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                           Written by

                          Nathan Parker

                            Story by 

                          Duncan Jones

                                               November, 2007

    Helium3 is a gas ejected from the surface of the sun and
    blown through space by solar winds.

    It plays an essential role in Cold Fusion, often toted as
    the solution to humanity's future energy needs.

    There is one major problem...

    Helium3 is extremely scarce on Earth. The gas does,
    however, exist in abundance on the Earth's only natural

    The Moon.

    Should we turn to Cold Fusion in the future, it is
    conceivable that man will mine the Moon for Helium3 and
    bring the precious gas back to Earth...


                                                 IN THE BLACK:

    We hear something -- a machine -- CHURNING and POUNDING.
    Constant. Rhythmic. Though the sound is slightly familiar,
    we're not sure what it is yet. Hold for a few seconds and

                                                      CUT TO:

1   INT. REC ROOM -- MORNING                                      1

    The sound belongs to a regular old TREADMILL like you see
    in most gyms across the world. Running on it: SAM BELL, mid
    thirties, thick beard, handsome, striking blue eyes.

    Sam's face is flushed and glistening with sweat. He lunges
    for a towel draped over the treadmill's bar, dabs his face
    as he runs.

    We see OUTSIDE THE WINDOW: A gray, powdery landscape
    stretching beneath a BLACK SKY.

                                                      CUT TO:

2   EXT. MOON -- MORNING                                          2

    Aerial view of the Earth's only natural satellite, the
    camera roaming about a hundred feet off the surface.

    Desolation. Serious, uncompromising, desolation. This place
    makes Antarctica look like Tokyo.

    And utter silence.

    Eventually the camera arrives at a moon base, DIVING DOWN
    towards it --


                                                      CUT TO:

3   INT. BATHROOM\SHOWER -- MORNING                               3

    Sam takes a shower, treading in a tight circle beneath the
    nozzle, eyes closed, hot water blasting his face.


4   INT. COMMS ROOM                                               4

    His hair still wet from the shower, Sam sits before a COMMS
    UNIT, dressed in a "Lunar Industries" boiler suit, a zip up
    the front, colorful patches sewn into the arms. He begins
    to record a message.

              Tess. Hi. It's me. How are you,
              sweetheart? It's the morning
              here. In a few minutes Gerty and
              I will sit down for breakfast, go
              over the day's itinerary.

    As Sam continues his message, we are given a TOUR of the
    mining base. Beginning with:

5   INT. MONITORING STATION                                       5

    This is where you want to be if the shit hits the fan. The
    base's equivalent of HQ. A wall of computers and flickering
    digital displays.

                        SAM (V.O.)
              Today begins my 154th week on
              Selene. I officially have two
              weeks to go before I climb into
              that Return Vehicle...

6   INT. RETURN VEHICLE                                           6

    A small space craft attached to the base. It is essentially
    a tiny room with a coffin like, sealed bed in the middle of
    it: a cryogenic POD with an array of complicated controls
    surrounding it.

                        SAM (V.O.)
              And blast home.

7   INT. REC ROOM                                                 7

    Sam spends most of his time here. It is kitchen and play
    room combined. We PICK OUT a television set, an armchair, a
    Ping-Pong table, the treadmill.

                        SAM (V.O.)
              I never dreamed I'd make it this



     On a table, we also PICK OUT a LARGE MODEL carved out of
     BOLSER WOOD. It's a TOWN. Intricately done down to the
     tiniest details.

                         SAM (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               There were times, as you know...

     We go even CLOSER to the model, seeing that there are
     actual people, actual characters in the little town; actual
     buildings: a CHURCH, a TOWN HALL, etc. Clearly someone has
     put a ton of work into this thing.

                         SAM (V.O.) (CONT'D)
               ...when I thought I was going to
               crack up.

8    INT. GREENHOUSE                                               8

     And the tour of the base continues. Onto a new room. A dark         
     storage area Sam has repurposed to grow a handful of                
     plants. They sit surrounded by darkness, glowing under              
     pools of artificial light.                                          

                         SAM (V.O.)
               But I think I've come out the
               other side now.

9    INT. INFIRMARY                                                9

     A strange angular room, obviously purposeful, but its               
     design more geared to a computer than a human being. A              
     single bed dominates.                                               

                         SAM (V.O.)
               In many ways, this place is all
               about contradictions.

10   EXT. LUNAR LANDSCAPE                                          10

     The empty terrain surrounding the mining base, as viewed
     from the Monitoring Station window. Across the landscape a
     mountain rises from the morning shadows.

                         SAM (V.O.)
               It's bleak, it's beautiful.


     Some kind of rake or shovel half buried in the powdery
     soil, like a child's toy abandoned in a sand box.


                            SAM (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                  It's barren, yet filled with

11   EXT. EARTH -- AS SEEN FROM THE MOON                         11

     From up here it is easy to see why the Earth is sometimes
     referred to as "the blue marble." A swirl of color.

                            SAM (V.O.)
                  The earth is thousands and
                  thousands of miles away, but
                  sometimes looks so close I feel
                  like I could reach out and snatch
                  it with my hand.

12   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS                                      12

     Sam's bed -- A New York Jets poster on the wall -- a few
     knickknacks bedside, rock samples in jars, a lucky
     tambourine Sam got in Mexico some years ago -- a red stress
     ball -- a photograph by the bed in a frame --

                            SAM (V.O.)
                  I'm incredibly lonely, yet I'm
                  never alone...

     We MOVE CLOSER to the PHOTO by the bed.


     Of a slightly younger and clean-shaven Sam with his arms
     wrapped around his wife of four years, TESS BELL.

                            SAM (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                  Because I have you.

     Tess is a far cry from the stereotypical Astronaut's Wife
     of the 1960's/70's with the plastic smile and beehive

     Tess is modern, sophisticated, and jaw-droppingly
     beautiful. She looks like she'd be a hard woman to leave

     Note: In the photograph Tess is visibly PREGNANT.

                            SAM (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                  And I have Eve. I don't take you
                  guys for granted. You know that


13   INT. COMMS ROOM                                               13

     Back with Sam at the Comms Unit as he wraps up the message.

               Please kiss Eve for me. And tell
               her daddy will only be away a
               little longer -- seventeen days
               longer, approximately. I love you
               both dearly. Bye.

     And he sends the message.

                                                     CUT TO:

14   INT. CORRIDOR                                                 14

     The main corridor connecting the different rooms. We've
     seen everything there is to see now. The base is small.
     Confined. Claustrophobic. It is easy to imagine how someone
     could crack up here.

     Sam leaves the Comms Room and heads down the corridor.

15   INT. REC ROOM                                                 15

     A state of the art robot, a GERTY 3000 -- known simply as
     "GERTY" -- is preparing Sam's breakfast.

     Gerty is in three sections and moves along a horizontal
     rail that runs throughout the base. He has a readout screen
     that perpetually spews data. His hands resemble pincers,
     but are perfectly nimble.

     For the purposes of helping run the base and looking after
     Sam, Gerty is as good as human, if not better.

     Sam enters.

               Morning, Gerty.

               Morning, Sam. How are you today?

               Fine. Fine. You?

               I'm very well. How's your


                 Much better, thanks, pal.

     Sam treats Gerty more like a person than a robot. Whether
     this is down to Gerty's intelligence or Sam's desperation
     for company isn't clear just yet.

     Note: Gerty talks like a well-educated older man. His
     language doesn't have a great deal of inflection (i.e.
     Monotone) but he is friendly enough.

     Sam switches a dial on a radio but gets nothing but static -
     - he sticks in a mini cd and skips the first few tracks.
     We hear brief clips of talk radio and shuttle through it
     before he allows it to play on, on some random American
     station -- an old weather report:

                           VOICE ON RADIO
       's a hot one on the East
                 Coast, temperatures soaring to a
                 high of ninety three degrees in
                 New York City --

     They zip around the tiny kitchen, together preparing Sam's
     breakfast, working as a team.

                                                     CUT TO:

16   EXT. MOON                                                     16

     We take in the whole Moon at once. Gray, colorless, eerie.
     From this distance the surface resembling Plaster of Paris.

17   INT. MONITORING STATION -- DAY                                17

     Sam sits before Selene's main computer, known as THE OLD
     MAN. Data flickering off Sam's face. He is making a log
     entry. A CLOCK is running on the monitor.

                 8:32 Pacific Time. Lunar Day 1.
                 All Harvesters running smoothly
                 this morning. Readouts are as
                 follows: Matthew, 14.6 miles;
                 Mark 16.8 miles...

     Sam continues with his entry while we

                                                     CUT TO:


18   INT. STORAGE CUBBY                                           18

     Gerty is selecting food for the up-coming week, stacking
     ready-meals on a small fork-lift buggy.

                                                     CUT TO:

19   INT. MONITORING STATION                                      19


     Pulsing rapidly. The "ping-ping-ping" of an alarm.


     Sam stands before the Big Board. The names of the four
     Harvesters (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) in a collum. The red
     light is flashing next to Matthew.

     Sam presses an INTERCOM BUTTON, dips down, speaks into it.

                 Gerty, we've got a live one on
                 Mark. I'm going out now to rope
                 her in.

                              GERTY'S VOICE
                 Okay, Sam.

     Sam heads off.

20   INT. CHANGING AREA                                           20


     Resembling an unmanned puppet. Sam begins to insinuate his
     body into the suit.

21   INT. DOCK                                                    21

     Three Rovers (moon buggies) parked in their separate bays.
     The Rovers are caked in lunar soil, as though sand blasted.

     In his space suit Sam bends into one of the Rovers, starts
     the engine.


22   I/E. ROVER/MOON SURFACE                                      22

     Sam drives along, dwarfed by an enormous lunar bolder and
     the rising slopes of the valley beyond. A toy car in this
     vast and alien terrain.

23   EXT. HARVESTER/MOON SURFACE                                  23

     The second in a fleet of four Harvesters (this one known as
     Mark) collecting lunar soil. The Harvester resembles a tank
     and kicks up clouds of dust. Booming, hulking, efficient.

     Sam catches up in his Rover and accelerates into the back
     of the Harvester up a couple of ramps. An intricate and
     dangerous maneuver he executes deftly.

24   INT. HARVESTER/BELLY -- CONTINUOUS                           24

     Sam is in an area   of the Harvester -- a kind of hatch --
     not dissimilar to   a garage and known as THE BELLY. Once
     safely inside Sam   closes the door. He is able to breathe in
     the Belly without   his helmet, which he duly removes.

     Sam steps up to a wall of computers. A light is flashing to
     indicate one of the pods is filled with Helium3.

     Sam does his thing, eventually removing a keg-size pod of
     Helium3. He hauls it over to the Rover and sticks it in a
     special slot in the equivalent of the Rover's trunk.

     A new pod -- an empty -- replaces the pod Sam just removed.

     Sam puts his helmet back on, returns to the Rover, reverses
     out of the Harvester carefully.

25   I/E. ROVER/MOON SURFACE                                      25

     Sam snakes through the soil on his way back to base, the
     tracks of the Rover as sharp as if they had been made
     through talcum powder. The Harvester churns into the

                                                       CUT TO:

26   INT. CORRIDOR -- LATER                                       26

     Sam loads the filled pod into a CARGO CONTAINER. The Cargo
     Container is about the size of a fridge and can take a
     maximum of five pods. There are four pods already inside,
     Sam's new pod taking up the fifth and final slot.


27   INT. COMMS ROOM                                            27

     Sam is seated at the Comms Unit recording a message for his
     superiors back on Earth.

                Sam Bell reporting to Central.
                10:14 Pacific Time. Lunar Day 1.
                    (less formal)
                Overmeyers, Thompson? It's Sam.
                How goes it? I've got a full
                container of Helium3 ready to
                roll. The purity is pretty good,
                so assuming your last market
                prices are still relevant I think
                you are looking at getting about
                3 million dollars per kilo with
                this load. By the time this
                message reaches you it should be
                in transit.
                    (a beat)
                Otherwise, everything running
                smoothly. There was a discrepancy
                between a couple of the N3000
                modulators a couple of days ago,
                but Gerty and I caught it in
                time, no big deal. are
                things down there?

     Sam desperately wants to talk but has nothing very
     important to say. Then he remembers something.

                          SAM (CONT'D)
                Oh, and I just wanted to thank
                you for sending out the football
                feed. Almost felt live!
                    (getting pissed off)
                Seriously, I don't mean to be an
                asshole, but surely replacing one
                satellite cant be that fucking
                hard! I haven't been able to
                have a conversation with my
                wife... My kid can talk now...!

     Sam concentrates, getting a grip on his temper.

                Two weeks. Two weeks.
                Hey. Three years is a long haul.
                If you guys want to run some
                psych evals on me when I get
                back, I'm happy to do it. It
                ain't Disney World up here.
                    (a beat)
                That's it. Over and out.


     Sam reaches forward, sends the message.

                                                     CUT TO:

28   INT. CORRIDOR -- DAY                                         28

     Sam is loading the Cargo Container into the base's MAGLEV
     LAUNCHER. He works with a sense of routine, far away,

     All of a sudden Sam STOPS. He has the feeling someone is
     standing behind him. He slowly turns.

     A GIRL is standing in the doorway watching him. She is
     perhaps fifteen or sixteen years old. A yellow dress. Long,
     wheat-colored hair. Freckles. At once beautiful and

     Sam gets the FRIGHT of his life. He FLIES against the wall.

     WIDEN to reveal Sam and the Girl facing off. Sam POP-EYED
     and SHAKING. The Girl IMMOBILE, arms at her sides, head
     tilted ever so slightly to one side.

     The Cargo Container is sent hurtling through space. A              
     TERRIFIC BLAST. It distracts Sam's attention, breaks his           

     And just like that, the Girl is gone. Sam is just staring
     at an empty doorway. Nothing there.

     Sam is baffled. Had to be his imagination. Had to be. After
     a few seconds he shakes his head dismissively and continues

                                                     CUT TO:

29   INT. REC ROOM -- DAY                                         29

     Gerty is cutting Sam's hair.

     Sam sitting back in a chair, barber shop style, while the
     robot snip-snip-snips away with a pair of scissors. Sam is
     gently squeezing a STRESS BALL in his right hand.

                Sam, is everything okay?

                Everything's fine, Gerty.

     For a moment there is no sound but the snipping scissors,
     reminiscent of keys snapping on a typewriter. Then:


                     SAM (CONT'D)
           Why do you ask?

           You don't seem like yourself

Sam frowns, contemplative. For a moment we think he is
going to tell Gerty about the Girl he saw earlier -- or
imagined he saw. But he goes with something different.

           It's Tess.

           Has something happened?

           No, not exactly.

Gerty stops cutting, lowers the scissors.

           Sam, what is it?

           Something doesn't feel right,
           that's all.

A beat. Sam's fingers twitching around the red stress ball,
squeezing harder.

           Sam, it might help to talk about

Sam decides to come clean.

           Tess isn't responding to things.

           Tess isn't responding to things?


           What kind of things?

               (a beat)
           A couple of weeks ago I asked her
           if she wanted to go on vacation
           when I get back, and that I was
           thinking of either Mexico or


                     SAM (CONT'D)
           Tess never said anything about
           it. Three messages she's sent me
           since...and she's never once
           mentioned the vacation.

           Im sure she can't wait, Sam.

           That's not the point. This is
           someone who lives for vacations
           and travelling. I thought she'd
           jump at the chance for us to go
           away -- with Eve, of course --
           we'd take Eve.

           Perhaps Tess didn't receive the

               (as if anticipating
                Gerty's comment)
           But this isn't the only time it's
           happened, Gerty. When I asked her
           how her dad was doing on his new
           heart medicine she didn't respond
           to that -- I asked her when Eve
           was going to start nursery --
           nothing. Had her brother got the
           position at the University?
           Nothing. Nothing.

Sam is really having a go at the stress ball now.

           I think her brother did get the
           position at the University. His
           name is Christopher, correct?

           He did?

           Yes, I seem to recall he got the
           position. Professor of
           Biochemistry, I think. At
           Syracuse University in New York?

Sam is slightly alarmed that Gerty knows this and he

           How do you know that?


           You told me. Some time ago now.
           Towards the beginning of your
           time on Selene. When we were
           starting to get to know each
               (a beat)
           You were very happy for your
           brother-in-law. You danced around
           the Rec Room, if I remember

Sam looks perturbed. For a few seconds he'd eased up on the
stress ball. He starts up on it again now.

           Gerty, have you heard anything
           new about anyone fixing lunar

           No Sam. From what I understand
           it's fairly low on the companies
           priority list with the Jupiter
           mission active. I would imagine                     
           it would be very expensive to                       

A pause. Sam still looks troubled.

                     GERTY (CONT'D)
           Sam, are you ok?

           They need to sort that out.
           Seriously. I've only got two
           weeks left. It's not fair on
           whoever's up here next. Gerty,
           you tell them to sort it out.
           It's not healthy.

           I will Sam. Do you want me to
           finish cutting your hair later?

           Nah. Come on.   Let's finish

Gerty resumes cutting Sam's hair, and stops again, sensing
Sam is going to say something more.

The scissors freeze.


                          SAM (CONT'D)
                I've got another one of those
                headaches. Can you get me
                something for it?

                Of course. Now?

                No not now, afterwards.

     The scissors start up again.

                          SAM (CONT'D)
                Thanks, pal.

                                                     CUT TO:

30   INT. REC ROOM -- LATER                                       30

     Sam with a HAIRCUT and a neatly TRIMMED BEARD is sitting
     before the Bolser Wood model of the little town.

     He is arched over working away with an EXACTO BLADE --
     SQUINTING -- whittling a figure out of wood. This is
     difficult and complicated work, and over three years Sam
     has become highly skilled at it.

     Sam can carve an actual person out of wood -- actual
     cheekbones, actual throats, actual hands -- it's
     fascinating to watch.

     From another room Sam hears the "ping-ping-ping" of an

                                                     CUT TO:

31   INT. COMMS ROOM -- CONTINUOUS                                31


     Flashing on the comms unit monitor: "NEW TRANSMISSION."
     There is a small icon of a telephone.

                                                     CUT TO:

32   INT. REC ROOM -- CONTINUOUS                                  32

     ON SAM

     He carefully puts down the wooden figure and the exacto
     blade -- stands and leaves the Rec Room.


33   INT. COMMS ROOM                                            33

     Sam sits at the comms unit watching a message from his
     superiors, OVERMEYERS and THOMPSON, a purposeful looking
     woman in charge and her earnest second.

     The two talk RAPIDLY and trade off like a tag team. At
     times their tone can be almost bizarrely whimsical.

     Overmeyers and Thompson seem to have known Sam for a while,
     but even so, there is a practised casualness to the
     repartee. It's a professional friendliness on Overmeyers
     part, no more and for Thompson it's merely an eagerness to
     be involved.

                Delighted to hear about the
                latest shipment, Sam.

                According to Albatross 90 it
                should be landing off the
                California Coast within the next
                three days.

                Now in response to your question
                about the communications
                equipment, the news is not good.

                Sam, those solar storms did a lot
                more damage than initially
                thought --

                Fixing the lunar sat is going to
                take some time. It's a
                significant operation.

                And what with the Jupiter Program
                hemorrhaging money --

     Sam curses to himself.                                           

                Lunar doesn't have the budget it
                once did, Sam, you know that.

                Even the coffee machine down in
                the Hub has been broken since I
                don't know when --


                We have to go to Genesis 3 just
                to get a decent cup of coffee,
                Sam. Genesis 3. That's three
                buildings over.

                We're hoping to get the live feed
                up and running by the Fall. The
                good news is you'll be home by
                then, Sam.

                You only have two weeks to go!

     Sam shuts off the message before Overmeyers can pipe out
     his last line.

     Sam sits before the dead screen -- eyes closed -- taking a
     succession of DEEP BREATHS.

                                                     CUT TO:

34   INT. REC ROOM -- DAY                                         34

     Sam playing Ping-Pong. He has folded up the second half of
     the table and is using it as a wall. The sound is rapid and
     rhythmic: ca-cluck ca-cluck ca-cluck. Sam taking his
     FRUSTRATION out on the little white ball.

                                                     CUT TO:

35   INT. BATHROOM -- DAY                                         35

     Sam stands before the toilet urinating. Rather ironically
     he is whistling I'm Walking on Sunshine -- focussed ahead
     at his reflection in the mirror -- angling his face,
     admiring his haircut, his beard.

     Then he looks down to flush the toilet and his WHISTLING
     abruptly STOPS.

36   INT. BATHROOM\TOILET                                         36

     It looks like someone just poured a glass of CRANBERRY
     JUICE into the toilet bowl. Literally. The red urine
     clouding the water like a squirt of octopus ink. Yeah, Sam
     just pissed blood.

     There is a "PING!" and Gerty's voice crackles from the


                          GERTY'S VOICE
                Sam, a transmission has arrived
                from your wife.

     Sam reaches over and presses the INTERCOM BUTTON.

                Be right there.

     And he flushes the toilet.

                                                      CUT TO:

37   INT. COMMS ROOM -- DAY                                       37

     Sam sitting before the monitor. He hits the "PLAY" button,
     begins watching the message.

     ON THE MONITOR: Tess is sitting in a living room talking to
     Sam. Tess has a sweet voice, she sounds grounded, like
     she's got a head on her shoulders.

                Hi Sam. It's me. How are you?
                     (a beat)
                I got your last message, it was
                really great to hear your voice.
                I know you've been really lonely
                up there, but in a lot of ways
                it's been good for you, I think.
                I hope you don't mind me saying
                that. I'm proud of you.
                     (a beat)
                Hey, someone's got something to

     A WOMAN, possibly a nanny or some form of hired help,
     swings a LITTLE GIRL into Tess's arms. This is EVE, Sam and
     Tess's daughter.

                          TESS (CONT'D)
                Eve, it's daddy. What did you
                want to say to him?

      Eve just stares. Tess whispers to her ("Remember what we
      practiced", etc.) Finally Eve attempts:


                Who's an astronaut?
                Go on!


                Daddy asstraut!

     Tess laughs. So does Sam.

                That's right, daddy's an
                astronaut. Clever girl!

     Eve fidgets, rubs her nose, distracted.

                          TESS (CONT'D)
                She's shy. Uh, Cathy, could

     The Maid steps in, hoists Eve away. Tess waits until
     they're out of earshot.

                          TESS (CONT'D)
                It's her birthday next month. I
                thought we'd get her a play house
                for the garden. We could even
                pick it out together.

     A pause. Tess just stares into the camera. She is hundreds
     and thousands of miles away, but for a second it feels like
     she's right there in the Comms Room with Sam. It's

     She finally shakes her head, self-conscious, shy.

                          TESS (CONT'D)
                God, I hate these things. Sam, I
                love you. I'm thinking of you
                always. I can't wait to see you,
                sweetheart. Okay. Bye.

     And the message ends.

     ON SAM: smiling, on the brink of tears.

                                                     CUT TO:

38   EXT. THE EARTH -- NIGHT/LATER                                38

     The Earth at night, illuminated by a glittering spider's
     web of artificial lighting. From the Moon this is one of
     the most beautiful sights you'll ever see.

39   INT. REC ROOM -- SAME                                        39

     Sam is in improved spirits. He pours himself a glass of
     juice as Gerty prepares dinner.


                What's on the menu tonight,

                Baby back ribs with french fries
                and spinach.

                Ribs! Good choice, pal. Fine

     It might be baby back ribs with french fries and spinach,
     but it's made from a packet by adding hot water. Nasty.

     Sam sits down with the packet. Digs in with a fork.

                          SAM (CONT'D)
                Oh yeah! Compliments to the chef,
                Gerty, this is delicious!

     Sam eating ravenously.

                                                     CUT TO:

40   INT. GREENHOUSE -- NIGHT                                     40

     Sam is in the Greenhouse pruning plants with a pair of
     secateurs. He treads up the aisles slowly, taking time with
     each of the plants. CLASSICAL MUSIC plays over the sound
     system, Brahms, Beethoven, Bartok, one of the B's.

     Sam HUMS along to the music. A man at peace.

                                                     CUT TO:

41   INT. REC ROOM -- NIGHT/LATER                                 41

     Sam is working on his wooden model of the town. Across the
     room the Ed Sullivan Show is on TV. Ed's guest is a very
     young Goldie Hawn.

     Note: Whenever any TV is watched in the film, it is always
     a show from 1970's America. (Mash, Six Million Dollar Man,
     Laugh-In, etc.) No explanation is given for this.

     Sam is half-watching the TV, but his focus is chiefly on
     the SMALL HOUSE he is carving. And carving beautifully.

     After a few seconds he stands and snaps off the TV with a
     remote. He crosses to the kitchen section of the Rec Room
     to make some tea. The water has just boiled.

     As Sam is about to pour the boiling water, tea kettle in
     hand, he glances across the Rec Room and sees:


     The Girl. She's taken Sam's chair before the model. She is
     motionless, staring down at the model like she recognizes
     one of the little figures walking the tiny streets.

     Sam calmly puts the tea kettle down and begins to move
     towards the Girl, slowly, cautiously, like he wants to
     sneak up on her.

     Sam walks right up to the Girl and reaches out his hand...


     And then we CUT to Sam standing in the kitchen. Over by the
     model there is no sign of the Girl. The chair is empty.
     She's gone. Her sitting there, Sam's walk across the room --
     apparently he imagined it all.

     Sam looks down. The tea kettle is dangling at an angle and
     BOILING WATER is DRIBBLING onto his left hand.

     Simultaneously: Sam SNAPS his hand AWAY, Sam SCREAMS. The
     tea kettle CLATTERS to the floor.

     Sam HURRIES to the sink and jerks his hand under a stream
     of cold water. Cursing under his breath the whole time:
     "Shit, piss, fuck..."

                                                     CUT TO:

42   INT. INFIRMARY -- LATER                                      42

     Sam sits in a chair as Gerty tends to his scolded left
     hand. It's a nasty burn.

                I'm going to feel that for a
                while, aren't I, Gerty?
                Damn it.

     Gerty applies a translucent balm to the burn.

                Sam, can I ask how it happened?

                I told you, I saw something on
                the TV and spilled boiling water
                on my hand.

                You saw something on the TV?


                    (a touch petulant)
                Yeah, something on the TV
                distracted me, Gerty, what's
                wrong with that?

     A pause. Gerty is wrapping Sam's hand with a bandage.

                Sam, you said it was the TV that
                distracted you, but when I came
                in the TV wasn't on.

     Gerty has caught him out. Sam knows it.

                          GERTY (CONT'D)
                Perhaps you were imagining

     Gerty has hit the nail on the head, in a way that makes Sam
     feel a little uneasy. Is there something Gerty knows that
     Sam doesn't?

                                                     CUT TO:

43   INT. THE SLEEPING QUARTERS -- NIGHT                           43

     Sam asleep in bed.

44   SAM'S DREAM                                                   44

     Sam making love to Tess. We remain very close to their
     bodies in bed. The background a blur. No sound. It's all
     flesh and white sheets. Sensual, delicate, intense. We feel
     almost intrusive watching.

45   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS -- MORNING                             45

     Sam wakes up and lunges across the bed to shut off his
     alarm clock. We notice a WHITE BANDAGE on the hand that he

     Afterwards: Sam lies back, watching the ceiling, groggy,
     reflective, still surfacing from his dream.

     And then OVER THIS: The sound from the opening of the film,
     THE TREADMILL, and we

                                                     CUT TO:

46   INT. REC ROOM -- MORNING                                      46

     Sam on his morning run.


47   INT. REC ROOM -- MORNING/LATER                                47

     Gerty is making breakfast. Sam enters, fresh from the

                Morning, Gerty.

                Morning, Sam. How are you today?

                Fine. Fine.

                How's the hand?

                It's a little sore.

     Gerty pops the radio on. Just another morning on Selene.

                                                     CUT TO:

48   INT. MONITORING STATION -- MORNING/LATER                      48

     Sam sitting before The Old Man doing his daily log entry. A
     CLOCK is running on the monitor.

                8:19 Pacific Time. Lunar Day 2.
                Readouts are as follows: Matthew,
                9.8 Miles...

     Suddenly the monitor BLIPS -- a BLAST of STATIC -- and Sam
     SEES himself talking on the monitor. It appears to be a
     previous log entry.

                          SAM (CONT'D)
                Luke...7.3, better
                look into Luke...

     But bizarrely, the Sam talking on the monitor has long hair
     pulled back into a ponytail -- and no beard --

     And then another BLIP -- another BLAST of STATIC --   and
     the screen turns completely BLACK.

     A single word begins to flash in the center of the screen:

     The word flashes three times -- before the screen returns
     to normal, the CLOCK running again.


     It all happened so quickly Sam wonders if he didn't just
     imagine it. After an awkward pause he simply continues the
     original log entry.

                           SAM (CONT'D)
                 Mark, 11 miles on the button...


     Pulsing. Going "ping-ping-ping."

49   INT. MONITORING STATION -- LATER/MORNING                      49

     Sam stands across the room with a mug of coffee, peers up
     at the Big Board, sees that the alarm belongs to Matthew.

     He crosses to the INTERCOM, speaks into it.

                 Gerty, looks like we've got a
                 live one out on Matthew. I
                 wondered what was taking him so
                 long, the old fart. I'm heading
                 out in a few minutes, just going
                 to finish my coffee.

                              GERTY'S VOICE
                 Okay, Sam.

                                                     CUT TO:

50   I/E. ROVER/MOON SURFACE -- MORNING                            50

     Sam at the wheel in his space suit, speeding towards the
     first of the Harvesters, known as MATTHEW.


     As Sam gets closer to the Harvester, he suddenly sees

     The Girl.

     She is standing maybe a hundred yards away in her yellow
     dress, resembling a FLAME or a FLOWER in the barren and
     colorless landscape. She appears to be staring directly at
     Sam's rover.


     His face unfolding with panic, alarm, curiosity. An
     intense, yearning, curiosity.


     He drives closer.

     But like in a dream, Sam can't seem to make up any distance
     between the Rover and the Girl. He CRUSHES the accelerator

     For a moment Sam drives right alongside the Harvester,
     clouds of lunar dust being kicked up, cascading against the
     side window. But Sam is looking away from the Harvester,
     focussed on the Girl.

     ON SAM: He doesn't notice Matthew (The Harvester) suddenly
     veer RIGHT, slamming into the side of the Rover and causing
     Sam to lose control.

     The steering wheel swings left and right as Sam desperately
     tries to STRAIGHTEN the path of the vehicle, but a split
     second later the Rover is FLIPPED like a matchbox, and SPUN
     into the path of the Harvester -- a HIDEOUS SCREECH of
     MANGLED METAL -- the Rover gobbled up by the front of the
     Harvester, DEVOURED.

     The Rover is JAMMED under the Harvester's monstrous AXLE,
     resembling a crushed beer can in a fist -- and with a BIG,
     BOOMING GROAN the Harvester slides to a STANDSTILL.

     WIDE SHOT: Silence. The Harvester stationary. The Rover
     caught beneath it.

     No sign of the Girl.

                                                     CUT TO:


     Silence. Hold it for five seconds and then

51   A BLUR                                                       51

     Eyelids fluttering, bright light, at first broken up,
     filtered, as if viewed through a Kaleidoscope. Slowly
     shapes and impressions begin to form and we know where we

     It's the Infirmary.

52   INT. INFIRMARY -- DAY                                        52

     A CLEAN SHAVEN and drugged-up Sam is sitting up in bed,
     propped with a pillow. Sam doesn't have a scratch on his
     face, but has clearly been through a terrifying ordeal.

     Gerty is bedside.


                Where am I?

                Sam, you're in the Infirmary. You
                had an accident.

     Sam looks bewildered -- he desperately racks his brain,
     trying to locate the memory.

                          GERTY (CONT'D)
                Do you remember what happened?

                    (a beat)
                I don't remember a thing.

     Sam just stares back at Gerty, not so much as a flicker of

                Do you remember me?

                Yes, of course I remember you,

                That's good. That's very good.
                It's nice to see you awake again.
                    (a beat)
                I'd like to keep you under
                observation here in the Infirmary
                for a few days and run some

     A pause. Sam taking it all in. Eventually:

                How long have I been out?

                Not long. Sam, go back to sleep.
                You're still very tired. We can
                talk later.

     Sam closes his eyes, sinking deeper into his pillow.

                                                     CUT TO:

53   INT. INFIRMARY -- LATER                                      53

     Sam asleep in bed. Gerty is scanning his head with a small
     instrument resembling a camcorder.


     There are READOUTS on a monitor showing blood flow, oxygen
     levels and glucose metabolism in the tissues of Sam's

                                                     CUT TO:

54   EXT. MOON --   DAY                                           54

     LUKE, one of the Harvesters, crossing the lunar landscape
     at HALF SPEED.

55   INT. INFIRMARY                                               55

     Sam wakes up from an extended nap. He thrusts his fists
     into his eyes like a child, yawns ferociously.


     No sign of the robot. Sam is feeling well enough to walk.
     He swings his legs out of bed, begins to plod around the
     room. He is tentative at first, slow, as if walking is
     something he is having to learn from scratch.

     Eventually when he is moving fluidly he goes to the door
     and pokes his head out into the corridor.

56   INT. CORRIDOR -- CONTINUOUS                                  56

     Sam peers around. From another room he can hear the faint
     drone of VOICES. One of these voices belongs to Gerty. The
     other voices are deeper, faster, human.


     The voices continue. Intrigued, Sam PRESSES ON down the

     ON SAM

     As he walks up the corridor in the direction of the Comms
     Room. Sam is close enough now that he can actually hear the

     Sam arrives at the door of the Comms Room and peers in.

                          GERTY (0.S)
                These were extraordinary
                circumstances, as you know --


57   INT. COMMS ROOM -- CONTINUOUS                                57

     Gerty is installed at the Comms Unit. Thompson and
     Overmeyers are on the screen.

     The moment Gerty sees Sam he shuts off the monitor and the
     screen fizzes to black, Thompson and Overmeyers vanishing.

     Strange: Gerty appeared to have a live feed.

                Sam, you're out of bed.

                I wanted to stretch my legs.
                What was that?

                Not talking. No. We've been
                having some problems with the
                lunar sat and our live feed seems
                to be down. I was recording a
                video message for Central
                updating them on your progress.
                     (a beat)
                Sam, you need to stay in bed.
                You're not ready to walk around

     Sam nods vaguely, turns around and heads back to the
     Infirmary slowly.

                                                     CUT TO:

58   INT. INFIRMARY -- LATER                                      58

     Sam watching TV -- The Muppet Show, the "Pigs in Space"
     sketch -- and eating dinner. He's not laughing.

59   INT. INFIRMARY -- LATER                                      59

     Sam hunched over the infirmary's stainless steel wash basin
     giving himself a shave. He hits the razor on the side of
     the basin -- tap tap tap -- like a conductor with a baton.

                                                     CUT TO:

60   INT. INFIRMARY -- LATER                                      60

     Sam is seated at a table. Frankly he looks better now than
     he did before the accident.


     Perhaps it's the rosy hue of his freshly shaven face. He
     certainly looks younger. A man revitalized, a man mended.

     Gerty is giving Sam something very similar to an IQ Test.
     Sam has just arranged a series of blocks into an L-shaped

                Excellent, Sam.

                How much longer do I have to be
                in here, Gerty?

                Sam, you suffered minor brain
                damage in the crash. This has
                resulted in memory loss and
                slight logic impairment.

                When can I get back to work?

                Central has asked me to slow down
                the Harvesters to ensure you have
                time to recuperate and get your
                strength back --

                    (dryly, exasperated)

                The good news is you can return
                to the sleeping quarters
                tomorrow. But it will still be a
                few more days before you can
                resume anything like a normal
                work schedule.

     Sam's face taught with irritation. He isn't happy.

     Gerty gives him the next puzzle to solve. WE MOVE IN ON
     SAM'S LEFT HAND as he takes the puzzle, the same hand he
     scolded in an earlier scene.

     The BANDAGE is GONE and the BURN appears to have completely

                                                     CUT TO:

61   INT. CORRIDOR -- DAY                                         61

     Sam walking down the corridor in the direction of the
     Sleeping Quarters. He stops at a RED LIGHT on the corridor
     wall, beneath it the word, "EXIT DOORS."


     He's locked inside the base.

     Sam pulls a face, disgruntled, continues down the corridor.

62   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS -- CONTINUOUS                       62

     Sam takes in the New York Jets poster on the wall and walks
     over to the bed -- studies his lucky tambourine and the
     glass jar of lunar rock samples -- like he's trying to
     reacquaint himself with his own belongings.

     His eyes arrive on the red stress ball. Sam scoops up the
     ball and PITCHES it at the wall like he expects the thing
     to bounce back to him. The stress ball doesn't bounce back,
     simply hits the wall with a dull THUD and DROPS to the

                                                     CUT TO:

63   EXT. THE MOON -- DAY                                       63

     A desolation special. The blacker than black sky above.
     None of the ingredients of life. On Earth we have
     rainforests, and flowers, and birds. We have color. Up here
     we realize how lucky we are. The base is lit by large
     halogen comfort lights, alone in the lunar desert. This is
     a lunar night.

                                                     CUT TO:

64   INT. MONITORING STATION -- MORNING                         64

     Sam sitting before The Old Man doing a few innocuous tasks,
     collecting readouts, slurping a cup of coffee. Gerty is
     within ear shot.                                                 

     Sam sees something that pulls him CLOSER to the monitor.

                Gerty, do you know about this?

     Gerty approaches. Sam taps the screen.

                          SAM (CONT'D)
                Matthew's got no velocity read-
                out. He's completely still.

                          GERTY (O.S.)                                
                He must have stalled.

     Sam gives Gerty a look. That's not good.


65   INT. COMMS ROOM -- LATER                                     65

     Sam is recording a message for Central.

                There's no way to tell from here
                if a track's been thrown, or if
                it's just something jammed in an
                axle, or what... I can shoot out
                there, check it out, get some
                video and maybe save you guys the
                expense of floating in a whole
                crew! I know how tight money is
                right now....

     Sam really frustrated now. He feels cooped up, stir crazy,

                          SAM (CONT'D)
                Just give me the word -- or Gerty
                the word, tell him to unlock the
                exit doors -- and I'll go out and
                get Matthew up and running again.
                    (a beat)
                That's it. Over and out.

     Sam sends the message.

                                                     CUT TO:

66   INT. REC ROOM -- MORNING                                     66

     Sam enters the Rec Room, looks around, his eyes settling on
     the model of the town.

     Sam sits down in front of the model, staring -- he picks up
     the HOUSE he was carving earlier -- studies it carefully.

                                                     CUT TO:

67   INT. COMMS ROOM -- DAY                                       67

     Sam and Gerty are seated at the Comms Unit watching a video
     message from Central. Sam is holding a carved HOUSE,
     examining it as he listens to the video.

     The familiar faces of Overmeyers and Thompson on the
     screen, shoulder to shoulder, the two looking more like
     vultures right now than lizards.

                Sam, we appreciate the offer, but
                you concentrate on feeling


                    (muttering, vexed)
                Oh for Christ's sake...

                We don't want you to take any
                unnecessary risks. You're too
                important to us.

                You're to stay put, understand?

                It's an order.

                It's an order, Sam. From Lunar.
                Stay put.

                We're going to send a Rescue Unit
                to tend to the stalled harvester
                and get the base back on its


     The message ends. Sam turns to Gerty, irate, the message as
     good as a kick in the balls.

                I'm sorry Sam.

     Sam stares at Gerty.

                          GERTY (CONT'D)
                Sam, I am under strict orders not
                to let you outside.

     Sam throws the half completed wood carving in his hand at
     the other end of the room, breaking it. He FLIES to his
     feet -- growling with frustration -- STORMS out of the

                                                     CUT TO:

68   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS -- MORNING                           68

     Sam asleep in bed.


69   SAM'S TROUBLED DREAM                                         69    

     Sam and Tess making love. We remain very close to their
     bodies in bed. The background a blur. It's the same dream
     we saw earlier.

     Something is different though.                                     

     We drift past Sam and Tess, and under the sheets of the            

     Down between their entwined feet huddles a bearded, wide-          
     eyed Sam, staring directly at us from under the sheets at          
     the end of the bed!                                                

                                                     CUT TO:

70   INT. REC ROOM                                                70

     Sam is quietly eating breakfast, lost in thought. Gerty            
     puttering around in the background. The radio drones away.

71   INT. COMMS ROOM                                              71

     Sam is seated at the Comms Unit watching a message from

     We assume this is an old message since Tess is heavily

     Her slender hands are spread over her prodigious belly as
     she beams at the camera.

                He's kicking...or she's kicking.
                I'm certain he's a boy. I wish
                you could feel it.
                     (a beat, shifting)
                I think we made the right choice,
                Sam. I really do. We need some
                time apart. We got stuck. That
                happens in marriages sometimes.
                It's nothing terrible.
                Well listen, I love you lots --
                and we'll talk soon, okay? Bye

     A POP and Tess is gone -- the monitor filled with STATIC.
     Sam sits staring into space. Tess' message seems to have
     agitated him.

                Fuck it.


     He JUMPS from his chair and HEADS OUT of the Comms Room at

72   INT. REC ROOM                                                72

     Sam strides in -- swipes a KNIFE from beside the wooden
     model -- strides out again.

73   INT. CORRIDOR                                                73

     Sam glances left and right -- making sure there's no sign
     of Gerty -- then begins to PRY open a VENT with the knife.

     Once the vent is removed he reaches deep inside and YANKS
     out a bundle of interwoven WIRES -- Sam bends the wires
     around the BLADE of the knife -- and CUTS.

     GAS ISSUES from the cut wires. An ALARM sounds.

     Sam hides the knife away, shouts down the corridor:

                Gerty! Get over here! Quickly!

     Gerty comes out of the Monitoring Station and SHUTTLES down
     the corridor.

                What happened?

                Don't know -- Micro meteorites,
                maybe? Either way there might be
                damage to the exterior shell. I'd
                better go outside and take a

                There is no damage to the
                exterior shell.

                It's not that I don't believe
                you, Gerty, but the inner skin is
                springing leaks like an ACME fire
                hose. Maybe you better let me
                take a look, just in case, huh?

                Sam, I'm not supposed to let you
                go outside.

                Then let's keep it between you
                and me then. Ok?


     The robot takes an inordinate amount of time to think this
     through. The syrupy gas distorts the light as it collects
     at Sam's ankles. Gerty's arms work away as they speedily
     repair the damage Sam has done. Finally:

                 Okay, Sam.

     The "Exit Doors" LIGHT turns from RED to GREEN. For Sam
     this is like the BLAST of a STARTING PISTOL -- he
     immediately takes off down the corridor --

74   INT. CHANGING AREA                                            74

     Sam finds his space suit is gone, so grabs the spare suit
     and scrambles into it.

75   INT. DOCK                                                     75

     Two Rovers parked side by side. One of the parking bays is
     EMPTY. Sam stands before the empty bay for a moment -- why
     is one of the Rovers missing?

     If Sam suspected something was wrong before, he is certain
     of it now. He climbs into one of the two remaining Rovers.

76   I/E. ROVER/MOON SURFACE                                       76

     Sam speeding along in the Rover. He has Matthew's
     coordinates plugged into his Navigation System and is
     following a MAP on a small monitor.

77   EXT. MOON -- CONTINUOUS                                       77

     Sam heading towards the stalled Harvester. It soon becomes
     apparent that there is something STUCK under the front of
     the Harvester's AXLE. A second later it is apparent what
     that something is: inevitably, it's the MISSING ROVER.

     Sam slows his Rover down, approaching the scene with
     CAUTION. He parks a few feet away from the wreck and opens
     the door of his Rover, stepping outside gingerly.

     ONE SIXTH GRAVITY is like walking on a trampoline. Sam
     takes long strides, bobbing over to the front of the
     Harvester to take a closer look, his boots leaving deep
     FOOTPRINTS in the lunar soil.



     The crashed Rover is exactly as we left it after the
     accident, mangled, crushed, captured beneath the trundles
     of the Harvester. Sam peers closer and sees that there is
     an UNCONSCIOUS MAN in a Lunar Industries space suit trapped

     Sam can't see the man's face -- he has his back to Sam, his
     body sprawled across the passenger seat like he's searching
     for loose change on the floor of the vehicle.

     With great effort Sam manages to prize the Rover's door
     open. He reaches inside and begins to pull the man out --
     Sam's sheer ADRENALINE giving him the strength of a YETI.

     Sam DRAGS the unconscious man away from the crashed Rover,
     his body leaving a big TRACK MARK in the gray soil. Sam
     takes a second to catch his breath, then leans down and
     turns the unconscious man onto his back.

     He BRUSHES DUST from the glass of the man's HELMET, leans
     down even closer.


     Through his helmet we see a BLOODY and BEARDED SAM. Sam as
     we remember him. The Sam from the opening twenty minutes of
     the film.

     Sam's face as the PANIC, the ALARM, the SHOCK, the
     REALIZATION hit him like a wrecking ball: this man he has
     just pulled out of the crashed Rover is himself.


     Sam gathers his wits and manages to lift the unconscious
     Sam up over his shoulder, fireman's lift style, taking him
     to the parked Rover.

                                                     CUT TO:

78   INT. DOCK -- A FEW MINUTES LATER                             78

     Sam drives the Rover into the Dock, flies out and removes
     his space helmet, screaming:

                Gerty! Gerty! Help!


     He reaches into the Rover, lifting out the unconscious Sam.
     He carries him in both arms, staggering across the dock --
     back arched, arms beginning to sag -- and into the

79   INT. CORRIDOR                                                79

     Sam promptly collapses and DROPS the unconscious Sam onto
     the floor.


     Gerty approaches, gliding along his rail. Sam is freaking
     out big time, exhausted, panic-stricken, bewildered.

                          SAM (CONT'D)
                I found him outside by the
                stalled harvester. Who is he?
                What the fuck is going on?

     A pause. Gerty literally seems lost for words.

                          SAM (CONT'D)
                    (demanding an answer)

                We need to get him to the

                Not until you tell me who he is!

                Sam, we need to get him to the
                Infirmary immediately.

     Sam SCOOPS the unconscious Sam up off the ground and lifts
     him towards the INFIRMARY -- staggering -- stumbling --

                Who is he! Who is he!

     Sounding like some deranged homeless man. Gerty gliding
     alongside him.

                                                      CUT TO:

80   INT. INFIRMARY -- DAY                                        80

     Lying in the Infirmary bed, propped on a pillow, is the
     first Sam, the bearded Sam, who we will now refer to as SAM


     He has a wicked black eye and a purple bruise on the right
     side of his face, looks like he was on the losing end of a

     He has a DRIP stuck in his arm and a tangle of WIRES
     attached to his bare chest. A MACHINE is BEEPING away.

     Gerty hovers over him, redressing the BANDAGE on Sam 1's
     left hand, the one he scolded a while back.

81   INT. INFIRMARY -- LATER                                      81

     Sam 1's eyes pop open, he is awake, staring directly at

                Hello Sam.
                    (a beat)
                How are you feeling?

                          SAM 1
                Where am I?

                The Infirmary. You had an
                accident out by one of the
                harvesters. Do you remember?

     For a second this is playing out like the other Infirmary
     scene. A case of deja-vu.

     Sam 1's eyes twitch as he catalogues through his memory.
     Yes he remembers the crash. He remembers something else,

                          SAM 1
                I saw someone out there, Gerty.

                Who did you see, Sam?

     Just then Sam 1 notices the other Sam -- the more current,
     clean-shaven Sam -- who we will now refer to as SAM 2. He
     is standing against the wall watching Sam 1.

                          SAM 1
                I saw a girl.

                You saw a girl out by the
                harvester? How is that possible?

     Sam 1 continues to stare at Sam 2, hardly believing his


                          GERTY (CONT'D)
                Sam, you suffered a slight
                concussion in the crash and have
                incurred minor injuries, but all
                in all the prognosis is good. I'm
                happy to see you again.

     As he says this Sam 2 crosses slowly from one side of the
     room to the other, never taking his eyes off Sam 1. It's
     like Sam 2 is purposefully keeping his distance, reluctant,
     afraid even, to approach any closer.

     Meanwhile Sam 1 is beginning to look spooked.

                             SAM 1

                Yes, Sam?

                          SAM 1
                Is there someone in the room with


                             SAM 1
                Who is he?

     But Sam 1 knows exactly who it is. He's seen that face
     every morning of his life in the bathroom mirror.

                Sam, get some sleep. You're very

     Sam 2 wordlessly walks out of the room.

     Sam 1's eyes shift to Gerty, the spooked expression yet to
     leave his face.

                                                     CUT TO:

82   INT. CORRIDOR -- DAY                                         82

     Sam 1 hobbling along, in addition to his facial injuries he
     injured his knee in the crash and is walking with a slight
     LIMP. The camera TRACKING behind Sam 1 as he swings along
     and stops at

83   INT. REC ROOM -- CONTINUOUS                                  83

     Sam 1 in the doorway, he peers in.


     Seated before the TV watching The Newlywed Game, Sam 2. He
     turns from the TV and shares a LONG LOOK with Sam 1.

                            SAM 1

     Sam 2 just nods. He turns back to the TV.

     Sam 1 continues on down the corridor.

84   INT. MONITORING STATION                                      84

     Gerty is studying lunar rock samples through a microscope.
     Sam 1 enters.

                          SAM 1
                Gerty, what the hell is going on?
                Who is that guy in the Rec Room?
                Where did he come from?
                Why does he look like me?

     Sam 1 is perplexed, but not freaking out, not yet anyway.

                Sam, you're out of bed.

                          SAM 1
                Yes, Gerty, I'm out of bed.   Who
                is the guy in the rec room?

                Sam Bell.

     Sam 1 is officially FREAKING OUT now.

                          SAM 1
                Who the fuck is in the rec room,

                You are Sam Bell.

     A long pause. Sam 1 at the point of tears.

                          GERTY (CONT'D)
                Sam, what is it? It might help
                to talk about it.

                          SAM 1
                I don't understand what's
                happening, Gerty. I think I may
                be losing my mind.


                We could run some tests.
                    (a beat)
                I haven't reported anything to
                central, Sam. They don't know
                you were recovered alive from the

                          SAM 1
                Recovered alive? What do you
                mean? Why haven't you reported
                to central?

                I'm here to keep you safe, Sam.
                I want to help you. Are you

     Sam 1 merely nods at this, turning and plodding out of the
     room, seemingly in a DAZE.

85   INT. CORRIDOR                                                85

     Sam 1 comes out of the Monitoring Station, passes the Rec
     Room without looking in.

86   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS -- CONTINUOUS                         86

     Sam 2 has taken over the room. The same belongings, of
     course, but there's a different energy. For one thing it's
     very untidy; looks like the bedroom of an unruly teenager.

     Sam 1 stands in the doorway, taking it in.

     Wordlessly Sam 1 begins to tidy the room. He seems almost
     RELIEVED to be able to lose himself temporarily in this
     physical activity -- making the bed, folding clothes, etc.

                                                     CUT TO:

87   INT. REC ROOM                                                87

     Sam 2 has stopped watching TV and is now seated at a table
     playing solitaire. Sam 1 appears in the doorway.

     Sam 2 looks up. The energy bristling with tension.

                          SAM 1
                You're Sam Bell.

     Sam 2 doesn't answer, goes back to his cards.

     Sam 1 enters with CAUTION, takes a seat across the room,
     purposefully keeping his distance.


                     SAM 1 (CONT'D)
           I'm Sam Bell, too.

                      SAM 2

Sam 1 nods. A beat.

                     SAM 1
           This is fucked up.

                     SAM 2

Sam 2 slapping down cards. Sam 1 desperately attempts to
put together a coherent thought.

                     SAM 1
           Why... What are you?

For a second we don't think Sam 2 is going to respond.

                     SAM 2
           I'm a clone, Sam.    Im a fucking

                     SAM 1
           How long have you been here?

                     SAM 2
           About a week.

A beat.

                     SAM 1
           How are you getting on?

                      SAM 2
               (repeating the question
           How am I getting on?
           The company ordered Gerty to lock
           all the exits. I haven't been
           able to do anything for seven
           days but sit on my ass.

                     SAM 1
           They locked all the exits? What
           about the harvesters?

                     SAM 2
           Slowed them down to half speed,


                          SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                And then when I finally trick
                Gerty into letting me outside I
                find a clone of myself in a
                crashed rover. How am I getting
                on? Oh I'm loving it.

                          SAM 1
                I'm not a clone.

                           SAM 2
                Ok, Sam.   You're not a clone.

                          SAM 1
                You're the clone.

                                                     CUT TO:

88   INT. GREENHOUSE - LATER                                      88

     The two Sam's are inspecting plants.

                          SAM 2
                How long have you been here?

                          SAM 1
                Almost three years.

                          SAM 2
                Hence the Captain's beard.

                          SAM 1
                    (with a smile)

                          SAM 2
                I didn't know it could get so
                thick. Does it itch?

                          SAM 1
                No, not really.

                           SAM 1 (CONT'D)
                Listen, I wanted to say thank-
                you. If it wasn't for you I'd
                still be out there in the crashed
                rover. You saved my life.
                Will you shake my hand?

     Sam 2 hesitates, eventually shakes Sam 1's hand. Meanwhile
     Sam 1 is staring at his clone, astonished.

                          SAM 2


                           SAM 1
                 You look just like me. It's

                           SAM 2
                 Why do I look like you? Why don't
                 you look like me?

                           SAM 1
                 We look like each other, I guess.

     This final line intended as a kind of truce.

                                                     CUT TO:

89   INT. REC ROOM -- LATER                                       89

     Sam 1 and Sam 2 are folding the Ping-Pong table down so
     they can have a real game.


     The two Sams playing Ping-Pong. It's slightly competitive,
     but mainly they are just happy to take their minds off
     their situation for half an hour.

                           SAM 1
                 Your serve.

                           SAM 2

                           SAM 1
                 Two points to eighteen.

                           SAM 2                                        

     Sam 2 slaps his paddle on his thigh, his temper creeping up        
     on him. He catches Sam's eye. Gets a grip. Sam 1 is a              
     better player than Sam 2. He's been up here longer. He's
     had more practice.

90   INT. REC ROOM -- LATER                                       90

     After the game, the two Sams are sprawled in their seats,
     sweaty, flushed, energized. They sit before the model of
     the town.

                           SAM 2
                 How long did it take you to do


                     SAM 1
           I don't remember doing all of it.
           I remember when I did the church
           and the Salvation Army. And a few
           of the people. My mind's been
           acting kind of weird lately,

                     SAM 2
           It's Fairfield, right?
           There's Town Hall.

                     SAM 1
           Uh-huh. You know Fairfield?
               (also pointing)
           That's the Baskin&Robbins. And
           there's Tess and Eve. Do you know

The mention of their wife has stopped the conversation in
its tracks. Sam 2 immediately drops into deep melancholy.

                      SAM 2
           Yes.   I know Tess.

                     SAM 1
           You know about Eve, right?

It is obvious from Sam 2's expression that he doesn't.

                     SAM 1 (CONT'D)
           We had a girl.

                       SAM 2
           We did?
           She thought she was going to have
           a boy. She was so sure.

Sam 1 nods.

                      SAM 1
           She's beautiful. She's really

                     SAM 2
           How much did she weigh? Isn't
           that what you're supposed to ask,
           how much did she weigh?

                     SAM 1
           Nine pounds, eleven ounces.


     Sam 2 doesn't know what to do with the news: on the one
     hand he is jubilant, on the other he's a clone, the baby
     technically isn't even his.

     All of a sudden there is a "PING!" From the Intercom

                          GERTY'S VOICE
                Sam, a message has arrived from

     Sam 1 and Sam 2 share a look, then together SPRING from
     their chairs.

                                                     CUT TO:

91   INT. COMMS ROOM -- DAY                                       91

     Sam 1 and Sam 2 seated before the Comms Unit. Sam 1 hits
     the "Play" button. Overmeyers and Thompson appear on the

                Greetings, Sam!

                How's our Man? Feeling better?

                You getting lots of rest?

                Yeah, you resting up, Sam? You'd
                better be you bastard.

                Enjoy it while it lasts! We've
                got good news.

                The Jupiter Program had to be put
                on hiatus, so we've got a few
                free pairs of hands --

                We've managed to secure you a
                Rescue Unit ahead of schedule.

                Rescue Unit Eliza.

     A SHOT/STILL PHOTO of Rescue Unit ELIZA. A meaner group of
     sons-of-bitches you have never seen. These guys make the
     rescue team from Apocalypse Now look like The New Kids on
     the Block.


           They've been stationed on Goliath
           19 for the last couple of months.

                     THOMPSON (O.S.)
           Eliza's been in transit for the
           last day....we expect them to
           reach you in approximately 14

                     OVERMEYERS (O.S.)
           Commence to jump for joy!

                     THOMPSON (O.S.)
           You'll be back to work in no

Now back on Overmeyers and Thompson.

           Eliza is bringing you something
           special, Sam. Compliments of the

           A hooker!

           No not a hooker. What's wrong
           with you? It's a little something
           to drink, Sam, that's all, our
           way of patting you on the back
           for all that you've been through.

           In the meantime, keep resting up,
           and hang in there.

           Yeah you hang in there, Sam. Over
           and out.

And the screen pops to black. A pause.

For a moment there is silence, neither of the Sams knowing
how to react -- going by the message Thompson and
Overmeyers don't know anything about there being two Sams
on the base now.

                     SAM 1
           They're sending a Rescue Unit?

                     SAM 2
           To fix the stalled harvester.
           They didn't think I was up to it.


                          SAM 1
                Then I'm going back.

     Sam 2 gives Sam 1 a perplexed look.

                          SAM 1 (CONT'D)
                I've done my three years. That's
                it for me --

     Sam 2 is shaking his head slowly.

                          SAM 1 (CONT'D)

                          SAM 2
                Is that what you really think?

                          SAM 1
                I've got a contract --

                           SAM 2
                You're a fucking clone! You don't
                have shit!

      At once Sam 1 and Sam 2 ROCKET to their feet -- right in
      each others faces, on the BRINK of BLOWS.

                          SAM 1
                I'm going home!

                          SAM 2
                You're not going anywhere!

      Sam 1 turns around, heads out of the room. Sam 2 STORMS
      after him, TALKING the whole time --

                          SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                You've been up here too long,
                man! You've lost the plot!

      Gerty shuttles along after them.

92    INT. CORRIDOR -- CONTINUOUS                                92

     Sam 1 presses down the corridor, Sam 2 tailing right behind

                          SAM 2
                What, you think Tess is back home
                waiting for you? What about the
                original Sam?

                          SAM 1
                I'm the original! I'm Sam
                fucking Bell! Me! Me!


     Sam 1, stress ball pumping away in his hand, spots Gety and
     angrily faces him.

                          SAM 1 (CONT'D)
                Gerty, am I a clone?

     Gerty doesn't know which way to look.

                Yes, Sam.

     Sam 1 ducks in the Rec Room, Sam 2 in tow.

93   INT. REC ROOM                                              93

     Sam 1 takes his old seat before the model. Sam 2 stands
     over him.

                          SAM 2
                What about the other clones?

     "Other clones?" Sam 1 just stares back.

                           SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                Yeah, we might not be the first
                two to be woken up.
                    (indicating the model)
                You said that thing had already
                been started when you got here.
                Well, who started it?
                There might be other clones up
                here right now. Think about it.
                How did I get here so quickly                         
                after your crash? They didn't
                ship me in from Central, there
                wasn't time. I must have come
                from the base.

                          SAM 1
                That's ridiculous. Impossible.                        
                Why would hey do that?                                

                          SAM 2
                I bet there's some kind of secret
                room --

                          SAM 1
                Secret room?

                          SAM 2
                Yeah, secret room, why not?


                          SAM 1                                       
                    (losing his cool)                                 
                You're the one who's lost the
                plot! I've been here for three
                years. I know every inch of this
                base. I know how many dust fibres
                are between those wall panels
                over there -- why would they do                       

                          SAM 2                                       
                Look. It's a company, right?                          
                They have investors, shareholders                     
                -- shit like that. What's                             
                cheaper? Spending time and money                      
                training new personnel or just                        
                have a couple of spares here to                       
                do the job. If they make it                           
                through their contract, great.                        
                If they don't, hallelujah! No                         
                contract completion fees, no                          
                retirement package. Just thaw out                     
                the spare, and keep the profits                       
                rolling in. It's the far side of                      
                the Moon, Sam! The tight fuck's                       
                haven't even fixed our                                
                communications satellite.                             

                          SAM 1                                       
                Tess would know.                                      

                          SAM 2                                       
                Do you really think they give a                       
                shit about us? They're laughing                       
                all the way to the bank!                              

                          SAM 1                                       
                Tess would know what's going on!                      
                She wouldn't let that happen!                         

                          SAM 2                                       
                There's some area we don't know                       
                about. I'm going to find it.                          

     Sam 1 shakes his head dismissively, picks up the wooden
     house, starts whittling.

     Meanwhile Sam 2 has left the room.

94   INT. MONITORING STATION -- QUICK CUTS                      94

     Sam 2 in the Monitoring Station checking wall panels,
     reaching his hand inside cubbies and feeling around deep
     inside, SEARCHING.


95   INT. CORRIDOR -- QUICK CUTS                                  95

     Sam 2 moving along the corridor, pressing his ear against
     panels, tapping with his finger --

96   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS -- QUICK CUTS                         96

     Sam 2 RAMPAGES through the Sleeping Quarters, pushes the
     bed aside, lifts the mattress, goes tearing through a
     closet, ripping clothes from hangers, checks the back

97   INT. REC ROOM                                                97

     Sam 2 has come full circle. He shifts the ping pong table,
     goes through cabinets in the kitchen, feels inside --

     Sam 1 half-whittling, half-watching.

                          SAM 1
                I told you.

                           SAM 2

     Finally Sam 2 arrives before the model.

                          SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                Get out of the way.

                           SAM 1

                          SAM 2
                I want to check underneath there.

                          SAM 1
                You're not moving the model.

                          SAM 2
                Get the fuck out of my way!

     Sam 1 stands, keeps his ground.

                           SAM 1

     Sam 1 is still holding the knife. Though he's not about to
     use it, both Sams are aware that it's there.

     Suddenly Sam 2 LUNGES for the knife; an INTENSE STRUGGLE
     ensues -- TEETH CLENCHED, sputtering BREATHS -- the two
     Sams less clones right now than ANIMALS.


     Sam 2 is able to loosen Sam 1's grip on the knife --
     flinging the weapon across the room -- and SWINGS Sam 1 up
     against the wall.

     Now Sam 2 turns to face the model. Using BOTH HANDS he
     lifts the model up HIGH over his HEAD and PUSHES the entire
     thing UPSIDE DOWN. A massive CRASH.

     There is nothing there but the bare table.

     Sam 1 comes up behind Sam 2 with his nose SPEWING BLOOD,
     wraps both arms around Sam 2's neck. Sam 2 elbows him in
     the ribs -- a quick, controlled jab -- SPINS around,
     manages to secure Sam 1 in an arm lock.

     But suddenly there is no struggle coming from Sam 1: he's
     stopped fighting. Sam 2 removes him from the headlock --
     notices his arm is SMUDGED with Sam 1's BLOOD --

                            SAM 2
                You okay?

     Sam 1 has remained bent over, like he's cast in stone,
     blood RAINING from his face and POOLING at his feet thick
     and fast.

     Sam 2 just staring, as freaked as he is baffled.

                          SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                I hardly touched you.

     Now he tries to help Sam 1.

                          SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                Let me see.

     Sam 1 tears away from him. He looks up, his face a MESS of
     blood -- the WHITES of his eyes unnaturally bright, shouts:

                          SAM 1
                Get off me!

     Sam 1 holds his face with his outstretched hand, as if
     holding it in place -- STUMBLES from the room -- leaking
     BLOOD the whole way.

     A concerned Sam 2 watches him go.

                                                        CUT TO:

98   INT. BATHROOM -- MOMENTS LATER                                98

     Sam 1 spills in and locks the door. He RAPIDLY turns on the
     faucet and cups his hand to transfer water up to his face --
     this going on for a few seconds.



      Sam 1 stares at his reflection in the mirror, holding a
      MOUND of TOILET PAPER against his NOSE. The blood flow has

      Suddenly Sam 1 sees the GIRL in the mirror. It gives him a
      hell of a FRIGHT.

      The Girl remains in the mirror looking at Sam 1. A neutral
      expression, impassive. Sam 1 takes a deep breath, lowers
      the toilet paper from his nose.

                             SAM 1
                   Who are you?

      No answer.

                             SAM 1 (CONT'D)
                   Who are you!

      Sam 1 swings around to confront the Girl...but she's not
      there, she's vanished. Her reflection has vanished from the
      mirror also.

                                                      CUT TO:

99    INT. REC ROOM                                                99

      Sam 2 snaps on the TV with the remote, starts watching
      Laugh-In, turns, sees Sam 1 wander by in the corridor. Sam
      2 considers calling out to him, opts against it, gives the
      TV his full attention.

100   INT. MONITORING STATION                                    100

      Gerty is stationed at the Old Man collecting data. Sam 1

                   Hello Sam.

                                SAM 1
                   Hi Gerty.

      Sam 1 sits. A pause. Gerty turns from the monitor, faces of
      with an EXHAUSTED and DRAINED Sam 1.

                   Sam, is everything okay?


                     SAM 1
           We had a fight. Me and the other
           guy, the other Sam. We had a
           fight, Gerty. He's a maniac. You
           know what he did? He flipped the
           entire model over. Do you know
           how much work I've put into that

           938 hours.

                      SAM 1
           938 hours, exactly.
           Really? 938 hours.


                     SAM 1
               (a beat)
           He scares me, Gerty.

           What is it about Sam that scares

                     SAM 1
           He flies off the handle. I see it
           now...I see what Tess was talking
               (a beat)
           I've never told you this, Gerty,
           but she left me. Tess left me.
           For six months. She moved back in
           with her parents.

           I know.

                      SAM 1
           It was the year before I came in
           here. She gave me a second
           chance. I promised her I'd

           You have changed, Sam.

                     SAM 1
           Yeah, I guess I have.

A beat.


                     SAM 1 (CONT'D)
           Gerty, since I've been up here
           I've sent Tess over a hundred
           video messages. Where did those
           messages go? Did they ever reach

A pause.

           Sam, I can only account for what
           occurs on the base.

                     SAM 1
           What about the messages she sent
           to me?

A long pause. Finally Gerty repeats:

           Sam, I can only account for what
           occurs on the base.

                     SAM 1
           Gerty, am I really a clone?

           Sam, when you first arrived at
           Selene, there was a small crash.
           You woke up in the infirmary. You
           suffered minor brain damage and
           memory loss. I kept you under
           observation and ran some tests.

                     SAM 1
           I remember.

           Sam, there was no crash. You
           were being awakened.
               (a beat)
           It is standard procedure for all
           new clones to be given tests to
           establish mental stability and
           general physical health. Genetic
           abnormalities and minor
           duplication errors in the DNA can
           have considerable impact--

                       SAM 1
           And Tess?    Eve?

           They are memory implants, Sam.
           I'm very sorry.


      Sam 1 nods at this. He's broken-hearted.   He begins to

                           GERTY (CONT'D)
                 Sam, it's been several hours
                 since your last meal. Can I
                 prepare you something?

                           SAM 1
                 No thanks, Gerty.

      Sam 1 exits.

                                                         CUT TO:

101   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS                                        101

      Sam 1 enters the sleeping quarters -- straightens the bed
      and lies down. He picks up the picture of the pregnant
      TESS, stares at it long and hard.

                                                         CUT TO:

102   INT. REC ROOM   -- LATER                                      102

      The TV is off. Sam 2 is sitting, arms folded, entrenched in

      Sam 1 enters and heads for the kitchen, prepares himself a
      snack. Sam 2 is aware that Sam 1 is there, but keeps his
      eyes focussed forward, as immobile as a statue.

      Eventually Sam 1 tentatively comes over.

                             SAM 1
                 You okay?

                           SAM 2
                 I'm staring into space.
                     (points to the window)
                 Get it?

      Sam 1 does get it. He smiles to be polite, sits.

                           SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                 How's the nose?

                             SAM 1

      A beat.

                           SAM 2
                 Listen, I went haywire before. I
                 lost it. I'm sorry.


                        SAM 1
           It's okay.

                      SAM 2
           No it's not okay. I fucked up
           Fairfield -- your model -- that's
           unacceptable. I don't know what's
           wrong with me.
           I've got a temper. I need to do
           something about it.

                     SAM 1
           Yes you do.

A pause.

                     SAM 2
           I've been thinking. That Rescue
           Unit -- Eliza -- they'll be here
           in less than fourteen hours. I
           don't know about you but I'd like
           to figure out where we stand
           before they get here.

                     SAM 1

                      SAM 2
           Ostensibly they're coming to deal
           with the stalled harvester. We
           both know that isn't true.
           They're coming to dig your body
           out of that rover. They think
           you're in there.

                        SAM 1

                     SAM 2
           What'll their reaction be when
           they find out you survived the
           crash? I wasn't supposed to find
           you. Lunar instructed Gerty to
           lock me inside the base for
           Christ's sake.

A pause. Sam 1 thinking it over.

                     SAM 2 (CONT'D)
           And there's something else.
           Something I haven't told you.
               (a beat)


                     SAM 2 (CONT'D)
           Right around the time I was
           awakened...I walked in on Gerty
           talking to Central. He was having
           a live conversation.

                     SAM 1
           A live conversation?

                      SAM 2

                     SAM 1
           That's not possible.

                     SAM 2
           No no no, it is possible. It's
           possible because I saw it, that's
           my point.

Sam 2 feels himself losing his temper a little here. He
reigns himself in.

                     SAM 1
           How do you know the conversation
           was live?

                     SAM 2
           It was a back and forth exchange.
           And I saw Thompson and Overmeyers
           up on the monitor. I was supposed
           to be asleep in the Infirmary.
           The moment I walked into the
           comms room Gerty terminated the
           transmission. Now I was a little
           drugged up, granted, but I didn't
           imagine it.

                     SAM 1
           The communications equipment is
           damaged -- there was a solar
           storm --

                      SAM 2

                     SAM 1
           Tabitha, right.

                     SAM 2
           Lunar made it up. Maybe. I don't
           know. Bottom line is they don't
           want us to be able to contact
           Earth. Otherwise why would they
           have lied to us?

A pause. Sam 1 staring forward, concentrating. Sam 2
concentrating on Sam 1.


                           SAM 1
                 How are they blocking the live
                 feed? The base's communications
                 equipment works fine --

                           SAM 2
                 Maybe they're not blocking the
                 signal from inside the base.

                           SAM 1
                 From where then?

      As if reading each others minds, the two Sams' heads turn
      to the window -- a slow, perfectly synchronized movement.

      The lunar landscape, as black and vast as ever. The view
      almost cruel in its emptiness. It's not giving them any
      answers, not yet.

                                                        CUT TO:

103   I/E. ROVER ONE/MOON SURFACE -- DAY                            103

      Sam 1 speeding along in one of the Rovers. He wears his
      space suit and resembles a cosmic racing driver -- shifts
      up a gear, the vehicle flirting with peak speed.

      He flies past one of the Harvesters, speaks through a
      microphone inside his helmet.

                           SAM 1
                 Just passing the last of the
                 Harvesters -- looks like John --

      All of this against the ROAR of the Rover's engine.

104   I/E. ROVER TWO/MOON SURFACE                                   104

      Driving away from base in a   different direction, Sam 2. He
      also wears a space suit. He   also guns the engine. He also
      has a microphone inside his   helmet. The two clones are able
      to talk back and forth with   no delay.

                           SAM 2
                 How long until you're out of the
                 base's range?

      We INTERCUT between the two Sams in their Rovers.

                           SAM 1
                 If I maintain this speed...a
                 minute. Ninety seconds tops.

                           SAM 2
                 You ever been this far out?


                              SAM 1
                 No, never.


      Viewed from far away, the Rover's speed less impressive
      from a distance.


      As the Sams continue to drive.

                           SAM 1
                 You see anything yet?

                           SAM 2
                 Nothing. You?

                            SAM 1
                 There isn't shit out here...I
                 feel like I'm about to drive off
                 the end of the world.
                 It would help if I knew what I
                 was looking for.

      Through the glass of Sam 1's helmet we see his FACE
      suddenly SHIFT.

                           SAM 1 (CONT'D)
                 Wait a second, wait a second.

      Sam 1 squints and leans closer towards the windshield, like
      he's trying to decipher a road sign --

                           SAM 1 (CONT'D)
                 I see something.

      SAM 1'S POV

      About a hundred feet away -- appearing from thin air -- a
      massive metal pole stretches up into the black sky.

                           SAM 2
                 What is it?

                           SAM 1
                 Don't know yet.

      Sam 1 getting closer.

                           SAM 1 (CONT'D)
                 Looks like some kind of antenna.


                      SAM 2
           Antenna? Really?
           Hang on, looks like there's one
           on this side too.

Sam 2 is indeed approaching something similar.

Sam 1 stops his Rover about twenty feet from the Jammer. He
opens the Rover's door and steps out to take a closer look.


Taking in the Jammer and the adjacent Rover. Sam 1 loping
towards the Jammer, seemingly in slow motion.

The JAMMER is GIGANTIC --An intimidating, stark pole
stabbed into the lunar landscape, like the worlds biggest
caber. Next to it Sam 1 is tiny, a white dot, as
insignificant as a pin prick.

Sam 1 and Sam 2

We cut back and forth between the two Sams as they both
investigate the separate but identical-looking Jammers.

                      SAM 2 (CONT'D)
           I can just make out the top. Must
           be a hundred feet tall at least.
           It's huge!

                     SAM 1
           Whoever built these things meant
           business. They weren't fucking

Their voices ENERGIZED -- they are excited to have made
this discovery -- they aren't dealing with the negatives

                     SAM 1 (CONT'D)
           What do you think?

                     SAM 2
           Its not an antennae, dude. Its a
               (looking around)
           No wonder we can't get a live
           feed. These things must be
           blocking our signal.

Suddenly Sam 1 doubles over. He vomits thick, viscous
blood and sick into his helmet. Revolting.

The noise is AUDIBLE over the microphone.


                              SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                  You okay?

      No answer from Sam 1. He COLLAPSES backwards onto the
      ground. His chest LURCHES like he's been punched at from
      the inside -- he spins over onto his front --

                              SAM 2 (CONT'D)

      Sam 1 manages to climb to his feet -- heads slowly back to
      the Rover -- he dips in, closes the door.

                            SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                  Sam, can you hear me?

                             SAM 1
                  Yeah, I hear you.
                  I'm going to head back to base.
                  I'm not feeling too good.

                            SAM 2
                  I'll stay out here a little
                  longer. I want to see if there
                  are any more of these things.

      Sam 1 pulls a U-turn and begins his journey back to base.

      Sam 2 remains out by his Jammer, investigating further.

                                                      CUT TO:

106   I/E. SAM 1'S ROVER/MOON SURFACE                             106

      Sam 1 at the wheel. He has pulled his helmet off within
      the safe pocket of the rovers cabin. He's a grizzly mess
      of splashed sick and blood all over his face and chest.

      Sam 1 screams out with confusion, frustration, terror.

                              SAM 1

      He seizes the steering wheel, shakes it FIERCELY --
      beginning to really LOSE IT --

107   INT. DOCK                                                   107

      Sam 1 drives his Rover into the Dock -- not with his
      customary precision -- parks at an angle, grazes the wall.

      The Rover's door JERKS opens and Sam 1 steps out
      unsteadily, his face visibly PALE through the glass of his


      He STAGGERS across the dock -- doesn't even close the
      Rover's door behind him -- heads into the corridor.

108   INT. CORRIDOR                                                 108

      Sam 1 goes swerving up the corridor like a drunkard --
      BANGING into walls -- he finally reaches the bathroom and
      ducks in --

109   INT. BATHROOM                                                 109

      Sam 1 sinks to his knees before the toilet bowl. With great
      effort he is able to remove his helmet, placing it on the
      floor next to him. He stares into the toilet.

      For a moment all is calm. The gentle "ping-ping-ping" of a
      computer somewhere inside the base. Sam breathing steadily.
      Spots of sweat on his upper lip.

      And then he VOMITS. He vomits LOUD, he vomits VIOLENTLY.
      His whole body THRUSTS forward in the process, taught,
      tense, like a dog being YANKED on a CHAIN.

      Sam 1 vomits again. And again. And again. And stops.


      Sam 1's vomit is DARK RED -- he's thrown up BLOOD -- but
      that's not all -- we can clearly see two or three TEETH
      floating in the vomit --


      Sam 1 stands, moves to the mirror, opening his mouth wide
      to look for the missing teeth -- he uses his thumbs, shows
      his gums -- revealing: yes, he's lost at least a couple of

      He flushes the toilet.

                                                      CUT TO:

110   EXT. MOON -- DAY                                              110

      Sam 2 driving along in his Rover. He comes across another
      one of these JAMMERS. He drives right up, ducks down,
      peering up through the windshield -- this new Jammer is as
      tall as the others, in fact, it is identical in every way.

      How many of these things are there?


      Sam 2 circles the Jammer in the Rover, drives on.

                                                        CUT TO:

111   INT. MONITORING STATION                                       111

      Sam 1 enters and sits down at The Old Man. Frantically he
      starts typing in numbers.

      An array of Log Entries appear ON THE SCREEN. Sam watches
      one of them.

                           SAM 1
                     (on screen)
                 January 12th, Lunar hour 8:32.
                 All Harvesters running smoothly
                 today. Readouts are as follows:
                 Matthew, 12.7 miles; Mark 11.9

      These are just his log entries. What's he looking for?

      Sam 1 starts scrolling BACK through the log entries, like
      he's REWINDING chapters on a DVD, showing himself at
      various stages of his time on Selene -- his beard
      essentially growing in REVERSE as the messages stretch
      further back -- eventually Sam 1 is clean shaven --

                           SAM 1 (CONT'D)
                     (on the screen)
                 Luke, 12.9 miles; John, 11.1

      Sam 1 keeps typing in numbers.


      No go.   He tries to hack his way in, but is having no luck.

      One of Gerty's long spindly ARMS slides into the room. Sam
      backs away from the intimidating piece of machinery, but it
      stops within reach of the computer.

      Sam 1 watches as the arm reaches forward and taps the
      password in for him. It leaves the room the way it came

      Sam 1 continues to go further and further back -- and
      suddenly he POPS up on the screen again -- or is it him? --
      this Sam up on the screen has stubble -- no beard -- and
      looks seriously ILL --

      He is barely able to talk -- in fact he's SLURRING --


                     (on screen)
                 ...John, 15.1 miles...sorry, I'm
                 not feeling too hot today -- I'm
                 going to have to continue this
                 later --

      continuing to BACKTRACK through the log entries -- showing
      yet more SAMS -- one has a MOUSTACHE -- one has a SHAVED
      HEAD -- one has grown out his hair and has a PONY TAIL,
      we've seen this particular Sam before in an earlier scene.

      But all the Sams have one thing in common: towards the
      latter end of their log entries they all appear to be in
      very bad physical shape --

                            SAM 4
                 ...I've got blood coming out of
                 my nose...

                           SAM 5
                 I don't feel too well, Old Man.

                           SAM 6
                 My hair's falling out...look it.

      Sam 1 searches even DEEPER into the COMPUTER and uncovers
      yet more footage.

      We see the others Sams returning to Earth -- yet they don't
      seem to go anywhere -- when they blast off the RETURN
      VEHICLE remains in its bay --

      Sam 1 views different Sams blasting back to earth in the
      return vehicle -- always with the same result -- the return
      vehicle remaining in its bay, the Sams seemingly VANISHING.

      In one particularly GRAINY SEQUENCE Sam 1 views Gerty
      opening the lid to the cryo pod in the return vehicle and
      beginning to VACUUM what appears to be DUST or DEBRIS --

      Sam 1 understands now that the Return Vehicle is not a
      spacecraft, but some kind of INCINERATOR.

112   INT. RETURN VEHICLE                                         112

      Sam 1 heads into the Return Vehicle. Its dominated by the
      cryo pod, used to hold astronauts in a state of cryogenic
      sleep on their way back to Earth. Sam 1 pops open the lid
      and starts frantically searching the chamber for TRACES of
      the previous Sams, eventually finding particles of DUST in
      the cracks --


      He closes the lid. A video showing a TECHNICIAN in a white
      lab coat begins to play on a screen aimed at the glass lid
      of the pod. It's mute, but we can hear a tinny version of
      the audio coming from the cryo pod. Sam 1 pushes a button
      on the monitor and we hear the audio properly.

                  ...relax and breathe deeply. The
                  cryo pod is designed to put you
                  into a deep sleep for the
                  duration of your three day return
                  journey back to Earth. As you
                  begin to get sleepy, think about
                  the magnificent job you've done,
                  and how proud your family are of
                  what you've accomplished.

      Relaxing music begins to play. After a moment the music
      stops. There is a pause. Then an almighty pulse of light
      from the cryo pod. This is how Sams past have met their
      end. Nuked to ash like microwave meals in the cryo pod.

      Sam 1 inspects the controls of the spacecraft to see if it
      really is a vehicle -- in the process of his search he
      finds himself down on his knees checking out the wiring.

      Suddenly Sam 1's attention is on the floor BENEATH HIM. He
      appears to be kneeling on some kind of PANEL -- like a
      tablet in the return vehicle's floor -- he presses his ear
      against the panel -- KNOCKS --

      The panel sounds HOLLOW.


      Sam 1 opens a cubby, swipes something similar to a CROW
      BAR, heads out of the frame --


      Back in the Return Vehicle, Sam 1 stands over the panel in
      the floor. He uses the CROW BAR to prize the panel open --
      this takes an extraordinary effort -- the panel eventually
      LIFTING like a manhole cover.

      Sam 1 can't believe his eyes. At the top of the OPEN PANEL,
      leading down into darkness...there's A LADDER.

113   INT. DOCK                                                  113    

      Sam 2 returns from his tour of the perimeter of the base;
      pulls up alongside Sam 1's Rover, having to compensate for
      his clone's poor parking job.


114   INT. CORRIDOR                                               114

      Sam 2 exits the Parking Bay and removes his helmet. Down
      the corridor he sees Sam 1 standing outside the Return
      Vehicle: facing him, waiting.

                           SAM 2
                 I saw three more of those
                 jammers. The base is surrounded.
                 I printed out their coordinates --

      Sam 2 begins to remove a piece of paper from his pocket,
      but suddenly stops. He can tell by Sam 1's expression that
      something has happened.

                           SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                 What? What is it?

                           SAM 1
                 I found your secret room.                               

                                                      CUT TO:

115   INT. RETURN VEHICLE                                         115

      Standing over the Open Panel, an anxious Sam 1 and Sam 2
      stare down.

                           SAM 2
                 Who goes first?

      Sam 1 wordlessly takes the lead, crouching slightly to
      seize the ladder and twist his body down into the hole. He
      begins to DESCEND. When he is roughly half way down Sam 2

116   INT. LOWER DECK/CHAMBER -- CONTINUOUS                       116

      Sam 1 reaches the bottom of the ladder. He's in a dark
      room, a kind of CHAMBER -- if NASA did crypts, it would
      look like this.                                                    

      The only light source right now is the coming from the
      Return Vehicle up above. Sam 2 hops down beside Sam 1,
      squints into the darkness.

                           SAM 2
                 Is there a light?

      Both Sams FUMBLE along opposing walls -- Sam 1 eventually
      finding a SWITCH, snaps it on.

      An array of overhead fluorescent bulbs begin to STUTTER and
      FLASH before ILLUMINATING the chamber completely --


The two Sams can hardly believe their eyes: stretching back
maybe fifty feet are rows and rows of PODS -- like upright
glass coffins -- and standing inside each pod, an as-of-yet
UNAWAKENED CLONE. It's like an ENTIRE ARMY of Sam Bells...

Spooky as hell.

For a few moments Sam 1 and 2 are too stunned to speak.
They walk to the end of the chamber and back again, looking
at each clone one at a time -- all the clones are bare
chested and wear some kind of white cloth to cover their
genitals, like a diaper.

Of course they all look the same, that's why they're
clones, but this piece of scientific wizardry is mind-
boggling to Sam 1 and 2 -- they MARVEL at how each of the
clones is identical in every way, and down to the minutest
of details -- same length of hair, same skin tone, same
fingernails --

                     SAM 2 (CONT'D)
           Why are there so many of them?

                     SAM 1
           The cryo pod in the Return
           Vehicle is an incinerator.

Sam 2 reacts with appropriate shock.

                       SAM 2

                     SAM 1
           We don't go home. We're burned to
           death up there. Then the company
           wakes up a new one. Every three
           years. Like clock work.                             

Sam 2 absorbing this. Then:

                     SAM 2
           How do you know all this?

                      SAM 1                                    
           I hacked into the Old Man.
           Actually, Gerty did. I saw
           footage. You're right, there have
           been other clones before us.

                       SAM 2
           How many?

                       SAM 1

A pause.


                           SAM 2
                 If that Rescue Unit finds the two
                 of us awake at the same time,
                 they'll kill us both for sure.

      Sam 1 doesn't respond, he's in his own world.

                           SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                 What are we going to do?

      All of a sudden Sam 1 makes a beeline for the ladder,
      starts heading back up.

                           SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                 Where are you going?

117   INT. MONITORING STATION -- MOMENTS LATER                      117

      Sam 1 is digging in drawers, removes some equipment, some
      wires; a radio, a small machine called a VIDEO PHONE,
      referred to as a VP.

      He is watched by Gerty.

                 Sam, can I help you with

                           SAM 1
                 Not now, Gerty, okay?

      Gerty begins to slide out of the room.   Sam calls after             

                            SAM 1 (CONT'D)                                 
                 Gerty? Why did you help me? With                          
                 the password? Doesn't that go                             
                 against your programming or                               

                 Helping you is what I do.                                 

      Gerty leaves.                                                        

      Sam 1 goes on picking up equipment, shoves it all into a
      backpack he swiped from a peg.

      Now Sam 2 appears in the doorway.

                           SAM 2
                 What's going on?

                           SAM 1
                 There's something I've got to do.


      Sam 1 brushes by Sam 2 on his way out.

118   INT. DOCK                                                   118

      Sam 1 marches up to his Rover, tosses in the backpack and
      dips inside without his helmet, closes the door and backs
      out into the black day.

119   I/E. SAM 1'S ROVER/MOON SURFACE                             119

      Sam 1 at the wheel, flooring the Rover -- he looks
      possessed, determined -- a man on a mission --


      Sam's Rover approaches one of the many Jammers that we now
      know circle the perimeter of the base.

      Sam 1 stops the Rover on the other side of the Jammer.
      Here, outside the range of the Jammers, he figures he might
      be able to get a signal through to Earth.

      ON SAM as he removes his equipment from the backpack and
      starts to uncoil wires -- inserts a small BATTERY PACK onto
      the back of the VP, sits the VP on his lap. The VP
      resembles a Play Station Portable with its small but
      nonetheless high-quality screen.

      Sam isn't sure who to contact at first...finally he enters
      some numbers from memory. The VP shaking in his hands. He
      is nervous, scared. He disables the video mode on his end,         
      so he is only sending audio.                                       

      A moment of silence. The VP seems dead.

                            SAM 1
                  Come on...come on...

      Then the VP BEEPS -- the monitor BLIPS -- the message seems
      to have gone through.

      And suddenly a GIRL appears on the screen.

      Sam 1 can't believe it. It's the same Girl from his
      hallucinations. Same wheat-colored hair. Same freckles
      dotting her cheek bones. Same yellow dress.

      The moment Sam 1 sees the Girl he thinks -- naturally --
      that he's imagining things again. But then she speaks:



That's never happened before. Sam 1 finally manages to

                     SAM 1
           Uh, Bell residence?

The conversation has a very slight delay, maybe a second or
two, and the Girl isn't completely clear on the monitor. We
assume that these minor technical glitches are the same on
the Girl's end.

The Girl is sweet, chirpy -- nothing like the haunting,
ghost-like figure from Sam 1's hallucinations.

           This is the Bell Residence.

                     SAM 1
           I'm trying to reach Tess Bell.

The girl's expression shifts -- now somewhere between
melancholy and curiosity --

           I'm sorry, she passed away some
           years ago.

Sam 1 GASPS. He literally gasps. Like someone just plunged
a paring knife into his belly.

                     SAM 1

The girl just stares.

                     SAM 1 (CONT'D)
           Tess Bell? Are you sure?

           Uh, yeah, I think so. I'm her
           Can I help you?

And astonishingly, the news of Tess's death actually takes
a back seat as Sam 1 is forced to confront this new

The girl is EVE BELL. Sam 1 is talking to his DAUGHTER.

Sam 1 tilts his head, a smile twitches on his face.

                     SAM 1

Sam 1 can't believe it. She's beautiful. She's beautiful.


                     EVE BELL

A moment. Eve looking more closely, trying to decipher Sam
1's face. Tears glistening in his eyes.

                      SAM 1
           Hi... Hi. Eve. How old are you

For a second Eve is embarrassed -- she blushes slightly --
but is still pulled in, intrigued.

                      EVE BELL
           I'm fifteen.
           Do I know you?

                     SAM 1
           How did mom die, sweetheart?

                     EVE BELL

Now Eve is beginning to look spooked. She turns away from
the screen and calls to someone in another room:

                     EVE BELL (CONT'D)

And then we hear a voice. Sam's voice.

                     SAM'S VOICE (O.S.)

                     EVE BELL
           Dad, there's someone asking about

 Sam's voice sounds CLOSER, more SUCCINCT, as he comes into
 the room -- but we don't see him yet -- he sounds, OLDER.     

                     SAM'S VOICE
           Who's asking about mom?

Sam 1 hurriedly shuts off the VP.

He sits there in the Rover, on the Moon, the middle of
nowhere -- hundreds and thousands of miles from Earth --
Sam 1 has never felt more alone than he does right now.


120   EXT. ROVER/MOON SURFACE                                     120

      The Rover viewed from outside. We can't hear a thing. Just
      the endless and unrelenting MOON SILENCE.

      Inside the Rover we are able to make out Sam 1, quivering
      at the wheel as he sobs.

                                                      CUT TO:

121   INT. COMMS ROOM                                             121


      The "ping-ping-ping" of an alarm.

      Appearing on The Old Man's monitor: "RESCUE UNIT ELIZA:

                                                      CUT TO:

122   INT. REC ROOM -- DAY                                        122

      Sam 2 is sitting before the model. He's flipped it back
      over and returned it to the table top. Now he is attempting
      to fix some of the demolished pieces. At this moment he's
      gluing the spire back on the church.

      Sam 2 hears a sound from the corridor. Moments later Sam 1
      appears in the doorway wearing the backpack.

      Sam 1 is beginning to look alarmingly ILL. His depleting
      health has been evident throughout the film, but now it
      seems to have jumped to a new level.

      He watches Sam 2 for a little while.

                           SAM 1
                 Want me to help?

      Sam 2 shifts over to give Sam 1 the adjacent chair. Sam 1
      walks over, sits down. Together they work on gluing the
      church back together.

                           SAM 1 (CONT'D)
                 Remember that crazy drunk guy who
                 used to hang out by the church?

                           SAM 2
                 Barbara Streisand?


                     SAM 1
               (with a smile)
           He looked like Barbara Streisand.
           We used to hide his Bible when he
           passed out. Drove the guy nuts.

Sam 2 nods, remembering. A pause.

                     SAM 2
           How do you carve these things?

                     SAM 1
           Want me to show you?

Sam 2 nods. Sam 1 picks up a block of wood, grabs an exacto
blade. Demonstrates.

                     SAM 1 (CONT'D)
           You need to hold the wood away
           from you. Like this.

                     SAM 2
           You're shaking.

Sam 2 isn't kidding. Though he is carving the block of
wood, Sam 1 can't keep it steady.

                     SAM 2 (CONT'D)
           Why are you shaking?

                      SAM 1
           Watch what I'm doing.
           You watching?

                     SAM 2

                     SAM 1
           Now you try.

Sam 1 hands the wood and exacto blade to Sam 2.

Sam 2 attempts to whittle. He smiles, a little embarrassed.

                     SAM 2
           I suck.

                     SAM 1
           You'll get the hang of it.
               (a beat)
           You see, that's a little better


Suddenly Sam 1 turns around and has a vicious coughing fit.
It actually seems to propel Sam 1 out of his chair and up
onto his feet. Sam 2 watches with concern. Eventually the
coughing subsides.

                     SAM 2
           What's happening to you?

Sam 1 averts his gaze.

                     SAM 2 (CONT'D)
           Listen, I realize I've been less
           than cooperative. But I want to
           change that. You and me, we need
           to work together. And that starts
           with not keeping secrets from
           each other.
               (a beat)
           Now what's going on?

Sam 1 tells the truth.

                     SAM 1
           I think I'm dying.

Sam 2 stares back at him.

                     SAM 1 (CONT'D)
           There's blood in everything. My
           urine. My vomit. I've got a
           constant headache. Dizzy spells.
               (a beat)
           The same thing happened to the
           other clones. I saw it when I
           hacked into the Old Man. After
           three years they all started to
           get sick. Now it's happening to
           me. Well, it's been happening for
           a while now. A couple of weeks.

                     SAM 2
           What do you think it is?

                      SAM 1
           Maybe we don't live that long.
           Maybe we start to decompose or

                     SAM 2

Suddenly Sam 1 closes his eyes -- SWAYS -- looks like he's
going to pass out.

                     SAM 2 (CONT'D)
           Hey hey hey, you okay?


      Sam 2 stands and moves to Sam 1. Holds him up, checks his

                           SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                 Why don't you lie down for a
                 while? Take some tranqs. Get
                 some sleep.

                           SAM 1
                     (grim smile)
                 No tranqs. I don't think I would
                 ever wake up again.

      Sam 1 manages a nod.

      Sam 2 hooks his arm around Sam 1's shoulder, helps him from
      the room.

123   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS                                      123

      Sam 2 deposits Sam 1 onto the bed. He removes Sam 1's
      backpack, eases a pillow under his head. Sam 1 is instantly
      asleep. Sam 2 pulls the comforter over him.

      Sam 2 begins to leave the room, sees Sam 1's backpack on
      the floor, the VP sticking out of it. Curious, Sam 2 grabs
      the VP.

      FLASHING on the VP's SCREEN: "Last Transmission: 15:14pm."

                                                      CUT TO:

124   INT. REC ROOM                                               124

      Sam 2 enters the Rec Room and shuts the door. He moves to
      one of the tables and sits down, POPS on the VP.

      ON THE VP MONITOR we begin to re-watch the conversation
      between Eve Bell and Sam 1. Obviously we are only seeing
      Eve's face on the screen, but WE HEAR Sam 1's voice in the

                           SAM 1 (O.S.)
                 Uh, Bell Residence?

                 This is the Bell residence.

                           SAM 2
                     (commenting as he
                 No you didn't...

                           SAM 1 (O.S.)
                 I'm trying to reach Tess Bell.


                 I'm sorry, she passed away some
                 years ago.

      Sam 2 and Sam 1 have exactly the same reaction at the same

               SAM 1 (O.S.)                           SAM 2 way.            way.

                           SAM 1 (O.S.)
                 Tess Bell? Are you sure?

                 Uh, yeah, I think so, I'm her
                 Can I help you?

      I'm her daughter. A couple of days ago Sam 2 didn't know he
      had a daughter, and now he's seeing her as a teenager, a
      young woman. He is stunned.

      Sam 2 continues to watch the message but we

                                                         CUT TO:

125   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS -- DAY                                 125

      Sam 1 fast asleep. Sam 2 watches him from the doorway.

126   INT. STORAGE CUBBY                                            126

      Gerty is just continuing with his tasks like nothing is
      happening. Right now he's STACKING ready-meals and
      miscellaneous lunar snacks into neat columns.

      Sam 2 walks up.

                           SAM 2
                 Gerty, I need to talk to you.

                 Of course, Sam, how can I help?

                           SAM 2
                 We found the hidden room. We know
                 about the other clones.

      A long pause. Then:

                 I don't know of a hidden room.


                     SAM 2
           The hidden room under the Return
           Vehicle, Gerty. You know what I'm
           talking about. We found it on our
           own. Lunar doesn't know anything
           about it.

A beat.

           The lower deck is out of bounds
           to awakened clones --

                     SAM 2
           Ordinarily, Gerty, but what with
           there being two of us awake at
           the same time, and what with the
           situation being unprecedented,
           the rules have had to change. Do
           you understand?

           I understand the situation is

                     SAM 2
               (a beat)
           Gerty, how long does it take for
           a clone to wake up?

           A clone is awake the moment his
           pod is opened. But he is not
           fully conscious for several

A beat.

                     SAM 2
           Gerty, we need to wake up a new

           I am not permitted to do that,

                     SAM 2
           If we don't wake up another clone
           me and the other Sam will die.
           We'll die, Gerty. Do you



                           SAM 2
                 Do you want me and the other Sam
                 to die?

                 That is the last thing I want.

                           SAM 2
                 Then you have to wake up a new
                 clone. Okay, pal?

      Sam 2 waits for a response. And waits.

                                                      CUT TO:

127   INT. COMMS ROOM                                            127


      The "ping-ping-ping" of an alarm.

      Appearing on The Old Man's monitor: "RESCUE UNIT ELIZA:

                                                      CUT TO:

128   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS                                     128

      Sam 1 fast asleep in bed.

129   SAM 1'S DREAM                                              129

      A stretch of green grass dissected by a dirt path. A light
      breeze. Endless blue sky above. No clouds. No visible sun.

130   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS                                     130

      Back on the sleeping Sam 1. Deep breaths. Eyelids twitching

131   SAM 1'S DREAM -- CONTINUED                                 131

      In the distance, sitting beneath a tree on a blanket, we
      see TESS BELL. She is removing items from a picnic basket.

      Sam enters the frame, his back to the camera. He watches
      his wife for a few moments, maintaining his distance.

      Tess looks up and sees Sam. She lifts her hand, waves.



      Sam's expression is blank at first, but then he smiles at
      Tess, waves back.

132   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS                                      132

      Sam 1's eyes open slowly. He's awake.

      Was his dream a memory? A premonition? Or was it simply
      made up?


      A BLEARY Sam 1 yawns and stretches his arms over his head.
      He reaches across the bed and rips a couple of tissues from
      a box of Kleenex, blows his nose.

      Afterwards he checks the tissues: a thick RED GOO came out
      of his nose, the color and consistency of tomato purée.
      Yeah, gross.

      Sam 1 rolls out of bed, plants his feet on the ground.

      The base seems eerily quiet. Too quiet. Sam 1 stands and
      crosses to the door.

133   INT. CORRIDOR                                               133

      Sam 1 begins to walk left, down towards the Rec Room and
      the Monitoring Station, but hesitates -- he turns the other
      way, towards the Infirmary, heads that way instead.

134   INT. INFIRMARY -- CONTINUOUS                                134

      Lying in one of the Infirmary beds, eyes closed, a NETWORK
      of WIRES attached to his chest...Sam. We don't know which
      Sam it is yet. He is clean shaven. He looks like any one of
      the clones down in the secret chamber; then again he could
      just as easily be Sam 2.

      And that's what Sam 1 naturally assumes as he enters the
      Infirmary and sees him lying there. Sam 1 moves closer,
      curious, until he is standing right at the edge of the bed.

      Sam 1 reaches out his hand to wake him up when there is a
      voice from the doorway behind:

                           SAM 2
                 Don't touch him.


      Our suspicions are now confirmed. The Sam in the Infirmary
      bed is a new clone. We will call him SAM 3.

                           SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                 He's not conscious yet. Gerty and
                 I only woke him up a few hours

      Sam 1 is not even remotely on the same page.

                           SAM 1

      Sam 2 puts his finger to his lips. Then:

                           SAM 2
                 Come to the Rec Room.

      Sam 2 turns and leaves. Sam 1 follows slowly, one or two
      glances at the sleeping clone along the way.

135   INT. REC ROOM                                                135

      We cut straight to the Rec Room and the conversation
      between Sam 1 and Sam 2.

                           SAM 2
                 When the Rescue Unit arrives
                 they'll expect to find a body in
                 the crashed Rover, right?
                     (a beat)
                 We've got our body.

                           SAM 1
                     (points towards the
                 That guy?

      Sam 2 nods.

                           SAM 1 (CONT'D)
                 They'll expect to find a dead
                 body in the crashed Rover.

                           SAM 2
                 I know.

                           SAM 1
                 You're going to kill him?

                           SAM 2
                 Someone's got to pull the short
                 straw here, better someone who's
                 unconscious than you or me.


Sam 1 simply digesting the gravity of Sam 2's plan.

                     SAM 2 (CONT'D)
           If we go through with this, I'm
           going to need your help hauling
           him out to the crash site.

                     SAM 1
           What about us? Eliza arrives,
           finds you and me as the welcome
           party --

                     SAM 2
           They're not going to find you and
           me as the welcome party, they're
           going to find me. You're going to
           blast back to Earth before they
           get here in one of the Helium 3
               (a beat)
           You're going home.

 Sam 1 wasn't expecting that.

                     SAM 2 (CONT'D)
           You've done your three years. I
           can't expect you to stick around.
           Maybe you can meet Eve in person.

 A beat.

                     SAM 2 (CONT'D)
           I saw the message on the VP. Eve
           is beautiful. She looks like her

 Sam 1 realizes that Sam 2 knows everything. There are no
 secrets between them now.

 They both absorb the impact of knowing Tess is dead.

                     SAM 1
           How do you think she died?

                      SAM 2
           I don't know.
           Jane died of cancer. I mean, it
           was in the family. Who knows? Or
           maybe it was an accident? Could
           have been a million things.

                     SAM 1
           I wish I'd been there.


                           SAM 2
                 Yeah. Me too.

      The two Sams sitting together, UNITED by their grief.

                                                         CUT TO:

136   EXT. MOON BASE -- DAY                                         136

      Shot of Selene from across the lunar plane. The base looks
      almost peaceful. No evidence of the DRAMA going on inside.

137   INT. CORRIDOR                                                 137    

      The two Sams are testing out the CARGO CONTAINER to see if
      their plan is going to work and Sam 1 can actually fit

      These containers were designed to carry cannisters of
      Helium 3, not to accommodate human beings.

      Sam 1 looks in increasingly bad shape. Blanket draped
      around his shoulders -- gaunt, bobbing, shivering.

                              SAM 2
                 Go for it.

      Sam 1 hunches and slowly insinuates himself into the
      container -- yes, he fits, but it's tight, like really
      tight -- Sam 1 can anticipate one hell of a stiff neck by
      the time he steps out onto terra firma.

                              SAM 2 (CONT'D)

                              SAM 1

      Sam 2 chuckles.

                           SAM 2
                 But you fit. That's good. You

      With a HEAVE Sam 2 PULLS Sam 1 from the container.

                                                         CUT TO:

138   INT. INFIRMARY -- DAY                                         138

      Gerty is running tests on the unconscious Sam 3.


      Sam 1 and Sam 2 stand on opposite sides of the room. Both
      clones seem uneasy. They can't look at each other. They
      can't look at Sam 3. Their eyes roam every inch of the room
      just about before finally settling on Gerty.

      Regardless of Sam 3 being unconscious, are they really
      going to kill him?

                                                      CUT TO:

139   INT. COMMS ROOM                                            139

      Sam 2 sits at the comms unit recording the message, a smile
      plastered on his face, as WIDE as it is FAKE.

                           SAM 2
                 Sam Bell reporting to Central.
                 19:14 Pacific Time. Lunar Day 14.
                     (a beat)
                 Evening Overmeyers, evening
                 Thompson! According to the Old
                 Man Rescue Unit Eliza will be
                 here in just over three hours.
                 Not a moment too soon! I never
                 thought I'd say this, but I want
                 to get out there, I want to work.
                 I feel like a kid who's been
                 grounded. Looking forward to
                 Eliza straightening everything
                 out and things getting back to
                 normal around here. Well...that's
                 it. I'll let you know how it
                 goes. Over and out, gentlemen.

      Sam 2 sends the message, his SMILE instantly COLLAPSING. He
      mutters under his breath:

                             SAM 2 (CONT'D)

140   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS -- DAY                              140

      Sam 1 is sitting on the edge of his bed holding the
      photograph of the pregnant Tess -- staring with great
      concentration -- almost penetrative -- like he's trying to
      will himself into the photograph.

      We find out what's running through his head, cutting to:

141   SAM 1'S DREAM                                              141

      Sam 1 has gone back to his dream -- or his vision -- of
      Tess sitting on the picnic blanket beneath the tree.


      Sam and Tess continue to wave to one another. Sam hasn't
      moved. Tess calls out:

                 Come on!

      Suddenly we hear a voice.

                            SAM 2 (O.S.)

142   INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS                                        142

      Sam 2 is standing at the door. Sam 1 looks up at him.

                           SAM 2
                 We need to do it. We need to do
                 it now. He'll be conscious any
                     (a beat)
                 We've been putting it off for
                 long enough.

      Sam 1 stares back at Sam 2 with defiance.

                           SAM 1
                 We don't have to do anything. I
                 changed my mind.

      Sam 2 isn't following.

                           SAM 1 (CONT'D)
                 I'm not going back.
                     (a beat)
                 I'm coughing up blood, I'm as
                 white as a ghost. I look like I
                 belong in a graveyard. I meet Eve
                 now, I'll scare the shit out of
                 her more than anything else.
                 D'you think she'll even come
                 within ten feet of me, the way I

                           SAM 2
                 What are you talking about?
                 She's your daughter, man! She's
                 not going to care what you...

                           SAM 1
                 She's not! She's not... my
                 daughter. At least, I'm not her
                 father. Not to her.

      Sam 2 keeps quiet.


                     SAM 1 (CONT'D)
           I'll put myself in the Rover,
           I'll be the body -- it was me to
           begin with anyway, right? You go
           back to Earth. You go back.
           You're healthy. You've got three
           years ahead of you. You stand a
           much better chance than I do. The
           other guy....Gerty can get him up
           to speed...he can be here to meet
           Eliza when they arrive.

Sam 1 seems to have it all figured out. Although Sam 2
should in some ways be relieved by Sam 1's decision, he
looks closer to distraught.

                     SAM 2
           This is wrong. What are we
           supposed to do? Sit around here
           and wait to die? Fuck that!

                      SAM 1
           I don't know.
           It's what we were designed to do.

Both Sams struggle to hold in their emotions; Sam 1 morose,
Sam 2 angry.

                     SAM 2
           Screw that! I'll go! ...And I'm
           going to find this asshole, Sam
           Bell, and ask him why the hell he
           put us through this shit!

Sam 1 looks concerned.   Sam 2 reads his mind.

                     SAM 2 (CONT'D)
           I'll be careful. I'll keep Eve
           out of it. She wont even know I

Sam 1 smiles wearily, watching his old self.

                     SAM 1
           You're a good guy, Sam.

                      SAM 2
           I might stop shaving; It suits
           If all our memories are implants,
           no disrespect, but I think its
           about time I got some of my own,
           as well.


                           SAM 1
                 Yeah. You should travel.     I've
                 always wanted to do that.

                           SAM 2
                 I'd like that.

                                                       CUT TO:

143   I/E. ROVER/MOON SURFACE -- DAY                              143

      Driving to the crash site. Sam 2 at the wheel, Sam 1 riding
      shotgun. Both men staring ahead in silence.


      Where all the trouble really started. Matthew, the stalled
      Harvester, with the crashed Rover still trapped beneath it.
      The crash site is beginning to resemble some old underwater

      The Rover enters the frame, beginning to slow down as it
      approaches the crash site. Sam 2 rolls the Rover to a
      standstill about ten feet from the front of the Harvester.

144   I/E. ROVER/MOON SURFACE -- MOMENTS LATER                    144

      Sam 2 keeps the engine running as Sam 1 takes a handful of
      TRANQUILIZERS one by one, washing down each pill with a
      swig from a bottle of water.

      Afterwards: a long pause. The two Sams sitting side by
      side, staring across the bleak landscape. Neither of them
      wants to say good-bye particularly.

                           SAM 1
                 Tess came in for the interview,

      Sam 2 is nodding away. Of course he remembers.

                           SAM 1 (CONT'D)
                 She was so beautiful. Even   if she
                 wasn't the best candidate,   I just
                 knew I had to give her the   job. I
                 thought she was so sweet.
                     (a beat)
                 And then it was the end of   the

                            SAM 2
                 She was going back to San


                            SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                 You knew you had to take a
                 chance. So you called her.
                 You were terrified and wrote that
                 whole speech for her answer
                 machine --
                     (a beat)
                 But I didn't need it because Tess
                 answered the phone. And I could
                 tell in her voice as we talked,
                 she was thinking...
                 "Why has Sam called me?"
                 "The internship's over, why's he
                 called me at home?"
                 And then I asked her if she was
                 going to Adrian Fiddle's barbecue

      Sam 1 has dropped off to sleep. The back and forth exchange
      is now essentially Sam 2's monologue.

                           SAM 2 (CONT'D)
                 That's when I knew she liked me.
                 Because she didn't want to talk
                 to anyone else! She'd get up, get
                 some potato salad, go to the
                 bathroom, but she'd always come
                 back. And then we kissed. On the
                 steps in front of her apartment

      Sam 2 finally turns and looks at Sam 1. Sam 1's head cocked
      to one side, eyes closed.

      Sam 2 lifts the helmet off Sam 1's lap -- carefully lowers
      the helmet onto Sam 1's head.

145   I/E. ROVER/MOON SURFACE                                     145    

      Sam 2 LOPES towards the crashed rover holding Sam 1 in both
      arms like a bride. He places Sam 1 on the ground and PRIZES
      open the rover door -- he slowly slides Sam 1 inside.

      Inside the Rover Sam 1 lies with his head jammed awkwardly
      against the passenger side door. At once he looks peaceful
      and wretchedly uncomfortable.

      Sam 2 can barely bring himself to look at Sam 1. With both
      hands he FORCES the door CLOSED, pivots around and slowly
      BOBS back to his rover.

146   I/E. ROVER/MOON SURFACE -- MOMENTS LATER                    146

      Sam 2 driving back to base. He has removed his helmet and
      is brushing tears from his eyes with his glove.

                                                      CUT TO:


147   INT. COMMS ROOM                                            147


      The "ping-ping-ping" of an alarm.

      Appearing on The Old Man's monitor: "RESCUE UNIT ELIZA:

                                                      CUT TO:

148   INT. INFIRMARY -- LATER                                    148

      Gerty is continuing to run tests on Sam 3. Sam 2 enters. He
      carries the freighted exhaustion of a man who has just
      completed a long and difficult journey.

                           SAM 2
                 How long before he's conscious,

                 The new clone will be conscious
                 within one hour.

                           SAM 2
                 That's good. That's very good.

                 Sam?   Where is Sam?

                           SAM 2
                 He's gone home, Gerty.

      Sam 2 leaves.

149   INT. MONITORING STATION -- DAY                             149

      Sam 2 is loading OXYGEN CANISTERS into the CARGO CONTAINER
      in preparation for his trip back to Earth.

      Sam 2 working FAST, a sense of URGENCY. Eliza will be there
      in a mere 90 minutes! It's coming down to the wire.

      Gerty glides in as he works.

                 Sam, this is not going to work.                        

                           SAM 2
                 What? Why not?                                         


      Now Sam 2 loads food into the cargo container -- moon
      snacks, rations, etc. -- and bottles of water. His final
      addition is a 5 kilo load of precious Helium3; A good 15
      million dollars worth!

                 If the Rescue Unit examine my
                 memory banks they will discover
                 what has taken place over the
                 last week. As you know I record
                 everything. If they are
                 suspicious, the first thing they
                 will do is search my memory
                 banks, and this would put you in
                 considerable danger.

      Sam 2 straightens up, giving Gerty his full attention now.
      This is serious. It could ruin everything.

      The fact that Gerty has brought it up indicates that the
      robot's loyalties lie ultimately with Sam.

                           GERTY (CONT'D)
                 I recommend erasing my memory
                 banks. I can reboot myself once
                 you have departed.

                            SAM 2                                       
                 So that's what we're going to
                 have to do.
                 Are you ok with that?                                  

                 I'll require your assistance,                          

                           SAM 2
                 Sure, just let me finish this.

      Sam 2 continues his work.

                                                      CUT TO:

150   INT. INFIRMARY -- DAY                                      150

      Sam 3 asleep in bed, very close to consciousness.

                                                      CUT TO:

151   I/E. CRASHED ROVER/MOON SURFACE                            151

      Sam 1 inside the crashed rover, resembling a wild animal
      pinned in a trap. He's still breathing.


      SAM 1'S DREAM

      Once again we see Tess beneath the tree sitting on the
      blanket. She looks over at Sam, continuing to wave.

                 Come on, Sam! Sam Bell! Come on!

      Sam begins to walk towards Tess.

152   I/E. CRASHED ROVER/MOON SURFACE                            152

      Back on Sam 1. The glass of his helmet is beginning to MIST
      with blood. Sam sees a sliver of the sun as he dawns on his
      side of the moon. He closes his eyes for the last time.

                                                      CUT TO:

153   INT. INFIRMARY -- LATER                                    153

      Sam 2 stands before Gerty.

                           SAM 2
                 I've set your computer to reboot
                 the second I've blasted off.

                 Okay, Sam.

                            SAM 2
                 Thanks for all your help, Gerty.
                 I wish I could say I was going to
                 miss you, buddy, but to be
                 honest, I can't wait to get away
                 from here.

                 I understand, Sam. I hope life
                 is everything you remember it to

                           SAM 2
                 Thanks. Are you sure you're                            
                 going to be ok?

                 Of course. The new Sam and I                           
                 will be back to our programming
                 as soon as I have finished

                           SAM 2
                 Gerty, I'm not programmed.


      Gerty doesn't respond.    Sam 2 seems troubled.

      Sam 2 leans forward and activates the Memory Erase button.
      Gerty's READOUT SCREEN begins to TWITCH and FLASH with
      RANDOM DATA -- then slowly FADES TO BLACK.

      The Robot has been officially SHUT DOWN.

      Gerty just stands there. Completely still. As lifeless as a

      Sam 2 heads out of the room at top speed.

154   EXT. MOON SURFACE                                            154

      Shot of LUKE, the third of the Harvesters, heading across
      the lunar plane.

155   INT. MONITORING STATION                                      155

      Sam 2 pauses at the window...looking for Eliza. The Rescue
      Unit is so close Sam 2 might actually be able to pick out
      their spacecraft.

      And he can! It's tiny, but nevertheless it's there -- a
      metallic spacecraft, glinting like a jewel -- and heading
      steadily towards the Moon.

      There isn't a moment to lose. Sam 2 swings around, heads
      for the CARGO CONTAINER.

      We remain inside the Monitoring Station as Sam 2 climbs
      inside the Cargo Container He readies himself. Says a
      little prayer and... he cant do it! Cursing at himself and
      glancing at the time ticking away before Eliza lands, he
      jumps back out of the CARGO CONTAINER and runs back into
      the base.

                                                        CUT TO:

156   INT. MONITORING STATION                                      156

      Sam 2 sits down before the Old Man. Eliza's imminent
      arrival causing increased STRESS and TENSION.

      Sam 2 takes out the piece of paper on which the COORDINATES
      of the Jammers are printed out.

      He starts to frantically type, altering the PATH of the


157   EXT. MARK                                                    157    

      Mark trundling along at half-speed. The Harvester suddenly
      changes direction -- veering sharply to the left and
      heading up over a steep slope.

                                                        CUT TO:

158   INT. MONITORING STATION                                      158

      Back on Sam 2 as he RAPIDLY types, makes an error, screams:

                           SAM 2

      Pounds the delete button, continuing to type coordinates
      into the Old Man -- He's done! He leaps out of his chair
      and tears off through the base towards the cargo container.

                                                        CUT TO:

159   EXT. WIDE SHOT -- THE MOON                                   159    

      As Eliza's spacecraft sets its sights on Selene, we see the
      Cargo Container ROCKET through the sky in the opposite

                                                        CUT TO:

160   INT. MOON BASE SELENE/QUICK SHOTS                            160

      For a few moments all is quiet inside the base.

      The "PING-PING-PING" of the Old Man.

      The grinding GURGLE of a computer readout.

      This sequence echoes the tour at the very start of the
      film, but the base has a decidedly different feel to it
      now. It's like an abandoned house.

                                                        CUT TO:           

161   INT. COMMS ROOM                                              161


      On the monitor: "RESCUE UNIT ELIZA: ARRIVED."


162   EXT. ELIZA'S SPACECRAFT/MOON SURFACE                          162

      A box shaped spacecraft, all menace and angles, slowly
      DESCENDING towards the lunar surface.

                                                      CUT TO:

163   INT. INFIRMARY -- LATER                                       163    

      Gerty sits lifeless.                                                 

      We hear the sounds of pressure doors opening. Unrecognized           
      voices as the landing crew enters the base, calling for              

      Gerty comes to life.                                                 

      His principal monitor POPS ON and his pincer-like HANDS              
      begin to TWITCH. His READOUT SCREEN streams with DATA.               

      Gerty's head begins to swivel left and right -- as if he's           
      awoken with a stiff neck -- eventually he SEES Sam 3,                
      crosses to him.                                                      

      Just like that, Gerty continues his routine checks of Sam 3          
      -- studying Sam 3's heartbeat, his brain activity -- the             
      robot literally picking up where he left off.                        

      And then Sam 3's eyes open. He is awake. He blinks at                
      Gerty, cloudy, groggy.                                               

                           SAM 3                                           
                 Where am I?                                               

                 Sam, you're in the Infirmary. You                         
                 had an accident.                                          

      Sam 3 staring ahead, trying to dig up the memory.                    

                           GERTY (CONT'D)                                  
                 Do you remember what happened?                            

                            SAM 3                                          
                 No, Gerty.                                                
                     (a beat)                                              
                 I don't remember a thing.                                 

      We hear heavy footsteps and voices closer now, just outside          
      the infirmary.                                                       

                                                      CUT TO:              


164   EXT. MARK/JAMMER/MOON SURFACE                               164

      A CLOSE UP of MARK as the Harvester churns along and SLAMS
      into an JAMMER with full force.

      The Jammer wobbles unsteadily from the IMPACT, before
      finally TOPPLING over, HAZING the air with lunar dust.             

                                                      CUT TO:

165   EXT. CARGO CONTAINER/SPACE                                  165

      The Cargo Container BULLETING through space, fire blasting
      from its jets like the petals of an exotic flower.                 

                                                      CUT TO:            

166   INT. CARGO CONTAINER                                        166    

      Sam 2 is seriously cramped inside one of the Helium 3
      containers, about as comfortable as a pony in a dog kennel,
      but nonetheless WHOOPING RAUCOUSLY at the sheer velocity of
      the container -- as well as, and perhaps even more so, the
      fact that he has successfully escaped the base.

      He's going home.

                                                      CUT TO:

167   I/E. CRASHED ROVER/MOON SURFACE -- DAY                      167

      Sam 1 has stopped breathing. The sun shines on his face.

168   SAM'S DREAM                                                 168

      Sam walks towards Tess. He sits down in front of her on the

      A beautiful picnic is spread out before them. Tess has
      never looked so radiant, so beautiful. Light from the sky
      pours into her upturned face.

                 What took you so long?

      Sam just smiles back at her. She hands him a bottle of wine
      and a corkscrew.

      CAMERA PANS UPWARD -- not a cloud in sight -- but we are
      just able to pick out the chalky outline of the MOON,
      resembling a white thumb print in the blue sky.


      HOLD THIS shot of the Moon for a few seconds before we

                                               FADE TO BLACK.              

169   INT. COMMS ROOM                                               169    

      On the Comms Unit monitor there is a BLAST of STATIC,                
      followed by a FLASHING MESSAGE:                                      


                                  THE END


Writers :   Duncan Jones  Nathan Parker
Genres :   Drama  Mystery  Sci-Fi  Thriller

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