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                               LES MISERABLES

                                 Written by

                                 William Nicholson
                      Alain Boublil, Claude- Michel Schönberg
                                and Herbert Kretzmer

                          Adapted from the Stage Musical
                                 "Les Misérables"

                               Based on the novel by
                                    Victor Hugo

                                                               May 20, 2012


     BLACK SCREEN                                                        

     SUPERIMPOSE CAPTION:                                                

               The year is 1815.                                         

               The French revolution is a distant                        
               memory. Napoleon has been defeated.                       
               France is ruled by a King again.                          

A1   EXT. TOULON PORT - DAY                                     A1       

     RISE UP out of the iron-grey surface of the ocean, seething         
     in the wind, towards the shore. Winter rain slices the air.         
     Ahead, the port of Toulon, home of the French navy. A forest        
     of tall masted warships.                                            

     The great ships heave at anchor, the wind whipping their            

     Through the sea spray we see the great ribs of warships             
     under construction, and warships being refitted.                    

     SUPERIMPOSE CAPTION:                                                

               Home port of the French navy                              

1    EXT. TOULON DOCK - DAY                                        1     

     Storm-lashed sea and driving rain. A great wave rises up
     and hammers down. As it recedes we see the figures of men
     heaving on great ropes, the sea water streaming down over           
     their faces. The harsh storm light catches glints of metal:
     these men are CONVICTS, chained by manacles, heads shaved,          
     wearing red shirts with prison numbers crudely stitched             
     onto them.                                                          

     Now we see that the ropes run up to a ship that is being            
     hauled ashore - a storm-damaged man-of-war, its masts
     broken, rising and falling on the surge.

     As yet another great wave rolls over the convicts, we
     follow the straining ropes down into the base of the                
     slipway, and find the convict JEAN VALJEAN, up to his waist         
     in water, chained by two sets of manacles, as the rain and          
     spray and wind scream round him. A great brute of a man, he         
     seems to feel nothing.                                              


The convicts sing in time with the rhythmic pulls on the
rope -

          Ha - Ha -

                    CONVICT 3                                   
          Ha - Ha -
          Look down, look down
          Don't look them in the eye                            

          Look down, look down
          You're here until you die.

                    CONVICT 4                                   
          No God above
          And Hell alone below

          Look down, look down
          There's twenty years to go.

The camera RISES UP to find JAVERT, the officer in charge       
of the convict workforce, looking on, his face rain-lashed      
and expressionless. He stands above the men on the top of
the dock, as lines of convicts labour beneath him on the
steep steps of the dock wall.

Behind Javert, through the storm rain we glimpse a forest of   
half-built ships, their ribbed frames like great skeletons in   
the mist.                                                       

FOREGROUND convicts are at work on another ship that is
almost completed, labouring in the crashing spray.

                    CONVICT 2                                   
          I've done no wrong
          Sweet Jesus, hear my prayer!

          Look down, look down
          Sweet Jesus doesn't care.

                    CONVICT 5                                   
          I know she'll wait
          I know that she'll be true -

          Look down, look down
          They've all forgotten you.                            

                    CONVICT 1                                   
          When I get free
          You won't see me
          Here for dust!

          Look down, look down
          Don't look'em in the eye.

                    CONVICT 3                                     
          How long, O Lord
          Before you let me die?

          Look down, look down
          You'll always be a slave.
          Look down, look down
          You're standing in your grave.

With a last great heave the lines of convicts haul the            
damaged ship onto the slipway.                                    

CRACK! The stern flagpole of the ship snaps in a vicious gust     
of wind and crashes down into the shallow water near Valjean.     
Javert sees and points his stick at Valjean in silent             
command. Valjean stares back for a beat, defying him. Then he     
drops down into the seething water and re-emerges with the        
great mast in his hands, held over his head. His head breaks      
water with his bitter gaze still on Javert, as he throws the      
mast ashore in a deliberate display of strength.                  

Javert nods to the guards, and they begin to form the
chained men into lines to return to their prison. The storm
is passing now, blown by the driving wind.

Javert approaches Jean Valjean.                                   

          Now Prisoner 24601.                                     
          Your time is up
          And your parole's begun.
          You know what that means?                               

          Yes. It means I'm free.

          No! It means you get                                    
          Your yellow ticket-of-leave.

He hands Valjean a folded yellow paper.                           

          This badge of shame
          You'll show it everywhere.
          It warns you're a dangerous man.                        

          I stole a loaf of bread
          My sister's child was close to
          And we were starving.

              You will starve again
              Unless you learn the meaning of
              the law.

              I know the meaning of those
              nineteen years
              A slave of the law!

              Five years for what you did,
              The rest because you tried to
              Yes, 24601!

              My name is Jean Valjean!

              And I'm Javert!
              Do not forget my name.
              Do not forget me -

    He strides away to command the lines of convicts as they're
    marched away. Valjean walks away, hardly able to take in            
    that he is free at last.

    The convicts sing as he goes.                                       

              Look down, look down
              You'll always be a slave.
              Look down, look down
              You're standing in your grave.

2   EXT. ROAD OUT OF TOULON - DAWN                                2

    Valjean makes his way up a rising track, a worn knapsack on
    his back. He comes to a stop at the top of the hill, and
    there before him, lit by the rising sun, spreads a wide
    vista of fields and towns and villages, stretching into the
    distance, with the snow capped Alps beyond. Behind and
    below him lies Toulon at the sea's edge. As we hear the
    musical theme ('Freedom is Mine'), we see for the first
    time the darkness in his face give way to a new hope.

              Freedom at last -
              How strange the taste!
              Never forget the years - the waste,
              Nor forgive them for what they've
              They are the guilty - Everyone!
              The day begins

                         VALJEAN (cont'd)
               And now lets see
               What this new world
               Will do for me!

3    SCENE OMITTED                                                 3

4    EXT. COUNTRY ROAD - DAY                                       4

     Valjean strides down the long rising road, pulling his thin
     coat close round him against the cold winter wind.

     He passes a long line of labourers working. He approaches           
     the OVERSEER.                                                       

               Monsieur can I help? A day's work?                        

     The overseer notices shaved hair showing under his cap.             

               Take your hat off.                                        

     Valjean takes his hat off, revealing his shaved and scarred         


     The overseer scans the yellow paper, and hands it back.             

               No work here.                                             

5    SCENE OMITTED                                                 5

6    EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD - END OF DAY                               6

     Valjean slogs on up the rising track into the mountains.
     Snow on the ground here, and darkness falling.

     He looks up and sees ahead a village built on a rock cliff,
     its lights twinkling, the snowy mountains rising behind.
     The tower of its handsome church rises up like a promise of
     refuge. This is Digne.

6A   EXT. DIGNE - DUSK                                           6A

     Valjean enters Digne. As he drinks from the fountain, he sees   
     a guard standing outside the Mairie.                            

6B   INT. MAIRIE, DIGNE - DUSK                                    6B     

     Valjean stands waiting. The officer fastidiously writes down        
     the name of Valjean in his huge ledger and the name of the          
     town in his passport. The officer signs and stamps the              


     The officer hands back the passport. Valjean leaves.                

6C   EXT. DIGNE - DUSK                                            6C

     Valjean walks down the high street, spies the warm glow of an
     inn and enters.

7    INT. COUNTRY INN, DIGNE - DUSK                                7

     Valjean sits in the corner, his hat low over his head. He
     eyes hungrily a group of cart drivers tucking into a roast
     meal by a roaring fire place. The innkeeper serves him a
     beer. As he reaches for it his coat sleeve rides up to
     reveal his wrist, calloused and scarred by manacles. The
     innkeeper eyes him warily. He discusses Valjean with two
     other men, then asks for his paper. Sees the phrase
     "Extremely Dangerous".                                              

     VALJEAN'S POV - From the yellow paper in the innkeeper's
     hands up to the innkeeper's face. A blank stare, a shrug of

               My inn is full.

7A   EXT. DIGNE - NIGHT                                           7A

     Valjean moves off wearily through the village. As he passes
     down the narrow street, faces peer at him from doorways,
     but the doors close when he goes by. A shadowy figure
     follows him. Word has spread that he's a `dangerous man'.

     Passing the uncurtained window of a cottage, he comes to a
     stop. Through the window he sees a scene that breaks his
     heart: a father at a table by lamplight, his young wife
     before him, his children on either side. Nothing special,
     and yet everything he's never had.

8    EXT. PRISON, DIGNE - NIGHT                                    8

     He stops at the local jail. An iron chain attached to a bell
     hangs from the prison door. He rings. A grate slides open.

               Jailer. Would you let me stay here                        
               for tonight?

               This is a prison, not an inn. Get
               yourself arrested. Then we will
               open up for you.

     The grate slides shut. As Jean Valjean walks away, some
     children who have been following begin throwing stones at
     him. He threatens them with his stick and they scatter.

8A   EXT. DIGNE - NIGHT                                           8A

     He sees over a garden wall a low doorway in a stone turret.         
     Valjean stoops through the doorway and lies down on some            
     straw. He hears a ferocious growl and sees the head of an
     enormous mastiff. It is a dog kennel.

8B   EXT. DIGNE - NIGHT                                           8B

     Snow falling as Valjean makes his way down the road, hungry,
     weary, moving slowly, his trousers ripped and bloody from
     where the dog has bitten him.

     At the end of a road, the snow-covered church; beside it, a
     dark churchyard.                                                    

9    EXT. CHURCH YARD, DIGNE - NIGHT                               9

     Snow-covered gravestones in moonlight. Exhausted, Valjean
     collapses to the ground and huddles himself into the
     shelter of a doorway.                                               

     A lantern glows in the dark. The lantern approaches,
     throwing shadows. Its little circle of light comes to rest
     on the crumpled figure of Valjean.

     He stirs and opens his eyes.

     VALJEAN'S POV - The glow of the lantern in the darkness.
     Beyond it, the half-seen features of a kind old man. The            

               Come in, sir, for you are weary
               And the night is cold out here.
               Though our lives are very humble
               What we have we have to share.

     Bewildered, fearful, suspicious, Valjean gets up and goes
     with the Bishop into the house by the church.                       

10   INT. BISHOP'S HOUSE - NIGHT                                10     

     A simple table on which is laid out bread and wine, with          
     silver cutlery. Two silver candlesticks light the room,           
     illuminating walls painted with religious scenes. The Bishop      
     ushers the bewildered Valjean into the room. The bishop's         
     sister Madame Baptistine stands. Valjean hesitates.               

               There is wine here to revive you.
               There is bread to make you
               There's a bed to rest till
               morning -
               Rest from pain, and rest from

               Sit, my brother.

     The Bishop gestures to the housekeeper Madame Magloire.

               Madame, set one more place.
                   (to Valjean)
               Please sit.

     The Bishop gently takes his arm and draws him into a chair.

     Valjean sits, and the Housekeeper lays food before him.
     Famished, Valjean eats like an animal. The Bishop says a
     short grace.

               May the Lord bless the food we eat                      
               today. Bless our dear sister and                        
               our honoured guest.
                   (To Valjean)
               Please, eat. Where are you
               travelling to my brother?


               Is that where your family is?

               No. The destination is compulsory.
               That is where the Law sends me. I
               have no home.

               Then let this be your home, for
               as long as you need it.

11   INT. BEDROOM, BISHOP'S HOUSE - NIGHT                          11

     The Bishop leads Valjean to a bedroom where the walls are
     also painted with religious imagery. Across the passage,
     Valjean sees the open door to the Bishop's own bedroom.
     There the Housekeeper is putting the table silver away in a

     He turns to see a bed made up with clean white linen
     waiting for him. He hasn't slept in such a bed ever in his
     life. But the Bishop is smiling, offering it to him.

               Sleep well. Tomorrow morning
               before you leave you will have a
               cup of milk from our cows, nice
               and hot.

     The Bishop turns away to go to sleep.

               You let me sleep here next to you?
               How do you know I'm not a murderer?

     Valjean laughs a strange laugh.

               God will take care of that.


     Valjean lies on the bed, fully dressed, deeply asleep.

     Outside a dog barks.

     Valjean's eyes snap open. The first thing he sees by the
     light of the moon is an image of God the Father gazing down
     on him from the painted ceiling. In panic, fearing
     judgement, he sits bolt upright. Then he looks round, and
     remembers. He gets out of bed, and opens the door.

     There, across the narrow passage, the door stands open to
     the Bishop's bedroom. In the moonlight, he sees the Bishop
     lying asleep. Above his bed, the cupboard where the silver
     is kept.

     Valjean moves silently into the Bishop's room, holding a             
     metal miner's spike which he pulls from his bag. The floor           
     boards creak. He looks down at the old man, holding his
     breath, but the bishop is peacefully and innocently asleep.
     He reaches up to the cupboard. It is unlocked. The cupboard          
     door opens with a sharp cracking sound. The Bishop,                  
     disturbed in his sleep, moves a little. At once Valjean is
     over him, like a wild animal, spike raised to strike should          
     he wake. The Bishop sleeps on. The moon comes out and
     lights up his beautific, smiling face. Valjean is thrown.
     He turns back and opens the cupboard door fully: there is
     the silver.

     Carefully he picks it out, fearful of every clink. One last         
     look at the sleeping old man, and he makes a run for the

12   EXT. CHURCHYARD - NIGHT                                      12     

     Valjean rushes out of the back door of the house. He                
     crosses the graveyard, scrambles over a back wall, and he's         

13   INT. BISHOP'S HOUSE - DAY                                    13     

     The Bishop is coming in from morning Mass in his vestments          
     when the door bursts open and two policemen drag Valjean
     before him. Valjean hangs his head, unable to meet the
     Bishop's eyes.

               Monsignor, we caught the thief
               red-handed! He has the nerve to
               say you gave him all this!

     He upends Valjean's kitbag, and the silver tumbles out.

     The Bishop looks from the silver to Valjean.

               That is right.

     Amazed, Valjean looks up.

               But my friend, you left so early,
               You forgot I gave these also.
               Would you leave the best behind?

     The old Bishop is holding out the two silver candlesticks.

                   (to policemen)
               Messieurs, release him.
               For this man has spoken true.
               I commend you for your duty
               Now God's blessing go with you.

     Silenced by the Bishop's gentle tones, the policemen turn
     and leave.

     Valjean, utterly bewildered, takes the silver candlesticks.

               But remember this, my brother -
               See in this some higher plan.
               You must use this precious silver
               To become an honest man.
               By the witness of the martyrs,

                          BISHOP (cont'd)
               By the passion and the blood,
               God has raised you out of
               darkness -
               I have bought your soul for God.

14   INT. CHURCH, DIGNE - DAY                                   14

     Valjean kneels in the church.                                     

     He takes out his yellow passport and stares at it.                

     He turns towards the altar, and the crucifix above it.

               What have I done?
               Sweet Jesus, what have I done?
               Become a thief in the night
               Become a dog on the run!
               And have I fallen so far
               And is the hour so late
               That nothing remains but the cry
               of my hate?
               The cries in the dark that nobody
               Here where I stand at the turning
               of the years.

               If there's another way to go
               I missed it twenty long years
               My life was a war that could
               never be won.
               They gave me a number and
               murdered Valjean
               When they chained me and left me
               for dead
               Just for stealing a mouthful of
               Yet why did I allow this man
               To touch my soul and teach me
               He treated me like any other
               He gave me his trust
               He called me brother.
               My life he claims for God
               Can such things be?
               For I had come to hate the world -
               This world that always hated me!

               Take an eye for an eye!
               Turn your heart into stone!
               This is all I have lived for!
               This is all I have known!
               One word from him and I'd be back
               Beneath the lash, upon the rack.
               Instead he offers me my freedom!

                         VALJEAN (cont'd)
               I feel my shame inside me like a
               He told me that I have a soul...
               How does he know?
               What spirit comes to move my
               Is there another way to go?

     Slowly, he examines the yellow passport and raises it high,         
     as if to the altar.

               I am reaching, but I fall
               And the night is closing in...
               As I stare into the void -
               To the whirlpool of my sin.                               

     Valjean stands and turns, walking fast to the door of the           

               I'll escape now from that world -                         
               From the world of Jean Valjean.                           
               Jean Valjean is nothing now!                              

15   EXT. CHURCH, DIGNE - DAY                                     15

     Valjean comes out of the church into the graveyard and              
     reaches a bell set on the edge of a promontory. Below lies          
     the steep drop down the mountainside to the dark valley             

               Another story must begin!                                 

     He rips the yellow paper into pieces and throws the pieces
     out over the valley. The scraps flutter in the wind.

     FOLLOW the scraps of yellow paper as they dance in the wind
     then fall away into the void below. One scrap of paper              
     dances upwards in the sunlight. We follow this and                  
     accelerate upwards leaving Valjean and the town of Digne            
     far below, towards the sun gloriously breaking through the          
     heavens with the alps beyond. The camera then starts to             
     tumble back down through mist and cloud below - through             
     time and space - down to discover -

16   EXT. ROAD TO MONTREUIL - DAY                                 16

     The camera hurtling towards three horses riding down a long         
     muddy road on a flat plain towards the walled town of               
     Montreuil-sur-Mer. Montreuil sits on an estuary leading out         
     to the sea. We see ships sitting in low tide on the mud of          
     the estuary along the dockside of the town, and red brick           
     factory buildings.                                                  

      SUPERIMPOSE CAPTION:                                                

                Eight years later                                         
                Montreuil-sur-Mer, 1823.                                  

      The camera closes in to ground level to reveal the                  

      Javert, flanked by two policemen.                                   

16A   EXT. GATES TO MONTREUIL - DAY                               16A     

      As the riders enter the walled town we see the poor clustered   
      around the gates - destitute and sick people clammering to      
      get in.                                                         

                          BEGGARS' CHORUS                                 
                At the end of the day you're
                another day older
                And that's all you can say for
                the life of the poor.
                It's a struggle! It's a war!
                And there's nothing that anyone's
                One more day standing about -
                What is it for?
                One day less to be living.

      Javert sees the destitution of the people. Expressionless           
      as ever.

                          BEGGARS' CHORUS                                 
                At the end of the day you're
                another day colder
                And the shirt on your back
                doesn't keep out the chill.
                And the righteous hurry past
                They don't hear the little ones
                And the plague is coming on fast
                Ready to kill -
                One day nearer to dying!

      TRACK PAST a plague victim, wrapped in a shroud, being thrown   
      onto a cart.                                                    

      The police enter the harbour.                                       

17    EXT. HARBOUR - MONTREUIL - DAY                              17      

      The beggars are pushed back as the gates open and close for         
      the police.                                                         

                            BEGGARS' CHORUS                                 
                  At the end of the day there's
                  another day dawning
                  And the sun in the morning is
                  waiting to rise
                  Like the waves crash on the sand
                  Like a storm that'll break any
                  There's a hunger in the land
                  There's a reckoning still to be
                  And there's gonna be hell to pay
                  At the end of the day!

        Javert looks round at the factory buildings, the boats in           
        the harbour, the poor clamouring behind him, and rides on.          

18      SCENE OMITTED                                                18     

19      EXT. FACTORY YARD, MONTREUIL - DAY                           19

        Heavy carts wait to be loaded with wooden crates of goods.
        Workmen carry the crates out of the factory as the FOREMAN
        strides in through the doors, gesturing to a cart driver,           
        FAUCHELEVENT, who's taking a quick rest on a crate.

19A     INT. FACTORY, MONTREUIL - MEN'S SECTION - DAY               19A     

        The foreman passes men packing boxes on tables and loading          
        boxes onto crates. He passes through a door under a first           
        floor office.                                                       

20-22   INT. FACTORY, MONTREUIL - WOMEN'S SECTION - DAY        20-22        

        The long work space is full of tables at which                      
        conservatively dressed women are working, making jewelry            
        out of shellac, a black resin which looks like jet. An              
        impressive sight: obviously a very successful business. A
        wooden staircase climbs one wall to a glass-windowed
        business office. The figure of a man within.

                      (flirtatiously, to women)                             
                  At the end of the day you get
                  nothing for nothing!
                  Sitting flat on your bum doesn't
                  buy any bread!

                            FACTORY WOMAN 4                                 
                  There are children back at home -

                            FACTORY WOMAN 2                                 
                  And the children have got to be

                    FACTORY WOMAN 7                              
          And you're lucky to be in a job -

The Foreman has stopped beside FANTINE, a pretty young woman.   
As he leans over to whisper in her ear Fantine, surprised,      
pricks her finger with her needle.                              

              (quietly, to Fantine)                              
          And in a bed!

                    FACTORY WOMAN 8                              
              (to Fantine, as a warning)                         
          And we're counting our blessings!                      

The Foreman continues his rounds, encouraging the women to       
speed up their work.                                             

          At the end of the day just be glad                     
          to be working
          For a master who cares for the
          lives of the poor.                                     

                    FACTORY WOMAN 7                              
          He's a riddle..

                    FACTORY WOMAN 4                              
          He's no fool..

                    FACTORY WOMAN 6                              
          He's the answer to anyone's prayer

                    FACTORY WOMAN 8                              
          And he paid for the brand new                          

                    FACTORY WOMAN 4                              
          It's no wonder they made him the

                    FACTORY WOMEN                                
          Bless the man who leads the way!
          At the end of the day!

They get on with their tasks, all glancing up at the boss in     
the office above.                                                

The Foreman returns to Fantine, trying to help her.              

                    MAIN FACTORY WOMAN                           
          Have you seen how the foreman is
          fuming today                                           
          With his terrible breath and his
          wandering hands?

                    FACTORY WOMAN 3                              
          It's because little Fantine won't
          give him his way.

                    FACTORY WOMAN 5                              
          Take a look at his trousers,
          you'll see where he stands!

                    FACTORY WOMAN 2                              
          And the boss, he never knows
          That the foreman is always on                          

                    MAIN FACTORY WOMAN                           
          If Fantine doesn't look out,
          Watch how she goes,
          She'll be out on the street!                           

The Foreman rings a bell, announcing the end of the work day.   

The women start to take off their overalls and pack up their     
tools for the day.                                               

                     FACTORY WOMEN/FOREMAN                       
          At the end of the day its another
          day over
          With enough in your pocket to last
          for a week                                             
          Pay the landlord, pay the shop                         
          Keep on working as long as you're                      
          Keep on working till you drop                          
          Or it's back to the crumbs off the
          Well, you've got to pay your way                       
          At the end of the day!                                 

The women queue up to be paid by the Foreman at the door.        

Fantine has taken out a letter. The main factory woman           
snatches the letter away from Fantine.                           

                    MAIN FACTORY WOMAN                           
          And what have we here, little
          innocent sister?

The letter is passed surreptitiously down the line of women      

                    MAIN FACTORY WOMAN                           
          Come on, Fantine, let's have all
          the news.
          `Dear Fantine, you must send us
          more money,
          Your child needs a doctor,
          There's no time to lose.'

          Give that letter to me
          It is none of your business.
          With a husband at home
          And a bit on the side!
          Is there anyone here
          Who can swear before God
          She has nothing to fear?
          She has nothing to hide?

The main factory woman starts to take Fantine's letter over     
to the Foreman.                                                 

Fantine tries to get the letter back. The women scuffle.

The owner enters the factory floor. We see him only from        
behind: a well-dressed prosperous man.                          

          What is this fighting all about?
          Will someone tear these two
          This is a factory, not a circus.

As he sings, the CAMERA MOVES ROUND to discover him. Clean-
shaven, well-fed, transformed: it's Valjean.

          Now come on, ladies, settle down.
          I run a business of repute.

Suddenly Valjean sees Javert appear on the first floor          
balcony of his office. His world drops away.                    

              (to the foreman)
          Deal with this, Foreman.                              
          Be as patient as you can.                             

He walks back to the stairs up to his office.                   

On the factory floor -

          Now someone say how this began!

The factory women all turn on Fantine.

                    FANTINE/FACTORY WOMAN 5                     
          At the end of the day she's the
          one who began it!

                    MAIN FACTORY WOMAN                          
          There's a kid that she's hiding                       
          in some little town.

                    FACTORY WOMAN 5                             
          There's a man she has to pay                          

                    MAIN FACTORY WOMAN                         
          You can guess how she picks up
          the extra -
          You can bet she's earning her
          Sleeping around!
          And the boss wouldn't like it.

          Yes, it's true there's a child
          And the child is my daughter
          And her father abandoned us,
          Leaving us flat.
          Now she lives with an innkeeper
          man and his wife
          And I pay for the child.
          What's the matter with that?

Fantine continues to defend herself to the Foreman, as the     
women sing -                                                   

                    FACTORY WOMEN
          At the end of the day she'll be
          nothing but trouble
          And there's trouble for all when
          there's trouble for one!
          While we're earning our daily
          She's the one with her hands in
          the butter -
          You must send the slut away
          Or we're all going to end in the
          And it's us who'll have to pay
          At the end of the day!

The Foreman pulls Fantine away.                                

          I might have known the bitch
          could bite!
          I might have known the cat had
          I might have guessed your little
          Ah yes, the virtuous Fantine
          Who keeps herself so pure and
          clean -
          You'd be the cause, I had no
          Of any trouble hereabout.
          You play a virgin in the light
          But need no urging in the night!

                    MAIN FACTORY WOMAN                         
          She's been laughing at you
          While she's having her men!

                         FACTORY WOMEN                                   
               She'll be nothing but trouble
               again and again!

                         FACTORY WOMAN 5                                 
               You must sack her today!

                         FACTORY WOMEN
               Sack the girl today!

               Right, my girl! On your way!

     Below, Fantine turns and calls to Valjean in his office
     above with a pitiful cry.

               M'sieur Mayor, help me! I have a

     Valjean hears the cry, but he has other concerns. He turns
     round to face Javert.                                               

     Javert stares at him.

     On the factory floor below, the Foreman hustles Fantine
     out, as she struggles against him.                                  

23   INT. FACTORY OFFICE - DAY                                    23

     Javert bows.                                                        

               I introduce myself,
               Inspector of Police.
               I've come to take the watch
               I'm here to keep the peace.
               Please know me as Javert.

               I'm here at your command
               With honour due to each.
               With justice in our hands
               No man's beyond our reach.
               Let all beware.

               Welcome, sir
               Come guard our laws
               I'm sure we're here
               In common cause.

     Javert turns to look through the high window onto the men's         
     factory floor below. The last men are leaving for the day.          

               You've done the city proud,
               You've raised their banner high.

                           JAVERT (cont'd)
                 You manufacture gems
                 That anyone can buy
                 Your people thrive.

     Valjean shows some demonstration samples of their work.

                 The dignity of toil
                 To stay alive.

     Javert is puzzled. He's sure he recognises Valjean, but
     from where?

                 It seems to me
                 We may have met.

     Valjean throws him a sharp glance.

                 Your face is not a face
                 I would forget.

     A CRASH from outside in the yard - shouts -


     Valjean and Javert hurry out across the factory yard and
     down the muddy track beyond to discover -

     A heavily laden cart has toppled onto the cart driver -             
     Fauchelevent, the worker seen before taking a rest on a

     The   cart driver and the Foreman are trying to lift the cart
     off   the crushed man, but it's too heavy, and the ground is
     too   soft. Fauchelevent screams as the cart slowly sinks in
     the   mud.

     Valjean, Javert and Javert's assistant all hurry to help,
     but they can't get a proper purchase in the spongy ground.
     All the time the cart is sinking further, pushing
     Fauchelevent deeper into the mud that will soon bury him.
     Then Valjean sees a way. At one end the wheels of the cart
     have stopped sinking - the ground is harder here. He throws
     himself under the cart at this higher end, and braces
     himself to lift it from beneath.

                 Get back! It may fall!

                 No, Monsieur le Mayor!

                 It'll kill you as well!

Javert stands back and looks on. As he looks, we see a
memory stirring in him.

JAVERT'S POV - Valjean's posture beneath the cart is
exactly the same as the convict beneath the fallen mast.
The same crouching power. The same almost-suicidal

Valjean sees Javert looking at him, and knows exactly what
he's thinking. For a moment he hesitates. Then he hears
Fauchelevent's choking scream as the mud gags his mouth.
Valjean strains every muscle, and slowly one end of the
cart begins to rise. As soon as it clears the crushed and
gasping man, the others pull him clear.

Valjean lets the cart down again, and climbs out. As he
brushes himself down he finds Javert staring at him.

          Can this be true?
          I don't believe what I see!
          A man your age
          To be as strong as you are!
          A memory stirs...                                    
          You make me think of a man                           
          From years ago                                       
          A man who broke his parole..                         
          He disappeared.                                      

He shakes his head, realising how absurd his suspicions

          Forgive me, sir.
          I would not dare -

          Say what you must.
          Don't leave it there.

Valjean holds Javert's gaze, challenging him to say more.      
Javert is not yet confident enough to continue.                

Valjean goes to help Fauchelevent.                             

          Let me help you up.                                  

Fauchelevent groans as he rises.                               

          Monsieur le Mayor, you come from
          You are a saint!

          No more cart driving for you!                        

     Javert stares. He can't rid himself of his suspicion.

               Monsieur le Mayor.

     He draws himself up and gives a bow. As he walks away, he            
     discusses something with his assistant.                              

25   EXT. HARBOUR, MONTREUIL - NIGHT                               25     

     Fantine makes her way to the harbour wall. Beggars shelter in   
     the tunnels under the red brick buildings.                      

26   EXT. RED LIGHT DISTRICT, MONTREUIL - NIGHT                    26

     Fantine makes her way down   wet slimy steps. This leads to an       
     alleyway that runs down to   the harbour and three ships lying       
     on the mud at low tide. At   the far end, the largest is the         
     rotting hulk of a vast old   warship. A single whore sits in a       

               Excuse me, is this where the                               
               Pawnbrokers is?                                            

                         WHORE 1                                          
               It's just there.                                           

               Thank you.                                                 

     Drunken sailors spill out into the alleyway below. The               
     first sailor is trying to find the whorehouse.                       

                         SAILOR 1
               I smell women!
               Smell'em in the air!
               Think I'll drop my anchor
               In that harbour over there!

     They spot Fantine, mistaking her for a whore. Fantine presses   
     on down the steps, trying to ignore the sailors.                

                         SAILOR 2
               Lovely ladies!                                             
               Love `em till your broke!                                  
               Seven months at sea can make you
               Hungry for a poke!

     The sailors then see whores start to appear from the shadows         
     of warehouse doorways.                                               

                         SAILOR 3
               Even stokers need a little stoke!

A man with no legs, reacting to the sailors, cranks up an        
organ-grinder and from doorways and overhead windows             
harbour whores appear and tout for business.                     

A man selling dentures stands by his cart and we hear            
fragments of his sales pitch.                                    

            WHORES                         TOOTH MAN
Lovely ladies                   Lovely dentures
Waiting for a bite!             Guaranteed to bite
Waiting for the customers       They clean up real easy
Who only come at night.         You can take them out at
Lovely ladies                   night
Ready for the call,             Sell your teeth here make a
Standing up or lying down       pretty sum
Or any way at all -             Best Tooth Man in the harbour
Bargain prices up against the   Guaranteed no painful gums
wall!                           Bargain prices up against the

During the above chorus, Fantine sells a locket containing a     
cutting of Cosette's hair to the pawnbroker.                     

          Hello sweetheart, I'll give you                        
          four francs.                                           

          It's worth at least ten.                               

The pawnbroker goes back in his shop and Fantine watches the     

          Alright, five.                                         

The pawnbroker takes the locket in exchange for the money.       

An old woman leers at Fantine from the shadows, beckoning.       
She approaches Fantine, reaching out to stroke her hair.

                    HAIR CRONE                                   
          What pretty hair!
          What pretty locks you've got                           
          What luck you got.
          It's worth a centime, my dear!
          I'll take the lot!

          Don't touch me! Leave me alone!

                    HAIR CRONE                                   
          Let's make a price.
          I'll give you all of ten francs.
          Just think of that!

                It pays a debt...

                          HAIR CRONE                                       
                Just think of that.

                What can I do? It pays a debt.
                Ten francs may save my poor

      The hair crone leads Fantine down to her shop at the base of         
      the stairs.                                                          

      Fantine is sat on a low stool. She bows her head before the          
      hair crone, who at once whips out a razor blade and cuts             
      off her hair at the roots.                                           


      Fantine walks down the steps with short hair, mocked by the          
      voices of the whores on either side.                                 

      A PIMP and the HEAD WHORE watch her progress as the organ-           
      grinder grinds out the music.                                        

      Whores sing from the warehouse doorways, from on top of the          
      spars of the ships, writhing around figureheads and from the         
      rotting ship.                                                        

      The few men in the street choose their whores and disappear          
      by the end of the chorus.                                            

                  WHORES                          TOOTH MAN
      Lovely ladies                     Lovely dentures guaranteed to
      Waiting in the dark.              bite
      Ready for a thick one             They clean up real easy
      Or a quick one in the park.       You can take them out at
             HEAD WHORE                 Lovely teeth dear shining
      Long time, short time             like the stars
      Anytime my dear!                  I'll whip em out quite
      Cost a little extra               quickly
      If you want to take all year      And I won't leave any scars.
      Quick and cheap is underneath
      the pier

      Fantine reaches the hair crone.                                      

                Please, you wouldn't have any work                         
                for me would you? Please, I sold                           
                you my hair. I could do anything.                          

      The hair crone points at the head whore and the tooth man.           

                          HAIR CRONE                                       
                Go and see them.                                           

      Fantine looks towards the tooth man and the head whore.              

                TOOTH MAN                        HEAD WHORE
      Come over here,                   Come here my dear.
                                        I'll pay well for your youth.   
      I pay ten francs for a tooth.

      Fantine heads to the tooth man.                                      

                          TOOTH MAN                                        
                You have, my dear,
                The clear advantage of youth.                              

                          HEAD WHORE                                       
                Just the back ones.                                        

                          TOOTH MAN                                        
                The pain won't last,                                       
                You'll still be able to bite.                              

      She grabs Fantine's cheeks and forces open her mouth to
      inspect her teeth.                                                   

                          TOOTH MAN
                I do it fast,
                I know my business all right.
                It's worth a go.

      The pimp pushes her down.                                            

                You'll pay me first
                What I am due.

                          TOOTH MAN
                You'll get twice
                If I take two!

      She opens her mouth, and the pincers go in, as everyone              
      gathers round to watch. Fantine screams as the first tooth           
      is removed.                                                          

26B   EXT. RED LIGHT DISTRICT MONTREUIL - NIGHT                    26B     

      The pimp is passing among the whores, checking that they're          
      all fit for business.

                God, we're weary,                                          
                Sick enough to drop!

                          LOVELY LADY 1                                    
                Belly burns like fire,
                Will the bleeding ever stop!

          Cheer up, deary!
          Show a happy face!
          Plenty more like you here
          If you can't keep up the pace.                        

                    LOVELY LADY 1                               
          Only joking!
          Deary knows her place!

The pimp gestures at Fantine, now slumped in a doorway, her
cropped head in her hands.

A shy captain watches Fantine. The pimp notices.                

          Gimme the dirt -
          Who's that bit over there?

                    WHORE 1                                     
          A bit of skirt,
          She's the one sold her hair.

                    HEAD WHORE                                  
          She's got a kid,
          Sends her all that she can.

          I might've known
          There is always some man.

He moves in on Fantine.

          Lovely lady, come along and join
          Lovely lady!

Fantine looks up, a trickle of blood in one corner of her
mouth. The whores cluster round her, hands reaching out to
draw her in to their world. On the rotting warship, more        
whores appear out of the gaps of the hull to sing the           

                    WHORE 1
          Come on, dearie, why all the                          

          ... why all the fuss.                                 

                    WHORE 2
          You're no grander than the rest
          of us.

          ... than the rest of us.                              

                    WHORE 3
          Life has dropped you at the
          bottom of the heap.

 the bottom of the heap.                         

Whore 3 bites her fingertip and applies her blood to rouge      
Fantine's cheeks.                                               

                    HEAD WHORE                                  
          Join your sisters -

                    WHORE 1
          Make money in your sleep!

          ... make money in your sleep.                         

                    WHORE 2
          That's right, dearie,
          Show him what you've got!

          ... show him what you've got.                         

                    WHORE 3
          That's right, dearie,
          Let him have the lot!

          ...let him have the lot.                              

The whores perform for the benefit of Fantine on the orders     
of the head whore, as the head whore leads her towards the      

          Old men, young men, take'em as
          they come!
          Harbour rats and alley cats
          And every kind of scum!
          Poor men, rich men, leaders of
          the land -
          See them with their trousers off,
          They're never quite as grand!
          All it takes is money in your

The pimp leads the captain down the middle of the whores to     
Fantine who wears a filthy white dress. The pimp joins the      
captain and Fantine's hands as the head whore officiates -      
like a twisted wedding ceremony.                                

          Lovely ladies
          Going for a song,

                         WHORES (cont'd)
               Got a lot of callers
               But they never stay for long...

     Fantine puts on a show of courage as she leads the captain          
     into the ship's hulk, which is a brothel.                           

               Come on, Captain, you can wear your                       
               Don't it make a change to have a                          
               girl who can't refuse?                                    

27   INT. ROTTING SHIP'S HULK, MONTREUIL - NIGHT                  27

     Fantine, pale and frail, her bodice loosened, leads the             
     captain down to the damp dregs of the ship.                         

     We see the rotting straw mattress within as they enter,             
     then Fantine lays down.

               Easy money lying on a bed.
               Just as well they never see
               The hate that's in your head!
               Don't they know they're making love
               To one already dead?                                      

28   INT. ROTTING SHIP'S HULK, MONTREUIL - NIGHT                  28     

     CLOSE ON a man's hand leaving money. We hear him exit. MOVE         
     TO FIND Fantine lying alone on the mattress.

     She pulls herself into a sitting position against the head
     of the mattress. She draws her legs up and wraps her arms
     round her knees, huddling against the misery of the world.

               There was a time when men were
               When their voices were soft
               And their words inviting.
               There was a time when love was
               And the world was a song
               And the song was exciting.
               There was a time...
               Then it all went wrong.

               I dreamed a dream in time gone
               When hope was high
               And life worth living.
               I dreamed that love would never
               I dreamed that God would be

                         FANTINE (cont'd)

               Then I was young and unafraid
               And dreams were made and used and
               There was no ransom to be paid,
               No song unsung, no wine untasted.

               But the tigers come at night
               With their voices soft as thunder
               As they tear your hope apart
               As they turn your dream to shame.

               He slept a summer by my side,
               He filled my days with endless
               He took my childhood in his
               But he was gone when autumn came.

               And still I dream he'll come to
               That we will live the years
               But there are dreams that cannot
               And there are storms we cannot

               I had a dream my life would be
               So different from this hell I'm
               living -
               So different now from what it
               Now life has killed the dream I

     As she ends her song, her next customer is waiting. The head      
     whore beyond.                                                     

29   EXT. RED LIGHT DISTRICT, MONTREUIL - NIGHT                 29

     Fantine is out on the snow and ice-covered quayside,              
     shivering, waiting for trade. She looks pale and sickly,
     but still attempts an alluring smile.

     She moves past the anchored ships, beneath the bowsprits,
     trying pathetically to attract custom. Then she comes to a
     stop, staring. She has seen and recognised Valjean, some
     way off. He's out in the harbour district. He is talking to       
     a beggar. Before he moves on, he hands over some money.           

     As Fantine watches Valjean on his mission of mercy, a well-
     dressed young man, BAMATABOIS, comes up to her. He arrives        
     with two friends and a valet.                                     

          Here's something new. I think
          I'll give it a try.
          Come closer, you! I like to see
          what I buy.
          The usual price
          For just one slice of your pie.                       

          I don't want you! No! No,
          M'sieur! Let me go!

          Is this a trick? I won't pay

          No, not at all!                                       

          You've got some nerve, you little
          You've got some gall!                                 
          It's the same with a tart as it is                    
          with a grocer                                         
          The customer sees what he gets in                     
          It's not for the whore to say "yes                    
          sir" or "no sir"                                      
          It's not for the harlot to pick and                   
          to choose or to lead me a dance!                      

He pulls her clothing open and laughingly stuffs snow down      
her cleavage. Fantine reacts with fury. They fall over in the   
snow and Bamatabois laughs.                                     

          I'll kill you, you bastard!
          Try any of that!
          Even a whore who has gone to the
          Won't be had by a rat!                                

Fantine scratches Bamatabois across the face. Bamatabois        
touches his face and sees the blood on his fingers. His         
friends drag Fantine against the harbour wall.                  

              (furious but aroused)                             
          By Christ you'll pay for what
          you've done!
          This rat will make you bleed,
          you'll see!
          I guarantee I'll make you suffer!
          For this disturbance of the peace
          For this insult to life and

Bamatabois suddenly sees that police have arrived.            

          I beg you, don't report me, sir.
          I'll do whatever you may want.                      

          Make your excuse to the police!

Bamatabois' friend drags Fantine towards the police. It's     

          Tell me quickly what's the story.
          Who saw what and why and where?
          Let him give a full description,
          Let him answer to Javert!
          In this nest of whores and vipers
          Let one speak who saw it all.
          Who laid hands on this good man
          What's the substance of this

          Javert, would you believe it?                       
          I was walking, it was dark
          When this prostitute attacked me
          You can see she's left her mark!

He shows the blood. Javert turns to Fantine.

          She will answer for her actions
          When you make a full report.
          You may rest assured, M'sieur,
          That she will answer to the

Fantine is almost fainting with fear, still racked with
occasional spasms of coughing. Unseen by her, Valjean is
approaching from behind. Javert's assistants pick Fantine     
up. Javert covers his mouth with a handkerchief as he         
approaches Fantine.                                           

          There's a child who sorely needs
          Please, m'sieur, she's but that
          Holy God, is there no mercy?
          If I go to jail she'll die.                         

          I have heard such protestations
          Every day for twenty years.
          Let's have no more explanations,

                    JAVERT (cont'd)
          Save your breath and save your

Javert indicates to the two policemen to drag Fantine away.     

Valjean steps out of the shadows.

          A moment of your time, Javert.
          I do believe this woman's tale.

          Monsieur le Mayor!                                    

          You've done your duty. Let her
          She needs a doctor, not a jail.

          Monsieur le Mayor!                                    

Javert looks on, containing his anger, as Valjean reaches
out a hand to Fantine. To Fantine, it's as if he's come to
her in a dream -

          Can this be?

          Where will she end -
          This child without a friend?

He holds Fantine's hands, looking into her face.

          I've seen your face before.
          Show me some way to help you.
          How have you come to grief
          In such a place as this?

          M'sieur, don't mock me now, I
          It's hard enough I've lost my
          You let your foreman send me
          Yes, you were there
          And turned aside.
          I never did no wrong.

          Is it true what I've done -

          My daughter's close to dying.

               - to an innocent soul?

               If there's a God above -

               Had I only known then!

               He'd let me die instead.

               In His name my task has just begun.
               I will her to the hospital.                             

     Valjean picks Fantine up in his arms.                             

     Javert is quietly coldly furious.

               Monsieur le Mayor!                                      

               Bring Cosette back to me.

               Where is she?

               At an inn in Montfermeil...

               Monsieur le Mayor!                                      

               I will see it done! I will send                         
               for her immediately!                                    

     As Valjean and Fantine move away, Javert stares after them,       
     then turns and quietly instructs his assistant to follow          
     after them.                                                       

30   EXT. POLICE STATION, MONTREUIL - DAY                       30     

     As Javert walks up the steps to his police station his            
     assistant stops him with an urgent letter.                        

                         JAVERT'S ASSISTANT
               From Paris, Monsieur.

     Javert seizes it, opens it, and reads. As he reads, his
     expression changes. Appalled, he realizes he's made a
     terrible mistake.

31   INT. FACTORY, MONTREUIL - NIGHT                              31

     Valjean is at his desk in his office, going through his
     papers once everyone else has gone, when Javert enters and          
     stands before him. He looks up.

               Monsieur le Mayor
               I have a crime to declare!
               I have disgraced
               The uniform that I wear.
               I've done you wrong,
               Let no forgiveness be shown.
               I've been as hard
               On every rogue I have known.
               I'll bear the blame,
               I must be treated
               Just the same.

               I don't understand.
               What is this crime, Javert?

               I mistook you for a convict,
               I have made a false report.
               Now I learn they've caught the
               culprit -
               He's about to face the court.

     Valjean conceals his shock.

               And of course the thief denies
               You'd expect that from a con.
               But he couldn't run for ever,
               No, not even Jean Valjean.

               You say this man denies it all,
               And gives no sign of
               understanding or repentance?
               You say this man is going to
               And that he's sure to be returned
               to serve his sentence?

               He will pay, and so must I.
               Press charges against me, sir!

               You have only done your duty
               It's a minor sin at most.
               All of us have been mistaken                              
               You'll return, sir, to your post.

                Must I do as you say?

                It's your duty to obey!

      Javert is about to protest again, but Valjean raises one
      commanding hand, to indicate his decision is made. Javert
      gives an abrupt bow, and departs.

      Left alone, Valjean paces his office, deeply disturbed.

                They think that man is me -
                Without a second glance.
                This stranger they have found -
                This man could be my chance!

                Why should I save his hide?
                Why should I right this wrong?
                When I have come so far
                And struggled for so long?

                If I speak I am condemned.
                If I stay silent, I am damned!

      He goes out onto the balcony that looks down on the empty           

                I am the master of hundreds of
                workers -
                They all look to me.
                Can I abandon them?
                How would they live
                If I am not free?

                If I speak they are condemned.
                If I stay silent, I am damned!

31A   INT. VALJEAN'S HOUSE, MONTREUIL - NIGHT                     31A     

      Valjean is sitting staring at the Bishop's candlesticks.            

                Who am I?
                Can I condemn this man to
                Pretend I do not feel his agony?
                This innocent who bears my face,
                Who goes to judgement in my
                Who am I?

31B   INT. VALJEAN'S HOUSE, MONTREUIL - NIGHT                     31B     

      Valjean is furiously packing stuff up.                              

                Can I conceal myself for ever
                Pretend I'm not the man I was
                And must my name until I die
                Be no more than an alibi?

31C   EXT. COUNTRY ROAD - NIGHT.                                   31C     

      Close on two horses panting. A stopped carriage in a wide            
      night landscape. The driver is Valjean, hesitating.                  

                Must I lie?
                How can I ever face my fellow
                How can I ever face myself again?                          

31D   INT/EXT. COURTROOM - NIGHT                                   31D     

      Valjean hesitates outside the courtroom and in the lobby of          
      the courtroom, pacing back and forth.                                

                My soul belongs to God, I know,
                I made that bargain long ago.
                He gave me hope when hope was
                He gave me strength to journey
                Who am I?
                Who am I?
                I'm Jean Valjean!

      Valjean pushes through the crowds at the back of the                 

32    INT. COURTROOM - NIGHT                                       32      

      The man accused of being Jean Valjean, a wretched down-and-
      out, stands before the JUDGE. He looks uncannily like the            
      real Valjean. Before the judge has a chance to speak, the            
      doors open and Valjean bursts in. Sensation in the court.

                And so, your honour, you see it's
                That man bears no more guilt than
                Who am I?

     The judge is too stunned to respond. The others in the              
     court can't believe what they've just heard. The Mayor of
     Montreuil-sur-Mer, a convict!

               If you don't believe me ask
               Inspector Javert. He knows where to
               find me.

     The judge goes over to Valjean and gently leads him out.            

               Monsieur le Mayor, you are not                            
               well, you must come with me, do you                       
               have a carriage outside? Monsieur                         
               le Mayor, we must get you home to                         
               bed immediately!!                                         

33   INT. HOSPITAL, MONTREUIL - NIGHT                             33     

     The hospital is in the long attic of Valjean's factory.             

     Valjean hurries into the hospital, breathless. He sees a
     nursing sister outside Fantine's room.

               Is her daughter with her?

               No, monsieur. Her guardian sent

     She gives Valjean a note. He reads it with mounting anger.

               `Money not enough. Send more.
               Thenardier.' What sort of man is

34   INT. HOSPITAL, MONTREUIL - NIGHT                             34     

     Fantine lies in bed, delirious. She is dressed in pure              
     white. Her eyes are closed.                                         

               Cosette, it's turned so cold!
               Cosette, it's past your bedtime!
               You've played the day away
               And soon it will be night.

     Fantine's eyes open and she sees Cosette, playing in the            
     room. She looks healthy and is dressed prettily.                    

               Come to me, Cosette, the light is

                     FANTINE (cont'd)
          Don't you see, the evening star                      
          Come to me, and rest against my                      
          How fast the minutes fly away and                    
          every minute colder?                                 

Valjean enters, and sees at once that Fantine is close to      
the end. He drops to his knees by her bed.

          Dear Fantine, Cosette will be                        
          here soon!                                           
          Dear Fantine, she will be by your                    

              (trying to get out of bed)                       
          Come Cosette, the night has grown                    
          so cold!                                             

              (putting her back in bed)                        
          Be at peace! Be at peace ever

          My Cosette -

          - shall live in my protection.

          Take her now!

She pushes into his hand a scrap of paper on which she's
written her wishes.

          Your child will want for nothing.

          Good m'sieur, you come from God
          in heaven.

          And none shall ever harm Cosette
          as long as I am living.

Fantine has stopped looking towards the window. All her
fading strength is now directed towards Valjean. She tries
to reach up to him.

          Take my hand...
          The night grows ever colder.

          Then I will keep you warm.

He wraps her in his arms.

          Take my child
          I give her to your keeping.

          Take shelter from the storm.

          For God's sake, please stay till
          I am sleeping...
          And tell Cosette I love her
          And I'll see her when I wake...

Fantine starts to spasm. She sees something over Valjean's      
shoulder. Valjean doesn't realise. Her eyes go glassy as        
she passes away. Valjean then hears the unforgettable voice     
of Javert behind him.                                           

          Valjean, at last
          We see each other plain!
          `M'sieur le Mayor'
          You'll wear a different chain!

Valjean stands to face Javert.                                  

          Before you say another word,
          Before you chain me up like a
          slave again,
          Listen to me! There is something
          I must do.
          This woman leaves behind a
          suffering child.
          There is none but me who can
          intercede -
          In mercy's name, three days are
          all I need,
          Then I'll return, I pledge my
          Then I'll return...

Javert draws his sword and aims it at Valjean.                  

          You must think me mad!
          I've hunted you across the years.
          Men like you can never change -
          A man such as you!

Valjean breaks a section of timber beam from the roof.          

The men start to circle each other.                              

They sing at the same time, duelling in song.

          Believe of me what you will
          There is a duty that I'm sworn to
          You know nothing of my life -
          All I did was steal some bread.
          You know nothing of the world -
          You would sooner see me dead.
          But not before I see this justice

          Men like me can never change.
          Men like you can never change.
          No, 24601!
          My duty is to the law.
          You have no rights.
          Come with me, 24601!

The two men fight.                                               

          I am warning you, Javert,
          I'm a stronger man by far!
          There is power in me yet!
          My race is not yet run!

          Now the wheel has turned around -
          Jean Valjean is nothing now.
          Dare you talk to me of crime
          And the price you had to pay.
          Every man is born in sin
          Every man must choose his way.

Javert disarms Valjean and drives him backwards towards an       
attic door.                                                      

          You know nothing of Javert!
          I was born inside a jail.
          I was born with scum like you.
          I am from the gutter too.

Valjean is pushed through the doors out onto a wooden            
loading platform beneath a hoist. Below, the walls of the        
factory lead straight down to the black sea at high tide.        
Javert is triumphant.                                            

Valjean glances down and pushes back, dropping into the          
darkness of the ocean.                                           

Javert goes to jump after him and cannot bring himself to do     

      Javert stares into the black sea - there is no sign of                

34A   EXT. HARBOUR, MONTREUIL - NIGHT                               34A     

      Javert and various police search the harbourside with                 

      Valjean, dripping wet, watches from a tunnel under a factory,   
      as Fantine's body wrapped in a shroud is dumped on a cart.      

      They sing to themselves, continuing their duet without                

                And this I swear to you tonight -

                There is no place for you to

                Your child will live within my
                care -

                Wherever you may hide away -

                And I will raise her to the

                I swear to you, I will be there!                            

35    EXT. MONTFERMEIL - DUSK                                       35      

      The village street is bright with booths set up for a Frost
      Fair. Families and visitors are out buying baubles, or                
      laughing at the antics of travelling players. Small girls             
      cluster round a stall that displays prettily-dressed dolls.           
      Amongst them is a prettily-dressed girl of 8 or 9 years:              

      Across the road from this stall stands a shabby inn. A                
      sign lashed to an old cart swinging in the wind reveals the           
      inn to be `The Sergeant of Waterloo'. The inn is still                
      closed despite the small crowd at the fair.                           

      MOVE IN on the frosted window of the inn, through which we            
      see a little girl, COSETTE, gazing out at the display of

36   INT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - END OF DAY                           36

     Cosette is in the process of sweeping the floor. She's come
     to a stop, gazing out of the window, mesmerized by the              
     sight of the most beautiful doll in the display, and                
     jealous that Eponine can see it and touch it up close.              

               There is a castle on a cloud
               I like to go there in my sleep.
               Aren't any floors for me to
               Not in my castle on a cloud.

     Cosette gets out from a hiding place in the wall a knotted          
     grimy rag - this is her "doll", the knot is the doll's head.        

               There is a lady all in white
               Holds me and sings a lullaby.
               She's nice to see and she's soft to
                   (holding doll to her ear                              
                     and whispering)                                     
               She says, Cosette, I love you
               very much.

               I know   a place where no one's
               I know   a place where no one
               Crying   at all is not allowed,
               Not in   my castle on a cloud.                            

     Madame Thenardier comes bustling down the stairs in a bad           
     mood. She glowers at little Cosette and changes the closed          
     sign from "closed" to "open".                                       

                          MADAME THENARDIER
               Now look who's here!
               The little madam herself,
               Pretending once again
               She's been so awfully good!
               Better not let me catch you
               Better not catch my eye!
               Ten rotten francs your mother
               sends me -
               What is that going to buy?
               Now take that pail,
               My little Mademoiselle,
               And go and draw some water from
               the well.
               We should never have taken you in
               In the first place -
               How stupid the things that we do!
               Like mother, like daughter, the
               scum of the street.

Cosette goes to put the broom away.                               

Eponine comes in from outside.                                    

                    MADAME THENARDIER                             
          Eponine, come my dear.
          Eponine, let me see you.
          You look very well in that little
          blue hat!
          There's some little girls who
          know how to behave
          And they know what to wear
          And I'm saying thank heaven for

Madame Thenardier sees that Cosette far from going is             
hiding behind the far wall. We see Cosette's frightened           
eyes peering out from a tiny gap in this wall.                    

                    MADAME THENARDIER                             
          Still there, Cosette?
          Your tears will do you no good!
          I told you to fetch some water
          from the well in the wood.

              (singing through the gap)                           
          Please do not send me out alone.
          Not in the darkness on my own.

Madame Thenardier imitates Cosette as she sings.                  

                    MADAME THENARDIER
              (singing through the gap)                           
          Enough of that, or I'll forget to
          be nice!
          You heard me ask for something,
          And I never ask twice!                                  

The innkeeper's gang posing as customers who have been            
loitering outside come in, explaining to a fifth man who is a     
newer recruit a story from Monsieur Thenardier's past. Madame     
Thenardier goes outside to open up the rather pathetic frost      
fair stall on the porch of the inn.                               

                    CUSTOMER 1                                    
          Mine host Thenardier
          He was there, so they say,
          At the field of Waterloo.

                    CUSTOMER 2                                    
          Got there, it's true,
          When the fight was all through
          But he knew just what to do.

                    CUSTOMER 3                                    
          Crawling through the mud,
          So I've heard it said,

                          CUSTOMER 3 (cont'd)
                Picking through the pockets of
                the English dead.

                          CUSTOMER 4                                      
                He made a tidy score from the
                spoils of war.

      We suddenly hear the voice of the landlord, Thenardier. He          
      has been there all the time, asleep on a bench. He wakes            
      from his drunken slumbers and roars out:                            

                My band of soaks,
                My den of dissolutes,
                My dirty jokes, my always pissed
                as newts,
                My sons of whores,
                Spend their lives in my inn!
                Homing pigeons homing in -
                They fly through my doors,
                And their money's as good as

36A   EXT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - DUSK                                36A     

      Madame Thenardier is trying to sell something unappealing           
      from her stall to a portly looking man when slushy snow             
      from the stall's roof falls on the man's head. Madame               
      Thenardier ushers him inside.                                       

37    INT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - DUSK                                37      

                Welcome, m'sieur!
                Sit yourself down
                And meet the best
                Innkeeper in town!

      Madame Thenardier pretends to accidentally drop a comb from         
      her hair and the customer helpfully picks it up, allowing           
      Madame Thenardier to pick his wallet from a back pocket as          
      he stands up. Monsieur Thenardier takes his coat which              
      allows the couple to see the customer transfer a pocket             
      watch from coat to jacket pocket.                                   

                As for the rest -
                All of them crooks
                Rooking the guests
                And cooking the books.
                Seldom do you see
                Honest men like me
                A gent of good intent
                Who's content to be -

      He pours a strong drink for the new customer -

                Master of the house!
                Doling out the charm
                Ready with a handshake
                And an open palm

      Thenardier has thieved the pocket watch using his handshake        
      as a distraction. He passes this off to Madame Thenardier.         

                Tells a saucy tale
                Makes a little stir
                Customers appreciate a bon-viveur
                Glad to do a friend a favour
                Doesn't cost me to be nice
                But nothing gets you nothing
                Everything has got a little

                Master of the house!
                Keeper of the zoo!
                Ready to relieve'em
                Of a sou or two -
                    (serving wine)                                       
                Watering the wine


      Thenardier is pissing into the very wine bottle he's using to   
      serve the customer.                                             

37B   INT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - DUSK                               37B     

                Making up the weight
                Picking up their knick-knacks
                When they can't see straight
                Everybody loves a landlord
                Everybody's bosom friend!
                I do whatever pleases -
                Jesus! Won't I bleed'em in the

37C   EXT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - DUSK                               37C     

      At Madame Thenardier's stall, a frost fair customer is             
      covered by snow, only this time we realise Madame Thenardier       
      is responsible for pushing the snow off the awning with a          

                Master of the house!
                Quick to catch your eye

                          THENARDIER/CUSTOMERS (cont'd)
                Never wants a passer-by
                To pass him by!

      Madame Thenardier ushers the customer inside.                         

37D   INT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - DUSK                                  37D     

      Again Madame Thenardier drops her comb in front of the new            
      customer but this time the thieving is foiled by little               
      Cosette who helpfully picks it up. Over the chorus she shouts         
      at little Cosette to get out.                                         

                Servant to the poor
                Butler to the great
                Comforter, philosopher and
                lifelong mate
                Everybody's boon companion
                Everybody's chaperone -

                But lock up your valises -
                Jesus! Won't I skin you to the

      A FAMILY enters the inn. Thenardier fusses over them.                 

                Enter, messieurs!                                           
                Lay down yer load
                Unlace yer boots
                And rest from the road.
                This weighs a ton
                Travel's a curse
                But here we strive
                To lighten your purse.

      He's got the father's purse out, and is removing notes.               

                Here the goose is cooked
                Here the fat is fried
                And nothing's overlooked
                Till I'm satisfied -
                Food beyond compare                                         
                Food beyond belief                                          

38    INT. KITCHEN, INN, MONTFERMEIL - FLASHBACK - DAY              38      

      Thenardier shows off the secrets of the squalid kitchen -
      every possible animal being used to make mince meat.                  

                          THENARDIER V/O                                    
                Mix it in a mincer                                          
                And pretend it's beef
                Kidney of a horse

                          THENARDIER V/O (cont'd)
                Liver of a cat                                            
                Filling up the sausages
                With this and that!

38A   INT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - DUSK                                38A     

      Thenardier serves the disgusting food that we've seen him           
      create in the flashback to the family.                              

                Residents are more than welcome
                Bridal suite is occupied                                  

38B   INT. BRIDAL SUITE - FLASHBACK - NIGHT                       38B     

      A groom and bride consummate their union.                           

      Thenardier is going through the groom's trousers.                   

                          THENARDIER V/O                                  
                Reasonable charges                                        
                Plus some little extras on the                            

38C   INT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - NIGHT                               38C     

                Charge'em for the lice
                Extra for the mice
                Two percent for looking in the
                mirror twice.
                Here a little slice
                There a little cut
                Three percent for sleeping with
                the window shut.
                When it comes to fixing prices
                There are lots of tricks he knows
                How it all increases
                All those bits and pieces -
                Jesus! It's amazing how it grows.

39    EXT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - NIGHT                               39

      Thenardier comes out of the inn, backed by a posse of his
      gang of loyal customers, and takes control of a brass band to   
      sing to the Frost Fair.                                         

                Master of the house!
                Quick to catch your eye
                Never wants a passer-by
                To pass him by!

      Further down the street, carrying her empty buckets, Cosette
      turns to look sadly back at the cheery sight.

                Servant to the poor
                Butler to the great
                Comforter, philosopher and
                lifelong mate
                Everybody's boon companion
                Gives'em everything he's got -                           

      The Portly Customer has discovered he's been robbed. He            
      comes out to protest, holding out his emptied wallet. At
      once two of Thenardier's thugs grab him and hustle him off.

                Dirty bunch of geezers
                Jesus! What a sorry little lot!

39A   INT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - NIGHT                              39A     

      Madame Thenardier approaches a handsome soldier who is             
      drinking at a table by the fire in the inn. She sits on his        
      lap and gets him to look back at Thenardier, so allowing her       
      to see inside his coat and spot his wallet.                        

                          MADAME THENARDIER
                I used to dream
                That I would meet a prince
                But God almighty
                Have you seen what's happened
                `Master of the house'
                Isn't worth my spit!
                Comforter, philosopher
                And lifelong shit!
                Cunning little brain
                Regular Voltaire
                Thinks he's quite a lover
                But there's not much there.

      As Madame Thenardier reaches for the man's groin, she lifts        
      his wallet skillfully and hands it off to Monsieur                 

                What a cruel trick of nature
                Landed me with such a louse.
                God knows how I've lasted
                Living with this bastard in the

      She pulls the young man into a dance, enabling her to steal        
      everything else of value he has. Father Christmas has also         
      been lured from the frost fair and the Thenardiers slit his        
      presents sack and exchange it for a sack containing snow.          

                  Master of the house!

                            MADAME THENARDIER
                  Master and a half!

                  Comforter, philosopher -

                            MADAME THENARDIER
                  Don't make me laugh!

                  Servant to the poor
                  Butler to the great -

                            MADAME THENARDIER
                  Hypocrite and toady
                  And inebriate!

                  Everybody bless the landlord!
                  Everybody bless his spouse!

                  Everybody raise a glass!

                            MADAME THENARDIER
                  Raise it up the master's arse!

                  Everybody raise a glass to the
                  master of the house!

40/41   SCENES OMITTED                                           40/41

42      EXT. WOOD BY THE INN - NIGHT                                 42

        Cosette has filled her buckets at the well in the wood, and
        is now heading back. Through the dark trees ahead we glimpse
        the cheerful lights of the Frost Fair and the distant inn.
        She goes slowly, because the buckets are heavy. She hums to
        herself to keep her spirits up, a wordless verse of `Castle
        on a Cloud'.

        After a few steps she pauses to rest the weight of the

        Strong arms reach for the buckets and lift them out of her
        hands. She looks up, amazed. There's Valjean.

                  Hush now, do not be afraid of me.
                  Don't cry. Show me where you live.

                         VALJEAN (cont'd)
               Tell me, my child, what is your

               I'm called Cosette.


     She gazes up at him. Hardly knowing why, the little girl
     trusts this stranger. Valjean picks up the heavy buckets, and
     they head back towards the inn. As they go, they hum `Castle
     on a Cloud' together.

43   INT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - NIGHT                               43

     Valjean enters with Cosette. Madame Thenardier hurries             
     over. Madame and Monsieur Thenardier try to thieve from            
     Valjean using the same tricks established earlier, but he          
     evades every attempt. Eponine watches silently from a              

               I found her wandering in the wood
               This little child, I found her
               trembling in the shadows.
               And I am here to help Cosette,
               And I will settle any debt you
               may think proper.
               I will pay what I must pay
               To take Cosette away.

               This is a duty I must heed.
               There is a promise I have made.
               For I was blind to one in need,
               I did not see what stood before
               Now your mother is with God.
               Her suffering is over,
               And I speak here with her voice,
               And I stand here in her place,
               and from this day, and ever more -

                         MADAME THENARDIER
               Let me take your coat, m'sieur!

               Cosette shall live in my

               You are very welcome here!

               I will not forget my vow.

          Take a glass!

                    MADAME THENARDIER
          Take a chair!

          Cosette shall have a father now.

Thenardier turns to his wife.

          What to do? What to say
          Shall you carry our treasure
          What a gem! What a pearl!
          Beyond rubies is our little girl!
          How can we speak of debt?
          Let's not haggle for darling

                     MADAME THENARDIER

          Cosette -
          Dear Fantine - gone to rest -
          Have we done for her child what
          is best?
          Shared our bread - shared each
          bone -
          Treated her like she's one of our
          Like our own, m'sieur!

          Your feelings do you credit, sir.
          And I will ease the parting blow.
          Let us not talk of bargains and
          bones and greed.

He gives Thenardier money.

          Now may I say we are agreed?

                    MADAME THENARDIER
          That would quite fit the bill
          If she hadn't so often been ill.
          Little dear, cost us dear!
          Medicines are expensive, m'sieur.
          Not that we begrudged a sou -
          It's no more than we Christians
          must do.

Valjean gives more money.

               One thing more! One small doubt!
               There are treacherous people
               No offence! Please reflect!
               Your intentions may not be

     Valjean hands over more money.

               No more! Here's your price!
               Fifteen hundred for your
               Come, Cosette, say goodbye.
               Let's seek out some friendlier
               Thank you both for Cosette -
               It won't take you too long to

     He leads Cosette to the door.

44   EXT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - NIGHT                               44

     Valjean lifts Cosette into the waiting cab.

               Where I go, you will be.

               Will you be like a Papa to me?

               Yes, Cosette!
               This is true!
               I'll be father and mother to you!

     The cab sets off down the road.

45   INT. INN, MONTFERMEIL - NIGHT                               45

     Madame Thenardier takes the bunch of notes from her
     husband's hand and inspects them.

               Not bad!

                         MADAME THENARDIER
               Not enough!

     Through the open door Thenardier sees a man on horseback           
     rattling up to the inn.

                         MADAME THENARDIER
               There's a copper at the door!
               What the devil have you done?

     Javert strides into the inn.

               Where's the child Cosette?

                         MADAME THENARDIER
               She's gone with a gent,
               Didn't tell us where they went,
               Didn't leave his home address.

               Did you catch the fellow's name?

     Both Thenardiers shake their heads.

     Javert stares once, contemptuously, round the seedy inn,
     and departs without a further word. Thenardier goes to the
     doorway to watch him leave.

                         MADAME THENARDIER
               You're a bloody fool
               Look at what we got.

               Should have struck the iron,
               Struck it while it's hot.

                         THENARDIER/MADAME THENARDIER
               Next time round we'll be here
               And we're gonna get the lot.

46   EXT. OUTSKIRTS OF PARIS - NIGHT                              46

     Valjean's cab, moving fast, passes down the road into the

     IN CAB - Valjean has one arm round Cosette to protect her
     from the jolting of the cab. He gazes at her as she slips
     into a fitful sleep.

               Suddenly I see
               Suddenly it starts
               When two anxious hearts
               Beat as one.
               Yesterday I was alone
               Today you walk beside me
               Something still unclear
               Something not yet here
               Has begun.
               Suddenly the world
               Seems a different place
               Somehow full of grace

                          VALJEAN (cont'd)
                And delight.

                How was I to know
                That so much love
                Was held inside me?
                Something fresh and young
                Something still unsung
                Fills the night.

                How was I to know at last
                That happiness can come so fast?
                Trusting me the way you do
                I'm so afraid of failing you
                Just a child who cannot know
                That danger follows where I go
                There are shadows everywhere
                And memories I cannot share

                Nevermore alone
                Nevermore apart
                You have warmed my heart
                Like the sun.
                You have brought the gift of life
                And love so long denied me.

                Suddenly I see
                What I could not see
                Something suddenly
                Has begun.

      He brushes the hair from her face, and satisfies himself
      that she's comfortable. Then he puts his head out of the
      window. At the gate into Paris, soldiers are checking              
      documents of occupants of carriages.                               

      Valjean slips out of the carriage with Cosette and makes           
      his way along the wall, away from the gate.                        

46A   EXT. PARIS BROKEN WALL - NIGHT                             46A     

      Valjean finds a section of tumble down wall and climbs over.       

46B   EXT. PARIS SLUM STREET - NIGHT                             46B     

      Valjean and Cosette make their way down a darkened street.         

46C   EXT. PARIS - RIVER SEINE - NIGHT                           46C     

      Valjean and Cosette turn down a narrow street, no longer           

      The narrow street turns, and opens out onto the river.             
      Valjean stops. There, on the other side of the river, in the       
      light of a lamp, stands Javert.                                    

47   SCENE OMITTED                                              47     

48   EXT. MAZE OF OLD STREETS - NIGHT                           48     

     Now Valjean and Cosette are running - down narrow alleys,
     into small dark courtyards, not knowing which way to turn.
     Whenever Valjean thinks they've thrown their pursuer, there
     he is, not far behind. And he's no longer alone. With him
     are a detachment of soldiers.                                     

     Javert and his team never seem to run. But he's always            

49   EXT. DEAD END - NIGHT                                      49

     Valjean and Cosette turn into a street that is walled in by
     high windowless houses. They follow it round a corner to
     find - a dead end. A high wall before them. They're

     Valjean looks round. No way out. Then he sees a nearby lamp
     bracket. Hanging from it is the rope that is used to lower
     the oil lamp for lighting. He tears off the rope and ties
     one end round Cosette, beneath her armpits. Then holding
     the other end, he scales the wall, using the corner to
     brace himself as he rises. Once on the top, he hauls
     Cosette up by the rope. Only then does he turn to look down
     onto the other side.

     A cloister. A building in the middle, windows glowing.
     Grave stones black against the white snow. The sound of
     women's voices, singing a psalm.

               Te lucis ante terminum
               Rerum Creator poscimus
               Ut pro tua clementia
               Sis praesul et custodia...

     Valjean lowers Cosette down into the garden, and drops down
     after her.

     Javert and his men enter the dead end to find them gone.

50   INT. CONVENT CLOISTER - NIGHT                              50

     Valjean crouched low, with Cosette in his arms, holding her
     still and quiet until Javert is gone.

     Then he straightens up and looks round. He takes in the
     sound of singing.

               Procul recedant somnia
               Et noctium phantasmata

                    NUNS (cont'd)
          Hostemque nostrum comprime
          Ne polluantur corpora...

He goes closer to the windows of the building. Through the
blurry glass he can make out a chapel, and a line of nuns

Valjean continues and sees a man filling in a new grave.
The man starts as he sees Valjean.

          Who's that?

Valjean jumps, takes Cosette protectively into his arms.
Turns to answer.

          Why, it's Monsieur Mayor!

It's Fauchelevent, now a gardener, still limping from his

          Who are you?

          Don't you remember? The cart fell
          on me!                                               

          Monsieur Fauchelevent!                               

          You saved my life! You got me
          this job as a gardener!

Valjean gazes at him, and remembers.

          Now you can do the same for me.
          We need a place of sanctuary.
          This child and I, we need to

          In this place of Holy Orders
          You are brought to God's domain
          May the sisters grant you shelter
          May their prayers ease your pain.

Valjean and Cosette follow him to the convent.

          We'll give thanks for what is
          What the sisters may ordain
          Here we pray for new beginnings -
          Here our lives can start again.

     Valjean looks to the heavens. The camera soars into the air
     and heads east as dawn breaks over Paris. We rush low over
     Paris as the sun comes up, towards the Place de la Bastille.

51   EXT. PLACE DE LA BASTILLE, PARIS - DAY                       51


               Nine years later

     The dawn light glows on a massive ELEPHANT. The monument,
     made of wood and plaster, now ruined and crumbling, stands
     on a plinth on one side of the wide open square. On the far
     side, the remains of the great fortress that was the
     Bastille. In the middle, scaffolding surrounds a half-built
     triumphal column, which is being erected to celebrate the
     new regime.


               Paris, 1832.

     The streets that run from the square lead in one direction
     to the Paris of power and wealth; in the other direction
     into the slums.

     The camera sweeps in and down to meet the elephant.

     A head pops out of one of the elephant's many holes -
     GAVROCHE, a street urchin. He gives a shrill whistle. At
     once a dozen more street urchins show themselves, from
     every crack in the monument's skin. Agile as a monkey,
     Gavroche drops to the ground, followed by his band.

52   EXT. PARIS BOULEVARD - DAY                                   52

     FOLLOW GAVROCHE in as he races down a grand boulevard,              
     dodging the crowds of strolling bourgeoisie and beggars,
     weaving in and out of the lines of carriages attempting to
     make their way in either direction. These are the
     conveyances of the rich, fine gilded coaches with matched
     horses and footmen on the back. Virtually at a standstill,
     they lend Gavroche a platform as he leaps from coach to
     coach, a street urchin dancing on the heads of the elite.

     As he goes, the poor on the pavements sing to the stony-
     faced rich in their golden high-sprung glory -

                          BEGGARS CHORUS
               Look down and see the beggars at
               your feet!
               Look down and show some mercy if
               you can!
               Look down and see the sweepings
               of the street!

                    BEGGARS CHORUS (cont'd)
          Look down, look down,
          Upon your fellow man!

The fine ladies and grand gentlemen in the carriages avert
their eyes, or raise the blinds of their carriage windows
to shut out the sight of the losers of their world.

Gavroche, bounding over their heads, evading the swipes of
liveried footmen, lands on the running board of one            
particularly grand carriage and begs/taunts the RICH           

          `Ow do you do? My name's
          These are my people, here's my
          Not much to look at - nothing
          Nothing that you'd call up to
          This is my school, my high
          Here in the slums of St Michel.
          We live on crumbs of humble piety
          Tough on the teeth - but what the
          Think you're poor? Think you're
          Follow me! Follow me!

                    BEGGARS CHORUS
          Look down and show some mercy if
          you can!
          Look down, look down, upon your
          fellow man!

STILL RUNNING WITH Gavroche as he hops onto the back of
another very grand carriage, the traffic now moving at         
last, hitching a ride on the back - one or two of his gang     
hop on back of carriage with him, the others run panting       
after to hear his political lecture.                           

          There was a time we killed the
          We tried to change the world too
          Now we have got another King,
          He is no better than the last.
          This is the land that fought for
          liberty -
          Now when we fight we fight for
          Here is the thing about equality -
          Everyone's equal when they're
          Take your place!

                         GAVROCHE (cont'd)
               Take your chance!
               Vive la France! Vive la France!

53   EXT. LAMARQUE'S HOUSE, PARIS - DAY                         53     

     The carriage has reached an arch into a courtyard where a         
     crowd of a couple of hundred is gathered outside a house of       
     sickness. The carriage stops as its occupant wants to watch       
     what is going on. The street is padded with straw. Many eyes      
     gaze up at the draped windows. People cross themselves. A         
     priest is seen hurrying into the house, accompanied by two        
     altar boys.                                                       

     Gavroche jumps off as the carriage stops and joins the crowd.     
     The crowd is made up of citizens of Paris, student                
     revolutionaries, the poor and beggars. The students hand out      
     printed leaflets and try to excite the crowd.                     

                         STUDENTS/BEGGARS CHORUS                       
               Look down and show some mercy if                        
               you can!                                                
               Look down, look down, upon your                         
               fellow man!                                             

               When's it gonna end?

                         BEGGAR 1                                      
               When we gonna live?

               Something's gotta happen now!

                         BEGGAR 2                                      
               Something's gotta give!

                         STUDENTS AND BEGGARS                          
               It'll come, it'll come, it'll
               It'll come, it'll come, it'll

     A student, ENJOLRAS, stands on a raised step, making an           
     impassioned speech with fellow student MARIUS. The occupant       
     of the stopped carriage is MONSIEUR GILLENORMAND, Marius'         
     Grandfather. He is clearly deeply unhappy to see his grandson     
     engaged in such an activity.                                      

     In the crowd a young street girl, EPONINE, has her eyes fixed   
     longingly on the handsome Marius.                               

               Where are the leaders of the
               Where are the swells who run this

          Only one man, General Lamarque                        
          Speaks for the people here below!

Marius looks towards Lamarque's house behind him.

          Lamarque is ill and fading fast -
          Won't last a week out, so they

          With all the anger in the land,
          How long before the Judgement

          Before we cut the fat ones down
          to size?

          Before the barricades arise?

Mounted Police ride in to break up the crowd.                   

          Look down, look down, don't look us                   
          in the eye!                                           
          Look down, look down, stay here and                   
          you die!                                              

The crowd breaks up. The students shout to the crowd:           

          Tomorrow we will return!                              

          Tell everyone you know                                

          We will show them!                                    

          Lamarque is the only leader on our                    

          We have a right to pray for                           

          We need more people, then the                         
          police will not dare ride against                     

          Vive le General Lamarque!                             

     Marius turns to see his Grandfather staring him down,                

               Do you have any idea of the shame                          
               you bring on your family! You're                           
               behaving like a child.                                     

     Gillenormand spies a gun poking out of his jacket.                   

     Gillenormand turns to get back in his carriage.                      

54   INT. GORBEAU TENEMENT                                         54     

     Through a crack in a door, we see Marius sitting on a tatty          
     mattress in a tiny hovel of a room. He is taking out a               
     hunting rifle from under the mattress, wrapped in a rag. His         
     eye is caught by the ring on his finger.                             

     CLOSE ON a signet ring, a family crest.                              

     Marius stares at the ring then takes it off his finger.              

     We reveal EPONINE staring at him through the door.                   

               Hey there Monsieur what's new                              
               with you?                                                  
               Haven't seen much of you of late.                          
               Planning no doubt to change the                            
               Plotting to overthrow the state?                           
               Still living here in this old sewer                        
               Might as well doss down in a ditch                         
               You still pretending to be poor                            
               Everyone knows your Grandpa's rich                         

     Marius rushes down the stairs of the slum, Eponine following.   
     We see glimpses of misery off the stairwell.                    

               How did you...?                                            

               There's lots of things I know                              

               Won't take a franc that I've not                           
               All of those bridges have been                             

               I like the way you talk Monsieur!                          

               I like the way you always tease.                           

     Eponine comes to a stop, looking wistfully after Marius.

               Little he knows -
               Little he sees.

55   EXT. RUE DE LA CHANVRERIE - END OF DAY                       55     

     Marius is stopped as he exits the front door of the Gorbeau         
     Tenement by a passing carriage. Once it passes Marius sees          
     two people in the street outside. One is an old gentleman,          
     Valjean. The other is a beautiful young girl, Cosette. The          
     two are giving alms to beggars as they walk back from               
     evening church service.                                             

     Marius can't take his eyes off Cosette. He's never seen
     anyone so lovely in his life. We hear the instrumental
     foreshadowing of `A Heart Full of Love'.

     As if drawn by Marius's gaze, Cosette looks up and meets
     his eyes. She too is amazed: he's looking at her as if he
     already knows her. A second carriage breaks their held              

     Marius continues on down the street and when he looks back,         
     at that precise moment Cosette looks at him again.                  

     Valjean instinctively puts his arm round her, guarding her
     jealously from this distant boy's gaze.                             

     We cut further down the street to an alleyway where the             
     Thenardiers, heavily disguised, are waiting for Valjean's           
     approach with their gang of crooks, Babet, Brujon,                  
     Clacquesous, Montparnasse.                                          

               Everyone here, you know your
               place -
               Brujon, Babet, Clacquesous -
               You, Montparnasse, watch for the
               law -                                                     
               With Eponine - take care.
                   (Montparnasse hurries over                            
                     to the doorway where                                
                     Eponine was watching                                
               You turn on the tears!                                    
                   (to Madame Thenardier who                             
                     is holding a baby)                                  
               No mistakes, my dears!

     Thenardier approaches Valjean and lures him into the mouth          
     of the alleyway where Madame Thenardier is sat on the               
     ground holding the crying infant. Cosette is a few steps            
     behind, still entranced by the sight of Marius.                     

          Please, M'sieur, come this way.
          Here's a child that ain't eaten
          Save a life, spare a sou!
          God rewards all the good that you

As Valjean bends down to look at Madame Thenardier she          
recognizes him.                                                 

                    MADAME THENARDIER                           
          Wait a bit! Know that face!
              (to Monsieur Thenardier)                          
          Ain't the world a remarkable

          Men like me don't forget -
          You're the bastard who borrowed

          What is this? Are you mad?
          No, Monsieur, you don't know what
          you say!

Thenardier pulls off his disguise. Valjean recognises him.      

          You know me! I know you!
          And you'll pay what I'm due.

He signals to his gang. A door opens in the alleyway            
revealing the huge Brujon. The gang move in on Valjean          

              (shouts from up the                               
          It's the police! Disappear!                           
          Run for it! It's Javert!                              

The gang spill out into the street to find themselves           
confronted by Javert now with his men. Marius watches, as       
does Gavroche, drawn by the rumpus.

          Another brawl in the square!
          Another stink in the air!
          Was there a witness to this?
          Well, let him speak to Javert!

He sees man with his arm protectively round a girl but does     
not recognize Valjean as Valjean has averted his face.          

          Monsieur, these streets are not
          But let these vermin beware,
          We'll see that justice is done!

He turns back on the Thenardier gang in the passage.

          Look upon this fine collection
          Crawled from underneath a stone.
          This swarm of worms and maggots
          Could have picked you to the
          I know this man over here,
          I know his name and his trade.
          And on your witness, m'sieur,
          I'll see him suitably paid.

He turns back to find Valjean and Cosette gone.                

          But where's the gentlemen gone?
          And why on earth did he run?

          You will have a job to find him!
          He's not all he seems to be -
          And that girl he trails behind
          She's the child he stole from me!

Marius, equally baffled, goes off in search of them.

          Could it be he's that old
          That the tide now washes in?
          Heard my name and started
          All the omens point to him.

Thenardier, listening, hears this all with great interest.
So Valjean is a crook like him.

          And the girl who stood beside
          When I turned they both had gone.
          Could he be the man I've hunted?
          Could it be he's Jean Valjean?

          In the absence of a victim,
          Dear Inspector, may I go?
          And remember when you've nicked
          It was me what told you so.

              (to himself)
          Let the old man keep on running
          I will run him off his feet!
              (to the crowd)
          Everyone about your business!

              (to Gavroche)                                      
          Clear this garbage off the

Gavroche is sitting on a horse trough and falls back into it     
when Javert surprises him.                                       

He is furious. He sings to Javert's departing back, and to       
Marius who is close by.                                          

          That inspector thinks he's
          But it's me who runs this town!
          And my theatre never closes
          And the curtain's never down!
          Trust Gavroche! Have no fear!
          You can always find me here!                           

          Cosette! Now I remember...
          Cosette! How can it be?
          We were children together.
          Look what's become of me.

She turns back to find Marius gazing down the street.

          Eponine! Who was that girl?

          That bourgeois two-a-penny thing!

          Eponine, find her for me!

          What will you give me?


          Got you all excited now,
          But God knows what you see in
          Aren't you all delighted now?                          
          No, I don't want your money, sir.

                  Eponine, do this for me,
                  Discover where she lives.
                  But careful how you go -
                  Don't let your father know.
                  Eponine! I'm lost until she's

                  You see? I told you so!
                  There's lots of things I know!
                  Eponine, she knows her way

56-61   SCENES OMITTED                                         56-61        

62      EXT. PARIS POLICE HQ - NIGHT                                 62

        WIDE of the Police Headquarters on the Isle de la Cite: a           
        huge bureaucracy. The camera finds Javert standing inside           
        looking out of a door leading onto the roof. As he sings            
        he walks out onto the roof and stands by the symbol of the          
        HQ, a monumental stone eagle. He looks down at the lights
        reflected in the river below. Then up at the great city.
        Javert too has a God, and this is his prayer.

                  There, out in the darkness
                  A fugitive running
                  Running from God
                  Fallen from grace -
                  God be my witness
                  I never shall yield
                  Till we come face to face -
                  Till we come face to face...

                  He knows his way in the dark
                  Mine is the way of the Lord
                  Those who follow the path of the
                  Shall have their reward
                  And if they fall
                  As Lucifer fell -
                  The flame!

                  The sword!
                  Stars in your multitudes!
                  Scarce to be counted
                  Filling the darkness
                  With order and light -
                  You are the sentinels
                  Silent and sure
                  Keeping watch in the night -
                  Keeping watch in the night...

                  You know your place in the sky
                  You hold your course

                         JAVERT (cont'd)
               And your aim
               And each in your season
               Returns and returns
               And is always the same
               And if you fall
               As Lucifer fell
               You fall
               In flame!

               And so it must be, and so it is
               On the doorway to paradise
               That those who falter
               And those who fall
               Must pay the price!

               Lord, let me find him
               That I may see him
               Safe behind bars!
               I will never rest till then!
               This I swear
               This I swear by the stars!

     Javert stands silhouetted against the stars, his arms
     raised up to the night sky.

63   EXT. RUE DE LA CHANVRERIE - NIGHT                             63     

     Marius comes down the street, his mind full of thoughts of           

64   INT. CAFÉ MUSAIN - NIGHT                                      64     

     Marius arrives at the first floor front room. Here a group           
     of students are cleaning rifles and sharing their
     excitement at the coming revolution: ENJOLRAS, COMBEFERRE,

               Well, Courfeyrac! Do we have all                           
               the guns?                                                  
               Joly, Prouvaire! Our time is                               
               running short!                                             

               Students, workers, everyone!                               
               There's a river on the run!                                
               Like the flowing of the tide,                              
               Paris is coming to our side!                               

               Enjolras! At Notre Dame
               The sections are prepared!

            At Rue du Bac
            They're straining at the leash!

            Grantaire, put the bottle down!                    
            Did we get the guns we need?                       

            Give me brandy on my breath                        
            And I'll breathe them all to death!                

            The time is near...
            So near it's stirring the blood
            in their veins.
            And yet beware!                                    
            Don't let the wine go to your
            For the army we fight is a
            dangerous foe
            With the men and the arms that we
            never can match.
            It is easy to sit here and swat
            them like flies
            But the National Guard will be
            harder to catch.
            We need a sign
            To rally the people
            To call them to arms
            To bring them in line!

Joly turns goes over to Marius at the back, a faraway look     
on his face.

            Marius, wake up!
            What's wrong today?
            You look as if you've seen a

            Some wine, and say what's going

They sit.                                                      

            A ghost, you say? A ghost maybe!
            She was like a ghost to me -
            One minute there - then she was

            I am agog! I am aghast!
            Is Marius in love at last?
            I've never heard him Ooh and Aah.
            You talk of battles to be won

                    GRANTAIRE (cont'd)
          And here he comes like Don Juan!
          It is better than an opera!

They burst into laughter. But Enjolras isn't smiling.

          It is time for us all
          To decide who we are.
          Do we fight for the right
          To a night at the opera now?
          Have you asked yourselves
          What's the price you might pay?
          Is this simply a game
          For rich young boys to play?
          The colours of the world
          Are changing day by day -

          Red -    the blood of angry men!
          Black    - the dark of ages past!
          Red -    a world about to dawn!
          Black    - the night that ends at

          Had you seen her today
          You might know how it feels
          To be struck to the bone
          By a moment of breathless delight!

          Had you been there today
          You might also have known
          How the world may be changed
          In just one burst of light
          And what was right seems wrong
          And what was wrong seems right!


          I feel my soul on fire!


          My world if she's not there!


          The colour of desire!


          The colour of despair!

          Marius, you're no longer a child -
          I do not doubt you mean it well
          But now there is a higher call!
          Who cares about your lonely soul?
          We strive towards a larger goal -
          Our little lives don't count at


          The blood of angry men!                              


          The dark of ages past!                               
          Red - a world about to dawn!
          Black - the night that ends at

A scuffle at the door - Gavroche struggling with the
barman. Courfeyrac lets him through.                           

          Listen! Listen to me!

          Listen, everybody!

          General Lamarque is dead!

Enjolras turns to his companions.

          Lamarque is dead...
          Lamarque... His death is the hour
          of fate.
          The people's man...
          His death is the sign we await!
          On his funeral day they will
          honour his name
          With the light of rebellion
          ablaze in their eyes.
          From their candles of grief we
          will kindle our flame.
          On the tomb of Lamarque shall our
          barricades rise!

          The time is here!

                         ENJOLRAS (cont'd)
               Let us welcome it gladly with
               courage and cheer!

               Let us take to the street with no
               doubt in our hearts

               But a jubilant shout!

               They will come one and all!

               They will come when we call!

     As the students sing, Eponine enters wanting to talk to             
     Marius. Marius sees her.                                            

65   INT. VALJEAN'S HOUSE, RUE PLUMET - NIGHT                     65     

     Cosette is pacing in her bedroom. It's a pretty room, the           
     best room in this small summer house. Her shutters are              
     open, giving a view of a wild unkempt garden. She looks at          
     herself in a mirror, aware of her looks perhaps for the             
     first time.                                                         

               How strange -
               This feeling that my life's begun
               at last!
               This change -
               Can people really fall in love so
               What's the matter with you,
               Have you been too much on your
               So many things unclear -
               So many things unknown...

               In my life
               There are so many questions and
               That somehow seem wrong.
               In my life
               There are times when I catch in
               the silence
               The sigh of a faraway song
               And it sings
               Of a world that I long to see -
               Out of reach
               Just a whisper away
               Waiting for me!

               Does he know I'm alive?
               Do I know if he's real?

                    COSETTE (cont'd)
          Does he see what I see?
          Does he feel what I feel?

          In my life
          I'm no longer alone -
          Now the love in my life
          Is so near...
          Find me now! Find me here!

Valjean knocks and opens her door. He closes her shutters.     

          Dear Cosette,
          You're such a lonely child.
          How pensive, how sad you seem to
          Believe me, were it within my
          I'd fill each passing hour.
          How quiet it must be, I can see,
          With only me for company.

          There's so little I know
          That I'm longing to know
          Of the man that you were
          In a time long ago...
          There's so little you say
          Of the life you have known,
          Why you keep to yourself,
          Why we're always alone.
          So dark! So dark and deep,
          The secrets that you keep!
          In my life
          Please forgive what I say
          You are loving and gentle and
          But papa, dear papa,
          In your eyes I am still like that
          Who was lost in a wood.

          No more words -
          No more words.
          It's a time that is dead.
          There are words
          That are better unheard,
          Better unsaid.

          In my life
          I'm no longer a child and I yearn
          For the truth that you know
          Of the years... Years ago!

     Valjean leaves and goes into his own bedroom. A simple wooden        
     shack at the back of the summerhouse, Valjean himself lives          
     with spartan simplicity - he has given the best room to              

     Cosette follows. Valjean sits on his bed, his back to                

               You will learn.
               Truth is given by God
               To us all in our time,
               In our turn.                                               

66   EXT. RUE PLUMET - NIGHT                                       66     

     Marius rushes down the street, Eponine following. At the             
     far end is the walled garden behind which lies Valjean's             

               In my life
               She has burst like the music of
               The light of the sun!
               And my life seems to stop
               As if something is over
               And something has scarcely begun!
               Eponine, you're the friend
               Who has brought me here.
               Thanks to you I am one with the
               And heaven is near!
               And I soar through a world that
               is new,
               That is free!                                              

               Every word that he says
               Is a dagger in me!
               In my life
               There's been no one like him
               Anywhere, where he is
               If he asked... I'd be his!

               In my life
               There is someone who touches my
               life -

                   (sees Cosette in the                                   
               Waiting near!

          Waiting here!                                         

          A heart full of love!

Cosette sees Marius. She comes up the garden path towards       
him. She sees Eponine by Marius's side.                         

          A heart full of song!
          I'm doing everything all wrong -
          Oh God, for shame -
          I do not even know your name.
          Dear Mad'moiselle,
          Won't you say?
          Will you tell?

Cosette holds the wrought-ironwork of the gate with both        
hands, eyes on Marius. Eponine looks on and suffers. Marius     
wraps his hands round Cosette's.                                

          A heart full of love!
          No fear, no regret!

          My name is Marius Pontmercy.

          And mine's Cosette.

          Cosette... I don't know what to
          say -

          Then make no sound.

          I am lost -

          I am found!

          A heart full of light -

          A night bright as day -

          And you must never go away,
          Cosette - Cosette!

          This is a chain we'll never

          Do I dream?

          I'm awake.

          A heart full of love -

          He was never mine to lose
          Why regret
          What could not be?

          A heart full of you -

          These are words he'll never say
          Not to me, not to me
          Not for me!

          A single look and then I knew!

          I knew it too!

          His heart full of love...

          From today -

          He will never feel this way.

          Every day...

          For it isn't a dream -
          Not a dream
          After all!

Valjean comes to the door.

          Cosette! Cosette!                                   

Cosette turns and runs in to the house.

Valjean walks down the overgrown garden path to the gate.     

Marius moves quickly away, instinctively nervous of
discovery, and hides behind the wall.                         

Valjean peers into the shadows. He senses that perhaps
Cosette has been talking to someone. He looks pensive.

Valjean returns inside.                                         

Cosette has dropped a keepsake through the gate. Marius picks   
it up.                                                          

Marius makes his way back down the street, filled with          
thoughts of his love. Completely forgetting Eponine is there.   

Shadows move up the street from the other direction. It's       
Thenardier and his gang. They gather at the wrought-iron

          This is his lair!
          I've seen the old fox around.

          He keeps himself to himself
          He's staying close to the ground.

          I smell profit here!
          Ten years ago
          He came and paid for Cosette.
          I let her go for a song.
          It's time we settled the debt.
          This'll cost him dear.

          What do I care
          Who you should rob?
          Gimme my share!
          Finish the job!

          You shut your mouth!
          You'll get what's yours!

Brujon starts working on the gate lock. He finds Eponine
lurking in the shadows.

          What have we here?

          Who is this hussy?

          It's your brat Eponine!
          Don't you know your own kid?
          Why's she hanging about here?

               Eponine, get on home!
               You're not needed in this.
               We're enough here without you.

               I know this house, I tell you!
               There's nothing here for you!
               Just the old man and the girl.
               They live ordinary lives.

               Don't interfere!
               You've got some gall!
               Take care, young miss,
               You've got a lot to say!

               She's going soft!

               Happens to all!

               Go home, Eponine!
               Go home, you're in the way!

     They huddle round the garden gate, which is now broken

               I'm gonna scream! I'm gonna warn
               them here!

               One little scream and you'll
               regret it for a year!

     He goes to the gate and opens it.

     Eponine screams.                                                   

67   SCENE OMITTED                                               67     

68   INT. RUE PLUMET, PARIS - NIGHT                              68

     Valjean, now in his own bedroom, hears the scream and turns
     to the window.

69   EXT. RUE PLUMET - NIGHT                                     69

     Thenardier and his gang shrink into the shadows, as
     Eponine's scream ends at last.

               Make for the sewers!
               Get underground!
               Leave her to me,
               Don't wait around!

     He turns on Eponine and slaps her hard across the face.            

               You wait, my girl!
               You'll rue this night!                                   
               I'll make you scream!
               You'll scream all right!

     His men have levered up a grating, and now Thenardier and
     the gang disappear down into the sewers.

70   INT. VALJEAN'S HOUSE - RUE PLUMET, PARIS - NIGHT            70     

     Valjean comes running into Cosette's room. Valjean takes           
     her in his arms.

               My God, Cosette!
               I heard a cry in the dark.
               I heard the shout of angry voices
               in the street.

               Three men I saw beyond the
               Three men in shadow moving fast!

               This is a warning to us all!
               These are the shadows of the

     He moves away to his own bedroom.                                  

               Must be Javert.
               He's found my cover at last.
               I've got to get Cosette away
               Before he returns.

     He comes back to Cosette.                                          

               We must get away from shadows
               That will never let us be.
               Tonight we leave Cosette!                                

               To where?                                                

               Rue de L'Homme Armee.                                     

               No! No!                                                   

               And then a ship across the sea.                           

               Hurry, Cosette! Prepare to leave,
               And say no more.
               Tonight we'll away!                                       

               No! Please no! We can't go!                               

               Hurry, Cosette!
               It's time to close another door
               And live another day!

     Valjean leaves to start packing.                                    

     Feverishly, Cosette scribbles a letter.                             

71   SCENE OMITTED                                                71     

72   EXT. GARDEN, RUE PLUMET - NIGHT                              72

     Cosette hurries down the   garden to the gate, and goes to          
     put the folded letter in   the grill where her and Marius'          
     hands entwined. Then she   sees Eponine. Eponine steps              
     forward. She thrusts her   letter into her hand.                    

               Please give this to Marius! He
               must know where to find me.

     She runs back inside.


     Eponine crumples up the letter.                                     

     She walks sadly away down the street.

     Rain is just starting to fall.

               And now I'm all alone again -
               Nowhere to turn, no one to go to.
               Without a home, without a friend,

                    EPONINE (cont'd)
          Without a face to say hello to.
          The city goes to bed
          And I can live inside my head.

          On my own
          Pretending he's beside me
          All alone
          I walk with him till morning
          Without him
          I feel his arms around me
          And when I lose my way I close my
          And he has found me.

She crosses a bridge over the river.

          In the rain
          The pavement shines like silver
          All the lights
          Are misty in the river
          In the darkness the trees are
          full of starlight
          And all I see is him and me
          forever and forever!

          And I know it's only in my mind -
          That I'm talking to myself and
          not to him.
          And although I know that he is
          Still I say there's a way for us.

          I love him
          But when the night is over
          He is gone - the river's just a
          Without him the world around me
          changes -
          The trees are bare and everywhere
          The streets are full of

          I love him
          But every day I'm learning
          All my life I've only been
          Without me, his world will go on
          A world that's full of happiness
          That I have never know.

          I love him
          I love him
          I love him
          But only on my own.

      Her solitary journey has brought her to the Gorbeau slum.             
      She goes inside.                                                      

73A   INT. GORBEAU TENEMENT - NIGHT                                 73A     

      Eponine stands outside Marius' door. She opens the letter,            
      reads it, then hides it in her pocket. She pushes open                
      Marius' door. Marius looks up.                                        

                I came to tell you she's gone.

                Gone? What do you mean?                                     

                She's gone to England.                                      

      Marius sets off at a run towards the Rue Plumet.                      

74    EXT. RUE PLUMET - NIGHT                                       74

      Marius finds the gate broken open, sees the house beyond
      dark and deserted. He pushes in to the garden, up to the
      house windows, sees the rooms empty within. He stands
      staring, in shock.

      Eponine has followed him, and watches him in silence.

75    SCENE OMITTED                                                 75      

76    INT. CARRIAGE - NIGHT.                                        76      

      Valjean and Cosette sit on either side of the carriage,               
      apart, staring out of their respective windows. A stark               
      contrast to the carriage scene when Valjean sang to Cosette           
      as a little girl.                                                     

                One day more!
                Another day, another destiny.
                This never-ending road to
                These men who seem to know my
                Will surely come a second time -
                One day more!

77    EXT. RUE PLUMET - NIGHT                                       77

      Marius by the empty house.

               I did not live until today -                              
               How can I live when we are parted?                        

78   INT. CARRIAGE - NIGHT                                        78     

               One day more!                                             

               Tomorrow you'll be worlds away
               And yet with you my world has

79   EXT/INT. RUE PLUMET/CARRIAGE - NIGHT                         79     

     INTERCUT between Eponine at the gate, Cosette and Valjean
     in the carriage, and Marius in the dark garden.                     

               One more day all on my own...

               Will we ever meet again?

               One more day with him not

               I was born to be with you!

               What a life I might have known...

               And I swear I will be true!

               But he never saw me there.

80   INT. CAFÉ MUSAIN GROUND & 1ST FLOOR/EXT. RUE DE LA           80     
     CHANVRERIE - NIGHT                                                  

     Enjolras and the students have a production line under way
     for making bullets. The rifles are now stacked and ready
     for the uprising. Grantaire is downstairs flirting with a           
     BARMAID. MADAME HUCHELOUP the proprietress of the Cafe              
     Musain is sewing a red revolutionary flag to help the               

               One more day before the storm!

     INTERCUT WITH Marius walking back sadly through the Rue de          
     la Chanvrerie. Eponine follows him at a distance.                   

               Do I follow where she goes?

               At the barricades of freedom!

               Shall I join my brothers there?

               When our ranks begin to form -

               Do I stay and do I dare?

                   (from top of stairs, for                              
                    Grantaire's benefit)                                 
               Will you take your place with me?                         

     Grantaire rather reluctantly goes upstairs.                         

               The time is now!
               The day is here!
               One day more!

81   INT. PARIS POLICE HQ - NIGHT                                 81

     Javert is briefing a hundred uniformed police about the
     coming day in a grand ornate old room at Police

               One day more to revolution.
               We will nip it in the bud.
               We'll be ready for these
               They will wet themselves with

82   INT. CARRIAGE - NIGHT                                        82     

               One day more!

83   INT. CAFÉ MUSAIN - GROUND & 1ST FLOOR - NIGHT                83     

     Monsieur and Madame Thenardier are in the ground-floor bar,         
     slyly watching a student smuggling some rifles up the               
     stairs disguised in a piece of cloth.                               

     Joly takes a tray and collects empty tankards. As he               
     ascends the stairs, Madame Hucheloup tries to get him to           
     give the tankards back.                                            

               Watch'em run amuck!
               Catch'em as they fall!
               Never know your luck
               When there's a free-for-all.
               Here a little dip,
               There a little touch -
               Most of them are goners
               So they won't miss much!

     The drinkers in the bar raise their glasses to the students
     with their rifles. The students appeal to them. Grantaire
     is drunk already. Joly starts to melt the tankards in a pot        
     to make more bullets. Marius enters the ground floor and           
     takes the red flag from Madame Hucheloup that she has just         
     finished. The citizens on the ground floor join the                

               One day to a new beginning!
               Raise the flag of freedom high!
               Every man will be a king!
               Every man will be a king!
               There's a new world for the
               There's a new world to be won!
               Do you hear the people sing?

     Marius enters the first floor to join them at last.                

               My place is here!
               I fight with you!


     Valjean and Cosette arrive at their new hideout -                  

     Marius ties the red flag onto a flagpole -                         

               One day more!

               I did not live until today
               How can I live when we are

     Eponine outside the café, gazing longingly towards Marius -

               One more day on my own...

     Javert in the police station to his men -

               I will join these people's heroes
               I will follow where they go.
               I will learn their little
               I will know the things they know.

               One day more!

               Tomorrow you'll be worlds away
               And yet with you my world has

               One more day to revolution
               We will nip it in the bud
               We'll be ready for these
               schoolboys -

               Watch'em run amuck
               Catch'em as they fall
               Never know your luck
               When there's a free-for-all!

               Tomorrow we'll be far away.

               Tomorrow is the judgement day.

               Tomorrow we'll discover
               What our God in heaven has in
               store -
               One more dawn!
               One more day!
               One day more!

     We pull back from Enjolras and Marius holding their flag at         
     the first floor window with the students beyond them to see         
     that citizens have spilled out of the Cafe Musain into the          
     street and have all joined in the final chorus.                     

85   EXT. PARIS STREETS - DAY                                     85

     All is still. Then comes the soft beating of draped drums.
     The tramp of feet.

     All down the streets, waiting, the silent faces of the
     poor. Among them we see Enjolras, Marius, and the radical

Police and national guardsmen control the growing crowds.        

Now into view come the leaders of a great FUNERAL
PROCESSION. An entire battalion of infantry, marching with
weapons reversed. A column of black-suited dignitaries
carrying branches of laurel. A division of Cavalry rides in      
front, behind a section of military drummers who drum a          
military tatoo.                                                  

INTO FRAME comes a team of black horses stepping slowly,         
black plumes nodding, drawing behind them a gun carriage         
draped in the tricolour flag. On the carriage stands a           

Softly, in time with the drums, the watching people begin        
to sing.

          Do you hear the people sing
          Singing the song of angry men?
          It is the music of a people
          Who will not be slaves again!

The police and guardsmen look round to see who is singing
so subversively, but they can't be sure where it's coming
from. The singing grows stronger.

          When the beating of your heart
          Echoes the beating of the drums
          There is a life about to start
          When tomorrow comes!

The dignitaries become aware of the singing, and glance
uneasily from side to side.                                      

          Will you join in our crusade?
          Who will be strong and stand with
          Beyond the barricade
          Is there a world you long to see?

As the coffin on its carriage draws level with the students,     
Enjolras suddenly steps out in front of the horses drawing       
the carriage and waves the red flag, stopping the horses and     
the procession.                                                  

          Then join in the fight
          That will give you the right
          To be free!

The students break the ranks of the crowd and surround the       
coffin carriage.                                                 

          Do you hear the people sing
          Singing the song of angry men?
          It is the music of a people
          Who will not be slaves again!
          When the beating of your heart
          Echoes the beating of the drums
          There is a life about to start
          When tomorrow comes!

Enjolras, Marius and Courfeyrac and other students climb       
onto the top of the carriage as the horses and led by          

          Will you give all you can give
          So that our banner may advance?

          Some will fall and some will live
          Will you stand up and take your

          The blood of the martyrs
          Will water the meadows of France!

The crowd supports them and surround the coffin carriage,      
blocking the attempts of the police to intervene, singing
with passion.

          Do you hear the people sing
          Singing the song of angry men?
          It is the music of a people
          Who will not be slaves again!

          When the beating of your heart
          Echoes the beating of the drums
          There is a life about to start
          When tomorrow comes!

Enjolras, the students, and the impassioned crowd have now
become the procession. They turn off the main street away      
from the expected course of the funeral procession.            
Gavroche's elephant looms over this side street. Gavroche      
and his gang jump down from the elephant to join in.           

As the procession turns off, the calvary division gallop       
ahead and disappear round a corner.                            

          Will you join in our crusade?
          Who will be strong and stand with
          Somewhere beyond the barricade
          Is there a world you long to see?
          Do you hear the people sing?

                         STUDENTS/CROWD (cont'd)
               Say, do you hear the distant
               It is the future that we bring
               When tomorrow comes!

     The students and crowd come face to face with the calvary. On   
     one side, muskets of the infantry poke through the broken       
     down fence surrounding the elephant. Other infantry have        
     taken up position in a cafe opposite, upending tables to        
     provide cover.                                                  

     There is a tense, prolonged silence. Then suddenly one              
     nervous SOLDIER lets off a round. It hits a middle aged             
     kindly looking WOMAN CITIZEN in the crowd around the coffin         
     carriage. The crowd is furious. Students charge the soldier,        
     grab his musket and knock him down with the hilt of the gun.        

     More shots ring out. The cavalry charges. The funeral               
     explodes into a riot. The people of Paris turn on the
     dragoons, the National Guards, the police. More squadrons
     of dragoons charge into the crowd, sabres unsheathed. Women
     run screaming in terror.                                            

               To the barricades!

               To the barricades! To arms! To

     Some students fire weapons into the air, some into the              
     cavalry and at the infantry. Enjolras knocks a calvary              
     officer off his horse and Marius jumps on the horse.                

     The students break away and race off through the cafe into          
     a side street where citizens begin to erect a barricade. A          
     cavalry rider gives chase and is shot by one of the                 
     students and falls through the window of an upended                 
     carriage. The students, with Marius on horseback, race to           
     the slums.                                                          

86   EXT. RUE DE LA CHANVRERIE/INT. CAFE MUSAIN - DAY             86     

     FOLLOW the students as they burst into their home street.           
     They have been joined by a motley collection of citizens            
     including burghers and an old eccentric man FATHER MABEUF           
     who works as hard as anyone. They raid a fencing shop and a         
     gun shop for weapons, they force wives to give up their             
     husbands' muskets and chalk up the debt to the revolution           
     on their front doors, they encourage homeowners to                  
     contribute furniture sometimes appearing at high windows to         
     help overcome any reluctance. Soon the street is raining            
     tables, chairs, mattresses, sofas. They smash streetlamps.          
     They set to work to build their barricade. Students                 
     commandeer an omnibus which is overturned to form the               
     barricade's heart. Three students arrive in the street              
     hauling an uprooted tree.                                           

They pull up paving stones, rip boards, timbers and front       
doors from house and shop-fronts, pull down buttresses, and     
raid the Cafe Musain, systematically stripping it of every      
item of furniture despite the lamentations and                  
protestations of Madame Hucheloup and her barmaid.              

As the barricade rises they bring down from the first floor     
of the cafe the rifles and ammunition they've gathered, to      
prepare to defend their chosen ground. A student stands on      
a stone post distributing weapons. They line the first and      
second floor front rooms with paving stones to create           
protected shooting positions. The inside of the barricade       
is built neatly with steps up made from paving stones. The      
outside is a crazy knarled mess.                                

          Here upon these stones
          We will build our barricade.
          In the heart of the city
          We claim as our own
          Each man to his duty
          And don't be afraid.

A man in worker's clothing is helping build the growing         
barricade,. He wears the insignia of the rebels, and keeps      
his head down.

          I will need a report
          On the strength of the foe.

The man who's just arrived looks up. It's Javert.

          I can find out the truth!
          I know their ways,
          Fought their wars,
          Served my time
          In the days
          Of my youth.

He slips away through the barricade, which is still rising.

          See! The people unite!

          Pray your right

          Dogs will bark!

          Fleas will bite!

          They will do what is right.

87    EXT. BARRICADE - DUSK                                      87

      The barricade is now complete: an impressive wall up to            
      twelve feet high, with one heavily guarded section that can        
      be wheeled open to allow access. Two smaller barricades            
      protect the left and right side of the cafe. Enjolras              
      climbs halfway up the main barricade and turns to his              
      little army. Grantaire prises the final piece of Madame            
      Hucheloup's furniture from her arms - her favourite sewing         
      armchair - and adds it to the barricade. As the men sing           
      she steals it back defiantly.                                      

                Red, the blood of angry men!

                Black, the dark of ages past!
                Red, a world about to dawn!
                Black, the night that ends at

87A   EXT. BARRICADE - NIGHT                                     87A

      It is night. The students have been waiting for hours.

      A single flaming torch atop the barricade caged in by cobbles
      underlights a fluttering red flag.

      There is no sign yet of any opposition.

      A boy climbs down from sentry duty on the barricade. Marius        
      realizes its Eponine. She sits down with her back to him.          

                Hey, little boy, what's this I see?                      
                God Eponine the things you do!                           

                I know this is no place for me,                          
                Still I would rather be with you!                        

                Get out before the trouble                               
                Get out, `Ponine, you might get                          

                I've got you worried now, I have!                        
                That shows you like me quite a                           

                Get Out!                                                 

      Joly, sentry on the main barricade, sees a figure approach.        

          He's back!

Javert, still in his disguise as a rebel, is let back
through the guarded `gate' into the barricaded street.

          Listen, my friends,
          I have done as I said.
          I have been to their lines,
          I have counted each man.
          I will tell what I can.
          Better be warned
          They have armies to spare
          And our danger is real -
          We will need all our cunning
          To bring them to heel.

          Have faith!
          If you know what their movements
          We'll spoil their game.
          There are ways that a people can
          fight -
          We shall overcome their power!

          I have overheard their plans.
          There will be no attack tonight.
          They intend to starve you out
          Before they start a proper fight -
          Concentrate their force,
          Hit us when it's light -


They all look up. There's Gavroche, on the top of the

          Good evening, dear Inspector.
          Lovely evening, my dear!
          I know this man, my friends.
          His name's Inspector Javert!
          So don't believe a word he says
          Cause none of it's true.
          This only goes to show
          What little people can do.                            

Guns swing round to aim at Javert. He stares back in

Gavroche comes dancing down the barricade to Courfeyrac's       
delighted embrace.

           Bravo, little Gavroche!
           You're the top of the class!

Gavroche grabs Grantaire's red cap and puts it on his own
head, mimicking the students.

           So what are we going to do
           With this snake in the grass?

Enjolras faces Javert.

           Tie this man and take him
           To the tavern in there!
           The people will decide your fate,
           Inspector Javert!

           Shoot me now or shoot me later -
           Every schoolboy to his sport!
           Death to each and every traitor!
           I renounce your people's court!

           Take this man. Bring him through.
           There is work we have to do.

Javert is led into the cafe. As they pass through the front       
door only one student is holding Javert. Seizing his              
opportunity, Javert breaks free and the students have to          
subdue him by force. Javert is on his knees and is being tied     
to the staircase.                                                 

           When are they coming!?                                 


Suddenly, out of the darkness, the students and citizens at
the barricade here an ominous distant sound. The sound of
marching feet, hundreds of men, marching in unison. First
soft, then building louder and louder, closer and closer.
Boots on cobbles. The sound comes right into the end of the

Enjolras and all the students man the main barricade.             


They peer over the barricade. In the pitch blackness, all
they can make out is hundreds of gossamer thin slivers. These
are bayonets and musket barrels dimly lit by the reflection
from the torch.

A voice shouts out from the darkness.

                    ARMY OFFICER
          Who's there?

At the same time we hear the clatter of guns being levelled.

          French Revolution.

                    ARMY OFFICER

A flash turns all the facades of the street bright crimson as
though the door of a furnace has suddenly open and shut.

A dreadful explosion bursts over the barricade. The red flag
falls, the pole sliced through. Bullets richochet off the
cornices of the houses, bore into the barricade and wound
several men.

              (as students return fire)                           
          Comrades, do not fire back! Do not                      
          waste powder!                                           

In the darkness, the clang of ramrods in muskets - the troop      
reloading weapons.                                                

Enjolras picks up the fallen flag and is about to take it up      
when the old man Father Mabeuf who has seen many                  
insurrections before this takes the flag and runs up onto the     
top of the barricade.                                             

                    ARMY OFFICER
          Who's there? Get down!

          Vive la France!

                    ARMY OFFICER

A second volley.

Father Mabeuf falls down dead. While everyone is reacting to   
the dead old man and the wounded, the men are distracted from   
noticing that some French soldiers have used the cover of
darkness to creep down the street.

All at once the FIRST FULL ATTACK begins. Shouts and the
rattle of gunfire as SOLDIERS throw themselves up and over
the barricade. The students run for their guns and return
fire. They are taken by surprise. All could be lost in the
first instant. Some soldiers make it up to the top of the
barricade, where they're driven back by the fierce
resistance of the defenders. Eponine sees one soldier
aiming his rifle at Marius - she throws herself in front of
Marius just as the rifle fires - and Marius is safe.

They are being   overrun. Panic ensues. The gun battle is
fierce. Marius   in a flash of inspiration realises all is lost   
unless they do   something. He drags a barrel of gunpowder to
the top of the   barricade, grabs the torch and with a face of
deadly resolve   he tips the torch towards the barrel.

          Clear out or I'll blow up the

Everyone freezes.

                    ARMY OFFICER
          Blow it up then and take yourself
          with it!

          And myself with it!

Marius brings the torch closer to the powder keg.

But already the soldiers have cleared out.

Marius comes down from the barricade.                             

              (to Marius)                                         
          Thank you!                                              

          What were you thinking!                                 

As everyone surrounds Marius in amazement he spots Eponine
lying propped against the barricade.

          Eponine! What have you done?

He kneels by her side. Eponine is dying.

          Here... It's from Cosette...
          I kept it from you...

With a struggle she pulls the letter out of her pocket, and
pushes it into his hand.

          Don't be too hard on me...

Marius is shocked to find blood pouring from her wound.

          Eponine, you're hurt!
          You need some help!

Rain begins to fall.

          Don't you fret, M'sieur Marius -
          I don't feel any pain.
          A little fall of rain
          Can hardly hurt me now.
          You're here - that's all I need
          to know
          And you will keep me safe
          And you will keep me close
          And rain will make the flowers

          But you will live, Eponine - Dear
          God above!
          If I could close your wounds with
          words of love -

          Just hold me now, and let it be.
          Shelter me... Comfort me...

          You will live a hundred years
          If I could show you how...
          I won't desert you now...

          The rain can't hurt me now...
          This rain will wash away what's
          And you will keep me safe
          And you will keep me close
          I'll sleep in your embrace at

Marius tries to comfort Eponine in his arms.           

          Hush-a-bye, dear Eponine
          You won't feel any pain
          A little fall of rain
          Can hardly hurt you now
          I'm here.

          So don't you fret, M'sieur Marius
          I don't feel any pain
          A little fall of rain
          Can hardly hurt me now...

          I will stay with you
          Till you are sleeping.

          That's all I need to know
          And you will keep me safe

                          EPONINE (cont'd)
               And you will keep me close
               And rain..
               Will make the flowers...

     Eponine dies in Marius's arms.

     Marius looks up at the others, his eyes full of tears.

               They were the first to fall.                              
               The first to fall upon this                               

               Her name was Eponine!
               Her life was cold and dark, yet
               she was unafraid!

               We fight here in her name...

               She will not die in vain...

               She will not be betrayed...

     They pick up Eponine's body and carry her into the tavern.

                   (to Gavroche)                                         
               Are you alright?                                          

               That was my sister.                                       

88   EXT. BARRICADE - NIGHT                                       88

     Marius reads the letter Eponine has given him. He takes out
     pencil and paper and writes a note. Looking round, he sees

               Gavroche! Do you know the Rue de
               l'Homme Armé?

               Course I do!

               Will you take this for me?

     He holds out his note.

89   INT. INN, RUE DE L'HOMME ARMEE, PARIS - NIGHT               89     

     The LANDLADY climbs the stairs, followed by Gavroche. The          
     landlady indicates the door, and Gavroche knocks boldly.
     The door opens a crack to reveal a cautious Valjean.

               Letter for Cosette.

               I'll take it.

     Gavroche holds out the letter with one hand, not quite
     giving it, the other hand open for a tip.

     Valjean gives him a coin, which he pockets as he hands over
     the letter.

               Something for you, something for
               me. Who needs charity?

90   INT. VALJEAN'S ROOM, LODGING HOUSE - NIGHT                  90     

     ON VALJEAN - As he reads the note.

               `Dearest Cosette, you have
               entered my soul
               And soon you will be gone.
               Can it be only a day since we met
               And the world was reborn?
               If I should fall in the battle to
               Let this be my goodbye.
               Now that I know you love me as
               It is harder to die.
               I pray that God will bring me
               To be with you.
               Pray for your Marius.
               He prays for you.'

     He looks up, deeply distressed. He can't bear the thought
     of losing Cosette.

               They haven't got a chance, these
               They almost certainly will die
               She'll be alone
               And she will need me all the more
               And we will go on as before                              
               When he is gone
               I dare not think like this
               I must find this boy

91   EXT. PARIS STREETS - NIGHT                                   91

     Valjean walks the streets, not caring where he goes,
     struggling with his tormented thoughts. He sees a barricade
     being dismantled. And bodies.

     Suddenly he knows what he's going to do. He sees a dead
     soldier. He takes his jacket and swiftly pulls it on.

     He continues on his way in the dark.

     Looking up he sees that he's been walking all the time
     towards the very barricade where Marius waits.

     Now looking like a soldier, he passes unchallenged through
     their lines, and into the shadows.

     As he passes, he notices two soldiers climbing up onto the          

92   EXT. BARRICADE - NIGHT                                       92

     Glimpses through the barricade of a lone figure approaching
     from the far end of the narrow street.

     The figure comes into lamp light. It's Valjean, in the
     soldier's jacket. The student sentries level their guns.
     Gavroche jumps up.

               Don't shoot!                                              

               Here comes a man in uniform!
               What brings you to this place?

               I come here as a volunteer.

               Approach and show your face!

               You wear an army uniform.

               That's why they let me through.

     The student sentries open the slot in the barricade to let
     Valjean enter.

               You've got some years behind you,

               There's much that I can do.

          You see that prisoner over there?

He points to Javert, in a dark corner, his hands tied.

          A volunteer like you!

          A spy who calls himself Javert!

          He's going to get it too!                              

Javert looks up and meets Valjean's eyes. A steady shared

          Don't shoot! I know him! He's no                       

Suddenly Valjean spots a couple of snipers creeping over the     
roofs to gain an angle of attack on them. They are aiming at
Enjolras. Swiftly Valjean grabs a gun and shoots up at them      
sending them scattering. Quickly other students join in and
the snipers are driven back.

There is a burst of gunfire from both ends of the street as a   
brief fire fight ensues.                                        

The snipers have disappeared.                                    

Enjolras turns to Valjean.                                       

          For your presence of mind,
          For the deed you have done,
          I will thank you, M'sieur,
          When our battle is won.

          Thank you, M'sieur.

          Give me no thanks, M'sieur.
          There's something you can do.

          If it is in my power.

          Give me the spy Javert!
          Let me take care of him.

Javert hears this with grim satisfaction.

          The law is inside out.
          The world is upside down.

          Do what you have to do -
          The man belongs to you.

He turns to his little army.

          The enemy may be regrouping!
          Hold yourselves in readiness!
          Come, my friends, back to your
          The dawn is breaking fast.

Valjean takes Javert out the back of the Cafe Musain. He     
carries a knife.                                             

          We meet again...

          You've hungered for this all your
          Take your revenge.
          How right you should kill with a

Valjean uses the knife to cut Javert free.

          You talk too much.
          Your life is safe in my hands.

          Don't understand...

          Get out of here.

          Valjean, take care!
          I'm warning you.

          Clear out of here!

          Once a thief, forever a thief.
          What you want, you always steal.
          You would trade your life for
          Yes, Valjean, you want a deal!
          Shoot me now for all I care -
          If you let me go, beware!
          You'll still answer to Javert!

          You are wrong, and always have
          been wrong.
          I'm a man no worse than any man.
          You are free, and there are no
          conditions -
          No bargains or petitions.
          There's nothing that I blame you
          You've done your duty, nothing
          No doubt our paths will cross

He raises his gun and points it at Javert.


As Javert goes, he raises the gun barrel and fires a single
shot into the air.                                              

          Courfeyrac, you take the watch -
          They may attack before it's
          Everybody keep the faith,
          For certain as our banner flies,
          We are not alone -
          The people too must rise!

Marius is manically working to raise the height of one of the   
smaller barricades.                                             

          Marius, rest.

Grantaire drunkenly starts singing a drinking song and it is   
taken up more seriously by Feuilly. Bottles are passed round.   

          Drink with me to days gone by!                        

          Sing with me the songs we knew!

          Here's to pretty girls
          Who went to our heads!

          Here's to witty girls
          Who went to our beds!

               Here's to them -
                   (Marius sings to
               And here's to you!

               Drink with me to days gone by!
               Can it be you fear to die?
               Will the world remember you when
               you fall?
               Can it be your death
               Means nothing at all?
               Is your life just one more lie?

     Grantaire glares at Enjolras and enters the cafe.                    

               Drink with me
               To days gone by!
               To the life
               That used to be!
               At the shrine of friendship
               Never say die...
               Let the wine of friendship
               Never run dry!
               Here's to you
               And here's to me!

     Valjean is moving through the cafe when he hears Marius         
     through a window. He moves to the window. Marius sits beneath   

               Do I care if I should die
               Now she goes across the sea?
               Life without Cosette
               Means nothing at all..
               Please don't weep, Cosette,
               Should Marius fall.
               Will you weep, Cosette,
               For me?

     Valjean listens to Marius's song, and he's moved.                    

93   EXT. BARRICADE/ INT. CAFE MUSAIN - NIGHT                      93     

     Look-outs keep watch at either end of the barricaded
     street. Many of the rest of the rebels are sleeping.                 

     Valjean paces, unable to sleep, inside the cafe. Dead                
     bodies are lined up on the ground floor. He comes to a               
     stop, and gazes on Marius as he sleeps through the window.           

               God on high
               Hear my prayer

                          VALJEAN (cont'd)
               In my need
               You have always been there.
               He is young
               He's afraid
               Let him rest
               Heaven blessed.
               Bring him home
               Bring him home
               Bring him home!
               He's like the son I might have
               If God had granted me a son.
               The summers die
               One by one
               How soon they fly
               On and on
               And I am old
               And will be gone.
               Bring him peace
               Bring him joy
               He is young
               He is only a boy.
               You can take
               You can give
               Let him be
               Let him live,                                              
               If I die, let me die
               Let him live
               Bring him home
               Bring him home
               Bring him home!

     Valjean is now kneeling next to the sleeping Marius.                 

     CRANE UP AND UP - Seeing the little world of the barricaded
     street now surrounded by waiting soldiers - and the streets
     round them packed with soldiers in their thousands, so many
     that we know the little band can never win.

     CRANE UP AND UP until the barricade and the army that
     entraps it has become a small pool of darkness in the
     centre of the bright lights of Paris.

94   EXT. PARIS - DAWN                                             94

     The sun still below the rooftops. Every house is tightly

95   INT. CAFE MUSAIN - DAWN                                       95     

     Grantaire is fast asleep in the upstairs room, dead drunk.

96   EXT. BARRICADE - DAWN                                      96

     Enjolras re-enters the barricade through the secret gate.
     He has been on a reconnaissance. He looks at the street. No       
     one is stirring, but for a single shutter which opens a
     crack - a face peeps - and it closes again. Below him the
     students are up and getting ready.

               The people have not stirred.

               Yet we will not abandon those                           
               Who still live in fear.

               The people have not heard,
               Yet we will not abandon those who
               cannot hear.
               Let us not waste lives!
               Let all who wish to                                     
               Go from here!

     There is silence. Uncertainty. Yet no one moves to go.            

                   (from top of barricade)                             
               Do you hear the people sing                             

               Singing the song of angry men                           

               It is the music of the people                           
               Who will not be slaves again                            
               When the beating of your heart                          
               Echoes the beating of the drums                         
               There is a life about to start                          
               When tomorrow comes!                                    

     Under this:                                                       

               Enjolras! Ammunition's short.                           

               I will go into the streets.
               There are bodies all around.
               Ammunition to be had.
               Lots of bullets to be found.

               I can't let you go.                                     

          Let me go!
          He's no more than a boy.
          I am old.
          I have nothing to fear.

Gavroche is already climbing the barricade under cover of
the smoke.

          I volunteer!

          Come back, Gavroche! Don't you

          Someone pull him down right now!

          Look at me, I'm almost there!

          Little people know
          When little people fight
          We may look easy pickings
          But we've got some bite!
          So never kick a dog
          When he's just a pup -
          We'll fight like twenty armies
          And we won't give up!

The rays of the rising sun break through, lighting up

          So you'd better run for cover
          When the pup grows -

Crack! A musket shot. Gavroche falls face down onto the


He runs up the barricade, seizes Gavroche's body in his
arms, convulsed with grief, and brings it back through the
gate in the barricade.

At the other end of the street Javert has appeared. He sees
this gate. And talks to the Army Officer.

As the smoke from the muskets clears horses are revealed
drawing field artillery into position. The Army Officer is
lining up the big guns carefully.

                    ARMY OFFICER
          You at the barricades listen to
          The people of Paris sleep in
          their beds!
          You have no chance,
          No chance at all!
          Why throw your lives away?

Enjolras gazes on his pitifully small group.

          Let us die facing our foes!
          Make them bleed while we can!

          Make'em pay through the nose!

          Make'em pay for every man!

          Let others rise to take our place
          Until the earth is free!

The sun now appears above the rooftops of the city.

And the big guns fire - BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The bombardment hits the barricade, rocking it. In its wake     
a massive barrage of musket fire.

The big gun has been lined up with the gate and has burst
right through in the first hit.

Bullets fly, and every few moments another cannon ball
smashes into the piled debris. Javert is glimpsed among the

Enjolras and the students throw themselves onto the
barricades, firing at the attackers, handing their rifles
down to others to be re-loaded, firing again.

Valjean moves among them, tending to the wounded, lifting
down the dead, regardless of his own safety.

Marius takes a bullet, and crumples and falls. Valjean runs
towards him -

CRASH! The latest cannonade bursts a hole in the barricade
and now the soldiers are storming through. The hard core of
student fighters retreat, firing as they go, into the Café

97    INT. CAFÉ MUSAIN - DAY                                       97

      Students and soldiers fight in the café, on the stairs, up
      the stairs to the upper room. Students driving back the
      pursuing soldiers hack away at the staircase, smashing it
      to fragments - the soldiers below fire up at them -
      students fall, their bodies caught on the jagged remnants
      of the stairs. Grantaire is still unconscious from drink.

98    EXT. BARRICADE - DAY                                         98

      Valjean has Marius in his arms and is hiding him from the
      onrush of the soldiers -

99    INT. CAFÉ MUSAIN - DAY                                       99

      The students' ammunition has run out, they're hurling
      sticks and bottles - but the soldiers have found a way to
      clamber up, shooting as they come, and one by one the
      students are falling.

100   EXT. STREET OUTSIDE CAFÉ MUSAIN - DAY                       100

      Valjean carries Marius away from the carnage. A soldier
      challenges him. One violent blow from Valjean sends the
      soldier flying -

101   INT. CAFÉ MUSAIN - DAY                                      101

      The soldiers break through at last to the upper room, to find
      there's only Enjolras still alive. He stands by the window,
      knowing he will die now, proud and unafraid. Seeing him the
      soldiers hesitate. The sudden silence wakes Grantaire from
      his drunken slumber.

                Long live the republic!

      He sees Enjolras with the muskets raised against him.
      Grantaire goes and joins him. Enjolras smiles, and raises his
      now-ragged red flag.

      The rifles blaze. Grantaire drops back to the ground.
      Enjolras falls back -

102   EXT. BARRICADE - DAY                                        102

      Enjolras falling backwards out of the window, until he
      hangs upside down, the red flag still in his hands,
      streaming like blood down the wall.

      PULL BACK to see the street littered with corpses, and the
      remains of the barricade, and soldiers scouring the rubble
      for any last pockets of resistance.

      BACK AND BACK to come to a stop looking at the wide scene.
      INTO FRAME walks Javert, grimly surveying the victory of
      law over rebellion.

103   EXT. BACK ALLEY - DAY                                       103

      Valjean carries Marius down a long narrow alley that runs
      between the backs of tall houses. The alley turns a corner -
      and there ahead is a dead end. Behind him, the stamp of
      soldiers' boots. Ahead, no way out.

      Then his searching gaze falls on an iron grating in the
      ground. A storm drain.

      ON THE SOLDIERS - As they come round the corner into the
      end of the alley. They look round. It's empty.

                Nothing here!

      The soldiers depart. A moment of silence.

      Then into the alley's end steps Javert. Not so easily
      fooled. He walks all the way to the end, and looks round.
      He sees the drain at his feet. He sees the signs that the
      grating has been lifted.

      He stoops, and tries to lift it. It's far too heavy for

      He straightens up and looks round, calculating. Where does
      the drain lead?

104   INT. PARIS SEWERS - DAY                                     104

      Valjean is pulling Marius after him down a tight sloping
      pipe, where dark water races. Suddenly they start to slide,
      then drop through a vent into a wide sewage tunnel. Faint
      light reflecting off the slime of curving tunnel walls. The
      skitter of rats. Sodden forms floating by: dead bodies.

      Valjean carries Marius down the tunnel, moving as fast as
      he can, losing strength all the time. He reaches an
      intersection where four sewers meet. Light falls through
      distant gratings. One of the four sewers is dry. Here he
      lets his burden down, and himself sinks to the slimy ground
      to rest. He lets his eyes close.

      A voice echoes in the shadows.

          Here's a hint of gold
          Stuck into a tooth -
          Pardon me, m'sieur,
          You won't be needing it no more.
          Shouldn't be too hard to sell.

A figure coming closer. A sewer thief, robbing corpses. No
sign of life in either Valjean or Marius.

          Well, someone's got to clean'em
          up, my friends,
          Before the little harvest
          Disappears into the mud.
          Someone's got to collect their
          odds and ends
          When the gutters run with blood.

Now we see the thief is Thenardier. He finds a ring on
Marius's finger and pulls it off.

          Here's a tasty ring
          Pretty little thing
          Heart's no longer going
          And he's lived his little time,
          But his watch is ticking yet.

          It's a world where the dog eats
          the dog.
          Where they kill for the bones in
          the street.
          And God in his heaven,
          He don't interfere
          Cos he's dead as the stiff at my
          I raise my eyes to see the
          And only the moon looks down.
          The harvest moon shines down!

Valjean wakes, rears up, seizes Thenardier by the arm,
slams him against the sewer wall.

          How do I get out of here?

          There! That way!

Valjean drops him, picks Marius up once more, and sets off.

Thenardier stares after them, grinning. He's sent then the
wrong way.

LATER - Valjean in the sewers, Marius on his back, and
they're sinking ever deeper into the slimy water.

      As he feels himself sink, Valjean holds Marius up in his
      arms and forges on, chest deep, lifting the younger man
      above his head. Still he sinks, until his face is half-
      submerged and he's gagging in the filth. He stumbles, and
      suddenly he's sunk beneath the surface, and Marius is
      dropping -

      Then up he bursts again, face black with slime, eyes
      burning with his refusal to be beaten.

      LATER - Valjean staggers down the endless sewers, Marius on
      his back. But all the time he can hear, closer now, the
      rushing sound of the river.

      Round a bend and at last - moonlight ahead.                           

      He drags himself on through the shallow running water
      towards the moonlight.                                                

      He reaches the exit at last. Before him the river.

105   EXT. RIVER EMBANKMENT, PARIS - NIGHT                          105     

      Valjean, crusted with slime, heaves Marius out of the sewer
      onto the embankment that runs beside the river.

      He looks up. There, staring at him, is Javert.

      Valjean rises slowly. Heaves Marius up onto his back once
      more. The strain of the night is showing. He's a man near
      the end of his strength.

                It's you, Javert!
                I knew you wouldn't wait too
                The faithful servant at his post
                once more.
                This man's done no wrong.
                And he needs his family's care.

                I warned you I would not give in!
                I won't be swayed!

                Another hour yet
                And then I'm yours
                And all our debts are paid.

                The man of mercy comes again
                And talks of justice!

          Come, time is running short -
          Look down, Javert!
          He's standing in his grave!

He starts to move past Javert.

Javert draws his pistol and holds it to Valjean's head.

          One more step and you die.

Valjean meets his eyes. That old battle of will against

          Then I die.

He starts walking past Javert. Javert's hand trembles as it
holds the pistol.

Valjean keeps walking. Javert wills himself to shoot, but
he just can't do it. Frustrated, enraged with himself, he
lowers the gun.

          Take him, Valjean,
          Before I change my mind!
          I will be waiting...

He turns away, trembling now all up and down his body. He
stares into the river. Valjean is gone now. He's alone.

          Who is this man?
          What sort of devil is he?
          To have caught me in a trap
          And choose to let me go free?
          It was his hour at last
          To put a seal on my fate
          Wipe out the past
          And wash me clean off the slate!
          All it would take
          Was a flick of his knife
          Vengeance was his
          And he gave me back my life!

He begins to move away along the embankment, up steps,
towards a bridge. He's unaware of everything except the
turmoil in his brain.

          Damned if I live in the debt of a
          Damned if I yield at the end of
          the chase!

                    JAVERT (cont'd)
          I am the law and the law is not
          I'll spit his pity right back in
          his face!
          There is nothing on earth that we
          It is either Valjean or Javert!
          How can I allow this man
          To hold dominion over me?
          This desperate man that I have
          He gave me my life! He gave me

          I should have perished by his
          It was his right...
          It was my right to die as well...
          Instead I live... But live in

He moves up from the embankment onto the bridge. Here he
stands, looking down at the dark water of the night river.
The Seine forms a whirlpool here, where violent currents
swirl round the piles of the bridge.

          And my thoughts fly apart
          Can this man be believed?
          Shall his sins be forgiven?
          Shall his crimes be reprieved?

          And must I now begin to doubt
          Who never doubted all those
          My heart is stone and still it
          The world I have known is lost in
          Is he from heaven or from hell?
          And does he know
          That granting me my life today
          This man has killed me even so?

He climbs up onto the parapet, reaching his arms up to the
night sky.

          I am reaching but I fall
          And the stars are black and cold
          As I stare into the void
          Of a world that cannot hold...

          I'll escape now from that world
          From the world of Jean Valjean
          This is nowhere I can turn...
          There is no way to go on...

      He reaches higher, turning his body, twisting, as if he
      wants some angel from on high to save him - and so,
      turning, he falls into the river. The swirling eddies close
      over him. And he's lost.

106   EXT. STREET OUTSIDE CAFÉ MUSAIN - DAY                         106

      Soldiers are dismantling the last of the barricade. Women
      move about the street, seeking their dead loved ones among
      the bodies that still litter the barricade. These are both
      the middle-class mothers of the students - Enjolras's
      mother, Grantaire's sister - and the working women of the
      slums for whom they died, united now in their grief.

                          WOMAN 1
                Did you see them
                Going off to fight?

                          WOMAN 2
                Children of the barricade
                Who didn't last the night.

                          WOMAN 3
                Did you see them
                Lying where they died?
                Someone used to cradle them
                And kiss them when they cried.

                          WOMAN 4
                Did you see them lying side by

                          WOMAN 5
                Who will wake them?

                          WOMAN 6
                No one ever will.

                          WOMAN 2
                No one ever told them that
                A summer day can kill.

                          WOMAN 7
                They were schoolboys
                Never held a gun
                Fighting for a new world that
                Would rise up like the sun.

                          WOMAN 3
                Where's that new world
                Now the fighting's done?

      The women move off to go about their day's business.

107   INT. MARIUS'S FAMILY HOUSE, PARIS - DAY                       107

      CLOSE ON MARIUS - He's waking from the nightmare, finding
      himself in a fine bed, with clean linen. He looks round: a
      handsome room.

                Marius! You've come back to us!

      Marius recognises the old man anxiously watching him: his
      grandfather, Monsieur GILLENORMAND.


      He struggles to rise, but he lacks the strength. His
      grandfather's face shows only love and concern.

                Rest, Marius. No more harsh words
                between us. I just thank God
                you're alive.

      Timidly the old man comes closer to the bed. Tears form in
      Marius's eyes. Encouraged, the old man takes Marius's hand
      in his.

                You've come home. To all of us.

      The distant voices of the mourning women -

                          WOMEN (O.S.)
                Round and round
                And back where you began...

108   INT. CAFÉ MUSAIN - DAY                                        108

      Marius makes his way slowly up the stairs to the upper
      room. He's still weak from his wounds. He enters the room
      where his friends died, and looks round. He sinks into a

                There's a grief that can't be
                There's a pain goes on and on
                Empty chairs at empty tables
                Now my friends are dead and gone.

      He sees the bloodstain on the wall beneath the window sill.
      The blood of Enjolras.

                Here they talked of revolution
                Here it was they lit the flame
                Here they sang about tomorrow

                          MARIUS (cont'd)
                And tomorrow never came...

                From the table in the corner
                They could see a world reborn
                And they rose with voices ringing
                And I can hear them now!
                The very words that they had sung
                Became their last communion
                On the lonely barricade at dawn.

      He looks out of the window at what's left of the barricade.
      He seems to see again the brave doomed defence, the smoke
      and the gunfire, the young men falling.

                Oh my friends, my friends,
                forgive me
                That I live and you are gone
                There's a grief that can't be
                There's a pain goes on and on...

                Phantom faces at the window
                Phantom shadows on the floor
                Empty chairs at empty tables
                Where my friends will meet no

                Oh my friends, my friends, don't
                ask me
                What your sacrifice was for
                Empty chairs at empty tables
                Where my friends will sing no

      Slowly he rises from the chair and turns to the doorway.
      There stands Cosette, waiting for him.

109   INT. MARIUS'S FAMILY HOUSE, PARIS - DAY                    109

      Cosette holds Marius, supporting him, as he enters the

                Every day
                You walk with stronger step,
                You walk with longer step.
                The worst is over.

                Every day
                I wonder every day
                Who it was brought me here
                From the barricade.

      Cosette leads him into the room where Valjean and
      Gillenormand wait.

                Don't think about it, Marius!
                With all the years ahead of us!
                I will never go away
                And we will be together
                Every day.
                Every day
                We'll remember that night
                And the vow that we made.

      As Valjean and Gillenormand look on, Marius and Cosette
      sing their love to each other.

                A heart full of love
                A night full of you
                The words are old
                But always true.

                She was never mine to keep
                She is youthful, she is free...

                Cosette, Cosette!

                I saw you waiting and I knew -

                Thank God, thank God you are here!
                Thank God, thank God you are home!

                Waiting for you!
                At your feet!

                At your call!

                Love is the garden of the young
                Let it be
                Let it be!
                A heart full of love
                This I give you this day.

                And it wasn't a dream
                Not a dream after all.

110   INT. PARLOUR, MARIUS'S FAMILY HOUSE - DAY                  110

      Marius stands before Valjean, alone in this more private

          M'sieur, this is a day
          I never can forget.
          Is gratitude enough
          For giving me Cosette?
          Your home shall be with us
          And not a day shall pass
          But we will prove our love
          To you, whom we shall call
          A father to us both,
          A father to us all.

          Not another word, my son.
          There's something now that must
          be done...

He's prepared himself to make this confession, but it's
still hard.

          There lived a man whose name was
          Jean Valjean.
          He stole some bread to save his
          sister's son
          For nineteen winters served his
          In sweat he washed away his

Marius hears this with shock.

          Years ago,
          He broke parole and lived a life
          How could he tell Cosette and
          break her heart?
          It's for Cosette this must be
          If he is caught, she is
          The time has come to journey on,
          And from this day he must be
          Who am I?
          Who am I?

          You're Jean Valjean!

Marius can't conceal that he's disturbed by this

                Monsieur, you cannot leave!
                Whatever I tell my beloved
                She will never believe me.

                Make her believe
                I have gone on a journey
                A long way away.
                Tell her my heart was too full
                for farewells -
                It is better this way.
                Promise me, Monsieur, Cosette
                will never know...

                I give my word.

                ...What I have spoken, why I must

                For the sake of Cosette, it must
                be so.

111   EXT. MARIUS'S FAMILY HOUSE, PARIS - DAY                       111     

      A waiting cab. Valjean comes out of the modest lodging
      house and gets in. The cab rattles away down the street.

      IN THE CAB - Valjean sits gazing far away at nothing. Then
      his weary eyes close.

112   INT. MARIUS'S FAMILY HOUSE, PARIS - DAY                       112

      Cosette gazes at Marius, bewildered by what she has just

                Where's he gone without a word
                That wouldn't be his way to go

                All he asked for me to   say
                He's on a journey, far   away.
                Dear Cosette, he loves   you so
                Perhaps he will return   some day.

      Cosette comes into Marius's arms, tears in her eyes.

                He can't leave us now
                What's our wedding day
                Without him giving me away?
       "LES MISERABLES" BLUE REVISIONS 20.5.2012          119.

112A     EXT. MARIUS'S FAMILY HOUSE, PARIS - DAY                 112A

         Marius and Cosette, newly married, are walking towards
         Marius' house through an aisle created by wedding guests.
         Carriages line the street.

                             WEDDING GUESTS
                   Ring out the bells
                   Upon this day of days!
                   May all the angels
                   Of the Lord above
                   In jubilation
                   Sing their songs of praise!
                   And crown this blessed time
                   With peace and love!

113      SCENE OMITTED                                               113

114      INT. MARIUS'S FAMILY HOUSE, PARIS - DAY                     114

         Waltz music plays as Marius and Cosette lead the dancing at
         the wedding reception.

         As the dance proceeds, two extraordinary figures enter, and
         start helping themselves to the drink and the food. They
         are Thenardier and his wife, dressed up for high society.           

                   The Baron and Baroness du Thenard

         They look round as the dance continues, highly satisfied with   
         themselves and see Marius.                                      

         Thenardier makes a mock-formal bow.                                 

                   I forget where we met...                                  
                   Was it not at the Chateau Lafarge                         
                   Where the Duke did that Puke                              
                   Down the Duchess's decolletage?                           

                   No, `Baron du Thenard',                                   
                   The circles I move in are humbler                         
                   by far...                                                 
                   Go away, Thenardier!                                      
                   Do you think I don't know who you                         

                             MADAME THENARDIER                               
                   He's not fooled!                                          
                   Told you so!                                              
                   Show M'Sieur what you've come here                        
                   to show.                                                  
                   Tell the boy what you know!                               
"LES MISERABLES" BLUE REVISIONS 20.5.2012          119A.

            Pity to disturb you at a feast
            like this
            But 500 francs surely wouldn't
            come amiss.

            In God's name say what you have
            to say.

                       MADAME THENARDIER
                (to Thenardier)
            He speaks.                                             
                (to Marius)
            You pay!

            What I saw, clear as light,                            
            Jean Valjean in the sewers that                        
            Had this corpse on his back                            
            Some boy he'd killed in a viscious                     
            I was there, never fear!                               
            Even found me this fine souvenir!                      

  He shows off his ring. Marius stares in astonishment.            

            I know this! This was mine!                            
            This is surely some heavenly sign!                     

  Thenardier steals the ring back.                                 

            And there's more! Mark this well -                     
            It was the night that the                              
            barricades fell.                                       

            Then it's true! Then I'm right!                        
            Jean Valjean was my saviour that                       

  Thenardier looks past Marius to where Cosette stands among       
  their friends. He lowers his voice.                              

            Jean Valjean - the old con.                            
            You pay up and I'll say where he's                     

  He takes out money and reluctantly presses it into               
  Thenardier's hands. Madame Thenardier takes the money before     
  Thenardier has safely pocketed it.                               
"LES MISERABLES" BLUE REVISIONS 20.5.2012          120.

            Not so loud! Here's for you.
            God forgive us the things that we

                      MADAME THENARDIER
            How's about some extra
            On a day so glad
            Our little orphan girl
            She hasn't done so bad.                               
            Raised in a convent
            Cash to spare -                                       
            We want our share.

  Marius hands over yet more money to Madame Thenardier.          

            Quite the little nun, ain't she!                      

  CRACK! Thenardier sinks to the ground, felled by a powerful     
  blow from an angered Marius. The band stops playing.            

            Where is he?                                          

            (cowardly voice)                                      
            The convent.                                          

  Marius rushes to Cosette and we see him telling her where       
  Valjean is. They hurry away.                                    

  Thenardier clambers to his feet, helped by his wife. He         
  gestures to the band to continue. They stand by the tiered      
  wedding cake. As Thenardier recovers his composure, Madame      
  Thenardier steals one then two pillars from the cake so it      
  collapses on the floor. She then pushes it under the table      
  with her foot.                                                  
"LES MISERABLES" BLUE REVISIONS 20.5.2012            121.


            Ain't it a laugh?
            Ain't it a treat?
            Hob-nobbin' here
            Among the elite?
            Here comes a prince
            There goes a Jew
            This one's a queer
            But what can you do?                                   
                (pulling Madame Thenardier                         
                 onto the dance floor)                             
            Paris at my feet!
            Paris in the dust!
            And here's me breaking bread
            With the upper crust -

  As he pivots Madame Thenardier, stolen silver drops out from     
  Madame Thenardier's dress. The music stops dead in the           
  clatter. The Thenardiers look up, as if implying that the        
  silver dropped from the ceiling. The dance continues.            
  Monsieur Gillenormand motions to the Majordomo to remove         
  these unwanted guests.                                           

            Beggar at the feast!                                   
            Master of the dance!
            Life is easy pickings
            If you grab your chance!

                      MADAME THENARDIER                            
            Everywhere you go                                      
            Law-abiding folk
            Doing what is decent

            But they're mostly broke!                              

                      MADAME THENARDIER                            
            Singing to the Lord on Sundays

            Praying for the gifts he'll send -                     

            But we're the ones who take it -
            We're the ones who make it in the

  The Thenardiers are carried off, singing as they go.             

            Watch the buggers dance                                

                      MADAME THENARDIER                            
            Watch'em till they drop!
"LES MISERABLES" BLUE REVISIONS 20.5.2012            121A.

                      THENARDIER/MADAME THENARDIER                
            Keep your wits about you
            And you stand on top!

            Masters of the land                                   

                      MADAME THENARDIER                           
            Always get our share                                  

                      THENARDIER/MADAME THENARDIER                
            Clear away the barricades                             
            And we're still there!                                
            We know where the wind is blowing                     
            Money is the stuff we smell -                         
            And when we're rich as Croesus,                       
            Jesus! Won't we see you all in                        

  As they are thrown out, the Thenardiers steal a tiara and a     
      "LES MISERABLES" BLUE REVISIONS 20.5.2012          122.


115     EXT. CONVENT, PARIS - NIGHT                              115

        IN ON A WINDOW - Where two candle burn.

116     INT. CONVENT CHAPEL, PARIS - NIGHT                       116

        Valjean prays in the chapel, on his knees. He's very weak.

        Next to the crucifix on the altar are Valjean's two silver
        candlesticks, in which two candles burn.

                  Alone I wait in the shadows
                  I count the hours till I can
                  I dreamed a dream Cosette stood
                  It made her weep
                  To know I die...
                  Alone at the end of the day
                  Upon this wedding night I pray
                  Take these children, my Lord, to
                  thy embrace
                  And show them grace...
                  God on high
                  Hear my prayer
                  Take me now
                  To thy care
                  Where you are
                  Let me be
                  Take me now
                  Take me there
                  Bring me home
                  Bring me home!

        VALJEAN is joined by the ghost of Fantine. She takes his hand
        as he prays.

                  M'sieur I bless your name...

                  I am ready, Fantine...

                  M'sieur lay down your burden...

                 At the end of my days...                                  

                 You raised my child in love,                              

                 She's the best of my life...                              

                 And you will be with God.                                 

116A   EXT. CONVENT CLOISTERS - NIGHT                             116A

       Cosette and Marius rush round the cloisters and enter the
       chapel in the middle of the cloisters.

116B   INT. CONVENT CHAPEL - NIGHT                                116B

       The sound of the door opening. Valjean looks round. It's
       Cosette entering, followed by Marius.


       Tears form in his eyes. Cosette goes to him, kneels before
       him, takes him in her arms.

                 Papa, papa, I do not understand -
                 Are you all right? Why did you go

                 Cosette, my child! Am I forgiven
                 Thank God, thank God, I've lived
                 to see this day!

       Marius comes to him.

                 It's you who must forgive a
                 thoughtless fool!
                 It's you who must forgive a
                 thankless man!
                 It's thanks to you that I am
                 And again I lay down my life at
                 your feet.
                 Cosette, your father is a saint!
                 When they wounded me
                 He took me from the barricade,
                 Carried like a babe,
                 And brought me home to you!

          Now you are here
          Again beside me
          Now I can die in peace
          For now my life is blessed...

          You will live, papa
          You're going to live
          It's too soon
          Too soon to say goodbye.

          Yes, Cosette, forbid me now to
          I'll obey
          I will try...

He holds out a letter for her.

          On this page
          I write my last confession.
          Read it well
          When I at last am sleeping.
          It's the story
          Of one who turned from hating
          A man who only learned to love
          When you were in his keeping.

Cosette takes the letter and kisses it.

          I know it, papa.

Valjean turns back, face shining, towards the table where
the candles burn in the silver candlesticks. There he sees
three ghosts waiting for him. The ghost of the Bishop. The
ghost of Fantine. And beyond her, watching Marius with
love, the ghost of Eponine.

Fantine comes towards him, reaching out her hands.

          I'm ready now, Fantine.

          Come with me
          Where chains will never bind you
          All your grief
          At last, at last behind you
          Lord in heaven
          Look down on him in mercy -

          Forgive me all my trespasses
          And take me to your glory!

      Cosette embraces Valjean, weeping.

      Valjean reaches up his hands, and lets the ghost of Fantine
      take them.

                Take my hand
                I'll lead you to salvation
                Take my love
                For love is everlasting...

                And remember
                The truth that once was spoken:
                To love another person
                Is to see the face of God...

      Led by Fantine, Valjean walks out of the Chapel towards the

      What remains is Cosette, her head cradled in the lap of the
      man who has just died.

      The walls of the cloisters are covered in votive candles.
      The Bishop of Digne waits in front of the candles. Now
      Valjean's strong and young again. Before they reach the
      wall of candles, all three are gone.

      As they disappear we CRANE UP, high over the cloister, high
      over the walls of the Convent and we see the Paris streets
      outside. Fires are burning and debris is scattered in the
      streets. Dawn is breaking.

      From far away, the sound of an approaching crowd -

117   EXT. PLACE DE LA BASTILLE - DAY                             117

      THE CAMERA MOVES over the cobbles as the light of the
      rising sun reveals the devastation left by a bitter street
      battle. Past the remains of a barricade.

      The distant sound of an approaching march.


                Sixteen years later
                Paris, 1848.

      From far off, the swelling sounds of the approaching march
      become the words of a song.

                Do you hear the people sing
                Lost in the valley of the night?
                It is the music of a people
                Who are climbing to the light
                For the wretched of the earth

                    MARCHERS (cont'd)
          There is a flame that never dies
          Even the darkest night will end
          And the sun will rise.

As THE CAMERA RISES we see we're in the Place de la
Bastille. The triumphal column has long been completed, but
the great elephant is sadly dilapidated and has become
incorporated into an immense barricade - three stories
high, seven hundred feet long. Down all the streets that
converge on the square we now see the multiple victory
marches approaching. They cheer and beat drums as they
climb up to the top of the barricade.


          The people of Paris have risen in
          their tens of thousands.

          The King has fled. A new Republic
          is born.

There in the forefront of one column march Marius and

          They will live again in freedom
          In the garden of the Lord
          They will walk behind the plough-
          They will put away the sword
          The chain will be broken
          And all men will have their

As the marchers come nearer we begin to realise how many
there are: thousand upon thousand. And there marching among
them we see ghosts from the past - Enjolras and the
students who died - and Fantine - and Eponine -

And out of the crumbling elephant peers another ghost: the
grinning face of Gavroche. He climbs out to dance on the
elephant, as the crowd fill the square.

          Will you join in our crusade?
          Who will be strong and stand with
          Somewhere beyond the barricade
          Is there a world you long to see?

As the marchers converge, there watching them are
Thenardier and his wife. Thenardier gives the marchers a
wave of greeting. Survivors to the last.

          Do you hear the people sing?
          Say, do you hear the distant

                    MARCHERS (cont'd)
          It is the future that they bring
          When tomorrow comes!

Now among the marchers we see the ghost of Valjean, singing
with the rest atop the barricade, amongst the waving red

          Will you join in our crusade?
          Who will be strong and stand with
          Somewhere beyond the barricade
          Is there a world you long to see?
          Do you hear the people sing?
          Say, do you hear the distant
          It is the future that they bring
          When tomorrow comes...
          Tomorrow comes!


Les Miserables

Writers :   William Nicholson  Alain Boublil  Claude- Michel Schonberg  Herbert Kretzmer
Genres :   Drama  Musical  Romance

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