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                         THE WHISTLEBLOWER

                            Written by

                  Eilis Kirwan & Larysa Kondracki

                                                      August 3, 2007

1   BLACKNESS...                                                    1

                         GIRL'S VOICE (O.S.) (UKRAINIAN)
               I can't see anything... Are you there?


                         GIRL'S VOICE (O.S.) (UKRAINIAN) (CONT'D)
               Are you there!?

    Giggling. LUBA, 15, dangerous, flicks a lighter, sparking a
    cigarette, and grins in the flickering flame.

                         LUBA (UKRAINIAN)
               God I'm drunk... Where's this damn door?

    She scans the space with the lighter. Illuminating...

                         RAYA (UKRAINIAN)
               Watch it! That's my hair! Let me try.

    RAYA, 15, pretty, guileless, takes the lighter, searching...
    CLICK. She has it. They BURST out the door, LAUGHING, onto...

2   EXT. ROOFTOP - APARTMENT BUILDING - NIGHT                       2

    BARRELS. GROUPS lounge on ratty couches and turned over boxes
    skulling cans, making out, talking shit. A BOY, 17, lights a
    MOLOTOV COCKTAIL and hurls it off the roof.

    Luba and Raya join THREE GUYS. ONE of them pisses onto a
    cloth, stuffs it in a bottle, and tries to light it. It
    FIZZLES. Everybody bursts out laughing.

                         RAYA (UKRAINIAN)
               It's ammonia, not alcohol.

                         BOY (UKRAINIAN)
               (Drunk) You're so smart. I love you!

    He lunges in for a kiss, but she dodges him, laughing. Luba
    gives him the finger, pulling Raya toward the dancing into...

    TEEN MAYHEM: Raya lets herself go. She gets lost in...

    A WHIRL of drunk and happy teens. It's tribal. They dance,
    silhouetted against the fire and the black sky, their backs
    to the run-down Soviet buildings... Tonight, they don't want
    to think about what life holds in store.

    Raya stops. Dizzy. She looks at her watch, suddenly aware of
    the time. Yelling over to Luba...
                                                           TWB 2.

                        RAYA (UKRAINIAN)
              I have to get home. Mama's gonna kill me.

                        LUBA (UKRAINIAN)
              No, you're staying with me tonight. Roman
              wants us there at 9 in the morning.

    Raya looks at Luba. Torn.

                        LUBA (CONT'D)
              It's just a few months working in a
              hotel. You want to work at Copyshack like
              your mother? Marry one of these assholes?
              There's nothing here!.. He said it was
              both of us or no go!

    Raya sighs, wanting to, but unable to agree. Luba hesitates;
    she needs this so badly.

                        LUBA (CONT'D)
              Fuck your mom!

    But Raya shakes her head, eyes apologetic. She pushes past
    Luba who watches her disappear.

3   INT. RAYA'S APARTMENT - KYIV - LATE NIGHT                       3

    Raya tiptoes through a modest apartment when.... The lights
    come on. Raya turns back to see HALYNA, 35. Her face torn
    between anger and relief.

                        RAYA (UKRAINIAN)
              I know I'm late. I tried to leave, but--

                        HALYNA (UKRAINIAN)
              It's three in the morning.

    Halyna shakes her head, disappointed. Then turns off the
    lights. Raya stands alone as Halyna goes into her bedroom.
    SLAM. Raya looks around the apartment, it's poverty, it's
    measly aspirations...

4   EXT. KYIV - MORNING                                             4

    The silver mist of dawn rises over the Golden Domes of Kyiv.

5   INT. APARTMENT - KYIV - MORNING                                 5

    Raya sits on a stool before a WHITE WALL. Luba smokes a
    cigarette. ROMAN, 40, smiley, fixes a camera to a tripod.

                           ROMAN (UKRAINIAN)
              Big smile!
                                                             TWB 3.

    Luba reads a SWISS HOTEL BROCHURE, then looks up.

                        LUBA (UKRAINIAN)
              (practicing) I am Natalya Verbova. I am
              going to Budapest to buy carpets for re-
              selling. I am staying two days...

    Raya sees ZENIA, 30, peeking in the door. Raya smiles. Zenia,
    nods, demure. Roman looks through the camera.

                        LUBA (CONT'D)
              No-one's gonna believe we really did it!

    Luba beams at Raya, who can't hide her own excitement.

    CAMERA POV: Raya looks into the camera. Her face lights up
    with hope... FLASH... The IMAGE FREEZES... We BURN TO WHITE.
    Then the title of the film fades in...

                         "THE WHISTLEBLOWER"

    A FLASHLIGHT cuts across...


    POLICE OFFICER LEEDS scans the side of a house. Rounding to


    He shakes his head at his partner, KATHRYN BOLKOVAC, 38.
    Earthy and athletic. She is in great shape, but her eyes tell
    of a life fully lived. She's looking at a HUSBAND and WIFE
    standing in the doorway.

              It just got a bit heated, you know how it
              gets. I'll apologize to the neighbors

    Kathy nods, humoring. A police radio BUZZES.

                        OFFICER LEEDS
              Ready to go?

    Kathy eyes the wife, tries to see past them into the house.

              You sure everything is alright, Ma'am?

    The wife is still. Kathy eyes her, gently. Then, calm...

              Really. It was nothing.
                                                              TWB 4.

    The husband shifts his weight. Kathy flits a look behind him,
    noticing... Jackets hanging from the wall. Her gaze lowers to
    a hook hanging much lower than the rest of the jackets.

              You all have any children?


    The wife looks down. The man stirs, agitated.

                        HUSBAND (CONT'D)
              So if that's all Officer...

              I'd like to take a quick walk through the

              You can't do that without a warrant.

              Yes I can, Sir, please step aside.

    The wife moves out of the way. The man panics. Leeds heads up
    the porch. Kathy steps over the threshold. When...

              You're not coming in my house!

    He blocks her, but Kathy pushes past him, and then he...

    GRABS Kathy. HURLS her into a wall. CRACK. Kathy yells in


7   INT. HOSPITAL HALL - NIGHT                                         7

    Three POLICE OFFICERS linger. They peek through a door at...

8   INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - SAME                                          8

    Kathy. She sits up on a gurney. The DOCTOR examines her
    shoulder. It's BRUISED PURPLE.

              Painful there?

    Kathy winces.
                                                       TWB 5.

CAPTAIN HAWK, 50s, African American, walks in, noticing her
exposed shoulders, and turns, uncomfortable. Kathy covers.

          I'm her Captain.

          Her collar bone is broken. And I'm going
          to have to set her arm in a cast.

          Lookin' for a route to the desk?

          Yeah, I'm gonna break every bone in my
          body until I'm captain.

Hawk laughs.

                    KATHY (CONT'D)
          I'm fine. I'm sure you have a hotter date
          than this tonight.

          I wish.

          Just when my self esteem was gettin' so

          We found a boy locked in the basement.
          Badly beaten. We charged the husband with
          domestic assault. You made the right
          call. But you should've waited for
          backup. (sighing)... I wish I didn't have
          to say this--

          You're giving Deke the gold shield.

          I have to Kathy. He has seniority.

Kathy shakes her head, deeply disappointed.

                    HAWK (CONT'D)
          You deserve the promotion. You should be
          a detective and if we had more openings--

          That gold shield was the first one in
          four years... Sir... I'm going to have to
          resign, and take that position overseas.
                                                              TWB 6.

              I think that's a mistake. I want you on
              my team.

    Kathy sighs, touched. But...

              Frank, I'm nearly forty. I can't be on
              the streets much longer. Not if I don't
              know there's something on the other end.

    She looks up at Hawk, but he's staring past her at...

    The door. Kathy turns, seeing... A young, scared GIRL, 15.
    This is ERIN. Kathy's daughter. She's heard everything. Hawk
    eyes Erin, sympathetic.

              Just think about it, will you?

    He leaves, passing Erin, who pushes down tears. Kathy eyes
    Erin, full of love, but not knowing what to say.

9   INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - LATER                                         9

    Erin stares out the window. Kathy watches her, concerned.

              I wish you could stay here.

              Me too.

    Erin turns. Serious. Weighing...

              I mean it's fine living at dad's, but...
              Now I really won't see you for a while.

              I'm doing this for us. If I have a better
              job, I can give you guys more.

    Erin nods, tearing again.

              When do you have to decide?

              Come here.

    Erin moves over, hesitant. Kathy pulls her in to a hug,
    wincing slightly in pain. But keeps a brave face.
                                                            TWB 7.

               Are you sure it's not dangerous?

               Of course. It's been four years. Things
               are getting back to normal over there.

                                                     SMASH CUT TO:

     A BOMBED OUT building, sprayed with RED GRAFFITI. DEBRIS
     everywhere. Torn clothes. A SIGN. Cyrillic letters:

     SARAJEVO - 3 KM.

     Sprayed across it in red: TURN AROUND!

10   EXT. COUNTRYSIDE - DAY                                        10

     A SILHOUETTE breaks the horizon and SPEEDS towards us,
     throwing up gravel: a dented white BUS, emblazoned with large
     black letters: "UN". A UNITED STATES flag on it.


11   INT. BUS - CONTINUOUS                                         11

     Kathy sits in a bus full of BLUE BERETS. She looks out the
     window, her eyes drinking it all in...

                         VOICE (O.S.)
               You come here today as a beacon of hope,
               as representatives of humanity's highest

     In the opposite direction, a U.S. MILITARY TANK ROLLS past. A
     SOLDIER looks out from the HATCH.

     Kathy turns to see the only other woman on the bus, Carmen,
     20s, Latina. She smiles cheekily, giving Kathy the `peace'
     sign. Kathy smiles. IMMEDIATE SOLIDARITY.

     In the opposite direction, two other UN BUSES pass, one
     flanked by a CANADIAN FLAG, the other with a FRENCH TRICOLOR.

     The bus cranks around the corner, entering...

12   EXT. SNIPER ALLEY - CONTINUOUS                                12

     The final stretch into Sarajevo. Famous from so many war
     reports, site of many deaths. The broad, pock-marked avenue
     is barren. SHELLED HIGH RISES lean like hungry faces, gouged
     from their once-solid structures. Living rooms are exposed to
     the elements, wallpaper blowing in the wind like torn skin.
                                                             TWB 8.

     IN THE BUS: Carmen taps Kathy, pointing out the window...

               Sniper Alley. See, the bullet marks are
               at eye level. People just running to the

     All the walls are splattered at head level. Kathy is overcome
     by the stark reality of war. Worse than she ever imagined.

                                                   INTERCUT WITH:

     MOVE ALONG rapt faces... YOUNG MEN, MIDDLE-AGED MEN, heads
     held high, ready for anything. We're in...

13   INT. MEETING HALL - LATER                                      13

     BILL HYNES paces before the assembled NEW RECRUITS. He's in
     his 50s, distinguished and seemingly in charge...

                         BILL HYNES
               You have been hired by Dyncorp Aerospace
               International to represent the US as
               monitors for the United Nations, which
               means you are the only national
               contingent coming from a private
               military. So you people chose to come
               here. And for the next few weeks, we will
               teach you how to protect the rule of law
               in a war zone, how to rebuild a civil
               society brick by brick...

     MOVING OVER more RECRUITS... On their laps, "DYNCORP"
     ORIENTATION FOLDERS. MEN, listening, determined...

14   EXT. OUTLYING SUBURB - DAY                                     14

     Kathy and RECRUITS receive TRAINING from a PAKISTANI MONITOR,
     shadowing him as he hands food-packs to a LINE of REFUGEES.

                         BILL HYNES (O.S.)
      ensure the dignity, equality, and
               inalienable human rights of every single
               person in this devastated place.

     The refugees turn their haunted eyes to the fresh faces of
     the NEW RECRUITS. Kathy extends a parcel to an OLD MAN. He
     hesitates. Then she sees... He has no arms. She's unsure what
     to do. A young boy takes the package, leading his grandfather
     away. Kathy stands: WHERE AM I?

     ASSEMBLY HALL: Bill Hynes stands before a map of the Balkans.
                                                              TWB 9.

                         BILL HYNES (CONT'D)
               The Dayton Peace Accords of 1995 ended
               this war, dictating that an International
               Police Task Force - YOU - would smooth
               the transition from war to peace.

15   EXT. OUTSKIRTS OF SARAJEVO - DAY                               15

     KATHY and THREE NEW RECRUITS are led down a path along a
     mountainside. They move toward an UNDERGROUND BUNKER.
     CHILDREN play at the edge of an overgrown field.

     A BOY hops up on a post, about to jump over, when the leader,
     TODD MYERS, 30s, a seasoned pro, YELLS at him, points out...

     A sign closer to the BARBED WIRE, fringing the field... A

                         BILL HYNES (O.S.)
               But you will learn that peace is harder
               won than war..

     Kathy watches the boy run back up the road. The recruits head
     down STEEP STEPS into...

16   INT. ARTILLERY DEPOSIT - MOMENTS LATER                         16

     Light sneaks through cracks, catching on the oil black
     barrels of THOUSANDS of GUNS. Todd hands out BINDERS.

                         TODD MYERS
               We are still in the process of disarming
               the Muslim, Croat, and Serb militias. You
               will be cataloguing these arms for
               decommissioning records.

     Kathy eyes the unending stash of GUNS.

17   EXT. SARAJEVO SUBURBS - DUSK                                   17

     Kathy drives past a MILITARY BASE, an ITALIAN FLAG flying...
     A few hundred yards up the street, a BAR...


     Driving past a another BAR. GERMAN FLAG... A SIGN: BERLIN
     NIGHTS... Kathy passes by, amused.


     Kathy and Carmen are led by a MONITOR through a sparsely
     furnished UNIT. A poster of `Born in the USA' on the wall.
                                                              TWB 10.

                         BILL HYNES (O.S.)
               You will learn that every morning's

     Carmen bounces her butt up and down to test her mattress.

19   INT. LOCAL GROCERY STORE - DAY                                 19

     Kathy inspects items on the shelves. Nothing familiar.


     A cluster of WOMEN in BLACK BURKAS. They sway like reeds in
     the wind, grief overcoming them as they watch:

                         BILL HYNES (O.S.)
      haunted by yesterday's nightmare...

     UN BLUE HELMETS supervise the dig of a mass grave. Bodies are
     revealed. A child's shoe is uncovered. A BURLY PEACEKEEPER
     turns, sickened.

20   EXT. TITO BARRACKS - AFTERNOON                                 20

     The bus arrives. The base is surrounded by barbed wire and
     overlook sights, manned by ARMED MILITARY.

     MEETING HALL: Hynes looks out at the new batch. Proud.

                         BILL HYNES
               But today is a new day. As Head of the
               United Nations Mission here I trust that
               we stake our highest values, even our
               lives, on the belief that we can rebuild,
               we must renew, we will witness the
               rebirth of this country.

     The recruits are hyped, the rhetoric is working. MOVING OVER
     THEM, MAN by MAN, we REVEAL in the back:

     Kathy. In her crisp navy blue IPTF flack jacket. Her blonde
     hair makes her stand out. She is one of the only women in the
     room. Her eyes ablaze. She is completely fired up.

21   INT. KITCHEN - IPTF DORM - EVENING                             21

     Kathy sits at the table spreading stuff on dark bread. Carmen
     across from her. Kathy takes a bite and grimaces.

               I thought this was peanut butter but--
                                                           TWB 11.

               It's ass paste? I know. I bought it too.
               Let's get out of here. I need a drink.

22   EXT. STREET - SARAJEVO - NIGHT                               22

     ROCK MUSIC ECHOES from several bars. Carmen heads toward one,
     when an AMERICAN IPTF MONITOR stops her.

                         AMERICAN IPTF
               That's a military Bar. You want the party
               in there...

     lights illuminate a broad patio. A PIG roasts on a spit.

     Kathy follows Carmen through DOZENS of off-duty IPTF, SFOR
     and UN workers who drink and trade stories with machismo.

     There's a palpable sexual tension in the air. BOSNIAN
     WAITRESSES flirt with OFFICERS. Guys paw GIRLS with trays.

               Fuck me, we're outnumbered. Good odds.

               Hon, they're all yours.

     They make their way through the crowded bar, feeling the
     officers' double-takes. Carmen smiles coyly at Kathy, then
     zeroes in on JAN VAN DER VELDE, 35, handsome. He is
     surrounded by a group of IPTF with Dutch flags on their
     shoulders. Carmen throws her arms around them, jovial.

               Okay, fine, if you insist. Mine's a

     Jan laughs at Carmen's forwardness, his eye on Kathy. But she
     spots Todd Myers across the bar, and is on her way, when...

               What about you? You don't have an order?

               No. I'm the polite one.

               I like polite.

     Carmen turns his head toward her.
                                                         TWB 12.

             I'm gonna be the drunk one. Let's get

Kathy smiles, a little too old for this game. Carmen leans
into Kathy's ear. She smiles, and moves off.


Kathy moves to Todd and the Americans, catching Todd's eye,
but is distracted by a WAITRESS writhing on an ITALIAN
SOLDIER's lap. The Waitress darts Kathy a look, contemptuous.
And the soldiers notice. One leers at Kathy...

                       ITALIAN SOLDIER
             I'd pay double for a woman in uniform.

Kathy looks him over.

             Sorry pal, I'm not for sale.

The Soldier is stung. The Italians laugh.

                       TODD MYERS (O.S.)
             We're Dyncorp. We're all for sale...
             Kathy, right?

Todd puts his arm around Kathy, bringing her to a TABLE OF
AMERICAN IPTF. They greet her, friendly.

                       TODD MYERS (CONT'D)
             Look the basic lay of the land is we have
             to work with the other nationals, but we
             don't mix with them at night.

JIM HIGGINS, 25, and even younger looking...

                       JIM HIGGINS
             Lucky those wops don't carry guns or
             we'd've had ourselves a situation.
             Fucking unarmed mission. I was hoping
             we'd get to squeeze some off.

                       TODD MYERS
             At who? Better odds you'll step on a land
             mine and what the hell's a gun gonna do
             for you then?

                        JIM HIGGINS
             (embarrassed) I'd kill the fucker who
             buried it.

Everyone laughs. Todd turns to Kathy.
                                                             TWB 13.

                         TODD MYERS
               You ever had to take someone down?

               Just once.

     The others see she's the real deal. Kathy feels good.

23   INT. PATIO BAR - LATE NIGHT                                   23

     Kathy moves through the now-hopping bar. She's ready to
     leave. She searches for... Carmen. She's IN A CORNER. Still
     with the group of DUTCH OFFICERS.

     Kathy approaches, concerned, when Jan cuts her off. He's
     watching Carmen, who's teetering, drunk.

               You should probably get her home.

               You probably shouldn't have let her drink
               that much.

     Kathy moves past him, irritated. But he grabs her.

               Hey. I... don't worry. I know those guys.
               Nothing was going to happen to her.

     Kathy shrugs, it doesn't mean much to her.

                         JAN (CONT'D)
               I was hoping you'd come back.

               Well I did. And now we're both leaving.

24   EXT. SARAJEVO - MORNING                                       24

     Early sun breaks through the fog over the valley.

25   INT. DORM - KITCHEN - MORNING                                 25

     Kathy tries to work the Bosnian coffee maker, a confusing
     relic. Carmen comes in, holding her head.

               What the hell happened last night?

     Kathy smiles, pouring her a cup of the tar-like brew. They
     both look at it, a little scared. Kathy eyes the clock.
                                                           TWB 14.

               Let's move. We're gonna be late.

26   EXT. STREET - ILIDZA, BOSNIA - DAY                             26

     Industrial plants dominate the skyline of this Sarajevo
     suburb. Kathy drives frantically past bombed-out buildings.
     Carmen studies a map beside her. They hit A RED LIGHT. And
     stop. A GROUP OF MUSLIM WOMEN cross the street. One questions
     Kathy with a lingering gaze. Carmen stares at her map...

               Do you have any idea where we are?

     Kathy shakes her head. No idea.

27   INT. ILIDZA STATION - MOMENTS LATER                            27

     A run-down prefab office, with dated 80s equipment. A couple
     of small offices off the open center.

     Kathy and Carmen rush in. An IPTF OFFICER stands waiting for
     them... Jan Van Der Velde.

               Late night ladies?

     They eye him, embarrassed. He hands them each a thick binder.

                         JAN (CONT'D)
               I'm your duty officer. You check the duty
               roster. Every day. You're each assigned
               to monitor and instruct a group of
               Bosnian local police. We work in six week
               shifts. You instruct in the mornings,
               then go into the field with them in the
               afternoon. One of you needs to go now.

     He eyes an eager Kathy. Carmen shrugs.

                         JAN (CONT'D)
               They're waiting at the 5th canton. Out
               the gate, then left, left, park, right...

     Kathy rushes off, then stops. Jan tosses a set of keys.

                         JAN (CONT'D)
               My van. There's a map in front.

     She drops the keys, grabs them, and rushes out.

28   EXT. 5TH CANTON - ILIDZA, BOSNIA - MORNING                     28

     A SCHOOL sprayed with GRAFFITI and BULLETS.
                                                           TWB 15.

29   INT. CLASSROOM - MORNING                                       29

     An abandoned CLASSROOM. Shabby corkboards with yellowing PSA
     posters, ragged kids' drawings, and tired sticky tape.

     Kathy skims through the training binders. The DOOR OPENS and
     a GROUP OF LOCAL POLICE file in. They whisper, exchanging
     lascivious glances. Kathy straightens her uniform.

               Feel free to sit wherever you like.

     Kathy waits for them to take their seats. They don't. A
     BOSNIAN WOMAN, pretty, rushes in. Spotting Kathy...

                         BOSNIAN WOMAN
               Sorry I am late. I'm your interpreter.

               Great, well... I just asked them to sit.

     The interpreter shakes her head benignly. They take their
     seats. The interpreter looks at Kathy.

                         BOSNIAN WOMAN
               They like to be difficult. They
               understand if you're clear. Mostly they
               have trouble speaking English. But let's
               see if you can get them to talk at all.

     Kathy looks out, suddenly daunted. She presses on, opening
     her binder as authoritatively as she can.

               Okay, I'm going to be talking about crime
               scene investigation today. If we could--

     An older officer, DANIK, stands, defiant.

                         DANIK (BROKEN ENGLISH)
               Where do we sign to say we came?

               Actually, you sign the attendance at the
               end of the session. It's a UN mandate--

               Or we sign now?

     Full of malice. Kathy puts the sheet away, then...

               We sign later.
                                                              TWB 16.

     The cop scoffs, and sits.

30   INT. CLASSROOM - LATER                                         30

     Kathy stands in front of a BLACKBOARD with DRAWINGS on a
     CRIME SCENE. She crosses off TWO AREAS on the board.

               ...Keeping the crime scene clean is
               number one.

     A weak smile. Nothing from the crowd. She trundles on.

             KATHY (CONT'D)                   INTERPRETER
     Remember you could be           Pamyatayte scho vu bu mholy
     stepping on the very evidence   stavatu na scho nam pokazaye
     that could incriminate. You     yaka bula nespodivanka. Treba
     have to track anything you      vcyo datu v torbu.
     bag. We call that 'chain of

     Kathy looks out. The cops are barely paying attention. ONE
     stubs out a cigarette. Another closes the binder, defiantly.

               We sign sheet now?

     Kathy leans back, disappointed. She hands him the sheet. They
     all sign, apathetic.

                         DANIK (CONT'D)
               You will tell UN we were cooperating?

     Kathy tries to retain a poker face but their indifference
     stings. And just as they're about to leave...

               We have to go to the hospital together.

     The cops eye her, agitated.

31   EXT. HOSPITAL - DAY                                            31

     Kathy's SUV pulls up behind the cluster of local police cars.
     IPTF OFFICER CLARKSON stands outside. He eyes his watch.
     Kathy rushes to him, but he's already a foot in the door.

               We got here as quick as we could.

                         CLARKSON (BRITISH ACCENT)
               Just try to get them here on time.
                                                           TWB 17.

32   INT. HOSPITAL - DAY                                            32

     Clarkson leads Kathy and the BOSNIAN POLICE through the hall.
     Gurney's and IVs suggest it's a hospital, but you wouldn't
     want to be examined here. Some windows are still covered with
     wood slats, and paint barely covers old bullet holes. The
     floors still hold the stains of old blood.

     Clarkson grabs a file, and speaks without looking back...

               Seems we have two stabbings, one
               shooting, and a man with a broken leg and
               a bad hangover who can't remember what
               happened... Average night back in

     The cops stare at him, lost. As they file into a SMALL ROOM
     filled with tightly drawn curtains. They all squeeze into the
     center together. Kathy is pressed against the large cop.

     Clarkson pulls back a curtain, revealing...

     ZLATA SEHIK, 40, Muslim. Her face is covered with wounds. She
     avoids the gaze of the police who stare with contempt. She
     pulls her bed-sheet up to her chin as...

                         CLARKSON (CONT'D)
               (reading chart) "facial contusions from
               repeated beatings with fist",
               "lacerations on the eye caused by the
               edge of an iron"...

     He pauses. Looking at Zlata, he moves her sheet up to expose
     her leg. Zlata's eyes tear. Clarkson reads...

                         CLARKSON (CONT'D)
               "The right hand was the first entry point
               of a large kitchen knife"... "The second
               entry point in the upper left thigh"...
               It went through her hand and into her
               leg... Who's going to take this report?

     Kathy looks out at the Bosnian cops, but they stare at the
     ground. One cop peeks into the next cubicle. Kathy looks at
     Clarkson for a cue. He holds out the clipboard.

                           CLARKSON (CONT'D)

     No answer. Clarkson looks to Kathy to take control. She turns
     to her group, but they have even less respect for her. She
     goes to speak, when... VIKO, 25, looks up, hesitant.
                                                             TWB 18.

                         VIKO (BROKEN ENGLISH)
               I will take it.

     The cops turn. Clarkson unclicks his pen. Viko sees Kathy,
     hungry for support. But Danik scoffs.

                         DANIK (BOSNIAK)
               (At Zlata) Tze ye yiyiy vuna.

     Zlata's face tightens. Viko turns to Danik, angry.... Kathy
     looks to Clarkson, who gives her nothing.

               What did he say?

               She is Muslim. He said she deserved it.

               Alright, that's it. Everyone out.

               (at Clarkson) Isn't she filing a

     The other cops eye Kathy, defiant. This is our turf.

     Clarkson ushers the cops out. Kathy catches Viko's eye.
     Simpatico. Then follows the other out. Kathy looks back at
     Zlata, who lies helpless.

33   INT. HALLWAY - HOSPITAL - MOMENTS LATER                       33

     Clarkson leads the group. Kathy pushes up toward him.

               She has to file a complaint. A woman gets
               stabbed in the face and there are no

     Clarkson pulls Kathy aside. Viko stares.

               Quit it! You hear me?

     Kathy reddens. The local cops look over.

                         CLARKSON (CONT'D)
               We are not investigators. We are
               monitors. You don't know a Serb from a
               Croat or a Bosniak. You've got ethnic
               hatreds that started a war. This isn't
               just policing, it's diplomacy.
                                                              TWB 19.

     Kathy blushes, feeling like a chastened schoolgirl.

                         CLARKSON (CONT'D)
               We don't run the show, we make sure the
               show runs smoothly.

34   INT. BEDROOM - IPTF DORM - EVENING                             34

     Kathy sits up in bed reading from her Dyncorp/UN manual. She
     flicks, not finding what she's looking for. Carmen comes out
     of her room, dolled up for the evening.

               Come out. You can't solve this tonight.
               I'm not taking no for an answer.

35   EXT. LOCAL CAFE - SARAJEVO MARKET - NIGHT                      35

     Kathy has dinner with Carmen, who talks away. Kathy watches
     the world go by. She notices an OLDER, LARGE IPTF MONITOR
     walking with his arm around a YOUNG GIRL, 16, dressed in a
     short skirt. Kathy turns back to Carmen who is still talking.

36   EXT. SARAJEVO - MORNING                                        36

     Chanting echoes from the SINANOVA HOUSE of the Dervish Order.

37   INT. ILIDZA STATION - MORNING                                  37

     Viko comes in, scanning over IPTF MONITORS. Spotting Kathy.

38   INT. ILIDZA STATION - MOMENTS LATER                            38

     Viko lays down a pile of files. Zlata's picture on top.

               Zlata Sehik has been to the hospital
               eight time because of her husband. Every
               time she try to file a complaint, my
               bosses send her back. They always laugh
               at the woman... They laughed at my
               mother. They do not make prosecutions of
               domestic violence. I want to get enough
               evidence to do this.

     Kathy isn't sure. She looks around, almost guiltily...

                         VIKO (CONT'D)
               This is why you are here, no?

     Kathy looks at him, struck by the truth of this. She takes
     the files, flipping through them. Thinking...
                                                           TWB 20.

               With no police reports?.. Maybe, if you
               go back to the hospital... You can pull
               the records for every one of her visits.

39   INT. FILE ROOM - HOSPITAL - DAY                               39

     A HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATOR, who hands Viko a stack of files.

40   EXT. HOSPITAL - DAY                                           40

     Kathy sits in a UN SUV. Viko watches as she goes through
     Zlata's hospital files. She's encouraged.

               Okay, now get the same thing from all the
               doctors who treated her. They will have
               to testify on Zlata's behalf.

41   INT. LAW LIBRARY - EVENING                                    41

     Viko and Kathy sit behind a pile of Legal Books. Viko shows
     Kathy a page, a questioning look on his face.

               This is good. Let's cross reference each
               injury with other cases where felony
               assaults were ruled. Can you get
               something like that?

     Viko turns to see a LIBRARIAN at the main desk.

                         KATHY (CONT'D)
               ... Because if stabbing someone in a bar
               is illegal then the same standard can be
               applied to a domestic assault.

42   INT. COURTHOUSE - DAY                                         42

     Viko sits behind Zlata and COUNSEL while a JUDGE rules.

                         KATHY (O.S.)
               If an attorney presents this properly,
               referencing international standards, you
               might be able to get a conviction.

     Viko and Zlata wait... then breathe relief. They won. Viko
     turns TO THE BACK OF THE COURTROOM: Kathy smiles, at last
     feeling they can really accomplish something.

43   INT. JAN'S OFFICE - ILIDZA STATION - DAY                      43

     Kathy comes inside, interrupting Jan and FRANZ, Dutch IPTF.
                                                              TWB 21.

               Sorry, you wanted to see me?

     Franz excuses himself, eyeing a tense Kathy. Jan closes the
     door behind Franz, turning to Kathy. All business.

               Madeleine Rees wants to see you. Head of
               the Office of the United Nations High
               Commissioner for Human Rights.

               What? Why?

               I'm sure it's fine. You followed
               protocol, right?

     Kathy rushes out, worried. Jan smiles, in on a secret.


     Kathy sits alone in the office. Degrees, plaques, and awards
     cover the walls. Pictures of Madeleine Rees with Kofi Annan,
     Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela... Kathy is intimidated.

     MADELEINE REES, 50s, tall, commanding, short blonde hair,
     British. She sashays in with a DOBERMAN on a leash.

                         MADELEINE REES
               Don't mind Helen, she's a total sap.

     Kathy eyes the malevolent hound.

               Ms. Rees, I--

                         MADELEINE REES
               Madeleine. You've been stirring things

               Is this about Zlata Sehik? If I've
               overstepped protocol--

                         MADELEINE REES
               You have done in two months, what we've
               been trying to do for years.

     Madeleine sits. Kathy straightens.
                                                           TWB 22.

                         MADELEINE REES (CONT'D)
               All due respect to Viko Mezovic, but you
               just facilitated the first conviction for
               domestic abuse in Bosnian history. I'm
               bloody impressed. So is the Dutch Duty
               Officer who recommended you.

     Kathy takes it in. Madeleine looks out the window at TWO
     GLASS TOWERS that punctuate Sarajevo's skyline.

                         MADELEINE REES (CONT'D)
               The IPTF has a Gender Affairs Office at
               Mission Headquarters. Dervla Hughes, the
               current head, is leaving and I think
               you're the right person to take over.

     Kathy is taken aback.

                         MADELEINE REES (CONT'D)
               You'd be overseeing 12 regional offices.
               Any gender reports come through you. This
               involves anything from equality training
               to domestic and child abuse cases,
               fallout from war crimes against women,
               prostitution. Women in Bosnia are treated
               like second class citizens. You could
               have a real impact on their lives. What
               do you think? Are you interested?

     This is everything Kathy came to do...


45   INT. BEDROOM - IPTF DORM - NIGHT                            45

     Kathy paces, phone to her ear. Her suitcase open, she's
     packing at the same time. Carmen helps.

                         KATHY (INTO PHONE)
               I know hon, it's very exciting. If this
               works out. It's a real opportunity for
               the future, but it means I have to, I
               have to extend my contract for another
               six months... Hello?..

     Kathy stops pacing.

                           KATHY (CONT'D)

     Kathy pulls the phone close, listening. Carmen eyes her.
                                                           TWB 23.

                         KATHY (CONT'D)
               No I didn't. I'll look right now.

     Kathy goes over to a computer, clicking open an EMAIL. ON THE
     SCREEN: A PICTURE OF ERIN in a PROM DRESS. Kathy sits back,
     flushed with emotion. Her enthusiasm complicated by the
     realization of what she's missing back home. Softly...

                         KATHY (CONT'D)
               You look beautiful...

46   EXT. AMERICAN APARTMENT COMPLEX - NIGHT                        46

     Carmen helps Kathy load boxes and suitcases into an SUV.

               I can't believe they're moving you into
               the city. I'm so jealous. So where's your

               Mission Headquarters... UNMHQ.

               But Madeleine is UNHCHR, right?

               (smiling) I know. I don't even know if
               I'm still IPTF.

               Well I don't give an F.U.C.K. All I know
               is I'm gonna miss you. Stay in touch with
               the little people!

     They hug. Kathy smiles, and hops into the car.

47   EXT. SARAJEVO ROAD - NIGHT                                     47

     Kathy drives into the CITY CENTRE.

48   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                 48

     Kathy puts the last box down. She steps out onto the balcony.
     Looks out at Sarajevo, city of survivors, her new home.


     Member nations' flags slap in the wind. Hundreds of UN SUVs.
     Kathy drives up. She takes in the huge building. Almost in
     disbelief that she's part of it, at the center of it all.
                                                           TWB 24.

50   INT. LOBBY - UNMHQ - MORNING                                   50

     The modern lobby buzzes with UN OFFICIALS and DIPLOMATS.
     Kathy follows RICK JONES, 30s, athletic, crisp.

                         RICK JONES
               I'm glad to have an American in the mix.
               You'll be reporting to me.

               Oh... I, I thought I was reporting to
               Madeleine Rees' Office.

                         RICK JONES
               It's a joint office. She's Human Rights.
               But you're Police Task Force. So you go
               through me. But we all report to Bill
               Hynes anyhow.

     They walk through two large doors into... The Inner Sanctum.

51   INT. CORRIDOR - UNMHQ - CONTINUOUS                             51

     Rick and Kathy round a corner to a medium-sized office, boxes
     everywhere. Rick eyes the... mess.

                         RICK JONES
               Yeah, your ah... predecessor's files...
               We're waiting for Archives to get those
               out of here. I'll put another call in.

     Kathy nods, taking in the disarray. Dust sits on the stacks
     of boxes, on papers and files strewn about.

               It's fine. Thanks for the tour.

                         RICK JONES
               Great. I'll leave you to it. Good luck.

     He leaves her. Kathy runs her eye over the place. The reality
     of her office less exalted than she imagined. But she's
     raring to go. She eyes a name plate:


     Kathy stands in her office doorway, glancing up the hall.

     THE HALL is empty. The EXIT door at the end swings shut in
     the flickering fluorescent light.
                                                            TWB 25.


     Black cobbles. Merchants line the narrow pathways. Open-
     doored cafes serve coffee to UNEMPLOYED YOUTH. Kathy and Jan
     walk along. He's delighted. She's restrained.

               I was wondering when you'd ask me out.

               It's not a date... No, seriously. It's
               not. I know you had a lot to do with my
               promotion, so I wanted to thank you.

     He grabs her by the hand, ducking into a SMALL ARCHWAY. A
     NARROW PASSAGE opens up onto a charming restaurant.

53   EXT. CAFE - OLD TOWN - LATER                                   53

     Kathy and Jan sit at a table, watching a WAITRESS put down a
     carraffe of wine and 'Cevapcici' (lamb dish).

               Here's to not dating.

               Listen to me. I'm not joking around.
               You're a nice guy. But I...

     The waitress reaches across Kathy with a plate. Winks at Jan.

               You are certain you have everything you

     The waitress eyes him coyly. Kathy studies the exchange.

               We're fine thank you.

     The waitress leaves. Kathy shakes her head, amused.

                         JAN (CONT'D)
               You were saying I'm a nice guy--

     Kathy is watching the waitress hit up another table.

               You must be in heaven over here.

               The war left behind a lot of widows.
                                                           TWB 26.

               You don't find that--

               I find it uncomfortable. A lot of guys
               don't. I don't know what else to say
               about it. Now finish your sentence, I'm a
               nice guy but--

               I can't afford to mess this up.

               It's only dinner. How bad can it get?

               Ask my two ex-husbands.

     He grins. Kathy looks at him, unsettled by the chemistry
     between them.

54   INT. CORRIDOR - UNMHQ - DAY                                   54

     Rick introduces Kathy to various IPTF and UN colleagues.

55   INT. KATHY'S OFFICE - UNMHQ - DAY                             55

     Kathy stacks unpacked boxes out of the way. She organizes a

56   EXT. EIGHTH CANTON - AFTERNOON                                56

     Kathy follows an IPTF monitor, BARRY, 30s, Irish past the
     front of a UN BUS. A DOZEN MUSLIM WOMEN disembark and look
     up, their hands over their mouths, keening.

               This is the first time they've seen their
               homes in years.

     IPTF MONITORS help with unloading battered suitcases and
     belongings. THREE carry a couch up the steps of a building as
     a YOUNG BROTHER and SISTER watch. Standing back, an ELDERLY
     WOMAN weeps in disbelief as the monitors lay final touches on
     makeshift storm windows on her aparment.

     Kathy watches, Barry by her side.

               They're all widows?

               That's why they were so frightened to
               come back.
                                                           TWB 27.

                         BARRY (CONT'D)
               They couldn't believe they'd be safe.
               That what happened before wouldn't happen
               again. Except now with nobody to protect

     Kathy shakes her head. The women enter the building, their
     past lives in shards at their feet. One WOMAN, 40s, stands
     numb, a bundle of books in her arms, tears running down her
     face, as her TEENAGE SON beckons her to come in the DOOR.

               Except us.

               I always thought helping refugees get
               home would be one of the best parts of
               the job. But it's so hard for them.

     Kathy nods, moved.

               Thanks for taking me through this. Fill
               me in when you're done, and I'll send my
               report to Rick Jones.

     Another FIELD OFFICER rushes up. An urgent look on his face.

57   INT. IPTF FIELD OFFICE - AFTERNOON                             57

     The field officer leads Barry and Kathy round a corner, to...

     A YOUNG GIRL nearly passed out on the couch. Her face bloody
     and swollen. Kathy runs up to the girl, who can barely sit
     up. Softly waking her. The girl comes to, taking in her
     surroundings, and...

     JUMPS UP. An unmistakable look in her eyes. TERROR.

     Kathy eyes the field worker. He shrugs, lost. Kathy turns
     back to the girl, and slowly places a hand on her shoulder.
     The girl flinches, then inches back... shaking her head.

               It's okay, it's--

     But the girl holds out her hands, stopping Kathy. She looks
     around, completely disoriented. Desperately searching for an
     exit. She eyes them all, realizing she's surrounded and
     then... SHE WAILS.

     Losing control. Slapping at all of them. Kathy moves to her,
     trying -- gently -- to hold her tight. The girl sobs.
     Hopelessness in her eyes. And then...
                                                      TWB 28.

She faints. Kathy and Barry bend to catch her.

                    KATHY (CONT'D)
          (at field worker) Call a medic!

He rushes off. Kathy and Barry lay the girl down. She lies on
the ground, breathing slowly, looking close to death.

Kathy holds her hand.

                    KATHY (CONT'D)
          Who is she?

                    FIELD WORKER
          I found her out in the woods. She was
          speaking, I don't know, she's not local.
          I think she's one of the girls from the

Looking at the girl, Kathy pushes a strand of hair from her
face. And as we stay a moment longer, we realize this is...

Raya. A long way from home. But then...

17, into the room. Her clothes torn, her body and face
bruised. Kathy looks up...

                    HUMAN RIGHTS WORKER
          She was further back in the woods.

Irka sees Raya. Sudden relief. Then realizing...

                    IRKA (ENGLISH/RUSSIAN)
          Florida Bar... Ciysh... Six girl there...
          Iy Policai...

Kathy looks to Barry.

          It's a bar in the hills.

Kathy shakes her head. She looks at Raya and Irka.

                    BARRY (CONT'D)
          I'll take them to the women's shelter at

Kathy rummages through her files, catching up.

          Yeah. Good. I'll follow up at the bar.

Barry shrugs. Kathy's mind is racing.
                                                           TWB 29.

                         KATHY (CONT'D)
               Where exactly is this bar?

58   INT./ EXT. - UN SUV - DAY                                      58

     Kathy drives up a winding mountain road, checking directions
     on a hand-drawn map. A LOCAL POLICE CAR swerves by in the
     opposite direction.

59   INT. UN SUV/EXT. FLORIDA BAR - DAY                             59

     Kathy's SUV throws up gravel. Out her windscreen, she sees

     THE FLORIDA BAR: A dilapidated two story building, painted a
     garish pink. Crude palm trees painted on the side.

     Kathy jumps out of her SUV, and moves towards...


     A LOCAL COP leads a CLUSTER of YOUNG WOMEN out the door. They
     blink in the glaring light, pale, out of place, lost...

     At the end of the line, is Luba. Her eyes darting between
     Kathy and the Local Cops, helpless.

     Kathy rushes towards the cop. He eyes her, dubious.

               What's going on here?

                         LOCAL COP (SERBIAN)
               Xo brovnic ce klety scey forzcic nay.

     He moves past her, with the Girls in tow.

               Hold on. Where are the IPTF monitoring
               this raid?

     SHOUTING ECHOES from inside the bar. TWO COPS drag out TANJO
     ZRAVBIC, 50s. He sees Kathy's uniform and SHOUTS at her.

                         TANJO (SERBIAN)
               Zra slobovik brvicetic revic barziny
               Traba! Motherfockers!

     The cops SHOVE Tanjo in a car, and SLAM the door. Kathy turns
     to the Local Cop, standing with the group of girls.

               Is that the owner? Are you taking him
               into custody?
                                                      TWB 30.

                    LOCAL COP
          Xivy slovic drinjnislava porslivky.

Kathy looks around, frustrated.

          Is there a translator on the scene?
          Translator?... Wait.

He stops, impatient. Kathy pulls out her WALKIE.

                    KATHY (CONT'D)
          This is Kathy Bolkovac. I need an
          Interpreter. At the Florida Bar.

The Local Cops watch her. Kathy's eyes rest on the girls.

                    WALKIE VOICE (O.S.) (ACCENTED ENGLISH)
          Okay. I need a time and date.


                    WALKIE VOICE (O.S.)
          That's impossible. We need advance notice
          for field calls.

The Local Cop talks at the girls. They don't understand him,
but his tone is clear: total disrespect. Kathy moves toward
them, protectively, then sees...

TWO UN SUVs parked on the other side of the bar.

TWO IPTF MONITORS emerge from the bar. Kathy approaches them.
They seem surprised.

          Hey. I'm from Gender Affairs. I--

                    FRED MURRAY
          Hey. Fred Murray.

He shakes her hand.

Tanjo BANGS on the window, inside the police car, apopleptic
with rage. Kathy glances over her shoulder.

          Is that the owner? (off Fred's nod) I
          tried to get an interpreter but--

                    FRED MURRAY
          No, no... that's fine. We're pretty much
          done here anyway.
                                                           TWB 31.

               Oh... Okay. But there's... We just had
               two girls come in to a Human Rights
               Office, saying they escaped from this

     Fred seems confused. Kathy pulls out a clipboard.

                         FRED MURRAY
               Yeah. Local police have been watching the
               place for a while. This whole thing
               happened pretty fast. I guess those girls
               must've run for it.

     Kathy looks over as the girls are put into a van.

               Well, the girls in our field office
               seemed pretty scared. I should follow up
               with these ones.

     The Local Cops start to move, stubbing out cigarettes,
     getting in cars. The Local Cop shuts the doors of the van.

                         FRED MURRAY
               You can see where they're taking them,
               but I can't intervene. You know the

     He shrugs and smiles. Kathy hears the POLICE VAN's engine
     start. Turning to it...

               Thanks. I'll look out for your report.

     She rushes after the van. Fred eyes Kathy confer with the Van
     driver. He and the other Monitor, drive off.

     Kathy is left alone in the silence. She turns to the bar.

60   INT. FLORIDA BAR - MOMENTS LATER                             60

     Kathy moves inside. The place is rank and dingy. A small
     stage with a POLE in the centre. Tables fanned out around it.
     CUT WIRES hang over the stage.


     Is filled with PHOTOS: YOUNG GIRLS in various poses with men,
     IPTF SOLDIERS. They range from the illicit to the obscene.

                                                              TWB 32.

     Kathy stops on a photo of a NAKED GIRL on stage holding the
     two open wires over her head. Behind her, SOLDIERS applaud.

     Kathy takes down the photo, horrified. Turns it over.
     Scrawled in marker: SARAJEVO FIRECRACKER!

     She turns to the stage. Plugs in one of the wires. A HUZZ of
     electricity. Tiny sparks fly.

     She turns, and under the bar sees... A SAFE, SMASHED OPEN. A
     handful of U.S. bills scattered about. And...

     PASSPORTS. Romanian, Ukrainian, Polish. All for young girls.
     She gathers them, surprised, and stuffs them into her file.

     Her eyes are drawn to a back wall. She stops at a panelled
     door. And pushes. It opens onto...

     STEPS: She shines her flashlight up the dark passage...

     The BEAM of the flashlight finds a DOOR. A glint off metal...
     At the door handle, a large PADLOCK, smashed open. Kathy
     darts the beam over the other TWO DOORS... both equipped with
     PADLOCKS. Smashed.

     Kathy pushes through the first door into...

61   INT. HIDDEN BACK ROOM - CONTINUOUS                             61

     Kathy's flashlight over: Hanging BEDSHEETS separate the room
     into cubicles. Putrid mattresses. Condoms on the floor.

     Her eye catches MARKINGS UNDER A MATTRESS. She pulls it away.
     And sees GIRLS' NAMES scratched into the floor... Under each
     name, etched in, a list of amounts: 50, 100, 30, 200, 20...
     Some kind of RECORD.

     Kathy PULLS back other mattresses. Dust. Some FAMILY PHOTOS.
     And... a ragged PIECE OF PAPER: Crude drawings of sexual
     positions. A NUMBER by each one: $20, $30, $50, $100, $200...

     The amounts correspond exactly with the table on the floor.

     Kathy looks around, sickened.


     A run-down Community Center nestled in a shabby area outside
     the city. It's completely unassuming. From the outside, you
     might think it was abandoned.
                                                             TWB 33.


     The shelter is a converted gymnasium. Peeling wallpaper. Long-
     forgotten notices from before the war, postcards. Patchy
     linoleum curls at the edges. A soft hum. Voices in rooms that
     Kathy can't see. She walks down the hall with MILENA, 40s,
     Bosnian, down-to-earth, forthright.

                         MILENA (ACCENTED ENGLISH)
               These girls are told they have been
               bought and must repay the debt. They are
               told an outrageous sum, thinking they'll
               be let go when they earn back that money.
               But they never are.

     Kathy stares at her, taken aback.

                         MILENA (CONT'D)
               Sex trafficking is one of the worst
               things to happen after this war.

     Milena hands over a medical report.

                         MILENA (CONT'D)
               Raya has a severe internal infection. The
               doctor found (reading) "intentionally
               placed foreign objects causing a
               disruption of the vaginal wall".

               Foreign objects?

               Coins. She's not the first. Men can feel
               deficient paying for sex, so they find
               other ways to feel powerful.

     Milena pushes through a door. To a DARK HALLWAY...

     Hanging bulbs flicker intermittently. They walk. Avoiding
     dripping leaks in the roof.

                         MILENA (CONT'D)
               We gave her Penicillin, but the doctor is
               worried there could be something more

               When will he know?

     They pass an EATING AREA. TEEN GIRLS sit, pick at food, chain-
     smoke and flip through magazines. They are clean, but weak.
                                                         TWB 34.

          Unfortunately that's all we can do for
          her. We're just a volunteer organization.

Kathy stares at the girls, the sheer number of them...

          But if there are so many victims.

          We lost our funding because of those.

...She points at a basket of CONDOMS near the coffee.

                    MILENA (CONT'D)
          It's the U.S. Department of State. They
          have their rules. I'll do anything to
          give these girls some protection. But the
          Department of State thinks "Condoms
          encourage prostitution." NGOs caught
          giving them out, no longer receive US

          But these girls aren't prostitutes.

Milena shrugs.

          They don't realize the cycle they start. If
          there are no condoms in the bars...

TEENS. All broken. And desperate.

                     MILENA (CONT'D)
          ...the guys want to find ways of avoiding
          STDs. AIDS. Their solution? Pay more for

Kathy sees A GIRL sit in a corner. She couldn't be more than
TEN YEARS OLD. She sits alone.

                    MILENA (CONT'D)
          So the traffickers bring more in. Younger
          and younger. Now it's a global industry.
          Simple economics. If there is demand, you

Milena opens a DOOR, revealing... INSIDE THE ROOM: A
VOLUNTEER NURSE sits by Raya's bed. She lies asleep. IN
ANOTHER BED: Irka sleeps. Kathy watches. Hushed...
                                                           TWB 35.

               Where can they get help?

               Try the Global Displacement Agency. They
               have good medical care, lots of funding.
               They might take them. Whether they'll
               keep them or not... I don't know.

               Where are the other girls from the
               Florida bar?

     Milena looks at her. Blank.

                         KATHY (CONT'D)
               The local police were bringing them here.

               Those girls never arrived.

64   EXT. SARAJEVO - MORNING                                        64

     UNMHQ stands over the crumbling red roofs of Sarajevo. In the
     foreground, a CEMETERY packed with crooked wooden crosses.


     Kathy walks in. Carmen sits behind a desk, piled with files.

               Hey, where've you been?

               I'll tell you about it over a drink.
               Could you just check something for me? I
               want to get a copy of the monitor's
               report from a raid on the Florida Bar

     Carmen nods, and clicks on her computer.

               Your job is so exciting. The only thing I
               get to raid is the fridge. (Reading off
               the computer)... You sure there was a
               raid? There's no record here.

               No. That's definitely it. There were six
               girls removed from the bar and I need to
               know where they were taken.
                                                           TWB 36.

               Sorry. No record of any raid.

     Kathy thinking. Something's not adding up.

66   INT. CORRIDOR/OFFICE - UNMHQ - MORNING                         66

     Kathy walks. MONITORS greet her as she passes. She reaches an
     OFFICE, and knocks.

               I'm looking for Fred Murray?

67   EXT. MINE FIELD - BOSNIAN COUNTRYSIDE - DAY                    67

     FIVE local MEN in fatigues scan the field slowly with hand-
     held minesweepers. One MAN holds up his hand as his device
     BEEPS. At the edge of the field, Fred Murray blows a whistle.
     Everybody else STOPS. The man bends down, as all wait...

     Kathy approaches from the road, behind a fence. Fred smiles.

                         FRED MURRAY
               We meet again!

     Kathy looks out, suddenly aware of the dangerous situation.

               Is it okay for me to be here?

                         FRED MURRAY
               Sure, sure. You're fine here on the
               gravel. What's going on?

               I just wanted to follow up with you on
               the raid yesterday. Those girls didn't
               show up at the Shelter, and I wanted to
               locate them.

                         FRED MURRAY
               Yeah, the whole thing was a bit of a
               mess. Turned out it was a local police
               mistake. Mix-up with the tip off or
               something. Thought they had a
               prostitution bust, but the bar is legit
               and those girls were just waitresses.

               Waitresses aren't kept under lock and

     ANOTHER WHISTLE BLOWS. Fred turns to the field.
                                                           TWB 37.

                         FRED MURRAY
               Shit. Can we go over this later? I got to
               get in there.

     Before she can answer, Fred is moving down the field. She
     watches him go.

68   EXT. WOMEN'S MEDICA SHELTER - DAY                              68

     Kathy and Milena lead Raya and Irka out to her SUV.

69   EXT. GLOBAL DISPLACEMENT AGENCY - DAY                          69

     A stark contrast, the GDA is a new and shining edifice.
     Kathy's SUV pulls up front.


     Kathy and the girls sit in the waiting area. The place is
     modern, western... corporate. In platinum base relief over
     the reception desk:


     The LOBBY. Magazines on a coffee table. The wall adorned with
     a HUGE FRAMED POSTER of a young girl in a spiderweb. A
     caption: "TRAFFIKU ZHINOK YE SPRAV. 1999"

     Kathy scans the hall. Endless posters. 1998, 1997, 1996...

     LAURA LEVIN, 30s, American, groomed, business-like, comes
     around the corner. Her ASSISTANT, 20s, leads the girls away.

               Kathy. The new Head of Gender Affairs.

                         LAURA LEVIN
               I heard. Laura Levin. My assistant will
               take them to the medical center. As soon
               as they get medical clearance we'll know
               where we stand.

               What do you mean?

                         LAURA LEVIN
               Well, it's yet to be determined if
               they'll cooperate with the repatriation
               program. That's the only way I can allow
               them to stay at the GDA.
                                                             TWB 38.

               They're critical... witnesses for a
               situation I'm... monitoring. I'll need to
               speak with them when they're ready.

                         LAURA LEVIN
               I understand. I'll be in touch.

               Will you be contacting their parents?

     Laura nods. Something still on Kathy's mind...

                         KATHY (CONT'D)
               The other girls from the raid were
               supposed to go to the Women's Medica
               Shelter, but they never showed up. Do you
               have any idea where else they might have
               been taken?

                         LAURA LEVIN
               I didn't know there were any others.

     Kathy eyes the girls down the hall. Raya turns, a last look.

71   INT./EXT. UN SUV/GDA - NIGHT                                   71

     Kathy starts her car. She pulls out, turning left. Then,
     cranks the wheel right.

72   EXT. ROAD - NIGHT                                              72

     Kathy's UN SUV swerves along the serpentine mountain road.

73   INT. LAURA LEVIN'S OFFICE - GDA - LATER                        73

     Laura in her office. HIGH MODERNITY. She works through her
     files. Opening one with Raya's photo on top. She dials.

                                                       INTERCUT WITH:

74   INT. RAYA'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                  74

     The phone is ringing. Halyna rushes to it. Out of breath...

                         HALYNA (UKRAINIAN)

                         LAURA LEVIN (RUSSIAN)
               Mrs. Kochan, I'm calling from the Global
               Displacement Agency in Sarajevo to
               confirm you have a daughter named Rayisa?
                                                              TWB 39.

                         HALYNA (RUSSIAN)
               (Straightening) Yes. Yes!

                         LAURA LEVIN
               We have located her...

     Halyna falls into a chair, her chest heaving relief.

75   EXT. FLORIDA BAR - NIGHT                                       75

     Kathy pulls up to a PARKING LOT full of CARS and UN SUVs.
     MUSIC spills out. BACK IN BUSINESS. She gets out of the SUV,
     moving inside...

76   INT. FLORIDA BAR - CONTINUOUS                                  76

     Kathy in the doorway. The place is dark but lit by lamps
     along the walls. MUSIC pumps. The place is hopping. A
     scantily-clad GIRL dances on the stage, her body writhing but
     her eyes dead. Along the edges, girls - the very SAME GIRLS
     Kathy saw released at the raid - 'socialize' with customers.

     Many of the CUSTOMERS... in IPTF UNIFORMS, others with off-
     duty IPTF SWEATSHIRTS, and INTERNATIONALS in civilian
     casuals. A few LOCALS at the bar, where...

     Tanjo commands the scene, cheery, chatting with an IPTF
     OFFICER at the bar.

     Kathy stands, frozen , until she catches the eye of...

     Luba, sitting on the knee of a MIDDLE-AGED IPTF Officer.
     Kathy is filled with... anger.

77   INT./EXT. UN SUV - SHORT TIME LATER                            77

     Kathy SPEEDS up the mountain roads. Past many bars. One after
     another, after another... All filled with UN SUVs. Groups of
     drunk OFFICERS spill out. She stops across from one, seeing:

     Jan coming out of the bar. Kathy watches, stunned...

     Jan helps a drunk friend pile into an SUV. He looks up and
     sees Kathy as a car beam slides over her. She pulls away.

78   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                 78

     Kathy stands on the balcony. Taking in the cold air. A KNOCK.

                         JAN (O.S.)
               Kathy, it's Jan.

               Go home.
                                                           TWB 40.

                         JAN (O.S.)
               I don't understand. What's wrong?

     Kathy stands, quiet.

                         JAN (O.S.) (CONT'D)
               Let me in. Please.

     Kathy waits a moment, breathing...

79   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - SHORT TIME LATER                      79

     Kathy paces as Jan struggles for words.

               How can you go up there, when you know
               what happens to these girls?

               It was a good-bye party. I was--

               They're thirteen, fourteen, fifteen--

               I know. If you let me finish, I got a
               call. Some friends needed a lift home
               because they got drunk. But hey lady, you
               better wake up! EVERYWHERE is a brothel.
               The coffee shop down the street. The post
               office. My corner store. That's how it is
               here. I'm not interested, and I try and
               stay in clean places. And if you don't
               believe me, then fuck you.

     He looks at her, hurt - He cares what she thinks. Kathy sees
     this. Something she hasn't felt in so long... Needed.

                         JAN (CONT'D)
               Are you okay?

               No... I'm not okay. These girls... What
               are these guys thinking?

     She looks at him, fighting the urge to trust him. Jan brushes
     a strand of hair from her face. She lets go. He pulls her in.

                         KATHY (CONT'D)
               Can you tell me what you know?
                                                             TWB 41.

80   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - LATE NIGHT                            80

     Jan and Kathy in front of her computer. They're on an IPTF
     MESSAGE BOARD: Flashes of Various Posts: New Girl at the
     Berlin Bar; New Twelve Year-Old Pussy at the Old Grill.

     They scroll down dozens of posts. Kathy looks at Jan, shaken
     by the banal malevolence of a boys club gone wild.

81   INT. KATHY'S APARMENT - NIGHT                                  81

     Kathy watches Jan, asleep in her bed.

82   EXT. CENTRAL SARAJEVO - MORNING                                82

     Fog hangs low over the waking valley of Sarajevo.

83   INT. GDA - MORNING                                             83

     A DOCTOR signs off on a final examination of a now much
     healthier looking Raya. He smiles. She signs a form.

84   INT. LAURA'S OFFICE - GDA BOSNIA - DAY                         84

     Laura hovers in the background as Raya dials the phone. Her
     face raw with emotion.

                                                       INTERCUT WITH:

85   INT. RAYA'S APARTMENT - KYIV - SAME                            85

     The phone in the hall rings. But no one is there to answer.

86   INT. ROMAN AND ZENIA'S APARTMENT - AFTERNOON                   86

     Halyna at the door. Zenia pales. O.S. A kettle whistles.

                         ZENIA (UKRAINIAN)
               Roman will be home soon.

                         HALYNA (UKRAINIAN)
               Make your tea. I'll be quick.


     Zenia pours tea out of a chrome kettle. Her hands shake.
     Halyna stares at a new dishwasher. Then a microwave, blender
     and small LCD TV. Suspiciously out of context in Kyiv.

                         HALYNA (UKRAINIAN) (CONT'D)
               Roman seems to be doing well.

                          ZENIA (UKRAINIAN)
                                                           TWB 42.

               I need to borrow money.

     Zenia looks up, unsure.

                         HALYNA (CONT'D)
               They found Raya in Sarajevo. I want to go
               and get her. I don't need much.

     Zenia nods, keeping still as possible.

                         HALYNA (CONT'D)
               Does he still hit you?

     Zenia chokes on her tea. Conflicted between love and guilt.
     She wants so badly to say... but she can't.

                         HALYNA (CONT'D)
               You know I hate to ask. But she's my
               daughter... and your niece. Please--

               I'll get you the money... But you have to
               go. Roman will be home soon. He won't
               give it to me if he knows it's for you.

87   INT. RICK JONES' OFFICE - MORNING                             87

     Kathy watches Rick flip through her report.

               Fred Murray. There were other officers
               too. But the raid was not in the books.
               These girls were just sent back. They are
               clearly not waitresses. They are victims.
               I think IPTF were paid off to turn a
               blind eye.

                         RICK JONES
               That's a serious allegation. And you
               don't have any evidence. I can't open an
               investigation based on a hunch.

     He drops the papers.

                         RICK JONES (CONT'D)
               You're gonna need more than this.

88   INT. GDA BOSNIA - AFTERNOON                                   88

     Raya and Irka sit across from Laura Levin. She slides a
     document over to each of them.
                                                      TWB 43.

                    LAURA LEVIN (RUSSIAN)
          If you sign here, you confirm that you
          are voluntarily entering the repatriation
          program at the GDA.

Raya eyes Irka, confused. Laura softens slightly...

                    LAURA LEVIN (CONT'D)
          This means we can get you out of Bosnia.
          Isn't that what you want?

Raya's eyes widen. Irka is shocked, but joyous. They never
thought this moment would come...

                    LAURA LEVIN (CONT'D)
          You'll stay here for two weeks, to
          continue medical treatment as well as
          psychological counselling. We'll give you
          a ticket home and a stipend of $200 to
          get started when you return.

Suddenly Irka's face drops.

                    IRKA (RUSSIAN)
          But... What do I do then? My parents were
          killed in Kosovo. It was my brother who
          sold me here... Can't I go somewhere

Laura fumbles.

                    LAURA LEVIN
          We can only send you home, but what you
          choose to do after that is up to you.

But now, angry tears well in Raya's eyes. She looks up, torn.

                    RAYA (RUSSIAN)
          What about the others, the girls in the
          bar. My friend Luba, we ran, she
          couldn't... I don't know where she is...
          I can't go without her. Please...

Laura pauses, taken aback.

                    LAURA LEVIN
          I'm sorry, but my role here is to get you
          home. Otherwise you stay in Bosnia, where
          you... could face charges for illegal

Raya stares, reeling... To be made to feel like a criminal?
                                                              TWB 44.

               I will sign.

     Raya looks at her, but Irka doesn't look back.

89   INT. KATHY'S OFFICE - UNMHQ - SHORT TIME LATER                 89

     Kathy stares out across the central courtyard. Into the
     adjoining building. Through the glass, she watches...

     Fred Murray leading NEW RECRUITS through the halls. He jokes
     around, as the OFFICERS eye him with respect.

     The PHONE RINGS. Kathy turns.

90   INT. GDA - AFTERNOON                                           90

     Kathy stands in disbelief. Laura is stern.

               Raya and Irka could be key witnesses in a
               UN investigation. I thought we were all
               on the same team.

                         LAURA LEVIN
               Irka can stay. But I can't keep Raya
               here. She is refusing to cooperate in the
               repatriation program.

               Please, just let her stay two weeks. Then
               we can take it from there.

                         LAURA LEVIN
               We only house fourteen girls. It's a
               valuable spot.

               Two weeks. If she's going to testify,
               she's not safe anywhere else.

     Laura shrugs, resigned.

91   INT. INTERVIEW ROOM - SHORT TIME LATER                         91

     Kathy sits across from Raya. A TRANSLATOR to the side,
     translates as Raya speaks.

                         RAYA (UKRAINIAN)
               We were supposed to work in a hotel.
               (shaking her head) Now... I can be
               charged with prostitution?
                                                      TWB 45.

          There is another option... I want to help
          you find your friends. But you need to
          help me do that.

Kathy takes out the photo of Fred Murray and lays it on the
table. Raya eyes it, defiant, no reason to trust her.

                    KATHY (CONT'D)
          None of this is your fault. I want to go
          after the people who hurt you. But I need
          to know exactly what happens. As a
          witness in UN custody, you will be
          protected and will not be charged for any

Raya stares, still not convinced.


The translator starts. Raya stops her. Frustrated. Turning to

                    RAYA (BROKEN ENGLISH) (CONT'D)
          UN will protect me? They don't protect me
          when they drink in bar and fuck me and my

Kathy is humbled. She looks at Raya, open, raw...

          I have a daughter, just your age... I
          wouldn't stop until I found her.

The two women stare at each other. A silent connection. Raya
looks down, almost... ashamed. Struggling to get this out...

          I only left because... there was nothing,
          no jobs, no... chances. I was good in
          school. But with no money... My mother...
          She is on her own. She works so hard. But
          nothing changes. I thought I could help
          her. He said we would work in a hotel.
          With good wages...

Tears gathering in her eyes... It's terrifying to remember...

                    RAYA (CONT'D)
          But... When we got there... Other girls
          were there. Like us. From Ukraine,
          Moldova, Romania, everywhere... We were
          in the middle of nowhere.
                                                              TWB 46.

                            RAYA (CONT'D)
                  Nobody could hear us... They... rape
                  us... One girl go crazy, screaming... He
                  shoots her. He shoots her right in the
                  head. Then we was... sold. Like animal.

     Raya is stopped by a rush of tears. Kathy reaches for her
     hand. Looking at this girl, so young...

     Raya looks Kathy squarely in the face. She slides the photo
     of Murray toward her.

                  Do you know this man?

     Raya nods.

                  He is not the only one. They come every
                  month. Tanjo give them money, so they
                  don't raid the bar. That day you come...
                  Tanjo did not want to pay. They want to
                  punish him. Take his money. His girls. I

     Raya sobs, knowing she has betrayed the system. Betting her
     life on the hope that this system won't betray her.

92   EXT. WOMEN'S MEDICA SHELTER - NIGHT                            92

     Milena leads Kathy through the halls.

                  I need to get evidence. How many girls do
                  you have here?

                  At least thirty five.


     Kathy sits with GIRL after GIRL. Listening to their stories.
     Writing furiously...

     Kathy interviews EVA, 16. She talks through grateful tears.

                            EVA (BROKEN ENGLISH)
                  ...Many of them come in. Uniforms like
                  you. Different flags on the shoulders. I
                  will testify. I don't care anymore. One
                  brings cigarette. His name is Peter...

     Kathy with a different girl, FADILA, 17.
                                                             TWB 47.

                         FADILA (MACEDONIAN)
               ...Sometimes if it's a party, a birthday,
               they pay for a group of girls, all
               together. Do whatever they want. Brian,
               the Irish guy, said Bosnia was better
               than Thailand for girls.

     Another girl, JASMILA, 18 - stunning, with haunted eyes.

                         JASMILA (BROKEN ENGLISH)
               The soldier from Italia say I was his
               girlfriend. I ask him to help me. But the
               bar owner pay him off. He has a tattoo of
               Tiger on his arm.

     Yet another, NADIA, 14, nodding.

                          NADIA (BROKEN ENGLISH)
               Paolo come every week. He had a thin
               moustache, the I have a

     Kathy wasn't expecting that. Nadia throws down a photo.

                         NADIA (CONT'D)
               He loved the Firecracker.

     Nadia lifts up her sweatshirt, revealing a long scar.

     Kathy inspects the photo: Nadia with a SOUTH AMERICAN and
     U.S. IPTF: Their arms around her. One licks her face.

                         NADIA (CONT'D)
               They burn me. Then they laugh.

     Kathy eyes Nadia... Silently in awe of her strength.

               Do you have any more pictures?

93   INT. KATHY'S OFFICE - UNMHQ - DAY                             93

     Kathy pins Nadia's photo on a large bulletin board. Steps
     back. The wall is covered in photos of girls.

     Kathy reaches for the phone. Dials.

                           ERIN (O.S.)

               Erin. What are you doing?
                                                           TWB 48.

                         ERIN (O.S.)
               It's three in the morning, ma... I'm

     Kathy sits back, relieved.

                         ERIN (O.S.) (CONT'D)
               Mom, are you okay?

               Yeah. I just was thinking about you.

               Okay, can I go back to bed now?

               Yeah. Of course, I just... It's great to
               hear your voice.

94   INT. RICK JONES' OFFICE - UNMHQ - DAY                       94

     Kathy stands before Rick's desk. He smiles at her, convivial.

                         RICK JONES
               How're things?

               Busy. I followed up on the Florida Bar.
               It's worse than I thought. There was a
               protection racket. IPTF... Americans,
               Romanians, were taking pay-offs to make
               sure the place wasn't busted. That raid
               was a punishment bust, because the owner
               stopped paying. But he must've settled it
               because the girls are right back where
               they started. Locked up in the hills.

     Rick scrambles for words, but Kathy's not finished.

                         KATHY (CONT'D)
               I talked to thirty five girls at the
               Shelter. All this testimony can't be
               ignored. Our guys are patronizing the
               bars in large numbers. Rick, serious
               abuses are taking place. It's all in my

     Kathy lays her stack of files on the desk.

                         RICK JONES
               Okay, let's back up a second here--
                                                           TWB 49.

               I've got two girls ready to testify about
               IPTF taking pay-offs--

                         RICK JONES
               Testify where?

               In court.

                         RICK JONES
               A Bosnian court? Not gonna happen. All
               International Personnel have immunity.

     Kathy is stopped.

               I know. But there must be some channel,
               some exception--

                         RICK JONES
               Look, you've done really good work here.
               These are serious allegations. Let me
               look into how to handle it. I'll get back
               to you.

95   EXT. OLD TOWN - SARAJEVO - EVENING                             95

     The markets shut down. The Catholic Church Bells ring. Across
     the square the Call to Prayer echoes from old loudspeakers`.

96   INT. KITCHEN - KATHY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                       96

     Jan stirs a pan. Kathy awkwardly cuts vegetables beside him.

               It's different for us. We're all military
               or police. Every contingent except for
               the U.S... if someone does something
               wrong, they have to answer to a military
               tribunal at home. With the Americans...
               your Dyncorp guys? I don't think you have

               So the Americans aren't legally
               accountable for anything?

               To be honest, I think our superiors would
               keep it quiet too. I mean, I haven't seen
               a military tribunal.
                                                           TWB 50.

     Jan can't help noticing that Kathy is making a mess of the
     vegetables. He takes the knife. She walks away, preoccupied.

                         JAN (CONT'D)
               You know my mission stay is up in a few
               weeks... You could come home with me.

               To do what?

     She turns, glass of wine in hand, leaning on the counter.

               I was just... This place, y'know, it gets
               to you. I'm, I'm worried what will happen
               to you a year from now.

     She puts down her glass of wine, irritated.

               You don't need to worry about me.

               Someone does.

     She looks at him, seeing... It's not discouragement. It's

               So Fred Murray could just walk up to a
               man and shoot him in daylight and he'd
               never see the inside of a courtroom?

               In Bosnia, yes... but... I mean,
               something that public could get him sent
               home. And tried in his own country.

     Kathy gets an idea.

97   EXT. OLYMPIC STADIUM - SARAJEVO - DAY                          97

     A crumbling edifice, once home to the world's finest, now a
     reminder of humanity's worst. INSIDE...

     Kathy walks with Madeleine, who unleashes Helen the hound.

               Helen loves it here. I think she has
               Olympic ambitions.

     Kathy hands Madeleine the files. She flips through.
                                                             TWB 51.

               I wanted these girls to testify in a
               trial against the IPTF officers. But--

               The immunity problem.

               Okay, but if the girls testify in a
               Bosnian court against their trafficker...
               Tanjo... they'd have to mention what else
               goes on in the brothels.

     Madeleine nods. The dog comes bounding back.

               It could work. If you make certain that
               in their testimony they mention every
               sordid detail of IPTF involvement--

               That is their testimony. Then it would be
               on record. Somebody would have to pay
               attention. Like...the State Department?

     Madeleine grins, proud.

               They're gonna answer for this.

98   INT. BASEMENT - UNMHQ - DAY                                   98

     Kathy weaves around the corner of a dimly lit, shabby
     hallway. She arrives at a doorway: VEHICLE DISPATCH.


     Kathy talks to LEWIS, 20s, American.

               ...and the two girls have to go to the
               hospital to get immunized, or they can't
               stay in the country. I need an armored
               security vehicle.

     Lewis looks at her, almost laughing.

               You're lucky you have a car at all. We're
               stretched to the limit. Besides, isn't
               this a local police matter? Try them.
                                                            TWB 52.

100   EXT. LOCAL POLICE STATION - DAY                               100

      Kathy parks her SUV.

101   INT. LOCAL POLICE STATION - DAY                               101

      Kathy walks into the station, drawing the attention of the
      LOCAL COPS. Danik rolls his eyes.

                I'm looking for--

      Danik turns away...

                          DANIK (BOSNIAK)
                Viko... your American girlfriend is here!

      Kathy eyes Danik. Viko comes out, smiling broadly at Kathy.

102   EXT. LOCAL POLICE STATION - MOMENTS LATER                     102

      Kathy and Viko walk out, energized with a sense of purpose.

                It's no problem. The Van is just sitting
                here. Let's go.

      They arrive at a POLICE VAN. Kathy eyes it.

                          VIKO (CONT'D)
                It's not exactly armored, but it will do
                the trick. You follow me, yes?

      He jumps in, and starts it up. Kathy follows in her UN SUV.

      Across the street, a LOCAL MAN watches from INSIDE A CAR.

103   EXT. GDA BOSNIA - EVENING                                     103

      Kathy SWERVES up. Viko has the Van parked right up against
      the door. Kathy jumps out.

104   INT. FOYER - GDA BOSNIA - MOMENTS LATER                       104

      Laura leads a very scared Raya out. Kathy smiles, gentle.

                (at Laura) Where's Irka?

      Laura takes a deep breath, eyeing Raya...

                          LAURA LEVIN
                I need to have a word with you.
                                                      TWB 53.

Kathy looks at her watch -- at Raya. Viko taps her shoulder.

          I'll take her. Meet us when you're done.

As Viko and Raya leave, Kathy stops her...

          I'll be right behind you. Are you okay?

Raya nods, trusting in Kathy. Who turns, angry, back to...

                    LAURA LEVIN
          I was going to call you. There was a
          problem. During our repatriation
          procedures, we realized Irka had no

          So we get her one. Where is she?

                    LAURA LEVIN
          You don't get it. She was trafficked from
          Belgrade. Her parents were killed in
          Kosovo. And she has no documentation. No
          embassy will recognize her. She is a girl
          without a country.

          She is a witness for a UN investigation!

GDA EMPLOYEES peer. An INTERN betrays a twinge of complicity.

                    LAURA LEVIN
          We handed her over to the police a few
          hours ago. I couldn't keep her. I've
          already done every favour I could for
          you. This is not on me.

          You had no right to do that!

                    LAURA LEVIN
          I had every right. We have a system that
          works here. You're the one disrupting it.

Kathy stares at her. Fuming.

          Where did they take her?

Laura shrugs. Shaking off guilt has become a necessary habit.

Just then the door opens. And...
                                                               TWB 54.


      Walks in. Disoriented, emotion rising...

                          HALYNA (BROKEN ENGLISH)
                I... look for Laura Levin?

                             LAURA LEVIN (RUSSIAN)
                That's me.

      Kathy holds her anger, smiling respectfully at Halyna. Laura
      leads her away. Kathy searches for an answer, her eyes
      landing on... The Intern. Unrelenting...

                If you know anything, this is on you.

                I think the cops leave them somewhere
                near the border, so that with no papers,
                the girls have to cross the border
                illegally. Take the 103 to Visegrad.

105   INT./EXT. UN SUV - NIGHT                                      105

      Kathy. Speeding down the 103. A two-lane winding road.
      Seeing... Nothing but the 20 feet her headlights show.

                                                        INTERCUT WITH:

106   INT./ EXT. POLICE VAN/SARAJEVO - SAME                         106

      Viko steers the Van around a corner. Raya sits in the back.

107   INT. LAURA LEVIN'S OFFICE - GDA BOSNIA - SAME                 107

      Laura hands an excited Halyna a cup of tea.

                          LAURA (RUSSIAN)
                She'll be back in about an hour.

108   INT./EXT. UN SUV - SAME                                       108

      Kathy's eyes GLUED on the road, trying to make out a SIGN...

      LANDMINES. Then another sign... VISEGRAD PRAVO.

      Sharp Turn. Onto a GRAVEL ROAD. She brakes. SKIDDING.

109   INT. POLICE VAN / EXT. SARAJEVO - SAME                        109

      Viko stops at a traffic light. Raya peers out a crack in the
      van. Seeing... Young WOMEN in the streets. Laughing.
                                                            TWB 55.

110   INT./EXT. UN SUV - SAME                                       110

      Kathy slows her car... FLICKERING LIGHTS. She approaches...

      A BORDER STATION: A GRAVEL ROAD leads up to it. Kathy slows.

      BORDER GUARDS smoke and play cards. One guard saunters over.

                I'm looking for a girl. She was dropped
                here a few hours ago.

      He shrugs, shaking his head.

                          KATHY (CONT'D)
                Can you check the border logs? She's
                about 15, the police brought her here but
                she didn't have a passport. Maybe--

                Lady. I know what you're looking for.
                Those girls do not go through the border.
                They go through there...

      He points... A THICK Forest. Stretching for MILES.

                             GUARD (CONT'D)
                To Serbia.

      Kathy stares at the endless forest. A dirt road cuts through
      the middle. She jumps in her SUV, and HURTLES down the road.

111   INT./EXT. POLICE VAN/SARAJEVO - SAME                          111

      Viko turns down a narrow street. He glances in his rear view
      mirror. An old TRABBANT follows him. He veers down an alley.

112   EXT. FOREST - NIGHT                                           112

      Kathy's SUV crawls alongside the FOREST. HIGHBEAMS off the
      top of the car. SCANNING all around. Then, in a clearing up


113   INT./EXT. POLICE VAN ALLEY/SARAJEVO - SAME                    113

      Viko eyes the mirror. All clear. Turning onto a DESERTED

114   EXT. FOREST - NIGHT                                           114

      Kathy HURTLES closer to the silhouette...
                                                               TWB 56.

      She turns. It's Irka. Kathy cranks the wheel, driving off the
      road and onto...


      The SUV is jolted by the uneven terrain. Irka peers into the
      blinding light. Then runs...

115   INT./EXT. POLICE VAN/SARAJEVO - SAME                          115

      Viko drives up the deserted street. SUDDENLY two BATTERED
      MERCEDES fly out from SIDE ROADS and block the way.

      Viko BRAKES hard. Raya is thrown to the side of the Van.

116   EXT. FOREST - NIGHT                                           116

      Kathy stops the car, jumps out, and runs after Irka.


      Irka's legs start to give. Kathy gains on her.

117   INT./EXT. POLICE VAN/SARAJEVO - SAME                          117

      Viko REVERSES and TURNS -- but a Mercedes ROARS -- 'round the
      other side -- BASHING the side of the Van.

118   EXT. FOREST - NIGHT                                           118

      Kathy feels Irka slowing down.

119   INT./EXT. POLICE VAN/SARAJEVO - SAME                          119

      Two MEN jump out of the cars. With RIFLES. Viko SPEEDS
      forward. But..


      The Van SKIDS to a HALT. Viko SMASHES against the window.

      Raya tries the doors, but they won't open. She wails,
      SLAMMING herself against the door. Desperate.

120   EXT. FOREST - NIGHT                                           120

      Kathy raises her arms, waving...

      Irka turns. Kathy can see her clearly now, disoriented beyond
      bearing. Irka shields her face from the distant headlights.
                                                               TWB 57.

      Kathy steps out of their glare. And then...Irka recognizes
      her. She collapses, releasing confused tears. Kathy walks
      over, careful, slowly bending to help.

                Please... let me die.

      Kathy holds her. As the young girl cries.

121   INT./EXT. POLICE VAN/SARAJEVO - SAME                          121

      The Men approach the Van. Raya's BANGING ECHOES from inside,
      reverberating around the empty street. Nobody can hear her...

122   EXT. BOSNIAN COUNTRYSIDE - NIGHT                              122

      Isolated stars peek through clouds, drifting over dark hills
      stretching far into the horizon....

123   INT. KATHY'S OFFICE - UNMHQ - NIGHT                           123

      Kathy and Viko sit silent. Barry hangs up the phone.

                Okay. We've got a safe house in the
                mountains. Nobody knows she's here, so
                we're clear to take her there now.

      Kathy looks across the room to Irka, who sits hunched,
      looking out the window. Totally alone.

124   EXT. FARM HOUSE - MOUNTAINS - NIGHT                           124

      A MIDDLE AGED COUPLE lead Irka inside a small home. In the
      MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Shrouded in the black night. Nobody will
      find her here. In the doorway, Irka turns to Kathy and Viko.

                          IRKA (BROKEN ENGLISH)
                Where is Raya?

      They stare back at her. The woman closes the door. Kathy and
      Viko stand in the dead silence. His face bruised.

                Let's go back to the Florida Bar--

                You think he'd be that stupid?

                I don't care! I have nothing else to go
                on, do I?

      Adrenalin overtaking sadness. Viko follows Kathy to the car.
                                                               TWB 58.

125   EXT. FLORIDA BAR - NIGHT                                      125

      Kathy and Viko pull up. It's in full swing.

126   INT. FLORIDA BAR - NIGHT                                      126

      They step inside, and IN ONE GLANCE, see... THE WHOLE SET OF
      GIRLS is different. No Luba, No Raya, No Tanjo... The IPTF
      barely notice her.

127   EXT. FLORIDA BAR - NIGHT                                      127

      Kathy steps out. Furious.

                They moved them already.


      At the end of her rope.

128   INT. GDA - NIGHT                                              128

      Laura, at a total loss, eyes... Halyna. Sitting. Terrified.

                          HALYNA (RUSSIAN)
                ...How could? No, no, no... my, Raya....
                What!? What will they do to her?

129   EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD - NIGHT                                    129

      A BROWN VAN snakes through the distant mountain roads.

130   INT. BROWN VAN - SAME                                         130

      IVAN, 40s, drives. Tanjo is in the passenger seat.

                          TANJO (SERBIAN)
                We'll stop soon. We're far enough now.

      Ivan nods. Tanjo cranes into the back of the van. He turns on
      an overhead light, revealing...

      Five girls. Huddled in the back.

                          TANJO (RUSSIAN) (CONT'D)
                So you want to testify?

      All the girls turn to... Raya. Their conscience paralyzed by
      the need to survive. Terrified, Raya looks to... Luba. Her
      eyes pleading for support. But Luba turns away.
                                                            TWB 59.

                          TANJO (CONT'D)
                It's okay. We all move to a new bar now.
                Somewhere no one will come look for you.
                Then we have a conversation.

      The girls avoid Raya's gaze. She sobs. Tanjo turns off the
      light. The van drives off into the unknown.


      Kathy stands by her SUV, watching MONITORS set off for the
      day. Then she sees...

      Fred Murray emerge with COLLEAGUES, laughing. He stops when

      He sees Kathy, gazing over, serious.

132   EXT. PARKING LOT - UNMHQ- DAY                                 132

      Kathy and Fred walk between the parked cars.

                She's fifteen. I'm begging you--

                          FRED MURRAY
                I don't know what you're talking about.

                If you know any of the other bars he
                owns, anything... I'm appealing to--

                          FRED MURRAY
                Hey. I'm gonna say this one more time.
                And you can put this down in your
                investigation on me. I don't know what
                you're talking about.

      He leaves. Kathy stands, a black speck in the patchwork of
      white UN SUVs spread across the lot.

133   INT. RICK JONES OFFICE - UNMHQ - DAY                          133

      Rick's SECRETARY shakes her head at Kathy.

                I've called and paged. He says he can't
                get into this now.

                Does he know that one of my witnesses was
                abducted? Where is he?

                Sorry Kathy, he really didn't tell me.
                                                            TWB 60.

134   INT. MADELEINE REES' OFFICE - MORNING                        134

                It's not your fault.

      Kathy is downcast. She nods, not totally convinced.

                Irka won't testify now. It's completely
                understandable. She's way too scared. I
                just... I don't know what to do with her.
                The GDA won't take her and her
                traffickers will find her if she's in
                this city.

      Emotion taking over...

                          KATHY (CONT'D)
                These girls are dragged into this country
                like cattle and then the system that's
                supposed to help them spits them right
                back out. It barely recognizes sex
                trafficking as a problem even though it's
                a fucking epidemic, and everyone knows
                it. Are we supposed to wait around for
                that to change?

                Maybe it's time for a little diplomacy...
                Do you have a nice frock?

135   INT. KATHY'S APARMENT - NIGHT                                135

      Kathy stands in front of a mirror, in a black dress, her hair
      hanging down to her shoulders. She stands, awkward.

                Really? You think it's okay?

      She turns to Jan and Carmen, sitting on her bed. Jan smiles.

                You're beautiful.

      But Carmen is tilting her head, doubtful.

                You can stop standing like a farmer's
                wife for starters. These people are
                dignitaries. You gotta up your game.

      She approaches her, and sweeps her hair up into an elegant
      chignon. She takes off her own earrings and puts them on
      Kathy. Jan nods, impressed. Kathy eyes herself, pleased.
                                                               TWB 61.

136   INT./EXT. CAR/SARAJEVO HILLS - EVENING                        136

      A WHITE VOLKSWAGON RABBIT speeds though the Sarajevo hills.
      Madeleine is elegant in a suit. Kathy looks at her black
      dress, self-conscious.

                   Is there a specific way of addressing the
                   High Commissioner of the Mission?

                   I call him Bill.

      Kathy nods, nervous. They pull into a circular drive...


      The house is incongruous in its context: Manicured gardens,
      remodelled facade. And tonight its BLACK TIE and CATERING.

      An elegant WOMAN comes to greet them. She is...

                   (familiar) Mrs. Ambassador! How do we do?

                              JANET WELLS
                   We do what we can. Great to see you

      Janet smiles with the delicatesse of a diplomatic spouse.

                   I hope you don't mind, I've brought along
                   a friend. This is Kathy Bolkovac.

      Kathy holds out her hand, a little nervous.

                             JANET WELLS
                   Great. I need as many gal pals as I can
                   get. Look at this place.

      She gestures toward the room. A haze of cigar smoke hovers
      over the gaggle of men. Kathy's eyes zero in on

      Bill Hynes

      Surrounded by a group of JAPANESE DIPLOMATS. Bill notices her
      and Madeleine. He waves, familiar. Madeleine nods, humoring.

      AMBASSADOR JOHN WELLS, 40s, slides his hand on Janet's back.

                             AMBASSADOR WELLS
                   What are your thoughts on dinner?
                                                              TWB 62.

                          JANET WELLS
                I think people are still busy drinking.

      John shakes Madeleine's hand, darting his eyes over Kathy.

                          AMBASSADOR WELLS
                Speaking of, what can I get you ladies?

      Madeleine looks at Kathy.

                Thank you, Mr. Ambassador. Ah, I'll have
                a wine please.

                          AMBASSADOR WELLS
                (nodding) Coming right up. Madeleine,
                white for you?

      Kathy notices the respect he shows her. Janet leads them in,
      chatting with Madeleine. Kathy surveys the room full of


      A stunning view of Sarajevo at night. Kathy stands alone. A
      waiter offers her a convoluted hors d'oeuvre. She takes it,
      gracious. Trying to figure out what it is when...

                          MAN'S VOICE (O.S.)
                Nice view, no?

      Kathy turns to... PETER WARD, 40s, smoking a cigarette.

                Oh I... I just needed some air.

                          PETER WARD
                Trust me, I know the feeling. I hate
                these stuffy events. You never know
                anyone's agenda.

      He eyes her. She looks past him... At Bill Hynes. Peter sees.

                          PETER WARD (CONT'D)
                Oh... well that's a plan.

                          MADELEINE (O.S.)
                Actually, I had a different one in mind.

      Madeleine and Janet come through the door. Peter stubs out
      his cigarette, and moves back inside.
                                                            TWB 63.

                          MADELEINE (CONT'D)
                (arm around Janet) Behind every good


      Janet's eyes betray empathy. She shakes her head, upset.

                          JANET WELLS
                They just left her there? At the border?
                Poor girl... Just the psychological
                trauma. How can I help?

                She's very vulnerable to re-trafficking.
                Internationals got her in this situation.
                We owe her the chance to get out.

      Janet is keen to follow, but a little lost.

                We want to repatriate Irka to the United
                States and find her a foster family. I
                was hoping you could use your influence--

      Janet holds up her hand, nodding emphatically.

                          JANET WELLS
                We're going to find her a home.

      Kathy eyes Madeleine. Impressed.

                I also think the American embassy should
                be aware of some of the problems we're
                having with our officers.

      Madeleine interjects...

                Your help with Irka's case can really
                raise awareness in the Mission around the
                issue of trafficking.

      Madeleine gives her a reassuring glance. Kathy sees the
      difference between a cop and a diplomat.

139   INT. KATHY'S OFFICE - UNMHQ - NIGHT                        139

      Kathy stands. Still in her dress, going through files. Proud
      of the night's accomplishments, but her eyes linger on the
      board of girls... On the picture of Raya's APB.
                                                             TWB 64.

140   EXT. BOSNIAN COUNTRYSIDE - EARLY MORNING                      140

      Sun over the hills. A DOG follows a YOUNG BOY, 5, through a
      field. The boy stops, seeing a BROWN VAN down the road.

      He runs, waving as the van approaches. It slows to meet him.
      In the van... Ivan rolls down the window.

                           BOY (SERBIAN)
                 Can I come with you?

                              IVAN (SERBIAN)
                 Not today.

      The boy looks down, disappointed.

                           IVAN (CONT'D)
                 Tell your mother I'll be home for dinner.
                 Then you and I will go for a walk. I have
                 a present for you.

                 What is it?

      Ivan shrugs jokingly. Then smiles as he drives away.


      The brown van pulls up. Ivan comes around it, and opens the
      back door. He reaches in and pulls out... AN OLD BICYCLE.

                            TANJO (SERBIAN)
                 You couldn't buy him a new one? You have
                 money now.

                           IVAN (SERBIAN)
                 I'll fix this one up this afternoon. I
                 had one like it.

      Tanjo lights a cigarette, moving to the destroyed building.

                 They're downstairs. I want to get them
                 out today.


      Ivan follows Tanjo down rickety steps. CRIES AND WHIMPERS
      GROW LOUDER as they descend into a


      TWO MEN stand guard. Tanjo walks past them. Opens a door.
      Ushering Ivan INSIDE where...
                                                              TWB 65.

      GIRLS are huddled together. Luba, and THREE OTHERS. They look
      up... PETRIFIED... Offscreen, the cries swell.

      We realize the sound IS NOT COMING FROM THIS ROOM. Tanjo
      waves his fingers, methodically...

                          TANJO (RUSSIAN)
                C'mon, let's go.

      The girls stand, helping one another. Tentative but
      submissive, they move toward him. He holds open the door.

                          TANJO (CONT'D)
                I want to show you what happens when YOU
                DECIDE TO TALK TO COPS!!!!

      They jump back. His scream echoes. They move


      To a door on the other side. Tanjo nods. A guard opens the
      door onto A HORRIFIC SITE... Luba closes her eyes. But Tanjo
      pushes the girls in, one by one they go through into a


      we see that...

      Two of the men holding her down are EXTINGUISHING LIT


      But we realize... this is not the greatest cause of her pain.

      Luba's face whitens. Eyeing one MAN at Raya's backside. A
      flash of shame in his eyes as he steps away from Raya, and
      drops... A PIPE onto the ground.

      The men step away. Leaving Raya. Collapsed into a ball. Now
      the girls all understand... there is no hope at all.

143   EXT. CONFERENCE ROOM - UNHCR - DAY                            143

      Madeleine stands before a small group of REPORTERS.

                The young woman, who shall remain
                anonymous, arrived in Bosnia as a victim
                of sex trafficking and has survived
                horrific abuse.
                                                               TWB 66.

                          MADELEINE (CONT'D)
                Ordinarily she would be repatriated to
                her country of origin. But because she is
                an orphan, she finds herself without a
                home. I'm pleased to announce that we
                have found a foster family in the United
                States. I want to thank Janet Wells for
                her assistance in making this happen. I
                believe this can stand as a signal that
                the International community in Bosnia and
                beyond is finally ready to recognize the
                growing epidemic of sex trafficking, a
                human rights abuse as abhorrent as the
                war crimes that drew the International
                Community to intervene in Bosnia in the
                first place. Thank you.

                Now that the UN is finally recognizing
                sex-trafficking, how are you going to
                monitor it?

      Reporters flock with questions. Kathy stands in the back,
      proud. On the other side, Rick Jones watches.

144   EXT. FRONT STEPS - UNHCR - SHORT TIME LATER                   144

      Kathy and Madeleine emerge, buzzing with their success.

                Nothing on Raya?

      Kathy shakes her head, saddened.

                I've sent an APB out to all police
                stations and UN field offices... But I'm
                pushing ahead with the other girls in
                Milena's shelter. I'm creating a photo-
                line-up using the UN ID database, so they
                can identify all internationals involved.
                We've got to make them accountable.


      Milena looks through a glass window into...


      Kathy sits with girls including Fadila, Nadia, Eva... She
      brings up ID PHOTOS of IPTF officers, scrolling down the
      page. Fadila points at one and nods, speaking. Kathy writes.

      Another girl, JASMILA, points at a picture of...
                                                            TWB 67.

      AN IPTF OFFICER. She nods.

      Kathy brings up a new page of ID PHOTOS. Flicking through
      page after page. The girls identify SEVERAL OFFICERS.

147   INT. PERSONNEL - UNMHQ - DAY                                147

      Kathy finds Carmen behind a computer.

                I have a favour to ask.


                You have access to all transport vehicle
                checkouts, right?

                I'm a fountain of useless knowledge.

                Can you see how often Fred Murray has
                checked out raid vehicles?

                Fred Murray?

      Kathy nods. Carmen looks at her, surprised.

                          CARMEN (CONT'D)
                Fred was sent home.

      Kathy stands back. Confused.

                What? Why didn't anyone tell me. Is he
                being disciplined because of my--

      Carmen shakes her head.

                He's just gone. Meaning investigation
                over. They wanted him out of here. People
                are talking. Come on, let's get some

148   INT. CAFETERIA - UNMHQ - AFTERNOON                          148

      Kathy and Carmen at a table in the corner.
                                                            TWB 68.

                Kath, you gotta be careful. Look, I know
                you're doing your own thing and all, but
                you're investigating your colleagues.

                You've seen what they're doing.

                I know. I know. I just, the stuff people
                are saying, I'm catching snippets, and
                I'm worried about you. Think about your

      Kathy is silenced. Then... A TAP ON HER SHOULDER...

                Looking for you in Human Resources.

      Carmen eyes Kathy, concerned. Kathy follows the monitor
      toward the exit. MONITORS and CIVILIANS buzz about, talking.
      But all around Kathy, the air is silent. Some IPTF OFFICERS
      eye her, coolly. Is she paranoid?

149   INT. HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE - UNMHQ - DAY                    149

      OFFICER BLAKELY smiles formally. Kathy shifts in her seat.

                I'm John Blakely, Human Resources.

      Kathy eyes him, dubious.

                           BLAKELY (CONT'D)
                In going through your records, I see
                you've got quite a case load. It must be

                (deadpan) A bit.

                Would you say you're under extreme

                Excuse me?

                There are concerns among some of your
                superiors that you've become impulsive,
                reckless in your position.

      Kathy sits, shocked.
                                                               TWB 69.

                          BLAKELY (CONT'D)
                We'd like to suggest taking some time
                off. You have some leave time...

      Kathy eyes him coolly. He slides over a booklet.

                          BLAKELY (CONT'D)
                See here? You can consolidate your leave.
                We'll contact our head offices in the
                U.K. and ensure none of your pay would be
                deducted... Just... Take a little
                vacation. Go home. See your kids.
                We're simply suggesting this out of
                concern for you.

                Are you suggesting I take time off. Or
                are you telling me?

                This is simply out of concern for you.

      Kathy pushes her chair back, and leaves.

150   INT. LIVING ROOM - KATHY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                  150

      Kathy sits at the table, covered in photos of girls, flipping
      through the Dyncorp manual, irritated.

                Consolidate my leave... A fucking

      She shakes her head, overwrought. Flipping through the
      manual, seeing...

                          KATHY (CONT'D)
                Who are these people? (stopping on a
                page) And why does Dyncorp, a company
                that sends American peacekeepers, have
                it's corporate headquarters in England?

      She looks up at Jan. He shrugs, sympathetic, wanting to help.

                          KATHY (CONT'D)
                Of course I want to see my kids, of
                course. But... not like this. Not by
                being sent home like some hysterical
                woman... My God, it wasn't that easy to
                up and leave them. If I go home like
                this... It's like coming here, this whole
                thing was a... mistake.
                                                            TWB 70.

      She shakes her head, lost in thought... Maybe it was... Jan
      sits beside her, concerned.

                Nobody who knows you could think that.

                Really? I'm losing witnesses, suspects...
                It's one step forward, two steps back...

      Jan tries to jump in. But--

                          KATHY (CONT'D)
                No, seriously. I'm just a cop from
                Nebraska. What do I know?

      Jan shakes his head.

                It's not what. It's who. You know them.

      He points at the files and photos of girls splayed all over
      the table. Kathy eyes them, torn between self-doubt and
      something much more instinctive...


      Laura sits across from Halyna, who is heartbroken.

                          LAURA (RUSSIAN)
                Mrs. Kochan... It's been a few weeks now.
                I don't know if there's much point--

                          HALYNA (RUSSIAN)
                But we-- I must-- I have to do something.
                There has to be something I can do?!

      Laura takes a second. Suddenly struck with an idea.

152   EXT. OASIS BAR - MORNING                                      152

      A large WOOD HOUSE with a neon CAMEL sits in the mountains
      above the city of TUZLA. A VAN pulls up.

153   INT. OASIS BAR - MOMENTS LATER                                153

      Raya, Luba follow Ivan up stairs. Ivan unlocks a


      He bangs on a wall. FIVE GIRLS wake in cots on the ground. He
      motions for them to go in. They do.
                                                      TWB 71.

MARA, 19, hands Raya and Luba a piece of paper with CRUDE
DRAWINGS of SEXUAL POSITIONS. A price value by each.

                    MARA (RUSSIAN)
          You work in two hours.

Ivan and Mara leave, locking the door behind him.

The other girls go about their business, barely noticing Raya
and Luba. But JULIA and TANYA, 16, come over.

                    JULIA (RUSSIAN)
          You sleep on whichever mattresses are
          available. The last two girls in have to

                    TANYA (RUSSIAN)
          They bring us food in the morning. You
          have to eat it all, or you get fined.

Raya grabs her head. Feeling faint. She looks for a place to
sit. Julia and Tanya help her to the ground.

          Don't let him see you like this.

Luba walks over to the other side of the room. Finds a spot
and sits. Raya watches her, hurt. Julia pushes a mattress
aside. Underneath is a... COUNTING SYSTEM scratched into the
floor. Each girls' name scratched with numbers beside it.

                    JULIA (CONT'D)
          I'm the closest. Then I can go home.

Raya barely has the energy to hold herself up.

          What's your name?

                    RAYA (UKRAINIAN)
          Rayisa...Raya Kochan.

Tanya scratches Raya's name into the floor. Then one mark.

                    LUBA (RUSSIAN)
          It's all bullshit--

          No! He sent a girl back three months ago.
          I was here! (to Luba) What is your name?

Raya eyes Luba who's conflicted between loyalty to her friend
and her own sense of survival. Luba tears up, but turns away.
                                                            TWB 72.

                (softly) Her name is Luba. Luba Pankiw.

154   INT. KATHY'S OFFICE - UNMHQ - MORNING                         154

      Kathy works, angry, urgent now. On her desk...

      CLOSER: REPORT: PHOTO ID LINE-UP. Kathy matches circled ID
      photos of IPTF alongside testimony and Polaroids of girls.

      She works fast. Circling the photos, slapping files closed.
      When a...

      MAIL BOY slides in a cart, and places a stack of REPORTS on
      Kathy's IN-BOX. She pulls the first one off the top...

      A sticky note on the first page: Insufficient Evidence.

      Kathy grabs another... Sticky note: Unreliable Witness. She
      sees the name NADIA at the top of the statement.

      She grabs... ANOTHER: Unreliable Witness. And another...

      Transferred to Internal Affairs.

      Kathy flies through the rest of the files. One after another:

      Insufficient Evidence -- Insufficient Evidence -- Transferred
      to Internal Affairs --Unreliable Witnesses -- Insufficient --

      A photo falls out of one of them: RAYA. Kathy stares at it.

      Her eyes wander over the room, and fall on her predecessor's
      battered old file boxes, still waiting for Archives.

      She moves to them. Cuts the string on the top box. Rips the
      top off. Inside...

      REPORT FILES. Slotted in tight. She grabs one. STICKY NOTE:

      Insufficient Evidence.


      She starts RIPPING through them all -- YELLOW STICKY NOTES on
      all of them.

                          VOICE (O.S.)

      It's Jim Higgins, out of breath, in the doorway...
                                                            TWB 73.

                          JIM HIGGINS
                They've called an assembly for all
                Dyncorp personnel.

155   INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - UNMHQ - NIGHT                         155

      Kathy and Jim walk into a room filled with DYNCORP BOYS.

                          JIM HIGGINS
                Anyone know what this is about?

      No one does. Kathy sits amongst the guys. Until...

      Rick walks up to the front.

                I have some not so pleasant news, but
                bear with me. (Off a prepared statement)
                Lately, local police have raided some
                houses of `ill repute' and a number of
                `ladies of the evening' have been taken
                into custody. While the credibility of
                these witnesses is questionable,
                apparently photo line-ups have been made
                available to them.

      Rick eyes Kathy, pointedly.

                          RICK (CONT'D)
                This issue is currently receiving a lot
                of attention. Guys, you gotta be
                careful... Kathryn Bolkovac is heading up
                this investigation. If you have any
                questions refer them to her.

      ALL EYES ON KATHY. They disperse, passing her, camaraderie
      obliterated. Kathy walks, livid...

                You've given every officer time to create
                an alibi.

                I'm not going to subject my men to this
                witch hunt based on the testimony of some
                hookers! Prostitution is illegal! Your
                witnesses are criminals.

      Kathy can't believe what he's saying.

                They are SLAVES. By any American or
                International law.
                                                             TWB 74.

                These slaves are lying about their
                presence in Bosnia. You are coming after
                American Officers with baseless claims.

       know they're not baseless.

                          RICK JONES
                If you've got a problem, go call the
                Ambassador's wife.

156   INT./EXT. LOBBY - UNMHQ - EVENING                           156

      ELEVATOR DOORS OPEN. Kathy comes out. Seeing... IPTF
      OFFICERS. All eyeing her. She hurries through them.

157   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                              157

      Kathy sits, anxious. Jan touches her back.

                They hired you to do a job they don't
                want done. It's a P.R. position.

      She turns to him.

                Rick publicly outed me, jeopardizing
                those girls. I have to go over his head.
                But I... I never thought I'd have to go
                into Internal Affairs. The guys back home
                would never understand this.

                I understand you.

                Yeah? And how long do you plan on being
                around, because the last two guys who
                said that aren't here.


                It's just I waited so long you know. I
                want my kids to know I did something, to
                be proud.

                They are.
                                                            TWB 75.

                No. Your kids are proud. You go on this
                mission and you're a big hero. I go and
                I'm a bad mother... (tearing up) I can't
                believe I'm gonna disappoint them again.

                So don't.

      He comes closer. She looks up. Decided.


      A blast of light through Kathy's windshield. The lot is
      empty. She looks at a PILE OF REPORTS on the passenger seat.

159   INT. LONG CORRIDOR - UNMHQ - MORNING                       159

      Kathy, reports in hand, turns a corner, and... bumps into an
      OFFICER. She drops some files. He moves around her, as she
      bends to pick them up. She walks the rest of the hall,
      focused, and stops at a brass plaque: INTERNAL AFFAIRS.


      Kathy marches in, nervous... MONITORS turn and see her,
      knowing who she is, but trying not to show it. She approaches
      a MALE MONITOR at a desk in the front.

                          MALE MONITOR
                What can I do for you?

      The Monitor keeps typing as she talks. Kathy hesitates, then

                It's, I need to speak in-camera with a
                senior IA official. I don't have a name,

      Kathy recognizes Peter Ward working in a back OFFICE. He sees
      her, then closes the door.

                          MALE MONITOR
                Just a moment please.


      Kathy sits across from an IA OFFICIAL, 50s. He skims through
      the reports, nodding.
                                                            TWB 76.

                I did a photo ID line-up with victims who
                testified to international patronizing of
                brothels, as well as complicity in
                trafficking itself.

      He looks at her.

                          KATHY (CONT'D)
                All the cases I filed to my superiors
                have come back, shut down. Some of them
                were marked as referred to IA.

                I haven't seen those.


      He shakes his head, standing.

                It's possible they're still in the
                pipeline, in preliminary processing. I'm
                sorry to have to rush this, but I have to
                get to a meeting. Thanks for coming in.

      He hands her a form.

                          OFFICIAL (CONT'D)
                You need to sign here, that you're asking
                for these investigations.

162   EXT. HILLS - NIGHT                                          162

      Kathy jogs along a ridge, with a view high over Sarajevo.
      Determined, panting... she pushes past her fatigue.

163   INT. KATHY'S APARMENT - SHORT TIME LATER                    163

      Kathy comes in, soaked in sweat. The PHONE RINGS. She rushes
      to it. CALLER ID: Unknown Number. She picks up, breathless.

                Hello?... Sorry, who is this?... Just one

      She grabs a pen and pad. Writing: THE HOLIDAY INN. 513.

                          KATHY (CONT'D)
                Can I get your name? Hello? Hello?

      She looks at the phone, spooked.
                                                            TWB 77.

164   INT. LOBBY - HOLIDAY INN HOTEL - SARAJEVO - DAY               164

      Kathy moves through the lobby, scanning the scene of liquid
      lunches and diplomats. She keeps her head low, focused


      Ding. The doors open. Kathy steps in. As they close... TWO
      DIPLOMATS slip in. The elevator ascends. Kathy stares dead

165   INT. HALLWAY - HOLIDAY INN - MOMENTS LATER                    165

      Kathy stands at door 513. She takes a moment, then knocks.

166   INT. HOTEL ROOM - HOLIDAY INN - MOMENTS LATER                 166

      Kathy is led in by Peter Ward. She comes inside, tentative,
      unsure who she's dealing with. Peter smokes furiously, a
      burned-out mission lifer, who's bright, intelligent eyes
      betray a last spark of the idealism that brought him into
      this world. He seems nervous.

                That was you today, in IA?

                          PETER WARD
                (nodding) Would you like a drink?

      Kathy eyes him, dubious. He pours her a drink.

                          PETER WARD (CONT'D)
                I saw your files...

      Kathy nods. Peter slaps down a file. Kathy looks at it.

                What's this?

                             PETER WARD
                Your file.

                I don't understand.

                          PETER WARD
                They're investigating you.

      Kathy stares at him.

                          PETER WARD (CONT'D)
                Don't you get it? They're circling the
                wagons... What did he tell you? He hadn't
                seen anything from you until today.
                                                        TWB 78.

She nods.

                      PETER WARD (CONT'D)
            Bullshit. Top Level Dyncorp commanders
            are walking into IA and removing your
            files. I've been told to shut down all
            your investigations.

            Why?.. There has to be some sort of an
            international court or body that can turn
            this around--

                      PETER WARD
            The United Nations. You're here.

Peter thinking about how to put this...

                      PETER WARD (CONT'D)
            Dyncorp's contract with the State
            Department in Bosnia alone is worth 52
            million dollars. We're paid ninety, a
            hundred grand, right?. But it's a drop in
            the ocean compared to their profits. This
            is a global corporation, top five defense
            contractors in the states after
            Halliburton and KB&R. You think they're
            gonna let some sex scandal threaten that?

            I don't want a scandal. I just want--

                      PETER WARD
            NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU. It's designed
            that way. No oversight. No national or
            international accountability.

            Dyncorp's Headquarters are in England--

                      PETER WARD
            Exactly. Nothing leads back to the State
            Department. That includes you... So if
            something were to happen to you it
            wouldn't even make the news at home... No
            one would ever know... Poof. You're gone.

Kathy sits. Scared. Finally understanding the world she's in.

O.S. VOICES. Kathy jolts. Peter moves to the door.

THROUGH THE EYE-HOLE: A COUPLE checks in across the room.

Peter turns back. Sees a panic-stricken Kathy.
                                                              TWB 79.

                          PETER WARD (CONT'D)
                If you're going to keep going, you've got
                to stay under the radar. Make copies of
                all your files, keep them under lock and
                key. Just... Be careful... And know who
                you're up against.


      Kathy. Unstrung. She crosses the labyrinth of WHITE SUVs. She
      looks up at the OSCE towers. Feeling watched.

      TWO SFOR SOLDIERS walk toward her. Eyeing her. She slips a
      car key between her fingers, arming herself. Watching them
      as... They pass. Kathy picks up her pace. Getting to...

      HER SUV. Her pulse RACING. PARANOID. She checks around...
      The lot is empty. Quiet. She is alone.


      A row of international flags flap in the wind.

169   INT. KATHY'S OFFICE - UNMHQ - SAME                            169

      Kathy watches the flags. She shifts her gaze to the bulletin
      board. Eyeing the picture of Raya. Then... she moves to...

      THE FILE CABINET. She pulls out   EVERY FILE. Photocopies them.
      Then... Opens the bottom filing   cabinet -- pushes files to
      the front -- placing the copies   in the back. She steps
      away... Closes the Cabinet. And   locks it...

      Knowing she is operating outside of protocol now.

170   INT. BACK BEDROOM - OASIS BAR - EVENING                       170

      Raya stares at herself in a mirror. Dressed as a whore.

171   INT. OASIS BAR - EVENING                                      171

      It's more of a medium-sized hall. A bar, some tables and a
      few `home touches'. Maps of Yugoslavia. Pictures of Tito.

      And FULL OF IPTF. Raya walks through, ogled. She sees...

      Luba, sitting on Mara's lap. Surrounded by TEN IRISH
      SOLDIERS. The soldiers ply them with drinks, `winning' them
      with charm. Luba blends in with remarkable ease.

                You feel like a party?

      RORY, Irish, grabs Raya's hand.
                                                            TWB 80.

                (forcing) Yes... of course.

      He leads her to the back of the bar. Raya looks to Luba, but
      realizes she is alone.

      They walk through a BACK DOOR into a ROOM FULL OF BEDS
      SEPARATED with CURTAINS. We barely make out the shapes of
      various soldiers with girls in each cubicle. All busy. Until

      A curtain opens... And Jim Higgins walks out. His rite of
      passage complete.

      Rory pulls Raya to the cubicle, as Julia comes out.

172   EXT. SARAJEVO AIRPORT - EVENING                              172

      Halyna boards a plane with PASSENGERS, but without Raya.

173   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               173

      Kathy opens the door into the empty apartment, seeing a
      RAPIDLY BLINKING LIGHT on a digital display: 14 MESSAGES.

                          ANSWERING MACHINE
                Click. Click. Click.

      Each message a silence followed by a hang-up. Kathy stares at
      the blinking light as the clicks keep coming. CLICK, CLICK,
      CLICK... She rips the machine out of the wall.

174   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - LATER                               174

      We hear a DIAL UP CONNECTION. Kathy's at her computer. She
      brings up a Yahoo! Search page. TYPES IN: RICK JONES

      2103 Matches for Rick Jones.


      482 Matches for Rick Jones + Colorado Springs

      She scans down the page. None of the matches work. She shakes
      her head, about to give up, when...

      Chief of Police R. Jones in $1,000,000 Law Suit

      A PICTURE of Rick Jones accompanies the article.

      CLOSE ON WORDS: Richard Jones Fired for Sexual Harassment
                                                               TWB 81.

175   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - SHORT TIME LATER                     175

      Kathy sits at the empty kitchen table looking at the picture
      of her kids. She holds her head in her hands.


      Distant music echoes through the night. VOICES of GUYS
      hanging out on their balconies. Kathy crosses the lot,
      cutting through the dark night fog.

177   INT./EXT. SUV/ROAD - NIGHT                                    177

      Kathy drives. Wide awake. The only vehicle on the road.

178   EXT. ILIDZA STATION - NIGHT                                   178

      Kathy sits in the SUV. Staring at the station. THROUGH THE
      WINDOW... Jan works the late shift alone.

179   INT. ILIDZA STATION - NIGHT                                   179

      Jan and Kathy sit. Several empty coffee cups.

                This is... I can't believe your timing...

                It's a rotation. They're sending us back
                a month early. I tried to get an
                extension, but...

      Kathy just stares ahead. Silent... a long time.

                I'm not even sure I'm staying.

      Jan sits back. Stunned.

                          KATHY (CONT'D)
                These guys... Jones is a sexual offender.
                Dyncorp hired him... These private
                militaries are a sham. There's no way
                around them.

                If that's what your instincts are telling

                I have children, I have to think about
                                                              TWB 82.

180   INT. OASIS BAR - LATE NIGHT                                  180

      A big IPTF PARTY. AT THE BAR: Raya waits with an empty tray.
      Luba pulls out a heavy crate of bottles. She hurts her back.

                          RAYA (UKRAINIAN)
                Here, I'll help you.

      Luba slams two bottles on Raya's tray.

                          LUBA (UKRAINIAN)
                I'm fine. I earned this job.

                I was just trying to--

                Don't. You'll get us in trouble.

      An IPTF OFFICER, MIKE SEARS grabs Raya from behind. Shakes
      her, jokingly. She laughs, familiar. Almost routine..

                          MIKE SEARS
                How's my favorite girl?

                I am good. Everything good.

      She smiles, hollow and takes the tray over to a TABLE. Julia
      and Tanya sit with FOUR MEN in suits. They're plastered.

                          SUIT 1 (GERMAN ACCENT)
                I wanna party all night.

      The girls smile, nodding, playing along...

                          SUIT 2 (AMERICAN)
                Let's go out. I wanna take you home.

      He squeezes Tanya tight to him, kissing her sloppily.

                          SUIT 2 (CONT'D)
                Ivan! C'mere!

      Raya eyes Julia. Ivan comes over, smiling, a gregarious host.

                          SUIT 2 (CONT'D)
                We wanna party on mate. How much to take
                them home for the day?

      Ivan eyes the girls. Thinking...
                                                            TWB 83.

                Ten times normal. Pay upfront. And extra
                deposit. But you cannot take her.

      He points at Raya.

                          IVAN (CONT'D)
                Three thousand each. (off their scoffing)
                You bring back, you get back deposit.

      Ivan smiles. The other two men are dubious. But Suit 1 and
      Suit 2 exchange glances... Daring each other.

                             SUIT 1
                You're on.

      Ivan waves to follow him. They walk with Julia and Tanya.
      Raya watches Ivan throw in a bottle of whiskey. They pay him.

      Julia catches Raya's eye. They exchange... A look of promise.

181   EXT. BUS DEPOT - MORNING                                     181

      The DUTCH CONTINGENT boards a bus. Kathy stands aside with
      Jan. Saying goodbye... Franz pats Jan on the back.

                I'll keep an eye out.

      Jan shakes his hand. Franz winks at Kathy.

                          FRANZ (CONT'D)
                (to Kathy) It's finally our time.

      She smiles, soft. Drained of energy.

                Get outta here.

                Anything you need you call, okay? He'll
                kill both of us if you don't.

      Franz moves away leaving the two alone. Jan hugs Kathy.

                You come to me... when you're done.

      He kisses her. The bus engines start.

182   INT. KATHY'S OFFICE - UNMHQ - DAY                            182

      Kathy watches out the window. DIPLOMATS walk the halls.
                                                            TWB 84.

                What's this I hear about you leaving?

      Kathy turns to Madeleine in the doorway.

                How'd you--

                The Dutch Officer rang before he left.
                C'mon, I want to show you something.

      Kathy follows, downbeat.

183   INT. OASIS BAR - MORNING                                     183

      The girls clean. Raya sweeps, watching Mara teach Luba how to
      restock the bar. Ivan comes out of the OFFICE. A bag in hand.

184   EXT. WOMEN'S MEDICA SHELTER - DAY                            184

      Madeleine's UN Volkswagon pulls up. Milena waits, smiling.

                After we got Irka repatriated, I had some
                calls from other private parties that
                were interested in helping. We've
                gathered $40,000 so far. I've applied for
                matching funds, so that... we can
                completely rebuild this shelter.

                Separate from the GDA. We run it our way.
                The victims come first.

                Things are changing Kathy.

      Kathy is moved, seeing a light at the end of this. The three
      women stand, united... Then... A SHELTER VOLUNTEER comes out.

                          SHELTER VOLUNTEER
                There's an important call inside.

                Excuse me.

                          SHELTER VOLUNTEER
                No. The call is for Kathy.

185   EXT. OASIS BAR - MORNING                                     185

      Ivan puts a bag in a car trunk. He turns to... Mara
                                                               TWB 85.

                            IVAN (RUSSIAN)
                  Remember I can bring you back here the
                  second you fuck up.

      Mara nods. He shakes her hand. Ivan hands her a passport. She
      jumps into the car. It's an odd farewell. Ivan heads back to


      He scans the room. His eyes land on Luba. Raya watches Ivan
      nod to Luba. A silent exchange: Luba accepts Mara's role.

      SUDDENLY... HONKING. OUTSIDE a car speeds up.

      The two SUITS from last night appear at the door... Without
      the girls.

186   INT./EXT. KATHY'S UN SUV - SHORT TIME LATER                   186

      Kathy slows... Seeing local police in the distance.


      Kathy pulls up. Through gathered local cops, REVEAL...

      Julia and Tanya. Disoriented. Still in last night's clothing.

188   EXT. ROADSIDE - MOMENTS LATER                                 188

      Julia and Tanya are FRANTIC, talking fast.

                            JULIA (BROKEN ENGLISH)
                  They take us home. They were so drunk. We

                            TANYA (BROKEN ENGLISH)
                  There are more girls! You must to get
                  them out! Go now!

      They appeal to Kathy.

                  Oasis Bar. In mountains.

      Kathy eyes Viko. As the girls talk at her, Kathy knows she
      was never going home. THIS is where she needs to be.

189   INT. HALLWAY - GDA BOSNIA - MOMENTS LATER                     189

      Kathy brings Julia and Tanya in. An Intern leads them down
      the hall. Viko comes in...

                  Should I call for a raid?
                                                            TWB 86.

                No. He'll walk. We have no proof they
                were trafficked. Let me talk to them. See
                what else they know.

190   INT. OFFICE - GDA BOSNIA - SHORT TIME LATER                  190

      Laura watches video footage on a TV. Halyna appears on the
      monitor. Her assistant PAUSES it.

                That's their first cut. I'll pass on your
                notes, and they should have it ready for
                the grant proposal in time.

      A KNOCK at the door.

191   INT. LOBBY - GDA BOSNIA - MOMENTS LATER                      191

      Kathy stands, curt now with Laura. All business.

                I have no options right now. The GDA is
                more secure than Milena's shelter... Can
                they stay before you do the paperwork?

                          LAURA LEVIN
                They'll go on record?

      Kathy nods. Laura shrugs in assent.

192   INT. KITCHEN - GDA BOSNIA - LATER                            192

      Kathy listens to a tearful Julia.

                          JULIA (BROKEN ENGLISH)
                Ivan is good friends with the soldiers.
                They come all the time.

                And you're saying these soldiers brought
                you into Bosnia. Through the border?
                You're sure?

                Yes. In a van. White van. Like yours.

      They both nod. Emphatic. Kathy thinks...

                They had uniforms? Like mine?

      The girls nod again. Absolutely sure.
                                                              TWB 87.

                April 8. I never forget. The day I leave
                my home. We come to Bosnia some day
                later. I know because we stop at the
                border. We were six of us. Men from the
                border, they opened the doors... We give
                them our fake passports. My name was
                Irena Woycek. I thought they would see
                the fake passports, I thought...

      She hesitates, the memories flooding back...

                          JULIA (CONT'D)
                I thought they would save us.

193   EXT. GDA BOSNIA - DAY                                        193

      Viko follows Kathy out.

                If there are records showing those girls
                came through the border with IPTF--

                Then you have conspiracy to traffick.
                And I can take it to Bill Hynes. That's
                enough to do a raid that will stick.

                The main border station keeps the logs.

      Kathy heads to her SUV. Viko shakes his head -- points at an
      old TRABBANT (a life-size matchbox car).

194   INT./ EXT. TRABANT - NIGHT                                   194

      The ride is bumpy. Viko shouts over the engine...

                Best if it looks like a local matter. Get
                more info. You be my UN monitor, okay?

      Kathy smiles, cramped, but appreciative of his help.

195   EXT. BORDER POLICE STATION - NIGHT                           195

      Viko talks to a BORDER COP sitting at an ancient Mac
      Computer. Kathy notices a calendar of Pamela Anderson
      frolicking in foamy surf.

                So when a vehicle is stopped, you'll keep
                all this on file here?
                                                               TWB 88.

                          BORDER COP
                Of course! It's our fucking job!

                And other stations up the border send all
                their files to you?

                          BORDER COP
                Some do, some don't. Fifty-fifty chance.

      Disappointing. Viko lights a smoke, offers one to the cop.

                          BORDER COP (CONT'D)
                You say 30 minutes outside Sarajevo?
                Maybe Visegrad? You might be lucky. Lanky
                guy in their archives loves to send

      Kathy looks hopefully at Viko, who shrugs. Clicking...

                          BORDER COP (CONT'D)
                Okay, 11th... (mumbling) ... No, no. You
                like?.. Big exciting to watch Bosnian
                police do boring things?

      Kathy smiles. He turns back, clicking. Then stops.

                          BORDER COP (CONT'D)
                You owe me! UN vehicle with 6 girls in
                back. Stanley Harris.

      He turns proudly to them.

                          BORDER COP (CONT'D)
                What you think? All his little sisters
                come to visit from America?

      Viko looks knowingly at Kathy.

                That's it. Conspiracy to traffick.

      He slaps a key. The file prints out on an old daisy-wheel
      printer. Kathy scans the pages...

196   EXT. BORDER STATION - MOMENTS LATER                           196

      Kathy and Viko hurry to the car.

                We arrest the buyer first. The bar-owner.
                The border log corroborates the victims'
                testimony. Once he's in custody, we raid
                his place and get those girls out.
                                                              TWB 89.

      Kathy jumps INSIDE THE CAR...

                          KATHY (CONT'D)
                The raid has to be small. No-one knows
                the bar till we're on our way.


      Kathy waits, nervous, holding the border logs. The
      RECEPTIONIST eyes her.

                He shouldn't be long now.

198   INT. BILL HYNES' OFFICE - UNMHQ - NIGHT                      198

      Bill on the edge of his desk. Kathy paces, frantic...

                That's why I came straight to you. They
                were brought across the border by our
                guys. I need two back-up security vans
                for a raid, with well-trained--

                          BILL HYNES
                Our resources are tight. I have to

                (holding the border logs) This is real
                evidence. And that's just a drop in the
                ocean. I have hundreds of files. Photos,
                corroborated statements. We can build
                this case and get the perpetrators out of
                the mission--

      Bill shakes his head.

                          BILL HYNES
                If I could give you a piece of advice it
                would be to think of the future.

                These girls--

                          BILL HYNES
                Are Collateral Damage. Whores of War.
                It's nothing new. Every conflict produces

                You know as well as I do, those girls
                aren't a product of the war.
                                                              TWB 90.

                          KATHY (CONT'D)
                They're a product of the peace. For the

      Kathy is repulsed. Bill takes a seat.

                          BILL HYNES
                This is your first mission. You're eager.
                But we work in a very grey area and that
                can get messy. Everybody wants the UN to
                take the gloves off but they don't want
                us to get our hands dirty. It's a fucking
                Catch-22. So what do we do? We
                prioritize. We do our best and we always
                look at the bigger picture. You're a
                mother. Fine. I see what you're doing
                with these girls. Maybe that's why you're
                thinking with your heart not your head.
                But you have a chance at a career in the
                international sector. Ride this out. Get
                a promotion. Human Rights in Liberia,
                Afghanistan... I don't give a shit. And
                then, when you're running the show, you
                can implement whatever changes you see
                fit. But right now be smart and shut this
                bullshit down!

      The veil is lifted. Kathy stands frozen. The blunt workings
      of the machine are laid bare.

199   EXT. PLAZA - UNMHQ - DAY                                      199

      Kathy leans on a balcony overlooking the main plaza at HQ.
      She observes the sleek facade of honor and power.

      She straightens, and walks away without looking back.

200   INT. LOCAL CANTON STATION - NIGHT                             200

      OFFICERS. Viko turns and hands Kathy a helmet.

                (to Viko and other cops) Try and get him
                outside first, then arrest him. Once
                you've got him outta there we'll go in. I
                want the girls to know they're safe.

201   EXT. HIGHWAY - NIGHT                                          201

      A police vans SPEEDS down the road. TWO UN VANS follow.

202   INT. UN VAN - SAME                                            202

      Kathy focuses in the cabin filled with SUITED IPTF OFFICERS.
                                                               TWB 91.

203   EXT. OASIS BAR - NIGHT                                        203

      Viko pulls up to the bar. The UN SUV skids into the shadows.

      Viko and Danik go inside. Kathy glances back at her IPTF
      officers as they -- Pull their visors down, and WAIT -- Quiet
      -- Wind in the trees -- MUSIC ECHOING from inside as...

      Viko and Danik emerge, chatting with Ivan. Suddenly...

      Ivan jolts back -- COPS grab him -- He's YELLING --
      HANDCUFFED -- Kicking. Punching -- They PUSH him into the VAN
      -- Viko SLAMS the door, turns to the UN van and nods...

204   INT. UN VAN - CONTINUOUS                                      204

      Kathy looks back to the IPTF officers, raises three
      fingers... then TWO...ONE...


      They SLAM open the doors of the bar and RUSH INTO...

205   INT. OASIS BAR - CONTINUOUS                                   205

      BURSTING in the doors -- Clients scatter -- RUSH to the EXITS

      Girls turn from the bar, the stage, the seating area --
      disoriented -- eyes darting...

      Local police spread around the bar, slamming, pushing clients
      outside. Kathy pulls off her helmet and SCANS the room.

                We have a warrant to search this
                premises. The owner of this bar Ivan
                Bladzic has been arrested and taken into
                custody for human trafficking.

      The girls look at one another. Is this for real? The BARMAN
      steps forward... He looks like he's had a few drinks.

                Fuck you!

      Kathy eyes the girls. Their confusion, their fear...

      Danik, hesitates, confronted with the vulnerability of these
      girls... His face softens. He looks to Kathy for direction.

                You do not have to be afraid of Ivan
                Bladzic. He cannot hurt you now.
                                                         TWB 92.

But the GIRLS don't move...

Kathy looks out -- Stunned -- Because she sees...

Raya. Standing. Shocked. No idea who to trust anymore. One
last shred left of the dream of escape...

Kathy goes to her. But Raya's eyes dart to... Luba.

Then to Kathy, recognizing the last kind face she saw...

                    BARMAN (BROKEN ENGLISH)
          These girls work here. They have all
          documents, passports! You can fuck off.

Two local cops GRAB him. Danik CUFFS him.

The girls are astounded. Viko holds up passports.

          Fakes. Bad ones.

The barman is dragged outside. Kathy scans the girls. Ending
on Raya... her faith awakening.

          We want to get you out of here safely.
          That is my absolute priority.

The girls exchange a flurry of looks, speaking volumes...
Should we trust her? Can we risk it?

                    KATHY (CONT'D)
          (To Viko) Get those blankets out of the
          vans. Let's get these girls out.

But the girls still don't move... Raya. Fractured with
despair... After all she has been through, all the
punishment, all the pain...

Raya holds Luba's gaze - Maybe even she could be convinced...

And Raya starts to step to Kathy... When...

Behind Kathy, an IPTF officer removes his helmet. Mike Sears.
He stares at Raya. Petrifying her.

Kathy sees it in her -- WHIPS around. Mike Sears avoids her
gaze. Kathy turns back to Raya. Moving closer, quietly, out
of earshot of the others...
                                                        TWB 93.

                    KATHY (CONT'D)
          You just have to tell me you want to go.
          That you do not work here voluntarily.
          And we will get you to safety.

Raya wants so badly to answer.

                    KATHY (CONT'D)
          You can leave with me this second. All of
          you can. But I need you to say it.

Raya eyes Mike Sears - He looks to Luba. Luba turns back to
Raya - Pleading -- Don't do it.

                    KATHY (CONT'D)
          You know me.

Raya can't look at Kathy. Tears stream down her face.

                    KATHY (CONT'D)
          You can all leave with me! (to Raya)
          Let's go.

Raya. With her heart breaking...


Kathy looks at the all girls. Their eyes flitting between
Mike and Kathy... And she understands...

Kathy REELS around. Grabs Mike by the collar -- SHOVING him
to the door -- SLAMMING him against the wall.

          Who the fuck are you? What have you done?
          What's wrong with you? What's wrong with
          you? You fuck!

Mike pushes back...

          Get off me, you crazy bitch!

          They're supposed to TRUST US!

Viko and Danik pull them apart.

          C'mon Kathy. It's over.
                                                            TWB 94.

      She steps back -- Catching her breath -- Shaking her head --
      NOT AGAIN... She looks at Raya, tears streaming down her
      terrified face...

                I know this girl. I know her. We can't
                leave them here. We're supposed to--

                If they won't come, we can't force them.
                Nothing will hold up in court. They'll be
                returned and punished... Do you want
                blood on your hands?

      The girls all return to their positions behind the bar,
      cleaning, sitting around the edges... Not one will catch...

      Kathy's eye. She glares at Mike Sears.

      Kathy watches across the room, devastated...

      As Raya turns, giving up her last chance to leave, and exits
      to a back room.

206   EXT. OASIS BAR - NIGHT                                        206

      Kathy paces frantically in the darkness. Eyes wild.

      Viko comes out the door, as it hits her like a blunt kick in
      the face: sheer helplessness...

      She TURNS - Fuck diplomacy, Fuck bureaucracy, Fuck protocol -
      and RUSHES back towards the bar. Viko stops her, grabs her...

      Kathy's eyes filling with tears she cannot cry -- Her heart
      breaking. Viko holds her tight, and pulls her away.

207   INT./EXT. UN VAN - NIGHT                                      207

      Kathy sits in total silence, her face white, staring ahead.

208   INT. BATHROOM - OASIS BAR - NIGHT                             208

      Raya crouches in a corner, stifling her sobs.

209   INT. HALYNA'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               209

      Halyna pours water into a kettle. IN THE LIVING ROOM a TV
      shows footage of the GDA DOCUMENTARY:

      THE GDA logo spins. Footage of Halyna ON SCREEN:
                                                             TWB 95.

                          HALYNA (ON TV) (BROKEN ENGLISH)
                It took me very long time to realize
                there was name for this of
                trafficking...that there are big
                organizations like GDA who work for
                against this crime all these years.

      WE SEE FOOTAGE OF THE GDA OFFICE. The place is busy, the
      staff members look sharp and efficient. CLOSE ON: LAURA

210   INT. MADELEINE REES' OFFICE - UNHCR - SAME                    210

      Madeleine watches the same footage. CLOSE ON SCREEN: Laura.

                          LAURA LEVIN (ON SCREEN)
                With renewed funding support from USAID,
                the Global Displacement Agency continues
                to be the pioneering leader in
                international counter-trafficking.

      Milena sits by Madeleine. Both saddened realizing...

                And our matching funds go to the GDA.

                (shaking her head) The State Department
                money monster. Ironic, isn't it? That the
                very people whose money we need to fund a
                shelter to protect these girls, are the
                exact people they need protecting from.

      She turns up the TV, onto... HALYNA'S INTERVIEW...


211   INT. HALYNA'S APARTMENT - SAME                                211

      Halyna puts tea leaves in a strainer. Listening to a TV in
      the adjoining living room. Where FOOTAGE OF THE GDA plays.

                          GIRLS VOICE #1 (O.S.) (BROKEN ENGLISH)
                ...My husband tell me, I will be gone one
                month. His friend arrange for me a job.
                But his friend bought me for two thousand

      Halyna pours water through the strainer.

                          GIRLS VOICE #2 (O.S.) (BROKEN ENGLISH)
                My sister arrange for my papers. Her
                boyfriend did this for 12 other girls...

      Halyna puts down the kettle. An ACADEMIC SPEAKS on TV...
                                                            TWB 96.

                More often than not, traffickers prey on
                those they know. Banking on the fact that
                a girl will trust them. Traffickers are
                fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles and

      Halyna's face whitens. It hits her...

212   INT. ROMAN AND ZENIA'S APARTMENT - DAY                        212

      Halyna glares at Zenia, who heaves tears.

                          ZENIA (UKRAINIAN)
                I wanted to tell you--

      Halyna silences her with her hand. She walks around the
      apartment, taking it all in. The money is in the details. An
      LCD TV, DVD player. Halyna's hand traces over the things...

                          HALYNA (UKRAINIAN)
                It's how you pay for this...

                Roman, he does... I'm--

      Halyna stiffens. An anger she thought impossible. She grabs a
      vase. She wants to throw it at Zenia, but at the last minute
      she throws it into a wall. Zenia falls as the vase SMASHES.

                          HALYNA (UKRAINIAN)
                How. Could. You... Sell your own blood...
                tu xorobo... Where is she?

                          ZENIA (UKRAINIAN)
                I don't know.

                          HALYNA (UKRAINIAN)
                Where is she?! Where is she!? Whe--

      Roman walks in. Halyna lunges at him. He knocks her onto the
      ground. Zenia crawls to her sister. Roman steps between them.

                          ROMAN (UKRAINIAN)
                She is no longer your sister. Stay away
                from me! Stay away from her!

      Halyna spits in his face. He smacks her. She lifts her hand
      to punch him, but he grabs it and pushes her out the door.


      Halyna bends over, heaving. She runs at the door, banging on
      it. PEDESTRIANS stare. A lunatic's rage in Halyna's eyes.
                                                            TWB 97.

213   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                213

      Kathy holds the phone. Her hands shake. Tears streaming.

                          ERIN (O.S.)
                Mom, what's wrong?

                Erin?... No... Nothing's wrong. I just
                needed to... I needed to say I'm sorry...
                I'm sorry if you ever felt I wasn't there
                for you, but... I love you.

      Kathy can't keep it in anymore. She let's go and cries it all
      out, to the one person she wanted to be so strong for.

214   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - LATER                                214

      Kathy stares at her computer... She presses NEW MESSAGE.


      Kathy types. We see the following addresses: "UN CHIEF OF

      She continues typing. CLOSE ON THE SUBJECT LINE:


      Kathy pours her heart into the keyboard. As she types...

                          KATHY (V.O.)
                I am a police officer obligated to report
                crimes. I have taken statements from
                women describing their physical,
                psychological, and emotional torture...

215   INT. OASIS BAR - BACK ROOM - LATE NIGHT                       215

      The girls sleep. Raya lies awake crying.

                          KATHY (V.O.)
                ...On arriving in Bosnia these women are
                sold, and forced to provide sexual

216   EXT. BORDER STATION - NIGHT                                   216

      An IPTF VAN stops. The window rolls down: It's Mike Sears.
                                                            TWB 98.

                          KATHY (V.O.)
                ...Their clientele consists of SFOR,
                IPTF, local police, and International
                employees. Worse, they have become
                involved in the trade itself.

217   EXT. HALYNA'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                              217

      Halyna sits at an empty table. Her face gaunt from worry.

                          KATHY (V.O.)
                ...It is time each and every one of you
                realize this is a serious organized
                crime, with enormous profits.

218   INT. LOCAL POLICE STATION - NIGHT                            218

      The Oasis Barman dumps a STACK of DOLLARS on the counter.
      Fills out a form. Ivan Bladzic is released by a COP.

                          KATHY (V.O.)
                You are peace keepers who came to protect
                the innocent but now prey upon them in
                the worst ways possible...

219   INT. MARKET - NIGHT                                          219

      Lines of YOUNG GIRLS. A BUYER approaches one of them. She
      closes her eyes, too tired to fight.

                It is time to face the truth of what is
                happening. We can right our wrongs, and
                move forward, ashamed, but accountable
                and transparent...

220   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                               220

      Kathy finishes typing...

                          KATHY (V.O.)
                We may be accused of thinking with our
                hearts instead of our heads, but we will
                have our integrity.

      We pull back as she sits in front of the computer. Nothing
      but the screen illuminating her face...

221   INT. BACK BEDROOM - OASIS BAR - MORNING                      221

      The girls can't sleep. THE DOOR OPENS. Luba comes in, quickly
      closing the door behind her. She rushes to Raya.
                                                             TWB 99.

                          LUBA (UKRAINIAN)
                He's coming back in the morning. He's
                furious. Convinced you will talk.

      The other girls rally around, supportive. Raya shakes. Luba
      looks into her eyes, suddenly melting.

                          RAYA (UKRAINIAN)
                But I didn't say anything. I won't say
                anything. I didn't... (SOBBING)

      Luba holds her tight. Their friendship not buried after all.
      Luba unlocks a window, and gives her some money.

                He's gonna kill you. Go! Go!

      Raya's eyes widen. Terrified. She jumps out into the unknown.

222   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - MORNING                              222

      Kathy buttons up her uniform. Logging into her email...


      In the INBOX: EMAIL after EMAIL. All with the same subject:



      Blakely, Rick and JOHN MORGAN, 50s, State Department, stands
      behind a FUMING Bill Hynes. He throws down Kathy's email.

                          BILL HYNES
                What is this?

                An email I wrote.

      Bill suppresses his anger. He holds out his hand... Blakely
      hands him a document. Bill places it before Kathy.

                          BILL HYNES
                The actions I am taking are for your own
                benefit. We are seeking your repatriation
                back to the United States.

                (stunned) You can't--

                          BILL HYNES
                I'm doing this for your own good.
                                                            TWB 100.

      Kathy eyes him, her gaze shifting to Morgan.

                          BILL HYNES (CONT'D)
                Right now, we are still willing to pay
                your way home. You need to sign this, to
                start your check-out procedure. You will
                be out of this mission by Sunday.


      She leaves. Without signing anything.

224   INT./ EXT. MADELEINE REES' OFFICE - AFTERNOON               224

      THROUGH THE WINDOW: Kathy paces, nervous, telling all...
      Madeleine stands, resolved. Says something. Kathy nods,
      skeptical. Madeleine picks up the PHONE.

225   INT. BILL HYNES' OFFICE - UNMHQ - DAY                       225

      Madeline slams the door, having burst in. She stops. Squaring
      off with Bill. Two WARRIORS. Bill keeps calm...

                          BILL HYNES
                I'm starting to get a fucking headache.
                All your people do is gender...

                Right. It is a core function of the
                Gender Office.

      He looks over, unimpressed.

                          MADELEINE (CONT'D)
                About the memo--

                          BILL HYNES
                The email? It seriously concerned me. The
                level of recklessness she used speaks
                volumes toward her mental state. This is
                for her own good.

                Bullshit. You can't just fire her without
                cause. You need a reason that would stand
                up in court!

                          BILL HYNES
                She's burned out Madeleine!

                She is not burned out, she's being
                                                               TWB 101.

                             BILL HYNES
                   You hired her. You keep her under
                   control. You've always wanted to run this
                   your way. But I'm not going to let anyone
                   interfere with the way I run my mission!

                   Then start running it with some
                   integrity! It's your people perpetrating
                   crimes against humanity!

      She goes to the door furious. But before she leaves...

                             BILL HYNES
                   Madeleine. Drop this. It's coming from
                   above my head.

      She stops.

                   This is coming from Washington?

                             BILL HYNES
                   Yes. They want her out.

      Madeleine leaves. Focused. Something up her sleeve.

226   EXT. AMERICAN APARTMENT COMPLEX - NIGHT                        226

      Sulpher lights. Kathy approaches the building. The American
      Flags hang from the windows. But it's quiet. Spookily quiet.
      Kathy moves quickly. Alert.

      Something moves -- Behind A CAR -- Flash of A MAN -- Kathy
      picks up her pace -- Eyes forward, but... The Man...

      Comes up behind her. Kathy flinches, as... he grabs her. She
      turns quick. Realizing... It's Franz.

                   Let's go. Like nothing's wrong.

227   INT. KATHY'S APARTMENT - MOMENTS LATER                         227

      Franz takes apart Kathy's phone. Removing... a small DEVICE.

      Kathy stares, alarmed. Franz looks around, frantic.
      Searching... The COMPUTER. He rushes over. Turns it on...

      ON SCREEN: A CURSOR FLASHES... Franz types...

                                                            TWB 102.

      He points to the ceiling. Kathy eyes the walls... Lingering
      over each corner and crack. Franz grabs the keyboard...

      Kathy watches the screen. Afraid.

228   EXT. DRIVE WAY - SARAJEVO - NIGHT                             228

      Franz lays talcum powder under a UN SUV.

229   INT. FRANZ' HOUSE - NIGHT                                     229

      Franz' house is small, a bit messy. Kathy's on the phone...

                He's powdering my car.

                                                       INTERCUT WITH:

230   INT. JAN'S HOME - THE NETHERLANDS - SAME                      230

      Jan shakes his head, horrified he's not there.

                The door handles too? Check thoroughly to
                see if there are any prints before you
                get in that car tomorrow. Kathy, are you

      Kathy nods. Still grasping what's happening.

                So you know how we talked about living
                together..? It may be a bit sooner than
                we planned.

      She offers a nervous laugh.

                Kathy, maybe it's time to come home.

      She hangs her head. Then... A KNOCK at the DOOR. Kathy turns.
      She puts down the phone. Inching forward... EYES ON THE DOOR.

      Reaching it, Kathy looks through the EYEHOLE... And exhales.
      She opens the door to... Madeleine Rees.

231   FRANZ'S HOUSE - MOMENTS LATER                                 231

      Kathy listens, anxious as Madeleine lays it out...
                                                            TWB 103.

                It's bollocks. Absolute and total. You
                have signed a contract with Dyncorp
                Aerospace Operations U.K... And there is
                no provision under English law for
                summary dismissal without due process or
                an investigation.

      Madeleine stops... seeing Kathy is overwhelmed.

                          MADELEINE (CONT'D)
                But there was something else Bill said...
                If this is coming from above... Kathy,you
                need to prove that they are dismissing
                you because you were uncovering wide-
                spread corruption within this mission. If
                you can prove that this is indeed coming
                from Washington, that the State
                Department is instructing Dyncorp to fire
                you. Then we're talking about a

                They tell me... people disappear. They
                bug my house. I mean, I'm sitting here,
                worried there's a bomb in my car--

                We can fight this.

                This isn't just my career, it's my life.
                I don't know if I'm ready to be a

                That's exactly what you are.


      She eyes Madeleine, pointed. Madeleine sits back.

                I don't know what to say to that. Think
                about this. Let me know what you want to
                do. I'll support you either way.

232   EXT. MOUNTAINS - BOSNIA - EARLY MORNING                     232

      An aerial glide over the mountains of Bosnia.
                                                              TWB 104.

233   INT. OASIS BAR - BACK BEDROOM - MORNING                       233

      The girls sleep in their cots, when... BAM! Ivan kicks open
      the door. He throws Raya in. On the ground. The girls wake.

      Ivan. He picks Raya up by the neck. She fights. Luba runs in.

                          RAYA (RUSSIAN)
                I didn't say anything. I never will. Why
                are you doing this? I just want to go
                home. I want to see... Mama... Mama...

      But he kicks Raya in the stomach. She ROARS in pain. He flips
      her over. Shaking her. He looks to the other girls. FURIOUS.

                          IVAN (RUSSIAN)
                This all happened because of you.

      He pulls out a gun. Raya looks to Luba for help. But it's too
      late. Ivan presses the gun to Raya's head.

      He glares into Raya's eyes. A flash of ire.

      Raya reaches again... Luba steps forward, when... BANG!!!!

217   Raya's body falls. Luba turns away. She cups her hand over    217
      her mouth. But a loud cry wails through...

234   EXT. MOUNTAINS - BOSNIA - DAY                                 234

      The sound of Luba's scream fades over the morning. The wide
      horizon is calm. But a closer look reveals...

235   EXT. RIVER - MOUNTAINS - BOSNIA - DAY                         235

      POLICE cordon off a RIVER BANK. Through an opening we see...

      Viko. Keeping local cops at bay. Behind him is... Kathy. In
      civilian clothes. Standing over a...

      DEAD BODY. Raya. Kathy stares, expressionless. Viko clears
      the cops out. Kathy turns, and retches. She pulls air into
      lungs, then straightens. She looks up to the trees, the apex
      of this leafy cathedral, as if invoking some higher power.

236   INT. MADELEINE REES' OFFICE - DAY                             236

      Kathy comes in. Madeleine looks up from a phone call.

                What do I do?
                                                            TWB 105.

                Hand in an appeal. Keep reporting to
                work. Watch how they respond. Build your
                case... And catch them in their lies.

237   INT. UNMHQ - DAY                                              237

      Kathy holds an envelope. Hynes' SECRETARY looks at Kathy.
      MUFFLED SCREAMING from his office. Kathy leaves the letter.

                Ms. Bolkovac... I, me and the other
                secretaries... Your email was the bravest
                thing anyone's even done in this mission.

      Kathy nods, truly appreciating that. She walks away, her
      silhouette growing smaller and smaller down the hall.

      The secretary takes Kathy's letter. Walking into


      Bill paces around Rick Jones, Ambassador Wells and John
      Morgan. Hynes grabs Kathy's letter.

                Get something on her! Get anything!


      Carmen listens to an anxious Kathy.

                If you could just go into my office, I'll
                give you a key to the cabinets...

      But Carmen can't even meet Kathy's eye.

                Kath... my parents really need the money
                I send home. It's a lifesaver for them.
                My Dad has medical bills... I'm so sorry.

      Kathy nods, understanding but disappointed. She is alone.

239   INT. BOSNIAN DEPARTMENT STORE - DAY                           239

      Out of date, and under-stocked, the store is as spruce as a
      little post-war TLC could make it. Kathy stands at a counter,
      where a CLERK puts down a chunky PORTABLE CASSETTE RECORDER.

                You don't have anything smaller?
                                                               TWB 106.

240   INT. FRANZ' HOUSE - DAY                                         240

      Kathy paces. She holds a tape recorder to the phone.

                  Yes, this is Kathy Bolkovac and--

                                                          INTERCUT WITH:

241   EXT. AIRSTRIP - SARAJEVO - CONTINUOUS                           241

      Ambassador Wells in ushered toward a UN PLANE. Into a PHONE:

                            AMBASSADOR WELLS
                  I can hardly hear you. Can you yell-

                  OK. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

                            AMBASSADOR WELLS
                  YES. GO AHEAD.

                  DISCUSS MY TERMINATION--

                            AMBASSADOR WELLS

                  OK. IT'S JUST THAT I WAS TOLD YOU MET
                  WITH MR. HYNES ABOUT ME.

                            AMBASSADOR WELLS
                  CAN'T TALK RIGHT NOW.

      The PLANE ENGINES are roaring. Kathy can't hear him. She
      slams down the phone. Staring at the recorder. Thinking.

242   INT./EXT.   UN SUV/ UNMHQ PARKING LOT - DAY                     242

      Kathy, parked. Rips open a CASSETTE TAPE. She looks at her
      personage - this isn't fitting anywhere.

      RAIN hits the windshield. The glass becomes blurry in the
      haze of water. Kathy grabs a UN windbreaker from the back.
      Sticks the recorder in its pocket.

243   INT./EXT. LOBBY - UNMHQ - DAY                                   243

      Kathy flashes her UN ID. The guard eyes her. PASSERS-BY also.
                                                           TWB 107.

244   INT. HALLWAY - UNMHQ - DAY                                  244

      Kathy walks down the hall. Feeling it close in on her.
      Turning a corner, to...


      Peter Ward stands in front. He can't look her in the eye.

      Kathy slips her hand into her pocket. Fumbling... Then looks
      up. She's got it. ECU of TAPE WHEELS turning. Kathy moves
      forward. Coming closer, she sees behind Peter...


      Peter hands Kathy an envelope. Looking up... Apologetic. She
      reads, stunned.

                Timesheet Violations? They are firing me
                for time sheet violations!!!

                          PETER WARD
                You should go.

                I'm not going anywhere. Not without an
                investigation. Madeleine Rees is--

                          PETER WARD
                Hynes has sent a delegate to Vienna to
                have Madeleine Rees removed.

      Kathy is stopped short.

                          PETER WARD (CONT'D)
                State Department auditors are here.
                Asking for files on trafficking,
                prostitution and time sheets.

      Kathy stops. Realizing...

                Can you repeat that?

      He looks around, nervous.

                          PETER WARD
                Look, this is between you and me, but
                Dyncorp and the State Department... you
                know it's a dual thing, and this is the
                action they have taken, whether right or
                wrong... I'm being told to do this.
                                                       TWB 108.

          So you're saying the State Department is
          instructing Dyncorp to fire me.

Peter nods. And Kathy has what she needs.

                    KATHY (CONT'D)
          Please... can I just go in for one
          minute, get my personal belongings.

She eyes him. Knowing who he is inside. He shouldn't... But
Peter opens the door. Kathy goes in


Closes the door behind her. Rushing   -- to the File Cabinet --
takes out her keys -- TO THE BOTTOM   DRAWER -- Kathy pushes
back FRONT FILES -- Takes FILES OUT   -- Looking around -- --

She zips up the bag. Looks at the door. Still closed. She...

TAKES OUT HER TAPE RECORDER. Huddles down behind her desk...
PRESSES PLAY. But all she hears is FUZZ.

                    PETER WARD

She turns. Peter stands over her. Eyeing the tape recorder.

                    PETER WARD (CONT'D)
          Scrambling devices.

She looks at him, waiting for his next move. His eyes soften.

                    PETER WARD (CONT'D)
          It probably won't work in most of the
          rooms. Now c'mon. Get out of here.

She smiles, silently thanking him. She shoves the recorder in
her pocket. Grabs the bag. Thrown by it's heaviness. Peter
helps her get it on her shoulder.

He ushers her out. Locking the door behind them. They move


When Rick Jones barrels after them. Waving Kathy's appeal.
IPTF OFFICERS come out of their office. Kathy rushes into


Quickly looking around THE METAL PANELING. She drops the bag.
An ECHO REVERBERATES through the HOLLOW SHAFT. Kathy turns...
                                                            TWB 109.

      Again slipping her hand in her pocket. This time determined.

                          RICK JONES
                I'm gonna tell you this in front of him
                and everybody else, you no longer have a
                UN ID. You no longer have a UN job. You
                do not have a job with the Department of
                State. The Department of State holds your
                contract. They are the ones who are
                pulling it. You will not have an appeal.
                You will not have a hearing. You will not
                have anything. Do you understand?

      Kathy lets the doors close without saying a word...


      The lights are off. The office sits untouched. Move over the
      bulletin board, still overflowing with faces of girls.


      The halls. Quiet. Still. No sense of the noise to come...

                          REPORTER'S VOICE (O.S.)
                ...suspected UN involvement in
                international sex trafficking. Rumors of
                these allegations began surfacing after
                an email was sent describing...

247   INT. STUDIO - BBC HARDTALK - DAY                            247

      BBC CHIMES. Bill Hynes talks to TIM SEBASTIAN.

                          BILL HYNES
                I can categorically state that not one
                United Nations Officer has been involved
                in the trafficking of a single woman.

                Are you saying that you believe all these
                victims' claims to be false?

                          BILL HYNES (O.S.)
                I don't want to make accusations about
                those girls. But I will assert over and
                over again, I run a ZERO TOLERANCE
                program for that type of activity...

248   INT. FRANZ' HOUSE - DAY                                     248

      Kathy watches footage of Bill Hynes on BBC. She stares in
      disbelief. Then picks up... THE GYM BAG FULL OF FILES.
                                                            TWB 110.

249   INT. "BROTHEL" - DAY                                          249

      An IPTF SWAT TEAM bursts down the door of a bar. They move
      in, waving FLASHLIGHTS over GIRLS running in all directions.


      ON A TV: Girls in silk robes. No sign of torture. They smile
      at their saviours. Knights in bullet-proof vests.

      The screen PAUSES. AN EDITOR Turns to Rick Jones.

                          RICK JONES
                Any unused footage. Use it all. I want
                the press flooded with EPKs.

251   INT. MADELEINE REES' OFFICE - DAY                             251

      Madeleine speaks to REPORTERS.

                What do you say to rumors that Dyncorp
                are working to have you removed?

                Try me... These raids are for show and
                completely amateurish. This is the
                biggest cover-up I have ever seen!

252   EXT. BASARABSKA MARKET - DAY                                  252

      Kathy moves through TOURISTS browsing for jewelry. Holding
      the gym bag tight. She turns a corner down a


240   Narrow. TWO PEOPLE WIDE.. Keeping her eyes to the ground.     240

                          BILL HYNES (O.S.)
                We've had a UN inspection by senior
                investigators from New York. We've had
                inspectors from the State Department.

253   INT. UNITED NATIONS HEADQUARTERS - DAY                        253

      John Morgan leads STATE DEPARTMENT AUDITORS into the lobby.

254   EXT. NARROW ALLEY - BASARABSKA MARKET - DAY                   254

      Kathy turns into a PIZZA SHOP. Flanked by AMERICAN FAMILIES.
      She walks, knowingly... into a BACK PATIO.

258   Small and dark. Kathy spots... A WOMAN in the back.           258
                                                            TWB 111.


      Kathy sits across from JOANNA PAUL SMITH. Eyeing her gym bag.

                          JOANNA PAUL SMITH (BRITISH ACCENT)
                I've been working at Human Rights Watch
                for fifteen years. We've been keeping
                close tabs on this. No one has come
                forward with anything solid before.

                I have everything you need. When I arrive
                in Amsterdam safely, I will go on record.

      Joanna nods, a glimmer of admiration. Kathy stands, shakes
      her hand, and leaves... Disappearing into the crowd.

256   INT./EXT. CAR/ROAD - NIGHT                                    256

      Kathy drives alone. Checking the rearview mirror.

      A car pulls up behind her. It's bright light blinds Kathy.
      The car closes in on her. She winces, but... The car passes.

      It's just Kathy on the road. The gym bag on the seat beside
      her. The culmination of everything she's been fighting for.

      Her red tail lights disappear into a dark mountain tunnel.

      Fade up on:

257   EXT. COURTHOUSE - LONDON, ENGLAND - DAY                       257

      REPORTERS snap pictures of Kathy.

                          BBC REPORTER (O.S.)
                Expecting a verdict today. Two years ago,
                Ms. Bolkovac took her case against her
                employer, Dyncorp, to an industrial
                tribunal in Southampton, because the
                company is governed by UK employment law.

258   INT. COURTHOUSE - DAY                                         258

      A THREE JUDGE PANEL in a hearing room.

      Kathy and KAREN BAILEY, her lawyer. Across from them, a TEAM
      of DYNCORP DEFENSE ATTORNEYS. Rick Jones in the seating area.

                                                     INTERCUT WITH:
                                                            TWB 112.

259   EXT. INDEPENDANCE SQUARE - KYIV - DAY                         259

      Luba walks through a crowd. She stops at a fountain and looks
      around, nervous. Then she spots... Mara.

                          MARA (RUSSIAN)
                Ivan let you go. This is what you do now.

      Luba nods, understanding.


      Karen squeezes Kathy's hand. Kathy looks to the back of the
      courtroom... Erin smiles at Kathy. So proud.

      JUDGE SWISS holds up Kathy's TAPE RECORDER...

      Kathy straightens. The Judge reads from a VERDICT. Karen's
      face lights up. Kathy's won. Jan breathes, relieved.

260   INT. COFFEE SHOP - KYIV - DAY                                 260

      Mara and Luba sit across from a YOUNG GIRL, 16. The girl
      excitedly flips through a SWISS HOTEL BROCHURE...

                          YOUNG GIRL (UKRAINIAN)
                You both worked here?

      Mara looks at Luba, a 'do or die' look in her eye. Hiding her
      shame, she gathers her strength for this lie.

                          LUBA (UKRAINIAN)
                Yes. It will change your life.


      FLASHBULBS pop as Kathy stands... Pleased, but not elated.

      The Dyncorp team files out. As the judges stand, one of them
      eyes Kathy. And they connect. As only true lawmen do.

      But in this moment, the Judge, Kathy and us... We all know...
      She never wanted to win. She just wanted to do her job.

261   EXT. KYIV - NIGHT                                             261

      The sixty-story high STATUE of MOTHER UKRAINE guards Kyiv.

262   INT. SMALL CHURCH - DAY                                       262

      A PRIEST delivers a sermon. His eyes on Halyna. She sits,
      holding a picture of Raya. A sprinkling of MOURNERS near her.
                                                               TWB 113.

263   EXT. MOSQUE - SARAJEVO - NIGHT                                 263

      WORSHIPPERS kneel and pray.


      The member countries' flags crack in the wind. WHITE UN
      VEHICLES are parked outside. The United Nations stands watch.

      FADE OUT.

                                                            FADE UP ON:

265   INT. BBC HARDTALK - DAY                                        265

      We end this film with FOOTAGE of THE REAL KATHRYN BOLKOVAC in

                             TIM SEBASTIAN
                   We talked to Bill Hynes, who was the
                   senior UN official in Bosnia at the time,
                   we talked to him a year ago, on this
                   program about some of your allegations.
                   He said they weren't true at all. He said
                   'We've had senior officials from New
                   York, we've had investigations from the
                   State Department... I can now
                   categorically say that not a single UN
                   official was involved in trafficking'.

                   I think that Mr. Hynes knows this is a
                   false statement.

                             TIM SEBASTIAN
                   So you're accusing him of lying. That not
                   a single word he said is true.

                   I watched that... Yes.

      Tim shifts. Kathy sits calm.

                             TIM SEBASTIAN
                   Would you do it again?

                   Yes I would. No doubt about it... I would
                   definitely do it again. I'm not the type
                   of person who would... As a law
                   enforcement officer, I am held to a
                   higher standard.

                                                     TWB 114.







Whistleblower, The

Writers :   Eilis Kirwan  Larysa Kondracki
Genres :   Drama  Thriller

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