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                     THE WOLF OF WALL STREET

                            Written by

                          Terence Winter

                        Based on the book

                          Jordan Belfort

                             White Shooting Script - September 7th, 2012
                               Blue Revised Pages - September 25th, 2012
                                  Pink Revised Pages - October 9th, 2012
                               Yellow Revised Pages - October 15th, 2012
                                Green Revised Pages - October 16th, 2012
                            Goldenrod Revised Pages - October 19th, 2012
                                    Buff Revised Pages - March 5th, 2013

1       INSERT - TV COMMERCIAL - DAY                                   1

        Over jungle sound effects, the CAMERA is low, moving
        through brush from the POV of a stalking animal. As the
        brush parts, revealing Wall Street and the New York Stock
        Exchange, we HEAR the resonant voice of GENE HACKMAN.

                                GENE HACKMAN (V.O.)
                  The world of investing can be a

1A      WE SEE a charging, snorting BULL.                             1A

                                 GENE HACKMAN (V.O.)

1B      WE SEE a ferocious, growling BEAR.                            1B

                                 GENE HACKMAN (V.O.)
                  Bears.   Danger at every turn.

        Pretentious CLASSICAL MUSIC kicks in.

                                GENE HACKMAN (V.O.)
                  That's why we at Stratton Oakmont
                  pride ourselves on being the best.

1C-1D   VARIOUS SHOTS -- a conservative young MAN reviews a stock   1C-1D
        portfolio with a wealthy older COUPLE; a smiling young
        WOMAN sits before a computer talking into a headset.

                                GENE HACKMAN (V.O.)
                  Trained professionals to guide you
                  through the financial wilderness.

1E      WE SEE the Stratton "team" - an ethnically diverse group      1E
        of ACTORS with their handsome, grey-templed "CHAIRMAN".

                                GENE HACKMAN (V.O.)
                  Stratton Oakmont. Stabilty.
                  Integrity. Pride.

1F      WE SEE a shot of the black glass Stratton Building, and:      1F

2       INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - BULLPEN - DAY   (FEB `95)          2

        Absolute bedlam. 300 drunken STOCKBROKERS, most in their
        early 20s, chant wildly as JORDAN BELFORT, handsome, 30,
        stands beside a DWARF dressed in tights, cape & helmet.

                  Twenty five grand to the first
                  cocksucker to nail a bullseye!

        The "bullseye" is a large dollar sign in the middle of a
        giant velcro "dartboard".
         The Wolf of Wall Street      Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

                                JORDAN (CONT'D)
                  Watch and learn, people!

       The Brokers go apeshit as Jordan grabs the Dwarf by his
       pants and collar. In the Crowd, cash flies as side bets
       are made. Jordan winds up, aims for the "dartboard".

                                     JORDAN (CONT'D)
                  One.   Two.      Throw!!

       The Brokers cheer, and as the screaming Dwarf takes
       flight, hurtling toward camera, we FREEZE FRAME:

                                JORDAN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                  My name is Jordan Belfort. No, not                      *
                  him, me. I'm a former member of                         *
                  the middle class raised by two
                  accountants in a tiny apartment in
                  Bayside, Queens.

3-3B   A SERIES OF POLAROIDS -- (1969)                                    3-3B

       Jordan, 7, smiles as he poses behind a lemonade stand,
       his parents Max and Leah behind him; Jordan, 13, stands
       holding a styrofoam cooler, selling ices on the beach;
       Jordan, 18, smiles as he holds an Amway sales brochure.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  The year I turned 26, I made 49
                  million dollars as the head of
                  my own brokerage firm--

4      EXT. LONG ISLAND EXPRESSWAY - DAY        (FEB `95)                     4

       A CHERRY RED Ferrari Testarossa ZOOMS down the L.I.E.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  --which really pissed me off
                  because it was three shy of a
                  million a week.

       The Ferrari weaves in and out of traffic.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Hey, my Ferrari was white, like
                  Don Johnson's in Miami Vice.

       We see the same Ferrari, now in WHITE, as it zooms away,
       a BLONDE head bobbing up and down in Jordan's lap.

5      EXT. LONG ISLAND'S NORTH SHORE - DAY          (FEB `95)                5

       A twin-engine Bell Jet helicopter descends over a huge
       mansion, with sparkling pool, tennis court and waterfall.
         The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  See that humongous estate down
                  there? That's my house.

6      INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - MASTER BEDROOM - DAY      (FEB `95)          6

       We see NAOMI, 24, blonde and gorgeous, a living wet dream
       in LaPerla lingerie.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  My wife, Naomi, the Duchess of Bay
                  Ridge, Brooklyn, a former model
                  and Miller Lite girl.

       Naomi licks her lips; she's incredibly, painfully hot.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Yeah, she was the one blowing me
                  in the Ferrari, so put your dick
                  back in your pants.

       Over the following, WE SEE a quick

7-7C   SERIES OF SHOTS                                                   7-7C

       All taken from TV; a mansion from Lifestyles of the Rich
       and Famous; wealthy PEOPLE applauding at a polo match;
       a yacht sailing crystal blue seas; Robert Wagner and
       Stephanie Powers toasting with champagne on Hart to Hart.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  In addition to Naomi and my two
                  perfect kids, I own a mansion,
                  private jet, six cars, three
                  horses, two vacation homes and
                  a 170 foot yacht.

8      INT. HOTEL BEDROOM - NIGHT (FEB `95)                                8

       Sweaty, wild-eyed and naked, Jordan fucks an HISPANIC
       HOOKER from behind.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  I also gamble like a degenerate,
                  drink like a fish, fuck hookers
                  maybe five times a week and have
                  three different Federal agencies
                  looking to indict me.

       He dismounts, snorts some coke through a straw, then uses
       it to blow some into her asshole.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Oh yeah, and I love drugs.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages      3/5/13

     Jordan looks up suddenly, paranoid, as if he's hearing

9    INT. HELICOPTER - NIGHT     (FEB `95)                             9

     Jordan, drooling and stoned out of his skull, wears a
     rumpled custom-made business suit as he mans a set of
     controls next to his frantic co-pilot, CAPTAIN DAVE.

                               CAPTAIN DAVE
                Pull up!   Jesus! We're gonna

     Jordan's head bobs as he pulls back on the stick.
     The helicopter rises sharply, then levels out, hovering
     30 feet above a huge mansion. Down below, through
     Jordan's hazy, DOUBLE VISIONED POV, we see a sparkling
     pool, tennis court and waterfall.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Check this out -- despite my
                completely fucked-up state, I
                could fly straight while still
                seeing two of everything.

     He closes one eye; his POV sharpens. Putting pressure on
     the stick, the helicopter descends slowly over the
     driving range... then LURCHES and SLAMS to the ground.

                     (to Captain Dave)
                Ya guzza git hazarous doozy pay,

10   INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - FRONT DOOR - DAY      (FEB `95)            10

     Morning. Sober now, impeccable in suit and tie, Jordan
     heads for the door holding a glass of orange juice.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Yes, on a daily basis I take
                enough drugs to sedate greater
                Long Island.

11   EXT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - CONTINUOUS       (FEB `95)                 11

     He pops two white pills, swigs some juice, then speaks
     directly to the camera as he heads for a waiting limo.

                I take Quaaludes for my back,
                fifteen to twenty a day.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13
                              JORDAN (CONT'D)
                I use Xanax to stay focused,
                ambien to sleep, pot to mellow
                out, cocaine to wake up and
                morphine because it's awesome.


     The limo pulls up to the black glass office building.
     Jordan gets out, heads inside through a back door.

                But of all the drugs under God's
                blue heaven, there's one that's my
                absolute favorite.


     Gadgets, computers, oxblood leather furniture. With
     the DIN of the brokerage firm bleeding in, Jordan uses
     a credit card to cut a line of coke on his desk. As he
     peels a crisp $100 DOLLAR BILL off a wad, rolls it up:

                Enough of this shit'll make you
                invincible, able to conquer the
                world and eviscerate your enemies.

     He SNARFS up the line, gestures to the cocaine.

                              JORDAN (CONT'D)
                I'm not talking about this. I'm
                talking about this.
                     (Jordan unfurls the
                      $100 with a SNAP)
                Money is the oxygen of capitalism
                and I wanna breathe more than any
                other human being alive.

     He crumbles it into a ball and tosses it into a corner,
     where it comes to rest with two dozen others. Over his
     back as we TRACK HIM out of his office toward what sounds
     like the ROAR of a mob--

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Money doesn't just buy you a
                better life -- better food, better
                cars, better pussy -- it also
                makes you a better person. You
                can give generously to the church
                of your choice or the political
                party. You can save the fucking
                spotted owl with money.
        The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

14    INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - BULLPEN - DAY         (FEB `95)        14

      Arms akimbo, Jordan stands above the bullpen, a huge open
      space with tightly packed rows of maple colored desks.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 But most of all, in any country in
                 the world, money can buy you love.
                 Fuck the Beatles.

      His 300 BROKERS, mostly young men with their jackets off,
      scream wildly. They worship him.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 With that in mind, at the tender
                 age of 22, after marrying my
                 girlfriend Teresa--

14A   SCENES 14A - 18 OMITTED                                            14A

19    EXT. WALL STREET - DAY      (MAY `87)                              19

      An express bus pull up -- its sign reads "Wall

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 --I headed to the only place that
                 befit my high-minded ambitions...

      Jordan emerges, kisses TERESA goodbye, then joins a sea
      of Commuters heading to work.

                               JERRY FOGEL (PRE-LAP)
                 You are lower than fucking pond

20    INT. L.F. ROTHSCHILD - BULLPEN - DAY       (MAY `87)               20

      Computers, telephones everywhere. At their desks, 45
      shirt-sleeved BROKERS read their Wall St. Journals,
      readying for war. Like an eager puppy, Jordan follows
      broker JERRY FOGEL, 30, thick-lipped and bow-tied...

                               JERRY FOGEL
                 You got a problem with that?
                      (reads name tag)

                 Nope.   No problem at all.
  The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                         JERRY FOGEL
           Your job is `connector', which
           means you'll be dialing the phone
           over 500 times a day, trying to
           `connect' me with business owners.
           And till you pass your Series 7,
           that's all you'll be doing. Sit.

Jordan takes a seat at the desk next to Fogel's.

                         JERRY FOGEL (CONT'D)
           Just so you know, last year I made
           over 300k and the other guy you'll
           be working for made a million.

                         JORDAN (V.O.)
           A million dollars? I could only
           imagine what a douchebag that guy
           must be.

A manicured hand lands on Jordan's shoulder. It's MARK
HANNA, 30s, charismatic, movie-star handsome.

                          MARK HANNA
           Jordan? Mark Hanna.
                (re: Fogel)
           Good, you've met Jerry. One of
           the smartest guys in the office.
           Who's ever sucked a dog's cock out
           of loneliness.

Fogel's smile turns to a frown.      He hands Jordan a stack
of 3x5 index cards.

                         JERRY FOGEL
           Smile and dial. And don't pick
           your fucking head up till one.

                         MARK HANNA
           Don't mind Jerry, his father raped
           him as a child. Besides, I'm
           senior broker here, he's a
           worthless piker. I heard you
           pitched stock at your job

           Had to do something to stand out.

                         MARK HANNA
           I fuckin' love that! Let's grab
           lunch later. Windows good with

           Great.   Yeah.
  The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

Hanna gives him a wink, looks at the clock on the giant
electronic stock ticker encircling the room -- 9:30 a.m.

                            MARK HANNA
           Let's fuck!!

RING!!! Absolute pandemonium at the BELL signalling the
opening of the stock market. Feet fly off desks; Brokers
and their Connectors dial phones like mad. The CAMERA
PUSHES IN on JORDAN, mesmerized as he takes in the ROAR.

                         BROKER #1
                (to Broker #2)
           Miniscribe's a fuckin' steal!
           Thirty eight bucks a share!

                          MARK HANNA
                 (into headset)
           Your broker in West Virginia?
           What are you buying, a coal mine?
           It's the 80s, the game is high-

                         BROKER #2
                (to Broker #3)
           Fuckface! I got 50,000 July 50s!

                         JORDAN (V.O.)
           You want to know what money sounds
           like? Visit a trading floor on
           Wall Street. Fuck this, shit
           that. Cock, cunt, asshole. I
           couldn't believe how these guys
           talked to each other--

Fogel notices Jordan sitting there frozen.        He covers his
mouthpiece, kicks the desk violently.

                         JERRY FOGEL
           Dial the cocksucking phone!

Jordan snaps out of it, starts dialing.

                         JORDAN (V.O.)
           I was hooked within seconds.

Mark Hanna slams down his phone in victory, scrawls out a
"buy" ticket. He places the ticket into a glass cylinder
which he slips into a plastic pneumatic tube.

                         JORDAN (V.O.)
           It was like mainlining adrenaline.

The tube is WHOOSHED into the ceiling and we're suddenly--
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

21   INT. WINDOWS ON THE WORLD - DAY     (MAY `87)                  21

     CLOSE ON a COKE SPOON whose contents disappear up a
     nostril. PULL BACK TO REVEAL...

     The lunchtime power spot with panoramic views of the
     city. At a corner table, a paranoid Jordan looks around
     as Hanna does another bump of coke. None of the other
     DINERS seem to notice or care.

                              MARK HANNA
                     (offering the spoon)
                Got enough for one more? Tootski?

                No.   Thanks though.

     Hanna slips the vial into his pocket as HECTOR, the
     tuxedoed Maitre'D, approaches.

                Mr. Hanna, what can I bring for
                you on this glorious afternoon?

     Hanna surreptitiously palms Hector a $100; Jordan

                              MARK HANNA
                Here's the game plan, Hector.
                Bring us two Absolut Martinis
                straight up. Precisely seven and
                a half minutes after you deliver
                those you'll bring two more, then
                two more every five minutes until
                one of us passes out.

                An excellent strategy, sir.

                Actually, I'm good with 7-Up.

     Jordan might as well have farted at the table.

                               MARK HANNA
                First day on Wall Street, Hector.
                Give him time.
                     (Hector offers menus)
                No thanks, I'm not eating.

     Hector heads off.

                You can get high during the day
                and still function?
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                         MARK HANNA
           High is the only way to do this
           fucking job. Guy who coined the
           term "three-martini lunch" was a
           woman. Cocaine and hookers, my
           friend, the keys to success.

Jordan smiles, not sure if Hanna is kidding.

           I gotta say, I'm really excited
           about being part of your team.
           I wanna do all I can for our
           clients and --

                         MARK HANNA
                (reciting an ad)
           "Here at L.F. Rothschild, our
           clients aren't just important,
           they're family." Just as long as
           we get our taste first. Remember
           something, Jordan, your top
           priority in this job: make us
           money. If the clients get rich
           along the way, bully for them.
           Got a girlfriend?

           Wife.   She cuts hair.

Mark swallows a comment about that.      Gets to business.

                         MARK HANNA
           OK, first rule of Wall Street.
           Nobody -- and I don't care if
           you're Warren Buffet or Jimmy
           Buffet -- nobody knows if a
           stock's going up, down or fucking
           sideways, least of all stock
           brokers. But we have to pretend
           we know. Make sure you stay
           relaxed. Nobody wants to buy
           something from someone who sounds
           like they haven't gotten laid in a
           month. Take breaks when you feel
           stressed, jerk off if you can.
           You like jerking off, right?

           Well... sure.

                         MARK HANNA
           Good, jerking off is key. And I
           highly recommend cocaine, which
           will make you dial faster, which
           is good for me. Churn `em and
           burn `em, baby.
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

     A BUSBOY stops by with a fresh napkin for Mark who thanks
     him. Then, discreetly as possible, Mark removes a fresh
     vial of cocaine tucked within and takes a quick snort.
     Jordan realizes: that's why he palmed the maitre d' $100.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                For the next six months I learned
                the ways of Wall Street.

22   INT. STRIP CLUB - NIGHT    (OCT `87)                           22

     As STRIPPERS grind in b.g, Jordan parties with Mark Hanna
     and dozens of BROKERS and TRAINEES. Jordan sips a
     martini and studies Mark Hanna, hitting on a STRIPPER.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                That fall I passed my Series 7.
                Finally it was here.

23   INT. ROTHSCHILD BUILDING - LOBBY - DAY      (OCT `87)          23

     Briefcase in hand, Jordan boards the elevator with a
     dozen other BROKERS.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                My first day as a stockbroker, a
                future Master of the Universe.

     And as the doors close, on screen WE SEE:

                        OCTOBER 19th, 1987

24   INT. L.F. ROTHSCHILD - BULLPEN - DAY      (OCT `87)            24

     Total chaos. Jordan dials the phone as all around him
     Brokers panic, screaming into headsets.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                They called it Black Monday.
                By four p.m. the market was down
                508 points, the biggest one-day
                drop since the crash of `29.

     4 p.m. The closing bell RINGS; the entire place goes
     silent. Brokers look at each other, stunned.

                               MARK HANNA
                Holy.   Fucking. Shit.

     And as the Brokers start commiserating with each other...
      The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                L.F. Rothschild, a company that
                had been in business since 1883,
                closed its doors within a month.


     Jordan sits at the table perusing the Times classifieds.
     Teresa approaches with two coffees. Sits next to him.

                So I'll take an extra shift, don't
                worry about it.

                You work too much as it is.

                We could pawn my engagement ring.

                We're not pawning anything. I'm
                gonna be a millionaire, Teresa.

                You know that doesn't matter,

     He smiles, kisses her.     Together, they peruse the ads.

                     (points to an ad)
                "Nobody Beats the Wiz".      I could
                be a stock boy.

                You're a stock broker.

                No one's hiring brokers right now,

     They go back to the ads.     After a few beats, she points--

                This place is.


     In a suit, Jordan emerges from an `85 Datsun. He looks
     around confused, heads toward an unmarked storefront.
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

27   INT. INVESTOR'S CENTER - DAY     (DEC `87)                     27

     The antithesis of L.F. Rothschild, with cheap furniture
     and a dozen misfit "BROKERS" giving loud, obnoxious sales
     pitches. Jordan enters, a modern man among cave people.
     DWAYNE, slovenly, 35, with a walrus mustache, looks up.

                I'm looking for Investor's Center?

                That's us, hey. Dwayne.

                     (as they shake hands)
                Jordan Belfort, I called earlier.
                I was a broker with Rothschild.

     Dwayne motions Jordan to a seat. Nearby, a Broker in
     ratty Keds, TOBY WELCH, is screaming into his phone.

                              TOBY WELCH
                I'm tellin' you, this stock is
                goin' up!... Cause I know,
                okay?!... I have inside

     Jordan looks at him, appalled at what he's hearing.

                Where are your quotrons?

                No quotrons, we sell off the pink
                sheets -- penny stocks.

     Dwayne slides Jordan a large thin book; its pages are
     literally pink. He explains as Jordan flips the pages:

                              DWAYNE (CONT'D)
                Company don't have enough capital
                to be listed on NASDAQ, their
                shares trade here.
                     (points to the book)
                Like these guys, Aerotyne? They
                make radar detectors out of a
                garage in Dubuque.

                Six cents a share? Who buys this

                Schmucks mostly. Mailmen,
                plumbers, people thinking they can
                get rich quick. They answer our
                ads, Popular Mechanics, Hustler.
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

                The spread on these is huge.

                So's your commission, that's the
                point. Blue chips stocks you get
                what, one percent? Pink sheets
                are fifty.

                Wait a second. You're telling me
                if I sell two thousand dollars
                worth of stock, my commission is a
                thousand bucks?

                Technically, yeah, but not even
                the biggest schmuck buys two
                thousand dollars of this shit.

28   INT. INVESTOR'S CENTER - (LATER THAT) DAY       (DEC '87)         28

     As others Brokers bark into phones, Jordan sits, phone
     cradled in his shoulder, making notes. A few beats, then:

                     (into phone)
                Mr. Fleming, good morning, Jordan
                Belfort with Investor's Center in
                New York City. You recently
                responded to one of our ads...

     A few of the other Brokers glance over, eavesdropping.

                              JORDAN (CONT'D)
                The reason I'm calling is that
                an extremely exciting investment
                opportunity crossed my desk today.
                Typically our firm recommends no
                more than five stocks per year:
                this is one of them...

     A few more Brokers look over...

                              JORDAN (CONT'D)
                Aerotyne International is a
                cutting edge tech firm out of the
                Midwest, awaiting imminent patent
                approval on a new generation of
                radar equipment...

     LATER.   Now all the Brokers listen in rapt attention.
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                              JORDAN (CONT'D)
                -- so if Aerotyne's shares rise
                to only a dollar -- and our
                research indicates they could go
                much, much higher -- your profit
                on a mere three thousand dollar
                investment would be upwards of
                fifty thousand... That's right,
                you could pay off your mortgage.

     Seconds tick by; an eternity, then he starts writing:

                              JORDAN (CONT'D)
                Four thousand dollars, will
                that be check or money order?...
                Thank you, sir.

     Jordan hangs up, scrawls out a "buy" ticket.

                              JORDAN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                Just like that I made two grand.
                The other guys looked at me like
                I'd just discovered fire.

     Toby Welch and the other cave-Brokers stare at him.

                              TOBY WELCH
                How'd you fuckin' do that?

29   INT. INVESTOR'S CENTER - (ANOTHER) DAY (FEB `88)               29

     Jordan sits at his desk in mid-pitch, totally focused.

                It's a rock-solid company, sir,
                it's the next Microsoft...
                Six thousand. Terrific.

     As Jordan continues talking, wrapping up the sale...

                              JORDAN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                Though I knew I was selling
                garbage, within twelve weeks I
                was making a fortune.

     And as he starts scrawling out a buy ticket...

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                And as a wise man once told me,
                my only responsibility was to
                put meat on the table.

     CLOSE ON a 1988 Jaguar, parked outside a diner...
       The Wolf of Wall Street     Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

30    INT. KACANDES DINER - BAYSIDE - DAY        (JUN `88)                 30

      Wearing a suit, Jordan sits in a booth reading the Wall
      Street Journal as a WAITRESS serves the food. DONNIE
      AZOFF, preppy-looking, 25, with horn-rims and bright
      white teeth approaches from the takeout counter.

                 That your Jag in the lot?


                 Nice ride.      Donnie Azoff.

                 Jordan Belfort.

                 I've seen it around. We live in
                 the same building. Twelfth floor?
                      (Jordan nods)
                 What do you do, bro?

                 Stock broker.

                 Kids furniture, me and my brother-
                 in-law. Making any money?

                 Seventy grand last month.

                 Get the fuck out. You made
                 seventy grand in one month.

                 Seventy two actually.

      Donnie studies him, isn't sure if he's full of shit.

                 Tell you what. You show me a pay
                 stub with $72,000 on it, I'm
                 quitting my job right now and
                 coming to work with you.

      As Jordan retrieves his briefcase to find a paystub --           *

30A   SCENE 30A OMITTED                                                *30A

30B   As Jordan hands Donnie his paystub and sure enough, it's         *30B
      north of seventy-two k.                                          *
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

                                DONNIE (CONT'D)                      *
                Holy shit.

     Jordan watches as Donnie crosses to a pay phone and

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                And he did quit his job, which
                I thought was a little weird.
                I mean I had just met this
                fucking guy.

     A few beats, then into phone:

                Yo Paulie, it's Donnie...     Yeah,
                listen, I quit.

     Jordan studies Donnie as he continues his conversation...

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                There were other things about him
                too, like his phosphorescent white
                teeth and the fact that he wore
                horn rims with clear lenses to
                look more Waspy. He also married
                his first cousin --

31   SCENE 31 OMITTED                                                    31

32   INT. BAR - DAY   (JUN `88)                                      * 32

     Jordan sits in mid-conversation with Donnie over beers.

                No problem, if we have a kid who's
                a retard, we'll just leave it on
                the steps of some institution.

     And as they continue drinking...

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                He was also a closet drug fiend.
                I'd known him less than a week
                before he talked me into smoking

33   EXT. BACK OF BAR - DAY     (JUN `88)                            * 33

     Jordan and Donnie get high. Donnie holds a flame under a
     crack pipe.
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                The weird thing was when he'd do
                crack, his face would contort into
                this bizarre, frozen mask like the
                Phantom of the Opera.

     Donnie does a hit of crack; his jaw twitches, then his
     facial muscles contort, locking up like a stroke victim.
     After a few beats, he hands the pipe to Jordan.

                You now, take a hit!

     Jordan takes a deep hit and holds it.      A beat, then:

                Omigod, I fuckin' love you!!

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                I knew I had to make him my

34   INT. INVESTOR'S CENTER - DAY     (SEP `88)                            34

     Jordan looks on as Donnie works the phone like a madman.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Which turned out to be a great
                move - Donnie was a fast learner
                who transitioned into the penny
                stock business quickly.

35   EXT. STRATTON OAKMONT I - AUTO SHOP - DAY       (SEP `88)             35

     Jordan and Donnie pull up to a defunct auto body shop,
     which has a "For Lease" sign in the window.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                So within months we started our
                own firm out of an abandoned auto
                body shop.

36   INT. KACANDES DINER - DAY    (OCT `88)                                36

     KUPFERBERG ("SEA OTTER") and BRAD, muscular and bald,
     with a Fu Manchu mustache.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                In addition to Donnie, I also
                recruited my friends Sea Otter,                        *
                Chester and Robbie, who were at                        *
                the time all middling pot dealers.
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

     As a WAITRESS serves cheeseburgers:

                --see everyone wants to get rich,
                so you're already half way there
                by the time the call starts.

                              SEA OTTER
                I sold weed once to this Amish
                dude, had one of those beards with
                no mustache?

                                ROBBIE FEINBERG

                              SEA OTTER
                He only wanted to make furniture.

                              CHESTER MING
                What's that got to do with

                              SEA OTTER
                He just said everyone wants to
                get rich.

                              ROBBIE FEINBERG
                     (to Jordan)
                That's true, you did.

                              SEA OTTER
                Buddhists too, they don't give a
                shit about money either.

                              CHESTER MING
                Man I could sell weed to anybody,
                get a convent full of nuns fucking

     And as Brad looks at Jordan and shakes his head:

     (OCT `88)

     We see the above guys working the phones.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Brad, the guy I really wanted,
                took a pass, since he'd become the
                Quaalude king of Bayside.

38   EXT. BRAD'S HOUSE - BACKYARD GYM - DAY       (OCT `88)          38

     Bare-chested, wearing kung fu pants, Brad sells ludes to
     a couple of HIGH SCHOOL KIDS.
      The Wolf of Wall Street     Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                They were absolute morons, my
                friends, but like I always said--

     (OCT `88)

     Jordan emerges from his office into the garage area
     (the bullpen), looking on as Donnie, Chester, Robbie, Sea
     Otter and four other BROKERS (now including RUGRAT and
     Toby) make sales calls from the cheap desks.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Give me them young, hungry and
                stupid and in no time I'll make
                them rich.

40   EXT. MARINA - LONG ISLAND - SUNSET        (MAY `89)              40

     On lounge chairs at the edge of a dock, bottle of wine
     nearby, Jordan sits with Teresa. He smiles as she opens
     a jewelry case -- inside is a diamond tennis bracelet.

                Omigod.   Jordan.

                You like it?

                It's beautiful.

     Jordan helps her try it on.       She smiles, but he detects a
     wave of... something.

                They're small, I know, but the
                stones are really high quality.

                No, no.   I love it.

                Then what?

     They sit in silence.       Finally:

                I don't know, it's just -- these
                stocks, these crappy companies.

                In five years the Corleone family
                will be completely legitimate.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                 Why can't you be legitimate now?

                 It's not illegal, Teresa,
                 technically. I mean they're real
                 stocks, they're just...

                 Never gonna make anybody money.
                      (a few beats; then)
                 Wouldn't you feel better selling
                 this junk to rich people, who can
                 afford to lose the money at least?

                 Rich people don't buy penny

                 Why not?

      And on Jordan's look:

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Because they're too smart, that's
                 why not.

41    INT. STRATTON OAKMONT I - AUTO BODY SHOP - DAY      (AUG `89)       41

      CLOSE ON Jordan, brow furrowing as his wheels turn.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 I mean what person of any
                 substance would trust this bunch
                 of jerk-offs? Like the Pinhead,                      *
                 Robbie Feinberg.

42    SCENES 42 - 46 OMITTED                                          * 42

46A   INSERT ID PHOTO - TOBY WELCH                                    *46A

                               JORDAN (V.O.)                          *
                 Toby Welch. I mean, look at this                     *
                 fucking Cro-Magnon, I wouldn't                       *
                 trust him to pick up a rock.                         *

      (ALT)                                                           *

                               JORDAN (V.O.)                          *
                 Toby Welch. I mean, look at this                     *
                 fucking Cro-Magnon, he couldn't                      *
                 even think without moving his                        *
                 lips.                                                *
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

46B   INSERT ID PHOTO - ROBBIE FEINBERG                              46B

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Or the Sea Otter.

46C   INSERT ID PHOTO - THE SEA OTTER                                46C

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Chester Ming even, the Depraved
                 Chinaman, with his giant panda

46D   INSERT ID PHOTO - CHESTER MING                                 46D

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Or Nicky Koskoff, who I called
                 Rugrat because--

46E   INSERT ID PHOTO - RUGRAT                                       46E

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Well, you can probably figure that
                 out for yourself.

      (MAR `90)

      The camera PUSHES IN on Jordan as he stands before a
      large dry erase board.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 But what if they didn't sound like
                 jerk-offs? What if I took this
                 bunch of nincompoops and molded
                 them in my own image? I
                 reinvented the company, gave it a
                 new image, a new name. Something
                 patrician, blue-blooded, something
                 that reeked of tradition and anti-

      And as his Brokers settle in to folding chairs--

                 Gentlemen, welcome to Stratton
                 Oakmont.   The clients we've gone
                 after in the past -- they're done.
                 We will now target exclusively the
                 wealthiest one percent of
                 Americans. The methods we've used
                 -- over. Loud, obnoxious sales
                 hype is worthless with these
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13
                              JORDAN (CONT'D)
                In military terms it's like carpet-
                bombing -- noisy, menacing and
                only marginally effective. As
                Stratton brokers you will be laser-
                guided smart-bombs aimed at high-
                priority targets. You will
                establish an initial relationship
                with your clients selling only
                blue chip stocks -- then and only
                then will you attempt to sell the
                pink sheets, where the real money
                is. Now the key to every sale is

     Jordan writes the word "URGENCY" on the board.

                              JORDAN (CONT'D)
                No one buys stock unless he thinks
                it's going up and going up now.
                You must convince your client to
                buy before the takeover happens,
                before the lawsuit is settled,
                before the patent is granted.
                If he says I'll think about it and
                call you back, it's over, you're
                dead! No one calls back! So you
                have to create urgency --


     Another day. With Stratton Oakmont signage visible in
     the b.g., Jordan is on speakerphone with a potential
     CLIENT, the other Brokers listening in.

                --and once Kodak settles the
                lawsuit, institutions will be
                permitted to buy their shares in
                large blocks again. And when that
                happens, which is any day now,
                what do you think will happen to
                the price of Kodak stock?

                                CLIENT   (O.S.)
                It'll go up?

                Exactly. Which is why you should
                pick up 5000 shares today, a
                $200,000 investment.


     Jordan stands addressing his Brokers.
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                Then you lower your voice.


     Jordan pitches the client, his voice lowered.

                Believe me, sir, you will not be


     Jordan stands before the Brokers.

                Then you wait. Whoever speaks
                first loses. At this point, where
                are we in the sale? Chester?

                              CHESTER MING
                About to close?

                No, you sweet and sour douchebag!
                We're at the beginning of the
                beginning! This is where the sale
                starts. You as a salesman are
                almost hoping he says no so you
                can finally do your fucking job!


     Jordan sits at the phone, waiting for a response.

                              CLIENT (O.S.)
                I don't know, I don't think so.


     Jordan stands before the Brokers.

                He doesn't know, he needs to
                think, he's gotta ask his wife!
                The fact is it doesn't matter what
                the fuck he says! If he's already
                agreed that the stock's going up,
                then the only real objection he
                has at this point is he doesn't
                trust you! And he shouldn't trust
                you, you're a fucking salesman!
                So what do you say?
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13


     Donnie talks on the phone to a Client.

                Let me ask you this, sir -- had I
                been your broker for the past
                three to four years and made you
                money on a consistent basis, you
                probably wouldn't say you need to
                think about it, you'd probably say
                pick me up three or four thousand
                shares, am I right?

                                CLIENT #2 (O.S.)

     (APR `90)

     The place is crowded; now 20 Brokers make up the sales
     force. Sea Otter pitches a client.

                              SEA OTTER
                Wait a second. You mean to tell
                me if I put you in Union Carbide
                at 7 and took you out at 32--

     (MAY `90)

     Even more crowded, with 30 Brokers.

                              ROBBIE FEINBERG
                If I put you in Texas Instruments
                at 11 and took you out at 47--

     (JUN `90)

     More Brokers still - now there's 45.

                              CHESTER MING
                --Walmart at 16 and took you out
                at 95, you wouldn't say Chester
                pick me up 10,000 shares? C'mon.

                              CLIENT #3 (O.S.)
                Well yeah, in that case I would.
       The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

58    INT. STRATTON OAKMONT II - BULLPEN - DAY (NOV `90)                      58

      New offices now, a real brokerage firm. The bullpen is
      large, with 75 Brokers at polished maple desks, sitting
      before computers talking into headsets.

                 So the problem is that I don't
                 have the luxury of a track record.
                 Sir, let me reintroduce myself to
                 you. My name is Donnie Azoff--

58A                                                             CUT TO:   58A

                 --Nicky Koskoff--                                        *

58B                                                             CUT TO:   58B

                                  CHESTER MING
                 Chester Ming--

58C                                                             CUT TO:   58C

                               PETER DEBLASIO
                 Peter DeBlasio from Stratton
                 Oakmont in New York City--

58D                                                             CUT TO:   58D

                               TOBY WELCH
                 --and I plan on being the top
                 broker in my firm this year.

58E                                                             CUT TO:   58E

                               SEA OTTER
                 So what about this? We start
                 small with 500 shares, a cash
                 outlay of $20,000.

58F                                                             CUT TO:   58F

                               KALIL                                      *
                 If the stock goes up 10%, will
                 that make you a rich man? Of
                 course not.

58G                                                             CUT TO:   58G

                               KIMMIE BELZER
                 If if goes down 10%, will it make
                 you a poor man? No..

58H                                                             CUT TO:   58H
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages     3/5/13

                               CHESTER MING
                 What this trade will do is serve
                 as a benchmark for future

58J                                                              CUT TO:   58J

                               PETER DEBLASIO
                 The downside is minimal and the
                 upside is a long-term relationship
                 with a broker on Wall Street who
                 will consistently make you money.

58K                                                              CUT TO:   58K

                 Your only regret will be that I
                 didn't call you six months ago.

58L                                                              CUT TO:   58L

                               CLIENT #1 (O.S.)
                      (to Robbie Feinberg)
                 All right.

58M                                                              CUT TO:   58M

                               CLIENT #2 (O.S.)
                      (to Sea Otter)
                 Give me 300 shares.

58N                                                              CUT TO:   58N

                               CLIENT #3 (O.S.)
                      (to Peter DeBlasio)

58P                                                              CUT TO:   58P

                               CLIENT #4 (O.S.)
                      (to Jordan)
                 I'll take 5000 shares.

59    INT. STRATTON OAKMONT II - BULLPEN - DAY        (APR `91)                59

      4PM the place goes nuts as Jordan emerges from his office            *
      holding a spread sheet. He addresses the crowd of 100
      BROKERS, which now includes a dozen WOMEN.

                 Everybody have a good week?

      Applause; war whoops.
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                              JORDAN (CONT'D)
                I'd like to read you something.
                     (reads spread sheet)
                Month end, March 1991! $28.7
                million in gross commissions - all                  *
                in Stratton issues. Not bad for                     *
                penny stocks, huh boys? Not bad                     *
                for dumpin' penny stocks.                           *

     The place goes WILD with applause.

                              JORDAN (CONT'D)
                And to celebrate with a weekly act
                of debauchery, I have offered our
                lovely sales assistant Danielle
                Harrison ten thousand dollars to                    *
                have her head shaved!

     Jordan motions to DANIELLE HARRISON, 19, pretty, sitting       *
     in a chair nearby. Behind her, Rugrat uses clippers to
     shave her thick brown mane. The place goes nuts.

                              JORDAN (CONT'D)
                FYI, Danielle tells me she's using
                the money for breast implants! Is
                this a great company or what?!!

     More wild applause as Jordan signals across the bullpen
     to Donnie. We hear the opening strains of "Stars &
     Stripes Forever" as he opens the door to a


     dressed in underwear and hats. The music continues as
     somersaulting GYMNASTS and BATON-TWIRLERS bring up the
     rear. As they march through the bullpen to cheers--

     carrying trays of champagne and hors d'oeuvres. The
     music continues as two dozen STRIPPERS bolt in, gyrating
     among the BROKERS. As Jordan surveys the insanity:

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Word spread throughout Wall
                Street -- I was becoming a legend.
                Forbes Magazine even called to do
                a profile on me...

60   SCENES 60 - 67 OMITTED                                             60
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

     (SEP `91)

     Jordan finishes up an interview with a FEMALE FORBES
     REPORTER - ALIYAH FARRAN. They shake hands, then he
     smiles for the camera - CLICK!

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                A total fucking hatchet job.

     (OCT `91)

     A gorgeous place; city views. As Teresa sits nearby, a
     distraught Jordan paces, holding the copy of Forbes.

                That conniving little twat!
                "The Wolf of Wall Street".

                     (on the bright side)
                Your hair looks good.

                "Jordan Belfort, a twisted version
                of Robin Hood who takes from the
                rich and gives to himself and his
                merry band of brokers".

                There's no such thing as bad
                publicity, sweetie.


     Bustling with activity. Jordan enters, crosses toward
     his office. Off to the side of the bullpen, he notices
     three dozen YOUNG MEN in business suits. He approaches
     his assistant JANET, 20s, dressed all in black.

                The hell's all this?

                The Forbes article.    They're
                applying for jobs.

     They spot Jordan, start clamoring, waving their resumes.

                                JOB APPLICANTS
                Mr. Belfort!    Over here! Sir!
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                Forbes had made me a superstar.
                Every day dozens of money-crazed
                kids beat a path to my door with
                resumes they hadn't even bothered
                to spellcheck.

     Jordan crosses through the packed bullpen, where 150
     BROKERS, no older than 22, are crammed elbow to elbow
     talking into phones. Some have pets, which they tend to
     while they work -- iguanas, snakes, turtles, even a
     chimp. Others are getting shoulder rubs by Masseuses
     or being fitted for suits by a TAILOR. Over the above:

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                If we hired `em, they dropped out
                of college overnight and blew
                whatever allowance they had on a
                new suit from our in-house tailor.
                The median age of our brokerage
                couldn't get served in the bar
                down the street.

71   INT. FBI BREAK ROOM - DAY    (OCT `91)                         71

     PATRICK DENHAM sits sipping coffee as he reads Forbes.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Not this guy though -- what the
                fuck is he even doing here? He
                read the Forbes article, too, but
                he already had a job.

72   INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - DAY     (MAR `92)                  72

     CLOSE ON two BROKERS wrestling while others cheer them
     on. PULL BACK to reveal the place from the opening. 300
     young Brokers and their hot ASSISTANTS work the phones.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Within months, we doubled in size,
                moved to even bigger offices.

     Two other Brokers pump themselves up, chest-bumping and
     screaming like football players.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                It was a madhouse, a greed-fest,
                with equal parts cocaine,
                testosterone and body fluids.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

73    INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - MEN'S ROOM - DAY (MAR `92)             73

      In a stall, two Brokers snort coke, while another Broker
      fucks a Sales Assistant perched on the sink.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 I had to declare the office a fuck-
                 free zone between the hours of 9
                 and 7, but even that didn't help.

      Taped to the mirror we see a MEMO -- inside a red circle,
      two anatomically correct stick figures fuck doggy-style,
      a red line slashing through them.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Actually the madness started on
                 our very first day, when one of
                 our brokers, Ben Jenner,
                 christened the elevator by
                 getting a blowjob from a sales

74    INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - LOBBY - DAY (JAN `92)                  74

      Two dozen Brokers cheer, watching through the rising
      glass elevator as BEN JENNER, 25, gets a blowjob from a
      brunette SALES ASSISTANT.                                      *

                               JORDAN   (V.O.)
                 Her name was Pam and   to her
                 credit, she did have   an amazing
                 technique, with this   wild twist
                 and jerk motion.

75    INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - JORDAN'S OFFICE - DAY                  75
      (FEB `92)

      As Pam blows Jordan, Donnie fucks her from behind.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Eventually Ben married her, which
                 was pretty amazing considering she
                 blew every guy in the office.

75A   INSERT POLAROID - (JUN `92)                                    75A

      A wedding photo of Ben and Pam.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 He got depressed and killed
                 himself three years later.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

75B   INSERT POLAROID - (JUN `95)                                    75B

      A crime scene photo; Ben in his underwear, dead on a
      bathroom floor, a gun near his head, which oozes blood.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Anyway, in an attempt to maintain
                 order, I hired my dad Max as
                 defacto CFO and head of the


      MAX BELFORT sits smoking, watching a rerun of "The
      Equalizer" on TV. His wife, LEAH, does needlepoint.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 We called him Mad Max because of
                 his hair-trigger temper, which
                 could be set off by something as
                 innocuous as a ringing telephone.

      The phone RINGS.

                 Who the hell has the goddamn gall
                 to call this house on a Tuesday
                 evening! Goddammit!

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 But then the weirdest thing would
                 happen. Though he'd never been
                 near England, he'd pick up the
                 phone and affect an ever-so-slight
                 British accent.

      Greatly agitated, Max stomps toward the phone.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 This was his other persona -- the
                 super polite, ever-gracious Sir

                      (into phone)
                 Hello?... Yes, Gene, right-eo.
                 Good-good then... Cheerio.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 It was absolutely bizarre. He'd
                 hang up...

                      (hangs up phone)
                 Goddamn fucking halfwit!
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                And become Mad Max all over again.

     Max curses a blue streak as he stomps back to his chair.

76   SCENE 76 OMITTED                                                   76

77   INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - JORDAN'S OFFICE - DAY                  77
     (MAR `92)

     Holding a HEADSHOT of the Dwarf from the opening, Jordan
     sits talking with Donnie, Robbie and Rugrat.

                What if he gets hurt?

                              ROBBIE                                *
                He'll be wearing a helmet. Plus
                they've got, like, superhuman
                strength anyway.

                              DONNIE                                *
                I did hear you're not supposed to                   *
                make direct eye contact. If you                     *
                look at them too long in their                      *
                eyes they get freaked out - their                   *
                wires cross.                                        *

                              JORDAN                                *
                I think there's a limit to how far                  *
                we can go... I mean we can throw                    *
                shit at him and -                                   *

                              DONNIE                                *
                They have a lot of feelings.                        *

                              JORDAN                                *
                There's a specific thing that                       *
                they'll do - You can throw him at                   *
                a dart board but if you want him                    *
                to show his cock or -                               *

                              ROBBIE                                *
                Yes, that's what this guy does.                     *

                              RUGRAT                                *
                That's his gift.                                    *

                              ROBBIE                                *
                Can we also bowl with him?                          *

                              RUGRAT                                *
                His brother is actually the                         *
                bowler.                                             *
The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                        ROBBIE                                *
          They strap a skateboard to him and                  *
          throw him down an alley.                            *

                        RUGRAT                                *
          They're ornery, too, the little
          pricks. You gotta be careful.

          Get some tranq darts.

          A little straitjacket.                              *

                        JORDAN                                *
          What's the liability on something                   *
          like this?

                        RUGRAT                                *
          That's a whole different thing. I                   *
          can get on the phone with some                      *
          people. I can talk to the                           *
          insurance company and tell them                     *
          exactly what we're going to do.                     *
          But I think we go back to the same                  *
          plan - loophole - if we don't                       *
          really consider them people I                       *
          think we are in the clear.                          *

                        DONNIE                                *
          I think we should keep one in the                   *
          office because I think they're                      *
          good luck.                                          *

                        JORDAN                                *
          Treat it like the fuckin' thing it                  *
          is. He's coming in. We're paying                    *
          him for something. Treat him with                   *
          respect. And you just shake his                     *
          hand like you don't even think                      *
          anything's wrong.                                   *

                        DONNIE                                *
          You just look like something else                   *
          is going on.                                        *

                        RUGRAT                                *
          You don't look at his eyes.                         *

                        DONNIE                                *
          Say "thank you for being here".                     *

                        ROBBIE                                *
          You don't turn your back on him.                    *
          It's a sign of disrespect.                          *
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                         DONNIE                                *
           If you want a cracker or something                  *
           - I'm gonna have some treats in my                  *
           pocket. I want to be in a strip                     *
           club with you guys. Literally pull                  *
           out a brief case and have a little                  *
           fuckin' guy pop out of there. You                   *
           know how much fuckin' pussy you                     *
           get?                                                *

                         JORDAN                                *
           The point is get it out.                            *

                         DONNIE                                *
           Get the jokes out now. Get the                      *
           fuckin' jokes out now.                              *

                         JORDAN                                *
           You're gonna fuck it up. Purge all                  *
           this shit right now.                                *

                         DONNIE                                *
           That's what I'm saying -                            *

                         JORDAN                                *
           When he comes in the room, I want                   *
           him to feel like a human being -                    *

                          DONNIE                               *
           Business. Business. It's fuckin'                    *
           business, bro.                                      *

                         JORDAN                                *
           I want him to feel just like a                      *
           normal human being. Cause you know                  *
           - like one of us. One of us.                        *

                         DONNIE                                *
           Like he's an actual human being.                    *
           One of us.                                          *

                         JORDAN                                *
           Gobble, gobble we accept you, one                   *
           of us! One of us!                                   *

                           ALL                                 *
           One of us.                                          *

Janet pokes her head in.                                       *

           Your dad's coming. With the
           American Express bill.

           Can you stop him?
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

           Fuck you, you stop him.

The guys straighten up and head to desk, settle in. Max        *
blows in past her, waving a 3-inch-thick bill:

           $430,000 dollars in one month!!
           dollars in one month!!

           Hello, Father.                                      *
                (Max's expression
                  doesn't budge)
           They're business expenses. Just                     *
           relax.                                              *

The guys titter at "business expenses."

           If you bastards don't wipe those
           smug fucking looks off your faces,
           I swear to God I'm gonna wipe `em
           off for you!
                (back to Jordan)
           Are you insane?

                         ROBBIE                                *
           Actually, Max, my portion of the
           bill is hardly anything, so I'm on
           the same page as you --

           Shut the fuck up, Feinberg, you
           only have a portion because of my
           son, you worthless twerp!


           You zip it, too, Azoff, those
           boiling teeth of yours are hurting
           my fucking eyes!
                (turning to Jordan)
           My own son! From my very loins!
           What do you think this is?                          *

           Will you calm down --

           You don't think there's any end in
           sight, do you? It's all one giant
           party to you schmendricks!
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13
                               MAX (CONT'D)
                      (holds up AMEX bill)
                 $26,000 for one dinner!!

                 Donnie ordered sides.

                 Yeah, that was... Sorry.

                 What is EJ Entertainment?     What is
                 EJ Entertainment?!

                      (restraining a grin)
                 You tell me, Dad.

                 It's a goddamn prostitution ring
                 is what it is!!

      Jordan feigns shock, turns to Donnie: did you know it was
      a prostitution ring?!

                 Doesn't the IRS allow for T&A?

                 It's T&E and stop fucking with me!
                 What kind of hookers take credit
                 cards, anyway?!

      Jordan takes the bill, starts flipping through it.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 In Stratton parlance, there were
                 three kinds of hookers. There
                 were blue chips, the top of the
                 line. Model material. They were
                 priced between $300 and $500 and
                 made you wear a condom unless you
                 gave them a hefty tip, which I
                 always did.

      STRATTON BROKERS.                                              *

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Then came NASDAQs, who were
                 pretty, but not great, usually
                 in the two to three hundred
                 dollar range.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

      BROKERS WATCH.                                                 *

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Finally there were pink sheets,
                 skanks, the bottom of the barrel.

      FOURS AS SEA OTTER RIDES HER LIKE A PONY.                      *

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 They usually cost a hundred or
                 less, and if you didn't wear a
                 condom, you'd get a penicillin
                 shot the next day and pray your
                 dick didn't fall off.

      AS SEA OTTER FUCKS HER.                                        *

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Not that we didn't fuck them, too.
                 Believe me, we did.

      Behind him, the other guys wait their turns.                   *

77E   BACK TO SCENE                                                  77E

      Max continues to steam so Jordan ushers Robbie, Rugrat
      and Donnie out the door.

                 Give us a minute, will you, guys?

      He closes the door, then stretches a bit, exaggeratedly,
      letting out a little moan.

                 What's the matter?

                 Nothing, just... My back's been
                 killing me. Pain shooting down my
                 leg. Not to worry, it'll pass.

                 What do the doctors say?

                 Doctors, what do they know? I'm on
                 like twenty different medications.
                      (re: the Amex bill)
                 Look, I know it's hard for you to
                 make sense of these expenses, but
                 there's a method here, okay?                        *
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

     Max waits to hear it; Jordan gestures to the bullpen            *

                And you have to lead by example,
                is that it?
                     (Jordan nods)
                I'm tellin' ya, kid, one of these
                days... one of these days the
                chickens are gonna come home to                      *

                              JORDAN                                 *
                In order to keep these guys                          *
                working, I gotta keep `em                            *
                spending. I need to keep them                        *
                chasing the dream. You flash some                    *
                cash, they do the same. It keeps                     *
                them motivated.                                      *

                              MAX                                    *
                Pissing away money? That's what                      *
                motivates you kids?                                  *

                              JORDAN                                 *
                I could afford to pay them more,                     *
                but then they wouldn't need me as                    *
                much. And as long as they need me                    *
                they'll always fear me. I know it                    *
                sounds crazy.                                        *

                               MAX                                   *
                Crazy?   This... is obscene.                         *

     He turns and exits.    Jordan watches him go, thinking.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                It was obscene -- in the normal
                world. But who wanted to live

78   EXT. BEACH HOUSE - SOUTH HAMPTON - DAY      (JUN `92)               78

     Massive, with an Olympic-size pool overlooking the beach.
     Dozens of luxury cars parked outside. On a balcony,
     Jordan is mid-speech, in a bathing suit, addressing the
     Strattonites below, Teresa at his side.

                              JORDAN (O.C.)
                -- so enjoy yourselves, you all
                deserve a celebration. `Cept for
                Kimmie, she's lazy and she steals.                   *
                     (off laughter, Kimmie                           *
                      flips him the bird;
                      he blows her a kiss)
                But, everybody, keep this in mind.
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13
                              JORDAN (O.C.) (CONT'D)
                As my friend Donnie Azoff says,
                "If you wanna party with the boys,
                you gotta wake up with the men."
                Monday morning I want you all
                looking razor-sharp. Cuz
                Stratton's got a few things on the
                horizon, things that're gonna take
                it right up into the fucking

     The Crowd goes nuts. One Broker lets loose a wolf-howl,
     and the crowd toasts Jordan, chanting his name.

                Jor-dan!   Jor-dan! Jor-dan!

     As Jordan looks down smiling like a benevolent dictator --

                              JORDAN (PRE-LAP)
                Fuck Merrill Lynch, this way we
                become the underwriters.

                              ROBBIE (PRE-LAP)                      *
                Like an investment bank.

79   INT. BEACH HOUSE - SOUTH HAMPTON - (LATER THAT) DAY                79

     GORGEOUS PEOPLE dance/drink/snort coke. Upstairs, Jordan
     plays pool with Sea Otter, Donnie, Robbie, Toby and
     Rugrat, assigning ludes with every pocketed ball.

                Exactly. We do our own IPO's and
                we will print money.

                              SEA OTTER
                Eat like a bird, shit like an
                elephant, baby!

                They can take their Harvard asses
                under our desks and suck our
                     (to Rugrat)
                How soon can you get the paperwork

                Can't we talk about this Monday?

                It's a simple fucking question.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                 Except I'm looking at three of you
                 right now.

                               ROBBIE                                *
                 We've got Arncliffe National,
                 they're looking to go public,
                 we've got --

                      (very luded)
                 Oh, oh, Steve... Steve...


                 ...Steve... M-m-madden...

      Donnie gesticulates wildly. The guys crack up. WE PUSH
      IN ON Donnie, practically drooling, as Jordan gives us a
      quick tutorial on ludes...

79A   QUAALUDE TUTORIAL                                              *79A

      CUT TO: Extreme close up of guys doing drugs.                  *

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 The quaalude was first synthesized
                 in 1951 by an Indian doctor --
                 that's dot Indian, not feathers --
                 as a sedative, and was prescribed
                 to stressed housewives with sleep
                 disorders. Pretty soon someone
                 figured out that if you resisted
                 the urge to sleep for fifteen
                 minutes, you got a pretty kick-ass
                 high from it. Didn't take long
                 for people to start abusing ludes,
                 `course, and in 1982 the U.S.
                 Government Schedule One'd them,
                 along with the rest of the world.
                 Which meant there was only a
                 finite amount of these things
                 left. No shit, you can't even
                 find `em anymore today. You
                 people're all shit outta luck.

79B   BACK TO SCENE                                                  *79B

                      (to Donnie)
                 What're you saying, buddy?
                      (to the others)
                 Shhhh... listen to him...
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

           Ssshhhhoes... shhhoooess...

Jordan suspects Donnie may actually be onto something.
But just then...

                           SEA OTTER
           Holy fuck.

Jordan peers over the balcony where Sea Otter's looking.

NAOMI LAPAGLIA. 22, the hottest blonde ever, has entered
the party with her date BLAIR. She smiles, full lips
parting over perfect white teeth, a ridiculously short
dress barely covering her long tan legs and full breasts.

           My nutsack's about to explode.

                         ROBBIE                                *
           Someone's gotta take that down.

There's no debate who that someone should be. Eyes
locked on Naomi, Jordan makes his way downstairs.

WITH NAOMI taking in the party, her eyes flitting to
things: art, chandeliers, crystal, etc.

                         NAOMI (V.O.)
           A lotta people would look at me
           and think: "golddigger, she's out
           to land the richest husband she
           can." But you see, I came from
           nothing. Like, below the poverty
           line. And when you come from
           nothing, being rich means never
           having to go back to that.

Jordan approaches CRISTY, 20s, one of his guests.

           Jordan, hey.
                (he smiles; Cristy
                 picks up his intent)
           Have you met my friend Naomi?

Jordan takes Naomi's hand, doesn't let go.


           You have an awesome house. I
           don't think I've ever been in a
           house like this.
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

           You like it? I just got it. I
           guess it's okay. Six bedrooms,
           two hot-tubs, one off the master
           suite overlooking the water. You
           like to jet-ski?

Naomi's date Blair offers his hand to break them apart.
Toby Welch lurks behind him, giving him the evil-eye.

           Hi.   Blair Hollingsworth.

Jordan barely acknowledges him, focused on Naomi.

Outside, HILDY AZOFF chats with Teresa. Her eyes stray
to Jordan chatting up Naomi. Teresa's eyes follow hers
and sees them. Ouch. Hildy goes.

           You're telling me you've never jet-
           ski'ed in your life?!


           Y'know, we really should hit it,
           there's two other parties we're
           s'posed to get to --

           What?    You just got here.   Stay.

Naomi looks like she'd like to.     Hildy approaches,
introduces herself, then:

           Jordan, Teresa needs your help.

           With what?

           I dunno, you'll have to ask your
           wife what she wants.

Jordan sees: Teresa is watching from afar.

           Oh sweet Jesus!

Jordan turns to see a drunk Donnie, cock in hand, jerking
off to Naomi. Hildy comes running over.
      The Wolf of Wall Street     Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

                Donnie!   What the fuck are you

     During the melee that follows -- Hildy admonishing
     Donnie, Blair removing Naomi from the party --

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                The day I met Naomi was the day I
                truly became the Wolf. Every guy
                wanted her -- so I had to have

     -- Jordan watches her go. Naomi shoots a glance back to
     him and, like that, he's hooked.

80   SCENES 80 - 81 OMITTED                                              80

82   INT. SIGN OF THE DOVE - MANHATTAN - NIGHT         (JUN `92)         82

     Romantic; elegant. Over a bottle of `53 Lafite, Jordan
     sits in mid conversation with Naomi, who is stunning in a
     low-cut black cocktail dress.

                Bay Ridge.      That's near Staten

                Brooklyn, across the Verrazano
                Bridge. Guinea gulch. Ever been?

                You're Italian?

                My dad's side. Also Dutch,
                German, English -- I'm a mutt.
                Actually I have family over there,
                in London. My Aunt Emma.

                That explains it then.


                You're a Duchess. The Duchess of
                Bay Ridge.

     Naomi smiles, flags a passing WAITER.
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                Could I have a straw please?

     The Waiter nods, heads off.     A few beats, then:

                              NAOMI (CONT'D)
                So I was a little surprised you
                asked Cristy for my number.

                How come?

                Aren't you married?

                Married people can't have friends?

     Naomi smiles. The Waiter brings the straw. She opens
     it, slips it in her red wine glass. Off Jordan's look:

                So I don't stain my teeth.

     And as she sips the wine seductively through the straw...

83   EXT. BROOKLYN BRIDGE - NIGHT                                   83

     Jordan's Ferrari makes its way over the bridge, heading
     back toward Brooklyn.

                              NAOMI (O.S.)
                --then at night I do my designs.

84   INT. JORDAN'S FERRARI - CONTINUOUS                             84

     Jordan drives, Naomi next to him.

                An entire line of lingerie --
                camisoles, bustiers, panties.

     Jordan glances over -- her dress is riding up her thigh.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                She designs panties?! Jesus
                fucking Christ!

     Naomi smiles.

                Sounds like something I might
                invest in. Venture capital.
      The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                Well we should definitely keep in
                touch, then.


     He pulls over outside her brownstone.

                That's me.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Think, Jordan, think! How can you
                get up to her apartment?!

     They look at each other.     We can almost hear Jordan's
     heart pounding.

                You wanna come up for some tea?

85   INT. NAOMI'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                                   85

     A small, cozy apartment. Naomi enters, Jordan close
     behind. She picks up Rocky, her yapping Maltese.

                Say hi, Rocky.

     Naomi waves Rocky's paw.     Jordan smiles.

                              NAOMI (CONT'D)
                Why don't you light a fire? I'll
                be right out.

     Jordan nods, takes in her scent as she walks away.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                God, please help me. How can I
                fuck this girl?

     As he crouches by the fireplace, his skypager vibrates.
     He checks the readout: "Teresa". His face falls as he
     hits the "silent" button, mind racing with guilt.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                That's it, you're leaving. You're
                going home to your wife.

     Jordan stands, turns around -- NAOMI is in the doorway,
     naked except for high heels.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                As you can probably guess, I
                fucked her goddamn brains out.
      The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

86   INT. NAOMI'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                                    86

     Rocky yaps incessantly as Jordan pounds away atop Naomi.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                For eleven seconds.

     Jordan cums loudly, convulsively.

                I'm sorry, I--

                Did you cum?

                     (nods; gasping)
                Yeah, but I'm still hard.

     Jordan looks down at her.

                              JORDAN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                Being inside her... was like your
                cock went to heaven and God
                himself was cupping your balls.

     And as they start fucking again...

     (JUN `92)

     Jordan sits at his desk, telephone to his ear.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                I couldn't get enough.

88   INT. NAOMI'S APARTMENT - DAY        (JUN `92)                   88

     CLOSE ON Naomi, who talks on the phone, smiling. We PULL
     BACK to see the apartment is packed with flowers.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Every chance we got, we'd sneak
                off together...

89   INT. LIMOSINE - NIGHT (AUG `92)                                 89

     Giggling like a child, Jordan pours coke from a vial,
     creating a little mound atop one of Naomi's breasts.

                Hold still, don't move.
                     (to the Driver)
                Watch the potholes!
      The Wolf of Wall Street     Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

     More giggling, then he snorts the coke off her breast,
     burying his face in it as he climbs on top of her. Naomi
     laughs uncontrollably as the limo glides to a stop. The
     door opens from outside -- the Doorman?

                              TERESA (O.S.)
                Get out of the fucking car.

     Jordan looks up, locks eyes with Teresa. He jumps off
     Naomi, stumbles out, closing the door behind himself.


                JORDAN                             TERESA
     What are you doing home?           That whore from the party?
                                        How could you do this to

     The limo takes off.    Teresa starts crying...

                I thought you were at the beach
                house, I--

                I married you when you had

                Teresa... I don't know what to

                You're like a totally different

                I'm not. I'm sorry.        I made a
                mistake, okay?

                Tell me you don't love her.


                     (off his silence)

     Jordan says nothing.       Finally, Teresa starts sobbing.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                I felt horrible.

     Jordan holds her, letting her cry.
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Three days later I filed for
                divorce and moved Naomi into the

     (SEP `92)

     Completely remodelled, all new furniture.   Jordan and
     Naomi sit at the table, set for a candle-light dinner.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                Say what you will, but the Duchess
                did have style. She brought in a
                decorator, feng shui'd the place--
                she even hired a gay butler.

     NICHOLAS THE BUTLER, 40s, enters with hot towels on a
     silver tray.

                Thank you, Nicholas.

     Jordan takes a towel, wipes his face.      Naomi smiles.

                              JORDAN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                He was smart, sophisticated,
                really great. Except for that
                one time...

92   SCENES 92 - 94 OMITTED                                           * 92


     A GAY ORGY is in progress, a dozen naked MEN, including
     Nicholas, in various sexual positions about the room.



     Jordan sits across from a very shaken Naomi.

                He must have thought I was at my

                Where were they? In the bedroom?

                They were right here!
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

     A beat, then Jordan realizes.     He jumps off the couch
     like it's on fire.

                              NAOMI (CONT'D)
                It gets worse. After I chased
                them out, I checked the apartment.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                The motherfucker stole fifty grand
                in cash and jewelry.

     (OCT `92)

     With Nicholas seated in a chair, Jordan sits across from
     him. Pacing behind him is Donnie, coked-up, face
     contorted, frothing with rage. Nearby, giant Chester
     Ming sits quietly, saying nothing.

                I just want my stuff back, okay?

                              NICHOLAS THE BUTLER
                I didn't take anything.

                     (in his face)
                I should kill you, cocksucker!
                You do not fuck with this man!

     Jordan holds Donnie off.    Turns back to Nicholas.

                You were high, things got out of
                control, I get it. Believe me I
                do, I have a Phd in debauchery.

                              NICHOLAS THE BUTLER
                I didn't do it.

                I'll knock your fuckin' teeth out,

                Just give me the money, give me
                the jewelry, and we'll forget the
                whole thing.

                              NICHOLAS THE BUTLER
                It's because I'm gay, isn't it?
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                Nicholas. You could fuck a baby
                sheep as far as I care, on my
                brand new fucking sofa. What I
                won't stand for is being robbed.

                              NICHOLAS THE BUTLER
                I'm telling you the truth.

                I'll ask you one last time.

                You're dead, you piece of shit!

                              NICHOLAS THE BUTLER
                Jordan, please.


     Jordan nods to Chester. Without a word, he crosses to
     Nicholas and BAMMM!! Nicholas's nose splits open like a
     ripe plum, blood spurting everywhere. Tough-guy Donnie
     takes one look, then SPEWS vomit into a garbage pail.
     And as Chester pummels Nicholas's face into chopped

                              JORDAN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                It's amazing the kind of loyalty
                money will buy. I mean Chester
                almost killed this prick.

     Chester starts to hang Nicholas over the balcony by his
     legs. Jordan stops him.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                I finally called the cops, mainly
                to save Nicholas's life.


     With the bloodied Nicholas in the background, Jordan
     talks to two NYPD COPS, handing them each a wad of cash.

                              JORDAN (V.O.)
                I gave them each a thousand bucks
                and told them what Nicholas had
                done. Then they kicked his ass.

     As the Cops swat Nicholas with their nightsticks:

                COP #1                           COP #2
     Fuckin' thief, huh?              Piece of shit.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

      And as they hustle Nicholas out...

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Loyalty, like I said. Which was
                 the key component to my incredible
                 fucking success.

98A   EXT. GOLF COURSE - DAY (OCT `92)                               98A

      As Jordan golfs with Donnie, Chester, Robbie, Toby and         *
      some hookers, Brad pulls up in a golf cart with a cash-        *
      filled gym bag.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Besides Brad, I had eight other
                 `ratholes', close friends who'd
                 own stock on paper, but kick the
                 profits back to me after I drove
                 the price through the roof.

      They hug, then Jordan adds the gym bag to several others
      on the back of his golf cart. Donnie tries to befriend
      Brad; Brad isn't interested.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 The SEC knew I was doing something
                 shady, but they couldn't figure
                 out what the fuck it was.

99    SCENES 99 - 100 OMITTED                                            99


      Jordan, Max and securities lawyer MANNY RISKIN exit the
      kitchen with coffees.

                               MANNY RISKIN
                 I'm telling you -- piss on the
                 SEC's leg, you'll end up with your
                 tits in a ringer.

      FREEZE FRAME - Manny stuffs a cruller into his mouth.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 My securities attorney, Manny
                 Riskin. Seven hundred an hour to                    *
                 be the voice of doom.


                 It's under control. Will you
                 relax already?
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

Just then, Max spots a BROKER break-dancing as three
other Brokers look on...

           What the fuck is this imbecile

Max crosses off, starts screaming at the break-dancing
Broker. Jordan keeps walking with Manny.

                         JORDAN (V.O.)
           The SEC sent two lawyers down to
           review our files, so I set them
           up in our conference room.

Jordan passes the conference room, looks in the window--
two SEC ATTORNEYS wear coats as they review documents.

                         JORDAN (V.O.)
           Then I had it bugged and the air
           conditioning locked till it felt
           like Antarctica in there.

One of the SEC Attorneys blows into his hands for warmth.
Manny follows Jordan toward the bullpen, his frenzied
Brokers working the phones.

                         JORDAN (V.O.)
           So here they were, looking for a
           smoking gun while I was firing a
           bazooka right under their noses.
           It was our first IPO, and we were
           driving the stock price to the
           fucking moon.

                         BROKER #1
           Arncliffe National, it's on fire!

                         BROKER #2
                (voice lowered)
           Believe me, your grandkids will
           thank you.

                         BROKER #3
                (to Sales Assistant)
           Arncliffe National, ten thousand

Jordan speaks directly to camera as he continues walking
through the bullpen.

           See an IPO is an initial public
           offering, the first time a stock
           is offered for sale to the general
        The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13
                                 JORDAN (CONT'D)
                  As the firm taking the company
                  public, we set the initial price,
                  then sold those shares back to --                   *
                        (stops; then)
                  You know what, you're probably not                  *
                  following what I'm saying. The                      *
                  question is, "was it legal?"                        *
                  Absolutely not. But we were making                  *
                  more money that we knew what to do                  *
                  with.                                               *

102    SCENE 102 OMITTED                                              102

102A   EXT. BANK - DAY - ESTABLISHING (OCT `92)                       102A

103    INT. BANK - SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT - DAY      (OCT `92)            103

       Alone in a private room, Jordan unloads a small suitcase
       filled with stacks and stacks of hundred dollar bills.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  But I figured it out.                               *

       CLOSE ON - a huge diamond engagement ring.

                                  NAOMI (O.C.)

104    INT. FOUR SEASONS RESTAURANT - NIGHT      (OCT `92)            104

       Jordan is down on one knee, proposing; Naomi
       hyperventilates as he puts the ring on her finger -- a
       seven carat, yellow canary diamond in a platinum setting.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  I held my bachelor party at the
                  Tangiers in Las Vegas -- one last                   *
                  blowout for the Gods before I
                  settled down for good.

105    SCENE 105 OMITTED                                              105

106    INT. TRANS CAPITAL AIRLINES - JUMBO JET - NIGHT                *106

       Inside a jumbo jet, a wild, mid-air party is in progress.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  A hundred Strattonites flew in
                  with fifty hookers and enough
                  drugs to open a pharmacy.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

      Various images -- Stratton Brokers drink, do coke, a half-
      dozen in mid-orgy with Hookers, naked in the aisle as
      others pour champagne on them.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 All told, the weekend cost me
                 almost two million dollars--

107   PERIOD VEGAS ADS                                               *107

108   INT. TANGIERS - PRESIDENTIAL SUITE - DAY                       *108

      The Tangiers Presidential Suite is a shambles on the           *
      level of Hiroshima. A giant crystal chandelier lays
      shattered on the floor; Jordan asleep in the massive bed,
      a Blue Chip Hooker on either side of him; other passed-
      out BODIES lay amid debris and broken, toppled furniture.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 But the wedding was like something
                 out of a fairy tale--

109   EXT. OCEAN CLUB - BAHAMAS - SUNSET      (DEC `92)              109

      Gorgeous; tropical. Hundreds of FAMILY and FRIENDS
      (Janet, Toby Welch, Peter DeBlasio and Kimmie Belzer)
      look on as Jordan and Naomi walk up the aisle.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 --with Naomi my Duchess, me her
                 handsome Duke and The Bahamas
                 Ocean Club our castle.

110   INT. OCEAN CLUB - BAHAMAS - BALLROOM - NIGHT                   110

      Jordan and Naomi waltz, their Guests joining in.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Of course after that bachelor
                 party, the Duke needed a few
                 penicillin shots so he could
                 safely consummate the marriage.

111   INT. OCEAN CLUB - BAHAMAS - BALLROOM - LATER                   111

      As Jordan and Naomi mingle with a few Strattonites,
      videographer BARRY KLEINMAN, 40s, approaches Rugrat and
      his DATE, ABBY with a video camera:
       The Wolf of Wall Street     Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                               BARRY KLEINMAN
                 I'm Barry Kleinman, filming the
                 wedding -- would you like to say
                 something to Jordan and Naomi?

                                   RUGRAT / ABBY
                 Good luck!      We love you!

      Across the way, Naomi spots someone through the crowd--

                 Omigod!   Aunt Emma!

      Naomi rushes over, hugs her AUNT EMMA, 50s, demure,
      British. Naomi turns, calls out to Jordan, who is now in
      a huddle with the guys, his back to her.

                                   NAOMI (CONT'D)
                 Jordan!   Look!

      Jordan turns, then crosses to them, smiling.

                               AUNT EMMA
                 Jordan dear, how lovely.

                 It's so nice to see you again.

      As he leans in to hug her, Aunt Emma spots some white
      powder on the edge of Jordan's nostril. Deftly, she
      wipes it off, smiling.

                               AUNT EMMA
                 Into the donuts, I see.

                 Oh, I'm--- uh...

      Aunt Emma leans in to his ear.

                                AUNT EMMA
                 I lived through the 60s, my dear.
                 Enjoy the day.

      And with that, she turns back to Naomi.

112   EXT. BAHAMAS - MARINA - DAY       (DEC `92)                      112

      With Naomi wearing a blindfold, Jordan leads her to the
      end of a long dock, expensive yachts moored everywhere.

                 Careful now.     You ready?

      Jordan removes her blindfold -- there, towering above the
      others, is a stunning, 120 foot yacht.
            The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages      3/5/13

                      What is this?

                      Your wedding present.       Check out
                      the name.

           She does; it's called "Naomi".     As she squeals, hugs him-

                                    JORDAN (V.O.)
                      For three weeks we sailed the
                      Naomi through the Caribbean--

113        INT. YACHT NAOMI - DAY     (DEC `92)                              113

           The camera PUSHES IN past a white-jacketed STEWARD,
           who opens the door to the yacht's main salon; next we see
           the living room, with its full bar and leather couches;
           then the bedroom, with a king bed and monogrammed sheets.

                                    JORDAN (V.O.)
                      --eventually taking her home to
                      Long Island, where we'd bought a

114        EXT. CARIBBEAN - OPEN OCEAN - DAY       (DEC `92 - JAN `93)       114

           The Naomi sails the calm waters, Jordan and Naomi popping
           ludes, sunbathing blissfully on the deck.

                                    JORDAN (V.O.)
                      Seven acres on the Gold Coast of
                      Long Island--

115-115K   EXT./INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - DAY     (APR `93)                 115-115K

           Various shots -- the massive house; the glistening pool;
           waterfall; fountains; tennis court; driving range;
           gazebo; gym; sauna; library; media room.

                                    JORDAN (V.O.)
                      --the most expensive real estate
                      in the world, with maids, cooks,
                      landscapers, you name it.

115L       WE SEE the household STAFF lined up outside the house.            115L

                                    JORDAN (V.O.)
                      We even had two guards who worked
                      in shifts, both named Rocco.
       The Wolf of Wall Street     Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

116   INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - MASTER BEDROOM - DAY (FEB `95)            116

      Amid billowing piles of white Chinese silk, Jordan sleeps
      on his back, snoring blissfully.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                 It   was heaven on earth.

      On screen WE SEE:

                          18 MONTHS LATER

      Splash!   A glass of water hits him in the face.

                 Wake up, you bag of shit!

      Soaking wet, Jordan sits upright to see Naomi standing
      over him in a tiny pink chemise, holding an empty glass.

                 The fuck are you doing?!

                 Who's Venice?


                 Who is she?! Some little hooker
                 you fucked last night?

                 What?    No!    Naomi!

      And as Naomi storms off for a re-fill...

117   INT. HOTEL ROOM - THE NIGHT BEFORE        (FEB `95)              117

      Jordan lies on the ground, hands tied with a lit candle          *
      up his ass.                                                      *

                               JORDAN                                  *
                 Venice, where are you?                                *

      VENICE, A Blue Chip Hooker, enters, pulls out a candle           *
      and straddles him. She drips wax on his back and pulls           *
      his hair.                                                        *

118   INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - MASTER BEDROOM - DAY (FEB `95)            118

      Back to scene. Naomi holds another full glass, rocking
      back and forth on the balls of her feet like a fighter.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

                 You were calling her name in your

                 I can explain everything.

                 Go ahead. More lies from the man
                 who lies for a living!

                 No, really. Donnie and me, we're
                 investing in a condo development
                 in Venice.


                 California, baby.

                 Yeah, right.

                 Duchess, come on.

                 Don't `Duchess' me, you scumbag.
                 You think I don't know what you're
                 up to? You're a father now and
                 you act like an infant!

      Splash!   She nails him again, crosses for more water.

                 Fuck. Naomi!    Why are you so mad?

                 Where do you want me to start?
                 How about you flying in here on
                 your stupid helicopter at three in
                 the morning waking up Skylar?!

119   EXT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - YARD - NIGHT      (FEB `95)              119

      Jordan crash-lands the helicopter on the driving range.         *
      He exits, gives Captain Dave a salute, fights his way           *
      through the bushes, then stumbles toward the house and          *
      falls into the pool, stoned out of his skull. Security          *
      floodlights come on and the alarm sounds.                       *
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                               NAOMI (O.S.)
                 Does it even matter to you that I
                 just had that driving range sodded
                 with Bermuda grass?

120   INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - MASTER BEDROOM - DAY (FEB `95)          120

      Back to scene.   Naomi holds another glass of water.

                 But why should you give a shit?
                 You're not the one who researched
                 the fucking thing and dealt with
                 the fucking golf course people!

                 You're an aspiring landscape
                 architect?! But what happened to
                 wine connoisseur? Oh wait, that
                 was last month!

                 Fuck you!

      Naomi winds up with the water glass. Jordan stands tall,
      puffs himself up, arms flexed at his sides.

                                NAOMI (CONT'D)
                 Stop flexing your arms, you look
                 like a fucking imbecile.
                       (re: his crotch)
                 And don't think that impresses me

      Jordan looks down: he has a morning erection.

                 I wasn't flexing my arms. You're
                 just lucky to have a husband who's
                 in such great shape. Now get over
                 here and kiss me!

                 Kiss you?!

      Splash! She nails him one last time, then storms out.
      He stands there dripping wet. To his erection:

                 Where the fuck were you last

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 My morning ritual. First I'd get
                 up and fight with Naomi about
                 whatever I did the night before.
        The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

120A   INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - STEAM SHOWER - DAY                        120A

       Jordan stands in the steaming shower.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Next it was a steam so I could
                  sweat out whatever drugs were
                  still in my system.


       Jordan looks at himself in the mirror.      His eyes are
       bloodshot - he looks like shit.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  After that I'd assess the damage.

       Jordan looks at a Visine bottle - "Recommended Dosage -
       Two Drops". He squirts six drops in each eye.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  What kind of maniac abuses eye

121    INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - DRESSING ROOM - DAY (FEB `95)             121

       Fully dressed and standing amid hundreds of suits, Jordan
       pops two white pills, swigs some juice.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Then I'd get dressed, take my
                  "back pills" to get me started,
                  then attempt to make up with her.

122    INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - SKYLAR'S ROOM - DAY (FEB `95)             122

       Jordan enters the tiny pink wonderland. On the fluffy
       pink carpet is Naomi, now in a minidress hiked above her
       hips, Manolo Blahniks showing polished red toes. Between
       her legs sits SKYLAR, their 5-month-old daughter.

                  Hey, Skylar.

                        (little girl voice)
                  Good morning Daddy. Where's my

       Jordan kisses the baby, picks her up.
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                (playing along)
           Does Daddy get to kiss both his

           Ohhh, no! Daddy doesn't even get
           to touch Mommy for a very, very
           long time.

Naomi lays back on her elbows, thighs parted - she's
wearing no panties. The wind goes out of Jordan.

           C'mon, Nay, please. You know how
           sorry I am. I swear I--

                (cutting him off)
           Daddy shouldn't waste his time.
           And from now on it's going to be
           nothing but short, short skirts
           around the house! And Mommy's
           so sick and tired of wearing
           panties, uhhh. In fact she's
           decided to throw them all away.
                (parting her thighs)
           So take a good look. You'll be
           seeing an awful lot of it around
           the house, but no touching.

She licks her lips seductively.     Jordan sets Skylar
aside, starts grovelling.

                         NAOMI (CONT'D)
           What's wrong, Daddy?

Naomi slips her index finger in her mouth, starts sucking
it. Jordan can barely speak.

           C'mon, why are you doing this?
           I said I'm sorry.

           Ohhhh poor, poor Dada. He loves to
           say how wrong he is when he's
           ready to come in his own pants.
           Isn't that right Dada? Mommy loves
           Daddy so, so much and there's
           nothing she wants to do more right
           now than to make love to Daddy all
           day long. Well, I guess it's time
           for Daddy to be taught his first
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages     3/5/13

      Naomi runs her fingers over her stomach and on to her
      inner thigh, then up toward her vagina. Jordan watches
      transfixed, then a change comes over him...

                 I wouldn't do that if I were you
                 Mommy. I think Mommy should hear a
                 story before she decides to please
                 herself like that.
                 Can Daddy tell Mommy a story?
                      (off her nod)
                 And does mommy promise to keep her
                 legs spread wide, wide open the
                 whole time?
                      (she nods dreamily)
                 Good. Once upon a time there was
                 a great big mansion in Long Island
                 and the people who lived there had
                 lots and lots of money. But of
                 all the possessions they had,
                 there was one thing that was much
                 more valuable than all the rest
                 combined, and that was their
                 little baby daughter.

      Naomi listens, legs still spread, hand on her crotch.

                               JORDAN (CONT'D)
                 Now because he was very security-
                 conscious, the Daddy hired two
                 full-time guards, big hairy men
                 both named Rocco, and they
                 installed security cameras all
                 around the house. And one of
                 those cameras is right over
                 Daddy's shoulder.

      Naomi's eyes widen -- she look toward a Teddy Bear on a
      shelf. WE SEE that one of the eyes is a pinhole camera.

                               JORDAN (CONT'D)
                 So smile, Mommy! You're on Candid

123   INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - GUARD HOUSE - DAY        (FEB `95)         123

      Mesmerized, ROCCO DAY watches a video screen, on which we
      see a grainy image of Naomi, hand between her legs.

124   INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - SKYLAR'S BEDROOM - DAY (FEB `95)           124

      Naomi jumps up as if she's been electrocuted.

                 You asshole!
       The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

      As she bolts from the room, Jordan plays with Skylar...

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 The good thing about living with
                 a world-class ballbreaker is they
                 make all the other ballbreakers in
                 your life a little easier to take.

      (FEB `95)

      Donnie stands talking with Jordan's assistant, Janet.
      Jordan approaches under a head of steam.

                 There he is.

                      (a quick hug; then)
                 Steve here yet?

                 On his way.     Very excited.

                 Good.   Cuz we have a problem.

      He indicates out to the Bullpen.      Donnie and Janet look.

                 Is he wearing a bow tie?

      In the Bullpen WE SEE a young Stratton Broker in a bowtie
      cleaning a small goldfish bowl on his desk.

                 He's got nothing better to do on
                 the day of the biggest IPO in this
                 firm's history?!

      Jordan watches as Donnie marches toward the Broker in a

126   INT. BULLPEN - CONTINUOUS                                       126

                 The fuck you doing?

                               BROKER IN A BOWTIE
                 Cleaning my fishbowl.

        The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

       Donnie nods, turns to go, but suddenly he turns back and
       thrusts his arm in the bowl, grabbing for the squirming
       goldfish. The Broker in a bowtie looks on, horrified.

                  On new issue day?! On
                  cocksucking, motherfucking
                  new issue day?!

       Dozen of Brokers and Sales Assistants look over as Donnie
       snatches up the fish. Holding it by its tail, he jumps         *
       up on the desk of the Broker in a bowtie. Now the entire
       Bullpen looks over.

                  This is what happens when you fuck
                  with your pets on new issue day!

       With the flair of a showman, Donnie pops the fish in his
       mouth, swallowing it whole. The Brokers cheer wildly.
       Donnie jumps down, gets in the face of the Broker in a

                  Now take your bowtie, get your
                  shit and get the fuck out!

       Bowtie is stunned. And as Donnie storms off, we PUSH IN
       on Jordan, watching from across the room.

       (FEB `95)

       Jordan finishes a phone call as Donnie enters with STEVE
       MADDEN, 30s, dressed in wrinkled navy blazer, cargo pants
       and T-shirt, a baseball cap over his scraggly, thinning
       hair. Jordan smiles, crosses to greet him.

                  The Cobbler.    Ready to get rich?

                                  STEVE MADDEN
                  Hey buddy.

       And as they ad lib greetings, settle in at the couch:

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Steve Madden, the shoe designer,
                  was a childhood friend of
                  Donnie's, but I didn't hold that
                  against him. Remember those ads,
                  those giant-headed girls with bug
                  eyes wearing those big clunky

127A   INSERT - a quick series of Steve Madden ads.                   127A
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 He came to me a few years earlier
                 when he was just starting out, so
                 I became a silent partner in his
                 company, buying an 85% stake for
                 only a million bucks.

128   INT. STEVE MADDEN SHOES - DAY                                     128

      WE SEE various stores, all packed with teenage GIRLS
      buying shoes and boots.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 The company blew up and we were
                 now taking it public. It was the
                 biggest deal we'd ever done and
                 the hottest IPO on Wall Street.

129   INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - JORDAN'S OFFICE - DAY                 129
      (FEB `95)

      Jordan and Donnie sit with Steve Madden in mid-

                 --which is why they need to meet

                 You gotta get `em fired up so
                 they'll push the shit out of this

                 Let them feel your passion.

130   INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - BULLPEN - DAY       (FEB `95)         130

      Bustling with activity. With Jordan and Donnie looking
      on from nearby, Steve Madden approaches a microphone on
      the raised platform, in his hands several shoe boxes.

                               STEVE MADDEN
                      (into mic)
                 Uhhh... excuse me...

      The place slowly comes to order.

                               STEVE MADDEN (CONT'D)
                 For those of you who don't know
                 me, my name is Steve Madden. I'm --

                               ONE BROKER
                 We know who you are!
 The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

Steve clears his throat, looks over at Jordan -- he's
terrified. Jordan motions for him to calm down.

                          STEVE MADDEN
           I uh, I'd like to start by telling
           you about my background in the
           shoe industry.

                         ANOTHER BROKER
           Nice fucking hat!

                         STEVE MADDEN
           I uh... first started working in
           the shoe industry, in a shoe
           store. When I was sixteen, my
           friends were out chasing girls,
           but I was learning about women's

           KALIL                        PETER DEBLASIO
Move the mike closer.             We can't fucking hear you!

He moves the mic; feedback SCREECHES through the bullpen.

                         STEVE MADDEN (CONT'D)
           Sorry... Anyway, my first job
           was at a shoe store like I said
           where I worked in the stockroom.
           You know, I can honestly say I've
           been a lover of women's shoes
           since I was twelve--

                            BROKER #4

                         STEVE MADDEN
           No. Heh-heh. Not like that.
           I mean somehow I became fascinated
           with the endless design
           possibilities for women's shoes--

          BROKER #5                        BROKER #6
Queer!                            Get a fucking life!

Boos, hisses. Steve looks at Jordan, who motions for him
to speed up. He grabs a shoe from one of the boxes.

                            STEVE MADDEN (CONT'D)
           This shoe --    the Mary Lou -- is
           the one that    really put me on the
           map. It's a     black patent leather
           variation of    the Mary Jane, but--

SPLAT! A half-eaten grapefruit lands at Steve's feet.
In a flash, Jordan rushes over, grabs the mic--
 The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

           All right, let's hear it for Steve
           Madden and the wonderful Mary Lou!

Huge applause, with stomping feet; howling, etc.

                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           Okay, now that you got that out
           of your system, I want you to know
           why Steve is so completely off the
           fucking wall... It's because this
           man is a creative genius. Steve's
           power, his gift -- is that he
           creates trends. Artists like
           Steve come along once a century!
           Elvis! Andy Warhol!    Giorgio
           Armani! Who knows how high this
           stock could go? The 20s? The
           50s? The 80s?

Applause; war whoops.      Jordan motions for quiet.

                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           I want everybody to look down.
           See that little black box in front
           of you? It's called a telephone.
           Now I'm gonna let you in on a
           little secret about this
           telephone -- it won't dial itself!
           That's right -- until you take
           some action, it's nothing more
           than a worthless hunk of plastic,
           like a loaded M16 without a
           trained Marine to pull the
           trigger. And in the case of the
           telephone, it's the action of you,
           a highly trained Strattonite, a
           killer who will not take no for an
           answer!   A person who will not
           hang up the phone until his client
           either buys or fucking dies!

The Brokers go crazy.      Jordan looks around.

                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           I don't care if you graduated from
           Harvard or Bumfuck University or
           never got past fourth fucking
           grade! That phone is the great
                (pause; looks around)
           There is no nobility in poverty.
           I've been rich, and I've been poor
           and I choose rich every time.
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13
                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           At least as a rich man, when I
           have to face my problems, I show
           up in the back of a limo wearing a
           $2000 suit and $40,000 gold watch!

Jordan takes off his GOLD WATCH, flings it to the Crowd.
Brokers go nuts, fighting over it like a home-run ball.

                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           And if anyone here thinks I'm
           crazy, get the fuck out and get a
           job at McDonald's, because that's
           where you fucking belong! But
           before you depart this room full
           of winners, I want you to take a
           good look at the person next to
           you, because one day in the not-so-
           distant future, you'll be sitting
           at a red light in your beat-up old
           Pinto, and that person's gonna
           pull up in a brand new Porsche,
           with their gorgeous young wife at
           their side. And who will you be
           next to? Some ugly beast with
           three days of razor-stubble in a
           sleeveless moo-moo, crammed in
           next to you with a carload of
           groceries from the fucking Price

He scans the Brokers; they're on the edge of their seats.

                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           So you listen to me and listen
           carefully. Are you behind on your
           credit card bills? Good. Pick up
           the phone and start dialing. Is
           your landlord threatening to evict
           you? Good. Pick up the phone and
           start dialing. Does your
           girlfriend think you're a fucking
           loser? Pick up the phone and
           start fucking dialing! I want
           you to deal with your problems by
           becoming rich! I want you to go
           out and spend money! Leverage
           yourself, back yourself into a
           corner, let the consequences of
           failure become so fucking
           unthinkable that you'll have no
           choice but to do whatever it takes
           to win!

The Brokers go absolutely APESHIT.
        The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                                JORDAN (CONT'D)
                  You have an obligation here,
                  people! To your clients! To this
                  firm! An obligation to yourself,
                  godammit! You ram Steve Madden
                  stock down your clients' throats
                  and make them choke on it till
                  they buy 20,000 shares! Be
                  aggressive! Be ferocious! Be
                  telephone fucking terrorists!!

       Before Jordan is even finished, the Brokers GO BERSERK,
       some already dialing their phones.

                                JORDAN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                  At 1 p.m. we opened the stock for
                  sale at $4.50 a share. By 1:03
                  it was over eighteen dollars.

130A   INT. FBI OFFICES - MANHATTAN - DAY                             130A

       Agent Denham exits the elevator, arriving for work. He
       strides between cubicles, briefcase in hand. He enters --

130B   INT. AGENT DENHAM'S OFFICE - DAY                               130B

       -- where pinned up on one wall is a massive chart on
       Stratton's operations: pictures of Jordan, Donnie and
       others, a hierarchy, a history, an investigation...

131    INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - BULLPEN - LATER (FEB `95)          131

       Total sales frenzy. The CAMERA PANS the 300 Brokers, who
       work the phones like mad.

                SEA OTTER                      YOUNG BROKER
       --the hottest new issue on       --up two dollars while I'm
       Wall Street!                     talking to you!

       And as we continue PANNING the room...

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Of course I couldn't have done
                  this without help. I'd leaked the
                  word on Wall Street that Stratton
                  was a buyer up until twenty. So
                  not only were we pushing Madden,
                  all the big firms were too.

       We continue PANNING the frenzied Brokers...
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 As long as they knew I'd buy the
                 shares back at the top of the
                 market, they'd drive the price
                 up as high as I fucking wanted.

132   SCENES 132 - 133 OMITTED                                        132

134   INT. JORDAN'S OFFICE - DAY    (FEB `95)                         134

      Donnie pours champagne nearby, oblivious to Jordan, who
      sits at his desk, speaking directly to camera:

                 Of the two million shares being
                 offered for sale, a million
                 belonged to me, held in phony
                 accounts by my ratholes. Once the
                 price hit the high teens, I--

      Jordan abruptly stops.     A beat, then:

                               JORDAN (CONT'D)
                 Like I said before, who gives a
                 shit? As always, the point is

      BACK TO SCENE -- Donnie hands Jordan a glass of Dom.

                 22 million in three fucking hours!

      They toast, then each pop ludes, which they wash down
      with champagne. A quick knock; Janet pops her head in.

                 Janet, baby.    Drink.

                 Call for you.    Barry Kleinman from
                 Future Video?


                 He filmed your wedding.     He says
                 it's urgent.

      Curious, Jordan leans over, hits the speaker phone:

        The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

135    INT. FUTURE VIDEO - DAY    (FEB `95)                           135

       Barry Kleinman sits at his desk, talking on the phone.

                                  BARRY KLEINMAN
                    Jordan, hey. Listen, I got a
                    subpoena. The FBI wants a copy
                    of your wedding video.

       On Jordan.    Uh-oh.

                                  JORDAN (V.O.)
                    The F-B-fucking-I?

135A   INT. FIRING RANGE - DAY                                        135A

       Wearing goggles and protective headphones, square-jawed
       FBI Agent Patrick Denham takes target practice.

                                  BO DIETL (V.O.)
                    Name's Denham, he's an agent in
                    the New York office.

                                  JORDAN (V.O.)
                    What's his problem?

                                  BO DIETL (V.O.)
                    He's a boy scout, thinks you're
                    Gordon Gekko.

135B   EXT. RAO'S - NIGHT - ESTABLISHING (MAR `95)                    135B

136    INT. RAO'S RESTAURANT - NIGHT (MAR `95)                        136

       The East Harlem institution. Jordan sits across a table
       over pasta with private investigator BO DIETL, 40s.

                    But my goddamn wedding video?

                                  BO DIETL
                    Got your whole inner circle in one
                    place, faces and names. He's
                    hoping it rattles you, or maybe
                    your wife, so that she starts
                    nagging you to turn witness.

                         (that's laughable)
                    What? He wants me to rat on
        The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                                BO DIETL
                  Good news is I made some calls,
                  DEA, Justice? No one but him even
                  knows who you are.

                  Can you bug him or something, tap
                  his phone?

                                BO DIETL
                  Jordan, relax. First off, you
                  don't fuck with these guys, not
                  that way. Secondly, I got a P.I.
                  license, you know?

                  Maybe I should call him, see what
                  he wants.

                                BO DIETL
                  No! Anybody does that should be
                  your lawyer. What you do is eat
                  your dinner, drink your drink, and
                  forget about it. Cuz as far as I
                  hear he doesn't have shit.

       Jordan nods, wheels turning, pretending to do as told.

136A   SCENE 136A OMITTED                                             136A

137    EXT. BATTERY PARK MARINA - DAY (LATE SPRING `95)               137

       As Agent Denham steps into frame, another FED, AGENT           *
       HUGHES, beside him, both G-man stoic in impenetrably dark      *
       glasses --

                                JORDAN (O.S.)
                  Patrick? Hey! C'mon aboard!

       They look up. On the yacht Naomi, Jordan stands waving,
       drinking wine with two Blue Chip HOOKERS in bikinis.

                                JORDAN (CONT'D)
                  Plank's right down there.

       Denham shares a look with his cohort: it's almost a joke,
       this display of wealth before a federal agent. Moments
       later, they step aboard.

                                AGENT DENHAM
                  Mr. Belfort, I'm Agent Denham.
                  This is Agent Hughes.
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

           Heya! This is Nicole and,
           um...Heidi. Girls, Patrick and...?

                         AGENT DENHAM
           Agents Denham and Hughes. Your
           message said you wanted to speak

           It did. I do.
                (off Denham's stare)
           Oh, they're just friends.
                (to the girls)
           Give us a minute, okay?

The Hookers head below deck. Jordan shoots Denham a wink--
check out that ass!

                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           Can I get a glass? Got wine open
           or any kinda booze. Shrimp and
           lobster're over there if you're

                         AGENT DENHAM
           Bureau forbids us from drinking at

Jordan surprised: the guy has a sense of humor.

           I have something for you, I just
           gotta find it. Have a seat, will
           ya? Ever been on one of these

As Jordan rifles through some papers, Denham's eyes scan
the deck, casually cataloguing everything.

                         AGENT DENHAM
           A boat? Learned to sail when I was

           I mean, one like this. Just had
           her extended to put a chopper on
           the back.

Jordan points out the Bell-Jet helicopter.

                         AGENT DENHAM
           Never been on a boat with a second
           mode of transportation on top of

Jordan finds the file he's been looking for, offers it.
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                         AGENT DENHAM (CONT'D)
                (before he'll accept)
           What is this?

           Names and addresses of every guest
           at my wedding. Friends, clients. I
           even threw in the seating chart.
           Heard that's why you wanted the
           video, figured this'd expedite
           whatever it is you're doing.
                (Denham looks: it's
                 indeed a guest list
                 from the wedding)
           I wanted to show you I've got
           nothing to hide. I know you're
           investigating Stratton but for the
           life of me I can't figure out why.
           Sure, my company is unorthodox;
           what brokerage isn't? Maybe we're
           a little louder than most but we
           don't do anything illegal. Talk to
           the SEC, they'll tell you, they
           checked us out up and down.

                         AGENT DENHAM
           The SEC's actually a civil
           regulatory agency. We pursue
           criminal activity.

           That's what I'm saying. You guys
           take on real crime. Which is why
           I'm so curious: what do you think
           we did?

The reason Jordan asked him here, Denham realizes.

                         AGENT DENHAM
           I can't discuss ongoing

           I understand.

                         AGENT DENHAM
           Though, to be frank, this case
           kinda got dumped on my desk. Some
           higher-up felt your shop needed
           looking into after all that press,
           fell on me to do the looking.

           You know who you should be looking
           at? Goldman, Lehman Brothers,
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13
                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           What those guys're up to with
           collateralized debt obligations?
           This internet stock bullshit?
           C'mon. If you want, I'll walk you
           through exactly --

                         AGENT DENHAM
           -- that'd be great. And if there's
           anything you can give me just to
           close out your file, get it off my

           -- sure, get you back to the real
           criminals --

                         AGENT DENHAM
           -- then we could both profit from
           this little sit-down.

Jordan sizes him up: what did Denham mean by "profit"?

           You sure you don't want anything
           to drink? Water for your pal?
                (Denham demurs)
           Rumor is your started out in
           finance. Even got your broker's
           license before you joined the

                         AGENT DENHAM
           Who told you that?

                (searches his memory)
           Jeez, who was it...?
                (comes up short)
           Ever regret it? Giving up the
           money-crazed, pin-striped life?
           Ever think where you'd be if you'd
           stuck with it?

                         AGENT DENHAM
           When I'm riding the subway home,
           sweating my balls off, in a suit
           I've worn three days, sure.

           Whattaya pull in working at the
           bureau, if you don't mind me
           asking. 50-60K a year?

                         AGENT DENHAM
           Just about. We get a free handgun
           out of it, though, that doesn't
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

           S'crazy, the world we live in, the
           jobs with real value, the ones we
           should appreciate -- firefighters,
           teachers, FBI agents -- those are
           the ones we pay the least.

                         AGENT DENHAM
           Way of the world.

           That's one thing I like about what
           I do, the opportunity to make that
           right. Take this kid we had
           interning last year. Didn't want
           to be a broker, wanted to be an
           environmental scientist or
           something, he had a student loan
           debts up to his eyeballs. Anyway,
           his mom gets sick, all they can
           afford is third-rate care. Some of
           us got together, made an
           investment on his behalf and --
           boom -- overnight everything
           changes, she's seeing the best
           doctors in the country. Sadly,
           didn't work out, she passed but
           still: having the power to do that
           makes all the other bullshit worth
                (as Denham considers
           See, it's all about proper
           guidance, Pat. Knowing someone
           with the right relationships,
           who's discreet. I can change a
           life almost every day.

They measure each other.

                         AGENT DENHAM
           How much that intern make off your

           North of half a million.

Denham summons Agent Hughes over. To Jordan:

                         AGENT DENHAM
           Can you say that again, what you
           told me?
                (Jordan declines with
                 a smile; to Agent
           I believe Mr. Belfort just tried
           to bribe a federal officer.
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

           What? I was making conversation.

                         AGENT DENHAM
           Sounds like that to me, Jordan.

 , no, no...

                         AGENT DENHAM
           ...sounded like that...

 , to constitute a bribe,
           don't I have to make an explicit
           offer of money for services? With
           an exact dollar figure attached?
           All I said was "north" of half a
           million. According to the U.S.
           Criminal Code, that dog won't
           hunt, Pat.
           Heard you were a straight arrow.
           That you wouldn't bend the rules
           other agents might. He was right.

                         AGENT DENHAM
           You did a background check on me?

           Figured you were looking into me,
           was only fair. Plus you sail on a
           yacht fit for a Bond villain,
           sometimes you gotta act the part.

                         AGENT DENHAM
           This is why you invited me down to
           your yacht? With a couple hookers
           on it --

           -- those are friends --

                         AGENT DENHAM
           -- to get a sense of the guy who
           was coming after you?

Jordan puts his hands up: "you got me."

           Thanks for coming down. Now get
           off my boat.

                         AGENT DENHAM
           You know, most of the Wall Street
           jackasses I bust, they were born
           to the life.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13
                               AGENT DENHAM (CONT'D)
                 Their father was a douchebag
                 before them, and his father before
                 that. But you, you got this way
                 all on your own. Good for you,
                      (as he starts to go)
                 Thank you for having us. I'm
                 absolutely certain we'll see each
                 other again.
                      (before he does)
                 You know, this is about the nicest
                 boat I've ever been on. Just think
                 what a hero I'll be in the office
                 when the bureau seizes it.

      Jordan watches him go, temper flaring: he can't let
      Denham get the final word. He calls after them:

                 Hey, Denham! I'm gonna eat a claw
                 of lobster now as I get my cock
                 sucked by Heidi down below. You
                 have a super ride home on the
                 subway thinking about that!                          *

      As he watches them pull away, seething --

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                 He was a numbers guy, a follow-the-
                 fucking-money'er. He wasn't gonna
                 come at me through my guys,
                 looking for a weak link and a
                 quick kill. He was gonna come at
                 me like an accountant would, the
                 way Ness got Capone, through my
                 books. Which meant? It was ass-
                 covering time.


      As Naomi looks on, 5 months pregnant, Jordan packs a

                 Switzerland?    What the fuck is in

                 Swiss cheese, Naomi, what do you
                 fucking think?

      (SUMMER `95)

      Jordan sits talking with Rugrat and Donnie.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Rugrat set up a meeting with a
                 Swiss Banker he knew from law
                 school who could launder our
                 money, but it wasn't till noon
                 the next day.

      Jordan glances at his watch, washes down a few ludes.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 I knew if I timed my lude intake
                 right, I'd sleep through the
                 entire overnight flight.


      Jordan stands before the Bullpen talking to his Brokers.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 At four p.m. I popped a few ludes,
                 which started kicking in by the
                 time I finished our sales meeting.
                 This was the tingle phase.

141   INT. CANASTEL'S - NIGHT    (SUMMER `95)                        141

      Over dinner, a visibly high Jordan ravenously digs into
      his food as Donnie and four Blue Chip Hookers look on.

                               JORDAN   (V.O.)
                 By dinner I popped a few more on
                 top of some cocktails and an
                 valium or two. The slur phase.

142   INT. DANCE CLUB - NIGHT    (SUMMER `95)                        142

      On the crowded dance floor, Jordan gets knocked around
      like a marionette, saliva strung from his mouth.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 By eight thirty I'd done a few
                 more and pretty much lost my motor
                 skills. This was the drool phase.

143   INT. HOTEL SUITE - NIGHT (SUMMER `95)                          143

      Jordan is barely conscious as a Hooker rides him.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 And by ten I didn't know who or
                 what I was doing -- the amnesia
                 phase. We boarded the plane just
                 before midnight.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13


      Jordan boards, slurring, drooling, completely wasted.

                      (to a Stewardess)
                 Sweetheart! Look at you!

      And as he hugs her, then stumbles toward his seat...

145   INT. ZURICH AIRLINES - FIRST CLASS - DAY (SUMMER `95)          *145

      Quiet; morning sunlight bleeds through the window.
      Jordan's eyes flicker open. He yawns, looks around,
      tries to get up; he can't move. He looks down, sees
      six seat belts restraining his arms and legs. Jordan
      looks over at Donnie, mouth agape, asleep next to him.

                 Donnie.   Donnie, wake up.


                 Untie me, shitbag. You think this
                 is funny?

                 I didn't tie you, the captain did.
                 He almost tasered you.


146   FLASHBACK --                                                   146

      As PASSENGERS scream, Jordan wildly humps a STEWARDESS,
      the CAPTAIN struggling to restrain him.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 This was fucking great. I hadn't
                 laundered a dime yet and already
                 I was under arrest.

147   INT. ZURICH AIRLINES - FIRST CLASS - DAY (SUMMER `95)          *147

      A pensive Jordan sits, mind racing.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Worse yet was the plastic baggie
                 of ludes that Donnie'd stuffed up
                 his ass.
        The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

       Jordan trades looks with Donnie, who shifts

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  But before he could even get a

147A   INT. GENEVA AIRPORT - CUSTOMS OFFICE - DAY                     147A

       Jordan sits with two CUSTOMS OFFICERS.                         *

                                JORDAN (V.O.)                         *
                  --the whole thing was quashed by                    *
                  our friend the Swiss banker. Which                  *
                  was lucky for me, since so far I'd                  *
                  been able to keep Agent Fuckface                    *
                  unaware of the trip.                                *

       Another CUSTOMS OFFICER enters, whispers something to the      *
       others. They shake Jordan's hand and he leaves.                *

148    EXT. GENEVA - SHOPPING DISTRICT - DAY (SUMMER `95)             148

       A limo pulls up at an office building.      Jordan emerges
       with Rugrat and Donnie.                                        *

149    INT. BANQUE REAL DE GENEVE - LOBBY - DAY (SUMMER `95)          149

       JEAN-JACQUES SAUREL greets them. 30s, suave. The lobby is

                  Jordan Belfort! At last!
                  Nicholas has told me so much.

                  Jordan, Jean-Jacques Saurel.

                  Nice to make your acquaintance.
                  This is some lobby you got.

                  Ah, yes. We gave our designer an
                  unlimited budget and he exceeded
                  it. Come! You must tell me all
                  about your adventure with the
                  stewardess over coffee!

       They disappear upstairs.

150    SCENE 150 OMITTED                                              150
       The Wolf of Wall Street     Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

151   INT. BANQUE REAL DE GENEVE - SAUREL'S OFFICE - DAY               151

      Jordan, Rugrat and Donnie drink coffee with Saurel and
      one other SWISS BANKER. It's an impressive office, with          *
      an enormous fish tank.

                 We have a joke in America.
                 "Heaven is a place where the
                 police are Brits, the chefs are
                 Italian, the car mechanics are
                 German, the prostitutes are French
                 and the bankers are Swiss." I
                 never got it `til now -- look at
                 those fucking fish! Come here,
                 little guy...

                 Yes, we have the same joke here.
                 Only sometimes the English are
                 chauffeurs and the chefs are
                 French. The Germans, alas, are
                 always mechanics; no one wants to
                 grant them more authority than

      Polite laughter. Jordan, not as impressed by the fish,
      cuts straight to the point:

                 I'm curious about your bank
                 secrecy laws.

                 Excusez-moi, Jordan, Swiss custom
                 requires ten minutes of idle chit-
                 chat before business can be
                      (a smile)
                 Of course, let's get "down to it."
                 What would you like to know?

                 Under what circumstances would you
                 be obligated to cooperate with an
                 FBI or U.S. Justice Department

                 Ca depend.

                 Ca depend?      Ca depend on what?
 The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

           Whether America plans to invade
           Switzerland in the coming months.

           Want me to see if tanks are
           rolling down the Rue de la Croix?

More chuckles.   Through Jordan's forced smile:

                         JORDAN (V.O.)
           What I'm asking, you Swiss dick,
           is are you going to fuck me over.

                         SAUREL (V.O.)
           I understand perfectly, you
           American shitheel.

Saurel smiles.

           The only way the Banque Real de
           Geneve would cooperate with a
           foreign legal body is if the crime
           being pursued also happened to be
           a crime in Switzerland. But there
           are very few Swiss laws pertaining
           to your "rumored" improprieties.
           Which is why Mr. Azoff's joke is
           most appropriate: from a financial
           standpoint you are now in heaven,
           and we welcome you. If the U.S.
           Justice Department or FBI or SEC
           or IRS sent us a subpoena, it
           would become papier-toillette. We
           would wipe our ass with it.

Everyone's impressed.      Except Jordan.

           Unless it was an investigation
           into stock fraud -- which is a
           crime in Switzerland. Then you'd
           have to cooperate.

                (now he's impressed)
           Yes, we would. Assuming the
           account is under your name.
           However, if it were in the name of
           a nominee of yours...

They take each other in.
       The Wolf of Wall Street     Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Was that yodeling I just heard or
                 did you just say what I thought
                 you said?

                                   SAUREL (V.O.)
                 Yes!   Yes!

      As the meeting wraps up with handshakes, Jordan's V.O.
      overwhelms Saurel's V.O..

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 He was telling me to use a
                 rathole. Problem was: sneaking a
                 U.S. rathole into Switzerland was
                 a chance I couldn't take. What I
                 needed was somebody with a
                 European passport.

152   SCENES 152 - 153 OMITTED                                         152

154   EXT. LONDON FLAT - DAY (SUMMER `95)                              154

      Naomi's Aunt Emma answers the door.

                                   AUNT EMMA

                      (big smile, sweating)

155   EXT. HYDE PARK - DAY       (SUMMER `95)                          155

      Amid towering trees and horse trails, a noticeably
      twitchy Jordan walks arm-in-arm with Aunt Emma.

                               AUNT EMMA
                 So tell me about this plan of

                 I'd like us to go to Switzerland
                 tomorrow so you can open an
                 account. I'll fund it, and I'll
                 pay you really well for your

                                   AUNT EMMA
                 Oh my.
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages    3/5/13

           Next month maybe you can fly to
           New York and we can start moving
           the cash.

                         AUNT EMMA
           Moving the cash.
           I feel like a character in an
           Ian Fleming novel. It's all quite
           racy, isn't it?

           It is, and it's illegal too. Of
           course if you ever got in trouble,
           I'd come forward in two seconds,
           say I duped you, but even still.

                         AUNT EMMA
           Risk is what keeps us young, isn't
           it darling?

           I like that attitude. Promise me                      *
           you'll spend at least ten thousand
           pounds per month out of the
           account, okay?

                         AUNT EMMA
           I wouldn't even know how. I
           really do have everything I need.

           But I bet you don't have
           everything you want. How about a
           bigger apartment so your grandkids
           can sleep over?

Aunt Emma notices that Jordan is sweating, fidgety.       He's

                           AUNT EMMA
           Shall we sit?

           Sure, that'd be great.

They sit on a nearby bench.     After a while:

                         AUNT EMMA
           Sometimes I wonder if you let
           money get the best of you, dear.
           Among other substances.
 The Wolf of Wall Street     Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

           It's that obvious, huh?

                         AUNT EMMA
           It's the height of summer and                         *
           you've got the chills.                                *

           I'm a drug addict, Emma. Coke,                        *
           pills, you name it, whatever you                      *
           got. Sex addict too.                                  *

                         AUNT EMMA
           Well there are worse things to be
           addicted to than sex.

                (chuckles; then)
           Why did I just tell you that?                         *

                         AUNT EMMA
           Because I'm very easy to talk to.

Jordan looks at her.       A few beats, then:

           As a matter of fact you are. My                       *
           job, you know, it's tough. I mean                     *
           I'm not complaining, it's just the
           stress. All these people depending                    *
           on me. Millions of dollars at                         *
           stake every day. I sometimes feel                     *
           I've bitten off more than I can                       *
           chew.                                                 *

                         AUNT EMMA
           You're a man with large appetites.

Jordan looks at her and smiles:

                         JORDAN (V.O.)
           Is she fucking hitting on me?

           I agree. I put it on myself. It's                     *
           hard to control the anxiety, you                      *
           know? It's hard to learn to relax.                    *

                         AUNT EMMA
           To release the tension.

                         JORDAN (V.O.)
           She is hitting on me! Holy shit!

Jordan leans in closer, casually slips an arm around her.
        The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                  Exactly, to release the tension.                    *
                  Sometimes you gotta learn to do                     *
                  what comes natural in life, huh?                    *

       Aunt Emma pulls back slightly.

                                AUNT EMMA (V.O.)
                  Is he fucking hitting on me?

       He leans in even closer, kisses her, then:                     *

                                AUNT EMMA
                  Stability, dear. Family.

                                AUNT EMMA (CONT'D)                    *
                  You take care of my niece, my
                  love. And I'll take care of
                  everything over here.                               *
                       (a beat)                                       *
                  Ah, once upon a time...                             *

155A   INT. BEACH HOUSE - BEDROOM - SOUTH HAMPTON - DAY               155A
       (SUMMER `95)

       Jordan fucks Naomi.    There's a curious thunk-thunk-thunk.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  When I got home, I realized there
                  was no way Aunt Emma could smuggle
                  that much cash by herself. I
                  racked my brain for another person
                  with a foreign passport.

       The bed's covered with bundles of cash. Every thrust of
       Jordan's, another bundle plummets to the floor -- thunk.

156    SCENES 156 - 157 OMITTED                                       156

       (SUMMER `95)

       With $20 mil in CASH on the bed, Jordan and a stoned
       Donnie watch as Brad tapes stacks of cash to his wife
       CHANTALLE, a bombshell in panties, bra and sneakers.

                  Bra-had, theese tape eez focking

       As Brad keeps taping her up:
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 As a successful drug dealer, Brad
                 spent his winters in the South of
                 France, which is where he met his
                 wife Chantalle, a stripper of
                 Slovenian origin but born in, of
                 all places, Switzerland.

                 Take eet off, Bra-had! Eet erts!

                 Shut up, bitch.

                 You beetch, you focking douche-a-

      Donnie can't help but start laughing at this.

                 Take eet off!    Take eet off!

      Brad seethes at this but keeps taping...

      (SUMMER `95)

      Chantalle is completely taped up, a cash-covered mummy.
      Jordan looks on with Brad, Donnie and now Naomi. 90% of
      the cash is still on the bed.

                 Well, this is fucked.

                 It's gonna take her like fifty

                 We'll get her parents to tape up
                 too. They got Swiss passports.
                 Plus her brother and his wife.
                 Five people, six-seven trips?

                 How much'll they want for it?

                 I dunno, not much. Fuck, they'd
                 probably do it just for the miles.

                 What about my money?
 The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13


           My money. I got a few mil of my
           own I wanna move. I'll call you,
           you can come pick it up.

                (takes offense to
           You'll "call" me.

                (what part don't you
           And you can come "pick it up."

Brad asks Jordan if they can speak in private.


           What's wrong?

           Don't make me deal with this
           fucknut, okay?

           Donnie?   He's just high is all.

           I dunno if he's stupid or a junkie
           but he's a loose fuckin' cannon.
           I don't trust him and I don't want
           him around me.

           Jesus. I thought he was your best

           I only sell to him cuz he's your

           Can you just do one trip for him?

Brad stews.   It's asking a lot.

           I'll meet him but I won't pick up.
           I have a limit of how much of that
           douchebag I can take.
         The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                   I can hear you, motherfucker!

        Donnie emerges from where he's been eavesdropping.

                                 DONNIE (CONT'D)
                   I'm a douchebag?!! Well, whose
                   fucking idea was it made us all
                   this money?!! Who fucking knew
                   Steve Madden?!! This douchebag!!
                   So go fuck yourself a little!

        Brad slaps Donnie so hard across the face he goes down.

                                 JORDAN (V.O.)
                   The next day, Aunt Emma flew to
                   Geneva, two million in cash in her

159A    SCENES 159A - B OMITTED                                          159A

160     INT. GENEVA AIRPORT - DAY    (SUMMER `95)                         160

        Wheeling a small carry-on suitcase, Aunt Emma smiles at a
        CUSTOMS AGENT, who waves her through.

                                 JORDAN (V.O.)
                   Which in the big picture was a
                   drop in the Swiss bucket --

                                                             TIME CUT:

160aA   On another day, Chantalle and her family (PARENTS,               160aA
        BROTHER, his WIFE) pass through Customs, "on vacation."

                                 JORDAN (V.O.)
                   -- because the following month,
                   over the course of six round-
                   trips, Chantalle and her family
                   smuggled in over twenty million
                   without even a hiccup.

160A    INT. BANQUE REAL DE GENEVE - PRIVATE ROOM - DAY                  160A
        (SUMMER `95)

        With a cash-filled suitcase on the table, Chantalle
        remembers a last fold of cash hidden inside her skirt's
        lining. She laughs with Saurel.

161     SCENES 161 - 170C OMITTED                                         161
        The Wolf of Wall Street     Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

170D   EXT. STRIP MALL - PARKING LOT - LONG ISLAND - DAY                170D
       (LATE SUMMER `95)

       Brad waits by his Range Rover as Donnie's Rolls careens
       into the lot. He emerges, briefcase in hand.

                  Fu Manchu!      Kung fu!

       Donnie starts doing spastic karate moves. Is he high?
       Sure looks like it. Brad looks pissed, and Donnie starts
       laughing. Actually he's dead sober.

                                DONNIE (CONT'D)
                  I'm just fucking with you, man.
                  Jesus, the look on your face.
                       (Brad isn't laughing)
                  Hey, sorry if I got outta line the
                  other day, I was just, that was
                  the drugs talking...

                  S'cool, just... gimme the case.

                       (he doesn't)
                  You know, I always kinda regretted
                  you didn't come to work with us at
                  Stratton. It'd be so cool having
                  you around, man.

                       (growing impatient)
                  Yeah, well...

                  You'd be one of us, we'd go out-
                  partying together, you wouldn't
                  have to dress like a mall rat
                  guinea prison bitch all the time.

       Donnie grins, obviously still smarting from Brad's slap.
       Brad just wants to take the money and be done.

                  Give me the money.

       A DISTANCE AWAY, a COP in a patrol car notices Brad
       gesturing to Donnie for his briefcase. He nudges his
       partner: check this out.

                  Can I come over and help tape this
                  to your wife? "Eez so focking
                  steeky! Take eet off, Bra-hod!"

       Brad composes himself, lest he kill the guy.
        The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                  I'm gonna give you a pass.

                  You're what?

                  I'm gonna give you a pass.

                  You're gonna give me a pass?

                  Yes.    Just gimme the money.

                  You're gonna give me a pass?
                       (offers the case)
                  Why don't you stick your pass up
                  your Slavic cunt's pussy.

       That does it. Brad attacks. Donnie throws the case at
       him, which opens on impact, money spilling out. Brad
       instinctively tries to contain it... and that's when the
       POLICE SIRENS start. Here comes the patrol car.


       Donnie bolts. With no time to get to his car, Brad takes
       off on foot, bleeding briefcase in hand, toward a video
       store where he stashes his .38 in the return box.

                  Freeze!   Don't move!

       Brad drops to his knees, briefcase at his feet. From a
       distance, Donnie peers around a corner to watch him get
       arrested, knowing he fucked this up.

170E   SCENES 170E - 178 OMITTED                                      170E

       (LATE SUMMER `95)                                              *

       Donnie is seated at his desk, freaking out and trying to       *
       figure out what to do. He exits.                               *

       (LATE SUMMER `95)

       With a flourish, Donnie presents a bottle full of ludes.       *
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                 Jord, do I have a surprise for                      *
                 you. Twenty real lemons! A retired                  *
                 pharmacist friend of mine's been                    *
                 sitting on these the last 15                        *
                 years.                                              *

                 You fucking serious?!

      CLOSE ON -- a Lemmon 714 Quaalude; pure white, with
      trademark ridged edges.

                               JORDAN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                 The Lemmon 714 was the Holy Grail
                 of Quaaludes, outlawed since the
                 `80s and three times as powerful
                 as anything available today. For
                 a Quaalude addict, it was like
                 finding a 1952 Chateau Margaux.

      CLOSE ON -- Donnie gauging Jordan's excitement, waiting
      for the right moment to admit his fuck-up.

                 I'd been saving these for a
                 special occasion, like a birthday
                 or celebrating our money being out
                 of the country. Instead I thought
                 I'd better use `em to help break
                 the news about Brad.

180   INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - MASTER BATHROOM - DAY                   180
      (LATE SUMMER `95)

      In his underwear, Jordan kneels over the toilet, sticking
      his fingers down his throat to make himself vomit.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 That night I cleared my schedule
                 and rid my body of anything that
                 could fuck with my high. It was
                 celebration time.

      He takes a box off the counter marked "Active Enema".
      He squats and administers it...


      Massive, with a wet bar, media center and full gym.
      Giddy as kids on Christmas, Jordan and Donnie sit on the
      couch, the bottle of Lemmons before them.

                 Start with one, see how it goes?
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages      3/5/13

                 My guy says one's all we'll need.

      Excited, they each pop a lude, toast with hot sake'...

                                                          DISSOLVE TO:


      Bored, Jordan and Donnie sit on the couch watching
      "Family Matters" on TV.

                 You feeling anything?

                      (glances at watch)
                 Thirty five minutes.

                 Maybe we've built up a tolerance
                 all these years?

      Donnie shrugs; they pop another, wash it down with sake'.

                                                          DISSOLVE TO:


      With Jordan running on the treadmill, Donnie pumps away
      on an exercise bike nearby. They're both sweating.

                 This is bullshit, man. My fucking
                 metabolism's pumping and I don't
                 feel shit.

                 They're old, maybe they lost their

      Donnie leans over, picks up the bottle.         Reads the label.

                 January `81.    They're fucking

      He shakes out more pills, two more apiece. As they pop
      them, a very pregnant Naomi descends the stairs, now very

                 What are you two retards doing?
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                 Nothing.   Working out.

                      (a look; then)
                 Bo Dietl's on the phone.

      Naomi heads back upstairs.    Jordan picks up the phone.

                 Bo, hey, what's up?

184   INT. BO DIETL'S CADILLAC - NIGHT (LATE SUMMER `95)             184

      Bo Dietl talks on his cell phone.

                               BO DIETL
                 I need to talk to you, but not on
                 this phone.


                 Why, what's--

                               BO DIETL
                 Leave the house, call me back
                 from a pay phone, you hear me?

185   EXT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - NIGHT (LATE SUMMER `95)                 185

      Jordan pulls his Lamborghini out of the driveway.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 The Brookville Country Club was a
                 WASP stronghold, a straight shot
                 down the road from my house.


      Jordan pulls up, exits the car in sweats, flip-flops and
      a T-shirt. He hustles up a staircase into...


      Jordan stands at a pay phone, receiver to his ear.
      WE HEAR it ringing, then:

                                 BO DIETL (O.S.)
       The Wolf of Wall Street     Buff Revised Pages     3/5/13

                 Yeah, I'm at a pay phone.       What's
                 going on?


188   INT. BO DIETL'S CADILLAC - NIGHT (LATE SUMMER `95)                   188

      Bo talks on his cell.

                               BO DIETL
                 Your buddy Brad's in jail.

                 Oh, Jesus Christ! What did he do?                         *

                               BO DIETL
                 I dunno yet, they arrested him in                         *
                 a shopping mall in Long Island                            *
                 this morning, I'm finding out.
                 But listen to me. More important
                 than that. The guy Denham I told
                 you about, the Fed? He's got your
                 phones tapped, I'm pretty sure.
                 Home and office.                                          *

                                JORDAN                                     *
                 Donnie, that piece of shit. I'm                           *
                 gonna kill him! That fat prick                            *
                 mother fucker!                                            *

                               BO DIETL                                    *
                 But, listen to me. Do me a favor,                         *
                 please do not talk on the phone.                          *


                               BO DIETL
                 Did you try to bribe this fuckin'

                 What? No!       I didn't try to bribe

                              BO DIETL
                 Jordan? I couldn't understand
                 you. Say that again?

                 I zay I zint ty zoo bibe azybuzzy!

                               BO DIETL
                 Are you fucking high?
        The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

       Jordan can't respond. Phone still to his ear, his
       eyelids droop. Drool spills from his slackened jaw.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  After fifteen years in storage,
                  the Lemmons had developed a
                  delayed fuse.

       JORDAN'S POV -- is hazy as he stares at his own
       reflection in the pay phone.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  It took 90 minutes for the little
                  fuckers to kick in, but once they
                  did -- pow! I had skipped the
                  tingle phase and went straight to
                  the drool phase.

       JORDAN'S POV -- the phone gets further and further away.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Actually I'd discovered a new
                  phase: the cerebral palsy phase.

       BAMMM!! Jordan hits the floor with a thud, crashed out
       on his back. From the dangling phone, we hear:

                                BO DIETL (O.S.)
                       (over phone)
                  Jordan! Jordan! Do not get behind
                  the wheel! Just tell me where
                  you're at, I'll send Rocco!

       Jordan lolls his head toward the phone, tries to reach
       for it; he can't. He lays there for a while, then:

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  C'mon, stand up!

       He rolls onto all fours, lifts a hand, topples over.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Okay, walking is off the list of
                  options. All right, what else is
                       (a brainstorm)
                  I can crawl, like Skylar!

       Slowly, Jordan begins crawling like an infant to the top
       of the staircase.

188A   SCENES 188A - 188B OMITTED                                     188A
       The Wolf of Wall Street     Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

189   EXT. STAIRCASE - NIGHT (LATE SUMMER `95)                           189

      The Lamborghini is parked at the bottom, twenty steps
      down. He starts to crawl down the stairs, stops. Tries
      again. Can't figure out how to do it.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Fuck!   The kid makes it look so

      An icy wind blows through his T-shirt.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Think, you motherfucker, think!
                      (a few beats; then)
                 Wait, I've got it!

      Jordan slowly curls himself into a ball.

                                   JORDAN (V.O.)
                 I can roll!

      Forcing himself over the edge, Jordan begins to descend
      the steps, one at a time. Thump. Thump. Then faster.
      Thump- Thump-Thump. Faster still. He loses control,
      takes all the steps at once. Thump-Thump-Thump-Thump-
      Thump-Thump. He lands with a crash on the asphalt,
      drags himself up and into the Lamborghini.

190   INT. JORDAN'S LAMBORGHINI - NIGHT        (LATE SUMMER `95)         190

      Ignition on, Jordan sits hunched over, chin resting on
      the steering wheel. Just then, the car phone RINGS.
      With great effort, he pushes the speaker phone button:


                                 NAOMI (O.S.)
                 Omigod!    Jordan, where are you?!

                 Whazz a marra?

                               NAOMI (O.S.)
                 It's Donnie, he's totally out of
                 control! He's on the other line
                 with some Swiss guy!

      Jordan's face reads horror.

                 Whaa?!!    No!!
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                               NAOMI (O.S.)
                 I can't understand you! Just get
                 home, hurry!

      Naomi clicks off.    And as Jordan puts the car in gear...

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 They say God protects drunks and
                 babies. I was praying the same
                 held true for drug addicts.

191   EXT. HEGEMAN'S ROAD - NIGHT     (LATE SUMMER `95)              191

      Peering over the wheel like an old lady, Jordan slowly
      maneuvers the Lamborghini down the dark road.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 I was less than a mile from home
                 and drove slower than shit.

192   EXT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - NIGHT     (LATE SUMMER 95)              192

      Jordan pulls up in the Lamborghini, shuts the ignition.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Somehow I made it alive, not a
                 scratch on me or the car.


      CLOSE ON the TV, where a POPEYE cartoon is playing.
      PULL BACK to reveal Skylar watching. As Jordan staggers
      in, Naomi approaches...

                 Where Zonnie?!

                 In the kitchen.

194   SCENE 194 OMITTED                                              194

195   INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS                    195

      Phone to his ear and at least as stoned as Jordan, Donnie
      stands at the counter.                                         *

                      (into phone)
                 --zee money, I wazza move izz to
       The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

195A   INT. SAUREL'S BEDROOM - NIGHT                                   195A
       (LATE SUMMER `95)

       Having been just woken up, Jean-Jacques Saurel sits up in
       bed, phone to his ear, a perplexed look on his face.

                  What language are you speaking,
                  Mr. Azoff?

196    INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS                     196
       (LATE SUMMER `95)

       With Naomi looking on, Jordan staggers toward Donnie
       like a drunk Frankenstein.

                  Ge ozza zone!     Ge ozza iz!!

                  Waz?   Iz zoggin oo anzali!

                  GE OZZA ZONE!!

       With all the strength he can muster, Jordan RIPS the
       phone from the wall, throwing it skittering across the
       floor with a CLANG.

                  What the fuck are you doing?!

                  Wazza fuh is wrong wizzz oooo?!!
                  I wuzz awwing to!!
                       (Jordan grabs him)
                  Wazza mazzer?! Wazza yoo razy?!!

       Skylar looks on from the next room, crying as Jordan
       tries to shake some sense into Donnie. Naomi crosses to         *
       Skylar and rushes her out of the room.                          *

                  Zee vone!! He nah zuppose zoo
                  dalk on zee vone!!


                  ZE NAH ZUPPOSE ZOO DALK ON ZEE
                  VONE!! WUZZ AAZZEN TOZAY WIZ

The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

           WUZZ ZOD IN ZAW?!


Fuck it. Jordan releases Donnie. Donnie crawls into the            *
dining room and starts shoving ham into his mouth in an            *
effort to sober up. Just then, we HEAR a horrible                  *
GAGGING sound. Donnie holds his throat as he falls                 *
backward choking, taking out the entire glass kitchen
table with a tremendous CRASH! Naomi rushes back in.               *

           Omigod, he's choking!     Jordan, do

Just then, WE HEAR the triumphant Popeye FANFARE --
Jordan looks to the TV, where POPEYE pours a can of
spinach down his gullet. Instantly, his chest and arm
muscles swell to five times their size.

Jordan goes to get his coke. He snarfs up two fat
spoonfuls and -- like that -- his chest swells and he
takes a deep breath and he dashes back to the rescue...

Jordan rushes back to Donnie, who is now blue.

                         NAOMI (CONT'D)
           He's not breathing!

Jordan places his fingers over Donnie's artery.         Nothing.

                          NAOMI (CONT'D)
           Save him!

Jordan kneels, starts furiously pumping Donnie's chest,
breathing air into his lungs in rhythmic bursts.

                         JORDAN (V.O.)
           This stupid sonovabitch! All
           Donnie ever did was fuck me up and
           now I had to save his life `cause
           I took a CPR class when the baby
           was learning to swim. Just for
           the record, I want it noted: not
           for a second did I even think
           about letting him choke to death,
           even though it would've saved me
           an awful lot of headaches.

Donnie still isn't breathing. Jordan flips him over,
tries the Heimlich -- we hear a CRUNCH as he breaks
Donnie's ribs. He flips him back over, but he's almost
completely blue.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                  He won't come back!

                  Don't let him die! He has

       One last try. Jordan takes a massive breath, blowing as
       hard as he can into Donnie's lungs. Donnie's stomach
       distends like a balloon, then suddenly a chunk of ham
       projects from his mouth and into Jordan's face. Donnie
       coughs, vomiting. And as he starts breathing again,
       Jordan exits and passes out on the living room couch.            *

                                                      FADE TO BLACK.

                                BROOKVILLE POLICE #1 (V.O.)
                  Jordan Belfort?

196A   INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - FAMILY ROOM - DAY                         196A
       (LATE SUMMER `95)

       Jordan opens his eyes. Through his HAZY POV, we see
       Violet, the maid standing over him with two OLD
       BROOKVILLE POLICE OFFICERS as Naomi attends to Donnie in
       the background.


                                BROOKVILLE POLICE #1
                  Sir, we need to ask you some

197    SCENES 197 - 199 OMITTED                                         197

200    EXT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - NIGHT (LATE SUMMER `95)                   200

       Jordan exits the house with the Police Officers.        The
       Lamborghini is TOTALLED, an absolute wreck.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Wow. Maybe I hadn't made it home

201    EXT. HEGEMAN'S ROAD - NIGHT     (LATE SUMMER `95)                201

       FLASHBACK. Nodding out, Jordan drives the Lamborghini
       like a maniac, careening off parked cars and trees.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  It was an absolute miracle I
                  wasn't killed, and an even bigger
                  miracle I hadn't killed anyone.
       The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

201A   INT. POLICE STATION - DAY (LATE SUMMER `95)                     201A

       A MAN steps up to get his mug shot taken, but it's Brad,
       not Jordan. FLASH. Turn to the side. FLASH.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  But they couldn't arrest me, the
                  cops had no proof I'd been behind
                  the wheel. Meanwhile, Brad did a                     *
                  few months in jail for contempt                      *
                  because he wouldn't rat Donnie
                  out. They never found his gun,
                  though, so they finally had to let
                  him go.

202    SCENES 202 - 202A OMITTED                                       202

202B   EXT. HORSE FARM - LONG ISLAND - DAY (OCT `95)                   202B

       Jordan watches an INSTRUCTOR lead Skylar on a pony.
       Nearby Naomi holds newborn PARKER. Manny Riskin and Max
       stand beside Jordan.

                                MANNY RISKIN
                  You're a lucky guy, Jordan.
                  Legally I've never seen anyone
                  slip a noose the way you do.
                  Christ, you're lucky to be alive
                  much less not in jail.

                  I don't believe in luck.

                                MANNY RISKIN
                  That's what all lucky people say.
                  It's time, Jordan. Let me make a
                  deal with SEC. Before your luck
                  runs out.

       Skylar waves from the pony and Jordan waves back.

                  What kind of terms?

                                MANNY RISKIN
                  You plead guilty to a handful of
                  securities violations -- stock
                  manipulation, high pressure sales
                  tactics, ticky-tack shit like
                  that. You pay a few million
                  dollars in fines and in exchange
                  the SEC fucks off for all time.

                  And Stratton?    What happens there?
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                                MANNY RISKIN
                  You'd have to walk away. Let
                  Donnie take over.
                       (that one hurts)
                  Now the FBI's a different animal.
                  They can still pursue you for
                  criminal wrongdoing. But with you
                  on the sidelines, my guess is your
                  best friend Agent Denham'll be
                  left standing around with his dick
                  in his hand.

       Jordan digests that.

                  You beat them, Jordan. You won.
                  Sail into the sunset with your
                  wife and kids while you can.

                                MANNY RISKIN
                  God knows you'll never have to
                  work again.

       As Jordan looks at his picture-perfect family, WE HEAR

202C   SCENES 202C - 202D OMITTED                                     202C

202E   INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - BULLPEN - DAY                      202E
       (SPRING `96)

       The troops ROAR as Jordan takes center stage.

                  I'm sure many of you have been
                  hearing rumors lately, about me,
                  about the future of this firm, and
                  that's what I'd like to talk to
                  you about today.
                       (a few beats, then)
                  Five years ago when I started
                  Stratton with Donnie Azoff, I knew
                  the day would eventually come when
                  I'd be moving on. It's truly with
                  a heavy heart that I tell you that
                  day is here.

       The place erupts in a chorus of "No!", "Don't go!", etc.
       Jordan raises his hand for quiet.

                                JORDAN (CONT'D)
                  Thank you for that and for your
                  years of incredible loyalty and
The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13
                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           The point is though, that under
           Donnie's leadership, along with
           Robbie Feinberg and Nicky Koskoff
           moving into key management
           positions, this place is gonna be
           better than ever!

A smattering of applause. Jordan notices a few Brokers
gravely shaking their heads.

                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           And the fact that I'm gone won't
           stop me from giving Donnie advice,
           not that he needs any--

                (jumping in)
           Why would anyone in their right
           mind not follow JB's advice?

Donnie looks petrified; he's used to being an offensive
tackle, not the quarterback.

           Before I go, there's something I
           want to remind you all, and that's
           this -- Stratton Oakmont is bigger
           than any one person, even me.
           Especially me. You guys are
           Stratton, each and every one of
           you, and that is why it's sure to
           remain the best brokerage firm in
           the fucking world!

Thunderous applause spreads through the boardroom, all
300 Brokers on their feet. WE PUSH IN on Jordan.

                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           See, the very idea of Stratton is
           that when you come here and step
           into this bullpen for the first
           time, you start your life anew.
           You have a place here and no one
           can take that away from you!
           Stratton Oakmont is America! Give
           me your tired and poor! The very
           moment you walk through that door
           and pledge your loyalty to this
           firm, you become part of a family,
           you become a Strattonite! It
           doesn't matter who you are, it
           doesn't matter where you're from!
           Whether your family came over on
           the Mayflower or on a fucking
           inner tube from Haiti!
The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

More applause. Jordan scans the young faces -- they
worship him. In the crowd he finds KIMMIE BELZER, 30s.

                          JORDAN (CONT'D)
           Everybody here knows Kimmie
           Belzer, right?

Hoots and hollers...      He raises his hand for quiet.

                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           In case any of you weren't aware
           of it, Kimmie was one of
           Stratton's first brokers, one of
           the original twenty. Now when
           most of you met Kimmie, you met
           her the way she is today -- a
           beautiful woman who drives a brand
           new Mercedes, a woman who lives in
           the finest condo complex on Long
           Island. A woman who wears $3000
           Armani suits, who spends her
           winters in the Bahamas and her
           summers in the Hamptons!

Wild applause.

                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           But that's not the Kimmie I met.
           The Kimmie I met was broke, a
           single mom on the balls of her
           ass. Three months behind on her
           rent with an eight year old son!
           She came to me for a job and when
           I hired her she asked for a $5000
           dollar advance so she could pay
           his tuition. And what did I do,

           You wrote me a check for $25,000!

           Because I believed in you, like
           I believe in each and every one
           of you!

           I love you, Jordan!

As the Brokers go berserk, Jordan stands basking in the
adoration. He looks at Donnie, turns back to the Crowd,
looks out at the faces. A change has come over him.
He stands there, thinking. An eternity, then:
        The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                   You know for years I've been
                   telling you guys not to take no
                   for an answer, to keep pushing,
                   to not hang up the phone till you
                   get what you want. This deal I'm
                   about to sign, barring me from the
                   securities industry, barring me
                   from Stratton, my home... What the
                   fuck is that? I'll tell you what
                   it is, it's me being a hypocrite.
                   It's me taking no for an answer,
                   it's them selling me, not the
                   other way around! Fuck it, I'm
                   not leaving!

        Jordan smiles, thrusts his hands in the air --

                                 JORDAN (CONT'D)
                   THE SHOW GOES ON!!

        The place goes absolutely INSANE. And as Donnie and Max
        trade looks, TECHNO MUSIC BLASTS taking us to...

202Ea   EXT. YACHT NAOMI - AFT DECK - DAY (SPRING `96)                 202Ea

        It's celebration time. DOZENS of Strattonites party,
        drinking/dancing/snorting, Jordan at the center of it.

                                 JORDAN (V.O.)
                   Of course, the troops weren't the                    *
                   only ones who were thrilled.                         *

202F    INT. DENHAM'S OFFICE - DAY (SPRING `96)                        202F

        Agent Denham hears the news over the phone. A smile
        touches his lips: his case goes on...

202Fa   EXT. YACHT NAOMI - AFT DECK (SPRING `96)                       202Fa

        The party continues as Brad comes aboard.      He's welcomed    *
        and showered with lapdancers.                                   *

                                 JORDAN (V.O.)                          *
                   I apologized to Brad and promised                    *
                   him he'd never have to deal with                     *
                   Donnie again. Even offered to pay                    *
                   him for his time in the can. But                     *
                   he said no, he was out. Sad thing                    *
                   was, he was dead two years later.                    *
                   Massive heart attack while sitting                   *
                   on the john.                                         *

202G    SCENE 202G OMITTED                                             202G
         The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

         (SPRING `96)

         Janet enters Jordan's office, leaves a stack of legal
         papers on his desk.

                                  JORDAN (V.O.)
                    Within days, subpoenas started
                    flying. They were burying me in
                    paper --


         Donnie pisses on a subpoena, to applause.

                                  JORDAN (V.O.)
                    -- notices to produce documents,
                    depositions. Donnie couldn't
                    drink water fast enough.

202J     INT. S.E.C. - CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY (SPRING `96)                202J

         As Manny Riskin looks on, Jordan sits across from the
         three SEC Attorneys and a COURT REPORTER.

                                  JORDAN (V.O.)
                    They interrogated everybody, it
                    went on for months. It was total
                    fucking harassment...

202K-Q   A SERIES OF CUTS -- (SPRING `96)                               202K-Q

         Various Stratton Brokers are deposed: Robbie; Rugrat,
         Peter DeBlasio, Sea Otter; Chester Ming.

                                   JORDAN (V.O.)
                    ... but not a single Strattonite
                    cracked. Donnie and I were given
                    strict instructions not to leave
                    the country...

202R     SCENES 202R - 207 OMITTED                                       202R

208      EXT. YACHT NAOMI - AFT DECK - DAY (SUMMER `96)                   208

                                  JORDAN (V.O.)                           *
           we took our wives to Italy.                     *
                    Each of us had a couple of million                    *
                    we needed to deposit anyway --                        *

         ON A DUFFEL BAG FULL OF MONEY just resting on deck.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  -- this seemed the most civilized
                  way to transport it overseas.

       ON ANOTHER BAG, this one brimming with bottles of pills,
       bags of pot, vials of coke. Jordan and Donnie cut up
       lines as a HOSTESS serves Bloody Marys.

                  Can I get you anything else,

                  I have a rare condition that
                  requires me to drink one of these
                  every fifteen minutes. If you
                  could set your egg timer, I'd
                  appreciate it.

       She goes. The blow is ready for inhaling. Jordan and
       Donnie are doing a "you first, no, you first" routine
       with a rolled up $100 when a CELL rings. Donnie grabs

                  Rugrat! Bongiorno, my bald eagle!                   *

208A   SCENES 208A - 208B OMITTED                                     208A


                  We may have a problem. Your                         *
                  friend, Steve Madden, he's                          *
                  unloading shares.                                   *

208D   EXT. YACHT NAOMI - DAY (SUMMER `96)                            208D

       Donnie reacts as Rugrat expounds.

                  What?!   You're fucking kidding?!                   *

                                RUGRAT                                *
                  No. I wish I was.                                   *

                                DONNIE                                *
                       (to Jordan)                                    *
                  Rugrat says Steve Madden's                          *
                  unloading shares.                                   *

                                JORDAN                                *
                  What?! (Grabs Donnie's phone)                       *
                  Rugrat, what the fuck?                              *
The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13
                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           (Hands Donnie his phone) Call the                   *
           sonovabitch! Hold on a second.                      *

BACK AT STRATTON...                                            *

                         RUGRAT                                *
           I'm looking at the screen and huge                  *
           chunks of Steve Madden are being                    *
           sold. We're not doing it so it's                    *
           gotta be Steve. He's the only                       *
           person who owns that many shares.                   *

ON THE BOAT...                                                 *

Jordan cups the phone, looks to Donnie who shrugs.

           He's not picking up.

           Your fucking friend is trying to
           fuck me. And you know where he's
           trying to fuck me? Up the ass.
                (back to Rugrat)
           I need some time to think.                          *

Jordan thinks, snorts a line to think better.

                         JORDAN (V.O.)
           Even though I owned 85% of Steve-
           the shares were in his fucking
           name. Motherfucker knew I was in
           trouble with the Feds and was
           trying to take advantage.

He gets back on the phone with Rugrat.

           Tell all the brokers to sell.                       *
           Drive the price down. Steve will                    *
           go cockless when he watches me                      *
           turn his company into a penny                       *
           stock.                                              *
                (he hangs up)
                (yelling below deck)
           Captain Ted!! Start `er up, we
           gotta go home!                                      *

The sight of Naomi and Hildy returning from their trip
ashore stops him. Because Naomi's weeping, Hildy
consoling her.

                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           What the fuck?! What happened?
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                  I got a call from cousin Betty.
                  Aunt Emma's dead.

       Off Jordan's reaction as Naomi weeps and laments the
       dearly departed: "she was so young, so healthy" etc. --

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Fucking heart attack. Boom-snap,
                  she was gone. Shuffled off her
                  mortal coil and twenty million
                  dollars in a Swiss bank account.

       (SUMMER `96)

       Jean-Jacques Saurel sits at his desk, calmly smoking as
       he talks on the phone.

                  It is terrible. Your aunt was
                  such an elegant, attractive woman.
                  My condolences to you and your
                  family. You must be --


                       (no time for it)
                  Thanks but where does this leave
                  us in regard to her account? It
                  goes into probate or what?

                  Not to worry, Jordan. Your aunt,
                  before she died, signed a document
                  naming you as her successor.

                  She did?!

                       (a sly grin)
                  Well. Not as of yet.

       And as they continue talking, Jordan pulls out a nautical
       map of the Italian coastline:

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  I gotta say, these Swiss were
                  sneaky motherfuckers. Within
                  minutes he made arrangements to
                  set me up with a forger, the best
                  document specialist in Geneva.
The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13
                         JORDAN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
           Thing was: I had to get there in
           three business days to co-sign on
           the account.

Jordan goes rapid-fire.     He yells:                           *

           Captain Ted! Change of plan!                         *
           We're going to Monaco.                               *

           Monaco, now?                                         *

                         JORDAN                                 *
           Yes, babe. We're going to Monaco                     *
           so then we can go to Switzerland.                    *

           But her aunt just died, we can't
           go to --

           I realize that but we have to go                     *
           to Switzerland.                                      *

           What about --                                        *

                (way ahead of him)
           -- keep calling, when the fuck
           picks up, set a meet with him in
           three business days.                                 *

           We gotta go to London.                               *


           The funeral.

                         JORDAN                                 *
           Honey, I loved your Aunt Emma more                   *
           than anyone in the world, but                        *
           she's still gonna be dead in two                     *
           days. She's not going anywhere.                      *

Captain Ted Beecham emerges from below.

                         JORDAN (CONT'D)
           Captain Ted, we've gotta get to                      *

                           CAPTAIN TED                          *
           Monaco?                                              *
The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                         JORDAN                                 *
           Then we drive to Switzerland so                      *
           they don't stamp our passports.                      *
           Take care of business. Drive back                    *
           to Monaco, fly to London for the                     *
           funeral, fly back to New York to                     *
           be there in three business days -                    *
           That's the fuckin' plan.                             *

                         CAPTAIN TED
           I'm getting reports of some
           weather out there. Might run into
           some chop.

                         JORDAN                                 *
           The boat's 170 feet long.      She can               *
           handle a little chop.                                *

                         HILDY                                  *
           We're not going anywhere until he                    *
           says it's safe.                                      *

                           DONNIE                               *
           Chop is fine.                                        *

                           JORDAN                               *
           Is it safe?                                          *

                         CAPTAIN TED                            *
           If we take it slow...                                *

                           JORDAN                               *
           We can do it?                                        *

                         CAPTAIN TED                            *
           Chop is chop. Some chop - it can                     *
           be uncomfortable.                                    *

                         JORDAN                                 *
           Well, that's fine.                                   *

                          CAPTAIN TED                           *
           Anything is possible. I mean we'll                   *
           have to batten down the hatches                      *
           just to be safe. Could be a few                      *
           broken dishes.                                       *

                         JORDAN                                 *
           A few broken dishes. Isn't that                      *
           great? Let's go to Monaco -                          *

Jordan, Captain Ted and Donnie rush down stairs. As the         *
ENGINE starts...                                                *
      The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

209   EXT. MEDITERRANEAN SEA - NIGHT      (SUMMER `96)                209

      The perfect storm. As the Naomi tips at a 45-degree
      angle, a thick wall of gray water comes rising over her
      side, slamming onto the bridge with a thunderous CRASH.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Well talk about your shitty

      Six Jet Skis plummet off the deck into the raging sea.

210   INT. YACHT NAOMI - BRIDGE - NIGHT (SUMMER `96)                  210

      Donnie and Naomi stand on the bridge where Captain Ted          *
      Beecham holds the ship's wheel with both hands, the radio
      blaring in the background. Jordan enters.                       *

                               JORDAN                                 *
                 What the fuck is going on?                           *

                               CAPTAIN TED                            *
                 Jet skis just went overboard.                        *

                                 RADIO VOICE
                 Gale warning!    Gale warning!                       *

                               CAPTAIN TED
                 The waves are twenty feet and

                 Can't you turn us around?!

                               CAPTAIN TED
                 We'll get broad-sided and tip

                                 RADIO VOICE
                 Gale warning!    Gale warning!

      Naomi turns to Jordan, furious with him.

                 You happy now, you piece of shit?                    *
                 We're gonna drown.                                   *

                 I'm a master diver. We will not                      *
                 drown, I promise you. I got you,                     *
                 baby.                                                *
                       (realizing she's                               *
                        probably right; to
                 The ludes!
       The Wolf of Wall Street    Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13


                  Get the fucking ludes!                               *

                  They're below deck! There's like
                  three feet of water down there!

                  I can't die fucking sober!

       As Donnie heads off --

                  What is he crazy? Where's he                         *
                  going? Donnie!                                       *

210A   INT. BELOW DECKS - CONTINUOUS                                   210A

       Donnie retrieves the ludes.                                     *

210B   INT. YACHT NAOMI - BRIDGE - CONTINUOUS                          210B

       Captain Ted stares through his binoculars.

                                  CAPTAIN TED
                  Jesus Christ!                                        *

                                                     TIME CUT TO:      *
       Donnie returns with ludes - feeds to Jordan and then            *
       himself.                                                        *

                  What's happening?!                                   *

                                  CAPTAIN TED                          *
                  Rogue wave!                                          *

       Jordan grabs Naomi. All at once the boat dips down at an        *
       impossibly steep angle, until it's pointing almost              *
       straight down. Captain Ted jams the throttle and the            *
       boat jerks forward, rising up the face of a giant rogue         *
       wave, which curls over the top of the bridge and...             *

       KABOOM! -- Blackness. Slowly, painfully, the boat pops          *
       up from beneath the water, its helicopter RIPPING from          *
       the deck and crashing into the sea.                             *

                                CAPTAIN TED (CONT'D)
                       (into radio)
                  Mayday! This is Captain Ted
                  Beecham aboard the Yacht Naomi!
                  This is a Mayday!
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13
                               CAPTAIN TED (CONT'D)
                 We are going down at the head
                 fifty miles off the coast of Rome
                 and we require immediate

211   INT. ITALIAN NAVAL DESTROYER - BELOW DECK - NIGHT                   *211
      (SUMMER `96)

      Off to the side, Jordan watches as Naomi, their Friends,
      and the yacht's Crew Members dance to blaring techno
      music. A small group of Italian SAILORS cheer them on.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 The nice thing about getting
                 rescued by Italians is that the
                 first thing they do is feed you
                 and make you drink red wine.
                 Then they make you dance.

      Jordan watches as the dancing continues, then casually
      glances out a porthole, where WE SEE the distant lights
      of a PLANE making its way across the night sky. After a
      few beats, the plane EXPLODES, a tiny flash of light.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 Did you see that? That was the
                 plane I sent for to come get us.
                 I shit you not, it exploded when
                 a seagull flew into the engine,
                 three people killed. You want a
                 sign from God, well after all this
                 I finally got the message. I had
                 to make some fucking changes.

                                                              FADE OUT.

212   SCENES 212 - 214 OMITTED                                            *212

                           24 MONTHS LATER

215   INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - LIVING ROOM - DAY (SUMMER `98)               *215

      Jordan, looking healthier than we've seen him thus far,             *
      sits on the couch; stacks of paperwork on the coffee                *
      table. After a few beats, Naomi enters from the kitchen.            *

                               NAOMI                                      *
                 Dinner's ready.                                          *

                               JORDAN                                     *
                 I gotta finish these balance                             *
                 sheets, babe.                                            *
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                                NAOMI                                    *
                  Well, it's there. So the kids are                      *
                  gonna start.                                           *

       Naomi exits. Jordan goes back to work. Looks up at TV.            *
       Watches for a bit.                                                *

                                JORDAN (V.O.)                            *
                  What's the single most important                       *
                  skill in life you can ever master?                     *

                                                               CUT TO:

215A   THE INFOMERCIAL.                                                  215A

       Shot on 90's-era video, an ad intended for late-night
       local tv. The defining idea here is that while the
       commercial may be amateurish, Jordan isn't; he's an
       excellent salesman even if the ad is cut-rate.

       WE START WITH FLASHES OF THE SEMINAR: Jordan in front of
       a dry erase board, lecturing a small audience.

                  At the essence of every personal
                  interaction, of every business
                  transaction, of every effective
                  human communication is
                  PERSUASION... once you learn to
                  control the linguistic encounter,
                  you will be SHOCKED at what will
                  happen... you are a person worth
                  listening to, and taking it one
                  step higher than that, you are
                  someone who can help them achieve
                  their goals...

215B   JORDAN ON THE GROUNDS OF HIS ESTATE, addressing us.               215B

                                JORDAN (CONT'D)
                  Do you dream of being financially
                  independent but struggle every
                  month just to pay your bills?
                  Would you like to own a home like                      *
                  this one someday but can barely
                  afford to pay your rent?
                       (ZOOM IN ON HIM)
                  My name is Jordan Belfort and
                  there's no secret to wealth
                  creation. No matter who you are,
                  where you came from, you too can                       *
                  become financially independent in
                  just a matter of months. All you
                  need is a strategy.
                       (NEW ANGLE; he enters
                        from same side as
                        previous shot)
         The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13
                                  JORDAN (CONT'D)
                    The first action you have to take
                    is to DECIDE to be wealthy. When
                    I was 24 years old, I made a
                    DECISION not to just survive but
                    to THRIVE. I started my own stock
                    brokerage firm, developing a                          *
                    SYSTEM OF SELLING that within a
                    year made me a multi-millionaire.

         sportscars, Naomi in a bikini, stock footage of a jet...

                                  JORDAN (V.O.)
                    From these humble middle-class
                    beginnings, I now live here...with
                    my beautiful wife and
           the lifestyle of our

215H     THE SEMINAR.   Jordan high-fives attendees.                     215H

                                  JORDAN (V.O.)
                    Now I'm passing along the secrets
                    to my success in my 90-minute free
                    seminar, "Jordan Belfort's
                    Straight Line Persuasion."

215J     FIRST TESTIMONIAL.    A MAN holds a framed check.               215J

                    I have here in my hand, framed, is
                    a check for twenty-seven thousand
                    four hundred and thirty-seven
                    dollars and sixty-three cents that
                    I netted from one deal after
                    attending Jordan Belfort's, um,
                    Straight Line Persuasion seminar.

215K     JORDAN, on a yacht with NAOMI and some MODELS.                  215K

                    There's nobody stopping you from                      *
                    making millions. There is nobody                      *
                    holding you back from financial                       *
                    freedom.                                              *
                         (to Naomi)                                       *
                    Thank You Sweet Heart.                                *
                         (back to camera)                                 *
                    Don't just sit at home or the life                    *
                    of your dreams will sail right                        *
                    past you.                                             *

215L     TESTIMONIAL #2.    A COUPLE in a kitschy living room.           215L
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                  Thanks to the Straight Line
                  System, we could afford this home
                  and now we're living the lives of
                  our dreams.

215M   A HELICOPTER descends to a helipad.                            215M

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  I've changed all these people's
                  lives and I can change yours, too!

       It touches down and Jordan jumps out to address us --

                  So come to my seminar!! The life
                  of your dreams is only a decision
                  away --

       -- and BAM! gets clothes-lined by Agent Denham.

216    SCENES 216 - 217 OMITTED                                       216

218    INT. CENTRAL BOOKING - QUEENS - NIGHT      (SEP `98)           218

       CLOSE ON JORDAN'S HANDS, at last in cuffs.     PAN UP TO
       HIM, looking none-too-pleased.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  This one takes the cake. It was
                  Rugrat, he'd been busted down in
                  Miami, and guess who the fuck

219    EXT. MIAMI RESTAURANT - NIGHT (SEP `98)                        219

       Jean-Jacques Saurel is handcuffed by Feds as Rugrat looks
       on crying, handcuffed nearby.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  What were the odds? There had to
                  be ten thousand Swiss bankers in
                  Geneva and I choose the one dumb
                  enough to get himself arrested on
                  U.S. soil.

220    INT. MIAMI FBI OFFICE - NIGHT (SEP `98)                        220

       CLICK!   Saurel gets his mug shot taken.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Even more ironic was he'd gotten
                  himself indicted on charges that
                  had nothing to fucking do with me.

221    EXT. MIAMI MANSION - NIGHT     (SEP `98)                       221

       ROCKY AOKI, Japanese, 50s, is led out in handcuffs by a
       MAN in an FBI windbreaker.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Something about laundering drug
                  money through offshore boat racing
                  and a guy named Rocky Aoki, the
                  founder of Benihana.

221A   INSERT BENI HANA COMMERCIAL --                                 221A

       A smiling Rocky Aoki looks on as a HIBACHI CHEF expertly
       dices shrimp on a sizzling grill.

                                 JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Beni-fucking-hana! Why would God
                  be so cruel as to choose a chain
                  of fucking Hibachi Restaurants to
                  bring me down?

222    INT. SAUREL'S BEDROOM - DAY (OCT `95)                          222

       Saurel lays on the bed, smoking.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Long story short was Saurel ratted
                  me out, but not before he ratted
                  out Chantalle, who it turns out
                  he'd been fucking every time she
                  went to Switzerland!

       Chantalle emerges from the bathroom naked.     Laughing, she
       runs and jumps in bed with Saurel.

223    INT. FEDERAL COURT - QUEENS - DAY      (SEP `98)               223

       With his criminal attorney NOLAN DRAGER, 40s, next to
       him, Jordan stands before a JUDGE, being arraigned.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  I was indicted for money
                  laundering, securities fraud and
                  an endless list of other shit.

       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                                HON. SAMANTHA STOGEL                  *
                       (leafing through a                             *
                        subpoena)                                     *
                  One count engaging in conspiracy                    *
                  to commit securities fraud. Two                     *
                  counts securities fraud. One                        *
                  count engaging in conspiracy to                     *
                  commit money laundering. Twenty-                    *
                  one counts money laundering. One                    *
                  count obstruction of justice.                       *
                       (gives Jordan a                                *
                        withering glare)                              *
                  Bail is set at ten million

       The Judge bangs the gavel.

223A   US ATTORNEY'S OFFICE - MOVED TO 226A                           223A

223B   INT. FEDERAL COURT LOBBY - DAY                                 223B

       Jordan walks with Nolan Drager, who flips through the          *
       subpoena.                                                      *

                                NOLAN DRAGER                          *
                  This is...well, it's not good.                      *
                  It's pretty bad actually. How                       *
                  much money do you have, Jordan?                     *

                                JORDAN                                *
                  I can make bail.                                    *

                                NOLAN DRAGER                          *
                  I don't mean the ten million, I                     *
                  mean for legal fees. Cuz if you                     *
                  want to fight this thing, it's                      *
                  gonna be expensive. Like, sell-                     *
                  everything-you-own-expensive.                       *

224    EXT. U.S. ATTORNEY'S OFFICE - DAY      (SEP `98)               *224

       Jordan exits the building. He's fucked and he knows it.
       He sees beautiful Naomi waiting for him beside a
       limosine; life isn't totally hopeless. He approaches.

                  Nay, thank God. I'm so glad
                  you're here.

       They embrace. He can't see her expression: she'd rather
       be anywhere else.

225    SCENE 225 OMITTED                                              225
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages      3/5/13

226   EXT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - POOL AREA - DAY         (SEP `98)          226

      ON SKYLAR AND PARKER, playing with a NANNY and Rocky the
      dog. Jordan watches them, sitting by his pool, drinking
      an O'Douls, weighing his options.

      Donnie pops into the yard, in "Uncle Donnie" mode.

                 Hey, everybody! How're the
                 happiest people in Long Island?
                 Hi, Rocky!!
                      (joining Jordan)
                 Hate that fucking dog.

                 Tell me about it. It's getting
                 old, starting to shit inside the
                 house again.

      Jordan offers Donnie an O'Douls; Donnie declines.

                 How you doing, brother?     How was
                 the food in jail?

                 Lobster Newburg sucked.     They gave
                 me some jewelry though.

      He shows off the electronic bracelet around his ankle.

                 Wonder if they got one in my size.
                 Fuckin' Rugrat, that wig-wearin'
                 hump. Tell you one thing: I'm
                 never eating at Benihana's again.
                 Where's Naomi?

                 Inside.    Pissed.

      Donnie sees Naomi in a window.      He waves but she barely
      registers him.

                 What's up her ass?

                 Had to mortgage the home to make
                 bail. Probably gonna hafta sell
                 it to pay my lawyers. If we fight
                 this thing.

      Donnie weighs that.
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                  The Feds say anything about coming
                  after the rest of us?

       Jordan thinks, then shakes his head no.

                                DONNIE (CONT'D)
                  You know, we're all behind you.
                  Everyone at the office.
                       (he removes an
                        envelope, hands it
                        to Jordan)
                  We bought back your mortgage. All
                  the founding partners threw in a
                  million apiece. Figured none of
                  us would have it if it weren't for

       Jordan's profoundly touched. Donnie squeezes his
       shoulder. A real moment of friendship.

                                DONNIE (CONT'D)
                  You gotta fight this thing, baby.

       Jordan nods.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Like I said, loyalty meant a lot
                  to me. Without your friends and
                  family standing behind you, you're

       (SEP `98)                                                      *

       Jordan sits with Nolan Drager across from FBI Agent            *
       Denham, U.S. Attorney LUCAS SOLOMON, 50s, and Assistant        *
       U.S. Attorney ROCHELLE APPLEBAUM, 30s, humorless.              *

                                LUCAS SOLOMON                         *
                  There's a term we have around                       *
                  here, we don't like to use it                       *
                  often, only when circumstances                      *
                  dictate. It's called a "Grenada."                   *
                  Inspired by our government's                        *
                  invasion in 1983 of the island                      *
                  nation of only 90,000 people,                       *
                  basically it stands for any case                    *
                  we get which is pretty much unlose-                 *
                  able. We could show up late and                     *
                  drunk to court, fuck up left-right-                 *
                  and-center and still we'd win.                      *
                  Mr. Belfort, you, sir, are a                        *
                  "Grenada."                                          *
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                               ROCHELLE APPLEBAUM                    *
                 You're looking at real prison                       *
                 time. Money laundering gets you                     *
                 as much as 20 years. Case                           *
                 couldn't be stronger if we'd have                   *
                 caught you with your cash in your                   *
                 mattress.                                           *

      Solomon pushes a box full of evidence across the table.        *
      Jordan eyeballs Denham.                                        *

                               LUCAS SOLOMON                         *
                 Read the discovery.                                 *

                               JORDAN                                *
                 That your life's work in the box?                   *

                               AGENT DENHAM                          *
                 Jordan, you rotting in jail til                     *
                 your kids're outta college isn't                    *
                 our ambition here. You weren't                      *
                 the only one involved in all this.                  *
                 We think those folks deserve their                  *
                 day in court too.                                   *

                               NOLAN DRAGER                          *
                 Why do I get the sense there's an
                 offer in the air? If so, let's                      *
                 put it on the table.                                *

                               LUCAS SOLOMON
                 Full cooperation. A comprehensive
                 list of all coconspirators
                 spanning the last seven years and
                 he agrees to wear a wire.

                 You want me to rat?

                               LUCAS SOLOMON                         *
                 We want your cooperation in --                      *

                                AGENT DENHAM                         *
                 Yes.   We want you to rat.                          *

227   SCENES 227 - 229 OMITTED                                       227


                               JORDAN                                *
                 How was Christy's party?                            *

                                 NAOMI                               *
                 It was fine.                                        *
The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                         JORDAN                                *
           Baby, I talked to the lawyers                       *
           again today. I have some really                     *
           great news. As it turns out you're                  *
           totally off the hook.                               *

                         NAOMI                                 *
           I know that already.                                *

                         JORDAN                                *
           You never did anything wrong                        *
           anyway, right? At the end of the                    *
           day all they really want is for me                  *
           to cooperate - that's it.                           *
           See, apparently, I know so much                     *
           about what's going on in the stock                  *
           market that I could save the                        *
           government years of heartache. But                  *
           it get's even better... You see,                    *
           if I cooperate I'll only have to                    *
           serve four short years and any                      *
           fine I'd have to pay wouldn't be                    *
           due til after I serve my sentence.                  *
           We'll still have plenty of money                    *
           left over. The only thing that I                    *
           was kind of upset about was the                     *
           fact that I might have to give                      *
           them information about my friends.                  *

                         NAOMI                                 *
           Like you said, "There's no friends                  *
           on Wall Street".                                    *

                         JORDAN                                *
           But there's a silver lining to                      *
           that too... It turns out that all                   *
           of `em are probably gonna                           *
           cooperate too. So in the end, that                  *
           won't really be a factor.                           *

                         NAOMI                                 *
           Well, that's really good news,                      *
           honey. I'm really happy for you.                    *

                         JORDAN                                *
           No, it's good for both of us, Nay.                  *

                          NAOMI                                *
           Yeah, yeah.                                         *

                         JORDAN                                *
           Make love to me baby. Make love to                  *
           me nice and slow.                                   *

                         NAOMI                                 *
           No Jordan. Stop!                                    *
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13


       TIME CUT: Jordan is fucking Naomi. It's the best he's          *
       felt in days. While he's lost in it, she's lost interest,      *
       going through the motions perfunctorily.                       *

                                JORDAN                                *
                  I love you, Nay. I love you so                      *
                  much. I've loved you from the                       *
                  first time I saw you.                               *

                                 NAOMI                                *
                  Fuck you.                                           *

       That stops him.                                                *

                                 JORDAN                               *
                  What?                                               *

                                NAOMI                                 *
                  I fucking hate you.                                 *

                                JORDAN                                *
                  What are you talking about?                         *

                                NAOMI                                 *
                  You don't give a shit about how I                   *
                  feel. All you care about is                         *
                  yourself.                                           *

                                JORDAN                                *
                  That's not true. What do you mean?                  *

                                NAOMI                                 *
                  You wanna fuck me? Fine. Fuck me                    *
                  hard like it's the last time.                       *

                                JORDAN                                *
                  Hold still. Why are you moving                      *
                  like that?                                          *

                                NAOMI                                 *
                  Go ahead, fuck me!                                  *

                                JORDAN                                *
                  What are you doing baby?                            *

                                NAOMI                                 *
                  Cum for me. Cum for me, baby. Like                  *
                  it's the last time.                                 *

                                JORDAN                                *
                  You want me to cum, baby?                           *

                                NAOMI                                 *
                  Yeah, cum for me baby, cum!                         *
The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

After a beat... He cums. Jordan rolls off Naomi. They lie      *
in uncomfortable silence.                                      *

                         NAOMI (CONT'D)                        *
           Jordan, that was the last time. I                   *
           want a divorce.                                     *

                         JORDAN                                *
           What are you talking about?                         *

                         NAOMI                                 *
           I want a divorce.                                   *

                         JORDAN                                *
           What? What are you talking about?                   *
           Now? After we just made love?                       *

                         NAOMI                                 *
           And I wanted to puke.                               *

Naomi gets up.                                                 *

                         NAOMI (CONT'D)                        *
           I don't love you anymore Jordan. I                  *
           haven't for a long time.                            *

                         JORDAN                                *
           You don't love me? Isn't that                       *
           convenient. Now, you don't love                     *
           me? Now while I'm under federal                     *
           indictment with a fucking bracelet                  *
           around my ankle? Now, all of a                      *
           sudden, you decide you don't love                   *
           me?                                                 *

                         NAOMI                                 *
           Yes, that's right.                                  *

                         JORDAN                                *
           What kind of a person are you?                      *

                         NAOMI                                 *
           You married me. This is how it's                    *
           gonna be. Listen Jordan. I'm                        *
           taking custody of the kids. If you                  *
           agree to the divorce right now, I                   *
           will allow you visitation. Don't                    *
           try to fight it. It will save us                    *
           both a lot of money and I have a                    *
           feeling you're gonna need it.                       *

Naomi exits to the dressing room. Jordan gets up, follows      *
after her.                                                     *

                         JORDAN                                *
           I've got news for you. You're not                   *
           taking my kids.                                     *
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                                NAOMI                                    *
                  I already spoke to my lawyer. He                       *
                  said even if you don't get                             *
                  convicted I can still get custody.                     *

                                JORDAN                                   *
                  My lawyers are more powerful than                      *
                  yours. You're not taking my kids!                      *
                  You vicious cunt!                                      *

       Naomi slaps Jordan. Jordan hits her back and exits.               *

                                JORDAN (CONT'D)                          *
                  Fuck you! You're not taking my                         *
                  kids. You fucking bitch!                               *

                                                               CUT TO:   *

230B   INT. HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS                                         230B

       Jordan grabs a pair of scissors and starts slashing the           *
       couch. He retrieves a stash of coke from the couch                *
       lining. Naomi enters the hallway as Jordan snorts coke.           *

                                NAOMI                                    *
                  Look at yourself Jordan. You're                        *
                  sick, you're a sick man.                               *

                                JORDAN                                   *
                  You're not taking my kids.                             *

                                NAOMI                                    *
                  You think I'd let my kids near                         *
                  you? Look at you. You know what my                     *
                  lawyers said? You're going to jail                     *
                  for twenty years. Twenty fucking                       *
                  years, Jordan. You'll be lucky if                      *
                  you ever see them again.                               *

                                JORDAN                                   *
                  Oh yeah? You don't think I'm gonna                     *
                  see my kids again? Oh yeah?                            *

       Jordan heads towards Skylar's room. She tries to stop             *
       Jordan. He knocks her to the ground.                              *

       Jordan charges towards Skylar's room.                             *

       Jordan exiting Skylar's room with Skylar crying in his            *
       arms. Naomi starts to pull herself up from off the floor          *
       as Jordan races toward the stairs.                                *

                                NAOMI                                    *
                  Put her down Jordan! Put her down!                     *
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

       Jordan and Skylar descend the stairs. Naomi pulls herself      *
       together and follows.                                          *

230C   INT. / EXT. GARAGE - NIGHT                                     230C

       Jordan races through the garage door, slamming and             *
       locking it behind him.                                         *

                                NAOMI (CONT'D)                        *
                  Violet, Violet! Help me! He's got                   *
                  Skylar! Get the key!                                *

       Jordan putting Skylar in the car.                              *

       Naomi and Violet desperately try to open the garage door.      *

       Naomi races into the garage. Jordan gets in the drivers        *
       seat, locks the doors and starts the engine.                   *

       Naomi begs him to stop. Violet presses the garage door         *
       button. Naomi grabs a tool and smashes the driver side         *
       window.                                                        *

       Jordan sees the door closing - he thinks "fuck it" -           *
       slams into reverse, crashing through the garage door. Car      *
       continues in reverse, crashing into a concrete pillar.         *

       Naomi and Violet rush to the car, pull Skylar out and          *
       bring her inside the house. Jordan sits as blood rushes        *
       down his face.                                                 *

                                LUCAS SOLOMAN (V.O.)                  *
                  Paragraph 1. The defendant shall                    *
                  plead guilty to all counts of the                   *
                  indictment currently pending                        *
                  against him in the United States                    *
                  District Court for the Eastern                      *
                  District of New York.                               *

230D   SCENES 230D - 230E OMITTED                                     230D


       OFF A "COOPERATION AGREEMENT," we find --                      *

       -- Nolan Drager, Lucas Solomon, Rochelle Applebaum and         *
       Agent Denham all back at the conference table, reading         *
       copies of the same contract. Lucas does so aloud:              *

                                LUCAS SOLOMON                         *
                  Paragraph 2. The defendant shall                    *
                  provide information regarding all                   *
                  criminal activities of the                          *
                  defendant and others from June                      *
                  1st, 1990, onwards. Paragraph 3.                    *
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages      3/5/13
                                LUCAS SOLOMON (CONT'D)
                  The defendant shall participate in                       *
                  undercover activities pursuant to                        *
                  the instructions of the FBI,                             *
                  including wearing a recording                            *
                  device, also known as a `wire', in                       *
                  conjunction with the investigation                       *
                  of securities fraud. Paragraph 4.                        *
                  The defendant must not commit, or                        *
                  attempt to commit, any further                           *
                  crimes.                                                  *

       Jordan's here, too, looking miserable.         He stops Lucas.      *

                                JORDAN                                     *
                  Lemme just sign the fucking thing.                       *

       He signs the fucking thing.                                         *

230G   INT. U.S. ATTORNEY'S OFFICE - CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY                 230G

       Jordan sits alone, finishes writing a long list of names
       on a yellow legal pad.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  For the next six hours, I came up
                  with a list. Friends, enemies,
                  business associates, anybody who'd
                  ever known me or taken so much as
                  a stock tip. The first name on
                  the list was Donnie's.

       And as Jordan heaves a huge sigh, we're suddenly...

231    INT. FBI OFFICE - DAY     (OCT `98)                                 231

       Agent Denham tapes a recorder to Jordan's inner thigh,
       runs a microphone wire up his chest. Agent Hughes                   *
       watches.                                                            *

                                AGENT DENHAM
                  Talk normally, breathe normally,
                  within five minutes you'll forget
                  you even have it on.

       Jordan nods, buttons up his shirt.

232    INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - BULLPEN - DAY        (OCT `98)          232

       Wearing a suit and tie, Jordan walks in to the bullpen,
       where the Brokers spot him, giving him a standing
       ovation. He forces a smile, waves to the crowd.

       As Robbie and Chester Ming look on, Jordan forces a smile
       as he approaches Donnie, who gives him a hug.
      The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

233   INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - JORDAN'S OFFICE - DAY                233

      Jordan and Donnie sit at the coffee table over takeout

                 The trial won't be for months,
                 so obviously I'll be counting on
                 you to pick up the slack.

                 Whatever you need, bro.     You know

      Jordan reaches in his jacket for a yellow slip of PAPER.

                 And you know how much that means
                 to me. Hey, you know what I
                 wanted to ask you?

      Jordan catches Donnie's eye, pushes the PAPER over in
      front of him.

                               JORDAN (CONT'D)
                 The Steve Madden deal, did he
                 ever come through on that?

      Donnie looks down at the paper, reads Jordan's writing:


                               JORDAN (CONT'D)
                 Remember he was supposed to kick
                 back like four mil from that one

                 Uh... tell you the truth I was so
                 fucked up, I don't really remember
                 anything about that.

      Donnie slips the paper in his jacket, gives Jordan a
      look -- "Thank you." Jordan nods.

                 Well if you talk to him, let me
                 know. You want the last

                 Why not?

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 And thus began my career as a
                 government cooperator. I was a
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

234    INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - MASTER BEDROOM - DAY       (NOV `98)      234

       Jordan lays alone, asleep in bed.      We hear the DOORBELL.

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  But I wasn't losing any sleep
                  over it.

       After a few beats, Violet knocks, enters.      Jordan stirs.

                  I'm sorry, Mr. Jordan.     You got a

235    INT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - FOYER - DAY      (NOV `98)                235

       Jordan descends the stairs in sweats and T-shirt.       Agents   *
       Denham and Hughes are waiting.                                   *

                                AGENT DENHAM
                  I need you to get dressed.

                  Why?   What's going on?

                                AGENT DENHAM
                  You're going to jail.

       Agent Denham holds up the slip of yellow paper that
       Jordan gave to Donnie. And on Jordan's look...

                                JORDAN (V.O.)
                  Donnie Azoff, my partner. My best

235A   EXT. JORDAN'S ESTATE - DAY                                       235A

       A tractor-trailer is parked out front as a group of              *
       MOVERS carry out paintings and antique furniture under           *
       the supervision of several FBI Agents in windbreakers.           *

                                JORDAN (V.O.)                           *
                  After months of legal wrangling,                      *
                  I was finally sentenced to prison.                    *

       WE SEE Jordan's various cars -- Porsche, Mercedes,               *
       Ferrari, BMW -- loaded onto a large transport vehicle.           *

235B   INT. STRATTON OAKMONT III - BULLPEN - DAY                        235B

       Jordan stands addressing his 700 Brokers. WE SEE the             *
       eager young FACES, hanging on his every word.                    *
       The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                                JORDAN (V.O.)                         *
                  I gave up everyone, and in return                   *
                  got three years in some hellhole                    *
                  in Nevada I'd never even heard of.                  *
                  Like Mad Max'd said, the                            *
                  chickens'd come home to roost.                      *
                  Whatever the fuck that means.                       *

236    INT. FEDERAL COURTROOM - QUEENS - DAY      (MAR `99)           *236

       Sentencing.   Jordan's mother is there, tears in her eyes.     *

                                NOLAN DRAGER                          *
                  I hope your Honor would agree that                  *
                  Mr. Belfort has distinguished                       *
                  himself in terms of his                             *
                  cooperation in this white collar                    *
                  fraud. Mr. Belfort has helped the                   *
                  government win convictions over                     *
                  two dozen serious offenders and                     *
                  helped them recover millions of                     *
                  dollars to be made available for                    *
                  restitution to the victims.                         *

                                HON. RAYMOND SAMITZ                   *
                  The sentence of the court shall be                  *
                  48 months in Federal Prison.                        *
                       (pause)                                        *
                  Please remand the defendant.                        *

       Max rolls his eyes: Jordan's so guilty it hurts. As            *
       Jordan is led away by GUARDS...                                *

236A   INT. STRATTON OAKMONT - DAY                                    236A

       Donnie sits in his office, hears something -- a small          *
       army of FBI AGENTS, led by Agents Denham and Hughes,           *
       arrest half the office: Sea Otter, Robbie, Kimmie, etc..       *
       As the FBI cleans house, Donnie sits on his couch.             *

237    SCENES 237 - 244 OMITTED                                       *237

245    INT. SUBWAY - DAY (MAR `99)                                    245

       CLOSE ON DENHAM, reading a New York Times article on
       Jordan's sentencing. He looks satisfied with his
       accomplishment, until he looks up...

       ... and realizes he's right where Jordan said he'd be:
       commuting home on the subway, like any other piker.
      The Wolf of Wall Street      Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

246   INT. PRISON VAN - DAY (MAR `99)                                     246

      Jordan rides in back, stares out the window, thinking
      about all he's done. The van stops as it arrives at the

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 I'm not ashamed to admit, when we
                 arrived to prison, I was
                 absolutely terrified...

                                    GUARD (O.S.)
                 Belfort!       Fuckin' move!

      Jordan leaps to his feet.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 I needn't have been.

247   EXT. MINIMUM C PRISON - DAY (SPRING 2000)                           247

      A tennis ball hits pavement and WE PAN UP TO JORDAN, in
      prison fatigues but playing doubles with three other
      PRISONERS, all white middle-aged EXECUTIVE TYPES.

                 Sorry, just out. What is that,

      As the game continues, Jordan serving, the CAMERA PULLS
      UP TO SEE THE WHOLE PRISON YARD: one group of inmates
      does Tai Chi while another has formed a book club.

                               JORDAN (V.O.)
                 For a brief, fleeting moment, I'd
                 forgotten I was rich and lived in

                                                             BLACK OUT.

248   INT. HOTEL BANQUET HALL - EARLY 2000'S - DAY                        *248


                               AFRICAN KID                                *
                 I watch him speak and what he says                       *
                 is motivational about life. He                           *
                 tells about life and how you can                         *
                 be more rich.                                            *

                               CHINESE KID                                *
                 He is going to teach us how to be                        *
                 successful, how to set our goals.                        *
The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages     3/5/13

                          INDIAN KID                             *
            I will build my future by using                      *
            Jordan Belfort as my mentor.                         *

                          MEXICAN KID                            *
            Choosing what is good from him and                   *
            being a millionaire.                                 *

Two hundred people attend Jordan's "Straight Line                *
Persuasion" seminar, watching a massive screen (on which         *
these KIDS have appeared).                                       *

JORDAN giving seminars in different locations (see               *
addendum below), edited in with footage of looming               *
economic uncertainties.                                          *

Then: a MAN WITH A MIC steps out...                              *

                          MAN WITH A MIC                         *
            Ladies and gentlemen, please join                    *
            me in welcoming to Auckland, New                     *
            Zealand... Mr. Jordan Belfort!                       *

BIG APPLAUSE as Jordan takes the stage, waving. This             *
might go on a while. If so, there COULD be TITLES:               *

    Jordan Belfort spent 22 months in federal prison             *
             and paid $100,000,000 in fines.                     *

THEN:                                                            *

        His cellmate was, no fucking joke, Tommy Chong.          *

THEN:                                                            *

Since his release, he's become a multi-millionaire again         *
               as a motivational speaker.                        *

When the applause finally dies down...                           *

...Jordan doesn't speak. Instead he walks down to the            *
front row of his audience, studying faces. He picks one.         *
Takes a pen from his coat and offers it to him.                  *

                          JORDAN                                 *
            Sell me this pen.                                    *

The Kiwi, embarrassed, takes a moment, then:                     *

                          KIWI IN AUDIENCE                       *
            Well, it's a good pen, it's a                        *
            ballpoint --                                         *

Jordan takes the pen back with a smile.        Hands it to the   *
next person.                                                     *
The Wolf of Wall Street   Buff Revised Pages   3/5/13

                          JORDAN                               *
            Sell me this pen.                                  *

As the next person tries...                                    *

WE RAKE ALONGSIDE HIS AUDIENCE, transfixed, desperate for      *
Jordan's knowledge, desperate to be molded, to be rich...      *

                          JORDAN (O.S.) (CONT'D)               *
            Sell me this pen...Sell me this                    *
            pen... Sell me this pen...Sell me                  *
            this pen...                                        *

FADE OUT.                                                      *

Wolf of Wall Street, The

Writers :   Terence Winter  Jordan Belfort
Genres :   Comedy  Crime

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