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                              THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS

                                     Written by
                             Peter Straughan & Jon Ronson




          1   BLACK                                                            1

              SUPERED TITLES READ:
              More of this is true than you would believe.

                                                                      FADE IN:


          2   ...CLOSE ON A MAN'S FACE...                                      2
              He is STARING at us with fixed concentration. He is
              sweating slightly in the summer heat. We hold for a
              moment. Silence, apart from the soft swish of an unseen
              ceiling fan.
              WIDE SHOT - the Man, wearing military uniform, sits at
              his desk in his office, still staring straight ahead.
              SUPERED TITLES appear, reading: General Putkin, United
              States Army Intelligence SED. Arlington, Virginia. 1983.
              The General's assistant, LIEUTENANT BOONE, sits at his
              desk, working. After a moment Putkin seems to come to a

                                      GENERAL PUTKIN


                                        LIEUTENANT BOONE
                        Yes General?

                                      GENERAL PUTKIN
                        I'm going into the next office.


                                        LIEUTENANT BOONE
                        Yes sir.

              The General stands up, smooths down his uniform, steps
              out from behind his desk and begins to walk. Boone
              watches, with some trepidation, as the General increases
              his pace. He quickens to a jog, his face set with

              He breaks into a run...

              Then he slams into the WALL of the office, rebounds and
              lies splayed on the floor.
              He stares up at the wall balefully.


                                        GENERAL PUTKIN
                        Damn it!







          3   EXT. FORT BRAGG - DAY                                          3

              General Putkin is being driven in a jeep through the vast
              military base. He has a band-aid over his injured nose.
              SUPERED TITLES read: Special Forces Command Centre, Fort
              Bragg, North Carolina.


                                       GENERAL PUTKIN (O.S.)
                         I have been having ideas,
                         gentlemen. Challenging ideas. And
                         when I thought about these ideas I
                         thought about who in the U.S Army
                         would be most receptive to my
                         challenging ideas.

              The Jeep pulls up at the SPECIAL FORCES COMMAND CENTRE.
              The General gets out, a brief case in his hand and
              surveys the centre.


                                       GENERAL PUTKIN (CONT'D) (O.S.)

                         Which section of the military is
                         always straining to reach the peak
                         of their physical and mental


          4   INT. SPECIAL FORCES COMMAND CENTRE - DAY                       4

              General Putkin stands in front of a room full of seated


                                       GENERAL PUTKIN
                         You are, gentlemen. Special
              The assembled Officers nod modestly.

                                       GENERAL PUTKIN (CONT'D)
                         I want to talk to you about Mind
                         Wars, gentlemen. War...With...

              His audience stare at him. With a flourish he produces a
              BENT FORK from his briefcase.

                                       GENERAL PUTKIN (CONT'D)
                         How'd you like to be able to do
                         this? What if you could teach
                         soldiers to do this? Would you be








          4   CONTINUED:                                                 4


                                         GENERAL PUTKIN (CONT'D)
                                (changing tack)
                           Or, or let's say you have a unit
                           operating outside the protection
                           of mainline units. What happens if
                           someone gets hurt? How do you deal
                           with that?
              He surveys the blank faces.

                                         GENERAL PUTKIN (CONT'D)
                           Psychic healing! Protect the unit
                           with hands-off healing. Using the
                           mind to heal.
              Silence. Putkin senses he is not convincing his audience.

                                         GENERAL PUTKIN (CONT'D)
                           Let's talk about time! What if
                           time is not a point but a space
                           and at any one instant we can be
                           anywhere in that space! (Laughing)
                           Physicists go nuts when I say
              Silence. He is growing desperate.

                                         GENERAL PUTKIN (CONT'D)
                           Animals! Stopping the hearts of
                           animals! This is the idea I'm
                           coming to you with. You have
                           access to animals right?
              Special Forces look like they've had enough. A tough
              looking officer - MAJOR JIM HOLTZ - stirs.

                                         MAJOR HOLTZ
                           No sir. We don't have access to


          5   EXT. SPECIAL FORCES COMMAND CENTRE - DAY                   5

              A dejected General Putkin climbs back into his jeep.
              Lieutenant Boone, in the driving seat, looks at him with

                                         BOB (V.O.)
                           In 1983, when Special Forces told
                           General Putkin that they weren't
                           interested in his ideas...that was
                           a lie.


          6   INT. SPECIAL FORCES COMMAND CENTRE - DAY                   6

              The BENT FORK sits on the table in the EXTREME
              FOREGROUND, a window in the background.




          6   CONTINUED:                                                  6


                                         BOB (V.O.)
                           And when they told him they didn't
                           have access to animals...that was
                           also a lie.
              We FOCUS on the window - a shaky ZOOM taking us towards
              an abandoned looking HOSPITAL BUILDING half hidden by


          7   INT. ABANDONED HOSPITAL - DAY                               7

              We TRACK forward into the shadowy interior into a large
              space which we now see is full of...GOATS.

                                         BOB (V.O.)
                           The hundred goats in the disused
                           hospital building had been
                           secretly flown in from Central
                           America so as to avoid customs.
                           Special Forces weren't worried
                           about the General hearing the
                           goats because they'd been de-
              The GOATS stare at us, their mouths silently opening and

                                         BOB (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           This is the story of those goats.
              We CLOSE ON the unblinking EYES of one GOAT, then...

                                                                DISSOLVE TO:


          8   INT. LOCAL NEWSPAPER OFFICE - DAY                           8

              Bob sits typing at his desk in the modest office. He
              wears glasses, is attractive in a fresh-faced,
              enthusiastic kind of way. SUPERED TITLES read: Ann Arbor,
              Michigan, January 2003.

                                         BOB (V.O.)
                           My name is Bob Wilton. Imagine me
                           back in Michigan, where I was born
                           and raised. I studied journalism
                           at Western in Kalamazoo and then I
                           got a job at the Ann Arbor Daily
                           Telegram. I wrote a lot of stories
                           about competitive food eating
              He looks at the photograph of his wife Debora on his desk
              and up to where she stands, photocopying in DAVE the
              Editor's office. Dave is chatting to her. He has a
              PROSTHETIC ARM. Bob watches his wife, smiling.





          8   CONTINUED:                                                   8


                                          BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)

                           Look at me. So young. "The past is
                           a different country.
                           things there."
              We PAN to the next desk and Bob's over-weight colleague
              RON, who sits eating a hot-dog.

                                          BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           This is Ron.
              Ron suddenly pitches violently forward, thudding face-
              first into his desk.

                                         BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           He's the man who died.


          9   INT. OFFICE - LATER                                          9

              Bob is clearing Ron's desk, putting his possessions into
              a box.

                                         BOB (V.O.)
                           My wife, Debora, told me later
                           that Ron's death had been like a
                           wake-up call for her - what people
                           used to call a memento mori.
              Bob sits down, feeling a little ghoulish, at the dead
              man's desk. He notices a large INDENTATION on the leather
              in front of him - the mark left by Ron's forehead. He
              touches it, fascinated.

                                         BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           That massive coronary had reminded
                           her that life was too short to
                           waste any chance of true
              Bob rests his own forehead, experimentally, onto the
              indentation, and sits there, face down on the desk. His
              eyes wander over to where Dave and Debora are talking in
              Dave's office.
              BOB'S P.O.V - Debora's hand BRUSHES against Dave's,
              LINGERS just a fraction too long.
              Bob frowns.

                                         BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                           A week after the funeral she left
                           me for my editor.







          10   INT. BOB'S HOUSE - NIGHT                                 10

               Bob and Debora and Dave talking. Bob is drinking. We JUMP
               CUT to Bob crying, smashing a lamp, Debora shouting at

                                       BOB (V.O.)
                              (A sad chuckle)
                         It seemed like such a tragedy at
                         the time. We couldn't see beyond
                         our little lives to the great
                         events of history unfolding out
                         there in the world.
               JUMP CUT to Dave holding Bob in a head-lock with his one
               good arm. Debora is sitting, head in hands.

                                       BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         I was like a child. Or a Hobbit,
                         safe in the Shire.
               JUMP CUT to Bob alone in the trashed room, exhausted and
               drunk, watching Bush's STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH on TV.

                                        BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         Or a blonde farm boy on a distant,
                         desert planet, unaware that he was
                         already taking the first steps on
                         the path that will lead him
                         inexorably towards the heart of a
                         conflict between the forces of
                         Good and Evil.

                                       PRESIDENT BUSH
                              (on TV)
                         Americans are a resolute people,
                         who have risen to every test of
                         our time. Adversity has revealed
                         the character of our country, to
                         the world, and to ourselves...
               Bob wipes his eyes, stares at the screen.

                                       BOB (V.O.)
                         Had I known where that path would
                         lead, had a soft wind from my
                         future brought me the name of Bill
                         Django, I might never have gone.
                         But as it was, I did what so many
                         men have done throughout history
                         when a woman has broken their
                         heart... I went to war.
               We hear the opening of a period song as we...







          11   TITLES                                                   11
               As the titles and song continue we see U.S TV footage
               from the Iraq War - a dizzying MTV montage, war made pop-
               video. Shots include...
               ""Shock and Awe" air attack on Baghdad
               Caravans of U.S troops snaking through the desert
               Fighter plane video of an Iraqi fighter jet being
               destroyed on the ground
               Oil Wells ablaze


               PFC Jessica Lynch being rescued by Special Forces.
               MNBC Promo - American-flag-draped photomontages with the
               words "Our hearts go with you".
               Apache Helicopter attacks and destroys an Iraqi tank.
               TV Presenters debate "Who is the Hottest Scud Stud?"
               Soldiers plant an American flag with Iwo Jima-like

               American troops pull down a huge statue of Saddam Hussein
               in central Baghdad. An American flag draped over the head
               is hastily replaced by an Iraqi flag.


                                                                   FADE IN:


          12   INT. HOTEL ROOM - DAY                                    12

               Bob sits on the bed talking to Debora on the phone.

                         Yeah, no it's been...well, I won't
                         lie to you Debora - it's been
                         pretty damn hairy.

                                       DEBORA (O.S.)
                              (over phone, not as
                               concerned as Bob
                               would like)
                         Yeah. We've been watching it on







          12   CONTINUED:                                                12


                            Yeah, it's not, uh... I've seen
                            things that you shouldn't, you
               He shakes his head sadly.

                                          BOB (CONT'D)
                            Pretty damn hairy.

                                          DEBORA (O.S.)
                            Well I don't even know why you're
                            there. You're not exactly war
                            correspondent material are you?


                            Well, I think it's important
                            people get an accurate picture of

                                          DEBORA (O.S.)
                                 (to someone else)
                            What? Yeah.


                            ...what's, uh, happening,
                            that Dave?

                                          DEBORA (O.S.)
                            Yeah. He says Hi.
               Bob stares out of the window, nodding, afraid he might
               start to cry.

                            Oh, that's, that's...
               He BEATS his head off the wall for a moment.

                                          BOB (CONT'D)
                            Okay. Gotta go. We're moving out -
                            heading up north to cover the
                            fighting there...


          13   EXT. KUWAIT CITY -    HOTEL - DAY                         13

               Bob walks out and puts his sunglasses on, staring around
               the quiet POOL-SIDE area. He sighs, sits down on a a
               sunlounger, starts to read his book. TITLES READ "Kuwait
               City, Kuwait, Spring 2003."

                                          JOURNALIST (O.S.)
                            You missed the war?







          14   INT. HOTEL LOUNGE - DAY                                  14

               Bob is drinking coffee with two gung-ho type war

               They laugh.

                                         SECOND JOURNALIST


                         I've been stuck here. They've only
                         just given me the green-light. So
                         I'll probably head over there
                         soon. I'm just working on this
                         story about American contractors
                         coming over for the re-build.
               The Journalists look bored.

                                       BOB (CONT'D)
                         Yeah, I think they didn't want me
                         going over because I'm not

                                       SECOND JOURNALIST
                         Yeah, they don't like the unilats.
                         The troops think the unilats'll
                         stab `em in the back. When you're

                         you form a bond with the soldiers.
                         You're like one of them.

                                       FIRST JOURNALIST
                              (to Second

                         You see action?

                                       SECOND JOURNALIST
                         Went into Baghdad with Charlie
                         Company, Second Brigade, Third
                         Infantry Division...

                                       FIRST JOURNALIST
                         The thunder run? Heard you had it
                         pretty bad.

                                       SECOND JOURNALIST
                         Could say that. Technicals all the
                         way, RPG's, fuckers were firing
                         anti-aircraft guns at us...






          14   CONTINUED:                                                 14


                                          FIRST JOURNALIST
                            You know a Private First Class

                                          SECOND MAN
                            Zook? I was standing next to him
                            when he took a hit...
               Bob sits ignored, feeling inadequate as they continue to
               swap war stories.


          15   EXT. HOTEL TERRACE - NIGHT                                 15

               Bob sits drinking more coffee.

                                 (To Waiter)
                            So what's a useful phrase?

                                          KUWAIT WAITER
                            La termi, ana sahafi.
               Bob repeats this.

                            What's that mean?

                                          KUWAIT WAITER
                            Don't shoot, I'm a reporter.
               He walks off. Bob sighs, continues DOODLING in his
               notebook. We see he has covered the page in stylized
               drawings of EYES. He notices a A MAN IN A BASEBALL CAP
               sitting at the next table.



                                   (without looking up)
               Bob reads the logo on the baseball cap.

                            DeWitt Resources. Arkansas.


                            Right. We make trash cans.

                            You over here for the conference?
                            Looking for a contract right?






          15   CONTINUED:                                                  15


                            I guess.

                            What's your pitch?
               The man considers this. He looks up and we see his face
               for the first time - handsome, older than Bob, tanned, a
               moustache, a slightly haunted expression. This is LYN


                            Well...we're real cheap.
               Bob waits for more, but that's it. He holds out his hand.

                            Bob Wilton.

                                             LYN CASSADY


                            Could I bum a smoke, Skip?
               Lyn shoves the packet across the table. Bob sits down
               across from him, pats himself down for a lighter, glances
               over to where the two embedded Journalists are joking
               with some Marines. Bob watches them jealously.

                                          BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                            I sat there watching those
                            reporters and realized I didn't
                            want to be me anymore. I wanted to
                            be them. I wanted to face peril
                            and stand witness to the fall and
                            rise of nations.
               Suddenly the TERRACE LIGHT above them flickers and goes
               out. Lyn and Bob sit in the dark.

                                          BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                            Everyone gets everything he wants.
                            Like the man said. I wanted a

                                          BOB (CONT'D)
                                 (patting his pockets
                                  in the dark)
                            Oh crap, can't find my...
               A LIGHTER ignites in Lyn's hand, eerily lighting the
               lower half of his face, his eyes hidden by the brim of
               the cap. Bob leans forward to light his cigarette and
               finds himself staring at the CONFERENCE I.D Lyn has
               pinned to his shirt. The name on the badge reads LYN S.





          15   CONTINUED: (2)                                           15


                                       BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         And for my sins, Fate brought me
               He stares at the name as he puffs on the cigarette,
               vaguely troubled by a memory.

                                       BOB (CONT'D)

                         Lyn Cassady...?

                                                               DISSOLVE TO:


          16   EXT. GUS LACEY'S HOUSE- MICHIGAN - DAY - THE PAST        16

               Bob pulls up in a car outside. SUPERED TITLES READ:
               Monroe, Michigan, 1997

                                       GUS LACEY (O.S.)
                         This is the home learning course
                         we're putting out, which is very


          17   INT. GUS LACEY'S HOUSE - DAY                             17

               Bob is interviewing Gus Lacey at Lacey's dining room
               table. Gus has a sun-bed tan and odd hair. His nervous
               looking MOTHER sits beside them. Gus is holding up a
               VIDEO CASE for Bob to see - the cover, illustrated with a
               picture of Gus, reads "Free To Roam - Learn E.S.P from
               the master!"

                                       GUS LACEY
                         Then there's the seminars. When
                         I'm not teaching I spend a lotta
                         time, right here, remote viewing.

                         Right here?

                                       GUS LACEY
                         The kitchen table. That is
                         correct. That's where my body is.
                         But my mind...that's, you know...
               He gestures to the horizon.


                                       GUS LACEY
                         Wandering. Roaming. Yeah.

                         So what have you seen lately?





          17   CONTINUED:                                                 17


                                          GUS LACEY
                            Lately I've been watching the Loch
                            Ness Monster in Scotland, England -
                            which it turns out is the ghost of
                            a dinosaur. That's an exclusive
                            for you.

                            Okay. Wow.
               E.C.U of Bob's notebook - on which he has written You are

                                          BOB (CONT'D)
                            So...when did this all start for
                            you Gus?

                                          GUS LACEY
                            It started when I was a kid. I
                            used to lie on my bed and RV my
                            cousin, Irene, undressing at
                            night. Then, when I was in the
                            army I joined Bill Django's unit.
                            He trained me and the rest, as
                            they say...

                            Right. I don't know who that is.
               Gus gives a dreamy smile.

                                          GUS LACEY
                            I can't really talk about Bill.

                            So what did you do in the army?

                                          GUS LACEY
                            We were Psychic Spies mainly. That
                            was our initial tasking but...once
                            they realized what they were
                            sitting on, the forces at work...
               He stops, his face darkening.

                                          GUS LACEY (CONT'D)
                            We were trained to kill animals.


                            You mean, what...with your...?

                                          GUS LACEY
                            With our minds. That is correct.
                            Just by staring at them.







          17   CONTINUED: (2)                                            17



                         Huh. What kind of animals?

                                       GUS LACEY
                         One of our unit stopped the heart
                         of a goat.

                         Wow.(Beat) I don't know what to

                                       GUS LACEY
                         The power they unlocked in us...
                         (Beat, sorrowfully) Last week I
                         killed my hamster. (Beat) You
                         wanna see?


          18   BACK OFFICE - LATER                                       18
               TV SCREEN - playing a home video of TWO HAMSTERS in a
               Bob and Gus sit watching the TV. Gus' mother hovers in
               the background.

                                       GUS LACEY
                         You ever seen a hamster do that

                         Well, I've never owned a hamster
                         Gus, so I don't know what...

                                       GUS LACEY
                         Look at the way it's glaring at
                         its wheel. Usually that hamster
                         loves its wheel.

                         Maybe some of the readers have
                         hamsters so...

                                       GUS LACEY
                         Good. Then they'll know how rare
                         that is.

                         Yeah, I guess any hamster-owning
                         readers will know what's
                         aberrant behavior and, uh,
                         what's...Oh, shit, he's down!
               ON TV one of the hamsters has fallen over.







          18   CONTINUED:                                                18


                                          GUS LACEY
                            Yeah, he's down. At this point I'd
                            been staring at him for about
                            three hours.
               The other hamster falls over.

                            Oh my God! You've dropped both

                                          GUS LACEY
                            No, the other one's just fallen
               They watch in silence. Then the hamsters get up and start

                                          GUS LACEY (CONT'D)
                                 (switching off the

                            Bizarre. Right?

                   didn't die. I thought
                            you said you killed it?

                                          GUS LACEY

                            Yeah well...(He gestures to his
                            Mother) Mother said no. She said
                            you might be a bleeding-heart
                            liberal. She said "Don't show him
                            the hamster dying. Show him the
                            tape where the hamster acts
                            bizarre instead."
               Bob looks to Gus' Mother who manages to look nervous and
               defiant at the same time. Gus stares at the blank TV,
               sips his coffee.

                                          GUS LACEY (CONT'D)
                            This was nothing. You should have
                            seen the Skipper at work.

                            Who's the Skipper?

                                          GUS LACEY
                            Lyn Cassady. After Bill he was the
                            most psi-gifted guy I ever met. He
                            was like an Occultic force. (Beat)
                            I think he runs a dance studio








          18   CONTINUED: (2)                                           18

               BOB'S NOTEBOOK - as he writes down the name LYN


                                                               DISSOLVE TO:


          19   EXT. HOTEL TERRACE - THE PRESENT - AS BEFORE             19

               ON LYN'S NAME TAG
               Bob straightens from lighting his cigarette, stares at

                         Do you know a Gus Lacey?
               Beat. Lyn gets up and walks away.

                                       BOB (CONT'D)
                         Lyn? (Beat) Skip? (Beat) Lyn?


          20   INT. HOTEL CORRIDOR - MOMENTS LATER                      20

               Bob hurries to catch up with Lyn. He follows him around a
               corner and skids to a halt. Lyn is facing him, standing
               on one leg, hands raised above his head in an odd martial
               arts stance. He emits a threatening croon. Bob raises his
               hands nervously.


                                       LYN CASSADY
                         You working for Hooper?

                         Hooper? No. I work for the Ann
                         Arbor Daily Telegram.

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         How do you know about Lacey?

                         I interviewed him a few years ago.
                         He'd been appearing on this radio
                         talk show.
               Lyn relaxes his martial arts stance, shakes his head

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Little prick...what'd he tell you?

                         He said he joined Bill Django's
                         unit in the army and was trained
                         to, to, uh remote view?

                                       (MORE)                   (CONTINUED)



          20   CONTINUED:                                                  20

                                          BOB (CONT'D)
                            And he said the Loch Ness Monster
                            was the ghost of a dinosaur. Who's
                            Bill Django?

                                          LYN CASSADY
                                 (shaking his head in

                            Did he show you his "Home Study


                                          LYN CASSADY
                                 (walking off down the

                            Yeah I bet he did.

                                 (hurrying after him)
                            Are you...? Do you mean you
                            corroborate his, uh...? Because,
                            see, I thought he was just an

                                          LYN CASSADY

                            He is an idiot...or he was...he's
                            dead now. He was a paranormal
                            whore. Always trying to get into
                            the spotlight, yak, yak yaking. We
                            took an oath. We don't divulge...

                            But you're saying there was a
                            secret unit?
               Lyn stops, turns and stares at him.

                                          LYN CASSADY


          21   INT. LYN'S HOTEL ROOM - LATER                               21

               Bob and Lyn are talking, passing a bottle of Scotch
               backwards and forwards between them. Both are drunk.

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            Okay. Let me ask you something.
                            What color were the chairs in the
                            hotel bar?









          21   CONTINUED:                                                21


                                          LYN CASSADY
                            You were in there for hours. What
                            color were the chairs?


                                          LYN CASSADY
                            They were green. How many lights
                            are there in this room?
               Bob starts to look around.

                                          LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                            A Super Soldier wouldn't need to
                            look. He would just know.

                            A Super Soldier?

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            A Jedi Warrior. He would know
                            where all the lights were. He
                            could walk through a room and tell
                            you how many power outlets there
                            were. People are walking around
                            with their eyes closed. At Level
                            One we were trained to instantly
                            absorb all details.


                            What's a Jedi Warrior?

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            You're looking at one.

                            You're a Jedi Warrior?

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            That's correct.

                            What does that...? I don't think


                                          LYN CASSADY

                            I'm Sergeant First Class Lyn
                            Cassady, Special Forces, retired.
                            In the eighties I
                            was trained at Fort Bragg in a
                            secret initiative code-named
                            Project Jedi. The objective of the
                            project was to create Super





          21   CONTINUED: (2)                                           21

                                        LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                         Soldiers with Super Powers. We
                         were the first
                         generation of the New Earth Army.


                         You've got super powers?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         That's correct.

                         Hold on, let me...let me just...
               He takes out his NOTEBOOK, fumbling, trying to get into
               journalist mode.

                                       BOB (CONT'D)
                         Okay, so, so you're saying you
                         were a Psychic Spy, like Lacey?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         We prefer the term Remote Viewer.

                         How does that work?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Different Jedi had different
                         techniques. Mel Landau used to
                         visualize packing all his cares
                         and worries in a little suitcase,
                         to clear his mind. Steve Cuttle
                         used to read Bible verse...

                         What about you?
               Lyn thinks about it.

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Well, I find drinking helps. Also
                         if I'm listening to classic rock

                         Yeah? (Beat) Like who?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         I like Boston. Boston usually
               Bob jots this down in the notebook.


                         What other powers did you





          21   CONTINUED: (3)                                         21


                                         LYN CASSADY

                              (Taken aback)

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Yup. That was Level Three.

                         Actual invisibility?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Well...yeah, that was the goal.
                         But after a while we adapted it to
                         just finding a way of not being
                         seen. When you understand the, the
                         linkage between observation and
                         reality, you learn to dance with
               Bob tries to follow this.

                         Like camouflage?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         It's not like camouflage. We also
                         practised Phasing. Crossing from
                         particle to wave, from the
                         physical realm to the plane of
                         energy. Solid objects seem to pass
                         right through you. It's starts
                         with a breathing exercise...
               Lyn makes a weird shallow PANTING SOUND.

                                       LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                         Then you think black. That's the
               Bob watches him solemnly as he continues his weird

                         I don't...can I be honest, Lyn? I
                         don't know what to make of this. I
                         don't know what to say. This is
                         amazing stuff. (Beat) How would
                         you...I wanna...could I write a
                         story about this?
               Lyn stops panting, takes a swig of whiskey, stares at the
               bottle, suddenly taciturn.

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Not going to happen.




          21   CONTINUED: (4)                                           21


                         No, but see, I've been looking for
                         a story Lyn. I was going to
                         write about the re-build contracts
                         but this...this is even better and



                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Not going to happen.

                         All I'm saying is we could talk
                         some more tomorrow and...

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         I'm shipping out tomorrow.

                         You're going home?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Going to Iraq. There's this
                         factory we might be partnering
                         with in Al Qaim.
               Bob's face falls.

               They sit in silence for a moment. Lyn passes Bob the
               whiskey. He takes a swig, his mind whirring...

                                       BOB (CONT'D)

                         I could come.

                                          LYN CASSADY


                         I could come with you, maybe,

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Bob, I don't want to be a story,
                         okay? I don't need the attention

                         No, listen, we could change names,
                         stuff could stay off record and...








          21   CONTINUED: (5)                                         21


                                       LYN CASSADY
                         It's a war over there Bob. Okay? A
                         war. I can't be looking out for
               Bob flushes with annoyance.

                         Well you know, you don't...
                         I look after myself. Okay? I look
                         after...And I've been
                         in some pretty hairy situations
                         before. I'm not, you know...I'm a
                         journalist, Lyn. You understand?
               He slaps his notebook for emphasis.

                                       BOB (CONT'D)
                         A journalist. I go where the story

                                       BOB (V.O.)(CONT'D)
                         I was an American. I was Resolute.
                         I wanted adversity to reveal my
                         character to the world. And to my
                         wife. And to that one-armed cunt
               Lyn is staring at Bob's notebook. He takes it from Bob
               and examines Bob's DRAWINGS OF EYES.

                                        LYN CASSADY
                         What's this?

                         What? Nothing. I was just
               Lyn examines Bob - something DIFFERENT IN HIS ATTITUDE.

                                       BOB (CONT'D)
                         What's the matter?

                                        LYN CASSADY

               He considers for a moment, struggling with himself, then
               seems to reluctantly come to a decision. He reaches into
               the bag on his bed and pulls out a dog-eared BOOK. He
               hands it to Bob.
               Bob examines the book - on the cover is a picture of Da
               Vinci's Vitruvian Man and the title Pentagon Report
               92245. The New Earth Army Manual.
               Bob stares at the book. He opens the first page and




          21   CONTINUED: (6)                                         21


                                       BOB (V.O.)

                         The U.S Army doesn't really have
                         any serious alternative than to be
               Bob looks at the DISCLAIMER at the bottom of the page.

                                       BOB(V.O.) (CONT'D)

                         This does not represent the
                         official position of the United
                         States Army at this time.
               Bob looks up at Lyn who nods gravely.

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         You wanted to know who Bill Django
                         was? (Beat) He's the man who wrote
                         that book.


          22   EXT. EXPRESSWAY - IRAQ - MORNING                          22

               Lyn's CAR roars down the expressway into Southern Iraq,
               passing A TANK which sits by the road-side.


          23   I/E. CAR - MORNING                                        23
               Lyn drives. A hung-over Bob sits reading the New Earth
               Army Manual.


                         The New Earth Army is a banner
                         under which the forces of good can
                         gather. The courage and nobility
                         of the Warrior, blended with the
                         spirituality of the Monk.


          24   EXT. ROAD - DAY                                           24

               The car passes oil fields, beyond the buildings thinning
               out into the desert.

                         The Jedi Warrior will follow in
                         the footsteps of the great
                         Imagineers of the past - Jesus
                         Christ, Lao Tse Tung, Walt


          25   I/E. CAR - DAY                                            25
               Bob is still reading.




          25   CONTINUED:                                                 25



                            The role of The New Earth Army is
                            to RESOLVE CONFLICT world-wide.
                            Jedis will parachute into war
                            zones, utilizing sparkly eyes
                            technique, carrying symbolic
                            flowers and animals, playing
                            indigenous music and words of
               INSERT: An illustration of a SOLDIER CARRYING A LAMB and
               some LILIES - with what appears to be some kind of
               loudspeaker strapped to his shoulder.

                                          BOB (CONT'D)
                            What's the sparkly eyes technique?
               Lyn raises his shades and twinkles his eyes at Bob for a

                                          BOB (CONT'D)

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            You see it?

                            I think so. (Beat) Lyn?

                                          LYN CASSADY

                            Who is this Bill Django?
               Lyn draws on his cigarette thoughtfully.

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            I don't know where to begin.


          26   EXT. VIETNAM - DAY - THE PAST                              26

               LOW ANGLE - a YOUNG BILL DJANGO - military buzz cut and
               all - trips out of a HOVERING HELICOPTER and falls, head-
               first down towards us.
               WE FREEZE FRAME on his YELLING FACE just before it hits
               the camera.


          27   INT. CAR - AS BEFORE                                       27

               Lyn exhales smoke.






          27   CONTINUED:                                              27


                                          LYN CASSADY
                            Bill always said it started for
                            him when he fell out of a
                            helicopter in Vietnam.


          28   EXT. VIETNAM - DAY - THE PAST                             28

               Bill hits the ground, which is luckily mainly composed of
               MUD. He lies stunned as MORE HELICOPTERS lower around him
               and his PLATOON begin to debark. The Helicopters barely
               touch the ground before they take off again. SUPERED
               TITLES read: Vietnam, January, 1973.
               Bill gets up onto his knees and examines his M-16 - the
               barrel clogged with earth. He pokes his finger into the
               muzzle trying to clean it, then finds he can't get it
               back out again.

                                          BILL DJANGO
                            Oh, man...
               He tries to pull his finger free, glances up and FREEZES.
               Ahead of Bill and his Platoon is a WALL OF DEAD AMERICAN
               TROOPS - rotting in the sun.
               His men stand staring at the wall aghast. A PRIVATE
               beside Bill snaps and opens FIRE, yelling wildly.

                                          BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                                 (over the gun-fire)
                            Knock-it off! Chris! Knock-it off!
               Bill grabs him with his free hand and shakes him, his M-
               16 hanging painfully from his other hand.

                                          BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                            Will you knock it off? (Climbing
                            to his feet) Jesus. What do you
               THUNK. A SOLDIER standing next to Bill drops, the back of
               his head sprayed over nearby soldiers.

               Everyone stares at the dead man. Another shot rings out -
               another SOLDIER DROPS. The others flinch, scan the tree-
               line ahead of them.


                            VC in black pyjamas! One hundred
                            meters! It's a woman!
               The WOMAN is jogging across the tree-line ahead, weapon
               in hand.




          28   CONTINUED:                                                  28


                                             BILL DJANGO
                                    (trying to free his

               Silence. Long pause.

                                            BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)


                                          BILL DJANGO
                            What the fu...! Why isn't anyone
               His men stare back at him, frightened.

                                            BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)

                            TAKE HER OUT!
               The Soldiers open fire - a deafening roar. The Woman
               keeps on running as the foliage above her head is
               shredded by bullets. NO SHOT COMES CLOSE. Bill watches

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            Every single one of Bill's men
                            fired high. They instinctively
                            hadn't wanted to shoot another
                            person. Later Bill would come
                            across a study by General S.L.A
                            Marshall, which revealed that only
                            15-20 percent of fresh soldiers
                            shot to kill. The rest
                            aimed high, didn't fire at all, or
                            pretended to be busy doing
                            something else.
               Bullets still flying above her head, the Woman stops
               running, crouches down and RETURNS FIRE.
               Bill is SHOT, stumbles backwards and falls into the mud,
               his finger still stuck in his M-16. He lies there,
               staring up at the sky, his expression one of puzzlement,
               as a huge blood stain spreads over his chest.
               BILL'S P.O.V - the edges of our vision darken down as the
               sound FADES OUT. The darkness flows inwards, as if an
               IRIS IS CLOSING DOWN - until only a PIN-POINT OF WHITE
               LIGHT remains in the centre of the sky. We begin to move
               towards the light, slowly at first and then faster and
               faster. Just as we are about to reach it, a VISION OF THE
               FACE OF the VC WOMAN appears, filling the white disc.







          28   CONTINUED: (2)                                            28


                                       VC WOMAN

                         Their gentleness is their
               We begin to sink back down again, faster and faster until
               the circle of white light has disappeared all together
               and we are in DARKNESS...

                                                                    FADE IN:


          29   INT. MILITARY HOSPITAL - THE PAST - DAY                   29

               Bill lies in his bed, staring sadly at the other
               casualties in the ward - amputees, spinals, burns...

                                       BOB (V.O.)
                         Recovering in hospital, Bill wrote
                         to General T.L Cornplow, Vice
                         Chief of Staff for the Army,
                         explaining that he wanted to go on
                         a fact-finding mission to explore
                         alternative combat tactics. The
                         Pentagon agreed to pay his salary
                         and expenses for the duration of
                         the journey.
               We hear the opening of a period song as we...

                                                                    CUT TO:


          30   EXT. HIGHWAY - THE PAST - DAY                             30

      the track continues we see Bill in civilian dress,
               driving down the Pacific Coast Highway.

                                       BOB (V.O.)
                         What Bill hadn't told the Pentagon
                         was that he was really looking for
                         the answer to the riddle of his
                         vision. How could his men's
                         gentleness, their general lack of
                         interest in killing people, how
                         could this be turned into a
                         strength? How could love and peace
                         help win wars? Bill knew where to
                         go to find out.



          31   EXT. GROUNDS - DAY                                        31

               TRACKING past a row of HOT TUBS - each filled with naked
               people hugging.





          31   CONTINUED:                                             31
               We find an uncomfortable Bill in one tub filled with
               EMBRACING HIPPY MEN. Self-consciously he strokes his buzz-
               cut. SUPERED TITLES READ: Naked Hot Tub Encounter
               Sessions, Santa Rosa.


          32   INT. ROOM - DAY                                           32

               Bill and another MAN are arm-wrestling, SCREAMING. Other
               MEN stand around screaming also. TITLES READ: Primal Arm-
               Wrestling, Sacramento.


          33   EXT. POOL - DAY                                           33

               FOUR PEOPLE are floating on their backs breathing rapidly
               and loudly. Each one is supported by a partner. Bill,
               his buzz-cut growing out, floats amongst them, sobbing
               uncontrollably. TITLES READ: Reichian Rebirthing, San


          34   EXT. HILL - DAY                                           34

               A PLATINUM HAIRED WOMAN is leading a GROUP OF RUNNERS,
               including Bill, down the hill. They run in an odd way -
               prancing like horses, their eyes closed, arms raised,
               smiling ecstatically. TITLES READ Beyond Jogging
               Movement, Stockton.
               One of the group runs into a tree.


          35   INT. ROOM - DAY                                           35

               Bill lies on his side on a gurney, his hair longer now.
               We can't see what is being done to him, but he is sobbing
               uncontrollably once again. TITLES READ Higher Essence
               Colonic Irrigation Therapy, Monterey.


          36   EXT. HOUSE - DAY                                          36

               LONG SHOT - A GROUP OF BARE-CHESTED MEN, including BILL,
               stand on the roof of the house. TITLES READ The Whole Man
               Movement - Auburn.
               A LEADER gives Bill a signal and he jumps off, falls
               fifteen foot to the road below. He hurts himself quite


          37   INT. ESALEN INSTITUTE - DAY                               37

               Bill sits amongst a large MEDITATION GROUP, long-haired
               and bearded, indistinguishable now from the San-Francisco
               Bay area Hippies all around him. TITLES READ: Esalen
               Institute for the Advancement of Human Potential, Big




          37   CONTINUED:                                                  37

               ARROWS POINT at various MEDITATORS around the hall,
               identifying them as BOB DYLAN, GEORGE HARRISON and HENRY

               Bill senses someone staring at him and glances over to
               the Meditator next to him - Aviator shades, a baseball
               cap pulled low, empty cigarette holder clenched between
               his teeth. The Meditator continues to stare intently at
               Then opens his coat to reveal the Magnum .45 strapped to
               his chest.
               Bill smiles nervously. An ARROW identifies the gunman as

               HUNTER S. THOMPSON.

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            Bill disappeared into the New Age
                            Movement for six years.
               Bill feels Thompson staring at him. He smiles nervously.


          38   EXT. FORT BRAGG - MAIN GATES - THE PAST - DAY               38

               It's 1980. Bill walks down the road towards the entrance
               gates. His long hair is braided. He has an EYE painted on
               his forehead.

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            Like all Shamen before him, he had
                            traversed the wilderness. Now he
                            was returning to his people, a
                            changed man.
               The SENTRIES at the gate check Bill's PASS suspiciously.

                                          BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                            He brought with him his
                            confidential report - The New
                            Earth Army Manual.
               The Gates swing open and Bill passes through.

                                                                 DISSOLVE TO:


          39   EXT. DESERT - DAY                                           39

               Lyn crouches revolving a curious aluminium CONE towards
               the sun. Bob sits by the car, reading the manual. He
               looks up, watches Lyn.


                            Does it direct your powers?






          39   CONTINUED:                                                  39


                                            LYN CASSADY

                            The cone. Does it direct your
                            psychic powers or something?

                                            LYN CASSADY

                            What does it do?
               Lyn takes some BURGERS out of a cooler box and puts them
               into the cone.

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            It cooks supper.
               He examines the stove approvingly.

                                          LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                            Solar. Utilizing the power of the
                            universe - no pollution, totally
                            renewable. This is like New Earth
                            Army technology.
               Bob picks up the Manual and starts to read. Lyn watches

                                          LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                            Pretty mind-blowing, isn't it?
                            First time I read it, I was
                            like...what the fuck?

                            Yes. (Beat) But...
               He stops.

                                            LYN CASSADY


                                            LYN CASSADY
                            Go on - what?

                            Well it's's hard to
                            believe the Pentagon paid for
                            this. I mean, it's very
                            interesting, but there's nothing
                            in here that's actually






          39   CONTINUED: (2)                                            39


                                       LYN CASSADY
                         The New Earth Army was tasked with
                         preventing conflict. We're a force
                         of peace, not war. Bill realized
                         if you want to change the world,
                         you've got to start by changing
                         the armies. He was the one that
                         started the research into non-

               Lyn flicks away his cigarette.

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Check this out.
               He takes a yellow PLASTIC BLOB from his pocket with a

                                         LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                         The Predator.


                         The Predator? (Beat) That's a
                         plastic blob, Lyn. (Pointing at
                         the blob) That's a...
               Before he can finish Lyn has slipped Bob's finger into a
               hole in the middle of the blob and twisted it.

                                       BOB (CONT'D)

                         OH! OH FUCK! OH...FUCK!

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         You see? You're mine now. The
                         Predator is completely
                         biodegradable. It's friendly to
                         the earth but it can hurt you in a
                         hundred ways.
               He takes the blob off the finger and rubs it's serrated
               edge down Bob's temple.



                                       LYN CASSADY
                         It has warrior functions.(Beat)
                         And it looks a bit funny. This is
                         New Earth Army technology.
               Lyn sticks the Predator in Bob's ear and hauls him to his
               feet. Bob yells with pain.






          39   CONTINUED: (3)                                            39


                         Stop it! Stop hurting me!
               Lyn stares at the blob fondly.

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         I bought it on line. What's cool
                         about it is that you could see
                         this lying on the ground and you'd
                         never know it had such lethality.
               Bob holds his ear and pants for breath. Lyn's face lights

                                         LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)


          40   EXT. DESERT - DAY                                         40

               An empty landscape, as Bob's shout drifts across the



          41   EXT. DESERT - SUNSET                                      41

               Bob watches the RED DISK of the sun dip below the
               Lyn checks the meat on the stove looking pissed off. It's
               still raw.

                         I think it's officially night now.
               Lyn kicks at the stove.

                                       LYN CASSADY

                         Piece'a shit.


          42   INT. CAR - DESERT - LATER                                 42

               Bob and Lyn sit in the car. Bob is reading the Manual,
               eating cold beans from a can.
               Bob suddenly notices Lyn has taken a small black case
               from his bag and is preparing an INJECTION.

                                        LYN CASSADY
                               (Off Bob's look) )
                         I've got Crohn's. The steroids




          42   CONTINUED:                                                 42

               Lyn injects himself, packs everything back away in his
               back-pack. Bob sits, shivering. Lyn finishes, stares up
               at the stars thoughtfully.

                                          LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                            Sometimes there's a need,
                            Bob. Sometimes people are calling
                            out for something, even if they
                            don't know it themselves. And then
                            a man like Bill appears out of
                            nowhere, because he heard the

                                                                 DISSOLVE TO:


          43   INT. FORT BRAGG - NIGHT - THE PAST                         43

               A CIRCLE OF OFFICERS including MAJOR HOLTZ sit around
               BILL who has surrounded himself with a pseudo-forest of
               plants. There are candles everywhere. His face is
               painted. SUPERED TITLES read Fort Bragg. 1980.

                                          BILL DJANGO
                            I'd like us to begin this with a
                            mantra. If we could all breathe in
                            and then out, holding a long
               The OFFICERS stare at him. There are sniggers. Bill
               stares them down.

                                          BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                            Breathe in...(they comply) and



               They finish. Bill nods, smiling, stares around at them.

                                          BILL DJANGO
                            We are a Hollow Army, gentlemen.
                            Vietnam has crushed our soul. We
                            are traumatized and melancholic.
                            We are ashamed. That is why I have
                            brought you to this place of
                            Sanctuary. Here we can mend our
                            wounds and dream our dreams. My
                            dream is of an America that
                            will lead the world to paradise,
                            an America that no longer has an
                            exploitative view of natural
                            resources, that no longer promotes
                            consumption at all costs. I
                            believe this is America's destiny.





          43   CONTINUED:                                                43

                                          BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                            But to achieve it we must become
                            the first Superpower to develop
                            super powers. We must create
                            Warrior Monks - men and women who
                            can fall in love with everyone,
                            sense plant auras, pass through
                            walls, stop saying mindless
                            cliches and see into the future. I
                            want you to JOIN me in this
                            vision. (Beat) Be ALL you can BE.
               Bill finishes. We TRACK along the OFFICERS' FACES -
               really not sure what to do or say. We reach one officer
               who looks like Lee Marvin. This is BRIGADIER GENERAL DEAN
               HOPGOOD. His eyes are shining with excitement.

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            Amongst Bill's audience that night
                            was Brigadier General Dean
                            Hopgood, from the Defense
                            Intelligence Agency. For some time
                            the General had been concerned
                            about information he had been
                            receiving about Soviet research
                            into psychic powers.


          44   EXT. POOL - DAY - THE PAST                                44

               Wearing trunks, the Brigadier General lounges by his
               pool, engrossed in a PAPER-BACK BOOK titled Psychic
               Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            According to some stories the
                            Soviets were psychically
                            spying on American bases
                            and had designed "psychotronic
                            generators" - machines capable of
                            bombarding the President with
                            negative energy.


          45   INT. LABORATORY - DAY - THE PAST                          45

               Two DIABOLICAL-LOOKING RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS are wiring up
               some KITTENS to a MACHINE.

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            They were also conducting sadistic
                            experiments to see whether animals
                            had psychic powers.


          46   ANOTHER LABORATORY                                        46
               Another DIABOLICAL SCIENTIST is wiring up the KITTENS'






          46   CONTINUED:                                                46


                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            Could they, for instance,
                            telepathically detect that their
                            babies were distressed?


          47   FIRST LABORATORY                                          47
               With a gloating smile one of the Scientists approaches
               one of the KITTENS with a lit CIGARETTE. The kitten gives
               a pitiful MEW as the Scientists LOOMS over it.


          48   EXT. POOL - DAY - THE PAST                                48

               Brigadier General Hopgood can't read on.

                                          BRIGADIER GENERAL HOPGOOD
                            Sick bastards...


          49   INT. OFFICE - DAY - THE PAST                              49

               Brigadier General Hopgood is briefing two senior Pentagon


                            But why did the Soviets begin this
                            type of research?

                                          BRIGADIER GENERAL HOPGOOD
                            Well sir, it looks like they
                            heard about our attempt to
                            telepathically communicate with
                            one of our nuclear subs - the
                            Nautilus - while it was under the
                            Polar cap.


                            What attempt?

                                          BRIGADIER GENERAL HOPGOOD
                            There was no attempt, sir. It
                            seems the story was a French hoax.
                            But the Russians think the story
                            about the story being a French
                            hoax is just a story sir.

                                          SECOND OFFICIAL
                            So, they've started psi research
                            because they thought we were doing
                            psi research, when in fact we
                            weren't doing psi research?








          49    CONTINUED:                                                    49


                                           BRIGADIER GENERAL HOPGOOD
                             Yes sir. But now that they are
                             doing psi research, we're going to
                             have to do psi research, sir. We
                             can't afford to have the
                             Russians leading the field in the
                The Officials consider this gravely.


          49A   INT. FORT BRAGG OFFICERS QUARTERS - DAY                      49A

                Bill looks in a mirror as he admires his new insignia.

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             Two weeks later the Army adopted
                             the slogan Be All You Can Be and
                             appointed Bill Commander of the
                             first New Earth Army Battalion.


          50    INT. CAR - THE PRESENT - DAWN                                 50

                Bob wakes, stiff and cold, in the front of the car. He
                sits up and looks around, trying to work out where he is.
                Suddenly he realizes he is ALONE. Afraid, he scans the
                landscape around him - featureless desert stretches to
                the horizon.




          51    EXT. DESERT - CONTINUOUS                                      51

                Bob jumps out of the car, panicking and starts to run in
                a random direction.

                                  (As he runs)
                             Oh God. Oh God.
                He stops, staring at the immense empty landscape ahead of

                                                BOB (CONT'D)


                                                LYN CASSADY (O.S.)
                Bob turns and sees Lyn in a YOGA pose on the roof of the






          51   CONTINUED:                                                 51


                            I didn't...I thought...What are
                            you doing?

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            Salute to the Sun.
               He finishes and jumps down.

                                          LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                            Okay. We're Oscar Mike. (Getting
                            up) That's "On the Move" soldier.


          52   EXT. DESERT ROAD - EARLY MORNING                           52

               The car cuts across the vast landscape, the day already
               heating up.


          53   INSIDE THE CAR                                             53
               Bob is writing in his notebook as Lyn drives. He notices
               Lyn keeps looking up at the sky.

                            What are you doing?

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            Cloud bursting. Keeps me in shape.
               Bob stares up at the clouds.

                            Really? Which one?

                                          LYN CASSADY

                            That one.
               Bob tries to work out which cloud he means.

                            That one?

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            No. That one. The big one.

                            Isn't that one too far away?
               Lyn looks at Bob like he's crazy.

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            They're all far away.






          53   CONTINUED:                                                   53

               He concentrates on the CLOUD again. Sure enough, it thins
               and fades until it has DISAPPEARED. Bob stares - not sure
               what to think.

                                             LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                            And it's gone.
               Lyn, smiling up at the sky, doesn't notice that the car
               is veering off the road a little.
               BANG! The two men are slammed forward as the car hits
               something, Bob smacking his face off the dash.


          54   EXT. DESERT ROAD - DAY                                       54

               We see the car has run straight into a large ROCK. This
               is pretty much the only vertical feature in the otherwise
               flat landscape.
               The two men stand staring at the wrecked front of the
               car. Bob is holding a handkerchief to his bloody nose. He
               looks at the car, stares around him at the desert
               stretching out.

                            Jesus Lyn. You had like the whole
                            desert to drive in...
               Lyn rubs his face ruefully.

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            Yeah. I'm sorry about that Bob.
                            Must have got a little bi-
                            locational there, you know? But
                            don't worry. Someone'll come along


          55   EXT. DESERT ROAD - DAY - MUCH LATER                          55

               A sweating Bob sits in the shadow of the car, tossing a
               COIN. Lyn sits smoking.

                                             LYN WHEATON

                                 (checking the coin)
               He tosses again.

                                             LYN WHEATON






          55   CONTINUED:                                                55



               He tosses again.

                                          BOB (CONT'D)
                            What's your record at this?

                                          LYN WHEATON
                            Two hundred and sixty four. Tails.


                            Right. That's pretty...
               He stops, listening. We hear the sound of an approaching
               ENGINE. The two men turn to see a WHITE PICK-UP TRUCK

                                          BOB (CONT'D)
                                 (scrambling to his

                            Oh thank Christ.
               Bob scuttles into the middle of the road, waving
               frantically. The pick-up slows and pulls over. A YOUNG
               IRAQI MAN looks out at them.

                                          BOB (CONT'D)
                            Can you help us? We drove into a
                            rock. Could you take us to a town
                            or someplace?
               Smiling, the Iraqi gestures to the back of the pick-up.

                                          BOB (CONT'D)

                            Thank you! Thanks so much!
               He grabs his case and climbs up onto the back of the
               truck. Lyn stares at the driver, then, with a sigh picks
               up his bag and follows Bob.


          56   EXT. DESERT ROAD DAY - BACK OF TRUCK                      56

               As the Truck bumps off down the road, Bob and Lyn sit
               down and find themselves facing TWO YOUNG IRAQI MEN.

                            Hi! Hello there. Thanks so much
                            for this.
               The two Young Men smile in a friendly fashion.







          56   CONTINUED:                                                 56


                                          BOB (CONT'D)

                            Don't know if we would have lasted
                            much longer. Phew!
               One of the Young Men nods, smiling. He reaches casually
               forward and takes Lyn's BAG from him. Lyn just sits
               there, resigned as the Young Man roots through the

                                          BOB (CONT'D)

                            Yeah, it gets pretty hot out here,
               The Young Man takes out a ROCK COMPILATION CD from Lyn's
               bag and inspects it.

                                          YOUNG IRAQI
                                 (to the other)
                            Deep Purple.
               They laugh.

                                 (laughing too)
                            Oh, you speak English? Great. Deep
                            Purple. Right. You guys like Deep
                            Purple? You like rock or, or...
               He suddenly notices the Young Iraqi is holding a HANDGUN.
               The Driver leans out the window and shouts something over
               the roar of the engine. The Young Man next to Lyn takes
               off his scarf and starts to blindfold Lyn with it.

                                          BOB (CONT'D)
                                 (smile fading)
                            Lyn? Is this...?

                                             LYN CASSADY



          57   INT. ROOM - NIGHT                                          57

               Bob and Lyn, their hands tied, sit on a mattress in the
               otherwise empty room, lit by a shaft of moonlight from
               the small window above them. From next door comes the
               faint sound of a period song playing. Bob is losing it.

                            We're going to die! I'm going to
                            be killed by Al Qaeda!







          57   CONTINUED:                                                57

               From the next room we hear the Young Iraqis start to sing
               along to the track, laughing. Lyn listens.

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            I don't think they're Al Qaeda.

                            Oh what the hell do you know? You
                            don't know! You don't know
                            anything! And this is all your

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            Bob, there's something I have to
                            tell you. When I said I was
                            retired from the unit, that was a
                            lie. I'm on a mission. DeWitts was
                            just my cover. I've been
                            reactivated. I couldn't tell
                            you because this is a Black Op,
                            but...I think you have a part to
                            play. I think that's why you're
                            with me.
               Bob collapses face down on the mattress.


                            You're an idiot. You want to know
                            why I'm with you? Because I got
                            drunk. (Starting to cry a little)
                            I got drunk and I just wanted to
                            get into Iraq so I could prove to
                            my wife I wasn't...just once that
                            I...And now I'm going to die.
                            She's right. I'm such a...
               He dissolves into misery. Lyn watches with sympathy.

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            Have you heard of Optimum
                            Trajectory before? (No answer)
                            Your life is like a river, Bob. If
                            you're aiming for a goal
                            that isn't your destiny, you will
                            always be swimming against the
                            current. Young Ghandi wants to be
                            a stock-car racer? Not gonna
                            happen. Little Anne Frank wants to
                            be a High School teacher. Tough
                            titty Anne. That's not your
                            destiny. But you will go on to
                            move the hearts and minds of
                            millions. Find out what your
                            destiny is and the river will
                            carry you. Now sometimes events in
                            life give an individual clues as
                            to where their Destiny lies.





          57   CONTINUED: (2)                                         57

                                       LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                         Like those doodles you just
                         "happened" to draw?
               He unbuttons his shirt and reveals an EYE tattooed on his
               chest - very similar to the one Bob had drawn. Bob looks

                                       LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                         This is the Ajna chakra - the
                         third eye - the symbol of the
                         Jedi. When I saw you'd drawn
                         it...well, the Universe gives me a
                         sign like that, I don't ignore it.
                         You're meant to be here
                         with me, Bob. The Jedi inside you
                         sensed that.
               Bob stares at the EYE.

                                       LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                         Now listen to me. I don't think
                         these guys are FRL's or Mehdi
                         Army... I think we're talking
                         standard criminals here, okay?
                         What they're gonna do is try and
                         sell us on to another group. We
                         can't let that happen.

                         How are we gonna stop them?
                         There's three of them! And they've
                         got guns!

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         We're Jedi, Bob. The Jedi don't
                         fight with guns. We fight with our

                         What do you mean?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Let's say we have no choice but to
                         fight with these men. Then
                         we use visual aesthetics to
                         instill psychically in the enemy a
                         disincentive to attack.


                         What do you mean?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Okay, you lock eyes with one of
                         them, you go into a monotone and
                         you say "No, I'm not going to
                         attack you." You totally relax
                         your body and your voice. And then
                         you rip out one of his eyeballs.





          57   CONTINUED: (3)                                           57

                                       LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                         Or you use a pen, stab him in the
                         neck, create a fountain of blood,
                         I mean really a fountain, get the
                         blood to squirt on his buddies.
                         That's a psychic disincentive,
                         right there.
               Bob thinks about this, a little nauseated.

                         We haven't got a pen.

                                       LYN CASSADY

                         You're missing the point.
                         (Standing up) Here let me show you
                         something. Stand up.
               Bob stands up reluctantly.

                                       LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                         Choke me.

                         Oh...I don't want to Lyn.

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Choke me. What am I gonna do?
                         (pointing at his throat) Just
                         here. Choke. Choke.

                         I don't think I...there's sharp
                         edges around here...

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         C'mon...(making quotation marks
                         with his fingers) "Attack me."
               Bob stares at him, a little annoyed by this.

                         What's with the quotation fingers?
                         That's like implying I'm you
                         know...only capable of ironic
                         attacking or...

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Quit jawing, Bob, and choke me.


                         Well, if I choose to choke you,
                         what are you going to do?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         I'm going to interrupt your
                         thought pattern.





          57   CONTINUED: (4)                                           57

               Bob thinks about this then raises his hands to choke Lyn.
               Lyn THROWS him - sailing through the air. He crashes
               down into the floor behind Lyn.

                                       LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                         See? I hardly moved. Physics wise
                         there's not much going on. It's
                         the psychic energy that's
                         important. (Beat) You okay?

                              (in pain)

                                        LYN CASSADY
                               (helping him up)
                         You felt fear didn't you? Before
               Bob massages his back, impressed despite himself.


                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Would you say that level of fear
                         was abnormal for you?
               Bob thinks about this.

                         I don't know. I was pretty
                         terrified anyway but the fear I
                         felt on the run-up to the choking
                         did seem, you know, unusual.

                                       LYN CASSADY

                         You know why? It wasn't you. It
                         was me. I was inside your head.
                         Fighting with the Mind.
               Suddenly the door opens and one of the Young Iraqis comes
               in, smiling.

                                        YOUNGER IRAQI
                         Okay. We go.


          58   EXT. DESERT - EARLY MORNING                              58

               The White Pick-Up bounces over the sand. Bob and Lyn sit
               in the back with one of the Young Iraqis, who has Lyn's


                         I'm sorry I freaked out, Lyn.




          58   CONTINUED:                                                 58


                                          LYN CASSADY
                            That's okay. You learnt a lesson.
                            "Whatever you fear most has no
                            power - it is your fear that has



                                             LYN CASSADY

                            Uhuh. (Beat) You really don't work
                            for DeWitts?

                                             LYN CASSADY
                            Just my cover.


                            Gus Lacey said you ran a dance
                            studio. That was just cover too,

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            No. I do run a dance school. I
                            love dance.

                            Oh. Okay. (Beat) And you're really
                            on a mission out here?

                                             LYN CASSADY
                            In time, Bob.


                            Were you just kidding me back
                            there - about me having some Jedi
                            in me?

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            We learn to recognize our own kind
                            after a while. You ever dream
                            about flying?


                                          LYN CASSADY
                            That's one of the signs.

                            Do you really think so?






          58   CONTINUED: (2)                                            58


                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Don't you? Haven't you always
                         really felt you were different?
               Bob considers this.

                         Yes. Yes I have.

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         That's the way it is for us. We're
                         the ones who don't fit in as kids.

                         Have you always had powers?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Kind of. They used to call me the



          59   INT. GROOM LAKE, NEVADA - DAY - THE PAST                  59

               Groom Lake, Top Secret Test Flight Base, Nevada. 1983

                              (Excited. Into

                         Foxtrot-117 has launched. Tracking
                         now. Charlie-Oscar 31.8066667...
               Lyn (30's), in uniform, walks past and both computers

               INSTANTLY CRASH.

                              (over speakers)
                         We just lost contact! Request
                         status? Oh Crap!
               The TECHNICIANS turn to stare after Lyn. We hear a SIREN
               begin to wail.


          60   INT. OFFICE - DAY - THE PAST                              60

               Lyn stands nervously to attention in front of a very grim
               looking Brigadier General Hopgood.

                                       BRIGADIER GENERAL HOPGOOD
                         Did you crash those computers?
               Lyn opens his mouth to lie, but one glance at Hopgood's
               forbidding countenance changes his mind.





          60   CONTINUED:                                               60


                                          LYN CASSADY

                            Yes sir.
               Beat. A SLOW GRIN steals over the General's face.

                                          BRIGADIER GENERAL HOPGOOD

                            Far fucking out...
               Lyn blinks. This wasn't the reaction he'd expected.

                                          BRIGADIER GENERAL HOPGOOD
                            How'd you feel about a transfer



               A small group of JEDI RECRUITS, Lyn amongst them, stands
               facing a stern Bill Django in the abandoned-looking
               building. The walls have been decorated with COSMIC


                                          BILL DJANGO
                            I am Lieutenant Colonel Bill
                            Django. From now on, you
                            will speak only when spoken to,
                            and the first and last words out
                            of your mouth will be "Sir, yes,
                            sir!" Do you understand?

                            Sir, yes, sir!

                                          BILL DJANGO
                            If you complete this course you
                            will be a Psychic Weapon, an Angel
                            of Death, our enemies Worst
                            Nightmare! Until then you are
                            Nothing! Less than Nothing! Do you


                            SIR, YES, SIR!

                                          BILL DJANGO

                            Yeah, I'm only kidding with that
                            shit. Okay, what shall we do now?
               He stares around the men, expectantly.

                                          BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                                 (clapping his hands)
                            Hey! Lets dance!







          62   INT. EX-MESS HALL - DAY                                   62

               The Jedis are DANCING to some rock, encouraged by Bill.

                                       BILL DJANGO
                         Okay! Give it everything you've
                         got! That's it!
               The Jedis start to dance more frenetically, eyes closed,
               jumping about the room, waving their arms...
               Bill notices Lyn, shuffling self-consciously from foot to

                                       BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                         What's your name son?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Lyn Cassady sir.

                                       BILL DJANGO
                         Where you from?

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         Opelousas, Louisiana, sir.
               Bill stares at Lyn, taking in his orphan air, his hunted

                                       BILL DJANGO
                         Tough place to grow up?

               Lyn shrugs, embarrassed.   Bill nods.

                                       BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                         You've gotta free your feet before
                         you can free your mind, Lyn.

                                       LYN CASSADY

                         Not much of a dancer sir.
               Bill examines Lyn's face through narrowed eyes.

                                       BILL DJANGO
                         But that isn't true is it Lyn? You
                         can dance. It's just someone told
                         you not to.


          63   BEDROOM - 1965                                            63
               A TWELVE YEAR OLD LYN - is dancing away to a track on
               the radio. His FATHER weaves drunkenly past the door and
               stops, watching.




          63   CONTINUED:                                                  63


                                          LYN'S FATHER
                            Stop acting so fucking QUEER!
               He throws his beer can at Lyn and walks on. Lyn stares
               after him, upset. The RADIO abruptly catches FIRE.


          64   INT. EX-MESS HALL - DAY                                     64

               Bill watches Lyn with compassion.








          64   CONTINUED:                                                64


                                           BILL DJANGO
                            Well, I'm your commanding officer
                            Lyn, and I'm ordering you to let
                            the dance out!
               Lyn starts to dance with a little more abandon.

                                           BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                            C'mon goddamit! DANCE! Let it go!
                            Let it all go!
               Lyn starts to go for it. And it's true - he CAN dance.

                                          BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                                 (with approval)
                            Welcome to the Heroes Journey Lyn.
               Lyn smiles shyly.

                                          BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                                 (to the room)
                            Okay remember everyone, we don't
                            officially exist as a unit so I'm
                            afraid there's no coffee budget.
                            Bring your own coffee. Oh, and no
                            solid food for the first week.
               As the track continues we...

                                                                     CUT TO:



          65   OMITTED                                                   65



          66   EXT. FORT BRAGG - DAY                                     66

               UNIFORMED SOLDIERS march double time across the parade

                                          SPECIAL FORCES TROOPS
                            "I don't know but I've been told
                            Eskimo Pussy is mighty cold..."


          67   EXT. - DAY - JEDI WARRIORS                                67

               ...marching, chanting a mantra.

                                          JEDI WARRIORS







          68   INT. MESS HALL - DAY                                      68

               Soldiers shovel in mouthfuls of creamed potato and steak.


          69   INT. MESS HALL - DAY - JEDI WARRIORS                      69

               ...sipping their vegetable juice.


          70   EXT. FIELD - DAY                                          70

               The Jedis stand watching a JEEP driving down a course
               marked out on the field.


          71   INT. INSIDE THE JEEP - DAY                                71

               Bill sits next to a nervous JEDI TRAINEE who is driving.
               The Jedi is BLINDFOLDED.

                                       BILL DJANGO

                         Okay, you're doing very well. Now
                         feel the next bend...


          72   EXT. ON THE FIELD - DAY                                   72

               The Jedis SCATTER as the jeep swerves erratically off the
               course and drives straight towards them...


          73   INT. CLASSROOM - DAY                                      73

               SOLDIERS examine a DIAGRAM of BATTLE TACTICS.


          74   INT. JEDI CLASSROOM - DAY                                 74

               The Jedis examine a blackboard on which Bill is writing:
               "Before going into Battle the JEDI utilizes A) Yogic Cat
               Stretch. B) Primal scream and leap. C) Belgian waffle. D)
               Ginseng E) Amphetamines."


          75   EXT. FIELD - DAY                                          75

               The Jedis stare doubtfully at the bed of HOT COALS in
               front of them. One JEDI stands ready, his feet bare.

                                       BILL DJANGO
                         Okay, only when you're ready.
               The Jedi nods nervously, hesitates, starts to WALK ON THE
               COALS, almost immediately starts to SCREAM.




          75   CONTINUED:                                                75


                                          BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)

                            Think cold! Think real cold!


          76   EXT. FORT BRAGG - ROOFTOP - SUNSET                        76

               Bill leads the Jedis in the EARTH PRAYER as they face the
               setting sun.

                            Mother Earth, my life support
                            system as a soldier, I must drink
                            your blue water. I pray my boots
                            will always kiss your face and my
                            footsteps match your heartbeat. I
                            am yours and you are mine. I
                            salute you.


          77   INT. EX-MESS HALL - EVENING                               77

               Bill leads the Jedis in another dancing session - rock
               music blasting - the men dancing in a variety of nerdish
               and demented ways. Their uniforms have been supplemented
               with odd, personal touches: hats, badges, sunglasses, a
               We find Lyn dancing in blissful, idiotic abandonment.

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            After years of feeling like an
                            oddball Lyn had finally found a
                            home. At last he was amongst men
                            who prided themselves on being



               Bill leads the Jedis and Brigadier General Hopgood in a
               complex YOGA MOVE. We CLOSE on LYN.

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            These were Golden Days for Lyn.
                            There was something so noble and
                            pure in Bill's vision that the
                            Jedis felt themselves inspired to
                            be more than soldiers. In a world
                            torn apart by greed and hate they
                            would be a force for good, for
               A BUTTERFLY lands on Lyn's outstretched hand. He watches
               it with a gentle smile.







          78   CONTINUED:                                                  78


                                          BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                            For the first time in his life Lyn
                            felt truly happy.
               The Butterfly flits away and lands on an APPLE in the
               tree overhead.

                                          BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                            Then into the garden a serpent did


          79   INT. DINNER PARTY - NIGHT - THE PAST                        79

               GUESTS sit eating dinner around the large table.
               Brigadier General Hopgood is talking to his WIFE. He
               turns back to find the FORK in his hand BENT DOUBLE.
               He looks in amazement at the man sitting beside him -

               LARRY HOOPER.

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            Larry Hooper was a failed Sci-Fi
                            writer from Colorado, recruited to
                            the Jedis after Brigadier General
                            Hopgood met him at a spoon-bending
               Other guests laugh and applaud.


          80   EXT. FUNCTION ROOM - NIGHT - THE PAST                       80

               A WEDDING CELEBRATION is in progress. SCOTTY MERCER - one
               of the JEDI RECRUITS - is dancing, beaming with his new
               BRIDE. Guests - Lyn and the other Jedis amongst them -
               stand watching, clapping and cheering, a boisterous
               atmosphere of bonhomie. Larry watches the revellers with

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            Right from the start he had made
                            himself unpopular with the other
               Scotty and his wife are walking off the dance floor.
               Larry stops him to shake his hand.

                                          LARRY HOOPER
                            Congratulations Scotty. I'm sorry
                            it doesn't work out for you two.
               Scotty's face falls. The other Jedis glare at Larry. One
               of them makes a move towards him but Lyn holds him back.







          81   INT. MESS HALL - DAY - THE PAST                           81

               The Jedis eat at one table. Larry sits alone and shunned
               at another table. Lyn walks over with a tray, hesitates
               seeing Larry alone.

                                       BOB (V.O.)
                         Larry made it quite clear that he
                         despised most of the other Jedis.
               Feeling sorry for him Lyn sits beside Larry. Larry
               flushes red.

                                       BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         But Lyn - Lyn was different.
                         (Beat) He really hated Lyn.


          82   INT. PSI EXPERIMENT ROOM - DAY - THE PAST                 82

               Scotty, Larry and Lyn sit focusing on a wall of SMALL
               WOODEN CUPBOARDS. Each cupboard has a letter and number
               printed on its door.

                                        BILL DJANGO

               The three men focus on the cupboard in question.

                         It''s something cylindrical?
                         I think it's a pencil?

                                        BILL DJANGO
                         Okay. Larry?
               Larry rolls his eyes up in his head, speaks in a high
               wavering voice with a bad cockney accent.

                                       LARRY HOOPER
                         This is Larry's Spirit Guide,
                         Maud. I'm looking into
                         the cupboard now and I'm
                         seeing...I'm seeing...a tin mug?

                                        BILL DJANGO
               Lyn stares at his hands, focused. He looks up suddenly,

                                       LYN CASSADY
                         It's a man on a chair.
               Bill unlocks the little cupboard and takes a photograph
               of the Lincoln Memorial. There are murmurs of admiration
               from the watching Jedis.




          82   CONTINUED:                                                82


                                           LARRY HOOPER

                            Oh, no, wait. See, I thought you
                            said K, not A!
               Bill ignores him, smiles at Lyn.

                                          BILL DJANGO
                            Bravo Zulu, Lyn. Outstanding.
               Larry looks daggers at Lyn.


          83   EXT. FIELD - DAY - THE PAST                               83

               Lyn is walking calmly over the HOT COALS as the other
               Jedis watch, impressed.


          84   INT. GYM - DAY - THE PAST                                 84

               Bill is leading the Jedis in AIKIDO.

                                          BILL DJANGO
                            Aikido is a vehicle for
                            harmonizing ourselves with the
                            Universe and the Way. Look upon
                            these sessions as an opportunity
                            to discover yourself and your
                            training partner in a loving

               Larry flails violently at Lyn. Lyn FLIPS him with ease.
               Larry gets up and CHARGES bellowing at Lyn who FLIPS him
               out of the frame. Bill joins Lyn.

                                           BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                                 (addressing the
                                  watching Jedi's)
                            Notice how Lyn's circular motions
                            turned Larry's
                            aggression back upon him. Good
                            work Lyn.
               A CHAIR flies through the frame, just missing Lyn's head.

                                          BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                                 (without looking at

                            Larry, go outside, calm down.


          85   INT. REMOTE VIEWING ROOM - DAY - THE PAST                 85

               Lyn lies on a couch drinking a beer, staring at a large
               BROWN ENVELOPE. Bill sits beside him with pad and paper.




          85   CONTINUED:                                             85
               Lyn opens the envelope and stares at the PHOTOGRAPH of
               the NATO GENERAL inside.

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            After a year's training, Lyn was
                            given his first tasking. A senior
                            Nato General had been kidnapped by
                            Red Brigade members in Italy. Bill
                            was unofficially
                            asked if his unit would be able to
                            help find him before it was too

                                          LYN CASSADY

                            We're north of Verona. It's a
                            little town. There's a lake
                            nearby. I can see a Cinema. Across
                            from the Cinema is a shop or,
                  's a cafe. He's in the
                            apartment above. The town is
                  's something sweet.
                            (Beat) Dolce. It's called Dolce.
               Bill looks proudly over to where an important looking
               OFFICIAL watches from the next room. The Official looks

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            It's true that the unit never
                            found out whether any of their
                            remote viewings were accurate or
                            not. Nevertheless from that moment
                            on Lyn's reputation soared.


          86   INT. EX-MESS HALL - DAY                                   86

               Lyn stands in front of the other Jedis.

                                          BILL DJANGO
                            Rank, medals...these things mean
                            little to the Jedi. But growth in
                            spirit, in wisdom, in psychic
                            power, these things earn our
               He presents Lyn with an EAGLE FEATHER.

                                          BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                            Native Americans believed that
                            when one received an Eagle
                            feather, it was the mark of love,
                            of gratitude and ultimate respect.
                            Only true Human Beings may carry
                            the Eagle feather.
               He gives the feather to a deeply moved Lyn, as the other
               Jedis applaud. Larry watches Lyn with HATE.







          87   INT. REMOTE VIEWING ROOM - DAY - THE PAST                 87

               Lyn lies on the couch, drinking another beer, the Eagle
               Feather on a chain around his neck. A period song is
               playing in the room.

                                       BOB (V.O.)
                         The word soon got out in the
                         intelligence community that there
                         was a sergeant at Fort Bragg who
                         could find whatever you needed
                         found. It was as if Lyn could fly
                         anywhere in the world without
                         leaving his room.
               LYN'S MIND P.O.V - We move towards the wall.

                                       BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         As Bill Django said - the Force
                         truly was strong with this one.
               As the song breaks into the chorus we burst through the
               wall, into freedom...


          88   EXT. THE SKY - DAY - THE PAST                             88

               As the track continues and we RACE over the land, flying
               faster and faster, free as a bird, swooping up towards a
               huge SUN, until the screens WHITES OUT and we...

                                                              DISSOLVE TO:


          89   THE SUN - RISING - THE PRESENT                            89
      the Pick-up with Bob and Lyn in the back pulls up
               next to another TRUCK.
               Two MEN dressed in black with their kaffiyeh covering
               their faces stand by it staring at them. In the back seat
               of the Truck sits a blindfolded IRAQI MAN.
               The Driver of the Pick-Up crosses to the TWO INSURGENTS
               with a half-gallon bottle of WATER and passes it to them.
               They drink and confer briefly in Arabic. He turns and
               gestures to the other two Young Iraqis who push Lyn and
               Bob down from the back of the pick-up. Lyn stands still.

                                       YOUNG IRAQI
                              (gesturing again)





          89   CONTINUED:                                                  89


                                          LYN CASSADY

                            It's okay, Bob. We're not getting
                            into that truck.
               The First Young Iraqi gestures more angrily at the Truck.

                                             YOUNG IRAQI

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            Don't move Bob.

                                 (scared, whispering)
                            Are you going to use the Blob?

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            Let's hope it doesn't come to
               One of the Insurgents stirs and says something softly in
               Arabic. The other laughs. Angrily the First Young Iraqi
               takes out a HANDGUN and levels it at Lyn.

                                             YOUNG IRAQI

               Lyn raises one hand towards him.

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            You can put your weapon away.
                            You're not interested in us.
               The Young Iraqi points the gun at Bob who starts to walk
               towards the truck.

                                          LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)

                            Stay where you are Bob.
               Bob stops.


                                          LYN CASSADY
                                 (to the Iraqi,

                            We can go about our business.
               Apparently having had enough one the Insurgents pulls his
               own GUN out and aims at Lyn. The tension builds. Suddenly
               Bob remembers the phrase he was taught.


                            La termi, ana sahafi!




          89   CONTINUED: (2)                                            89

               Immediately everyone stares at Bob. The Insurgent OPENS
               FIRE at him.
               Terrified Bob, dives across the sand. The Young Iraqi
               behind him also scrambles for cover.
               Still firing, the Insurgent is suddenly aware of Lyn
               sprinting towards him. Before he can turn to aim at him,
               Lyn LEAPS into the air, spinning around, face contorted
               as he emits a bizarre SHRIEK.

                                       BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         Now at the time I thought Lyn was
                         having some kind of fit here.
                         Later I discovered what he was
                         actually doing was performing the
                         Echmeyer technique.


          90   INT. DOJO - DAY - THE PAST                                90

               CLOSE on a man who looks like WOODY ALLEN in a jungle
               hat. He has his eyes closed in IMMENSE CONCENTRATION. A
               bead of sweat runs down his face. SUPERED TITLES read:

               BEN ECHMEYER.

                                       BOB (V.O.)
                         Ben Echmeyer was a Vietnam vet
                         with sixty-three confirmed kills.
                         He remains the only non-Korean to
                         achieve the rank of Master in Kwa
                         Ra Do. He was one of the Jedi
                         teachers at Fort Bragg.

               SHOOTING from behind Ben to the rows of JEDI RECRUITS
               watching with expressions of mingled admiration and

                                       BOB (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         It was said he could have a tug of
                         war with a dozen men and not move
                         an inch.
               We PAN DOWN the back of BEN and find he is NAKED from the
               waist down. A SAND BAG is somehow hanging between his

                                       BOB (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         He was also able to lift bags of
                         sand on hooks hung through his
               A RECRUIT raises a hand.





          90   CONTINUED:                                               90


                                          JEDI RECRUIT
                            Sir, what's the practical
                            application of this?


          91   EXT. ARMY BASE - DAY - THE PAST                          91

               OVER-HEAD SHOT - Ben lies on the ground staring up at us.
               We hear the sound of an approaching engine.

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            Another demonstration involved
                            letting a recruit drive a jeep
                            over him. This, in the end, was to
                            be his undoing.
               Next second a JEEP roars straight over Ben, going at
               sixty miles an hour.
               We FREEZE FRAME on the JEEP.

                                          BOB (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                            Before his untimely death Ben
                            caused quite a stir by advocating
                            his controversial "shock and awe"
                            knife attack method.


          92   INT. DOJO - DAY                                          92

               Ben leaps spastically in the air, spinning and shrieking,
               a knife held in one hand.

                                          BOB (V.O.)
                            The approach was hailed by some
                            knife aficionados as revolutionary
                            but criticized by others who
                            believed that the leaping and
                            spinning might lead you to
                            accidentally stab yourself.
               TRACKING ALONG BEN'S TRAINEE JEDIS - as they watch his

                                          BOB (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                            Lyn Cassady, however, became a
                            firm convert to the style.
               We reach LYN who TURNS TO CAMERA.

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            Ben, you're not forgotten. The
                            knife you gave me lies next to my
                            beret. God bless Ben Echmeyer.







          93   EXT. DESERT - EARLY MORNING                               93

               We UN-FREEZE ON LYN - as he whirls and shrieks towards
               the Insurgent. Bob watches amazed from where he lies on
               the sand.

                                       BOB (V.O.)
                         Of course, Lyn didn't actually
                         have a knife with him at this
                         particular I still think
                         what he did was kinda...reckless.
               The Insurgent, understandably startled, flinches
               backwards, trips over the water bottle and falls on his
               Lyn scoops up the gallon bottle of water and begins to
               POUND the fallen man with it. The Young Iraqi moves to
               intervene but Lyn smacks him in the face with the bottle.
               The BLINDFOLDED IRAQI IN THE TRUCK manages to open the
               door and stumbles out, claws his blindfold off and races
               away over the sand.
               The second Insurgent is distracted for a moment by his
               victim's flight. When he turns back Lyn has scooped up
               the Insurgent's GUN and is aiming it at him.
               Beat. Nobody moves.


          94   EXT. ROAD - MOMENTS LATER                                 94

               The sun is rising as the PICK-UP TRUCK roars over the
               sand and swerves onto the road.

               INSIDE THE TRUCK
               Lyn drives. Bob is leaning out of the window, staring at
               the road behind them.

                              (pulling his head
                               back in)
                         They're not coming! We're okay! Oh
                         God, we're gonna be okay!
               The Truck crests a hill and we see the IRAQI MAN running
               desperately down the road ahead of us, his hands tied.

                                        LYN CASSADY
                         There he is.
               He puts his foot down and the truck roars after the
               running man.






          94   CONTINUED:                                                94

               TRACKING SHOT - pulling the IRAQI MAN, running for all
               he's worth.
               Lyn leans out of the truck window as he drives up behind

                                          LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                                 (yelling over the

                            Sir? You're okay! We're Americans.
                            We're here to help you!
               Terrified the Man sprints faster. Lyn tries to pass him,
               but the Man veers at the same time and the truck CLIPS
               him, sending him flying.

               IN THE TRUCK

                                             LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                            Oh crap!

                            What happened?

                                          LYN CASSADY

                            I think I just ran him over.


          95   EXT. ROAD                                                 95

               Lyn runs over to where the MAN lies moaning on the road,
               his head bleeding.

                                          LYN CASSADY
                            Sir? Are you okay? (Beat) Bob,
                            give me a hand here will you?
               Bob gets out and the two lift the Iraqi Man and begin to
               carry him back towards the truck.
               They stop listening to an approaching rumble.

                            Oh shit! Oh shit, they're coming!
               They scuttle faster back towards the truck, the Iraqi Man
               dangling between them.
               Next second, two GLEAMING WHITE SUVs crest the hill and
               roar towards them. Seeing the road blocked by the truck,
               the SUVs screech to a halt and several MEN IN FLAK
               JACKETS AND SUNGLASSES tumble out in formation, aiming
               their M-16's at Lyn and Bob.
               ARMED MEN'S P.O.V - Lyn and Bob stare at them before
               dropping the bound Iraqi on the ground. Bob waves




          95   CONTINUED:                                                 95

               We hear the opening of a period song as we...


          96   INT. S.U.V - DAY                                           96

               LAPTOP SCREEN
               We're rushing over a CGI DESERT, between the CGI rivers
               Tigress and Euphrates towards a GLEAMING CITY rising from
               the sand.

                                          NIXON (O.S.)
                            Then I say "There it is. The
               Bob and the Iraqi Man sit beside TODD NIXON - a suit. Lyn
               sits behind in between two of the PRIVATE SECURITY
               GUARDS, who are nodding along to the music playing in the
               Nixon, holding the LAPTOP for Bob to see, watches the
               screen, moved.

                                          NIXON (CONT'D)
                            We play this on these big screens
                            at the conferences, you know? This
                            trumpet music blasting out. Every
                            time I see it, it gets me.
               He glances over at the Iraqi Man who is holding a
               dressing to the cut on his forehead, pale and shaken.

                                          NIXON (CONT'D)
                            You a businessman, sir?
               The Iraqi Man nods.

                                          NIXON (CONT'D)
                            Yeah, Ali Babas have been
                            targeting locals lately.(Holding
                            out his hand) Todd Nixon, Army
                            Small Business Office.

                                          IRAQI MAN

                            Mahmud Daash.

                            Ask me what business I'm in,

                                          MAHMUD DAASH

                            Mahmud. What business are you in







          96   CONTINUED:                                                96


                            Right now, I'm in the Quality of
                            Life business.
               Nixon nods, smiling, pleased with the line.

                                          NIXON (CONT'D)
                                 (To Bob)
                            We've got 25 million Iraqis out
                            here who wanna be independent,
                            wanna make something of their
                            lives. But more than anything else
                            they wanna buy stuff. Cell phones,
                            digital cameras, leisure suits -
                            you name it. If it sells in
                            Boston, then we can damn well sell
                            it in Baghdad! (To Mahmud) Am I
                            right Muhammad? (To Bob) He knows
                            what I'm talking about. We've got
                            Halliburton, Parsons,
                            Perini...just in the primes.
                            We're gonna have Macdonalds, we're
                            gonna have Starbucks...No
                            corporate tax. It's a gold-rush.
                            Oh, and by the way, fuck the
                            French! (Laughing) Did you hear
                            that shit? Chirac wants to bring
                            French contractors in? Can you
                            believe that? Hey, Phil? Raise one
                            hand if you like the French.

                                          THE DRIVER
                                 (their double act)
                            Raise both your hands if you are
               He raises both his hands.


                            Yeah, the wheel Phil.
                            (To Bob) Year Zero boys.
               Bob nods politely.

               THE BACK SEAT
               Lyn prepares an INJECTION for himself. He feels the
               Security Guard beside him watching. He notices the name
               of the company on the man's badge - Krom Security.

                                          LYN CASSADY
                                 (making conversation)
                            What's Krom?
               The Security Guard continues to watch him through his
               mirrored shades.





          96   CONTINUED: (2)                                         96


                                       SECURITY MAN
                              (Texan accent)
                         God of War.

                                       LYN CASSADY

                         Really? Is that Norse?

                                       SECURITY MAN
                         Conan the Barbarian. S'in the
               Lyn injects himself.

                                       LYN CASSADY
               Lyn notices the Chilean Security Guard on his other side
               has a tattoo on his arm - "Viva Pinochet!"


                         Okay. We're in Indian Country.
                         Check six.
               The SUV's are approaching a town and other cars have
               appeared on the road. The Security Men on either side
               instantly lean out of their windows with their M-16's -
               aiming them at the cars which swerve out of their way in

                              (To Bob)
                         I was pretty down for a while
                         about not getting any trigger time
                         in this war Bob, but you know what
                         I've learnt? Our greatest weapon
                         against evil is commerce. When
                         these people have quality consumer
                         items they will no longer want to
                         kill Americans.
               He turns to gaze at the TOWN they are now driving into.

                                       NIXON (CONT'D)
                         We're not gonna rest until there's
                         a satellite dish on every one of

               Behind him the sound of CARS BRAKING AND SWERVING







          97   EXT. TOWN - GAS STATION - DAY                             97

               A LONG line of cars are waiting for gas - Iraqi men,
               women and children, suffering in the heat. Many of them
               have been there for hours. The SUVs approach.


          98   INSIDE THE SUV                                            98
               The driver of the first SUV radios Nixon's car.

                                       FIRST DRIVER (O.S.)
                              (Over radio)
                         We've got a line for the gas
                         station here. Are we waiting?

                                       NIXON'S DRIVER
                              (into radio)
                         Negative. We'd be way too exposed.
                         We're taking the station. Go in
                         fangs out.
               He accelerates.


          99   EXT. GAS STATION - CONTINUOUS                             99

      the two SUV's roar up, horns blaring, M-16's
               bristling from the windows. The lead SUV rams the car at
               the head of the line and sweeps it out of its path.
               Nixon's SUV barrels through the gap and screeches to a
               halt by the pumps. The THREE SECURITY MEN roll out
               showily, machine guns ready.

                                       TEXAN SECURITY MAN
                         Secure the perimeter!
               The men fan out to the corners of the station, while the
               first SUV blocks the road and more SECURITY pile out,
               guns raised to cover the line of cars. There are howls of
               protest from the waiting Iraqis.
               Inside the SUV Bob, Lyn and Mahmud watch in astonishment.

                                       TEXAN SECURITY MAN (CONT'D)
                         Give her the go-juice, Eddy!

                                       CHILEAN SECURITY MAN
                         I filled her up last time.

                                       TEXAN SECURITY MAN

                              (cheerfully, out of
                               the window)
                         He did fill her up last time Gary.




          99    CONTINUED:                                                99


                                           TEXAN SECURITY MAN
                             With respect sir, bull-fucking-
                             shit. I tanked her last time.

                                           THIRD SECURITY MAN
                             Every time! Can we get some sort
                             of fucking system so we don't...
                We hear a sudden, sharp POPPING sound. Immediately the
                Men drop into CROUCHES, scanning the area.

                                           TEXAN SECURITY MAN

                             Contact! We've got contact!
                He opens FIRE - IMMEDIATE CHAOS: people scream, duck
                down, some cars reverse desperately and collide with the
                cars behind. The other Security Men join in the shooting.

                                            THIRD SECURITY MAN

                             Where? Where's the shooter?


          100   ACROSS THE STREET                                        100
                Another SUV - identical, but black, is passing, hemmed in
                by traffic. A stray BULLET from the gas-station pings off
                it's armor plating. Immediately it screeches to a halt
                and a NEW DETACHMENT OF SECURITY MEN roll from the car -
                same flak-jackets and Oakley sunglasses but different
                color uniforms.

                                           NEW SECURITY MAN
                                  (into radio)
                             Contact! We're under fire!
                The New Detachment open FIRE blindly in the general
                direction of the Station.


          101   GAS STATION                                              101
       bullets smack off the parked SUV.

                                           THIRD SECURITY MAN
                             Two o'clock! Two o'clock!
                All the Security Men turns and begin spraying bullets
                across the road. Car windshields and windows explode.

                INSIDE THE SUV
                A scowling Nixon has slid low in his seat.

                                  (muttering to


                                           (MORE)                (CONTINUED)



          101   CONTINUED:                                                101

                                           NIXON (CONT'D)
                             Trying to help you fucking
                Mahmud, Bob and Lyn are lying flat on the seats.

                                           MAHMUD DAASH
                             My house is not far. We could walk
                             from here.
                Bob flinches as another bullet ricochets off the SUV.

                             Sounds good Muhammad.

                                           MAHMUD DAASH


          102   GAS STATION                                               102
                As machine-gun fire from across the street strafes the
                station and Nixon's Security men return fire blindly.

                                           FIRST SECURITY MAN
                                  (yelling into Radio)
                             Krom One this is Freedom Frontier.
                             We are under attack. This is a
                             FUBAR situation. Requesting Kiowa!
                Behind him Lyn, Bob and Mahmud crawl across the station
                on their hands and knees, bullets zipping past them.


          103   EXT. STREET - MOMENTS LATER                               103

                Mahmud leads Bob and Lyn at a crouching run down the
                street, amongst the crowd of Iraqis fleeing the gunfire
                behind them. We hear the whup-whup of a helicopter as a
                Kiowa Warrior passes over head.
                Moments later we hear an EXPLOSION as the helicopter
                opens fire with a MISSILE...


          104   INT. MAHMUD'S HOUSE - EVENING                             104

                TRACKING along a wall, past a crooked WEDDING PORTRAIT -
                a smiling Mahmud and WIFE, the glass broken...

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             Muhammad led us to his home which
                             it turned out had been robbed in
                             his absence.
                We TRACK past a row of BULLET HOLES in the wall, a
                section of smoke damaged wall paper.






          104   CONTINUED:                                                  104


                                           BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                             And also accidentally set on fire
                             by a US tank. Neighbors told him
                             his wife had
                             left, they weren't sure where she
                             had gone.
                We reach Bob, Lyn and Mahmud eating at a low table. The
                windows behind them have been partially boarded up.
                Mahmud is sunk into a profound depression. Lyn looks
                tired, pale. They eat in awkward silence.

                                             LYN CASSADY
                             What is this?

                                             MAHMUD DAASH

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             They're really good.
                Bob nods politely. Mahmud nods, sighs.

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             I understood he was going     through
                             a lot, but considering we     had
                             saved him from kidnappers     I still
                             thought his welcome could     have
                             been a little warmer.
                Lyn clears his throat.

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             I'm very sorry for running you
                             over, sir.
                Mahmud shrugs.

                                           MAHMUD DAASH
                             It was an accident.

                                           LYN CASSADY

                             And I apologize for that security
                             detachment. Please don't think all
                             Americans are like that.
                Mahmud nods. Beat.

                                           MAHMUD DAASH
                             I apologize for the kidnappers.
                Lyn demurs softly.








          104   CONTINUED: (2)                                           104


                                        LYN CASSADY
                          Not your fault sir. I mean we get
                          kidnappers in America too,
                 know. There's always, uh,
                          bad apples, right?
                The men eat in silence for a moment. Mahmud stares
                blankly at his plate, looking crumpled and lost. Bob
                watches him, faintly irritated. Lyn tries to think of
                something comforting to say.

                                        LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)

                          Akhir il ahzan. (May this be the
                          last of your sorrows.)
                Mahmud looks at him, startled perhaps by the unexpected
                Arabic phrase.

                                        LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                          Did I say it wrong?
                Mahmud shakes his head, moved but embarrassed.

                                        MAHMUD DAASH
                          No...that was right.
                They eat in silence.


          105   INT. MAHMUD'S HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT                    105

                Lyn and Bob are sharing a bed. Bob looks out of the
                window and notices a CLOUD over the moon. He concentrates
                on it, trying to "bust" it. Nothing happens. He sighs,
                looks over to Lyn who is staring at the wall, lost once
                more in dark thoughts.


                                        LYN CASSADY

                          What are you thinking?

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          Just Mahmud. People try to build
                          something of their lives,
                          something lasting, something
                          good... but there's always someone
                          wants to smash it up...

                                                               DISSOLVE TO:



          106   OMITTED                                                  106







          107   INT. REMOTE VIEWING ROOM - DAY - THE PAST                107

                                        BOB (V.O.)
                          Lyn was thinking of Larry Hooper
                          and the part he had played in the
                          destruction of the New earth Army.
                          But, in fairness, the Jedis' own
                          eccentricities hadn't exactly won
                          them many allies in the Army.
                A JEDI - TIM KOOTZ - lies on the couch in a TRANCE, Bill
                sitting beside him with pen and paper.

                                        BOB (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                          For example, there was Tim Kootz
                          who, on being asked to ascertain
                          the whereabouts of General Manuel
                          Noriega, had replied...
                Tim jerks awake from his trance.

                                        TIM KOOTZ

                          Ask Angela Lansbury.

                                        BILL DJANGO

                          What's that Tim?

                                        TIM KOOTZ
                          Ask Angela Lansbury.
                Bill looks up to an CIA AGENT observing from the next
                room. The Agent frowns.


          108   INT. CORRIDOR - DAY - THE PAST                           108

                Bill waits a little anxiously. The CIA Agent walks up to

                                        CIA AGENT
                          We asked Angela Lansbury.

                                        BILL DJANGO

                                        CIA AGENT
                          She said she didn't know where
                          General Noriega was.


          109   INT. STAFF CAR - FORT BRAGG - DAY - THE PAST             109

                MAJOR GENERAL JACK GILLING is being driven through the
                base. As he stares out of the window his expression
                suddenly changes to one of amazement.




          109   CONTINUED:                                                 109


                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             Or there was the time Major
                             General Gilling was visiting the
                             base and saw Jedi trainee Clifford
                RUSSELL'S P.O.V - we are driving past the training
                course. A bare-chested, long-haired Hickox is dancing
                around a wooden pole to which he is attached by two long
                wires and metal hooks which are stuck in his bleeding

                                           BOB (CONT'D)
                             ...practising the ancient Sun
                             Dance of the Sioux Nation.


          110   INT. EX-MESS HALL - FORT BRAGG - DAY - THE PAST            110

                Bill is introducing a young, fresh-faced recruit -
                LIEUTENANT NORM PENDLETON to the other Jedis.

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             The Jedis survived such minor
                             scandals, protected, it was
                             rumored, by a President who was a
                             fan of both the Star Wars films
                             and the paranormal himself. But
                             then, one summer,
                             a young, likeable Lieutenant
                             called Norman Pendleton was
                             recruited to the New Earth Army...
                Larry Hooper examines the new recruit with interest.


          111   EXT. FIELD - MORNING - THE PAST                            111

                Larry and Norm are jogging together, deep in

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             Larry Hooper wasted no time
                             befriending the newcomer.
                             Desperate to compete with Lyn,
                             Larry had been doing research into
                             the infamous CIA MK-ULTRA
                             experiments which he believed
                             could enhance his own psychic


          112   INT. REMOTE VIEWING ROOM - DAY - THE PAST                  112

                Norm sits on the couch, smiling innocently as Larry
                wheels an ELECTRONIC DEVICE on wheels over to the couch.






          112   CONTINUED:                                                112


                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             All he needed was a lab rat to try
                             them out on, check if they were
                Larry, making sure Norm can't see, is pouring a massive
                dose of LSD into a DRINK. He gives the glass a quick stir
                and turns, smiling, to Norm with it.


          113   INT. REMOTE VIEWING ROOM - DAY - LATER                    113

                Norm lies tripping on the couch, rigid, wide-eyed,
                wearing headphones, connected to the electronic device,
                which emit disturbing electronic frequencies.
                Larry stands at the light switch, turning the red bulb
                overhead on and off, eagerly watching Norm's reaction - a
                modern day Frankenstein.

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             It turned out they weren't.


          114   CLOSE ON LARRY - LATER                                    114
                ...cowering terrified under the couch, as the sound of
                GUNSHOTS fill the room. Norm's NAKED LEGS stride past


          115   EXT. FORT BRAGG - DAY                                     115

                A NAKED AND DEMENTED NORM walks through the base, firing
                random shots at scattering soldiers with his Beretta. He
                finds Bill blocking his way.

                                           BILL DJANGO

                             Norm? Give me the gun, Norm.
                Norm starts to cry. Then he puts the gun into his


          116   INT. DISCIPLINARY HEARING - DAY                           116

                Norm's father - MAJOR GENERAL PENDLETON - stares fixedly
                to where Bill and Brigadier General Hopgood sit in the
                hearing - his expression filled with icy rage.

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             Norm's father, who it turned out
                             was pretty high up in the
                             Pentagon, wanted blood.






          116   CONTINUED:                                               116

                                           BOB (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                             Although the Jedis were pretty
                             sure Larry was responsible,
                             nothing could be proved and when
                             he was called to the disciplinary
                             hearing Larry made sure to smear
                             Bill with everything he could...


          117   LARRY TALKING BEFORE THE HEARING                         117
                ...looking every inch the neat, professional soldier.

                                           LARRY HOOPER
                             Lieutenant Colonel Django used
                             funds from the project's black
                             budget to procure prostitutes...
                The OFFICIALS listening register shock and dismay. Bill
                stands up, outraged.

                                             BILL DJANGO
                             That's a lie!

                                           LARRY HOOPER
                             ...and also drugs for himself and
                             his men.
                Bill jumps to his feet again.

                                           BILL DJANGO
                             That's a...(catches himself) Well
                             the hooker thing is definitely a
                The OFFICIALS look at him as if he were SATAN himself.

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             Brigadier General Hopgood resigned
                             and died some years later. Bill
                             received a dishonorable discharge.



          118   OMITTED                                                  118



          119   EXT. FORT BRAGG - DAY                                    119

                Bill, a broken man, is walking off the base. He reaches
                the gates and sees Lyn waiting for him.

                                           BILL DJANGO
                             Continue the work, Lyn. The World
                             needs the Jedis, now more than
                Lyn can't speak. Bill hugs him and walks off, the gates
                closing after him.







          120   INT. FORT BRAGG - BARBERSHOP - DAY                       120

                The Jedis sit having their hair shaved with electric
                clippers. The Jedi's NEW COMMANDER - MAJOR HOLTZ - not a
                shred of New Age sympathy in his regulation heart - walks
                down the line, examining his men coldly.

                                        BOB (V.O.)
                          After Bill left, Major Holtz of
                          Special Forces took command of the
                Lyn stares at his reflection as his long hair falls to
                the floor.

                                        BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                          And nothing was ever the same

                                                                DISSOLVE TO:


          121   INT. BEDROOM - EARLY MORNING - THE PRESENT               121

                Bob wakes up, listening to the sound of Lyn's laboured
                Across the room Lyn sits, sweating with pain, preparing
                an injection. We see he has used the LAST OF THE
                MEDICINE. He injects himself, his breathing beginning to
                ease and sits staring at the empty VIAL. Bob watches for
                a moment then shuts his eyes, feigning sleep.


          122   EXT. ROAD - DAY                                          122

                Lyn and Bob are waiting on the quiet road which is
                studded with burnt out CARS.
                Mahmud drives an old Renault out of a warehouse and over
                to them. He gets out the car and hands Lyn the keys.

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          I really appreciate this sir.


          123   INT. CAR - MOMENTS LATER                                 123

                Lyn watches Mahmud in the mirror as they drive away. He
                stands in the middle of the road, staring at his feet.
                They drive on.


          124   EXT. DESERT - ROAD - DAY                                 124

                As the car cuts across the landscape.







          125   EXT. DESERT - ROAD - LATER                              125

                The car has pulled over at a junction.


          126   INSIDE THE CAR                                          126
                Lyn sits staring out at the emptiness, looking, perhaps
                for the first time, worried.


                          Jesus Christ. We could'a bought a
                          map if you'd said.

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          Bedouins have been navigating this
                          desert for centuries without maps.
                          You can use a wrist-watch in
                          conjunction with the sun.


                                          LYN CASSADY


                          Well...use your watch.

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          I haven't got a watch.

                          Oh for the love of...Here...
                He gives Lyn his watch. Lyn looks at the watch and turns
                to stare at Bob.

                                          BOB (CONT'D)

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          This is a digital watch, Bob.

                          So? That's...

                                         LYN CASSADY
                          So you need a watch with hands for
                          Christ's sake!

                          Well how the hell am I supposed to





          126   CONTINUED:                                               126

                                           BOB (CONT'D)
                             You're the navigation expert here.
                             You told me you could find the

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             Will, if you'd just be quiet for

                             Turns out you haven't even got a
                             watch! Now what the hell are we...

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             Will you shut up? I don't need a
                             watch. I'm using Level Two.



                                            LYN CASSADY
                             Level Two. Intuition. We were
                             trained to make correct decisions.
                             Somebody runs up to you and says
                             "There's a fork in the road. Do we
                             turn left or do we turn right? And
                             you go...(snapping his fingers)
                             "We go right!"
                Bob stares at him.


                                           LYN CASSADY
                             Instant. (Snapping his fingers)
                             Just like that.


                             WE'VE BEEN SITTING HERE FOR HALF

                             AN HOUR! HOW'S THAT "INSTANT?"
                Lyn abruptly starts the engine and takes the right turn.

                                           BOB (CONT'D)
                             Oh, it's that way?

                                           LYN CASSADY

                             Yes. It's this way.

                             Right. Now you know.


          127   EXT. DESERT ROAD - CONTINUOUS                            127

                HIGH ANGLE





          127   CONTINUED:                                               127

                Below us the car drives off into the empty landscape,
                getting smaller and smaller. Then...
                BOOM. We see the flash of the explosion and the Renault
                is flipped like a toy car. A ribbon of black smoke rises
                into the blue sky. Silence.


          128   EXT. DESERT - LATER                                      128

                BOB's P.O.V - We are stumbling forward towards a sand
                berm. We hear the sound of heavy breathing.

                                           BOB (O.S.)

                             What...what happened?
                Lyn is staggering over the sand with Bob on his back. He
                is holding his backpack. Bob has a gash on his forehead
                which is bleeding. Under the blood his face is white. In
                the distance, behind them, we can see the column of black
                smoke rising.

                                              LYN CASSADY




                                           LYN CASSADY
                             Improvised Explosive Device.

                             Oh Jesus.

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             You're okay Bob. It's gonna be

                             I can't believe this. Great
                             fucking intuition Lyn. I
                             can't...put me down. I can walk.
                             Put me down.
                Lyn puts Bob down. Bob keels sideways onto the sand and
                lies there, wheezing.

                                           BOB (CONT'D)
                             Oh, Jeez. Oh, Jeez.

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             Alright, c'mon...
                He hauls Bob to his feet, puts his baseball cap on him
                and pulls him onto his back. Bob hangs there limply as
                Lyn sets off again.




          128   CONTINUED:                                               128

                Lyn reaches up and gropes at Bob's face, removing his
                spectacles. Bob doesn't notice.

                             Where are we going? We should stay
                             with the car so the army can find

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             Fedayeen will find us first.

                             Well, I disagree. I totally
                             disagree.(Beat) The Federal what?

                                            LYN CASSADY
                             Fedayeen Saddam. Paramilitary.
                             Fellas who probably laid the IED.
                             They could be on their way now.
                             Hold this Bob.
                He passes Bob his backpack. They stagger on in silence
                for a moment, Bob jogging up and down on Lyn's back. Lyn
                snaps the legs off Bob's glasses, uses them as improvised
                divining rods to scan the sand ahead.

                             What are you doing?

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             Could be IED's or mines around
                             here. I'm checking for
                             disturbances in the telluric

                                  (still dazed)
                             Are they my glasses?
                Lyn doesn't answer, keeps on walking, struggling a little
                under the weight. Beat.

                                           BOB (CONT'D)
                             Jesus, it's hot. I'm so hot.
                             (Beat) Aren't you hot?

                                           LYN CASSADY
                                  (not unkindly)
                             Bob? It's pretty important you
                             keep your mouth closed, okay? You
                             can lose a lot of water through an
                             open mouth.
                He staggers on with him.







          129   EXT. DESERT - LATER                                      129

                Bob trails after Lyn, his shirt tied around his head,
                breathing hard. Lyn is still scanning the sand.

                          I can't breathe properly. I
                          can't...Oh boy...
                He staggers, manages not to fall.

                                         LYN CASSADY
                          You're okay.

                          I think I'm bleeding to death.

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          You're not bleeding to death, Bob.
                          It's shock, okay? It's just the
                          shock. It'll pass. You're gonna be

                          If we'd stayed at the road we
                          would be safe now! Now we've got
                          no water, no food or, or...
                          (noticing Lyn's scanning) Will you
                          forget about the fucking tantric

                                        LYN CASSADY

                          You're going to be okay.

                          Stop saying that! I just got blown
                          up! I'm in the middle of a desert!

                          I'M NOT GONNA BE OKAY!

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          Bob, you're suffering from shock.
                          If you start panicking now your
                          heart's gonna stop.
                Bob stares after him incredulously.

                               (losing it)
                          Is that supposed to calm
                          me down?! (hurrying after him) You
                          know what color the seats were in
                          the frigging hotel but you
                          can' wanna observe
                          something Lyn? Observe the fucking
                          bomb in the middle of the road!





          129   CONTINUED:                                                 129

                Lyn walks on without answering. Bob notices the sun is

                                           BOB (CONT'D)
                             Wait a minute. That's west. Al
                             Qaim's in that direction. We're
                             going the wrong way.

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             The mission isn't in Al Qaim. It's
                             somewhere near Al Qaim.


                                              LYN CASSADY

                             I don't know.

                             Is that a
                             joke? We've come six hundred miles
                             and you don't know where we're

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             If the exact whereabouts of the
                             Target was known it wouldn't take
                             a Jedi to find them, would it?
                Bob watches Lyn stare around him, looking pale and drawn
                and, for the first time, afraid.

                             Who gave you the mission Lyn?
                             (Beat) Lyn?

                                              LYN CASSADY
                             Bill did.


                                           LYN CASSADY
                             Bill did. He appeared in my
                             trailer two months ago. A psychic
                             projection. I could hear him
                             calling my name.
                Bob is so staggered by this for a moment he can't speak.


                             Oh...Oh Jesus.

                                              LYN CASSADY
                             He needed me.





          129   CONTINUED: (2)                                          129


                          Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus Lyn. There's no
                          mission? We're in the middle of
                          the desert because you heard
                          voices? There's no one here!
                          There's no-one fucking here.
                Lyn starts to walk off but staggers and falls.

                                        BOB (CONT'D)
                Bob rushes to him, kneels beside him. Lyn clutches his
                stomach, grimaces.

                                        BOB (CONT'D)
                          Is it the Crohns?

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          I don't have Crohns.

                          What's the matter with you?

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          I'm dying.
                Bob stares at him, stunned.

                                        LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                          I've been murdered.


          130   EXT. DESERT - NIGHT                                      130

                Lyn sits staring up at the immense MOON above them.
                Bob sits watching, huddled against the cold, in the
                shelter of some rocks. Lyn gets up, stumbles back over to
                him and lies down, struggling for breath, white with

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          It's gone Bob. I can't find him.
                          I've lost my power. It's the

                          What curse?

                                        LYN CASSADY
                               (With profound

                          They took this... beautiful thing
                          we'd been building and they
                          corrupted it. They destroyed the
                          New Earth Army.





          130   CONTINUED:                                                130


                             Who destroyed it?
                Lyn stares at the stars above, remembering, grief

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             I did.

                                                                  DISSOLVE TO:


          131   INT. EX-MESS HALL - FORT BRAGG - DAY - THE PAST           131

                The Jedis, now indistinguishable from other soldiers,
                stand white-washing over the COSMIC MURALS. Major Holtz
                stands watching.

                                           MAJOR HOLTZ
                             Yoga is not the business of the US
                             Army, ladies. Drumming circles are
                             not the business of the Army. And
                             love and peace is most certainly
                             not the business of the Army. So
                             you girls better start thinking
                             about how you CAN engage in the
                             business of the United States
                             Army, which, in case you have
                             forgotten, involves winning
                             fucking wars!

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             When the dust of the Pendleton
                             Affair had settled it revealed a
                             surprising victor.


          132   INT. MAJOR HOLTZ'S OFFICE - DAY - THE PAST                132

                Larry stands to attention in front of Holtz, a REPORT
                held under one arm.

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             Major Holtz regarded Larry Hooper
                             as a patriotic whistle-blower and
                             the one sound fruit in an
                             otherwise dubious barrel of

                                           LARRY HOOPER
                             It's some scientific research I've
                             done for possible offensive psi
                             applications sir. (Beat) I did
                             show the report to Lieutenant
                             Colonel Django, but he didn't seem
                Holtz snorts angrily.




          132   CONTINUED:                                                 132


                                           MAJOR HOLTZ

                             I bet he wasn't.
                He takes the report and begins to look through it. Pause.
                He looks up slowly at Larry.

                                           MAJOR HOLTZ (CONT'D)
                             We have men who can do this?

                                           LARRY HOOPER
                                  (a sly smile)
                             I think I know one sir.
                Holtz ponders the report, tempted.

                                           MAJOR HOLTZ
                             But we don't have the resources.

                                           LARRY HOOPER
                             Well sir...there is goat lab?


          133   INT. ABANDONED HOSPITAL - DAY - THE PAST                   133

                The building we saw at the top of the film. A hundred
                GOATS stare silently at us.

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             Goat Lab was originally created as
                             a clandestine laboratory to
                             provide in-the-field surgical
                             training for Special Forces
                We BOOM down to reveal that many of the goats have their
                legs in PLASTER.

                                           BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                             The goats would get shot in the
                             leg with a bolt gun and then a
                             trainee would have to dress the
                             wound successfully. Goat lab
                             actually used to be called Dog


          134   SMALL DOG STARING AT US                                    134
                ...with big, brown eyes.

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             But it turned out most soldiers
                             didn't feel good shooting dogs in
                             the leg...
                A SOLDIER stares doubtfully down at the dog, bolt-gun in







          135   EXT. NEVADA TEST SITE - DAY - THE PAST                 135

                A Goat stands tethered in the desert. TITLES read "Nevada
                Test Site, Frenchman Flat, 1951."

                                        BOB (V.O.)
                          ...whereas the army had long felt
                          fine about doing stuff to goats -
                          even testing atomic weapons on
                We hear the drone of an AEROPLANE high, high above. The
                goat looks up...


          136   INT. ABANDONED HOSPITAL - DAY - THE PAST               136

                Lyn stands facing the goats. Holtz and Hooper watch him.
                Lyn STARES. One of the goats STARES BACK. Lyn STARES. The
                goat STARES BACK. Lyn STARES.
                And the Goat falls over.

                                           MAJOR HOLTZ

                          Holy shit.
                Beat. The goat gets back up, shakes itself and walks off.
                Lyn slumps.


          137   EXT. DESERT - NIGHT - THE PRESENT                      137

                Bob listens transfixed.

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          This was the real deal, Bob. I was
                          at the Gateway. Afterwards I
                          realized I'd got injured.


                                        LYN CASSADY
                          Sympathetic injury I guess. I was
                          bruised all over.

                          So, it's not that the goat fought

                                        LYN CASSADY

                          Goat didn't have a chance.

                          But...that was it?




          137   CONTINUED:                                               137


                                           LYN CASSADY
                             I wish it was. Hooper told Holtz
                             we should try the experiment
                             again. Only this time they
                             said...kill the goat.


          138   INT. ABANDONED HOSPITAL - DAY - THE PAST                 138

                Six GOATS - each wearing a NUMBERED BIB - stand in a
                small bare room. A SOLDIER is setting up a VIDEO CAMERA
                in front of them.


          139   INT. ABANDONED HOSPITAL - SECOND ROOM - THE PAST         139

                Lyn sits in another bare room. Holtz and Larry Hooper
                stand watching him. Lyn is also being TAPED. A SOLDIER
                walks in carrying an envelope. Holtz takes the envelope
                and draws from it a piece of paper. He shows it to Lyn -
                the number FOUR.

                                           MAJOR HOLTZ
                             Take out number four.
                Lyn stares at the number.

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             Lyn said he had no intention of
                             killing the goat.


          140   EXT. DESERT - NIGHT - THE PRESENT                        140

                Lyn flushes with indignation at the memory.

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             There was no way! What had the
                             goat ever done to me? It was
                             totally against the way of the
                             Jedi. I was just going to pretend
                             to try so they would say, "okay -
                             it can't be done" and forget about
                             it. But then, as I sat there, I
                             felt this, this pulse start inside
                             of me and...I couldn't stop it.
                He turns to look at Bob, haunted.

                                           LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                             You know what I keep thinking?


          141   INT. ABANDONED HOSPITAL - LYN'S ROOM - THE PAST          141

                CLOSE ON LYN
       he stares, concentrating.




          141   CONTINUED:                                               141


                                           LYN CASSADY (V.O.)
                             Maybe deep down inside some dark
                             part of me wanted to see if I
                             could do it?


          142   INT. ABANDONED HOSPITAL - GOAT ROOM - DAY - THE PAST     142

                VIDEO FOOTAGE
                Grainy, flickering black and white footage of the six
                goats in the room. Suddenly one of them goes down.


          143   INT. ABANDONED HOSPITAL - LYN'S ROOM - THE PAST          143

                A soldier runs into the room. Holtz, Hooper and Lyn turn
                to him, the atmosphere electric with dread and


                             The goat is dead.
                The three men stare at him.

                                           MAJOR HOLTZ

                             Goat number four?


                             No. Number five.


          144   EXT. DESERT - NIGHT - THE PRESENT                        144

                Bob stares at Lyn aghast.

                             Collateral damage?

                                           LYN CASSADY
                                  (eyes glistening)
                             Collateral damage. (Beat) That was
                             it. I'd used my powers for evil
                             and it was like I brought a curse
                             upon us all. Like that poem where
                             the guy kills the seagull and they
                             make him wear it round his neck.
                             Every night
                             I'd dream of that goat in its
                             little bib, it's mouth opening and
                             closing but nothing coming out...
                Bob shakes his head, stares out into the darkness.






          144   CONTINUED:                                                  144


                             The silence of the goats.
                Lyn flicks a suspicious glance at Bob, but is reassured
                by his solemn expression.

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             I finished my tour and I quit. I
                             walked out of the unit and I never
                             went back.


          145   EXT. FORT BRAGG - DAY                                       145

                Lyn, wearing civilian clothes and holding a suitcase, is
                walking off the base. He reaches the gates and turns for
                one last look at the place that has been his home.

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             But before he could leave Larry
                             arranged one last parting gift.
                Lyn tuns back to the gates and finds Larry Hooper
                standing in front of him, looking WIRED.

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             What do you wan...?
                Before he can finish Larry CHOPS his hand down in an odd
                blow onto Lyn's forehead. Lyn staggers back a little,
                holding his head.

                                              LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                             What the hell?
                Larry has already darted around him with a crazy laugh
                and is running madly back into the base. Lyn stares after
                him, stunned.

                                           LYN CASSADY (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                             It was the Dim Mak.


          146   EXT. DESERT - NIGHT - THE PRESENT                           146

                Bob looks at Lyn, puzzled.

                             The Dim Mak?

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             The Dim Mak. The Quivering Palm.
                             The Death Touch. It's like this
                             legendary, martial arts move. It
                             was forbidden in the New Earth
                             Army. Larry had got it from a mail-
                             order book.





          146   CONTINUED:                                                 146


                             What does the Death Touch do?

                                           LYN CASSADY
                                  (Beat, patiently)
                             It kills you Bob. With one touch.


                                            LYN CASSADY
                             There's a story that Wong Wifu,
                             great Chinese martial artist, had
                             a fight with some guy and had him
                             beat when the guy gave him this
                             light tap, and Wong looked at him
                             and the guy just nodded. That was
                             it. He'd given him the death touch
                             and Wong died.

                             Then and there?

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             No. Eighteen years later. That's
                             the weird thing with Dim Mak - you
                             never know when it's going to take
                He flops back, too tired to talk anymore. Bob watches him
                as he falls asleep.

                                                                   DISSOLVE TO:


          147   EXT. DESERT - MORNING                                      147

                The same horizon, the dunes now burning under the sun. We
                TRACK back and find Bob and Lyn lying asleep, lips
                cracked, dehydrated, exhausted. Faintly we hear a sound -
                a tinny BELL. It gets closer. Groggily Bob opens his eyes
                just as a GOAT walks into the frame and walks past him,
                the bell tied around its neck. Bob lies, watching it
                pass, trying to work out if it's a hallucination. He
                struggles to his feet and sets off up the berm he's been
                lying at the foot of.
                The goat walks on ahead of Bob, crests the top of the
                berm and disappears from sight.
                Bob reaches the top of the berm and stands, swaying,
                staring down at something.
                CLOSE ON BOB'S FACE - stunned.







          148   EXT. BERM - DAY                                          148

                Bob is dragging a barely conscious Lyn up the berm,
                following the goat. He staggers, barely able to put one
                foot in front of the other.
                At last we crest the top of the berm and find ourselves
                looking down on a WATER-HOLE, fringed with palms. The
                goat stands drinking. It stops to look up at us.


          149   EXT. WATER-HOLE - DAY                                    149

                Bob and Lyn collapse into the wet mud of the hole. Bob
                manages to cup some water into Lyn's mouth and then his
                own. He rolls onto his back, stares up at the burning
                We hear a dull roaring, muffled, growing in volume. A
                HELICOPTER is approaching...

                                                                   FADE OUT.
                In the BLACK we hear a VOICE.

                                         ARMY BROADCASTER (O.S.)
                               (in Arabic,

                          In America if I do not like my
                          cell-phone company I change them.
                          I am in charge. This is consumer


          150   INT. ARMY BASE - INFIRMARY - DAY                         150

                OVERHEAD SHOT - Lyn and Bob lie side by side in beds,
                both hooked up to IV's. Sunlight slants through the
                shutters on the window in the cool room. The voice is
                coming from a SPEAKER on the wall.

                                        ARMY BROADCASTER (O.S.)
                          This is democracy. Let us work
                          together for that. And please stop
                          shooting at those who are only
                          here to help.
                Lyn opens his eyes, looks around him.

                                        ARMY BROADCASTER (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                          This is an old one from Cat
                          Stevens. (Correcting himself)
                          Yusef Islam. That's Yusef Islam.
                Lyn looks at the door and for a second there's a FLASH OF
                A FACE staring in through the glass. Then it's gone.





          150   CONTINUED:                                             150

                Over the speaker comes the sound of a period song.
                Lyn sits up, staring at the door. Bob stirs in his bed.



          151   INT. ARMY BASE - CORRIDOR - DAY                          151

                Lyn walks unsteadily out of the room, towing his IV drip
                behind him.
                The door at the end of the corridor is just CLOSING. Lyn
                sets off down the corridor. Bob appears in the doorway
                behind him, towing his own IV.


                             Lyn? Where are you going?


          152   ANOTHER CORRIDOR - MOMENTS LATER                         152
                Lyn passes doors, glances into the rooms beyond...
                LYN'S P.O.V - the room seems to house a PRINTING PRESS. A
                SOLDIER stands with his back to us, watching LEAFLETS
                fire out of the press.
                We pass to the next room which seems to be a RECORDING
                STUDIO - the walls covered in shelves of CD's. A SOLDIER
                sits with headphones on playing an electronic keyboard...


          153   EXT. ARMY BASE BUILDING - DAY                            153

                Lyn emerges blinking into the light. He stares around
                him. The song is playing over speakers, echoing eerily
                around the base.
                A door slides shut with a clang nearby and Lyn turns to
                locate the sound.
                A trail of FOOTPRINTS leads across the sand to a HANGAR
                Lyn heads off across the sand, dragging the IV. Bob
                emerges behind him.

                Lyn reaches the sliding doors of the building and drags
                them open and stands staring into the gloomy interior.
                Bob catches him up.





          153   CONTINUED:                                                153


                                           BOB (CONT'D)
                             I don't think we should...
                He stops following Lyn's gaze...

                INSIDE THE BUILDING
                The place is full of GOATS.
                Lyn and Bob stare at the animals. Slowly Lyn advances
                into the darkness, peering around him.
                In the shadows at the back of the building a figure
                STIRS. Lyn walks slowly forward until he can make out the
                man - old, bearded, worn and wasted by years of heavy
                drinking. It's BILL DJANGO.
                Lyn stares at him.

                                             LYN CASSADY

                             Hello Bill.
                Bill smiles hesitantly.

                                             BILL DJANGO
                             Hello Lyn.
                Lyn is too choked with emotion for a moment to answer.

                                             LYN CASSADY
                             This is Bob.

                                             BILL DJANGO
                             Hello Bob.
                Bob is too amazed to reply.

                                             LARRY HOOPER (O.S.)
                             Oh good...
                Bob and Lyn turn to find Larry Hooper standing in the
                doorway behind them.

                                           LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                             ...the gang's all here.
                Lyn stares at Larry - shocked.


          154   INT. BASE - PSIC HQ - DAY                                 154

                Larry and Bill are showing Bob and Lyn around. A few
                CIVILIAN WORKERS are working at computers behind them.

                                           LARRY HOOPER
                             This is primarily a Psyops base.




          154   CONTINUED:                                                154


                             Psy for psychic?

                                            LARRY HOOPER

                             Psy for psychological, although
                             the irony isn't wasted on me.
                             Radio broadcasts, leaflets, that
                             sort of thing.
                Bob picks up a LEAFLET.

                                           LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                             Oh, that's an Iraqi Psyops leaflet
                             they dropped on us.


                             "American Soldier - your wives are
                             back home having sex with Bart
                             Simpson and Bert Reynolds."

                                           LARRY HOOPER
                             Yeah, hadn't exactly done their
                             homework there.
                Lyn is staring at Bill who is looking a little vacantly
                at the racks of CD's. Larry notices.


                                           LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                             How'd you find us, Lyn?

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             I remote viewed you.
                Larry smiles a little mockingly.

                             If this is Psyops what are you
                             doing here?

                                           LARRY HOOPER
                             I said primarily Psyops. This is a
                             restricted area, you understand?
                             Everything you hear and see stays
                             secret or you go to prison.
                Bob nods a little nervously.

                                           LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                             There are individuals in the
                             current administration who are
                             looking for...creative solutions
                             for the War on Terror.







          154   CONTINUED: (2)                                          154

                                         LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                          They're far more open minded then
                          their predecessors, and they've
                          out-sourced experimental research
                          to my company.
                He indicates the PSIC name badge he's wearing.


                                        LARRY HOOPER
                          It's pronounced psi-ike. Psychic
                          Systems International Corp. Turns
                          out certain people had heard about
                          the New Earth Army and were
                          interested in some of the work we
                          were doing back then. They got in
                          touch with me, I got in touch with

                                        LYN CASSADY
                               (To Bill)
                          You're working for him?
                Bill frowns at the CDs, not seeming to hear.

                                        LARRY HOOPER
                          Bill's been looking into
                          subliminal messaging. (Selecting a
                          disc) This is one we've designed
                          to play to our own troops before
                He puts the disc in a player and presses play. We hear a
                burst of a period song.

                          There's a subliminal message in

                                        LARRY HOOPER
                               (reading the CD)
                          This is..."Don't get drunk before
                          firing heavy machine guns." We've
                          got all sort of products in
                          development.(To Worker) Tell them
                          one of our new ideas.

                                          PSIC WORKER
                          Air bag mine?

                                        LARRY HOOPER
                          Air bag mine. Non-lethal mine,
                          catapults the fucker up into air.
                          (To another) Gimme another one.

                                        2ND PSIC WORKER
                          Blast target with pheromones and
                          then release Attack Bees.




          154   CONTINUED: (3)                                           154


                                        LARRY HOOPER
                          Excellent. Attack Bees. The Forces
                          of Nature! Another.

                                        1ST PSIC WORKER
                          Project Achilles. We mutilate
                          enemy corpses and...

                                        LARRY HOOPER
                          We're not doing that anymore!
                          (Throwing an eraser at the worker)
                He turns back to Lyn.

                                        LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                          The point is we've got a budget,
                          we've got supporters. I'm
                          rebuilding the New Earth Army.
                          Only this time without the hippy
                Bill stands up and starts walking a little unsteadily
                towards the door.

                                           LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                          You okay Bill?

                                        BILL DJANGO
                               (Without turning)
                          Gonna get some ice-cream.
                Larry waits until Bill has left before turning back to

                                        LARRY HOOPER
                          You get the odd flash of what he
                          used to be but... he's pretty
                          burnt out with the booze.
                Larry shakes his head in apparent sorrow. Then he notices
                some candy on a desk.

                                        LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                          Ooo, Twizzlers.
                He picks it up and starts to eat it.

                                           LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                               (To Lyn)
                          You want one?
                Lyn shakes his head, trying not to show the emotions he
                is feeling.

                                        LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                               (Watching him)
                          God, I love these things...







          155   INT. BASE - CORRIDOR - DAY                               155

                Bob helps Lyn down the corridor. Lyn suddenly stops,
                listening. There is a faint sound of MUSIC coming from
                somewhere nearby.


          156   INT. BASE - CELL CORRIDOR - DAY                          156

                Lyn walks down the corridor, Bob following. At the end of
                the corridor is a single door with a SPY-HOLE. The loud
                music is coming from there. We can hear now that it is an
                annoying children's show song or heavy metal.
                We TRACK towards the door...
                Lyn hesitates then slides back the SPY-HOLE cover and
                peers in.

                LYN'S P.O.V -
                An IRAQI PRISONER sits huddled in the cell, illuminated
                in the flashes of a powerful STROBE LIGHT OVERHEAD.

                                        SONG (O.S.)
                          (Lyrics from chosen song.)
                The prisoner looks terrified, and despite the whimsical
                music the whole scene is horribly sinister.
                Lyn steps away from the spy-hole.


                          What? What is it?

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          It's the Dark Side.


          157   INT. ARMY BASE - TENT - DAY                              157

                Lyn sits on his bed, as low as we've ever seen him. Bob
                watches him, concerned.

                          What are you going to do?
                Lyn stares at the wall.

                                        BOB (CONT'D)
                          Lyn? What are you going to do?

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          It's too late...I'm dying, Bob.





          157   CONTINUED:                                               157


                             Oh, you're not dying! I don't
                             believe you can kill someone with
                             a mail order Dim Sum. You can't...

                                            LYN CASSADY
                             Dim Mak.

                             Whatever. I don't believe you can

                                            LYN CASSADY
                             It's cancer.

                             ...just tap someone and

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             I mean, I know it was caused by
                             the Dim Mak.'
                   's cancer. That's what
                             the doctors say. Different ways of
                             looking at...different names for a
                             reality or, or uh...
                He lapses into silence. Bob is stunned. Lyn lies down.

                                           LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                             I shouldn't have come Bob.
                             Shouldn't have come.
                Lyn pulls the EAGLE FEATHER from the chain around his

                                           LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)
                             ...Give this back to Bill...I
                             don't deserve it.
                Bob stares at him.


          158   EXT. BASE - DAY                                          158

                Bill Django sits cross-legged in the sand, drinking from
                a bottle of whiskey, watching the sun set.
                Bob marches up to him, stands awkward but determined.

                             I think you should go and see Lyn,
                             sir. (Beat) he needs you.
                Bill doesn't answer.







          158   CONTINUED:                                                158


                                           BOB (CONT'D)
                             The man crossed a desert to see
                             you again.
                Bill takes a long drink, stares at the sky. Bob watches
                him with mounting frustration.

                                           BOB (CONT'D)
                             You know, he told me all these
                             stories about Bill Django, and I
                             was pretty excited to meet you,
                             but I've gotta tell're
                             one big disappointment.
                Bill doesn't react. Bob starts to walk away then turns
                back, and throws the FEATHER down at Bill's feet.

                                           BOB (CONT'D)
                             He told me to give you that back.
                             I don't know why. Its supposed to
                             be a mark of honour isn't it? I
                             don't see how you deserve that.
                Beat. Bill turns to look at Bob for the first time. He
                takes a long drink.

                                              BILL DJANGO

                             It isn't real.

                             What isn't?

                                           BILL DJANGO
                             The feather. Twenty thousand
                             dollar fine for taking an eagle
                             feather. This one's off a turkey.
                             You just die the tip black. (Beat)
                             Don't tell Lyn.
                Bill stares at the feather.

                                           BILL DJANGO (CONT'D)
                             None of it was real.


                             That isn't true. That isn't true.
                He looks around for inspiration - notices a LONE CLOUD
                floating in the sky.
                Bob places his fingers on his temples and STARES at the
                cloud, focuses, desperate, hopeful...
                Bill notices and watches, curious.
                Slowly, the cloud fades and DISAPPEARS.




          158   CONTINUED: (2)                                        158

                Bob can't believe it. He looks at Bill who is staring at
                him. He has tears in his eyes.


          159   INT. ARMY BASE - TENT - NIGHT                         159

                Lyn lies sleeping. Larry sits at the foot of his bed,
                smoking a cigar. He watches Lyn for a moment, then COUGHS
                deliberately. Nothing. He repeats the cough - louder. Lyn

                                        LARRY HOOPER
                          Oh. Didn't mean to wake you.
                The two men stare at each other.

                                        LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                          Heard you weren't feeling well?

                                        LYN CASSADY

                          Just tired.

                                        LARRY HOOPER
                          How'd you find us?

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          I told you. I remote viewed you.

                                        LARRY HOOPER

                          Scotty Mercer told you, didn't he?

                                        LYN CASSADY

                                        LARRY HOOPER
                          Yeah, he did. We told Scotty we
                          were coming over here, asked him
                          if he wanted some work.

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          I haven't seen Scotty.

                                        LARRY HOOPER
                          That's funny, because he told me
                          he'd run into you and mentioned
                          that there might be some jobs
                          going with us over here. (Beat)
                          Isn't that why you came, really,
                          Lyn? You want back in, don't you?
                Lyn stares at him, disturbed, afraid this might be true.

                                        LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                          It can happen. You've only got to
                          say the word. Could be the new
                          Golden Age for Psi research.

                                        (MORE)                (CONTINUED)



          159   CONTINUED:                                                 159

                                           LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                             You, me and Bill, back together
                             again. Just like the old days.
                Larry closes his eyes, trying to remember something.

                                           LARRY HOOPER (CONT'D)
                             Mother Earth, my life support
                             system. As a soldier I must drink
                             your blue water, live inside your
                             red clay and eat your green skin.
                Lyn listens, moved despite himself.


          160   EXT. BASE - NIGHT                                          160

                Bill and Bob stand on a picnic table, under the full
                moon. Bill is leading Bob through some YOGA POSITIONS.
                Both are drunk.

                                           LARRY HOOPER (V.O.)
                             I pray my boots will always kiss
                             your face and my footsteps match
                             your heartbeat.


          161   INT. ARMY BASE - TENT - NIGHT                              161

                Lyn can't help but join in the prayer.

                                           LARRY AND LYN
                             Carry my body through space and
                             time. You are my connection to the


          162   EXT. BASE - NIGHT                                          162

                Bill and Bob both stand in a difficult position -
                balanced on one leg.

                                           LARRY AND LYN (V.O.)
                             ...and all that comes after. I am
                             yours and you are mine.
                As we watch Bill slowly topples forward off the table and
                crashes out of sight below.


          163   INT. ARMY BASE - ROOM - NIGHT                              163

                The two men finish the prayer.

                                             LARRY AND LYN
                             I salute you.







          163   CONTINUED:                                                 163


                                           LARRY HOOPER

                             Don't make a decision now. Tell me
                             in the morning.
                He pats Lyn's leg, walks out.


          164   EXT. BASE - NIGHT                                          164

                Bob is holding a concussed Bill who has a cut on his

                             Bill? Bill are you okay?
                Bill opens his eyes suddenly.

                                           BILL DJANGO
                             I just saw Timothy Leary.


                             Timothy Leary's dead.

                                           BILL DJANGO
                             I know. He's had an idea.


          165   INT. CORRIDOR/KITCHEN - NIGHT                              165

                Bill and Bob head down the corridor. They pass a SOLDIER.


                             Good evening sir.

                                           BILL DJANGO

                             Getting some ice-cream.
                They walk on and reach the doors to the KITCHENS. The two
                men hesitate, look at each other...
                Then Bob walks in.


          166   INT. BASE - CANTEEN - MORNING                              166

                PSIC WORKERS AND PSYOPS TROOPS are all eating breakfast
                together, talking, laughing.
                Bob and Bill sit drinking coffee. Lyn appears with a tray
                and sits down beside Bob.







          166   CONTINUED:                                                    166

                They eat in silence for a moment. Lyn turns to look out
                of the window to where Larry Hooper stands outside in the
                early morning sun, smoking a cigar and drinking coffee.
                He turns and notices Lyn, raises his cup, smiles. Lyn
                looks troubled. Bob suddenly leans into Lyn.


                             Don't eat the jello.
                Lyn turns to Bob puzzled.

                                              LYN CASSADY


                             Don't eat the jello.
                Lyn tries to puzzle this out but is distracted by Larry
                outside who seems to have noticed something in the sand
                at his feet - a small insect of some kind. He begins to
                watch it with strange fascination. After a moment he
                sinks to his knees in order to get a better look at it.
                One of the SOLDIERS notices and starts to laugh softly.
                His neighbor looks at him as if he's crazy then begins to
                laugh himself. Lyn looks around him, sensing the strange
                atmosphere creeping through the room.

                                           LYN CASSADY
                             What's going on?

                             We put LSD in the jello.
                Lyn turns to stare at him.

                                              LYN CASSADY

                             Bill showed me where Larry had
                             bottles of LSD. So we put it in
                             the jello mix last night.

                                           BILL DJANGO

                             And in the water.
                Bob turns to stare at him.


                                           BILL DJANGO
                             I put it in the main water tank as





          166   CONTINUED: (2)                                             166

                Bob stares at him, aghast.

                          But...we've drunk the water.

                                           BILL DJANGO

                He pours himself another coffee.

                                        ARMY BROADCASTER (O.S.)
                               (Into microphone)
                          The weather? The weather is going
                          to be HOT!
                Through the window we see Larry get on his belly to get a
                better look at the bug.


          167   INT. RADIO STATION - MORNING                               167

                The DJ SOLDIER has gone off script. A PRODUCER is trying
                ineffectually to pull him away from the desk.

                                         ARMY BROADCASTER
                               (Into microphone)
                          I'm guessing. I mean, I haven't
                          looked at the, the thing but I'd
                          say it's going to be fucking HOT!
                          Hot. Hot. Hot.
                The Producer pulls and releases the DJ's headphones so
                they slap against his head and starts giggling.

                                        ARMY BROADCASTER (CONT'D)
                          That hurt Greg, you fucking dip-
                          shit. (Laughing too)You fuckity
                          fuck dip-shit fuck-hole.
                          (Remembering something) Hey!
                He hits a button.


          168   EXT. BASE - MORNING                                        168

                CLOSE on a LOUDSPEAKER - blasting a period song out over
                the base. We BOOM down to where two SOLDIERS are dancing,

                ALL OVER THE BASE
                Soldiers are wandering around, talking, some falling to
                their knees, weak with laughter. Some stand alone,
                staring with a beatific smile at the sky.






          168   CONTINUED:                                               168

                As the music plays on a STRYKER ARMORED VEHICLE drives
                around the corner of a building, a SOLDIER standing up,
                arms raised, in the gun turret.
                The Stryker screeches into a clumsy skid, the Soldier
                having to hang on. The Stryker roars off again, heading
                straight for the GATES of the base.

                                  (calling down into
                                   the vehicle)
                             You're going to hit the gates.
                             You're going to hit the gates.
                The Stryker veers left and smashes through the perimeter
                fence and out into the desert.

                                           SOLDIER (CONT'D)

                             It's okay. You missed them.


          169   INT. RADIO STATION - MORNING                             169

                The DJ and the Producer are wrestling over the sound
                desk, laughing.


          170   INT. BASE - CORRIDOR                                     170

                Bob and Bill walk towards the cell block.


                             Don't you think it might have been
                             more sensible if we hadn't drunk
                             the fucking water?

                                           BILL DJANGO
                             That might have aroused suspicion.
                             But don't worry. Over the years I
                             have built up a massive tolerance
                             to all narcotics.


          171   INT. CELL - MORNING                                      171

                An IRAQI PRISONER looks up startled as the door to the
                cell is flung open and Bill stands, filling the doorway,
                bare-chested, wild-eyed and wild-haired.

                                           BILL DJANGO
                             In the name of the New Earth Army
                             and loving people everywhere I'm
                             liberating this base!







          172   INT. GOAT SHED - MORNING                                 172

                Lyn slides open the door to the shed and begins to shoo
                the goats out into the light.


          173   EXT. BASE - LATER                                        173

                As the music continues Bob, Lyn and Bill appear leading a
                column of nervous IRAQI PRISONERS out of the building,
                towards the gates. Lyn and Bill are holding BABY GOATS in
                their ARMS. A tripping Bob is holding bunches of flowers -
                it's as close as they can get to the illustration from
                the New Earth Army Manual. Lyn holds up a hand to stop
                the procession.
                Larry stands in front of them, a GUN in his hand, his
                face blank.
                Lyn and Larry stare at each other. Then, unexpectedly,
                Larry starts to cry.

                                        LYN CASSADY

                          Give me the gun Larry.
                Larry starts to raise the gun to his mouth. Pauses.
                Scratches his head.

                                        LARRY HOOPER
                          Wow. I'm hungry.
                He wanders off.

                                        ARMY DJ (O.S.)
                               (Over loudspeaker,

                          Hey! More music! (muffled) Get
                          off, will ya?
                Over the loud-speakers we hear the opening of a period

                                        LYN CASSADY
                               (Beat, relieved)
                          Okay, let's go.


          174   FLATTENED SECTION OF FENCE                               174
                Bob and Lyn stand at one side, Bill at the other,
                beckoning the prisoners through, hugging the prisoners as
                they pass through.

                                        LYN CASSADY
                          We're very sorry. Ma'assalama.





          174   CONTINUED:                                              174

                One by one the Iraqis walk out through the broken fence,
                staring around them suspiciously, expecting a trap.
                Nothing happens, no one shoots them.

                                           LYN CASSADY (CONT'D)

                             That's it. Keep going.
                The Iraqis start to hurry away over the sand.
                Beyond them we can the Stryker, driving in circles in the
                desert, a NAKED SOLDIER stands whooping on top.


          175   EXT. BASE - LATER                                        175

                Bob, tripping heavily, is staring with fascination at the
                sand trickling through his fingers. Suddenly we hear the
                building whine of the HELICOPTER engine starting up. Bob
                looks up, puzzled.


          176   HELICOPTER                                               176
                Bill and Lyn sit in the chopper, Bill at the controls.
                Lyn is holding the flowers.
                Bob appears, hurrying over.


                             Wait! Wait for me! Where are you
                             going...what about the mission?

                                           LYN CASSADY
                                  (Over the sound of
                                   the engine)
                             You are the mission Bob! You are
                             the mission! Tell them what
                The helicopter begins to rise. Bob stands swaying,
                staring up. Lyn smiles sadly through the window, raises
                his hand.
                The Helicopter RISES - HIGHER AND HIGHER. Bob waves

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             At the time I was hurt that Lyn
                             hadn't taken me with him. But now
                             I know it was because he and Bill
                             had already seen what was to come.







          177   EXT. DESERT - DAY                                          177

                As the helicopter flies off into the blue.

                                        BOB (V.O.)
                          Nobody knows exactly what
                          happened. The official
                          story is that their helicopter
                          must have crashed, either because
                          they were hit by an RPG or
                          because...well, that's what
                          happens when you fly a helicopter
                          while you're tripping on acid. All
                          I know is they've never been seen
                          since. Like all Shaman they
                          returned to the sky.
                The helicopter disappears altogether.

                                                                DISSOLVE TO:


          178   INT. MICHIGAN APARTMENT - EVENING                          178

                WEEKS LATER. Bob sits typing, frowning with

                                        BOB (V.O.)
                          When I got back home I wrote the
                          story up. Everything.


          179   EXT. OUTSIDE BOB'S OLD HOUSE - EVENING                     179

                Bob sits in his car staring at his old home, across the
                road. Through the window we can see Bob's ex-wife Debora,
                eating dinner with Bob's ex-Editor - Dave.


                                        BOB (V.O.)
                          I sent it to the newspapers, the
                          radio stations, the TV stations,
                          because that was what Lyn wanted
                          me to do. The people needed to


          180   INT. BOB'S APARTMENT - EVENING                             180

                Bob sits watching a Today style show on TV.


                                        BOB (V.O.)
                          I was ready for whatever they
                          would do to me. I was ready to
                          disappear. I was ready to go to
                          prison. I was a Jedi and I was
                          fighting for the New Earth Army.





          180   CONTINUED:                                                  180

                                           BOB (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                             (Beat) But they didn't put me in
                             prison. They did something much

                ON TV

                                           NEWS ANCHOR

                             And finally, US forces in Iraq are
                             using what some are calling a
                             cruel and unusual tool to break
                             the resistance of Iraqi POWs, and
                             many parents would agree! Some
                             prisoners are being forced to
                             listen to Barney the Purple
                             Dinosaur sing the I Love You song.
                             I think after an hour of that
                             they'll spill the beans! Don't
                             you? Let's go outside to Al for
                             the weather.

                Bob watches, ashen.


          181   INT. NEWSPAPER OFFICE - DAY                                 181

                Bob is working for another small town newspaper. He sits
                at his desk, staring fixedly ahead at the wall.


                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             That was it. That was the only bit
                             of my story that ran anywhere. And
                             it was a joke. And if I ever
                             needed proof of how the Dark Side
                             have taken the beautiful dream of
                             what a nation could be and had
                             twisted it, destroyed it, that was

                Bob stands up. He starts to walk down the office, his
                face set with grim determination.


                                           BOB'S EDITOR

                                           BOB (V.O.)
                             But I won't stop. I won't give up.
                Bob quickens his pace.

                                           BOB (CONT'D) (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                             Because when I look at what is
                             happening in the world, I know
                             that now, more than ever, we need
                             to become ALL that we can BE.
                Bob is running.






          181   CONTINUED:                                            181


                                           BOB (CONT'D)
                             Now, more than ever, we need the
                Bob rushes towards the WALL. Just as he is about to hit
                it we FREEZE FRAME. We hear the opening of a period song.



                                           THE END

Men Who Stare at Goats, The

Writers :   Peter Straughan  Jon Ronson
Genres :   Comedy  War

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