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                      SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE

                          Written by

                         Simon Beaufoy

                                             November 4th, 2007


1   INT. JAVED'S SAFE-HOUSE. BATHROOM. NIGHT.                 1

    An expensive bathroom suite. Excess of marble and gold
    taps. Into the bath, a hand is scattering rupee notes.
    Hundreds and hundreds of notes, worth hundreds of
    thousands of rupees. The sound of a fist thumping on
    the bathroom door, furious shouting from the other

                               JAVED O/S
              Salim! Salim!

2   INT. STUDIO. BACKSTAGE. DAY.                              2

    Darkness. Then, glimpses of faces. In the half-light,
    shadowy figures move with purpose. An implacable voice

                            TALKBACK V/O
              Ten to white-out, nine, eight,

              Are you ready?

    Silence. A hand shakes a shoulder a little too roughly.

                            PREM (CONT'D)
              I said are you ready?


3   INT. JAVED'S SAFE-HOUSE. BATHROOM. NIGHT.                 3

    The thumping at the door continues. The sound of
    mumbled Indian prayer. Dull gleam of a pistol. A hand
    cracks the chamber open. Loads a single bullet into the
    chamber, snaps the chamber shut.

                            TALKBACK V/O
              ...three, two, one, zero. Cue
              Prem, cue applause...

    Suddenly, the door splinters as it is smashed through.
    A burst of gun-fire and white light as suddenly...

4   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                       4

    ...we are back in the studio, the gun-fire morphing
    into rapturous applause.


4   CONTINUED:                                                       4

                                  TALKBACK V/O
                 Go, Prem.

    A wall of light and noise as the two walk on stage.
    Cheering, music, banks of searing studio lights. On
    stage, Jamal, an eighteen year-old Indian boy-man
    stares, petrified. He would surely turn and run but for
    the iron grip on his shoulder of the smiling host, Prem

                 Welcome to Who Wants To Be A

    More applause.

                               PREM (CONT'D)
                 Please give a warm welcome to
                 our first contestant of the
                 night- a local from our very own

    Under cover of the wild applause, Prem ushers Jamal
    towards the guest's chair, leaning in and hissing.

                                  PREM (CONT'D)
                 Smile, dammit.

    The lights seem to bore into him but Jamal manages a
    tentative smile. Out of nowhere, a hand slaps him
    ferociously across the face. Then again and again.
    Blood trickles from his mouth.

5   INT. POLICE INTERVIEW ROOM. NIGHT.                               5

    The studio lights have seamlessly transformed into the
    harsh bulb of an interrogation light. Jamal is strung
    from the ceiling by his arms.

                               CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
                 Your name, bhen chod.

    Constable Srinivas's hand pulls back Jamal's head by
    the hair, forcing him to stare directly into the

                                  CONSTABLE SRINIVAS (CONT'D)
                 Your name!

                 Jamal Malik.

    And seamlessly we are back....


6   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                         6

    ...on the set of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Prem
    leans back in his chair, a man at home in his
    surroundings. Jamal sits opposite, frozen.

              So, Jamal, tell us a bit about

    Close on Jamal's face. Without warning, it is shoved
    under water.

7   INT. BUCKET. NIGHT.                                         7

    We look up from the bottom of the bucket at the
    screaming face of a drowning man. His head shakes
    desperately, pointlessly. Then Jamal's face is dragged
    up again, roaring for breath. Close on his eyes.

                            JAMAL V/O
              I work in a call centre. In

8   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                         8

              A Phone-basher! And what type of
              call centre would this be?

              XL 5. Mobile phones.

              Aha! So, you're the man who
              rings me up every single day of
              my life with Special Offers,

              No, actually, I'm an assistant.

              An Assistant Phone-basher?

    A raised eye-brow at the audience. Amusement ruffles
    through them.

                            PREM (CONT'D)
              And what does an Assistant Phone-
              basher do, exactly?

              I- I get tea for people and-


8    CONTINUED:                                                8

                  - a chi-wallah! Why didn't you

     Laughter in the audience.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  So, ladies and gentlemen, Jamal
                  Malik from Mumbai, let's play
                  Who Wants To Be A

9    OMITTED                                                   9

10   INT. POLICE INTERVIEW ROOM. DAY.                          10

     Jamal's body dangles motionless from the ceiling. His
     head is bowed and he is moaning to himself. The ceiling
     fan thumps round slowly. In the corner, Constable
     Srinivas mops his brow and lights a cigarette. Hot
     work. The door opens and the Inspector of Police walks
     in. A rumpled man in his late forties who has seen
     pretty much everything. He eyes Jamal, surprised.

                  Has he confessed, yet?

                                CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
                  Apart from his name, I can't get
                  a word out of the runt.

                  You've been here all bloody
                  night, Srinivas. What have you
                  been doing?

     Srinivas shrugs.

                                CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
                  Tough guy.

                  A little electricity will loosen
                  his tongue.

     Constable Srinivas brings a box and a tangle of wires
     out of a cupboard and proceeds to put crocodile clips
     on Jamal's fingers. The Inspector stares, deep in
     thought. Sweat trickles down his face. He wipes it away
     with a handkerchief, seems to be talking to himself.

                                INSPECTOR (CONT'D)
                  Every night I get home, "why
                  can't we have a/c like Bajan


10   CONTINUED:                                                 10
                                INSPECTOR (CONT'D)
                  Why don't you care about your
                  poor family, dying in this
                  heat." Twenty-four years a
                  policeman and I can't afford
                  bloody a/c.

     Turns on Jamal.

                                INSPECTOR (CONT'D)
                  But you. You've got ten million
                  rupees ek dum guaranteed, yaar?
                  And who knows how much further?
                  Fancy the twenty million, do

     Jamal just stares.

                                INSPECTOR (CONT'D)
                  I think you probably do.

     The Inspector nods absently to Constable Srinivas who
     turns a handle. Jamal's body pulsates and jerks. He
     screams. His body goes limp again. The Inspector goes
     over to Jamal.

                                INSPECTOR (CONT'D)
                  So. Were you wired up? A mobile
                  or a pager, correct? Some little
                  hidden gadget? No? A coughing
                  accomplice in the audience?
                  Microchip under the skin, huh?

     Constable Srinivas hadn't thought of that. Grabs
     Jamal's arms and starts squeezing them all over until
     the Inspector has had enough.

                                INSPECTOR (CONT'D)
                  Srinivas! Look, it's hot, my
                  wife is giving me hell, I've got
                  a desk full of murderers,
                  rapists, extortionists, assorted
                  bum-bandits...and you. Why don't
                  you save us both a lot of time?

     Jamal doesn't answer. The Inspector sighs and sits
     down. Looks at his watch, nods at Constable Srinivas
     again. Jamal's body jerks with electric current. When
     the shudders and screams have subsided, the Inspector
     goes over to Jamal's collapsed form. Clicks his fingers
     in front of Jamal's face to check for a response.

                                INSPECTOR OF POLICE
                  He's unconscious, chutiya. What
                  good is that? How many times
                  have I told you-?

                                CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
                  Sorry, Sir.

10   CONTINUED: (2)                                             10

     An excited Young Police Constable sticks his head
     around the door.

                             YOUNG CONSTABLE
               He's coming! Sir.

               Aré wa, Srinivas, we'll have
               Amnesty International in here
               next, peeing their pants about
               human rights. Get him down, tidy
               him up, for God's sake.

     Constable Srinivas goes over to Jamal and starts to
     undo the crocodile clips.

                             CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
               Maybe he did know the answers.

               Have you gone soft, Srinivas?
               Professors, lawyers, doctors,
               General Knowledge Wallahs never
               get beyond sixteen thousand
               rupees. And he's on ten million?
               What the hell can a slum dog
               possibly know?

     Jamal lifts his head.

               The answers.

     He lifts his head, spits blood out of his mouth and
     says again, straight into the Inspector's face.

                             JAMAL (CONT'D)
               I know the answers.

     Titles. Slum Dog Millionaire.

11   EXT. CRICKET GROUND. DAY.                                  11

     Bright sunlight filtered through the ever-present
     Mumbai dust. A group of children are playing cricket on
     a tarmac cricket ground. They are bare-foot, dressed in
     little more than rags, wiry-skinny and fast on their
     feet. Salim, a nine-year old, polishes the ball on his
     almost non-existent shorts, comes in with surprising
     speed and bowls. The batsman hooks it high in the air.
     The bowler screams at a boy in the outfield.

               Jamal! Catch it! Catch it!

     The seven-year old Jamal stares up at the ball, jinks
     around trying to get into position.


11   CONTINUED:                                                  11

     He pays no heed to the rest of the children who are
     scattering fast to the edges of the tarmac. The ball
     seems suspended in the blue sky. Shouts from the other
     children seem very far away. He doesn't notice that
     they are screaming for him to get out of the way. Jamal
     adjusts his feet for the perfect catch. Then out of
     nowhere, a light aircraft almost takes his head off as
     it comes in to land on the tarmac runway. Jamal is
     knocked to his feet by the down-draft of the plane. The
     ball bounces away. Also flattened, Salim gets to his

                                SALIM (CONT'D)
                  How could you drop that? It was
                  a sitter.

     Then Salim's face turns to one of alarm.

12   EXT. AIRPORT PERIMETER. DAY.                                12

     At the back of a pack of children, carrying a piece of
     wood crudely fashioned into a sword, Jamal is running
     for his life, pursued by an ancient but surprisingly
     nimble Security Guard from the airport who is screaming
     abuse and wielding a long stick. The kids dash across a
     rubbish dump and disappear down dozens of tiny lanes
     that run in between the shacks of the slum.

                                SECURITY GUARD
                  Private-ka land! Private-ka
                  land! The planes won't kill you,
                  mader chod, I will!

     Jamal and Salim- also with a wooden sword- break off,
     head down a separate lane. The Guard pursues them.

13   INT. JUHU SLUM. DAY.                                        13

     The lanes in between the corrugated iron shacks are
     three feet wide, with an open drain running down the
     middle. Many of the precarious upper floors of the
     shacks have been built right over the paths, turning
     them into black tunnels. Tunnels shot through with
     slivers of light. If you didn't live here, you would be
     lost and frightened in minutes.

     But these children are natives and with the practice of
     many years, Jamal and Salim zig-zag down the warren of

     They dodge past people cooking in the doorways,
     sleeping, washing clothes or in the case of Vinod, a
     naked four year-old, pissing into the drain. Salim
     shouts a warning.


13   CONTINUED:                                                13

                  Vinod! Musketeers coming

     Without breaking step, they both jump expertly over the
     stream of piss. Not so the Security Guard who gets it
     all over his trousers, but doesn't stop the pursuit.

     The two children charge past a shack filled to the roof
     with chickens in cages who all start squawking. They
     break out into the sunlight of the `main road' of the
     slum lined with shops. It is packed: with people,
     stalls, bicycles and cows. All modern India is here,
     drinking tea, shouting at each other, selling food,
     playing carom, video games. Leaving a trail of shouting
     and wreckage behind them, the pair approach a brand new
     Mercedes almost blocking the lane. Beside it stands
     Javed, an impressive man in a beautiful suit and his
     two Minders. Jamal and Salim skid to a stop, put their
     hands together in respectful greeting and edge ever so
     carefully past the immaculate paintwork of the car.

     Still in pursuit, the Security Guard also slides
     carefully past the car with deprecating bows and
     smiles. On past the chi stall where a crowd has
     gathered to watch a hindi film blaring from the tv
     rigged up overhead. The irate Security Guard gets
     tangled up in a bicycle. Jamal and Salim stop to give
     him a taunting, hip-gyrating parody of the dance on the
     tv before scooting down another tunnel. They break out
     into sunlight again.

                                WOMAN'S VOICE

     Jamal skids to a halt, bumping into Salim who is
     already frozen.

                  Shit. Mummy-ji.

                                JAMAL'S MOTHER
                  Don't you move a muscle.

     The Security Guard arrives and he too skids to a halt
     at the sight of Jamal's mother.

                                JAMAL'S MOTHER (CONT'D)
                  Thank you, Mister Gupta. I will
                  deal with these two.

     The Guard puts his hands together in grudging respect
     as Jamal's Mother lifts each skinny kid off the floor
     by their t-shirt and marches them down the road.


14   INT. SCHOOL. DAY.                                           14

     The two renegades are dumped by Jamal's Mother into
     their desks as Mister Nandha hands out ancient school

                             MISTER NANDHA
               So, the musketeers return. We
               are honoured. Salim. Or Porthos,
               isn't it?

     He crashes the heavy book down on his head. Salim opens
     the book. Jamal glances over and turns the book the
     right way round for Salim.

               I know!

     Mister Nandha hovers over Jamal's head. He winces in

                             MISTER NANDHA
               And Athos.

     The book comes down like thunder. Jamal blinks from the
     impact and suddenly we are back....

15   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE. DAY.                               15

     ... in the Inspector's office. Jamal watches Srinivas
     fiddling with the video recorder, trying to get a
     picture. Through the pebbled glass, Jamal sees shapes
     moving along the corridor.

16   INT. CORRIDOR. POLICE STATION. DAY.                         16

     The Commissioner of Police is fawning along beside Prem
     as they walk. The Young Constable hurries behind.

                             COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
               It is so kind of you to visit
               our station, Sir. A great

               Not at all, not at all. I hope
               you will visit us, Commissioner.

     Out of his jacket pocket comes a couple of tickets.

                             PREM (CONT'D)
               Bring the family. It's a lot of

                             COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
               Oh! A thousand thanks, Sir.
               Missus Janda will be overcome.

16   CONTINUED:                                                    16

     He turns to the Young Constable.

                                COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                  chi, you lazy chutiyé, chi!

     The Inspector joins them in the corridor.

                                COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                  Ah, Inspector! Cracked it?

     The Inspector moves his head. Maybe yes, maybe no.

                  Nearly, Sir.

     The Commissioner is just able to contain his apoplexy.

                                COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                  Nearly? Nearly? When Prem Kumar
                  himself has-

     Prem holds up a tolerant hand to the Commissioner who
     falls silent. Turns his laser-like charm onto the

                  Inspector. How good to meet you.
                  Clearly the kid cheated.

                  Clearly, Sir.

                  So, it is just a question of
                  how, no?

                  Indeed, Sir. The proof. That is
                  all we need.

                  We are lucky to have a man of
                  your obvious experience on the
                  case. This kid might run rings
                  around us filmi types, but he
                  won't make fools out of the
                  Mumbai Police Force, I can see

     Forced laughter from the Commissioner.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  In front of sixty million

     More laughter. And fear.


16   CONTINUED: (2)                                              16

                             PREM (CONT'D)
               Which is what will happen if we
               don't get a result, Gentlemen.
               He goes back on the show to rob
               us all with the whole of India
               watching. But. I can rely on

     Prem walks away down the corridor. Stops and turns,
     apparently casual.

                             PREM (CONT'D)
               Has he- has he made any


               He's a cunning one. A convincing
               liar. Don't be taken in,
               Inspector, don't be taken in.

     Walks off. The Inspector stares after him. Goes back
     into his office.

17   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE.                                    17

     Srinivas has finally got the recorder to work. We get
     snatches of filmi dancing- heroines singing on
     mountainsides surrounded by implausible numbers of
     flags- cricket and finally after some shouting by the
     Inspector, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?.

               So, Mister Malik, the man who
               knows the answers. Talk.

     We close in on the tv screen where Prem is smiling his
     crocodile smile and find ourselves....

18   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                         18 Prem asks the first question.

               So, are you ready for your first
               question for one thousand


               Not bad money to sit in a chair
               and answer a question. Better
               than making the tea, no?

18   CONTINUED:                                                  18

                  No. Yes. No.

                  No. Yes. No. Apka final answer?

     Laughter from the audience. Jamal looks confused. Prem
     waves it away, switches on his serious face.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  Remember, you have three
                  lifelines if you're not sure of
                  your answer- Ask the Audience,
                  50/50 and Phone a Friend. So,
                  the question:

     The lights go down, the portentous music rolls.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  Who was the star of the 1973 hit
                  film Zanjeer. Was it A-

     Close on Jamal's eyes.

19   INT. SHACK. NIGHT.                                          19

     A tiny shack. A garland of dirty plastic flowers
     surrounds a torn flyer for one of Amitabh Bacchan's

20   EXT. JUHU SLUM. RUBBISH DUMP. NIGHT.                        20

     Salim is sitting on a chair at the end of a rickety
     wooden pier, though it is not water, but a sea of
     rubbish and sewage that lies below them. There are
     dozens of these piers protruding from the slum onto
     airport land, each with a toilet shack perched right at
     the end. Another man hurries up the pier and hands
     Salim a coin.

                  Immediately, sir.

     Turns to the toilet door.

                                SALIM (CONT'D)
                  Bhai, get out of there. Prakash
                  wants a shit.

                                  JAMAL O.S.
                  Not finished.

                  Stop your time-pass. This is


20   CONTINUED:                                                 20

                                JAMAL O.S.
                  It's a shy one. Since when was
                  there a time limit on a crap?

                  Since there was a customer
                  waiting, that's when.

     He flashes another placatory smile at Prakash.

                                JAMAL O.S.
                       (singing/ grunting)
                  Come on out, you beauty, unveil
                  yourself, my darling-warling....

                  Look, kid, I got a bad stomach.
                  It's borderline....

     A disturbing combination of heaving and snake-charmer
     noises come from the toilet shack. Finally Prakash can
     stand it no longer.

                                PRAKASH (CONT'D)
                  I'm off to Devi's bog. Give me

     He snatches the coin back from Salim and hurries off.
     Salim bangs on the toilet door.

                  You just lost me good money, you
                  stupid idiot-

     Salim stops. In the distance, there is the faint sound
     of shouting, a crowd coming closer. Then the crowd
     bursts through the outer shacks of the slum, pour onto
     the rubbish dump and make for the airfield.

                  It's Amitabh! That's his

                                JAMAL O.S.
                  Amitabh? Amitabh Bacchan?

21   INT/EXT. TOILET. NIGHT.                                    21

     Jamal peers through one of the many cracks in the
     shack. He sees crowds surging around the pier, charging
     towards a landing helicopter. Salim shoves the chair
     under the door handle- effectively locking it- and runs
     down the pier to join the chase. Jamal pulls up his

                  No! Wait! Salim, sala! Salim!


21   CONTINUED:                                                  21

     Rattles the locked door. Pulls a torn flyer from his
     pocket advertising an Amitabh movie.

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  Wait! Amitabh....

     He looks down the toilet hole at the sewage beneath
     him, the landing helicopter, the disappearing crowd. A
     final rattle of the door. There is only one way out. He
     jumps down the hole, sprawling headlong into a year's
     worth of human waste, managing to keep the flyer out
     the mire. He runs for the helicopter.

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  Amitabh-ji! Amitabh-ji!

     Salim is at the back of the crowd, trying to force a
     way through, but the adults shove him back. Not so for
     Jamal. The down-draft from the helicopter flicks bits
     of sewage from his clothes. Disgusted fans curse him
     and get out of his way. Suddenly, the red sea parts and
     there is nobody between Jamal and Amitabh Bacchan
     getting out of the helicopter.

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  Please. Amitabh-ji.

     Jamal holds out his flyer. Used to signing autographs,
     the movie star barely looks at Jamal. He takes the
     flyer and scribbles his autograph on it.

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  A thousand thanks, Amitabh-ji.

     He hands the flyer back to Jamal as his bodyguards
     surround him and hustle him into a car. Jamal chases
     the flyer across the tarmac, grabs it. Kisses it.

22   EXT. JUHU SLUM. NIGHT.                                      22

     From high up, the rickety tin roof-tops of the slum
     seem to stretch to the horizon. There is a distant
     shout, a figure waving an arm.

                  It's coming!

     Then another shout and another, a chain of voices
     coming closer. People come out of their doorways with
     pails and buckets. The shouts come closer until we see
     a naked figure entirely encased in bubbles dancing and
     singing in the lane. Jamal is the happiest boy in the

                  Amitabh, Amitabh, oh Amitabh!

22   CONTINUED:                                                22
                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  I have your autograph, oh, holy

                  Here it comes!

     Water comes bubbling through a hose and Jamal's mother
     hoses down her ecstatic son.

23   EXT. JUHU SLUM. NIGHT.                                    23

     Not far away, Salim wanders to Mister Chi's stall. He
     glances around to make sure everybody is glued to the
     hindi film on Mister Chi's tv and surreptitiously slips
     Mister Chi the signed flyer. Mister Chi takes a look
     and gives Salim a small wad of rupees. He sticks the
     money in his pocket, slinks away.

24   EXT. JUHU SLUM. NIGHT.                                    24

     A tear-stained Jamal is furiously trying to batter
     Salim, but Salim's extra strength and height means that
     he can keep Jamal at bay with one hand, Jamal's
     flailing fists punching thin air.

                  Sala! Sala!

     Salim's laughter only makes Jamal cry harder.

25   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE. NIGHT.                           25

     Close on the tv screen in the Inspector's office. Prem
     ponders Jamal's choice. Presses a button on his

                                PREM V/O
                  You chose A- Amitabh Bacchan.
                  Guess what? You just won one
                  thousand rupees!

     Applause on screen. The Inspector looks at Jamal. Jamal

                  You don't have to be a genius.

                                CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
                  I knew it was Amitabh.

                  Like I said.

     Constable Srinivas twists Jamal's arm behind his back,
     evincing a squeal of pain from Jamal.


25   CONTINUED:                                                  25

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  He's the most famous man in

     The Inspector stares at Jamal, turns back to the tv
     where Prem is asking the next question.

                                PREM O/S
                  For four thousand rupees....the
                  national emblem of India is a
                  picture of three lions. What is
                  written underneath? Is it...

26   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                         26

                  ...A) The truth alone triumphs.
                  B) Lies alone triumph. C)
                  Fashion alone triumphs. D) Money
                  alone triumphs.

     Prem shoots a mock puzzled look out to the audience
     eliciting giggles from them.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  What do we think, Jamal? The
                  most famous phrase in our
                  country's history. Maybe you
                  want to phone a friend?

     Laughter from the audience. The studio lights bear down
     on Jamal. a drop of sweat trickles down his forehead.
     Prem is loving his discomfort.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  Or Ask the Audience? I have a
                  hunch they might just know the
                  answer. What do we think?

     He gestures expansively at his audience. Oh, they love



                  Ask the audience.

     Prem whistles. Raises his eyes at the audience.

                  Well, you're the contestant,

26   CONTINUED:                                                26
                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  Put the poor man out of his
                  misery, Ladies and Gentlemen.
                  Press your key-pad now.

     The lights dim. Portentous music.

27   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE. DAY.                             27

     The Inspector presses pause. Sighs.

                  So, Jamal. My five-year-old
                  daughter knows the answer to
                  that, but you don't. Strange for
                  a millionaire genius. What
                  happened? Your accomplice nip
                  out for a piss, did he? Or did
                  he just not cough loud enough?

     Silence. Constable Srinivas kicks Jamal's chair.

                                CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
                  The Inspector asked you a

                  How much is bhelpuri at Jeevan's
                  stall on Chowpatty Beach?


                  One bhelpuri. How much?

                                CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
                       (can't help
                  Ten rupees.

                  Wrong. Fifteen since Divali. Who
                  stole Constable Varma's bicycle
                  outside Dadar Station last

                  You know who that was?

                  Everyone in Juhu knows that.
                  Even five year-olds.

     Despite himself, the Inspector laughs. Then leans in.


27   CONTINUED:                                                27

                  I'll give you five hundred
                  rupees if you just admit it. You
                  go home, I go home. Everybody

     Jamal just stares back.

                                INSPECTOR (CONT'D)
                  No, you want to go back on the
                  programme and win twenty million
                  rupees, don't you?

                  Wouldn't you?

28   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                       28

                  The audience has chosen. And,
                  whaddya know? Ninety-nine
                  percent of them think the answer
                  is A). The truth alone triumphs.
                  What do we think, Jamal? A
                  hundred percent would have made
                  me a little more reassured,

     Prem shrugs, makes a show of examining his computer.
     Suddenly fixes him with his eyes.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  Are you married, Jamal?


                  Well, don't despair, there's
                  someone out there who thinks our
                  national motto is "Fashion alone
                  triumphs". You two could be very
                  well matched.

     Audience laughter.

29   INT. GALLERY. NIGHT.                                      29

     The Director is shaking his head.

                  What the bloody hell is he
                  playing at? He's way off

                                VISION MIXER
                  Split up with his girl-friend.

29   CONTINUED:                                                  29

                  Which one?

                                VISION MIXER
                  All three, I heard. Nita as
                  well. Back with the wife. She's
                  pregnant again.

                  Oh, God, that's all we need....

                                VISION MIXER
                  Oh, for Sharukh Khan...Stand by
                  white out.

30   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                         30

                  ...won four thousand rupees!

     Music, lights, applause.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  One more question before the
                  commercial break. What will our
                  Call Centre Assistant do next?

     The lights dim. Prem presses his computer.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  Religion! Interesting. For
                  sixteen thousand rupees,
                  in depictions of the God Ram, he
                  is famously holding what in his
                  right hand? Is it A) a flower.
                  B) a scimitar. C) a child or D)
                  a bow and arrow?

31   EXT. DHOBI. JUHU SLUM. DAY.                                 31

     Right next to the railway lines is a pond of dirty
     water surrounded by shacks in which dozens of women are
     washing clothes. Trains flash past only feet away from
     them. Down the other end of the pond, nine-year old
     Jamal and Salim are splashing noisily with some other
     children. Jamal's mother pauses in her scrubbing, wipes
     sweat from her forehead and gazes up at the leaden sky.

                                JAMAL AND SALIM'S MOTHER
                  It's going to come. Today. I can
                  feel it.

     The woman next to her nods.

                  Hope so. My head is exploding.


31   CONTINUED:                                                 31

                  Yes. We need rain.

     Jamal is trying to intercept the ball that Salim and
     Krishna are throwing to each other. He's not having
     much success. The ball flies overhead again from Salim
     to Krishna. Jamal dives for it, misses and goes
     underwater. When he comes up for air, he shakes his
     head, clearing his ears of water. Then he stops,
     listens. Shakes his head again. Definitely something
     strange. Thunder? Salim and Krishna are trading
     catches, unaware that anything has changed. But Jamal's
     mother has heard it too. The faintest sound of
     shouting, roaring. The wave of noise is still faint but
     getting louder. A frozen moment broken by:

                                MOTHER (CONT'D)
                  Run! Jamal, Salim, run!

     Everybody stares at her. A train speeds through as she
     continues to shout, her words lost beneath the
     thundering train.

                                MOTHER (CONT'D)
                  Go! Run!

     The train goes through, the last carriage flying past
     suddenly opening up the sight of a wall of rioting men
     wielding clubs, scythes, metal bars. They come
     screaming across the railway tracks.

                  Krishna, quick!

     Salim holds out his hand to Krishna who is wading with
     difficulty through the water.

                  No way! You're a bloody Muslim.
                  Get away from me!

     The rioters leap the tracks and are upon them.

                                KRISHNA (CONT'D)
                  They're Muslims! Him and him!


     Salim and Jamal scramble out and retreat into the
     lanes. Salim turns to see his Mother felled by a
     rioter. She is surrounded by screaming, chanting men
     who rain blows down on her. Jamal runs back and drags
     Salim down an alley. As they head down the alley, they
     get glimpses of burning houses, fleeing women, a three-
     year old boy in a doorway, painted entirely in garish
     blue. He stares at them. In his hand, he is carrying a
     bow and arrow. An eleven-year old girl dressed only in
     a pair of pants runs after them.

31   CONTINUED: (2)                                            31

     She has two bleeding red gashes on her back. They turn
     a corner and head towards some vans full of police.
     Jamal sees Mister Nandha, the school teacher, stops.


     Then Mister Nandha starts walking towards him. An oasis
     of calm in the chaos. Jamal looks at him with relief.

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
               Mister Nandha.

     Mister Nandha smiles, walks towards them.

                             MISTER NANDHA
               Ram nam satya hai, Babri Masjid
               dhvasth hai.

               Mister Nandha?

                             MISTER NANDHA
               We have destroyed your mosque.
               Now, the followers of Ram will
               drive you dogs out of our city.

     From behind his back he produces a knife and runs
     towards Jamal, screaming.

                             MISTER NANDHA (CONT'D)
               Ram has returned to his temple!
               Ram has returned!

     They flee, but Jamal turns, sees the girl, frozen. He
     chases back a few steps, hauls her arm. The spell
     broken, and they are off.

32   INT. STREET. EVENING.                                     32

     They reach the safety of the police vans. But inside
     the vans, the police are smoking, laughing, playing
     cards. Down the street, a man comes whirling out of a
     doorway, his hair on fire. He falls into the middle of
     the street and is engulfed by rioters. Unperturbed, the
     police continue to chat. Salim and Jamal look on,
     horrified. Then one of the police men turns, looks at
     them. Is interested. Motions to a colleague. Puts out
     his cigarette with purpose.

               Let's go, bhai.

     Salim and Jamal run. The girl follows.


33   EXT. MUMBAI. EVENING.                                     33

     Salim and Jamal stand on a hill overlooking the city.
     Black smoke billows from a large area that is clearly
     the Juhu slum. Standing a little way off is the girl.

                We should go back.


                              JAMAL (CONT'D)
                See if Ama-

     Salim shakes his head fiercely, silencing Jamal for a
     moment. But only a moment.

                              JAMAL (CONT'D)
                What about Jeevan Chacha?

     Salim shakes his head.

                              JAMAL (CONT'D)
                Maybe he-

     Salim shakes his head again.

                - I saw him. He was with them.

                But he wouldn't hurt-

                - he was with them!


                - shut up, Jamal, can't you?
                Just shut up!

     Salim turns away and sees the girl. Picks up a rock and
     hurls it at her. She dodges, takes a couple of steps
     back but makes no real attempt to get away. He finds
     another rock and hurls this in her direction too.

                              SALIM (CONT'D)

     Then a flash of lightning and thunder rumbles across
     the city. Rain begins to come down.

                What shall we do?


33   CONTINUED:                                                  33

     No answer. Jamal sits down. Salim sits down. At a
     distance, the girl sits down. Rain pours down their

34   INT. BUILDER'S YARD. NIGHT.                                 34

     Rain as you've never seen. A pile of huge water pipes
     in a sprawling builder's yard. Jamal is in one pipe,
     Salim above him in another. They are both soaked,
     shivering, but have found some plastic sheet to wrap
     themselves in. Outside, thirty feet away, stands the
     girl. Staring. Salim hisses angrily at the girl.

                  Go away. Ja, ja!

     The girl might not even have heard.

                                SALIM (CONT'D)
                  She'll have the Security Guard
                  onto us, standing there.

                  Not if we let her in.


                  She could be the third

                  I am the head of this family,
                  now. And I say no. Piss off,

     Salim huddles down in the pipe. After a while, Jamal
     follows suit.

                                SALIM (CONT'D)
                  We don't even know what the
                  third musketeer's called.

35   EXT. JUHU SLUM. DAY                                         35

     A flash of Jamal's mother being clubbed to the ground.
     Her scream.

36   INT. BUILDER'S YARD. LATER.                                 36

     Jamal wakes with a jolt and a scream half-swallowed in
     his mouth. He shuts his eyes tight, trying to force the
     image out. His breathing slows and he sees the girl
     staring at him. Salim, too, is staring into nothing.
     The rain is still falling.

36   CONTINUED:                                                  36

     The girl goes back to drawing shapes in the mud with
     her finger. Jamal climbs out of the pipe. Looks at
     Salim for permission or refusal, but he just continues
     to stare. So, Jamal walks across to her. She looks up,

                  Where's your Mother?


                                  JAMAL (CONT'D)

     The girl shakes her head slightly. Jamal takes the
     plastic sheet from around his shoulders. Gives it to

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  I'm Jamal. He's Salim.


     Jamal goes back to his water pipe, climbs in. Watches
     her huddled under the sheet. Sighs, motions for her to
     join him. She darts across, jumps into the water pipe
     and huddles up next to Jamal.

37   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE. DAY.                               37

     Jamal looks at the Inspector.

                  I wake up every morning wishing
                  I didn't know the answer to that
                  question? If it wasn't for Ram
                  and Allah, I would still have a

38   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT                                          38

                  D) A bow and arrow.

                  Final answer?

                  Final answer.

     Prem stares at him for dramatic effect. Presses his

                  Computer-ji, D lock kiya-jaye.


38   CONTINUED:                                                  38

     The lights dim, the music swells.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  Jamal Malik, you answered D? Ram
                  is depicted with a bow and arrow
                  in his hand. And guess what?
                  You've just won sixteen thousand
                  rupees! Well done, my friend.
                  Time for a commercial break-
                  don't go away, now.

     Music, applause. Prem switches off his professional
     smile. Gets up.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  Got lucky, huh? I'd take the
                  money. You'll never get the next

                  You're from the Juhu slum,
                  aren't you?

                  Hmm? Sure. Know where I live
                  now, kid? Pali Hill. Twelve
                  bedrooms, a/c in every room, two
                  kitchens, a gym and a screening
                  room. Steel balls is what it
                  takes, my friend, steel balls.

     The Floor Manager comes over and gives his head-phones
     set to Prem. Prem listens.

                                DIRECTOR V/O
                  Prem? Tone it down, for goodness
                  sake. You're making him a
                  laughing stock.

     Prem glances up at the gallery with contempt.

                  We're having fun here. They love
                  it...Where the hell do you get
                  them from?

     He makes no attempt to hide the conversation from

                                DIRECTOR V/O
                  It's supposed to be a quiz show,
                  not a blood sport.

                                 FLOOR MANAGER
                  Two minutes.


38   CONTINUED: (2)                                             38

               Stop wetting your pants. I'll be
               a good little boy with the next
               one. Promise.

     He chucks the head-phones back at the Floor Manager.
     Glances in the wings. Sees Nita, the make-up woman.
     Gets up and goes over.

39   INT. STUDIO. BACKSTAGE. NIGHT.                             39

     In the half-light, backstage, Nita dabs his face with

               Meet me after the show. Please.


               Nita, I can explain.

               No need. I read it in bloody
               Stardust. Didn't even have the
               balls to tell me. "Prem's
               happiness with another baby on
               the way". After everything you

               Baby, it all happened before I
               met you. I swear to you.

               She's got the gestation period
               of an elephant, then.

     Prem is about to object. But instead, he laughs.

               You see? Amidst all this misery,
               only you can make me laugh.

     Scornful but hints of melting.

               All this misery...

               Her and I- nothing. You have to
               believe me, baby...

     Nita turns away. The Floor Manager comes over.

                             FLOOR MANAGER
               One minute.

39   CONTINUED:                                                39

     Prem slings himself in a chair.

                  No. I'm not going on.


                  I can't. Without you, it's all

     Clicks his fingers at the Floor Manager.

                               PREM (CONT'D)
                  You. Tell the Director.

     Nita shakes her head at the Floor Manager who by now is
     looking very worried.

                                FLOOR MANAGER
                  Thirty seconds.

     Prem shrugs and folds his arms. Sees her weaken.


                  Calypso Bar, private room, just
                  you and me?

                                 FLOOR MANAGER


     He grins, jumps up, blows her a kiss, and stalks back
     on stage.

40   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                       40

     He sits back down, says almost to himself.

                  Steel balls.

     Turns to Jamal.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  Okay, Juhu boy, you've had a
                  good run. Take your Mother to
                  Khandala and eat some chiki.

                  My Mother's dead.

40   CONTINUED:                                                40

                  Well, your girlfriend then. Even

                  I don't have a girl-friend.

                  Live wire like you? You surprise

                                  FLOOR MANAGER
                  Five, four...

     The warm-up man starts the applause.

                                TALKBACK V/O
                  ....three, two, one...

     Cheering and music. Prem switches on his charm.

                  Welcome back to Who Wants to be
                  a Millionaire! Our contestant,
                  Jamal Malik, Call Centre
                  Assistant- from Mumbai, is on
                  sixteen thousand rupees and has
                  already used one lifeline: Ask
                  the Audience. So, my friend: are
                  you ready for the next question?


                  Then, let's play.

     Portentous music. The lights dim.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  For sixty-four thousand rupees.
                  The British architect Frederick
                  Stevens designed which famous
                  building in India? Is it: A) The
                  Taj Mahal. B) Chhatrapati
                  Shivaji Terminus. C) India Gate.
                  D) Howrah Bridge. What do you
                  think, Jamal? Are you one of
                  those tea-boys with a penchant
                  for architecture?

41   INT. CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI TERMINUS. DAY.                   41

     Known to everyone as VT station, this monument to
     Victorian railway architecture is a dangerous place to
     be at rush hour.


41   CONTINUED:                                                  41

     Even before the train has stopped, men are jumping from
     the open doors, or vaulting out of the windows or from
     the roof of the train to join the tens of thousands of
     Mumbaites streaming to and from work. A seventeen-year
     old Jamal squeezes himself out of a train and shoves
     through the crowds. He checks the time. The digital
     numerals flick to five O'clock. Looks around the tide
     of humanity.

42   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                         42

                  So, what's it to be? Walk away
                  and this cheque for sixteen
                  thousand rupees is yours. Look,
                  it's even got your name on it.

     He produces a cheque and waves it at Jamal.

                  I don't have a bank account.

     Laughter from the audience. Prem is momentarily wrong-

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  But I'll take cash.

     More laughter, this time with Jamal, rather than at
     him. Prem gets up and starts rummaging theatrically
     through his jacket pockets and trousers.

                  Nope. Looks like the Producer's
                  stolen my wallet again-

                  - I'll play.

     Nobody was expecting this. Least of all Prem who has to
     rearrange his features into one of surprised delight.
     He sits down.

                  You'll play?

                  Why not?

                  Well, well, well. We've got a
                  wild one, here.

     Prem tears up the cheque with theatrical slowness.


42   CONTINUED:                                                42

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  For sixty-four thousand rupees,
                  Ladies and Gentlemen, the
                  question once again....

43   INT. CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI TERMINUS. DAY.                   43

     The digital clocks show five fifteen. Shoving the
     descending river of people out of his way, the eighteen
     year-old Jamal is forging a path up steps that cross
     the platforms. He pushes to the middle of the
     footbridge and leans out on the side railings. He scans
     the sea of people, desperately. Then he sees her: the
     eighteen year-old Latika, heart-stoppingly beautiful,
     over the other side of the station. A world away. She
     is scanning the crowd, as wired as he is.

                  Latika! Latika!

     But though he is screaming her name, his voice is
     swallowed by the noise around him. Then he sees two
     thuggish-looking men also fighting a way towards her.

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)

     Frightened now, he fights his way down the steps, one
     figure against an army of white-robed people.

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)

                                JAMAL V/O
                  Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

                                PREM V/O
                  Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

                                JAMAL V/O
                  I think so.

                                PREM V/O
                  You think so. A brave man,
                  Ladies and Gentlemen, a brave

44   INT. CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI TERMINUS. DAY.                   44

     The commuters have mostly gone. Jamal is pacing the
     platform desperately. He stops, stares blankly at the
     statue in front of him- a proud, rather pompous figure
     in a Victorian frock coat. The plaque reads: Frederick


45   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE. NIGHT.                           45

     The Inspector, Srinivas and Jamal are staring at the
     video recorder.

               Yes. Final answer. Chhatrapati
               Shivaji Terminus.

               Is the right answer! Sixty-four
               thousand rupees to you, Sir!

     Applause and music. The Inspector presses pause. Stares
     at Jamal.

               And did she come back?

     Jamal smiles sadly.

               I wouldn't be here if she had.

               Pretty was she?

     Jamal stares down at his feet.

                             INSPECTOR (CONT'D)
               Guess not.

     Right in the eyes.

               The most beautiful woman in the

     Constable Srinivas snorts. Suddenly, Jamal is out of
     his chair and at Srinivas' throat. The combined force
     of the Inspector and Srinivas force him roughly back
     down. He is again handcuffed to the chair.

                             INSPECTOR OF POLICE
               Well, well. The slum dog barks.
               Money or women. The reason for
               most mistakes in life. Looks
               like you got mixed up with both.
               Srinivas, you need the exercise:
               a trip to VT Station to check on
               the statue. And lock your bloody
               bike up.

     Constable Srinivas swears under his breath but bumbles


45   CONTINUED:                                                45

                  That's the chutiyé out the way.
                  Now, man to man. How did you
                  know all the answers?

                  If I knew, I'd tell you.

46   OMITTED                                                   46

47   OMITTED                                                   47

48   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                       48

                  Now we're into the serious
                  money. For two hundred and fifty
                  thousand rupees, ladies and
                  gentlemen, a quarter of a
                  million rupees...the song Chalo
                  Ri Murali was written by which
                  famous Indian poet. Was it A)
                  Surdas. B) Tulsidas. C) Mira
                  Bai. D) Kabir. Remember you
                  still have two lifelines- fifty-
                  fifty and Phone A Friend.
                  Tempted to use one?



                  I know this one.

                  Oh. I see. An expert on the
                  poets, huh?

     The lights dim, the music swells and Prem presses his

49   EXT. MUMBAI STREET. NIGHT.                                49

     Jamal is studying a piece of paper and reading out
     numbers from it. There is something not quite right
     about Jamal- perhaps the fact that there are two feet
     by his ears. Salim is standing on his shoulders and
     spraying the numbers on a wall with an aerosol and a
     certain lack of confidence.


49   CONTINUED:                                                 49

                  Four, nine, zero, nine- the one
                  with the stick going down, Salim-
                  six- stick going up-

     Latika's head appears from around the corner.


     But they don't hear. Then she is running for her life
     past the pair of them.

                  Six, one, shit, let's go-

     Salim collapses off Jamal's shoulders and all three run
     off down an alley past a dozen of the gang's sprayed-on
     adverts all reading: "Beanbags- 989 4909661". A fat
     Security Guard with a long stick huffs round the
     corner. Chases them up an alley. Nowhere to go except
     through an imposing gate that clearly leads to a
     private house.

                                SECURITY GUARD
                  Got you now, little shits.

50   EXT. GARDEN. NIGHT.                                        50

     They charge across the lawn, down one side of the house
     where all the washing is hanging. The Guard gets caught
     up in drying sheets, towels. He fights his way through
     to see Salim, Latika and Jamal leaping over the wall to
     safety. But Jamal turns, jumps back and grabs a girl's
     dress from the line.

                                SECURITY GUARD
                  Aha! Little thief!

     The Security Guard lands a couple of blows on Jamal's
     back as he dodges around him and back across the lawn,
     dress in hand. The Security Guard gives up.

                                SECURITY GUARD (CONT'D)

51   INT. ALLEY. NIGHT.                                         51

     Jamal is examing the bruises on his legs.

                  Useless bloody look-out. What
                  good is she, huh?


51   CONTINUED:                                                51

                  I tried to warn you.

                  It's okay, Salim.

     Latika slips on the dress. Spins. Both of them look up.
     Stare. She pulls her hair back, smiles, is transformed
     into a beautiful girl.

52   EXT. GORAI BEACH DUMPING GROUND. DAY.                     52

     Blazing sun. Diggers and trucks are shifting mounds of
     rubble on a rubbish dump that seems to stretch for
     ever. Oblivious to the dust kicked up by the trucks,
     Latika is picking up old plastic bags, examining each
     one and putting the less worn in a big sack. The dress
     is recognisable but dusty and torn. She stoops to dig
     another bag out of the dirt, but stops and stares.
     Shimmering in the heat, a rickety pick-up truck comes
     through the rubbish dump gates. Toots at the Guard who
     waves, pulls up in the dump. "Hope Orphanage is written
     on the side of the van. A man gets out. Looks around.

53   INT. `TENT'. DAY.                                         53

     Under sheets of plastic propped up on sticks, Jamal and
     Salim are sleeping out the hottest part of the day.
     Jamal wakes to see a figure standing over him- a
     silhouette with a halo of sun behind him. Out of his
     bag, the man produces a bottle of Thumbs Up. He uncaps
     it with an alluring hiss. It is almost an advert for
     thirst-quenching affluence. Almost instinctively, Salim
     and Jamal stir.


     He hands the bottle to Salim, gets another from his bag
     and waves it questioningly at Jamal.

                                MAN (CONT'D)
                  Hot, huh? My name is Maman.

54   EXT. ORPHANAGE. EVENING.                                  54

     The hills on the edge of Bombay. Greenery and space,
     for the first time in the film. The pick-up truck pulls
     up outside a building with Jamal, Salim and Latika
     sitting on a bench in the back. Maman gets out. Drops
     the gate on the back of the pick-up.

                  Anyone hungry? Come on in.


55   INT. ORPHANAGE COURTYARD. EVENING.                         55

     Twenty children are eating at long benches in a
     ramshackle courtyard. Maman, ushers Jamal, Salim and
     Latika in and sits them down at one of the benches. He
     waves a hand and a giant man, Punnoose, comes over with
     a big bowl of food. The three tear into it. Cleaning
     every last morsel of rice from his plate, Jamal looks
     up and notices a table peopled entirely with blind or
     crippled children. Some of the legless are eating on
     the floor next to the table. Jamal leans over to Salim.

               He must be a very good man to
               look after these people.

                    (glancing at them)
               A saint.

     Arvind, a boy smaller than either Jamal or Salim

               We're not allowed to talk to

               Why not?

     Arvind shrugs. Latika licks her plate, glances at Maman
     who is looking right at them.

                             LATIKA (CONT'D)
               Well, if there are seconds,
               Maman is definitely a Saint.

     As if telepathic, Maman signals to Punnoose and he
     brings a large bowl of rice and dhal over to them.
     Latika looks at Jamal and Salim. They burst out

                             LATIKA (CONT'D)
               I tell you, Lord Siva is with

56   INT. ORPHANAGE. EVENING.                                   56

     Salim, Latika, Jamal and a group of children are
     standing in a line singing a doha- ancient lyrics set
     to music. Maman is leading the singing, walking up and
     down the line listening to each one individually. He
     stops at one small boy, Arvind, and listens. Nods his
     head, pleased, and continues down the line until he
     stops in front of Jamal. Holds up his hand.

               Stop! You. Again.

56   CONTINUED:                                                 56

     Jamal starts singing again. He has the sweetest of
     voices. Untrained but pure. Maman smiles, ruffles
     Jamal's hair, impressed.

                                  MAMAN (CONT'D)

     They all join in. Maman continues down the line. He
     stops at Salim whose octave-slipping singing is lusty
     and appallingly out of tune. Maman winces and moves on.
     Standing next to Salim, Latika giggles. Immediately,
     Salim is on her. Before a fight breaks out, Punnoose
     pulls Salim off Latika and hurls him across the room.
     Salim gets up and charges at Punnoose. For a second,
     Punnoose is back-footed, but then pins Salim's arms to
     his side. Maman laughs. Approaches Salim.

                                MAMAN (CONT'D)
                  You sing like one, and you fight
                  like one. I think you've found
                  your dog, Punnoose.

57   EXT. CENTRAL MUMBAI TRAFFIC. DAY.                          57

     A group of children are sitting in the jumble of
     concrete under a motorway flyover. Cars surround them,
     bumper to bumper. Latika and Jamal are playing an
     improvised hopscotch on concrete slabs. They are
     giggling, bumping into each other, tickling, laughing.
     Salim and Punnoose are sitting together, smoking. Salim
     is staring hard at Jamal and Latika until Punnoose
     grunts, a sign for Salim to clap his hands.

                  Okay, let's go, let's go! It's
                  not a bloody holiday!

     The children get to their feet. Latika sighs, puts a
     patch over her eye and grabs a pair of crutches.
     Suddenly, the lame beggar. Salim goes over to one of
     the girls, who is carrying a sleeping baby. Puts out
     his hand.

                                  SALIM (CONT'D)
                  Give me that.

     The girl shakes her head. Salim grabs her by the hair
     in one hand and takes the baby with the other. He
     shoves her to the ground. The other children stare.

                  Hey, Salim!

     He challenges Jamal.

                  What, choté bhai? You got a

57   CONTINUED:                                                57

     He laughs and walks over to Latika.

                                   SALIM (CONT'D)
                  Here. For you.

                  I don't want it.

                  You'll earn double. I'm doing
                  you a favour, Latika.

                  She doesn't want it.

                  Chup, Jamal.

     Latika turns away and begins to walk towards the cars.

                                   SALIM (CONT'D)
                  I'll drop it.

     He holds the baby up. Latika grabs the baby with a cry
     just as Salim releases it from his hands. Salim pinches
     the baby.

                                SALIM (CONT'D)
                  Triple if it's crying.

     Latika snatches it away. Salim laughs, goes back to
     sitting with Punnoose. The children scatter to the cars
     trapped at the lights, tapping plaintively on the
     windows and making the universal begging gesture.

58   INT. ORPHANAGE. KITCHEN. NIGHT.                           58

     Surrounded by beer bottles, Punnoose is slumped asleep
     by the kitchen door. Latika edges past, avoids the cook
     sleeping under the table and goes to a shelf laden with
     vegetables. She pulls down a bunch of chillies still on
     the vine, strips a few off and tip-toes out with them.

59   INT. ORPHANAGE. DORMITORY. NIGHT.                         59

     Sleeping children, three or four to a mattress on the
     floor. Latika tip-toes around the mattresses. She
     pauses over one in particular where we see Salim,
     asleep. She carefully pulls up the sheet, delves
     underneath. Pleasant dreams cross Salim's sleeping face
     for a second. Then suddenly, he is bolt upright and
     screaming. He charges around the room clutching his
     genitals in agony.

                  Madher chod...!


59   CONTINUED:                                                  59

     He sprints out of the room, wailing.

60   INT. ORPHANAGE. SHOWERS. NIGHT.                             60

     The lights are on and two dozen children are screaming
     with laughter as Salim stands under the make-shift
     shower directing the water down his pants to his
     burning genitals, his face a picture of agony. Latika
     wipes crushed chillies from her hands.

                  You're dead, sala.

     She smiles and walks past Jamal with a shrug. Then
     Punnoose comes stalking in and the children scatter

                  Get back to bed, dogs! What the

                                JAMAL V/O
                  They taught me every song in the
                  history of Indian music.

                                INSPECTOR V/O
                  And why would they do that, I

61   INT. SHACK. NIGHT.                                          61

     In a shack, Arvind is singing one of Surdas' bhajans in
     front of Maman and an old man who by his ragged
     appearance must be a villager. Punnoose and Salim sit
     behind Arvind.

                  Very good, very good. I am
                  pleased, Arvind. He is ready.


     Maman nods to Punnoose. Before Arvind can turn round,
     Punnoose has covered his mouth with a cloth and after
     the briefest of struggles, Arvind's body goes limp. The
     villager puts an old tin box on the table. Taking the
     lid from the tin, he brings out a cloth and unwraps it.
     Inside is a spoon. He checks the edge with his thumb.
     Sharp. Douses it with a clear liquid from a bottle and
     passes it over a candle flame. The spoon whooshes with
     a high flame for a moment. The villager wipes it with
     the cloth nods to Punnoose.



61   CONTINUED:                                                  61

     Utterly bemused, Salim nevertheless helps Punnoose lay
     Arvind on the table. The villager takes hold of
     Arvind's eyelid and pulls it open. He brings the spoon
     close. Suddenly, Salim is being sick in the corner of
     the shack. By the time he has turned back, the villager
     is wiping the spoon on a blood-soaked rag.

                  Okay. Take him out the back.

     Punnoose picks up Arvind and carries him out.

                                MAMAN (CONT'D)
                  Now the other one. Salim, go get

     A frozen moment.


                  Gunfighter Number One, isn't
                  that right, Salim? The money,
                  the women, the want
                  them bad, huh? And why not?

     Maman gets out of his chair. Approaches Salim.

                                MAMAN (CONT'D)
                  The time has come to choose,
                  yaar. The life of a slum dog or
                  the life of a man. A real man. A
                  gunfighter, Salim.

     Maman holds Salim's head in his hands.

                                MAMAN (CONT'D)
                  Your destiny is in your hands,
                  bhai. You can be me. Or nobody.

                  Yes, Maman.

     Maman nods.

                  So, brother, go get Jamal.

     Salim is frozen for another few seconds, then turns and
     walks out of the door. Punnoose appears at the door.
     Maman nods to him and he slips off after Salim.

62   INT. DORMITORY, ORPHANAGE. NIGHT.                           62

     All the children are asleep apart from Jamal who is
     crouched underneath a couple of wash-basins.

62   CONTINUED:                                                 62

     He is talking through a plate-sized hole in the
     crumbling masonry. Latika's eyes can be seen.

                  ...weddings, government things,
                  big parties. If Maman says my
                  voice is ready. Big money.

                  Enough for a room?

                  Easily. Maybe an apartment.


                  That's what Arvind said. On
                  Harbour Road. You, me and Salim.
                  The three musketeers.

                  Harbour Road! We can have ice
                  cream from Babanji's.

                  Every day if we want.

     Salim appears at the door. Nods his head at Jamal.

                                  JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  It's my turn.

                  Good luck, Jamal.

     Latika's hand comes through the gap. Jamal takes it for
     a moment. Salim hisses at Jamal. He lets go of the hand
     and heads out.

63   EXT. PATH. NIGHT.                                          63

     Salim and Jamal walk along the path, Jamal humming
     happily. Salim checks behind him, sees Punnoose

                  So, this is it, hey, bhai? The
                  good life, here we come....


     Jamal is suddenly alert. Slows


63   CONTINUED:                                                63


     Salim nods. Big smile. Puts a hand on Jamal's shoulder.

                  When I say.

64   INT. SHACK. NIGHT.                                        64

     Salim guides Jamal into the shack where Maman and the
     Villager are waiting. Maman smiles. Punnoose slips in
     behind Salim.

                  Jamal, hello. You have done
                  well. It's time for you to- turn


                  Sing me a song, yaar. How about
                  Chalo Ri Murali, huh? My

     Jamal opens his mouth, then closes it again. Holds out
     his hand.

                  Fifty rupees.


                  I've turned professional. What
                  can I do?

     Maman laughs.


     He throws some notes at him.

65   EXT. SHACK. NIGHT.                                        65

     Outside, a giggle. Latika is peering through a gap in
     the wall.


66    INT. SHACK. NIGHT.                                        66

      Jamal begins to sing. Maman waits a while, then nods to
      Punnoose. Behind Jamal, Punnoose hands Salim the bottle
      of chloroform and the rag. Salim approaches the back of
      Jamal. Salim waits until he has finished the song.
      Raises his hand with the rag in it. Maman smiles, nods.
      Salim flings the contents of the bottle in Punnoose's
      face. Punnoose screams and stumbles back clutching his
      eyes, knocking over the table.


      Salim and Jamal scramble for the door. The knocked-over
      candle catches the spilled chloroform and a curtain
      which whooshes up in flame.



66A   EXT. SHACK. NIGHT.                                        66A

      They charge past the prone Arvind- a flash of bloodied
      bandages covering his eyes.

67    EXT. HILLSIDE. NIGHT.                                     67

      Heavy, desperate breathing. Feet stumble on roots. Fall
      into holes. The three children are running. Branches
      smack into their faces. But they are so scared, nothing
      will stop them. Behind them, torches scour the
      undergrowth. Men shouting. They break out of the woods
      and are confronted with a train goods yard.

68    EXT. GOODS YARD. NIGHT.                                   68

      They run over the tracks, between the trains, but the
      shouts are getting louder, the torches closer. A diesel
      engine is moving out of the station. Jamal, Latika and
      Salim sprint for the Guard's Van at the very back of
      the moving train. Punnoose is closest to them. Salim is
      fastest and first to jump the train. He holds out his
      hand. Jamal grabs it and is hauled in. Jamal holds his
      hand out to Latika.

                Come on! Faster!

      She reaches out to him. Their hands almost touch.


68   CONTINUED:                                                    68

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  Take it! Take it! I can't

     Salim barges Jamal out of the way. Jamal      stumbles back
     as Salim reaches his hand out to Latika,      so he doesn't
     see Latika's hand grasp Salim's, nor see      their eyes
     lock onto each other, nor see Salim very      deliberately
     let go of her hand. Latika stumbles.


     Jamal scrambles to the rail. The train gains more
     speed. Jamal climbs on to the top rung, makes to jump,
     but Salim flings him backward. Jamal tries to scramble
     to his feet again, but Salim restrains him.

                  Got to go back. We've got to go

                  He'll kill us if we go back.
                  Jamal! He was going to take your
                  eyes out- with a bloody spoon!

     The train is speeding along. Jamal breaks free and
     stares back at Latika.

                                SALIM (CONT'D)
                  She'll be alright. She always

     Latika stumbles again and stops running. They watch as
     Punnoose catches up with her and stops running. He
     smashes Latika to the ground.

69   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                           69

                  The question was, for two
                  hundred and fifty thousand
                  rupees: who wrote the famous
                  song Chalo Ri Murali. I should
                  warn you, Jamal: from this
                  question on, if you get the
                  answer wrong you lose
                  everything. So. Are you sure?
                  The life-lines are there....


                  Surdas. Apka final jawab?


69   CONTINUED:                                                69


                  Computer-ji, A lock kiya-jaye.

     The lights dim, the music swells. Prem presses a button
     on his computer: looks him straight in the eyes for an

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  Guess what? You're right.

     Applause, music, lights.

70   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE. DAY.                             70

     The Inspector is eying Jamal, weighing it all up.

                  Blind singers earn double. You
                  know that.

                  And what happened to the girl?
                  They blinded her too?

                       (shakes his head)
                  They had other plans. Though it
                  took me a long, long time to
                  find out.

71   EXT. TRAIN. MORNING.                                      71

     Salim and Jamal are sitting on top of the train. Jamal
     is staring blankly down the track.

                  Aré, Jamal...

     Salim puts an arm around Jamal's shoulder. Jamal wipes
     the tears from his eyes, shakes his head furiously.

     Salim gets up. Holds out his hand.

                                  SALIM (CONT'D)

                  Where you going?

                  First class, bhai. Where else?


72   INT/ EXT. FIRST CLASS CARRIAGE. MORNING.                  72

     The ancient train is huffing slowly up an incline. A
     middle class Indian couple with their three children
     are sitting at a table, their breakfast spread before
     them. Into this domestic scene, unseen by them comes
     Jamal. Upside down and still outside the train, he is
     clearly being dangled by his ankles from the train
     roof. He gives a few, silent directional signs to Salim
     who manoeuvres him across, dips his hand into the open
     window, snatches a chapatti and signals franticly to be
     hoisted up. The family continue to eat, unperturbed.

     Then Jamal appears again. This time one of the children
     spots him. Despite Jamal giving her a friendly wave,
     she yelps. The father of the group grabs Jamal's hand
     which has just snatched a samosa. There is a tussle,
     Salim holding onto Jamal's legs, the father holding
     onto Jamal's arms and Jamal in the middle, shouting.
     Salim is losing the battle and his footing. He stumbles
     and the pair of them fall from the train, rolling and
     tumbling down an embankment in slow-motion.
     Interspersed with the seemingly endless tumble are
     images of Jamal and Salim on top of different trains-

     - huddled together against the freezing rain...

     - surfing the wind at the front of the train...

     - admiring the distant Himalaya....

                             JAMAL V/O
               We criss-crossed the country
               from Rajasthan to Calcutta.
               Every time we were thrown off we
               got back on again. This was our
               home for years. A home with
               wheels and a whistle.

     The final tumble as they crash onto flat ground.

73   EXT. RAILWAY EMBANKMENT. DAY.                             73

     Groggily, Jamal sits up and groans. Somehow in the
     tumble, he has been transformed into a twelve year-old.
     And Salim a strong fourteen year-old. Through the haze
     of pain and dust, Jamal sees something glinting in the
     distance- something impossibly beautiful.

               Salim? Is this heaven?

               You're not dead, Jamal.

     Jamal clears his head. Sees Salim picking himself up
     from the ground. But the apparition is still there.


73   CONTINUED:                                                73

                  So what's that?


     They stare at the apparition. The unmistakable outline
     of the Taj Mahal rises from the horizon, pink in the
     morning sun. Nothing could be more beautiful.

                  Some hotel, huh?

74   EXT. TAJ MAHAL. DAY.                                      74

     Jamal and Salim wander under the great dome of the Taj
     Mahal. Two tiny slum kids dwarfed by this massive
     monument to love. It is a moment of genuine wonderment
     for them. Then a tour guide bustles nearby, tourists
     flowing behind him.

                  ...there are five main elements
                  to the Taj. The Darwaza, the
                  main gateway, the Bageecha or
                  garden, the Masjid or mosque,
                  the Naqqar Khana, the rest house
                  and the Rauza or mausoleum. If
                  you would like to follow me, I
                  will show you the ninety-nine
                  names of Allah on Mumtaz's tomb.
                  As before, please remove your

     Jamal follows the Guide and his entourage into the
     mausoleum. Salim meanwhile is studying the line of
     shoes. Tries a smart pair of women's court shoes,
     before slipping a foot into a nice, white sneaker. A
     smile crosses his face. His other foot quickly follows
     and he saunters away, all mock-innocence.

75   EXT. TAJ MAHAL. DAY                                       75

     Jamal comes out of the mausoleum into the bright
     sunlight and looks around for Salim. No sign of him.
     Suddenly, a German couple approach.

                  Please, what time is the next


                  - so much waiting around in this
                  damned country.

75   CONTINUED:                                                 75

     Jamal notices that he is standing next to a sign
     advertising guided tours of the Taj.

                  No, I-

                  - we're on a very tight
                  schedule, you see, young man.
                  Have to see the Red Fort this
                  afternoon. Would it be possible
                  to show us around now? Obviously
                  we understand it would cost more
                  for just the two of us...

     Peter waves a couple of thousand rupee notes at Jamal.
     His eyes widen.

                  But of course, Madam. Please
                  follow me.

     Jamal stalks off. The Germans follow. Jamal stops
     before the monument. Points a confident arm at it.

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  This is....the Taj Mahal.

     A terrible pause as Peter and Ada stare at him. Clearly
     more is expected. He moves off at a pace.

                                 JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  The Taj Mahal was built by the
                  Emperor Khurram for his wife
                  Mumtaz who was maximum beautiful
                  woman in the whole world. When
                  she died, the Emperor decided to
                  build this five star hotel for
                  everyone who wanted to visit her
                  tomb...but he died in- in
                  fifteen eighty-seven, before any
                  of the rooms were built. Or the
                  lifts. The swimming pool,
                  however, as you can see was
                  completed on schedule in top
                  class fashion.

     He waves confidently in the direction of the fountains.

                  It says nothing of this in the
                  guide book.

                  With respect, Madam, the guide
                  book is written by a bunch of
                  lazy, good-for-nothing, Indian


75   CONTINUED: (2)                                            75


               And this, Lady and Gentleman, is
               burial place of Mumtaz.

               How did she die?

               A road traffic accident.


               Maximum pile-up.

               I thought she died in child-

                    (nodding sagely)
               Exactly, Sir. She was on the way
               to the hospital when it

     Jamal moves on. Ada and Peter exchange a glance.

               You've seen the way they drive
               around here...

76   EXT. TAJ MAHAL. DAY.                                      76

     Montage of Jamal authoritatively showing tourists
     around the Taj Mahal.

                             JAMAL V/O
               It was the best-paid job I've
               ever had.

               This is the Princess Diana seat,
               Madam. Allow me.

     Jamal shows the tourist a battered postcard of Princess
     Diana, staring doe-eyed into the distance with the Taj
     behind. The tourist sits. Jamal adjusts her legs so
     that they match the postcard. Takes the photo....

                             SALIM O/S
               Tourist police!


76   CONTINUED:                                                76

     ...and abandons the woman with a polite bow, charging
     for safety as two Police Officers race towards him.

                                                      CUT TO:

77   EXT. TAJ MAHAL. DAY.                                       77

     Jamal stands a Tourist on a wall and positions his
     hands to create the optical illusion that he is
     dangling the Taj from his fingers. Takes a photo for
     the Tourist. Behind the Tourist, Salim and a boy called
     Shankar pick up the Tourist's shoes and saunter
     casually across the grass.

                                                      CUT TO:

78   EXT. ROADSIDE MARKET. AGRA. DAY.                           78

     By the side of a busy market street Salim stands next
     to a row of stolen shoes. Sneakers, court shoes,
     sandals, high heels...he is busy bartering with a man
     over a pair whilst Jamal tries to shout up business.

                  Top-class fashion, bottom-class
                  prices! Shoes for all! Shoes for

79   EXT. BOYS CAMP, YAMUNA RIVER. DAY.                         79

     Hectares of drying clothes by the side of the river.
     Spectacular squares of red, saffron, white. Not far
     away from the dhobi ghat, there is a makeshift slum-
     camp where Salim and a gang of children are sitting,
     smoking. Jamal joins them, hands over a wad of rupees
     to Salim. Salim counts the cash, hands half to Shankar
     and slaps Jamal so hard on the back that he nearly
     falls over.

                                JAMAL V/O
                  And life was good.

80   EXT. SLUM. DAY.                                            80

     Jamal gets out of a new Mercedes driven by an Indian
     Man. A middle-aged American couple also get out. Jamal
     points them down a lane which opens out on India's
     largest dhobi where hundreds of women are beating
     clothes on stone slabs.

                  This is the biggest dhobi ghat
                  in the whole of India, Mister

80   CONTINUED:                                                 80
                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  They say that every man in Uttar
                  Pradesh is wearing a kurta that
                  has been washed here at least
                  one time.

                  Is that so? That's amazing.
                  Let's get a look at this, Adele.

     He gets out his video camera and wanders towards the
     dhobi ghat. Behind them a motor rickshaw pulls up.
     Salim, Shankar and a couple of the street kids from the
     Taj leap out. Within seconds, the Mercedes is up on
     bricks and the wheels are being removed. Salim takes a
     hacksaw to the Mercedes badge on the bonnet, whilst
     urging the others on.

                  Aré, sala! Formula One, Formula
                  One! Pit-stop ka speed,
                  Schumacher ka ishtyle

     The crowds in the lane barely notice as the car is
     stripped of all its parts.

                                SALIM (CONT'D)
                  Go, go!

     A shout from the top of the lane and the boys scatter,
     bouncing the four wheels at speed down the lane. Jamal,
     the Indian driver and the two Americans return. They
     stop in front of the denuded car.

                  Woah. What happened here?

     Suddenly the Indian driver is slapping Jamal
     ferociously around the head with one of his shoes.

                  I give you two tight slaps,
                  mader chod!

                  I don't know! I didn't do it,
                  did I...? Nothing to do with
                  me...get off!

     But the beating continues, the driver kicking Jamal
     down onto the floor. The two Americans stare, uncertain
     what to do.

                  Do something, Clark.

                  Well, I- I dunno, I-

     Finally Clark intervenes, pulling the driver off Jamal.

80   CONTINUED: (2)                                                80

                             CLARK (CONT'D)
               Okay, okay, just cool it. You're
               insured, aren't you? Jesus

     Jamal sits up. He is bleeding from his nose and mouth.

                                  CLARK (CONT'D)
               You okay?

               You wanted to see the `real
               India', Mister David. Here it

               Well, here's a bit of the real
               America, too, son.

     Adele pulls out his wallet and rummages for dollars.

81   EXT. YAMUNA RIVER. NIGHT.                                     81

     A battered Jamal limps along the river bank towards the
     Taj. He stops, bathes his swollen face in the river.
     Then looks up. Strange lights appear to emanate from
     the base of the monument. And then strange sounds.

82   EXT. TAJ MAHAL. NIGHT.                                        82

     Jamal climbs   a crumbling   wall and is confronted with an
     opera taking   place right   under the dome. Gluck's Orfeo
     ed Euridice.   Hundreds of   India's smartest professionals
     are watching   from banked   seating on a scaffolding

83   EXT. STANDS. NIGHT.                                           83

     Jamal and a couple of street kids slip under the
     scaffolding supporting the banked seats. The street
     kids are trying to reach the hand-bags of the women
     above them.

               Oi, Jamal! There's a woman with
               no panties on over here.

     Jamal reaches up and easily lifts a wallet from a man's
     trouser pocket. On stage, the actors start singing.
     Jamal seems to have forgotten the wallet and stares,
     mesmerised, at the stage.

               Why don't you put it back and
               listen to the music?

83   CONTINUED:                                                  83

     Jamal starts, makes to run, but the woman who spoke
     holds out a cigarette. A Canadian back-packer is
     sitting, staring at the singers.

                                WOMAN (CONT'D)
                  It's called Orfeo. Orpheus and
                  Eurydice. Orpheus- that one
                  there- is looking for his lover,
                  Eurydice. She died, but he can't
                  live without her.

     She hands him a cigarette. He puts the wallet back. She
     smiles at him and they both turn to the stage.

                                WOMAN (CONT'D)
                  The pain is so bad that he goes
                  to the underworld- the place we
                  go when we die- to try to get
                  her back.

                  You can't do that. Can you?

                  You can in opera.

                  Does he find her?

                  Watch and see.

     Jamal watches as Orpheus sings one of the most
     beautiful pieces of music a human is likely to hear.
     Tears are running down Jamal's cheeks.

84   EXT. YAMUNA RIVER. NIGHT.                                   84

     Salim, Shankar, Jamal and the Taj Gang are gathered
     around a campfire. All of them wear extraordinary foot-
     wear of one form or another, from elaborate high heels
     to walking boots five sizes too large. A home-made
     hooka pipe is being passed around the fire. The eyes of
     the children have long since stopped focussing. Salim
     is sporting a Mercedes Benz badge on a chain around his
     neck. Behind him, Jamal appears, his face swollen. He
     takes off his fake Guide's Badge and throws it in the

                  Woah! What are you- Jamal?

                  We have to go, Salim.

                  Go? Go where?

84   CONTINUED:                                                  84


                  Don't be stupid. We're making
                  good money here.

                  We should have gone a long time

     Salim turns to Shankar with sudden understanding.

                  Oh, God. Baby brother's in love.
                  With a flat-chested hijra.

                  Latika was one of us. A

                  A musketeer...Grow up, Jamal.
                  Look, how was I to know they'd
                  beat you up. Here, you can have
                  some of the cash. Come on...

                  I've got cash.

     He rips out a wad of dollar bills from his pocket.

                                   JAMAL (CONT'D)

                  How much?

                  Enough. I'm getting my stuff.

     He walks off.

                  Wait! Jamal! Ah, shit!

     He gets up, kicks the fire in rage and stomps after

85   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                         85

     Prem leans back in his chair.

                  So, my friend: ready for another


85   CONTINUED:                                                85


     Prem presses his computer. The lights dim again, the
     music comes up.

                  For a straight one million
                  rupees, Ladies and
                  Gentlemen...On an American One
                  Hundred Dollar Bill there is a
                  portrait of which American
                  statesman? Is it A), George
                  Washington, B) Franklin
                  Roosevelt, C) Benjamin Franklin,
                  D) Abraham Lincoln?

     Silence from Jamal.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  Pay or play, Jamal? All you have
                  to do is stop now and you walk
                  away with a cool quarter of a
                  million rupees. Decide to play,
                  get the answer wrong and you
                  walk away with absolutely
                  nothing. But, get the answer
                  right and you win a million
                  rupees. So. You decide. Pay or

     A long pause.

86   INT. GALLERY. NIGHT.                                      86

                  Okay, he hasn't got a clue. This
                  is going to be a walk-away.
                  Stand by.

                                VISION MIXER
                  No, he's going to play with him,

87   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                       87

                  Get a lot of hundred dollar
                  bills in your line of work,

                  The minimum tip for my services.

     Laughter from the audience.


87   CONTINUED:                                                  87

                  Now I know why my cell phone
                  bill is so high...they pay the
                  chi-wallah in hundred dollar

                  It's C. Benjamin Franklin.

     A gasp from the audience. Prem is caught off-guard.

                  Woah! We haven't locked the
                  computer, man. You're going to

                  I think I just have. Haven't I?

                  You certainly have. C. Right?

                  Right. C.

                  Not confusing your Franklins?
                  Benjamin for Roosevelt?

                  I've never heard of Roosevelt

                  There's a million rupees at
                  stake and he's never heard of
                  Roosevelt Franklin...I can't
                  bear to look.

     He gives this one to the audience who titter on cue.
     Jamal looks confused.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  No, no. Don't you worry, Jamal.
                  You were asked which statesman
                  is depicted on a hundred dollar
                  bill. You said C. Benjamin
                  Franklin. Ladies and

     He presses the computer, pretends to ruminate for a
     while with his finger pressed to his lips.

                                PREM (CONT'D)
                  Jamal Malik- you chose to play
                  not pay. I'm afraid you no
                  longer have two hundred and
                  fifty thousand rupees....


87   CONTINUED: (2)                                              87

     Prem leans over and tears up the cheque. There is a
     sigh of disappointment from the audience, a look of
     confusion on Jamal's face.

                             PREM (CONT'D)
      in fact have one million

     Wild applause from the audience. Jamal allows himself a
     genuine smile.

88   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE. DAY.                               88

     The Inspector pulls out a note from his wallet. Glances
     at it.

               Who's on the thousand rupee

               I don't know.

     He waves the note at him.

               It's Gandhi!

               I've heard of him.

     The Inspector kicks his chair.

               Don't get clever or I'll get the
               electricity out again.

               They didn't ask me that
               question. I don't know why. Ask

     The Inspector stares hard at Jamal.

               Funny, you don't seem that
               interested in money.

     Then, Constable Srinivas stomps back into the office,
     sweat pouring from him.

                             CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
               Platform Seventeen-

     Has to consult his notebook.


88   CONTINUED:                                                  88

                                CONSTABLE SRINIVAS (CONT'D)
                  A statue of Frederick Stevens,
                  architect and builder of
                  Victoria Terminus in -

                                INSPECTOR OF POLICE
                  - yes, yes, Srinivas. The
                  hundred dollar bill.

89   EXT. BOMBAY. DAY.                                           89

     From a thousand feet in the sky, looking down on the
     limitless megatropolis of Mumbai. Half-built sky-
     scrapers, slums, factories, roads, trains.

                                JAMAL V/O
                  Bombay had turned into Mumbai.

     We descend, down until the lines of ants become people.

                                JAMAL V/O (CONT'D)
                  The orphanage had gone, the slum
                  had gone, the people.... all
                  gone. And everywhere was
                  building, building, building.

     Descending even further, we pick out a construction
     site and then Jamal....

90   EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE. DAY.                                90

     ..who is staring through a wire fence at the
     construction site.

                                JAMAL V/O
                  But I knew she was here.
                  Somewhere she was here.

     He turns away, then something catches his eye.
     Underneath all the scraps of flyers and posters on a
     broken wall is a corner of something that Jamal
     recognises. He tears back a poster. Underneath, faded
     but recognisable is one of their beanbag graffiti

91   EXT. SLUM. NIGHT.                                           91

     Jamal asks a group of stall-holders on the slum main
     street. They shrug, aren't interested. The camera pulls
     up and up until Jamal is nothing but a dot wandering
     the maze of lanes, railways and highways, one among
     endless millions of people.

                                JAMAL V/O
                  Evenings, I searched. Days, I


92   EXT. HOTEL. DAY.                                            92

     Jamal wanders up to the rickshaw drivers parked outside
     the hotel. He stops and asks a question. The drivers
     shake their heads. Jamal continues up the steps towards
     a door, exhausted face and grubby clothes walking
     straight towards camera. He goes through the door and

93   INT. HOTEL. FOYER. DAY.                                     93, without breaking step in a slightly grubby
     white uniform. He walks across the echoing, marble
     floor of a struggling four-star hotel, goes through
     double doors....

94   INT. HOTEL CORRIDOR. DAY.                                   94

     ...into a corridor that is devoid of carpet, paint-
     anything except a phone on the bare wall and a stool.
     The phone is ringing. Jamal sits on the stool and
     answers the phone.

               Room service, good afternoon?...
               Yes, sir. Two chicken burgers,
               two fries, one cocoa-cola and
               one mango lassi and a large
               bottle of mineral
               water...Bisleri or Himalayan
               Spring, Sir?...Certainly, Sir.
               That will be with you in fifteen
               minutes, Sir. Thank you. Have a
               nice day.

     He hangs up and goes through another set of doors...

95   INT. HOTEL KITCHENS. DAY.                                   95 a cramped kitchen with definite hygiene problems.
     The cooks are playing carom on the table while under it
     Salim is dozing.

               Two chicken burgers, coke, mango
               lassi and a bottle of Bisleri.

     Dozily, Salim gets up and takes a look behind one of
     the fridges. He chases out a chicken with a desultory
     kick and sorts through some empty mineral water bottles
     until he finds a Bisleri bottle. Salim fills the bottle
     of mineral water from the tap and begins delicately re-
     sealing the tamper-proof lid with super-glue. Jamal
     collects cutlery and starts laying out a tray.


95   CONTINUED:                                                95

                                JAMAL (CONT'D)
                  I'm going to Chowpatti again,
                  okay? Want to come?

                  For God's sake. You got some
                  disease? You force me back to
                  this shit-hole, we leave our
                  friends, a good life, loads of
                  money- for this. Isn't that

                  We came back to find her.

                  No, you did, Jamal, not me. Me,
                  I don't give a shit about her.
                  Plenty of pussy in Bombay for
                  Salim. Oh, yes, sir! You should
                  come down the Cages on Saturday
                  night instead of searching for
                  your lost love.

                  I'm going to Chowpatti.

                       (impersonating Ram)
                  "I'm going to Chowpatti". There
                  are nineteen million people in
                  this city, Jamal. Forget her.
                  She's history.

                                JAMAL V/O
                  But she wasn't.

96   EXT. BANDRA BANDSTAND. DAY.                               96

     Jamal is dodging the traffic at a busy junction. He
     moves around the beggars who are working the cars. Then
     he hears singing. He looks around, suddenly panicked.
     It is a siren song drawing him across the road, not
     even noticing that he is narrowly run down by a couple
     of cars, to a traffic island underneath a flyover. He
     turns a corner and there is the singer, leaning up
     against one of the struts of the flyover. Arvind. Older
     now, just like Jamal, a fourteen year-old boy. But eye-
     less. Jamal freezes. He approaches Arvind and waits
     until he has finished singing. Despite his eyeless
     sockets, Arvind appears to know somebody is there. He
     turns and bows low, putting his hands together.

                  Namaste, Sahib. Any kindness you
                  give will be repaid in heaven
                  many times.


96   CONTINUED:                                                  96

     Jamal gets a couple of notes out of his pocket and puts
     them into Arvind's outstretched hand. He feels the
     notes with his fingers.

                                ARVIND (CONT'D)
                  A fifty. And a hundred!
                  Blessings upon you, Sahib.

                  How do you know?

                  There are many ways of seeing.

     Arvind puts his hands together and bows deep again.
     Then, Jamal takes his shoe off and gets out a hundred
     dollar bill.


     Jamal crouches down and puts the bill into Arvind's
     hand. His fingers feel it. He sniffs it.

                  Dollars. But how many?

                  One hundred.

                  Now you are playing with me,

                  No. I swear.

                  What is on it? The pictures.
                  Tell me.

                  A building. With a clock on it.
                  Trees behind it.

                  The other side. Turn it over.

                  A man- it doesn't say his name.
                  He is sort of bald, but has long
                  hair on the sides.

                  Benjamin Franklin. My God, my
                  God. Thank you, Sahib. You were
                  generous the first time. But

96   CONTINUED: (2)                                          96

     He stops. Suspects.

                             ARVIND (CONT'D)
               And without even a song?

     A long pause. Arvind keeps hold of Jamal's arm.

                             ARVIND (CONT'D)
               So you are rich, now, are you,
               Jamal? I am happy for you.

               I am so sorry, Arvind.

               You got away. I didn't. That is
               all. No, no tears. Tears mock me
               all the more.

               Arvind, I am looking for-

               - how's your voice, Jamal?

               I don't know. I haven't sung
               since- since then. Arvind, I-

               - and your eyes?

               My eyes? My eyes are fine.

               Then stay away, chutiyé, and
               count your blessings every
               morning you open them and see
               the sun rising. You owe Maman.
               He doesn't forget.

               I owe Latika.

     Arvind shakes his head angrily.

                             JAMAL (CONT'D)
               Please. Is she alive? Arvind, is
               she alive?

               Alive? Oh, she's alive alright.
               It's your life, Jamal. Pila
               Street. They call her Cherry,


96   CONTINUED: (3)                                              96

               Thank you.

     Jamal heads off through the traffic. Arvind shouts
     after him.

               I will sing at your funeral,

97   EXT. PILA STREET. NIGHT.                                    97

     Dark, crowded streets. Gangs of women stand outside the
     doorways or lean out of upstairs windows. They are
     garishly-dressed prostitutes varying in age from 13 to
     60. Men wander past, eying the possibilities,
     exchanging lewd comments with them. Among the hordes on
     the pavement are Jamal and Salim. They pass doorway
     after doorway of narrow rooms where prostitutes wait
     for customers. Jamal and Salim stop at each group of
     women, Salim taking the lead, clearly asking them
     something, as the women either shrug or offer them
     something lewd- judging by the laughter that follows.
     But one woman in a narrow doorway points down the
     street. Jamal has to drag a reluctant Salim away from
     the group.

98   INT. BROTHEL. NIGHT.                                        98

     They go into one of the tiny houses. Loud Filmi music
     comes from upstairs. They are confronted by a woman in
     her fifties watching tv. She is less than interested.

               I'm looking for Cherry.

               No, kid. Not available. Plenty
               of others. Take a look.

     She indicates curtained cubicles behind him.

               I'm Latika's brother.

     The Woman looks at him properly for the first time.

               She's still not on the menu.
               Choose someone else or piss off.

     Then, Jamal pulls out some rupee notes.

               Just two minutes to talk to her.

     She takes the money, counts it.

98    CONTINUED:                                                    98

                   Two minutes.

      She nods upwards. Salim and Jamal head up the dark,
      tiny staircase. The Woman picks up the phone on her

99    INT. LANDING. NIGHT.                                          99

      On the tiny landing, Salim and Jamal pull back a
      curtain to reveal a humping couple. They move on, past
      more women lying on their beds or blankly having sex,
      not in the least perturbed to be interrupted. They
      reach the end of the landing. From the other side of
      the door comes the filmi music. Jamal puts his eye to
      one of the gaps in the slatted door. Through it he can
      see glimpses of a girl dancing to the music. Latika;
      though not the rag-picker of before. Now fifteen, she
      is a beautiful young woman and dressed in a revealing,
      turquoise, silk sari.

                   Is it her or not?

      He shoves Jamal out of the way and watches.

                                 SALIM (CONT'D)
                   Shit, she's sexy, man....

      Then the music stops, an effeminate man steps into the
      limited frame Salim can see and snaps a stick down hard
      on Latika's hand.

                                 DANCE TEACHER
                   Smile! Flow, flow! You entice
                   with the hands not make
                   chapattis, you gawaar. Again.

      The man starts the music again and Latika's hands flow
      elegantly around her head.

                                 DANCE TEACHER (CONT'D)
                   Lift your feet, you lump. Stop,

      The stick is raised to hit her but Jamal opens the

100   INT. BROTHEL. NIGHT.                                          100

      She can barely believe her eyes.


      The Dance Teacher turns.


100   CONTINUED:                                             100

                                 DANCE TEACHER
                   What the hell do you want?

      He switches off the music.

                   Come. Quick.

      But Latika remains fixed.

                                 DANCE TEACHER
                   You silly little boys. Get out
                   now while you can.

                   Come with us.

      Latika runs to Jamal. But she freezes as she looks at
      the doorway. Maman, Punnoose and the Woman from
      downstairs stand there. The skin around Punnoose's eye
      bears the blisters from the chloroform burn years ago.

                   Look who we have here, Punnoose.
                   Hello again, Jamal. Salim. Never
                   forget a face. Especially one
                   that I own.

                   Shall I take them to the

                   Whatever you like. Have fun.
                   Just make sure that you dispose
                   of them properly afterwards. No
                   traces, thank you.

      He turns to Jamal.

                                 MAMAN (CONT'D)
                   You really thought you could
                   just walk in and take my prize
                   away? Have you any idea how much
                   this little virgin is worth,
                   bhen chod?

      He fingers Latika's hair.

                                 MAMAN (CONT'D)
                   Get them out of here.

      Punnoose and the Muscle walk towards Jamal. Maman turns
      to the Dance Teacher as they grab his arms.

                                 MAMAN (CONT'D)
                   Please continue, Master-ji.

      The Dance Teacher puts the music back on.

100   CONTINUED: (2)                                         100


      Suddenly, Salim is holding a pistol.

                              SALIM (CONT'D)
                Leave him. Get over there.

      Punnoose and the Muscle slowly release Jamal and join

                Let's not be foolish, Salim.
                Heavy, aren't they?

      Salim straightens up his gun arm.


                You can have money. Here.

      Maman gets out his wallet and throws all the money in
      it on the floor.

                              MAMAN (CONT'D)
                Take it. Go. Disappear with your
                friend and we'll forget all
                about this. Okay?

      Salim collects up the money.

                Maman never forgets. Isn't that

                Oh, Maman can make an exception.

      Salim walks over to the music, turns it up. Picks up a
      cushion from the bed and walks right up to Maman.

                Can't take that risk, Maman.

      He wraps the cushion around the gun and pulls the
      trigger. Or tries to. Nothing happens. There is a
      frozen moment as they watch him fail to shoot.
      Everybody watches with surreal interest as Salim
      fumbles with the pistol. Eventually he looks up,
      giggles stupidly.

                                SALIM (CONT'D)
                Safety catch.

      Shrugs apologetically and shoots. Nobody is more
      surprised than Maman who crumples onto the floor.

100   CONTINUED: (3)                                        100

      Latika starts desperately gathering up the notes on the
      floor, grabs Maman's wallet. Jamal just stands.

                               SALIM (CONT'D)
                 Come on.

      They run out of the room and down the stairs as Maman
      dies on the floor in front of his frozen colleagues.

101   EXT. CHOWPATTY BEACH. DUSK.                             101

      Children are splashing in the sea, flying kites,
      digging sand, laughing. Salim, Latika and Jamal are
      crouched on the shore watching the sun sink into the
      sea. Latika is going through Maman's wallet, Salim is
      fingering the pistol, admiringly. Jamal is staring out
      to sea. Each in their own world, yet sharing swigs from
      a bottle of Johnny Walker.

                 Shit, there's thousands here.

                 We should be celebrating.

                 You just killed somebody.

                 He was going to kill us.

                 Where did you get the gun?

                 Bought it. Now, I'm going to
                 have to throw this beauty in the

                 You didn't need to kill him.

                 What? Typical. I save your life
                 and you're on at me. All you
                 ever do is mess us up. Whenever
                 you're around-

                 - shut up, can't you? Just shut


                 Why can't you just be happy,


101    CONTINUED:                                            101


                    You got what you wanted, didn't
                    you? So, let's celebrate.

                    Yeah. Let's celebrate.

       She takes a long swig from the bottle.

                                    LATIKA (CONT'D)
                    While we can.

       She nudges Jamal and holds the bottle out to him.
       Smiles at him. He smiles back, shakes the black dog
       from his head and takes a long, long drink. Latika and
       Salim cheer.

101A   EXT. TULIP STAR. NIGHT.                              101A

       Latika, Salim and Jamal bend back a bit of the wire
       mesh fence that protects the deserted hotel. Crawl in.

102    INT. TULIP STAR. LOBBY. NIGHT.                           102

       A very wobbly Latika, Salim and Jamal walk up the
       frozen escalators of the empty hotel, lit only by
       security lights. Kick through the odd pile of rubbish
       and stacked-up chairs. Go to the dusty reception desk.



                    We want a room, boy. Executive
                    Class with smoking. Third floor
                    with balcony.

                    Sea-facing, yaar.

                    Have the bags brought up.

       And they scoot off, giggling into the dark.

102A   INT. TULIP STAR. KITCHENS. NIGHT.                    102A

       Jamal and Latika wander the vast, empty kitchens. Jamal
       searches the empty chillers and cabinets. Then,
       realises that he is alone.

102A   CONTINUED:                                              102A

                    Latika? Salim?

       Where are they? Suddenly,

                    Room service!

       She comes shooting out of the darkness across the
       kitchen floor riding a trolley with Salim pushing her
       at top speed. Jamal has to skid out of the way. He
       grabs another trolley and glides off in pursuit.

102B   INT. TULIP STAR. CORRIDOR. NIGHT.                       102B

       The three stand by a mirror and play with their

102C   INT. TULIP STAR. HOTEL LOBBY. LATER.                    102C

       On top of the metal preparation counters, Salim and
       Jamal are fencing: Jamal with a fish slice and Salim
       with a large spoon.

103    INT. HOTEL ROOM. NIGHT.                                  103

       An empty, dusty hotel suite. Jamal is on the phone.

                    307 here. I want a bottle of
                    Johnny Walker Red Label, beer,

                    - chicken.

                    Ah! Chicken....

       Jamal closes his eyes at the wonderful thought.

                                  JAMAL (CONT'D)
                    What kind of chicken?

                         (also dreaming)
                    Tikka Masala. With roti-

                    Naan, chutney, dal-

                    - aloo gobi, rice-

       She stops. Change of mind.


103   CONTINUED:                                              103

                                    LATIKA (CONT'D)
                   Pop Tarts!

                   Hold the line, chutiye.
                   Pop Tarts?

                   On the tv. The commercial.
                   Everybody's happy when they have
                   Pop Tarts.

                   Exactly! A bucket of Pop Tarts,

      Jamal slams down the phone.

104   INT. HOTEL ROOM. LATER.                                  104

      Latika is clearly in the shower. Jamal wanders in
      carrying an old pair of lunghi. Shouts through the

                   Found some lunghi!

                                 LATIKA V/O
                   Stay there. Look away.

      The shower stops.

                   Atcha, atcha.

                                 LATIKA V/O
                   I'll know if you're looking....

                   I'm not!

      With a towel around her, Latika comes to the doorway
      where Jamal is holding out a the lunghi with his eyes
      tight shut.

                                    JAMAL (CONT'D)
                   Where's Salim?


      She watches this innocent a second with true fondness.

                                 LATIKA (CONT'D)
                   You're a sweet boy, Jamal.


104   CONTINUED:                                            104

      She takes the lunghi from his outstretched hand and
      disappears into the bathroom, slamming the door with a

105   EXT. MUMBAI SLUM STREET. NIGHT.                          105

      Salim wanders the crowded streets of a slum. He stops
      uncertainly at a doorway where a group of men are
      lolling, smoking. Plucks up his courage.

                   I'm looking for Javed-bhai.

                   Ja, mada chod. He's not looking
                   for you. Ja!

                   I need to see him.

      The group of men stir, irritated now. Salim begins to
      back away, then stops. Pulls the gun from behind his

                                 SALIM (CONT'D)
                   I killed Maman. I'll kill you
                   too. Easy.

      The group are frozen.

                   You killed him?

      Javed is standing in the doorway.

                                 JAVED (CONT'D)
                   My enemy's enemy is my friend,
                   no? So, come in, friend.

106   INT. HOTEL ROOM. LATER.                                  106

      Jamal and Latika lie on the bed, drunk, though still
      coherent. Latika is dressed in the Bell-Boy's jacket
      and the old lunghi.

                   Maman's gang will hunt us. You
                   know that?

                   I don't care.

                   Me neither.

      They burst into stupid laughter. The laughter subsides.


106   CONTINUED:                                              106

                   That dance you were doing. In
                   Pila Street. Show me.

      Latika rolls over and switches off the light. Rolls
      back. In the half light, her hands begin to move for
      Jamal, the elegant, alluring hand movements of the bar-
      girl dancers. Jamal stares, mesmerised.

                   You came back for me.

                   Of course.

                   I thought you'd forgotten.

                   I never forgot. Not for one day.
                   I knew I'd find you in the end.
                   It's our destiny.

                   Destiny. Yes.

      Latika stops her hands. They stare at each other, their
      faces inches away from each other. Latika strokes
      Jamal's face.

                                   LATIKA (CONT'D)
                   Thank you.

      And face to face, they slowly fall asleep.

107   INT. HOTEL ROOM. LATER.                                 107


      Jamal opens his eyes. Salim is standing over them,
      swaying with alcohol.


      He puts his hand out to Latika.


                   No. Salim....Bhai, you've had a
                   lot to drink...

      Jamal tries to get up, but Salim's hand is round his
      throat and pushes him down on the bed.


107   CONTINUED:                                             107

                   I am the elder. And I am the
                   boss. For once, you do as I say.


      Salim pulls Latika to her feet.

                   I saved your bloody life, didn't

                   Salim, please-

                   - chup, sali.

      As he turns, pulling a protesting Latika, Jamal leaps
      on him. The two brothers go down fighting, but of
      course it is Salim who comes up on top. Latika launches
      herself at Salim, but he smashes her away, almost
      delighted that she has joined in. He drags Jamal to the
      door, laughing.

108   INT. HOTEL CORRIDOR. NIGHT.                            108

      Salim throws him out into the corridor, slams the door.

                   I am Number One now!

                   Salim, no, no....!

                   Get yourself a room, bhai.

      Salim slams the door. Jamal gets up, bangs on the door,
      keeps on banging until the door opens and Salim stands
      there with the pistol pointing straight at Jamal's

                                 SALIM (CONT'D)
                   The man with the Colt 45 says

      He shoves Jamal hard down the corridor, the gun pointed
      at him all the while.


      Salim nods towards the fire escape door.


108   CONTINUED:                                               108

                   Now go. Or Gunmaster G-9 will
                   shoot you right between the
                   eyes. Boom. Don't think he
                   won't. You have five seconds.
                   One, two, three, four-

      Salim cocks the pistol. Jamal screws up his eyes for
      the inevitable. But Salim shoves him out with a roar
      and slams the door. Jamal bangs on the door.

                                 JAMAL O/S

      Salim walks slowly back down the corridor as Jamal
      bangs and bangs on the door. Down the hall, Salim's
      door shuts.

109   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE. DAY.                            109

      The Inspector is staring hard at Jamal. Srinivas is
      desperately trying to get his attention.

                                 CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
                   Sir, sir!

                   Enlighten us Constable.

                                 CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
                   Accessory to murder, Sir.

      The Inspector puts his hands in the air, palms up.

                   Only the finest minds in the
                   Mumbai Police Force.

      Untroubled by irony, Srinivas looks extremely pleased.

                                 INSPECTOR (CONT'D)
                   Go check the files, Constable.

      Srinivas goes out.

                                 INSPECTOR (CONT'D)
                   You puzzle me, Slumdog.
                   Admitting murder to avoid a
                   charge of fraud is not exactly
                   clever thinking. Now, why would
                   you do that?

      Jamal shrugs.


109   CONTINUED:                                            109

                   When somebody asks me a
                   question, I tell them the

110   EXT. TULIP STAR. MORNING.                                110

      At the gate, a Security Guard is sitting in his chair.

                   Where are they?

      The Guard grunts.

                                 JAMAL (CONT'D)
                   Where did they go?

      A more impatient grunt from the Guard. He stands up,
      walks towards Jamal.

                                 JAMAL (CONT'D)
                   Please, Sir. Which way?

                                 SECURITY GUARD
                   I don't know and I don't care.

      The Guard raises his stick and gives him a roar. Jamal
      backs away onto the street. The Guard slams the gate
      shut. Jamal looks despairingly up and down the street
      at the teeming traffic, the crowds.

                                 PREM V/O
                   Ready for another question.

                                 JAMAL V/O
                   Yes. I'm ready.

111   OMITTED                                                  111

112   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                      112

      We are back in the Studio.

                   For two and a half million
                   rupees. Ladies and Gentlemen.
                   Cambridge Circus is in which UK
                   City. Is it A) Oxford, B) Leeds,
                   C) Cambridge, D) London.

      Jamal smiles.

                                 PREM (CONT'D)
                   He's smiling. Why does that
                   worry me?


113   EXT. MUMBAI. DAY.                                        113

      Leaden skies. Torrential rain is hammering on the tin
      roofs of the slum.

114   INT. SHACK. DAY.                                         114

      Eighteen year-old Jamal's eyes open. Now with the
      beginnings of a beard and moustache, Jamal wakes in a
      tiny shack just big enough for a mattress on the floor.
      He pulls on a shirt, lifts the mattress and takes out
      his trousers which have been pressing there all night,
      puts them over his shoulder, picks up his shoes and
      goes down a ladder.

115   INT. SHACK. DAY.                                         115

      He descends into a room and two feet of water that is
      eddying around the ground floor of the shack. Wades out
      of the door into the narrow lane of the slum.

116   EXT. SLUM. DAY.                                          116

      Jamal nods hello to a number of neighbours, also bare-
      legged, also with their shoes in hand. Together, they
      wade to higher ground, put on their trousers and shoes
      and trudge up to the main road.

117   INT. CALL CENTRE. NIGHT.                                 117

      Ultra-modern, glass-windowed office. The words Cultural
      Studies are written on the white board. Jamal walks in
      with a tray of glasses of chi. He puts a glass down on
      the young, hip, Teacher's desk and heads out again.

                Okay, guys, it's been a big week
                in UK. Kat is back.

      He holds up a copy of Radio Times showing Kat from East
      Enders smiling at them. A collective groan from the

                She's already back.


                Oh. Well. She did come back,
                then she went away when Alfie
                split up with her and now she's
                back again.

117   CONTINUED:                                             117
                                 JAMAL (CONT'D)
                   But it looks as if Alfie still
                   fancies Mo after all, so-

                   - thank you, Jamal. Keep up,
                   Bardi. The chi-wallah knows more
                   than you.

      Bardi glares at Jamal. Jamal shrugs apologetically and
      goes out.

                                 TEACHER (CONT'D)
                   Okay, it's been super-duper hot
                   for UK this week, so there'll be
                   a lot of chat about that- they
                   love their weather- and there's
                   the festival in Edinburgh-

      He points at a young woman Trainee.

                   Scotland. Kilts, castles, err,
                   haggis? Porridge, the Highlands,
                   mountains. Ben- Ben Nevis?

      The Teacher points at another Trainee.

                                 TRAINEE 2
                   Detective Taggart. Whisky, Sean

                   And lochs. Their word for lakes.
                   Good. It's also double bonus
                   time for an upgrade to the
                   `friends and family' package
                   this week, so remember to push
                   for an upgrade...

                   ...Every Call!

      Jamal walks out, turns a corner.

118   INT. CALL CENTRE. UK FLOOR. NIGHT.                       118

      We are confronted with a room you could swing a Boeing
      in. Rows and rows of Operators in tiny booths stretch
      into the distance. On the walls are pictures of London,
      Tony Blair, red telephone boxes, the Yorkshire Dales,
      the Highlands- a snapshot of tourist Britain. Huge
      posters of soap stars and celebrities adorn the rest of
      the walls. Slogans hang from the ceiling. "When the sun
      comes up, you'd better be running", "you snooze, you
      lose", "Upgrade for a better, faster life." "Every call
      is a new opportunity".


118   CONTINUED:                                             118

      Each section of the room has a banner with a British
      city's name on it and various mock sign-posts for the
      different aisles. A Manager under the banner
      "Bradford", is standing over an Operator, listening in
      on a call. The Manager leans over and presses a key.

                   If they want an upgrade, a new
                   tariff or we're stealing them
                   from the other networks, you
                   take the call. Anything else-

      He mimes cutting his throat.

                                 MANAGER (CONT'D)
                   No time-wasters on Team
                   Bradford, kid. Leave that to the
                   homosexuals on Tunbridge Wells.

      Jamal stops by him. The Manager takes a glass of tea
      from Jamal.

                                 MANAGER (CONT'D)
                   Where've you been? Dave on
                   Cornmarket's virtually lost his
                   voice, there's two on Ilkley
                   Moor who've had their hands up
                   for hours. Come on, move it!

      Jamal hurries down the aisle signposted "Cornmarket",
      gets to a male trainee and hands him a tea. Dave
      glances around to check nobody's looking and slips off
      his head-set.

                   Two minutes, Jamal. I'm on
                   "Millionaire" duty.


                   It's my turn, Jamal. I've had my
                   pee breaks. Please. If he comes
                   just keep your head down and
                   pretend you're doing an upgrade
                   on the-

                   - `friends and family'. I know.

      Jamal still looks unwilling.

                                  JAMAL (CONT'D)
                   Two minutes.


118   CONTINUED: (2)                                        118

      Dave heads off towards a Rest and Recreation room,
      where a big plasma screen on the wall is showing "Who
      Wants To Be A Millionaire."Jamal grabs the jacket from
      the back of Dave's chair, puts the head-set on and
      hunches over the booth, just another Operative at work.
      We become aware that every operator down the Cornmarket
      aisle- and quite a few other aisles besides- is staring
      in the direction of the Rest and Recreation Room.

119   INT. REST AND RECREATION ROOM. NIGHT.                 119

      Dave is watching the screen.

                ...if you want a chance to be a
                contestant on Who Wants To Be A
                Millionaire, dial the number

      Dave dives for the doorway and waves.

120   INT. CALL CENTRE. UK FLOOR. NIGHT.                    120

      Suddenly all the operators are dialling. Almost
      simultaneously, twenty or so voices say.

                I'd like to be a contestant on
                Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

      Most of the Operators- including the man next to Jamal-
      suddenly lose their tension.

                Bloody bastard. I never get it.

                You have to dial when Prem says
                "if". "If you want the chance to
                be a contestant on Who Wants To
                Be A Millionaire..." That's when
                they open the lines.

      The Operator looks at him. Jamal shrugs.

                              JAMAL (CONT'D)
                That's what Anjum in Technical
                says. He put the system in.

                So why don't you?

                              WOMAN V/O
                Hello? Hello? Have I been
                transferred again, for God's


120   CONTINUED:                                             120

      Jamal freezes with fear. The head-set speaks again with
      its broad Scottish accent.

                                 WOMAN V/O (CONT'D)
                   Hello? Jesus, God, will somebody
                   talk to me?

                   Hello, Mrs...

      He stares at the computer.

                                 JAMAL (CONT'D)
                   ...Mackintosh from King Gussie.

                                 WOMAN V/O
                   It's Kingussie, love. Pronounced


                                 WOMAN V/O
                   So where are you from? Abroad, I
                   bet. China or somewhere. What
                   good is-

                   - just down the road from your
                   house, Mrs Mackintosh. Next to
                   the loch.

                                 WOMAN V/O
                   Oh aye? Which loch?

      Jamal searches desperately around, spots a picture of
      Big Ben.

                   Loch Big- Loch Ben. Next door to
                   Detective Taggart's flat.

                                 WOMAN V/O
                   Loch Ben? Och, no, hen, that's
                   one of the wee ones up in the
                   Highlands. You're all the way up
                   there? But I bet it rains, eh,

                   Indeed yes, Mrs Mackintosh. I
                   have to wade through a metre of
                   water every morning.

                                   WOMAN V/O


120   CONTINUED: (2)                                        120

                Yes, yes, Mrs Mackintosh. In my

                                WOMAN V/O
                Och, no, hen.

      Jamal puts his feet on the desk.

                It's alright once I've had my
                porridge, my haggis and a few
                Scotch whiskies- and the
                monsoon's nearly over, so-

                              WOMAN V/O
                - and what monsoon would that
                be? I'd like to speak to your
                supervisor, son.

                I don't think that's a good
                idea. He is a very important
                man, Mrs Mackintosh-

                              WOMAN V/O
                - get me the supervisor on this
                line now-

                - and he doesn't like bloody
                time wasters.

      Jamal panics, presses the button he saw the Manager
      press earlier. The screen goes blank, then reboots
      itself. Jamal looks around. Where the hell is Dave? On
      the screen, Jamal is faced with the question: "what
      name do you require?" He looks around again, and then
      with one finger types in the word "Latika". He presses
      enter. Hundred upon hundred of Latikas with their
      surnames and phone numbers scroll down the page. He
      erases her name and enters the name Salim K. Malik.
      Presses enter. Fifteen numbers come up. He stares at
      the numbers for a long time, then types it into his
      computer and presses dial.

                                MAN V/O


                              MAN V/O
                Who wants to know? Do you know
                what bloody time it is?

      Clearly not Jamal's brother. Jamal cuts the line. Dials
      the next number.


120   CONTINUED: (3)                                         120

                                 MAN V/O (CONT'D)
                 Huh. Hello?

      Clearly not his Salim. He cuts the line. Dials again.

                               SALIM V/O
                 Hello? Hello? Who is this?

      But Jamal can't speak.

                               SALIM V/O (CONT'D)
                 Hey. Is someone screwing with


                                 SALIM V/O (CONT'D)
                 Who is this?

                 I am calling from XL 5
                 Communications Sir. As a valued
                 customer, we are offering you a
                 free upgrade with our `friends

      Jamal's voice peters out.

                                 JAMAL (CONT'D)

                               SALIM V/O
                 Jamal? Is that you? Brother?
                 Where are you, man?...I thought
                 you were dead or something...we
                 had to go, Jamal. Maman's guys.
                 They were searching the
                 hotel...Jamal, say something.

      There is another long silence.

                 Hello, Salim.

121   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                     121

                 Ever been to Cambridge?


                 Ever been to the circus?


121   CONTINUED:                                               121

                   No. And I've never been to UK
                   before. But I'll still have a

      Gasps and laughter from the audience. Jamal laughs and

                                   JAMAL (CONT'D)
                   Why not?

      Prem grips his heart theatrically.

                   Can someone call me an

122   INT. CALL CENTRE. NIGHT.                                 122

      A flash of a sign post reading `Oxford Circus',
      pointing down one of the aisles. The banner above that
      section of the warehouse reads `London'.

                                                      CUT TO:

      Jamal hurrying down another `Kings Parade' carrying
      glasses of tea. He glances up to see a large banner
      that says `Cambridge'.

                                                      CUT TO:

      Jamal comes back up an aisle named `Broad Street'. An
      Operator on the adjacent `The High' clicks his fingers
      for another cup. Jamal hurries under the sign marked

                                                      CUT TO:

      The signposts of the aisles come faster and faster
      `Pembroke Street', `Trafalgar Square', `East India
      Dock' and finally `Cambridge Circus'.

                                   PREM V/O
                   So, Jamal....

123   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                      123

      Jamal is sweating, his face scrunched up in thought.

                   I can't remember.

                   You can't remember. Does that
                   mean you did know? Once?


123   CONTINUED:                                              123

                   I don't think it's Oxford.

                   Based on your extensive
                   travelling, right?

                        (almost to himself)
                   Well, Oxford has Broad Street,
                   Saint Aldates, Turl Street,
                   Queen Street, The High and
                   Magdalene Bridge- which is
                   pronounced Maudlin, so-

      He stops as he hears the surprised laughter of the

                   I thought you hadn't been to UK.

                   Oh, I haven't. And it's not
                   Leeds, because that's Elland
                   Road, Kirkgate Market,
                   Commercial Street, St Peter's-

                   - what might it be then, Jamal?

                   Well, I don't think it's

                   Cambridge Circus is not in
                   Cambridge? Dare I ask why?

                   Too obvious. There's definitely
                   an Oxford Circus in London, and
                   there's a rowing race between
                   Oxford and Cambridge so there's
                   probably a Cambridge Circus too.
                   I'll go for D) London.

                   That's the logic that's got him
                   this far, Ladies and Gentlemen.
                   Who are we to argue? So. Jamal.
                   D. Apka final jawab?

                   If the Gods are with me...Final
                   answer. D.


123   CONTINUED: (2)                                           123

      The lights dim, the music swells as Prem pushes the
      button on his computer.

                Computer-ji, D lock kiya-jaye.

      More portentous music.

                              PREM (CONT'D)
                It's been a rollercoaster ride
                all the way, a pleasure to have
                you on the show, my friend, but
                I'm sorry to say that
                you're....incredibly, absolutely

      Huge cheers and applause. Even Jamal laughs at this. He
      cannot quite believe it himself.

                              PREM (CONT'D)
                Ladies and Gentlemen, Jamal
                Malik, the man with two and a
                half million rupees!

      More applause. Prem hands him a cheque. Jamal looks at
      it. Laughs again.

                               PREM (CONT'D)
                A few hours ago, you were
                fetching tea for the phone-
                wallahs. Now you are richer than
                they ever will ever be. What a
                player, Ladies and Gentleman!
                What a player.

      The lights dim, the music swells. Prem consults his

                              PREM (CONT'D)
                For five million rupees, my
                friend: who invented the
                revolver? Was it A) Samuel Colt,
                B) Bruce Browning, C Dan Wesson
                or D) James Revolver?

      Dramatic pause.

124   INT. HOTEL. NIGHT.                                       124

      A flash of Salim shooting Maman. Another flash of Salim
      in the doorway, holding the pistol up to Jamal's head.

125   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                      125

                A). Samuel Colt.

125    CONTINUED:                                              125

                    A). Samuel Colt. Are you sure?

       Jamal nods.

                                    PREM (CONT'D)
                    Final answer?

                    Final answer.

       The music swells again. Prem presses his computer.

                    You had two and a half million
                    rupees. If I may-?

       He holds out his hand. Jamal hands him back the cheque.
       He tears the cheque in two.

                                  PREM (CONT'D)
                    Ladies and Gentlemen, the chi-
                    wallah has done it again! D. Is
                    right! Incredible!

       Cheers and applause from the audience.

125A   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE. NIGHT.                        125A

                    Not that incredible. You'd just
                    murdered somebody with a Colt
                    45, after all.

                    It was self-defence.

                    Let's call it manslaughter,
                    then, shall we?

126    INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                     126

                    Getting hot in here, isn't it?

                    Are you nervous?

       The audience laugh. Prem is momentarily flustered.

                    What? Am I nervous? You're the
                    one who's in the hot seat, my


126   CONTINUED:                                             126

                   Oh. Yes. Sorry.

      More laughter.

127   INT. GALLERY. NIGHT.                                     127

                   Bloody hell. He's got Prem on
                   the run...

128   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                      128

      Music, lights. Prem presses his computer.

                   What sports do you play?


                   None. Oh, dear, oh dear, oh
                   dear. Not to worry, there's only
                   ten million rupees at stake...
                   Which cricketer has scored the
                   most first class centuries in
                   history. Was it A) Sachin
                   Tendulkar, B) Ricky Ponting, C)
                   Michael Slater, D) Jack Hobbs.

      Prem allows the question to sink in.

                                 PREM (CONT'D)
                   You've got a cheque for five
                   million rupees in your hands.
                   You've still got two life-lines,
                   Phone A Friend and 50/50. For
                   ten million rupees: pay, play,
                   or bail out. It's still an
                   option. Remember, if you get the
                   answer wrong, you will lose
                   everything like that.

      He clicks his fingers.

                                 PREM (CONT'D)
                   Are you sure you want to do

129   EXT. CRICKET GROUND. DAY.                                129

      An Indian batsman hits a nicely-timed stroke, heads
      down the wicket for a single. Turns. The other batsman
      is taking a second run.


129   CONTINUED:                                            129

      The Indian tries to halt the other batsman with a
      shout, then succumbs to the inevitable and charges down
      the wicket. A fielder hurls the ball at the stumps. The
      bails fly off.

130   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                     130

                   I'll play.

      Tense laughter from the audience. Prem holds up the
      cheque. Jamal nods. Prem tears it up slowly. Allows the
      pieces to fall to the floor.

                   The dreams of so many. On the

131   EXT. TOWER BLOCK. DAY.                                  131

      Jamal is riding the construction lift to the top of a
      high building, still just a shell but buzzing with
      carpenters, bricklayers, cable-layers. The lift stops
      at the top. Jamal gets out. Looks around. He is miles
      up. Alone.


      Jamal looks around. There is Salim standing on the edge
      of the building. He saunters over to Jamal, his arms
      outstretched in theatrical greeting. He is groomed,
      expensively dressed with the best mobile money can buy
      dangling from a gold chain around his neck.

                                 SALIM (CONT'D)
                   God is good, bhai. God is good.

      He tries to embrace Jamal. With as much force as he can
      muster, Jamal punches him in the face. Salim takes it.
      Stands there. Wipes blood from his lip. Gets another
      punch. Then another and another, not even defending
      himself, until he is being beaten back by a raging
      Jamal towards the edge of the building. Finally, he
      tries to reason with Jamal

                                 SALIM (CONT'D)
                   Maman's boys were after us. Had
                   to skip.

      Jamal keeps on beating him back.



131    CONTINUED:                                             131

                    Left a message at reception.
                    Waited weeks for you in Nagpur.

                    There was no message at

                    Bhai, I left a message.

       Salim opens his arms, defenceless. It would take one,
       small push to send him over the edge. There is a
       moment, when Jamal might. He even has his hands on his

                    I will never forgive you.

                    I know.

       The fury in Jamal subsides minutely. Finally, he turns
       away with a roar of frustration. Salim hangs his head.

131A   EXT. TOWER BLOCK. LATER.                              131A

       Jamal and Salim are sitting on the very edge of the
       building. They can see for miles across the city. Salim
       has rediscovered his attitude.

                    Can you believe it? This was our
                    slum. We lived just there, huh?
                    Now it is business, apartments,
                    call centres...Fuck USA, fuck
                    China. India is at the centre of
                    the world, now, bhai. And I am
                    at the centre of the centre,
                    Jamal. This is all Javed-bhai's.

                    Javed Mehta? The Gangster from
                    our slum? You work for him?

                    Who else would protect us from
                    Maman's gang, huh?

                    What do you do for him?

                    Anything he asks.

       Salim's mobile rings. Salim is immediately subservient
       on the phone. Rings off.


131A   CONTINUED:                                              131A

                                  SALIM (CONT'D)
                    He is coming. You must go. My

       He hands Jamal a card.

                    What for?

                    You think I am going to let you
                    out of my sight again, little
                    brother? You stay with me now.
                    Ab phut!

                    Salim, where's Latika?

                    Still? She's gone, Jamal. Long
                    gone. Now go. Quick.

       Jamal gets up, hurries away, hidden behind piles of
       building materials just as Javed appears in his flash
       suit and jewelry. Three of his young henchmen walk

132    INT. SALIM'S APARTMENT.    NIGHT.                        132

       Jamal is asleep on a mattress on the floor of a smart
       apartment. A mobile phone rings. The muffled sound of
       Salim talking quietly next door. Then, Salim creeps
       into the room, checks to see Jamal is asleep, unlocks a
       desk drawer and brings out his pistol. He puts it in a
       hold-all and goes out the front door. Jamal's eyes snap
       open. He has seen it all.

                                  JAMAL V/O
                    Slum dogs never sleep, only nap.
                    He would disappear for a couple
                    of days and come back changed.
                    Sometimes elated-

133    INT. SALIM'S APARTMENT. NIGHT.                           133

       The door bangs open and a giggling-drunk, half-naked
       Bar Girl drags the sleeping Jamal up and into the

                                  BAR GIRL
                    He has flipped! I can't do
                    anything with him....

       Salim is in the bath, bathing, literally, in money.


133   CONTINUED:                                              133

                   Look at it, bhai, look at it!

134   INT. SALIM'S APARTMENT. DAWN.                            134

                                 JAMAL V/O
                   Sometimes the opposite.

      Jamal creeps towards Salim's bedroom door. He pushes it
      open a fraction to see Salim crouched on the floor in
      prayer, sobbing quietly.

                   Aé khuda mujhé baksh dé mainé
                   bahut gunaah kiyé hain....

                                 JAMAL V/O
                   But younger brothers don't
                   interfere. Mostly.

135   EXT. SALIM'S APARTMENT. DAY.                             135

      Salim comes out of his apartment block. Gets into his
      jeep. Drives off. Doesn't notice Jamal in the motor
      rickshaw that pulls out and follows him.

136   EXT. JAVED'S BUNGALOW. DAY.                              136

      Salim approaches a gate-house to a large bungalow. The
      Door-Keeper nods to him, rings a bell. From the
      rickshaw, Jamal watches a woman come to the door.
      Latika. Eighteen, completely beautiful and rich. She
      hands Salim a package and goes back inside. Salim gets
      in his jeep and drives away.

137   EXT. JAVED'S BUNGALOW. DAY.                              137

      Jamal approaches the Door-Keeper's gate-house.

                   Baba, I am the new cook from the
                   agency. A thousand apologies, I
                   am late for the Memsaab.

      The Door-Keeper grunts and goes inside. After a brief
      pause, he returns.

                   She doesn't know anything about
                   any cook. There's supposed to be
                   a dishwasher being delivered.
                   Know anything about that?


137   CONTINUED:                                               137

                   Baba, I am your dishwasher!

      The Door-keeper grunts at this attempt at humour.
      Latika appears at the gate.

                   Haven't I told you, don't
                   interrupt when I'm watching-

      She looks at Jamal. Is silenced briefly.

                                 LATIKA (CONT'D)
                   - come inside. I'll show you the

138   INT. KITCHEN. DAY.                                       138

      Latika and Jamal go into the kitchen. Who Wants To Be A
      Millionaire plays on the tv in the background. She
      turns and hugs him tight. They laugh with happiness.

                   Jamal, Jamal, look at you...!

      Their heads are close, they might kiss. Then Latika
      turns away, stares out of the window.

                                 LATIKA (CONT'D)
                   Aré wa, Jamal....

      Jamal smiles hopefully at her. But there is sadness in
      her now. She takes her sunglasses off, rubs her eyes.
      There is a bruise there.

                   You've hurt your eye.

                   Why are you here?

                   To see you.

                   Well. You see me.

      She stands there, challenging. On the tv, somebody is
      winning money.

                   Why does everyone love this


138   CONTINUED:                                              138

                   It's the chance to escape, isn't
                   it? Walk into another life.
                   Doesn't everyone want that?

                   You have another life. A rich

                   Who'd have thought it possible?
                   A slum dog, with all this.

                   Are you happy?

                   I have five star food, five star
                   clothes. I sleep in a bed, not
                   on the street. From where we
                   come from, Jamal, that is

                   You don't look so happy with a
                   black eye.

                   You turn up here out of nowhere,
                   telling me I'm not happy: how
                   dare you?

      Voices at the gate-house.

                                 LATIKA (CONT'D)
                   God, Javed will kill you. Here.

                   Javed? You are with him?

      She throws him an apron. He gets it on just in time for
      Javed to walk in. Jamal turns away.

                   First you want a dishwasher, now
                   a bloody cook-

                   -I just thought-

                   - chup. The cricket's on.

      Javed changes channel and dials on his mobile.

                                 JAVED (CONT'D)
                   Why do you always watch that
                   shit? Huh? I'm already a

138   CONTINUED: (2)                                        138

      He laughs at his own joke. Turns to Jamal.

                              JAVED (CONT'D)
                Well, come on then, Cook. I'm
                hungry. Get me a sandwich.

                Immediately, Sir.

      Javed stares at Jamal a moment, trying to place a face
      he vaguely recognises. Then the Bookie comes on the
      line and he turns back to the television.


      Latika hurries around the kitchen getting out bread and
      condiments, whispering while Javed talks on the phone.

                Come away with me.

                Chutiyé. Away where? And live on
                what? What can you provide? What
                have you got, Jamal?


                      (on the mobile)
                ..yeah. He's on eighty-five. I
                want four lakh on him making a
                century. What are you
                giving?...Okay, make it five

      Javed pours himself a glass of whisky, never taking his
      eyes from the television.

                              TV COMMENTATOR
                We are watching history unfold
                today at the Wankhedé Stadium as
                Sachin Tendulkar carves his way
                towards another magnificent
                century and the record books.
                His thirty-eighth century- the
                most by any Indian cricketer

                Love. That will feed us, will

                It won't buy you a new
                dishwasher, but it might make
                you happy.

138   CONTINUED: (3)                                         138

                Where have you been? Get in the
                real world, Jamal.

                You and me. That is the real
                world. Come away with me.

      Latika snatches the sandwich from him and gives it to
      Javed. Goes back to Jamal, whispers under cover of
      putting condiments away.

                You're crazy.

                Salim will help us.

                Salim? You still believe in
                Salim? Jamal...I'll be gone
                soon, anyway. Bombay's got too
                dangerous for-

      She indicates Javed.


                You think he'd tell me?

                Straight bat, straight bat,

      Then the batsman at the other end calls to take a
      second run.

                                JAVED (CONT'D)
                No! A single!

      Tendulkar seems to agree, tries to halt the other
      batsman with a shout, then succumbs to the inevitable
      and charges down the wicket. A fielder hurls the ball
      at the stumps. The bails fly off.

                              JAVED (CONT'D)
                No, no, no! stupid ben chod

      He flings his glass of whisky at the television.
      Suddenly tastes what he has been eating.

                              JAVED (CONT'D)
                And what is this shit supposed
                to be, mader chod? Get out. Get


138   CONTINUED: (4)                                           138

      Javed throws the sandwich at him and slams out of the
      room. His footsteps can be heard stomping into another

                Now go, before he kills us both.

      She leads Jamal to the door.

                Latika, where's my bloody shirt?
                The Armani.

      Latika shouts over her shoulder.


      Back to Jamal.

                              LATIKA (CONT'D)
                You want to do something for me?


                Then forget me.

                I'll wait at VT station. Five
                o'clock every day until you

      She shakes her head.

                              JAMAL (CONT'D)
                I love you.

                So what, Jamal? So what?
                Now, get out and tell your no-
                good agency not to send anybody
                else until they've learnt to
                cook. You hear?

      She slams the door. Hurries back into the kitchen,
      throws Javed's plate into the sink. The Door-keeper
      comes in.

                Madam, your dishwasher has

      Leaning over the sink, Latika weeps silently.


139   INT. SALIM'S APARTMENT. NIGHT.                           139

      Salim has his hand around Jamal's throat.

                Why can't you let it alone? You
                want money, I'll give you money.
                Girls? I can get you girls.

                You know what I want.

                You're like some crazy man-
                you're obsessed.

                She is my destiny, Salim.

                Know what your destiny is, crazy
                boy? A bullet between the eyes.
                And after that, he'll kill her.
                Is that what you want? Huh?

                Me, I don't care. Latika? She's
                already half dead.

      Salim takes his hand away from Jamal's neck.

                Yes. About that, you are right.

                You sold her.

                I didn't sell her. Javed wanted
                her. He gets what he wants.

      He turns away bitterly.

                              SALIM (CONT'D)
                She's doing alright. Get it into
                your thick head, Jamal. She's
                not yours and she never will be.

140   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                      140

                Time for a commercial break,
                Ladies and Gentlemen. I know, I
                know, I can't stand the tension
                either. Don't even think about
                leaving your seat. We'll be

140   CONTINUED:                                             140

      The lights flick back on. Prem slumps back in his

                                 PREM (CONT'D)
                   You've got the luck of the
                   devil, yaar, I'll give you that.

                   I- I need to-

                   Oh, the toilet. Sure. Naveed,
                   Jamal wants the bog.

      The Floor Manager and a Security Guard usher Jamal off-
      stage. Prem looks up at the gallery, raises his eyes at
      the Director. Some show. Then he gathers himself and
      heads off-stage.

141   INT. CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI TERMINUS. DAY.                 141

      The clock reads five oh three. Jamal stands on the
      footbridge. Humanity washes around him. His eyes dart
      around, frightened to miss her. Checks the clock again.
      Six. The platform is almost deserted. He wanders away.

142   INT. CORRIDOR. NIGHT.                                   142

      Prem wanders down the corridor followed by a Security
      Guard. Another Security Guard is waiting at the
      entrance to the toilet. Prem goes in, leaving the two
      Guards in the corridor.

143   INT. CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI TERMINUS. DAY.                 143

      Jamal stands on the footbridge gazing down at the
      hordes of commuters. Five o'clock, five fifteen, five
      thirty. Six. Jamal rests his head against the railings.

144   INT. TOILET. NIGHT.                                     144

      Jamal is in one of the cubicles. Prem goes to the
      urinal. Unzips.

                   A guy from the slums becomes a
                   millionaire overnight. You know
                   the only other person who's done
                   that? Me. I know what it's like.
                   I know what you've been through.

                                 JAMAL O/S
                   I'm not going to become a
                   milionaire. I don't know the

144    CONTINUED:                                               144

                    You've said that before, yaar.

       Prem finishes pissing. Goes over to the washbasins,
       runs the taps and washes his hands.

                                  JAMAL O/S
                    No, I really don't.

                    What? You can't take the money
                    and run now. You're on the edge
                    of history, kid!

                                  JAMAL O/S
                    I don't see what else I can do.

                    Maybe it is written, my friend.
                    You're going to win this. Trust
                    me, you're going to win.

       Prem leaves. Jamal flushes and comes out of the
       cubicle. Goes to the washbasins. In the mist on the
       mirror above the taps is written the letter "B". Jamal
       stares at it. Gradually it fades, leaving only the
       growing fury on his face staring back at him.

145    INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                      145

       Jamal stalks back onto the set. Sits down in his chair.
       Stares at Prem who looks unconcernedly back.

                                  TALKBACK V/O
                    Twenty seconds.


       The digital clocks show five fifteen. Shoving the
       descending river of people out of his way, the
       seventeen year-old Jamal is forging a path up steps
       that cross the platforms. He pushes to the middle of
       the footbridge and leans out on the side railings. He
       scans the sea of people, desperately. Then he sees her:
       the eighteen year-old Latika, heart-stoppingly
       beautiful, over the other side of the station. A world
       away. She is scanning the crowd, as wired as he is.

                    Latika! Latika!

       But though he is screaming her name, his voice is
       swallowed by the noise around him. Then he sees two
       thuggish-looking men also fighting a way towards her.


145A   CONTINUED:                                           145A

                                   JAMAL (CONT'D)

       Frightened now, he fights his way down the steps, one
       figure against an army of white-robed people. He gets
       to the bottom of the steps, is making progress against
       the tide. But so are the two men. Jamal is now on the
       same platform. Shouts her name again. She turns with a
       smile. But the two Thugs leap through a train onto her
       platform. She sees them, starts running, is lost in the
       crowd. Jamal runs off along the platform after Latika.

                                  JAMAL (CONT'D)
                    Latika! Latika!

       By the time Jamal has fought himself to where Latika
       was- she is gone. He whirls around, mad with

                                  JAMAL (CONT'D)
                    Latika! Latika!

146    OMITTED                                                  146

147    EXT. CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI TERMINUS. DAY.                  147

       Latika is jumping the tracks, crossing in front of
       trains. But the Thugs are gaining on her. He brings her
       down and drags her across to Javed's waiting Mercedes.
       Salim is standing by the car. Jamal pushes through the
       crowds just in time to see Salim bundling her into the


       Salim spits disgustedly on the ground. Gets in. Latika
       twists her head to see Jamal as the car skids off.
       Jamal screams with hopeless fury.

148    INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                      148

                                  TALKBACK V/O
                    Fifteen seconds.

       Jamal and Prem stare at each other. Prem smiles.

                    Do the right thing and in
                    approximately three minutes you
                    will be as famous as me.

                                   TALKBACK V/O
                    Ten seconds.


148   CONTINUED:                                             148

                   And as rich as me.

                                    TALKBACK V/O
                   Five seconds.


                                    TALKBACK V/O
                   Four, three...

                   From rags to Raja. It's your

                                    TALKBACK V/O
                   ...we're on.

      Applause from the audience.

                   Welcome back to Who Wants to Be
                   A Millionaire? In the chair
                   tonight is Jamal Malik- as if we
                   don't know! In an amazing run,
                   Jamal has already five million
                   rupees but, not content with
                   that, has chosen to gamble for
                   one Crore- that's ten million
                   million rupees. What a player!
                   The question one more time:
                   Which cricketer has scored the
                   most first class centuries in
                   history. Was it A) Sachin
                   Tendulkar, B) Ricky Ponting, C)
                   Michael Slater, D) Jack Hobbs.

                   I know it isn't Sachin

                   That's a start. So, it could be
                   Ricky Ponting, Jack Hobbs or
                   Michael Slater.

                   I'll use a life-line. Fifty-

                   Okay. Computer, take away two
                   wrong answers.

      Music swells, lights dim.


148   CONTINUED: (2)                                        148

                              PREM (CONT'D)
                Well, you were right about
                Sachin Tendulkar. The computer
                has taken away A) Sachin
                Tendulkar and C) Michael Slater.
                That leaves you a fifty-fifty
                choice, Jamal. B) Ricky Ponting
                or D) Jack Hobbs. What do you
                think? Decision time. For half a
                million rupees. Your answer: B)
                Ricky Ponting or D) Jack Hobbs.

      A hideous, never-ending pause while Jamal stares into
      Prem's eyes.


      A barely perceptible jump from Prem.

                You sure? Not B) Ricky Ponting?
                The Australian? Great cricketer.

                D. Jack Hobbs.

                Do you know?

      Jamal shakes his head.

                              PREM (CONT'D)
                So it could be B, Ricky Ponting?

                Or D. Jack Hobbs.

                Final Answer?

                Final Answer. D.

      A just-perceptible narrowing of the eyes.

                Computer-ji D lock kiya-jaye.

      Prem turns to the computer. Music. Lights.

                              PREM (CONT'D)
                With one hundred and ninety-
                seven first class centuries, the
                answer is...D. Jack Hobbs!

      The audience go wild. Prem's smile is thin.


148   CONTINUED: (3)                                          148

                              PREM (CONT'D)
                Jamal Malik, Crorepati!

      The camera goes off Prem for a second. He mimes a
      disgusted spit. Then he is back on.

                              PREM (CONT'D)
                I cannot believe what I am
                seeing here, tonight, Ladies and
                Gentlemen....So, are you ready
                for the final question for two
                Crore rupees- twenty million

                Not really, but...maybe it is
                written, no?

                Maybe, indeed. Okay, okay. For
                twenty million rupees, the final
                question on Who Wants to be a

      The lights dim again, the portentous music increases.
      Suddenly a klaxon sounds. The audience burst into
      nervous laughter and groans. Prem laughs.

                              PREM (CONT'D)
                Ohhhhh! Just when I thought I
                would need a pacemaker fitted,
                we're out of time! What a show,
                Ladies and Gentlemen, what a
                show. Join us tomorrow night to
                see if Jamal Malik has made the
                biggest mistake of his life or
                has just won the biggest prize
                in the history of Indian
                television....Same place, same
                time. You wouldn't dare miss it.

      Applause. The studio lights come up. Prem switches off
      his smile as fast as the cameras switch off. Gets up
      and pulls out his mobile.

149   EXT. JAVED'S BUNGALOW. DAY.                              149

      Waving a kitchen knife in on hand, a desperate Jamal
      slams through the gates of Javed's bungalow, the
      objecting Doorkeeper running along behind. He bangs
      open the front door.



150    INT. JAVED'S BUNGALOW. DAY.                              150

       Stops dead. The place has been stripped of everything.
       Not a single thing remains. Jamal runs into another
       room. As empty as the first. He stops in his tracks.

                 Told you.

                 Where? Where is she?


       He grabs the Door-keeper by the shirt-collar, slams him
       up against the wall. Holds the knife against his


                 I don't know! Wouldn't say,
                 would they? They had to get out
                 fast. The police. Honestly.

       Jamal lets go of the Door-keeper. Goes hopelessly to
       the window. On the window sill is a phone. He picks it
       up. There is a dial tone. Jamal rummages in his trouser
       pocket. Gets out the battered card with Salim's details
       on. Dials. Salim picks up.

                 Where are you? Where is she?

150A   INT. JAVED'S SAFE HOUSE. SALIM'S ROOM. DAY.             150A

       Salim is stalking around his room in Javed's new house.
       Hold-alls of clothes and possessions lie around the
       room. A chest of drawers sits with its drawers open,
       still empty.

                 Where you'll never find her. Or
                 me. You could have joined us,
                 you bloody idiot, been one of
                 us. You've lost everything now.

       Cuts the call off and slings the phone in a drawer.
       Takes the gun from his waist, and throws that in too.
       Slams the drawer shut with as much force as he can.


150B   INT. JAVED'S BUNGALOW. DAY.                           150B


       The line goes dead. Jamal slides to the floor...

151    INT. SALIM'S APARTMENT. NIGHT.                            151

       ...the camera pulls out from Jamal's face revealing
       that Jamal is sitting on the floor of Salim's
       apartment. In the background can be heard the sound of
       the television. Jamal looks at the knife in his hand,
       wonders what he might do with it. The sound of Prem's
       voice on the tv.

                               PREM O/S
                 ...if you want a chance to play
                 Who Wants to be a Millionaire,
                 call now...!

       Jamal looks up. Stares at the tv.

152    INT. STUDIO. BACKSTAGE. NIGHT.                            152

                 This way, Jamal, this way. Great
                 show, my friend. See you
                 tomorrow, huh?

       In the half-light, Prem guides him to a stage door.

153    EXT. STUDIO. BACKSTAGE. NIGHT.                            153

       Jamal steps outside the backstage door. Leans on the
       rail and takes a huge breath. Immediately, a blanket is
       thrown over his head and two police men bundle him into
       the back of a police van. The Director joins Prem at
       the back-stage door as the van pulls away, sirens

                 What's going on?

                 He's a cheat.

                 This was you? You called them?

       Prem shrugs.

                               DIRECTOR (CONT'D)
                 How d'you know he's cheating?


153   CONTINUED:                                             153

                   Oh, come on! Of course he is.
                   He's a bloody village boy. Even
                   when I fed him the wrong answer
                   the little shit got it right.

      Director stares at him.

                   You gave him an answer?

                   Well, I didn't exactly-

      The Director walks away shaking his head. In the
      doorway, Nita is standing there, watching.

                                 PREM (CONT'D)

      But she too turns and walks away.

154   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE. DAY.                            154

                   It is all bizarrely plausible.
                   And yet...

                   Because I am a slum dog, chi-
                   wallah, I am a liar, right?

                   Most of you are.

      Srinivas comes hurrying in carrying a file, very
      pleased with himself.

                                 CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
                   Shooting at Pila Street, October
                   19th...Maman Hossani....Victim
                   pronounced dead at scene.
                   Suspects absconded: two males,
                   early teens, one female, early

      The Inspector takes the file. Stares at it. Shakes his

                   But you: you're not a liar,
                   Mister Malik, that is for sure.
                   You are too truthful.

      He turns to Srinivas.


154    CONTINUED:                                                 154

                                  INSPECTOR (CONT'D)
                    Thank you, Constable. All that
                    remains is to work out whether
                    it was manslaughter or murder.
                    Ten years, or life.

       The Young Constable sticks his head around the door.

                                  YOUNG CONSTABLE
                    The Commissioner's here, Sir.

       The Inspector sighs. Gets up. Accompanied by Srinivas,
       he leaves the room. Jamal sits there. Lets his head
       drop. The camera floats from the room, down the dingy
       corridor and out through a window...

155    EXT. POLICE STATION. DAY.                                  155

       ....alighting on a crowd of hundreds of people jostling
       to get a view of the building. News crews are setting
       up around them. A tv Reporter is doing a piece to

                                  TV REPORTER
                    ....behind the walls of this
                    police station lies the mystery
                    all of India is talking about.
                    Did Jamal Malik, an uneducated,
                    eighteen year-old boy from the
                    slums of Mumbai win one Crore
                    rupees by fair means or foul?
                    And in the crowds all around me
                    there is an even bigger
                    question. Will he be back on the
                    show tonight to play for twenty
                    million rupees...

156    OMITTED                                                    156

156A   INT. POLICE OFFICE. DAY.                                  156A

       The Commissioner is waiting in the outer office.

                                  COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                    So? Have you charged him yet?

                    I- progress is being made sir.

                                  COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                    Progress? Have you charged him?

                    No, Sir.


156A   CONTINUED:                                                156A

       The Commissioner dumps a copy of the Times of India
       down on the desk. Then the Hindustan Times, the Amar
       Ujala and the Afternoon Dispatch thump down after them.
       All have photos of Jamal on Who Wants to be a
       Millionaire on the front page.

                                  COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                    And if that isn't enough for

       He motions the Inspector to come over to the window.

       Lifts the blind. The Inspector hurries over. Looks


                                  COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                    - yes, yes! The boy's a bloody
                    hero with every beggar and thief
                    in the city. We're in danger of
                    looking very stupid, here,

                    Whilst I'm not convinced he
                    actually cheated, I have got-

       The Inspector brandishes the file.

                                  COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                    - Prem Kumar himself- a man of
                    great standing and integrity-
                    said the kid was a liar and a
                    cheat. What more do you need?

       The Inspector pauses.

                    A liar.

       Then he puts the file behind his back. Srinivas frowns.

                                   INSPECTOR (CONT'D)
                    Indeed, sir.

       Srinivas coughs pointedly. Gets a steely look from the
       Inspector. The Commissioner has been staring out of the
       window at the crowds. Turns back to them.

                                  COMMISIONER OF POLICE
                    He's in for fraud, so you charge
                    him for fraud. Fast. Or you'll
                    find yourself on traffic duty at
                    the Gateway of India.


156A   CONTINUED: (2)                                       156A

                 Yes, sir.

       The Commissioner walks out.

                               CONSTABLE SRINIVAS

                 Not a word, Srinivas.


       A cheek scarred by disfiguring knife scars. Pulling
       back we see it is Latika, staring frozen at Jamal on
       the television news. A palatial living room. Dealing
       cards to Salim, is Javed Khan. A couple of Bar Girls
       giggle next to Javed and a couple of his Thugs. Pouring
       drinks at a sideboard is Latika. Javed glances up at
       the screen, clearly not recognising Jamal on a clip
       from Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Salim, too is
       staring, wide-eyed at the tv. Javed picks up the
       remote, doesn't even notice and switches over to a
       music channel. Latika hurries out.

                 What about my bloody whisky,

       But she has already gone. He growls after her.

                               JAVED (CONT'D)
                 Hey, Salim.

       He motions Salim to get him a drink. Javed's mobile
       rings as Salim goes over to the sideboard. Shifts a
       bottle to the back.

                 We're out. I'll just get- Syed.

       Salim smiles faintly at the image of Jamal and hurries

158    INT . JAVED'S SAFE-HOUSE. SALIM'S ROOM. NIGHT.           158

       A drawer opens. Inside is Salim's pistol. And a phone-
       the same one he threw in there months ago. Salim stares
       at both for a long time. Finally, picks up the gun and

                      (to himself)
                 Final answer?

       He finds this faintly amusing.


159   INT. JAVED'S SAFE-HOUSE. KITCHEN. NIGHT.                 159

      Latika sits in the kitchen, staring at the tv, tears
      running down her cheeks. A reporter is talking in front
      of an enlarged photograph of Jamal. Latika wipes away
      the tears quickly as Salim comes in. He locks the door
      behind him. Stares at the tv.

                That boy. He will never give up.

      He shakes his head.

                                 SALIM (CONT'D)
                Crazy chutiyé.

      Salim approaches Latika. She flinches as he walks
      towards her. He puts some car keys in front of her.

                                 SALIM (CONT'D)
                Ja. Go.


                - just drive. There won't be
                another chance. Go.

      Latika takes the keys. Hesitates.

                He'll kill you.

      Salim smiles, shakes his head.

                It is not written.

                                 JAVED O/S

      Salim goes to the back door. Unlocks it. Opens it for

                Salim, I....can't.

      Salim points at the television.

                You have to. It'll take you two
                hours if you drive fast. Here.

      He holds out his mobile phone.

                              SALIM (CONT'D)
                For God's sake, hold on to it.

159   CONTINUED:                                            159

      Latika takes it. Salim takes hold of both sides of her
      head for a moment.

                                 SALIM (CONT'D)
                   For what I have done, please
                   forgive me.

      Salim releases her.

                                 SALIM (CONT'D)
                   Go. Have a good life.

      Salim puts his hands together in blessing. She leaves.
      Salim shuts the door, locks it. Smiles.

160   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE. NIGHT.                          160

      Jamal is dozing in the chair. He wakes with a shout.
      Srinivas has just thrown a bucket of water in his face.
      He unlocks the handcuffs. Jamal looks up at him.
      Srinivas shrugs.

                                 CONSTABLE SRINIVAS
                   You're back on the show.

161   INT. BACKSTAGE. NIGHT.                                   161

      The audience for Who Wants to be a Millionaire are
      standing in line. They are being body-searched by
      police. Mobiles are being confiscated and put in bags.

162   INT. BACKSTAGE. NIGHT.                                   162

      Gaffers make last-minute adjustments to the lights
      shining on the empty chairs in the middle of the set.
      Camera positions are checked by the Floor Manager.

163   INT. POLICE OFFICE. NIGHT.                               163

      Srinivas walks Jamal through the police office, past
      the Inspector sitting at his desk, his arms behind his
      head, pondering. He watches Jamal go and then asks:

                                 INSPECTOR OF POLICE
                   What happened? To the girl?

      Jamal stops.

                   Who knows?

      Jamal walks on. The Inspector watches him all the way.


164   INT. POLICE JEEP. NIGHT.                                   164

      Jamal sits in the back of the police jeep. It pulls out
      of the police station car park into a sea of people all
      cheering and shouting at the jeep. Jamal looks

165   INT. CAR. NIGHT.                                           165

      Latika drives through the slums of Mumbai. She hoots
      her horn furiously at a cart-driver ambling across the

166   INT. POLICE JEEP. NIGHT.                                   166

      The jeep stops at the lights and a beggar wanders up,
      tapping on the windscreen. The beggar studies Jamal's
      face for a second, then starts shouting and pointing at

                Crorepati! Crorepati!

      Other beggars- just like the one Jamal used to be- join
      him and start cheering and applauding. The jeep pulls

167   OMITTED                                                    167

168   EXT. SLUM. NIGHT.                                          168

      At the chi stall, everyone gathers around the tv,

169   EXT. ROADSIDE CHI HOUSE. NIGHT.                            169

      A rickshaw parks up next to a hundred others. The
      Driver leaps out, abandoning the irate business man in
      the back and runs to the tv in the café.

170   INT. CALL CENTRE. NIGHT.                                   170

      The Manager walks into the aircraft hanger of a
      building. Stops. Where is everyone? Then he sees
      everyone crowded around the tv in the Recreation Room.
      Stalks over.

                Oi! Get back to work.

      Then he sees Jamal's face on the tv.


170   CONTINUED:                                            170

                                 MANAGER (CONT'D)
                   The chi-wallah?

171   EXT. ROADSIDE SHACKS. NIGHT.                             171

      All along the highway, one by one the televisions in a
      hundred shacks flick on, silhouetting the family
      huddled in front of it.

172   INT. STUDIO. BACKSTAGE. NIGHT.                           172

      In the half-light, Jamal is being powdered by Nita.

                   Good luck.

      Prem sneers.

                                    TALKBACK V/O
                   Two minutes.

      She finishes powdering Jamal.

                   Hey. Sweetheart. What about me?
                   I'm sweating, here.

                   You should be.

      She dumps the powder compact in his hand.

                   So. Tonight. The Calypso Bar.

                   Not if you were the only man in
                   the world.

      She walks off.

                        (genuinely puzzled)
                   But I am the only man in the

173   EXT. MUMBAI STREET. NIGHT.                               173

      The traffic is gridlocked. Latika is pumping the horn.

                   Come on, come on!

      She glances out of the window, sees one of the roadside
      shacks with the television on. Gets out of the car and
      runs to it.


173A   INT. COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE. NIGHT.                     173A

       The Commissioner grabs his phone.

                               COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                 Get me the Inspector on the
                 phone now!

173B   INT. INSPECTOR'S OFFICE. NIGHT.                        173B

       The Inspector wanders into his office, still deep in
       thought. Switches on the television just as the
       Millionaire music starts. Sits. The phone rings.

174    OMITTED                                                    174

175    OMITTED                                                    175

176    OMITTED                                                    176

177    INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                        177

       Prem and Jamal walk on-stage. Blinding light. They take
       their seats to tumultuous applause.

                 Welcome back to Who Wants to be
                 a Millionaire? I can safely say
                 that tonight is the biggest
                 night of both of our lives,
                 Ladies and Gentlemen. Jamal
                 Malik, the Call Centre worker
                 from Mumbai has already won one
                 Crore rupees, a cool ten
                 million. Tonight, he can walk
                 away with that in his pocket or
                 make the biggest gamble in
                 television history and go for
                 the final question and a
                 staggering twenty million
                 rupees! Jamal, are you ready for
                 that question?


       The lights dim, the music rumbles. Prem pushes the
       button on his computer. Pauses. Gets conversational.

                 Big reader, are you Jamal? A
                 lover of literature?

       Nervous laughter from the audience. Jamal just shrugs.

177   CONTINUED:                                             177

                   I can read.

      Even more nervous laughter.

                   Lucky! In Alexandre Dumas' book,
                   The Three Musketeers, two of the
                   musketeers are called Athos and
                   Porthos. What was the name of
                   the third musketeer. Was it A)
                   Aramis, B) Cardinal Richelieu,
                   C) D'Artagnan, D) Planchet.

      An involuntary laugh comes out of Jamal's mouth.

178   INT. ROADSIDE SHACK. NIGHT.                              178

      In the shack, sitting on an upturned oil drum,
      surrounded by puzzled Indians in rags, a slow smile
      comes to Latika's face.

179   OMITTED                                                  179

180   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                      180

      Camera on Prem.

                   The final question, for twenty
                   million rupees: and he's
                   smiling. I guess you know the

                   Would you believe it? I don't.

      Jamal laughs. There's nothing else to do. The audience

                   You don't? So, you're going to
                   take the ten million and walk?



                   I'll play.

      A gasp from the audience.


180   CONTINUED:                                            180

                   You just said you don't know the
                   answer. I heard that, right? You
                   do understand that if you get
                   the answer wrong, you lose
                   everything? Ten million rupees.
                   A fortune, Jamal.

      A terrible pause.

                   I'd like to phone a friend.

                   We're going to the wire, Ladies
                   and Gentlemen, we are going to
                   the wire. The final Life-line.
                   Here we go....

181   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                      181

      Prem presses his computer. Ominous rumble of drums. The
      lights dim. A phone can be heard ringing, the amplified
      sound echoing around the studio.

                   It's ringing.

      The phone continues to ring.

182   INT. ROADSIDE SHACK. NIGHT.                              182

      Latika is staring at the television. Then an electric
      current seems to shoot through her and she is running,
      dodging the static traffic, street vendors, the odd
      cow, heading for her abandoned car. Hooting horns,
      shouting drivers. The phone rings on...

183   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                      183

      And on...

                   Doesn't look as if your friend
                   is in, Jamal. Who is it?

                   My brother's number, but-

                   - the sort of brother who'd go
                   for a walk on the twenty million
                   rupee question?

                   It's the only number I know.


184   INT. CAR. NIGHT.                                            184

      On the passenger seat of Latika's car, Salim's phone
      continues to ring...

185   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                         185

      ...and ring.

                You're on your own, Jamal.

      Prem looks up at the gallery. The Director shakes his
      head, mimes cutting his throat.

186   INT. CAR. NIGHT.                                            186

      Latika wrestles the door open, grabs the phone.

187   INT. STUDIO. NIGHT.                                         187

      Prem opens his mouth to speak. Then, out of the
      darkness of the studio,

                                LATIKA V/O

      A gasp from the audience.

                                LATIKA V/O (CONT'D)
                Hello? Jamal?

                Wow! That's cutting it fine. I'm
                guessing this isn't your
                brother. This is-

                              LATIKA V/O
                My name is Latika.

      The first real smile of Jamal's adult life.

188   EXT. STUDIO. BACKSTAGE. NIGHT.                              188

      A small smile spreads across the Inspector's face.

                That's why he's on the show.

      He picks up his hat and hastens out of the room.


189   INT. JAVED'S SAFE-HOUSE. NIGHT.                           189

      Javed pulls the Bar Girl from him, stares open-mouthed
      at the television.

                 What the bloody-?

      He pushes the girl off him. Gets to his feet.

                                  JAVED (CONT'D)
                 Latika! Salim!

190   INT. STUDIO/ INT. ROADSIDE SHACK. NIGHT.                  190

                 Okay! So, Latika, you want to
                 hear the question one more time?
                 And let's be clear about this.
                 Twenty million rupees ride on
                 your answer. You have thirty
                 seconds. Jamal, please read out
                 the question to Latika.

                 Is that really you?

                                  LATIKA V/O

                 The question, Jamal.

                 In Alexandre Dumas' book, The
                 Three Musketeers, two of the
                 musketeers are called Athos and
                 Porthos. What was the name of
                 the third musketeer. Was it A)
                 Aramis, B) Cardinal Richelieu,
                 C) D'Artagnan, D) Planchet.

      Silence. The electronic clock ticks loudly.

                 Fifteen seconds.

                 Where are you?

                                  LATIKA V/O
                 I'm- I'm safe.

                 Ten seconds. So, Latika, what do
                 you think?


190   CONTINUED:                                               190

                                 PREM (CONT'D)
                   Five, four, three, two, one.
                   Time's up! Your answer.

                                   LATIKA V/O
                   I don't know.

      The audience groan.


                                 LATIKA V/O
                   I've never known.

                   You really are on your own, now,
                   Jamal. Your answer: for twenty
                   million rupees.

      Jamal shrugs.


                   A. Because?


                   Apka final jawab?

                   Yes. Final answer. A. Aramis.

      The lights dim, the music crescendoes. A buzz runs
      around the audience. Prem pushes the button on his
      computer. Stares hard at Jamal.

                   Computer-ji A lock kiya-jaye.
                   Jamal Malik, Call Centre
                   Assistant from Mumbai, for two
                   Crore, twenty million rupees,
                   you were asked who the Third
                   Musketeer was in the novel by
                   Alexandre Dumas. You used your
                   final life-line to phone a
                   friend. You answered A.
                   Aramis.....which is...I have to
                   tell you...the correct answer!

      Wild applause. Prem jumps up and pulls a bemused Jamal
      to his feet, raising his arm in the air. Jamal is
      smiling, but disorientated.


190   CONTINUED: (2)                                          190

                              PREM (CONT'D)
                Ladies and Gentlemen, Jamal
                Malik, Crorepati! What a night!
                We have all been present at the
                making of history, Ladies and
                Gentlemen! Jamal Malik,

                Latika? Latika?

      To ever-increasing roars and applause from the
      audience, Prem escorts Jamal off-stage.

191   INT. ROADSIDE SHACK. NIGHT.                              191

      The line goes dead in Latika's hand. She stares down at
      the phone. The bemused family are still eying her like
      an alien. She smiles at them and goes out. The traffic
      on the road is still grid-locked. She starts walking,
      faster and faster. Then she breaks into a run.

192   INT. JAVED'S SAFE-HOUSE. BATHROOM. NIGHT.                192

      A small tv in the bathroom. Salim smiles.

                              JAVED O/S
                Salim! Teri ma ki chute! Salim!

      Javed is banging on the door. Salim gets up from where
      he has been praying. He climbs into the bath which is
      full of bank notes and lies down amongst the money. He
      reaches across for the pistol and picks it up. Smiles
      slightly as Javed smashes down the door, pulls the
      trigger and shoots Javed. He falls onto the floor,
      dead. But the Thug right behind him shoots Salim in the
      chest. He lies back in the bath, the faintest trace of
      a smile on his face as he stares at the pictures of
      Jamal on the tv.

                God is good.

      Salim dies.

193   INT. STUDIO. BACKSTAGE. NIGHT.                           193

      Prem and Jamal are being posed by photographers. A
      giant-sized cheque for twenty million rupees is
      manhandled onto the floor by the Floor Manager and an
      Assistant amidst much cheering and laughter. Jamal is
      snapped next to a scowling Prem. The Inspector appears
      next to them.

                Just one more thing left, Sir.

193   CONTINUED:                                                   193

      Prem smiles.

                   Finally, huh?

                   If you'd like to come with me.

      He takes Jamal by the arm, leads him backstage.

194   INT/EXT. POLICE JEEP. NIGHT.                                 194

      Jamal sits silent in the back seat next to the
      Inspector as he drives through the traffic. Then:

                   Truth alone triumphs? I should
                   have known better.

      The Inspector stops the jeep. Unlocks the handcuffs.
      Holds the back door open for Jamal.

                   Thought you might need a lift,

      He nods towards the outside world. Dazed, Jamal gets

195   EXT. CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI TERMINUS. NIGHT.                    195

      Jamal finds himself    gazing up     at VT station. Slowly, he
      wanders inside. The    Inspector     takes the contents of the
      file and tears them    slowly in     half. Lets the pieces
      fall on the ground.    Gets back     in the jeep and drives

196   OMITTED                                                      196

197   INT. CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI TERMINUS. NIGHT.                    197

      VT station is awash with the evening commute. Thousands
      of people crowd the platforms, jostling the only still
      figure who is sitting at the base of the statue of
      Frederick Stevens. Jamal. Then there is a gap in the
      wall of bodies that swirls around him. Jamal gets to
      his feet.


      Then she is gone in the melee again. Only to reappear.


197   CONTINUED:                                            197


      Jamal forces himself through the people. Nothing will
      stop him. Latika too is shoving them aside until they
      are face-to-face. They stop, look at each other, hold
      each other's hands tight. The whole station seems
      frozen, the only movement from a thousand bodies being
      Jamal and Latika.

                                  LATIKA (CONT'D)
                   I thought we would meet again
                   only in death.

      He shakes his head.

                   I knew you'd be watching.

      Jamal puts his hand on Latika's chin, turns her head
      gently so that she is facing him. He sees the knife
      scars on her cheek for the first time. She tries to
      turn her head, but he won't let her. Runs his hand
      slowly down the scar. Rests his hand there.

                                 JAMAL (CONT'D)
                   This is our destiny.

      He gently kisses the scarred cheek.

                                 JAMAL (CONT'D)
                   This is our destiny.

      The camera pulls back and back, rising above the
      station. The music starts and the frozen station comes
      alive, two thousand kurta-clad men and saree-clad women
      dancing in and out and on top of the trains, an unbound
      celebration of hope and humanity that has at its
      centre, Jamal and Latika.

                                                      THE END

Slumdog Millionaire

Writers :   Simon Beaufoy  Vikas Swarup
Genres :   Crime  Drama  Romance

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