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                              I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE

                                   Written by

                                  Adam Rockoff

          FADE IN:

                         1 OMITTED 1

           EXT. CITY STREET - DAY 

          JENNIFER HILLS races down from a stoop, a suitcase rolling
          along behind her. Even dressed down, this city girl can't
          hide her natural beauty and panache.
          She makes her way across the street and to an SUV. she opens
          the trunk and tosses in the suitcase among several other

          She closes it, and walks to the driver's side. We see that
          the entire cargo bay of the SUV is filled with boxes and
          personal affects.

          Al INT. SUV, CITY STREET - DAY Al

          Jennifer gets in and slams the door shut. she takes a moment
          to think, to breathe. Something is weighing heavily on her

          After a beat, she glances up to the rearview mirror and looks
          at herself. She take a long, deep, cleansing breath, and
          then she turns the key in the ignition and starts the car.
          B1 EXT. SUV, CITY STREET - DAY Bl
          The SUV drives off down the city street.

          C1 EXT. CITY OVERPASS - DAY C1 

          The SUV carves its way through traffic as the city looms in
          the background, growing more distant by the second.

          2 INT. CAR, RURAL ROAD - DAY 2 

          The midday sun bakes the landscape as Jennifer drives through
          a country road. A stark contrast from the city, and
          absolutely breathtaking.

                         GPS SYSTEM
          Turn right up ahead.

          Jennifer squints out the front windshield. The streets are
          all unpaved and none of them are marked with street signs.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 2.

          Finally, Jennifer pulls into the driveway of a small house.
          She picks up a piece of paper from the passenger seat, checks
          the address on the house, and gets out of the car.

          3 EXT. EARL'S PLACE - DAY 3

          Jennifer walks up the crumbling steps of the house. On the
          screen door, a wire holds a wooden sign that reads; OPEN.
          The screen door SQUEAKS loudly as Jennifer pulls it open.


          Jennifer cautiously steps inside.

          4 INT. EARL'S PLACE - DAY 4

          The sunlight shines through the dirty curtains. Dust clouds
          hang motionless in the air, as if suspended in a solution.
          Scattered across the floor are a variety of electronics in
          various stages of disrepair. A handful of old, picture tube
          TVs with their plastic casings cracked.


          Jennifer walks in further, trying to not step on anything.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)

          EARL (O.S.)
          I'm a coming, I'm a coming.

          From out of the back walks the proprietor, EARL (late-50's),
          takes a double take at Jennifer, surely the prettiest thing
          he's seen in a long while. He sees her standing in the
          middle of the mess, suddenly aware of it. He bends down to
          pick something up in a futile attempt to clean.

                         EARL (CONT'D)
          Sorry about the mess.

          It's fine, really. I'm Jennifer
          Hills. We spoke last week.

                         (NO RECOGNITION)
          I'm the one who's renting the cabin






           ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 3.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          (Jennifer holds a piece of paper)
          .on Mockingbird Trail.

          Earl's surprised.

          Oh, you're Miss Hills.

          Earl walks over to a cabinet against the wall, opens a small
          drawer and takes out a key.

                         EARL (CONT'D)
          Don't suppose you know how to get
          out there?

          Afraid not.

          Earl hands her the key. Earl pulls a map with some hand-drawn
          arrows already on it.

          Alright, listen up 'cause it's a bit

          These here arrows will get you
          through town. Over here, it's more
          dirt road and woods so it can get
          kind of dicey. We're a tad short
          on street signs.

          Well if I get lost I'll just ask
          for directions.

          To who? Lady, the cabin is a real
          beaut, but heck if there ain't
          nothin' out there for a good
          country mile.


          Well, I guess I don't have to worry
          about bothering the neighbors.

          Not planning on throwing a party,
          are ya? The security deposit...

          No, no. I'm looking forward to the
          peace and quiet. I'm a novelist.
          I'm starting my next book.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 4.
          Earl just looks at her.

          Alright, well, if that's what
          you're aimin' for, just follow that
          there map.

          Jennifer looks at the map.

          5 EXT. RURAL ROAD - DAY 5

          Jennifer drives down the two lane road, barely passable by
          two cars. She swerves as she glances down at map.
          Then, up ahead she spots a small SERVICE STATION with a
          single gas pump. She pulls up to the pump.


          Jennifer gets out of the car and fumbles to fold back the map
          as she twists the knob off her gas tank and reaches for the
          pump. A HAND comes down on top of her own.

          Jennifer spins around. 

          Standing there, smiling, is JOHNNY. He takes the pump from
          Jennifer and inserts it into her gas tank.

          Didn't mean to frighten you.

          Johnny is good-looking in a rugged sort of way. He's sinewy,
          but athletic and strong. Jennifer regains her composure.

          No, it's fine. I'm sort of lost
          anyway. Looking for Mockingbird

          You are definitely lost. 

          Really? I thought--

          Nah, you sure missed it. It's a 
          good ten miles back, left turn 
          after the big red mailbox.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 4A.

          Oh, okay, I think I saw that.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 5.
          Johnny flashes his smile, picking his teeth with a toothpick.
          Jennifer stands there uncomfortably.

          You, uh... staying at the cabin?

          Jennifer hesitates for a second. Just as Jennifer opens her
          mouth to respond, the shrill notes of a HARMONICA shatter the
          silence. Jennifer turns quickly to the garage.

          In the garage, ANDY, one of Johnny's employees, sits on the
          fender of a broken down car. He holds a harmonica to his
          lips. He's in his mid-30's with shaggy hair and arms that
          look like they could bend steel.

          STANLEY, one of Johnny and Andy's buddies, walks up behind
          Andy. He's balding and overweight, and digs into a bag of
          pork rinds.

          Howdy ma'am. 

          He leans into Andy who continues playing his harp. 

          I'd sop that up with a biscuit real

          Jennifer turns away from the garage and looks back at Johnny,
          who is still awaiting her answer.

          Uh... no. I mean yes.

          As she glances to the gas pump, Johnny looks her up and down.
          She is definitely something to look at.

          Johnny places his hand on the hood of the car. Glances to
          the guys, then back to her.

          You know, you're running a little
          hot. Want me to uh... maybe I
          should check under your hood?

          Jennifer almost laughs at the way that sounded.

          How's that line working for you?

          The gas pump clicks off interrupting. But Johnny just stands
          there looking at her.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 5A.

          I don't know, how's it working for

          Johnny saunters over to the pump and in a phallic manner,
          pulls the pump out. It gets laughs from the peanut gallery.
          Jennifer looks away, a line has been crossed. She looks to
          the pump again. $19.78.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 6.

          Let me just...

          Jennifer fumbles into her purse when the map falls from her

          I'll get that.

          No I got it--

          Johnny gets uncomfortably close to Jennifer at the rear door
          of the car when--
          HONK -- HONK -- HONK - The SUV's deafening alarm blares out.
          Johnny's startled, stumbles backwards, trips and goes
          sprawling to the ground.

          Jennifer, controlling laughter, holds up her keys and clicks
          the alarm off.

          Johnny is covered in dust and oil, struggling to get to his
          feet while maintaining a shred of dignity. Jennifer

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Sorry. I accidentally hit the
          panic button. Are you okay?

          I'm fine.

          Johnny looks away, angry. He's certainly not the type of guy
          who can laugh at himself easily, if at all. From the garage,
          Stanley and Andy point at him and guffaw.

          (from the garage)
          Hey! You better check your
          underwear, Johnny.

          Stanley smiles and elbows Andy, but his mouth is too full
          with pork rinds to actually laugh.

          Yea... Check um' for skidmarks...
          Johnny shoots him a harsh look. 

          Jennifer hands Johnny a twenty. Trying to contain her





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 6A.

          Sure you okay?

          Johnny's eyes are cold, his face red.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 7.

          I said I was fine.

          Suddenly, Jennifer grows uneasy. She smiles uncomfortably,
          gets in the car and drives away.

          Johnny takes a bandana from his pocket and wipes his brow.
          He watches Jennifer's car disappear and spits on the ground
          as the laughter escalates in her absence. Johnny spins.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          What the hell are you two dipshits
          laughing at?!

          7 EXT. CABIN - DAY 7

          Jennifer arrives at the cabin. She gets out of her car and
          stands there, looking up at it. In slight disrepair and in
          need of a paint job but the quaint charm makes you quickly
          forget its shortcomings.

          8 TNT. CABIN - DAY 8 

           Jennifer walks in with her bags, looks around the cabin.
           It's rustic, but she's hardly roughing it.

          9 INT. CABIN, THE KITCHEN - DAY 9 

           She starts unpacking. A few cardboard boxes with non-
          perishable food items sit on the counter next to cases of
          bottled water. Also, there's a large wine case with
          different liquor bottles in the sections. Jennifer takes out
          a bottle of top shelf vodka and puts it in the freezer.
          Then she begins to grab the wine bottles, taking an extra
          second to look at one, the hell with it, she grabs an opener.

          A9 TNT. CABIN - DAY A9 
          Jennifer sets up her laptop at a make-shift workstation.
          Throws some freshly cut flowers in a small vase, a few lucky
          figurines from her travels... it all feels very ritualistic.

          10 EXT. CABIN - DAY 10 

          Jennifer site at the end of the boat dock. Laptop and glass
          of wine writing away. She couldn't be more content.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 8.
          She takes a deep, replenishing breath, and then goes back to


          A10 INT. CABIN - DAY A10

          CLOSE ON: Words fly across the screen as Jennifer types at a
          furious pace. Blocks of text keep scrolling away.
          Her fingers effortlessly swipe away at key after key, a
          writer's high if you will.
          Finally an exclamation point is stabbed with emphasis. Then 
          she hears a sound off in the trees. 
          She looks out and hears a very distant few notes of a 
          harmonica. Then a few even more distant "heeeeeeweeeee". 
          After a beat she innocently smiles figuring it's just some 
          boys off in the distance having a party or something. 
          Jennifer leans back, smiles briefly and pour herself a glass
          of wine.

          11 EXT. CABIN, FRONT PORCH - DUSK 11 

          Jennifer sits at the table, her laptop propped open in front
          of her. She's talking away on the phone as she stops for a
          moment to take a sip from a glass of red wine.


                         (INTO PHONE)
          .Lonely? Are you kidding? I
          should've come out here on my first
          The wind kicks up and a in the distance a door is slammed
          shut. It startles jennifer. She looks in the direction of the

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Sorry, something just...
          Another slam, and again.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)

                         (INTO PHONE)
          Barb, hold on a minute...





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 8A.
          Jennifer sets down her lap top and puts the glass of wine on
          the arm of the chair. She gets up and looks off into the
          dusky woods. Then back to the house.
          A light breeze kicks up and SLAM. Again.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)

                         (INTO PHONE)
          Let me call you back.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 9.
          Jennifer snaps the phone shut, and walks down the steps of
          the front porch.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          In response, she gets the frantic CHIRPING of crickets as
          night encroaches.
          Jennifer walks down a path and in the near distance she see a

          SHED. SLAM!
          The SHED DOOR is kicking open and closed in the breeze.
          She makes her way towards the shed.
          All EXT. CABIN, SHED - DUSK All
          Jennifer gets to the shed. The door is wide open. She steps

          B11 INT. CABIN, SHED - DUSK B11

          Inside there is an array of old gardening tools. Pots,
          garbage cans. Some different chemical bottles including a jug
          of LYE.
          Jennifer thinks she hears something from deep inside the
          shed. She moves in further as--

          The door shuts behind her -


          C11 EXT. CABIN, SHED - DUSK C11

          Jennifer exits, and securely closes the shed door. After a
          beat she smirks at the thought that she thought this was more
          than just a door blowing in the wind, then heads back to the

          D12 EXT. CABIN, FRONT PORCH -DUSK D12 

          Jennifer walks up to the chair, moves her laptop, sits and
          then as she grabs her phone she knocks the glass of wine off
          the arm of the chair into her lap.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 10.

          Ohhhhh... You gotta be kidding.
          She get up, looks at the red wine stain all over her lap, and
          picks up her things to heads in the cabin.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Way to go Jennifer...
          The last of the days light is disappearing.

          12 INT. CABIN - NIGHT 12

          Jennifer stands at the sink, in panties and tank top - pre-
          soaking her sweater and pants.

          13 EXT. CABIN - NIGHT 13 

          Jennifer continues at the sink, her beautiful, partially nude
          body is framed perfectly in the window for all to see... but
          no one's around for miles...

          14 EXT. WOODS - DAY 14 

          Jennifer jogs through the trees. She wears a tight pair of
          running shorts and a out off T-shirt.
          Jennifer stops in a small clearing. With her hands on her
          knees, she struggles to catch her breath.
          She stands and walks in a circle, looks around. Checks her
          Then notices something in the distance hidden behind the
          ANGLE ON: A dilapidated shack, rotted from decay and neglect.
          Jennifer's curiosity gets the best of her.

          15 EXT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DAY 15 

          She walks up to the shack, looks around. She then enters
          through what is left of the front door.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 11.


          The place hasn't been occupied in quite a while, but it was
          once. An old, dirty mattress in the corner... a sawhorse-for-
          a-counter with old cans and bottles... even a rusty old
          garden tool or two.
          Near the window she sees an old, mold covered BIBLE propped
          Jennifer suddenly gets the chills, she shakes it off and then
          gets the hell out of there.

          16 EXT. CABIN - DAY 16

           Jennifer finishes her jog and returns to the cabin, leans 
           over on the porch and catches her breath. 

          17 INT. CABIN, BATHROOM - DAY 17 

          Jennifer stands in front of the mirror. She looks at her
          reflection and pulls out the band that was holding up her
          ponytail. Her sweat-soaked hair falls across her shoulders.
          She turns on the faucet and is met with a dirty spray.

          The spray only lasts a few seconds before sputtering out.
          However, then the toilet starts to GURGLE. Jennifer lifts
          the lid up with her foot. The toilet water bubbles up and
          then disappears down the drain.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)

          Again, Jennifer tries the sink, but now nothing comes out.

          18 INT. CABIN, KITCHEN - DAY 18

          Jennifer picks up her cellphone from the counter. She takes
          a small piece of paper out of her purse and punches in some
          numbers on the cell. After a few rings, voicemail picks up.

          EARL MESSAGE(V.O.)
          You've reached the answering machine
          of Earl Wooderson.






          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 12.

          EARL MESSAGE(V.O.) (CONT'D)
          The office is closed, please leave a
          message and someone will call you
          back on Monday. If you're calling
          about buying or selling an exotic
          animal, please leave your name --
          Jennifer snaps the phone shut in frustration, when her eye
          catches the water-damaged remnants of a service sticker
          hanging to the refrigerator door.
          Amazingly, the phone number is still visible. She shrugs to
          herself and dials the number.

          19 INT. CABIN, BATHROOM -- DAY 19

          She lifts the lid and looks inside - dry - and flushes a few
          more times to no avail - then dirty water begins to gurgle


                         (LISTENS INTENTLY)
          No, it won't flush... I did that
          already... yes... look, I'm really
          in a spot... okay... thank you...
          I'm not going anywhere.
          As Jennifer snaps her phone shut, the handset gets caught on
          her chin, and tumbles into the toilet. PLOP!

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Oh shit!
          Jennifer reaches down into the toilet and immediately fishes
          it out. She shakes it off vigorously.

          20 INT. CABIN, KITCHEN - DAY 20 

          Jennifer stands next to the kitchen counter. She holds her
          hair dryer which is going at full blast. Her cell phone is
          propped open on the counter in front of her. She's doing her
          best to dry it out.
          Suddenly, a hand reaches out and taps her on the shoulder.
          Jennifer SCREAMS and spins around, turning the hair dryer on
          her assailant.
          An equally frightened MATTHEW throws his hands up in front of
          his face and SCREAMS just as loudly. He has several think
          colored rubber bands on his wrist.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 12A.

          P1... please! I... I came to fix
          the plumbing.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 13.
          Jennifer turns off the hair dryer.

                         MATTHEW (CONT'D)
          I... I was knocking on the d...door
          a...a... while.
          Jennifer breathes a sigh of relief, especially after she gets
          a look at Matthew. He's in his mid-30's, but could pass for
          a good ten years younger. Awkward and shy, he can barely
          make eye contact with her.


          I think you may have taken a few 
          years off my life. 
          Matthew doesn't get the joke.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Uh... thanks for coming on such
          short notice.

                         (NO RESPONSE)
          You need to see the bathroom,

          21 INT. CABIN, BATHROOM - DAY 21

          Matthew works away underneath the sink. Jennifer watches him
          from the bedroom sitting on the end of the bed, trying to
          make small talk.

          Is this gonna take much longer?

          (muffled, under the sink)
          N...not much.

          So what's wrong with it?

          Uh... it's just older pipes.
          Matthew continues his work, you can tell he is uncomfortable
          with the conversation.

          So do you live around here?

 one lives around here.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 14.

          Yeah, I kind of get that. I meant
          in town?
          Matthew comes out from under the sink. He snaps nerviously
          at one of the rubber bands on his wrist.

          My... my whole life...
          Jennifer looks to his wrist. It's all red.
          Matthew turns on the faucet. Out comes a hard stream of
          cold, clear water. He flushes the toilet and then turns on
          the shower to the same result.

                         MATTHEW (CONT'D)
          All fixed.
          Jennifer squeals with excitement. She wraps her arms around
          Matthew and plants a kiss on his cheek.

          Thank you!
          Matthew blushes furiously and fumbles his tools as he packs
          up. For him, the kiss was more embarrassing than enjoyable.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          I'm sorry. I just... you saved me
          from having to bathe in the pond. 
          Once his tools are all packed away, Matthew dashes out of the
          cabin. Jennifer follows him to the front door.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Hey. Hey! I didn't even pay you!
          But Matthew is long gone.

          22 EXT. FISHING HOLE - DAY 22

          A wooden bat crashes down on a fish. It goes still.
          Stanley takes a MINIDV CAMCORDER away from his eye. He looks
          at Andy who's holding the bloody bat, and takes a large gulp
          from his beer, then--

          Ground rule double.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 15.


          A double! Look at its head. I
          knocked the eye clear out.
          Andy has, in fact, knocked the fish's eye clear out. It lays
          next to the creature, all weird and googly-looking.

          Fine. Maybe a triple. But that's
          it. You got to knock the guts out
          its mouth to score a run.

          Would you turn that thing off?
          Gonna get us in trouble with that
          human society.

          Humane you dipshit.
          Johnny site in a chair holding his fishing rod between his
          knees. A cigarette dangles from his mouth and a beer is
          perpetually glued to his hand.


          I told you. This thing is going to
          make me a fortune. All you got to
          do is film something crazy, then
          you send it into the internet, make
          a killing.

          No one's gonna pay you for that

          It's the hits, Andy. You just
          gotta get the hits.

          Hits my ass, now you two retards
          gonna fish or what?
          Matthew comes crashing out of the foliage, knocks over the
          cooler spilling ice and beer all over.

          Speaking of retards.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 16.

          Q..Quit it Andy.

          Alright. Now we're all here,
          what's the big show, Stanley?

          The big show is this--
          Stanley holds up the video camera like a trophy.

          Are you kidding me? That shit?
          What'd you do? Film yourself
          lighting a fart?

          Johnny just shakes his head.


                         (TO HIMSELF)
          I don't know why I bother.

          I got Matthew's girlfriend in a
          private moment. 

          What do you mean like on the toilet 
          or something? 
          Stanley pulls a tape out of his pocket and loads it.

                         ANDY (CONT'D)
          Matthew hasn't had a girl since he
          was sucking his mama's titties.

          Not true, my friends. And the
          evidence is right here.

          What are you ta... talking 'bout

          Yeah, what are you talking about?





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 16A.

          He had that babe from the city all
          alone and he didn't even try to
          nail her.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 17.
          This gets Johnny's attention. Matthew is snapping on of the
          rubber bands. It's a bit loud. Johnny looks to him as if it
          is annoying him.

          What babe from the city?

          You know, the one who stopped for
          gas the other day. The one who
          dumped you on your can. She had
          Matty here fixing her pipes.

          Matthew snaps the rubber band more. Johnny turns quickly to

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Cut that shit homo! How many times
          I gotta tell you.
          Stanley gets the camera ready.

          She even gave him a kiss for
          "servicing her." Look, here's
          Matthew running from the cabin like
          a schoolgirl.
          They all gather around.
          POV CAMERA: Matthew runs from the cabin, dropping tools as
          he goes. Jennifer stands in the doorway calling after him.
          The camera goes closer on Jennifer --
          The guys break up. Johnny is a bit more serious.

          Now that's some fine camera work,
          even better than the time you
          filmed yo' self hangin' your nana's

          What's this about a kiss? 

          Matthew here says she gave him a
          kiss right on the cheek.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 17A.


          No, she did Johnny. She kissed me.

          Don't lie to me dipshit.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 18.

          If you all don't shut the hell up
          you'll miss the encore.
          All eyes turn to Stanley as Stanley pushes some buttons on
          the MINIDV cam. Andy comes over and looks at the LCD screen.

          Get ready for it.
          ON MINIDV: The footage that Stanley shot is obviously the
          previous night through Jennifer's kitchen window.

          I'll be. Look at the rack on that
          Andy punches Stanley in the arm. Johnny just stares at the

                         ANDY (CONT'D)
          You dirty dog. Where the hell'd
          you get that?

          I've been working nights.

          Sure is something to look at.
          Matthew is clearly uncomfortable, but he desperately needs to
          be one of the guys.

          Yeah, and she likes me... she was
          nice to me.
          Stretching a rubber band.

          Nice? To her, you're nothing but a
          shitter fixer. Hell, she wouldn't
          even give Johnny the time of day.
          Johnny snaps his head up and looks at Stanley.

          Bullshit. I could tame that ass if
          I wanted to.

          You saw her Johnny... stuck up city





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 18A.

          Yea, girls like that think you're
          hardly good enough to pump their
          Johnny lights up another cigarette. He points at Andy. 






          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 19.

          Let me tell you something. I had
          her creaming in her panties.

          And she had you shitting yours.
          Least her car alarm did.
          The guys yuck it up.


          You don't think I could have her
          anytime I want?
          Andy looks away and begins to reel in his line. Stanley
          stuffs his face with some crap so he doesn't have to answer.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Bitch like that comes up here for
          one reason. Sitting in that
          window, tits flapping in the wind
          for all to see. You know?

          Nah... She's not like that, Johnny.
          Johnny snorts, condescendingly.

          How do you know, ya fuckin' virgin?
          Let me tell you something. They're
          all like that! Fucking big city
          cock-teasing whore is all she is.
          He flicks his cigarette and it sizzles out in the water. Then
          he gets right up in Matthew's face.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          You'd have no idea what to do with
          a piece of ass like that. But
          luckily I'm your friend.
          Johnny hands him a beer and pats him on the back firmly.

          23 INT. CABIN - NIGHT 23

          Jennifer writes away at the dining room table. She's on a
          tear. A "writer's zone" where everything she types is gold.
          She hits the "return" key hard, as if to punctuate a
          particularly good sentence. She picks up some lip gloss and
          puts it on.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 20.
          She leans back to take a break when her eye catches the cell
          phone sitting on the table. She picks the phone up, flips it
          open - It's still completely dead.
          In frustration, she throws the phone across the room. It
          hits the couch right next to the duffle bag. She smiles
          mischievously to herself.
          Jennifer reaches inside and withdraws a sandwich bag filled
          with pot and rolling papers. She expertly rolls herself a
          joint and lights it up. She closes her eyes. Bliss.

          24 EXT. CABIN - NIGHT -- LATER 24

          From a distance, the cabin looks like a star twinkling in the
          night sky. Trees sway in the breeze, dappling the light.

          25 INT. CABIN - NIGHT 25

          Jennifer's head is slouched over her desk. She passed out.
          Suddenly, A SCRATCHING NOISE at the front door.
          CLOSE ON: Jennifer's eyes flit open as -
          Jennifer jumps awake and walks over to check the door,
          glancing at the clock as she goes. 4:14 am.
          Jennifer gets to the door and listens, Nothing. She tries
          to look out... nothing.
          She turns to walk back when the scratching returns -
          Jennifer takes a few steps back toward the door. Again, the
          noise stops.

          Silence. Jennifer rises up on her toes and looks out the
          glass window of the front door. The porch is deserted.
          Jennifer opens the door slowly.

          26 EXT. CABIN - NIGHT 26

          Jennifer looks outside but nothing is there. Just a gentle
          breeze and the sway of the trees. Satisfied, she walks out
          onto the front porch, then down the steps. She hugs herself
          and shivers, then she returns inside.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 21.

          27 INT. CABIN, FRONT DOOR - NIGHT 27

          Jennifer shuts the front door and locks it. Then she yanks
          on the door, just to make sure.

          28 INT. CABIN - NIGHT 28

          She walks back in grabbing her glass and bottle when --

          29 INT. CABIN - NIGHT 29

          The SCRAPING sound again, but this time, from UPSTAIRS.
          Jennifer looks up, hoping that she imagined it. But there it
          is again. She sets the bottle and glass down on the end table
          next to the couch and then grabs a can of MACE from her purse
          on the couch.

          30 INT. CABIN, STAIRCASE - NIGHT 30 

          She walks slowly, holding the mace directly in front of her.
          Eventually, Jennifer gets to the top of the stairs.
          At the far end of the hallway is an open window. A branch
          from outside scrapes against the windowsill.
          Jennifer lets out a sigh of relief. She closes the window
          and heads back downstairs.

          31 INT. CABIN, KITCHEN - NIGHT 31 

          She puts the mace back in her purse, and then picks up her
          drink walking to the kitchen when--
          BANG! Something smashes into the sliding glass door--
          Jennifer SCREAMS dropping the glass. It SHATTERS.
          With more than a hint of trepidation, Jennifer heads towards

          THE SIDE DOOR.
          With all the courage she can muster up, Jennifer unlocks the
          door and steps outside.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 22.

          32 EXT. CABIN, BACK PORCH - NIGHT 32

          The side porch light acts as a spotlight, illuminating the
          culprit -- a lone bird lies motionless on the ground.
          Jennifer bends down and picks up a small branch from the
          porch. She gives the bird a small poke... nothing. But her
          uneasiness is growing. Suddenly... SLAM!
          She jumps and looks to the shed, the door is open again and
          swinging. She looks to it thinking, "I shut that already..."
          She moves off the porch and toward the shed.

          33 EXT. CABIN, SHED - NIGHT 33

          Jennifer walks to the shed, it feels longer in the dark. She
          looks around to the tree line, could be something out there,
          an animal, who knows.
          She reaches the shed and shuts the door again. She searches
          the ground and sees a large stone.
          She picks up the stone and shoves it against the door.
          Satisfied, she heads back.

          34 INT. CABIN - NIGHT 34

          Jennifer immediately goes over to her table where the laptop
          is set up. She shuffles some papers around when-
          Something on her laptop screen catches her attention. She
          leans forward, brow furrowed.
          ON LAPTOP SCREEN: A picture of Johnny, Stanley, and Andy
          leering into the laptop's camera. Like a nightmarish photo
          booth snapshot.

          Nice shot huh?
          Jennifer shrieks and spins around only to find --
          Standing there, right inside the front door, is Johnny. He
          Johnny shrugs calmly and continues milling about the room.
          Jennifer spins around, looking for a way out.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 22A.
          But Stanley has slipped in through the back door, video
          camera obnoxiously filming the scene (which will be out to

          Smile real pretty for the camera.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 23.

          (her voice cracking)
          Get out of here. Get out of here
          right now!

          Now that's not very hospitable, is
          Then, the wooden stairs creak under Andy's steps as he walks
          down -- around his chest is one of Jennifer's bra stretched
          to the limit. He's twirling a thong panty on his finger. The
          guys get a good laugh at Andy.

          All of you better get out of here.
          I called the police.
          Johnny nods. He looks at her, his gaze mocking.

          You called the police? Or you will
          call the police?

          I... I called them already.
          They're on their way right now!

          With what phone? Matthew said you
          dropped it in the drink.
          Jennifer doesn't answer.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          (looks at Stanley)
          Speaking of.. .where the hell is he?
          Stanley takes a few steps toward the back door.

          Matthew, get your boney ass in
          Shortly after, Matthew shuffles inside. He can't even bring
          himself to look at Jennifer.


                         (TO JENNIFER)
          Matthew here said you didn't pay
          him for fixity' your sink?





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 24.

          That is just not true! I tried to.
          He ran out... (to Matthew) Is that
          what you said?
          Matthew winces and starts to snap a rubber band on his wrist.
          as Jennifer walks over to her purse.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          I'll take care of it--
          Johnny cuts her off.

          --Let's not worry about that right
          Johnny hops up on the kitchen counter, cutting her off with
          his leg. He then picks up the bottle of vodka, takes a swig.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Now what's a pretty little thing
          like you doing out here all alone?

          I'm writing. I'm a Writer... But
          my boyfriend is coming up. He'll
          actually be here any minute--

          That right?
          The guys give a good chuckle-

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Well, I didn't realize you had a
          boyfriend coming down. We'd better
          get on outta here. Don't want to
          ruin date night.

          Yeah, yeah. Date night.


          Date night...

          You know what I think. I think
          you're lying. There's no
          boyfriend. No man in his right
          mind would leave a girl like you
          all up here on your own.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 24A.


          No he's coming. He had to work. I
          told you he'll be here soon.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 25.
          Johnny turns to her.

          Yeah, well so will Santi Clause.
          Andy and Stanley are loving every minute of this. Matthew
          leans against the wall, his eyes on the floor.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Come here. Have a drink with me.

          No, look. I have the money--
          Andy slingshots the thong right at Jennifer. It lands at her

          What's a matter? Too good to drink
          with us?

          Please, I don't want to.
          Johnny raises his eyebrows. The bottle is partially empty.


                         (TO JENNIFER)
          Uh, what's this? It's already been

                         (TO OTHERS)
          See, she don't want to drink with
          us. What are we, dirt?

          I didn't say that.
          Andy walks over and sits down at her desk, clicks around the
          screen, begins reading aloud from the text...


          .No one wants a phone call at 2
          o'clock in the morning. When
          you're fifteen it's a prank call,
          when your twenty it's a drunk
          boyfriend call, but after twenty
          five, it's usually real bad news.
          That's how I found out my father

          Whose daddy died?





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 26.

          Can you all please leave me alone?!
          Meanwhile, Stanley putters around the kitchen, opening and
          closing the cabinet doors, knocking stuff around. He finds a
          pack of rice cakes. He shoves one in his mouth, winces,
          spits it out.

          Damned cardboard. You eat this

          You should! Do you some good.
          Andy turns from the desk, strikes a match and flicks it at

          Look, can you just tell me what you
          want? What do you want? I offered
          you money.
          Johnny stubbornly holds out the bottle of vodka. Andy
          giggles. He finds this quite funny.


                         (EXTENDING BOTTLE)

          Fine, if you'll leave I'll take a
          Jennifer studies the bottle and finally accepts it. Drinks a
          small sip. They all start booing.

          Come on. You can do better than
          that. I bet when you're out there
          with your city friends you can throw
          'em back with the best of them.

          I took the drink, now you--

          I said drink it!
          Jennifer grows increasingly nervous and reluctantly takes a
          nice swig. Then chokes and gags. They all cheer.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 27.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          See? Now was that so bad?
          Johnny takes the bottle back and takes a swig himself.

          Look, I'm sorry if I embarrassed
          you the other day, but we're even
          now, right? Okay. Please. Leave.
          Andy and Stanley plop themselves down on the couch and prop
          their feet up on the wood and glass coffee table.

          Oh... that's not what this is

          Then what is this about?
          Johnny jumps down from the counter. He stands in front of
          Jennifer, towering over her.

          I want to see your teeth.
          As if the air is sucked out of the room. Jennifer stares at
          him, not even sure she heard him correctly.
          Matthew snaps the rubber band harder. He moves to the far
          corner of the room and tucks himself against the wall.

          Wha... what?

          You heard me, show Horse. Show me
          your teeth.

          That's... I'm not going to...
          please leave.

          (quiet, but firm)
          Show the teeth...
          Andy walks over and hands Johnny the small wooden bat he used
          to kill the fish. Johnny smacks it against his palm.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          .or lose the teeth.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 27A.
          Andy walks back to the couch and flicks another match at
          Jennifer. She recoils with fear as she reluctantly gives a
          half-smile, her teeth clenched together.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 28.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          No. Put two fingers in the side of
          your mouth. Then two fingers in
          the other side... and pull.
          Jennifer looks at Johnny like he's seriously disturbed as
          Johnny slaps the bat against his hand punctuating his point.
          Jennifer puts her fingers in her mouth. She pulls her lips
          away from the gums, spreading them grotesquely. It's
          completely humiliating. Jennifer stops.

          Now please... I'm begging you...
          Johnny slides off the counter.

          Uh, uh. Again.
          Jennifer reinserts her fingers and pulls. Johnny reaches
          into her mouth and grabs a hold of her two front teeth with
          his thumb and forefinger.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Alright. Good girl, Show Horse.
          Johnny pulls down on Jennifer's teeth, forcing her to the
          floor. Jennifer looks as if she's about to cry, near her on
          the ground is the broken glass.
          Stanley and Andy needle each other like schoolboys. Matthew
          shuffles nervously, clearly uncomfortable at being there.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          I'll tell you something
          sweetheart... know why you ain't
          got no boyfriend?... 'Cause all
          them city guys are faggots.
          Johnny turns to her.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          But uh... since he isn't here.
          Johnny pulls out his revolver.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          This is your man.
          He moves closer to her, rubbing the gun against her cheek,
          her chin. The blood drains from her face as -





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 29.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Why don't you give him a kiss-
          With terror in her eyes, Jennifer quickly kisses the gun-

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Nah, not like the peck you gave
          Matthew... let's see a real kiss.
          He slides the barrel into Jennifer's mouth. Jennifer gags
          instinctively. Johnny holds the back of her head, not
          allowing her to pull away, and offers some "encouragement."

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Breathe through your nose. Breathe
          through your nose like it was your
          first time.
          Johnny pulls the gun out just a tiny bit and pushes it back
          into her cheek, causing it to bulge out.
          Naturally, Stanley and Andy both find this hysterical.
          Especially once Jennifer begins to cry.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                         (TO JENNIFER)
          On your knees.
          Jennifer complies. Johnny holds the gun in front of his
          crotch and again forces it into Jennifer's mouth.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          if I don't like your enthusiasm, I
          may cum early.
          (cocks the gun)
          And that's something you really
          don't want.
          Jennifer has no choice. She begins to fellate the gun, as
          deep as she can take it without gagging.
          Johnny closes his eyes and feigns pleasure. Finally, he's
          had enough. He retracts the gun as Jennifer recoils, gags.
          Her eyes begin to scan the cabin for any way out of this hell
          as Andy stands up from the couch.

          My turn.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 29A.

          Come on, let Matthew have a go.
          It's his girlfriend and he hasn't
          even wet his whistle yet.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 30.

          I...I ddd...don't want to.
          Johnny walks up to Matthew, angrily, and slaps him across the
          face. He points to Jennifer.

          What do you mean you don't want to?

          sh...she likes me... she kissed me.
          Now shut up and prove it.
          Matthew holds his fist against his face.

          Aw, fuck it. I ain't waiting.
          Andy grabs the VODKA BOTTLE. He walks over to Jennifer,
          still on her knees, and positions the bottle right in front
          of his crotch.

                         ANDY (CONT'D)
          Suck it, bitch.
          Jennifer opens her mouth and moves her head toward the
          bottle. As she maneuvers the bottle-neck into her mouth, her
          eye catches a large shard of glass next to Andy's boot.
          As soon as Andy turns around to smile at his friends,
          Jennifer grabs the bottle and cracks it upside his kneecap.
          Andy immediately grabs his leg and falls to the floor.
          The guys start laughing as--
          Jennifer leaps up from the floor and rushes over to her
          purse. She quickly pulls out a canister of mace -
          Before the guys even register what is happening Jennifer is
          racing at Stanley --
          As he brings the camera down he's met with a spray of mace.
          He clutches his face, screaming in pain --
          And like that - Jennifer is out the back door.

          35 EXT. CABIN - DAWN 35

          Jennifer leaps over the porch steps and sprints across the
          backyard as the first light creeps through the trees. Within
          seconds, she's in the woods.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 31.

          36 EXT. WOODS - DAWN 36

          Jennifer runs for all she's worth. Every few yards, she
          looks behind her, just to make sure that no one is chasing
          her. The morning light now fully visible. Then, just as she
          turns back around, Jennifer smacks right into something and
          goes sprawling.
          When her vision comes into focus she sees the side of a shiny
          black boot. Next to it, the long slim barrel of a shotgun.
          Jennifer looks up at the figure.

          Whoa, whoa, whoa there. Easy
          The Figure extends his hand. As Jennifer reaches for it, she
          sees his jacket pull away from his chest, revealing a silver
          badge. She's found SHERIFF STORCH, a small town sheriff with
          a small town charm that can easily be confused as smarmy.

          Help me. Please!
          Standing next to the Sheriff, also holding a hunting rifle,
          is Earl. Earl looks over at the Sheriff.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Okay, okay, I gotcha.
          The Sheriff helps Jennifer to her feet.

          I know this one. She rented the
          place down on Mockingbird Trail.

          I was assaulted! They broke into
          the cabin! They had a gun-
          Jennifer breaks down again.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Ma'am, please, you have to calm
          But Jennifer is hysterical, desperately holding back tears.

          In my mouth! He put a gun in my
          mouth! You don't understand...





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 32.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Ma'am, It's okay. I'm the Sheriff.
          You need to take a deep breath and
          tell me what happened.
          Jennifer forces herself to take a deep breath and manages to
          pull herself together.

          Four men. It was four of them.
          They broke into my cabin... They
          assaulted me!
          Earl just watches not knowing what to do.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Are you hurt? Do you need a
          Jennifer shakes her head.

          Okay, good. That's good. Did you
          get a good look at them? Can you
          ID 'em?

          Yes, I'd seen them before.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Around here?

          At the service station right
          outside of town. They work there.

                         SHERIFF STORCH

                         (TO EARL)
          John Miller no doubt.

          Yes. They called him Johnny.
          There was a heavy set guy too--

                         AND --
          Sheriff Storch shakes his head and rolls his eyes.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 33.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Sounds like them boys been up to no
          good. Alright Earl. You best head
          on back. Me and Miss...

          Hills. Jennifer Hills.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Me and Miss Hills are gonna head on
          over to the cabin and straighten
          'em out.

          37 BRT. CABIN - DAY 37
          Sheriff Storch and Jennifer pull up to the cabin. They both
          get out of the cruiser. With his double barrel shotgun in
          hand, Sheriff Storch begins walking up toward the porch.

          38 INT. CABIN - DAY 38 

          Sheriff Storch and Jennifer enter the cabin. It appears

                         SHERIFF STORCH

          Miller? Miller, this is the
          Sheriff. if you and your boys are
          still in there, you come on out
          right now.
          Sheriff Storch disappears into the kitchen for a second...
          then back out as he makes his way over to the foot of the
          stairs. He looks up the staircase.

          Miller, if you're up there, you'll
          be leaving by the window.
          No answer. Sheriff Storch looks at Jennifer.

          Stay here.
          Sheriff Storch heads up the stairs. Jennifer, uncomfortable
          at being left alone, backs away to the wall. Every noise,
          every foot step makes her shiver.
          After a few seconds, the Sheriff comes back to the top of the





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 34.

          It's empty.
          He walks back down.

          No sign of 'em. If they were here,
          they're gone now.
          Sheriff Storch makes his way through and walks back into--

          39 INT. CABIN, KITCHEN - DAY 39

          Jennifer follows him and watches as he inspects it closely.
          His eyes fall on the box of liquor bottles.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          You here alone? 


                         SHERIFF STORCH

                         (RE: LIQUOR)
          With all this?

          I wasn't going to drink it all this
          weekend. I... I planned on being
          here for a couple of months.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Drink some tonight?

          Yes, well, they were. They forced
          me to.
          He moves away and walks back through the cabin.
          As he does, he spots the glass shattered on the floor... and
          the nearby THONG and BRA that Andy flung at her.
          Takes a long hard look at them, then looks back up to

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          One of them, he was up there, went
          through everything.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 35.
          Sheriff Storch taps the broken glass with his thick boot.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          (pointing to the glass)
          They do this, too?

          Please, I don't care about those
          things. They shoved a gun in my
          Jennifer breaks down again as the Sheriff moves toward her. 

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Okay, okay Ma'am. It's okay now.
          Them boys are gone. You're safe
          Jennifer nods to him, still shaken. Storch looks to the lock 
          on the back door. 
          He walks toward the back door and turns the dead bolt back 
          and forth.

          (re: back door)
          Was this locked?

          Yes. Of course.

          40 EXT. CABIN - DAY 40 

          Sheriff Storch steps onto the porch. Jennifer follows.
          Sheriff Storch looks down and sees the dead bird at his feet.
          He pokes it with the barrel of his shotgun.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          How long you been here?

          Just a few days.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Anything strange happen before
          this? You have a run in with any
          of these guys?

          No. Not really. I stopped for gas
          and directions.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 36.

          41 INT. CABIN - DAY 41

          Back inside, Sheriff Storch hooks his fingers into his belt
          and continues to look around.
          His eyes casually fall upon the roach sitting in the ashtray.
          He picks it up and smells it.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Ma'am, is this your marijuana
           Suddenly, Jennifer realizes that simple possession might not
          go over in this small town like it does in Manhattan.

          Uh... The men probably
          left it.
          Sheriff Storch walks over to Jennifer until he's standing
          directly in front of her.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          You mean to tell me that one of
          these guys was wearing lipstick?
          Storch holds up the roach. Jennifer notices the lipstick
          smear on the rolling paper. She casts her eyes downward.

          This ain't the big city.
          Sheriff Storch stands uncomfortably close. Slowly, he walks
          closer up to Jennifer's face, stares into her eyelids. Pulls
          down one of them. Then the other. Then his gaze falls down
          to her chest... her ample cleavage. His stare lingers a bit
          too long.

          Please, I swear. I didn't make it
          up. I may have smoked a joint, but-
          Sheriff Storch lifts his walkie-talkie to his mouth.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          (into the walkie-talkie)
          This is Sheriff Storch. I'm at the
          Mockingbird Cabin. I gonna need
          some backup.
          The words out of the Sheriff's mouth seem almost surreal.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 37.


                         (BECOMING FRANTIC)
          Backup? What could you possibly
          need back up for? I'm the victim.
          Sheriff Storch holds up his hand, cutting her off.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Ma'am. You've been drinking and
          smoking marijuana, and you got
          enough alcohol here to put our
          whole town three sheets to the
          wind. You're running around in
          your nighty at the crack of dawn...
          You need to see this from my point
          of view.

          What?! They were here! They
          assaulted me! You've got to
          believe me!

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          I just want to get to the bottom of
          it. You're making serious
          accusations bout' boys I've know
          since they was kids, and you 
          haven't been all together truthful
          now have you?

          Now please, against the wall.
          Angry and ashamed, Jennifer walks over and places her palms
          against the wall, her legs pressed tightly together.
          Sheriff Storch inches up behind her. He taps the inside of
          her thigh with his shotgun.

          Shoulder width apart, face to the
          Jennifer has no choice but to comply.
          He pats up and down Jennifer's side. When he gets to the
          swell of her breast, he slides his hand to the front ever so
          slightly. Jennifer reflexively turns--

          Face to the wall!
          Sheriff Storch puts his hand to the side of her face and puts
          it to the wall. Jennifer cringes.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 37A.
          Then he kicks her leg out wide with a firm Boot as he starts
          to frisk her entire body, creeping his hands ever so close to
          her crotch.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 38.

          I want the whole story, now. The
          whole thing.

          Start with telling me what those
          boys did.
          A long, dreadful beat hangs in the air as--

          JOHNNY (O.S.)
          Yeah, and tell the truth, show
          Jennifer snaps her head around again to see Johnny enter the
          cabin as Andy and Stanely push Matthew in front of them.
          Johnny walks over to Jennifer. He stands next to the

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Better yet, let's show him. As I
          recall, those pretty little lips
          couldn't get enough.

                         SHERIFF STORCH

                         (MOCK SURPIRSE)
          Sheriff Storch then takes the barrel of his shotgun and
          pushes down the top of Jennifer's blouse.
          Jennifer's paralyzed as he runs the shotgun across her


                         (TO JENNIFER)
          They do this to you?
          Jennifer is too terrified to speak. Sheriff Storch then
          slips the shotgun down between her legs.

          I asked you a question.
          Jennifer trembles with fear.


          Show him those teeth, Show Horse.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 38A.
          Sheriff Storch brings the gun back up to her mouth - slides
          it under Jennifer's top lip and pushes it up.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 39.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          With her top lip forced up by the barrel of the shotgun,
          Jennifer can only make a GRUNTING noise. Sheriff Storch
          takes the shotgun out of Jennifer's mouth and places it flush
          against the side of her head. He pushes her to the floor.
          Jennifer lets out a YELP as she falls.

          I said, whinny.
          Jennifer makes a pathetic SOUND. Not really a whinny, but
          more of a half-cry, half-snort. Naturally, this amuses Andy
          and Stanley -- who is, of course, filming it -- to no end.

          Oh, man. Oh, man.

                         SHERIFF STORCH

                         (TO JENNIFER)
          On your knees. And keep going.
          Jennifer gets to her knees. As instructed, she whinnies,
          interspersed with sobs. Johnny slaps her ass viciously.

          Keep whinnying!
          Jennifer looks up at Sheriff Storch with pleading eyes.
          Sheriff Storch picks her up by her hair but--
          Jennifer comes up swinging -- connecting with the Sheriff's
          face. The slightest scratch across his lip.
          Sheriff Storch turns beet red. He backhands her across the
          face sending her back down to the floor. A thin line of
          blood flows from her nose. The Sheriff looks over to Johnny,
          licks his lip and nods his head.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Think you outta tame this little
          mare of yours.
          Johnny takes the Sheriff's lead.

          Alright, come on, Show Horse. Get
          up. Or you won't get a sugar cube.
          Jennifer struggles to her feet. She stands in front of them,
          defenseless. Johnny grabs her hair and pulls her head far
          back. She lets out a half-moan.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 40.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)

                         (TO MATTHEW)
          Take off your clothes. We're about
          to pop your cherry.
          Matthew shakes his head. His wrist is not beat red from the
          rubber bands. Snap!

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          I'm not asking, now cut that rubber
          band shit faggot.

          Come on, Matthew. You want to talk
          the talk, then walk the walk, you
          Johnny flicks open a pocket knife. He tickles Jennifer's
          bottom lip with the blade, then gently runs it down her chin,
          past her neck, and between her breasts, just before stopping
          at the waistband, then he slices the waistband of her pants -
          her pants drop to the floor.


                         (TO MATTHEW)
          Do it now. Or else I slice her
          chin to cunt.
          This gets Matthew moving. A few seconds later, he's in his
          boxer shorts, with his hands crossed in front of his crotch.
          Johnny grabs him and throws him up against the wall. He then
          yanks his boxers down. Matthew immediately covers up his

          Matthew, what the hell? It's not
          even hard!
          Matthew sweats profusely.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Well, maybe it's not totally his
          fault. After all, she's not doing
          much to get his motor running.
          Sheriff Storch looks back to Jennifer.

          Jennifer begins to cry again.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 41.

          Stop it. Or else I'll really give
          you something to cry about. Now
          dance for the boy...
          Jennifer starts to dance in the middle of the room. It is
          sad, pathetic, and downright frightening.

          Come on. Move that rear of your's
          Show Horse. Prance for us.
          Sheriff Storch stalks around her, taking it all in, then he
          walks back in closer to her, in her face.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          You dance like that in those city
          Jennifer closes her eyes. Tears stream down her face.

          She dance like that they'd throw
          her butt to the curb.

          Prance like you mean it. Like you
          do when you want to get laid.
          With a swift, hard backhand, Sheriff Storch smacks her ass
          and hard.

          That'll get her moving.
          The guys hoot and holler. Except for Matthew, who looks as
          if he too is about to cry.

          Ok..kkay, I'll it.
          Matthew walks slowly over to Jennifer. With no warning,
          Matthew takes Jennifer's face in his hands and kisses her.
          The men HOWL with sadistic glee. Jennifer slaps him right
          across the face, then she tries to run but--
          Sheriff Storch forces her to the ground. He walks up to

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Don't waste my time you thickheaded





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 42.
          Johnny pushes Matthew down on top of her.
          Jennifer instinctively swings and connects with Matthew's
          face - He recoils in pain - but the guys cheer him on as they
          decide to help him out. Andy tears open her shirt, Johnny
          yanks down her panties. Jennifer claws and kicks at all of
          them as she desperately tries to fight him off.

          Get her legs!
          Sheriff Storch kneels down and holds Jennifer's arms above
          her head. Johnny takes one leg; Andy takes the other.
          Matthew moves on top of her. Jennifer lets out an inhuman
          SCREAM, the vocal culmination of it all.
          ON JENNIFER'S FACE: Her eyes are tightly shut as she goes in
          and out of focus.
          Suddenly, a cell phone RINGS. Sheriff Storch looks down at
          his pocket, then over to Stanley.

          Put that thing down and hold her
          arms, keep her quiet.
          Stanley places the CAM on top of the table - it's still
          getting everything.
          Sheriff Storch walks a few paces away from the rape. He
          looks down at the screen of his phone.
          On the PHONE is a photo of an angelic little girl with the
          banner of CHASTITY. Storch presses a button.


                         (INTO PHONE)
          Hello, Angel.

          CHASTITY (V.0.)
          Hi, Daddy. You at the station?
          Jennifer SCREAMS out. Sheriff Storch keeps his attention on
          the phone call.

                         SHERIFF STORCH

                         (INTO PHONE)
          No, Angel. Out on a call.
          WIDESHOT: In the foreground, Sheriff Storch speaks casually
          to his daughter. In the background, Jennifer's legs are the
          only visual cues of the struggle that goes on right behind.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 43.

          CHASTITY (V.0.)
          Oh, sorry.

                         SHERIFF STORCH

                         (INTO PHONE)
          It's okay. You need something?

          CHASTITY (V.0.)
          Daddy it's Sunday. You always make
          breakfast before church.

                         SHERIFF STORCH

                         (INTO PHONE)
          Yeah, yeah... well, Daddy's busy,
          Angel. Tell mother I'm running a
          little late.
          Sheriff Storch stares at the phone for a second, then slides
          the phone back into his pocket. As he turns back around
          Jennifer, with all her strength, bucks Matthew off.
          The guys start laughing hysterically.
          She finally gets her hands free and lands a barrage of
          punches in Matthew's face.

          Jesus, Matthew. You're getting
          your ass whooped by a girl!
          Matthew snaps: He wraps his hands around her neck and begins
          pumping away like a lunatic. For some reason, the anger
          allows him to perform.
          Jennifer struggles to breathe. Luckily, before all oxygen to
          her brain is cut off, Matthew stops. He SCREAMS as he
          finishes. His hands fall from her neck as he collapses on
          top of her.
          The MEN all cheer as Matthew staggers to his feet -- weak.
          He looks like he could throw up -- and he does - right off to
          the side as the others just lose it!
          Jennifer curls herself into a ball and SOBS.

                         SHERIFF STORCH

                         (TO MATTHEW)
          You can thank us later.
          Matthew recovers, gets up and runs to the bathroom. Johnny
          points to the vomit.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 44.


                         (TO STANLEY)
          Clean this shit up.

          Make her do it.


          Just do it you piece of shit!
          Jennifer grabs the end of the coffee table and forces herself
          up. She steadies herself, keeping one hand on the wall, and
          stumbles to the back door. Surprisingly, none of the men
          attempt to stop her. They don't even look in her direction.
          Jennifer staggers out the back door, trying to catch her
          breath as she fearfully stumbles off into the woods.

          42 EXT. WOODS - DAY 42 

          Like a zombie, Jennifer shuffles through the woods, oblivious
          to the cold air, rocks, thorns, mud, as her bare feet move
          her along.
          She desperately continues on through, looking for a way out.
          But in her state, she has no sense of navigation. She
          continues to lose herself further and further into the
          As she finally steps into the clearing, the melancholy notes
          of a harmonica shatter the stillness... She's made her way to-

          43 EXT. FISHING HOLE - DAY 43

          Andy sits on a log blowing softly into the harmonica as the
          rest of the guys lounge around casually as if they
          instinctively knew she'd end up here. Jennifer is too
          shocked to move, too tired to cry.
          Jennifer tries to escape but Johnny stops her. He grabs her
          by the shoulders and throws her to Andy who smacks her down
          in the shallow water. Andy pounces down on her back.
          Stanley kneels down right in front of Jennifer's face. He
          places the MiniDV cam only a few feet in front of her. He
          then turns the LCD so it's facing Jennifer -- so she can
          actually watch herself being abused.
          Andy pulls her eyelids wide open and holds them there.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 44A.

          You ever get mace in your eyes,
          bitch? It smarts.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 45.
          Andy shoves her face down into the water - then pulls her up.
          ON MINIDV CAM: Eyes pried wide open, Jennifer gags as the
          dirty water pours from her nose - mouth - she desperately
          tries to breathe --
          Andy shoves her face down again and again as Stanley films.

                         STANLEY (CONT'D) 
          Hold her head down! Hold it down!! 

          Alright. This filly's got a few
          more races to run--
          Sheriff Storch approaches Jennifer. Although she can't even 
          turn around, she senses their presence.
          Storch gets down into her face.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          I hope you got some fight left in
          you. I like it rough.


                         (BARELY AUDIBLE)
          Please. Please. I'm... so hurt...
          Sheriff Storch spits onto the ground.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Not to worry Darlin'. I'm an ass
          Sheriff Storch takes off his belt and unbuckles his pants.
          He kneels down behind her..
          Jennifer SHRIEKS as her face contorts with a completely new
          level of pain as her head is thrust back down.
          Then, out of the corner of her eye, Jennifer catches a
          glimpse of the Sheriff's GUN, still sitting in its holster.
          Her eyes immediately go to Stanley who's busy swapping out
          the MINI-DV tape and replacing it with a new one--
          Then she sees Matthew leaning against a tree, a vacant look
          in his eye twisting a rubber band through his fingers.
          Andy site on is ass, playing his harmonica... Her eyes
          continue to scan the area for Johnny who's nowhere in sight.
          Then immediately her eyes dart back to the GUN.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 45A.
           As Jennifer's body is being jerked back and forth, she
          reaches - and reaches - closer with each stretch when--





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 46.
          A heavy work boot comes down on her hand, crushing it.
          Jennifer looks up.
          Johnny glares down at her, then unzips his pants as he moves
          in closer to her face.

          No teeth Show Horse. No teeth.
          Her vision grows hazy. The sky, water, and ground all seem
          to meld together.

                         TO BLACK:

          BACK IN ON:

          44 EXT. FISHING HOLE - LATER 44

           Cruel laughter brings Jennifer back to. Somehow she manages
           to lift her head to see Stanley pulling up his pants.

           Wow, Stanley, 30 seconds. Must be
           a record for you.

          Don't you know you should wait for
          the lady?

          Bitch was too tight, even after
          ya'll... Sides, she's all bloody...
          I wanted to finish up.

          Right and we thought Matthew here
          was gonna be the pussy. 

          Don't be so proud of yourself Andy.
          I clocked you at just over two
          Jennifer musters up her last ounce of strength and gets to
          her feet. The men all stare, impressed at her resolve.
          Jennifer's torn clothes hang loosely off her body as she
          staggers away and wanders aimlessly away from them. It's a
          miracle she can even walk.
          She continues until the forest ends and she comes upon a--





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 46A.

          45 EXT. WOODS - DAY 45

           She staggers up to the edge of the woods and comes to a
           clearing, she leans on a tree and sobs hysterically, breaking

          AA45 EXT. BRIDGE, TREES - DAY AA45

           Ahead of her a dirt road leads to a small bridge and an open 
          Painfully she staggers towards the bridge, her beaten and
          bruised body pained with each step.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 47.
          The others appear behind her. They laugh at her as she
          continues further down the bridge.

          A45 EXT. BRIDGE - DAY A45

          Jennifer doesn't bother to turn around. She continues down
          the bridge, looking at the rushing water on both sides.
          She moves to one of the railings.
          The Sheriff looks at her and cocks the shotgun.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Sorry. it was fun while it lasted.

          Yeah, too bad we have to put you
          down, Show Horse.
          in a final act of defiance, Jennifer falls back off the
          bridge and into the murky, moving water.
          immediately, the men rush to the edge of the bridge.
          The Sheriff's gun cocked and ready-- Tracking down the water -
          Not a sign.
          They all look down, waiting, still nothing.

          Where'd she go?

          She's gotta come up for air

          Current's got her. Shit, in her 
          condition she's already drowned.
          Johnny looks to the Sheriff who's gun is trained on the water
          waiting for something... anything.

          Sheriff Storch pulls back his gun, and adjusts his hat, deep
          in thought.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 47A.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          All you get your butts down there,
          check under the bridge, both banks,
          in the trees right now.
          They all look at him. 

          I ain't got my waders... 

                         SHERIFF STORCH 
          I said right fuekin' now before I 
          throw you over! 

          46 EXT. BRIDGE -- DAY 46 

           The guys have returned. They are all muddy and wet. Storch 
           stands stoic still looking down at the water. He turns to 


                          SHERIFF STORCH 
           Listen up. 'Bout six miles 
           downstream the creek ends in
           Hendersonville. somewhere between 
           here and there we're gonna find
           her. We split up. We check the 
           banks, in the timber, under a rock, 
          hell if you see a hole big enough
          for a rat I want it checked out.
          And don't stop 'til you find me a

          Don't just stand there, get! 


          Six miles, Sheriff? She's at the
          bottom of the river. She's gator
          bait. I think we should just let
          it go.
          A single vein pulses in Sheriff Storch's temple. He grabs
          Stanley by the collar.

                         SHERIFF STORCH

                         (PURE RAGE)
          YOU think? You don't have a
          fucking thought.






          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 47B.

          You just shut your trap and do
          every goddamned thing I say. I got
          a wife a kid and one in the oven.
          There is no way that I'm going to 
          let anything happen to them because
          you're too stupid and too sloppy to
          clean up your fuckin' mess.
          The weight of the Sheriff's words register on all of them...
          except Matthew who oddly enough has started to come around --
          as if he just woke up in the middle of this nightmare.

          She slipped and fell!
          Matthew stands up, nervous, jittery, coming unglued.

                         MATTHEW (CONT'D)
          None of us touched her. I saw it.
          She was just... it was an accident.
          Johnny rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Can someone get this dipshit outta
          my face! I don't need none of you
          screwing the pooch on this, least
          of all numbnuts over there.
          Sheriff Storch lets go of Stanley's collar and gives it a
          quick pat, almost like an imperceptible apology for his

          Now let's move... find me a body!

                         46 OMITTED 46





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 48.


           The reservoir is much calmer at these parts. Sheriff stands
           on watch as-
           Stanley and Andy come from the water in waders having just 
           searched the water.
          Matthew stands where they just came from. He stays, staring
          at the swamp like water as if Jennifer was somewhere in 
          Johnny finishes off a cigarette and flicks it.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 49.

          Nothing. Not a damn thing.

          Well, what now?
          Storch takes another look down the river, scanning it.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          The body'll turn up. One way or
          another. Every day we check the
          ravine, from the bridge, straight 
          through down here, then back. Two
          shifts a day until we find 
          something. 'Cause with no body, 
          you're all as fucked as she is.

          For how long?

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          'Til I say! Okay?! Andy, you go
          back to the cabin and get rid of her
          shit. All of it! Burn it. And we
          need to sanitize that place
          something good. I don't want so
          much as a stray hair left.

                         (TO JOHNNY)
          Get her car to the shop. Strip it
          down to its last damn nut.

          I'll buff out the serial numbers
          too. Sell the parts at salvage.
          Storch nods in approval as his eyes wander to the camera.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          .and give me that.
          Sheriff Storch rips the camera from Stanley's hands. He
          pulls out the tape.
          He throws the tape to the ground and stomps on it, smashing
          it to bits. Stanley opens his mouth to say something, thinks
          better of it, and closes it quickly.

          The fuck were you saving that for

          Swear to Christ.






          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 50.

          I need all you on point. I mean,
          on fuckin' point. We clear?

          Now let's go, we got shit to do.
          Matthew continues to stare off into the distance, waist deep
           in the water. 
          48 ER's. WOODS - DUSK 48 
          CLOSE UP on a match. Dirty fingers pull the match across the
          flint on the side of a matchbox. The match explodes to life.
          A hand drops the match on top of Jennifer's belongings: her
          clothes, laptop, the dry goods she purchased at the store.
          It's all piled up on the grass.
          Johnny, Stanley, and Andy watch quietly as the flames and
          smoke from the fire reach into the sky. Andy throws a metal
          container of gasoline onto the ground.

          So that's everything. Right down
          to her little tit sling.

          And there was no trace at all?
          Nothing in the woods? In the
          Andy shakes his head. Stanley rubs his eyes hard.

          I'm starving, man.

          Well ain't that the headline. Soon 
          as we finish this and haul her car
          into the garage, you can stuff your
          face 'til you puke.

                         (TO ANDY)
          What the hell happened to Matthew?

          Idiot wanted to stay there. He was
          walking around in the water,
          looking for her like some crazed
          dog after a bone.

          Jesus Christ. He's not playing
          with a full deck as it is.






           ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 50A.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          The last thing we need is him
          getting squirrelly on us.
          (looks at the two of them)






           ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 51.

                         JOHNNY (CONT-D)
          We all got to make sure he keeps it
          together, okay?

                         (THEY NOD)
          Least until all this shit blows
          The flames rise up and engulf her remaining personal items.


          Sheriff Storch pulls up to his house. He parks in the
          driveway and gets out of his car.
          He walks slowly up to his front door. Just as he reaches out
          to grab the door handle, the front door opens. MRS. STORCH
          is there to greet him.

          MRS. STORCH
          Gone all day. I got nervous.
          Anything worth telling?


          Mrs. Storch closes the door behind them. Chastity races from
          her room holding a piece of paper.

          Daddy! Daddy!
          Sheriff Storch picks up his daughter and kisses her head.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Just the usual, domestic dispute
          out near Clifton. Took forever.

          Got anything on the stove?

          MRS. STORCH
          Sure. I'll reheat it.

                         (RE: CHASTITY)
          You'll be proud.
          Chastity brings forth the piece of paper. Sheriff turns to

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Oh yeah, what am I gonna be proud





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 52.

          I was accepted to the honors
          program, daddy. can you believe
          Sheriff puts her down. Proud.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Of course I can. I expect nothing
          less from my Angel.

          Mommy and I are proud of you. Real

          Alright. I'm gonna shower up.
          Sheriff walks of as Mrs. Storch watches for a second and
          then heads into the kitchen.

          51 EXT. EARL'S PLACE - DAY 51 

          Sheriff Storch's cruiser pulls up to Earl's house and comes
          to a stop in a cloud of dust.

          52 EXT. EARL'S PLACE - DAY 52 

          Sheriff Storch stands on Earl's porch, pounds on the door.

          EARL (O.S.)
          It's open.
          Sheriff Storch pushes open the screen door.

          53 INT. EARL'S PLACE - DAY 53 

          He enters. Immediately, he brings his hand to his mouth and
          coughs violently.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Every time I come in here this
          place gets worse.
          Earl's bent over one of the tanks, elbow-deep in fetid water.

          Yeah, but business gets better.
          That's the trade off.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 53.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Yeah, well, you're lucky I don't
          cite you for being a public health
          Sheriff Storch reaches into his pocket and pulls out a set of
          keys. He holds them in the air and JINGLES them. Earl
          finally looks up, confused.

          Mockingbird Trail.

          Mockingbird Trail, what? -- Oh,
          right, Miss Hills. What happened?
          She left?

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Yeah, I couldn't make heads or
          tails of it. Found marijuana
          cigarettes, case of booze, looked 
          to me like she was a party girl...
          a very wild one.

          Yeah, yeah. I had her pegged from
          minute one. She wreck the place?

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Nah, place is fine. She packed up
          and split.

          My lucky day.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Why's that?

          No refund policy.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Christmas come early. Enjoy it.

          (changes the subject)
          Speaking of early, only a month
          'til quail season. Don't know 
          about you but I'm getting tired of
          shooting squirrels.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Me too.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 54.
          Earl nods. Sheriff tips his hat and walks out.

                         DISSOLVE TO:


          THE CAMERA tilts down from the treeline and falls back on
          Hendersonville. It's serene, peaceful and lonely. 
          Matthew sits in a small boat. He's been patrolling for
          Jennifer's body, but now the boat just sits in the middle of
          the swamp where the river runs out.
          He stares out into the water as we slowly creep closer, and
          closer until we're extremely close on his face, his eyes

          A55 EXT. SERVICE STATION - DAY A55

          POV: A car with two women pulls up to the gas pump. Johnny
          comes out of the garage and saunters over to them.
          Johnny playfully harasses the women. To a casual observer,
          it would seem harmless. But we know it could be the prelude
          to something unspeakable.
          Finally, the women pull away. Johnny walks back into the
          garage, a smug, self-satisfied smile on his face.


          Andy is bent over Jennifer's car, or at least what's left of
          it. At this point, it's nothing more than a shell. He wears
          a welding helmet and is hard at work with a blowtorch.

          (from under the car)
          Round up some tail out there?

          Maybe. Guarantee you they'll be
          Johnny looks up as Stanley stumbles into the garage, holding
          a six pack of beer.

          It's happy hour.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 55.
          Johnny opens his hands, signaling Stanley to toss him a can.
          Andy shuts off the blowtorch and lifts up the helmet.

          Fucking A.
          Johnny cracks open the beer and takes a gulp. He wipes the
          back of his hand across his mouth.


                         (TO STANLEY)
          You bought beer? What'd your
          mother put you back on an
          They all laugh.

          Just figured we deserved a break.
          Andy holds up his beer in a mock toast.

          To your moma.
          Johnny points to Andy, his beer still in his hand.

          Just one, you hear me? Don't need
          you passing out on your watch you
          Andy takes a large sip.

          Heck, just let Matthew take all the
          shifts. He's been down there
          everyday anyway. Even when it's
          not his turn. 
          They all look to one another.

          The fuck's he doing down there?

          I don't know. Last time I saw him,
          he wasn't lookin' too good.
          Maybe we should give him a break.
          Pull him off all together. 





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 56.

          Bullshit. It's been over two
          weeks. I'm tired of searching. If
          she didn't turn up yet, she ain't

          You'll keep lookin' till I tell ya'
          to stop.
           As he turns away there is a bag of Stanley's pork rinds, he 
           grabs it and throws it at Stanley.

                          JOHNNY (CONT'D) 
           Here's your supplies. 
           Andy starts to laugh as Johnny exits. 

          56 EXT. SERVICE STATION - DAY 56

           From a distance we see Andy laughing and Johnny walking off. 

                         57 OMITTED 57

          A57 INT. CABIN - DAY (FORMERLY SCENE 62) A57 

          Matthew stands in the main room staring at the floor - the
          exact place where he raped Jennifer. After a long, drawn out
          moment, he turns and walks to--


          He looks down to the toilet, then the bathtub. He turns
          around accidentally catches his reflection in the mirror.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 57.
          His greasy, unkempt hair hangs in front of his eyes. He
          pushes it to the side and stares at himself for a long time.
          Finally, Matthew reaches to the light switch, he flicks it
          off. Immediately, the room goes dark. But the second it
          JENNIFER is sitting on the bed just like when they first met.


                         JENNIFER --
          Matthew is paralyzed with fear, he tries to turn as a
          grizzly, decayed hand grabs his forehead. Another grabs hold
          of his throat.
          A mouth caked with dirt and dried blood begins to kiss up his
          neck, his face-
          Matthew screams wildly


          The Sheriff's car sits in the driveway. It's dark, but for
          the light from a TV strobing against the drapes.


          All is quiet. Sheriff Storch reclines in his lazyboy. Mrs.
          Storch is on the sofa rifling through a TV journal.
          The phone RINGS. Sheriff Storch lifts his head up. Mrs.
          Storch reaches over and answers.

          MRS. STORCH

                         (INTO PHONE)
          (hands it to him)
          It's Earl.
          Storch takes the phone from her.

                         SHERIFF STORCH

          60 INT. EARL'S PLACE -- NIGHT 60

          Earl fidgets with his tanks, cleaning, scraping algae. But
          you can tell he's nervous about something.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 58.

          Yeah, so, this woman leaves a
          message on the machine. Barbara
          something or other.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Yeah, so...

          She was looking for that Miss
          Hills. Says no one's seen her in
          over a month. Ain't that about when
          she split?

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Yeah, and... you know the story.

          I don't know. I wasn't there. I
          think you should call her back. I
          mean heck, sheriff, you may have
          been the last person to see her.
          The Sheriff's blood starts to boil, he wants to say more, but
          looks to his wife... then controls himself.

                         EARL (CONT'D)

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Okay. I'll give her a call.

          Good. You want the number?

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Nah, It's late. I'll pick it up
          from you in the am. We're still on
          for tomorrow, right?

          Yeah, of course.
          Sheriff Storch hangs up. Mrs. Storch looks up.

          MRS. STORCH
          Is everything okay?

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Just fine.





          19 L5 V MON - I IWO 29
          IV99 60/6Z/OX HKld OAOSI





           ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 59.

          62 OMITTED - NOW 857 62

          63 EXT. WOODS - DAY 63

          BLAM: A SHOTGUN blasts as smoke billows from the barrel. In
          the distance, the shapes of Sheriff Storch and Earl come into

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Can you believe there used to be a
          limit on quail? Goddamn things are 
          like locust now.

          Much to our good fortune.
          Earl points to a nearby log.

                         EARL (CONT'D)
          Let's take a break. My dogs are
          barking something fierce.
          Earl plops down on the log.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          You're getting old, Earl. I
          remember back when you and my old 
          man chased that buck out of the 
          hollows on Stickler's Farm before
          bagging it.


          Those were the good of days.
          Sheriff Storch joins Earl on the log. He reaches into his
          hunting bag and pulls out a bottle of really good whiskey.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Here's to the good of days.
          Earl looks at him, surprised.


                         (RE: BOTTLE)
          Wow, fan-cy. To what do I owe?
          Sheriff Storch smiles, screws off the top, and passes the
          bottle to Earl. Earl takes a swig.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 60.

                         EARL (CONT'D)
          Some damn fine whiskey. Usually
          don't have that 'cept at baptisms
          and weddings.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          And funerals.
          BLAM: -- Earl's chest erupts in a geyser of blood.
          Earl drops to the ground like a rag doll. The bottle falls
          from his grasp. The whisky flows into the dirt.
          Sheriff Storch stands up, clutching his smoking shotgun.

          Loose ends, Earl. Loose ends...
          Sheriff Storch hovers over his prey. Suddenly, Earl's body
          spasms. His eyes flicker and a nauseating gurgle sounds from
          deep in his throat.
          BLAM: -- Sheriff Storch crosses himself -- touching his
          forehead and both shoulders -- turns away from the corpse.

                         64 OMITTED 64

          65 EXT. JOHNNY'S HOUSE, PORCH - DAY 65 

          Johnny and Andy are sitting on the porch in lawn chairs
          drinking beer.
          Both of them turn to see Stanley bounding up to the station
          in a tizzy.

          Jeez look at this.

          Something's spooked the cattle.

          It's gone! It's fucking gone]
          Stanley storms into the garage.

          Jesus, Stanley. Calm down.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 61.

          What the hell's got your nuts tied
          in a sling?
          Stanley is completely out of breath.

          It's gone. My camera. It's gone!
          Andy looks at him, visibly annoyed.

          Maybe you accidentally ate it?

          Fuck off, this is serious!
          Johnny shakes his head.

                         STANLEY (CONT'D)
          it had the tape in it.

          The hell you talking about?

          The tape, Johnny. The goddamn

          Wait a minute. You mean the one
          Storch smashed to bits. That tape?

          He didn't smash shit. I put in a
          new one... Sheriff stomped the one 
          with nothing on it.

          You stupid retard piece of shit.
          You tellin' me you kept the tape?
          Johnny grabs Stanley by the neck and slams him up against a
          car, and begins to Strangle the life out of him.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Where is it?!

          (struggling to breathe)
          I... don't... please--




          i Aaq 'caH
           'VT9 60/6Z/OT XXId J2OSI





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 62.
          Finally, Andy intercedes prying Johnny's hands off Stanley's
          neck. Stanley falls to the ground, gasping for breath.
          Johnny kicks him in the ribcage.

          You're too dumb to know how dumb
          you are. Where's the fuckin'

          (struggling to breathe)
          I had it. Now it's gone.

          Was ya robbed? Or did you leave it

          It was in my place... I swear it.

          Who else knew about it?
          A beat of silence hangs in theair.

          Matthew. I showed it to him.
          Off all their incredulous looks.

                         STANLEY (CONT'D)
          Was trying to cheer him up.

          The kid's barely got one oar in the
          water and you just took it and
          shoved it up his ass.
          Andy walks by Stanley and slaps him in the head for good

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Unfreakin' real. Do you understand
          the world of shit we are all in
          right now.Do you?!

          You think Earl was some hunting
          accident?Either of you?
          Bullshit.Storch is coming
          unglued. We're all in his
          crosshairs.All of us!






           - -s of 94TT 4TUs
           pTdn4s atuos op pua ob noc pua•••
           (a,INOO) XNNHOP
          •VZ9 60/6Z/0t INIL OXOSI





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 63.
          Stanley is still on the ground, making disgusting noises. A
          combination of sobbing, puking, and wheezing.

          You can't tell him Johnny. You
          Johnny ponders for a second.

          Shit for brains here's right. We
          gotta stick together now.

          Please, Johnny. He finds out about
          this... that I had the tape---

          No... no. We don't breathe a word
          of this.
          (points to them both)
          Not a damn word. Sheriff gets wind
          of this, we'll all be having
          "hunting accidents": We clear?
          Johnny slaps Stanley in the head again for good measure.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          in the meantime, find that little
          shitwhit Matthew. Me and him are
          gonna have a talk.

          66 INT. JOHNNY'S HOUSE - NIGHT 66 

          Johnny reclines on his couch, watching TV. One hand is down
          his pants and the other holds a bottle of whisky.
          Suddenly, there's a CRASH at his front door. Johnny looks up
          and puts down the bottle, not overly concerned.

          No answer at the door. Johnny groans and gets off the couch,
          annoyed at being disturbed. He walks over to the front door
          and yanks it open.
          The front porch is empty. Just as he's about to close the
          door, he glances down. There's a dead bird on the stoop.
          Johnny narrows his eyes and looks out into the night. Then
          he closes the door and returns to the couch.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 64.
          But as soon as he picks up the bottle, there's another CRASH
          at the front door. Johnny, now pissed, races to the front
          door and swings it open.
          A second dead bird has joined the first. Without closing the
          door, Johnny backs up into his house.
          A few seconds later, he returns to the front door, pistol in
          hand. He steps out onto the porch.


          Johnny holds the gun in front of him. He pivots slowly from
          side to side, scanning the entire property. No more birds.
          In fact, nothing at all. Dead silence.


          Who's out there?!
          No answer.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Shit ain't funny fuckers!!! See
          how funny a bullet in your ass is!
          When there's still no response -- Johnny finally backs up
          into the house and closes the door.

          68 INT. JOHNNY'S HOUSE - NIGHT 68

          Again, back to the couch. And again, the second his ass hits
          the cushion, another CRASH.

          Got dammit!
          This time, Johnny races to the door and yanks it open,
          cocking the gun on the way and fires into the night.


          Johnny causally looks down - but this time it's not a bird.
          It's a shoe... Jennifer's shoe.
          Johnny bends down and picks it up. He studies it. Frowns.
          Someone's gone too far. Then he hears something scurry off
          in-the distance.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 64A.
          Quickly Johnny gives chase - leaping off his porch and racing
          in the direction of the sound.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 65.
          Johnny stops, listens, and waits. Nothing but silence. He
          turns around in all directions.
          Johnny spits and turns around to walk back and as he does, he
          notices one of Matthew's colored RUBBER BANDS lying in the


                         (UNDER BREATH)
          Son of a bitch.


          Sheriff Storch enters, holding a bouquet of flowers. He
          closes the door behind him and walks in.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Within seconds, Mrs. Storch materializes, apron on and wiping
          her hands on a dish towel.

          MRS. STORCH
          Oh, they're beautiful...
          Sheriff Storch walks over and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          I've been --

          MRS. STORCH
          No need to explain. You just
          buried your close friend. And you
          haven't taken a single day off.
          You're only human.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          I guess.

          MRS. STORCH
          Hey, maybe you can help me while I
          put these in water.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Help with what?

          MRS. STORCH
          We got this tape delivered it don't
          fit our machine. 

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          What tape?





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 66.
          Mrs. Storch scurries over to the coffee table, grabs the
          MINIDV tape and hands it to him.

          MRS. STORCH
          it came this morning...
          But as Storch looks over the tape, the color, the markings...
          no, it couldn't be, he smashed that tape.

          MRS. STORCH (CONT'D)
          I think it might be Chastity's

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Did Chastity see this?

          MRS. STORCH
          No, like I said, we couldn't get it
          to play.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Where is she?

          MRS. STORCH
          Sleeping, why?
          Storch wipes his face with his hand, then shoves the tape
          into his shirt pocket.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          I'll... I'll be back...
          Sheriff Storch quickly turns away from his wife and hurries
          out the door.
          Mrs. Storch stands at the door and watches with growing
          curiosity as the cruiser peels out of the driveway, a cloud
          of dust in its wake.

          71 EXT. JOHNNY'S HOUSE - DAY 71

          Andy and Stanley pull up and get out of the truck as Johnny's
          been pacing.

          So what's all this about, Johnny?
          Johnny takes out Jennifer's shoe and throws it at them. They
          both dodge a hit and look at the shoe on the ground.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 66A.


          Where'd you get that?





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 67.

          Somebody threw it at my fuckin'
          Then snaps Matthew's rubber band at them it hits Stanley who

          Jees, Matthew? Come on--

          Did either of you find that little

          No. No one knows where he is--
          Suddenly, a car SCREECHES up - it's Storch and it looks as if
          he is going to drive his cruiser straight through the fence.

          Ah shit. This ain't good.
          Johnny picks the shoe up.
          Storch blasts out of his car, shotgun in hand. He cocks his
          shotgun and levels it directly at Stanley as he backs him up,
          planting the shotgun into his cheek.

                         STANLEY (CONT'D)

          Please, Sheriff! I didn't do

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Then you want to tell me why this
          was dropped off at my house?! To
          my WIFE!
          Storch shoves the TAPE in Stanley's mouth - gagging him.
          Then turns to Johnny.

          What's on that tape?! Is this some
          kind of fucked up joke? I smashed
          the damn thing myself!

          Nah, genius over here reloaded.
          Tape you smashed had nothing on it.
          Storch looks to Johnny - then snaps his gun towards him.




          Lstu4 4noq Maui nox

                         HOIOSS 33I'DSHS
          '1L9 6O/6Z/O1 )Nld 9XOSI





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 68.

          Hey, I just found out myself.
          Storch swings the gun back to Stanley.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Eat that tape fatboy.
          Andy starts to laugh as Starch trains the gun back on them-

          Shut your pie hole. Think this is
          funny?! I'll have him shit it down
          your throat when's he done eating
          it. Got that boy?
          .LAM; The Sheriff fires a shot into the air. They all jump,
          Stanley covers his ears like it hurt.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          See, there's two kinds of crazy
          people. One likes to get buck
          naked and howl at the moon. The
          other kind does the exact same
          thing, only in my backyard. The
          first kind'I don't have to deal
          with, you know?
          The Sheriff walks right into Stanley's face as he continues
          to chew the plastic.

          The second kind, well... you're in
          my yard. 

          It's Matthew, Sheriff. Stanley kept 
          the souvenir, but Matthew's the
          one that took it.
          The Sheriff backs off a beat, sizes up the situation.
          Johnny brings forth the shoe. Sheriff's eyes seethe with

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          The crazy bastard left me a

          Fucking retard is obsessed with
          her. I think he actually feels





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 6$A.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          You dipshits bring him to me! I'm
          gonna cut his little pecker off and
          use it as a goddamn hood ornament.

                         (TO STANLEY)






          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 69.

          And that's after I'm done shoving
          it up your dirt hole. Now where is
          Storch takes a deep breath. He looks at all of them, fuming.

          We don't know. Isn't coming around

          Much? At all. Kid's fucked three
          ways to Sunday. We can't find him
          and trust me, we been looking.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          You losers couldn't find your own
          asses with both hands and a map.

          You got 24 hours. You understand?
          I will not hesitate. Not for one
          He fixes them all with a steely gaze and loads the shotgun

          72 EXT. CABIN - DAY 72 

          Matthew, disheveled and weary, stumbles up the steps of the
          cabin. We get the feeling that this is almost a daily
          pilgrimage, as if he returns here to assuage his guilt.
          He rests his head on the wooden railing of the porch, for a
          moment it looks as if he's about to cry.

          VOICE (O.S.)
          (from inside the cabin;
          creepy and ethereal)
          Matthew's head snaps up. He's almost certain he imagined it,
          just like he's been imagining many things these days.

          VOICE (O.S.) (CONT'D)

          Who's there?
          Matthew walks cautiously into the cabin.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 70.

          73 INT. CABIN - DAY 73

           But there is no one in sight. Matthew looks around from side
           to side, his eyes wide, filled with madness... . and then, he
           hears it again.

           VOICE (O.S.)
           Math...eeeeeee... . you...
           It's coming from upstairs - Matthew sprints up.

          74 INT. CABIN, UPSTAIRS - DAY 74

          Matthew, wild-eyed and panicked, gets to the top of the
          steps. He takes a heavy breath and then moves into the lone
          bedroom. seconds later he comes out, obviously empty.


          Where are you?!
          Barely a second later, he receives his answer.

          VOICE (O.S.)
          This time, it's definitely coming from downstairs. Matthew
          glances down the staircase. When he sees that nobody is
          waiting at the bottom, he heads down there.
          But once his foot touches the third step, the board gives out
          as Matthew crashes down the steps, ass-over-tea kettle.

          75 INT. CABIN - DAY 75

          MATTHEW'S POV: His vision is completely blurry. He
          struggles to get his bearings as he lays at the bottom of the
          stairs; the side of his head rests on the floor. A thin
          line of blood has already started to run down his cheek.
          Matthew's vision starts to come back into focus as a BLURRY
          IMAGE starts to move away from him. As the IMAGE gets
          further away - it comes into focus - JENNIFER
          We see her now, wounds healed, only the faintest hint of the 
          beating and trauma she went through.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 71.
          Matthew grunts and groans as he tries to get up--


          I... I knew you were alive. I knew it.
          Jennifer turns to him now.

          How do you know, Matthew?
          Matthew props himself up with his hands and manages to get
          into a sitting position.


          How do you know I'm alive? Are you
          sure you're'not dreaming again? 
          Matthew shakes his head quickly from side to side. He's not
          sure of anything any more.

 I dreaming?
          Jennifer pats the couch next to her.

          Come here. Come sit down.
          Matthew staggers to his feet. He's overcome with emotion.

          I... I... need to tell...
          Jennifer holds a single finger to her lips.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 72.

          Shh... it's all okay, Matthew. I
          know that none of this was your
          fault. You tried to help me.

          I did... I really did.

          I know that, Matthew. Now come.
          Matthew sits down next to Jennifer. It's almost as if some
          force is controlling him. Matthew looks into her eyes.
          He leans forwards and rests his head in Jennifer's lap. He 
          finally lets himself go, like a child having a meltdown.


          I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

          (stroking his head)
          Shh...I know. I know you are.
          Matthew's so caught up in the moment, that he fails to notice
          A ROPE from the tool shed with a good SLIT KNOT being snaked
          around his neck.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          But tell me again, Matthew. I want
          to hear how sorry you are.
          Matthew's eyes fly open. Jennifer's hands jerk backwards.
          The rope digs into his flesh. He tries to speak but his
          windpipe can't produce any sound.
          Matthew rolls to the floor, Jennifer never loses her grasp.
          She stands over Matthew, twisting the rope as hard as she
          can. His eyes bulge, the veins in his face protrude--
          Realizing he's about to slip away forever, Matthew displays
          one last burst of strength but Jennifer uses her leverage to
          get her foot on his chest and pulls harder.
          Frightened and furious, Matthew whips Jennifer around again.
          But she refuses to let go.





          ISOXG PINK 10/29/09 73.
          Finally, Matthew's body has had enough. He feet stop kicking
          and just twitch. Then he just gasps like a fish dying out of
          Jennifer bends over Matthew. She's only inches from his
          face. He's alive, but in terrible shape.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          (whispers in his ear)
          Tell me again...
          CLOSE ON: Matthew's mouth. He can't actually speak; his
          voice box shattered. But he mouths the words.


          I'm sorry.

          I'm sorry? That's just not good
          She pulls the slip knot around his neck again and begins to

                         CHOKE HIM--

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Now I want you to cry like a little
          girl for me.
          Matthew begins to wail.

          A75 EXT. CABIN, DAY A75

           Matthews screams echoes out through woods, but his, much like
           Jennifer, go unheard.

                          DISSOLVE TO:

          B75 EXT. WOODS. NIGHT B75

           Silence. A full moon hangs low in the night sky, casting an
           eerie glow over the entire area. A sense of calm restored.

                          DISSOLVE TO:


           Jennifer walks into focus - 
          We see her now, wounds healed, only the faintest hint of the
          beating and trauma she went through.





           ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 73A.
          But in her eyes --- her eyes still tell the whole story. This 
           is no longer the Jennifer we've known. She looks down. 
           ANGLE ON: A BIBLE, the old moldy one from the dilapidated 
           shack. It rests on the windowsill - opened to a passage. 
          CZrO$E ON: Exodus 21:23-25: .And if any mischief follow, 
           than thou shalt give life for life, Eye for eye, tooth for 
           tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for burning, 
           wound for wound, stripe for stripe.. 
          Jennifer looks up. 

           Forgive me father, for I will sin. 

          Andy and Stanley make their way to the falls. They carry
          flashlights, but they're turned off as day has broken.
          Stanley shovels pork rinds into his mouth, and offers some to
          Andy. They are tired, weary, and you get the sense they have
          been looking all night.

          You want some? My last bag.

          No, get that shit out of my face.

          What's your problem?

          I'm tired, I'm hungry--

          I offered you--

          I don't want that shit. I want
          real food, I want my bed, I want
          this bullshit to be over.

          Well the sooner we find Matthew... 

          Yeah, that's right. The sooner we
          find Matthew what?




          Zgeum uPau1 noA op q 'qM

          'SEL 60/6Z/01 XNId JXOSI





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 74.

          Ain't it obvious? We drag that homo 
          back to the sheriff, he's a dead

          So what? Better him than me.


          You kept the tape! We're all
          getting heat for your stupidity!

          Now let's just split up and get
          this over with.
          They both separate. Stanley heads around into the woods,
          Andy heads the other way.


          We're with Stanley as he walks further into the woods, his
          eyes scan in all directions... but there is nothing there.


          We're with Andy as he walks the waterline.

          Then, Andy notices an uneven ripple in the water. He thinks
          nothing of it... until it happens again.
          This catches his eye. Slowly he makes his way over. The
          water has calmed now, but still, Andy has a sense that
          something is not right.

                         ANDY (CONT'D)
          As he gets close to the water - he now sees his reflection...
          He squints his eyes trying to get a better look at what is
          beneath the surface --
          WHOOSH! SOMETHING runs right behind his back - the entire
          reflection caught in the water --
          Andy spins around - as he staggers into the water - no one is
          there... nothing.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 74A.
          just the calm breeze through the trees -- but then a small
          outcrop of bushes rustle as if something just moved through.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 75.
          Andy calms - then makes his way over with purpose-

                         ANDY (CONT'D)
          Only making it worse for yourself,
          Andy picks up his pace as he nears the tree line - right
          where he saw the movement.
          Out of the corner of his eye, he sees another branch swinging
          unnaturally. He races over--
          CLOSER: He can actually hear breathing - it's getting louder-

                         ANDY (CONT'D)



          Jesus! You bastard!
          Stanley laughs so hard he starts to cough -- Just as they're
          about to continue on - the sound of a harmonica breaks
          through. The same eerie tune.

                         ANDY (CONT'D)
          What the--?

          Prick's playing your song.
          He looks at Stanley.

          The hell with the Sheriff, I'm
          gonna kill him myself... MATTHEW!!

          79 EXT. WOODS - DAY 79

          Andy and Stanley run through the woods, trying to find the
          source of the sound.

          You're ass is grass Matthew!! 
          Branches and leaves fly by as Andy barrels through the
          foliage. Stanley tries to keep up, but it's no use.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 76.
          The SOUND changes direction - they look off to see SOMEONE
          flash through the trees.

                         ANDY (CONT'D)
          There he is. That way!

          Matthew! You're a dead man!
          They race off after the sound.

          80 EXT. WOODS - DAY 80 

          They continue on - Stanley doesn't look too good.

          Don't you pass out on me. I ain't
          dragging your ass back.
          Suddenly, the tune stops. Andy stops in his tracks, trying
          to figure out which way to proceed. Suddenly, Stanley hears
          another sound. Crying.

          Hear that?
          They're off again. About fifty yards away, hidden behind the
          trees, is the SHACK. Something slips around the side of the
          structure. Stanley immediately spots what he thinks is

                         STANLEY (CONT'D)

          He's in there all right.

          Good, cause he's coming out in pieces.
          Andy races ahead leaving Stanley trying to catch his breath
          behind him.

          81 INT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DAY 81

          Andy enters. The shack appears as we first saw it, only now
          there are remnants of recent life.

          Matthew! Where the fuck are you!





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 77.
          Under the table is a pile of filthy old clothes. It almost
          looks like... a makeshift pillow.
          He picks up a moldy tin can which once contained some
          preserved meal. He tosses it to the ground.

          82 EXT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DAY 82 

          Stanley waddles out the back of the shack. He stops. About
          twenty yards away and sees JENNIFER leaning against a tree.

          Why you little bitch...
          Stanley races over - Just as Stanley gets close - SNAP!! A
          hidden BEAR TRAP clamps down on Stanley's leg - the pain is
          intense as he screams out - He staggers backwards and falls
          to the ground in agony

                         STANLEY (CONT'D)
          Oh, God! Oh, my fucking God!
          ON ANDY: As he exits the Shack to see Stanley on the ground
          writhing in pain.

                         STANLEY (CONT'D)
          Please! Andy! My fucking leg!
          Andy races over to assist him. As he offers Stanley his
          hand, he notices Stanley's eyes catching a glimpse of someone
          behind him. But as soon as he turns, the wooden BAT, the one
          from the fishing hole, catches him flush across the face!
          He's down and before Stanley knows it she cracks him in the
          back of the head.

                         TO BLACK:

          BACK IN ON:

          83 INT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DAY 83

           Andy's eyes flicker open. He sees a hand wrapping a rusty 
           wire around the contact of an old car battery. Then he looks 
           up and sees a bare light bulb flicker on. 
          He's draped lengthwise over a horse trough so his torso is
          completely over the basin. His arms and legs are secured
          with ropes.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 77A.
          Suddenly, the sound of RUSHING WATER from inside the trough.
          Andy looks down. A dirty hose hangs over the mouth of the
          trough. Brown water flows from it... Filling it.


                         (PAINED SCREAMS)
          Help! Somebody! Help me!





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 78.
          His nose and face are busted - it hurts to scream.
          With the trough filling up quickly, Andy realizes it won't be
          long until the water is above his head.
          He cranes his neck upwards. After all, were he to stay face
          down, he would drown -- just like Jennifer would've.


          STANLEY'S POV: It's Jennifer and in her hand is his video

          I know. You like to watch. Don't
          you. Don't you worry, I'll give 
          you quite a show.
          She sets the camera on top of a tri-pod right in front of his
          face, frames up and hits record. She looks up to him.
          Stanley's arms are tied behind a tree, his head is held in
          position, duct tapped back against the tree.
          His legs are anchored to the ground. The bloody mangled one
          still in the bear trap that bites and gnaws at his leg with
          every move.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Since you like to watch.
          She flips the monitor of the camera toward him just like he
          did to her.
          She stands in front of Stanley's face. Stanley wants to say
          something but his pain is too intense.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D) 
          Can't talk, can you? Well, maybe
          it's because you're hungry.
          Jennifer goes to grabs something behind her.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          You know, you have to eat some real
          nasty shit out here to stay alive.

          Bbbb... bitch! Let me go!
          She grabs his nose and pulls open his mouth shoving a MAGGOT
          INFESTED RODENT into his mouth.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 79.

          What's wrong, you don't like it? I
          prefer the maggots to the meat.
          Jennifer site down next to Stanley. She glances over to the
          monitor to see what he is looking at. Then she reaches over
          and into a burlap sack.
          Stanley stares straight ahead, at the monitor in front of
          Jennifer reaches into the burlap bag and takes out a roll of
          fishing line. Then she takes out a pack of fish hooks.
          Stanley's eyes go wide.
          Jennifer removes the hooks from their package. She holds one
          between her thumb and forefinger and studies the barbed tip.
          Smiling to herself, she threads the hooks with fishing line.

          Wh...what are you doing with that?


          Oh... just some fishing. I know
          how much you guys like to fish.
          Finally, when she's finished, she scurries behind Stanley's
          head. From behind him, she grabs his eyelid and pulls it
          away from the eyeball itself.

          What are you.. Please don't...
          Then she pops the hook through the lid and pulls the fishing
          line back over his head.
          Stanley screams something fierce as she continues to thread
          his eyelid open, slowly, methodically, delivering as much
          pain with every pull of the line, from one eye to the next.
          His eyeballs bulge unnaturally, twitching wildly--
          All Stanley can do is stare ahead and watch himself on the

          I'll be back before you have a
          chance to blink.
          Jennifer stands up and brushes herself off and walks to--
          WITH ANDY: Jennifer comes over and slaps him in the head.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 80.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          How ya' doing sport?

          Please... please... I can't...

          Please? I thought, no, I'm pretty
          sure you said something like
          Jennifer grabs a wad of his HAIR and SMASHES his face into

                         THE WATER-

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Suck it bitch.
          She pulls his head back up.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Does that ring any bells?
          Jennifer gets real close to his ear--

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)

          She slams his head back down and holds it - then up--

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)

          She slams his head back down again and holds it then up--

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Bi tch.
          She holds his head down for a very long time as his body
          struggles - then up.
           Andy gasps for breath as Stanley's screams get louder--

                          JENNIFER (CONT'D)
           I think Stanley's calling me. I'll
           be right back. If you need me-
           She walks off-- 





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 81.
          BACK TO STANLEY: Both eyelids hooked open, blood and tears
          stream down his face, a gruesome sight.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Like the show so far?

          Wait, it gets better.

          Please... Please... My eyes... I
          can't take it anymore... please...

          Let me help you.
          Jennifer takes a slender knife from the bag. Working
          quickly, Jennifer guts a FISH.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Here, this might feel better.
          She leans in and smears the bloody fish guts onto Stanley's


          85 TNT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DAY 85
          The water has filled up the trough and is overflowing. Andy
          struggles to lift his head up to draw a few quick breaths.
          Jennifer climbs onto his back and GRABS his hair pulling his
          head up.

          Don't drown too soon.
          Andy tries to buck her off, gasping for breath, buckling
          under her added weight. Jennifer slams his head back into the
          water, and then up again... then down as she holds it.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Hold it... hold it... hold it...
          Then she pulls his head back up as Andy spits water all over.


          Fuck you... fuck you...





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 82.

          Now is that any way to talk to a
          And back down with his head - it is exhausting to watch.
          WITH STANLEY: As a single CROW shows up by his head.
          He tries to look at the bird to see what it is doing, but he
          can't move.
          ON THE MONITOR: The CROW has jumped onto Stanley's head -
          looking at his eyes -- It begins to peck at them. Stanley


                         ON ANDY:
          Andy continues to struggle. A few seconds later, Jennifer
          returns, carrying a large bucket.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          I'm impressed. You got a lot of
          fight in you. Let's see how you do
          Jennifer brings forth the bucket.

          Wha-- what is that?

          oh, just some lye I found laying

          Jesus, please, what the - no!
          Jennifer pours the lye into the bucket - the fumes make Andy
          gag. But he holds his neck up as long as he can - he does
          not want to put his face down.
          Jennifer come around in front of him.

          Let's see how long you can keep
          that pretty little face of yours.
          Andy strains to keep his head faced at her.

          Fuck you.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 83.

          You already did that. I didn't
          enjoy it much. Now it's my turn to
          fuck you.
          Andy's neck is straining to keep his head out.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          That's an awfully big head you got.
          Your neck must be getting tired.
          Every vein in his neck now bulges. Andy's eyes start to
          water with tears.





          Fuck you.
          Andy's neck gives out dunking his head in the lye bath. He
          writhes with pain as he lifts it back out - BEET RED and


          Jennifer laughs and walks out of the shack as Andy gasps,
          chokes and spits for his life as-
          STANLEY'S head is covered in crows.


          The crows jump all over pecking at Stanley's eyes, his cheeks
          - he is a bloody mess as he lets out a final guttural scream!


          Andy's body continues to writhe in pain. With yet another
          burst of strength he lifts his head out of the lye-bath
          revealing a face burnt red, puffy, oozing puss, skin flaking
          off and his eyes are a ghastly, milky white, pussy, and





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 83A.
          Finally his body stops convulsing. His head and midsection
          drop into the water. Blood seeps up the surface from his


          Stanley is dead. His one eye stares straight ahead. Where the
          other one should be, blood has poured all the way to the


          Andy is dead.


          The house is quiet now. A light bulb flickers from inside.


          Johnny site at his desk, a phone planted to his ear.

          .since when? Since last night...
          No Sheriff, I ain't heard from 'em.
          Johnny notices something in his small surveillance TV.
          ANGLE ON TV: A truck pulls up to the station, a hot woman in
          a skimpy outfit gets out of the truck. She pops the hood
          obscuring her once she does.
          Johnny sits up in his seat.

                         JOHNNY (CONT'D)
          Look, like I said, as soon as
          dipshit or fuckface show up or call
          in, I'll let you know. ASAP. Now I
          got a customer.
          Johnny hangs up and walks out of the station.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 84.


          A truck is parked at the pump. Its hood is up and a woman
          leans over the engine. Her ass is perfectly framed in a
          tight miniskirt, from which two, long flawless legs descend
          into a pair of blood-red high heels.
          Johnny walks over to her, wiping his hands on his bandana as
          the woman shimmies her hips, almost inviting him to approach
          her. And Johnny, being Johnny, doesn't need much.
          Johnny is close enough to touch her. He snickers a bit,
          never taking his eyes off her ass.

          Can I fill it up for you, ma'am?
          The woman wears sunglasses and slowly turns to Johnny.
          Johnny takes a long look from bottom to top - and when he
          gets to her face - it registers - but before he can do
          anything, Jennifer swings a tire iron and catches him right
          across the jaw.
          A handful of teeth, ejected by a spurt of fresh blood as
          Johnny falls face-first into the ground.

          88 INT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DAY 88

          Johnny is buck-naked. His hands are tied tightly together
          and pulled above his head, running through an eye hook that
          has been screwed into one of the shack's wooden beams. His
          eyes flicker.
          Jennifer walks up to him, right to his face.

          JENNIFER (O.S.)
          It's date night.
          Johnny cranes his neck and twists his body to see who's there
          as Jennifer walks out of the shadows. She saunters up to

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Your mouth doesn't look so good.
          Maybe you should--
          With a massive TUG she pulls back on the bridle that bites
          into his raw, bloody mouth.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 84A.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)

          --Show me your teeth.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 85.


                         FTHUCKKK YOU--
          He grunts out a hellacious scream as his body bucks wildly.

          Oooh, you're an ornery stallion,
          aren't you?
          Jennifer tilts her head and looks at him, as you would a
          fascinating piece of art.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Guess I'm gonna have to tame you.

          With a bunch of teeth missing, Johnny's lisp is pronounced.
          Jennifer saunters around him seductively. She removes
          something from behind her back and brings forth a rusty pair
          of pliers.
          Jennifer steps closer.

          Oh, that's the problem. You still
          have some teeth left. We're gonna
          have to fix that.
          Jennifer clamps the.pliers down tightly on Johnny's tooth.
          He tries to move but between the bridle cutting into his
          mouth and the pressure on the tooth, it's sheer agony.
          Jennifer jerks her hand from side to side, squeezing the
          tooth as hard as she can in the pliers. Finally, the root
          breaks free of the pulp and Johnny's tooth is extracted.
          Johnny flails around in severe agony.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Save your strength. You got a few
          more races to run.
          Johnny screams something unholy. Jennifer holds the tooth up
          in the air and inspects it.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          I have to admit, I didn't think it
          went that far down.
          Jennifer sticks the pliers in again, latching it onto another





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 86.
          Johnny's eyes bulge with fear as he kicks and screams pulling
          his shackles taut --
          Jennifer rips down on the pliers - her face is splattered
          with blood as the tooth comes free.
          Jennifer discards the tooth and goes right back--

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)

          As Jennifer begins to extract yet another tooth, Johnny's
          weary body convulses in so much pain that he actually pisses

          Pleath...for the loth oth thod,

          That's disgusting. Even your boys
          didn't piss themselves. Be a man,
          will you?!
          Jennifer takes the bridle and yanks Johnny's around, the pain
          is so bad he can hardly fight. He grimaces and spits out a
          mouthful of blood at her.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Now that's not gonna get you a
          sugar cube.

          Aw... what's the matter Show Horse?
          I thought that's how you liked it?
          No teeth... right?

          Justh kill me. Kill me you bith.

          We'll get to that.
          Jennifer pulls out a gun.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)

                         (SING SONG)
          Look who's here. My boyfriend.
          Remember him?
          She takes the gun and caresses it across his face, his chin,
          and then she SHOVES it in and out of his mouth.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 87.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Give him a kiss.

          Like you really mean it.
          Johnny finds renewed strength and starts to buck and writhe.
          ABOVE: The eye hook is starting to pull loose.
          With every touch of motion, white-hot pain courses through
          Johnny's body.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Breathe through your nose. It
          helps. You know, like it was your
          first time.
          Johnny's body flails with all his might as-
          ABOVE: The eye hook loosens a bit more--


                         (SPITTING BLOOD)


          I hear sometimes a stallion can get
          a little headstrong. They don't
          want to be trained... refuse to be

          But everyone has their breaking
          point, don't they?

          You just have to find it. There's
          a way to break any animal. Do you
          know how they do that with horses?
          Do you, Johnny? I do.
          She walks away from Johnny and picks up the rusted old
          gardening sheer.
          She walks back to Johnny, menacingly slicing the sheer
          open... closed.. And again...

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          You slice off every ounce of their
          foul manhood.
          She slices it closed again.
          As Jennifer closes in, the look in Johnny's face says it all.
          But there is simply nothing he can do about it.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 88.
          Jennifer gets even closer, looking at Johnny's eyes as she
          reaches down towards his penis--

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          You geld them.
          SLICE! - Johnny's eyes rolls back as he SCREAMS!!!!
          She holds the piece of limp, pink flesh in her hand.
          Despite everything he's been through, this brings forth an
          entirely new level of pain. He screams and bucks as the
          EYEHOOK continues to loosen.
          Jennifer bends down for a moment, bringing something up from
          the floor. She comes back to a screaming Johnny as she--


                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          No teeth show horse... no teeth.
          Johnny flails with all his might, screaming, spitting as--
          ABOVE: The eye hook finally gives way. Johnny's tied hands
          come crashing down directly on top of Jennifer.
          Jennifer goes flying with a bloody enraged Johnny now free as
          he grabs and claws after her.
          Jennifer desperately kicks and scratches to get away from
          this hideous, blood-soaked monster - but Johnny grabs hold
          onto her leg - he drags her closer as she loses her grip--
          With one solid kick, Jennifer connects with Johnny in the
          face - he sprawls out from pain - as she gets up and races
          out the door - Slamming it closed as she exits. She leans up
          against it holding it closed.

          89 EXT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DAY 89

          Within seconds the door is kicked at, banged at, punched at -
          Johnny screams wildly from inside as-- Jennifer holds it shut
          with all her strength.
          Slowly the cries and banging fade until there is nothing but
          Slowly she slides down on her bottom... exhausted, spent and
          completely devoid of all emotion.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 89.

          90 INT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DAY 90

           HIGH ANGLE on Johnny. His lifeless body lays on the floor
           surrounded by a pool of blood.

          91 INT. SQUAD CAR - DAY 91

           Sheriff Storch drives through town. He scans each side of
           the street. His phone rings.
          He picks it up and answers it.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Hi, honey.

          MRS. STORCH
          What's wrong?

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Nothing, why?


          MRS. STORCH
          Why? Because I can hear it in your
          voice, that's why.
          Sheriff Storch laughs. She knows him too well.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Long day, that's all.

          Well, perk up. Chastity's new
          teacher is here.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Mrs. Novick?

          MRS. STORCH
          No, for the honors program. Do you
          remember anything?

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Oh yeah, okay.

          MRS. STORCH
          Yeah, just moved here from the






           ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 89A.

          MRS. STARCH (CONT'D)
          Said she's going around meeting all
          her students' families. I think
          it's nice.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 90.
          Sheriff Storch GRUNTS. He doesn't find it so nice.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Well, I'll be home when I can.
          Busy today. if I don't make it,
          send her my regards.
          Sheriff Storch ends the call.
          Two seconds later the phone rings again. He looks at it,
          annoyed, answers.

          I said I'd be there as soon as --

          Hey daddy! Where are you?

                         SHERIFF STORCH

          I already told your mother,
          Chastity. I'm working. I'll do my
          best to get home.

          But I really want you to meet my
          new teacher. She is way cool.
          Sheriff Storch rolls his eyes.

                         CHASTITY (CONT'D) 
          Here, just say hi. 
          Chastity hands the phone over to - JENNIFER HILLS - who is
          sitting comfortably on the sofa next to Chastity, her hand
          embracing the little girl. 


          Howdy, Sheriff. 

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Hi. It's truly an honor to speak
          with you Miss...

          Hills. Jennifer Hills.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 91.
          Sheriff Storch's face contorts upon hearing the name.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Excuse me?

          I have to tell you, it's really
          been a pleasure meeting your
          family. You have a wonderful
          daughter with a bright and
          promising future.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          What the fuck do you think you're

          We'll see you soon, Sheriff.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          No - wait--
          But the call ends.

          Chastity! ... Chastity!
          Sheriff Storch throws the phone to the ground and slams on
          the gas.


          The squad car screeches to a stop right in front of Sheriff
          Storch's house.
          Hearing the commotion, Mrs. Storch walks out onto the porch.
          She's almost knocked to the ground as her husband comes
          barreling up the steps.

          MRS. STORCH
          What is --
          Sheriff Storch grabs his wife's shoulders.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Chastity, where is she?!
          Mrs. Storch has absolutely no idea what is going on. In her
          mind, their daughter couldn't be in better hands.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 91A.

          MRS. STORCH
          What -- she... she went to Hansen
          Park with Miss Hills.






           ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 92.

          MRS. STORCH (CONT'D)
          She wanted to get to know her
          students in the program before the
          year started.
          Sheriff Storch lets go of his wife.

                         SHERIFF STORCH

          MRS. STORCH

                         (GROWING CONCERN)
          Who is she? Who is this woman?
          He turns and runs back to his squad car, gets inside, and
          pulls away even faster than he came.

          94 EXT. PARK - DAY 94

          The squad car skids to a stop on the grass of the park. It's
          a modest recreation area that has seen better days.
          Sheriff Storch jumps out of the car, still leaving it
          running, and sprints into the park.
          A few feet away, an empty swing blows gently in the breeze.
          The metal brackets screech loudly with every movement.
          Sheriff Storch spins around in circles, a maelstrom of
          confusion. He looks around frantically for anything that
          will give him a clue as to the whereabouts of his daughter.

          95 INT. SQUAD CAR - DAY 95 

          Sheriff Storch gets back inside. He immediately picks up the
          CB. But just as he opens his mouth to speak, lie glances in
          the rearview mirror. His eyes meet Jennifer's.
          Before he can turn, Jennifer pistol whips him in the temple.
          He falls forward, his head smacking into the steering wheel.
          The HONKING of the horn echoes throughout the empty park.


          Sheriff Storch comes to. Blood trickles down from the side of
          his head.
          He's bent over the table, pants at his ankles. His SHOTGUN
          propped up behind him with the barrel inserted into his ass.
          With every move, a scorching pain courses through his body.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 93.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Jennifer walks over to the table and rests her elbow on it.
          Sheriff Storch speaks through gritted teeth.

          Does that hurt? Come on, I thought
          you were an ass man, Sheriff.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Where is she, you bitch?
          Jennifer slams the gun deeper. The Sheriff's body goes stiff.
          The Sheriff screams again.

          I'd be careful how you speak to me
          at the moment, Sheriff. (BEAT)
          By "she," I assume you mean your

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          What'd you do to her?

          She really is lovely, Sheriff. So
          young. So sweet. I mean, can you

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Imagine what?

          Imagine if someone had done this to
          Jennifer walks behind the Sheriff. She wraps her fingers
          around the barrel of the gun and shoves it in, deeper.
          The Sheriff's expression is one of unbridled agony. Jennifer
          continues to sodomize him with the shotgun.

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D)
          Someone like Andy?

          Or Stanley?

                         (AND HARDER)
          Or Johnny?
          (and even harder)
          Or more likely you, you sick perverted





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 94.

          97 EXT. TOWN ROAD - DUSK 97

          Two squad cars, SIRENS BLARING, speed down the road.

          Jennifer as she takes a spool of fishing line and walks
          straight across the room.

                         SHERIFF STORCH

          Please, she's just an innocent girl.

          So was I.
          She gets to the corner of the room where a hulking figure
          site tied up in a burlap sack. Jennifer removes it revealing
          a dead MATTHEW... or is he?
          She ties the line to Matthews wrist. The other end is tied
          onto the shotgun's trigger.

                         SHERIFF STORCH

          You're not going to get away.

          Neither are you.

          99 EXT. DIRT ROAD - DUSK 99

          The SQUAD CARS pull off and park as the DEPUTIES grab guns
          and race off into the woods.

          100 INT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DUSK 100

          Matthew stirs a bit as he starts to come to.

          He'll be waking up soon. If I were
          you, I'd tell him not to move.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          (pained to talk)
          I'm begging you. Don't do this.
          We can figure something out.
          Matthew stirs again.





           ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 95.

          Sorry, Sheriff...
          She leans in close to his face. 

                         JENNIFER (CONT'D) 
           "It was fun while it lasted". 

          101 EXT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DUSK 101

          The Deputies converge on the SHACK, guns drawn.

          102 INT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DUSK 102

          Sheriff Storch tries to wriggle free - but every move he
          makes is the most painful experience imaginable.
          Matthew continues to stir awake, his eyes flutter open.

                         SHERIFF STORCH
          Matthew don't!--
          But it's too late - a startled Matthew jumps back--

          BANQ/// Matthew is splattered with blood, and body parts.

          103 EXT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DUSK 103

          The Deputies react as the gun shot rings out through the
          area. They KICK the door in to see--

          104 INT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DUSK 104

          Matthew's crouched in a ball on the floor, covered in blood,
          the Sheriff, blood sprayed across the table, eyes wide open,


          105 EXT. WOODS - DUSK 105

          Jennifer walks off as the sounds of the last remnants of the
          echoing gunshot fade into nothing. Jennifer doesn't miss a
          beat. She continues to walk off.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 95A.

          106 EXT. DILAPIDATED HOUSE - DUSK 106

          The cops drag a blood soaked Matthew out of the cabin. He is
          a disturbed, psychotic, babbling mess.





          ISOYG PINK 10/29/09 96.

          A106 EXT. WOODS - DUSK A106

          Jennifer turns to the dilapidated shack. in the distance she
          sees the officers escorting a handcuffed Matthew out.
          SLOW MOTION: As Matthew is wildly kicking and screaming in a
          furious panic. The Officers try to subdue him.
          Jennifer just stares, devoid of emotion. Then, after a
          minute, she turns and continues to walk off into the woods.
          ON JENNIFER: As she continues to walk away - and then - as
          she continue closer to CAMERA - the smallest hint of a wry
          smile - nearly imperceptible, but it's there, creeps across
          her face.

                         SMASH OUT:

I Spit on Your Grave

Writers :   Adam Rockoff
Genres :   Crime  Horror  Thriller

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