

                         Shrimpin' boats.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Shrimpin' boats? Who gives a shit 
                         about shrimpin' boats?

                         I gotta buy me one of them shrimpin' 
                         boats as soon as I have some money.
                         I made me a promise to Bubba in 
                         Vietnam, that as soon as the war was 
                         over, we'd go in partners. He'd be 
                         the captain of the shrimpin' boat 
                         and I'd be his first mate. But now 
                         that he's dead, that means that I 
                         gotta be the captain.

                                     LT. DAN
                         A shrimp boat captain.

                         Yes, sir. A promise is a promise, 
                         Lieutenant Dan.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Now hear this! Private Gump here is 
                         gonna be a shrimp boat captain. Well, 
                         I tell you what, Gilligan, the day 
                         that you are a shrimp boat captain, 
                         I will come and be your first mate.


                                     LT. DAN
                         If you're ever a shrimp boat captain, 
                         that's the day I'm an astronaut.

               Two sleazy women, named LENORE and CARLA, walk up to Lt. 

                         Danny, what are you complaining about?

                         What are you doing, huh?

                         Mr. Hot Wheels. Who's your friend?

                         My name is Forrest, Forrest Gump.

                                     LT. DAN
                         This is Cunning Carla, and Long-Limbs 

               Carla puts a "Happy New Year" crown on Lt. Dan's head. Lenore 
               fixes her makeup.

                         So where you been, baby-cakes, huh? 
                         Haven't seen you around lately. You 
                         know, you should have been here for 
                         Christmas 'cause Tommy bought a round 
                         on the house and gave everybody a 
                         turkey sandwich.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Well, well, I had, uh, company.

                         Hey, hey! We was, we was just there.
                         That's at Times Square.

               Lenore leans and speaks into Forrest's ear.

                         Don't you just love New Year's? You 
                         get to start all over.

                         Hey, Lenore.

                         Everybody gets a second chance.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         It's funny, but in the middle of all 
                         that fun, I began to think about 

                                     DICK CLARK
                              (on television)
                         ...getting wild out there. It's 
                         beginning to...

               INT. APARTMENT/L.A. - NIGHT

               The New Year's Eve celebration over the T.V.

                                     DICK CLARK
                              (over television)
                         ...pour here in Times Square. It's 
                         been off-and-on all night, but these 
                         people hang in there.

               Jenny fills her bag with her belongings.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Wondering how she was spending her 
                         New Year's night out in California.

               A man lies passed out on the bed. Jenny looks at her black 
               eye in a mirror, then leaves the apartment. The TV shows the 
               ball in Times Square.

                              (over television)

               INT. TIMES SQUARE BAR - NIGHT

               The ball is lowered, lighting up a sign that reads "1972."

                              (over television)
                         ...1! Happy New Year!

               The people in the bar cheer and kiss each other. They blow 
               horns and toss confetti into the air. Forrest looks around 
               as Carla and Lenore lean over and kiss him.

                         "Should auld acquaintance be forgot 
                         and never brought to mind...

                         Happy New Year, Lieutenant Dan!

                         Should auld acquaintance be forgot 
                         and days of auld lang syne."

               INT. LT. DAN'S HOTEL ROOM - LATER

               Carla removes her top and sits on top of Dan in his 
               wheelchair. They kiss and play around. Forrest sits in a 
               chair. Lenore leaps on him and begins to kiss Forrest. She 
               reaches down to Forrest's crotch. Forrest stands up nervously, 
               causing Lenore to fall down on the floor. Lenore stands up, 

                         What are you, stupid or something?
                         What's your problem? What's his 
                         problem? Did you lose your pecker in 
                         the war or something?

                         What, is your friend stupid or 

                                     LT. DAN
                         What did you say?

                         I said, is your friend stupid or 

                                     LT. DAN
                         Hey! Don't call him stupid!

               Lt. Dan throws Carla back onto the bed.

                         Don't push me like that!

                         Hey, don't you push her!

                                     LT. DAN
                         You shut up! Don't you ever call him 

                         What's the matter, baby? Why you 
                         treating me like shit?

                                     LT. DAN
                         Get the hell out of here!

                         You stupid gimp. You belong in 
                         "Ripley's Believe It Or Not."

                                     LT. DAN
                         Get the hell out of here! Go on!

                         You should be in a side show!

                                     LT. DAN
                         Go on! Get out of here! Get out of 

                         You big loser!

                         Come on, Lenore. We don't need this 

                         You're so pathetic.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Get out of here!

               Lt. Dan falls out of his wheelchair and lands down on the 
               floor. Carla and Lenore laugh as they leave the apartment.

                         You retard!

                         You loser! You freak!

               Forrest tries to help Lt. Dan. Lt. Dan pushes Forrest away.

                                     LT. DAN

               Forrest steps back as Lt. Dan flips back over, then pulls 
               himself back up onto his wheelchair. He breathes heavily.

                         I'm sorry I ruined your New Year's 
                         Eve party, Lieutenant Dan. She tastes 
                         like cigarettes.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I guess Lieutenant Dan figured there's 
                         some things you just can't change. 
                         He didn't want to be called crippled, 
                         just like I didn't want to be called 

                                     LT. DAN
                         Happy New Year.

               EXT. WHITE HOUSE - NIGHT

               An ANCHORMAN reports in front of the White House.

                         The U.S. Ping-Pong Team met with 
                         President Nixon today at an Oval 
                         Office ceremony...

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And wouldn't you know it...

               PRESENT - BUS STOP

               Forrest looks at the fat man on the bus bench.

                         ...a few months later they invited 
                         me and the ping-pong team to visit 
                         the White House. So I went again.
                         And I met the President of the United 
                         States again.

               INT. WHITE HOUSE - DAY

               A plaque, presented to Forrest, reads "Presented to Forrest 
               Gump, member of the United States table tennis team as player 
               of the year for 1971. President NIXON holds the plaque.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Only this time they didn't get us 
                         rooms in a real fancy hotel.

                                     PRESIDENT NIXON
                         So are you enjoying yourself in our 
                         national capital, young man?

                         Yes, sir.

                                     PRESIDENT NIXON
                         Well, where are you staying?

                         It's called the Hotel Ebbott.

                                     PRESIDENT NIXON
                         Oh, no, no, no, no. I know of a much 
                         nicer hotel. It's brand-new. Very 
                         modern. I'll have my people take 
                         care of it for you.


               Forrest speaks on the phone.

                                     SECURITY GUARD
                         Security, Frank Wills.

               Forrest steps over to a window. Flashlights are moving around 
               in an office across from Forrest's room.

                         Yeah, sir, you might want to send a 
                         maintenance man over to that office 
                         across the way. The lights are off, 
                         and they must be looking for the 
                         fuse box or something, 'cause them 
                         flashlights they're, they're keeping 
                         me awake.

                                     SECURITY GUARD
                         Okay, sir. I'll check it out.

                         Thank you.

                                     SECURITY GUARD
                         No problem.

                         Good night.

                                     SECURITY GUARD
                         Good night.

               Forrest hangs up the phone. The camera tilts down, revealing 
               the hotel stationary, which reads "The Watergate Hotel."

               INT. GYMNASIUM - DAY

               President Nixon makes a resignation speech on TV.

                                     PRESIDENT NIXON
                              (over television)
                         Therefore, I shall resign the 
                         Presidency effective at noon tomorrow.

               The television cuts to a shot of President Nixon standing 
               outside Air Force One with his hands in the peace sign.

                                     PRESIDENT NIXON
                              (over television)
                         Vice President Ford will be sworn in 
                         as President at that hour in this 
                         office. As I recall the high hopes 
                         for America with which we began this 
                         second term, I feel a great sadness 
                         that I will not be here in this 

               Forrest is playing ping-pong by himself at the gymnasium. An 
               officer steps up to him.

                         Sergeant Gump!

                         Yes, sir!

                         As you were. I have your discharge 
                         papers. Your service is up, son.

               The officer hands Forrest an envelope, then walks away.

                         Does this mean I can't play ping 
                         pong no more?

                         For the Army it does.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And just like that, my service in 
                         the United States Army was over. So 
                         I went home.

               Forrest takes his paddle and runs out of the gymnasium.

               EXT. GUMP HOUSE - DAY

               Mrs. Gump walks out of the house and smiles. Forrest walks 
               up to the house, wearing his uniform.

                         I'm home, Momma.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         I know, I know.

               INT. GUMP HOUSE

               Mrs. Gump and Forrest walk into the house.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Louise, he's here. He's here, 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now, when I got home, I had no idea 
                         that Momma had had all sorts of 

               In the house are stacks of ping-pong paddles and life-sized 
               cardboard cutouts of Forrest playing ping-pong. The name on 
               the ping-pong paddles boxes reads: "Gump-Mao table tennis."

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         We've had all sorts of visitors, 
                         Forrest. Everybody wants you to use 
                         their ping-pong stuff. One man even 
                         left a check for twenty-five thousand 
                         dollars if you'd be agreeable to 
                         saying you like using their paddle.

                         Oh, Momma. I only like using my own 
                         paddle. Hi, Miss Louise.

                         Hey, Forrest.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         I know that. I know that. But it's 
                         twenty-five thousand dollars, Forrest.
                         I thought maybe you could hold it 
                         for a while, see if it grows on you. 
                         Oh, you look good, Forrest. You look 
                         real good.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         That Momma, she sure was right. It's 
                         funny how things work out.


               Forrest walks up to a shack on the edge of the Bayou. A group 
               of black kids play in the front yard.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I didn't stay home for long, because 
                         I'd made a promise to Bubba. And I 
                         always try to keep my promise. So I 
                         went on down to Bayou La Batre to 
                         meet Bubba's family and make their 

               Bubba's mother named MRS. BLUE and her other children look 
               at Forrest.

                                     MRS. BLUE
                         Are you crazy, or just plain stupid?

                         Stupid is as stupid does, Mrs. Blue.

                                     MRS. BLUE
                         I guess.

               EXT. BUBBA'S GRAVE - DAY

               Forrest steps over to Bubba's tombstone.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And of course, I paid my respect to 
                         Bubba himself.

                         Hey, Bubba, it's me, Forrest Gump. I 
                         remember everything you said, and I 
                         got it all figured out.

               Forrest pulls out notes from his pocket.

                         I'm taking the twenty-four thousand, 
                         five hundred and six-two dollars and 
                         forty-seven cents that I got...

               EXT. BAYOU - DAY

               Forrest walks across a yard where men are cleaning shrimp.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...well, that's left after a new 
                         hair cut and a new suit and I took 
                         Momma out to real fancy dinner and I 
                         bought a bus ticket and three Doctor 

               Forrest walks along a wooden pier. Forrest pays an old black 
               shrimper a large wad of cash.

                                     OLD SHRIMPER
                         Tell me something. Are you stupid or 

                         Stupid is as stupid does, sir.

               EXT. BUBBA'S GRAVE

               Forrest stands at the grave.

                         Well, that's what's left after me 
                         saying, "When I was in China on the 
                         All-America Ping-Pong Team, I just
                         loved playing ping-pong with my Flex-
                         O-Ping-Pong Paddle." Which everybody 
                         knows it isn't true, but Momma says 
                         it's just a little white lie so it 
                         wouldn't hurt nobody. So, anyway, 
                         I'm putting all that on gas, ropes 
                         and new nets and a brand-new shrimpin' 

               EXT. BAYOU - DAY

               Forrest steers his shrimping boat. The boat is old and rusty.

               Forrest unleashes his nets as his catch of the day drops to 
               the deck. It is a bunch of garbage and shells. Forrest picks 
               up one shrimp.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now, Bubba had told me everything he 
                         knows about shrimpin', but you know 
                         what I found out? Shrimpin' is tough.

               EXT. DOCKS

               Forrest pulls a couple of shrimp out of a bucket.

                         I only caught five.

                                     OLD SHRIMPER
                         A couple of more, you can have 
                         yourself a cocktail.

               The old shrimper begins to walk away, then stops and looks 
               at Forrest.

                                     OLD SHRIMPER
                         Hey, you ever think about namin' 
                         this old boat?

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I'd never named a boat before, but 
                         there was only one I could think of.

               Forrest paints a name on the side of his boat. The name is 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         The most beautiful name in the wide 

               INT. DISCO

               Disco lights flash and people dance. A guy asks a girl to 


               Jenny sits at a table with some other people. She is snorting 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now, I hadn't heard from Jenny in a 
                         long while. But...

               EXT. BAYOU LA BATRE - DAY

               Forrest stands at the helm as the boat glides across the 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         But I thought about her a lot. And I 
                         hoped that whatever she was doing 
                         made her happy.

               INT. APARTMENT - NIGHT

               Drug paraphernalia and a large wad of cash are spread out on 
               a table. A man drops a syringe on the table. He reaches over 
               and touches Jenny. She is pale with dark lines under her 

               INT. BATHROOM

               Jenny smears some lines of cocaine on a mirror. She looks at 
               herself in the mirror.

               EXT. BALCONY

               Jenny steps out onto the high-rise balcony. She steps up on 
               a table and stands on the edge of the balcony. A busy street 
               lies many stories below. Jenny looks down to the intersection 

               She slips over the edge, regains her balance, turns and looks 
               back at the intersection below, and begins to get down from 
               the edge.

               Jenny grabs a hold of the ledge and carefully climbs down.

               She sits down on a chair. Jenny rocks back and forth as she 
               cries. She looks up at the sky.


               The moon shines above in the sky. Forrest lies in a hammock 
               on his boat.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I thought about Jenny all the time.


               Forrest stands at the helm of his boat and slowly glides by 
               the docks. Forrest looks around and notices something and 
               bends down to get a clear view. Lt. Dan sits in his wheelchair 
               on the deck. Forrest looks at Lt. Dan. He smiles, surprised.


               Forrest leaps off of his moving boat and into the water. The 
               boat continues as Forrest clumsily swims. Lt. Dan sits in 
               his wheelchair at the edge of the dock. Forrest flails his 
               arms as he swims up to the dock. Lt. Dan waits for Forrest, 
               smoking a cigar. Forrest climbs up a ladder onto the dock.

                         Lieutenant Dan, what are you doing 

                                     LT. DAN
                         Well, I thought I'd try out my sea 

                         Well, you ain't got no legs, 
                         Lieutenant Dan.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Well, well, Captain Forrest Gump. I 
                         had to see this for myself. And I 
                         told you if you were ever a shrimp 
                         boat captain, that I'd be your first 
                         mate. Well, here I am. I am a man of 
                         my word.


               Forrest shakes Lt. Dan's hand.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Yeah, but don't you be thinking that 
                         I'm gonna be calling you sir.

                         No, sir.

               Forrest's boat glides, crushing a dock. Forrest and Lt. Dan 
               look at it.

                         That's my boat.


               Forrest's shrimping boat is alone on the gulf waters.

                                     LT. DAN
                         I have a feeling if we head the east, 
                         we'll find some shrimp. So, take a 
                         left. Take a left.

               Forrest looks up. Lt. Dan is sitting in the rigging.

                         Which way?

                                     LT. DAN
                         Over there! They're over there! Get, 
                         get on the wheel and take a left!


                                     LT. DAN
                         Gump, what are you doing? Take a 
                         left! Left! That's where we're gonna 
                         find those shrimp, my boy! That's 
                         where we'll find 'em.

               Forrest empties the net. Their "catch" is debris that falls 
               to the deck.

                         Still no shrimp, Lieutenant Dan.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Okay, so I was wrong.

                         Well, how we gonna find them?

                                     LT. DAN
                         Well, maybe you should just pray for 

               INT. SMALL CHURCH - DAY

               The all-black gospel choir sings and claps their hands.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         So I went to church every Sunday...

               Lt. Dan is sitting in his chair at the back of the church. 
               He takes swigs from a liquor bottle.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Sometimes Lieutenant Dan came, too.
                         Though I think he left the praying 
                         up to me.

               EXT. BOAT - ANOTHER DAY

               A catch of junk is dumped onto the deck. Lt. Dan lowers 
               himself from the rigging.

                         No shrimp.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Where the hell's this God of yours?

               The wind begins to blow strong.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         It's funny Lieutenant Dan said that, 
                         'cause right then, God showed up.

               EXT. BOAT - NIGHT

               Water sprays on deck during a hurricane. Lt. Dan on the 
               rigging, shouts and shakes his fist as he is pelted by wind 
               and rain.

                                     LT. DAN
                         You'll never sink this boat!

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now me, I was scared. But Lieutenant 
                         Dan, he was mad.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Come on! You call this a storm?

               Forrest slides back and forth as he attempts to steer the 

                                     LT. DAN
                         Blow, you son-of-a-bitch! Blow! It's 
                         time for a showdown! You and me. I'm 
                         right here. Come and get me! You'll 
                         never sink this boat!

               INT. GUMP HOUSE - DAY

               An ANCHORMAN over TV, is standing in front of a pier.

                              (over television)
                         Hurricane Carmen came through here 

               EXT. BAYOU DOCKS - DAY

               The anchorman is standing in front of the ruined pier and 

                         ...destroying nearly everything in 
                         its path. And as in other towns up 
                         and down the coast, Bayou La Batre's 
                         entire shrimping industry...

               INT. GUMP HOUSE

                         ...has fallen victim to Carmen and 
                         has been left in utter ruin. Speaking 
                         with local officials, this reporter 
                         has learned, in fact, only one 
                         shrimping boat actually survived the 

               Forrest's boat comes down the river.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Louise. Louise, there's Forrest!

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         After that, shrimpin' was easy.

               FORREST'S BOAT - DAY

               Lt. Dan and Forrest empty their net. A huge catch of shrimp 
               falls onto the deck. Lt. Dan opens another big catch.

               Another catch drops open on top of yet another huge catch.

               Forrest and Lt. Dan smile.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And since people still needed them 
                         shrimps for shrimp cocktails and 
                         barbecues and all...

               EXT. BUS STOP - PRESENT

               The man sitting on the bench listens to Forrest. An ELDERLY 
               WOMAN sits next to the man.

                         ...and we were the only boat left 
                         standing "Bubba-Gump" shrimp's what 
                         they got. We got a whole bunch of 
                         boats. Twelve Jenny's, a big ol' 
                         warehouse, we even have hats that
                         says "Bubba-Gump" on 'em. "Bubba-
                         Gump Shrimp." It's a household name.

                         Hold on there, boy. Are you telling
                         me you're the owner of the Bubba-
                         Gump Shrimp Corporation?

                         Yes, sir. We've got more money than 
                         Davy Crocket.

                         Boy, I've heard some whoppers in my 
                         time, but that tops them all. We was 
                         sitting next to a millionaire!

               The man laughs as he walks away.

                                     ELDERLY WOMAN
                         Well, I thought it was a very lovely 
                         story. And you tell it so well. With 
                         such enthusiasm.

                         Would you like to see what Lieutenant 
                         Dan looks like?

                                     ELDERLY WOMAN
                         Well, yes, I would!

               Forrest shows her the cover of a "Fortune" magazine with 
               Forrest and Lt. Dan on the cover.

                         That's him right there.

               The elderly woman looks at the magazine and at Forrest with 

                         And let me tell you something about 
                         Lieutenant Dan.

               EXT. BOAT/DECK - DAY

               Forrest and Lt. Dan are working on the boat.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Forrest, I never thanked you for 
                         saving my life.

               Forrest looks a little surprised. Lt. Dan smiles, then looks 
               away. Lt. Dan pulls himself out of his chair to the railing 
               and jumps into the water.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         He never actually said so, but I 
                         think he made his peace with God.

               EXT. BOAT

               Forrest and Lt. Dan have dinner on the deck. The television 
               shows an assassination attempt on President Gerald Ford.

                              (over television)
                         For the second time in seventeen 
                         days, President Ford escaped possible 
                         assassination today when a woman, 
                         Sarah Jane Moore, fired on him as he 
                         stepped out of a hotel in San 

                              (over radio)
                         Base to Jenny One. Base to Jenny 

                                     LT. DAN
                         Jenny One, go Margo.

                              (over radio)
                         Forrest has a phone call.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Yeah, well you'll have to tell them 
                         to call him back. He is indisposed 
                         at the moment.

                              (over radio)
                         His momma's sick.

                              (over television)
                         Lynett Alice Fromme, a follower of 
                         Charles Manson better known as 
                         "Squeaky," attempted to assassinate 
                         the President as he was...

               Forrest dives into the water as he reacts.

               EXT. ROAD/GUMP HOUSE - DAY

               Forrest carries a suitcase as he runs down the road. Forrest 
               runs past the row of mailboxes and turns into the drive.

               Louise and others are on the front porch.

                         Where's Momma?

                         She's upstairs.


               Forrest opens the door, the doctor stands next to Mrs. Gump 
               in bed.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Hi, Forrest.

                         I'll see you tomorrow.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Oh, all right.

               The doctor looks down at Forrest's legs.

                         We sure got you straightened out, 
                         didn't we, boy?

               The doctor leaves and closes the door. Forrest takes off his 
               hat and steps over to her.

                         What's the matter, Momma?

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         I'm dyin', Forrest. Come on in, sit 
                         down over here.

                         Why are you dyin', Momma?

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         It's my time. It's just my time. Oh, 
                         now, don't you be afraid, sweetheart.
                         Death is just a part of life. It's 
                         something we're all destined to do. 
                         I didn't know it, but I was destined 
                         to be your momma. I did the best I 

                         You did good, Momma.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         Well, I happened to believe you make 
                         your own destiny. You have to do the 
                         best with what God gave you.

                         What's my destiny, Momma?

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         You're gonna have to figure that out 
                         for yourself. Life is a box of 
                         chocolates, Forrest. You never know 
                         what you're gonna get.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Momma always had a way of explaining 
                         things so I could understand them.

                                     MRS. GUMP
                         I will miss you, Forrest.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         She had got the cancer and died on a 
                         Tuesday. I bought her a new hat with 
                         little flowers on it.

               EXT. BUS STOP - PRESENT

               The elderly woman and Forrest sit. The woman is crying and 
               wipes her eyes with a hankie.

                         And that's all I have to say about 

               A bus stops. Forrest looks at the elderly woman.

                         Didn't you say you were waiting for 
                         the Number Seven bus?

                                     ELDERLY WOMAN
                         There'll be another one along shortly.

                         Now, because I had been a football 
                         star, and a war hero, and a national 
                         celebrity, and a shrimpin' boat 
                         captain, and a college graduate, the 
                         city of fathers of Greenbow, Alabama, 
                         decided to get together and offered 
                         me a fine job.

               EXT. FOOTBALL FIELD - DAY

               Forrest rides a lawn tractor as he moves the football field 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         So, I never went back to work for 
                         Lieutenant Dan.


               Forrest takes out a letter and opens it.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Though he did take care of my Bubba-
                         Gump money. He got me invested in 
                         some kind of fruit company. And so 
                         then I got a call from him saying we 
                         don't have to worry about money no 

               EXT. BUS STOP

                         And I said, "That's good. One less 

               INT. CHURCH - DAY The choir and members are singing.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Now, Momma said there's only so much 
                         fortune a man really needs...

               EXT. CHURCH

               The sign reads: "Four Square Baptist Church." A new cross is 
               placed on the steeple. New furniture is taken inside.

                         Praise the Lord.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...and the rest is just for showing 
                         off. So, I gave a whole bunch of it 
                         to the Four Square Gospel Church.

               EXT. HOSPITAL - DAY

               The sign reads: "Gump Medical Center Bayou La Batre, Alabama."

               The ribbon-cutting ceremony.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And I gave a whole bunch to the Bayou 
                         La Batre Fishing Hospital.

               EXT. BUBBA'S MOM'S HOUSE

               A postman delivers a letter to Bubba's mom. She opens the 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And even though Bubba was dead, and 
                         Lieutenant Dan said I was nuts. I 
                         gave Bubba's mommy Bubba's share.

               She is surrounded by her many children. She looks at the 
               check and faints.

               EXT. BUS STOP

                         And you know what...

               INT. FLORIDA CONDO

               A door opens as a white woman serves Bubba's mom some shrimp.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         She didn't have to work in nobody's 
                         kitchen no more.

                                     MRS. BLUE
                         Smells wonderful!

               EXT. FOOTBALL FIELD

               Forrest rides the mower.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And 'cause I was godzillionaire and 
                         I liked doing it so much. I cut that 
                         grass for free.


               Forrest looks down the road as he steps onto the porch.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         But at nighttime, when there was 
                         nothing to do and the house was all 
                         empty, I'd always think of Jenny.

               Jenny's image walks, then vanishes. Forrest looks away. He 
               turns and walks into the house.

               EXT. GUMP HOUSE - DAY

               Jenny walks across the lawn to Forrest.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And then, she was there.

                         Hello, Forrest.

                         Hello, Jenny.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Jenny came back and stayed with me.

               INT. GUMP HOUSE

               Jenny lies asleep in bed.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Maybe it was because she had nowhere 
                         else to go. Or maybe it was because 
                         she was so tired, because she went 
                         to bed and slept and slept like she 
                         hadn't slept in years. It was 
                         wonderful having her home.

               EXT. COUNTRYSIDE - DAY

               Forrest and Jenny walking.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Every day we'd take a walk, and I'd 
                         jabber on like a monkey in a tree.
                         And she'd listen about ping-pong and 
                         shrimpin' boats and Momma makin' a 
                         trip to heaven. I did all the talkin'. 
                         Jenny most of the time was real quiet.

                         ...big ol' gobs of rain and little 
                         bitty stinging rain and rain...

               Jenny's old house stands at the end of the dirt road. It 
               appears to be deserted. Jenny walks toward the house and 
               stops. She stares at the house. Forrest walks toward Jenny.

               Jenny suddenly heaves a rock angrily at the house. She throws 
               other things at the house.

                         How could you do this?

               She breaks a window. Jenny collapses to the ground and sobs.

               Forrest knees down next to her.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Sometimes I guess there just aren't 
                         enough rocks.

               EXT. OLD OAK TREE - DAY

               Jenny and Forrest sit on a limb together.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I never really knew why she came 
                         back, but I didn't care. It was like 
                         olden times. We was like peas and 
                         carrots again.

               INT. GUMP HOUSE - DAY

               Jenny sits by the vase of flowers and look out the window.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Every day I'd pick pretty flowers 
                         and put them in her room for her.

               EXT. GUMP HOUSE - DAY

               Forrest closes his eyes as he sits on the porch. Jenny places 
               a box of Nike running shoes in his lap.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And she gave me the best gift anyone 
                         could ever get in the wide world.

                         Okay, you can open your eyes.

                         New shoes.

                         They make them just for running.

               EXT. GUMP HOUSE - NIGHT

               Through the windows, Forrest and Jenny are dancing as it 
               rains outside.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And she even showed me how to dance.
                         And, well, we was like family... 
                         Jenny and me.

               EXT. RIVER - NIGHT

               Jenny and Forrest sit on a log together and look at the river.

               Jenny places her arms around Forrest.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And it was the happiest time of my 

               The fireworks explode in the sky.

               INT. GUMP'S HOUSE - NIGHT

               The Statue of Liberty is shown on the TV. Fireworks go off.

               Forrest and Jenny are watching the 4th of July celebration 
               on TV.

                              (over television)
                         And this Fourth is witnessing one of 
                         the largest fireworks displays in 
                         the nation's two-hundred year 

                         You done watching it?


                              (over television)
                in New York Harbor. After 
                         the spectacular display of tall ships 
                         earlier, the Statue of Liberty...

               Jenny stands up and kisses Forrest on the cheek.

                         I'm going to bed.

               Jenny turns off the TV and walks outside. Forrest stands as 
               he puts down his Dr. Pepper. Jenny walks toward the stairs.

                         Will you marry me? I'd make a good 
                         husband, Jenny.

                         You would, Forrest.

                         But you won't marry me.

                         You don't want to marry me.

                         Why don't you love me, Jenny? I'm 
                         not a smart man, but I know what 
                         love is.

               Forrest turns and walks toward the door. Jenny turns and 
               walks up the stairs. Forrest stands outside.

               EXT. GUMP HOUSE - NIGHT

               The house stands in the rain.

               EXT. GUMP HOUSE - NIGHT

               Forrest lies in his bed as the door opens. Jenny gets into 
               bed next to Forrest.


                         Forrest, I do love you.

               Jenny and Forrest kiss. Jenny takes off her nightgown as 
               they make love.

               EXT. GUMP HOUSE - MORNING

               Jenny carries her purse and walks toward a waiting cab.

                                     CAB DRIVER
                         Where are you running off to?

                         I'm not running.

               INT. GUMP HOUSE

               The cab drives away as Forrest is asleep in his bed. The 
               Congressional Medal lies on a table by a ping-pong paddle.

               Forrest holds a glass of milk and wears his bathrobe. He 
               looks at the medal he had give to Jenny. Jenny's bed is made. 
               Forrest stands in the doorway looking at the room and bed 
               where Jenny had been.

               EXT. FRONT PORCH - DAY

               Forrest sit on a rocking chair with his running shoes on. He 
               is still, as if in a trance. He slowly puts on his Bubba-
               Gump cap. Forrest stands. He walks off the porch. He begins 
               to jog across the lawn. His speed increases as he runs farther 
               away. Forrest runs down the drive away from his house.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         That day, for no particular reason, 
                         I decided to go for a little run.

               Forrest runs to the end of the drive, then turns right and 
               runs down the highway.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         So I ran to the end of the road, and 
                         when I got there, I thought maybe 
                         I'd run to the end of town.

               INT. BARBER SHOP - DAY

               The three men sit as they watch the television. Forrest runs 
               through the main street of town.

                         President Carter, suffering from 
                         heat exhaustion fell into the arms 
                         of security agents.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And when I got there...

               EXT. ALABAMA ROAD

               The sign reads "Entering Greenbow County."

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...I thought maybe I'd just run across 
                         Greenbow County. And I figured since 
                         I run this far, maybe I'd just run 
                         across the great...

               Forrest runs by a sign that reads "Mississippi welcomes you. 
               The Magnolia State."

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...state of Alabama. And that's what 
                         I did I ran clear across Alabama.

               EXT. BUS STOP - PRESENT

                         For no particular reason, I just 
                         kept on going. I ran clear to the 

               EXT. SANTA MONICA - DAY

               The sign reads "Santa Monica yacht harbor sports fishing - 
               boating - cafes." Forrest runs under the sign and onto the 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And when I got there, I figured since 
                         I'd gone this far, I might as well 
                         turn around, just keep on going.

               EXT. ATLANTIC OCEAN

               Forrest runs to a pier at the Atlantic Ocean.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         When I got to another ocean, I figured 
                         since I've gone this far, I might as 
                         well just turn back, keep right on 

               Forrest runs across the pier. A lighthouse stands at the end 
               of the pier.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         When I got tired, I slept. When I 
                         got hungry, I ate.

               EXT. BUS STOP - PRESENT

                         When I had to go, you know, I went.

                                     ELDERLY WOMAN
                         And so, you just ran?


               EXT. HIGHWAY

               Forrest is running along the highway. Forrest runs down a 
               road between field of wheat. A Mountain river. Forrest runs 
               across a cobble-stone bridge. The Rocky Mountains are behind 
               him in distance. Forrest runs through some meadowland.

               Split rail fences line the road.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I'd think a lot about Momma and Bubba, 
                         and Lieutenant Dan, but most of all, 
                         I thought about Jenny. I thought 
                         about her a lot.

               EXT. BARBER SHOP

               The three men in the barber shop watch the news on television.

                         For more than two years now, a man 
                         named Forrest Gump, a gardener from 
                         Greenbow, Alabama, stopping only to 
                         sleep, has been running across 

               INT. COFFEE SHOP

               Jenny fills customer's coffee cups.

                         Charles Cooper brings us this report.

                         For the fourth time on his journey 
                         across America, Forrest Gump, a 
                         gardener from Greenbow, Alabama, is 
                         about to cross the Mississippi River 
                         again today.

               The TV shows Forrest runs across a bridge that reads 
               "Mississippi River."

                         I'll be damned. Forrest...


                         Sir, why are you running?

                                     1ST REPORTER
                         Why are you running?

                                     2ND REPORTER
                         Are you doing this for world peace?

                                     3RD REPORTER
                         Are you doing this for women's right?

                         Or for the environment?

                         Or for animals?

                                     3RD REPORTER
                         Or for nuclear arms?

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         They just couldn't believe that 
                         somebody would do all that running 
                         for no particular reason.

                                     2ND REPORTER
                         Why are you doing this?

                         I just felt like running.

               EXT. BUS STOP - PRESENT

                         I just left like running.

               EXT. SMALL EASTERN TOWN

               Forrest runs as a YOUNG MAN runs up to him.

                                     YOUNG MAN
                         It's you. I can't believe it's really 

               EXT. BUS STOP - PRESENT

                         Now, for some reason what I was doing 
                         seemed to make sense to people.

               EXT. SMALL EASTERN TOWN

               The young man jobs behind Forrest.

                                     YOUNG MAN
                         I mean, it was like an alarm went 
                         off in my head, you know. I said, 
                         here's a guy that's got his act 
                         together. Here's somebody who's got 
                         it, all figured out. Here's somebody 
                         who has the answer. I'll follow you 
                         anywhere, Mr. Gump.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         So, I got company.

               Forrest runs up a slope on a high mountain road. A group of 
               people are jogging behind him.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And after that I got more company.
                         And then...

               A large group jogs behind Forrest across the desert road.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...even more people joined in.
                         Somebody later told me...

               EXT. BUS STOP - PRESENT

                gave people hope. Now... Now, 
                         I don't know anything about that, 

               Forrest and his followers job through a small town. A man 
               runs up and talks to Forrest.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Some of those people asked me if I 
                         could help them out.

                                     AGING HIPPIE
                         Hey, man, hey, listen. I was wondering 
                         if you might help me, huh? Listen, 
                         I'm in the bumper sticker business 
                         and I've been trying to think up a 
                         good slogan. And since you have been 
                         such a big inspiration to the people 
                         around here, I thought you might be 
                         able to help me jump into... Whoa!
                         Man, you just ran through a big pile 
                         of dogshit!

               The hippie jumps over the "dogshit" as he runs along Forrest.

                         It happens.

                                     AGING HIPPIE
                         What, shit?


               The hippie stops to ponder this profound thought.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And some years later I heard that 
                         fella did come up with a bumper 
                         sticker slogan...

               A bumper sticker reads "Shit Happens."

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         ...and he make a lot of money off of 

               The truck with the bumper sticker drives into an intersection.

               It collides with a car.

               EXT. TRUCK STOP

               Forrest runs, followed by his group, as a man runs up to 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Another time I was running along, 
                         somebody who had lost all his money 
                         in the T-shirt business, and he wanted 
                         to put my face on a T-shirt, but he 
                         couldn't draw that well and he didn't 
                         have a camera.

                                     WILD-EYED MAN
                         I think it would be really fortunate 
                         for me if I could get your name on 
                         these, oh, your face and name on 
                         these T-shirts. It would be wonderful.

               A truck splashes mud onto Forrest as it goes by. The man 
               hands Forrest a yellow T-shirt to use as a rag to wipe the 
               mud off.

                                     WILD-EYED MAN
                         Here, use this one. Nobody likes 
                         that color anyway.

               Forrest wipes his face on the towel and hands it back to the 

                         Have a nice day.

               The man looks at the T-shirt. He holds it up displaying the 
               "Happy Face."

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And some years later I found out 
                         that that man did come up with a 
                         idea for a T-shirt and he made a lot 
                         of money off of it.

               EXT. MONUMENT VALLEY

               Forrest runs with a group that follows behind him.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Anyway, like I was saying, I had a 
                         lot of company. My Momma always said 
                         you got to put the past behind you 
                         before you can move on. And I think 
                         that's what my running was all about.
                         I had run for three years, two months, 
                         fourteen days, and sixteen hours.

               Forrest stops running. The group stops behind him. Forrest 
               stands and looks as the group waits expectantly. Forrest 
               turns and look.

                                     YOUNG MAN
                         Quiet. Quiet, he's gonna say 

                         I'm pretty tired. I think I'll go 
                         home now.

               Forrest walks toward the group. The group parts for Forrest 
               as he walks down the middle of the road.

                                     YOUNG MAN
                         Now what are we supposed to do?

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         And just like that, my running days 
                         was over. So, I went home to Alabama.

               A television shows President Reagan and his staff as they 
               react to gunshots in front of a limo.

                              (over television)
                         Moments ago, at two twenty-five p.m., 
                         as President Reagan was leaving the 
                         Washington Hilton Hotel...

               INT. GUMP HOUSE - DAY

               Forrest sits eating a sandwich, watching the news of the 
               assassination attempt.

                         ...five or six gunshots were fired 
                         by an unknown would-be assassin. The 
                         President was shot in the chest and 
                         the assailant was immediately tackled 
                         by a half a dozen lawmen. As the 

                         I picked up the mail.

                         Oh, thank you, Miss, Miss Louise.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         One day, out of the blue clear sky, 
                         I got a letter from Jenny...

               EXT. BUS STOP - PRESENT

               Forrest takes the letter out of his pocket.

                         ...wondering if I could come down to 
                         Savannah to see her, and that's what 
                         I'm doing here. She saw me on TV, 
                         running, I'm supposed to go on the 
                         Number Nine bus to Richmond Street 
                         and get off and go one block left to 
                         1-9-4-7 Henry Street, Apartment 4.

               The elderly woman looks at the letter.

                                     ELDERLY WOMAN
                         Why, you don't need to take a bus.
                         Henry Street is just five or six 
                         blocks down that way.

                         Down that way?

                                     ELDERLY WOMAN
                         Down that way.

               Forrest hastily grabs his suitcase and letter as he stands.

                         It was nice talking' to you.

               Forrest runs, the elderly woman shouts from the bus stop 
               bench. A truck honks its horn as Forrest runs across the 
               street past the truck.

                                     ELDERLY WOMAN
                         I hope everything works out for you.

               INT. JENNY'S APARTMENT - DAY

               Jenny opens the door.

                         Hey! Forrest! How you doing?


                         Come in. Come in.

                         I got your letter.

                         Oh, I was wondering about that.

               Jenny shuts the door. Forrest looks around.

                         Is this your house?

                         Yeah, it's messy right now. I just 
                         got off work.

                         It's nice. You got air conditioning.

               Forrest hands Jenny the box of chocolates.


                         Thank you.

                         I ate some.

               Jenny picks up a scrapbook and turns the pages.

                         Hey, I kept, I kept a scrapbook of 
                         your, of your clippings and 
                         everything. There you are. This, I 
                         got your running.

                         I ran a long way. For a long time.

                         There. Listen, Forrest. I don't know 
                         how to say this. Um, I just... I 
                         want to apologize for anything that 
                         I ever did to you, 'cause I was messed 
                         up for a long time, and...

               There is a knock at the door. LYNN MARIE enters as she opens 
               the door.

                                     LYNN MARIE


                                     LYNN MARIE

               Jenny grabs a young boy.

                         Hey, you. This is an old friend from 

                                     LYNN MARIE
                         Oh, how do you do?

                         Ah, listen, next week my schedule 
                         changes, so I'll be able to... but 
                         thanks for picking up.

                                     LYNN MARIE
                         No problem. Got to go, Jen. I'm double 


               Lynn Marie closes the door and waves bye to Forrest.

                                     LYNN MARIE

                         Thanks. This is very good friend, 
                         Mr. Gump. Can you say hi to him?

                                     LITTLE BOY
                         Hello, Mr. Gump.


                                     LITTLE BOY
                         Now, can I go watch TV now?

                         Yes, you can. Just keep it low.

               The little boy runs into other room and picks up TV remote 

                         You're a momma, Jenny.

                         I'm a momma. His name is Forrest.

                         Like me.

                         I named him after his Daddy.

                         He got a daddy named Forrest, too?

                         You're his daddy, Forrest.

               Forrest continues to stare at Forrest Jr. Forrest then looks 
               frightened and starts to back away.

                         Hey, Forrest, look at me. Look at 
                         me, Forrest. There's nothing you 
                         need to do, okay? You didn't do 
                         anything wrong. Okay?

               Jenny turns and looks at Forrest Jr. in the other room.

                         Isn't he beautiful?

                         He's the most beautiful thing I've 
                         ever seen. But... is, is he smart, 
                         or is he...

                         He's very smart. He's one of the 
                         smartest in his class.

               Forrest breathes deep. He looks at Jenny, then at Forrest 

                         Yeah, it's okay. Go talk to him.

               Forrest walks into the room and sits down next to Forrest 
               Jr. "Sesame Street" is on the TV.

                         Oh, great.

                         Hey, Bert, can you give me a hand?

                         A hand? Well, yeah, what do you want, 

                         What are you watching.

                                     FORREST JR.
                         Bert and Ernie.

                         Well, it's the first stage. Bert. 
                         It's planning to write a story, Bert. 
                         I have pencils right here to write 
                         with, Bert. Now, we got, uh, paper. 
                         I'll take that paper, Bert. See, we 
                         have the paper to write on.

               EXT. PARK - DAY

               Forrest and Jenny sit on a bench. Forrest Jr. swings behind 

                         Forrest, I'm sick.

                         What, do you have a cough due to 

                         I have some kind virus. And the 
                         doctors don't, they don't know what 
                         it is. And there isn't anything they 
                         can do about it.

                         You could come home with me. Jenny, 
                         you and little Forrest could come 
                         stay at my house in Greenbow. I'll 
                         take care of you if you're sick.

                         Would you marry me, Forrest?


               EXT. GUMP HOUSE - DAY

               A group has gathered on the lawn for the wedding. Louise 
               walks up to Forrest.

                         Please take your seats.

                         Forrest, it's time to start.

               Jenny walks out of the house. Forrest walks over to greet 
               her. She wears a white dress. She walks up to Forrest and 
               adjusts his necktie.

                         Hi. Your tie.

               Lt. Dan is walking across the lawn. He uses a cane. A WOMAN 
               is walking next to him.

                         Lieutenant Dan? Lieutenant Dan!

                                     LT. DAN
                         Hello, Forrest.

               Jenny walks over to Forrest and Lt. Dan.

                         You got new legs. New legs!

                                     LT. DAN
                         Yeah, I got new legs.

               Lt. Dan lifts his pant leg to display his metal leg.

                                     LT. DAN
                         Custom-made titanium alloy. It's 
                         what they use on the space shuttle.

                         Magic legs.

                                     LT. DAN
                         This is my fiancee, Susan.

                         Lieutenant Dan!

               Susan shakes Forrest's hand.

                         Hi, Forrest.

                         Lieutenant Dan, this is my Jenny.

                         Hey, it's nice to meet you, finally.

               Jenny steps forward and kisses Lt. Dan's cheek. The group is 
               seated as they watch Forrest and Jenny take vows on the front 
               lawn. Forrest Jr. stands next to Jenny.

                         Do you, Forrest, take Jenny to be 
                         your wife? Do you, Jenny, take Forrest 
                         to be your husband? If so, I pronounce 
                         you man and wife.

               The wind blows fallen leaves across the ground. Jenny, 
               Forrest, and Forrest Jr. walk toward the house. They all 
               hold hands as they walk.

               INT. GUMP HOUSE - MORNING

               Forrest steps into Jenny's bedroom. He carries a tray with 
               breakfast on it. Forrest looks at Jenny as she sleeps.

               Slowly she wakes up and looks at Forrest.



               Forrest sets the tray down next to Jenny as she sits up in 
               bed. Forrest opens a window, then sits down next to the bed.

                         Hey, Forrest, were you scared in 

                         Yes. Well, I, I don't know.


               Forrest looks up into the sky as the rain stops. Forrest 
               removes his helmet. The stars emerge from behind the clouds.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         Sometimes it would stop raining long 
                         enough for the stars to come out. 
                         And then it was nice. It was like 
                         just before the sun goes to bed down 
                         on the bayou...

               EXT. BAYOU - FLASHBACK - SUNSET

               Forrest stands on his boat and looks at a deep orange and 
               red sunset.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         There was over a million sparkles on 
                         the water. Like that mountain lake.


               Forrest runs along a highway. A lake reflects the mountains 
               and the sky.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         It was so clear, Jenny. It looks 
                         like there were two skies, one on 
                         top of the other. And then in the 
                         desert, when the sun comes up...


               Forrest runs along a desert highway. The morning light casts 
               an orange glow over the desert.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         I couldn't tell where heavens stopped 
                         and the earth began. It was so 

               INT. GUMP HOUSE - MORNING

               Forrest looks at Jenny. Jenny looks out the window.

                         I wish I could have been there with 

                         You were.

               Jenny reaches over and takes Forrest's hand.

                         I love you.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         You died on a Saturday morning.


               Forrest stands under the old oak tree where Jenny has been 

                         And I had you placed here under our 

               Jenny's grave marker. Forrest tries to hold back his tears.

                         And I had that house of your father's 
                         bulldozed to the ground.

               EXT. JENNY'S OLD HOUSE - DAY

               Forrest watches as Jenny's dad's house is knocked down by a 

                                     FORREST (V.O.)

               EXT. JENNY'S GRAVE

                         ...always said dyin' was a part of 

               Jenny's grave marker reads: JENNY GUMP July 16, 1945 -- March 
               22, 1982 Beloved Mother, Wife and Friend

                         I sure wish it wasn't. Little Forrest, 
                         he's doing just fine.

               INT. GUMP HOUSE - NIGHT

               Forrest Jr. reads a book to Forrest sitting next to him.

                                     FORREST JR.
                         "But he wasn't quite sure. Everywhere 
                         they went, the new guests...

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         About to start school again soon. I 
                         make his breakfast, lunch, and 

               EXT. JENNY'S GRAVE

               Forrest looks down as he sobs.

                         ...every day. I make sure he combs 
                         his hair and brushes his teeth every 
                         day. Teaching him how to play ping 

               EXT. GUMP HOUSE - NIGHT

               Forrest tries to teach Forrest Jr. how to play ping-pong.


                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         He's really good.

                         Forrest, you go.

               Forrest Jr. serves the ball, causing Forrest dive and miss 

               EXT. GUMP HOUSE/RIVER - DAY

               Forrest and Forrest Jr. sit on a log by the river and fish.

                                     FORREST (V.O.)
                         We fish a lot.

               EXT. JENNY'S GRAVE

               Forrest looks down at the grave marker.

                         And every night, we read a book.
                         He's so smart, Jenny. You'd be so 
                         proud of him. I am. He, uh, wrote a 
                         letter, and he says I can't read it. 
                         I'm not supposed to, so I'll just 
                         leave it here for you.

               Forrest places the letter down at the grave marker, next to 
               fresh flowers. The name on the envelope reads: "Mom." Forrest 
               steps back and looks down at the grave.

                         Jenny, I don't know if Momma was 
                         right or if, if it's Lieutenant Dan.
                         I don't know if we each have a 
                         destiny, or if we're all just floating 
                         around accidental-like on a breeze, 
                         but I, I think maybe it's both. Maybe 
                         both is happening at the same time. 
                         I miss you, Jenny. If there's anything 
                         you need, I won't be far away.

               As Forrest walks away, a flock of birds flies overhead and 
               lands in the tree. Forrest turns and watches.

               EXT. ROAD - MORNING

               Forrest walks with Forrest Jr. for the bus. The bus drives 
               toward them.

                         Here's your bus. Okay.

               Forrest pulls "Curious George" out of Forrest Jr.'s backpack.

                         Hey, I know this.

                                     FORREST JR.
                         I'm gonna show that for show-and-
                         tell because grandma used to read it 
                         to you.

               Forrest looks at the book. The feather from the beginning of 
               the movie drops out of the book, unnoticed.

                         My favorite book.

               The bus comes to a stop. The door opens.


               Forrest puts the book back into Forrest Jr.'s backpack and 
               hands it to him.

                         ...okay. Hey, there you go.

               Forrest Jr. walks toward the bus. Forrest stands up.

                         Hey, Forrest. Don't... I wanted to 
                         tell you I love you.

                                     FORREST JR.
                         I love you too, Daddy.

                         I'll be right here when you get back.

               Forrest Jr. looks into the bus and at the bus driver. It is 
               the same bus driver, only older now, who drove Forrest to 
               school when he was a young boy.

                                     SCHOOLD BUS DRIVER
                         You understand this is the bus to 
                         school now, don't you?

                                     FORREST JR.
                         Of course, and you're Dorothy Harris 
                         and I'm Forrest Gump.

               Forrest Jr. looks over and waves to his father. Forrest nods 

               Forrest Jr. gets on the bus. The bus pulls away. Forrest 
               stands next to the mailbox.

               Forrest sits down. The camera cranes down, revealing the 
               feather as it lies at Forrest's feet.

               A gust of wind picks the feather up. The feather floats up 
               into the air.

               Forrest sits at the side of the road. The feather floats 
               higher into the air.

               The feather soars up into the sky and travels up and down, 
               then covers the camera lens.

                                         THE END

Forrest Gump

Writers :   Eric Roth  Winston Groom
Genres :   Comedy  Drama

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